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Student Bulletin May 13

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International School Manila

HS Student Circular
May 13, 2011

  Monday, May 16:      IB Exams    College Visit: Julie Linn            Tuesday, May 17:      IB Exams    IB1 – Art Opening    Advanced Dance Solo recital & IB1 Theatre Performances    4.0pm‐7.0pm (LT)        Wednesday, May  18:    Student Late Start    IB Exams       Thursday, May 19:    IB Exams       Friday, May 20:    IB Exams  Honor Societies Celebration 4pm  (LT)    Saturday, May 21:    REAL Club Trekking Trip 

HS Calendar: 

Upcoming Events:    May 23 – 27: Grade 11 Exams (HS Gym)   May 26 – 27: Grade 9, 10 Exams (HS Gym)   May 26: Senior Celeb Lunch (FAT Lobby)   May 26: Senior Celebration 3.0pm‐6.0pm   May 28: Prom   May 30: Honors and Awards Assembly   May 31: Graduation 5.0pm‐8.30pm (FAT) 
PROM GUIDELINES: Attire:    FORMAL   (Formal Dress, Suit, Barong Tagalog or Traditional Indian Clothing)  Date:    Saturday, May 28  Venue:  Mandarin Oriental Hotel  Time:    7:00 – 11:00 pm   (doors will close by 8:00 pm, earliest  departure 10.30pm)   NOTE:    Relevant  information  will  be  disseminated  via  the  Prom  Facebook event page and student school email. Students who are  bringing  outside  guests  must  have  clearance  from  the  HS  Administration.    Please  see  Mr.  Brown  or  Mr.  Dickinson  for  approval.   

UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) – SY 2012-2013 Testing dates: August 6 & 7, 2011 (in 74 regional test centers) Requirements: 1. Correctly and completely accomplished UPCAT (Forms 1 and 2) Please get the form from the HS Guidance Office. 2. 4 pcs. 2X2 identical recent pictures 3. Application fee of PhP450.00 (for Filipinos); $50.00 for non-resident foreign applicants Modes of payments: a. Payable to UPCAT at any Landbank or Phil. National Bank branch b. Postal money order c. Manager/Cashier’s check issued by one of the authorized banks Deadline: June 17, 2011 - for test centers in Metro Manila June 24, 2011 - for test centers outside Metro Manila

Please submit the completed application forms directly to UP Office of Admissions, Diliman, Quezon City. SCHEDULED COLLEGE VISITS: College




K12 Online High School 

Julie Linn 

HS Guidance 

May 16, 11 AM 


Parent IDs Current parent IDs will continue to be valid for the new school year 2011-2012. Parents who require replacement school IDs due to loss or damage can acquire these from the Security Office upon payment of Php100.00 to the Cashier. Student IDs All students will be issued with new ID cards at the beginning of the new school year. This year there will be no need for returning students to visit the Security Office as we will be utilizing the photographs taken for the yearbooks. School Passes School passes issued to parent’s employees and representatives need to be replaced for next school year. As of August 31, 2011 the green bordered passes will be invalid. The security office is now accepting applications for new school passes, however the cards will not be available for collection before July 1, 2011. Each family will be given two free school passes. Additional school passes may be obtained after paying a processing fee of Php100.00 each to the Cashier’s Office. 2, Car Stickers for the New School Year The car stickers for school year 2011/2012 will be available from the security office beginning July 1, 2011. For vehicles already displaying an existing sticker, parents should submit a completed renewal form with a copy of a current LTO official receipt. For new vehicles, parents are reminded that a copy of the vehicle’s certificate of registration and a current official receipt need to be submitted with the application. Applications for vehicles registered with companies or other institutions should be supported by a letter of assignment. Each ISM family will be issued one vehicle sticker free of charge. Any additional stickers will be issued following payment of P100 to the cashier’s office. I would like to thank all members of the ISM community for their cooperation across this school year in helping us maintain ISM as a safe and secure environment for our children.

