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There Are Save Two Churches Only - Volume I

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Be Ye Not Deceived: God Creates, Satan ImitatesA Compendium to Assist Followers of Christ in Overcoming End Times through Understanding the Deepest Secrets of the Kingdom of the Devil — What truly is the source and root of all evil and abomination?— Why do politicians and government leaders break their promises?— Why is there so much war when great efforts are made for peace?— Why do society's problems grow steadily worse over the long run?— Why is organized religion such a culprit in worldwide conflicts?— Why do selfish and greedy people thrive while the humble suffer?— I'm an honest, diligent, good person; can't I be rich and influential?— Why are so many people stressed, depressed and suicidal today?— What is the cause of all this pain? Who is perpetuating it? Why?The answers to these questions and many more are in this book. They are painful, difficult answers. Proceed with humility, patience and penitence.



There Are Save Two Churches Only Volume I
Be Ye Not Deceived: God Creates Satan Imitates
A Com!endium to Assist "ollowers o# Christ in Overcomin$ %nd Times throu$h &nderstandin$ the Dee!est Secrets o# the 'in$dom o# the Devil

(y D) Christian *ar+ham

to my wi#e and children who !atiently endured an all,too,$rouchy hus(and-daddy every time they interru!ted my (oo+ writin$ to Steven .) #or his hum(le !erseverance and sacri#ices and #or $raciously #or$ivin$ me to *ormon *oroni %/ra and Bill C) #our o# the $reatest crusaders a$ainst the hidden thin$s o# dar+ness and to all (rothers and sisters who will as yet s!ill their (lood rather than deny the only true and livin$ Savior o# man+ind .esus Christ


The 0uotes and wor+s o# others that are included in this (oo+ are either in the !u(lic domain or have (een re!roduced with the intention o# (ein$ in com!liance o# the "air &se !rovisions o# &)S) Co!yri$ht 1aw) In every instance wherein I 0uote another author2s wor+ I credit the ori$inal author or source) *y words are my words their words are their words and I have done my (est to !resent everythin$ in such in a way that there is no misunderstandin$ as to which is which) 3ermission was not sou$ht nor e4tended in any such instance) This wor+ is licensed under the Creative Commons Attri(ution,NoDerivs 5)6 &n!orted 1icense) To view a co!y o# this license visit htt!:--creativecommons)or$-licenses-(y,nd-5)6or send a letter to Creative Commons 777 Castro Street Suite 866 *ountain View Cali#ornia 87679 &SA)

Anyone is at li(erty to re!roduce and distri(ute this wor+ :inclusive o# the te4t o# this (oo+ and di$ital Su!!ortin$ *aterial content; either electronically or in !rint < even as a commercial !roduct < as lon$ as the #ollowin$ terms are met: 9) The content o# the wor+ :i)e) (oth te4t and su!!ortin$ material; is not altered and is re!roduced in total :i)e) nothin$ is removed or only re!roduced in !art;) =) The author is $iven e4!licit credit #or the wor+) 5) Derivative wor+s are not allowed with the e4ce!tion o# additional te4t,(ased material such as a "oreword additional A!!endi4 or se!arate cha!ter commentary) Any such material will automatically #all under the same license as this wor+) Additional clari#ication o# what is !ermissi(le or not is !rovided in A!!endi4 A)

Volume I #irst !rintin$: Novem(er >th =69=


Visit www)twochurchesonly)com #or the (oo+2s content online #or e,(oo+ downloads and to view or download the su!!ortin$ material)


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FAnd it came to !ass that Gthe an$elH said unto me: 1oo+ and (ehold that $reat and a(omina(le church which is the mother o# a(ominations whose #ounder is the devil) FAnd he said unto me: Behold there are save two churches onlyI the one is the church o# the 1am( o# God and the other is the church o# the devilI where#ore whoso (elon$eth not to the church o# the 1am( o# God (elon$eth to that $reat church which is the mother o# a(ominationsI and she is the whore o# all the earth) FAnd it came to !ass that I loo+ed and (eheld the whore o# all the earth and she sat u!on many watersI and she had dominion over all the earth amon$ all nations +indreds ton$ues and !eo!le) FAnd it came to !ass that I (eheld the church o# the 1am( o# God and its num(ers were #ew (ecause o# the wic+edness and a(ominations o# the whore who sat u!on many watersI FNevertheless I (eheld that the church o# the 1am( who were the saints o# God were also u!on all the #ace o# the earthI and their dominions u!on the #ace o# the earth were small (ecause o# the wic+edness o# the $reat whore whom I saw)J
< Ne!hi9

FGIHt is natural to man to indul$e in the illusions o# ho!e) Ce are a!t to shut our eyes a$ainst a !ain#ul truth and listen to the son$ o# that siren till she trans#orms us into (easts) Is this the !art o# wise men en$a$ed in a $reat and arduous stru$$le #or li(ertyK Are we dis!osed to (e o# the num(er o# those who havin$ eyes see not and havin$ ears hear not the thin$s which so nearly concern their tem!oral salvationK “For )4 +!rt0 2 !te5er !ngui% o" %+irit it )!4 co%t0 I !) 2illing to /no2 t e 2 ole trut 6 to /no2 t e 2or%t0 !nd to +ro5ide "or it7”
< 3atric+ Aenry *arch =5 9??>=


FNo man can serve two masters))) Ye cannot serve God and *ammon)J
< The 1ord .esus Christ5 Gray only e4ists #rom a distance) The closer one loo+s the more one scrutini/es the easier it is to clearly o(serve that which is truly white and truly (lac+ within every shade o# $ray) As with all o!!osites there is one that e4ists inde!endent o# the other) Dar+ness is the a(sence o# li$ht) Cold is the a(sence o# heat) Death is the a(sence o# li#e) 1i$ht heat and li#e do not need their o!!osites to e4ist whereas the inverse is true) God2s 'in$dom e4ists re$ardless o# the Devil and his counter#eit) As one endeavors to loo+ closer the lines o# demarcation (etween the two (ecome astonishin$ly clear) There is no common $round) One will therea#ter (e a(le to discern (lac+ and white where all else see only $ray) This (oo+ is a com!ilation o# the most critical and !ertinent material that I have researched only a #raction o# which is re!resented within) It is com!osed with the intention to $ive the reader an overall conce!t o# that which is intentionally muddled hidden and dis$uised < to assist the reader in develo!in$ the a(ility to discern what $rou!s individuals and !hiloso!hies are directly $eared towards (uildin$ u! the adversary2s +in$dom) A#ter the events o# Se!tem(er 99 th =669 the citi/ens o# the &nited States have (een allotted over a decade to continue in a com!lacent a!athetic state re$ardin$ the ne#arious machinations o# the Devil2s +in$dom) Our time is u!) Ce are a(out to enter the #inal !hases o# Satan2s millennia, old $oals #or this earth) The world will soon (e !lun$ed into madness and carna$e (eyond anythin$ !recedent in E666 years o# history)


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I In ta+in$ the time to !ic+ u! this (oo+ I shall assume that the reader is not someone who is Fa!t to shut Gone2sH eyes a$ainst a !ain#ul truth J and is a !erson li+e 3atric+ Aenry whose heart is Fwillin$ to +now the whole truthI to +now the worst and to !rovide #or it)J This is the reader I wrote this (oo+ #or)

Intended &udience
This (oo+ is !rimarily addressed to mem(ers o# The Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,day Saints :i)e) F1DS ChurchJ #or short whose mem(ers are o#ten re#erred to as F*ormonsJ;) Aowever all who count themselves as devoted #ollowers o# .esus Christ < and their $reatest desire is to (e considered (y God as one o# Ais elect < will (ene#it #rom readin$ this) It is !resumed that the reader has at minimum a #oundational understandin$ o# the doctrine o# the 1DS Church) It is also !resumed that the reader has a $eneral +nowled$e o# not only the Bi(le (ut also a $eneral understandin$ o# the content o# the Boo+ o# *ormon the Doctrine L Covenants and the 3earl o# Great 3rice)

This (oo+ has (een written #or the !ur!ose o# $lori#yin$ Almi$hty God and Ais Son .esus Christ < s!eci#ically in e4!osin$ to the reader Their earthly enemies :who are also our enemies < the only true enemies any o# us actually have;) It has also (een written so that the reader may (e a(le to see clearly the all,!ervasive lies and dece!tions we acce!t as Freal li#eJ each and every day) This (oo+ is also intended to assist the reader in #ollowin$ the !ro!het *oroni2s #orthri$ht warnin$ in the Boo+ o# *ormon which he writes in %ther cha!ter @:
FChere#ore O ye Gentiles it is wisdom in God that these thin$s Gi)e) < the ori$ins o# the secret society o# the ancient .aredites that *oroni discussed !revious to thisH should (e shown unto you that there(y ye may re!ent o# your sins and su##er not that these murderous com(inations shall $et a(ove you))) the 1ord commandeth you when ye shall see these thin$s come amon$ you that ye shall awa+e to a sense o# your aw#ul situation (ecause o# this secret com(ination which shall (e amon$ you)J

Ce are enterin$ the #inal sta$es o# this earth2s telestial e4istence) %vents are a(out to occur that are (oth Bi(lically and historically


INTRO(8CTION un!recedented) Ce who are !ro#essed (elievers o# .esus Christ are in !ro#ound dan$er and many :i# not most; o# us will lose our lives should we re#use to deny our testimonies o# Aim) "ar too many o# us are (linded (y dece!tion una(le to identi#y who our true enemies in this world are and we end u! !lacin$ our trust in ser!ents and wolves in shee!2s clothin$) The intention o# this (oo+ is to assist the reader in (rea+in$ throu$h such dece!tions into a #ull awa+enin$ o# the all, !ervasive in#luence o# modern secret com(inations)

This is not an o##icial !u(lication o# The Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter, day Saints :hence#orward re#erred to as the 1DS Church or the Church;) The o!inions and views e4!ressed herein (elon$ solely to the author) It is neither to (e assumed nor im!lied that everythin$ contained within is de#initive doctrine o# the 1DS Church) The contents o# this (oo+ re!resent the author2s !ersonal understandin$s o# 1DS doctrine and o# other matters addressed herein which have (een arrived at throu$h !ersonal study and !rayer) The author alone should (e (lamed i# there is any content that turns out to (e doctrinally incorrect) I the author am willin$ to ma+e such corrections in #uture editions o# this (oo+ as they are (rou$ht to my attention)

For)!t o" T i% :oo/
This (oo+ is meant to (e read in linear #ashion #rom (e$innin$ to end) It is com!osed in a manner which !resents a variety o# evidences which (uild u!on each other :as the scri!tures say; M!rece!t u!on !rece!t line u!on line))) here a little and there a little)M 7 It is meant to (e read in conNunction with viewin$ and a(sor(in$ the su!!ortin$ material that is re#erenced throu$hout the te4t) The reader2s Meyes o# understandin$M > will (e $radually o!ened !iecemeal in order to $ras! the world,wide !icture o# the s!iritual and tem!oral #orces that constitute the 'in$dom o# the Devil < while simultaneously $ainin$ a $reater com!rehension :and #ar $reater a!!reciation; o# the immensity and $randeur o# the 'in$dom o# God) In addition to 0uotin$ #rom canoni/ed scri!tures :The Bi(le The Boo+ o# *ormon The Doctrine and Covenants The 3earl o# Great 3rice; and 1DS General Authorities and scholars I also 0uote e4tensively #rom authoritative sources o# those Fin the +nowJ o# the Devil2s 'in$dom < those who are revered and cele(rated throu$hout the arcane world < (ecause their lectures writin$s con#essions and admissions vindicate the warnin$s and teachin$s o# the 1ord2s chosen !ro!hets) In many ways this (oo+ is a


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I com!endium o# evidence #rom the Fdar+ side J to assist in develo!in$ one2s discernment < Feyes that seeJ and Fears that hearJ < not only o# the hidden wor+s o# dar+ness (ut also the 1ord2s hand :and !atience and lon$, su##erin$; in all thin$s)
FThe thin$s o# God are o# dee! im!ortI and time and e4!erience and care#ul and !onderous and solemn thou$hts can only #ind them out) Thy mind O manO))) must stretch as hi$h as the utmost heavens and search into and contem!late the dar+est a(yss and the (road e4!anse o# eternity Pthou must commune with God)J < .ose!h SmithE

*ost o# the cha!ters in this (oo+ are com!osed in the #ollowin$ way: a to!ic or conce!t is introduced and (rie#ly e4!ounded u!on #ollowed (y e4tensive 0uoted evidence :veri#ied writin$s o# authoritative sources or testimony o# whistle,(lowers or victims or transcri!ts o# audio-video recordin$s; #ollowed (y or interNected with additional commentary (y the author) At times it may seem as thou$h I am 0uotin$ material at $reat len$th which could (e shortened and summari/ed while (ein$ e0ually e##ectively) Aowever I !ray the reader (e !atient and a(sor( it all linearly as !resented < #or many !arts which may seem needlessly ela(orate or unconnected early on will !rove to carry $reater meanin$ and come to$ether in later cha!ters) As you read !lease maintain an awareness that out o# hundreds o# sources and volumes o# in#ormation and years o# e4tensive research the most !otent direct and critical evidence and in#ormation was #iltered to (e included within this (oo+ then com!iled in a manner that the reader can com!rehend its im!lications ra!idly) "or every to!ic testimony and evidence touched u!on in this (oo+ there is a $reat deal more material availa(le that colla(orates)

& So3er -!rning
I must warn the reader that this (oo+ is dan$erous) ChyK Because a#ter one reads this (oo+ cover,to,cover one will no lon$er (e a(le to claim i$norance) The reader will have a direct trans!arent uno(structed understandin$ o# the source o# all evil (ein$ !er!etrated on the world) The 1ord God Almi$hty will not hold one $uiltless i# one dismisses the evidence within this (oo+) Is that too audacious o# a statementK I declare to the reader that God throu$h the !ower and $uidance o# Ais Aoly S!irit has encoura$ed and $uided me in writin$ and com!ilin$ this in#ormation) I !ray that readers are willin$ to alter their !erce!tions o!inions and convictions o# Freal li#eJ that do not currently line u! with the evidences and testimonies !resented in this


INTRO(8CTION (oo+ < to (e willin$ to allow the Aoly S!irit to #ully awa+e them to an understandin$ o# the !owers and machinations o# 1uci#er in this world)
FCrite the wor+s o# this !eo!le which shall (e even as hath (een written o# that which hath (een) "or (ehold out o# the (oo+s which have (een written and which shall (e written shall this !eo!le (e Nud$ed #or (y them shall their wor+s (e +nown unto men)J ?

This (oo+ !rovides the reader a si$ni#icant understandin$ a(out the hidden !ortions o# 1uci#er2s +in$dom how it ori$inated how it wor+s who is involved how to identi#y them the machinations they have !er!etrated in the !ast as well as the #rauds and atrocities they are currently committin$ and !lannin$ #or the near #uture) %verythin$ within is !otent in#ormation) Thou$h e4tensive nothin$ is ar(itrary or #rivolous) Sim!ly (y +nowin$ these thin$s one will (ecome a threat and a dan$er to 1uci#er2s +in$dom) There#ore he may cause one to receive occasional s!iritual attac+s) I mysel# have !ersonally e4!erienced such thin$s in the #ollowin$ manners: irrational (outs o# #ear de!ression !aranoia and-or con#usion and dis0uiet in the mind) Other times I have #elt a menacin$ malevolent !resence in my vicinity or a su##ocatin$ !araly/in$ !ressure envelo!in$ my entire (ody) Aowever as the 1ord .esus Christ reassures: "ear not < as+ and ye shall receive) 3atient #aith#ul !rayer and su!!lication never #ails to eventually dis!el such intimidation tactics) As is to (e e4!ected some o# the content and su(Nect matter o# this (oo+ are (y their nature distur(in$) It would not (e a!!ro!riate #or minors to read this (oo+ at least not without a $uardian2s assistance or a!!roval)

&ren.t -e Su++o%ed To See/ Lig t !nd S un (!r/ne%%;
FThere#ore that we should waste and wear out our lives in (rin$in$ to li$ht all the hidden thin$s o# dar+ness wherein we +now themI and they are truly mani#est #rom heaven P These should then (e attended to with $reat earnestness) 1et no man count them as small thin$sI #or there is much which lieth in #uturity !ertainin$ to the saints which de!ends u!on these thin$s)J < .ose!h [email protected] :em!hasis added;

The F#uturityJ that .ose!h Smith mentions is today) On A!ril Eth 98?= then,A!ostle %/ra Ta#t Benson stated the #ollowin$ in General Con#erence in his tal+ called Civic Standards o# the "aith#ul Saints :em!hasis added;:


F.ose!h Smith said that the Boo+ o# *ormon was the F+eystone o# our reli$ionJ and the Fmost correctJ (oo+ on earth) :DAC vol) E !) >E); This most correct (oo+ on earth states that the down#all o# two $reat American civili/ations came as a result o# secret cons!iracies whose desire was to overthrow the #reedom o# the !eo!le) FAnd they have caused the destruction o# this !eo!le o# whom I am now s!ea+in$ J says *oroni Fand also the destruction o# the !eo!le o# Ne!hi)J :%ther @:=9); FNow undou(tedly *oroni could have !ointed out many #actors that led to the destruction o# the !eo!le (ut notice how he sin$led out the secret com(inations Nust as the Church today could !oint out many threats to !eace !ros!erity and the s!read o# GodQs wor+ (ut it has sin$led out the $reatest threat as the $reat cons!iracy) There is no cons!iracy theory in the Boo+ o# *ormon P it is a cons!iracy #act)

“&nd !long t i% line0 I 2ould ig l4 reco))end to 4ou ! ne2 3oo/ entitled .None (!re C!ll It Con%+ir!c4. 34 G!r4 &llen7
FThen *oroni s!ea+s to us in this day and says FChere#ore the 1ord commandeth you when ye shall see these thin$s come amon$ you that ye shall awa+e to a sense o# your aw#ul situation (ecause o# this secret com(ination which shall (e amon$ youJ :%ther @:97); FThe Boo+ o# *ormon #urther warns that Fwhatsoever nation shall u!hold such secret com(inations to $et !ower and $ain until they shall s!read over the nation (ehold they shall (e destroyed) RJ :%ther @:==); FThis scri!ture should alert us to what is ahead unless we re!ent (ecause there is no 0uestion (ut that as !eo!le o# the #ree world we are increasin$ly u!holdin$ many o# the evils o# the adversary today)))) FNow we are assured that the Church will remain on the earth until the 1ord comes a$ain P (ut at what !riceK))) 3resident Clar+ warned us that Fwe stand in dan$er o# losin$ our li(erties and that once lo%t0 onl4 3lood 2ill 3ring t e) 3!c/ I and once lost 2e o" t i% c urc will in order to +ee! the Church $oin$ #orward !5e )ore %!cri"ice% to )!/e !nd )ore +er%ecution% to endure t !n 2e !5e 4et /no2n ) RJ :Con#erence Be!ort A!ril 9877 !) 99E); And he stated that i# the cons!iracy Fcomes here it will !ro(a(ly come in its #ull vi$or and t ere 2ill 3e ! lot o" 5!c!nt +l!ce% !)ong t o%e 2 o guide !nd direct0 not onl4 t i% go5ern)ent0 3ut !l%o t i% C urc o" our% 7JJ :Con#erence Be!ort A!ril 98>=);

Consider the e4treme wei$ht o# the matter o# !reservin$ li(erty < es!ecially in what Benson 0uotes #rom A!ostle .) Beu(en Clar+) 3ut sim!ly: secret com(inations :societies; are the source o# cons!iracy cons!iracy is the !rimary source o# the erosion o# !u(lic li(erty and li(erty lost re0uires (lood to re$ain) In another s!eech8 $iven at Tem!le S0uare in 98EE he stressed the


INTRO(8CTION #ollowin$ :em!hasis added;:
FIt is im!erative that American citi/ens (ecome alerted and in#ormed re$ardin$ the threat to our wel#are ha!!iness and #reedom) No American is worthy o# citi/enshi! in this $reat land who re#uses to ta+e an active interest in these im!ortant matters ) All we hold dear as a $reat Christian nation is at sta+e)))) FOne o# our most serious !ro(lems is the in#eriority com!le4 which !eo!le #eel when they are not in#ormed and unor$ani/ed) They dare not ma+e a decision on these vital issues) They let other !eo!le thin+ #or them) They stum(le around in the middle o# the road tryin$ to avoid (ein$ FcontroversialJ and $et hit (y tra##ic $oin$ (oth ways) FTo the !atriots I say this: Ta+e that lon$ eternal loo+) Stand u! #or #reedom no matter what the cost) It can hel! to save your soul < and may(e your country)))) FThe days ahead are so(erin$ and challen$in$ and will demand the #aith !rayers and loyalty o# every American)))) *ay God $ive us the wisdom to reco$ni/e the dan$ers o# com!lacency the threat to our #reedom and the stren$th to meet this dan$er coura$eously)J

The warnin$s o# then,A!ostle %/ra Ta#t Benson :who later (ecame 3resident o# the Church; as well as those he 0uotes #rom A!ostle .) Beu(en Clar+ ou$ht to send chills down the s!ines o# every 1atter,Day Saint today es!ecially those who are American citi/ens who ou$ht to ta+e notice that our li(erties and #reedoms are (ein$ tram!led on ri$ht (e#ore our eyes) Since the events that occurred on 8-99-=669 there has (een alarmin$ le$islation !assed that nulli#ies Constitutional and other !rotections &)S) citi/ens have ta+en #or $ranted) The 3atriot Act NS3D,>9 and NDAA are Nust a #ew e4am!les alon$ with the increasin$ !ower and unaccounta(ility,to,the, !u(lic o# "ederal a$encies such as the TSA and the NSA) Aowever there2s somethin$ else that demands our attention: 3resident Benson did somethin$ un!recedented in his 98?= con#erence tal+ that has never (een done (e#ore nor since in any General Con#erence :to the (est o# my +nowled$e;: he recommended a (oo+ written (y a non,1DS to the entire mem(ershi! o# the Church) Aow was this recommendation receivedK Aow many 1DS do you +now that ran out a#ter this con#erence and (ou$ht a co!y o# Gary Allen2s None Dare Call It Cons!iracyK Aow many 1DS do you +now who own a co!yK Aow many do you +now who have read itK Aow many 1DS do you +now who have even heard o# this (oo+K Aave you heard o# it read it own a co!y o# itK I# one loo+s at the transcri!t o# 3resident Benson2s tal+ on lds)or$ :or anywhere else #or that matter; this sentence he utters FAnd alon$ this line I would hi$hly recommend to you a new (oo+ entitled 2None Dare Call It


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I Cons!iracy2 (y Gary AllenJ is not there) 96 I# one views the con#erence video 99 o# A!ril Eth 98?= :included in the su!!ortin$ material; he-she will see and hear him say it < Nust as the vast maNority o# 1DS mem(ers who watched or listened to con#erence witnessed him say it and did not act u!on it) The 1ord .esus Christ has made it clear that !art o# (ein$ a stalwart saint worthy o# Ais 'in$dom includes develo!in$ a +een discernment (etween what is truly o# Aim and what is o# 1uci#er) I$norance o# how the adversary wor+s in this world < and the manner in which he su(tly cra#ts !ro#ound evil to a!!ear as (eni$n or even (enevolent < is not a virtue it is a cri!!lin$ handica!)
FThere#ore (e ye as wise as ser!ents and yet without sin)J < .esus Christ DLC 999:99 FI send you #orth as shee! in the midst o# wolves: (e ye there#ore wise as ser!ents and harmless as doves)J < .esus Christ *atthew 96:9E

It I% Our Per%on!l S+iritu!l (ut4 To (i%cern -ol5e% &nd Ser+ent%
%4!osin$ the roots o# the +in$dom o# the devil causes it to (e ine##ectual (ecause it can no lon$er deceive) Bein$ thus awa+e one is una(le to (e #ooled mani!ulated or swayed ever a$ain (y the rhetoric mimic+in$ and dece!tions o# Satan2s #ollowers) Additionally alon$ with one2s (urnin$ testimony that .esus is the Christ and one2s testimony that the Bi(le and the Boo+ o# *ormon are the word o# God via Ais chosen !ro!hets one will have a (urnin$ desire to em!ower others to wa+e u! to +nowled$e that will !ower#ully aid their a(ility to discern true $ood #rom true evil) I# we are to (elieve the Boo+ o# *ormon < i# we wish to honor *oroni2s warnin$ < we (elievin$ Gentiles o# these #inal days need to understand that we have (een commanded to loo+ reco$ni/e and #ully wa+e u! to the a$enda and identity o# the mem(ers o# secret com(inations and their hidden wor+s) It is not enou$h to dismiss these matters alon$ the lines o# FSure there2s corru!tion ha!!enin$ somewhere (y some(ody and that2s a (ummer)J Ce must #irst hum(le ourselves (y admittin$ that we truly don2t +now e4actly what and who *oroni is warnin$ us a(out ) Then we must desire to +now) Once we ta+e our own initiative to develo! discernment the 1ord will $uide us to understand and identi#y who is involved what is (ein$ !lanned and enacted why these thin$s are (ein$ done :the a$enda and motives; how it is (ein$ accom!lished :or will (e; how their a$enda a##ects us and


INTRO(8CTION also how everyone < and I mean everyone < is inadvertently assistin$ them whether we ac+nowled$e it or not) It is #olly #or Church mem(ers to assume that the 1DS General Authorities are re0uired to lay all this out #or us < to e4!ose and declare everythin$ !lainly to us say durin$ General Con#erence) Ce have the Boo+ o# *ormon we have their !ro!hetic warnin$s already < to e4!ect anythin$ more #rom them is e0uivalent to see+in$ to !lace our !ersonal res!onsi(ility u!on their shoulders) Should 1DS mem(ers even a vast maNority o# them (e deceived (y wolves in shee! clothin$ < whether in $overnment or even within the Church :as .) Beu(en Clar+ stron$ly im!lies (oth; < they cannot e4!ect to (e clued into the dece!tion (y the leaders o# the Church) There are some e4cellent (oo+s (y 1DS authors that e4!ound u!on some o# the more historical and !olitical mani#estations o# matters o# cons!iracy and dece!tion that I !resent in this (oo+) Some o# those which I hi$hly recommend include: • C) Cleon S+ousen2s The Na+ed Communist and The Na+ed Ca!italist • A) Verlan Andersen2s The Great and A(omina(le Church o# the Devil • 'en Bower2s Aidin$ in 3lain Si$ht: Com(inations O!erate In the 1ast Days




• Christo!her S) Bentley2s The Aidden Thin$s o# Dar+ness: An %4!ose o# the %nemies o# Christ • most enthusiastic o# all < .ac+ *onnett2s Awa+enin$ to Our Aw#ul Situation: Carnin$s "rom the Ne!hite 3ro!hets :(oth (oo+s 9 and =; I# the reader has read one or more o# these (oo+s then he or she already has a considera(le understandin$) Aowever this wor+ !ierces strai$ht to the heart o# the devil2s +in$dom (y e4!osin$ and e4!oundin$ u!on Fstrai$ht #rom the horse2s mouthJ evidence) It is well worth one2s time to read this (oo+ cover,to,cover even i# one has read each o# these others) 1astly this (oo+ and the included su!!ortin$ material are com!osed in a way that is conducive to the Aoly S!irit (ein$ !resent and a(le to witness to the reader the truth o# the contents) Becall that there is much distur(in$ in#ormation in the Boo+ o# *ormon es!ecially the letters that *oroni transcri(es #rom his #ather which descri(e in detail the horrendous carna$e !er!etrated on their !eo!le and even worse atrocities committed (y their own !eo!le9=) Chen !resented a!!ro!riately the Aoly S!irit is not o##ended (y distur(in$ truths and will testi#y o# the veracity o# such no matter how disheartenin$ those truths may (e)



Te<t &nd Su++orting *!teri!l (e5oid o" Sen%!tion!li%tic Content
Because my intention is to e4!ose only the most !ertinent matters o# the hidden thin$s o# dar+ness I intentionally did not include many ima$es in the te4t) In the su!!ortin$ material I also did not include content that would (e considered sensationalistic or $eared towards #ear,mon$erin$) I es!ecially avoid e4tensive e4!loration into occult sym(ols or ima$ery) Truly there is no need to #or dwellin$ on such unnecessarily only tends to o##end the Aoly S!irit) I touch u!on such only where !rudent and #ocus on e4!osin$ +ey 1uci#erian connections wor+in$s and dealin$s) Some $ra!hic content is included in the te4t and su!!ortin$ material :strictly #or testimony-evidence !ur!oses; (ut it is !receded with warnin$s to noti#y the reader-viewer)

Onl4 Fool% *oc/
F"ools moc+ (ut they shall mournI and my $race is su##icient #or the mee+))) #or i# GmenH hum(le themselves (e#ore me and have #aith in me then will I ma+e wea+ thin$s (ecome stron$ unto them)J < The 1ord .esus Christ to *oroni95 FThere is a !rinci!le which is a (ar a$ainst all in#ormation which is !roo# a$ainst all ar$ument and which cannot #ail to +ee! a man in everlastin$ i$norance) This !rinci!le is contem!t !rior to e4amination)J < attri(uted to Cilliam 3aley

3lease ta+e an honest assessment o# the #ollowin$: The emotions one is e4!eriencin$))) The !reconceived notions $oin$ throu$h one2s mind))) One2s e4!ectations o# the contents o# this (oo+))) Assum!tions o# what one will already a$ree or disa$ree with))) Now !lease analy/e: Are you #eelin$ a level o# contem!tK DerisionK Indi$nityK CondescensionK Are you mentally $earin$ u! to deride dis!rove re(ut dismiss or !ossi(ly even moc+ what2s written hereK Believin$ 1DS mem(ers re$ularly !ray that un(elievers will o!en their hearts when investi$atin$ the 1DS Church and !onderin$ the Boo+ o# *ormon) 3lease e4ercise a similar level o# o!enness and contrition as one would ho!e #rom investi$ators < #or that is e4actly what one is: an investi$ator to discoverin$ the hidden wor+s o# dar+ness that have (een (rou$ht to li$ht) I# what is written in this (oo+ is true it will resonate as much as the Boo+ o# *ormon resonates to those that !ray and !ermit new


INTRO(8CTION in#ormation to come into their lives throu$h the Aoly S!irit)
F*oroni warned us that the secret com(inations (e$un (y Gadianton are had amon$ all !eo!le)))) You who are youn$ will see many thin$s that will try your coura$e and test your #aith) All o# the moc+in$ does not come #rom outside o# the Church) Let )e %!4 t !t !g!in: &ll o" t e )oc/ing doe% not co)e "ro) out%ide o" t e C urc 7 Be care#ul that you do not #all into the cate$ory o# moc+in$)J < A!ostle Boyd ') 3ac+er97

Do not sco## nor moc+) Anyone or anythin$) %ver a$ain) Cease to !lace trust in others who moc+) 9 9 Ne!hi 97:8,9= The Boo+ o# *ormon = Give *e 1i(erty or Give *e Death s!eech :em!hasis added; 5 *atthew E:=7 1u+e 9E:95I also 5Ne!hi 95:=7 The Boo+ o# *ormon 7 Isaiah [email protected]:96 > DLC 996:9 E Teachin$s o# the 3ro!het .ose!h Smith :Salt 1a+e City [email protected]; !) 95? ? 5 Ne!hi =?:=7,=> :em!hasis added; @ Doctrine L Covenants 9=5:95,9> 8 %/ra Ta#t Benson Stand &! "or "reedom) S!eech delivered to The &tah "orum #or
the American Idea at the Assem(ly Aall at Tem!le S0uare "e( 99 98EE)

96 An e4!lanation as to why this !hrase does not a!!ear in the transcri!t is !rovided
(y the we(site mormonchronicle)com at htt!:--www)mormonchronicle)com-the, editin$,o#,an,a!ostle- as #ollows FGCHas %lder Benson re!rimanded and #orced to chan$e the te4t o# his tal+ < as some have su$$estedK The chan$e in the o##icial record o# this tal+ and what was Freally (ehind itJ has (een the su(Nect o# much and s!eculation and has (een o# concern to many !eo!le ever since the o##icial record o# the tal+ was released (y the Church) Some even wrote to %lder Benson as+in$ him what ha!!ened) Than+#ully some o# those !eo!le saved the res!onse they received #rom %lder Benson and the reason isnQt nearly as sinister as some have claimed) No he wasnQt re!rimanded and #orced to chan$e his tal+I and no there werenQt some Fdar+,#orcesJ at the Church o##ice (uildin$ tryin$ to silence the words o# an A!ostle) FIn one o# the letters he wrote concernin$ the su(Nect he said FChen I learned that we had re!resentatives #rom (ehind the Iron Curtain at our con#erence where we have over > 666 mem(ers I made a #ew minor chan$es in my tal+ o# my own volitionR Our %nsi$n ma$a/ine has worldwide distri(ution and it seemed the !art o# wisdom to ma+e a very limited num(er o# minor chan$es) I continue to encoura$e !eo!le to read NON% DAB% CA11 IT CONS3IBACY)JJ

99 Be#er to the video #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: None Dare Call It Cons!iracy


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I 9= Be#er to Boo+ o# *oroni cha!ter 8 in The Boo+ o# *ormon 95 %ther 9=:=E =? The Boo+ o# *ormon 97 BY& Devotional 9E .anuary =66? :em!hasis added;




FChere#ore O ye Gentiles it is wisdom in God that these thin$s should (e shown unto you that there(y ye may re!ent o# your sins and su##er not that these murderous com(inations shall $et a(ove you which are (uilt u! to $et !ower and $ainPand the wor+ yea even the wor+ o# destruction come u!on you))) to your overthrow and destruction i# ye shall su##er these thin$s to (e) FChere#ore the 1ord commandeth you when ye shall see these thin$s come amon$ you that ye shall awa+e to a sense o# your aw#ul situation (ecause o# this secret com(ination which shall (e amon$ you))) whoso (uildeth it u! see+eth to overthrow the #reedom o# all lands nations and countriesI and it (rin$eth to !ass the destruction o# all !eo!le #or it is (uilt u! (y the devil))) who hath hardened the hearts o# men that they have murdered the !ro!hets and stoned them and cast them out #rom the (e$innin$)J
< *oroni lone survivor o# the Ne!hite nation2s $enocide 9

FI testi#y that wic+edness is ra!idly e4!andin$ in every se$ment o# our society) It is more hi$hly or$ani/ed more cleverly dis$uised and more !ower#ully !romoted than ever (e#ore) Secret com(inations lustin$ #or !ower $ain and $lory are #lourishin$) A secret com(ination that see+s to overthrow the #reedom o# all lands nations and countries is increasin$ its evil in#luence and control over America and the entire world)))) FI testi#y that as the #orces o# evil increase under 1uci#erQs leadershi! and as the #orces o# $ood increase under the leadershi! o# .esus Christ there will (e $rowin$ (attles (etween the two until the #inal con#rontation) As the issues (ecome clearer and more o(vious all man+ind will eventually (e re0uired to ali$n themselves either #or the +in$dom o# God or #or the +in$dom o# the devil) As these con#licts ra$e either secretly or o!enly the ri$hteous will (e tested) GodQs wrath will soon sha+e the nations o# the earth and will (e !oured out on the wic+ed without measure) But God will !rovide stren$th #or the ri$hteous and the means o# esca!eI and eventually and #inally truth will trium!h)J
< 1DS 3resident %/ra Ta#t Benson=

THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I A$ain 3atric+ Aenry:
FIt is natural #or man to indul$e in the illusions o# ho!e) Ce are a!t to shut our eyes a$ainst a !ain#ul truth and listen to the son$ o# that siren till she trans#orms us into (easts))) "or my !art whatever an$uish o# s!irit it may cost I am willin$ to +now the whole truth to +now the worst and to !rovide #or it)J

Chat do today2s illusions o# ho!e and siren son$s sound li+eK A sam!lin$:
FAll is well in Sion) Sion and The Corld are at !eace) Bela4) Catch TV) Go sho!!in$) 3lay a lot o# video $ames) Get e4cited over s!orts) %nNoy those catchy to! 76 hits) 1et your eyes undress those models) Cute $i#ts demonstrate real #riendshi!) Aave you chec+ed your social networ+ u!datesK There are so many adora(le Youtu(e videos aren2t thereK Tal+ shows and mainstream news !rovide everythin$ you need to +now) Sure there are !ro(lems out there (ut there is always an e4!ert handlin$ the situation) It will all wor+ out) Go with the #low) Don2t concern yoursel# a(out un!leasant matters < you2ve $ot enou$h on your !late) Chat more could you do anywayK Don2t ma+e waves) Another #amous sin$er died < $o (ac+ and revisit her (i$$est hits))))J

Ce live in a world saturated with insi!id unrealistic Fho!e J < with hundreds o# siren son$s !layin$ every which way we turn < lurin$ us #rom havin$ to ta+e a $ood lon$ loo+ at !ain#ul truths))) until we are lulled into a com!lacent illusory sense o# security) God is not a(le to (loc+ out these truths < they are always (e#ore Ais #ace) Ae a$oni/es over them) In commandin$ us to awa+e to a sense o# our aw#ul situation Ae e4!ects us to ta+e the time to ac+nowled$e and learn a(out them) Ae will not e4em!t us #rom turnin$ away #rom these truths when Ae has !rovided the ca!acity #or us to understand them) The nature o# truth can (e summari/ed in a sin$le de#inin$ sym(ol: a sword)
FThin+ not that I am come to send !eace on earth: I came not to send !eace (ut a sword)J < .esus Christ *att 96:5> FBe!entI or else I will come unto thee 0uic+ly and will #i$ht a$ainst them with the sword o# my mouth)J < .esus Christ Bevelations =:9E

The 1ord .esus Christ came to earth to esta(lish !lain direct truth) Des!ite today2s trends that insist otherwise truth is not su(Nective) It is unyieldin$) It is harsh) It is raw) It !enetrates) It divides) It se!arates error with !recision) Due to our #allen im!er#ect corru!ted nature truth is < at minimum < somewhat !ain#ul #or every sin$le !erson) There is a $ood reason


PROLOG8E: THE N&T8RE OF TR8TH why it2s !ain#ul to eat Fhum(le !ie)J A(solute truth cannot (e (ent sha!ed mani!ulated or coerced) Ce must hum(ly (end and strai$hten ourselves accordin$ to it < not see+ to so#ten it or water it down in order to ma+e it more !alata(le to consume)
F*any there#ore o# G.esus2H disci!les when they had heard this said This is an hard sayin$I who can hear itK FChen .esus +new in himsel# that his disci!les murmured at it he said unto them Doth this o##end youK F"rom that time many o# his disci!les went (ac+ and wal+ed no more with him) FThen said .esus unto the twelve Cill ye also $o awayK FThen Simon 3eter answered him 1ord to whom shall we $oK Thou hast the words o# eternal li#e) And we (elieve and are sure that thou art that Christ the Son o# the livin$ God)J5

%ven when .esus Christ was ri$ht there ri$ht there in the #lesh on the earth some o# the truths Ae tau$ht were so direct and unsettlin$ that they o##ended even those who counted themselves as Ais disci!les to the !oint that they le#t Aim) Chen we are #aced with !lain direct truth we have only two o!tions: ac+nowled$e and acce!t it or don2t) Not acce!tin$ it mi$ht include: denyin$ it #i$htin$ it su$ar,coatin$ it stru$$lin$ with it acce!tin$ some !arts while reNectin$ others etc) There is only one sure veri#ication o# all truth: the 1ord .esus Christ throu$h the !ower o# the Aoly Ghost) The scri!tures written and recorded (y ins!ired men o# God !rovide a #ilter throu$h which we mine all in#ormation #or its core truths) The more !olished !u(licly,availa(le and a##a(le the source the more li+ely that any truth within has (een watered down corru!ted #iltered or com!romised) Chile !lain direct truth is rarely #ound in !olished #orm :i)e) neatly !ac+a$ed and !resented in an uncorru!ted manner to the $eneral !u(lic; it nevertheless can (e #ound anywhere #rom any source: #rom the li!s o# in#ants and the worldly,uneducated to the rantin$s o# the elderly and social !ariahs) 1est we #or$et in our modern a$e nearly all men o# God in times !ast were social !ariahs in their times < some to the !oint that they were +illed (y secret society mem(ers or those who re#used to reco$ni/e that they were errant) Over the !ast si4 years I have (een on a crusade to uncover as much as I could a(out secret societies and the cons!iracies that they are connected to < no matter the source) I have +e!t 3atric+ Aenry2s words

[email protected]

THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I #irmly in mind: F)))whatever an$uish o# s!irit it may cost I am willin$ to +now the whole truth to +now the worst and to !rovide #or it)J I !ray the reader is ready and willin$ to em(race the whole truth a(out the di##icult to!ics that are !resented < to +now the worst o# what 1uci#er, $uided human (ein$s are ca!a(le o# !lannin$ !er!etratin$ and enactin$ on the human race while simultaneously !osturin$ themselves to the !u(lic as $enteel enli$htened de(onair wise and so!histicated ladies and $entlemen) The reader2s (u((le o# illusion is a(out to (e slashed (y the ra/or,shar! sword o# truth) As it does chec+ yoursel#: Does it o##end youK Cill ye also $o awayK

