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Texas Psychologists Continuing Education Requirements

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Texas-licensed psychologists have an annual license renewal with a birth month deadline.



Texas Psychologists Continuing Education Requirements

Texas-licensed psychologists have an annual license renewal with a birth month deadline.

Twenty (20) continuing education hours are required for license renewal.

There are no limits on home study if APA approved.

Continuing education hours must directly relate to the practice of psychology.

Three (3) hours of ethics, board rules of conduct, or professional responsibility are required at each

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Professional Development Resources is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to
sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Professional Development Resources maintains
responsibility for all programs and content.

Psychologists Continuing Education Courses:

Helping Your Young Client Persevere in the Face of Learning Differences is a 3-hour online video CE
course. Clinicians and teachers working with students struggling at grade level are committed to raising
their students’ achievement potential by creating opportunities to learn. In order to accomplish this,
they need to learn new techniques that can help encourage discouraged students – particularly those
who have different ways of learning – by supporting and motivating them without enabling self-
defeating habits. This course will provide new strategies and techniques for helping students minimize
the patterns of “learned helplessness” they have adopted, appreciate and maximize their strengths,
develop a growth mindset, value effort and persistence over success, view mistakes as opportunities to
learn, and develop a love of learning that will help them take personal responsibility for their school
work. Course #30-75 | 2014 | 21 posttest questions

Caregiver Help Part I: Coping with Anger and Guilt is a 2-hour online video course. The emotional stress
of caring for persons who are aging, chronically ill or disabled can be debilitating for family members as
well as professional caregivers. This course addresses caregiver anger and guilt, and provides a three-
step process that helps caregivers develop an attitude of what is described as “creative indifference”
toward the people, situations and events that cause them the greatest amount of emotional stress. By
gaining insights into how degenerative and progressive diseases affect the life of the caregiver, the
mental health professional will be in a better position to empathize with the caregiver’s situation and
provide strategies that will help them manage the stress of caring for someone whose situation will
never improve. The significance of honoring and supporting caregivers’ feelings and helping them
understand the importance of self-care can not only improve their physical and emotional well-being,
but can also have a huge impact on the quality of care they are able to provide to their care receiver.
This course includes downloadable worksheets that you can use (on a limited basis) in your clinical
practice. Course #20-84 | 2014 | 15 posttest questions

Beyond Calories & Exercise: Eliminating Self-Defeating Behaviors is a 5-hour online course. This course
is a self-instructional module that “walks” readers through the process of replacing their self-defeating
weight issues with healthy, positive, and productive life-style behaviors. It moves beyond the “burn
more calories than you consume” concept to encompass the emotional aspects of eating and of gaining
and losing weight. Through 16 included exercises, you will learn how to identify your self-defeating
behaviors (SDBs), analyze and understand them, and then replace them with life-giving actions that lead
to permanent behavioral change. Course #50-10 | 2013 | 49 pages | 35 posttest questions

Information gathered from the Texas Board of Examiners of Psychologists on July 25, 2014.
Original: Texas Psychologists Continuing Education

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