Director of Operations and Security

LOST AND FOUND VIIEWIING LOST AND FOUND V EW NG EVERYDAY startiing Monday untiill Friiday,, EVERYDAY start ng Monday unt Fr day May 23-June 3,, 2011 From 7:00 a..m.. to 4:00 p..m.. May 23-June 3 2011 From 7:00 a m to 4:00 p m FAT changiing room 1118 FAT chang ng room 1118 IItems uncollllected after thiis tiime wiillll be diisposed of iin support of our tems unco ected after th s t me w be d sposed of n support of our Serviice Learniing Program.. Serv ce Learn ng Program

SCHOOL FEES and PAYMENT SCHEDULES  School Year 2011‐2012                          Please KEEP THIS COPY AS A REMINDER regarding DUE DATES for the settlement of your account  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND TAKE NOTE OF THE CHANGES.                   First Semester               Second Semester  Period Covered  1st Quarter – 4 Aug. to 7 Oct. 3rd Quarter – 9 Jan. to 16 Mar.       2nd Quarter – 10 Oct. to 15 Dec.   4th Quarter – 19 Mar. to 31 May     Tuition Due Date                    7 July 2011             8 December 2011  Basic Fees  1.  Tuition Fee                    2.  3.  4.    If applicable  US Dollar    Additional Tuition Fees   1.  English as a Second Language (ESL) Fee                        Year 1  $2,500  per year                      Year 2   $1,500  per year  2.  Learning Support Services (LSS) Fee                           Level 1 Support  $1,250  per year  $3,000  per year                        Level 2 Support                       Level 3 Support  $5,000  per year    Miscellaneous Fees  1.  Extra Car Sticker (first Car Sticker free)  PhP 100  per sticker 2.  ID (initial student, 2‐parent, 1‐driver, 1‐househelp ID free) PhP 100  per piece 3.  Musical Instrument Rental   US$ 120  per instrument     FEES POLICIES  1. Tuition Fees: Payable in advance for the whole year or per semester.  Quarterly payments can also be arranged but  have  an  additional  charge  of  US$100  per  quarter.    For  quarterly  payments,  post‐dated  checks  are  required  to  be  submitted at the time of enrollment.  The USD portion should be paid in US dollars and the PhP portion should be paid  in Philippine pesos to eliminate conversion costs. Payments that are not in the prescribed currency will be converted  as appropriate based on the school exchange rate, which includes a mark‐up to cover the currency conversion costs.    2. Only the Tuition Fees may be paid by the semester or quarter.  All other fees must be paid in full on the due date. An  additional one per cent (1%) surcharge per month is added on all school fees that remain unpaid after the due dates.          Pre‐School 3  Pre‐School 4   Elementary School  (Kindergarten ‐ Grade 4) Middle School  (Grades 5 ‐ 8) High School  (Grades   9 ‐ 10) High School  (Grades 11 ‐ 12)   Matriculation Fee    Facilities Upgrade Deposit (FUD)  Application Fee   ANNUAL FEE  US Dollar and Phil. Peso $4,380  and  PhP 142,200 $5,860  and  PhP 189,600 $9,280  and  PhP 297,000 $10,140  and  PhP 325,500 $10,780  and  PhP 347,000 $12,060  and  PhP 387,400 SEMESTER FEE  US Dollar and Phil. Peso $2,190  and  PhP 71,100 $2,930  and  PhP 94,800 $4,640  and  PhP 148,500 $5,070  and  PhP 162,750 $5,390  and  PhP 173,500 $6,030  and  PhP 193,700 US$ US$ US$ $3,000 $5,000 $200

