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St Vincent de Paul Society statement

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Statement from St Vincent de Paul Society to Lateline, 21 March 2013.



The Trustees of the Society of St Vincent de Paul (NSW) ABN: 46 472 591 335 Charles O’Neill House State Support Office 2C West Street Lewisham NSW 2049 PO Box 5 Petersham NSW 2049 Telephone: (02) 9568 0262 Facsimile: (02) 9550 9383

21 March 2013

Email: [email protected] Website: www.vinnies.org.au Donation Hotline: 13 18 12

Statement regarding the Catholic Adoption Agency: Lateline It has come to the attention of the St Vincent de Paul Society NSW of possible claims concerning the activities of the Catholic Adoption Agency. These claims involve complex legal and factual matters. Many organisations, including the courts, were involved in this process. The Society NSW understands that these events took place at a time of very different prevailing social attitudes towards adoption and has deep compassion and empathy for the women and children who endured any pain and suffering as a result of practices that separated mothers from their children. The Society NSW also notes that the letter from our legal representatives was sent, in confidence, directly to the law firm engaged by the women in question, and as such, should be viewed in its legal context.

Every day in NSW the Society assists thousands of people through Home Visitation, Migrant and Refugee Assistance, Hospital and Prison Visitation, Aged Care Services, Vinnies Centres, Supported Employment Services for People with an Intellectual Disability, Hostels for Homeless Men, Women and Families, Overseas Relief, Disaster Recovery, Budget Counselling and Youth Programs.

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