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ITE #$ %cope: a&

All conc conc'et 'etee (o')s (o')s shall shall be be *one *one in acco acco'*a '*ance nce (ith (ith the the stan* stan*a'* a'* spec specific ificatio ations ns fo' conc'ete (o')s" as a*opte* by the go+e'n!ent" in so fa' as it *oes not conflict (ith the 'e+ise* p'opo'tioning of conc'ete as specifie* he'einafte'$ he'einafte'$ The follo(ing inci*ental (o')s a'e inclu*e* in this section: a,#& Conc'ete pa*s" bases" an* cu'bs" fo' e-uip!ent if calle* fo' o' *etaile* on the st'uctu'al o' a'chitectu'al *'a(ings$ a,.& /o(el /o(elss fo' conc'ete conc'ete pa*s" bases an* cu'bs cu'bs fo' !echanical" !echanical" elect'ical elect'ical o'  othe' e-uip!ent" e0cept (he'e +ib'ation isolation is 'e-ui'e* un*e' pa*s$ a,1& %ettin %etting g ancho' bolts" bolts" base plates o' othe' !e!be's !e!be's e!be**e* in conc'ete conc'ete as in*icate* on the st'uctu'al o' a'chitectu'al *'a(ings an* othe' enginee'ing *'a(ings$

ITE .$ 2ene'al: a& Ac'ony Ac'ony!s: !s: Th Thee follo(i follo(ing ng ac'ony ac'ony!s !s fo' applic applicabl ablee stan*a'* stan*a'*s3p s3publ ublicat ication ionss a'e 'efe''e* to in these specifications: a$#& A%T 4 AERICAN %OCIET5 6OR TE%TIN2 ATERIAL% ATERIAL% a$.& ACI 4 AERICAN CONCRETE CONCRETE IN%TITUTE  b& %tan*a'* %pecifications an* Co*es: The (o') co+e'e* by this %ection unless othe'(ise" note* o' *etaile*" shall be go+e'ne* by the 7uil*ing Co*e 'e-ui'e!ents fo'' Re fo Rein info fo'c 'ce* e* Co Conc nc'e 'ete te 8A 8ACI CI 1# 1#9& 9&$$ The la late test st e* e*it itio ion n of al alll st stan an*a *a'* '* specifications o' co*es (ill be use*$ c& Coo'*inati Coo'*ination: on: The conc'e conc'ete te (o') (o') shall shall be coo'*i coo'*inate* nate* (ith the the (o') (o') of the othe'  othe'  t'a*es to allo( 'easonable ti!e to set slee+es" inse'ts an* othe' accesso'ies (hich !ust be in position befo'e conc'ete bases an* pa*s of !echanical e-uip!ent shall  be a*uste* to co!ply (ith app'o+e* shop shop *'a(ings fo' the e-uip!ent$

*& ;o')!anship: The cont'acto' shall be 'esponsible fo' any a**itional cost (hich !ay 'esult f'o! conc'ete su'faces (hich a'e not finishe* to the 'e-ui'e* p'ofile o'  ele+ation$ e& %a!ples: %ub!it sa!ple of ce!ent an* agg'egates p'opose* fo' use in the conc'ete (o') fo' app'o+al" enu!e'ating na!es" sou'ces an* *esc'iptions of  !ate'ials$ ITE 1$ Conc'ete: a& 2ene'al: The conc'ete shall consist of Po'tlan* Ce!ent" fine agg'egates" coa'se agg'egates 8c'ushe* g'a+el&" (ate' an* (he'e specifie*" a*!i0tu'es" p'opo'tione*" !i0e*" place*" cu'e* an* finishe* as he'einafte'" specifie*$ The co!p'ession st'ength shall be 1"<<< psi$ ITE =$ ate'ials: a& Po'tlan* Ce!ent 4 Ce!ent shall be any stan*a'* co!!e'cial b'an* in =<, )ilog'a! bag$  b& 6ine Agg'egates 4 shall be clean" ha'*" coa'se 'i+e' san* of c'ushe* san* f'ee f'o! inu'ious a!ount of clay loa! an* +egetable !atte'$ c& Coa'se Agg'egates 4 shall be c'ushe* g'a+el$ The !a0i!u! si>e shall be #3? of  the nea'est *i!ension bet(een si*es of fo'!s of the conc'ete o' @ of the !ini!u! clea' spacing bet(een 'einfo'cing ba's" o' bet(een 'einfo'cing ba's an* fo'!s (hiche+e' is s!alle'$ *& i0ing ;ate' 4 (ate' use* in !i0tu'e of conc'ete shall be clean an* f'ee f'o! inu'ious a!ount of oils" aci*s" al)ali" o'ganic !ate'ials o' othe' *elete'ious substances$ ITE ?$ P'opo'tioning a&

