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The Ship of Light

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A end times faith story



By Michael Vogt Byron MN , USA A Short end times story Written from Oct 2009 to Jan 2010

Part 1: Conversations It was a fine day in heaven. The apostle Peter was having dinner at Jabin Derts place. Peter had waited about 500 years for this. While you could ask Jesus about anyone and instantly know their story. A lot of the citizens of heaven wanted to hear his story firsthand. This also kept Peter from finding the time to see Jabin . After the fine meal. Peter said. "Jabin so how did you end up becoming such a sailing legend? ". Jabin said "Wow Peter coming form you that says a lot! Well peter one never knows what God will call them to do." Peter Said" Yep I know how that goes ". Then they both chuckled. Jabin said " this may take awhile to tell . If you need anything let me know. " . Jabin knew how long it took to tell his story. He was always mindful of the time . He made sure to break for food and drink as needed. Jabin said "Blessing be to God the father the Son Jesus Christ and the spirit. I am thankful for the opportunity he gave me to be the part of his grand plans. " So He began To the tell his Story . "The Ship Of Light"

Part 2: The Time It was the year 2041 .By this time the great revival mentioned in the scriptures. Had come to pass in the years 2032 – 2039 . The Governments of The world had a Shaky Peace Worked Out. There was movement for a one world Government in 2033. It didn't go far that year but in late 2040 it was gaining new support. The computer age had blossomed . Just about anything had a computer that could run it. In 2025 Bill Gates III had become president of the united states.He used his new power to make his windows software the only legal operating system. Many Christian organizations scrambled for a copy of Linux before he could outlaw it. As his power grew in office. His actions got people thinking. many started searching for God. In 2029 a more reasonable president was elected. The general population of the world. Were computer dependent. Most families had to schedule bike rides and walks to keep fit. Robots did everything form yard work to building projects. A lot of the American Sports had become worldwide. The leagues were all headquartered in Iraq. Iraq had become a popular place to settle for the rich. Most of the modern cars used solar energy and e95 a pure synthetic fuel from corn and soybeans. The other ones used a an electric format . That Chevrolet pioneered in 2010 . Boat used the synthetic fuel and a bio-diesel. These things helped keep the planet cleaner. Life looked pretty good to most pf the population.

The great revival started in 2032 . It started in Africa. The celebration church of mabvuku gets the credit. It swept across Africa by the year 2035. By 2037 most of Europe was filling every Christian church to overflowing. In late 2037 America started to chime in. During the last two years of the revival Hollywood felt very threatened and moved their operation to Iraq. It started to remind the cynics of the 1920's. They screamed prohibition louder and louder. In parts of china the falling away began like a tidal wave. By 2040 china that region had gone from one of the most Christian nations . To a nation who didn't kill Christians. They just took all their possessions and through them out of the country. this made for an influx of Chinese refugees in Africa. America being the last country with a big revival . It took till early 2041 for the Americans to start to see the number of those turning away form the faith grow. New laws had been passed in every country. They mandated that any vehicle be tracked by gps. this included every ship on the seas. The only loop hole was that once in international waters . Any craft under 15 meters. They didn't have to leave it on. Many did anyway. So the governments of the world knew just about where any one was at any time.

Part 3: Preparations I met my wife while attended my home church in Corpus Christi. The New Hope it was called. I had moved from Seattle. I was a car buff and I had an old 2005 Ford Mustang GT. In Seattle they passed a emissions law. which meant i had to sell my car or move. I choose to move. the car was a gift from my grandfather. The summer before my wife and I got married. She went on a mission trip to Florida Uruguay . The strange thing about this mission trip was. That Mark Streed always went by sailing ships. In 2039 he lost one at sea . It was basically the cargo one he said. My wife and the other 5 that went. They spent 2 months of basic sailing training every weekend . Until the trip left in early June. Mark made sure that if the electronics failed. That you could sail to any port and get the ships fixed. He and Jim Estley always went. So for the trip i was to go on in the summer of 2041 . I spent the eight weeks training with a new set folks going with us. Part 4: The Crews The two crews was a total of 10 . The crew of The True Present. Mark Streed: He was very successful business man. He was one with the sailboat in a way that only God could have gifted him. He was part Drill Sargent and part cheerleader. He had a very tender heart but the guff drill Sargent in him made it hard to see unless you really knew him. In 2023 he gave over his business to his sons. he wanted to spend more time trying to spread the good news. He made his first trip to the Montevideo mountains in Uruguay in 2026. He had a crew of 4 on that trip . Including pastor Nahum King. Ruth Streed: She was a Home maker before the robot age. She and some friends formed a ladies indoor soccer league. So that they could stay in shape. She was very good with small children in our home

church. She had sailed with Mark on vacation. This was her first time on the mission trip. She had to do the training just like the rest of us. She was a good sport. Jabin Dert:I was a auto mechanic at the local ford dealership. The robots did a lot for us . However consumers seemed to feel a human touch was needed to fix their cars. I did rather enjoy that quite a bit. I was only 22 when I was newly married to Lois Drisbane. We met working with the teens of our church. Story book romance it was . A wonderful marriage too . Lois Dert: My wife . She was a local . She told me stories of hurricanes. She was a school teacher at Brenda D. Flacco elementary. Her kids lover her . She loved the kids in Uruguay. she had pictures of them in her class room. she was also young at 21 when we got married. Pat Freeny: He was policeman by day. A big kid at night in church. The Young kids pastor and pat did a lot for the kids of New Hope Church. He lost his wife in 2038. Ever since he carried his police issue weapon with him everywhere . Mark had to assure him several times he would not need it on the trip. pat said he signed up to find a greater peace with God on the trip. plus his love for kids was also a reason he came.

Bobby Newport: The fisherman of the trip. He was uncanny in his ability to catch fish anywhere. Mark said it was great to have him along. it was always nice to have fresh fish . Every trip bobby had a new fishing buddy to share scriptures with. He made quite the impact out at sea. He said he tried to remember a lot of scriptures .he feared one day all he would possess was the memorizes . he said he could sense a time when it would be unlawful to have a bible. he said that almost happened in 2025.

Amy Gweeny: She owned a local computer store . She was a electronic guru. She could fix anything that had wires in it. this was her first mission trip. She had saved every version of linux during Bill Gates III campaign . She said she knew it was a good idea. She had backed up all Marks ship software to a linux version. Mark always switched over once he got in international waters. She lost her husband in 2038. He was a news reporter. He went to New Orleans that year to report on a coming hurricane. Hurricane Dan was a category 7 . They thought it was only a category 4 . The city sank thousands died that year.

The Crew of The Last Star Jim Estley: He was a fishing boat captain and until 2036 was a sea almost everyday. He knew the area well . he had been sailing with mark ever since 2037. Since then it has always been two ships. Jim lost his wife that year.His son Issac was 15 at the time .Then he bought the ship from mark in 2033 for using in the summer for fun. he had no idea the life of adventure he would later spend with Mark. He enjoyed it quite a bit . Issac Estley: Jim's son It was his first time on the trip as well. he had spent some time on the last star with his dad. he was looking forward to getting away form it all having just finished high school. He had always wanted to go out with his dad on the fishing boat but there was never a good time. Gary Fizrketer: The former drugs merchant. Gary was often misunderstood. He was a no nonsense type of person . he was often blunt with his answers . he did care about a lot of things. people looked at his past not his present state .that caused him to be a bit guarded with those whom didn't know him. He claimed to know every hidden cove between Corpus Christi and Japan . He prayed often and those who knew him well. said he could have probably kept up with James from the bible in prayers offered. he had been on every mission trip since. 2032. Mark shared the gospel with him in 2028. On one of the mission trips .he often tells mark because he didn't judge him back then. he saw the true love of God. The week before we left . We spent hour praying together as a group. We had our families over on the Saturday of June 1st to say our goodbyes. We were leaving after church on Sunday the 2nd.

Part 5: Departure Sunday June 2nd. We all got up on stage at new hope church. Pastor Nahum King and the congregation prayed over us at both services. I can say we all just felt a peace that passes all understanding. The message was based on Matthew 28:18-20 . It was titled What part of go don't you get. When the service closed the group said good bye to well wishers and family. They were expecting us back in six weeks We had everything at the pier in morning. So all we had to do was have friends drive us to the pier. We got there about 2:30 pm. Jim and mark had prayed together Saturday morning. Both men felt the Holy spirit telling them this would be their last trip. The two of them felt that they would commission others to go and they would retire. At the pier Mark and Jim spoke to the other eight members of the mission trip. Mark said.” we have two way radios so we can talk to Jim at any time. When we scuba dive our boats will be anchored together. In the event some thing strange happens both Jim and myself have included specific instructions what to do next. The are in the kitchen cabinets . There is one for a mayday and one for a rapture . I'll now turn this over to Jim” .

Jim said “ Lets all be safe while we will have a good time on this trip . We need to be careful once we head towards South America . We are in international waters . We need to be sure we look like this a pleasure cruise. The great falling away is already gaining momentum. Let us bow our heads. Dear lord bless us on this journey for your kingdom. May we be the lights that shine your gospel were ever we go. in Jesus name amen. Alright lets get going the sun won't last all day. “. So Jim and Issac got on The Last Star and were making ready to sail . Mark and His crew got on The True Present. Both Ships Left The Pier At 3pm Part 6: Under Way Once we cleared the harbor. We made our way through the Corpus Christi bay. it took a couple more hours with engine power to get to the Port Aransas Outlet. Once there We skirted the south padre island state park. We sailed down a few miles past Baffin bay Texas. We got there about 8pm . We anchored by south padre island state park on the ocean side. We Got the boats Close enough to have Gary go aboard The last star. He was going to help make sure that in a couple of hours. We could start sailing non stop. Gary and the crew of The last star knew what we were doing next . Mark only called the crew of the true present together. While the other three ship made preparations and had their evening meal. We all knew about the two manuals for rapture and also for the mayday. Mark Spoke. "We are going to be going into non stop sailing mode after our evening meal. There is a schedule in the dining area. We will hit a few port cites along our way. I prayed for this group quite a bit. God is calling one of you to take this over soon. The reason that speaking fluent Spanish as you second language was a requirement is. When we pull in to these port cites. I do not want anyone speaking English once we dock. " Bobby spoke up and said " I guess this means i gotta teach them all to fish?" Mark laughed and said "If that's God's plan Bobby then he will direct those that need to learn. Now on a more serious note. I expect you all to keep a journal. The reason being when it comes to emailing our new hope church . it will be good to have something to draw on. I don't like the way today's computers identify your location and you personal information. So I'll let Amy take over from here." Part 7: Protecting Our Mission Amy spoke up and said "Well Mark has good reason to be a bit worried. What we do is have you write a nice note to friends and family. New Hope never emails these again. they are handed directly to your families or friends back home. What I do is convert all your letters in to picture files. Now basically I make them look like failed picture files. We send some nice tropical pictures from the last few trips. So once the church gets them. they convert them back to documents . Then print them out for your family. We also use a Linux laptop to send them because the location sent is then untraceable. I know where the hot spots are where i can make this happen. if i sue the laptop for more than 15 minutes . the local authorities will know a Linux laptop still exists and will take it form me and lock me up. I also quickly down load local weather and out projected trip conditions. Since i own a computer store. I can tell you the united organization for peace. They want more and more of this information to be tracked. They say its to protect us. I feel as Jim does . this is just another way it will be hard on the believers who are left to witness . Now Ill let bobby speak."

Bobby said "I would heed the advice. If any one wants to fish with me remember it has to be the few times we are anchored. stay together when are in port. God needs all of us for this mission. be sure to get plenty of rest and pray a lot. Could i get everyone in here please. " all the crew came in booby said "Dear Lord protect us as we venture out on your beautiful seas. may all we do bring you glory . Thank you for our crew and the crew of the last star. bless our food and time together in Jesus name amen. " We all were happy he ended in prayer . We were hungry and also thankful for the blessing. We knew the times were tough on believers. all those warnings made a lot of us realize . This was an important mission . Any of us who had thought this would be easy. Those thoughts were dispelled that night. Part 8: On The Move Around 8:45 Jim came over the Ship to Ship Radio. Jim said "True Present Gary has us under way we will talk to you at sunrise. Thanks to Amy all set for same route. let me know when you get under way . " Jim got on the radio and said "We will do Jim get a good nights rest God bless you old friend." Then we were cleaning up the evening meal Mark said " I am going out to pull the anchor and get us under way again . probably wont see the shore for a few days. " I went to relieve Jim . I was the night sailor that day. Most was handled by the computers but we wanted to be safe as possible. Once in the cabin Mark radioed the last star "last star this is mark we are under sails. " Gary replied "Im on deck its a pretty night .is Jabin sailing ? " Mark said " he sure is . i have good feelings about him ." Gary said "Ill talk to you later hope you get a good nights rest" . I didn't hear anything but the sound of the ship cutting through the water. It was a nice night to collect my thoughts. I had only been sailing during the training with mark. I just really enjoyed the whole experience . It was truly a beautiful night on the water. I saw the sun come up on the open ocean. It was awesome. I knew right then as long as mark was sailing. I would want to go on this trip. around 5:30 my wife came out with some coffee and a roll . About 7 am Amy came to relieve me. around 8am Jim came on the radio "Mark looks like we made some good time last night. " mark replied back "yeah it looks like we will get to Bobby's fishing spot in a day or so . " Jim said " Wow he likes to fish as much as you like to sail. Whose on deck right now?" Mark said "Amy is up there most of the day . I take it your son Issac has the day part. " Jim said " Yes he will find its not easy out here ." Mark Said "Talk to you tonight how close are you to the fishing spot? " Jim said ooh about 140 knots . how about you ?" Mark said were about 150 knots We will catch up just be safe. " OK enjoy the day its nice and clear so far." My wife had be sailing for a good 5. hours when I came up on deck to say hello. We could see clouds here and there . mark had told us that storms in the summer could be light to heavy. While it was summer . We all had warm sailing clothes . It was balmy when we were stopped. that first night i sailed i was glad for the clothes. The next day went about the same with other folks doing the night shift. I did some cooking as well. Bobby was recruiting folks to fish with. I was not excluded. He came over the next day while i was washing the dishes and said. "So Jabin are you ready tor fishing? " I said "You know I'll give it a try . A fresh fish dinner might be nice. " So I was the first fishing buddy on the trip for bobby. Mark said "Well Jabin hes got you now .Once you fish with him he will always want to do more." . I said "Well i