  3. Matriculation  Fee:  For  all  NEW  students  entering  Grades  Kindergarten  and  above;  is  required  to  hold  a  place,  and  should be paid in full upon acceptance.  Refund of the matriculation fee will only be made in case of cancellation of the  application  or  acceptance,  or  the  child  does  not  physically  enroll.      Students  who  have  paid  this  fee,  withdraw  and  subsequently return to the School are covered by the following guidelines (based on withdrawal date) :  3.1 If a student is withdrawn for 0 – 12 months, no matriculation fee shall be paid upon re‐enrollment.  3.2 If a student is withdrawn for more than 12 months up to 24 months, 50% of the matriculation fee shall be paid  upon re‐enrollment  3.3 If a student is withdrawn for more than 24 months, full matriculation fee shall be paid upon re‐enrollment.    4. Facilities Upgrade Deposit:  For all NEW students entering Grades Kindergarten and above; should be paid in full upon  acceptance.  A certificate of deposit will be issued to confirm payment of the FUD.  The FUD is FULLY refundable upon  receipt of a written request and return of the duly endorsed Certificate of Deposit, when the student withdraws from  the School with proper clearance.    5. Application Fee:  For all NEW students; should be paid in full upon submission of application.  This is non‐refundable  and non‐transferable.    6. For  NEW  PRE‐SCHOOL  students,  a  $1,000  non‐refundable,  non‐transferable  reservation  fee,  deductible  from  the  annual  tuition  fee  due,  must  be  paid  upon  acceptance  to  guarantee  the  place  in  the  pre‐school  program  for  the  SY  2011‐12.  The tuition and all other fees must be paid prior to the student starting class.  If the expected enrollment date  is  deferred  to  beyond  the  beginning  of  the  new  school  year,  then  all  school  fees  must  be  fully  paid  prior  to  the  beginning of the new school year to guarantee and hold the seat.    7. Refund  of  school  fees  in  case  of  student  withdrawal  will  not  be  pro‐rated  for  part  of  a  quarter,  regardless  of  the  number of days attended.    8. A re‐enrollment deposit payment is not required to reserve a space at the School for SY2011‐12.  However, parents are  obligated to inform the School in writing, before the second Friday of May 2011 if their children will withdraw at the  end of the academic year 2010‐11.  There is a WITHDRAWAL NOTIFICATION FORM for such purpose and this must be  submitted to the Admissions Office before the second Friday of May of each school year.  Failure to do so will lead to a  deduction  of  US$1,000  from  the  Facilities  Upgrade  Deposit  (FUD),  in  compensation  for  having  held  a  space  for  the  child and thus preventing the School from offering that space to another child prior to the summer holiday break.  9. Please take note that the School shall take action to suspend the student’s right to attend classes and other school  activities for those students whose school fees remain unpaid by end of August for the first semester, and end  of  January for the second semester. It shall likewise suspend the student’s right to receive report cards or transcript of  records while the student’s account remains unpaid. Moreover, this may result in forfeiture of the student’s place or  reservation for the next school year.    10. For check payments, over‐the‐counter bank payments and wire transfers, kindly indicate the STUDENT’S NAME AND  TELEPHONE NUMBER.  Please provide the School with a copy of the deposit slip or bank advice, where applicable, for  prompt credit to the student’s account.  Following are the bank options:    HONGKONG AND SHANGHAI BANKING CORP.  Account Name  :  International School Manila  Account No. :  US$ S/A 069‐004984‐130  PhP S/A 068‐014950‐040  Bank Address  :  Fort Bonifacio Branch, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines  Swift Code    :  HSBCPHMM     

CITIBANK N.A.  Account Name  Account No. :  Bank Address  Swift Code   

:  International School Manila  US$ C/A 0756‐342‐029  PhP C/A 0756‐342‐002  :  Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines  :  CITIPHMX 

  BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS  Account Name  :  International School Manila  Account No. :  US$ S/A 3074‐0241‐48               PhP S/A 3073‐3730‐25       Bank Address  :  Bel‐Air Polaris Branch, Makati City, Philippines  Swift Code    :  BOPIPHMM    11. All School fee money transactions at the ISM campus are done at the Cashier’s window, Business Office area.    12. Checks will no longer be accepted from those who have issued CHECKS DISHONORED by banks for insufficient funds,  closed accounts, and other reasons.  Likewise, peso checks will no longer be accepted after the second Friday of May  and US$ checks drawn from US banks will no longer be accepted after the second Friday of April for each school year.    13. Pro‐Rating Fees:  Most students attend ISM for the entire school year.  There are, however, new students who enter ISM  after the start of a school year.  For NEW students ENTERING ISM after the start of a semester, the Tuition Fee is pro‐ rated as follows:    First Semester:  First Quarter:  Students entering August 5, 2011 up to September 8, 2011, Full semester tuition is charged  Students entering September 9, 2011 up to October 7, 2011, Two‐Thirds semester tuition is charged  Second Quarter:  Students entering October 10, 2011 up to November 18, 2011, One‐Half semester tuition is charged  Students entering November 21, 2011 up to December 15, 2011, One‐Third semester tuition is charged    Second Semester:  Third Quarter:  Students entering January 9, 2012 up to February 10, 2012, Full semester tuition is charged  Students entering February 13, 2012 up to March 16, 2012, Two‐Thirds semester tuition is charged  Fourth Quarter:  Students entering March 19, 2012 up to April 27, 2012, One‐Half semester tuition is charged  Students entering April 30, 2012 up to May 31, 2012, One‐Third semester tuition is charged    14. These policies may be revised at any time during the school year, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees and the  School Administration.    15. Concessionaire fees such as bus and canteen fees can be arranged directly with the third‐party providers.    Please contact the Business Office if you have any question on the School Fees and Payment Schedules.        

