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Spectacular Outdoor Living of Texas

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A COLLECTION OF FINE DESIGN Jolie Carpente Carpenterr

 is an exquisite coffee-table book featuring stunning outdoor living spaces captured in bold photography. phot ography. This T his col collec lection tion of fine design des ign will showcase the most talented design professionals and their most unique creations creationsfrom gorgeous pool houses and outdoor kitchens to lush gardens appointed with beautiful furniture.

Juan Mir! & Miguel Rivera has quietly created

his career, and its influence is evident in his work today. Further bolstering

projects that exemplify design excellence. As industry leaders and organizations

his knowledge in the architectural industry, Juan has lectured and published

began recognizing the talent of this relatively young firm, Mir! Rivera Architects

extensively on the work of Mir! Rivera Architects, the role of architects in civic

simultaneously received national and international acclaim. With more than 30

life and issues within Mexican architecture and architectural history. Together,

design awards including upward of 20 AIA design awards, firm principals Juan

Juan and Miguel approach architecture as an endeavor where the realms of

Mir!, AIA, and Miguel Rivera, AIA, continue to pursue architecture with the

ideas, aesthetics and technology harmoniously intersect. They see their roles as

same passion and dedication. Born in Barcelona and educated at the School of

multifaceted: citizen, thinker, artist and builder.

Architecture of the Universidad Polit"cnica de Madrid, Juan earned a Fulbright scholarship in 1989 to complete a post-professional master #s degree at Yale University in 1989. As a licensed architect in Spain, he worked on a wide range of projects with his father, architect Antonio Mir!, as well as Fernando Higueras, Felix Candela and Santiago Calatrava. This valuable experience helped launch

ABOVE: The pool house takes advantage of the commanding canyon views while providing a destination for entertaining within the residents # own backyard. Photograph  Paul Bardagjy  FACING PAGE: Large sliding doors provide a generous indoor-outdoor connection. The barbecue area is elegantly incorporated into the design. Photograph by Paul Finkel

LEFT: Clad in Leuders limestone, the Town Lake estate includes a number of buildings visually

linked by a series of waterfalls. Photograph © Paul Bardagjy  FACING PAGE:  The master shower space leads to a private second-floor terrace. Photographs by Paul Bardagjy 

James D. LaRue was sneaking through houses as they were

savvy keeps him and the others on their toes, pressing them to learn the latest

being built, and it came as no surprise when he chose to attend Texas A&M to

tools. Years of in-the-field experience have given Jim a unique appreciation for

earn a Bachelor of Environmental Design. His first job led him to gain experience

what it takes to not only design a house but also see it built successfully. This

with an architectural firm that focused mainly on non-residential projects.

sensitivity and mutual respect for their fellow craftsmen, paired with an innate

However, sensing that he wanted to apply his talents in a more personal,

ability to envision the uncreated, is just one of the many attributes that sets

client-driven design tactic, Jim then worked for a builder/architect and learned

James D. LaRue, Architecture Design apart.

the design-build processes for the next five years. From there, he established James D. LaRue, Architecture Design and 20 years later, Jim has an established architectural reputation across the state. Through the years, the firm has seen

ABOVE: This L-shaped home wraps a tennis court on the uphill side and overlooks a beautiful,

its fair share of high school and college students soak in the world of residential

heavily treed lot on the downhill side. Photograph by Coles Hairston

architecture. While their technical and drawing knowledge might not be at the

FACING PAGE:  A tennis court overlook at the right connects to the upper balcony and game

level of an experienced architect, Jim says the depth of their technological

room. The lower-floor terrace connects to the multilevel swimming pool. Photograph by Tre Du nham

ABOVE LEFT: A large timber beam cantilevers to protect the entry door that opens to the

glassed living and dining spaces, which feature views of downtown Austin. Photograph by Coles Hairston ABOVE RIGHT:  The cozy outdoor rotunda overlooks the Texas State Capitol building in

the distance. Photograph by Coles Hairston FACING PAGE:  A 65-foot lap pool wraps the outdoor living and starlight terrace of this

hillside home. Photograph by Coles Hairston


LEFT: In the master bedroom, Texas limestone walls enter gracefully from the exterior,

creating an instant connection to nature. The room is nestled into the landscape and affords privacy while engaging the wildlife. Photograph by Chris Cooper  FACING PAGE:  Centrally located on the site, the main lodge offers a one-room-wide

experience. The prevailing southeastern breeze cools the interior during the warmer summer months. The Texas Rumford fireplace is the central feature of the main living room, providing a place to relax after a big day on the ranch. Photograph by Chris Cooper 

Land Design The four essentials of life—water, fire, shelter, and

embraces simple beauty and back-to-basics pools and landscapes that once dotted

land—are basic foundations that award-winning designer Michael Logsdon of Land

the American backyard. He recognizes the importance of bringing back the timeless,

Design transforms to create living art. As an associate of the American Society of

straightforward classics to promote a van der Rohe minimalist, “less is more” philosophy,

Landscape Architects, one of the 32 leading pool designers worldwide to hold Society

which is the inspiration for his vision today. Michael enjoys collaboration and encourages

of Watershape Designers status from Genesis 3 Design Group, and a Certified Building

homeowners, designers, and architects to visit his studio and gallery.

Professional as designated by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, Michael was also recognized as Master of Design in 2007 for his creative vision by Pool & Spa News. Michael’s philosophy on creating outdoor living spaces transforms the basic backyard into the favorite “room” of the home. Whether designing a traditional swimming vessel, ABOVE: Large, well-placed doors and windows forge a strong relationship between interior

European-influenced biologically filtered pool, outdoor structures, kitchens, water and fire features, or xeric landscapes, he designs with one approach in mind: water recreated… green reconsidered. Influenced by California landscape architect Thomas Church, Michael

spaces and the landscaped courtyard. Photograph by Casey Dunn FACING PAGE:  The sculptural fireplace enhances the trellised seating area’s intimate ambience. Photograph by Casey Dunn

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