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That Morning is Was a Shinning Day Greeted at Pontianak City

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That morning is was a shinning day greeted at Pontianak city, exposed to the heat of the morning sun hit our beloved campus. It was the day the announcement of acceptance tests MABA. Looks a lot of  students who meet the announcement wall to see if they pass the test or not. There is a middle-aged woman is running "watching from afar prospective" students fight each other to see the announcement. She is Mrs. Ike, chairman of the campus provost. But no one was prospective students who know who exactly she is. Bu Ike's gaze stopped on a young man with a very simple style. The young man had just seen the announcement, at first happy face happy, but then emerg ed from the sad look on his face. Bu Ike watched from a distance, when the young man passed in front of Mrs. Ike, the young m an accidentally dropped his wallet. Bu Ike wanted to return the wallet, but the young man w as gone somewhere. Bu Ike was reading his identity card. Written the name "Raja Arifin". Bu Ike also keeps the purse in her bag and went around campus. This time Mrs. Ike accidentally heard someone crying in the park behind the campus. Bu Ike was peering who actually crying. It turns out a girl was crying bitterly. In tears she praye d. Nina: God, Nina passed the test. Thank god you have provided at Nina. But why did you give Nina difficulty in the same time. Nina must be how God, Nina had to take care of mothers who can not control his emotions. Every Day mom is always rampage and sang " by himself. Nina can be crazy god if  this continues. Nina can not learn to calm down like this. God help Nina god.

Gadis yang ternyata bernama Nina itu terus menangis tersedu”, Bu ike hanya bisa terdiam mendengarnya. Tak berapa lama gadis itu mengha pus air matanya matanya dan dan tiba” pergi pergi membuat membuat Bu Ike Ike harus bersembunyi bersembunyi agar tidak ketahuan menguping. Bu Ike memandang kepergian Nina dalam persembunyiannya dengan tatapan prihatin. Setelah Nina benar” pergi Bu Ike pun melanjutkan jalan” paginya menyusuri kampus . Kali ini Bu Ike berjalan di sebuah lorong sepi yang Bu Ike kira tidak ada mahasiswa disana, ternyata tanpa sadar dia mendengar seseorang sibuk minta maaf pada ayah nya lewat handphone. (suara berasal dari hp) Father: you are a stupid daughter!! You one "of his parents' expectations, but why do you test the value of o f the lowest of all who take the test!! Embarrassing!! Fortunately, you still pass. So what you to be like haaa?? Dela: I’m sorry dad, dad, Dela promise if della already lectures definitely della will raise a high score. Father: bullshit, how many times you talk like that. Dance you that all you proud. Dancing every day, even forget to eat, prayer, learning. You was my only daughter, papa want you're smart, so successful

people. Back when you was a kid you ar e smart, always a champion. But after a dance whose name is familiar, you become changed. Papa was disappointed with you Dela (pergi meninggalkan Dela)

Dela hanya bisa berdiri terdiam dengan tatapan kecewa. Dia pun pergi dengan langkah gontai menyusul ayahnya. Bu Ike yang menyaksikan pertengkaran ayah dan anak tersebut menjadi sangat prihatin. Namun dia tidak bisa berbuat apa” sekarang. Bu ike pun melanjutkan jalan” paginya. Kali ini Bu Ike melihat seorang gadis sedang duduk di taman sendirian. Dia melihat gadis tersebut menelpon , tapi sepertinya tidak ada jawaban dari telponnya. Fila: pa, why the cell phone is off? Fila want to say to papa if F ila pass into a good college. if papa hear this message, call back. (mematikan telpon lalu menelpon kembali dan kali ini di angkat)

(berbicara di telpon) Fila: Hello mom, mom Fila accepted in college favorite (happy face) The voice on the phone: oh good lah. Fila: why mom your voice is like that, not happy huh? The voice on the phone: Fila, mom was busy if not there are significant mom will closed the phone. Tut tut tut Fila: hm, mom (muka sedih) hmm the same of mom and dad do not ever care about me, I hate them.

(Dengan muka marah, sedih, kesal, dia pergi meninggalkan taman) Masih termenung melihat kejadian barusan, ibu Ike dikagetkan dengan seseorang yang tak sengaja menabraknya. Orang itu ternyata juga mahasiswa. Nampaknya ia pendiam, tanpa ekspresi, dan sibuk  mendengarkan lagu serta banyak membawa komik. Dia adalah... Robin: (tanpa memandang memandang Ibu Ike) ups.. sorry (berlari menjauhi ibu ike) Ibu Ike: hei,, you! wait! Bu Ike tetap memperhatikan dengan wajah yang prihatin. Pagi itu Bu Ike mengalami perjalanan keliling kampus yang sangat berharga. Usai sudah perjalanan paginya, dia sepertinya memikirkan sesuatu.