am sure he will try to get everyone once" The next morning we saw The Last Star Anchored in the distance. Part :9 The Fishing Spot We got to the fishing spot around 8am. Bobby was getting ready to get the gear . Then Mark said "OK Now we are finally in international waters . Amy please switch the ship over to our linux system. The GPS tracker is now off . We are now free to roam where we wish to go" Amy went about making sure the ship was untraceable for the time being. She also went over to the last star and did the same. Isaac came over to fish with Bobby and my self when Amy came back on board. Everyone except Jim was on the true present. Mark dropped the biggest bombshell .When he said "I am going to make sure to show all of you were all the things we have stored and rotated in the last few years are. There is a third book on both ships this trip. It is the map of every island we have hidden bibles and food for the end times. We lost a ship in 2039 . I never claimed the insurance money. Because at one of our islands the Light of the winds is in a cove anchored and waiting. I saved the ship because she is untraceable. Ruth and I plan to settle on the island which is small but well equipped. We are to be reported lost at sea. One of you will be chosen to carry on the missions . This also Jim's last trip Gary owns the last star as of may . He will be the second ship from now on. My sons in back home already know and we have said goodbye. I don't know if Isaac will continue to come. You all have to decide about coming back out on the seas.A lot of other people could only make one trip. Gary and I are going to plan out the next stop . Bobby you and your bunch see if dinner will be different tonight. " With that Gary and Mark went into the cabin and pulled out a few maps and their record books. We went out and started fishing it was nice to take a break from it all. Isaac said "You know Jabin this has been quite the adventure. Gary was saying how in this area. folks don't pay much attention to us sail boats." Bobby said " I suppose still have to watch out for the cruise ships and stuff out here .It does get a little less congested once we get near Uruguay. Mark has not said anything but sometimes i wonder if he and Gary haven't laid out stuff between here and japan." Isaac Said "My dad said mark has sailed the world on his boats. I would not be shocked. " Just then i got a bite . I was glad to have such a good pole . It took all three of us to reel in this 200 pound fish. Bobby was over Joyed. I was hooked after that. we had enough fish for a few days we made sure to share with the crew of the last star. Pat came as we were putting things away. He said "I was wondering if i should stay at the orphanage, I have no ties in the sparkling city . " Isaac said "wow is anyone going back to corpus? " I said "Well I intend to go back. Pat I would suggest you speak with Mark about this . what about your job? I thought you liked being in the force?" Patrick Said "Before I lost Karen . I did love it. Now it is not the same. I sold my my home. I no longer work for anyone Jabin. " Jabin said "so what were going to do if you didn't go to the orphanage? " Pat said " Well I figured i would just find on of the South American countries to blend and disappear in. You know I spent some time in Nicaragua in 2035 . I was looking into an American who disappeared there. I learned a lot. " By That time Gary had gone back to the last star . Mark was in the cabin Pat went in to talk to him . a few minutes later he spoke to Isaac and me. "Well its official I will be staying behind at the orphanage. I will try my best to protect those kids. Its what i feel i need to do and Mark thinks its a good idea. I feel a peace I don't understand. It is a nice change" Isaac went back to the last star also. Bobby went to take a nap he would be sailing tonight.

Mark said "After lunch we set sail again . we are headed to some islands and coves . Gary has them entered in the linux side of the computers only. " Then he brought out an old leather journal. It showed the place we were anchored with a smile drawing and the word the fishing spot. He passed the book to the crew and we saw the islands numbered and their names. He said it Will take about a day we will hit Island 1 The Portal. it isn't on any map because its too small to notice and hurricanes and other keep it pretty barren. We ate Lunch and set sail about noon.

Part 10: The Portal We were the first to arrive. The Island didn't seem to be much at first . The certainly didn't seem to much there. The Portal as it was called was only about 400 or 500 ft across there were some plants there . You could tell that it would be an unstable place to stay. About an hour after we arrived . The last star showed up. We had used about 20 gallons of fuel just getting out past Port Aransas a couple days earlier . Plus the fuel burned to keep everything else going. Gary had this 150 ft hose he carried on to the island . He had one end in on the last star. I followed mark and him to a spot about ten foot from the water . The hose only had about 5 foot to spare. Gary moved a plant. and there was a 3icnh thick polycarbonate shed that appeared about 4ft high by 4ft wide . It was sunk in the sand about 4 ft . There were four 55 gallon fuel barrels in the shed. along with a set of weapons I had never seen before anywhere. Gary hooked up the hose to one of the barrels and on the last star Isaac was making sure the fuel was pumped in . About 30 minutes later . Isaac put a cap on the end the hose . The hose was carried to the true present . The cap was off and hooked into its fuel tanks. Then they started pumping fuel into the true present Also. I asked mark "Mark I have never seen weapons like those. I thought you said those were not needed?" Mark said "I told pat his police issue wasn't needed. Nobody has anything like these. I used my shop to make them. They fire lasers. " I said "don't you trust God? I am not trying to be judgmental mark. It just seems out of place?" Mark said "You remember Jesus warns his disciples of the coming time in Luke 22 35-36 Then Jesus asked them, "When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?" "Nothing," they answered. He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one." I said "Yes I do how does that relate to this trip ?" Mark said "There is coming a time soon when to complete this mission . The person will need to be able to escape. These weapons I made for defense only. If one of our ships is being chased after the rapture. Those people will stop at nothing to stop you and kill you. So if you disable thier ship with these . You can get away once you have our islands an coves map. There is enough fuel and food for a crew of ten to last the 7 year tribulation and feed others as well. Jabin you are wise beyond your years. " I said "well I hadn't considered how dangerous these end times are becoming " Mark said "Jabin do pray and ask God for wisdom.. You would be a good choice to continue the mission. I will be in the area unless god takes me home first. "

We loaded the weapons on to the last star. I was still uncomfortable about it. I also prayed about weather God wanted me to continue such a vital mission. back on the island Gary capped off the end of the hose . then he closed up the fuel and lock the shed . He did come back with some canned food as well. Mark said "the next island is two days away. " We left around noon. I had night watch it started raining I radioed Jim . I said "Jim do we even stop for this ? " He radioed back "Jabin we will have to see. lets try riding it out for a little bit." It was looking like it would clear up. A hour later I was worried it would get worse. When the stars came out. It was a beautiful night. It was then I knew . I was going to continue to keep marks vision alive. He could pass the torch to me. Part 11 : Romance Hits the High Seas I was relieved by my wife Lois the next morning. Lois said "Hi sweetie. could you please stay here with me for a bit? " I said "sure is something bothering you ?" . She said "No it is not me. Have you noticed how. Gary and Amy seem to be looking at each other lately ?" I said "Well he seems to find a lot of time to be on our ship instead of his. Is she acting the same way ? " She said " Well sort of shes a bit better at hiding it but she does like him you can tell." I said "what do you think we should do? " Lois said "Well i was talking to marks wife Ruth . We have a plan. Today just before sundown Gary is supposed to be coming over . He and mark are planning our stop at the next island . Ruth will have you and I go over to the the last star for a few days . Mark knows about Gary and Amy don't' " I smiled . Then i said "Ooh you matchmakers! " Then i rolled my eyes and laughed. Lois said " don't forget Ruth introduced us you know" I said "well i am off to catch a nap wake if they marry before then" Lois laughed and said goodnight to me. That afternoon Our ships were close enough to see each other. for most of the day. that night when Gary came over mark showed us more of the area we were going to be seeing the next day . Then raised his voice a little bit and said "There is a storm headed toward us but we should be on the island by then. It has a shelter if we need it. I would not be too worried . It isn't a big storm. but a lot of rain so we will have the sails down once we achor near the beach. " Then Ruth nudged mark and then he said " Gary and Amy need to go over some things he need to do on the last star .So Lois and Jabin will join their crew for the next few days till we go a shore ." This brought a smile from booth and a surprised look as well. we went over to the last star and Isaac was ready to go so we took off first. The night was calm but you sense a storm . We sailed till around noon. when the island came in to view. It was not as desolate as the last one . It was only about the size of a foot ball field . So it was big but not a place you'd stay a long time. You could see a shelter of sorts built form tin and wood that looked weather beaten. After the fishing spot. I just trusted that mark had some treasure hid around there. For the first time everyone was able to explore the island. We kept one person on each ship and that rotated. As Night fall came we made a beach campfire .Turns out. on another obscure part of the island . There was fire wood stored . We offloaded more plastic sealed bibles with the end times explanations . All were written in Spanish. While we gathered around the toasty fire. Amy and Gary went off exploring and were later seen holding hands . earlier in the day bobby and I had done some fishing from the shore. My wife joined us and she went along with trying after bobby's constant nagging. Turns out Lois doesn't mind it. She just wasn't hooked on it like I was. We caught a few things to cook on the open fire that was rather fun.

We saw a cruise ship from time to time . Amy and Gary sat by the fire together. We also did smores after they came back form their walk .They were like a couple of teenagers. Their joy was contagious it was a fun evening. We re-boarded the ships as the storm started rolling in .

Part 12 :The Storm Jim had me motor the last star to the other side of the island. Just before the storm arrived . It was quite the down pour. We were glad to be on the ships when that happened. We checked in with mark every hour or so. Water swayed the ship quite a bit . It would have been easy to get sick. My wife and Ruth were on night shift.. While we tried to sleep they used the headsets on the ship to ship radio. Lois called out "True present this the last star we are swaying but stable " Ruth came back " With same here everyone is trying to sleep . Our love birds are inseparable. We might have to perform a high seas wedding" Lois said "already I though they just started dating? " Ruth said "Well mark says they had already been on a few dates they were just trying to keep it quiet at the church. Sometimes people still judge Gary for his past. " Lois said "ooh well i thought we were helping . I am happy and also feel cheated we didn't put them together ." Ruth said "No honey God Put them together. They both are excellent at what they know. Have you noticed Jabin seems very at home out here?" The boat rocked and Ruth hit the floor . She said "Yeow!!" It came over the radio and Lois replied. " You OK Ruth?" Ruth said "Yes just hurt my pride as they say . Now back to Jabin. Do you think he could take this over? " Lois said " I think so but I'll let the Lord push him that way . It has to be Gods will ." Ruth said "Ok Lois ill check back With you around 2am " . So it went till the sun came out around 9:30 am. We checked out the ships and they were fine. We raised the sails and got back under way. Much to my surprise that small shelter had survived another storm. Our campsite form the night before was washed away except for the stones we had sat on. there was a light wind to sail with and it was my day to sail again. I was excited to be cutting the waves with the wind. Those on the true present had composed the first email home. In two days we would dock in a small Mexican city called Celestún

Part 13: A Letter Home. We had a second linux laptop on the ship .Isaac and Jim had composed a letter to send with the bunch. Lois put her letter on the computer while Isaac and Jim had made lunch. I spent the rest of the day sailing . I was excited to write the church. I however could have stayed out here all day . Lois came out with Isaac around 5om to relieve me .So I could eat the evening meal and sail til 8pm when Jim would take over. While I was eating. Jim asked "I wonder who is going to take over for Mark when he retires.?" Lois said "I am not sure Gary seems to be good at this stuff." Jim said "No Gary is a good man but he prefers to be a servant. He knows in his heart it isn't him. He told mark so after The last trip. They have both prayed about this the last two years. Jabin any thoughts before you go back out there?. I said "Well I do know who is going to be leading this expedition after mark retires." They both looked at me with shock . Jim spoke first and said "Mark told you already . I had not heard anything yet? " Lois said "how did you find out? You've been on this ship the last two days." I smiled and said. "Well I know because its me . I haven't told Mark yet but I just don't know. When I will have time to tell him. He will say he knew all along. When I come in tonight I'll mention it in my letter. the church does know this is his last trip?" Jim said "Yes but they don't expect him to be lost at sea. " With that revelation I went back out to command the ship. When Jim relieved me I went an sat down at the computer and started typing:

Dear Pastor King , I would like to thank you for allowing me to go on this trip. I have been very blessed with members of our church . I have become good friends with bobby the incurable fisherman. I am also in the loves to fish club now. I also know everyone back home is praying for us . I thank you very much for the prayers. we survived a storm a couple of days ago. As you know mark has been looking to pass the torch for this missions trip to another person. Please pray for me . I know God has called me to do that. please also pray for pat he is going to stay in Uruguay . blessings to you all Jabin I saved the letter so Amy could add it to one she would send out when we docked in Celestún I went to sleep happy the decision was out in the open.

Part 14: Celestún We saw the beautiful Yucatan coast come in to view around noon. Mark had already let us know by that we would only be there to fuel up and send emails. We all knew we weren't going to stay the night. When we docked a couple of hours later. Gary and Mark stayed Behind. They took care of anything the ships needed. The rest of us went to the hotel and looked at some of the local shops. Every half a block some one asked us if we wanted to go on a tour to see the infamous flamingos. Amy made sure she could connect to the network in the hotel lobby. The she logged off in 5 seconds. We toured the small village. I bought a few things, the ladies truly loved the shopping part. We ate at a small Cantina. The whole group except Gary and Amy. Gary had joined us when Patrick went and relieved him on the boat. Ruth got something to go for Mark he had seen the village a number of times the locals knew him well. It only had the one resort .It had a couple other small hotels . I looked like a great little get away. I was thinking maybe someday Lois and i could spend a week or two in different ports along the coast. We left the Cantina and headed to the ships while Amy and Gary went to send the emails. About 30 minutes later Gary and Amy cam back safe. Amy said "That was a close one. I got on their network and sent the emails. It was close. I had turned the Linux laptop off . About that time it was detected an nonwindows computer had been on the network. " Gary said "I had the windows PC in hand Amy's was hidden at that point. They checked mine made sure it was OK and went to check others . That's when we quietly left. " Amy said "We may have to not email the rest of the trip that was close. " Mark said "We will have to see , if its that dangerous you could be right" Gary went back to the last star . We left the port at 5pm and headed back out the open sea. I planned to tell mark. about how I knew I was lead to carry on his mission.