& =ue%tion E5er4one *u%t &%/ One%el"
There is one 0uestion that every sin$le !erson on this !lanet needs to as+ him-hersel#: MCho do you trustKM Not what (ut who) The answer must (e a !erson or some #orm o# de#initive hi$her entity than onesel# < someone one is a(le to directly receive answers and-or in#ormation #rom) It is im!ossi(le to answer with FI don2t trust any(odyJ or FI only trust mysel#J or even FI only trust the #acts - evidence - veri#ia(le data J (ecause each and every one o# us must rely on another !erson or $rou! or entity #or #acts - evidence - veri#ia(le data < as well as all other in#ormation and-or testimonies that we #orm our decidin$ o!inions and (elie#s #rom) In answerin$ this 0uestion it is im!ortant to reali/e that no matter what #acts we receive we2re relyin$ on someone to !rovide that in#ormation and we2re relyin$ u!on how they have decided to !resent it) As we trust them and their manner o# !resentation we usually end u! relyin$ on their conclusions) Des!ite understandin$ that a hand#ul o# #acts do not constitute the whole truth o# a matter we o#ten tend to (ase our #inal o!inions #rom the way in which those #ew #acts are !resented) Ce tend to not see+ other !ersons or sources #or #urther #acts or details) There#ore we must scrutini/e even our most trusted sources o# in#ormation #or we have (een warned re!eatedly in the scri!tures that Fcursed is he that !utteth his trust in man or ma+eth #lesh his arm Gi)e) relies u!on worldly wisdom-stren$thH)J 7 Once we answer #or ourselves who we trust the ne4t 0uestion (ecomes: MIn whom does this !erson trustKM Chen you ta+e in in#ormation #rom someone < (e it a !olitician a teacher a $uru a reli$ious leader a tal+ show host a (illionaire a (est,sellin$ author a nei$h(or a #amily mem(er


PROLOG8E: THE N&T8RE OF TR8TH anyone < one must scrutini/e: MCho does he-she trustKM In honestly assessin$ the answers to these two 0uestions one can a!!ro!riately $au$e how much wei$ht one ou$ht to $ive the convictions o!inions (elie#s and-or statements o# others)

T e &ut or.% Per%on!l (ecl!r!tion o" Tru%t
• I have made a resolute unwaverin$ decision to trust in my 1ord and Savior .esus Christ) • I trust that the #ullness o# Ais restored Gos!el has (een restored throu$h .ose!h Smith and that Ais authori/ed institution on earth is The Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints) • I trust the canoni/ed records o# the writin$s o# Ais chosen !ro!hets includin$: the Boo+ o# *ormon The Bi(le The Doctrine and Covenants and the 3earl o# Great 3rice) • I trust that there is truth to (e $leaned and discerned #rom non, canoni/ed records which testi#y o# Christ in a manner consistent o# the a(ove,mentioned canoni/ed records includin$: the A!ocry!ha the Dead Sea Scrolls the ancient Christian records discovered at Na$ Aammadi letters #rom the ancient a!ostles not included in the Bi(le and so #orth < as lon$ as they are translated correctly) • I trust the teachin$s o# .ose!h Smith and ins!ired teachin$s #rom successive General Authorities o# the 1DS Church) • On an individual level I trust the Aoly Ghost which communicates to the soul in $entle reverent ways < which !roduce a sense o# !urity solace and Noy < even a sense o# altruism < that stirs the heart and aids one to #ilter truth #rom error or corru!tion) • I trust in the tenets o# $overnment laid out in the Constitution o# the &nited States o# America and the Bill o# Bi$hts) I trust these tenets (ecause I trust the Doctrine L Covenants where the 1ord .esus Christ revealed to .ose!h Smith that Ae ins!ired America2s #oundin$ #athers to com!ose it as they did)> The #ollowin$ #lowchart lays out the lo$ical !rocess which I use as I conduct research) *y analysis is (ased u!on #ive +ey criteria that re#lect what I outlined in my Declaration o# Trust)


Dia$ram o# the Author2s 1o$ical 3rocess


PROLOG8E: THE N&T8RE OF TR8TH Throu$h this method o# analysis and throu$h the $uidance o# the Aoly S!irit I have come to the conclusions that I discuss in this (oo+) 3lease reali/e that there is a(solutely no !olitical economic academic nor social criteria #actored in my lo$ical !rocess) I have /ero adherences to !olitical a##iliation and I did not #actor the social standin$ or worldly achievements o# those whom I o(tained data and in#ormation #rom) I do not $ive !re#erence to economic nor academic achievements) I see+ only truth whether it comes #rom the cele(rated or the !ariah) "rom this !oint on the (all is in the reader2s court) I have lain (are what my #irm (elie#s are as well as how I !rocessed and #iltered what I !resent in this (oo+) The reader must decide the e4tent to which he-she can trust what is in here) I !rovide as many re#erences as I #eel necessary (ut I do not attem!t to (ac+ u! every sin$le conclusion with irre#uta(le !roo#) As one ta+es this in#ormation in I e4!ect the reader to rely on one2s divinely,!rovided ri$ht and a(ility as a (eliever o# Christ to call u!on God in !rayer #or the veri#ication o# the Aoly S!irit to con#irm these thin$s as true)

T e N!ture o" T e &d5er%!r40 T e E5il One0 T e Li!r "ro) t e :eginning
And there was war in heaven: *ichael and his an$els #ou$ht a$ainst the dra$onI and the dra$on #ou$ht and his an$els And !revailed notI neither was their !lace #ound any more in heaven) And the $reat dra$on was cast out that old ser!ent called the Devil and Satan which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth and his an$els were cast out with him)
< Bevelation 9=:?,8 %4actly who or what is F1uci#er J FSatan J Fthe Adversary J etcK As this (oo+ see+s to e4!ose this (ein$2s very real and tan$i(le or$ani/ations in the world < and that it o!erates in direct antithesis with The Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints < it is im!erative to !resent a clear understandin$ o# the e4act nature and traits o# this (ein$) In accordance with the teachin$s o# the #ore,mentioned canoni/ed scri!tures it must (e understood that there is an actual (ein$ who occu!ied a very hi$h standin$ in the !re,mortal realm :also re#erred to as the !re, e4istence; and who re(elled a$ainst Almi$hty God and Ais son .esus Christ) This is what we are to understand re$ardin$ this (ein$:


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I 9) Ais name 1uci#er means FBrin$er o# 1i$htJ or F1i$ht Bearer)J Ae is also re#erred to as Satan) These two names do not denote two se!arate entities or (ein$s < they re#er to the same (ein$) =) Ae was (anished #rom the !resence o# Almi$hty God and con#ined to the earth)E Ae e4ists in s!irit,#orm here on this earth) 5) Billions o# other !re,mortal s!irits :Fa third !art o# the hosts o# heavenJ; were (anished with him also)? They are also in s!irit,#orm here on the earth and continue to do his (iddin$) 7) 1uci#er and his minion s!irits are #orever (arred #rom o(tainin$ !hysical (odies o# their own < or !ut another way they are (arred #rom ta+in$ the ne4t ste! in eternal !ro$ression) >) 1uci#er and these other s!irits des!erately covet havin$ their own !hysical (odies to the !oint where they see+ o!!ortunities to tem!orarily F!ossessJ the (odies o# humans :or even animals < as demonstrated in the New Testament when .esus cast out the F1e$ionJ o# evil s!irits #rom the a##licted cra/y man) They entered into a herd o# swine which immediately went (erser+;) @ E) 1uci#er and his #ollowers are not under a veil o# #or$et#ulness )8 They also maintain a !er#ect +nowled$e and remem(rance o# all that trans!ired (e#ore the creation o# this earth < includin$ the identities o# each o# us mortals in the !re,e4istence) They also have a !er#ect understandin$ o# every sin$le event that has ever trans!ired on this earth < whereas we must rely on written records le$ends historians myths etc) Additionally these (ein$s are #amiliar with every conceiva(le lan$ua$e writin$ system science mathematical system technolo$y and :!resuma(ly; a $ood deal o# all that is +nowa(le (oth o# the eternities and o# the earthly,tem!oral) ?) 1uci#er attem!ts to !aint himsel# li+e unto 3rometheus < as a misunderstood careta+er o# the human race )96 1uci#er twists his role in $ettin$ Adam and %ve to eat the #ruit o# the Tree o# 'nowled$e o# Good and %vil as an act o# mercy em!athy and $enerosity to set man+ind on the !ath o# (ein$ li+e God < in (ein$ the instrument in !rovidin$ them an intellect wherewith they can (e$in to understand $ood and evil) In 1uci#er2s own eyes he sees himsel# as the !er!etual victim o# an unNust undeservin$ Almi$hty God) @) 1uci#er is ca!a(le o# (oth lyin$ and tellin$ the truth in any manner whatsoever) Ae will tell the truth when it wor+s in his #avor) Ae will misre!resent misdirect divert attention or tell a (ald,#ace lie when such tactics wor+ in his #avor) .ust a(out the only !lain truths that cannot (e twisted in his #avor are that .esus Christ is the one and only Savior o# the world that .esus Christ is Fthe way the truth and the li#e J99 that .esus Christ is the li$ht and the li#e o# the world that .esus Christ is the Only Be$otten Son o# the "ather and that there is no other name nor deity nor any other method < save throu$h


PROLOG8E: THE N&T8RE OF TR8TH .esus Christ < that redem!tion and salvation can come #or each and every man woman and child that has ever lived on the earth) 9= 8) 1uci#er has a (listerin$ un0uencha(le hatred o# .esus Christ ) Nothin$ $ives him $reater !leasure than to utili/e reli$iosity in causin$ misery and su##erin$ carried out in the name o# Christ or Nusti#ied usin$ the words o# Ais !ro!hets) Nothin$ $ives 1uci#er more satis#action than con#usin$ twistin$ erodin$ vili#yin$ and com!licatin$ the teachin$s and doctrine o# .esus Christ and Ais authori/ed servants) 96)In #our sim!le words: God creates Satan imitates) These character traits o# 1uci#er :or FSatanJ; are im!ortant to +ee! in mind as they are relevant throu$hout this (oo+)

T e Conce!l)ent o" t e Root% o" E5il (e+end% 8+on Con%+ir!c4
There are a thousand hac+in$ at the (ranches o# evil to one who is stri+in$ at the root) < Aenry Thoreau

%vil is everywhere < it2s not di##icult to see) %veryday we2re increasin$ly #looded with it < even to the !oint where we2re indoctrinated not to Nud$e anythin$ as evil) Some ideolo$ies now lam(aste that the only true evil is in la(elin$ somethin$ or some (ehavior as evil or wron$) Aowever throu$h adherence to Christ2s Gos!el !ro!er discernment o# that which is truly evil and truly $ood cannot (e chi!!ed away) It is critical to understand that the o(vious evil that we are tryin$ to +ee! #rom in#ectin$ our lives and society is merely layer u!on layer o# (ranches o# evil) None o# it comes close to the root) One can s!end $reat time and ener$y cam!ai$nin$ a$ainst this evil (ehavior or that evil conce!t < and with every (ranch o# thorns they hac+ o## every no4ious weed they s!ray it2s as thou$h #ive more !o! u! in its !lace) It (ecomes a losin$ (attle where more set(ac+s occur #or every tem!orary victory) At the same time most o# us are allowin$ ourselves to trust and (e won over (y wolves and ser!ents who are doin$ a marvelous No( o# !retendin$ to (e on our side) Althou$h Satan is Fthe root o# all evil J it is not as thou$h we can attac+ him directly) Ce can !etition Almi$hty God thou$h !rayer to cur( Satan2s activities < (ut is there anythin$ more that we can doK Chat i# we can understand the way Satan connects to this worldK


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I Chat i# we are a(le to loo+ into the de!ths o# dar+ness and shine the li$ht o# !u(lic awareness u!on the roots o# evil < the !lace where the no4ious weeds o# con#usion the !oisonous #lowers o# tem!tation and thorned (ranches o# addiction s!rin$ #romK A secret cannot continue to e4ist when e4!osed) A cons!iracy cannot continue to #unction i# everyone :who has not sided with it; has (een convinced o# its e4istence) Once one #ully com!rehends where the roots o# evil lie the veneer o# dece!tion that the whole world is (linded with (ecomes translucent and easier to !enetrate) Those who have a testimony o# .esus Christ can $ain a !ower#ul understandin$ o# how the +in$dom o# the devil #unctions and thrives in the world < and the wolves and ser!ents (ecome easier to identi#y)

&n &llegor4 O" Ho2 Con%+ir!c4 -or/%
The manner in which a cons!iracy #unctions needs to (e understood) The (asics o# cons!iracy are mani#ested in a memora(le scene #rom the animated #ilm The Incredi(les) The settin$ o# the story is as #ollows: The !rota$onists are the 3arr #amily: #ive #amily mem(ers who :as others in this movieQs world; have (een (orn with su!erhuman !owers) They are re#erred to as FSu!ers)J Due to a series o# destructive accidents lawsuits and (ad !ress the Su!ers must do all they can to conceal their !owers #rom the $eneral !u(lic) "or over a decade they have (een livin$ a common,man livelihood) In one scene :which is included in the su!!ortin$ material 95; *rs) 3arr is called into the !rinci!al2s o##ice o# her children2s elementary school) Aer son Dash < $i#ted with the a(ility to move at li$htnin$ s!eeds < is a trou(lema+er) *rs) 3arr :also a Su!er; is in#ormed that Dash is !uttin$ thum(tac+s on the teacher2s stool) Chen Dash (al+s at this accusation his (aldin$ stu##y ti$htly,wound teacher retorts F1oo+O I +now it2s youOJ Des!ite *rs) 3arr sus!ectin$ that her son is $uilty she 0uestions the teacher FYou saw him do thisKJ Chen the teacher con#esses that he didn2t she !resses him FThen how do you +now it was himKJ The teacher then !resents a video ta!e #rom a secret camera) A terri#ied e4!ression #lashes on Dash2s #ace) Ais mother sees it and now +nows #or sure that he2s $uilty) On the video as the teacher $oes to sit down on his stool Dash2s (ody #lic+ers #or a s!lit second) Once the teacher connects with the stool he Num!s u! in !ain and the classroom eru!ts in lau$hter) Dash and his mother !retend to not (e a(le to see Dash2s #lash o# movement and the !rinci!al


PROLOG8E: THE N&T8RE OF TR8TH s0uints incredulously at the screen) The teacher re!lays the scene !ointin$ out how Dash2s (ody #lic+ers < (ut the !rinci!al can2t com!rehend how Dash2s #lic+erin$ (ody can cause a tac+ to (e on the teacher2s stool) Dash and his mother !ut e4!ressions o# con#usion on their #aces) The un#ortunate !rinci!al is now re0uired to consider one o# two !ossi(ilities: 9) Dash has some un!recedented su!erhuman a(ility and (oth he and his mother are coverin$ u! that #act) R or ))) =) Ais $oo#y rather e4as!eratin$ em!loyee is a deluded nut who holds a !ersonal $rud$e a$ainst Dash and is ea$er to !in (lame on him) Chich !ossi(ility does the !rinci!al $o withK Occam2s ra/or 97 ri$htK FYou and your son may $o now *rs) 3arr) I2m sorry #or the trou(le)J The teacher e4!lodes FYou2re lettin$ him $o a$ainK Ae2s $uiltyO You can see it on his smu$ little #ace) Guilty I say $uiltyOJ As Dash wal+s out the audience is shown his smu$ little #ace smir+in$ +nowin$ that once a$ain he has $otten away with a !etty crime) The scene is comically (rilliant es!ecially with the teacher (ein$ characteri/ed as !om!ous and sel#,ri$hteous) The audience is naturally dis!osed to #avorin$ the !rota$onist mother and son) Due to the teacher2s demeanor they are inclined not to sym!athi/e with him) Aowever there is a $larin$ !ro(lem: The teacher was correct) Occam2s ra/or #ailed) There was no coincidenceI Dash had actually (een !uttin$ tac+s on the teacher2s stool at li$htnin$ s!eed) The teacher had $enuine evidence o# Dash committin$ this act) %ven the teacher had a di##icult time comin$ to $ri!s with the only !ossi(le conclusion #rom it: that somehow this +id had su!erhuman a(ilities) 1oo+in$ ahead in this e4am!le the teacher2s sanity will (e 0uestioned his honesty Nud$ment and inte$rity will (e sus!ect and he will (e (randed as havin$ an unreasona(le $rud$e a$ainst this student < which will li+ely result in $reater lenience e4tended to Dash (y others) All this will unNustly (e#all the teacher des!ite the #act that he was correct all alon$ and had even collected hard evidence o# the crime) Given the (ac+$round o# the movie2s world the school !rinci!al was aware o# the e4istence o# Su!ers yet he decided to dismiss any #urther analysis o# the teacher2s evidence) Ae 0uic+ly reached the verdict that the teacher is a delusional nut) Case closed) The core o# this scenario is !recisely the de#inition o# Fcons!iracyJ < a minimum o# two !eo!le wor+in$ to$ether to +ee! somethin$ !ro#oundly


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I secret or to withhold in#ormation #rom (ein$ e4!osed) &sed in its most sinister de#inition cons!irators wor+ to$ether in committin$ a crime #raud or other wron$#ul act) It is in the vested interest o# all who are involved or in any way connected to do everythin$ in their !ower to: +ee! secrets #rom (ein$ disclosed mem(ers o# the cons!iracy #rom (ein$ discovered or !rosecuted or #rom anyone Fs!illin$ their $utsJ and con#essin$ all) All involved in the cons!iracy directly or indirectly are dee!ly motivated in +ee!in$ matters as well as the mem(ers 0uiet) The characters in this movie2s scenario re!resent the #ollowin$ real world e0uivalents: • Dash < re!resents a cons!iracy,connected criminal act or event or a cons!iratorial !erson who is $uilty o# committin$ a criminal act) • *rs) 3arr < re!resents every other !erson or entity which is even sli$htly aware o# the cons!iracy and which has a vested interest in it not (ein$ e4!osed) :It doesn2t matter i# they are directly connected to the cons!iracy or not < i# they !erceive that they will (e directly or indirectly a##ected ne$atively they will cover #or the cons!iracy or cons!irator:s;); • The Teacher < re!resents any o# the #ollowin$ classi#ications o# !ersons: • victims o# cons!iracy mem(ers2 actions and-or the eventGsH !er!etrated (y them • the loved ones o# the victims o# cons!iracy • those who see+ to +now the truth a(out an issue :o#ten la(eled Fcons!iracy theoristsJ; who #eel com!elled to investi$ate #urther • whistle(lowers who had access to cons!iracy data or evidence and-or who learned a(out it #irst,hand and who decide to disclose that in#ormation :ty!ically at $reat !ersonal ris+; • whistle(lowers who were active mem(ers o# the cons!iracy who have decided to divul$e the secrets !acts oaths data etc < thus ris+in$ the retri(ution o# other cons!iracy mem(ers • The 3rinci!al < re!resents the naive outsider: .ohn and .ane General 3u(lic who live their lives com!letely o(livious and not motivated to investi$ate #urther)

T e Princi+!l re+re%ent% e!c !nd e5er4 one o" u% who < #or all intents and !ur!oses < are com!letely outside o# any cons!iracy) The most im!ortant #acet #rom this e4am!le each o# us must consider is this: t e



+rinci+!l 2!% un2illing to o3>ecti5el4 %crutini?e t e e5idence nor $ive un(iased consideration to the teacher2s conclusions )
In real li#e many o# us have already determined that a lar$e,scale interconnected cons!iracy is a conce!t so com!letely in de#iance o# Occam2s ra/or that we are unwillin$ to o(Nectively review and scrutini/e any evidence in su!!ort o# it) *ore than anythin$ else this mindset em!owers !rotects and encoura$es the cons!irators < #urther ensurin$ their continued evasion o# Nustice and their immunity to commit ille$al and a(usive actions) There are those who !lay a role in cons!iracy and there are those who do not) Those who are connected to cons!iratorial entities may come #rom com!letely di##erent (ac+$rounds and may a!!ear wholly and com!letely unconnected in every way yet they2re a(le to identi#y each other throu$h sym(ols si$ns and +ey !hrases) Additionally they are oath,(ound :many o# them (ound in (lood oaths; in su!!ortin$ de#endin$ and u!holdin$ each other)

T o%e - o Oug t To :e E<+ert% &llo2 T e)%el5e% To :e N!i5e
Des!ite the #act that cons!iracy and secret com(inations are a maNor theme in the Boo+ o# *ormon a vast maNority o# 1DS mem(ers are clueless to the nature o# cons!iracy and most dismiss Nust a(out anythin$ that hints at it) As+ the avera$e 1DS mem(er to name a secret com(ination or secret society and what res!onses are receivedK The most common answers I2ve heard are: • the *a#ia • Street $an$s • Neo,Na/is or Fs+inheadsJ • the 'u 'lu4 'lan :also +nown as the '''; All o# these are somewhat valid e4ce!t #or one !ro(lem: none o# them are really all that secret) There have (een so many !o!ular (oo+s movies and TV shows a(out (oth the ma#ia and various street $an$s that much a(out these or$ani/ations are #ar #rom (ein$ secret) They2ve (een dramati/ed documented e4!lored and stereoty!ed to the !oint o# (ein$ a (ad clichT) Neo,Na/is are also not e4actly secret < their clothes a!!earance attitude and !ara!hernalia $ive themselves away almost immediately) It2s

[email protected]

THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I not e4actly di##icult to discover who their mem(ers are) The ''' would actually 0uali#y as a secret society) Aowever due to it2s historical involvement in horrendous crimes a$ainst non,whites and their white,su!remacist rhetoric the ''' has (een e4!osed and vili#ied to the !u(lic) Additionally many o# its leaders and s!o+esmen are +nown to the !u(lic so it2s also not a very FsecretJ society anymore < at least not as secret as it was intended to (e when #ounded) I# these or similar or$ani/ed,crime $rou!s are the im!ressions that come to mind when the reader considers the term Fsecret society J then !lease reali/e that one is e##ectually i$norant o# modern cons!iracy) I wrote this (oo+ !recisely #or someone li+e this) Si4 years (e#ore !u(lishin$ this (oo+ I was Nust as i$norant :or !erha!s even more so; as the reader is now) I !lead with the reader to ta+e in and !ray a(out everythin$ in this (oo+) I will (e$in (y disclosin$ the secret society that is the most in#luential and wides!read in the world today: "reemasonry :also +nown as *asons *asonry the *asonic Order the Scottish Bite the Yor+ Bite the Shriners and other related names;) I 0uote li(erally #rom !rominent *asonic authors and authorities) I also relate the auto(io$ra!hical story o# a #ormer hi$h,level *ason and his e4!erience) Additionally #or the sa+e o# #ull disclosure I !rovide the reader details to my !ersonal e4!erience with "reemasonry) This is included in the (oo+2s A!!endi4) "rom their own authorities2 records this (oo+ documents the ori$ins (elie#s and $oals o# a num(er o# !rominent and relevant secret societies as well as their modus o!erandi :i)e) method o# o!eration;) *ost im!ortantly thou$h the reader will $ain an understandin$ o# how all these thin$s tie directly to 1uci#er and #urther his machinations)

- 4 So)e C ri%ti!n% Con%ider t e L(S C urc to :e ! Secret Societ4
It is im!ortant to (e aware that not only do many Christians consider *ormons to (e a Fcult J they also consider the 1DS Church to (e a secret society which (ranched o## o# "reemasonry) Our holy tem!les (ein$ accessi(le only to #aith#ul 1DS mem(ers :a#ter dedication; $ives credence to this (elie# < at least in their eyes) They also cite the #ollowin$ as evidence that the 1DS Church is a (ranch o# "reemasonry: • Some o# the sym(ols on our tem!les and on 1DS $arments are either e4actly the same or similar to those used (y "reemasons)


PROLOG8E: THE N&T8RE OF TR8TH • The endowment in 1DS tem!les contains elements that are similar to *asonic rites) • "or a time .ose!h Smith and other early 1DS Church leaders (ecame entry,level *asons o# what2s re#erred to as the FBlue 1od$e)J This will (e e4!lored in a later cha!ter) • A #ew elements o# 1DS doctrine su!er#icially a!!ear similar to *asonic (elie#s some o# which are not harmony with mainstream Christian doctrine) This will also (e e4!lored in detail later) A considera(le num(er o# Christian $rou!s are convinced that the 1DS Church is only FChristianJ on the sur#ace yet is secretly !a$an otherwise) Additionally they (elieve most 1DS mem(ers are (ein$ du!ed and don2t even $ras! that they !ractice a !a$an reli$ion)

T ere i% !3%olutel4 no trut to t e%e !%%ertion%7
In order to come to this conclusion these critics o# the 1DS Church must outri$ht dismiss and strive to discredit: • the miraculous nature o# the Boo+ o# *ormon2s ori$in and translation • the Boo+ o# *ormon2s cover,to,cover testimony that .esus Christ is the one and only Savior o# the world • the ine4!lica(le miracle o# .ose!h Smith2s e4tensive accom!lishments over the course o# his li#e < his revelations e4!eriences and a$ainst,all, odds achievements < des!ite (ein$ raised as an uneducated #arm (oy and (ein$ murdered at a$e [email protected] • the 1DS Church2s worldwide !roselytin$ e##orts sta##ed almost e4clusively (y uncom!ensated volunteers most o# whom !ay out o# their !ersonal #inancial resources to !artici!ate • the 1DS Church2s wides!read !ractice o# un!aid lay cler$y • the 1DS Church disseminatin$ its entire doctrine to all :instead o# hidin$ it #rom the !u(lic and only deliverin$ it to its mem(ers layered !iecemeal #ashion throu$h multi!le oaths and rituals; • the 1DS Church2s doctrine that salvation is e4tended to all !eo!le not only to those considered FeliteJ • the 1DS Church2s disclosure o# its leadershi! roster to the world • the 1DS Church2s leaders (ein$ re0uired to (e hum(le mee+ ins!ired and e4em!lary in !racticin$ what they !reach • and all the other numerous $lorious and miraculous as!ects o# the 1DS Church includin$ F.esus ChristJ (ein$ central in the name o# the


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I Church its #irmly Christ,centered doctrine its una(ashed cele(ration o# .esus Christ2s li#e ministry and atonement the em(racin$ o# every as!ect o# the Bi(le and on and on) Critics must dismiss all o# this and more in order to Num! to the conclusion that the 1DS Church is an o##shoot o# "reemasonry and not con#ess what it actually is: the restoration o# Christ2s ancient Church or$ani/ation and doctrine miraculously re,esta(lished in !urity #rom Almi$hty God and Ais Only Be$otten Son .esus Christ < not derived #rom the limited wisdom and understandin$ o# men) God creates Satan imitates)

Co)+re ending t e Culture o" Secret Societie%
*any o# us who $rew u! in Christian and 1DS households may #ind it di##icult to $ras! how entirely #orei$n Bi(lical histories stories !ara(les sym(olism and Nar$on come across to non,Cestern cultures < Nust as !erha!s Asian Buddhist or Indian Aindu histories sym(ols le$ends and scri!tures are !rone to (e entirely #orei$n to us) It2s di##icult #or us to com!rehend and a!!reciate their cultural and reli$ious mindset without dee!ly studyin$ or immersin$ ourselves in their environment) On this wise the dee!ly cultural historical and reli$ious mindset o# the mem(ers o# secret societies is !otentially so #orei$n to Christians as to (e inconceiva(le) Secret societies are not !eriodic sel#,e4istin$ disconnected entities in history that now and then cro! u! and die o## < certainly not in the way that most !eo!le thin+ o# or$ani/ed crime syndicates) Truly they are a secret reli$ion with an e4tensive theolo$y com!lete with a dee! and e4tensive awareness o# how historical events trans!ired even !rior to the time o# Noah and the $reat #lood) Secret societies $o all the way (ac+ to Cain) They $lori#y the time !re, datin$ the #lood :which they do not deny occurred; as the most idyllic as ever e4isted on the earth) Their #oundational (elie#s structure doctrine and most cherished teachin$s date (ac+ to ancient Ba(ylon or even earlier) They revere ancient %$y!t as an e4em!lary era a !innacle) Theirs is a !ro#oundly ela(orate culture :while simultaneously (ein$ !ro#oundly hidden; with rites and customs that date (ac+ millennia) Countless #amilies even dynasties have (een (orn into and raised with trainin$s and understandin$s o# these teachin$s and doctrines < Nust as devout Christians and 1DS have (een raised with Bi(le stories !rayer (a!tism Sunday School and the miracles o# .esus)


PROLOG8E: THE N&T8RE OF TR8TH In order to understand the motives $oals and a$enda o# the modern secret societies we must understand their ancient roots) Chen we #ail to do so we #ail to $ras! the reasons (ehind their actions) In #ailin$ to ac+nowled$e their e4istence and understand their (elie#s we allow ourselves to outri$ht dis(elieve evidence o# their involvement in +ey historic matters) Ce end u! dismissin$ relevant !atterns as circumstantial or coincidental) Corst o# all we allow ourselves to #all victim to a #alse sense o# security re$ardin$ their !ower and in#luence over nearly every as!ect our lives) 9 %ther @:=5,=> The Boo+ o# *ormon = Octo(er [email protected]@ 1DS General Con#erence 5 .ohn E:E6 E9 EE,E8 :em!hasis added; 7 = Ne!hi 7:57 The Boo+ o# *ormon > Doctrine L Covenants 969:??,@6 E *oses 7:5,7 The 3earl o# Great 3rice ? Doctrine L Covenants =8:5E,58I Bevelation 9=:5,7 @ *ar+ >:=,95 8 *an+ind has a Fveil o# #or$et#ulnessJ that is re0uisite o# this mortal state and
!ro(ation in corru!tion which causes not only a com!lete #or$et#ulness o# everythin$ (e#ore (ein$ (orn on this earth (ut also $reatly ham!ers one2s a(ility to !er#ectly retain and recall memories and learned in#ormation and even to learn and !ro$ress without tremendous !ersonal stru$$le and a!!lication < hence the a!t ada$e FI2m only human)J

96 3rometheus was an ancient Gree+ $od who !itied the !li$ht o# humans) Ae
there#ore secretly stole #ire #rom *ount Olym!us and $ave it to humans so that they may !ros!er) Ae was !unished #or doin$ so < he was tied to a roc+ and (irds ate his #lesh and consumed his liver #or eternity)

99 .ohn 97:E 9= .ohn 5:9E,9? 95 Be#er to the video #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: The Incredi(les , 3rinci!al2s
o##ice scene

97 Occam2s ra/or is the law o# !arsimony economy or succinctness) It is a !rinci!le
ur$in$ one to select amon$ com!etin$ hy!otheses that which ma+es the #ewest assum!tions and there(y o##ers the sim!lest e4!lanation o# the e##ect)))) In !ractice the a!!lication o# the !rinci!le o#ten shi#ts the (urden o# !roo# in a discussion) The ra/or asserts that one should !roceed to sim!ler theories until sim!licity can (e traded #or $reater e4!lanatory !ower) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-OccamU=?sVra/or;



FThe story (e$ins))) with Satan see+in$ to !romote himsel# even in the !remortal e4istence and (ein$ cast out o# heaven in his !ride and dedicatin$ himsel# u!on his #all to the destruction o# this earth M#or he +new not the mind o# GodM :*oses 7:E;)))) GAHe (oasts Nust how he !lans to !ut the world under his (loody and horri(le misrule: Ae will control the world economy (y claimin$ !ossession o# the earth2s resourcesI and (y mani!ulation o# its currencyP$old and silverPhe will (uy u! the !olitical military and ecclesiastical com!le4 and run everythin$ his way) Ce see him !uttin$ his !lan into o!eration when he lays le$al claim to the whole earth as his estate accusin$ others o# tres!ass (ut !uttin$ everythin$ u! #or sale to anyone who has the money) FAnd how will they $et the moneyK By $oin$ to wor+ #or him) Ae not only o##ers em!loyment (ut a course o# instruction in how the whole thin$ wor+s teachin$ the ultimate secret: MThat $reat secretM :*oses >:78,>6; o# convertin$ li#e into !ro!erty) Cain $ot the de$ree o# *aster *ahan tried the system out on his (rother and $loried in its (rilliant success declarin$ that at last he could (e #ree as only !ro!erty ma+es #ree and that A(el had (een a loser in a #ree com!etition) FThe disci!line was handed down throu$h 1amech and #inally (ecame the !attern o# the world2s economy :*oses >:>>,>E;)))) Cain slew Mhis (rother A(el #or the sa+e o# $ettin$ $ainM :*oses >:>6;P not in a #it o# !i0ue (ut (y care#ul (usiness !lannin$ M(y the cons!iracyM :DLC @7:9E;) The $reat secret he learned #rom Satan was the art o# convertin$ li#e into !ro!ertyPall li#e even eternal li#eO The e4chan$e o# eternal li#e #or worldly success is in #act the essence o# the classic 3act with the Devil)))) FThere is no 0uestion o# havin$ some o# (othPMYou cannot serve two mastersM :see *atthew E:=7; the one (ein$ *ammonI i# you try to have it (oth ways (y !uttin$ o## the #inal settlement says Amule+ Mthe S!irit o# the 1ord hath withdrawn #rom you and has no !lace in you and the devil hath all !ower over youM :Alma 57:5>;) One may see *ahan at wor+ all around #rom the *a#ia whose adherence to the !rinci!le needs no ar$ument down to the dru$ !usher the arms dealer the manu#acturer and seller o# de#ective !roducts or those who !oison the air and water as a shortcut to $ain and thus shorten and sic+en the lives o# all their #ellow creatures)J
< Au$h Ni(ley #rom his (oo+ A!!roachin$ Sion9



FBeneath the (road tide o# human history there #low the stealthy undercurrents o# the secret societies which #re0uently determine in the de!ths the chan$es that ta+e !lace u!on the sur#ace) These societies have e4isted in all a$es and amon$ all nations and tradition has invaria(ly ascri(ed to them the !ossession o# im!ortant +nowled$e in the reli$iousG H scienti#ic or !olitical order accordin$ to the various character o# their !retensions)J
< Arthur %dward Caite renowned occultist and mystic scholar and co,creator o# the most widely used tarot card dec+= In order to #athom the sco!e reach and ori$in o# the devil2s +in$dom today it is critical to understand at what !oint it was #ounded and how it #lourished) "ortunately the 1ord revealed to .ose!h Smith these #oundations which are canoni/ed in The 3earl o# Great 3rice ) The #i#th cha!ter o# the Boo+ o# *oses covers these matters) Aowever #rom the outset it is im!ortant to touch u!on how the term F+nowJ is used Bi(lically and thus in the 3earl o# Great 3rice as well) The ori$inal Ae(rew word in the Bi(le is !ronounced Myaw,daw)M Accordin$ to Gesenius2 1e4icon o# Ae(rew and Chaldee this Ae(rew word is the root o# the sense o# Mseein$M in Gree+ 1atin German Slavic %n$lish Sans+rit nearly every other Indo,%uro!ean lan$ua$e) In Ae(rew it is used to e4!ress a variety o# manners o# #amiliarity or interaction de!endin$ u!on conte4t) Stron$2s %4haustive Concordance lays out do/ens o# ways in which the Ae(rew e0uivalent o# F+nowJ as used in Bi(lical records can (e translated into %n$lishI some o# the de#initions include: ac+nowled$e answer (e aware com!rehend discern discover #amiliar #riend lie (y man :i)e) a male2s se4ual interaction; have +nowled$e ma+e +nown teach tell and understand) %ssentially Fto +nowJ in Ae(rew is not only a status o# com!rehension as is most commonly used in %n$lish :i)e) FI +now a(out thatJ; it is also used to descri(e action as in to discover to teach to interact) Additionally it is also a!!lied as a meta!hor #or male se4ual activity) The reader needs to +ee! this in mind when reviewin$ 0uoted se$ments #rom the #i#th cha!ter o# the Boo+ o# *oses) All em!hasis is added) Verse =:
FAnd Adam +new his wi#e and she (are unto him sons and dau$hters and they (e$an to multi!ly and to re!lenish the earth)J

This is a conte4tually o(vious usa$e o# the ver( F+now J !lainly demonstratin$ the term (ein$ a!!lied in re#erence to the male se4ual act) Adam F+newJ his wi#e and she (ecame im!re$nated thus they $ave (irth to many children)


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I Verses 9E and [email protected]:
FAnd Adam +new %ve his wi#e and she conceived and (are Cain and said: I have $otten a man #rom the 1ordI where#ore he may not reNect his words) But (ehold Cain hear+ened not sayin$: Cho is the 1ord that I should +now himK))) And Cain loved Satan more than God)J

These verses ma+e it +nown unto us that Cain #rom (irth was inclined to not hear+en to the word o# the 1ord) Ae seemed to hold an attitude o# contem!t as demonstrated in his words FCho is the 1ord that I should +now himKJ In Cain2s res!onse the word F+nowJ is conte4tually ascertained to mean see+ discover or desire interaction with) Additionally as Cain (ecame ac0uainted with Satan he chose to love him more than God) Verses [email protected] to =9:
FAnd Satan commanded GCainH sayin$: *a+e an o##erin$ unto the 1ord) And in !rocess o# time it came to !ass that Cain (rou$ht o# the #ruit o# the $round an o##erin$ unto the 1ord) And A(el he also (rou$ht o# the #irstlin$s o# his #loc+ and o# the #at thereo#) And the 1ord had res!ect unto A(el and to his o##erin$I But unto Cain and to his o##erin$ he had not res!ect) Now Satan +new this and it !leased him) And Cain was very wroth and his countenance #ell)J

Cain was told (y Satan to ma+e an o##erin$ to the 1ord) It is im!lied that Cain was #ully educated #rom childhood a(out everythin$ that is re0uired to o##er sacri#ice < that a !ure lam( must (e o##ered) Cith Cain (ein$ a Ftiller o# the $roundJ :i)e) a #armer; he would (e re0uired to o(tain a lam( #rom his (rother to !ro!erly o##er sacri#ice to the 1ord) 1i+ely he would need to trade some o# the F#ruit o# the $roundJ that he had harvested with one o# his (rothers who raised shee! in order to $et a lam( to o##er sacri#ice) This is what would (e re0uired in order to +ee! the ordinance and !er#orm it !ro!erly as the 1ord tau$ht it to Adam and his !osterity) Aowever Cain < a!!arently lac+in$ any #aith in the 1ord and lac+in$ res!ect #or the !reciseness in which the ordinances needed to (e !er#ormed < decided to !lace a !ortion o# his harvest on the alter as an o##erin$) The scri!tures do not clari#y how the 1ord made it +nown whether someone2s o##erin$s were acce!ted or reNected (ut a!!arently Cain was in#uriated that his was Fnot res!ectGedHJ (y the 1ord < des!ite Cain com!rehendin$ that he did not !er#orm the ordinance o# sacri#ice correctly) Verses == to =E:
FAnd the 1ord said unto Cain: Chy art thou wrothK Chy is thy countenance #allenK I# thou doest well thou shalt (e acce!ted) And i# thou doest not well sin lieth at the door and Satan desireth to have theeI and e4ce!t thou shalt hear+en unto my commandments I will deliver thee u! and it shall (e unto thee accordin$ to his desire) And thou shalt rule over


himI "or #rom this time #orth thou shalt (e the #ather o# his liesI thou shalt (e called 3erditionI #or thou wast also (e#ore the world) FAnd it shall (e said in time to comePThat these a(ominations were had #rom CainI #or he reNected the $reater counsel which was had #rom GodI and this is a cursin$ which I will !ut u!on thee e4ce!t thou re!ent) And Cain was wroth and listened not any more to the voice o# the 1ord neither to A(el his (rother who wal+ed in holiness (e#ore the 1ord)J

The 1ord somehow con#ronted Cain directly li+ely in an unmista+a(le voice to his mind as the !hrase Flistened))) to the voice o# the 1ordJ alludes to) The 1ord harshly and clearly warned Cain o# the conse0uences o# the !ath that he was currently on) The #ollowin$ was destined to occur i# Cain would not re!ent: 9) The 1ord would deliver Cain to Satan who was very an4ious to use him) =) Althou$h Cain could rule over Satan :due to Cain havin$ a !hysical (ody; he would also (e #orever mani!ulated (y Satan: Fit shall (e unto GCainH accordin$ to GSatan2sH desire)J Cain would therea#ter (e the !ro$enitor o# Satan2s lies) 5) Cain will (e called F3erditionJ < the #irst o# those who reNected their testimony o# God a#ter (ein$ $iven an overwhelmin$ +nowled$e and understandin$ o# Aim and eternal matters) 7) A(ominations that s!rin$ #orth continue and !ersist in the world will have their root in Cain) Cain held onto his an$er and !ride instead o# hear+enin$ to the voice o# the 1ord or anyone else #or that matter) Satan antici!ated all o# this which is why he commanded Cain to ma+e an o##erin$ to the 1ord in the #irst !lace < he +new Cain would !er#orm it wron$ and it would (e reNected) Satan was then a(le to mani!ulate Cain (y sto+in$ his an$er !ride and other hurt #eelin$s) *any Christians and 1DS are well,versed in these matters #or it is #re0uently discussed as !art o# the Adam and %ve story) Aowever the ne4t !arts are o#ten $lossed over not contem!lated dee!ly or sometimes com!letely i$nored) Verses =? and [email protected]:
FAnd Adam and his wi#e mourned (e#ore the 1ord (ecause o# Cain and his (rethren) And it came to !ass that Cain too+ one o# his (rothersQ dau$hters to wi#e and they loved Satan more than God)J

Adam and %ve mourned FCain and his (rethren)J Adam and %ve had many childrenI Cain was merely one o# the older ones) Cain had caused and was the leader o# a re(ellion o# a !ortion o# his (rothers and sisters a$ainst

[email protected]

THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I their !arents) This was a si/a(le $rou! o# individuals not Nust Cain and a hand#ul o# others) Verses =8 and 56:
FAnd Satan said unto Cain: Swear unto me (y thy throat and i" t ou tell it t ou % !lt dieI and swear thy (rethren (y their heads and (y the livin$ God that t e4 tell it not6 "or i" t e4 tell it0 t e4 % !ll %urel4 die6 and this that thy #ather may not +now itI and this day I will deliver thy (rother A(el into thine hands) And S!t!n %2!re unto C!in t !t e 2ould do !ccording to i% co))!nd%7 And all these thin$s were done in secret)J