Dosen” sudah menunggu di ruang rapat, Bu Ike datang tak lama kemudian dan membuka rapat. Mrs. Ike: good morning to all representatives of the council "esteemed professors. Thanks everybody has to take the t ime and are willing to attend. I hold a faculty m eeting this sudden because there is

something I want to talk about, of course, about education in our beloved campus. I went straight to the topic, I've decided to create a special class. Semua dosen: What??? Mrs. Ike: yes, this particular class is not m ade for a child genius or outstanding. But this special c lass to help person who have difficulties and have problems that can interfere with their college processes. Lecturer 1: but, what the you think is carefully? Mrs.Ike, this special class will certainly cause a lot of  problems. Moreover, his own you who told me t hat the class will be inhabited by troubled children. Mrs. Ike: I've thought of everything. I know there will be the pros & cons of this particular class. But my decision was unanimous. Lecture 2: But mom, this class definitely will only wasting our time. After all, why should we make the class special. If you want to help them, it is enough if we give them t hem additional assignments to make them more intelligent. Mrs. Ike: This is not a problem to make them smart or not. The problem is, a lot of kids' lives were not lucky but they have a strong desire to be successful. Where as we know, many of our students who deliberately skipped college with a lazy excuse. Lecturer 3: are you had chosen person who would go into a special class? Mrs. Ike: there are already 4 person. The first name is Raja. I've been finding out about him. He's from a family that is less fortunate, he had to find money to make ends meet. He c an not afford the entrance fee, so he decided not to lecture. Pity he, at the time he wanted to achieve his dream, but the money stopped his college Lecturer 3: and who is the second? Mrs. Ike: The second name is Nina. He is a very smart girl. He is the highest grade at the time of the test. His father is dead,she is keeping his mother. I hear him praying, he asked God to help her mother in facing stress. I am very sorry to hear that, at the time he wanted to study in earnest, she was given God a stressful ordeal with his mother..

SEMUANYA TERDIAM, BU IKE MELANJUTKAN PEMBICARAANNYA Mrs. Ike: The third name is Dela. He is a gifted child in dance and in fact he is a smart kid, but it makes it a lazy learning dancer. she needs mo re motivation than us to the spirit of le arning again. she was the daughter of his father's expectations. If I we re in his position, I would also be sad to see my daughter and embarrassing family of low value. Mrs. Ike : The fourth is Fila, she's different from all of them, if you look at it from the outside, she is a strong girl, mischievous, stubborn, argumentative. But in it, she's very fragile. His Father and mother

divorced. sHe's less affectionate family. This kid if we educate t he girl properly will surely be successful because she is basically a good kid and smart. Lecturer 1: hmm, but I still do not agree. Who will be responsible to the special class if the class is making a big deal ?. Lecture 2: true, if the problem occurs, it will definitely make our campus a reputation declined and Mrs. Ike considered ugly by society. Lecturer 3: I agree, what they say is true, we do not know the child's right "we will obey or not if we teach them because they are the children" is problematic. PAK EE YANG DARI TADI DIAM KINI MEMBUKA SUARA Pak ee: I do not agree with your opinions. That person is needs our help to reach their dreams. Indeed their troubled child, but we as a staff have to help their students, have to motivate them. This is our moment to turn them into bette r child and success, rather than avoid them and ignore them. (Berpaling ke Mrs. Ike) I will help Mrs. Ike to teach them. Mrs. Ike: (tersenyum) Thank you sir for your understanding. Lecturer 1: sorry ma'am, but I still do not agree, if a problem occurs later, do not hooking my name. excuse me. DOSEN2 & DOSEN3 melihat Lecture 2: sorry ma'am, I am the same, I do not agree. I’ll go Lecturer 3: I also do not agree, I will go too.

KINI TINGGAL BU IKE & PAK EE YANG MASIH DUDUK  Mr Ee: bu .. Mrs. Ike: it's okay. That's right they want to agree or not. But definitely my de termination was made. I have, to help that person. Mr. Ee would you help me? Mr Ee: (smiles) yes ma'am, I would help them. I am ve ry concerned about the person whose Mrs. Ike mentioned earlier. Mrs. Ike: Mr. Ee, I gave you a mandate. Please you teach special classes. You does not need to teach regular classes. This special assignment from me to you. How, you willing? Mr Ee: hmm thanks Mrs. Ike the mandate t hat you provide. I will be responsible for the special class and I will educate them properly. I'm sure if they were in the students properly, they will be a great kid could even beat the children regularly. Mrs. Ike: thank you sir are willing to ac cept this mandate. I believe to you.