Part 15 :The Way Point We had made it about 30 minutes out on the water. when mark said." In a few hours we will have to stop at the way point. It will be too dark to see all the cruise ships going back an forth through Cancun. We will see lots of them in the next week as we head towards Brazil. " I said "Is this another island with stuff? Or just a good anchor point like the fishing spot?" Mark said " Jabin its an island. We don't keep anything there as tourists often visit the island during the day . " I said " Thanks mark. I have not had the time the last couple of days . I wanted to tell you . I know God wants me to continue your mission. " Mark said "Jabin I had a feeling but I wasn't sure. Glad to hear it. You will need to stick close to Gary and myself on the rest of the trip. " I said "thats fine mark been planning on it." The rest of the crew seemed a bit surprise My Wife Lois just smiled. Ruth and her shared a knowing look. A few hours later as the sun was setting. We anchored at the way point. Our two sailing ships were dwarfed by the huge floating cites. The lights from the cruise ships made it seem like twilight. Mark , Gary and myself Scouted the way point for other people. We didn't find any one .So we set up to have another beach dinner. after dinner the crew prayed for me . It seemed a few of the crew were relieved God didn't choose them. I could never figure out. Why being called to do God's work was so scary. We cleaned up and got back on the ships to sleep around 10pm. The next morning it looked like a traffic jam. I thought I had seen a few ships at night. I could see why mark did not want to leave at night. We got under way around 9am. We were on the radio a lot . We had to let a huge number of ships know where we were. It took us till 3pm to get by all the traffic. We made much better progress once we got by the tourist traffic. It was amazing to see how many cruise ships still ran when folks to take the virtual tours from home in 3d. It just proves you can't substitute the real thing. I had not been journaling like some of the crew. I did however make notes about all the stops we took and what was there. I knew everything was in marks journal. I just wanted my thoughts on them saved. Mark got out his map of the islands book and took out a piece of paper to write some things down.

Part: 16: Open Seas We kept in contact with the last star as always. Ruth and Lois were very giddy as if up t something. I asked Lois "what has you so joyful. ? " She said "Well mark has decided to take a little side trip to the cayman islands for a day. " I said "That doesn't seem necessary. " Lois said "Well for our two love birds it's very needed. mark is going to stop in caymans for fuel instead of Jamaica . he says it will only cost us a couple of hours delay. " I said "Sounds nice but they won't have much privacy after the wedding. " Lois said "Mark is already ahead of you. when we stop at the cliff cove . Gary and Amy will sail to the hidden spot. We will spend the night at the cliff cove. the next day we will catch up to Gary and Amy. " I said "Sounds like more adventure . I am ready for that. " Bobby and I played a bit of backgammon as Patrick was sailing today. We often played cards and other games to pass the time. Patrick was very good at hearts . Spades was Ruth's game. Lois was tough to beat at rummy. Mark and Gary enjoyed chess . Amy preferred Farkel .she could however keep a game of chess going with Gary for a while. Isaac love to play Uno. Jim would play anything. We didn't bring along any board games . We knew space was at a premium.

We were on the ocean for two more days. We would be at rum point in the caymans by 10am today. Bobby pulled the night shift. I relieved him at 5am so he would be awake for the 1pm wedding. This would be my first attempt at docking the ship. I slowed us down and used the engines to brake the ship even more . by the time we were 100 feet from the pier . I had the ship under control. It felt good to be guiding her in to port. We tied off and made preparations for Amy and Gary's big day. Part 17: The Big Day We tied everything off and went into rum point about 11:30 am.Patrick and Issac Stayed behind. Patrick said he was happy for the couple . He said it was best he missed the wedding. He was still having a tough time after his wife's death. Isaac was kinda of bummed he would miss it but said that he would enjoy the solitude . He said if he got bored. He could go play cards with Patrick. We looked around for a nice place to get tropical clothes . Gary and Amy wanted the dress to touristy. So we bought shirts to match. Gary's was a purple color .Bobby and I picked Blue. Mark picked green. Amy and the rest of the gals bought matching dresses .Amy's was a light yellow . My wife and Ruth had on pink versions of the same dress. We got to the chapel at 1pm . We had reserved a spot over looking the water. The ceremony was traditional. When it was over .The newlyweds and all went out to a early dinner to celebrate. We all said our goodbyes to the newlyweds. They took off at 3:30 pm Jim had gone back earlier to prepare the last star for their departure. We stayed behind another 2 hours getting fueled up and buying more supplies. We untied the ship and made our way back out to sea. It seemed very quiet for a few moments as we left the island . It felt as though it was important they had been married. We used an internet cafe to send a small message to new hope . We knew they would want to know. I was enjoying it on deck when mark came out to join me about 5pm. He said " you know Jabin this has been one strange trip so far. I have you taking over . Two of my closest friends are now married. It just felt like they should be . " I said "You know . I had that feeling as well. God is pleased I am sure of it. " Mark explained what the cliff coves island would look like and showed me on a map what to be looking for. We knew that the newlyweds would be out of radio range until we got closer to them. Part:18 The Hidden Cove. At around 6:45 the small island came in to our view. As it did mark came up on deck with me to show me what to look for. I thought this cove was small because it didn't look that big even a 100 yards away. When we got closer I was amazed with the size. We carefully steered the ship in. When we anchored no one at sea would see us . A campfire would not even have been seen . We brought out sleeping bags and prepared to spend the night out for a change. We got the fire going by sundown. Lois and I went exploring the cove with flashlights as it was very dark already. Mark had another shack hidden in there. Lois found it before I even saw it. I gathered some very dry firewood from the shed. She picked up the extra lanterns mark asked we get also. After we ate Bobby and Isaac went fishing by where the ship was.

Mark came over and said "Jabin pick up those two weapons we brought from the portal. Follow me to the shed and leave the lanterns here. " So I brought them. I was wondering why. We would even need them. A few minutes later we were close to the shed . Mark then walked about forty feet away from the shed. Then he said "See that dial on the side set it to one. Then point it where I have the flashlight point and pull the trigger" I looked at this thing it looked like one of those super squirt guns from the toy stores . You the kind with a cylinder on top and a long tube underneath . It had a trigger underneath the tube. It weighted about 8 pounds. The dial on the side looked like it came off and electrics guitar . So I did what Mark said and a flash of light sped toward the back of the cove. It made a small bang after that. It was very amplified in that cove. Mark then said "You see Jabin this thing can make a small hole in a ship to slow it down. The object is not to hurt anyone . This is just so you can get away .Now lets go look at that hole you made. " We walked to the back of the cove . There was a 6 inch hole in the rock where I had pointed the weapon. I asked Mark. "How come I have never seen anything like this? Ill bet the government would have paid you a lot for this. " Mark said "Jabin I didn't make these . Amy made these. The batteries are in every island you have seen. Please use them wisely. You won't be able to charge those batteries once the rapture occurs. You'll be out here on your own. " I said "I understand mark. Ill be careful so there is only these two? " Mark said "Yes one for each ship. Gary will be getting one of these tomorrow. " I followed mark back to the camp. We would sail for the Hidden spot in the morning.

Part 19: The Hidden Spot. We packed up the overnight stuff and locked up the shed . Mark didn't think it would be tampered with . He told me that night before very few people traveled anywhere near these islands. he just believed in taking precautions. we set sail shortly after 9am. It was a very good day for sailing. My wife Lois was piloting the ship that day. I brought out her lunch . Lois said. "You know I don't remember last year being this complex. You can tell mark is making sure you know every detail. " I said " I am glad he is taking the time. if the rapture came as we left corpus . Any one left would have been at a loss. Seeing where everything is laid out . is very helpful . " Lois said " Do you really think the end is that close? " I said " We never know the apostle Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 5:2 for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. So we just don't know. " Lois said "Well lets hope there is a little time left share the gospel. Our president Bobby Shiver signed over the country to the United nations. after many years of debate after the Copenhagen agreement was signed in 2009. " I said "well all in God's plans he loves us too much to not give every one a chance. " A couple Hours later mark hoped on the radio " Last star this the the true present you there?" Gary bantered back "Yes we are . How Close are you ? " Mark said "We are a couple hours out . We should be there by about 6pm. You have the gates ready? " Gary said "Yeah they we a bit stiff . I got it working though . " mark said "How is the light of the winds.?" Gary laughed and said " Mark you worry too much. Amy checked out the electronics. you be visible to other ships but not to trackers. its in great condition . nobody has even disturbed a palm tree around here. "

Mark came on deck as we approached what appeared to be just a rocky island. We got closed the directions Mark was giving Lois made no sense. The true present looked like it was going smash it self ins to the rocks when a big set of gates appeared to be opening. We slowed and motored our way into the hidden docks I heard the gates close behind us. I looked back and indeed we were now invisible to the outside world. It felt like something out of a super hero comic book. We Tied off the ship and gary and amy met us as we came off. Gary said "I will have the meal done in about 20 minutes. " Amy and Gary were now more inseparable than ever. We unpacked what we needed. We walked up to a house. It looked like a typical beach home except it had 5 bedrooms and a very nice deck that seated about 8 . On the way to the house I looked up and it appeared to me. That we were in a hidden canyon. It though i could see the sun. Gary later informed me it was all done with lighting they had solar panels up to that looked like rocks. So the little hidden bay would be self sufficient . It was once a hide out for Gary . Mark, Amy and Gary had spent the last 5 years fixing up the place. I also notice on the way to the house a pile of batteries for the weapons. A bunch of fuel barrels .Some food stores along with a bunch more bibles and end times booklets. I knew there had to be a reason . I noticed those booklets were in many more languages. than what we were carrying on this trip. Mark was laying out other preparations for the mission trip He also was looking in to a stop or two more along the way. Gary announced the dinner was ready We sat and enjoyed having all ten of us able to sit and chat . After dinner mark said " I t is such a blessing to sit here with all of you and have dinner together again. Jabin I need your help with the old ship. " I said "ok mark ill grab some water and meet you at the bottom of the deck. " I walked down those Stairs . Then mark an I started walking down to The Light of The Winds.

Part 20 : Light of The winds. A few minutes later mark and I reached the Ship . It looked pretty good. Mark said he had it dry docked before he sailed it last time. He checked the rigging and the general condition of the vessel. Then Mark said "I need you look at the engine Jabin. It runs OK it just needs a real mechanic to give her the once over. " I said "Well mark I am no marine mechanic. Do you have a new set of fuel injectors ? " Mark Said " I do its all in that major parts box. " I said "Well let me keep at this a while. I am confident I will have the light of the wind humming. in no time " I could tell from marks ship . That he had made several modifications to her. There where lot more places to store things . The computers on the Catalina®™ 700 were minimal. The other two ships were Catalina®™ 770's It took me a while to navigate around the Yanmar ®™ engine. I had changed marks truck motor oil before . So i knew this engine would not need a whole lot of repair. Mark kept thing well maintained when he could. I replaced all the fuel injector valves . I figured out how to do a oil change. I started the engine around 4 am and it sounded great. So I put marks tools back where he had pulled them from. It was 3 am. by the time i was done.

I slept till noon. I walked down to the ship to see what was going on. When I got inside the cabin Mark said "Hi Jabin , Amy and I are making sure she is fit to sail electronic wise. We have been down since this morning. You do good work the motor sounds much better. " Amy Said "Mark she checks out . I updated the Linux . I made sure there are back up electrical parts . She will be ready for sail when you come back in a few weeks. " I said " we will be back this way in only a few weeks. ?" Mark Said " Yes Jabin, When we come back this way . We won't stop as many times it will be much quicker. It is always Best to leave here at dawn or dusk. So we will leave around 7pm " I asked mark "So Mark you never have trouble with unwanted visitors in this hidden lagoon of yours?" Mark said "Not people. We once had a shark roaming around in here . when it got dark that night i opened the gate. Then closed it by dawn. He had left by then. " Amy said "Mark where are we stopping next? " Mark said "When we leave tonight its straight to Jamaica , Kingston's Port Royal. Our pace picks up quite a but from there." Amy Said "Lets take a Group shot to send back to the church" Mark said "Sounds fun were only going to be there long enough to renew our coastal sailing permits and any supplies we need . " We closed up the light of the winds and went back to the house. Part 21: On The Move Again It was Dusk when we left. We motored both ships out a safe distance. Gary hit the remote switch . The Trip to Kingston's Port Royal in Jamaica took a few days. We came in with the sunrise. We tied off and the Police there watched the ships. We all went to the customs office. After that Amy took her group photo. She sent that home from a windows laptop. We would use that one in the mountains. When she was done Amy took the battery out so it was now untraceable .till we turned it back on . We went to a nice restaurant for lunch . Took another taxi back to ships. Mark had picked up some supplies . he had four or five bags full of stuff . We got out on the water about 1pm . The last star Crew had changed a bit . Amy and Gary were now together on the crew . Bobby and Isaac were itching for a few days of uno. So Jim obliged . He would stay with us till we made our way to Port of La Guaira, Venezuela. At the evening meal mark had checked in with our newlyweds. They said bobby an Isaac played games for many hours. We has played hearts with Patrick quite a bit . Lois was night sailing again. Mark said "We did not stop at every island . That we have supplies or end times things at. Once we reach Venezuela. We we will have by passed the panama traffic jam. It will seem to go fast then. " Patrick Spoke up " You Know I miss you all. I have enjoyed these past few weeks. This mission will be in my prayers as log as i am with the mission. " A few days later we passed. What seemed like a broken convoy of freighter ships and oil tankers. I had Night sailing that day. It was a nice night . I became more skilled at it . It was good to have the computers. Mark had been training me to use every instrument we had. Here I was being handed the keys to a big responsibility . Yet I felt a peace that was sometimes a bit scary. I also felt like I was in some secret club. I wondered how much more stuff was hidden by Mark and Gary. I knew everything would be in those rapture log books he kept. I just somehow felt there was much more to that then it looked like.