Aere it is: the ori$in o# cons!iracy) Not only is the #irst secret com(ination introduced (ut also the manner o# its oaths < within the 1DS Church2s canoni/ed scri!ture) Consider care#ully what Satan said to Cain: FSwear unto me (y thy throat and i# thou tell it thou shalt die)J Cain covenanted and (ound himsel# to Satan < or Fsold his soulJ as it is o#ten re#erred to in today2s vernacular) Also consider the severity o# the !rice o# (rea+in$ that oath < i# Cain were to disclose this oath he would die) Chat did Cain $et in e4chan$e #or thisK FSatan sware unto Cain that he would do accordin$ to his commands)J Ima$ine #or a moment what must have $one throu$h Cain2s mind: F1et2s see here) I !romise my soul to this ama/in$ a!!ealin$ #latterin$ accommodatin$ !ower#ul (rilliant (ein$ o# li$ht < and in e4chan$e he2ll do anythin$ I tell him to do) I #ail to see a downside to this)J Consider the similarity o# this is to the conce!t o# Aladdin and the $enie o# the lam!: a !ower#ul ma$ni#icent ethereal (ein$ (ound to its master to o(ey his every command) "ictional retellin$s $enies in lam!s were li+ely ins!ired (y actual occult !ractices o# ma+in$ oaths with demonic #orces < o# !romisin$ one2s soul in e4chan$e #or worldly wishes) This su(Nect will (e (rou$ht u! a$ain later in this (oo+) All who Noined in Cain2s cons!iracy with Satan (ecomin$ mem(ers o# this secret com(ination swore and (ound themselves to Cain (y their own heads) %ach o# their heads was o##ered to Cain in order to (e a !art o# the cons!iracy) They were additionally (ound (y (las!hemin$ :reNectin$; the 1ord Fthe livin$ God)J I# they divul$ed the secrets or the acts o# this com(ination a death sentence was to (e immediately carried out !ro(a(ly (y deca!itation as !er the oath (ein$ F(y their heads)J They !rimarily desired to +ee! their secrets #rom the +nowled$e o# Adam and the sons and dau$hters o# his who hear+ened unto him) Verses 59 to 55:


FAnd Cain said: Truly I am *ahan the master o# this $reat secret that I may murder and $et $ain) Chere#ore Cain was called *aster *ahan and he $loried in his wic+edness) And Cain went into the #ield and Cain tal+ed with A(el his (rother) And it came to !ass that while they were in the #ield Cain rose u! a$ainst A(el his (rother and slew him) And Cain $loried in that which he had done sayin$: I am #reeI surely the #loc+s o# my (rother #alleth into my hands)J

The #irst ne#arious motive resultin$ #rom this cons!iratorial alle$iance was to murder A(el without su##erin$ #rom the Nust conse0uences) Instead o# su##erin$ #or the murder o# his (rother Cain2s worldly situation would #lourish) A(el2s !ro!erty and !ossessions would (e claimed (y Cain a#ter his (rother2s death) Cain was so thrilled with the conce!t o# enrichin$ one2s sel# throu$h cons!iratorial methods o# evadin$ Nustice #or unNust deeds includin$ murder that he titled himsel# F*ahan J meanin$ the master o# secret wor+s) Cain even $loried in the murder o# A(el) Immediately a#ter the slayin$ he declared FI am #reeOJ A(el2s murder was the culminatin$ event that dis!elled his inherent conscience < the 1i$ht o# Christ which is in#used in all men #rom (irth) Ae reNoiced in (ein$ F#reeJ o# the divinely,!rovided senses o# em!athy remorse and moral $uilt) Ae cele(rated its (anishment) Verses 57 to [email protected]:
FAnd the 1ord said unto Cain: Chere is A(el thy (rotherK And he said: I +now not) Am I my (rotherQs +ee!erK And the 1ord said: Chat hast thou doneK The voice o# thy (rotherQs (lood cries unto me #rom the $round) And now thou shalt (e cursed #rom the earth which hath o!ened her mouth to receive thy (rotherQs (lood #rom thy hand) Chen thou tillest the $round it shall not hence#orth yield unto thee her stren$th) A #u$itive and a va$a(ond shalt thou (e in the earth) FAnd Cain said unto the 1ord: Satan tem!ted me (ecause o# my (rotherQs #loc+s) And I was wroth alsoI #or his o##erin$ thou didst acce!t and not mineI my !unishment is $reater than I can (ear)J

*any are #amiliar with this es!ecially Cain2s de#lection o# FAm I my (rother2s +ee!erKJ Cain cleverly :in his own mind; de#lected the 1ord2s in0uiry with another 0uestion < attem!tin$ to chan$e direction o# the conversation) As discussed later in this (oo+ this is a common mani!ulation tactic used today es!ecially in le$al matters in de(ates etc) It2s o#ten used in avoidin$ con#essin$ outri$ht lyin$ or to avoid committin$ !erNury) Instead o# con#essin$ Cain attem!ts to lay the (lame on Satan2s tem!tations and on the 1ord reNectin$ his o##erin$) Then he com!lains that his !unishment is too $reat des!ite the 1ord2s !revious warnin$s to him o# what would ha!!en)


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I Verses 58 and 76:
FGCain saidH Behold thou hast driven me out this day #rom the #ace o# the 1ord and #rom thy #ace shall I (e hidI and I shall (e a #u$itive and a va$a(ond in the earthI and it shall come to !ass that he that #indeth me will slay me (ecause o# mine ini0uities #or these thin$s are not hid #rom the 1ord) FAnd I the 1ord said unto him: Chosoever slayeth thee ven$eance shall (e ta+en on him seven#old) And I the 1ord set a mar+ u!on Cain lest any #indin$ him should +ill him) And Cain was shut out #rom the !resence o# the 1ord and with his wi#e and many o# his (rethren dwelt in the land o# Nod on the east o# %den)J

Cain2s !unishment was interestin$ to say the least) A!!arently #rom this moment on Cain was una(le to die) Chen the 1ord (anished Cain #rom his !resence Ae caused that Cain could not die < he would (e #orced to wander the earth as Fa #u$itive and a va$a(ondJ < and to this day he still e4ists on the earth in the #lesh) There are a num(er o# 1DS who #eel that Cain still (ein$ alive is merely and erroneous s!eculation < that he is as dead as any other !erson who has lived and died) Aowever inter!retation o# Cain2s !unishment (ein$ una(le to die is con#irmed in 1DS Church 3resident S!encer C) 'im(all2s in#luential (oo+ The *iracle o# "or$iveness:
FOn the sad character Cain an interestin$ story comes to us #rom 1ycur$us A) Cilson2s (oo+ on the li#e o# David C) 3atten) "rom the (oo+ I 0uote an e4tract #rom a letter (y A(raham O) Smoot $ivin$ his recollection o# David 3atten2s account o# meetin$ Ma very remar+a(le !erson who had re!resented himsel# as (ein$ Cain)M FAs I was ridin$ alon$ the road on my mule I suddenly noticed a very stran$e !ersona$e wal+in$ (eside meP) Ais head was a(out even with my shoulders as I sat in my saddle) Ae wore no clothin$ (ut was covered with hair) Ais s+in was very dar+) I as+ed him where he dwelt and he re!lied that he had no home that he was a wanderer in the earth and traveled to and #ro) Ae said he was a very misera(le creature that he had earnestly sou$ht death durin$ his soNourn u!on the earth (ut that he could not die and his mission was to destroy the souls o# men) A(out the time he e4!ressed himsel# thus I re(u+ed him in the name o# the 1ord .esus Christ and (y virtue o# the Aoly 3riesthood and commanded him to $o hence and he immediately de!arted out o# my si$htPJ

This would su$$est that Cain2s s!irit is (anned #rom enterin$ S!irit 3rison #orever (arred #rom the !ost,mortal !rocess o# su##erin$ and metin$ out trans$ressions not re!ented o#) Ais (ody and s!irit are #used to$ether in corru!tion < somethin$ a+in to an un$lori#ied resurrection) It2s very li+ely


THE ORIGIN OF CONSPIR&CY that Cain2s !hysical situation is similar to the !hysical !ro!erties o# how a vam!ire is !erceived to (e una(le to die) Denied even the lowest o# $lories Cain2s imminent #ate will (e Outer Dar+ness) "or now he2s still FaliveJ and con#ined to the earth < actively !er!etuatin$ the !lans and machinations o# 1uci#er see+in$ the dece!tion and destruction o# man+ind) Cith Cain still (ein$ alive on the earth (oth God and Satan have a$ents in the #lesh that are not susce!ti(le to death: God has .ohn the Beloved and the Three Ne!hites Satan has Cain) :And (oth may yet have others we are com!letely unaware o#); God creates Satan imitates) 1ater in the cha!ter we are in#ormed a(out 1amech) :Note: the F%nochJ that is mentioned is one o# Cain2s sons not the !ro!het %noch whose city is ta+en u! to the 1ord hundreds o# years later); Verses 78 and >6:
F"or 1amech havin$ entered into a covenant with Satan a#ter the manner o# Cain wherein he (ecame *aster *ahan master o# that $reat secret which was administered unto Cain (y SatanI and Irad the son o# %noch havin$ +nown their secret (e$an to reveal it unto the sons o# AdamI Chere#ore 1amech (ein$ an$ry slew him not li+e unto Cain his (rother A(el #or the sa+e o# $ettin$ $ain (ut e %le2 i) "or t e o!t @% %!/e)J

One o# Cain2s $randsons Irad decided to (rea+ his oath and (e$an revealin$ the e4istence o# the cons!iracy even e4!osin$ the secrets o# the or$ani/ation to the other sons o# Adam < who in all li+elihood were com!letely o(livious to this tremendous evil (e#orehand) Irad there#ore was the #irst ever whistle(lower) Chether or not anyone (elieved him !oor Irad also (ecame the #irst recorded martyr #or whistle(lowin$) Ae was not +illed as !art o# a strate$y to o(tain wealth !ower or mani!ulation (ut (ecause he had (ro+en the oath o# secrecy which he had made with his cons!iratorial (rethren) Verse >9:
F"or #rom the days o# Cain there was a secret com(ination and their wor+s were in the dar+ and t e4 /ne2 e5er4 )!n i% 3rot er7”

%very secret com(ination initiate +new every other initiate) This !hrase is not merely sayin$ that they could tell each other a!art #rom non,initiates) Consider the wordin$: Could the 1ord #eel it necessary to state that these men were aware o# each otherK Or that they sealed their dar+ wor+s with a !erversion o# divine !rocreationK Sodomy is a !art o# the oath and (ond o# the initiates o# secret com(inations) As a marria$e covenant is consummated on the weddin$


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I ni$ht so the initiation into 1uci#er-Satan,(ound secret or$ani/ations is sealed with the act o# sodomy) God creates) Satan imitates) This verse reveals that the male homose4ual act not only e4isted lon$ (e#ore the vices o# the city o# Sodom and Gomorrah (ut that #rom the start it was an inte$ral as!ect o# secret society initiation) I# this seems too #ar #etched re#er to Genesis cha!ter 98 verses 7 throu$h @) Two an$els visited 1ot2s home in Sodom and Gomorrah :however the Ae(rew translation is Fmessen$ersJ so it2s li+ely that they were men sent on errand #rom God or they were !ossi(ly an$els a!!earin$ as normal humans; :em!hasis added;:
F))) the men o# Sodom com!assed the house round (oth old and youn$ all the !eo!le #rom every 0uarter: And they called unto 1ot and said unto him Chere are the men which came in to thee this ni$htK (rin$ them out unto us t !t 2e )!4 /no2 t e)7 FAnd 1ot went out at the door unto them and shut the door a#ter him And said I !ray you (rethren do not so wic+edly) Behold now I have two dau$hters which have not +nown manI let me I !ray you (rin$ them out unto you and do ye to them as is $ood in your eyes: only unto these men do nothin$IJ

These in#luential men o# the city o# Sodom wished to F+nowJ 1ot2s visitors) By the conte4t o# 1ot2s reaction it is o(vious that they intended to sodomi/e them) 1ot des!erate to !rotect these holy visitors o##ered u! two o# his vir$in dau$hters #or these men to ra!e instead) Chat a commentary on why the 1ord #elt it necessary to wi!e out that city) Those who (ind themselves to secret societies ta+e an oath to do all in their !ower to !rotect each other #rom discovery and !rosecution as well as assistin$ each other in $ettin$ away with any manner o# wic+edness) The homose4ual act is a consummation o# that oath) Chether they are !ersonally inclined to !re#er intercourse with men women or (oth initiates e4!ress and stren$then their cons!iratorial (indin$ (y en$a$in$ in homose4ual intercourse with each other) 3onder the im!lications: secret com(inations are the ori$in o# homose4ual intercourse) It is one o# the a(omina(le #ruits o# their unholy alliance with each other) It is one o# the multi!le sym!toms that cree!s into the cultures they in#ect and in#est) As in the !ower#ul e4am!le o# the cities o# Sodom and Gomorrah the !revalence o# homose4uality or (ise4uality in any $iven culture is in direct correlation o# the !ower in#luence and overall num(er o# initiates which secret com(inations have on that society) Verses >= and >>:
FChere#ore the 1ord cursed 1amech and his house and all them that had


covenanted with SatanI #or they +e!t not the commandments o# God and it dis!leased God and he ministered not unto them !nd t eir 2or/% 2ere !3o)in!tion%0 !nd 3eg!n to %+re!d !)ong !ll t e %on% o" )en) And it was amon$ the sons o# men)))) FAnd thus the wor+s o# dar+ness (e$an to !revail amon$ !ll the sons o# men)J

1uci#er-Satan,covenanted cons!iratorial com(inations F(e$an to s!read amon$ all the sons o# men)J It s!read secretly (ein$ undetected (y those who had not ta+en such oaths) These thin$s did not occur here or there or in remote areas < Fit was amon$ the sons o# men))) the wor+s o# dar+ness (e$an to !revail amon$ all the sons o# men)J Becall Doctrine and Covenants 9=5 :em!hasis added;:
FThere#ore that we should waste and wear out our lives in (rin$in$ to li$ht all the hidden thin$s o# dar+ness)))) These should then (e attended to with $reat earnestness) 1et no man count them as small thin$sI #or there is much which lieth in #uturity !ertainin$ to the saints which de!ends u!on these thin$s)J

Po%t C!in
"rom the time o# Cain down to the #lood there2s little recorded in the Bi(le or the 3earl o# Great 3rice concernin$ the manner o# how wic+edness and a(ominations ended u! !revailin$ save that we2ve (een made aware that the roots o# this evil s!run$ #rom the secret com(inations-societies (e$innin$ with Cain) A#ter Cha!ter > the Boo+ o# *oses #ocuses u!on Adam2s !osterity u!on the e4!eriences o# %noch and on the !reachin$ o# Noah (e#ore the #lood) In Genesis cha!ter E however there are am(i$uous re#erences to the vices that were a!!arently universally !revalent (e#ore the #lood) Verses 9 throu$h E read:
FAnd it came to !ass when men (e$an to multi!ly on the #ace o# the earth and dau$hters were (orn unto them That the sons o# God saw the dau$hters o# men that they were #airI and they too+ them wives o# all which they chose) And the 1ord said *y s!irit shall not always strive with man #or that he also is #lesh: yet his days shall (e an hundred and twenty years) FThere were $iants in the earth in those daysI and also a#ter that when the sons o# God came in unto the dau$hters o# men and they (are


children to them the same (ecame mi$hty men which were o# old men o# renown) And God saw that the wic+edness o# man was $reat in the earth and that every ima$ination o# the thou$hts o# his heart was only evil continually)J

There2s a $reat deal o# s!eculation amon$ Bi(le scholars as to what is meant (y the a(ove underlined terms: sons o# God $iants and mi$hty men) FSons o# GodJ have (een s!eculated to re#er to an$els #allen an$els or even Fo# the council o# $ods)J The 'in$ .ames Bi(le Version term F$iantsJ in this verse is translated #rom the Ae(rew term FNe!hilimJ < which root meanin$ is the !lural o# F#allenJ or F#allen ones)J F*i$hty menJ also has no shorta$e o# inter!retations) There are three (oo+s in A!ocry!hal writin$s :the (oo+s o# .asher .u(iliees and %noch; that also mention Ne!hilim Fsons o# GodJ and so #orth in conNunction with this antediluvian :i)e) !re,Great,"lood; time #rame) Also there2s some mention o# these thin$s in the Dead Sea Scrolls) The !ro(lem is that in all these thin$s there2s no end o# de(ate and various conclusions as to what these thin$s actually mean) Some conclude that this !assa$e re#ers to #allen an$els who $ot mortal women !re$nant and their o##s!rin$ were $iant men < which :they ar$ue; e4!lains the !hrase FThere were $iants GNe!hilimH in the earth in those daysI and also a#ter that)J Su!!osedly this inter!retation demonstrates how and why $iant humans li+e Goliath came into e4istence and that they e4isted (oth (e#ore and a#ter the #lood) :Aow this race o# $iants mana$ed to survive the #lood is u! #or de(ate as well); Some ar$ue that the o##s!rin$ o# Ne!hilim were hal#,human-hal#,animal monstrosities) Others ar$ue that these Fsons o# GodJ were what some !eo!le re#er to as FwatchersJ :i)e) the little $ray - $reen colored FalienJ (ein$s; and so #orth) There2s also s!eculation that these $iants :or whatever they were; were the !roduct o# DNA e4!erimentation (rou$ht a(out (y secularly,!ower#ul men :#amous well,+nown wealthy men; !ossi(ly instructed in how to do so (y the $uidance o# F#allen sons o# GodJ :i)e) Satan and his #ollowers;) This last theory seems to (e the most !lausi(le in my o!inion) The (ottom line is this: unless someone authori/ed o# God can ma+e sense o# these verses we are le#t without a relia(le account as to e4actly what constituted the a(ominations wic+edness a!ostasy and de$eneration o# the antediluvian era Nust (e#ore the #lood) Aowever what we can relia(ly conclude is this: accordin$ to scri!ture


THE ORIGIN OF CONSPIR&CY this era was so horrendously wic+ed as to warrant God !hysically removin$ a massive city o# ri$hteous !eo!le #rom the earth :i)e) the !ro!het %noch and his !eo!le; and wi!in$ out all (ut a hand#ul o# those remainin$ on the earth < all a!!ro4imately 9>66 years a#ter Adam and %ve were (anished #rom the Garden o# %den) The era was so evil as to cause the 1ord to wee! and cry out to %noch that Famon$ all the wor+manshi! o# mine hands there has not (een so $reat wic+edness as amon$ thy (rethren)J :*oses ?:5E; The antediluvian era will (e mentioned a$ain later in this (oo+ #rom the !ers!ective o# modern secret societies) Additionally Fwatchers J FNe!hilim J and F#allen onesJ will (e e4!lored later in this (oo+ as well)

Po%t Flood
A#ter the #lood the secret oaths and !acts with 1uci#er were resumed in every culture and society startin$ in Ba(ylon and then to %$y!t and other locations where the !eo!le s!lit o## a#ter the Tower o# Ba(el incident) In the Boo+ o# *ormon2s Boo+ o# %ther a hi$hly a(rid$ed account o# the .aredites is recorded) The .aredites were a !eo!le led to the North American continent #ollowin$ the con#usion o# lan$ua$es #rom the Tower o# Ba(el) *idway throu$h the Boo+ o# %ther the re,esta(lishment o# a 1uci#erian secret society amon$ the .aredites is chronicled) The @ th cha!ter o# %ther $ives an account o# who resurrected the Satanic oaths and rituals several $enerations a#ter the !eo!le had esta(lished themselves in North America :em!hasis added;:
FNow the dau$hter o# .ared was e4ceedin$ly #air) And it came to !ass that she did tal+ with her #ather and said unto him: Chere(y hath my #ather so much sorrowK Aath he not read the record which our #athers (rou$ht across the $reat dee!K Behold is there not an account concernin$ them o# old that they 34 t eir %ecret +l!n% did o(tain +in$doms and $reat $loryK))) FAnd it came to !ass that A+ish $athered in unto the house o# .ared all his +ins#ol+ and said unto them: Cill ye swear unto me that ye will (e #aith#ul unto me in the thin$ which I shall desire o# youK FAnd it came to !ass that they all sware unto him (y the God o# heaven and also (y the heavens and also (y the earth and (y their heads that whoso should vary #rom the assistance which A+ish desired should lose his headI and whoso should divul$e whatsoever thin$ A+ish made +nown unto them the same should lose his li#e) FAnd it came to !ass that thus they did a$ree with A+ish) And A+ish did administer unto them the oaths which were $iven (y them o# old who also sou$ht !ower which had (een handed down even #rom Cain who was a murderer #rom the (e$innin$)


FAnd they were +e!t u! (y the !ower o# the devil to administer these oaths unto the !eo!le to +ee! them in dar+ness to hel! such as sou$ht !ower to $ain !ower and to murder and to !lunder and to lie and to commit all manner o# wic+edness and whoredoms) FAnd it was the dau$hter o# .ared who !ut it into his heart to search u! these thin$s o# oldI and .ared !ut it into the heart o# A+ishI where#ore A+ish administered it unto his +indred and #riends leadin$ them away (y #air !romises to do whatsoever thin$ he desired) FAnd it came to !ass that they #ormed a secret com(ination even as they o# oldI 2 ic co)3in!tion i% )o%t !3o)in!3le !nd 2ic/ed !3o5e !ll in the si$ht o# GodI FAnd now I *oroni do not write the manner o# their oaths and com(inations #or it hath (een made +nown unto me that t e4 !re !d !)ong !ll +eo+le J

Notice that this dau$hter o# .ared :a descendant o# the ori$inal .ared whom these !eo!le were named a#ter; states that the records which the .aredites (rou$ht with them < which had ori$ins in ancient Ba(ylon $ave accounts o# secret oaths !acts and com(inations) It was #rom these records that these .aredites were a(le to !ursue creatin$ their own (ranch o# Ba(ylon2s ancient secret society) Also notice how *oroni mentions that the initial mem(ers o# this com(ination consisted only o# two #amilies or two households: those o# A+ish and .ared) This hand#ul o# .aredites #ormed a secret com(ination Feven as they o# oldJ < and $enerations later this secret society was the drivin$ #actor o# the entire destruction the wi!in$ out and the $enocide o# the .aredite !eo!le)M 9 "rom Cha!ter E: Aow "irm a "oundationO Chat *a+es It So A!!roachin$ Sion (y
Au$h Ni(ley) Be#er to the 3D" in the su!!ortin$ material: Au$h Ni(ley < A!!roachin$ Sion Cha!ter E Source < htt!:--ma4wellinstitute)(yu)edu-!u(lications-(oo+s-K (oo+idW?>Lcha!idW85=

= "rom the 3re#ace o# The Beal Aistory o# the Bosicrucians !u(lished in [email protected]@?
:em!hasis added;



In the cases o# ancient Ba(ylon Sumeria and %$y!t these civili/ations were dominated and ruled (y #amilies and men who had not only ta+en secret 1uci#erian oaths (ut also throu$h these oaths they o(tained arcane +nowled$e mathematics science technolo$y and various other teachin$s that ori$inated #rom 1uci#er) Additionally they were educated in manners and techni0ues in mani!ulatin$ masses o# !eo!le in the human !syche and tau$ht how to !redict and redirect the reactions and choices o# the !eo!le) As in the Gree+ myth o# 3rometheus stealin$ #ire #rom *ount Olym!us and $ivin$ it to :a!!arently unworthy; humans 1uci#er teaches and divul$es divine sciences to men willin$ to (ind themselves to him) Instead o# the human race (ein$ !rovided these thin$s (y Almi$hty God in the manner and time o# Ais choosin$ 1uci#er em!owers these men to consider themselves su!erior to other humans and to set themselves u! as !illars o# wisdom and intellect) Those who are initiated into these $rou!s (y (lood oaths and who o(tain such secret teachin$s re#er to themselves as ade!ts or e4!erts) They consider themselves ca!a(le and worthy enou$h to (e entrusted with and utili/e this +nowled$e and !ower) They see themselves as hi$hly elite (ein$s #ar (eyond their lowly human !eers) They re#er to themselves as illuminated or illumined the natural leaders and she!herds o# the masses) :As a side note this is a dee!ly esoteric word) The reader ou$ht to reali/e that any usa$e o# it in modern times is never accidental nor ar(itrary) It always carries arcane si$ni#icance); They also re#er to themselves as the FGuardians o# the Secrets o# the A$es)J All those who were not initiates were considered lesser #orms o# li#e than they themselves no (etter than (easts o# (urden who are easily mani!ulated with a (it o# money or lyin$ or #lattery or sem(lance o# !ower

[email protected]

THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I :such as !u(lic o##ice or academic reco$nition; or sto+in$ o# !ride) All such !ersons were :and still are; re#erred to as F!ro#ane)J These !eo!le are suc+ered du!ed #ooled and otherwise coa4ed into wittin$ly or unwittin$ly carryin$ out the will and a$enda o# the initiates) The ada$e F+nowled$e is !owerJ is incredi(ly true and such ade!ts understood that to disseminate any secret +nowled$e and teachin$s to the !ro#ane would (e a+in to surrenderin$ their !ower and in#luence over them) Due to their hi$hly sensitive nature these teachin$s were rarely i# ever written down des!ite these civili/ations !ossessin$ systems o# writin$) "ormal and ela(orate ceremonies :and in some cases ri$orous tests; were esta(lished to initiate and teach individuals they considered worthy enou$h to Noin their ran+s) A hi$hly involved system o# trainin$ and tutorin$ was esta(lished to !ro$ress mem(ers to hi$her levels :or de$rees; o# Fillumination J and also to !ass on !ro#oundly hidden +nowled$e they re#erred to as FmysteriesJ) These secret occult teachin$s and wor+s and the educational system in which they were !assed on have $enerally (een re#erred to throu$hout history as the F*ystery Schools)J Throu$hout history within every sin$le nation and culture there has (een the esta(lishment o# at least one mystery school) In every +nown instance even down to today these mystery schools have (een (ranches o# other schools) In their own admissions and revealed in their writin$s o# their !ractices !hiloso!hies doctrine worshi! and ceremonies < all o# them are tracea(le (ac+ to ancient %$y!t and (eyond to Ba(ylon and (e#ore the Great "lood) As 0uoted in Giddianhi2s e!istle to 1achoneus in the (oo+ o# Aelaman #rom the Boo+ o# *ormon:
FAnd (ehold I am GiddianhiI and I am the $overnor o# this the secret society o# GadiantonI which society and the wor+s thereo# I +now to (e $oodI and they are o# ancient date and they have (een handed down unto us)J9

These schools are in #act dee!ly reli$ious in structure and or$ani/ation with strict esta(lished roles hierarchies and duties o# mem(ers) They are nothin$ short o# (ranches o# an unseen reli$ion < literally the Church o# 1uci#er) An an$el shows Ne!hi the develo!ment o# one !articularly a(omina(le (ranch o# 1uci#er2s church in a vision recorded in cha!ters 95 and 97 o# 9 Ne!hi) Ae shows Ne!hi that all such reli$ious or$ani/ations are in #act connected to each other to #orm one tyrannical whole:
FAnd it came to !ass that Gthe an$elH said unto me: 1oo+ and (ehold that $reat and a(omina(le church which is the mother o# a(ominations whose #ounder is the devil) And he said unto me: Behold there are save two churches onlyI the one is the church o# the 1am( o# God and the other is


the church o# the devilI where#ore whoso (elon$eth not to the church o# the 1am( o# God (elon$eth to that $reat church which is the mother o# a(ominationsI and she is the whore o# all the earth) FAnd it came to !ass that I loo+ed and (eheld the whore o# all the earth and she sat u!on many watersI and she had dominion over all the earth amon$ all nations +indreds ton$ues and !eo!le)J=

The an$el states une0uivocally that whosoever is not (a!ti/ed (y authority into the Church o# .esus Christ (elon$s to :i)e) is su(Nect to mani!ulated (y unwittin$ly su!!orts; the Church o# 1uci#er) The reli$ion o# secret societies the 1uci#erian doctrine lies at the core o# all these secret mystery schools < and since the times o# ancient %$y!t and Ba(ylon it has (een re#erred to :even amon$st themselves; as F*ystery Ba(ylon)J As recorded (y .ohn the Beloved:
FAnd there came one o# the seven an$els which had the seven vials and tal+ed with me sayin$ unto me Come hitherI I will shew unto thee the Nud$ment o# the $reat whore that sitteth u!on many waters: Cith whom the +in$s o# the earth have committed #ornication and the inha(itants o# the earth have (een made drun+ with the wine o# her #ornication) FSo he carried me away in the s!irit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit u!on a scarlet coloured (east #ull o# names o# (las!hemy havin$ seven heads and ten horns) And the woman was arrayed in !ur!le and scarlet colour and dec+ed with $old and !recious stones and !earls havin$ a $olden cu! in her hand #ull o# a(ominations and #ilthiness o# her #ornication: FAnd u!on her #orehead was a name written *4%ter40 :!34lon the Great the *other o# Aarlots and A(ominations o# the %arth ) And I saw the woman drun+en with the (lood o# the saints and with the (lood o# the martyrs o# .esus)J5

One can2t hel! (ut wonder i# the comma (etween *ystery and Ba(ylon was erroneously added (y translators or transcri(ers) FThe inha(itants o# the earth have (een made drun+)J Ce are all drun+ < all o# us) Ce are in a !er!etual stu!or under the in#luence o# *ystery Ba(ylon) To #ully com!rehend the root and !ermeation o# this in#luence to awa+en to the reali/ation that the entire secular world and all secular and reli$ious institutions cor!orations !hiloso!hies morals and ethics media outlets and all reli$ions other than the Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints are under the control and mani!ulation o# *ystery Ba(ylon < this is e4actly what *oroni meant when he commanded us to Fawa+e to a sense o# your aw#ul situationJ :%ther @:=7;)



E%oteric !nd E<oteric
It is im!ortant to $ain a #ull com!rehension (ehind the conce!ts o# the terms e%oteric and e<oteric) They are de#ined as #ollows (y multi!le esta(lished and authoritative sources: • %4oteric < 9; suita(le #or or communicated to the $eneral !u(lic) =; not (elon$in$ limited or !ertainin$ to the inner or select circle as o# disci!les or intimates) 5; !o!ularI sim!leI common!lace) 7; !ertainin$ to the outsideI e4teriorI e4ternal) Ori$in: 1ate 1atin e4Xtericus) Be#ers to +nowled$e that is outside o# and inde!endent #rom anyone2s e4!erienceI can (e ascertained (y anyone) Belates to Me4ternal realityM as o!!osed to one2s own thou$hts or #eelin$s) 'nowled$e that is !u(lic as o!!osed to secret or ca(alistic) It is not re0uired that e4oteric +nowled$e come easily or automatically (ut it should (e re!roduci(le and a(le to (e re#erenced) Antonym: esoteric) • %soteric < 9; understood (y or meant #or only the select #ew who have s!ecial +nowled$e or interestI recondite: !oetry #ull o# esoteric allusions) =; (elon$in$ to the select #ew 5; !rivateI secretI con#idential 7; :o# a !hiloso!hical doctrine or the li+e; intended to (e revealed only to the initiates o# a $rou! :e4am!le: the esoteric doctrines o# 3ytha$oras); Ori$in: Gree+ esXteri+Ys) Synonyms: a(struse arcane cry!tic eni$matic) That which is !reserved or understood (y a small $rou! or those s!ecially initiated) In order #or the mystery schools to +ee! secret +nowled$e hidden #rom the uninitiated yet !erceiva(le and #ully understanda(le to the initiated and ade!ts everythin$ has (oth an esoteric and e4oteric inter!retation) The $eneral !u(lic the F!ro#ane J are #ed the e4oteric the myths the sometimes (i/arre or disNointed stories o# $ods and heroes and are $iven various sim!listic :sometimes even insultin$ to one2s intelli$ence; e4!lanations to the sym(ols and sym(olism used) Aowever the initiates and the ade!ts are !rovided the esoteric e4!lanations to these same sym(ols and myths < they are $iven to +now e4actly what the $ods and heroes re!resent in those stran$e old stories) Such characters and (ein$s o#ten don2t actually re!resent any +ind o# !erson deity or (ein$ at all < they o#ten re!resent conce!ts techni0ues or even institutions) There#ore sym(olism (ecomes a maNor #actor in the worshi! reli$ion (elie#s and communication o# the ade!ts o# mystery schools) Chatever the $eneral !u(lic ma+es o# these e4oteric thin$s whatever conclusion they wish to come to a(out what the sym(ols mean the ade!ts and initiates o# the mystery schools don2t care) The use o# arcane or stran$e sym(olism is


*YSTERY SCHOOLS &N( *YSTERY :&:YLON merely a system with which they simultaneously cover u! their actual (elie#s secret +nowled$e and o(Nect o# worshi! #rom the +nowled$e o# the !ro#ane while !rovidin$ the a(ility to communicate the esoteric meanin$s with other ade!ts) Sym(olism is used (y the 1ord to !rovide a dee!er more visceral meanin$ to Ais teachin$s < such as in !ara(les in alle$ories in visions and dreams and in com!arisons) Aowever in *ystery Ba(ylon sym(olism is used to create layers o# dece!tion over the actual esoteric meanin$s while also (ein$ used as a manner o# communicatin$ with other initiates) The F!ro#aneJ are merely $iven erroneous and su!er#icial e4!lanations to these thin$s in order to !lacate or de#lect them) 9 5 Ne!hi 5:5 The Boo+ o# *ormon = 9 Ne!hi 97:8,99 The Boo+ o# *ormon :em!hasis added; 5 Bevelations 9?:9,E :em!hasis added;



FAnd the 1ord s!a+e unto *oses and unto Aaron sayin$ Chen 3haraoh shall s!ea+ unto you sayin$ Shew a miracle #or you: then thou shalt say unto Aaron Ta+e thy rod and cast it (e#ore 3haraoh and it shall (ecome a ser!ent) FAnd *oses and Aaron went in unto 3haraoh and they did so as the 1ord had commanded: and Aaron cast down his rod (e#ore 3haraoh and (e#ore his servants and it (ecame a ser!ent) FThen 3haraoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the ma$icians o# %$y!t they also did in li+e manner with their enchantments) "or they cast down every man his rod and they (ecame ser!ents: (ut AaronQs rod swallowed u! their rods)J
< %4odus ?:@,9= :em!hasis added; God creates Satan imitates) Chile the mystery schools date their traditions rites and worshi! (ac+ to the !ractices o# ancient Ba(ylon and while they em(race the le$ends surroundin$ the antediluvian era and the mythic city o# Atlantis there tends to (e an overwhelmin$ em!hasis on everythin$ stemmin$ #rom ancient %$y!t) Because %$y!t is most relevant #or them I have decided to #ocus on their (elie#s a(out ancient %$y!t and #or$o discussin$ ancient Ba(ylon in this (oo+) One thin$ that is critical to reali/e: whether or not all o# the thin$s !resented in this (oo+ are com!letely #actual and accurate a(out ancient %$y!t doesn2t matter) Chat does matter is that what I !resent in this (oo+ is accurate in !resentin$ what the modern secret societies actually (elieve ori$inated and was !racticed in ancient %$y!t) All that matters is what they (elieve (ecause it is their (elie#s :a maNority o# which are rooted in ancient


&NCIENT EGYPT %$y!t; that $ive them !ur!ose $oals vision and motive) Throu$h their own e4!erts2 writin$s we are a(le to $et an understandin$ o# their core (elie#s < es!ecially #rom the wor+s that were written #or the initiates) Throu$hout the rest o# this (oo+ I will (e 0uotin$ #rom a num(er o# in#luential *asonic or other authoritative esoteric authors *anly 3) Aall in !articular) *r) Aall wrote many acclaimed revered (oo+s and $ave do/ens o# lectures throu$hout his li#e on ancient teachin$s and arcane matters) Ae is widely considered to (e one o# the $reatest :i# not the $reatest; *asonic writer to have ever lived) "or an 1DS com!arison one can ar$ue that *asons loo+ u!on *anly 3) Aall with the same re$ards that the 1DS loo+ u!on Au$h Ni(ley < as a $enius in a class o# his own) *r) Aall wrote the #ollowin$ in his (oo+ "reemasonry and the Ancient %$y!tians a se$ment o# which is included in the su!!ortin$ material 9 :em!hasis added;:
FCe are assured in the authori/ed version o# Aoly Crit G%d) note: authori/ed < are there unauthori/ed versions not availa(le to the !u(licKH that the ma$icians o# %$y!t chan$ed their staves or rods into ser!ents in the !resence o# 3haraoh) The modern scientist does not live who can du!licate that !henomenon))) FIn %$y!t we are dealin$ un0uestiona(ly with true mani#estations o# occult !ower) The learned author o# Art *a$ic !resents what may (e acce!ted as a reasona(le accurate estimation o# the !riest,ma$icians o# the old %$y!tian *ysteries) F2They were hi$hly educated scienti#ic men) They understood the nature o# the lodestone Gnaturally ma$netic stonesH the virtues o# mineral and animal ma$netism which to$ether with the #orce o# !sycholo$ical im!ression constituted a lar$e !ortion o# their theur$ic !ractices) GNote: Ftheur$icJ is de#ined as Fthe divine or su!ernatural a$ency in human a##airsJ and F(ene#icent ma$ic as tau$ht and !er#ormed (y %$y!tian Neo!latonists and othersJH FThey !er#ectly understood the art o# readin$ the innermost secrets o# the soul o# im!ressin$ the susce!ti(le ima$ination (y enchantment and #ascination o# sendin$ their own s!irits #orth #rom their (ody which many modern meta!hysical teachers claim that they can do as clairvoyance under the action o# !ower#ul will < in #act they were masters o# the art now +nown as mesmerism clairvoyance electro,(iolo$y etc) They also reali/ed the virtues o# ma$nets $ums her(s dru$s and #umi$ations and em!loyed music to admira(le e##ect)))) FThe hi$hly $i#ted %$y!tolo$ist 1enormant ac+nowled$es %$y!tian ma$ic as an essential !art o# their reli$ious !hiloso!hy) .ames Bonwic+ ")B)G)S) thus summari/es the !owers !ossessed (y %$y!tian ade!ts:


F2%$y!tian mystics could levitate wal+ the air handle #ire live under water sustain $reat !ressure harmlessly su##er mutilation read the !ast #oretell the #uture ma+e themselves invisi(le and cure disease)2J

T e N!ture o" Eg4+ti!n *!gic
Continuin$ #rom *anly 3) Aall2s "reemasonry and the Ancient %$y!tians :em!hasis added;:
F"rom the writin$s o# 3roclus and Iam(lichus G%d) note: Gree+ historian !hiloso!hersH we can $ain a considera(le insi$ht into the !rinci!les o# %$y!tian ma$ic) FTo the old !hiloso!hers even 3ytha$oras and 3lato ma$ic was no mystery) Accordin$ to 3roclus the initiated !riests so #ully understood the mutual sym!athy (etween the visi(le and invisi(le worlds that they were a(le to chan$e the course o# action and #ocus divine virtues u!on in#erior natures) And accordin$ to 3lato the hi$hest #orm o# ma$ic consisted in the divine worshi! o# the $ods and accordin$ to Iam(lichus the !riests throu$h sacerdotal theur$y were a(le to ascend #rom a material state o# consciousness to a reali/ation o# the universal essence thus comin$ to an understandin$ o# universal !ur!ose (y which the !er#ormance o# hi$h #eats o# ma$ic (ecame !ossi(le) FGItQsH !ro!er at this !oint to esta(lish a clear line o# demarcation o# ma$ic and sorcery) The term ma$ic was not associated with occult Nu$$lery (y the %$y!tians (ut arose #rom a !ro#ound understandin$ o# natural law) 2*a$ic 2 says General Al(ert 3i+e 2is the e4act and a(solute science o# nature and its laws)2 "rom the +nowled$e o# this a(solute science arises occult science) "rom e4!erience in occult science in turn arises the theur$ic art #or as surely as man has ada!ted his !hysical universe to his !ur!oses so surely the ade!t o# the *ystery School ada!ts the meta!hysical universe to his !ur!oses) FTo ac+nowled$e that the %$y!tians !ossessed the !ower o# ada!tin$ mystical #orces to !hysical ends is to (estow u!on them !ro#iciency in the most !er#ect and di##icult o# the arts) Yet to deny this a(ility on the !art o# the %$y!tian !riests is to deny the evident and we must resi$n ourselves to the undenia(le #act that they !ossessed a #orm o# learnin$ which has not (een con#erred u!on this !resent race)))J

Note the name FAl(ert 3i+eJ mentioned in the !revious Al(ert 3i+e was a $eneral in the Civil Car #or the South) Ae is most honored "reemasons in history) Ae wrote a (oo+ entitled Do$ma which is considered !riority readin$ #or "reemasons) I2ll #rom him and will discuss him later on)

!ara$ra!h) one o# the *orals and (e 0uotin$



T e Religion o" Eg4+t: Sun -or% i+
Besearcher A) Bal!h %!!erson has written a hand#ul o# (oo+s concernin$ the (ac+$round and cultures o# secret societies) The #ollowin$ se$ment comes #rom one o# his (oo+s) = As he discusses in this section the !innacle reli$ious sym(ol in the worshi! o# Ancient %$y!t was the Sun) The mystery schools o# %$y!t #ashioned their entire e4oteric shell o# their reli$ion around the Sun and it remains a +ey sym(ol o# the modern mystery schools today :em!hasis added;:
FAl(ert 3i+e identi#ied GSun Corshi!H with the worshi! o# the !ast in this collection o# 0uotes #rom his writin$s: FThe worshi! o# the sun (ecame the (asis o# all the reli$ions o# anti0uity)))) Thousands o# years a$o men worshi!ed the Sun))) Ori$inally they loo+ed (eyond the or( to the invisi(le God))) They !ersoni#ied him as Brahma Amun Osiris Bel Adonis *al+arth *ithras and A!ollo) 'rishna is the Aindu Sun‐God) The Gauls worshi!ed the Sun under the name o# Belin or Belinis) FThe sun is the ancient sym(ol o# the li#e‐$ivin$ and $enerative !ower o# the Deity) The Sun was Ais mani#estation and visi(le ima$e) The Sun is the hiero$ly!hical si$n o# Truth (ecause it is the source o# 1i$ht) F*r) 3i+e identi#ied the sun as a sym(ol o# a deity that should (e worshi!ed) Ae chose to ca!itali/e the #irst letter o# the word the 2s2 as one would in reco$ni/in$ the name o# a deity) FAl(ert *ac+ey Ganother hi$hly lauded and in#luential *asonic writer-historianH re!eated *r) 3i+e2s contentions with comments li+e these a(out 2sun worshi!2: FGIt wasH the oldest and (y #ar the most !revalent o# all the ancient reli$ions) %use(ius says that the 3hoenicians and the %$y!tians were the #irst who ascri(ed divinity to the sun) Aardly any o# the sym(ols o# *asonry are more im!ortant in their si$ni#ication or more e4tensive in their a!!lication than the sun as the source o# material li$ht it minds the *ason o# that intellectual li$ht o# which he is in constant search) The sun is then !resented to us in *asonry #irst as a sym(ol o# li$ht (ut then more em!hatically as a sym(ol o# soverei$n authority) FThe sun was a sym(ol o# somethin$ that only the (elievers in the reli$ion +nown as the Ancient *ysteries understood) These (elievers called ade!ts certainly +new that the !eo!le would not acce!t their mystery reli$ion so t e4 !d to conce!l it "ro) t e)) So the tas+ (ecame one o# creatin$ a reli$ion around a (elie# that they +new !eo!le would acce!t