Pagi itu cuaca cerah di kampus. Terlihat mahasiswa” dengan riangnya bercanda ria di halaman kampus. Tiba” kehebohan terjadi. Dua orang gadis cantik berjalan berlenggak lenggok dengan gaya mereka yang bak artis menarik semua perhatian mahasiswa di kampus. Karena berjalan dengan pongah, salah satu dari mereka menabrak seorang mahasiswa yang sedang membawa  buku ternyata mahasiswa itu adalah Raja Gisel: HeY, use your eyes while walking!! w alking!! Raja: loh, but it you are crashing me!! Gisel: u want a fight? heh, do you know who I am? I was Anjani Gisela G AVIN, only daughter of the mayor of this city. So you have to respect the same you respect to my dad. You understand? Raja: (tidak menjawab dan berniat membereskan bukunya yang jatuh) Angel: Gisel, hey do you hear that?!! (memanas-manasi gisel) Gisel: uh you, you, listen to me while I’m talking !! Raja: I do not have time to hear you. Gisel: heh, you are really arrogant!!! In clay from the look anyway, I think you’re come from the poor family huh? Haha, how could ya, the poor kid who college at favorite campus and expensive like this!! Angel: where do you robbing kid?. hahaha Raja: (marah, kemudian bersabar dan meneruskan berjalan) Gisel: hey, where you going? idiot beggars.

GISEL & ANGEL PUN MELANJUTKAN JALAN MEREKA DENGAN LENGGAK  LENGGOK, KALI INI DIA MENGULANGI NYA LAGI, DIA MENABRAK MAHASISWA LAIN, KALI INI YANG DIA TABRAK TERNYATA ADALAH FILA. Gisel: if you are on walking don’t put your eyes o n to your head stupid!! stupid! ! Fila: what? That you are crashing me first!! Gisel: don’t start a fight ! do you know who I am? I am the son of mayor in this city! You must be respectful at me! Fila: (memandang dengan sepele lalu pergi)

Gisel: (merasa di cuekin 2 kali, kali ini Gisel pun marah) hey stop !!(sambil melempar sepatunya)

Fila: (berhenti karena sepatu Gisel mengenai badannya. Fila pun menoleh, tapi bukannya meladen Gisel, Fila memungut sepatu Gisel dan m embuangnya jauh”, tersenyum licik pada Gisel lalu pergi) Gisel: my expensive shoooeeeess.. eh stop .. my shoes !!, Angel help to find it!!, Angel An gel..!! Fila: (tertawa puas) DI TAMAN ANGEL DUDUK MENENANGKAN GISEL YANG SEDANG MARAH: KARENA DI PERMALUKAN OLEH FILA Gisel: she is a really cheeky girl. Did she know who I am?. am? . Fortunately I got my expensive shoes, it will embrasing if it loss (ngelus "sepatu) Angel: yes that was true,,! which is important now you've met the shoes. Then if we see him again, we will bullying her!! Gisel: right, I agree Angel: Gis uh, you know the gossip? Gisel: Gossip? what Gossip? Angel: actually just not gossip, even real already exists. Gisel: it real? Curious wrote. Angel: the class, right on our campus this year is different. This year there will be a special class. Cook the hell did not you know? Gisel: WHAAAATTT?? WHY DID U NOT TELLING ME LATTER?? Angel: Gis, do not lebay. Just what is wrong with you why are you really excited? Gisel: of course ngel, if we could go in a special class, certainly our popularity as a campus can increasingly popular interest. We could be famous and all the students here at our reverence. Angel: (ketawak) hahahah, if I still do not want to go in a special class. Gisel: loh .. why? Angel: a special class that it is not for a clever, genius, rich or so famous person. Contents that  person who is problematic. She's supposed to have 4 people. There are one girl of the poor, there are from a broken home, then there are mothers who got mad, then there is also the laziest. Complete deh. The class was so fitting class trash. hahah a Gisel: oh so, hahaha, hmm Thank God I did not go in the special class. hahah Angel: yee, earlier wrote really want to go in a special class.

Gisel: stop it, we need not be discussed. Hmm I so want to look in "special class that looks" like how it. Angel: hahah, because I'm me, if I'm still really lazy. Definitely makes me vomit. Hahahah, stop it, let’s back to our class. We're already late. Gisel: okhay MEREKA MENINGGALKAN TAMAN.

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