Lois was sailing a few days later she brought us in at Port of La Guaira, Venezuela. I tied us off and greeted Our newlyweds , Isaac and Bobby. They had docked about an hour before we arrived. We went to check the current news. It seemed the world was getting smaller. The middle east was as close to peace as it had ever been. Israel had not had border violence in two months. We were careful to wait till on our ships to discuss what this meant in great length. Jim re-boarded his Ship. then we left there around 1pm. A few days later we passed by the famous island of Grenada. We stopped in New Amsterdam Guyana. We had planned to leave there in 4 hours . Bad weather kept us there for a day. Patrick called his brother to have send a few things of his to the mission. He told his brother to keep or sell what ever was left. We passed by the mouth of the Amazon River a day later. We dotted the coast of Brazil for a few more days. We ported in Laguna Brazil. We Left Laguna around noon. Once we were under way mark said "Well I hope you have your land legs. We will be taking jeeps into the mountains tomorrow at 3pm. We should arrive in montevideo around 1pm. We will have to go through customs and pay to dock the ships there for the 9 days." I said " I will miss the sailing to be honest. Its been quite the adventure. " I saw a few other nods. While it would be a welcome change. There was such peace in the sailing for me .I knew I would miss it. The next day we arrived in montevideo at 1pm just like mark said we would .

Part: 22 Land Under Our Feet We tied off and gathered our gear around 2pm. We locked the ships up as we would be gone 10 days or so. We went to check in with customs. Patrick's check in took awhile as he also applied for a visa to stay in the country a while.so after an hour that seemed like all day. we headed over to the docks where a shipment of our stuff had arrived. Gary and bobby went to get vehicles that we would be renting. We had two range rovers,. One cargo type truck which Gary drove with Amy after we loaded the supplies on it. We went to the local markets and purchased food . We bought a lot for the orphanage as well. Florida was about a 6 hour drive . We hit the road about 4pm. The city of Montevideo was big and touristy . We saw a few cruise ships on the way there. When on the highways it seemed pretty normal.There was a heavy amount of traffic. We were all thankful there was no accidents on the way. It was already very dark when we pulled into florida. We started for the orphanage . It was 10 miles from Florida on back roads,. That took another 20 minutes as the roads were gravel . Mark was up front driving very carefully so we could follow him. I was glad because the road was bumpy and as dark as it was. who knows where you could have ended up. It felt like home on that drive because of the bugs and the heat. We arrived at Casa de los niños bendecidos (house of the blessed Children) around 11pm. We greeted the children who were happy to see us. It was around 1am when we bedded down for the night.

Part 23: Casa de los niños bendecidos The Next morning we got a look at our new home for a week. Even with all the computer technology in the world. This place looked an old ghost town in many ways. I wondered if that's why Patrick wanted to call it home. It was such a simple place. There were five buildings. There was the Guest house where we stayed. The dinning area was able to seat about 100.The boys and girls had separate buildings.The staff Building housed a good 20 workers and a nurse for medical needs. They met for services in the dining hall It was a dusty place. There was a play ground for the kids . The equipment was new looking. Mark did not say what we were going to do for them this week. We continued our tour with Jorge. He showed us the well our church put in a couple years back. There was a soccer field (Fútbol here) . The orphanage got their power from Florida. I just went out a lot so there was a generator also. I had not seen Patrick smile as much in the years i knew him . As he did that day. He was liked by the children. He did some simple balloon animals for the kids and it was a big hit. Then he would try and catch up with us . Jorge just smiled at Patrick knowing he was to involved with the kids to pay much attention. The orphanage was self sufficient except for power. They farmed vegetables and raised chickens to trade for things in Florida. Mark had solar equipment shipped. I wondered why there was so much stuff. They did have radios for weather reports. Mostly the children went to school here and lived here. Once in a while a family would come to adopt a child. Jorge said " It seems the world it self is becoming more selfish by the moment. We don't see as many families wanting to adopt these kids . God has blessed us thanks to your church. " I said "Jorge that is too bad these look like great kids" Jorge said "They are Jabin. It is my prayer when the Lord raptures his church . That these children all go home to be with their heavenly father. For he loves them more than we can imagine. " I said "Jorge I'll keep them in my prayers. Has mark told you Patrick is staying? " Jorge Smiled and said "ooh the children will be overjoyed." I said " I am glad they seem to be inseparable. " Jorge said "more than you see sometimes " . With the tour over we broke for lunch. After Lunch we unpacked the crates mark sent ahead of us. Mark said "With the end times so close . I wanted to make sure they wouldn't need power or anything else that would require the mark of the beast. So that what we will be constructing on the other side of the soccer field.. I pray we will be able to get it done before we leave. " So we worked day and night to get this assembled. On the 5th day it was all ready to be put on the buildings. It took another two days to get all the brackets and wiring working. It was at the end of that day Amy said it was all set up. She had spent the last three days getting all the electrical working . Patrick spent his time entertaining us and the kids. the very next day Amy switched the solar panels on and they ran the orphanage all day. Mark said "Thank you all for helping with this . When we come back we will do some wind power projects for them. Tonight we will celebrate. tomorrow we will head home. " We took another couple of photo's . Now to spend our last night with Patrick .

Part 24: Goodbyes and Sunsets The night before to much cheering and smiles. Patrick revealed to the children he was staying. When we picked up everything at the docks . What he wanted shipped was there. We said goodbye to Jorge and his new employee Patrick. Mark said "Dear God with your son retuning soon. Please take care of our friend Patrick .The mission to help children know you. As we leave again for our homes bless this home . thank you lord in your name we pray. " We all hugged Patrick one more time.. We the fired up the truck and the jeeps and rolled out of there about 9am. We had lunch on the road. We found a exit that went to farm land it looked like. We all pulled over about 12pm. During lunch I said " Mark they don't know your not coming back?" Mark said "That is true Jabin but when I am lost at see they will hear about it. Amy is going to send more pictures to the church. Once she does that she is going to preprogram some information i gave that i need for the light of the winds. " I said "Wow mark I hope i have this all figured out by next year." Mark said "Jabin the Lord changes things by his clock not ours. So i hope your ready now anything can happen at sea. " I said "We shall see . I am looking forward to the oceans breeze again. " Lois Said "Mark see what you've done you made him a sailor .I can't complain I love the oceans breezes too. " Gary Said " I hate to be the one to break up all the good words. Its time to get moving again. " So we drove for another 3 hours and pulled into Montevideo around 1pm .We picked up a few items for the journey home. We dropped off our rental vehicles . Amy sent all our pictures . Mark let pastor King know on the phone Patrick was staying at the orphanage. We got all loaded up by 6pm . We Were out to past all the buoys and port of Montevideo by 7:30 . We saw no more of the big city's lights as the sunset at the beginning of our return trip. Part 25 Sailing and Goodbyes The next morning was my turn at the controls .The ocean felt good on my skin . I was growing a beard on the trip . I had planned to see my barber for a good hair cut when I got home. Home seemed to be more i was now than The Sparkling City where we planed to be again.. Lois came with some lunch. After we were finished she said "Jabin do you feel at home out here ? " I said "Much to my surprise its like I was meant to be out here on the ocean." She said "Yes that's how i felt last year . This time more than ever " I said "Well I guess i should enjoy this while i can today." We dotted the east coast of South America for three more days . We passed the island of Grenada around noon on the fourth day. We planned to port in Port of La Guaira, Venezuela. It was Going to be the last time Mark would speak to his boys. They were prepared some what. We stopped there and expected to spend a couple of hours. A heavy storm forced us to spend the night. Jim planned to sail out with the true present for a few days . This would give Bobby and Isaac some time to hang out. He also wanted to spend a few days with mark before he cleverly disappeared. .Bobby had caught a few fish in Venezuela.

We got under way the next day around ten in the morning. We sailed for a couple of days . We pulled into the hidden spot around 8pm . the sailing had pretty uneventful. We knew the implications of our stop here. Mark and Ruth would be reported lost at sea the next day. We got to the house around 8:45 . Jim spoke up "Mark I will miss you . I pray God's hand upon you as you prepare the way. I know you have been preparing the way for the gospel to be preached after the rapture. I will miss you. " Isaac then Said "Mark this has been one grand adventure. i am glad to have shared it with you." Then Gary said "Mark and Ruth I wish you the best I am thankful for all you have done. " Amy spoke and said "Mark your commitment to the lords work has rubbed off on everyone. Look at Jabin here. He reminds me of you when I first came on this trip." Lois said "blessings to you mark and Ruth. May god's hand be upon you . " I said "Mark I pray I will make the difference you see in me. " Bobby said "Mark may you enjoy the fishing and the time to do more of the lords work. " Ruth said "All of you may god bless you as you carry on the torch mark is passing to you . This trip has been a blessing to me" Mark Said "Also I extend my blessings to you all. There is some business to attend to. Jabin In the documents of the true present you will find the boat title signed. So you can take ownership when you get back to the sparkling city. Also the Islands You haven't visited are in the ships computer. It is only on the Linux side . Amy has that well protected. I will miss you and new hope church. Gather around please so we can pray. " We did that and mark said "Dear God please bless my friends as we part ways . May your gospel be preached through them to those whom need it. " Then I added "Lord please bless Mark and Ruth as they move forward on your calling. as we ask these things in Jesus name Amen." There was a moment of silence afterward. I think we all knew that the change was coming. I just don't think we knew how deep it was going to be. We all hugged Mark and Ruth. I felt a peace and also a sense of urgency unlike anything I had felt before. We shared a small meal. the we went to sleep . All would be different in the morning when we left at sunrise we wouldn't see this place or our two friends until we visited them in heaven.

Part 26: Things Changed When we woke up the day seemed different. It was like something was missing yet at the same time. My sense of urgency about mission Mark had passed to me was even more present. I went to see if I could find mark . I almost ran over Gary in the kitchen. Gary said "Amy and I though we were alone . It seems like the rapture occurred while we were sleeping. Is Lois with you?" I said "Yes shes asleep. I guess we had best have breakfast and look at the rapture manual Mark wrote. I thought we had a few more years. " Gary said "Well in 1 Thessalonians 5:2 the apostle Paul said "for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night ". I just don't know we need three ships lets see what mark had to say"

So I got Lois up . She sat down with us and said "I dreamt last night that the lord came and said to me . Tell the others carry on Mark's mission. tell them i am with them. Tell them the ocean is now your home. You are no longer citizens of any nation. You are the light in a darkening world. Fear not I am with you. I was scared at first but I know we must do our part in the post rapture world" Gary said "Wow well lets have some breakfast we will probably need a day or so to read all of mark's instructions. " I said "sounds good" after breakfast I got one of the books out. I also brought one of the island map books he made. We opened the book Mark wrote "If your are reading this . I was promoted to heaven and raptured. Hopefully by the time you read this I have given my boat title of the true present to someone. if not take it out to sea and scuttle it. Use my Islands map for your supplies . There is an abundant supply of food for the next ten years. this will allow you to share some with believers you run into. many will be in need .after the mark of the beast is the only way to get any thing. If you are at sea get to the hidden spot. If once there . the two ships we take on missions are in tact . If the the light of the winds is there. Then if Gary is raptured scuttle his ship too. If Gary is with you have him sell his ship depending on how many are left. If the title of the true present has been passed. Sell both ships if there are less than four people. You can do this in the sparkling city. " We were bowled over with the fact such nice ships would be gone and their good deeds forgotten. We turned to the next page marks instructions continued. "since I am not with you make the hidden spot your new home. when you get to corpus sell off what you own. Hopefully this happens before hurricane season. Fly your selves to the caymans rent a sailboat . Get to the hidden spot sail back to the caymans. To return the boat. There is a beach where you can pick up the crew members you need to board the light of the winds. In the islands book i have a list of places you can put the light of the winds into shore undetected. from now on when on the light of the wind. Carry the lasers Amy made. If she is with you she will take all our data off the computers at the fishing spot . if not she left detailed instructions on the next page. I can only say God bless you . You will soon be wanted in several countries. I only showed you a little bit of what I stashed around south America and the gulf of mexico. On the next few pages are maps of islands between Uruguay and Indonesia . It Is quite extensive . So is your mission now. In the hidden spot you notice that I have the rapture story in many languages. It will take some time to get every thing passed out. May god bless you ." In red he wrote "Now Get Going!!!" We packed everything up. We browsed through the maps it was a lot of information. I was excited and yet missed mark a lot already. We hit the open seas at dusk. We locked down our new home. We were on our way to new adventures.

Part 27: The Journey Home. We sailed for a few days until we got to tampico Mexico. Amy called competitor who had offer to buy her business last year and asked if he was still interested. I called the shop I worked for . I told them I was quitting and id like my final pay. Gary also Quit his job that day. Lois was going to file the paper work when we got home as she wasn't really employed again till September. We got the things set in motion to leave the sparkling city for good. I was having a sense of adventure . Along with a regret to leave a place I really enjoyed calling home. We sailed for a few more days . We anchored by south padre island state park on the ocean side. I got on the radio I said "last star this the true present are you all anchored? " Amy came back with "True present this the last star we are stopped as well. Just think in 10 hours we will be in the sparkling city. " I said " Yes I know but it will be bitter sweet . We will be there and then be gone. " Lois Got on and Said "Hows Gary Doing is he ready for the adventure once we get back to the caymans. " Amy said "He is Doing great . He is looking forward to cutting ties. He likes being out here as much as Jabin seems to. " Lois Chuckled and said " Yeah looks like Mark and Gary made him into a sailor after all. " Gary came on and said "Get some sleep we will radio you in the morning so we can get to corpus at the same time. " I said " Sounds Good. " The next morning when I woke up. i heard Lois talking to Amy on the radio. Amy said "Once we pull into to the docks .I will come over and put the true present back to factory settings on the computer. then we can sell both boats as mark wanted." Lois said Sounds Good . We took a couple more hours with engine power to get to the Port Aransas Outlet. The About 3pm we pulled into Corpus Christi's bay. We tied off around 4:30pm. Amy came over and made sure the True Present was clean of our travels. Pastor King Picked us up . We were home in one sense . We all knew this was also going to be goodbye to everything we knew. The world as a whole was still picking up the pieces from the rapture. We knew our time to get to sea unnoticed was growing short by the minute. Part 28: Counting The Cost Well all got home around 6pm. Watching the news was the worst it had ever been. The world was convinced that alien ships had taken people. Governments were all signing over there sovereignty to the united nations. The Americans were holding out. The rest of the world was threatening war. We called a Realtor to get the house selling process in motion. He came over the next day . We listed our house for a minimal mount to force a quicker sale. When it was all said and done we would have some profit . We intended to use all our money to survive sailing . A couple days after we put the houses up for sale. Gary and myself put our ships on the market.