(ecause it would ma+e some sense at least as #ar as the ade!ts would e4!lain it) But their (asic !ur!ose was to cre!te ! +o+ul!r religion !% ! co5er "or t eir %ecret 2or% i+) The secret reli$ion would (e (uilt around a (elie# in the sun) FThe sun would (e a !er#ect thin$ to (uild a reli$ion around (ecause o# its (asic nature) It is very visi(le and has a very im!ortant role in man2s li#e) It rises in the mornin$ :it a!!ears to (e (orn; and sets in the evenin$ :it a!!ears to die; and then a!!ears to (e 2(orn a$ain2 the ne4t mornin$) It also a!!ears to wander in the s+y settin$ #urther north :or south; each ni$ht) It then returns (ac+ to any $iven !osition twice each year) FSo the sun a!!ears to have a maNor (irth or death twice each day and twice each year) It would (e very easy #or the ade!ts to e4!lain to the !eo!le that only somethin$ (i$$er than man+ind a $od had the a(ility to die and come (ac+ to li#e) So the ade!ts would teach the !eo!le that they had to !ray to the $od or it would chose not to return) They encoura$ed a worshi! o# the sun so that it would return to man+ind a$ain either once a day or once every si4 months) FAl(ert 3i+e con#irmed this view with this e4!lanation o# why early man worshi!ed the sun: FTo them))) the Nourneyin$s o# the Sun were voluntary and not mechanical)))J F%arly man considered the sun to (e somethin$ that moved voluntarily) In other words the sun did not have to return each mornin$) *an must have 0uic+ly determined that since the sun did not have to return man should start as+in$ it to return #or man certainly de!ended u!on the sun #or his li#e) *an certainly must have #i$ured out Nust how im!ortant the sun was to his li#e and well‐(ein$ and certainly must have determined that i# the sun chose not to return all o# man+ind would certainly !erish) It was an easy Num! #rom the (elie# that the necessary sun was an entity that chose to move across the daytime s+y to a (elie# that it would return only i# man !rayed to it to return) FThere is somethin$ even more interestin$ to (e considered that 3i+e didn2t e4!lain with that comment) O(viously to ma+e the new reli$ion wor+ the (elievers would have to (e a(le to !redict the movements o# the sun) It wouldn2t (e too lon$ (e#ore some o# the common !eo!le would start noticin$ that the sun was neither an actual (ein$ nor a $od to (e worshi!ed (ut somethin$ that moved accordin$ to !recise laws) I# the common !eo!le #i$ured that out they would not need the ade!ts who had com!uted the sun2s !eriodic cycles)

FTo +ee! their !ower intact they would teach the !eo!le that i# they did not accommodate their wishes they would ma+e certain that the sun did not return) They could even !redict as their measurements (ecame more so!histicated the e4act time and date when the moon would $o (etween the sun and the earth causin$ the sun to 2disa!!ear)2 They could then #ool the !eo!le into (elievin$ that they were the cause o# the disa!!earance)


FThey could then e4!lain to the !eo!le that i# they did not continue to !ay them some sort o# tri(ute they would not intercede on their (ehal# and the sun would not rea!!ear) FTo +ee! the minds o# the common !eo!le away #rom #i$urin$ out that the whole reli$ion was a scam the ade!ts would conduct (eauti#ul and ornate ceremonies around the worshi! o# the sun) And they would e4!ect the !eo!le to !ay them #or the ela(orate rituals) To ma+e their rituals valid the ade!ts would always claim that the sun o(eyed their !rayers there(y convincin$ the !eo!le o# their need to +ee! the ade!ts around) The !eo!le would continue to !ay tri(ute to these ade!ts as lon$ as they a!!eared to (e success#ul) FI# the ade!ts +new that the sun was a sym(ol o# somethin$ that the !eo!le would not su!!ort such as a (elie# that 1uci#er the devil was the $od that they worshi!ed they would have to continue with GtheirH charade so that the !eo!le would not decide to sto! worshi!in$) Because i# the !eo!le #i$ured it out they would no lon$er su!!ort their activities ) They would have to +ee! their (elie#s #rom the !eo!le and conceal their secret worshi! in hidden sym(ols) So sun worshi! as a reli$ion !ros!ered Gin %$y!tH)J

9 Be#er to the 3D" #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: *anly 3 AallV "reemasonry o# the
Ancient %$y!tians

= "rom A) Bal!h %!!erson2s The New Corld Order !u(lished in 9886



Teena$ers in the American !u(lic school system are re0uired to learn all a(out the ancient Gree+ $ods and Gree+ myths) I mysel# recall (ein$ re0uired to read (oo+s a(out them write re!orts on them create $rou! !roNects and !resentations etc) Scores o# modern movies and novels have (een created (ased u!on and in#luenced (y them) Countless #acets o# Cestern art and culture are #ounded u!on the characters and tales o# the Gree+ $ods and heroes) 1ater the Bomans incor!orated those same Gree+ $ods into their own theolo$y and worshi! merely chan$in$ the names #rom Gree+ to 1atin) Accordin$ to academia today there2s no clear ori$in o# Gree+ mytholo$y and several theories have (een o##ered) Aowever accordin$ to the modern *ystery Schools there2s a(solutely no con#usion as to the ori$in: the !hiloso!hers o# Greece were initiated into the %$y!tian *ystery Schools and (ased their $ods and mytholo$y u!on the $ods and mytholo$y o# %$y!t) All this ta+es on an entirely new meanin$ when con#ronted with the #act that the !riests ade!ts and initiates o# these ancient reli$ions these ancient systems o# worshi! :mystery schools; were acutely aware o# an e4tremely relevant esoteric inter!retation o# all o# these ancient stories myths #i$ures le$ends and (elie#s) Duotin$ a$ain #rom *anly 3) Aall2s (oo+ "reemasonry o# the Ancient %$y!tians :em!hasis added;:
FCe GcannotH (e deceived (y the o(vious GnorH allow ourselves to (e misdirected (y the evident su(ter#u$es Gi)e) < dece!tionsH o# these ancient G%$y!tianH !riests who so care#ully concealed their arcana #rom the uninitiated world that we at this late time may even dou(t its e4istence ) FThe i$norant even amon$ the %$y!tians mi$ht derive their ins!irations #rom the !rocessionals and rituals o# the state reli$ion (ut those $reat !hiloso!hers who came #rom a#ar were in search o# the hi$hest #orm o# human +nowled$e and could not (e satis#ied (y such outer show ) H!d t e%e "!3le% 3een 3ut ollo2 !nd un%u3%t!nti!l "or)%0 Eg4+t


2ould !5e 3een t e ridicule o" t e 2i%e0 2 o 2ould %+eedil4 !5e e<+o%ed er % !) !nd reduced er 5!in +reten%e to ! u)3le %t!te7 But this did not occur)
FThe initiates o# her *ysteries returnin$ to their own countries not only #elt themselves more than re!aid #or their ha/ardous Nourneys and lon$ vi$ils (ut #urthermore they (ecame #ounders o# distin$uished systems o# thin+in$ disseminators o# use#ul +nowled$e and in all cases (ore witness to a (road and dee! learnin$)J

The Gree+ !hiloso!hers whom the world honors so hi$hly today and whose wor+s constitute much o# the #oundation o# modern secular Cestern thou$ht did not themselves +nowin$ly worshi! actual (ein$s (y the names o# Seus 3oseidon Aades A!hrodite etc) The %$y!tian Gree+ and Boman ade!ts +new e4actly who or what conce!ts these #a(led characters sym(oli/ed and to what they actually re#erred) Chile these initiates in the mystery schools vaulted themselves a(ove their #ellowmen they :intentionally or not; allowed the e4!loitation o# the masses throu$h $ulli(ility and i$norance into veneratin$ and worshi!in$ the dum( idols and outward e4oteric sym(ols o# a hidden esoteric theolo$y < even !ur!ose#ully +ee!in$ in i$norance most o# the students o# their schools as to the correct inter!retation o# these stories and sym(ols) They #ed the uninitiated nothin$ (ut #ra$mentary !hiloso!hical conce!ts in order to ma+e them #eel as thou$h they were a!!roachin$ the !ro#ound levels o# wisdom and learnin$ o# their master teachers < (uildin$ within them a truly (aseless sense o# !ride and accom!lishment)
FO that cunnin$ !lan o# the evil oneO O the vainness and the #railties and the #oolishness o# menO Chen they are learned they thin+ they are wise and they hear+en not unto the counsel o# God #or they set it aside su!!osin$ they +now o# themselves where#ore their wisdom is #oolishness and it !ro#iteth them not) And they shall !erish) But to (e learned is $ood i# they hear+en unto the counsels o# God)J < Ne!hi2s youn$er (rother .aco(9

Is it any wonder the 1ord made the #irst o# the Ten Commandments as direct and sim!le as: FThou shalt have no other $ods (e#ore meJK :%4odus =6:5; All the other $ods that these ancient !eo!le worshi!ed were not only not $ods they were e4oteric shams concocted (y the mystery school ade!ts < who constructed these sym(olic veneers to intentionally dis$uise their true theolo$y #rom the masses their secret worshi! o# 1uci#er) In order to more #ully $ras! the sym(olism used (y all modern secret societies :i)e) the modern mystery schools; it is im!ortant to (ecome #amiliar with the most !ertinent o# the ancient %$y!tian myths < s!eci#ically that concernin$ the $ods Osiris Isis and Aorus the !er!etual Osirian cycle


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I and their con#lict with Set :or Ty!hon;) It is critical to have a (asic +nowled$e o# these thin$s (ecause these $ods :i)e) the sym(ols and myths they re!resent; are e4tremely relevant to < and re#erenced re!eatedly < within the modern secret societies)

T e F!3le o" O%iri%
Once a$ain I 0uote li(erally #rom *anly 3) Aall2s (oo+ "reemasonry o# the Ancient %$y!tians (ecause he $ives a thorou$h and strai$ht#orward overview o# the mytholo$y o# Osiris Isis and Aorus) Ae then !roceeds to e4!ound on these mytholo$ical $ods :conce!ts; #rom a *asonic :esoteric; !ers!ective) :Be#er to A!!endi4 B #or #urther in#ormation on each o# the characters mentioned within the #a(le ; Chile these stories may come o## as trite ridiculous do$matic hy!er(ole to the modern educated reader in truth these myths conceal the core doctrine o# the *ystery Schools (oth ancient and modern) These myths are as central and as esoterically meanin$#ul to the initiates o# the mystery schools as the doctrine o# the Car in Aeaven is to the 1atter,Day Saints) They are truly as !ivotal to the mystery schools as the events o# the (oo+ o# Genesis are to ancient Israel and .udeo,Christian theolo$y) As you read +ee! in mind that everythin$ that is 0uoted was com!osed (y one o# the most accom!lished and cele(rated *asonic writers o# all time addressin$ *asonic readers who see+ a $reater understandin$ o# dee!er *asonic core theolo$y :em!hasis added;:
FThe #a(le o# Isis and Osiris as it has descended to us in the account $iven (y 3lutarch has not (een $reatly am!li#ied (y any modern research) The %$y!tian #ra$ments which have (een translated in recent years o##er no com!lete account o# the (irth li#e death and resurrection o# Osiris nor has any new +ey (een #ound to unloc+ this $reat drama which may well (e termed FThe 3assion 3lay o# %$y!t) J It is not our intention to !er!etuate 3lutarch2s account merely #or its outward a!!earance (ut rather #rom the same motive that ins!ired Synesius 3latonic !hiloso!her and Christian (isho! to com!ile his account o# the same #a(ulous history) Synesius in his treatise On 3rovidence thus introduces the Osirian myth: FThis #a(le is %$y!tian) The %$y!tians transcend in wisdom) 3erha!s there#ore this also (ein$ a #a(le o(scurely si$ni#ies somethin$ more than a #a(le (ecause it is %$y!tian) I# however it is not a #a(le (ut a sacred discourse it will deserve in a still $reater de$ree to (e told and committed to writin$)J FIn !resentin$ a summary o# 3lutarchQs account GI am omittin$H nothin$ which could in anyway (e re$arded as relevant) GI am ta+in$H the li(erty


however o# somewhat e4!andin$ the #a(le (y incor!oratin$ therein some small #ra$ments derived #rom other Gree+ writers and occasionally a #ew words (earin$ u!on the account #rom #ra$ments #rom %$y!tian reli$ious literature) The story then is in su(stance as #ollows: FThe $oddess Nut whom 3lutarch identi#ies with Bhea Gone o# the titans in Gree+ mytholo$yH was the dau$hter o# Shu and Te#nut) She is the wi#e o# Se( and the mother o# Ba) I# we are to trust 3lutarch she a#terwards (ecomes the wi#e o# Ba or the sun) Nut is un#aith#ul to Ba who discoverin$ that she is with child (y Se( !ronounces a curse u!on her that she should not (e delivered o# her !ro$eny in any month or year) FThoth :Aermes or *ercury; who is also in love with Nut comes to her assistance with a strata$em) Ae !lays at ta(les with the moon,$oddess :Selene; and wins #rom her the seventieth !art o# each o# her illuminations and Noinin$ these !arts to$ether he #orms o# them #ive days which he adds to the calendarI !revious to that time the %$y!tian year consisted o# three hundred and si4ty days G%d) note: the num(er o# de$rees in a circleH) FThese #ive days (ein$ not !art o# any month or year Ba was outwitted) &!on these days Nut (rou$ht #orth her #ive children at di##erent times and di##erent !laces) &!on the #irst o# these days she (rou$ht #orth Osiris and the !lace o# his (irth accordin$ to Diodorus was *ount Nissa in Ara(ia the Aa!!y) :*ount Nissa is now *ount Sinai); FAt the moment o# the (irth o# Osiris a voice sounded throu$hout the world sayin$ FThe 1ord o# all the earth is (orn)J On the second day Nut $ave (irth to Aroueris the elder AorusI on the third day Ty!hon or SetI on the #ourth day IsisI and on the #i#th and last day Ne!hthys) The %$y!tians there#ore re$ard the #ive days which they termed the %!act or su!er,added as the (irthdays o# the $ods es!ecially veneratin$ the #ourth o# them u!on which the (enevolent $oddess Isis came into (ein$) F3lutarch #urther on announces that the #ive children o# Nut were not all o# the same #ather thus contradictin$ his earlier statement) Ae says that Osiris and the elder Aorus were the children o# Ba that Isis was the dau$hter o# Thoth and only Ty!hon and Ne!hthys were actually the o##s!rin$ o# Se() There is another and even more recondite le$end re$ardin$ the elder Aorus which denies him the #athershi! o# Ba declarin$ him to (e the o##s!rin$ o# Osiris and Isis while they were still in the wom( o# Nut) These accounts we shall consider later) FOsiris was $iven to 3amyles to (e educated and havin$ come to the years o# maNority (ecame the +in$ o# %$y!t) In this hi$h ca!acity Osiris a!!lied himsel# to the civili/in$ o# his nation turnin$ the %$y!tians #rom their !reviously indi$ent and (ar(arous course o# li#e to a ha!!y and community e4istence) Ae tau$ht them a$riculture com!iled #or them a (ody o# laws #or the re$ulation o# conduct instructed them in the reverencin$ in worshi! o# the $ods thus esta(lishin$ %$y!t in all the


essentials o# truth) Aavin$ (rou$ht his own nation to !ros!erity and enli$htenment Osiris traveled over the rest o# the world convertin$ !eo!les to his disci!line not (y #orce (ut throu$h !ersuasion o# reason) Osiris was accom!anied on this Nourney (y a !rocession o# nym!hs and other su!er!hysical (ein$s who #illed the air with music and son$) FIn the meantime Ty!hon (rother or hal#,(rother o# Osiris had am(ition to usur! the throne (ut the vi$ilant Isis sister,wi#e o# Osiris was too watch#ul) Ty!hon however havin$ !ersuaded seventy,two other !ersons to Noin him in his cons!iracy with the aid o# a certain 0ueen in %thio!ia named Aso !er#ected a !lot a$ainst Osiris) Ae #ashioned a chest e4actly to the measure o# the (ody o# Osiris which chest he caused to (e (rou$ht into the (an0uet hall where the !rinces o# %$y!t were #eastin$ their +in$2s return) FTy!hon simulatin$ Nest !romised this ela(orately ornamented (o4 to the one whose (ody u!on trial most nearly #itted it) %ach o# the !rinces in turn lay down in the (o4 (ut each was too short or too tall until last o# all Osiris himsel# lay down in it) Immediately the seventy,two cons!irators rushed to the (o4 clam!ed the cover u! on it #astened it with nails and !oured melted lead over all the crac+s and crevices) A#ter this they carried the chest to the (an+ o# the Nile and cast it into the river where it Noins the sea)))) FAs soon as Isis received word o# this crime she cut o## one o# the loc+s o# her hair and !ut on the mournin$ a!!arel o# widowhood #or which reason the s!ot where she did this was a#terwards called Co!tos or the city o# mournin$) A#ter donnin$ the widow2s weeds Isis set #orth in search o# her hus(andQs (ody and wandered a(out all %$y!t as+in$ all with whom she came in contact) "inally some children who had (een !lay told her that theyQve seen the accom!lices o# Ty!hon carryin$ the chest to the NileI #or that reason %$y!tians re$ard the words o# children as oracular and !ay $reat attention to them) FChile Isis was searchin$ #or her hus(and2s (ody she learned that Ne!hthys her sister had (y ma$ic insinuated hersel# into the !resence o# Osiris (e#ore his death and in the $uise o# Isis had conceived a son #rom him) Isis sou$ht out the child which Ne!hthys had deserted #or #ear o# Ty!honQs an$er and ado!tin$ it attached it to her !erson as a constant $uard and attendant) This was Anu(is the do$,headed $od who a!!ears in the Boo+ o# the Dead) FIsis learned that the chest had (een carried (y the sea to the coast o# By(los G%d) note: By(los is also the name #or (oo+ or Bi(leH where it had lod$ed in the (ranches o# a (ush o# tamaris+ which had $rown u! miraculously a(out the sacred rece!tacle and concealed it within its trun+) The +in$ o# By(los ama/ed at the miracle caused the tree to (e cut down and #rom the trun+ containin$ the (o4 he made a !illar to su!!ort the roo# o# his !alace)


FBy ma$ic Isis discovered this and travelin$ immediately to By(los attached hersel# to the suite o# the 0ueen as a nurse to her children) At ni$ht when all the !alace was aslee! Isis trans#ormed hersel# into a swallow and #luttered around the column (emoanin$ her #ate in stran$e sad notes) FIn due time Isis revealed her divine nature and as+ed that the !illar (e cut downI ta+in$ there#rom the chest she de!arted with it into a desert !lace where she !er#ormed certain ma$ical rites (y which the (ody o# Osiris was tem!orarily animated and (y this animation she received #rom Osiris a son who was called the youn$er Aorus the child who was conceived o# the dead) FThere is some con#usion in the account at this !oint) 3lutarch says that Isis le#t the (ody o# Osiris tem!orarily to visit her son Aorus Nust mentioned (ut the conte4t o# the #a(le would rather call #or her de!arture to a secluded !lace where the child could (e (orn without the +nowled$e o# Ty!hon who certainly would have destroyed him) Isis hid the chest in a remote and un#re0uented !lace (ut Ty!hon huntin$ one ni$ht (y the li$ht o# the moon chanced u!on it) 'nowin$ its contents and reali/in$ Isis to (e !ro#icient in ma$ic he resolved to thwart her !ur!oses and tearin$ the (ody into #ourteen !arts he scattered them over %$y!t) F"rom the inscri!tions on the *etternich Stele G%d) note: a FsteleJ is a metal stone or wooden sla( $enerally taller than it is wide erected #or #unerals or commemorative !ur!oses) A tom(stone would (e considered a stele)=H it seems that Set GTy!honH must have im!risoned Isis and her son Aorus) The $oddess is made to say FI am Isis and I came #orth #rom the house wherein my (rother Set has !laced me)J FThoth the F3rince o# 1aw J a$ain came to her assistance and aided Isis to esca!e #rom the house :Gor was it really aH !risonK; G%d) note: or could it have (een the Aouse o# Set-Ty!honKH) Thoth also at this time !ro!hesied that Aorus would sit u!on the throne o# his #ather and rule the dou(le em!ire o# %$y!t) &!on the advice o# Thoth Isis hides the child in a !a!yrus swam! thus savin$ him #rom the wrath o# Set) FIsis returnin$ havin$ le#t her son at Butos and #ashionin$ a ma$ical (oat out o# !a!yrus traversed the whole o# the em!ire) As she met with the scattered !arts o# her hus(and she (uried each one se!arately #irst however encasin$ it in a ma$ical mummy com!osed o# wa4 incense and $rain seed) FShe #inally recovered all o# the !arts o# Osiris e4ce!t the !hallus Gi)e) < the !enisH which had (een thrown into the river and devoured (y three #ishes) G%d) note: +ee! the three #ishes in mind)H This or$an Isis re!roduced in $old and havin$ !er#ormed all o# the ceremonies necessary to insure the li#e o# Osiris in the underworld she returned to her son Aorus and (y the theur$ic arts o# GwhichH she was mistress saved him #rom death #rom the stin$s o# scor!ions)


FAorus havin$ $rown to man2s estate and havin$ received #rom his mother the tradition o# his #atherQs murder lon$ed to aven$e the evil deed) Osiris a!!eared to his son in a vision instructin$ him in the means (y which he could overcome the hosts o# Ty!hon) Ce are led to in#er that Aorus $athered a(out him an army which meetin$ the hosts o# Ty!hon (attled with them #or many days achievin$ victory) FTy!hon was ta+en !risoner and turned over to the custody o# Isis) Isis (ein$ his sister could not G(rin$ hersel# toH !ut him to death (ut set him at li(erty which so incensed Aorus that he laid hands u!on his mother and removed #rom her head the insi$nia o# royaltyI thereu!on Thoth $ave her a new helmet made in the sha!e o# an o4Qs head) FTy!hon ne4t accused Aorus o# ille$itimacy (ut Thoth !roves his royal descent) Ty!hon a$ain $oes into (attle a$ainst Aorus in #act two (attles are mentioned in (oth o# which Ty!hon is worsted and Aorus re$ains the +in$dom o# his #ather and is re$arded to at least a certain de$ree as the actual incarnation o# Osiris) FA#ter its resurrection in the underworld the shade o# Osiris visits Isis and in conse0uence thereo# she $ives (irth to another son as it were (y a Aoly Ghost #or she +new no livin$ man) This child is called Aar!ocrates and 3lutarch says o# him that he Fcame into the world (e#ore his time and lame in his lower lim(s) J FAar!ocrates is usually de!icted as a Gyouth#ulH nude #i$ure his head adorned with a sin$le curlin$ loc+ o# hair on the ri$ht side this (ein$ with the %$y!tians a sym(ol o# youth or adolescence) Ae is sometimes de!icted with an ela(orate !lumed headdress or wearin$ the dou(le crown o# the northern and southern em!ires) Ais #in$er is !laced to his li!s which 3lutarch inter!rets as a $esture sym(olic o# his childish and hel!less state) The Gree+s and Bomans however considered this $esture to (e a sym(ol #or silence and #rom this has arisen the custom o# !lacin$ the #in$er to the li!s as a motion #or 0uietness and secrecy) G%d) note: this ancient $esture is used (y Nust a(out everyone in every culture in the world today < !uttin$ one2s inde4 #in$er over one2s li!s to si$nal someone to (e 0uiet)H Statues o# the $od Aar!ocrates were !laced at the entrances to tem!les and sacred retreats where the dramas o# the *ysteries were !er#ormed as a si$n that silence and secrecy should (e o(served in the holy !laces and t !t !ll Initi!te% 2ere 3ound 34 5o2% o" di%cretion) FAar!ocrates is sometimes shown standin$ and another times he is de!icted seated on a (lossom o# a lotus G%d) note: similar to how the Buddha is ty!ically !ortrayed)H Althou$h he is usually #i$ured with childish immaturity o# (ody the im!er#ection o# his lower lim(s as descri(ed (y 3lutarch is not a!!arent in any o# the %$y!tian drawin$s) It there#ore seems that the statements concernin$ this de#ormity should (e more care#ully e4amined) Samuel S0uire whose translation o# 3lutarch2s Isis and Osiris made in 9?77 is still the most o#ten 0uoted (y %$y!tolo$ists states de#initely Flame in his lower lim(s) J G)B)S) *ead translated the same


essay much later and $ives a sli$htly di##erent renderin$ o# 3lutarch2s words) *r) *ead says: Fwea+ in his lim(s #rom (elow u!wards) J This di##erence in wordin$ thou$h sli$ht may have an une4!ected si$ni#icance))))J

*!%onic Inter+ret!tion o" Eg4+ti!n *4t olog4
1ater on in the same wor+ Aall ela(orates u!on the esoteric meanin$s o# these characters and events :em!hasis added;:
F"rom the rei$n o# Osiris we $lean the #ollowin$ !hiloso!hical history) FThere was a time the Golden A$e when truth and wisdom ruled the earth and this aristocracy o# wisdom was a (enevolent des!otism in which men were led to a no(ler state o# (ein$ (y the #irm +indly hand o# the enli$htened sa$e) This was the divine dynasty o# the mytholo$ical !riest, +in$s who were 0uali#ied to $overn humanity (y virtue not only tem!oral (ut (y divine attri(utes)

FThrou$h his !riests Osiris re+re%ent!ti5e o" t e idden tr!dition ruled the entire world (y virtue o# the !er#ection resident in that tradition) I# we concede that Osiris is the !ositive !ole o# the universal li#e a$ent then Isis (ecomes the rece!tive !ole o# that activity) He i% t e doctrine0 % e i% t e c urc )
FAs in Christianity it is customary to re#er to the church as the (ride o# Christ so in %$y!t the institution o# the *ysteries was the $reat *other the consort o# heaven itsel#) F"rom this inter!retation we $ain a dee!er insi$ht into the sym(olism o# the whole o# Osirian cycle) Isis (ecomes the tem!oral order o# the !riesthood the accumulative (ody o# Initiates ) She is !ersoni#ied as the tem!leI she is the mother o# all $ood the !rotectress o# all ri$ht and the !atron o# all im!rovement) She insures no(ility ins!ires virtue and awa+ens the no(ler !assions o# the soul) As Diana o# %!hesus she GIsisH is the multimammia who #eeds all creatures #rom hersel#) G%d note: FmultimammiaJ means multi,(reasted) The Diana o# %!hesus #i$ure has (reasts all over her torso)H 1i+e the moon she shines only with the li$ht o# her soverei$n sun even as the tem!le can only (e illumined (y its indwellin$ truth) G%d) note: the tem!le areas within all *asonic lod$es do not have windows wherewith outside li$ht #ilters in < they are com!letely Fli$hted #rom within)JHJ

Chat has *r) Aall revealed hereK Osiris re!resents the otherworldly,delivered doctrine o# the mystery schools or as it is re#erred to in .udeo,Christian literature *ystery Ba(ylon)


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I Isis re!resents the !riesthood o# *ystery Ba(ylon: Fthe tem!oral order o# the !riesthood the accumulative (ody o# Initiates)J Aall even !rovides an unmista+a(le Christian com!arison: as the F(rideJ o# Christ re!resents Christ2s Church as a whole :i)e) those who have (een (a!ti/ed and ta+en u!on themselves the name o# Christ covenantin$ to serve Aim; Isis re!resents the collective (ody o# *ystery Ba(ylon2s initiates :i)e) those who have underta+en the rites and oaths and vows o# secrecy covenantin$ to serve o(ey and (e !er#ectly loyal to his su!erior o##icer without e4ce!tion;) The mystery schools re#er to her as Fthe $reat *other the consort o# heavenJ < the (oo+s o# 9 Ne!hi and Bevelation re#er to her as Fthe mother o# harlotsJ and Fthe whore o# all the earthJ < Fdrun+en with the (lood o# the saints and with the (lood o# the martyrs o# .esus)J The FGolden A$eJ o# %$y!t was the !eriod o# time in which the !o!ulace was ruled (y a 1uci#erian system an en#orced F(enevolent des!otism in which men were led to a no(ler state o# (ein$ (y the #irm +indly hand o# the enli$htened sa$e !riesthood))) Gwho wereH 0uali#ied to $overn humanity (y virtue not only tem!oral (ut (y divine attri(utes)J Aitler and *ussolini descri(ed their des!otism in (enevolent terms as well) Aall continues :em!hasis added;:
FTy!hon lured Osiris in to the ar+ o# destruction at the time when the sun enters the house o# the Scor!ion Gi)e) the /odiac re#erence to the !eriod o# time in which this ha!!enedH hence we +now him to (e the eternal (etrayer that a$eless .udas who undoes all $ood thin$s and inevita(ly !resa$es ruin) Ae is the !ower o# the !hysical universe which is constantly see+in$ to destroy the s!iritual values loc+ed within its su(stances)))) FO# all $ood thin$s Ty!hon is the o!!oser occu!yin$ the !osition o# the eternal ne$ative) This evil monster may well (e $enerali/ed under the a!!ellation o# the Adversary) In the initiation rites he is also the tester or the tryer Fthe lord who is a$ainst us)J Ae is the !ersoni#ication o# am(ition and am(ition is the !atron o# ruin) It was am(ition that set Ty!hon !lottin$ #or the throne o# %$y!t desi$nin$ how he should destroy the !ower o# his (rother))))

FTy!hon is the em(odiment o# every !erversity) Ae is the ne$ative creation the Ahriman Gi)e) the Fdestructive s!iritJH o# Soroasterism) Ty!hon is (lac+ ma$ic and sorcery P the Blac+ Brotherhood) Ne!hthys his wi#e is the institution throu$h which it mani#ests) Ae is neither a sin$le evil nor even a se0uence o# ills (ut an in#inite diversity o# them indescri(a(ly insidious em!owered to in#ect the #a(ric o# church and state)J

Cho or what is Ty!hon accordin$ to the esoteric doctrine o# the *ystery SchoolsK Ae is .esus Christ) Ne!hthys re!resents the 'in$dom o# God on the earth)


FCoe unto them that call evil $ood and $ood evilI that !ut dar+ness #or li$ht and li$ht #or dar+ness)))J < Isaiah >:=6

FTy!hon lured Osiris in to the ar+ o# destruction)J 1uci#er)

Christ cast down

FGTy!honH undoes all $ood thin$s and inevita(ly !resa$es ruin)J All the machinations and lies o# 1uci#er and his #ollowers inevita(ly come to nau$htI their cons!irin$ wor+s e4!osed and decimated) FAe is the !ower o# the !hysical universe which is constantly see+in$ to destroy the s!iritual values loc+ed within its su(stances)J The 1i$ht o# Christ the conscience im(ued within the soul o# every human (orn on this earth constantly see+s to !ersuade man+ind to #or$o !ride #or em!athyI $uides to overcome the natural man or the tem!tations o# evil s!irits to which all #lesh is !rone) FTy!hon is the em(odiment o# every !erversity) Ae is the ne$ative creation))) GAeH is (lac+ ma$ic and sorcery P the Blac+ Brotherhood)J The !riesthood o# the Church o# the 1am( the *elchi/ede+ and Aaronic !riesthoods the !ower o# Almi$hty God $ranted unto normal common men who have covenanted with Christ to +ee! Ais commandments who have +e!t themselves clean o# the world who love God with all their mi$ht mind and stren$th < this is what the *ystery Schools call Fevery !erversity J Fne$ative creationJ and F(lac+ ma$ic and sorcery)J F))) em!owered to in#ect the #a(ric o# church and state)J The !lain and sim!le universal truths o# .udeo,Christian theolo$y such as the Ten Commandments have (een maliciously cate$ori/ed as Fin#ectin$J secular institutions in recent decades < and have (een increasin$ly discredited or (rushed aside in modern !o!ular reli$ion) This will (e covered #urther in later cha!ters) Aall continues :em!hasis added;:
FTy!hon is the desire o# the #ew !itted a$ainst the $ood o# the many) Ae is the s!irit o# dissension and discord that (rea+s u! unity o# !ur!ose (y settin$ #actions a$ainst each other so that $reat issues lose the name o# action) The desire #or riches !om! !ower and soverei$nty (y which this evil $enius was o(sessed reveals the tem!tation (y which humanity is de#lected #rom its ultimate $oal and led into the (yways o# sorrow and des!air)J

FTy!hon is the desire o# the #ew !itted a$ainst the $ood o# the many)J The thinly,veiled in#initely,hy!ocritical rhetoric o# socialism) FThe desire #or riches !om! !ower and soverei$nty (y which this evil $enius was o(sessed)))J Biches !om! !ower: uncannily similar char$es

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THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I were accused o# Alma the Ai$h 3riest (y the Anti,Christ 'orihor in cha!ter 56 o# the Boo+ o# Alma in the Boo+ o# *ormon) Aowever to (e char$ed with o(sessin$ over soverei$nty < who else would consider a desire #or soverei$nty :i)e) li(erty sel#,determination #ree will; an FevilJ (ut a hardcore communist or socialistK F)))Gthe o(session with soverei$ntyH))) reveals the tem!tation (y which humanity is de#lected #rom its ultimate $oal)))J Chat is the ultimate $oal o# 1uci#erK To F!er#ectJ man+ind throu$h #orce denyin$ them o# their God, $iven $i#t o# #ree,a$ency to choose their destiny #or themselves) F)))and led into the (yways o# sorrow and des!air)J "ree,a$ency invaria(ly e4!oses man+ind to sorrow and des!air #rom which esca!e and redem!tion is made !ossi(le throu$h the atonement o# Christ)

Strict (e)!rc!tion :et2een t e E<oteric !nd t e E%oteric
At a later !oint *r) Aall introduces a critical conce!t while ela(oratin$ on the writin$s o# Synesius concernin$ the ceremony o# Osiris2 election :em!hasis added;:
FR Osiris receives #rom his #ather an ela(orate dissertation in the 3latonic tem!er concernin$ the relative !ower o# $ood and evil in which he is #ully warned a$ainst the machinations o# Ty!hon) 3ossi(ly the most im!ortant sentence in SynesiusQs treatise occurs durin$ this dissertation) The #ather o# Osiris is made to say to his son: FYou also have (een initiated in those *ysteries in which t ere !re t2o +!ir o" e4e% and it is re0uisite that t e +!ir 2 ic !re 3ene!t % ould 3e clo%ed 2 en t e +!ir t !t !re !3o5e t e) +ercei5e and 2 en t e +!ir !3o5e !re clo%ed0 t o%e 2 ic !re 3ene!t % ould 3e o+ened )JJ

The Ftwo !airs o# eyesJ re!resents incor!oratin$ two com!letely di##erent !ersonas or mindsets < one is #or the !u(lic #or the outside world #or the F!ro#aneJ to witnessI the other is strictly !rivate #or the esoteric realm the world o# mystery school initiates) FThe !air which are (eneath should (e closed when the !air that are a(ove them !erceiveJ re#ers to the initiate !sycholo$ically shuttin$ out anythin$ and everythin$ which har+ens (ac+ to the esoteric realm while in the F!ro#aneJ !u(lic world) The !ro#ane must never $lim!se nor sus!ect that there is anythin$ (eyond the !u(lic !ersona one !resents to them) The initiate must convince all others even close #riends and relatives that this !u(lic !ersona is everythin$ there is to +now a(out him) FChen the !air a(ove are closed those which are (eneath should (e


EGYPTI&N *YTHOLOGY o!enedJ re#ers to the initiate !sycholo$ically closin$ o## his !u(lic !ersona once he has entered the FsacredJ mystery school esoteric realms) Ae is then at li(erty to (ecome his true sel# and shut o## the #raudulent identity which he #osters and !er!etuates (e#ore the !u(lic) This +ind o# !ersona switchin$ is (y no means uni0ue to mystery school initiates < serial +illers (ecome e4!ert at it in order to !ass as u!standin$ citi/ens) It is also identical to the +ind o# s+ills cultivated (y !ro#essional actors and actresses) No matter how convincin$ a talented actor may !er#orm his role it is not a re!resentation o# his true sel#) All too o#ten actors convincin$ly !ortray honest stalwart innocent men while simultaneously leadin$ !ersonal lives o# moral em!tiness corru!tion and deceit) *ystery school initiates must li+ewise develo! such s+ills and de!loy them on an on$oin$ (asis to !er#orm their duties)

T e Core (octrine o" *4%ter4 :!34lon I% t e In5er%e o" True C ri%ti!nit4
The mytholo$y o# Osiris Isis and Aorus is the core doctrine at the heart o# all the mystery schools) It is the essence o# their sym(olo$y #raternal theolo$y and worshi!) %verythin$ is traced (ac+ to the arcane and occult o# %$y!t) Their modern (elie#s rites and worshi! all relate to this) %$y!tian and Gree+ sym(olic and mytholo$ical themes occur re!eatedly in the modern mystery schools and are incor!orated in their !riestcra#ts and rites) Beali/e that all o# this is the inverse o# true Christianity the #ullness o# the Gos!el) Christ2s doctrine is !lain and easy to (e understood es!ecially the doctrine o# the Car in Aeaven: • God the "ather and Ais Chosen Son .esus Christ esta(lished this earth as a !rovin$ $round #or his s!irit children to o(tain !hysical (odies < within an environment wherein they can e4ercise their own #ree, a$ency < re0uirin$ an atonement to (e made (y Christ in order to !rovide a way o# redem!tion) • 1uci#er !ro!osed an alternate system which would re!lace #ree a$ency with F(enevolentJ #orce causin$ all man+ind to $o throu$h the !rocess o# o(tainin$ !hysical (odies (ut not actually learnin$ or e4!eriencin$ anythin$ o# their own volition < thus ne$atin$ the need #or an atonement and all man+ind (ein$ FsavedJ (y de#ault < than+s to the leadershi! o# 1uci#er in which all man+ind would owe him eternal $ratitude and everlastin$ de(t)


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I • 1uci#er2s !ro!osal was reNected) Out o# #ury and !ride he !ersuaded a third o# the s!irit hosts to ma+e war a$ainst those loyal to Christ and the archan$el *ichael :Adam; who led them) • As a result 1uci#er and all the s!irits who #ollowed him were im!risoned on the earth eternally #or(idden #rom receivin$ their own !hysical (odies) • And here they have remained #or thousands o# years des!erate to tric+ suc+er tem!t and deceive us vulnera(le and $ulli(le humans as we stru$$le #or redem!tion) In the core doctrine o# the mystery schools everythin$ F$ood J es!ecially the human intellect is either em(odied in or emanates #rom 1uci#er) %verythin$ they descri(e as F$oodJ is sin (y Christian standards and all o# man+ind2s (lessin$s are credited to 1uci#er) That which the mystery schools descri(e as FevilJ :and all that which is truly evil; is credited to .esus Christ < as well as anythin$ that $lori#ies Aim) A$ain Isaiah >:=6 <
FCoe unto them that call evil $ood and $ood evilI that !ut dar+ness #or li$ht and li$ht #or dar+nessI that !ut (itter #or sweet and sweet #or (itterOJ

"or those o# us who have a testimony o# Christ < and who understand correct !lain and !recious uncorru!ted doctrine < it is !ossi(le to increasin$ly discern that that which lies (eneath the multi!le layers o# e4oteric sym(olo$y is nothin$ more than an inversion o# Christ2s Gos!el) It is a rewrite o# celestial events !ittin$ 1uci#er as a (etrayed unNustly im!risoned deity < see+in$ merely to raise all o# man+ind #rom the lowliness o# i$norant !easantry to the !innacle that the dormant intellect o# man can achieve < a$ainst a malevolent su!!ressive .ehovah who !ermits the e4istence o# s0ualor i$norance stu!idity anarchy and every #orm o# unadulterated evil < who is :su!!osedly; willin$ to inde#initely condemn all (ut the #ew who su(mit their will and intellect to Aim) This is what lies at the very heart o# all non,truly,Christian theolo$ies) All other reli$ions on earth < includin$ all #raternities and secular creeds < have !er!etuated disseminated or (ranched o## #rom the ancient mystery schools)

Initi!tion Into T e Eg4+ti!n *4%terie%
The #ollowin$ comes #rom a (oo+ called A Aistory o# Secret Societies