Dear Parents, In line with the forthcoming graduation of our seniors, we are preparing the return of the Facilities Upgrade Deposit (FUD) of $5,000.00 paid at the time your child entered International School Manila, Inc. To enable us to release the refund on June 30, 2011 onwards may we remind you of the following: 1. Submission of the Facilities Upgrade Deposit (FUD) duly endorsed by the holder of the certificate. The refund in the form of check will be made payable to the holder’s name indicated in the certificate. 2. Clearance for the textbooks to be accomplished the last day of school. 3. Full settlement of all outstanding balance on clearance day This does not apply to ADB and US Embassy sponsor students. Thank you for your cooperation.


Re‐Enrollment information for RETURNING STUDENTS for SY2011‐12 
Re‐Enrollment requirements for all returning students will include, minimally, submission of an updated Health Form  or Physical Form (depending on grade level) to the Clinic for a Clearance Signature and a Clearance Signature from the  Cashier’s Office on the Re‐Enrollment Form.    The Re‐Enrollment Form and other requested forms for each re‐enrolling student will be available by the beginning of  April  online  from  our  website  under  Admission  and  Re‐Enrollment  &  Withdrawal  or  at  the  Admission  Office  during  office hours (Monday to Friday; 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).   Parents may pick up a set of Re‐Enrollment Forms personally  or your child can come to the Admission Office and get the forms.  If you would like to have your driver or househelp  pick  up  the  forms,  please  give  them  a  letter  of  authorization  to  collect  the  Re‐Enrollment  Forms  for  your  child/children.   

For STUDENTS NOT RETURNING next school year (Does not apply to graduating seniors) 
If your child(ren) will not be returning to ISM for the 2011‐12 school year, please inform the Admission Office as soon  as  possible  if  you  have  not  already  done  so.      Parents  are  obliged  to  officially  inform  the  School  in  writing  on  a  WITHDRAWAL NOTIFICATION FORM, before the second Friday of May, if their children will be withdrawn.  Failure to  do so will lead to a deduction of US$1,000 from the Facilities Upgrade Deposit (FUD), in compensation for having held  a space for the child and  thus preventing the School from offering that space to another child prior to the summer  holiday break.  The Withdrawal Notification Form can be obtained from the Admission Office or from the ISM website  under the Admission tab and then click on Re‐Enrollment & Withdrawal.     We  currently  have  very  few  families  indicating  that  they  will  not  be  returning  and  consequently  there  are  an  ever  growing number of applicants in a WAITPOOL for possible openings.  This is causing great distress and anxiety in those  families (and in the Admission Office).  If you are sure that your child will be leaving ISM, please submit a Withdrawal  Notification Form.  This will be a great help for our planning and to the many families waiting to be admitted to the  school.  Thank you.    Regards, 

Gary W. Jerome 
Director of Admission  International School Manila  P.O. Box 1256 MCPO, 1255 Makati City, Philippines  E‐mail:  [email protected] 

Thanks very much to the 270+ guests who came to the 3rd season sports awards at the HS gym last Friday evening. It was an enjoyable evening to celebrate the success of our 3rd season teams and on behalf of the ISM administrative team I would like to thank all parents for coming along to support your children and a big thanks to all coaches and athletes for your hard work during 3rd season. The success of our double gold medal softball teams along with solid performances from our track and badminton teams made it a great way to top off the school year as far as our sports program is concerned. We look forward to more Bearcat success in school year 2011-12.! MS 3rd Season Sports Awards were also held last week for Track & Field/ Mixed Touch/Softball and Badminton. A big thanks to the coaches/students and parents who attended. For our all year round ATAC teams the end of year awards ceremony will be held Friday June 3rd see list below on the ATAC highlights update for details or the flyer posted on notice boards around school and in the bulletins. Next year’s dates and IASAS Schedule can be found on the ATAC Blog. ISM will host MUN in November 2011 and th Rugby/Touch in February 2012. We look forward to these events in the 11-12 school year. Don’t forget the IASAS 30 Anniversary will take place this coming October with a huge celebration at SAS with all first season sports taking place in Singapore.

