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Spanish School

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Spanish School

“Welcome to study abroad at Los Andes Spanish School!, where you will enjoy learning Spanish in the relaxing, fun, and yet professional atmosphere” Andes Spanish School is a small school dedicated to teaching Spanish as a second language. As a beginner you can obtain a solid basic level of Spanish in two weeks. Practiced in and outside, our objective is that the learner may use real and functional language as a means to communicate through speaking and listening. Our main focus is to integrate you, the student, into the atmosphere and environment of  the Spanish culture in Peru. We achieve this by placing you with a Peruvian guest family, by confronting you with actual and relevant forms of communication, and through excursions and cultural events. The effect of this method is that you will learn, in a relatively short time, how to use Spanish while living in and enjoying diverse experiences. Andes Spanish School has created a course that allows students to learn Spanish through total language immersion, offering to all whom have an interest, independent of  age, background or nationality. You may just come for a vacation, to seek a unique way of spending time in Cusco, or to complement your professional studies. We are offering different and specialized Spanish Courses throughout the year and are ready to organize courses adjusted to your needs. Our Spanish Our Spanish School in Peru was created with the enthusiasm not only to teach Spanish,  but to introduce students to Peruvian culture and customs.


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