EGYPTI&N *YTHOLOGY #irst !u(lished in 98E9 and authored (y Ar+on Daraul) As it turns out this Ar+on Daraul is stron$ly sus!ected to (e a !seudonym o# Idries Shah 5 a noted author and historian who #ocused !rimarily on Su#i traditions) This conclusion is reached (ecause: Shah used a num(er o# !seudonyms 7 an author (y the name o# Ar+on Daraul has never !u(lished any other +nown (oo+s and there is no in#ormation availa(le a(out his identity the writin$ style o# this (oo+ closely matches that o# Shah2s and Shah actually 0uotes #rom this (oo+ in a wor+ that he !u(lished only three years later) In this !art o# the (oo+ Shah does an admira(le No( o# introducin$ and summari/in$ the content o# a German document !u(lished in [email protected]> which details the !rocedures o# an ancient %$y!tian initiation called the Crata Be!oa) A co!y o# this document translated in %n$lish is !rovided in the su!!ortin$ material> :em!hasis added;:
FThe most detailed account on what was said to (e the seven hi$hest de$rees o# secret %$y!tian initiation was #irst !u(lished in Germany in the ei$hteenth century) This stran$e and very e4haustive document com(ines many elements #rom the ancient mysteries)))) It seems to come #rom Gree+ sources (ecause many o# the words used are Gree+I and it could well (e that we have here the modern (e$innin$s o# an attem!ted revival o# ancient mysteries) FChatever it is it is not one o# those #anci#ul and s!urious ones which used to (e !rinted merely to attract the credulous: (ecause it is !lausi(le in containin$ the sort o# material which mi$ht well have #ormed the content o# an initiation and mind,conditionin$ system) FThe earliest version +nown is in the #orm o# an anonymous !am!hlet :!ro(a(ly not intended #or !u(lic sale; o# thirty,odd !a$es which was !rinted in [email protected]>) It was re!u(lished in a "rench translation thirty years later !ur!ortin$ to (e the ritual o# the *aster de$ree in "reemasonry) The "rench editor claims that it is a com!osite ritual derived #rom the wor+s o# some #i#teen Gree+ and Boman writers) FThis de$ree we are told was o!en to %$y!tian +in$s and !riests aloneI and only those s!ecially recommended (y an initiate could enter it) The usual !rocedure was that the 3haraoh himsel# introduced the candidate to the !riests) By them he sent #rom Aelio!olis G%d) note: which means FCity o# the SunJH to the *em!his !riestsI #rom there he went to The(es) Ae was circumcised #or(idden to eat !ulse Gi)e) le$umes such as !eas or (eansH or #ishI and $enerally had to a(stain #rom wine) FAe was !ut #or several months in an under$round cave and as+ed to write down his re#lections) Chen he had done this he was led to a !assa$e su!!orted (y the !illars o# Aermes where he had to learn certain thin$s which were inscri(ed thereon) As soon as he was word,!er#ect the Themor!hous :introducer; came to him with a stron$ whi! to +ee! the uninitiated at (ay) Ae was (lind#olded and his hands (ounds with cords)J


Fir%t (egree FNow #ollows the !rocedure #rom the #irst de$ree o# this elect (ody) The candidate was led to the Gate o# *en where the introducer touched the shoulder o# an a!!rentice :3orto!horus; standin$ there on $uard) Ae in turn +noc+ed on the $ate which was o!ened) FChen the as!irant entered he was 0uestioned on various matter (y the Aiero!hant a#ter which he was led around the Birantha in an arti#icial storm o# wind rain thunder and li$htnin$) I# he showed no si$n o# #ear *enies the %4!ounder e4!lained the laws o# the Crata Be!oa to which he had to a$ree) FAe was then ta+en in #ront o# the Aiero!hant made to +neel and vowed #idelity with a sword,!oint at this throat) As witnesses he called u!on the sun moon and stars)J

Becall that to the *ystery Schools the sun re!resents 1uci#er and his doctrine the moon re!resents his !riesthood order and or$ani/ation and the stars re!resent the individual initiates)
FAis eyes were then un(anda$ed and he was !laced (etween two s!are !illars called Betilies where lay a ladder o# seven ste!s (ehind which were doors o# di##erent metals o# $radually increasin$ !urity) The Aiero!hant then addressin$ those !resent as *ene *usae or children o# the Cor+ o# Celestial Investi$ation e4horted them to $overn their !assions and #i4 their thou$hts u!on God) FThe candidate was tau$ht that the ladder sym(oli/ed the wanderin$s o# the soulI he was told the causes o# wind thunder and li$htnin$I and $iven other valua(le in#ormation such as medical lore) FAe was $iven the !assword o# reco$nition o# this de$ree which was A*O&N meanin$ secrecy) Ae was tau$ht a $ri! $iven a !yramidal ca! and an a!ron called Zylon) Around his nec+ was a collarI and he wore no other clothes) FAis duty was to $uard the Gate o# *en in his turn)J Second (egree FThe 3orto!horus was now a(le a#ter showin$ his devotion to !roceed to the Second De$ree) "ollowin$ a !rolon$ed #ast he was ta+en to a dar+ cham(er called %ndimion the invitation $rotto) Ae was now o# the de$ree o# Neocoris) Aandsome women (rou$ht him dainty #oodI they were the wives o# the !riests who endeavored to e4cite his love) FI# he resisted these advances he was #urther lectured (y the *aster o# Ceremonies and led into an assem(ly where the Stolista :or water,(earer; !oured water over him) Then a livin$ ser!ent was thrown at him) The whole room was #ull o# sna+es to test his coura$e)


FAe was then led to two hi$h !illars (etween stood a $ri##in drivin$ a wheel (e#ore him) The !illars sym(oli/ed %ast and Cest the $ri##in the sun and the wheel o# #our s!o+es the #our seasons) FAe was tau$ht the use o# the level and instructed in $eometry and architecture) Ae received a rod entwined (y ser!ents and he received the !assword A%V% :meanin$ ser!ent; and was told the story o# the #all o# man) FThe si$n consisted in crossin$ the arms over the chest and his duty was to wash the !illars)J

This rod is called a Fcaduceus)J In Gree+ mytholo$y it was the sta## carried (y *ercury as messen$er o# the $ods) Today (oth the caduceus and the rod o# Ascle!ius :a sym(ol o# a sin$le sna+e wra!!ed around a rod; are used e4tensively (y the medical !ro#ession and the &S Army *edical Cor!s) You see this sym(ol Nust a(out everywhere today even on am(ulances < it has (ecome synonymous with the medical !ro#ession) *any say that it re!resents *oses2 (rass ser!ent entwined on a !ole :or !ossi(ly a cross; which when the Israelites loo+ed u!on they were miraculously cured o# their sna+e (ites) This cannot (e true as the sym(ols used in the medical !ro#ession #re0uently a!!ear with win$s or in other ways that are consistent with the esoteric sym(olism o# ancient %$y!t and not those o# .udeo,Christianity)
T ird (egree FGChen the candidateH was initiated into the Third De$ree the mem(er was $iven the title o# *elano!horis) Ae was led to an anteroom over whose door was written 2Gate o# Death2) The room was #ull o# co!ies G%d) note: re!roductionsKH o# em(almed (odies and co##ins) Aere too were a num(er o# dissectors em(almers and so on) FIn the center stood the co##in o# Osiris) The *elano!horis was as+ed i# he had had a hand in the assassination o# his master) On his denyin$ the 0uestion he was sei/ed (y two Ta!i4eites or men who (uried the dead and led into a hall where he #ound all the other *elano!hores clothed in (lac+) The 'in$ himsel# who always was !resent on these occasions addressed him in an a!!arently #riendly way (e$$in$ him i# he did not #eel coura$e enou$h to under$o the test now to (e a!!lied to him to acce!t the $olden crown he was o##erin$ him) FAe had already (een coached to re#use the crown and tread it under#oot) At this 2insult2 the 'in$ called #or reven$e) Baisin$ his sacri#icial a4e he touched the head o# the initiate) The two cor!se,carriers threw him to the $round and the em(almers wra!!ed him in (anda$es) All who were !resent we!t) FNow he was led to a $ate over which was written Sanctuary o# the S!irits)


FOn its (ein$ o!ened thunder and li$htnin$ struc+ the a!!arently dead man) Charon received him as a s!irit into his (oat and carried him to the Nud$es o# Aades) 3luto sat on his Nud$ment seat while Bhadamanthus and *inos as well as Aethon Nycreus Alaster and Or!heus stood (eside him) Very severe 0uestions were !ut to him as to his #ormer li#e and #inally he was sentenced to remain in these su(terranean vaults)J

The initiate could have (een re0uired to remain within these vaults #or months or !ossi(ly even years)
FThe (anda$es were removed and he was told never to desire (lood never to leave a cor!se un(uriedI and to (elieve in the resurrection o# the dead and the Nud$ment to come) Ae was tau$ht co##in,decoration and the !eculiar hiero$rammatical scri!t) FThe si$n was an em(race to e4!ress the 2days o# wrath2) Ae was +e!t in these under$round cham(ers until thou$ht #it to !roceed to a hi$her de$ree) FThese 2Days o# Crath2 $enerally lasted #or a year and a hal# until the initiate was ready #or !romotion to the "ourth De$ree: 2The Battle o# the Shades2)J Fourt (egree FAe was handed a sword and a shield and ta+en thou$h dar+ !assa$es) Ae met Fcertain !ersons !resentin$ #ri$ht#ul a!!earances carryin$ torches and ser!ents)J Ae was attac+ed with the cry o# 3ANISO Ae de#ended himsel# (ravely (ut was ta+en !risoner his eyes were (anda$ed and a cord !laced around his nec+) Dra$$in$ him into a hall the s!ecters disa!!eared) FAe was led into the assem(ly o# initiates and his eye un(anda$ed) Be#ore him he saw a ma$ni#icent hall decorated with (eauti#ul !aintin$sI the 'in$ and the hi$hest di$nitaryPthe Demiur$osPwere !resent) FAll were wearin$ their Alydei and %$y!tian Order com!osed o# sa!!hires) Amon$ those !resent were the Secretary the Treasurer and the *aster o# "eats) The Orator made a s!eech con$ratulatin$ the new mem(er on his #ortitude) Ae was $iven a drin+ called Cyce which he dran+ to the dre$s) This was !ro(a(ly the ritual drin+ o# honey or mil+ water wine and $ruel Pand !erha!s some hy!notic dru$) FAe donned the (oots o# Anu(is too+ u! the shield o# Isis !ut on the cloa+ and ca! o# Orcus) Ae was handed a sword and told that he must cut o## the head o# the ne4t !erson he met in a cave and (rin$ it (ac+ to the 'in$) FThis cave was !ointed to him) %nterin$ it he saw what seemed to (e a (eauti#ul woman (ut in reality was a model o# one) GNote: 'ee! in mind that it is a woman)H Ae sei/ed this (y the hair and severed the head) This


he (rou$ht (ac+ to the monarch who !raised him tellin$ him that he had sym(olically won the head o# the Gor$on wi#e o# Ty!hon who had caused the death o# Osiris)J

Becall that Ty!hon re!resents .esus Christ and his wi#e :the Gor$on also +nown as F*edusaJ; re!resents his 'in$dom < or in other words Christ2s Church < which is re!resented in the Bi(le as the (ride o# Christ) 3onder that ne4t time you2re inclined to cheer #or a Gree+ hero who has (eheaded *edusa)
FAe was not !ermitted always to wear the dress which had (een $iven to him and he was entered in a (oo+ as one o# the Nud$es o# the land) Ae was a(le to communicate at any time with the 'in$ and received an allowance #rom the court) FAe was invested with an Order :that o# Isis in the sha!e o# an owl; and it was revealed to him that the secret name o# the law$iver was 2.OA2 which was also the !assword o# this De$ree) But the !assword #or the meetin$s o# the Christo!hori :as the "ourth De$ree initiates were called; was 2SASYCAIS2)J Fi"t (egree FThe "i#th De$ree that o# Balahate could not now (e re#used to the Christo!horus) Ae was led to a hall to watch a !lay at which he was the only onloo+er) Other mem(ers o# the de$ree went throu$h the hall as i# loo+in$ #or somethin$) One drew this sword and the terri(le #i$ure o# Ty!hon a!!eared) Ae was slain) Now the new Balahate was told that Ty!hon re!resented #ire a terri(le element which was at the same time indis!ensa(le) The !assword was 2CAY*IA2 and the teachin$ was in chemistry Gor alchemyH)J Si<t (egree FIn order to (ecome an 2Astronomer at the Gate o# the Gods2Pthe Si4th De$reePthe candidate was ta+en to the hall o# assem(ly (ound and led to the Gate o# Death) Ae was shown cor!ses which had (een cast into water and warned that he mi$ht (e similarly treated i# he (ro+e his oath) Ae was $iven some teachin$ in astronomy and ta+en (ac+ to the Gate o# the Gods where he loo+ed at the !ictures o# the $ods while their histories were e4!lained to him) A !riestly dance too+ !lace sym(oli/in$ the course o# the heavenly (odiesI he saw a list o# mem(ers o# the Order throu$hout the world and learned the !assword: 2IBIS2 #or watch#ulness)J

Beali/e that not until this si4th de$ree was con#erred u!on the initiate did he actually learn who (elon$s to the order) Only at this level are the identities o# e0ual and lower initiates (estowed) And note that the initiates are s!read Fthrou$hout the world)J
Se5ent (!nd Hig e%t) (egree FThe last and the hi$hest de$ree was that o# 23ro!heta2 in which all


secrets were laid (are) It was con#erred #ollowin$ !u(lic !rocessions and when the !ermission o# the 'in$ and all the hi$hest mem(ers had (een o(tained) The mem(ers secretly le#t the city (y ni$ht Fand retired to some houses (uilt in a s0uare and surrounded (y !illars (y the sides o# which were !laced alternately a shield and a co##in whose rooms were !ainted with re!resentations o# human li#e)J These houses were called maneras #or the !eo!le (elieved them to (e visited (y the manes o# de!arted men) On their arrival at these houses the new mem(er now called !ro!het or Sa!hennath 3ancah :a man who +nows the secrets; was $iven a drin+ called oimellas and told that now all trials were over) Ae received a cross o# !eculiar si$ni#icance which he was always to wear) Ae was clothed in a wide white,stri!ed dress called etan$i) The usual si$n was crossin$ his arms in his wide sleeves) Ae could !eruse all the sacred (oo+s written in the Ammonite lan$ua$e))) his $reatest !rivile$e was havin$ a vote in the election o# a +in$ and the !assword was 2ADON2)J

9 = Ne!hi 8:[email protected] =8 The Boo+ o# *ormon = The *etternich Stele re#errenced here is currently housed in the %$y!tian
Collection o# the *etro!olitan *useum o# Art in New Yor+ City)

5 FIdries Shah :9E .une 98=7 < =5 Novem(er 988E; was an author and teacher in
the Su#i tradition who wrote over three do/en critically acclaimed (oo+s on to!ics ran$in$ #rom !sycholo$y and s!irituality to travelo$ues and culture studies) Born in India the descendant o# a #amily o# A#$han no(les Shah $rew u! mainly in %n$land) Ais early writin$s centered on ma$ic and witchcra#t)))) Ais most seminal wor+ was The Su#is which a!!eared in 98E7 and was well received internationally)))) In his writin$s Shah !resented Su#ism as a universal #orm o# wisdom that !redated Islam)J :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-IdriesVShah;

7 FShah has conceded his own recourse to !en names :v) MBe#lections M !) @@;
without divul$in$ detailsI many o# his disci!les emulate him) Given this o(#uscation it is !ro(lematic which o# the score or more 0ueerly named authors stylistically and thematically assi$na(le to the 2Shah,School2 :e)$) Omar *ichael Bur+e 3h) D) Ar+on Daraul Ba#ael 1e#ort Aadrat B)*) Dervish and so on; have inde!endent !hysical e4istenceK 3endin$ investi$ation it !erha!s su##ices that none show a scintilla o# inde!endent !hiloso!hical e4istence)J #rom Neo,Su#ism: The Case o# Idries Shah (y .ames *oore :Source < htt!:--www)hermes,!ress)com-SVshah)htm;

> Be#er to the !d# #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: %$y!tian InitiationVCrata Be!oa



This (oo+ has mentioned a num(er o# conce!ts and terms which the reader may not yet conce!tuali/e how they #it to$ether and relate to each other < terms such as: e4oteric esoteric Feyes a(ove J Feyes (elow J secret society mystery school etc) There#ore it is !rudent to cover a $eneral com!arison o# the or$ani/ational structures o# (oth the 'in$dom o# God :on earth; and the 'in$dom o# 1uci#er)

T e Aingdo) o" God: ! Pl!n!r Hier!rc 4
FChen the !riests le#t their la(or to im!art the word o# God unto the !eo!le the !eo!le also le#t their la(ors to hear the word o# God) And when the !riest had im!arted unto them the word o# God they all returned a$ain dili$ently unto their la(orsI and the !riest not esteemin$ himsel# a(ove his hearers #or the !reacher was no (etter than the hearer neither was the teacher any (etter than the learnerI and thus they were all e0ual and they did all la(or every man accordin$ to his stren$th) FAnd they did im!art o# their su(stance every man accordin$ to that which he had to the !oor and the needy and the sic+ and the a##lictedI and they did not wear costly a!!arel yet they were neat and comely)))) GTHhey did not send away any who were na+ed or that were hun$ry or that were athirst or that were sic+ or that had not (een nourishedI and they did not set their hearts u!on richesI there#ore they were li(eral to all (oth old and youn$ (oth (ond and

[email protected]


#ree (oth male and #emale whether out o# the church or in the church havin$ no res!ect to !ersons as to those who stood in need)J
< *ormon in his a(rid$ment o# the Boo+ o# Alma9 There is no secret hierarchy nor hidden leadershi! in God2s earthly +in$dom The Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints) Its structure is strai$ht#orward and #ully disclosed) The #ollowin$ is ta+en directly #rom the Church2s we(site at www)lds)or$ #rom the !a$e titled FAow The Church Is Or$ani/edJ= :em!hasis added;:
F.esus Christ is the head o# the Church) &nder Ais direction General Authorities and local leaders lead and teach Church mem(ers throu$hout the world) FGener!l Le!der% i+: The General Authorities consist o# the "irst 3residency the Duorum o# the Twelve A!ostles the 3residency o# the Seventy the "irst and Second Duorums o# the Seventy and the 3residin$ Bisho!ric) :View General Authorities #or more in#ormation on the roles o# these leaders); F&re!%: The worldwide Church is divided into $eo$ra!hic areas) "or e4am!le F%uro!e J FAsia North J FCari((ean J and FCentral AmericaJ are names $iven to s!eci#ic areas o# the Church) The "irst 3residency has assi$ned the 3residency o# the Seventy to !reside over areas in the &nited States and Canada) %lsewhere the "irst 3residency assi$ns Area 3residencies to !reside over selected areas under the direction o# the Duorum o# the Twelve) An Area 3residency consists o# a !resident and two counselors) An Area 3resident is ty!ically a General Authority selected #rom the "irst or Second Duorum o# the Seventy while the counselors can (e either General Authorities or Area Seventies selected #rom any Duorum o# the Seventy) F*em(ers o# the 3residency o# the Seventy or Area 3residency travel #re0uently within the assi$ned area to teach and encoura$e local leaders and mem(ers o# the Church) Area Seventies are also assi$ned to consult with and instruct sta+e !residents in their area under the direction o# the Area 3residency or 3residency o# the Seventy) FSt!/e%: *ost areas o# the Church are divided into sta+es which usually consist o# #ive to twelve con$re$ations called wards or (ranches) The term sta+e was used (y the !ro!het Isaiah) Ae descri(ed the latter,day Church as a tent that would (e secured (y sta+es :see Isaiah 55:=6I >7:=;) FA sta+e is led (y a sta+e !resident and two counselors) The sta+e !resident is the !residin$ hi$h !riest in a sta+e) These leaders oversee the s!iritual and tem!oral wel#are o# Church mem(ers)


FThe sta+e !residency calls 9= hi$h !riests to #orm the sta+e hi$h council) &nder the direction o# the sta+e !residency hi$h councilors hel! oversee the wor+ o# the Church in the sta+e (y #ul#illin$ many advisory and administrative res!onsi(ilities) FSimilar to the $eneral administration o# the Church a sta+e has !residencies #or the Belie# Society Youn$ *en Youn$ Comen 3rimary and Sunday School or$ani/ations) These !residencies advise their res!ective or$ani/ations in each o# the wards o# the sta+e) FSta+es also have a !atriarch a man who is ordained to $ive !atriarchal (lessin$s to mem(ers o# the sta+e) 3atriarchal (lessin$s contain s!eci#ic ins!ired counsel and direction #rom the 1ord to the reci!ient) F-!rd%: As in the ancient Church mem(ers o# the Church today are or$ani/ed into con$re$ations) 1ar$e con$re$ations :a!!ro4imately 566 or more mem(ers; are called wards) Smaller con$re$ations are called (ranches) A ward is led (y a (isho! and two counselors who constitute a (isho!ric) Branches are led (y a (ranch !resident and two counselors) The res!onsi(ilities o# a (ranch !resident are similar to those o# a (isho! descri(ed (elow) F:i% o+: A (isho! has many duties) In addition to watchin$ over all ward mem(ers he has s!ecial res!onsi(ility to $uide the wardQs youn$ men and youn$ women) Ae oversees teachin$ missionary wor+ and s!iritual $rowth in the ward) Ae is res!onsi(le to conduct worthiness interviews counsel Church mem(ers and administer Church disci!line) Ae is res!onsi(le to care #or the !oor and needy and he oversees #inances records and the use and security o# the meetin$house) FIn these res!onsi(ilities and others the (isho! is assisted (y two counselors an e4ecutive secretary cler+s and the leaders o# other or$ani/ations in the ward) 1eadershi! meetin$s are held re$ularly to allow the (isho! and those who hel! him to counsel to$ether a(out the well, (ein$ o# ward mem(ers)J

The site $oes on to !rovide additional in#ormation re$ardin$ leadershi! callin$s and other roles within wards includin$ the %lders Duorum Ai$h 3riests Belie# Society :women2s $rou!; Youn$ *en Youn$ Comen Sunday School and 3rimary :youth $rou! #or 99,year,old children and youn$er;) The #ollowin$ ima$es !resent an overall conce!t o# how all these leadershi! $rou!s #unction to$ether) Chile the dia$ram re!resents each circle o# res!onsi(ility strictly in su(,$rou!s o# #our in reality there could (e (etween three to twelve su(,$rou!s within each circle o# res!onsi(ility)



1DS Church 3lanar Aierarchy o# Bes!onsi(ility



Closeu! o# Centers o# Bes!onsi(ility
The num(ers re!resent the #ollowin$: 9) The 1ord .esus Christ at the center o# the entire Church :the all, encom!assin$ circle; =) The "irst 3residency o# the Church: the 3resident :the 3ro!het Seer Bevelator #or the entire Church; and his two counselors which are selected #rom the Duorum o# the Twelve A!ostles 5) The Duorum o# the Twelve A!ostles 7) The "irst and Second Duorums o# the Seventy and the 3residin$ Bisho!ric) *em(ers o# the Duorums o# Seventy are called to (e !residents and counselors in Area 3residencies) This role is re!resented in the secondary [7 on the le#t: the center o# the lar$er inner circles re!resentin$ areas) This also includes the Area Seventy) Cithin each area are several sta+es) >) Sta+e 3residency: the Sta+e 3resident and his two counselors the Sta+e Ai$h Council :9= hi$h !riests; the Sta+e 3atriarch and sta+e !residencies #or: Belie# Society Youn$ *en Youn$ Comen 3rimary Sunday School E) Card Bisho!ric or Branch 3residency which include the Bisho! and his two councilors or the Branch 3resident and his two counselors res!ectively) It also includes the other !ositions o# res!onsi(ility within the ward as !reviously noted) ?) The General *em(ershi! o# the Church all o# whom < includin$ every sin$le !erson that #ill !ositions = throu$h E < are accounta(le mem(ers o# their res!ective local wards :even the "irst 3residency o# the entire Church and the 9= A!ostles; The 'in$dom o# God is a !lanar :i)e) #lat on a level !lane; hierarchy


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I (ecause not one mem(er is a(ove another in !re#erence or im!ortance or in any ca!acity to FruleJ over another) All are individually soverei$n in their lives and decision ma+in$) As a!tly stated in the 0uote #rom the Boo+ o# Alma: Fthe !reacher was no (etter than the hearer neither was the teacher any (etter than the learner)J The Church is $uided throu$h divine revelation #rom .esus Christ and every mem(er who is individually worthy is ca!a(le o# receivin$ such throu$h the $i#t and !ower o# the Aoly Ghost in re$ards to their own lives) In addition to havin$ the ri$ht o# receivin$ $uidance in their own individual lives and #amilies those who are assi$ned !ositions o# leadershi! have the authority to receive $uidance and ins!iration #rom the Aoly Ghost in conNunction with their leadershi! !ositions :indicated (y the circles la(eled = throu$h E;) The Area 3residency has the authority to receive revelation re$ardin$ the entire area the Sta+e 3residency has the authority to receive revelation re$ardin$ the sta+e and so #orth) An Area or Sta+e 3residency does not have the authority to receive revelation #or the Church as a whole) The !lanar as!ect o# the 'in$dom2s hierarchy (ecomes even more a!!arent when #actorin$ that each o# those who are assi$ned !ositions o# leadershi! are also mem(ers o# their res!ective local wards and they are as e0ually accounta(le to their local (isho!s as every other mem(er o# the Church) %ven the 3resident < the 3ro!het Seer and Bevelator #or the entire Church < must meet with his (isho! in re$ards to all !ersonal mem(ershi! matters) The 3resident o# the entire Church is no Fhi$herJ than the avera$e mem(er in the 'in$dom o# God < he merely has a lar$er,scale sco!e o# res!onsi(ility and is authori/ed to receive $uidance and revelation that a##ects the entire 'in$dom)

T e Aingdo) o" Luci"er: ! Secret P4r!)id!l Hier!rc 4
To (e certain not everythin$ a(out the com!lete structure o# 1uci#er2s 'in$dom is +nown as o# yet) The 1ord has !romised as recorded in scri!ture that one day all will (e revealed that all wor+s o# dar+ness will (e (rou$ht to li$ht and made accounta(le5:
FThere is nothin$ which is secret save it shall (e revealedI there is no wor+ o# dar+ness save it shall (e made mani#est in the li$htI and there is nothin$ which is sealed u!on the earth save it shall (e loosed) Chere#ore all thin$s which have (een revealed unto the children o# men shall at that day (e revealedI and Satan shall have !ower over the hearts o# the children o# men no more #or a lon$ time)J


CO*P&RISON OF AING(O* STR8CT8RES &N( HIER&RCHIES Nevertheless much o# the manner o# how the Devil2s +in$dom #unctions has (een made +nown at this !oint in time) The #ollowin$ dia$ram $ives a visual summary o# the (asics o# how it #unctions:

Aierarchal Structure o# the 'in$dom o# the Devil
There is a de#inite line o# demarcation o# that which is visi(le-accessi(le to the $eneral !u(lic :non,initiates or Fthe !ro#aneJ as they re#er to us;) All +nowled$e sym(olic meanin$s as well as (uildin$s and structures accessi(le to the F!ro#aneJ are a(ove this line) All such is considered e4oteric < the e4oteric realm) All that resides (elow the e4oteric realm (elow the line o# demarcation is the esoteric realm < that which much (e +e!t secret and the F!ro#aneJ (arred #rom enterin$ #rom e4!eriencin$ even #rom +nowin$ a(out) Becall the #ollowin$ conce!t covered in the !revious cha!ter:
FYou also have (een initiated in those *ysteries in which there are two !air o# eyes and it is re0uisite that the !air which are (eneath should (e closed when the !air that are a(ove them !erceive and when the !air


a(ove are closed those which are (eneath should (e o!ened)J

The F!air o# eyes that are a(oveJ re#ers to the !u(lic !ersona o# the initiate) This is what is !resented to the outside-e4oteric world while Fthe !air o# eyes (eneathJ < the esoteric !ersona o# the initiate < is shut o##) Once in !rivate or u!on settin$ #oot in an esoteric environment the Feyes a(oveJ can (e shut :i)e) the !u(lic !ersona dismissed; and the Feyes (eneathJ can o!en :i)e) the true nature-!ersonality o# the initiate can come #orth;) The layer o# hierarchy directly (elow the line o# demarcation consists o# the secret societies - com(inations that covertly lead mani!ulate in#iltrate and-or direct the accom!anyin$ e4oteric or$ani/ations) Those who initiate into these $rou!s ta+e unmista+a(le (lood oaths that (ind their service and loyalty to them as well as a(solute secrecy on !enalty o# death) Some initiations re0uire sheddin$ innocent (lood :i)e) ta+in$ the li#e o# an innocent human (ein$ o#ten a child; and o#ten re0uires consum!tion o# the (lood and-or #lesh o# the victim as !art o# their (indin$ oath) The maNority o# these initiates have little to no in#ormation re$ardin$ the mana$in$ layer directly succeedin$ them as si$ni#ied in the dia$ram2s FBu##er o# Awareness)J All such initiates are only instructed or in#ormed on a need,to,+now (asis (y their leaders) Such leaders are usually the only ones connected to the successive layer o# hierarchy or who +now anythin$ a(out it) The ne4t layer is the mystery schools which are com!rised o# ade!ts and hiero!hants) %ven less is +nown a(out this layer due to the almost com!lete lac+ o# availa(le documentation re$ardin$ it and due to the #act that #ew :i# any; success#ully de#ect #rom it and disclose its structure secrets or mem(ershi!) Aowever it is a!!arent that there are successive layers o# hierarchy as well as additional (u##ers o# awareness im!osed to conceal them) Beyond this it is un+nown how many successive layers e4ist and !recisely what $rou!s or individuals they consist o#) There is a $reat deal o# s!eculation as to who and what $rou!s com!rise this-these layer:s; so I re#rain #rom includin$ them) The #inal division o# hierarchy is the se!aration (etween the !hysical realm on this earth :i)e) all that we are a(le to !rocess and +now o# throu$h our #ive senses; and the realm o# s!irits where 1uci#er and his minions reside) Ae !rovides revelation $uidance and direction to those who ma+e u! the hierarchic levels at the !innacle o# his +in$dom)

CoBe<i%tence o" t e S+irit Re!l)
In conNunction with the manner in which (oth +in$doms are


CO*P&RISON OF AING(O* STR8CT8RES &N( HIER&RCHIES administrated the nature o# the divide (etween the !hysical and s!irit realms comes into 0uestion) On a theoretical note it can almost (e ar$ued that the !hysical and s!irit realms are e0uivalent to the conce!t o# se!arate dimensions) Throu$h modern revelation we are $iven to understand that the world o# s!irits e4ists ri$ht here on the earth alon$side us (ut it is +e!t #rom human !erce!tion and !hysical interaction) .ose!h Smith tau$ht:
FThe s!irits o# the Nust))) are not #ar #rom us and +now and understand our thou$hts #eelin$s and emotions and are o#ten !ained therewith)J 7

Also Bri$ham Youn$ stated the #ollowin$ in one o# his discourses:
FChere is the s!irit worldK It is ri$ht here))) Do Gthe s!irits o# the de!artedH $o (eyond the (oundaries o# the or$ani/ed earthK No they do not))) Can you see it with your natural eyesK No) Can you see s!irits in this roomK No) Su!!ose the 1ord should touch your eyes that you mi$ht see could you then see the s!iritsK Yes as !lainly as you now see (odies)J >

Chile it is a!!arent that an$els and resurrected !ersons are ca!a(le o# traversin$ and interactin$ with (oth realms it is also a!!arent that the #ew individuals who have (een trans#i$ured or FtranslatedJ :such as .ohn the Beloved; are also ca!a(le o# doin$ so !rior to e4!eriencin$ death and resurrection) :"urther in#ormation a(out this conce!t is included in the su!!ortin$ material)E; In this state they cannot (e con#ined (y the elements o# the !hysical world and !ossi(ly can enter and e4it the s!irit realm at will) Consider the words o# *ormon in his a(rid$ment o# the (oo+ o# Third Ne!hi in how he descri(es the trans#i$uration and resultant a(ilities o# the Three Ne!hites :em!hasis added;?:
FAnd (ehold the heavens were o!ened and they were cau$ht u! into heaven and saw and heard uns!ea+a(le thin$s)))) And whether they were in the (ody or out o# the (ody they could not tellI #or it did seem unto them li+e a trans#i$uration o# them that they were chan$ed #rom this (ody o# #lesh into an immortal state that they could (ehold the thin$s o# God) But it came to !ass that they did a$ain minister u!on the #ace o# the earthI))) FAnd now whether they were mortal or immortal #rom the day o# their trans#i$uration I +now notI But this much I +now accordin$ to the record which hath (een $ivenP))) they were cast into !rison))) and the !risons could not hold them #or they were rent in twain) And they were cast down into the earthI (ut))) they were delivered out o# the de!ths o# the earthI and there#ore they could not di$ !its su##icient to hold them) And thrice they were cast into a #urnace and received no harm) And twice were they cast into a den o# wild (eastsI and (ehold they did !lay with the (easts as a child with a suc+lin$ lam( and received no harm))))


FBehold I have seen them and they have ministered unto me) And (ehold they will (e amon$ the Gentiles and the Gentiles shall +now them not) They will also (e amon$ the .ews and the .ews shall +now them not))))

FThey are as the an$els o# God and i# they shall !ray unto the "ather in the name o# .esus t e4 c!n % o2 t e)%el5e% unto 2 !t%oe5er )!n it %ee)et t e) good)))) I have in0uired o# the 1ord and he hath made it mani#est unto me that there must needs (e a chan$e wrou$ht u!on their (odies or else it needs (e that they must taste o# death)))) Now this chan$e was not e0ual to that which shall ta+e !lace at the last dayI (ut there was a chan$e wrou$ht u!on them insomuch that Satan could have no !ower over them that he could not tem!t themI and they were sancti#ied in the #lesh that they were holy and that t e +o2er% o" t e e!rt could not old t e)) And in this state they were to remain until the Nud$ment day o# ChristI and at that day they were to receive a $reater chan$e and to (e received into the +in$dom o# the "ather to $o no more out (ut to dwell with God eternally in the heavens)J

Their earthly mission < li+e that o# .ohn the Beloved2s < is to minister to the inha(itants o# the earth :somewhat inco$nito; until the time o# Christ2s Second Comin$) Cith this chan$e wrou$ht u!on them they not only have the a(ility to withstand and command the earthly elements they a!!arently also have the ca!a(ility to travel :what a!!ears to (e; instantaneously wherever they wish to $o < or as *ormon !uts it to Fshow themselves unto whatsoever man it seemeth them $ood)J *ormon2s descri!tion o# their ca!a(ilities also in#ers an a(ility to come and $o #rom the s!irit realm at will throu$h !rayer to God) One theoretical manner in which this mi$ht occur is throu$h a chan$e in vi(ration #re0uency) All !hysical matter vi(rates at s!eci#ic #re0uencies) It is a scienti#ic $iven that there are vast ran$es o# li$ht and sound that e4ist #ar (eyond what human eyes and ears can detect) Accordin$ly it is theoretically !ossi(le that matter which vi(rates a(ove or (elow the #re0uency ran$e detecti(le (y the #ive human senses :es!ecially touch; cannot (e interacted with in this human,!hysical realm) 3erha!s in alterin$ the #re0uency o# the matter that one2s (ody vi(rates at one would Fdisa!!earJ #rom this realm and suddenly Fa!!earJ in another realm < ca!a(le o# utili/in$ one2s #ive senses to #ully interact there) Chile this is entirely theoretical it nonetheless su$$ests a #easi(le e4!lanation as to how two or more dimensions :s!eci#ically the !hysical and s!irit realms; can simultaneously co,e4ist in the same time and s!ace)


NOTES 9 Alma 9:=E,=? 56 = htt!:--www)lds)or$-church-or$ani/ation-how,the,church,is,or$ani/edKlan$Wen$ 5 = Ne!hi 56:9? [email protected] 7 Teachin$s o# the 3ro!het .ose!h Smith !) 5=E > Cidtsoe .ohn A) :98=>; Discourses o# Bri$ham Youn$ !) >?? E Be#er to the 3D" #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Translation :or Trans#i$uration; ? 5 Ne!hi [email protected]:95 9>,== =E,[email protected] 56 5? 58,76


P&RT ' (OG*& &N( *O(8S OPER&N(I


- ic I% t e Per5er%ion o" - ic ;
A li#etime Christian researcher o# the occult .ordan *a4well has dedicated his li#e to uncoverin$ the secrets and machinations o# the *ystery Schools:9
F.ordan *a4well GisH a !reeminent researcher and inde!endent scholar in the #ield o# occult - reli$ious !hiloso!hy) Ais interest in these su(Nects (e$an as #ar (ac+ as 98>8) Ae served #or three and a hal# years as the Beli$ion %ditor o# Truth See+er *a$a/ine America2s oldest "reethou$ht .ournal :since [email protected]?5;) FAis wor+ e4!lorin$ the hidden #oundations o# Cestern reli$ions and secret societies creates enthusiastic res!onses #rom audiences around the world) Ae has conducted do/ens o# intensive seminars hosted his own radio tal+ shows $uested on more than E66 radio shows and written !roduced and a!!eared in numerous television shows and documentaries))) all devoted to understandin$ ancient reli$ions and their !ervasive in#luence on world a##airs today)J

In *r) *a4well2s (oo+ That Old,Time Beli$ion he ma+es a series o# stunnin$ connections (etween the sym(olism within the worshi! o# the mystery schools and +ey tenets events and 0ualities o# Christ and Ais ministry) There are very dee! !ersonal reasons as to why #ollowers o# the mystery schools des!ise Christianity :either silently or overtly;) %ven to most o# the lower initiates who don2t have a #ull understandin$ that 1uci#er is the $od at the core o# their worshi! the #i$ure o# deity and inter!retation o# the teachin$s o# .esus Christ that most Christians em(race are considered a moc+ery an a(solute a##ront to the $od o# their reli$ion and the thin$s they


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I hold sacred) The Christ we 1DS :*ormons; and traditional Christians worshi! re!resents everythin$ that is a(omina(le in their eyes) As you read the #ollowin$ se$ments o# *r) *a4well2s wor+ consider #rom the !ers!ective o# a devout (eliever in the ancient arcane mysteries :which trace (ac+ all the way to Cain; what a !la$iarism traditional .udeo, Christianity would seem to them :em!hasis added;:
FThou$h all o# the essential !ieces o# the Christian story were lon$ in e4istence (e#ore %$y!t it was with the comin$ o# the 3haraohs that the story was #inally codi#ied and (ecame reli$ious do$ma) Thou$h the story varied in some details #rom !lace to !lace in %$y!t the essence was always the same: God2s Sun-our risen Savior was the 21i$ht o# the Corld 2 who $ave Ais li#e #or us)))) FIt was acce!ted (y all Gin ancient timesH that man was (ound to a li#e on %arth (ut the s+y was the a(ode o# God2s Sun) Ae resided Fu! thereJ in FheavenJ) Ancient man saw in his male o##s!rin$ his own ima$e and li+eness and his own e4istence as a #ather was !roved (y the !erson o# his son) It was assumed that FGodQs SunJ was (ut a visi(le re!resentative o# the unseen Creator in heaven) So it was said FChen you have seen the Sun you have seen the "ather)J Said another way FThe "ather is $lori#ied in his Sun)J FAncient man had no !ro(lem understandin$ that all li#e on %arth de!ended directly on li#e,$ivin$ ener$y #rom the Sun) Conse0uently all li#e was lost without the Sun) It #ollowed that FGod2s SunJ was nothin$ less than Gman2sH savior) Since ener$y #rom the Sun $ave li#e and we sustained our very e4istence (y ta+in$ ener$y in #rom our #ood < which came directly #rom GodQs Sun < the Sun must $ive u! its li#e,su!!ortin$ ener$y so that we may continue to live) FGodQs Sun must $ive his li#e #or us to live)J FChile it was !lainly true that our li#e came #rom and was sustained each day (y FOur Savior))) God2s Sun J it was and would (e true only as lon$ as the Sun would return each mornin$) Our ho!e o# salvation would (e secure only in a Frisen savior)J "or i# he did not rise #rom his $rave o# dar+ness all would (e lost) All the world waited #or his Fimminent returnJ))) each mornin$) The))) "ather would never leave us at the mercy o# this world o# dar+ness) The Aeavenly !romise))) was surely that))) FAe would come a$ainJ))) to li$ht our !ath and save those lost in the dar+ness) 1o$ically even i# man himsel# died as lon$ as the Sun comes u! each day li#e on %arth will continue #orever) There#ore it was said in the ancient te4ts that everlastin$ li#e was Fthe $i#tJ))) the "ather $ives throu$h his Sun) "or))) FGod so loved the world that he $ave his only (e$otten Sun that we may have li#e everlastin$)J GNotH #or you !ersonally < (ut on %arth) F*ore than 5 666 years (e#ore Christianity (e$an the early mornin$ Sun GtheH Savior was !ictured in %$y!t as the FNew Born Ba(e)J The in#ant savior2s name was FAorus)J The early mornin$ Sun or FNew Born Ba(e J was !ictured in two ways: the Dove P Brin$er o# 3eace) The Aaw+ P God


o# Car :who !unishes the enemies o# God;) Today in $overnment we still use these terms doves and haw+s) FGAorus2H li#e was also divided into 9= !arts or 9= FAorus W hoursJ Gi)e) the twelve si$ns o# the SodiacH)))) But now what a(out the evil (rother o# God2s Sun that old F3rince o# Dar+nessJ himsel#K In the %$y!tian (elie# system he was called FSetJ Ga)+)a) Ty!honH) Ce are told in the Bi(le that when God2s Sun died the world was le#t in the hands o# the 3rince o# Dar+ness at)))) Sun,Set) G%d) note: Ta+e a moment to $ras! that < FGod2s SunJ was +illed (y the F3rince o# Dar+ness J a)+)a) Set at FSun,Set)JH FIt was $enerally o(served that FGod2s SunJ could (e de!ended u!on to return in the same manner that he le#t < namely FOn a CloudJ))) and F%very eye will see AimJ))) :unless o# course you2re (lind or dead;) 'ee!in$ in mind that FGod2s SunJ not only re!resented the li$ht o# truth (ut was !ut to death (y Ais enemies who could not endure the li$ht o# truth in their li#e it was tau$ht (y the ancients that the very act o# o!!osin$ or denyin$ the li$ht o# truth to the !oint o# +illin$ it ha!!ened in one2s own mind) Chen we are con#ronted with harsh realities o# li#e the li$ht o# truth which we do not wish to #ace and which runs counter to our views such truth is !ut to death (y your mind and in your head) There#ore FGod2s SunJ < The Truth and The 1i$ht < is !ut to death at the F!lace o# the s+ull J or Fs+ull !lace J located somewhere (etween your ears) G%d) note: Christ was !ut to death on the cross at Gol$otha which means F3lace o# a S+ullJH) This !uttin$ to death o# the li$ht o# ho!e in your mind is always accom!anied (y the two thieves: Be$ret #or the !ast and "ear o# the #uture Ga)+)a) the thieves cruci#ied on either side o# ChristH) FAs #ar (ac+ as we can $o into the ancient world we #ind that all +nown cultures had a Fthree,in,oneJ triune God) The very #irst trinity was sim!ly the three sta$es o# li#e o# the sun: New Born at dawnI *ature or #ull $rown at 9= noonI and old and dyin$ at the end o# day) All three were o# course one divinity) The Trinity is no mystery) The %$y!tians +new that the Sun was at its hi$hest !oint in the s+y :or hi$h noon; when no shadow was cast (y the !yramid) At that !oint all %$y!t o##ered !rayers to the F*ost Ai$hJ God) As stated (e#ore to the ancients the s+y was the a(ode or heavenly tem!le o# the F*ost Ai$h)J There#ore FGod2s SunJ was doin$ his heavenly "ather2s wor+ in the tem!le at noon) FThe world o# ancient man +e!t trac+ o# times and seasons (y the movement o# the Sun < daily monthly and yearly) "or this the sundial was devised) Not only was the daily movement o# the Sun trac+ed on the round dial (ut the whole year was charted on a round calendar dial) %4am!les: Ancient *e4ican *ayan Inca A/tec Sumerian Ba(ylonian Assyrian %$y!tian Celtic Aryan etc) Cith this method certain new conce!ts emer$ed in the mind o# ancient man) Since the %arth e4!erienced #our di##erent seasons all the same and e0ual :in time; each year the round calendar was divided into #our e0ual !arts) This re!resented the com!lete story o# the li#e o# FGod2s Sun)J This is also why we have in the Bi(le only


