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The Tune Up

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Emily is an average girl with an average family in her own average world. She wants what typical teenage girls her age want--material gratification. On the other hand, perhaps the only thing that keeps her from the ordinariness of her life is her best friend Corey. But Corey has a secret he needs to tell his best friend. What happens when Emily finds out about his secret?



Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
The Diploma Chemical Engineering program consists following PEOs
1. Demonstrates chemical engineering competence: Our diploma engineers will demonstrate
the foundation and depth for successful chemical engineering careers in industry and establish
themselves as professionals through increased responsibilities beyond their original entry
level position.
2. Applies engineering and science to solve technical problems: Shows proficiency in the
application of mathematics, chemistry, and physical science, and engineering fundamentals in
the presence of practical constraints to solve real-world technical problems.
3. Interacts well with a broad range of people: Grows continuously by interacting
professionally. Assumes responsibilities that require diverse interpersonal interactions to
relate well to superiors, subordinates, and peers, inside or outside the organization.
4. Demonstrates

good ethical




toward safety, and

environmental protection: Demonstrates good ethical standards, sense of responsibility onthe-job safety, and environmental protection through participation in appropriate training
activities in the corresponding professional practice.
5. Communicates effectively: Diploma engineer will demonstrate effective communications,
leadership and team working skills. Communicates his/her ideas, findings, and knowledge.
Deliver effective presentations to group leaders, customers, coworkers and associates.
6. Takes initiative and shows ability for independent learning: Takes initiatives at work to
begin new task and engages in life-long learning via participation in a professional society,
continuing education courses, and/or industry training courses.

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