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Surety Bond

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SURETY BOND KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PESENTS:  That we, ________, ________, and _________, _________, of the Ct! of Man"a, Man"a, Ph"##ne$ a$ PR%NC%PALS, PR%NC%PALS, and ____________&  ____________,  ____________, and _________________, _________________, a"" of the Ct! of Man"a, Ph"##ne$ a$ SURET%ES a'e he"d and (o)nd )nto the Ct! of Man"a n the #ena" $)* of _______  Ph"##ne +)''en+!, to the #a!*ent of wh+h $)* we"" and t')"! to (e *ade , we (nd o)'$e"e$, o)' he'$, e-e+)to'$, and ad*n$t'ato'$, n the a*o)nt fo' wh+h ea+h ha$ $ee'a""! .)a"/ed a$ $hown n the $ee'a" a0dat$ he'eto atta+hed&  The +ondton of th$ o("1aton $ $)+h, that whe'ea$ the a(oe2(o)nden  ___________and  ___________and _______ hae on the ___th da! of ____, 3_____ ente'ed nto a +ont'a+t wth the Ct! of Man"a, 'e#'e$ented (! the P'e$dent of t$ M)n+#a" Boa'd, fo' f)'n$hn1 +')$hed 'o+4 fo' a #e'od of one !ea'5 Now, the'efo'e, of the a(oe2(o)nden_____and______, the' he'$, e-e+)to'$, and ad*n$t'ato'$, $ha"" and w"", n a"" 'e$#e+t$, d)"! and f)""! o($e'e and #e'fo'* a"" and $n1)" $n1)"a' a' the +oena +oenant$ nt$,, +ond +ondto ton$, n$, and a1'ee* a1'ee*ent ent$ $ n and (! the $ad $ad +ont'a+t a1'eed and +oenanted (! the $ad__________ and ________ to (e o($e'ed and #e'fo'*ed a++o'dn1 to the t')e ntent and *eann1 of the $ad +ont'a+t, and a$ we"" d)'n1 an! #e'od of e-ten$on of $ad +ont'a+t that, and a$ we"" d)'n1 an! #e'on of e-ten$on of $ad +ont'a+t that *a! (e 1'anted on the #a't of the Ct! of  Man Ma n"a "a a$ d)' d)'n1 n1 the the o'1 o'1n na" a" te'* te'* of the the $a*e $a*e,, and and $ha" $ha""" #'o* #'o*#t #t"! "! *a4 *a4e a"" a"" #a!*ent$ to a"" #e'$on$ $)##"!n1 the* "a(o' o' *ate'a"$ n the #'o$e+)ton of the wo'4 #'oded fo' n $ad +ont'a+t, then the a(oe o("1aton$ $ha"" (e od and of  no e6e+t& %t $ he'e(! $t#)"ated that $)t on th$ (ond *a! (e ('o)1ht n the +o)'t$ of  the Ph"##ne$ fo' the d$t'+t n wh+h the $ad +ont'a+t $ e-e+)ted5 and f at the t*e of the $)t an! of the o("1o'$ $ not fo)nd the'en, $e'+e of #'o+e$$ a$ to $)+h o("1o'$ *a! (e *ade (! de"e'n1 a +o#! of the $a*e to the +"e'4 of +o)'t, who $ he'e(! a##onted a1ent of the o("1o'$ fo' th$ #)'#o$e& %N W%TNESS WHEREO7, we hae he'e)nto $et o)' hand$ th$ ____da! of ____, 3_____ n the Ct! of Man"a, Ph"##ne$&

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