GAME SCHEDULE PDF: (new procedure in place for access to game schedule pdf information) 
Information  about  all  mid  week/weekend  fixtures  for  ISM  teams  can  be  found  via  the  ATAC  blog.  You  can  also  access  this  information  via  the ES/MS/HS  divisional web  pages.  Please  note  the game  schedule  does  change  often due to involvement  with  many local schools so please check the page regularly to find out the latest information of where and when the Bearcats teams are  playing.  Click on  schedules  tab  or  the  Bearcat  logo  to be  directed  to  the  http://powerschool.ismanila.org/public/  .  You  will  need  your power school user name and ID# to access the game schedule pdf now located in power school 

  ATAC HIGHLIGHTS/UPDATES – (for ALL match/schedule details check game schedule page as above) 
      May 21st PRFU/CBRE Juniors Rugby and Touch tournament at ISM (Rugby HS field/Touch MS Field from 8am) May 27th Sailfish End of Year Awards (see Sailfish Blog for more details from Coach Andy) May 28th Tae Kwon Do tournament ISM Covered Court June 1st Homeless World Cup Football Tournament (see posters/notices around school for team entry details) June 3rd End of Year all season sports awards ES Gym 3:15-4:15pm (Aikido, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Table Tennis, Chess, Wall Climbing and Gymnastics) June 3rd and 4th Aikido Seminar ISM Covered Court

BEARCAT DEN: Regular Opening Hours for the Bearcat Den: Mon, Wed and Fridays from 11:30am – 1:00pm and 2:30pm – 4:00pm. Tues and Thurs afternoons from 2:30-4pm. Thanks to all our great volunteers. If you are interested in joining our group of volunteers in the Bearcat Den please contact our BCD volunteers coordination Chantel ([email protected]) or pop in to the Den near the HS Cafeteria and talk with one of our volunteers they will be very happy to make you welcome. PLEASE NOTE: Last day of den operations for this school year is TUESDAY JUNE 7th. The Den volunteers will be in hibernation from June 8th until reopening day on Monday August 8th, 2011.



4th Season Schedule
TIME 3:00 - 5:00PM
HS GYM MONDAY MS Basketball Camp Badminton Camp ES Basketball Camp AFAC Basketball TUESDAY MS Basketball Camp ES Basketball Camp Faculty Basketball AFAC Badminton AFAC Cricket AFAC Badminton WEDNESDAY Volleyball HS Boy/Girls Badminton Camp THURSDAY MS Basketball Camp ES Basketball Camp FRIDAY Volleyball HS Boy/Girls Badminton Camp Faculty Basketball



Covered Court


HS Boys Football

HS Girls Football

HS Rugby

HS Boys Football

HS Rugby


Faculty Football

AFAC AFL Football

HS Girls Football


MS AFAC 7/8 Soccer

MS AFAC 5/6 Soccer







We are proud to announce that our ISM seniors were accepted to the following universities:
                           COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY ACCEPTANCES: 
College  Academy of Art University  Allegheny College  American University (School of  Communication)  American University of Rome  Amherst College  Amsterdam University College  Ateneo de Manila University  Babson College  Bard College  Barnard College  Barry University  Bath Spa University College  Bentley University  Binghamton University (School of  Management)  # of  students  accepted  2 1 1  1 2 1 18 2 2 3 1 1 8 1  Boston College Boston University Brandeis University Brock University Brown University Bryant University Bryn Mawr College California Polytechnic State University,  San Luis Obispo  California State University, East Bay  California State University, Sacramento  Cardiff University Carleton College Carnegie Mellon University  Chapman University Christopher Newport University  City University Claremont McKenna College  Clark University 3 18 1 1 3 2 2 1  1 1 2 1 5 1 1 1 2 2