#our $os!els) G%d) note: or !erha!s this is why only #our written testimonies o# the li#e doin$s and teachin$s o# Christ were canoni/ed in the 'in$ .ames Bi(le) Cere others su!!ressedK Other writin$s o# ancient Christians :even !re,datin$ the Gnostics; have sur#aced in recent times) The Na$ Aammadi li(rary is one o# such)H O# this !oint there can (e no dou(t) Tertullian and many early church #athers stated this themselves Gin their writin$sH) G%soteric authorities also say thatH this is why the #amous !aintin$ o# the F1ast Su!!erJ !ictures the 9= #ollowers Ga)+)a) housesH o# the Sun in #our $rou!s :o# 5;))) Gre!resentin$H the seasons Gwith the Sun in the centerH) FOn the round sur#ace o# the yearly calendar you draw a strai$ht line directly across the middle cuttin$ the circle in hal# < one end (ein$ the !oint o# the winter solstice the other end (ein$ the !oint o# the summer solstice) Then draw another strai$ht line :crossin$ the #irst one;) One end o# the new line (ein$ the s!rin$ e0uino4 the other end (ein$ the autumn e0uino4) You now have the startin$ !oints #or each o# the #our seasons) This is re#erred to (y all maNor encyclo!edias and re#erence wor+s (oth ancient and modern as FThe Cross o# the Sodiac)J Thus the li#e o# God2s FSunJ is on Fthe Cross)J This is why we see the round circle o# the Sun on the crosses o# Christian churches) The ne4t time you !ass a Christian church loo+ #or the circle :Sun; on the cross) FOn Decem(er ==nd the Sun $oin$ south reaches its lowest !oint in the s+y :our winter solstice;) At that lowest !oint the Sun sto!s movin$ on the sundial #or three days Dec ==nd Dec =5rd and Dec =7th in the Southern Constellation +nown as the Southern Cross) Aence our Savior :dead #or three days; died on the Cross) The FSouthern Cross Constellation J that is) This is the only time o# the year that the Sun actually sto!s its movement in our s+y) On the mornin$ o# Dec) =>th the Sun (e$ins its annual Nourney (ac+ to us in the northern hemis!here (rin$in$ o# course our s!rin$) There#ore on Dec =>th the Sun is (orn a$ain ) And to this day Ais worshi!ers cele(rate Ais Birthday) G%d) note: than+s to modern revelation we now understand that A!ril E th is the actual day that Christ was (orn) It was in the 7th century that Christ2s (irth came to (e reco$ni/ed on Decem(er =>th < su!!osedly in an e##ort to !o!ulari/e Christianity with the !a$ans who held annual cele(rations on that day)H FToday we have e4!ressions when someone dies) Ce say thin$s li+e FThey !assedJ or FThey 3assed OnJ or FThey 3assed Away)J The ancients said FThey 3assed OverJ :#rom one li#e to another;) And so it was with the comin$ o# s!rin$ as God2s Sun is FBesurrectedJ #rom the Death o# Cinter to Ais New 1i#e :in s!rin$;) This is why Christians cele(rate FThe BesurrectionJ with a Sun,Bise service at))) F%asterJ))) and the .ews who +new Gthe customs o# this ancient reli$ion durin$ their ca!tivity in Ba(ylonH cele(rate the same with their))) F3assover)J FOnce we reali/e that in Astrolo$y each month is assi$ned one o# the so, called FAousesJ o# the Sodiac and in heaven GthereH are 9= houses :9=


monthly si$ns; then the words we read o# God2s Sun sayin$ FIn my "ather2s house are many mansions J ma+es sense :when translated correctly;) The !ro!er translation is as #ollows: "ather2s Aouse W Aeavenly A(ode *ansions W Aouses) So correctly read in the ori$inal te4t we read: FIn my #atherQs heavenly a(ode are many houses)J FCe are told at *atthew 97:9?,98 that God2s Sun tends to Ais !eo!le2s needs with FTwo "ishes)J The two #ishes (ein$ the astrolo$ical si$n all astrolo$ers +now as 3isces) Thus we have had #or almost =666 years God2s Sun rulin$ in Ais F+in$domJ or si$n o# 3isces-Two "ishes) As stated (e#ore these si$ns are called houses) There#ore 3isces is the F1ord2s AouseJ at this time)J

To #urther clari#y what this last !ara$ra!h is re#errin$ to: in astrolo$y a FGreat YearJ= is a cycle o# all 9= houses o# the Sodiac which ta+es => 8=6 earth,years to com!lete) Thus each Sodiac si$n2s A$e lasts a!!ro4imately =9E6 years) The A$e o# 3isces is calculated (y some as havin$ (e$un a(out 966 B)C) and will come to a close a(out =6E6 A)D) Su!!osedly the A$e o# 3isces :o# two #ish; is the time #rame in which Christ rules the earth) The ne4t comin$ A$e will (e the A$e o# A0uarius < a hi$hly si$ni#icant and lon$, awaited A$e (y the initiates o# the mystery schools)
FThe Sun enters each heavenly Si$n or Aouse o# the Sodiac in what is called the 56th de$ree and leaves at the 55rd de$ree) Thus God2s Sun is said (y the ancients to (e$in his ministry at 56 and dies at 55) G%d note: the e4act a$e o# Christ #rom the start o# Ais ministry to his death and resurrection)H This is why the hi$hest de$ree in "reemasonry is the 55rd < #or no one can rise hi$her than the SunO FChen viewin$ the shimmerin$ rays o# sunli$ht on a (ody o# water at dawn or sunset one can still see today how God2s Sun 2wal+s on water)2 FIt was well understood (y ancient man that our weather was caused and controlled (y the Sun) It was a sim!le #act that God2s Sun had the !ower to control storms at will) The ancient %$y!tians tau$ht that Ae did this as Ae rested in Ais heavenly (oat while crossin$ the s+y) Thus we read that God2s Sun 0uieted the tem!est or $reat storm on the sea while in Ais (oat) FBa the sun,$od G%d) note: also commonly de!icted as Osiris < i)e) 2the "ather is in the Son and the Son within the "ather2H))) wears on his head and accom!anies a vast sun,dis+ sym(oli/in$ his !owers as lord o# the heavens)))) FChen we sto! to reali/e that every sin$le +in$ !rince lord $overnor dictator des!otic ruler civil and social institution national #la$ coat o# arms educational institution military medal award or$ani/ational insi$nia medallion (ad$e em(lem citation tro!hy (anner !endant !olitical standard or ensi$n a$ency o# $overnment or reli$ion uses the


Sun as a !rimary sym(ol then it can truly (e said Gin the mystery schoolsH that God2s Sun is))) 2'in$ o# 'in$s and 1ord o# 1ords)2
FAnd o# course FGod2s SunJ $oes to his death wearin$ a FcoronaJ < Gwhich inH 1atin GmeansH Fcrown o# thornsJ)))) To this day +in$s still wear a round crown o# thorns sym(oli/in$ the rays o# the sun) FIn the ancient world months were counted accordin$ to the !hases o# the moon) They were called the 2lunar months2 on the 2lunar calendar)2 Since Scor!io-the Scor!ion is the astrolo$ical si$n startin$ in late Octo(er the #irst month o# autumn it #ollows that Octo(er-the Scor!ion with his deadly (ac+,(itin$ 2tale2 (etrays the Sun in autumn leadin$ directly to Ais death in winterO FAnd the 56 !ieces o# silver were as the North American Indians would say 56 moons o# silver needed #or the month to 2(etray2 the Sun and cause Ais unha!!y deathO FIn relation to this another interestin$ !oint: "actually s!ea+in$ when a !erson is (itten (y a deadly scor!ion the wound a!!ears to (e or loo+s li+e two human li!s) The ancients called this 2The 'iss o# DeathO2 This is why we read that .udas :Octo(er; $ives God2s Sun 2the +iss2 < leadin$ to Ais death in winterO FThe ne4t !oint to (e made re0uires #irst a little (ac+$round) Christians have always re#erred to God as 2The "ather)2 But viewin$ God as a #ather didn2t start here < it $oes (ac+ #ar into the ancient world) The reason is: Our !lanet was always viewed as our 2*other %arth or *other Nature)2 And since rain :the li#e,(rin$in$ #luid; #allin$ #rom heaven im!re$nated and (rou$ht li#e to *other %arth it was there#ore (elieved that our "ather was in Aeaven) FAll this li#e,(rin$in$ intercourse (etween God the "ather and *other %arth would (e a#ter a !ro!er marria$e ceremony at a s!rin$ weddin$) In the area today called Israel anciently called 2The 1and o# Canaan 2 the :se4ual-#ertility; rites o# s!rin$ were cele(rated each year in what was called)))2The *arria$e "east o# Canaan)2 FAnd so the New Testament story was))) *other %arth as+ed God2s Sun to draw water :#rom the sea; #or the $ra!es to ma+e #ine wine #or the weddin$ #east) This marria$e #east story is over >666 years old < 5666 years (e#ore the New Testament story))) GThe mystery schools consider itH one more case o# !ious !la$iarism)))) F"rom the %$y!tian records we learn that the new (orn Sun Aorus was $iven the title 2The 1o$os 2 which means 2The Cord)2 %$y!tians #urther said 2The Cord2 was made #lesh and dwelt amon$ us) And since we enNoy only one Sun in heaven Ae was said to (e 2The Only Be$otten2 :o# the "ather;) FAnother interestin$ !oint not to (e missed concernin$ Aorus: 1ater in


%$y!tian history Ae GAorusH was $iven a second name < Iesos or Iesus meanin$ 2holder o# the li$ht)2 Still later in Boman 1atin 2I2 (ecame interchan$ea(le with 2.)2 So #rom Iesus we $et .esus)))) G%d) note: in Ae(rew .esus2 name is Yeshua which is derived #rom the Ae(rew word o# Fto rescueJ or Fto deliver)J The name .oshua is a common s!ellin$ variation o# Yeshua)5H FIn ancient %$y!t it was said that i# you wanted to #ollow the li#e o# God2s Sun and there(y 2live in the li$ht o# God2s Cord2 :1o$os; one would #irst have to leave his old ways o# li#e to 2"ollow the Sun Gi)e) #ace the eastH)2 But (e#ore (e$innin$ this new li#e in 2The Cord 2 one must die to the old way o# li#e and (e 2(orn a$ain)2 FYour #irst (irth was 2out o# the water2 your mother #ormed you in) Because her water (ro+e and your new li#e (e$an re(irth is sym(oli/ed (y comin$ out o# total immersion in water < (a!tism < or (ein$ (orn a$ain) FA #ew thou$hts on the 2Old Testament2 Cord o# God)))) At *alachi 7:= the God o# Aeaven is descri(ed as the 2S&N o# Bi$hteousness with healin$ in Ais win$s)2 The Sun with healin$ in Ais win$sKK The New Testament at *atthew =5:5? and 1u+e 95:57 we see God2s Sun wantin$ to $ather all under 2Ais win$s)2 This is most a!!ro!riate #or in %$y!t the Sun was always !ictured with Ais win$s) FIn the most ancient %$y!tian understandin$ o# thin$s man+ind was called 2the shee! o# God)2 And the $reat Or( o# Day God2s Sun was the overseer or in the e4act words #rom the ancient %$y!tian manuscri!t 2The Good She!herd2 < and we are Ais #loc+) All ancient +in$s thou$ht o# their !eo!le as shee! to (e !astured with themselves as 2the she!herd)2 FShee! are ideal #ollowers you see #or they do not thin+ #or themselves (ut will (lindly #ollow anyone without 0uestion) Admira(le (ehavior #or animals (ut unwise #or humans) Shee! were (orn to (e #leeced and have 2the wool !ulled over their eyes)2 1astly they end u! as a tasty meal eaten (y their masters) G%d) note: Interestin$ly enou$h *asonic a!rons are made out o# shee! s+in with wool #rin$e)H FAll o# the #ore$oin$ in mind we read a$ain #rom the Old Testament Boo+ o# 3salms) At 3salms =5:7 we read that old do$,eared tired e4hausted and e0ually misunderstood chestnut used (y every 2man o# the cloth2 to !ut the shee! to slee! we 0uote it here: 2Yea thou$h I wal+ throu$h the valley o# the shadow o# death I will #ear no evil #or thou art with me) Thy Bod and thy Sta## they com#ort me)2 FIn the Boo+ o# 3salms the Old Testament God is !ictured with Ais))) Bod and Sta##) The rod here mentioned is the +in$2s 2Bod o# Disci!line)2 And the sta## is the 2She!herd2s Sta## 2 or croo+) Now #or the correct understandin$ o# this old verse) Any $ood li(rary (oo+ on the %$y!tian reli$ion will tell you that the ancient 3haraohs were said to (e rulin$ #or God2s Sun on %arth) Ae was called 2'in$ o# the 'in$dom2 and 2The Great She!herd o# Ais


Shee!)2 In the hands o# the 3haraoh-God :who2s arms #orm the 2si$n o# the cross2 on his chest; were !laced the royal sym(ols o# heavenly !ower))) the Bod Gi)e) a #lailH and Sta## Gi)e) a she!herd2s croo+H) FIncidentally .esus is !ictured not only with Ais she!herd2s sta## (ut at Bevelation 9=:> L 98:9> is also said to))) 2rule with a rod o# iron)2 FIn .eremiah [email protected]:=,E and Isaiah E7:@ we see the God o# the Old Testament !ortrayed in a di##erent way) Aere Ae is said to (e The 2Great 3otter2 who #ashions man on a !otter2s wheel) All *i$hty God))) The Great 3otterKK7 FThe !otter story was %$y!tian 9666 years (e#ore it was written (y the writers o# the Bi(le)))) hiero$ly!hics ta+en ri$ht o## the %$y!tian tem!les GshowH the $od 'hnemu #ashionin$ the (ody o# one o# 3tolemies> on his !otter2s wheel)))) Ganother ima$e withH the $od 'hnemu #ashionin$ a *an u!on a M3otter2s Ta(le M GandH (ehind him stands Thoth mar+in$ his S!an o# 1i#e Gon a sta##H) FIn %$y!t God2s Bisen Sun was Aorus) At 9= noon he (ecame the 2*ost Ai$h)2 In this e4alted !osition Ae (ecame the mediator (etween God and man) Ais name was Amen,Ba) Ba W ray :o# the sun;) Ais she!herds on %arth were called 23riests o# Amen)2 They would direct their !rayers to the invisi(le God < The "ather < throu$h Ais mediator Amen,Ba) God2s Sun was 2The Great Amen2 with Ais Bays) In the New Testament Ae < The Sun < is still called :at = Corinthians 9:=6 L Bevelation 9:? L Bevelations 5:97; 2TA% A*%N)2 At the end o# !rayers in the tem!les o# %$y!t they would say 2Amen)2 G%d) note: hence this is one o# the reasons why it is critical #or all true (elievers o# Christ to end their !rayers F in the name o# .esus Christ AmenJ < to s!eci#ically re#erence e4actly who God the "ather2s mediator with men truly is)H

As can (e $leaned #rom this com!rehensive :and yet incom!lete; analysis the sym(olo$y and sacred re#erences at the dee!est esoteric core o# the 1uci#erian mystery schools have seemin$ly,endless uncanny ties to traditional Christianity) Cithin the 1DS standard wor+s :canoni/ed records; we are $iven to understand that a#ter Adam and %ve were cast out o# the Garden o# %den they were not le#t alone nor com!letely i$norant) They were visited on numerous occasions (y heavenly visitors which tau$ht them the #ullness o# the everlastin$ Gos!el) They were also $iven to understand that the Savior o# the world would (e (orn in the meridian o# time and would atone #or the sins o# all man+ind) E In #act as the centuries !assed we understand that Adam (ecame a mi$hty !ro!het and was re#erred to as the Ancient o# Days) Be#ore #inally !assin$ on he $ave a tremendous oration to his o##s!rin$ !ro!hesyin$ o# everythin$ that will occur #rom that !oint until the Second Comin$ o# Christ and the millennium) As the renowned 1DS scholar Au$h Ni(ley asserts in his writin$s it is all


INTERT-INE( SY*:OLOGY (ut certain that Adam and his !osterity had all the +eys sym(olo$y and !ro!hetic understandin$s o# the Aoly 3riesthood o# Almi$hty God < and over time all these heavenly truths were lost and-or corru!ted < re0uirin$ the event o# .ose!h Smith2s li#e in (rin$in$ a restoration o# all thin$s o# !revious dis!ensations) Chile these understandin$s were lost or eroded o# their !ure #orm over the course o# multi!le millennia they have (een astonishin$ly well,!reserved and !er!etuated in their corru!ted #orm (y the mystery schools) Ta+in$ into consideration the restored doctrinal understandin$ $iven to us concernin$ the !re,mortal realm $reater understandin$ o# the nature o# the Car in Aeaven and the +nowled$e that while we have had our !re, mortal memories (loc+ed 1uci#er has not !erha!s one can (etter com!rehend how variations o# all this sym(olo$y could (e !lanted within every culture and #ound in every non,.udeo,Christian reli$ion < includin$ those which were esta(lished thousands o# years (e#ore Christ2s ministry) Chen all is said and done these matters (oil down to one o# the #ollowin$ two conclusions: 9) Aavin$ access to ori$inal !urity o# all as!ects o# the Aoly 3riesthood 1uci#er :throu$h his earthly convert,initiates; esta(lished a corru!ted !riesthood and usur!ed the ori$inal !roNections !ro!hecies sym(ols holy astrolo$y :heavenly calendars; and #oreshadows o# .esus Christ and there(y created a theolo$y that utili/ed all o# them < si$ni#yin$ himsel# as the Great Architect o# the &niverse the *aster Builder the Sun o# God the 1i$ht within the tem!le that illuminates the soul o# man etc)))) R or ))) =) .esus Christ was merely a clever im!oster,Savior who not only set out to #raudulently du!e the susce!ti(le F!ro#aneJ masses into (elievin$ that his li#e teachin$s doin$s death and :su!!osed; resurrection not only #ul#illed ancient Israeli !ro!hecy (ut also was somehow #ully aware o# the dee!ly esoteric secrets and was astonishin$ly a(le to hit u!on nearly every sacred tie,in to the hidden $od o# the arcane mystery schools < with his resultant #ormation o# 2Christianity2 is a !ro#ound !erversion o# their sacred ancient reli$ion) The hum(le the mee+ the lowly o# heart and the !enitent can more readily discern which o# the a(ove two scenarios is the #raud and which is $enuine)

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9 Source < htt!:--www)Nordanma4well)com-(io)html = FAn astrolo$ical a$e is a time !eriod which astrolo$y !ostulates !arallels maNor
chan$es in the develo!ment o# %arth2s inha(itants !articularly relatin$ to culture society and !olitics) There are twelve astrolo$ical a$es corres!ondin$ to the twelve /odiacal si$ns in western astrolo$y) At the com!letion o# one cycle o# twelve astrolo$ical a$es the cycle re!eats itsel#) Astrolo$ical a$es occur (ecause o# a !henomenon +nown as the !recession o# the e0uino4es) One com!lete !eriod o# this !recession is called a Great Year or 3latonic Year o# a(out => 8=6 years) FThere are two (road a!!roaches a(out the e##ects u!on the world due to the astrolo$ical a$es) Some astrolo$ers (elieve the chan$es u!on %arth are caused and mar+ed (y the in#luences o# the $iven astrolo$ical si$n associated with the A$e while other astrolo$ers do not #ollow the causative model and (elieve it is a matter o# synchronicity) F*any astrolo$ers (elieve that the A$e o# A0uarius has arrived recently or will arrive in the near #uture)))) Des!ite all re#erences !rovided (y various sources astrolo$ers cannot a$ree u!on e4act dates #or the (e$innin$ or endin$ o# the a$es)J :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Astrolo$icalVa$e;

5 Source < Brown Driver Bri$$s Brown,Driver,Bri$$s Ae(rew and %n$lish 1e4iconI
Aendric+son 3u(lishers 988E ISBN 9,>E>E5,=6E,6

7 .eremiah [email protected]:9,E < FThe word which came to .eremiah #rom the 1ord sayin$
Arise and $o down to the !otterQs house and there I will cause thee to hear my words) Then I went down to the !otterQs house and (ehold he wrou$ht a wor+ on the wheels) And the vessel that he made o# clay was marred in the hand o# the !otter: so he made it a$ain another vessel as seemed $ood to the !otter to ma+e it) Then the word o# the 1ord came to me sayin$ O house o# Israel cannot I do with you as this !otterK saith the 1ord) Behold as the clay is in the !otterQs hand so are ye in mine hand O house o# Israel)J Isaiah E7:@ < FBut now O 1ord thou art our #atherI we are the clay and thou our !otterI and we all are the wor+ o# thy hand)J

> The 3tolemaics were a *acedonian Gree+ royal #amily which ruled the 3tolemaic
%m!ire in %$y!t durin$ the Aellenistic !eriod #rom 56> BC to 56 BC) They were the 5=nd and last dynasty o# ancient %$y!t) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-3tolemies;

E *oses E:>9,[email protected]



FAnd it came to !ass that I saw amon$ the nations o# the Gentiles the #ormation o# a $reat church) And the an$el said unto me: Behold the #ormation o# a church which is most a(omina(le a(ove all other churches which slayeth the saints o# God yea and tortureth them and (indeth them down and yo+eth them with a yo+e o# iron and (rin$eth them down into ca!tivity) FAnd it came to !ass that I (eheld this $reat and a(omina(le churchI and I saw the devil that he was the #ounder o# it) And I also saw $old and silver and sil+s and scarlets and #ine,twined linen and all manner o# !recious clothin$I and I saw many harlots) FAnd the an$el s!a+e unto me sayin$: Behold the $old and the silver and the sil+s and the scarlets and the #ine,twined linen and the !recious clothin$ and the harlots are the desires o# this $reat and a(omina(le church) And also #or the !raise o# the world do they destroy the saints o# God and (rin$ them down into ca!tivity) FGTHhou seest the #ormation o# that $reat and a(omina(le church which is most a(omina(le a(ove all other churchesI #or (ehold they have ta+en away #rom the $os!el o# the 1am( many !arts which are !lain and most !reciousI and also many covenants o# the 1ord have they ta+en away) And all this have they done that they mi$ht !ervert the ri$ht ways o# the 1ord that they mi$ht (lind the eyes and harden the hearts o# the children o# men)J
< 9 Ne!hi 95 verses 7,8 and =E,=? :em!hasis added;



T e Gre!t !nd &3o)in!3le C urc
It would !ro(a(ly (e hi$hly remiss o# me to create an entire volume #ocusin$ on e4!osin$ the 1uci#erian Church and yet say nothin$ a(out the Boman Catholic Church since it is the or$ani/ation which historically and descri!tively most closely resem(les that which the an$el discusses with Ne!hi) Aowever what #ew 1DS tend to com!rehend is that < while the Boman Catholic Church is !resented as this F$reat and a(omina(le churchJ < in and o# itsel# the Catholic Church and the #ractional Christian or$ani/ations that have derived #rom it :even those hi$hly critical o# it; are not the whole o# F*ystery Ba(ylonJ nor FThe Church o# the DevilJ < they are merely one o# the $reater more o(vious divisions o# it) 3erha!s the (est 0uote I2ve come across (y any General Authority which most (rie#ly and succinctly de#ines what the 1uci#erian Church is < what *ystery Ba(ylon is as a whole < is the #ollowin$ 0uote #rom .ohn Taylor the third 3resident 3ro!het Seer and Bevelator o# the Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints :em!hasis added;:
FBa(ylon literally understood is the $ay worldI s!iritual wic+edness the $olden city and the $lory o# the world) The !riests o# %$y!t who received a !ortion $ratis #rom 3haraohI the !riests o# Baal and the 3harisees and Sadducees with their Mlon$ ro(es M amon$ the .ews are e0ually included in their mother2s #amily with the Boman Catholics 3rotestants and all that have not had the +eys o# the +in$dom and !ower thereo# accordin$ to the ordinances o# God)J9

Additionally what is most im!ortant to understand re$ardin$ all such $rou!s within *ystery Ba(ylon is that each o# them ori$inates with and at its core resides a mystery school) No matter how !u(licly visi(le the or$ani/ation is at its center is a secret :or at least relatively secret; leadershi! hierarchy) And there is always a #orm o# initiation which re0uires an oath o# loyalty and secrecy to enter within the ran+s o# such hierarchy) Also there are always layers u!on layers o# hierarchic mana$ement within these schools) O#ten the initiates o# an outer layer will have no idea that there are other layers a(ove :or within; the one directly su!erior to them) Aence the sym(olo$y o# the rose with its un#oldin$ layers o# !etals is #re0uently used (y many (ranches o# the mystery schools) It is a !er#ect re!resentation o# (oth the or$ani/ational structure as well as the conce!t o# layered secrecy concealin$ the e4istence o# each o# the inner layers) Chile I have (een una(le to discover any whistle(lower testimony


CORR8PTION OF E&RLY CHRISTI&NITY concernin$ additional hierarchy layers within the Catholic Church it is more than reasona(le that the 3o!e and other leaders directly (elow him are merely an e4ternal layer and that there resides #urther secret inner layers o# !ower within the Vatican < li+ely involvin$ the .esuits o# the Society o# .esus and-or O!us Dei) A si$ni#icant !ortion o# rumors concernin$ secret societies within the Catholic Church center u!on the .esuits who are !ur!orted to #unction as an elite en#orcement and es!iona$e o# $rou!)
FThe Society o# .esus is a Christian male reli$ious order that #ollows the teachin$s o# the Catholic Church) The mem(ers are called .esuits and are also +nown collo0uially as MGod2s *arinesM and as MThe Com!anyM these (ein$ re#erences to #ounder I$natius o# 1oyola2s military (ac+$round and mem(ers2 willin$ness to acce!t orders anywhere in the world and live in e4treme conditions)))) FThe .esuits today #orm the lar$est sin$le reli$ious order o# !riests and (rothers in the Catholic Church)))) FO!us Dei has (een descri(ed as the most controversial #orce within the Catholic Church) Accordin$ to several Nournalists who researched O!us Dei se!arately most o# the criticisms a$ainst O!us Dei are mere myths created (y its o!!onents and O!us Dei is considered a si$n o# contradiction) Several !o!es and other Catholic leaders have endorsed what they see as its innovative teachin$ on the sancti#yin$ value o# wor+ and its #idelity to Catholic (elie#s) In =66= 3o!e .ohn 3aul II canoni/ed %scriv\ Gthe #ounder o# O!us DeiH and called him Mthe saint o# ordinary li#e)M FControversies a(out O!us Dei have centered on criticisms o# its alle$ed secretiveness its recruitin$ methods the alle$ed strict rules $overnin$ mem(ers the !ractice (y celi(ate mem(ers o# morti#ication o# the #lesh its alle$ed elitism and miso$yny the alle$ed ri$ht,leanin$ !olitics o# most o# its mem(ers and the alle$ed !artici!ation (y some in authoritarian or e4treme ri$ht,win$ $overnments es!ecially the "rancoist Government o# S!ain until [email protected]) Cithin the Catholic Church O!us Dei is also critici/ed #or alle$edly see+in$ inde!endence and more in#luence)))) F*uch !u(lic attention has #ocused on O!us Dei2s !ractice o# morti#ication P the voluntary o##erin$ u! o# discom#ort or !ain to God this includes #astin$ or in some circumstances sel# in#licted !ain such as sel# #la$ellation) *orti#ication has a lon$ history in many world reli$ions includin$ the Catholic Church)))) Additionally O!us Dei celi(ate mem(ers !ractice Mcor!oral morti#icationsM such as slee!in$ without a !illow or slee!in$ on the #loor #astin$ or remainin$ silent #or certain hours durin$ the day)))) Critics state that sel#,morti#ication is a Mstartlin$ M Me4treme M and M0uestiona(leM !ractice P one that (orders on masochism)MJ =

Ama/in$ly there are no #ewer than 95= o##icial Catholic reli$ious orders


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I or societies in e4istenceI o# which the .esuits and O!us Dei seemin$ly only scratch the sur#ace)5 Com!ellin$ testimony #rom witnesses and victims claimin$ .esuit involvement in horrendous crimes a$ainst humanity is covered in 3art > o# this (oo+) Additionally there is a document (ein$ circulated around the Internet which !ur!orts to (e a valid transcri!t o# a .esuit oath #or those initiated into the 'ni$hts o# Colum(us) The source o# this oath transcri!t is #rom the &)S) Con$ressional Becord dated "e(ruary 9>th 9895 on !a$es 5=9> and 5=9E) :A scan o# these !a$es is !rovided in the su!!ortin$ material)7; Aowever it was entered into the record as !art o# a com!laint (y a candidate #or !u(lic o##ice who insisted that it is a #a(rication and hoa4 which was (ein$ widely circulated near the time o# election (y his o!!onent) This was done in an attem!t to derail his cam!ai$n and $enerate #ear in the !o!ulace (ecause he is a Catholic) There#ore des!ite this FoathJ (ein$ in the Con$ressional Becord it2s veracity is wholly unveri#ia(le) The li+eliness o# it (ein$ unrelia(le and erroneous is very hi$h) There is one historical #i$ure who was connected to the .esuits whose evil wor+s are tremendously relevant today: Adam Ceishau!t who #ounded the Order o# the Bavarian Illuminati on *ay 9 st 9??E) Ae was re!ortedly a .esuit yet some sources say that he a!ostati/ed others say he #ormed the Bavarian Illuminati under orders o# his su!eriors) Because in#ormation re$ardin$ Ceishau!t is readily availa(le in numerous other sources o# cons!iracy literature I shall not cover him in this (oo+) Aowever I wish to em!hasi/e that due to there (ein$ a tremendous #ocus on Ceishau!t and the Bavarian Illuminati I #ear that its overall role and in#luence in historical cons!iratorial matters is resoundin$ly overstated) There are #ar more numerous more dominant more in#luential and more wides!read or$ani/ations a(oundin$ in this world which are touched u!on in 3art 5 o# this (oo+) Ceishau!t and his Bavarian Illuminati are merely a dro! in the *ystery Ba(ylon (uc+et) All in all thou$h the e4ternal Boman Catholic Church :that the mem(ers and the rest o# the world witness each and every day; #unctions not unli+e a decoy an attention diversion) It is a terri#ically $arish veneer amon$ the divisions o# *ystery Ba(ylon) There are !lenty o# credi(le (oo+s and resources one can locate with e4tensive historical accounts o# the !a$an roots and atrocities committed (y the Catholic Church and its cler$y over the centuries :not to mention the !edo!hilia scandals that (e$an sur#acin$ in the [email protected] later to e4!lode in num(er #rom =669 on resultin$ in numerous lawsuits all settled out o# court>;) As covered in the ne4t section: where there2s smo+e there2s mirrors < meanin$ that whenever rumors and whis!erin$s :i)e) smo+e; are sur#acin$ a(out hidden evil deeds :i)e) #ire; a concentrated or$ani/ed cons!iratorial e##ort is made to de#lect disru!t discredit and dismiss :i)e) mirrors; any


CORR8PTION OF E&RLY CHRISTI&NITY e##orts to ascertain and investi$ate into the matter) %vidence is !ur!osely lost contaminated or made FirrelevantIJ whistle(lowers are silenced discredited or their testimonies are attac+edI and concerned citi/ens are !lacated)

P ilo%o+ ic0 Gno%tic !nd *4%tic In"iltr!tion o" t e E!rl4 C ri%ti!n C urc
The !rimary #orces which (rou$ht a(out the a!ostasy o# the ancient Church and the rise o# the Boman Catholic Church were the in#iltration and overridin$ in#luence o# initiates o# a variety o# mystery school $rou!s !rimarily the *ystics the Gnostics and the Gree+ 3hiloso!hers) The leaders o# the ancient Church strenuously tried to +ee! heresies that were (ein$ introduced (y such wolves,in,shee!2s,clothin$ #rom corru!tin$ sound doctrine and (ein$ ada!ted (y the $eneral mem(ershi!) As one reads 3aul2s e!istles in the New Testament addressed to the various church (odies and leaders one can $et a sense o# his e4as!eration in +ee!in$ such #alse doctrines #rom cree!in$ in and ta+in$ hold) Aowever (y the #ourth century the situation was !retty much ho!eless) The a!ostles were dead :with the e4ce!tion o# .ohn the Beloved; and none were ordained in their !lace) The other leaders were disa$reein$ amon$st themselves and eventually local (isho!s were reco$ni/ed as authoritative to s!ea+ #or and act in (ehal# o# the remainin$ or$ani/ation) *any o# the $i#ts o# the S!irit had (een removed #rom the earth) It was in this condition that the Council o# Nicaea in 5=> AD commenced:
FThe "irst Council o# Nicaea was a council o# Christian (isho!s convened in Nicaea in Bithynia :!resent,day ]/ni+ in Tur+ey; (y the Boman %m!eror Constantine I in AD 5=>) This #irst ecumenical council was the #irst e##ort to attain consensus in the church throu$h an assem(ly re!resentin$ all o# Christendom) FIts main accom!lishments were settlement o# the Christolo$ical issue o# the nature o# .esus and his relationshi! to God the "ather the construction o# the #irst !art o# the Creed o# Nicaea settlin$ the calculation o# the date o# %aster and !romul$ation o# early canon law) FThe "irst Council o# Nicaea is the #irst ecumenical council o# the catholic Church) *ost si$ni#icantly it resulted in the #irst e4tra,(i(lical uni#orm Christian doctrine called the Creed o# Nicaea) Cith the creation o# the creed a !recedent was esta(lished #or su(se0uent local and re$ional councils o# Bisho!s :Synods; to create statements o# (elie# and canons o# doctrinal orthodo4yP the intent (ein$ to de#ine unity o# (elie#s #or the whole o# Christendom)


FThe council did not create the doctrine o# the deity o# Christ :as is sometimes claimed; (ut it did settle to some de$ree the de(ate within the %arly Christian communities re$ardin$ the divinity o# Christ) This idea o# the divinity o# Christ alon$ with the idea o# Christ as a messen$er #rom God :The "ather; had lon$ e4isted in various !arts o# the Boman em!ire) The divinity o# Christ had also (een widely endorsed (y the Christian community in the otherwise !a$an city o# Bome)J E

Becall what the 1ord communicated to .ose!h Smith durin$ the "irst Vision :em!hasis added;:
FI was answered that I must Noin none o# them #or they were all wron$))) all their creeds were an a(omination in his si$ht I that those !ro#essors were all corru!tI that: Fthey draw near to me with their li!s (ut their hearts are #ar #rom me they teach #or doctrines the commandments o# men havin$ a #orm o# $odliness (ut they deny the !ower thereo#)JJ ?

