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Successes in Implementing IT Accessibility in Higher Education (166264801)

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Join this important session to hear key success stories for improving the accessibility of instructional resources to people with disabilities. The panel will include information on crowd sourcing captioning with free online tools, moving accessibility into the main stream of IT decision making, using common tools to create accessible on-line instructional materials, and how to leverage the concept of universal design to create information in multiple formats to serve the diverse needs of all students, including students with disabilities. A student with a disability will also be part of the panel to give his perspective of when online materials are accessible and when they're not. http://www.educause.edu/midwest-regional-conference/2013/successes-implementing-it-accessibility-higher-education



Achieve. Grow. Build.

Implementing IT Accessibility at DeVry Online Services

Designing inclusivity in – Success factors
• Be ahead of the curve: • Make it easy: Develop Work closely with ADA accessible templates and officers to identify student tools for creating web needs and provide support accessible content before the student • Support the front line: experiences difficulties Provide processes and tools • Develop gatekeepers: for fast and effective support Ensure Instructional Designers and Course Developers become accessibility “gatekeepers” for web accessible content development

Printing options
Headings and automation

Lightboxes and keyboard access

Embedding HTML descriptions

MathML Implementation


JavaScript and CSS to automate styling

HTML based interactives


Building accessibility in from the START
• Build the right team – Coders with
deep understanding of accessibility tools

• Build with the right tools – CSS, HTML5,
JavaScript. MathML

• Build with the right principles Universal Design: Access and options for all (multiple delivery channels for student selectivity)


Giovanni Duarte
Senior Instructional Technologist / eLearning Accessibility Team Lead

DeVry Online Services [email protected]@devry.edu


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