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Telephone Etiquettes

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Basic Telephone Skills

Welcome The Grand Opening

WHY ????
‡ A friendly welcome sets the stage for a positive exchange of information ‡ When callers receive a friendly greeting, they are inclined to talk more openly.

What it does for your Customers
‡ This is emphatically reassuring and puts the customer at ease ‡ Tells him/her that you care ‡ It shows that you¶re friendly ‡ It demonstrates to the customer that you are focusing on them

Be Prepared
‡ Have a pen and paper handy all the time. ‡ Prepare yourself mentally to handle the customer

Make Up your Mind
‡ Decide to be a better listener . ‡ Remember - hearing is only physical , listening is intellectual.

Opening Up and Closing In
‡ Use open - ended questions to ³ open - up ³ a conversions. ‡ Use close - ended questions to close in one area and pin down specific facts or details.

And another good technique is _ _ _
‡ Remember - a series of abrupt or disjointed questions can make callers uncomfortable . ‡ Use the ³And «..´ technique to gather information without making callers feel they¶re being interrogated .

Hungry for Answers ? Dig in !
‡ Use probing questions when you want to dig a little deeper to identify the callers need . ‡ Remember - If one doesn¶t work , Use another .

Know How to ask someone to wait
‡ Ask the customer if he or She is ³able´ to wait. ‡ Give people a choice of whether ready or not to wait. ‡ Some people will not be able to wait ,so handle their needs immediately

Lead , don¶t Push
‡ When callers are unable to decided ,use leading questions to direct them to a decision ‡ Remember- the objective is to lead, not to push

Take Accurate Messages
‡ Take messages word for word ‡ When Time permits offer to read the messages back to the customer (Para-phrase) ‡ Write date and time on every message/request

Avoid Mouth Noises
‡ Noises while talking are offensive to others. ‡ Avoid eating , drinking etc. when handling a customer.

Give the caller your Undivided Attention
‡ Don¶t do other things while handling the customer. ‡ Don¶t ignore the customer. ‡ Always give the customer your undivided attention

Be Sincere
‡ When you say something mean it. Don¶t pass fake information. ‡ Handle customer as if your job depends on it, it usually does. ‡ You have an obligation to make a good impression for the company. ‡ Be sincere and show conviction.

Give Feedback
‡ You need to show the customer you are paying attention by using spoken feedback signals. ‡ Some good spoken feedback phrases are :Okay, Yes, I understand, Fine and we will do that.

Leave a good last Impression
‡ Remember the last impression is just as important as the first impression. ‡ Use positive phrases in closing a conversation such as ³Thanks for the visit & ³have a nice day/evening´ etc.

Its Fun to be Good !

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