St7 &ugu%tine !nd t e End o" t e &ncient C urc o" C ri%t
One o# the $reatest resources availa(le that $ives a thorou$h and concise historical syno!sis o# the erosion o# the ancient Church which Christ and the ori$inal a!ostles #ounded is contained in the wor+s o# Au$h Ni(ley < s!eci#ically his (oo+ The Corld and the 3ro!hets and his collection o# radio lectures $iven in the early 98>62s titled Time Vindicates the 3ro!hets) In one !articular cha!ter o# The Corld and the 3ro!hets Ni(ley #ocuses on St) Au$ustine and his si$ni#icant role in creatin$ a #ormal do$ma that melds to$ether the teachin$s o# Christ with the !a$an (elie#s and e4oteric s!iritual ar$uments o# the Gree+ schools) The #ollowin$ are se$ments o# this cha!ter :em!hasis added;:
FCatholic and 3rotestant authorities vie in !roclaimin$ their incalcula(le de(t to St) Au$ustine the man Mwho laid the #oundation o# Cestern cultureM :See(er$; Mwho stands (etween the ancient world and the *iddle A$es as the #irst $reat constructive thin+er o# the Cestern Church and the #ather o# medieval CatholicismM :Ba(y; Mdominatin$ li+e a !yramid anti0uity and succeedin$ a$esPamon$ theolo$ians he is undenia(ly the #irst and such has (een his in#luence that none o# the "athers Scholastics or Be#ormers has sur!assed itM :Scha##; Mthe $reatest doctor o# the ChurchM :1ot; Mthe true creator o# Cestern theolo$yM :Gra(mann; Min whom in a very real sense))) medieval thou$ht (e$ins and endsM :Coulton;) MAis !hiloso!hic,historical wor+ remains one o# the most im!osin$ creations o# all timeI it !osits a ca!acity and ori$inality o# mind which none other !ossessed either in his own day or #or a thousand years a#ter M wrote %duard Norden)


F"ar (e it #rom us to !ass Nud$ment on such a man or his wor+s: we shall consider not how St) Au$ustine ac0uitted himsel# in his $reat tas+ (ut only what that tas+ was) "rom what we have already 0uoted it would seem that St) Au$ustine2s $reat si$ni#icance lies in the #inal #i4in$ o# a new orientation #or the Church) MIt was to him more than to any other sin$le man M says *cGi##ert Mthat the s!irit o# classical anti0uity $ave way to the s!irit o# the *iddle A$es)M FMThe Christian theolo$y and !hiloso!hy o# the *iddle A$es M accordin$ to Gra(mann !erha!s the #oremost authority on that su(Nect Mis in #orm and content almost e4clusively Au$ustinian until late in the 95th century M and even then Mthe world,historical achievement o# St) Thomas was the synthesis o# Au$ustine and Aristotle)M F"or the medievalist Coulton Au$ustine is Mthe man who closes ancient thou$ht and (e$ins medieval thou$ht)M FMIt is he M writes "erdinand 1ot Mwho set the Church irresisti(ly on the course which she has #ollowed to the modern era)M FM&!on Au$ustine 3etrarch and the $reat masters o# the Benascence GsicH #ormed themselves M says Aarnac+ Mand without him G*artinH 1uther is not to (e understood) FAu$ustine the #ounder o# Boman Catholicism is at the same time the only "ather o# the Church #rom whom 1uther received any e##ective teachin$ or whom the humanists honoured as a hero)M F*any have called St) Au$ustine the #irst man o# the modern worldI the historian Troeltsch calls him the last man o# the ancient) A!!arently Au$ustine is to (e res!ected (e#ore all thin$s as that rarest o# all humans a #ounder and creator) Gra(mann says he was Mthe true creator o# the theolo$y o# the Cest Nust as [email protected] was the #ounder o# the s!eculative theolo$y o# the Orient)M FTroeltsch also descri(es Au$ustine as continuin$ the wor+ that Clement o# Ale4andria and Ori$en had underta+en two centuries (e#ore) FThe names o# Ori$en and Au$ustine are o#ten lin+ed to$ether and with $ood reason) "or each devoted his li#e to the same !roNect namely the wor+in$ out o# a Christian theolo$y which he !ersonally could acce!t) Ce have already tal+ed a(out Ori$en2s alle$iance to the schools Go# !hiloso!hyH and how it conditioned and ins!ired his whole e##ort to develo! a theolo$y that would (e intellectually res!ecta(le ) St) Au$ustine was i# anythin$ even more a child o# the schools than Ori$en who was a #ar more austere and inde!endent character) "or twenty years Au$ustine a(solutely re#used to acce!t the Christianity learned at his mother2s +nee however !ower#ul his sentimental attachments to it (ecause as he e4!lains at $reat len$th in the Con#essions it sim!ly could not stand u! to the ar$uments o# the schoolmen) Ae tells us how in his youth a#ter


readin$ Cicero he would lau$h at the !ro!hets and how #rom the very #irst the !a$an schools had tau$ht him to a(hor any su$$estion that God mi$ht have a (odyPit was instruction li+e that he says that convinced him that the Christians could not !ossi(ly (e ri$ht) FAnd this is the si$ni#icant !oint: Au$ustine never chan$ed the ideas and attitudes he ac0uired in the schools) Ae did not turn away #rom them (ac+ to ChristianityI rather e 3uilt t e) "ir)l4 !nd "in!ll4 into t e %tructure o" C ri%ti!nit4 3e"ore e 2ould !cce+t it ) Ae never came around to acce!tin$ on the one hand the naive (elie#s with which he char$ed the Christians nor on the other hand did he ever swerve in his alle$iance to the 3latonists) Accordin$ to 3ro#essor Gra(mann the whole e4!lanation o# Au$ustine2s Mtremendous in#luence on the scholasticism and mysticism o# the *iddle A$esM lay in the sin$le #act o# his (ein$ Mthe $reatest Christian Neo!latonist M whose li#e2s wor+ was Mthe christiani/in$ o# Neo!latonism)M FAu$ustine has descri(ed as #ew others could the tension and a$ony o# a twenty,year deadloc+ Ma stru$$le within his (reast M Gra(mann calls it (etween the teachin$s o# the schools and the teachin$s o# the Christians) In the end somethin$ had to $ive wayPand it was the church ) It was Au$ustine in 1ot2s words who Mset the Church irresisti(ly on the courseM which she was to #ollow #or the #uture: it was not the Church that drew Au$ustine into her or(it) Or rather let us say this is the classic !ro(lem o# three (odies in which the or(it o# each alters and is altered (y each and (oth o# the others) Au$ustine as our e4!erts have declared (rou$ht #orth a new Christian theolo$y when he solved the !ro(lem o# which should !revail the !ro!hets or the !hiloso!hers (y de#errin$ to (othPunitin$ them into a new and wonder#ul synthesis which has (een the o(Nect o# endless scholarly !ane$yrics Gi)e) #ormal or ela(orate !raiseH) MAu$ustine M wrote Beinhold See(er$ Mlaid the #oundation o# Cestern culture when he #used Anti0ue civili/ation and Christianity to$ether once #or all in a sin$le mi$hty mold)M FBeit/enstein declares that Au$ustine2s li#e,wor+ was Mthe !ro$ram o# a reconciliation o# Anti0ue civili/ation and Christianity whose synthesis still determines our culture)M FThis #usion o# the classical and Christian herita$es was the culmination o# a lon$ !rocess) MAll the Christian writers #rom .ustin to Gre$ory o# Na/ian/us and #rom *inucius "eli4 to .erome used the classics to e4!lain to enrich and to de#end Christianity M wrote "ather Com(^s in his valua(le study o# Au$ustine2s education and this #usion o# classic and Christian Mattained its !er#ection in the wor+ o# St) Au$ustine)M FNote that the trend (e$ins with .ustin and *inucius "eli4 Christian converts who had (een thorou$hly indoctrinated (y the schools (e#ore ever Noinin$ the Church and 2 o re)!ined "iercel4 !nd un% !/!3l4 lo4!l to t e %c ool% to t e end o" t eir li5e% re$ardin$ themselves as the real or esoteric Christians and !ooh,!oohin$ the others as an


uneducated and uncritical ra((le) G%d) note: Could there (e any dou(t today that worldly,re$arded men such as these who in#iltrated the ancient Christian church and !erverted the Gos!el with the e4oteric teachin$s o# the Gree+ mystery schools were !recisely the +inds o# wolves in shee!2s clothin$ that the Church leaders o# the time were stru$$lin$ a$ainstKH Ce have noted already how these men thou$ht their #ine heathen educations would (e a $reat (oon to the Church) This is the $rou! to which Au$ustine (elon$sI "ather %$$ersdor#er has shown how he remained u! to the end o# his li#e com!letely a child o# the schools)
FAu$ustine himsel# calls the ado!tion o# !a$an education Ms!oilin$ the %$y!tians M and in his #amous de doctrina Christiana written at the end o# his li#e he !resents his !ro$ram #or sendin$ the Church to school with the rhetoricians and !hiloso!hers) In ma+in$ his !er#ect #usion o# Christian and classic +nowled$e to !roduce a doctrinal system which he and his intellectual #riends could acce!t Au$ustine to 0uote Com(^s Muses the ancient theodicy meta!hysics morality and !olitics)))) Ae o#ten seems to re!roach himsel# #or doin$ this to (e sureI (ut the !rotests o# his heart are silenced (e#ore the im!laca(le dictates o# his intellect ) It is his desire to endow the Church with a doctrine so solidly constructed that she will never a$ain have anythin$ to #ear #rom her enemies)M FThat is a remar+a(ly revealin$ statement which deserves some e4amination) "rom the #irst 0uotation o# Com(^s we learned that the idea o# reconcilin$ Christian with !a$an ideas was one that had (een current amon$ the intellectuals o# the Church #or a lon$ timePit was anythin$ (ut the (lindin$ #lash o# ins!iration that some would ma+e it out to (e: it was in #act a cree!in$ sic+ness in the Church ) T e ide! o" ! %u+erB %4nt e%i% !d 3eco)e !n o3%e%%ion in t e %c ool% where wor+ on encyclo!edic summas o# all +nowled$e had lon$ since (rou$ht all ori$inal research to a com!lete halt) In his !re,Christian days Au$ustine had dis!layed a !assion #or this +ind o# activity and it never le#t him) Ne4t we learn #rom Com(^s that Au$ustine was not at all ha!!y a(out what he was doin$ to the Church: MAe o#ten seems to re!roach himsel# #or this)M Chy should he re!roach himsel# unless he +new there was somethin$ #undamentally wron$ a(out his !ro$ramK *onsi$nor Duchesne o!ens the third volume o# his %arly Aistory o# the Christian Church with the remar+: MIn unitin$ itsel# closely to the State the Church under Theodosius was not ma+in$ a $ood match: it was weddin$ a sic+ man soon to (ecome a dyin$ one)M FCe mi$ht !ara!hrase the sentence to read: MIn unitin$ itsel# closely to the learnin$ o# the state schools the Church under Au$ustine was not ma+in$ a $ood match: it was weddin$ a sic+ man soon to (ecome a dyin$ one)M The two Mweddin$sM are actually !hases o# the same movement #or Theodosius2 wor+ o# consolidation and Au$ustine2s were $oin$ on at e4actly the same time) Classical learnin$ was a very sic+ man in Au$ustine2s day and he +new it) *any authorities have remar+ed how the saint constantly denounces the arts o# the schools while constantly

[email protected]

!racticin$ them) FThis #atal inconsistency has (een immortali/ed in the story o# St) .erome St) Au$ustine2s $reat contem!orary :they died (ut ten years a!art; who in a dream 2!% c !%ti%ed 34 !n !ngel with the aw#ul accusation CYou !re not ! C ri%ti!n0 3ut ! Ciceroni!nDC And a#ter he awo+e .erome went ri$ht on (ein$ a $ood Ciceronian as did Au$ustine to the end o# his days) In a recent study *arrou has shown Au$ustine2s own education to (e that o# a decadent a$e and has !ointed out that the only chan$e St) Au$ustine made in introducin$ !a$an education into the church o##icially was to ma+e the courses even more sim!le su!er#icial and streamlined than they had (een thus contri(utin$ to Mthat lowerin$ o# the $eneral level o# civili/ation which already all around Au$ustine announces the comin$ a$e o# the (ar(arians)M FCell mi$ht Au$ustine re!roach himsel# #or what he was doin$I (ut he had no choice: MThe !rotests o# his heart are silenced (e#ore the im!laca(le dictates o# his intellect)M Chat are the im!laca(le dictates that thus override desireK Com(^s continues Mto endow the Church with a doctrine so solidly constructed that she will never a$ain have anythin$ to #ear #rom her enemies)M Never a$ainK To (e sure: in the !ast the !hiloso!hers could !ic+ Christian doctrine to !iecesPthey could show you in (lac+ and white that God could never have a son or that since he was Mthe totally other M nothin$ could !ossi(ly (e in his ima$e etc) As 3eter remar+s in the Clementine Beco$nitions Simon *a$us could always $ive him a (ad time and usually win the ar$umentP(ut that didn2t worry him ) T e !ncient %!int% 2ere not i)+re%%ed 34 t e +o)+ou% %c ool)en0 3ec!u%e t e4 !d t eir te%ti)onie%7 It was (ecause revelation had ceased that Au$ustine was driven to come to an understandin$ with the !hiloso!hers who were now #eared and res!ected as !ossessin$ the only availa(le +ey to +nowled$e) Chence this new attitude yieldin$ to Mthe im!laca(le dictates o# the intellectMK FThe world o# St) Au$ustine2s day was willin$ enou$h to (ecome Christian since the em!eror2s a!!roval and com!ulsion had made such a course (oth sa#e and !o!ular) But the new Christian world community was not willin$ to #ul#ill the conditions necessary to receivin$ revelationPnot (y a lon$ shot) Ce can (est descri(e the situation (y another 0uotation #rom *onsi$nor Duchesne: M1on$ distances se!arated them Gthe Christians o# St) Au$ustine2s timeH #rom the s!iritual enthusiasm o# the early Church)))) Now everyone was Christian or nearly everyoneI and this im!lied that the !ro#ession involved (ut little sacri#ice)))) The mass o# the community was Christian in the only way in which the mass could (e su!er#icially and in nameI the water o# (a!tism had touched it (ut the s!irit o# the Gos!el had not !enetrated its heart) &!on their entry into the Church the #aith#ul invaria(ly renounced the !om!s o# SatanI (ut neither the theatres nor the $ames were deserted: it was a su(Nect on which !reachers uttered their most elo0uent !rotests and all to no !ur!ose GAu$ustine himsel# has much to say on this themeH)))) Cas it really the Church which was


overcomin$ the worldK Cas it not rather the world which was overcomin$ the ChurchKM
FChoever was winnin$ in Au$ustine2s day the !eo!le o# t e c urc no longer !d te%ti)onie% : #rom now on they insisted that the $os!el (e !roved to them (y intellectual ar$uments and clever demonstrations ) Au$ustine himsel# says he wanted to (e as sure o# its truth as he was sure that #our and three ma+e sevenI li+e Ori$en he wanted to !ut the doctrine o# the Church on an intellectual (asis which was the nearest thin$ to certainty that he could ever $et) Ae was says Arnold 1unn the well, +nown %n$lish Catholic Mthe #irst o# the "athers to realise #ully the necessity #or a rational #oundation o# the #aith)M FAnd 3ro#essor Gra(mann reminds us that in his theolo$ical e4!lorations Au$ustine Mhad almost no !redecessors and #or the most !art was the very #irst man to e4!erience the intellectual di##iculties o# these 0uestions)M F"or #our hundred years durin$ which the !hiloso!hers constantly made #un o# them the Christians had #ailed to reali/e that their #aith should (e #ounded on reason and s!ea+ the lan$ua$e o# !hiloso!hyO Chence this astoundin$ oversi$htK Chy must Au$ustine (e the #irst to see the li$htK O(viously as we have o#ten !ointed out on other evidence the early Christians had a revealed #aith and were not interested in thin$s reasoned out (y man) FAu$ustine wanted to endow the church with a solidly constructed doctrine says "ather Com(^s) Aadn2t Christ and the A!ostles already done thatK It was certainly not their intention to wor+ out a system that would !lease the schoolmen) .ust (e#ore he was !ut to death the 1ord told his disci!les not to (e a#raid (ecause he had overcome the world) That was as #ar as the ancient saints would $o: they made no attem!t to win !o!ularity with those who would not acce!t the $os!el as it stood ) The A!ostles were instructed when the !eo!le would not acce!t their teachin$s sim!ly to de!art and $o to othersP not to chan$e those teachin$s under any circumstances into somethin$ the world would acce!t) But that is !recisely what St) Au$ustine did) Ae and not the 1ord or the A!ostles is in Gra(mann2s words Mthe true creator o# the theolo$y o# the Cest)M FChat a comedown #rom the days o# revelationO 1et us summari/e what "ather Com(^s has told us: :9; Au$ustine #ound the Church without a solid doctrinal #oundationI :=; he too+ it u!on himsel# to steady the ar+P(ut who $ave him the necessary +nowled$e or authority to do itK Chere did he $o #or his in#ormationK Com(^s tells us that :5; he went to the !a$an schoolsPhe too+ their theodicy meta!hysics moral teachin$s and !olitics and wor+ed them into his system) Is that the !ro!er source #or Christian doctrineK :7; That 0uestion worried Au$ustine too (ut :>; he had to $o ahead with his !roNect (ecause the times re0uired it ur$ently) And what was the world clamorin$ #orK A theolo$y that would a!!eal on rational $rounds alone to a Christian world which was as Duchesne !uts it


Christian in name only and which had #or$otten the meanin$ o# a testimony) FThe weddin$ o# the sic+ly !hiloso!hy o# the #ourth century to Christian doctrine could ta+e !lace only a#ter Christianity had (een once #or all de#initely divorced #rom the $i#t o# !ro!hecy and revelation) St) Au$ustine #ully deserves his title o# the man who chan$ed the whole course o# world history and o# church history) Ae #ound himsel# in an intolera(le situation and he made the (est o# it) It is the situation not the man that teaches us what hard necessity and #ate#ul decisions #aced the Church once the $i#ts o# revelation and !ro!hecy were withdrawn)J

As can (e witnessed a#ter the transition which St) Au$ustine #inali/ed the !ractices rites and manner o# worshi! o# the Catholic church chan$ed in ways that astonishin$ly !arallel characteristics o# other reli$ions whose roots lie in the ancient mystery schools) Celi(ate mon+s in dra(,colored ro(es with shaved heads and !rayer (eads chantin$ set !rayers and incantations < all startlin$ly har+ens to near, identical as!ects o# the !ractices o# Chinese Buddhism) In #act when Catholicism #irst made its way into the Orient re!resentatives were e4tremely startled to witness these similarities and wrote letters (ac+ home e4!ressin$ their dismay) Chile the trinity o# "ather Son and Aoly Ghost is still !resent the introduction o# *ariolotry :i)e) the veneration o# *ary; !roduced an e4oteric sym(ol o# deity or dei#ic conce!t < thus creatin$ a Catholici/ed version o# the Ba-Osiris < Isis < Aorus relationshi!) The twelve a!ostles and various other Bi(lical identities (ecame dei#ied and constitute a Catholic e0uivalent o# a !antheon o# immortals not unli+e the 0ualities and attri(utes o# those o# ancient %$y!t Greece and Bome < to which mere mortals can directly o##er !rayers :instead addressin$ the "ather in the name o# .esus Christ; usually #or s!eci#ic needs or !ur!oses) The term saint went #rom re#errin$ to a mortal #ollower o# Christ :the e0uivalent o# the de#inition o# a Christian today; to a !innacle title o# im!ecca(le status < sainthood < a!!lied only to those who lived a li#e honora(le and e4em!lary enou$h havin$ met a s!eci#ic criteria and who are now deceased) All (ut a hand#ul o# the (illions o# mortals that have $raced this !lanet could ever ho!e or dream o# achievin$ such lo#tiness) Is it not unli+e the elite dream o# achievin$ immortality and surmountin$ the Grecian *ount Olym!usK Chile the term !ur$atory is nowhere to (e #ound in the Bi(le its !ostulated li+eness is uncannily reminiscent o# the Grecian conce!t o# Aades) The more one loo+s the more it (ecomes a!!arent that Boman


CORR8PTION OF E&RLY CHRISTI&NITY Catholicism is not much more than an e4oteric shell o# reli$iosity < in the same vein as those e4oteric shells o# ancient %$y!t Greece and Bome < which hides an esoteric core o# initiates and secret doctrines dee! within) %4ce!t in this case the shell utili/es Christ Ais mother Ais a!ostles Ais atonement Ais $ood wor+s as well as twistin$ Ais sacred words to mas+ the 1uci#erian doctrines dee!ly concealed within) Is it any wonder then that the an$el s!ea+in$ to Ne!hi la(els it the Fmost a(omina(le a(ove all other churchesJ within the multi,tentacled monstrosity o# The Church o# the Devil which holds the entire world in its clutchesK

L(S C urc O""ice :uilding Contr!%ted To T e 9!tic!n
Anyone is welcome to travel to Salt 1a+e City &tah and visit the Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints2 head0uarters < located adNacent to the tem!le) It is a si/a(le #unctional structure that is com!aratively minimalistic es!ecially ta+in$ into account the head0uarters o# other world,wide reli$ions) There is nothin$ terri(ly e4trava$ant a(out this location and the #unctions that ta+e !lace within it are similar to any other +ind o# o##ice,(ased or$ani/ational mana$ement)8 In [email protected] I was em!loyed at the church o##ice (uildin$ as an In#ormation Technolo$y contractor) *y o##ice was on the 98 th #loor o# the (uildin$) As a com!uter s!ecialist it was my No( to visit everywhere within the (uildin$ in re!airin$ or de!loyin$ com!uters and com!onents) I can !ersonally attest to the modesty and sim!licity o# the decor and adornment throu$hout the entire (uildin$) I was considera(ly sur!rised to #ind that the walls car!etin$ decorations #ramed !ictures and Nust a(out anythin$ (oth #unctional and ornamental within the (uildin$ were no (etter in 0uality nor aesthetics than that which is #ound in any avera$e 1DS meetin$ house anywhere in the &nited States or throu$hout the world #or that matter) It was 0uite modest (oth in decor and e0ui!ment in com!arison to what I2ve witnessed within the halls o# several lar$e com!anies I wor+ed #or over the years) The lo((y is !ossi(ly the most ela(orate !art o# the (uildin$ and yet it is also modest in com!arison to the head0uarters o# other worldwide or$ani/ations) Truly i# anyone were to view !hotos o# anywhere inside o# the 1DS Church2s head0uarters without (ein$ told what they were loo+in$ at they2d li+ely conclude that it was an avera$e o##ice (uildin$) Only the 1DS Church2s holy tem!les are lavishly and ornately decorated) Com!are that to the Vatican:


FVatican City or Vatican City State is a landloc+ed soverei$n city,state whose territory consists o# a walled enclave within the city o# Bome Italy) It has an area o# a!!ro4imately 77 hectares :996 acres; and a !o!ulation o# Nust over @66) This ma+es Vatican City the smallest inde!endent state in the world (y (oth area and !o!ulation) FVatican City is an ecclesiastical or sacerdotal,monarchical state ruled (y the Bisho! o# BomePthe 3o!e) The hi$hest state #unctionaries are all Catholic cler$ymen o# various national ori$ins) It is the soverei$n territory o# the Aoly See :Sancta Sedes; and the location o# the 3o!e2s residence re#erred to as the A!ostolic 3alace) FThe 3o!es have $enerally resided in the area))) since the return #rom Avi$non in 95?? (ut have also at times resided in the Duirinal 3alace in Bome and elsewhere) 3reviously they resided in the 1ateran 3alace on the Caelian Aill on the #ar side o# Bome #rom the Vatican) %m!eror Constantine $ave this site to 3o!e *iltiades in 595) The si$nin$ o# the a$reements that esta(lished the new state too+ !lace in the latter (uildin$ $ivin$ rise to the name o# 1ateran 3acts (y which they are +nown)J 96

Consider #or a moment: the Vatican is not only its own city it is its own soverei$n $overnment) It ma+es its own laws has its own security #orce :the Vatican $uard; and it is surrounded (y a massive wall) It is 0uite !ossi(ly the lar$est most richly ornate and e4trava$antly decorated !lace on earth < even its street drains are astonishin$ly #ancy) Chat ou$ht to (e even more alarmin$ is that its decorations :es!ecially its statuary; not only stron$ly har+en (ac+ to those #ound amon$ the ruins o# ancient Greece and Bome (ut also contain some hi$hly !a$an elements) .ust two small e4am!les o# such include ima$es o# a s!hin4 and ser!ents) 99 Additionally on the $rounds outside the Vatican *useum there is an im!osin$ !iece o# art: a lar$e shiny $old,colored or( which is crac+ed o!en in some !arts and within it is another shiny $old,colored or( :also crac+ed o!en and e4!osed down the middle; (e$innin$ to !rotrude out o# it) Althou$h e4!ertly cra#ted it is not a terri(ly !leasant,loo+in$ structure) De!endin$ u!on one2s !ers!ective it could a!!ear to (e a very #ore(odin$ eye) It could re!resent a hidden world concealed within an outward shell :a !hysical re!resentation o# the esoteric concealed (ehind the e4oteric;) It could also si$ni#y an inner,world (ein$ (orn out o# an outer world) I# there2s anythin$ I2ve learned in my research over the !ast si4 years it is this: in *ystery Ba(ylon there is no such thin$ as meanin$less art < there is always very s!eci#ic hidden meanin$ (ehind everythin$ which is clearly understood (y some level o# initiates) Be$ardless o# how anyone else inter!rets its sym(olism e4oterically there is undou(tedly an esoteric inner meanin$ to this distur(in$ $olden $lo(e artistic !iece)



:ruce R7 *cCon/ie !nd T e *or)on (octrine S!g!
FChen the time comes that you are called in and re(u+ed #or somethin$ that you did that was ri$ht and !ro!er you stand and ta+e it you o##er no e4cuses Nust ta+e it)J < Bruce B) *cCon+ieI advice to his son .ose!h "ieldin$ *cCon+ie

%ven i# they don2t own a co!y o# it most 1atter,Day Saints are #amiliar with a he#ty volume called *ormon Doctrine (y Bruce B) *cCon+ie who was a mem(er o# the "irst Duorum o# the Seventy when he wrote and !u(lished it) It is truly a s!ectacular and e4tensive resource outlinin$ how the doctrine o# the Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints a!!lies on a to!ic,(y,to!ic (asis) Interestin$ enou$h thou$h when it was #irst !u(lished in 98>@ it $arnered a $reat deal o# controversy and was su(se0uently !ulled #rom shelves in early 98E6) 1ater a revised edition was !u(lished and released several years later) A $reat deal o# s!eculation went on as to why that occurred < #or a volume with a title o# *ormon Doctrine is no small matter) In Decem(er o# =665 Bruce B) *cCon+ie2s son .ose!h "ieldin$ *cCon+ie !u(lished a (io$ra!hical recollection o# his #ather called The Bruce B) *cCon+ie Story: Be#lections o# a Son ) An entire cha!ter called The *ormon Doctrine Sa$a is dedicated to tellin$ the story o# what ha!!ened with the (oo+2s #irst !u(lication why it was !ulled and what was chan$ed u!on its re,release) The #ollowin$ re!resents relevant se$ments o# this cha!ter9= :em!hasis added;:
=ue%tion: Chat was all the #la! and #uss a(out *ormon Doctrine anywayK Re%+on%e: The #irst edition o# *ormon Doctrine released in 98>@ caused somethin$ o# a stir (y directly identi#yin$ Boman Catholicism as the M$reat and a(omina(le churchM s!o+en o# (y Ne!hi in the Boo+ o# *ormon) The authoritative tone o# the (oo+ was also a concern with the 0uestion (ein$ as+ed MChat ri$ht does Bruce *cCon+ie have to s!ea+ #or the ChurchKM The (oo+ came in #or some criticism (ecause o# the stron$ lan$ua$e in which it denounced mar$inal !ractices amon$ 1atter,day Saints such as card $ames in which #ace cards were used G%d) note: there2s a $ood deal o# mystic and occult sym(olo$y within the suits and #ace,card ima$es o# traditional !o+er dec+sH and #amily reunions that were held on the Sa((ath) =ue%tion: Is it true that 3resident David O) *c'ay (anned the (oo+K Re%+on%e: In .anuary 98E6 3resident *c'ay as+ed %lder *cCon+ie not


to have the (oo+ re!rinted) =ue%tion: Aow is it then that the (oo+ was reissuedK Re%+on%e: On .uly > 98EE 3resident *c'ay invited %lder *cCon+ie into his o##ice and $ave a!!roval #or the (oo+ to (e re!rinted i# a!!ro!riate chan$es were made and a!!roved) %lder S!encer C) 'im(all was assi$ned to (e %lder *cCon+ie2s mentor in ma+in$ those chan$es)))) =ue%tion: Aow do you +now 3resident *c'ay directed your #ather to re!rint *ormon DoctrineK Re%+on%e: *y #ather told me that 3resident *c'ay had so directed him) In addition to that I am in !ossession o# handwritten !a!ers (y my #ather a##irmin$ that direction) =ue%tion: Did the #irst edition o# *ormon Doctrine cause em(arrassment to 3resident *c'ayK Re%+on%e: Yes) The Catholic (isho! in Salt 1a+e City Bisho! Aunt communicated to 3resident *c'ay his dis!leasure with the (oo+ and what it said a(out the Catholic church) =ue%tion: Chat was %lder *cCon+ie2s reaction to that criticismK Re%+on%e: Ae a$reed that what he had written did not #acilitate $ood relations with our Catholic nei$h(ors) Ae stated MIt wasn2t smart on my !art)M Ae had no reluctance in ma+in$ the chan$es he made in the second edition o# the (oo+) =ue%tion: So at least ori$inally the "irst 3residency had concerns a(out *ormon DoctrineK Re%+on%e: Yes) One o# those concerns was the title itsel#) There was some 0uestion a(out what (usiness a Seventy had declarin$ the doctrine o# the Church) G%d note: Bruce B) *cCon+ie was later called to the Duorum o# the Twelve A!ostles in 98?=)H It is interestin$ to note however that no su$$estion was ever made that the title o# the (oo+ (e chan$ed) =ue%tion: Could it (e #air to say that the "irst 3residency $ave your #ather a $ood horsewhi!!in$ #or some o# the thin$s he wrote in *ormon DoctrineK Re%+on%e: I thin+ their concern was not as much with what he had written as that he had done it without see+in$ counsel and direction #rom those who !resided over him) This was (ac+ in a day (e#ore the Brethren did much writin$ and there was no esta(lished review system #or what they did write) As to their $ivin$ him Ma $ood horse whi!!in$ M I thin+ we can (e con#ident that they were not shy in voicin$ their #eelin$s) I have (een told that when he met with the "irst 3residency my #ather was invited to (e seated (ut chose to remain standin$) I also +now that it was


his !ractice :(ecause he told me I was to do the same; when you are $ettin$ scolded you o##er no e4cuses < you Nust ta+e it) A#ter the e4!erience 3resident GAenry D)H *oyle Go# the "irst 3residencyH o(served MI2ve never seen a man in the Church in my e4!erience that too+ our criticism < and it was more than criticism < (ut he too+ it (etter than anyone I ever saw) Chen we were throu$h and Bruce le#t us I had a $reat #eelin$ o# love and a!!reciation #or a man who could ta+e it without any ali(is without any e4cuses and said he a!!reciated what we said to him)M =ue%tion: So what +inds o# thin$s were omitted #rom the second edition o# the (oo+K Re%+on%e: In a num(er o# instances the #irst edition o# *ormon Doctrine reached (eyond the stated !ur!ose o# the (oo+ < the declaration o# the doctrines o# *ormonism < to include denouncin$ various Christian heresies) %ntries included the veneration o# *ary or *ariolatry !enance transu(stantiation :the notion that in the sacrament the wa#er and wine (ecome the actual #lesh and (lood o# Christ; indul$ences and su!erero$ation which is the teachin$ that some !eo!le !er#orm more $ood wor+s than are necessary #or their salvation and thus their sur!lus can (e sold to the wic+ed) This teachin$ !rovided the (asis #or indul$ences) Because the !ur!ose o# the (oo+ was to identi#y *ormon doctrine not to catalo$ heresies in writin$ a(out these thin$s Bruce *cCon+ie had strayed #rom his !ur!ose) Aence such su(Nects were dro!!ed in the second edition)))) =ue%tion: Aow e4tensive was %lder 'im(all2s list o# thin$s that needed chan$in$K Re%+on%e: There were a(out #i#ty items that %lder 'im(all wanted %lder *cCon+ie to revisit) =ue%tion: Cere these doctrinal matters in which he di##ered with %lder *cCon+ieK Re%+on%e: No) They dealt with tone and with the wisdom o# includin$ !articular thin$s) =ue%tion: Aow did %lder *cCon+ie #eel a(out the su$$estions made (y %lder 'im(allK Re%+on%e: Ae was very a!!reciative) %lder 'im(all was a wise mentor who tau$ht him the di##erence (etween (ein$ ri$ht and (ein$ a!!ro!riate) The #act that somethin$ is true does not necessarily mean one ou$ht to say it)))) =ue%tion: It has (een su$$ested that the treatment o# the Catholic church may not have (een the !rimary source o# the criticism directed at *ormon Doctrine (ut rather that the standard %lder *cCon+ie held out


#or the mem(ers o# the Church caused some to s0uirm) Is that the caseK Re%+on%e: I thin+ so) It is hard to ima$ine that a lot o# Catholics in Salt 1a+e City were (uyin$ a (oo+ entitled *ormon Doctrine and then ta+in$ o##ense at it) The 3rotestants had (een sayin$ worse thin$s a(out them #or #our hundred years and it was #or the Catholics li+e water o## a duc+2s (ac+) At the same time mar$inal !ractices amon$ mem(ers o# the Church were addressed stron$ly (y %lder *cCon+ie in the #irst edition o# *ormon Doctrine) "or instance (irth control was descri(ed as M$ross wic+ednessM and Mre(ellion a$ainst God)M Card !layin$ was called Ma!ostasy and re(ellion)M 1i$ht s!eeches in church meetin$s were descri(ed as Mhi$hly o##ensiveM to the S!irit) %lder *cCon+ie was not very ade!t at toleratin$ the $ray area (etween ri$ht and wron$) %ven today my e4!erience su$$ests that i% uneEui5oc!l %t!nd F!g!in%t t e (!r2ini!n t eor4 o"G org!nic e5olution i% t e +ri)!r4 re!%on t e 3oo/ !% 3een critici?ed )))) GIn the #irst edition heH wrote MAow scru((y and $rovelin$ Gchan$ed in the second edition to 2wea+ and !uerile2H the intellectuality which +nowin$ that the 1ord2s !lan ta+es all #orms o# li#e #rom a !re,e4istent s!irit state throu$h mortality and on to an ultimate resurrected state o# immortality yet #inds com#ort in the theoretical !ostulates that mortal li#e (e$an in the scum o# the sea as it were and has throu$h eons o# time evolved to its !resent varieties and stateO Do those with s!iritual insi$ht really thin+ that the in#inite Creator o# worlds without num(er would o!erate in this wayKM The conclusion to this section in (oth editions is MThere is no harmony (etween the truths o# revealed reli$ion and the theories o# or$anic evolution)M))) Critics #re0uently attem!t to $ive credence to their o(Nection (y #indin$ #ault with the author or the (oo+ on any count they can)))) =ue%tion: Chat doctrinal errors were corrected (etween the #irst and second editions o# the (oo+K Re%+on%e: I do not +now o# a sin$le instance in which %lder *cCon+ie was as+ed to chan$e or chose to chan$e his doctrinal !osition) The second edition o# *ormon Doctrine is a su(stantially (etter (oo+) The tone o# the (oo+ is so#ter articles attac+in$ #alse doctrines (orn o# a!ostasy (ut not directly $ermane to *ormonism have (een dro!!ed and ei$hty !a$es o# new material have (een added) No doctrinal chan$es were made however) The essence o# each entry remains the same) The re!ort su(mitted to the "irst 3residency (y %lder S!encer C) 'im(all indicates that he chec+ed chan$es made on #i#ty,si4 !a$es all o# which he a!!roved) Ae did not indicate a sin$le instance o# doctrinal disa$reement with what was written) A$ain I +now o# no sin$le instance in which the doctrine announced in the #irst edition di##ered #rom that o# the second edition) *uch was chan$ed (y way o# tone: Thin$s were sim!ly said more


a!!ro!riately (ut the same thin$s were said)))) =ue%tion: As your #ather loo+ed (ac+ on his li#e would he have done anythin$ di##erently as #ar as *ormon Doctrine is concernedK Re%+on%e: Ae did o(serve on a num(er o# occasions that !erha!s in writin$ the (oo+ he had done too much #or its readers) M It may have (een (etter #or them M he said Mto have (een re0uired to #ind answers #or themselves)M

Today i# you were to !ic+ u! a co!y o# *ormon Doctrine and loo+ u! the su(Nects FChurch o# the DevilJ or FGreat and A(omina(le Church J you would read the #ollowin$ :em!hasis added;:
FSee A3OSTASY BABY1ON D%VI1 'INGDO* O" TA% D%VI1 S%COND CO*ING O" CABIST COB1D) FThe titles church o# the devil and $reat and a(omina(le church are used to identi#y all churches or or$ani/ations o# whatever name or nature P 2 et er +olitic!l0 + ilo%o+ ic!l0 educ!tion!l0 econo)ic %oci!l0 "r!tern!l0 ci5ic0 or religiou% P which are desi$ned to ta+e men on a course that leads away #rom God and his laws and thus #rom salvation in the +in$dom o# God) FSalvation is in Christ is revealed (y him #rom a$e to a$e and is availa(le only to those who +ee! his commandments and o(ey his ordinances) These commandments are tau$ht in and these ordinances are administered (y his Church) There is no salvation outside this one true Church the Church o# .esus Christ) There is one Christ one Church one $os!el one !lan o# salvation one set o# savin$ ordinances one $rou! o# le$al administrators MOne 1ord one #aith one (a!tism)M :%!h) 7:>; FAny church or or$ani/ation o# any +ind whatever which satis#ies the innate reli$ious lon$in$s o# man and +ee!s him #rom comin$ to the savin$ truths o# Christ and his $os!el is there#ore not o# God) FAence we #ind our 1ord sayin$ MAe that is not with me is a$ainst meI and he that $athereth not with me scattereth a(road)M :*att) 9=:56; And hence we #ind Alma invitin$ the wic+ed to re!ent and Noin the true Church o# Christ and (ecome the shee! o# the Good She!herd) MAnd now i# ye are not the shee! o# the $ood she!herd o# what #old are yeKM he as+s) MBehold I say unto you that the devil is your she!herd and ye are o# his #oldI and now who can deny thisK Behold I say unto you whosoever denieth this is a liar and a child o# the devil)M :Alma >:58I .os) Smith =:98; FIni0uitous conditions in the various (ranches o# the $reat and a(omina(le church in the last days are !ower#ully descri(ed in the Boo+ o# *ormon) := Ne) [email protected] *orm) @:[email protected] 5=,55 5E,[email protected] D) L C) 96:>E); Ne!hi saw the Mchurch which is most a(omina(le a(ove all other churchesM in vision) Ae Msaw the devil that he was the #oundation o# itMI and also the murders wealth

[email protected]

harlotry !ersecutions and evil desires that are !art o# this or$ani/ation) :9 Ne) 95:9,96); FAe saw that this church too+ away #rom the $os!el o# the 1am( many covenants and many !lain and !recious !arts I that it !erverted the ri$ht ways o# the 1ordI that it deleted )!n4 te!c ing% "ro) t e :i3le I that it was Mthe mother o# harlotsMI and #inally that the 1ord would a$ain restore the $os!el o# salvation) :9 Ne) 95:=7,7=); FSimilar visions were $iven to .ohn as recorded in the 9?th and [email protected] cha!ters o# Bevelation) Ae saw this evil church !% ! 2 ole rulin$ over !eo!les multitudes nations and ton$uesI as (ein$ #ull o# (las!hemy a(ominations #ilthiness and #ornicationI as havin$ the name M*YST%BY BABY1ON TA% GB%AT TA% *OTA%B O" AAB1OTS AND ABO*INATIONS O" TA% %ABTAMI as drun+en with the (lood o# the saintsI as revelin$ in wealth and the delicacies o# the earthI as ma+in$ merchandise o# all costly items and o# Mslaves and souls o# men)M And then .ohn as did Ne!hi saw the #all and utter destruction o# this $reat church whose #oundation is the devil)

FIn this world o# carnality and sensuousness the $reat and a(omina(le church will continue its destructive course) But there will (e an eventual #uture day when evil shall end Mand the $reat and a(omina(le church which is the whore o# all the earth shall (e cast down (y devourin$ #ire)M :D) L C) =8:=9I %/e+) [email protected] 58I 9 Ne) ==:=5I Bev) [email protected]); Be#ore that day however desolations will swee! throu$h the earth and t e 5!riou% 3r!nc e% o" t e gre!t !nd !3o)in!3le c urc C% !ll 2!r !)ong t e)%el5e% and the sword o# their own hands shall #all u!on their own heads and they shall (e drun+en with their own (lood)M :9 Ne) ==:95,97I 97:5);
FThe resurrected Christ $ave to the Ne!hites this test where(y they mi$ht distin$uish the true Church #rom any other: 9) It would (e called in his name #or Mhow (e it my church save it (e called in my nameKM he said) =) It would (e (uilt u!on his $os!el that is the eternal !lan o# salvation with all its savin$ !owers and $races would (e had in it) 5) The "ather would show #orth his wor+s in it meanin$ that miracles ri$hteousness and every $ood #ruit would a(ound in it) 7) It would not (e hewn down and cast into the #ire as must surely come to !ass with the $reat and a(omina(le church) MI# it (e not (uilt u!on my $os!el and is (uilt u!on the wor+s o# men or u!on the wor+s o# the devil verily I say unto you they have Noy in their wor+s #or a season and (y and (y the end cometh and they are hewn down and cast into the #ire #rom whence there is no return)M :5 Ne) =?:7,9=);J

*any 1DS who !onder the controversy surroundin$ the #irst !u(lication o# *ormon Doctrine ty!ically come to the conclusion that anythin$ and everythin$ havin$ to do with FThe Church o# the DevilJ is #ound within the Catholic Church and the Vatican and that the 1DS Church leaders were


CORR8PTION OF E&RLY CHRISTI&NITY !ressured into rede#inin$ this entry) Aowever as you continue readin$ this (oo+ you will (e$in to com!rehend Nust how incredi(ly accurate this revised de#inition o# The Church o# the Devil actually is) The Boman Catholic Church is only one !art o# the Great Chore o# all the earth < and 0uite #ran+ly its outer reli$ious shell is not secret enou$h nor ne#arious enou$h to the world on a lar$e,scale to (e warrant #urther e4!osure in this (oo+) Becall that the (ranches o# *ystery Ba(ylon will Fwar amon$ themselves and the sword o# their own hands shall #all u!on their own heads and they shall (e drun+en with their own (lood)J
F%very +in$dom divided a$ainst itsel# is (rou$ht to desolationI and every city or house divided a$ainst itsel# shall not standJ < .esus Christ *att) 9=:=>

&n#ortunately however their #irst tar$ets and victims will (e us: those who will not deny that .esus Christ is the one and only Savior and Bedeemer o# the world)

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Ale4andrian scholar and theolo$ian and one o# the most distin$uished writers o# the early Church)))) Ori$en e4celled in multi!le (ranches o# theolo$ical scholarshi! includin$ te4tual criticism (i(lical inter!retation !hiloso!hical theolo$y !reachin$ and s!irituality) Some o# his teachin$s however 0uic+ly (ecame controversial) Nota(ly he #re0uently re#erred to his hy!othesis o# the !re, e4istence o# souls) FAs in the (e$innin$ all intelli$ent (ein$s were united to God Ori$en also held out the !ossi(ility thou$h he did not assert so de#initively that in the end all (ein$s !erha!s even the arch,#iend Satan would (e reconciled to God in what is called the a!o+atastasis :MrestitutionM;) Ori$en2s views on the Trinity in which he saw the Son o# God as su(ordinate to God the "ather (ecame controversial durin$ the


Arian controversy o# the #ourth century common amon$ the ante,Nicene "athers) Ori$enists and who #irmly (elieved in a!o+atastasis were declared anathema century)J thou$h a su(ordinationist view was A $rou! who came to (e +nown as the !ree4istence o# souls and the Gi)e) detested loathedH in the Eth

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C ri%ti!n 9ern!cul!r E<oteric!ll4 &++lied To Luci"eri!n E%oteric Princi+le%
1i+e a ma$ni#icent conch (ein$ murdered and !ulled out o# its miraculous shell only to have a variety o# monstrous decre!it hermit cra(s slin+ dee! inside and ta+e !ermanent residence the ancient Christian Church was $utted o# its !ure and !lain #oundational truths and hence#orth used as a !ious #acade < a #orm o# ceremonial e4a$$eration in an e##ort to com!ensate #or the void le#t (y the de!arture o# the Aoly S!irit) This is the #ruit o# St) Au$ustine2s la(or) Aowever what has (ecome even more a(omina(le and (las!hemous is the as!ect o# how the #acade o# that which is FChristianJ has (ecome mallea(le and a!!lica(le #or every variation o# doctrine ima$ina(le no matter which reli$ion it is (ein$ a!!lied to) Truly every !hiloso!hy that man can devise has (ecome min$led with Bi(lical 0ui!s has selectively a!!lied the words o# .esus or has (een cleverly arran$ed to $ive an a!!earance o# $enuine Christianity) Any teachin$ that wishes to a!!ear more le$itimate will undou(tedly attem!t to use somethin$ that .esus said to ameliorate itsel#) 3erha!s worst o# all most o# the modern mystery schools assert that their version o# esoteric !a$an-1uci#erian conce!ts are in reality the dee!er meanin$s that Christ was attem!tin$ to convey to his disci!les < yet they were all :even the a!ostles; either too dull,minded to $ras! or a#ter Christ2s death they were determined to misre!resent #ar #rom what Christ intended) The most renowned o# mystery school #i$ures cham!ion the most e$re$ious and heretical alterations o# not only Bi(lical statements (ut also historical events < and they do so with such an authoritative convincin$ tone as to ma+e the reader :who has no #irm testimony and-or who is not well,versed