Amy lived in an apartment above her shop. It seemed an odd set up to me . Amy said she preferred it that way. We went to visit her . So we could be out of the house for potential buyers. We walked in to the freedom computer store . Amy spotted us and motioned for us to meet here in the back. She said to the clerk helping a customer . "bill i am going to be on the back for a few minutes. If Jason Sleeshady calls let him know I'll meet him here. " Bill said "Ok Ms Gweeny .Er I mean Mrs Fizrketer."Amy said "That's ok bill I am Still not used to it . So went to the back Amy said "Well Gary says the ships we be sold later today cause the price is right. Jason is all to eager to buy this place. I have taken a hammer to ever hard drive platter that has any information about what we are doing. I have one laptop we will be taking to the caymans. " Lois said "our house is up for a quick sale. I hope people are buying. " Amy said "Well Gary sold his condo in less than two days. I have every computer on windows 20 now. I hope Jason has all the paper work ready . I am itching to get going. I am really going to miss the people around here. You know what it is like closing some 20 email accounts . I have settled every debt. I have one credit card which we will need to for the ship in the caymans. It really does cut to the heart to think we have to leave this all behind. " About that time Gary walked in and said "Sold folks, Both boats one buyer. I couldn't believe it . I will miss them though. They did much good in the pretribulation world. " Just then Bill came back with the phone. He said its for you Mrs Fizrketer. Amy said "Hello?" Jason said "Hello Amy. Are you sure this isn't some kind of joke? You owe no debts yet you are willing to sell me your shop for 20% less of what i offered 2 months ago. " Amy said "Things change Jason. Are you will to accept my offer to let you steal this business ? " Jason chuckled and said " I would be a fool not to take your offer. I have the legal papers all drawn up. I have everything we need to proceed. We can all meet there in say an hour?" Amy said "Jason you know . That all i am taking it that apartment is my clothes . You get everything in there. Right down to the hand soaps in the sink" Jason said "Hmm. Ill have to make a huge donation the salvation army. ?" Amy said "Do what you must see you soon. " Amy was tense about the meeting. It was difficult seeing that check was what she now owned. instead of a business it felt so impartial and cold. Gary was staying with friends . Amy said goodbye to all of her now former employees . A couple hours later she joined Gary who was already at the house . We did have a pretty good bank roll . We were not sure how long it would last. There were so many laws restricting cash most people never used it . We ordered a few extra parts for the light of the winds . Mark and Gary had put a few things away. Gary bought what he thought we didn't have. The Realtor called us early one morning saying he had a cash buyer for the house. We were surprised on one hand things were going so smoothly. On the other hand we were super worried that someone was on to us. That's what happened by being around Gary. He was always looking over his shoulder. It seemed out place at the moment . I however felt he was like a Kings trusted guard. I knew someday it would come in handy. A good number of our friends were gone with the rapture. We were surprised to find pastor king at the docks that day. He said mark had always planned for that. So here we were two weeks after coming home. Free from all ties to anywhere. Lois had filed her paper work to quit the school district and left the church as her forwarding address. We all did that. Even though we knew . That we would be leaving in a few days it was still a difficult process. Our flight to the caymans was set. we used the church as a forwarding address we expected no mail.

Part 29: Moving on

We left the sparkling city for good on august 22nd. It was a nice day we called a taxi to Bob's house. it was going to take them about 30 minutes to get there. Bob Phergus and his wife Karen had housed the four of us . We were very thankful for that. Bob prayed over us.He said " dear God be with our sailors as the go spread the news of salvation. Even in these times be with your children give them wisdom and strength. Bless Amy, Gary, Jabin and Lois as they travel today.In Jesus name we pray amen. " We said our good byes to bob and his family . The taxi came shortly after that. The trip to the airport took about 30 minutes. We all just seemed to be caught up in the moment. It was a very quiet ride. When we got to the airport . We saw on several channels. How the world was still blaming the rapture on aliens. The worlds economy wasn't in dire straights yet but it was on the brink. . There was a group of folks in Cairo who had a new space religion . They even had a charismatic leader. He was trying to get elected prime minister of Egypt. It seemed people liked him in Israel as well.. The Americans and Russians were at the brink of war for the first time in decades. The United nations was considering a motion . To make the Copenhagen treaty of 2009 include a one world army and government . It seemed to have much support even from the Americans . They had seen peace for the last 20 years and seemed eager to sacrifice anything to keep it. I could sense that people were looking for answers. The people in the airport were glued to the news. It seemed they wanted to believe the propaganda on the TV news . yet they still seemed confused. we kept to ourselves . we didn't want to attract too much attention. We had prescripted conversations. We had practiced for a couple weeks. We talked about our wonderful vacation to the caymans. We talked about how we would only be there a week . We were all relieved to get on the plane at 4pm.We got to the New York Newark airport At 11pm that night. We spent the night at a hotel across from the airport. The next morning we checked out of the hotel . We got to the airport and had to wait three hours to take off. We made mention about renting a sail boat. when we got down there. The midnight star tabloid had a crazy story .They claimed Christians were at fault for all this mess. Listening to the idle chatter in the airport. It made the time go by very slowly. It seemed people wanted a scape goat for the mess everything was in .Christians seemed to be the choice of the day. we boarded the plane at 11pm . We arivved in the Caymans at 4:30pm. I could smell the sea air when we got off the plane. It was great. We rented a hotel for the night We would be sailing in the morning. The Journey was about to begin .

Part 30: Celestún and Onward The next day We rented our sail boat for 4 days.. I took the wheel the first 8 hours. Gary took the ship over until the breaking of dawn the next morning. Amy piloted us into the hidden spot. I was so happy once we got there. It was nice to get settled in our new home. It took a few hours but we unloaded all we had on the rented ship. Gary brought extra sails and engine parts. Amy brought her computer tools. We knew we would need them all. We prepared the light of the winds. I checked the engine , pulleys , electronics and the even the lasers that were near the wheel . I was hoping . That I would never have to use them. I got out mark's book of instructions. I was amazed at the amount of resources he had stored. It was on too many islands to mention. We spent the next day preparing to head back to the caymans.We had a meal and cleaned up. I had a sense of adventure in my heart. . We set sail at 8pm with the sun settling. We sailed till morning. We found a small island. we anchored and got some sleep.We got underway around 4pm. . There was a beach we anchored the light of the winds at. Then I swam out to the rented ship. We would be getting into port in the caymans around 10 am. We tied off and locked up the ship. We paid the rental place and took a taxi to a beach. The cabby asked if we would need a ride later. We informed him that he could check in a few hours . We told him if he didn't see us .we had already been picked up. We made sure he was gone and walked the trail down to a small beach where the light of the winds was. Gary Got us out to sea again. I opened one of the pamphlets we would be dropping off in various spots. it started with a page called where did the missing people go. It spent three pages for that. It warned about the mark and the Antichrist . The past page had a prayer of salvation. It was a small pamphlet . I knew it would be effective. We ported in Cancun for a few hours. We dropped off a few there. I saw a person pick one up. they looked intrigued. We made our way to Celestún. It was more of the same there. We did go on the famous flamingo boats. Amy didn't try and get on the Internet. We did spend the night there. We made sure to leave pamphlets any where they wouldn't be considered trash. I opened marks book . He wrote. Once you get to Celestún skirt the coast of Mexico. Then head to the way point and empty it out. We would sail for a few hours drop into a beach and leave a few pamphlets on any cars we saw. We got ran off the beach in Tampico Mexico. Then we set sail for the way point. We were able to take all the supplies out and left the storage shed open. We passed by Celestún but we didn't stop. We were planning on hitting the beaches of the caymans next. Part 31: Caymans and Tribulations. We made our back to the hidden spot. We spent the night and again headed for the cayman islands. We went to a small cantina for lunch. Where we would could watch the local news. The middle east had all turned its attention on attacking Israel. The prime minister of France. Who was now the leader of the European union. Was on his way to broker peace. The minute we heard that on the television. It seemed as if a great evil had been let loose. It was like when you hear about mass murder it just makes your gut wrench in disgust. We saw that in America churches were being burned . The sad thing was most people they interview didn't seem to be bothered by it. In fact it was if they enjoyed it.

We were stunned by the news .We didn't expect those events to unfold so fast. While most of the folks there on vacation didn't even flinch. We made our way to several popular hang outs always leaving a pamphlet or two behind. We spent two days in the caymans doing just that. We were on our way back to the light of the winds. Then some people shouted at us . They called us liars and traders . They started to chase us as we got into a cab. We told the taxi where we needed to go and told him we would pay double the fare. He raced through streets . We had him drop us off near the grand old house. We scurried to the beach. We swam out to the light of the winds and by the time we set sail. A group of 200 were shouting things from the beach and throwing rocks. Gary had his hand on the lasers but didn't fire. I knew after this confrontation. We would have to be more careful. We could tell the prime minister was either the Antichrist or his messenger. We sailed again to the hidden spot. Once we got there Gary said "If you look at marks maps Jabin you will see the path to Monte video and a different route that heads towards Jamestown on st Helena island. " I said "Gary I see that but why then does it show to Lagos , Nigeria ?" Gary said "Jabin we are going to sail to near Japan and back young man." I said "You and mark never mentioned anything this big. " Gary said "Jabin of course we didn't. It was all in marks books. He knew that if he couldn't make it happen God would choose others to carry on his vision. We are those people Jabin." I said "Sure seems odd but so has these last few months. " Gary said " We have a network of safe spots. we will go by Jamestown we wont port there. we can tie of near Lagos but not in Lagos. Jabin you must think like a outlaw. " I said "we aren't outlaws were doing Gods work. " Gary smiled and said "In Gods kingdom we are heroes and warriors . In this world we are the enemy . You must think like an outlaw never staying anywhere for longer than a few hours and sail like your on the run . " I said "Does that mean its more of a hit and run with these books?" Gary said "Very much so we will leave a few in Lagos and move out to an island make camp or anchor off shore were we wont be bothered. Right now the world is in chaos . The Antichrist is going to come in an bring a false peace. if you think the caymans were rough wait a few months. " We had to stay in the hidden spot a few days it seems a few rioters for the caymans were looking for us and sailed by the island few times. Once we were sure no one was close by we left at dawn an closed the gate there was no one around. we took a wide berth from South America and headed towards Nigeria. a couple days later we passed by Grenada . It was without incident. we found a few small islands to sleep at. there was always of course and island or two with food or diesel . I was always on the look out for being followed . The truth was a fast boat or airplane could have spotted us . The fact we had no gps tracker made us virtually non existent to the rest of the world. about a week later we passed by ST Helena island. We went to a few more secluded islands . It must have taken mark years to find all of them. It was a few days after passing ST Helena .That we pulled in to a hidden cove . We camped and laid out our plans for our 4 hours in Lagos , Nigeria.

Part 32: New Friends and World Chaos We planed to get in to Lagos and distribute some of the pamphlets . The we planned to browse five or ten world news sites with our Linux laptop . Then we planned to leave. Amy said " If i can find a good wireless signal close to the beach . That will help us . It only takes 3 minutes in America . To find a Linux machine on a network. With windows 20 in every home . It will be harder to get in to these networks." I said "We are tied off. Are we going to use the rubber boat today? " Gary said " We are going to have to after the caymans we can't afford to take any more chances." So with that we secured

the boat and dropped our four person rubber boat in the water. A few minutes later we hit the coast and hid the boat. We strolled by a few places to see a news paper. We had some naira to buy things like coffee with. Gary and I had been growing out beards. We looked kind of rough. We made a great effort to look like tourists. The paper had a story that last week. That Russia and Iran had Tired to attack Israel from Lebanon . Out of the sky it said a stream of light. That was so bright. It could be seen as far away as 2000 miles any direction. It came down and swallowed those armies in an instant. Also the leaders of Iran and Russia were struck by lighting . It was so fierce witnesses said it knocked out everything within a mile of where the leaders were at the time. We had not realized it while we were having coffee. We had spent one of our hours reading the incredible news. We shuffled out of the coffee house . We found a few places to leave things. We gathered as a group when Amy said in Spanish " The Internet signal is good 100 feet from where we can run to the boat . we have about an hour left before we must leave here. " I said also in Spanish "sounds good Amy" . We were not prepared for what happened next. A man came to us spoke in Spanish . He said "You four come with me . " I said "sir we don not know you why should we come. " He said "I know why you are here. I knew the ship of light was coming. I prayed for it . You have storybooks don't you ?" I said "Yes we do " He motioned us to follow him .He was around 6ft tall and a muscular build. He spoke gently for such a big man. he appeared to be in his 30's .He led us to a basement where there were 20-30 people . It was a church. everyone looked healthy but they also looked afraid. The man then said "I am Pastor Abimbola . If you have food next time you pass by please come to my church here . We can get you in and out of lagos safely for now. How many books do you have? " I said well we have about a hundred with us this time. we only passed out 25 or so before we met you " Pastor Abimbola said "May I have the 75 you have left. We can pass them to The citizens . do you have more ? " Gary said "Yes Pastor Abimbola . however it may be weeks before we come back this way. We are passing these out through out the world." Pastor Abimbola said "When you come back I will know of it . God has brought us together even in this difficult time. " The he paused and motioned some of the members of his church to him. They laid hands on us and prayed "Dear God I do not know the name of the ship that brought our brothers and sisters here. I call it a ship of light for it brings your message of salvation to a world that no longer knows you . Bless them as you continue their mission in Jesus mighty name we pray." Pastor Abimbola then said "We have Nigerian clothing for the four of you. do you have any naira to spare?" I said "We do. I thought we would need when we came back" Gary said "We don't need all of it . We could give the pastor some for his troubles." Pastor Abimbola said "Likely by the time you return there will be a world currency. Your naria won't be worth much then. When you visit again with your books and food . We give you anything you need . Next time you visit us I will ask you if you need any thing . I will take your story books and food and send you on your way. You must know that after this visit they will be looking for you ." I said " Well then you can have my naria .I'll go change into these clothes."

