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Student Bulletin 18

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The English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College


Vol: V No: 18

DIARY OF WEEKLY EVENTS Monday 20th January 2014 Year 9 Assessment Week Year 13 Assessment Week 8.55 am St John Boste Assembly ~ St Anne’s Hall (Mr Carless) Year 7 Gibber Theatre Group ~ St Anne’s Hall st Tuesday 21 January 8.55 am St Margaret Clitherow Assembly ~ St Anne’s Hall (Mrs Robson) Year 12 Assembly ~ Common Room (Mrs Stoker) Year 7 Gibber Theatre Group ~ St Anne’s Hall Catholic Partnership Quilting ~ T4 / T5 P4 – 6 York University ~ Sixth Form nd Wednesday 22 January 8.55 am St Thomas More Assembly ~ St Anne’s Hall (Mr Anderson) Blessed John Ingram Assembly ~ Dining Hall (Mr Moller) Year 13 Assembly ~ Common Room (Mrs Stoker) P5 – 9 Cross Country Thursday 23rd January 8.55 am St Anne Line Assembly ~ St Anne’s Hall (Mrs Wilson) 5.30 pm Gambia Parents Evening ~ Library Friday 24th January TUTOR TIME P1 – 2 Mass Rehearsal 10.00 am St Anne Line Mass ~ St Anne’s Hall (pm) Year 11 Science Field Visit Morning Prayers Week beginning: 20th January 9JI1, 9JI2 th 27 January 10JI1, 10JI2

Prayer for the Week
A banquet for all Living God, We believe in a world made new, Where mourning is turned into dancing, and slaves are set free. We believe in a world where all are heard and rivers flow where each may drink, A world where the harvest becomes a banquet for all. God of all creation, You have blessed us with a world of beauty. You have gifted us a place of plenty where no one stands outside your loving care. Open our hearts and teach us your compassion. Open our minds and grant us the courage to stay true to your will. Give us the strength to cast off the shackles that bind us to wealth and possessions. Guide us as we work for your kingdom, Lead us and move us to become a people clothed with joy. Linda Jones/CAFOD


Headteacher’s Comments
Parents’ Evening
Many thanks to the Y10 students who attended the Parents’ Evening last week. It was an excellent turn out. Thanks also to the Prefects for their support on the evening.

Pride of Hartlepool Awards
Nominations are open for the above awards and the deadline is Friday 7 th March. The categories are Community Group, Sporting Achievement, Local Hero, Young Performer (U21), Community Champion, Student of the Year, Emergency Services, Fundraiser of the Year, Child of Courage and Green Champion. Last year the Student of the Year was Alex Craig.

Hartlepool Art Gallery
The Art Gallery in Christ Church is currently hosting an exhibition which includes the work of our students. The exhibition runs until 15th March.

House Public Speaking Competition
The House Public Speaking competition takes place on Thursday 6th March. Please contact your Head of House if you are interested in taking part.

St Anne Line Mass
Good luck to those students who are taking part in the St Anne Line Mass on Friday.

Jokes and Riddles
Q: What do snowmen eat for lunch? A: Icebergers Q: What lies in a pram and wobbles? A: A jelly baby Maths Joke: What do you get if you cross a Maths teacher and a clock? Arithma-ticks!

General Notices
Ampleforth Lent Retreat
Many of you have been waiting for this announcement and it is finally here! Anyone from any year group who wishes to come to the Lent retreat to Ampleforth must come and get a letter from Anne Marie. There are only 45 places and they will be allocated on a first come – first served basis. We go on Friday 7th March and return Sunday 9th March. The cost is £50. Anne Marie

EMA Meeting
The next EMA Meeting will take place on Monday 20th January 2014 at 7.00 pm in the Conference Room. All parents and friends of the school are welcome to attend. Please note change of date.

St Anne Line Mass
St Anne Line Mass will take place on Friday 24th January at 10.00 am. Students will be involved in rehearsals during P1 / 2 on Friday 24th January. On Friday 24th January all St Anne Line Students will be asked to leave lessons and meet in the Dining Hall at 9:30 am before making their way to St Anne’s Hall. Many thanks. Mrs Evans / Miss Fox

Hartlepool Foodbank
The Hartlepool Foodbank is always needs supplies. If you feel that you can make a donation of nonperishable food, please come and drop it in the collection basket in the chapel. All donations are gratefully received. Anne Marie

Year 7 Notices
Gibber Performance MONDAY / TUESDAY 20th / 21st January 2014 Programme: Monday 20th January 9.10 am (P1 – 2) Production in St Anne’s Hall for all Y7 students in St Anne’s Hall 10.40 am (P3 – 4) St Thomas More 11.55 am (P5 + 7) St John Boste 1.55 pm (P8 – 9) St Margaret Clitherow st Tuesday 21 January 9.10 am (P1 – 2) Blessed John Ingram 10.40 am (P3 – 4) St Anne Line Mrs Johnson

Music Lessons
Drums Friday 24th January 9.00 am Tom Burton 9.30 am Joshua Chapman 10.00 am Kim Foreman 10.30 am Coleen Proudlock 11.00 am Christian Tunney 11.30 am Luke Fitzgerald 12.00 noon Joshua Burn 12.30 pm Kerrod Pounder Thursday 30th January 9.00 am Christian Tunney 9.30 am Tom Burton 10.00 am Joshua Burn 10.30 am Joshua Chapman 11.00 am Coleen Proudlock 11.30 am Kerrod Pounder 12.00 noon Kim Foreman 12.30 pm Luke Fitzgerald Luke Meredith Olivia Ward Owen Burlinson Cameron Wilkinson Nathan Lumley Joseph Marsh Jack Woodward Cameron Wilkinson Luke Meredith Joseph Marsh Owen Burlinson Jack Woodward Olivia Ward Nathan Lumley Joe Bell