The cont'acto' shall e!ploy" at his o(n e0pense" an app'o+e* testing labo'ato'y (hich shall !a)e co!p'ession an* slu!p tests an* i!!e*iately sub!it 'epo'ts to the IP/O /i'ecto'$ Co!p'ession an* slu!p tests shall be !a*e fo' e+e'y ?< cu$!$ of conc'ete o' a f'action the'eof" but not less than # set of tests shall be !a*e f'o! any one batch of conc'ete an* all 1 tests shall be !a*e f'o! the sa!e batch$ Note: Before te f!r"t #o$r!% of 'o%'rete ( tr!() *!+ ,-::/ (%0 -::1 #ro#ort!o%"2 "()) 3e *(0e (%0 (fter -/ 0(4" "(*#)e" "()) 3e te"te0 (t te (''re0!te0 te"t!% )(3or(tor4 of te IPDO.


Co!p'ession tests: a)e 1 stan*a'* #?<!! 0 1<<!! cylin*e' an* test in acco'*ance (ith A%T C1# an* C1$ Test one 8#& cylin*e' at the age of .9 *ays an* one 8#& cylin*e' at the age of B *ays$ These cylin*e's a'e to be cu'e* in the site in the sa!e !anne' as to the conc'ete in the const'uction is cu'e* o' as 'e-ui'e* by the P'oect,in,Cha'ge an* in coo'*ination (ith the IP/O /i'ecto'$


%lu!p tests: 6o' each 'ep'esentati+e -uantity of conc'ete !entione* abo+e" t(o slu!p tests shall be !a*e in acco'*ance (ith A%T C#=1$

ITE $ i0ing of Conc'ete: The !i0ing of conc'ete fo' each batch" afte' all soli* !ate'ials a'e in the !i0ing *'u!" an* p'o+i*e* that (ate' in int'o*uce* befo'e D of the !i0ing ti!e has elapse*" shall not be less than # !inute fo' !i0e's ha+ing a capacity of # cu$ !ete's o' a f'action the'eof of  a**itional conc'ete$ Use one bagge' !i0e' only$ ITE B$ Placing of Conc'ete: a& /o not sta't the placing of conc'ete until the fo'!s an* the 'einfo'ce!ents fo' the (hole unit a'e p'ope'ly lai* an* installe*" cleane*" inspecte* an* app'o+e*$ 8Pou'ing 'e-uest shall be signe* by the IP/O REPRE%ENTATIVE%&$  b& Roughen an* clean const'uction oints an* ust befo'e any pou'ing sta's (et an* slush (ith ce!ent !o'ta'$ ITE 9$ Re,te!pe'ing: The cont'acto' shall !i0 only -uantities that a'e 'e-ui'e* fo' i!!e*iate use an* !i0tu'e (hich has *e+elope* set shall not be use*$ Conc'ete (hich has pa'tially ha'*ene* shall not be 'e,te!pe'e* no' use*$ ITE $ Cu'ing an* P'otection P'otect all conc'ete (o') f'o! *'ying out afte' 'e!o+al of fo'!s$ eep conc'ete (et th'oughout each *ay fo' a pe'io* of at least B *ays (he'e no'!al Po'tlan* ce!ent is use* an* 1 *ays (he'e high ea'ly st'ength ce!ent is use*$ II. REINFORCING BARS

ITE #$ Reinfo'cing %teel 7a's an* Accesso'ies: The scope shall be base* on the specifie* scope fo' conc'ete but not to e0cee* the -uantity p'o+i*e* in the bi* p'oposal$ All 'einfo'cing steel ba's shall be inte'!e*iate g'a*e 82'a*e =<& *efo'!e* ba's" 6y F =<"<<< psi$ P'o+i*e ba' suppo'ts an* othe' accesso'ies necessa'y to hol* ba's in the p'ope'   positions (hile conc'ete is being place*$ Tie (i'e shall be stan*a'* co!!e'cial 2$I$ (i'es gauge no$ #$ ill ce'tificates an* test shall be fu'nishe* of all 'einfo'cing steel$ 7efo'e cutting"  ben*ing an* installation of 'einfo'cing steel ba's" the cont'acto' shall sub!it at his o(n e0pense" an app'o+e* test of all si>es of 'einfo'ce!ent of each bul) at the supe'+ision of the IP/O P'oect,in,Cha'ge an* IP/O /i'ecto'$ Reinfo'cing steel shall be cleane* of oil" g'ease" scale" 'ust o' othe' coatings (hich (ill i!pai' bon*$

