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The Early Middle Ages: A Tennessee Honors World History Presentation

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The Early Middle Ages

The Fall of Rome

Western Europe in Decline •

When Rome collapses, things fall apart in Western Europe A dark age?  –



Why not?

Germanic Kingdoms •

“Barbarians” begin to create dominant kingdoms Clovis, king of the Franks  –

Preserves Roman customs

Charles “The Hammer” Martel vs. Muslim Army

Charlemagne •

46-year reign

New Roman Emperor?  –

Not quite

Unifying Christian Europe

Revival of Latin Learning

Empire falls apart after death

Invaders •

Magyar  –

Hungarian, Eastern Europe

Vikings  –

Let’s talk about Vikings

Feudalism •

Remember this?

Mutual obligation  –

Feudal contract

Highly structured

The Knight Path

Chivalry and Women •

Women tend to run the manor in absence of men

Inheritance restricted

Chivalry  –

More romance and reality

The Manor Economy •

Mutual obligation between lord and peasants


Life is tough for peasants

The Church •

Parish priest – main point of contact

Church is social focal point

Building cathedrals

Reduced role of women

Monastic Life

The Church, cont’d •

Pope is spiritual leader of Western Europe

Papal supremacy

Religious and political power  –

Reform movements  –


Friars and reformers

Persecution against Jews

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