We changed and then Lois said "Pastor Abimbola it has been a pleasure meeting you " Pastor Abimbola said "It is our pleasure to welcome God's soldiers . I will go with you now so you can get to a safe place. To log on the Internet. So the pastor led us to a hidden spot where Amy got the news for the last month. downloaded. she turned her laptop off . Just then the police seemed to be looking for someone. Pastor Abimbola Said in Spanish "It looks like they know you were on the network Amy" Amy said " they are getting so much better at that. This laptop may be useless soon. " Pastor Abimbola said "I will pray you find help where ever you go . I would destroy that laptop soon Amy . It may hinder your mission if you don't. " Amy said "Once we catch up on the news I will destroy this one. " We showed Pastor Abimbola where we hid our rubber boat. He said "I will have some one here looking for you in a few weeks . He will watch for your return." We hugged Pastor Abimbola and rowed out to the ship . There was an uneasy calm it was like that moment before a big storm hit. We sailed for a few hours to another stash of food and pamphlets . We got settled Amy was reading the news from the computer . Gary said " That was good we met with Pastor Abimbola. We are likely to see a few more like him. We still must be careful. " I said "I agree that could have very well been a disaster. I am sure God is with us . " Gary was making notes in a log book of sorts. When I got the computer . I was reading the news on it. The prime minister of France was killed in Lebanon . It turns out he and a few folks in the European union . They were trying to keep Israel off guard to help the attack. The Finnish Prime minister looked to be in charge in Europe. After God repelled the attack on Israel. Many of the Countries surrounding her . They all war ready and the whole area seemed to be at a boiling point again. The American President was pushing for a one world Government. The Finnish Prime minister thought it would be a great idea. He said the Copenhagen treaty signed in 2009 was a great blue print. He was on his way to Israel to met with all the leaders in the region to secure a peace. The news made me feel uneasy . I was the last person to read it. Lois said "I guess this means your destroying our last link to the past Amy?" Amy said "Yes I am going to smash the hard drive and toss it into the seas." She did take the laptop apart and crushed the drive with a rock. We all knew it was necessary. If we didn't feel disconnected wit h world already this was the final cut. We were going to sail to Lobito Angola next. We sailed out the next day . I still felt things were getting darker . It was hard to explain but I knew the world government was about to begin. Amy threw the hard drive out . We sailed into another island . Gary told me mark called it the middle stop. It was a huge supply area. It did not have the ability to hide the ship. However it was well hidden. We picked up more food and pamphlets for Angola We found a spot to anchor it was a few hours from Angola. We intended to be in Lobito by Noon.

Part 33: Lobito And A Warning At Noon time we tied off in Lobito. We had some kwanza that we purchased newspapers with. We handed out some pamphlets and Gary started letting people see him put money in them. this worked well in getting our first few to be looked at. Again we were led away form the crowd. A man named Miguel said to us " I am Miguel. You four are the sailors we have heard about. " I said "Heard about ?" Miguel said "Yes you see. we had been praying for a way to let others know About Jesus in these times. One of our Men had a vision . Carlos said 4 sailors with books will be on the street . find them and copy their books. we need to spread them all over Angola " I said " where is Carlos?" Miguel said "He died a week after he had this vision. he told us to be vigilant you would come. He also said to tell you . After we've met. we should pray for one another " I said "Miguel we would be glad to keep Angola in our prayers ." Miguel said "We shall keep the ship of light in prayer as well. I was also told by Carlos. You must not come back here. our country has always been a dangerous place . " he grabbed our hands and prayed "Dear lord thank you for bringing the ship of light to us please protect them as they spread Your word around the world in Jesus name amen." We gave Miguel our pamphlets and Kwanza. I said "Do you even want to know our names? " Miguel said "I am the pastor of a church . If i know your names the authorities can find out who you are. so no I do not wish to have to lie. God Bless the ship of light. You must leave now" We said "Goodbye Miguel see you in heaven" We headed straight for the beach. We rowed out to the ship . We had local newspapers in Spanish. as we boarded the ship . men on the beach were shouting insults at us . The two men in a speed boat whom were armed attempted to get near us. The Gary fired the laser weapon at the bow of the boat when they were about 200 yards away. I was hoping we would never have to do that. Their boat then fell apart and they were in their life jackets. we motored away the best we could. once we got out a bit more the wind was favorable . We sailed to an island with a sheltered cove. We could be found if they were looking hard. Then I sad to Gary "We really need to careful." Gary said "yes form now on we must no longer arrive during the day. We must tie off at dusk and leave at dawn ." I said "isn't that a bit more dangerous?" Gary said "yes but we will be spending those nights on the ship. we can go in to the countries at dawn. pass stuff out for a couple of hours before we plan to leave. we will look like ordinary tourists till the evening hours. We must change our look a little bit. " I said "I can go to a goatee or half beard?" Gary said "Now that kind of thinking will keep you alive." So that night i shaved. Amy and Lois altered their hair a bit.

Lois said "This adventure is scary at times Jabin" I said "yes it seems more like we are spies than agents for God." Amy said " Yes and so We must all be on our guard against evil . It feels stronger than ever. Jews in Israel say according to the papers that a man showed up out of now where . condemned Islam at mecca and the site crumbled to the ground. The Muslims there tried to hurt him and he spoke "Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Follow him or perish" . The man then seemed to vanish. Another man showed up in Jerusalem saying "Follow Jesus or perish" The same two men were seen speaking prophecy at a temple in Jerusalem. " Amy said this seems to be the two witnesses revelation mentions "

I said "It would seem so the papers also said the Finnish prime minister now the leader of the European union . Was on his way to settle the middle east crisis as he calls it" Gary said "Jabin you said it best. we might as well act as if we are spies and fugitives. I remember we had this same discussion before we went to Angola. Now do you see what I meant ? " I said "Yes I do . I think we can all agree we must be careful. " They all nodded as if somehow I was in charge. That scared me a bit. Then I said "OK Gary you have the maps where to next? " He said "Well Lets go to Stanger South Africa and gather newspapers .Then we can stop at a few hidden islands off the coast of Madagascar. Then take a weeks rest from the sailing theres food and a supplies for the Asian part of the trip." I said "sounds good to me Gary " . He made some notes in what appeared to be a log book. The next morning we set sail for South Africa Part 34: South Africa and The Tent It took us a few days to sail to Stanger. We spent the Time playing cards and praying. I Enjoyed the sailing even at night .The year 2041 was coming to a close . We often talked about how much the last 6 months had been so different .The night before we were to tied off in Stanger. Gary said "You know I always thought it would be mark who would do all this work. I was so very surprised the lord choose Amy and I. Jabin I somehow felt you would be the one to work with Mark. " I said " I never expected to enjoy the sailing so much. For some it would seem work. Bobby rubbed off a bit on me too. " Amy said "Well even with all this adventure. Its sill very scary. It is my prayer what ever we go through. We would carry on this mission till God Calls us home. " Lois said "Well lets hope we all survive together. I can't imagine losing any of us" Gary said "I can't see stoppign if we lose anyone. We must carry on .It is to important to stop for any reason. " We all nodded . The next night at dusk we found a hidden inlet . We tied off and waited for the dawn. We carefully loaded the boat. Gary brought a hand held version of the lasers we had on the ship. I said " Will we need those Gary? " He said "I hope not these are only good for 5 shots each " . At dawn we rowed in and stowed away. We had enough money for a few newspapers and coffee . We did our best to appear as tourists. After What Miguel said In Angola. Gary and Amy went for the newspapers .Lois and I stayed behind with the raft. We only had our watches and the weapons hidden in the raft. My fishing pole was out . I wasn't really fishing . I just needed a reason to be at the beach . So we wouldn't look out of place. As the sky turned to a light dusk . Gary and Amy returned. Gary said quietly "Jabin we have to go . We lost those following us but we need to get to the ship. " I was concerned . We moved quick enough as to not draw attention. Gary's words had me wondering what happened . He seemed worried. I had never seen Gary worried. We rowed out to the ship. The plan was to sail in the next dawn. We left that night .We tied of at a

hidden cove. This was a rest point. The Gary explained what had happened. He said " sorry about the urgency last night . Amy and I were just having our coffee .When a few folks stared at us. So I looked in the paper to hide our faces. Then Jabin I saw this " He pulled out the paper with world news. In the second section was a picture of us four from Angola. It said the Angolan government had a reward for our capture as enemies of their Country . It said we were on a armed speed ship. While I was thankful they thought we were a speed ship. I wasn't thrilled there was a picture of us in the region.

Lois said "Now we are enemies of the world. I thank God Mark has this network set up. I don't know how we would accomplish this mission with out it. What other news do you have? " Amy said "The two Prophets are still in Jerusalem. proclaiming judgment and the need to follow Jesus. It seems they have a protection thats from God . It seems many have tried and failed to get close enough to hurt these men. Israel signed what seemed to be a ready made peace agreement with its neighbors It was brokered by the Finnish Prime minister now the head of the European Union. According to the reports the very hour this was signed . The two prophets denounced it saying Israel Had greatly sinned against God ." I said "Wow that is a lot of stuff going on . We haven't even reached 2042 yet . Isn't the Antichrist not supposed to claim power this fast?" Gary said "Well his government doesn't quite have the power it needs. Many in the world right now are skeptical of this peace. the Americans and Russians are on the highest alert since the cold war in the 1950's . China is also preparing for war. So it may take a bit . Now the Jews have accepted the Anti Christs Peace plan. They are building the temple. It may take them 2 more years . We still have work to do ." Gary showed me an island on our maps called. The gateway to South America. I asked "Why is it called that ? " Gary said "Because mark said Once the One world government is put in place by the Antichrist. He felt that island would be as far east of south America we could safely be. He expected the Asian continent to only be open until that government takes charge." I said when we will go there? " Gary said "Due to World events We will head west to see the island. We have quite a few supplies there .When the Antichrist's one world government is in place then you can use it. Once we see it. We will come past Stanger again and head to The Tent." It took us a week to see the island . We spent two more weeks getting to the island Gary called the tent. We decided we could pick on world news later . Even though it would have been easy to anchor off Madagascar. The Tent as it was called was a island with a hidden cove that was more like a tent or cave. Mark had put a couple weeks worth of food and some pamphlets for Indonesia and the Philippines. We enjoyed the week of down time. We also changed our looks yet again to stay ahead of things.

Part 35: A letter from Mark We headed out to another island on our way to Indonesia and the Philippines. The We Anchored and Gary said "Here is an envelope i have been keeping to this point. It is a letter from Mark. He states in the rapture instructions he left. Open this and read it before you head to Indonesia. Jabin I want you to read it to us. " I open marks letter it said : Dear Christian Warrior: You may or may not know me. Either way it seems God choose you instead of me . If you made this far. You know I stashed Supplies all over the world. My thinking on Indonesia and the Philippines. The Kings of the east. They will initially be very aligned with Antichrist. It is my feeling because of this . During the 2 year build up to the Antichrist and the one world government. I believed in the 2 year window so much. I put two years of supplies around Indonesia and the Philippines. After the two year window . Move to the gateway. Go to the the west coast of south america. Then after a 6 month period go back to the hidden spot. Clean it out and evangelize the gulf of mexico . Then go take care of parts of Africa and South America. Till God calls you home or the battle of Armageddon is won. This is my last instruction to you . I'll see you in heaven Your bother in Christ Mark Streed After reading it out loud I said " Gary Is this true is there enough to keep us alive stashed?" Gary Said "Yes there is a plan laid out . We can go over it . It spans a 6month plan in Indonesia . A year in the Phillipines and a 6 month trial plan after that in Indonesia. " I said "a trial 6 months? " Gary said "Yes if we feel threatened or anything bad happens we should sail for the gateway . " I said " Do we all agree ?" Amy , Gary And Lois all nodded.We made a stop at an island emptied out the supply of diesel. I tuned the engine up and did some ship maintenance. We then made our way to Indonesia. Part 36: Indonesia We got the Indonesia In early 2042. The world powers had shifted .The European Union was now the strongest nation. The newspapers we read . They stated a one world government was threated by America and Russia. Whom seemed headed to war. The countries had been skirmishing along the Aleutian islands. We kept to our dusk and dawn strategy. We would go in at dawn. gather newspapers . Find a few spots to leave the pamphlets. We had enough local currency to stop at a few places to eat . Sometimes we would go to a shop and browse . Drop a few pamphlets at a busy spot. I was always impressed by the amount of supplies we had. I feared we would run out of money and pamphlets. I was not to worried about the diesel. I figured if all else failed I could sail my way to more.

Around may that year we had gone to a small island. We sat around a small fire. Lois said " I am getting worried. Jabin the locals see more confused and hostile." Gary said "Lets leave a package of food on a remote beach in Lakuan." I said "Why Lakuan? " Gary said "We can leave the food there and when we come back this way. We can leave pamphlets " Amy said "That Sounds Good." We were near Ambon . It Took us a about fifteen days to make the trip. We had survived all kinds of weather in the past year or so.I kind of envied those whose had been able to spend their first few years of marriage quietly . Lois and I hadn't been married that long . Yet were we out fighting this Holy war. I knew God had his reasons for choosing us. We prepared our care package for Lakuan. We headed to the beach at dusk . We hid the raft and I looked at Lois so pretty with her new short hair cut. The sun rose and we scouted where to leave the food. We found a area which looked more depressed and others. We left the food. Lois and I were the two that went in . Gary and Amy stayed at the beach. With the sun going down we headed for the beach We had a Bundle of newspapers. We were out of money . We only ever carried what we though we might use in case we got robbed we would not have much to lose . We had not been robbed yet so for that I was thankful. We made our way back to heart of the city. We strolled down to what seemed like a very secluded spot we were 20 ft away from where Amy and Gary were at. Then a man grabbed Lois. He shouted "Give me all your rupiah and bring me more . If you can not she dies." I said "here is all my rupiah . I have no more please let her go" He said "You are a liar. You have more money .Now she dies" He killed Lois with a gun shot to her head. Before I could utter another word He started to come after me. Gary opened fire on him with a laser weapon. I was glad he acted because seeing Lois killed with such coldness froze me . Gary scared of the rest of the gang of thugs by killing that man . The man tumbled down the stairs there to the beach. Several men appeared out of the bushes and fled. He Yelled "Jabin lets get out out of here!!" I ran to the raft and we paddled hard. We prayed and worshiped God for the next few hours. Gary sailed us away from there. We tied off at a small island a couple of days later. I cried all night. I was glad .I had Gary and Amy to lean on. Gary checked on me. Once we were tied off . He said Jabin "I know it is hard .You knew this was the risk .When you came on this journey." I said "I know Gary . It still feels like I was sucker punched in the mouth." Gary Said "Don't blame yourself . We are in a holy war you know. " I said " I blame the devil Gary. If ever had any doubts this wasn't all out war. Those were shattered on the 6th. " Gary said "Remember this mission is more important than any of our lives. If I ever tell you get to the ship . That means leave me behind. There is a gray book with notes in it. Also with some information for you .Along with a places you can go if the ship is lost. If that ever happens . You can not freeze like you did on the 6th." I said "Gary I will not .If that happens I will escape God willing and make sure to carry this mission on." Amy said " Jabin if anything happens to me . There is a red book in cabin by the computers . It will have any instructions you need. " Amy gave me hug and said "Let your joy of being with Lois live. Let her death be dead. Move on . God has chosen us to carry out this good work. Remember what ever the cost. If one person turns to Jesus because of what we do. The personal cost is well worth it." We all slept well . Gary guided us to another set of supplies. We filled up with diesel again and headed for Jolo.