%ub!it shop *'a(ings fo' app'o+al of the IP/O %t'uctu'al Enginee' fo' the installation of steel ba's 8hoo)s" bents" length G location of splices&$ Length of splices shall  be =<*b an* it shall be (el*e*$ III. MASONRY WORKS

This ite! of (o') shall be the p'o+ision of H C7 (all in (hich 'einfo'ce!ent is al'ea*y inclu*e*$ ITE #$ Conc'ete ollo( 7loc)s: 6o' (alls sho(n in the *etaile* *'a(ings 'e-ui'ing conc'ete hollo( bloc)s shall be soun* an* f'ee f'o! c'ac)s an* othe' *efects that (oul* inte'fe'e (ith the p'ope' placing of  the unit an* i!pai' the st'ength o' pe'!anence of the const'uction$ Conc'ete hollo( bloc)s shall be teste* in acco'*ance (ith the stan*a'* !etho* of  testing !ason'y units of the A!e'ican %ociety of Testing ate'ials 8A%T&" 1?< psi fo' non, loa* bea'ing hollo( bloc)s$ Conc'ete hollo( bloc)s shall be tho'oughly (ette* (ith (ate' an* ce!ente* togethe'  (ith !o'ta'$ All bloc)s shall be plu!b t'ue line (ith le+e' an* accu'ately space* cou'ses (ith each cou'se b'ea)ing oints (ith the cou'se belo($ o'i>ontal an* +e'tical !o'ta' oints shall be 139 in thic) (ith full !o'ta' co+e'age on the face shell an* of the (eb su''oun*ing the cells to co!pletely fill$ All bloc) oints shall be st'uc) flushe* to a s!ooth e+en su'face$ P'o+i*e 'einfo'ce!ent as sho(n o' specifie* an* co!pletely fill the cell (ith !o'ta' to co!pletely encase the 'einfo'ce!ent$ o'ta' shall be Po'tlan* Ce!ent o'ta' 8#:.& (ell !i0e* in a clean !echanical o' !anual !i0e' (ith sufficient (ate' to p'o*uce the 'e-ui'e* elasticity$ Ve'tical an* ho'i>ontal 'einfo'ce!ent shall be p'o+i*e*$ Unless othe'(ise in*icate* in the *'a(ings" 'einfo'ce!ent shall consist of #<!! +e'tical ba's space* at <$<! on cente's an* #<!! ho'i>ontal ba's fo' e+e'y th'ee laye's of the bloc)s" secu'ely ancho'e* to colu!ns o' f'a!es$ ITE .$ etho*s of easu'e!ent The (o') *one un*e' this ite! shall be -uantifie* pe' s-$!$ as p'o+i*e* in the bi*  p'oposal" teste* an* accepte* to satisfaction of the IP/O 'ep'esentati+es$ ITE 1$ 7asis of Pay!ent The -uantifie* ite!s" installe* in place shall be the basis fo' pay!ent" base* f'o! the unit bi* p'ice fo' (hich p'ices an* pay!ents shall constitute full co!pensation inclu*ing labo'" !ate'ials an* inci*entals necessa'y to co!plete this ite!$


