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Everyone shivers around the keg as they wait to pour their cups. reveals a blunt from his jacket pocket. PAT Anyone wanna smoke a blunt out here? CHRIS Yes! (playfully punches PAT) Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


PAT Settle down CHRIS. SEAN They say marijuana’s a gateway drug… (disappointed) It’s never gatewayed me to nothing. Everyone laughs. dissociative.

CHRIS taps PAT on the shoulder, jittery and

CHRIS Hey PAT– PAT (lights blunt, passes blunt) Yeah? CHRIS So what drugs've you done? PAT Hmmmm… It’s better to just ask me which ones and I’ll tell you if I’ve done ‘em or not. CHRIS (thinks) Mushrooms? PAT Yes. CHRIS Acid? PAT Yes. CHRIS Coke?


PAT Yes. I’ve snorted enough coke to stop an elephant marching through the Pyrenees during the Punic Wars. TRON laughs hysterically.

TRACEY punches his shoulder.

CHRIS Meth? PAT Yes. CHRIS Heroin? PAT Yes. CHRIS (disbelief) Heroin? PAT You asked me that already. again. Yes.

But I’ll answer

CHRIS You shot heroin? PAT No. I snorted it. You should be more specific with your questions… Wait. I smoked it too. SEAN Fuck PAT. You’re hardcore.

How was it?

PAT S’alright. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. BETH What did you feel?


PAT Relaxed, with some really lucid dreaming.

BETH Do you remember any of the dreams?


PAT Maybe I should try it again.


TRACEY (matronly) You’re done with it.

PAT (taps shoulder blade) I’m getting better dreams with this thing anyways. SEAN What’s that? TRACEY Oh haven’t you guys heard? PAT’s quitting smoking with the help of the patch. BETH So what’s the dreams like on the patch? PAT Really vivid and surrealistic. You remember everything so well, the details make you feel like the dreams are totally real. CHRIS (less lucid, more imposing) I wanna ask more questions about drugs. PAT Ok. CHRIS Crack. PAT Yes. CHRIS Freebasing? PAT They’re kinda the same thing. CHRIS Okay. I don’t know even what freebasing is. just wanted to ask.


PAT They both involve smoking cocaine. TRON I prefer the term "smoke cocaine." It has a nice ring to it. Can we just call it “smoke cocaine”? PAT Sure. CHRIS So what’s it like?

PAT (cont’d) But the wise realize that they’re just grasping at an aspect of God and not the totality… God’s the elephant, not the trunk or tail or whatever. But the really, really wise realize something else… BETH What’s that? PAT There is no elephant. More confounded silence. PAT (cont’d) And that’s why I think whether or not I do drugs or whatever has no bearing on understanding God. God is beyond all categories of thought. And to say you can or can’t understand God with or without drugs is just another category of thought. Once you get beyond these categories… can you really begin to try to understand God. Even more silence.

BETH is now uneasy.

BETH Well… this has been “fun”… and a little too heavy for New Year’s… and now I’m getting cold. And I’d like to go back inside. PAT Let’s all go inside.

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