Part 37: The Phillipines It was Summer of 2042 when we came into Jolo at sunrise. People were drying fish everywhere. I stayed behind at the beach. The memory of what happened to Lois. It kept replaying the horrific coldness of The way she died. It had only been a week or so . Our plan for Jolo was simple . We would see if we could find a church So we could just drop the food and pamphlets there. We would head back to the beach during the daylight hours. After what happened to Lois . We wanted a quicker escape if needed. To Gary's credit . This simple plan worked well. We spent the next four months doing just that. We picked up a local newspaper in Manila. America and Russia had started a war. However the European Union had been able to get a ceasefire truce in place within a few weeks. Washington DC had taken a large amount of damages . The government tried to get the congress out in time . It still lost about half its members. The Russians lost about the same in the federal assembly. The Leader of the European Union . He was able to convince the countries to join his government . He promised peace. We all knew that this man or some one under him would become the Antichrist. We were starting to feel that we stood out . So we changed our plans yet again. We started arriving at dusk. We would look for discarded newspapers. the we would take our food bundles and pamphlets and leave then on church steps. This worked well for the remainder of 2042. In march of 2043 we were almost out of supplies . Our last stop in the Philippine islands was going to be Turburan . We went along with our normal plans. We were full of diesel and had enough food . To make it to the gate way and restock . Everything seemed to be going well. I saw Gary and Amy Running fast. As they were running towards me. Amy fell down. Gary made it to me as he watched in horror .The men chasing them cut her down as we made it into the water. Gary got out the hand held lasers . He used them on the group of men. It was a horrible loss of life . I was relieved to get back to the ship. Gary was very upset and couldn't sail for a few days . We did our best to comfort each other. I found amys red book. When I opened it .The was a note from Amy it said: Dear Gary or Jabin. if one of you is reading this something really bad happed. Neither of you should blame yourself . After we lost Lois so suddenly. I wanted to make sure you'd have everything you need to survive. in the next few pages are tips and tricks to keep everything running. I wish you the best. I know before you are done there will only be one of you left. It just seems that way. In any case see you have your friend always Amy. I looked at all the information while Gary sailed. With two of us we stopped at little islands more often. It was the summer of 2043 by the time we got to the tent island to rest.

Part 38: Reflections Gary and I tied off at the tent. We had intended to go to Madagascar. After losing both Amy and Lois within the last six months. We decided to plan a bit more. I said "Gary how are we going to be able to keep this pace with just two of us." Gary said "well we must find a way. The mission is too important to waste away in sorrow." I said "I feel like were are being hunted and yet this Antichrist still hasn't declared himself God. I feel more like an outlaw than a warrior for God" Gary said "Well Jabin that Kind of thinking will keep you Alive." We looked at where we had been. The importance of our mission always seemed to out weigh our emotions of loss. we stayed a week in the the tent . We planned to be at the gateway by September of 2043 . We certainly didn't want to for get our promise to Pastor Abimbola. To bring the food we has stashed away on a nearby island. We would also try and empty out the hidden spot . We did not plan any contact in the Gulf of mexico. Gary and I slipped into Madagascar at 3:00 am. It was difficult getting that close in the dark. We had to boot the windows 20 systems long enough for the gps. It wasn't something we had wanted to do . Thanks to Amy the ship id was changed to a missing ship from 1995. She had given us emergency work arounds in her little red book. We rebooted into the safer Linux once we tied off. We rowed in and I felt scared for the first time in months. Gary went and got us a couple of newspapers. We were back out to sea by 4:30 am . We then started to sail for the Gateway Part 39: Reunion of Friends It was late august . We sailed for the gate way. We read the world news in the papers. We picked up in Madagascar .The European Union was gaining even more power . The countries of China , Japan , Indonesia and The Korea's had become allies. The Finish Prime Minster . He was held in high regard for the middle east peace.The European union was also dividing power from the leader into ten sub Providences. With a leader for each of those regions. The Jewish people were now worshiping in their new temple. The two prophesy were still preach the good news of Jesus Christ and also repeating his warning in Matthew 24:16 then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains . In ealry September. We anchored the ship at the gate way. It was a big island . I wondered how no one had stolen our supplies. Even though the supply area was well hidden. The Gary took me past it to a small tunnel. It was 4ft by 4ft . it looked cramped. I followed him for about 15ft. Then all of the sudden he was in a room with more supplies. this room was 12ft by 15 ft and 6ft high. I was constantly amazed by the things mark had left behind. Gary said "if you ever lose the ship . find a way to this island. Live here till the judgment comes. The ship is a much more comfortable place to sleep ,. this is only for emergencies.

We spent a good two weeks at the gate way. Gary made sure I could find everything. I needed from diesel fuel to the batteries for the ship lasers. In early October we hit another supply island near Nigeria . we loaded so much food . I thought we would sink.The ship could hold a lot more than i expected . Gary told me that we would have to take that much for a food and witness mission up the west coast of South America. We tied off at 1am in Lagos Nigeria . Gary said "Jabin I must stay here with Pastor Abimbola. I know we haven't seen him yet this morning . " I said "Gary why do want me to go solo?" Gary said "You need the time to work a few things out. Also I have too many memories I'd like to leave in the Gulf of Mexico. " I said " I am going to the Gulf of Mexico?" Gary said "Yes go empty out the hidden spot. You should keep up on world events by finding newspapers. Bring all the food you can here. then pick me up .we will spend a week at the gate way .Then we will head up the west coast of South America. We have a map of some islands to anchor at . We have no supplies so we will have to conserve fuel . " I said "Well it may take me till summer of 2044 to get back . " Gary said "I am sure I will be fine in Pastor Abimbola's church." We started bringing supplies into the beach. It was a slow process with the raft . It took us till 4am to get it all just on the beach. We wanted to be careful not to attract too much attention . We did know that this was a big shipment and it had to be delivered . Pastor Abimbola had always said he had expected some food from us. About 4:15 in the morning . Pastor Abimbola showed up with 20 mean who scurried away with the food and supplies. He said " I see the crew is smaller now. " We both nodded. Then He said "The cost may be great men . The offer of salvation is priceless. " I said "So true pastor . We had expected the journey to be rough. We did not expect it to happen so fast. " He said "Well Jabin I am glad you came back you and Gary are a blessing. Gary and I spoke when you visited last. I will see you again one more time Jabin . After that I will see you in heaven. I pray God will bless on your Journey . As with this time I will know when you anchored. You will pick up Gary and continue your mission. " I said "God willing pastor I will be back one more time. Since this is my first time all alone out there it may take me a bit to get back. " Pastor Abimbola said "God Bless you my freind its getting light you must go . " I hugged Gary goodbye. He said "See you again my friend." I rowed out to the ship . It was dawn as I sailed out . I was headed towards the spot near ST Helena island. I spent a few days there. The only supplies left on this island was some diesel which I emptied out. I read more of Amy's red book so I could continue you sail undetected. I had merely scratched the surface. when I had helped get us to Madagascar. I thought it would take two weeks to get to near Grenada . So in early October I sailed for the hidden spot.

Part 40: My first solo Journey I had not expected to have a slow time. It took me a couple months to sail past Grenada. I found I could sail about twelve hours solo. I did enjoy the wind and smell of the sea air. It was odd being alone . It just made more more driven to go on with this mission. I finally looked at the newspapers Pastor Abimbola had given me a few weeks back. The two prophets started to warn of 'the abomination that causes desolation,' found in Matthew 24:15. The world was on edge in so many ways. I found more than ever that Christians were being killed . They were blamed for every thing gone wrong in the world. America and Russia were no longer powerful. The government in the European union had not quite taken control of the world . It was getting close because it had most of the world powers as members. I got to the hidden spot in late November. It was a lot harder than I had thought. I loaded the ship for another two weeks. It was about two days before Christmas when i stumbled over a rock near the house.I picked it up and on the bottom was a taped note. It read : So you tripped on this rock. that must mean you are emptying out the supplies. I prayed when that happened you would trip on this rock and find this note . go to the kitchen . Pull out the third drawer on the right side of stove underneath you will find another set of instructions . I said "Thank You God . Thank you for making mark so well prepared." I went to the kitchen and pulled out the drawer like the note read . then there was a little note . It read : Hello there it is obvious I am no longer living or you would not be reading this. Dear follower of Christ. If you are reading this you don't plan on coming back here. So since this island is for Gods purposes. I have it wired to explode . You can set the times for as much as 4 days .even sailor by them selves could be close to panama by then .the timer is under the 3rd drawer by the sink. once you set it you should sail with in an hour your brother in Christ Mark Streed. I almost laughed . I thought Mark wasn't as much of a pirate as Gary once was . They sure thought alike it seemed. I decided I would leave the day after Christmas. I would set the timer to 36 hours . I had the light of the winds ready to sail. I set the timer . I opened the gate at dawn. I closed the gate once I was through .Then I threw the remote in the sea. As I sailed away from the hidden spot . I was sad I would not be back . The place was full of fond memories. I would not hear the explosion because would be too far away. On new years eve I picked up a newspaper or two in Celestún. It seemed a man tried to kill the finish prime minster. He was shot in the head but recovered in a Baghdad hospital. This caused many Jews to flee into the mountains or leave the area completely. He then went into the New Jewish temple a week later and declared him self God. He was in the process of setting up his world government. I was glad that I had made it back out to sea so fast. By new years day I was on my way to past panama.

A few weeks later I passed by Grenada again . The world had an evil feel to it . It was like a filth you could feel trying to stick to you like taffy . I took a two weeks rest at the spot near ST Helena island. Due to being alone and weather it was now early April. I sailed into Lagos Nigeria at 11pm. The ship was telling the world gps it was a ship that was lost in 2012 . It took me till 4am to get everything on the beach. Pastor Abimbola showed up again with many men who took the supplies . He then said "Jabin here are the world newspapers. The Antichrist has instituted the mark of the beast. Gary refused to deny his faith and was beheaded. My dear brother in Christ. I thank you for coming back twice with food. continue to be careful . the world is as evil as it has ever been. see you in heaven my brother . You must go quickly" I said "Pastor Abimbola see you then. " I left there and as dawn broke the coast was shrinking in my view. . I was now used to sailing solo. I just hadn't counted on losing Gary. In early May I reached the gateway my new Home.

Part 41: The New Home I arrived at the gateway in the early morning hours. I was looking for extra storage space . I found a little note. It said : If your reading this. I am in heaven. I was with a crew that gave out God's word and food in these end times. If any of my crew is reading this. I loved your company. Who ever is left know that I loved Jabin Dearly. I enjoyed the time with Amy and Gary as well. I do not regret being chosen for this mission. If Jabin is still alive tell him to press on. If not then you press on this mission it is too important to get all caught up in should have beens all is per God's plan. even if it is a bit difficult for you right now. I wrote this shorty after we left the hidden spot . 08/28/2041 Lois Dert. Who knows why God waited until that day for me to find the note. While it brought back the memory of the horrible way Lois died. I was encouraged by her love for me in the note. The ship was anchored in one of the many hidden coves on the island. I spent a couple weeks there . It was mid June when i had finally mentally mapped the new island that was my home. When I took the time to read all the newspapers i had gathered. The ones from Cancun Mexico. There was a mention of a spectacular night explosion . It was at the precise time I set the hidden spot to destruct. The locals were surprised. When the authorities found the remnants of a hide out but no other clues. They credited the new world government for helping with it. The newspapers from Nigeria . They talked about how after the Antichrist went into the temple and declared himself to be God. Thousands of Jews Fled Jerusalem . The Two Prophets were still under protection form God as they proclaimed Jesus and denounced the Antichrist. Many attempts were made to seize them but it wasn't time yet. The Antichrist set up a worship center in Baghdad Iraq. It was the Model to which he planned to have several Built Around the world. There was and Idol of him. that all had to bow to or be killed on the spot. He also planned to set up his world government from there. He said that all would have to take a tattoo on the fore head and hand . This mark he said would show that he was their God. He also publicly executed 200 Christians who refused to be marked. Sadly many cheered him when he did. I loaded up the ship. I was uncertain where the trip would end up. I knew the furthest north i could go would be Guatemala . I did not really want to go any further north than Columbia. When I went to the hidden spot. One thing that kept me positive was reuniting with Gary. My face was in the Nigerian papers on trumped up charges. I did not know that at the time I left there so fast at Pastor Abimbola's urging . There was quite a bit of food stored here I could only hope. That I would be making several trips up the west coast of south America. I figured out that I would be back on the island around October. I had extra diesel loaded for the long trip . I would have to do a lot of straight sailing to conserver fuel. . I also knew that i would likely have to use those lasers Amy had made. So I also brought the extra batteries for those. My first stop was going to be Lebu Chile. It was the first week of July when I left .