ITE #$ %cope: The (o') un*e' this section consists of fu'nishing of all labo'" !ate'ials" e-uip!ent tools an* all se'+ices necessa'y fo' the installation of pipes an* fittings as in*icate* in the elect'ical plans an* bi* p'oposal" all in acco'*ance (ith *'a(ings" specifications an* this cont'act$ ITE .$ 2ene'al: Unless in*icate* o' specifie* othe'(ise he'ein" all !ate'ials an* (o')!anship shall confo'! to the specifications an* to the applicable stan*a'*s" co*es" 'egulations an* specifications liste* he'ein$ ITE 1$ ;o') Inclu*e*: The (o') shall inclu*e the fu'nishing an* installation of the follo(ing" each co!plete an* p'ope' ope'ating con*ition" unless state* in these specifications$ 6u'nishing an* installation of pipes an* fittings as in*icate* in the bi* p'oposal$ ITE =$ Co''elation of ;o'): The cont'acto' shall confe' (ith the IP/O Elect'ical Enginee' to *ete'!ine ho( an* (he'e his (o') fits (ith that of the othe' c'afts" afte' fa!ilia'i>ing hi!self (ith the plans an* specifications$ This shall be *one at the beginning of the const'uction$ %houl* the'e be any *oubt in any point" 'uling shoul* be secu'e* f'o! the IP/O autho'i>e* 'ep'esentati+e an* Elect'ical Enginee' (ho shall be gi+en ti!e to inspect the (o') co+e'ing this point an* to  p'epa'e a *etail in the fo'! of *'a(ings an* ('itten inst'uction as 'e-ui'e*$ ITE ?$ E0a!ination of P'e!ises P'ospecti+e bi**e' is 'e-ui'e* to e0a!ine the a'chitectu'al" st'uctu'al" plu!bing an* elect'ical plans of the p'oect" to +isit the site an* note all con*itions the'eat ca'efully an* to ha+e info'!e* hi!self tho'oughly un*e' (hich the elect'ical (o') is to *one$ No allo(ance shall be subse-uently be !a*e in his behalf because of any e''o' on his pa't" he (ill be *ee!e* to ha+e *one this befo'e sub!itting his p'oposal an* no subse-uent clai! on the g'oun* of ina*e-uate o' inaccu'ate info'!ation (ill be ente'taine*$ ITE $ Layout of ;o'): Elect'ical syste! layout in*icate* on the *'a(ings a'e gene'ally *iag'a!!atic an* location of outlets" *e+ices" appa'atus an* e-uip!ent a'e app'o0i!ate e0act 'outing of  con*uits" location of outlets shall be go+e'ne* by the st'uctu'al an* a'chitectu'al con*itions an* obst'uctions$ Consult the IP/O Autho'i>e* Rep'esentati+e an* Elect'ical Enginee' fo'  e0act locations$ Any e-uip!ent locate* (ithout the app'o+al of the IP/O o' o(ne' shall be *one at the 'is) of the Cont'acto'$ The 'ight is 'ese'+e* to !a)e any 'easonable changes in location of outlets an* e-uip!ent p'io' to 'oughing in (ithout in+ol+ing a**itional e0penses$

The Cont'acto' shall be hel* 'esponsible an* pay cha'ges fo' cutting an* patching of   piping (he'e slee+es o' slots (e'e not installe* o' (he'e inco''ectly locate*$ ITE B$ ate'ials an* ;o')!anship: All !ate'ials to be use* an* installe* shall be unuse*" b'an* ne( an* shall confo'! (ith the U$%$ Un*e'('ite'Ks Labo'ato'ies" Inc$" in e+e'y case (he'e such stan*a'* has been establishe* fo' the pa'ticula' type of !ate'ials to be use*$ Only s)ille* (o')!en using p'ope' tools an* e-uip!ents shall be e!ploye* *u'ing the enti'e cou'se of installation (o')$ All (o')!anship shall be of the best -uality an* all (o') shall be *one in acco'*ance (ith the best p'actices of the t'a*e in+ol+e*$ The sa!e ob fo'e!an 8p'efe'ably !aste' elect'ician o' elect'ical enginee'& shall be assigne* an* !aintaine* at the obsite *u'ing the enti'e cou'se of the ob$ Co%0$!t5 Co%0$!t F!tt!%"$ Con*uit shall be PVC Ven*e0 o' its app'o+e* e-ui+alent$ Con*uit 'uns shall be continuous f'o! outlet to outlet an* no 'unning th'ea* shall  be use* in any con*uit 'uns$ Con*uit shall be se(e* s-ua'e an* p'ope'ly 'ea!e* an* th'ea*e*$ All oints shall be sc'e(e* tight an* butte* in couplings$ Loc)nut an* bushings shall be use* as te'!ination of con*uits in outlet bo0es$ O$t)et5 "6!t' (%0 oter 0e7!'e 3o+e" $ All bo0es shall be PVC" app'o+e* p'o*ucts of 'eputable !anufactu'e's$ Ena!el coating use* in lieu of >inc coating shall not be  pe'!itte*$ All ceiling outlet bo0es inten*e* fo' lighting an* ceiling fan outlets shall be = 0 = octagonal bo0es$ La'ge' bo0 (hen 'e-ui'e* shall be ?1!! *eep$ Con+enience" (all s(itch outlet bo0es shall be .H0 =H 'ectangula' flush type o' #<<!! 0 #<<!! unction bo0 (ith gang 'aise* co+e' as 'e-ui'e* to acco!!o*ate the (i'e the'ein$