Cleveland Institute of Art  Colby College  Colgate University (Natural Science &  Mathematics)  College of the Holy Cross  College of William and Mary  Columbia University  (Columbia College) Connecticut College  Cornell University  Dartmouth College  De Anza College  De La Salle University Manila  Dominican University of California  Duke University   (Trinity College of Arts & Science)  Durham University  Eckerd College  Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne  Embry‐Riddle Aeronautical University ‐ FL Emerson College  Emmanuel College  Eugene Lang College The New School for  Liberal Arts  Fairfield University  Fisher College  Florida State University  Fordham University  Franklin and Marshall College  George Mason University  Georgetown University (Georgetown  College)  Georgia Institute of Technology  Glasgow Caledonian University  Glion Institute of Higher Education  Goldsmiths College, University of London Hamilton College ‐ NY  Hampshire College  Harvard University  Harvard University (Harvard College)  Harvey Mudd College  Haverford College  Hiram College  IE University  Imperial College of Science, Technology,  and Medicine  Indiana University at Bloomington  Iona College  Jacksonville University  James Madison University  Johns Hopkins University  Johnson & Wales University  Juniata College 

1 1 2  2 2 1 1 4 1 1 2 1 1  1 1 1 1 2 2 1  1 1 1 13 2 1 2  2 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 2  1 1 1 2 1 1 1

King's College London Lakehead University Lancaster University Lehigh University Lewis & Clark College London School of Economics  Longwood University Loyola Marymount University  Loyola University Chicago  Loyola University Chicago (College of Arts  and Sciences)  Lynn University Manhattanville College Massachusetts Institute of Technology  McGill University Menlo College Michigan State University  Middlebury College Middlesex University Mount Holyoke College New York University Nipissing University Northeastern University Northwestern University (Arts &  Sciences)  Nottingham Trent University  Occidental College Old Dominion University  Pace University, New York City  Parsons The New School for Design  Pennsylvania State University, Berks  College  Pennsylvania State University, University  Park  Pratt Institute Princeton University Purdue University Queen Mary, University of London  Queen's University Quest University Canada  Radford University Rhode Island School of Design  Rice University (School of Architecture)  Rider University Ringling College of Art and Design  Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University  Rochester Institute of Technology  (College of Engineering or Science)  Saint Louis University (College of  Engineering & Aviation)  Saint Mary's College of California  Salve Regina University

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San Francisco State University  Santa Clara University  Savannah College of Art and Design  School of Pharmacy, University of London Seoul National University  Sheffield Hallam University  Smith College  SSTH‐Swiss School of Tourism and  Hospitality  Stanford University  Stony Brook University  Syracuse University  Temple University  Texas Christian University  The American Musical and Dramatic  Academy  The Chinese University of Hong Kong  The Culinary Institute of America  The George Washington University  The Hong Kong University of Science &  Technology  The Ohio State University   The University of Arizona  The University of Iowa   The University of Tampa  Trinity College  Trinity College Dublin  Tufts University  University at Buffalo The State University  of New York  University College Dublin  University College London  University College Utrecht  University of Abertay Dundee  University of Alberta  University of Bath  University of Birmingham  University of Bristol  University of British Columbia  University of British Columbia Okanagan  University of California at Berkeley  University of California at Davis  University of California at Irvine  University of California at Los Angeles  University of California at Riverside  University of California at San Diego  University of California at Santa Barbara University of California at Santa Cruz  University of Chicago  University of Dundee  University of East Anglia  University of Edinburgh 

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University of Exeter University of Hawaii at Hilo  University of Hawaii at Manoa  University of Illinois at Chicago  University of Illinois at Urbana‐ Champaign  University of Kent at Canterbury  University of Leicester University of Maryland, Baltimore County University of Massachusetts, Amherst  University of Miami University of Michigan University of New South Wales  University of Notre Dame  University of Nottingham  University of Oregon University of Oxford University of Pennsylvania  University of Portsmouth  University of Rochester University of San Diego University of San Francisco  University of Santo Tomas  University of South Florida, Tampa  University of Southern California  University of St. Andrews (Scotland)  University of Stirling University of Sydney University of the Arts London  University of the Philippines  University of Toronto University of Victoria (Faculty of Science) University of Virginia University of Warwick University of Washington  University of Western Ontario  University of Wisconsin, Madison  Virginia Commonwealth University  Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State  University  Waseda University Washington State University  Washington University in St. Louis (Arts  and Sciences)  Wesleyan University Western Michigan University (College of  Aviation)  Wheaton College MA Williams College Yale University York University

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