Part 42: Lebu Chile I had planned to reach Lebu in mid July . It was now August. I rowed into a beach at 1am. I unloaded a crate of canned food. I knew the right people would always find it . I took my back pack and went into town looking for discarded news papers I spread the pamphlets out over a three block area. I then picked up my pace to a fast walk and headed down to the beach. When I got there I saw a man fishing. I said in Spanish. "Any luck." The man said back in English "No Jabin but I am sure Bobby would have caught plenty by now" At first I thought I was having a delusional moment. As the man got Closer it was Patrick . He had a beard and Long hair that was half way down his back. I had never seen Patrick with even a mustache. I said "This is quite far away from Casa de los niños bendecidos. " Pat said "That is correct. when the rapture came I was the only one left at the orphanage. I lived there for a year or so on the food they had. The government claimed they had right to the land and kicked me off it. I took one of their trucks and headed west. I spent a year or so helping out churches in Argentina. I was told by a man in a church. The Ship of light is going to be in Lebu Chile. You need to meet it there. Tell the captain to go no further north than Manta Ecuador . Tell the captain God is with him. " I said "Will I see you here next time I deliver supplies?" Patrick said "No Jabin I won't be back here . I have a mission else where. So who did you sail with after the rapture?" I said "My wife Lois ,Gary And Amy. In the span of about 18 months I lost all of them ." Patrick Said "sorry to hear that . Well my friend I know you must depart see You in heaven. " I got onto my raft and rowed out to the ship it was breaking dawn. I looked back and Patrick was gone. I sailed out from the coast . I found a small island to sleep at . I was glad for the warning Patrick gave me. The Next morning I was off to a spot a weeks sail up the coast. it was called Cobquecura. Part 43: Cobquecura I made a stop in Cobquecura ,Chile. It was late august. It was full of tourists. I saw quite a few folks passed out from partying on the beaches. It sure would have made it seem all was ok in the world. I saw folks with the mark on the heads and their hands. I felt very out of place and wondered if I would find a suitable place for drooping off my small crate of dried foods. As usual I found some discarded newspapers. I was odd that with all the technology of the day. The public still liked the printed stuff. I made it to a poor looking district. I somehow knew there would always be those swept under the rug. I left the food . I put the newspapers in my backpack. I made the long walk back to the tourist section of the city. It was now 3:30 am. I walked down to the beach. Two men in uniform were patrolling the beach. They look my was and said "You there what Hotel are you staying at ?" I said "I am just visiting friends I'm not at a hotel ?" They Said "Then You must leave the Beach . This is only for Hotel guests. " I said "ooh sorry about that and walked away. " I was panicked. I had to get back to the raft before they saw the ship. I had just enough laser power in one of the hand held lasers for a distraction. I looked around and found a spot to hide. I picked a spot near where my raft was . The I saw it a huge tree near the main highway. When the men had their back turned to the tree. I shot it with the laser making it fall on the highway. They ran to the cursing. Then I ran to the beach and rowed out to my Ship.

As I set sail a police boat was heading my way fast. When they Got in range of the ships two lasers. I made a hole in the boat. They men shouted curses at me as I sailed away. They were in rafts so I knew that I didn't kill anyone. That was a good feeling. I had planned on going all they way up to Colombia. My next stop was Antofagasta, Chile Part 44: Chile and The world I sailed in to Antofagasta, Chile . It was the middle of September. After my last stop. I carried the food to a spot just on the out skirts of the city . It was around 2am. I had a very uneasy feeling about things. As I was picking up Newspapers a man said."You are the Sailor. I am not sure why . A few nights ago I was told in a dream. A sailor will come tell him to leave Chile . Tell him to leave and not come back. Tell Him he must sail back to the gateway. The Rocks are coming. " I said " Thank You for information I must go now. " He said "may God continue to be with you brother" I left there and thanked God for all these messengers. I read in the papers where a they said a mysterious sailor was spreading lies they called it. I knew it was God's truth. Also every time a disaster from the book of revelation stuck earth. The Anti-Christ would blame it on Christians in hiding. Saying it was their lack of faith in him causing the strife. Then he would publicly execute 200 or more. Which would draw cheers from those who followed him. I made it back to the gate way in mid October. My plan was a simple one. I would sail up the coast of south America and drop one huge shipment of food to Colombia gather the news of the world and sail into hiding. I though about the hidden coves around Nigeria and the gulf of Mexico. I moved all of the diesel and food to a cave I found. I knew that when the boulders did come form the sky. That would need protecting. I was hoping God would spare the ship. In early November while sleeping in the room . I woke up the middle of the night to what sounded like an earthquake all around me. It kept up for three days. When I finally managed to get outside I Could not believe the devastation. I looked like the island was some ones target practice. Rocks were everywhere. I hoped in side the ship was ok . It took me a few minutes to fine may through the new landscape. When I got to the ship it was intact. I saw the sails were ripped apart. I spent the next two weeks fixing up the ship loading all the diesel fuel and food. I could into it. Mark had not planned much after Colombia. I guess he figured then we would all be on the run. My plan was simple I would sail in mid December. By Febuary of 2045 I would be in Colombia. for one last delivery.

art 45:Colombia and New Adventures I readied the ship and sailed in the early morning. I made a newspaper raid into a city in chile. It was late December I read about the two prophets. The Anti-Christ Strung them up on crosses and killed them. The people of Baghdad drug them Through the streets for three days . It was sad yet the world celebrated it like it was a holiday. They were in horror on third day when they ascended into heaven. The world had become uneasy. tensions were rising in the east . The world government would find Christians every so often and kill them publicly. I sailed by Ecuador in January. In February I finally made to just outside Tumaco Colombia . I was off loading my supplies . When a man said "Go back to you ship and bring all the food. " I said "I was headed further north . " The Man said "Yes you were. I am here to send you a message. In a dream I saw you on a great horse . You were a warrior beyond compare. I am to tell you that your mission has changed. When you bring the rest of the food I will tell you more. leave enough food on your ship to sail for 1 years time." I said "Well so far God has been faithful I will bring the rest except a years food for me." I did that it took until the dawn to do so. " The man said "Go my brother you must meet others at the tent. God said you would know the way. " I said peace be with you Gods servant. " I left Colombia in broad daylight. It was the very first time that had happen while i was on my own. Tumaco was a delta area so it was quite rough sailing in and out. The area didn't have many patrol boats. This was the first time I wasn't chased when I left. I couldn't believe it here four or so years later . I was on my way to an entirely different mission. The tent of all the places to go . I did leave myself some diesel and some food at the gateway . I would need it all for the journey to the tent. In may of 2045 I reached the gateway . I was truly exhausted. I decided to run out the 6 months supply of food and rest and pray. as it turns out . I actually spent about 8 months before the supplies at the gate way ran out . I spent my days writing a journal of my travels and reflecting on the bible. I still had a pocket one I used everyday for devotions. Some how I just lost track of time . I heard odd things in the night and figured it was more of the judgment for revelation. I didn't know it at the time. I actually left the gateway in march of 2046. I took the time more into account when I got back out to sea. It seemed to take 4 months just to get near Stanger South Africa. I made a night newspaper raid . I was shocked two days later when i read the paper from July 15th 2046.It said that the eastern nations were leaving the world government over trading policies. In early September I anchored at the tent. I didn't see anyone that night. The next day was very interesting.

Part 46: A New mission. The next morning I was greeted by Pastor Abimbola. He said "I see the spirit guided you here. Jabin". I said "How do you have all these supplies I see here ? " There was like a 2 years supply of food for 4 people. He said "Oh Jabin you faithful servant of God . Gary had this hidden here. He had planned to tell you . He said that if you still lived. That you should come here and train for the last battle. I promised that if he died I would come with two warriors and train you." I said "Why me I thought I was doing enough by delivering food and the gospel." Pastor Abimbola. said "Jabin why not you . You obviously have been to busy to read the world buzz. about the mysterious sailor . The enemy of the Anti-Christ they cant find. Your more almost as famous as the world government your fighting against. " I said "well I didn't plan it that way . I was just doing what needed to be done." Pastor Abimbola. went on to say that they came here per Gary's instructions. They came by a regular boat . They were followed. A police ship of the new world government took their ship and left them here. They had been praying for 6 months . They knew God would bring me here. Pastor Abimbola brought with him two men Jesuorobo & Tanimola. whom were experts in sword warfare. For the next 2 years we prayed every day and trained for the final battle. There we many odd things we heard and saw in the night skies . We had planned to leave here in may of 2048. We figured it would take me about 2 months to get to Eilat Israel. We had about 2 months worth of food so the 4 of us loaded up the light of the winds fir the trip. We would have left on time but it took me about two weeks to get the ship ready . I did take her out every other month for a few hours. It wasn't enough but it did all work out We finally left in the last week of may 2048 . The ship was ready for her last journey . As we got out to sea. it felt good to be under sail again. Pastor Abimbola. said "Jabin this is the way to travel. No wonder you love it so much. " I said " your first time Pastor Abimbola.? " He said "yes Jabin. the first trip like this for Jesuorobo & Tanimola. Though they are they great warriors who trained you. They know this is your playground . We all know why you enjoyed this so much. Carry on captain ." I said "Thank you my brothers. I am honored to have such soldiers for Christ aboard. " Jesuorobo & Tanimola. both smiled and went back in the cabin. I was filled with adventure again and it was good to be with these new friends I had spent so much time with. Part 47:The final Battle We picked up some newspapers in Somalia it was mid June. The eastern part of the one world government broke off from the treaties. Millions of soldiers were marching towards Israel. All seemingly headed to the battlefield Armageddon.. Israel was concerned that millions are headed their way. we had somber hearts for those so lost. The army it self was plowing through Iran. We knew time was short for the world . We sailed toward The Gulf of Aqaba. We figured on entering the red sea. around mid July . We made the gulf by late June. The ship was only protected by God's Grace. The lasers just stopped working after my trip to Colombia. We continued to pass the time. When we were anchored by quoting God's promises. The next day when were Moving very well on the water. I was suddenly in the sky along with my crew.

The next thing that happened was . I was on a great horse. With an army in white so vast no one could have counted them . As I started to come down form the sky on my horse . I saw an army that seemed much bigger. Than the one I read about in the papers. I came on to the battlefield with this host of angels and saints. I was a wrecking crew thanks to the training I had. No evil soldier had a chance. The battle did last days. God removed all the filth of the Anti-Christ. Jesus my King , Savior and Mighty warrior. His army won just like it prophesied to .We were at Mt. Moriah . Where Jesus had set up his earthly throne. There he laid out his Millennial Kingdom. Which once he set it up time seemed to start again. Part 48: Sailing during the riegn The kingdom was setup and working well. I spent my time doing more sailing. It was amazing. Jesus had me sail saints all over the world pointing out places . That we had preached the good news. I never got tired of it. I did not see any of my friends during that time. I talked about how my friends had given everything and all had lost their life for the kingdom of God. In the year 950 or so . God let loose the devil . It was sad to see those who didn't know the life before the reign of Christ. They with the devil's help came again in a multitude against God. They Go close to Jerusalem. God is all powerful as we know. He sent a fire storm from the heavens which consumed the rebellion like a tidal wave. There was no hope for the wicked . It seemed that time stood still again. Then The White Judgment throne came down form the heavens. When i finally Saw the judgment seat close up. I was in awe. I still had fears that Jesus would say . That I could have done More. I got there and Jesus whose Glory was overwhelming . I got on my knew knees and said praise and glory to God forever and ever. Jesus Looked at me said "Jabin The sailor well done my faithful servant. You would have done so much more. had you invited me in to your heart. when you were a teenager. Yet I am so pleased with your duty on the ship of light. You did well in the tribulation and after Welcome into my kingdom" I was so overjoyed I could not move. After what seemed a very long time went to my appointed place. I was saddened to see the great multitude of people being thrown into the lake of fire. I knew though that they had the same opportunity . I did to accept Jesus as their savior. So I knew it was what they had chosen. when the Judgment was done only the saints of God remained there. It was also a great number. Part 49: Reunion of Friends and Surprise Visit Then once all that was done. A new heaven and earth appeared. Jesus brought Lois, Gary, Amy, Pat , Mark, Ruth , Bobby , Jim and Issac to greet me. I was awestruck when I saw the streets of Gold. Jesus paused for a minute and said "Jabin look to the east there". I did and there was a great multitude of saints. He said "Those are the saints. The ship of light brought to heaven " I said "Wow Jesus I didn't think we would bring that many. " He said "I knew that. if you would accept the call for that ministry . That it would be effective. So I prepared the way with mark. Just as the the father prepared my way with John the Baptist. He has a real nice place you should visit him some time"

Then I saw this place you are all sitting in. With its sea side feel and warm . I looked at Jesus and he said "For all eternity Jabin . You will be known as Jabin the sailor. You mission for me on the ship of light. Is one of millions of stories I have written with my bride the church. I will see you at the marriage supper of the lamb" I said goodbye to him for the moment because really he is always in my thoughts .That celebration was awesome as all of you here can attest. I said " Peter your life written about in the scripture helped me . I had times during my solo sailing where wanted to act quickly . Then I remember how Christ made you a rock for his church. When you started being more focused. You will have to tell me sometime what it was like to be a fisherman in the age Jesus first came to earth. I will bring Bobby. I know he wouldn't miss it" Peter said "Jabin The sailor is always welcome in my home. " As I started to say goodbye to friends Jesus came in and said "Greetings all . Jabin the sailor. I see even Peter here is caught up in the good works I did through you ." The apostle peter just smiled. The Jesus said " Jabin when Lois came here she was so worried about you. Then Amy came and she was worried about you and Gary. Then Gary came and was also worried about you. I assured them all by showing them this day . The day that even The apostle Peter .Would want to know your side of things." I said "Wow were they surprised?" Jesus said " They were a little bit .You know when my Father and I have a plan it always works. " I smiled and made arrangements with peter. I knew that I would be telling this story forever. I knew it would never get old... Credits and final thoughts I used this web site as a reference Guide http://www.raptureready.com/rr-end-time.html If you don't know jesus http://www.sinner-prayer.com/ that link should help. I credit God the Father , My Saviour Jesus Christ , and Gods Holy Spirit . for Blessing me with this story to tell. Please share it with friends. May you and them be blessed by it.

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