All unction bo0es pull bo0es an* blan) bo0es shall be fitte* (ith stan*a'* !etal bo0 co+e'$ All bo0es inclu*ing unction an* pull bo0es shall be of sufficient si>es to p'o+i*e f'ee space fo' all con*ucto's enclose* in the bo0" in a**ition to the fittings" such as s(itch !echanis! an* 'eceptacles that !ay be containe* in the bo0$ ITE 9$ 7asis of Pay!ent The elect'ical (o')s shall be !easu'e* fo' pipes an* fittings on lu!p su! basis an* shall be pai* fo' base* on the -uote* cost$ As built plans shall suppo't the final pay!ent of  this (o') ite!$ V. PLUMBING WORKS

ITE #$ /esc'iption This ite! shall consists of fu'nishings of pipes an* fittings fo' the se(e' lines an* (ate' lines" labo' an* e-uip!ent 'e-ui'e* fo' the p'ope' installation as sho(n on the Plans an* %pecifications$

ITE .$ ate'ials Re-ui'e!ent: Pipes an* fittings shall be Unplastici>e Poly+inyl Chlo'i*e" %ANIOL/$ An* it shall  be fitte* (ith 'ubbe' O,'ing seal oint$ 6o' (ate' lines" use ol*e0 blue$ 6ittings inclu*e the p'o+ision of gate +al+es3union patente as nee*e*$ ITE 1$ etho*s of easu'e!ent The (o') *one un*e' this ite! shall be -uantifie* pe' lu!p su! fo' pipes an* fittings as p'o+i*e* in the bi* p'oposal" teste* an* accepte* to satisfaction of the IP/O 'ep'esentati+es$ ITE =$ 7asis of Pay!ent The -uantifie* ite!s" installe* in place shall be the basis fo' pay!ent" base* f'o! the unit bi* p'ice fo' (hich p'ices an* pay!ents shall constitute full co!pensation inclu*ing labo'" !ate'ials an* inci*entals necessa'y to co!plete this ite!$ VI. FORMWORKS

ITE #$ 6o'!(o')s 6o'!s shall confo'! to shapes" lines" *i!ensions sho(n in the *'a(ing$ They shall  be substantial an* *esigne* to 'esist the p'essu'e an* (eight of the conc'ete an* shall be  p'ope'ly tie* an* b'a*e* o' sho'e* so as to !aintain thei' position an* shape$ The fo'!s shall  be sufficiently tight to p'e+ent lea)age of !o'ta'$ 6o'! lu!be's to be use* shall be goo* lu!be' an* supple!ental steel sho'ing can be  p'o+i*e* by the cont'acto' at his o(n e0pense$ VII. EARTHWORKS

The (o') inclu*e* in this ite! shall be the e0ca+ation of st'uctu'es" bac)fill" g'a+el fill an* ea'th fill (hich inclu*es sp'ea*ing an* co!paction$ Any e0cess in the +olu!e3a'ea e0ca+ate* shall be consi*e'e* as a**itional (o') unless specifie* on plans an* coo'*inate* (ith the IP/O /i'ecto'$ Pay!ent of this ite! of (o') shall be base* on the (o') acco!plishe* an* the -uote* unit cost$ VIII. DEMOLITION WORKS

The (o') inclu*e* in this ite! shall be the *e!olition of conc'ete pa+e!ent an* othe'  obst'uction in the const'uction of the buil*ing$ This also inclu*es the clea'ing3*isposal of sai* *eb'is at a *esi'e* location as  p'esc'ibe* by the Inf'ast'uctu'e Planning an* /e+elop!ent Office$

Pay!ent of this ite! of (o') shall be base* on the (o') acco!plishe* an* the -uote* lu!p su! cost$

NOTE: Te 'o%tr('tor (t !" o6% e+#e%"e "()) "e'$re ( B$!)0!% Per*!t fro* te C!t4 E%!%eer8" Off!'e 3efore te 'o**e%'e of 6or9. A)) !te*" 6!' 6ere %ot *e%t!o%e0 !% te te'%!'() "#e'!f!'(t!o%" (%0 0e"'r!#t!o%" (%0 %ote "o6% o% te #)(%" 6!' (re 0ee*e0 %e'e""(r4 !% te 'o*#)et!o% of "$' !te* of 6or9 "()) 3e !%')$0e0 !% te $%!t 'o"t 'o*#$t(t!o% for e(' !te* of 6or9. Mo3!)!(t!o% "()) !%')$0e te 'o%"tr$'t!o% of te*#or(r4 f('!)!t!e". Ce*e%t to 3e $"e0 for ()) !te*" of 6or9 "()) 3e Port)(%0 'e*e%t.

P'epa'e* by: ENGR. NELIA V. AMAN /i'ecto'" IP/O

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