Faye Hendry

Faye Hendry

Joe Bell

Strings Monday 20th January 9.00 am Joshua Cain 9.30 am Georgina Holmes-Wise 10.00 am Krystal-Ann Reed 10.30 am Chloe Winwood 11.00 am Lucy Appleton 11.30 am Daniel Elliott th Tuesday 28 January 9.00 am Joshua Cain 9.30 am Georgina Holmes-Wise 10.00 am Krystal-Ann Reed 10.30 am Chloe Winwood 11.00 am Lucy Appleton 11.30 am Daniel Elliott Thursdays 2.15 pm Emma Smith Violin / Viola Monday 20th January 9.00 am Heather Pringle 9.30 am Michaela Westley 10.00 am Lois Joynt 10.30 am Marella Balderosa 11.00 am Alex Mullins 11.30 am Jasmine Padgett 12.00 noon Abbi Mullins 12.30 pm Madeleine Smyth 3.15 pm Samuel Linley Wednesday 22nd January 9.00 am Caitlin Chapman 9.30 am Gurketan Kandola 10.00 am Fion Langan 10.30 am Eve Proctor th Monday 27 January 9.00 am Gurketan Kandola 9.30 am Michaela Westley 10.00 am Fion Langan 10.30 am Heather Pringle 11.00 am Lois Joynt 11.30 am Jasmine Padgett 12.00 noon Abbi Mullins 12.30 pm Alex Mullins 3.15 pm Samuel Linley th Tuesday 28 January 9.00 am Marella Balderosa 9.30 am Madeleine Smyth 10.00 am Caitlin Chapman 10.30 am Eve Proctor

Thomas Wilkinson

Jennifer Cope Thomas Wilkinson

Jennifer Cope

Alice Relton Georgina Parvin Guerreiro Sophie Lupton Finlay Raynor Anna Strickland Olivia Ward

Rebecca Wright Isabella Pettite Czarnelle Martin

Jake Swinburne

Isabella Pettite Czarnelle Martin Alice Relton Georgina Parvin Guerreiro Anna Strickland Finlay Raynor Olivia Ward

Sophie Lupton Rebecca Wright Jake Swinburne

Guitar Friday 24th January 9.00 am Oliver Connolly 9.30 am Leuan Robson 10.00 am Nathan Liddell Archer st Friday 31 January 9.00 am Leuan Robson 9.30 am Nathan Liddell Archer 10.00 am Oliver Connolly Piano Wednesday 22nd Jan 9.20 Lauren Merifield 9.50 Harry Andrews 10.20 Alex Mailen 10.50 Alisha Clark 11.20 Rachel Baines 1.10 Michaela Westley 1.40 Klaudia Kubrak 2.10 Olivia Bennison

Jack Penfold

Jack Penfold

Thursday 23rd Jan 8.45 Kayleigh Dixon 9.15 Madison Williams 9.45 Nathan Liddell-Archer 10.15 Dominik Sysojew-Osinki 11.00 Sarah Massey 11.30 Maria Carey-Shaw 12.00 Bartosz Banaszak 1.10 Neisha Trainer 1.40 Winny Da Costa 2.10 Rebecca Lake 2.40 Jessica Godfrey

Friday 24th Jan 9.00 Grace Armstrong 9.30 Lucy Brown 10.00 Alex Mullins 10.45 Joel Barry 11.15 Amy Wright 11.45 Nicholas Chapman 1.00 Haydn Rogan 1.30 William hartley 2.00 Charlotte Grayson 2.30 Christine Uchendu

Percussion Monday 20th January 8.00 am Jack Clark 8.30 am Josh Chapman 9.00 am Nicholas Bennions Francesca Snowdon Monday 27th January 8.00 am Nicholas Bennions Francesca Snowdon 8.30 am Jack Clark 9.00 am Josh Chapman

Gabriel Smith David Animashaun Gabriel Smith David Animashaun

Joseph Picken

Joseph Picken


Group 7JB1 7JB2 7MC1 7MC2 7JI1 7JI2 7AL1 7AL2 7TM1 7TM2 8JB1 8JB2 8MC1 8MC2 8JI1 8JI2 8AL1 8AL2 8TM1 8TM2 9JB1 9JB2 9MC1 9MC2 9JI1 9JI2 9AL1 9AL2 9TM1 9TM2 Period: 06/01/2014 to 10/01/2014 % Attend Group 95 10JB1 KSP/LT 98.4 10JB2 DM 99.2 10MC1 KB 99.6 10MC2 NB 87.9 10JI1 PA 96.5 10JI2 CM/TN 95.8 10AL1 DMC 99.1 10AL2 RW 89.2 10TM1 LHO 93.3 10TM2 JB 95.4 11JB1 DC 95 11JB2 DW 94.5 11MC1 CB 99.1 11MC2 CE 100 11MC3 PR 100 11JI1 CG 100 11JI2 NDU 93.3 11AL1 ND 99 11AL2 EW 94.3 11TM1 ACN 92.6 11TM2 DCM 93.1 Totals 97 97.7 Group 97.8 St Margaret Clitherow 97.7 St John Boste 95.4 St Anne Line 98.5 Bl John Ingram 96.3 St Thomas More 96.5 Totals % Attend 99.2 96.9 96.5 93.2 94.1 95.6 95.4 95.2 92.9 96 97 95.7 93 91 97.8 93.3 99.1 97.4 97 97.8 95 96 % Attend 96.3 95.8 96.7 96.1 95 96



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