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I nor well understands Bi(lical events and ancient Israeli culture; ta+e !ause to wonder i# they2re on to somethin$) Ta+e a moment to consider the writin$s o# Cilliam Cal+er At+inson 9 who under the !en name Yo$i Bamachara+a wrote a (oo+ entitled *ystic Christianity or The Inner Teachin$s o# the *aster #irst !u(lished in 986?) Aere are se$ments o# Cha!ter 5 The *ystic Youth o# .esus= :italici/ed em!hasis ori$inal other em!hasis added;:
FIn our last lesson we !romised to tell you the esoteric story o# the youth o# .esus) And there is such a story to tell < althou$h the churches +now little or nothin$ a(out it) The churches have nothin$ (ut the hus+s that have always (een the !ro!erty o# the masses) The real +ernels o# truth have (een !ossessed (y (ut the #ew elect ones) The le$ends o# the mystic (rotherhoods and occult orders have !reserved the story intact < and you shall now (e $iven the essence o# the mystic le$ends and traditions)))) FIt must (e remem(ered that underlyin$ the .ewish ecclesiastical teachin$s and #ormalism < which were all that the mass o# the !eo!le +new < there was a $reat store o# .ewish occultism and *ysticism +nown to the #ew elect) The 'a(allah < or .ewish occult writin$s < were closely studied (y the learned .ewsI and this wor+ < with other similar teachin$s < were transmitted ver(ally #rom teacher to student and constituted the Secret Doctrine o# the Ae(rew reli$ion) G%d) note: recall that all o# the most esoteric teachin$s are never written down) They are tau$ht orally durin$ initiation rites and #ormali/ed teachin$ sessions)H FAnd it was toward the learned teachers o# this Secret Doctrine that .esus directed Ais mind and ste!s althou$h Ais !arents +new it not)))) FThe traditions have it that the (oy would o#ten deli$ht and astonish GvariousH travelin$ occultists with Ais wonder#ul insi$ht into their secret doctrines and +nowled$e) And it is also told that some o# the wisest o# these seein$ the nature o# the child would overstay their allotted time o# soNourn that they mi$ht add here and there to the various !arts o# $eneral occult lore !ossessed (y the child) It is also tau$ht that the *a$i in#ormed some o# these travelers re$ardin$ the (oy that they mi$ht im!art to him some truth or teachin$ #or which Ae was ready)))) FThe (eauti#ul idea o# the 3assover had de$enerated into a horri(le #east o# (lood < #or it is related that u!on these occasions over a 0uarter, million o# !oor innocent lam(s were slau$htered and o##ered u! as a sacri#ice !leasin$ to .ehovah < who was su!!osed to deli$ht in this #lood o# the (lood o# innocents) FIn !ursuance o# this (ar(arous idea the altars and courts o# the Tem!le o# the 1ivin$ God ran red with the li#e,(lood o# these !oor creatures and the hands and $arments o# the anointed !riests o# .ehovah were stained < li+e those o# (utchers < that the vanity o# a (ar(arous conce!tion o# Deity mi$ht (e #ed)


FAll this #or the MGlory o# GodOM Thin+ o# itO FAnd thin+ o# the #eelin$ that must have (een aroused in the mystic mind o# .esus at this horri(le si$ht) Aow Ais soul must have (een outra$ed at this !rostitution o# the sacred riteO FAnd what would have (een Ais thou$hts had Ae +nown that < centuries a#ter < a $reat reli$ion would stand (earin$ Ais nameI the #ollowers o# which would (e carried away with this same #alse idea o# sacri#icial (loodI which would (e voiced in hymns a(out MA #ountain #illed with (lood < #lowin$ #rom Immanuel2s veins M and a(out Msinners !lun$ed (eneath that (loody #lood < losin$ all their $uilty stainsKM FAlas #or the !rostitution o# sacred truths and teachin$s) No wonder that a !eo!le so saturated with the a(omina(le ideas o# a Deity deli$htin$ in this #low o# (lood should have a#terward !ut to death the $reatest man o# their race < a Bein$ who came to (rin$ them the hi$hest mystic and occult truths) FAnd their !rototy!es have survived throu$h the centuries < even unto today < insistin$ u!on this idea o# (lood sacri#ice and death atonementI unworthy o# any !eo!le < e4ce!t the worshi!ers o# some heathen devil, $od in the remote sections o# dar+est A#rica) FDis$usted and outra$ed (y this (ar(arous si$ht .esus the (oy stole away #rom the side o# Ais !arents and sou$ht the remote cham(ers and corridors o# the Tem!le where were to (e #ound the $reat teachers o# the 1aw and o# the 'a(allah surrounded (y their students) FAere the (oy sat and listened to the teachin$s and dis!utations o# the teachers and e4!onents o# the doctrines) "rom one $rou! to another Ae wandered and listened and !ondered and thou$ht) Ae com!ared the teachin$s and su(mitted the various ideas to the touchstone o# the truth as Ae #ound it within Ais own mind)J

This is (ut a small taste o# the +ind o# ridiculous e4tensive (las!hemous rewrite o# sacred history and events mystery school initiates (ra/enly !er!etrate) Aow astonishin$ly this +ind o# retellin$ attem!ts to mold the !ersona and teachin$s o# the 1ord and Savior .esus Christ to snu$ly #it their mystic do$ma)5 Chat At+inson com!osed comes across as hi$hly educated reasona(le authoritative even a!!ealin$ and !lausi(le < at least to those without any com!rehension o# the nature o# the 1aw o# *oses and those without a clear overall understandin$ o# the New Testament) To the undeceived 1DS and traditional Christian this +ind o# rewritin$ is as asinine as someone writin$ an ela(orate tale on how the Titanic didn2t actually sin+ < that those who had su!!osedly died were (ri(ed to chan$e their names and #or$o all ac0uaintances once on land and those who FsurvivedJ were (ri(ed to ma+e


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I u! $hastly stories o# ice(er$s #loodin$s and li#e(oats < and then !resent all this rewritin$ o# history as authoritative #act) One who is un#amiliar with the teachin$s and the cultures o# the mystery schools mi$ht (e !rone to thin+ that havin$ a 1uci#erian doctrine at the dee!est cores o# their theolo$ies they would react to any mention o# F.esusJ or FChristJ li+e a 98>62s cinematic vam!ire con#ronted with a cruci#i4) &n#ortunately however #anci#ul and convenient rewritin$s o# Bi(lical events mani!ulation o# .esus Christ2s !ersona as well as (oth Old and New Testament conce!ts are all #ar #rom uni0ue) It is actually a #undamental characteristic o# nearly all mystery schools to either advance an FesotericJ #orm o# Christianity as com!letely in harmony with their teachin$s and-or to em(race and !romote an eni$matic inter!retation o# .esus Christ as one o# the !remiere mystics that ever wal+ed the earth < one o# the $reatest o# many incarnations o# Great Teachers who ever came to enli$hten man+ind)

*4%tic C ri%ti!nit4: Ine""!3l4 Egregiou% :l!%+ e)4
A stunnin$ e4am!le o# !recisely this +ind o# authoritative,soundin$ rewritin$ o# Christ2s li#e is #ound in what is considered *anly 3) Aall2s most lauded cele(rated and circulated wor+s < the one he is most reco$ni/ed #or and which is o#ten considered to (e his ma$num o!us: The Secret Teachin$s o# All A$es) "irst !u(lished in [email protected] this e4haustive and massive tome is considered re0uired readin$ #or any worthy initiate o# the most !rominent and in#luential o# mystery schools) So what does this e4em!lary master!iece o# arcane teachin$s have to o##er us on the su(Nect o# .esus o# Na/arethK The #ollowin$ are e4cer!ts ta+en #rom Cha!ter 77 *ystic Christianity) Try to +ee! your Naw #rom han$in$ o!en as you read :em!hasis added;:
FTA% true story o# the li#e o# .esus o# Na/areth has never (een un#olded to the world either in the acce!ted Gos!els or in the A!ocry!ha althou$h a #ew stray hints may (e #ound in some o# the commentaries written (y the ante,Nicene "athers) The #acts concernin$ Ais identity and mission are amon$ the !riceless mysteries !reserved to this day in the secret vaults (eneath the MAouses o# the Brethren)M To a #ew o# the 'ni$hts Tem!lars who were initiated into the arcana o# the Druses Na/arenes %ssenes .ohannites and other sects still inha(itin$ the remote and inaccessi(le #astnesses o# the Aoly 1and !art o# the stran$e story was told) FThe +nowled$e o# the Tem!lars concernin$ the early history o# Christianity was undou(tedly one o# the main reasons #or their !ersecution and #inal annihilation G%d note: they were not annihilated they were


driven under$round and (ecame in !art the Bosicrucians and the "reemasons < and es!ecially not #or su!!osedly +nowin$ Fthe truthJ a(out early ChristianityH) The discre!ancies in the writin$s o# the early Church "athers not only are irreconcila(le (ut demonstrate (eyond 0uestion that even durin$ the #irst #ive centuries a#ter Christ these learned men had #or the (asis o# their writin$s little more su(stantial than #ol+lore and hearsay) G%d) note: in other words !retty much everythin$ written (y the early Church leaders even the canoni/ed records o# the New Testament is unsu(stantiated and unrelia(le)H))) FAccordin$ to !o!ular conce!tion .esus was cruci#ied durin$ the thirty, third year o# Ais li#e and in the third year o# Ais ministry #ollowin$ Ais (a!tism) A(out A)D) [email protected] St) Iren_us Bisho! o# 1yons one o# the most eminent o# the ante,Nicene theolo$ians wrote A$ainst Aeresies an attac+ on the doctrines o# the Gnostics) In this wor+ Iren_us declared u!on the authority o# the A!ostles themselves that .esus lived to old a$e) G%d) note: he later !resents statements im!lyin$ that Christ !ro(a(ly wasn2t even cruci#ied)H))) FI# the disci!les themselves related that .esus lived to advanced a$e in the (ody why has the mysterious num(er 55 (een ar(itrarily chosen to sym(oli/e the duration o# Ais li#eK Cere the incidents in the li#e o# .esus !ur!osely altered so that Ais actions would #it more closely into the !attern esta(lished (y the numerous Savior,Gods who !receded AimK G%d) note: !recisely the !oint I made in a !revious cha!ter that mystery school initiates consider #undamental Christianity to (e a !erversion and a !la$iarism o# their ancient reli$ion)H That these analo$ies were reco$ni/ed and used as a levera$e in convertin$ the Gree+s and Bomans is evident #rom a !erusal o# the writin$s o# .ustin *artyr another second,century authority)))) FIn an e##ort to solve some o# the !ro(lems arisin$ #rom any attem!t to chronicle accurately the li#e o# .esus it has (een su$$ested that there may have lived in Syria at that time two or more reli$ious teachers (earin$ the name .esus .ehoshua or .oshua and that t e li5e% o" t e%e )en )!4 !5e 3een con"u%ed in t e Go%+el %torie% ) In his Secret Sects o# Syria and the 1e(anon Bernard A) S!rin$ett a *asonic author 0uotes #rom an early (oo+ the name o# which he was not at li(erty to disclose (ecause o# its connection with the ritual o# a sect) The last !art o# his 0uotation is $ermane to the su(Nect at hand: FMBut .ehovah !ros!ered the seed o# the %ssenians in holiness and love #or many $enerations) Then came the chie# o# the an$els accordin$ to the commandment o# GOD to raise u! an heir to the Voice o# .ehovah) And in #our $enerations more an heir was (orn and named .oshua and he was the child o# .ose!h and *ara devout worshi!!ers o# .ehovah who stood aloo# #rom all other !eo!le save the %ssenians) And this .oshua in Na/areth reesta(lished .ehovah and restored many o# the lost rites and ceremonies) In the thirty,si4th


year o# his a$e he was stoned to death in .erusalem ` ` `M))) FCithin the last century %e5er!l 3oo/% !5e 3een +u3li% ed to %u++le)ent t e )e!ger de%cri+tion% in t e Go%+el% o" He%u% !nd Hi% )ini%tr4) In some instances these narratives claim to (e #ounded u!on early manuscri!ts recently discoveredI in others u!on direct s!iritual revelation) Some o# these writin$s are hi$hly !lausi(le while others are incredi(le) There are !ersistent rumors that .esus visited and studied in (oth Greece and India and that a coin struc+ in Ais honor in India durin$ the #irst century has (een discovered) %arly Christian records are +nown to e4ist in Ti(et and the mon+s o# a Buddhist monastery in Ceylon still !reserve a record which indicates that .esus soNourned with them and (ecame conversant with their !hiloso!hy) G%d) note: all this is 0uite an astonishin$ #eat #or someone who s!ent the whole o# his youth as a car!enter2s a!!rentice and then as a hum(le local car!enter)H FAlthou$h early Christianity shows every evidence o# Oriental in#luence this is a su(Nect the modern church declines to discuss) I# it is ever esta(lished (eyond 0uestion that He%u% 2!% !n initi!te o" t e +!g!n Gree/ or &%i!tic *4%terie% the e##ect u!on the more conservative mem(ers o# the Christian #aith is li+ely to (e cataclysmic )))) FIt is (y no means im!ro(a(le that .esus Aimsel# ori$inally !ro!ounded as alle$ories the cosmic activities which were later con#used with Ais own li#e ) That the abcdefg Christos re!resents the solar !ower reverenced (y every nation o# anti0uity cannot (e controverted) I# .esus revealed the nature and !ur!ose o# this solar !ower under the name and !ersonality o# Christos there(y $ivin$ to this a(stract !ower the attri(utes o# a $od,man He 3ut "ollo2ed ! +recedent %et 34 !ll +re5iou% -orldBTe!c er% ) This $od,man thus endowed with all the 0ualities o# Deity si$ni#ies the latent divinity in every man) *ortal man achieves dei#ication only throu$h at,one,ment with this divine Sel#) &nion with the immortal Sel# constitutes immortality and he who #inds his true Sel# is there#ore Msaved)M This Christos or divine man in man is man2s real ho!e o# salvation < the livin$ *ediator (etween a(stract Deity and mortal human+ind)))) .esus has (een con#used with the Christos or $od,man whose wonders Ae !reached) Since the Christos was the $od,man im!risoned in every creature it was the #irst duty o# the initiate to li(erate or Mresurrect M this %ternal One within himsel#) Ae who attained reunion with his Christos was conse0uently termed a Christian or Christened man)J

The mystery schools have very convincin$ly :at least amon$st themselves; !ainted all these Christian conce!ts and .udeo,Christian le4icon into a !icture o# .esus Christ who was wholly misunderstood and misre!resented (y his #ollowers and who actually tried to teach the same arcana as what2s #ound in their 1uci#erian do$ma: that the individual can (ecome a $od on his own throu$h the !ro$ression o# the intellect < made !ossi(le (y !ro$ressive reincarnated lives without the need o# a Savior) Continuin$ #rom The Secret Teachin$s o# All A$es cha!ter 77 :em!hasis


FOne o# the most !ro#ound doctrines o# the !a$an !hiloso!hers concerned the &niversal Savior,God who li#ted the souls o# re$enerated men to heaven throu$h Ais own nature) This conce!t was un0uestiona(ly the ins!iration #or the words attri(uted to .esus: MI am the way the truth and the li#e: no man cometh unto the "ather (ut (y me)M In an e##ort to ma+e a sin$le !erson out o# .esus and Ais Christos Christian writers have !atched to$ether a doctrine which must (e resolved (ac+ into its ori$inal constituents i# the true meanin$ o# Christianity is to (e rediscovered) In the Gos!el narratives the Christos re!resents the !er#ect man who havin$ !assed throu$h the various sta$es o# the MCorld *ysteryM sym(oli/ed (y the thirty,three years ascends to the heaven s!here where he is reunited with his %ternal "ather) The story o# .esus as now !reserved is < li+e the *asonic story o# Airam A(i## < !art o# a secret initiatory ritualism (elon$in$ to the early Christian and !a$an *ysteries) FDurin$ the centuries Nust !rior to the Christian %ra the secrets o# the !a$an *ysteries had $radually #allen into the hands o# the !ro#ane ) To the student o# com!arative reli$ion it is evident that these secrets $athered (y a small $rou! o# #aith#ul !hiloso!hers and mystics were reclot ed in ne2 %4)3olic!l g!r)ent% !nd t u% +re%er5ed "or %e5er!l centurie% under t e n!)e o" *4%tic C ri%ti!nit47 It is $enerally su!!osed that the %ssenes were the custodians o# this +nowled$e and also the initiators and educators o# .esus) I# so .esus was undou(tedly initiated in the same tem!le o# *elchi/ede+ where 3ytha$oras had studied si4 centuries (e#ore) G%d) note: some mystery schools also have an FOrder o# *elchi/ede+J < this holy name was co,o!ted lon$ a$o) God creates Satan imitates)H))) F1i+e the Gnostics the %ssenes were emanationists) One o# their chie# o(Nects was the reinter!retation o# the *osaic 1aw accordin$ to certain secret s!iritual +eys !reserved (y them #rom the time o# the #oundin$ o# their order) It would thus #ollow that the %ssenes were Da((alists and li+e several other contem!orary sects #lourishin$ in Syria were awaitin$ the advent o# the *essiah !romised in the early Bi(lical writin$s) .ose!h and *ary the !arents o# .esus are (elieved to have (een mem(ers o# the %ssene Order) .ose!h was many years the senior o# *ary) Accordin$ to The 3rotevan$elium he was a widower with $rown sons and in the Gos!el o# 3seudo,*atthew he re#ers to *ary as a little child less in a$e than his own $randchildren) G%d) note: i# he was an old man with $randchildren it2s astonishin$ that .ose!h would himsel# wal+ unassisted (y any o# his !osterity all the way to Bethlehem $uidin$ a 8,month,!re$nant *ary on a don+ey) "or *ystic Christianity to (e credi(le mystery schools must render canoni/ed $os!el accounts as #lawed)H))) FThrou$h the mist o# #antastic accounts which o(scure the true #oundation o# the Christian #aith is #aintly visi(le to the discernin$ #ew a $reat and no(le doctrine communicated to the world (y a $reat and no(le soul )

[email protected]

.ose!h and *ary two devout and holy,minded souls consecrated to the service o# God and dreamin$ o# the comin$ o# a *essiah to serve Israel o(eyed the inNunctions o# the hi$h !riest o# the %ssenes to !re!are a (ody #or the comin$ o# a $reat soul ) Thus o# an immaculate conce!tion .esus was (orn) :4 i))!cul!te i% )e!nt cle!n0 r!t er t !n %u+ern!tur!l7 F.esus was reared and educated (y the %ssenes and later initiated into the most !ro#ound o# their *ysteries) 1i+e all $reat initiates Ae must travel in an easterly direction and the silent years o# Ais li#e no dou(t were s!ent in #amiliari/in$ Aimsel# with that secret teachin$ later to (e communicated (y Aim to the world) Aavin$ consummated the ascetic !ractices o# Ais order Ae attained to the Christenin$) Aavin$ thus reunited Aimsel# with Ais own s!iritual source Ae then went #orth in the name o# the One who has (een cruci#ied since (e#ore the worlds were G%d) note: i)e) 1uci#erH and $atherin$ a(out Aim disci!les and a!ostles Ae instructed them in that secret teachin$ which had (een lost < in !art at least < #rom the doctrines o# Israel) Hi% "!te i% un/no2n G%d) note: i)e) Ae wasn2t actually cruci#ied and a!!arently lived to a ri!e old a$eH (ut in all !ro(a(ility Ae su##ered that !ersecution which is the lot o# those who see+ to reconstruct the ethical !hiloso!hical or reli$ious systems o# their day) FTo the multitudes .esus s!o+e in !ara(lesI to Ais disci!les Ae also s!o+e in !ara(les thou$h o# a more e4alted and !hiloso!hic nature) Voltaire said that Pl!to % ould !5e 3een c!noni?ed 34 t e C ri%ti!n C urc 0 "or0 3eing t e "ir%t +ro+ounder o" t e C ri%to% )4%ter40 e contri3uted )ore to it% "und!)ent!l doctrine% t !n !n4 ot er %ingle indi5idu!l) .esus disclosed to Ais disci!les that the lower world is under the control o# a $reat s!iritual (ein$ which had #ashioned it accordin$ to the will o# the %ternal "ather) The mind o# this $reat an$el was (oth the mind o# the world and also the worldly mind) So that men should not die o# worldliness the %ternal "ather sent unto creation the eldest and most e4alted o# Ais !owers < the Divine *ind) FThis Divine *ind o##ered Itsel# as a livin$ sacri#ice and was (ro+en u! and eaten (y the world) Aavin$ $iven Its s!irit and Its (ody at a secret and sacred su!!er to the twelve manners o# rational creatures this Divine *ind (ecame a !art o# every livin$ thin$) *an was there(y ena(led to use this !ower as a (rid$e across which he mi$ht !ass and attain immortality) Ae who li#ted u! his soul to this Divine *ind and served It was ri$hteous and havin$ attained ri$hteousness li(erated this Divine *ind which thereu!on returned a$ain in $lory to Its own divine source ) And (ecause Ae had (rou$ht to them this +nowled$e the disci!les said one to another: M1o Ae is Aimsel# this *ind !ersoni#iedOMJ

I# you made it throu$h all that without once (ein$ suc+ered into thin+in$ Fhe may have a !ointJ or Fhe Nust mi$ht (e onto somethin$ here J then you !ro(a(ly have an unsha+a(le testimony o# the true nature o# our 1ord and Savior .esus Christ)


&POST&TE CHRISTI&NITY Ta+e a moment to !rocess all that < to really $ras! how the entire New Testament is called into 0uestion (y an onslau$ht o# e4ternal sources claimin$ e0ual or $reater authority) *ore today than ever this +ind o# authoritative,a!!earin$ mystic tri!e is e4actly what the world at lar$e is (ein$ #ed a(out who .esus o# Na/areth actually was) I# you were someone who was led to study and (elieve all o# this would you not consider all 1DS and traditional Christians to (e ho!elessly clueless and i$norant while you yoursel# were in !ossession o# #ar more valua(le sensi(le relevant and !lausi(le in#ormationK Could it not (uild u! a (loated sense o# !ride and su!eriority within youK In the !rolo$ue o# this (oo+ I !ro!osed that the most im!ortant 0uestion anyone could as+ themselves is: Cho do you trustK "ollowed u! (y the 0uestion: In whom does this !erson trustK Truly it (oils down to who you trust in learnin$ the true nature history and theolo$y o# .esus Christ: the Bi(le and other canoni/ed su!!ortin$ scri!tural records < or the !lenti#ul contrary ancient and modern wor+s o# the initiates o# *ystery Ba(ylon) 9 FCilliam Cal+er At+inson :Decem(er > [email protected]= < Novem(er == 985=; was an
attorney merchant !u(lisher and author as well as an occultist and an American !ioneer o# the New Thou$ht movement) Ae is also +nown to have (een the author o# the !seudonymous wor+s attri(uted to Theron D) Dumont and Yo$i Bamachara+a) Due in !art to At+inson2s intense !ersonal secrecy and e4tensive use o# !seudonyms he is now lar$ely #or$otten des!ite havin$ o(tained mention in !ast editions o# Cho2s Cho in America Beli$ious 1eaders o# America and several similar !u(licationsPand havin$ written more than 966 (oo+s in the last 56 years o# his li#e) Ais wor+s have remained in !rint more or less continuously since 9866)J :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Yo$iVBamachara+a;

= Source < htt!:--www)yo$iramachara+a)com-mysticVyouthVo#VNesus)html 5 On this note a num(er o# the most cele(rated authors o# !o!ular #iction
:es!ecially science #iction; are mystery school initiates) Their careers are arti#icially (olstered and vaulted throu$h e4cessive mar+etin$ ri$$ed awards contrived acclaim #or their o#t,mediocre wor+ as well as mani!ulated sales #i$ures) I touch more u!on these matters in 3art > o# this (oo+)



&n O5er5ie2 o" Found!tion!l L(S (octrine% Reg!rding *ort!lit4
Be#ore !roceedin$ it is critical #or the reader to (e thorou$hly #amiliar with the (asic canonical and esta(lished doctrine o# The Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints as !ertainin$ to the !re,mortal mortal and !ost, mortal e4istences o# man+ind) The #ollowin$ re!resent (rie# summaries o# +ey doctrinal conce!ts:

:e"ore &d!) !nd E5e -ere Cre!ted
9) God the "ather :also re#erred to as Aeavenly "ather; e4isted and had e4isted #or eons o# time :i)e) eternities;) Ae is not ethereal: Ae has a !hysical (ody o# #lesh and (ones) Ais s!irit and (ody are #used to$ether in !er#ection and Ais (ody is $lorious im!ervious to all elements and radiates love and li$ht o# such 0uantity and intensity as to (e virtually incom!rehensi(le to mortals) All intelli$ence in the universe is naturally drawn to Aim trusts in Aim and honors Aim) =) %ach o# us e4isted with Aeavenly "ather (e#ore (ein$ (orn on this earth) Our s!irit #orms were literally created (y Aeavenly "ather) Ae


THE GOSPEL 9S REINC&RN&TION &N( A&R*& #ashioned our s!irits in the same manner as Ais own < there#ore we are Fcreated in the ima$e o# God)J Ce e4isted as s!irits with Aim #or an un+nown amount o# time !resuma(ly eons) Ce are literally Ais children) This state o# (ein$ is re#erred to as the !re,mortal realm or !ut another way the !re,e4istence) Ce have eternal individual identities ) %ach o# our s!irits are e4clusively uni0ue and sel#,determinin$) %ach has #eatures that a!!ear very much identical to those o# our mortal (odies) %ach s!irit also has unaltera(le male and #emale $ender associations #used into its com!osition similar to how our !hysical (ody2s DNA di##erentiates in ZZ or ZY $enes) The ultimate $oal is #or each o# us (e !er#ected and !ro$ress until we (ecome as Aeavenly "ather is) The !arent-child cycle which we are a !art o# in mortality is a tiny microcosm o# the eternal cycle with which Aeavenly "ather see+s the !er#ection and $lori#ication o# each o# us) Ae wants us to (ecome e4actly li+e Ae is as $ods ourselves ca!a(le o# creation) Aeavenly "ather esta(lished a !lan #or each o# us to o(tain a !hysical (ody such as Ae has) The !lan involved the creation o# a !lanet wherewith our s!irits would enter into im!er#ect vulnera(le !hysical (odies and our eons o# s!irit,memories would (e com!letely su!!ressed) On this !lanet we would live out a very tem!orary mortal e4istence :es!ecially in com!arison with the eons o# time we lived !revious to this; in a state wherewith we would (e thorou$hly i$norant o# all that trans!ired (e#ore and all that is to come a#terward) Throu$h this !ro(ationary mortal e4istence we are !rovided the o!!ortunity to e4ercise #ree,will to (e our own #ree,a$ent to ma+e our own choices utili/e our God,$iven rational and intellectual #aculties and act u!on our own initiative) Ce are $ranted su##icient intellect as well as conscience to (e ca!a(le o# ma+in$ decisions and (e cul!a(le #or the conse0uences o# those decisions) *ortal li#e on earth is tem!orary in every way) All mortal de(ts contracts and o(li$ations which are entered into durin$ mortality are made null and void u!on the advent o# mortal death which is the se!aration o# eternal s!irit #rom the im!er#ect (ody) Aowever we will (e held accounta(le Nud$ed and !unished or rewarded accordin$ to the decisions we made the actions we too+ even the thou$hts we entertained :and allowed to #lourish; over the course o# our mortal !ro(ation) Additionally we will (e Nud$ed with an im!artial consideration o# our individual ca!acity to ma+e the decisions that we did) A Savior would (e re0uired in order to im!lement a 1aw o# *ercy) All inNustice !ain su##erin$ and deli(erately wron$ choices :sin; that








THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I occur u!on the earth must (e answered #or) There must (e a Nust recom!ense #or it all yet there also must (e an o!!ortunity $iven to individuals to re!ent #or their mista+es and-or the !ain they caused others) There#ore there must (e one individual who would su##er all o# these thin$s and yet live a li#e com!letely devoid o# sin < one who must endure in#inite universal !ain and su##erin$ without deservin$ a shred o# it) Aavin$ atoned #or the #aults and shortcomin$s o# man+ind this Savior could then im!lement a 1aw o# *ercy < a set o# covenanted oaths to (e ta+en and honored in order to 0uali#y) 8) .esus Christ was sustained to (e the Savior o# all man+ind ) Aeavenly "ather2s #irst s!irit child :!rior to all o# us; was .esus Christ :also re#erred to as .ehovah;) Chen Aeavenly "ather !ro!osed the !lan and as+ed who would $o to the earth to (e this Savior .ehovah announced that he would volunteer) Ae would endure in#inite !ain and live a !er#ect li#e) Ae would there(y esta(lish a 1aw o# *ercy which would simultaneously mete the demands o# the 1aw o# .ustice while !rovidin$ an o!!ortunity #or individuals to re!ent (ecome clean o# their sins and 0uali#y to enter into the !resence o# Almi$hty God once a$ain) 96)1uci#er su(mitted an alternate !lan that he claimed would (e su!erior) By creatin$ an environment where all o# human+ind would (e #orced to choose $ood there would (e no inNustice no need #or a Savior no need #or an atonement and no need #or man+ind to e4!erience any !ain nor even un!leasantness) All will (e (orn all will $o throu$h the motions o# li#e all will die and then all will 0uali#y to re,enter the !resence o# Almi$hty God) 99)1uci#er2s !lan was reNected and he initiated the Car in Aeaven ) A third o# the hosts o# Aeaven sided with him and u!on (ein$ de#eated they were cast down and con#ined to the earth) They will never receive !hysical (odies that their s!irits can inha(it #or eternity) They will never (e $iven the o!!ortunity to !ro$ress) Their lon$,term #ate awaits them in a !lace called Outer Dar+ness) Once &d!) &nd E5e -ere E<+elled Fro) t e G!rden o" Eden 9) The s!irits who sided with Aeavenly "ather and .ehovah are entitled to receive their own !hysical (ody here on this earth) They are !rocreated (y their earthly !arents who then must ta+e res!onsi(ility #or their care and u!(rin$in$) =) The mortal (ody is modeled a#ter eternal !er#ection (ut it is inherently #rail vulnera(le void o# $lory and su(Nect to disease old a$e and death) 5) *an+ind must learn to develo! #aith in Almi$hty God and .esus Christ) In order to 0uali#y #or .esus Christ2s 1aw o# *ercy they must (e (a!ti/ed :which si$ni#ies one2s covenant with Christ to have #aith


THE GOSPEL 9S REINC&RN&TION &N( A&R*& in Aim and +ee! Ais commandments; continually re!ent o# their sins (e hum(le !atient em!athetic and endure all thin$s until their dyin$ (reath) *an+ind is !rovided a conscience or the 1i$ht o# Christ ) %very individual is $iven an inherent conscience #rom (irth an internal com!ass which encoura$es the individual to choose $ood over evil) This is also re#erred to as the 1i$ht o# Christ (ecause it emanates #rom Aim) It is o(serva(le in the Noy love trust and acce!tance o# all innocent youn$ children) Children remain innocent until they reach the a$e o# accounta(ility) Once children are old enou$h and wise enou$h to (e$in ma+in$ decisions o# ri$ht and wron$ on their own and they have a clear understandin$ that there are conse0uences to these decisions then they have reached the a$e o# accounta(ility) As a $eneral rule children reach this !oint (y the time they turn ei$ht years old) Once this time arrives they can choose to receive (a!tism i# they so desire it) &ntil this time should they !ass away their soul is !rotected and saved throu$h Christ2s atonement) 1uci#er and his le$ions see+ o!!ortunities to twea+ and misdirect the conscience) They strive to $ive individuals #alse si$nals and con#use them as to what is $ood and what is evil what is ri$ht and what is wron$) They also see+ to corru!t truth which may only re0uire a tiny alteration or addition o# #alsehood in order to accom!lish < li+e a dro! o# dye in a $lass o# !ure water) 1uci#er and his le$ions see+ o!!ortunities to !ossess mortal (odies ) %ither throu$h into4ication or will#ul su(mission human (odies can (e invaded and even controlled (y the s!irits o# 1uci#er and those who were cast down with him) They lust a#ter such o!!ortunities) I# they can2t occu!y a human (ody they will see+ to inha(it any other +ind o# livin$ creature or #lesh) e *ort!l E<+erience H!% Ended





&"ter t

9) Our li#eless (odies will deteriorate to dust) =) The s!irits o# those who chose ri$hteousness or who strived their (est to do so will enter a !lace o# rest called S!irit 3aradise) This !lace is o#ten re#erred to (y most Christians as Aeaven) By merely acce!tin$ that the Gos!el o# .esus Christ is true it is not $uaranteed that one may enter here < one must have lived a Christ,li+e li#e to the (est o# one2s a(ility accordin$ to Christ2s 1aw o# *ercy) Additionally the s!irits o# wonder#ul $ood,hearted !eo!le who did the (est they could with the +nowled$e they had will also $o here < even those who died without the chance to learn the Gos!el o# .esus Christ or acce!t (a!tism while on earth) They will have the o!!ortunity to learn the Gos!el and acce!t it in this !lace) On earth


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I their (a!tism can (e !er#ormed (y !ro4y in an 1DS tem!le :i)e) another !erson is (a!ti/ed F#or and in (ehal# o# Gso and soH who is deadJ;) The s!irits o# those who chose !ride and wic+edness and those who reNected the Gos!el o# .esus Christ will enter a !lace called S!irit 3rison) This !lace is what is o#ten re#erred to (y most Christians as Aell) Aavin$ reNected the Gos!el o# .esus Christ a#ter havin$ !lenti#ul o!!ortunities to acce!t it the s!irits that enter S!irit 3rison are su(Nect to the 1aw o# .ustice and they must su##er the !ain and an$uish which they caused others in their lives as well as #or each and every sin ever committed :even the FvictimlessJ ones which corru!t the soul and a##ect loved ones;) Their !ersonal torment is o#ten re#erred to in scri!tures as (ein$ within a la+e o# un0uencha(le #ire and (rimstone) Aowever s!irit emissaries #rom S!irit 3aradise do visit this !lace to assist and teach the Gos!el (a!tism re!entance etc) It is !ossi(le #or Christ2s 1aw o# *ercy to (e tau$ht and a!!lied to these un#ortunate souls who are a(le to leave and enter S!irit 3aradise) There is no returnin$ to the earth a$ain in any !hysical #orm whether as a human or any other creature) A#ter death the souls o# (oth the ri$hteous and the wic+ed are con#ined to the realm o# s!irits either in S!irit 3aradise or S!irit 3rison) The ri$hteous rest study enNoy social relationshi!s with other deceased relatives and #riends and wor+ :althou$h what e4actly the wor+ entails has not (een revealed;) The wic+ed su##er Nust !unishment #or the sins which they committed and !ain that they caused while on earth) All souls will (e resurrected) A#ter Ais (ody lay li#eless in the tom( #or three days Christ2s s!irit returned) Ais (ody was !er#ected and $lori#ied and Ais (ody and s!irit were #used to$ether !ermanently < omni!otent and invulnera(le #orever) Ae was the #irst to (e resurrected and it2s recorded in the New Testament that many very ri$hteous !eo!le :who !assed away #rom the (e$innin$ o# time until Christ2s ministry; were resurrected shortly therea#ter) Because we sided with Almi$hty God and Christ durin$ the Car in Aeaven each o# us will (e resurrected and receive a !er#ected $lorious (ody as well) Besurrections will occur in an order to (e determined (y the 1ord #irst to those who were most stalwart and ri$hteous in their mortal li#e lastly to those who were most wic+ed) &!on .ud$ment Day all will come (e#ore Almi$hty God to receive a #inal verdict and eternal reward) .esus Christ will (e each individual2s mediator (oth #or the ri$hteous and the wic+ed) Ae will (e our advocate (e#ore Aeavenly "ather ar$uin$ in our (ehal# and de#endin$ our shortcomin$s) Ae who su##ered all < who e4!erienced an eternity o# an$uish misery and torture who +nows #irst hand






THE GOSPEL 9S REINC&RN&TION &N( A&R*& what each o# us have #elt and e4!erienced < Ae will cham!ion our case (e#ore our "ather in Aeaven) ?) There are three !otential +in$doms we can inherit #or eternity: the Celestial the Terrestrial and the Telestial) The Celestial 'in$dom is where Almi$hty God and .esus Christ dwell) It $overns all lower +in$doms) The Terrestrial 'in$dom is the second and the Telestial is the lowest) In the scri!tures the $lories o# these three +in$doms are descri(ed as relative to the li$ht o# the sun the moon and the stars res!ectively)9 Outside o# these three +in$doms is a !lace re#erred to as Outer Dar+ness) This is where 1uci#er and his #ollowers will eventually (e (anished to) Additionally Cain and any others who had o(tained a !er#ect understandin$ o# Almi$hty God and .esus Christ (ut who at some !oint later whole,heartedly reNected Them and sided with 1uci#er :re#erred to in scri!ture as Fdenyin$ the Aoly GhostJ; will also (e (anished to Outer Dar+ness) Some Christian sects (elieve and !reach a smatterin$ o# these doctrines) *any have either no understandin$ o# these matters or their understandin$ is mur+y at (est) Some o# these doctrines are considered heresy (y them) &ndenia(ly however these canoni/ed 1DS doctrines are neither am(i$uous nor mur+y) No other reli$ious or$ani/ation save The Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints (elieves in and !reaches all o# these direct clear,cut doctrines concernin$ the ori$in o# li#e the !ur!ose o# li#e and the $lorious destiny o# all man+ind < not merely the Felite J or the most intelli$ent or s!ecial o# them < #rom the least to the $reatest) Chether or not these doctrines may seem ridiculously #antastic to some they are nevertheless strai$ht#orward and understanda(le to all) In the words o# Ne!hi in the Boo+ o# *ormon they are Fthe !lain and most !recious !arts o# the $os!el o# the 1am( G.esus ChristH)J=

Reinc!rn!tion: T e *o%t &3o)in!3le o" (octrine%
I# there is any one doctrinal thread that ties to$ether and unites nearly every reli$ion on the #ace o# the earth :save orthodo4 .udaism #undamental Christianity traditional Islam and *ormonism; it is an acce!tance o# one #orm or another o# the doctrine o# reincarnation) It is $enerally summari/ed as such:
FBeincarnation (est descri(es the conce!t where the soul or s!irit a#ter the death o# the (ody is (elieved to return to live in a new human (ody


or in some traditions either as a human (ein$ animal or !lant) This doctrine is a central tenet within the maNority o# Indian reli$ious traditions such as Ainduism .ainism and Si+hismI the Buddhist conce!t o# re(irth is also o#ten re#erred to as reincarnation) The idea was also #undamental to some Gree+ !hiloso!hers as well as other reli$ions such as Druidism and later on S!iritism Theoso!hy G%d) note: which is the #oundational theolo$y (ehind a maNority o# modern neo,!a$an movementsH and %c+an+ar) It is also #ound in many tri(al societies around the world in !laces such as Si(eria Cest A#rica North America and Australia) FAlthou$h the maNority o# sects within .udaism Christianity and Islam do not (elieve that individuals reincarnate !articular $rou!s G%d) note: i)e) a!ostate movements or heretical s!in,o##s which (lend in mystery school teachin$sH within these reli$ions do re#er to reincarnationI these $rou!s include the mainstream historical and contem!orary #ollowers o# 'a((alah the Cathars the Alawi the Dru/e and the Bosicrucians) The historical relations (etween these sects and the (elie#s a(out reincarnation that were characteristic o# the Neo!latonism Or!hism Aermeticism *anicheanism and Gnosticism o# the Boman era as well as the Indian reli$ions is unclear G%d) note: unless one #actors in the historically, !ersistent in#iltration o# the mystery schools in every culture and amon$ every societyH)))) FThe word MreincarnationM derives #rom 1atin literally meanin$ Menterin$ the #lesh a$ainM) The Gree+ e0uivalent metem!sychosis rou$hly corres!onds to the common %n$lish !hrase Mtransmi$ration o# the soulM and also usually connotes reincarnation a#ter death as either human animal thou$h em!hasisin$ the continuity o# the soul not the #lesh)))) FThe ori$ins o# the notion o# reincarnation are o(scure) They a!!arently date to the Iron A$e :around 9=66 BC%;) Discussion o# the su(Nect a!!ears in the !hiloso!hical traditions o# India and Greece #rom a(out the Eth century BC%) Also durin$ the Iron A$e the Gree+ 3re,Socratics discussed reincarnation and the Celtic Druids are also re!orted to have tau$ht a doctrine o# reincarnation) G%d) note: All o# these ancient teachin$s and !hiloso!hies are (ased u!on what initiates2 disseminated #rom various (ranches o# ancient mystery schools to their !u!ils and the $eneral !u(licH)J5

Chat then ma+es the conce!t o# reincarnation so com!letely incom!ati(le with the !ure Gos!el o# .esus ChristK The #ollowin$ is an attem!t to summari/e how the doctrines com!are to one another)

Indi5idu!l Identit4
T e Go%+el • 3rior to (ein$ created into s!irits (y Aeavenly "ather we always e4isted as some +ind o# intelli$ent #orm with uni0ue individual traits)


THE GOSPEL 9S REINC&RN&TION &N( A&R*& • %ach individual was created as an eternal s!irit and has his-her own never,endin$ identity yet :in this li#e; inha(its a tem!orary im!er#ect (ody) • %ach individual2s $ender is (uilt,in !ossi(ly even (e#ore (ein$ created as s!irits) • Chile $ender determines (oth the mortal and eternal roles o# individuals males and #emales are e0ual and !rovide (alance to each other) • At some !oint in the #uture each individual will (e $ranted a resurrected (ody e4actly li+e the tem!orary one (ut $lori#ied and !er#ected such as what Christ has) Reinc!rn!tion Religion% Accordin$ to varyin$ reli$ious teachin$s: • The individual either has no eternal s!irit-soul whatsoever or his-her s!irit will lose its identity u!on death) • The vast maNority who die must literally (e re(orn into the (ody o# another creature to once a$ain e4!erience mortality) • Some reli$ions (elieve this re(irth can (e as an insect !lant animal or humanI others (elieve that every human will de#initely (e re(orn as another human) • This Fcycle o# su##erin$J must re!eat until the s!irit #inally lives a mortal li#e $ood enou$h to e4it it) • Those #ew e4em!lary (ein$s who are a(le to e4it will (e !rivile$ed to (ecome !art o# a !aradisiacal !lace or state o# e4istence) • *ost reli$ions (elieve that $enders usually chan$e with su(se0uent incarnations) Some (elieve that it must (e durin$ an incarnation o# a male that one can e4it the cycle o# su##erin$ :i)e) a #emale #orm is inherently une0ual and a ste! (elow a male #orm;) Cith the conce!t o# reincarnation no matter what variation o# its teachin$ there is no sin$le !ersistin$ individual identity a#ter death) At (est there is an accumulation o# identities or what is o#ten re#erred to as !ast lives) The soul or essence o# the deceased individual (ecomes another !hysical (ein$ and ta+es u!on itsel# a new identity) Aowever many reli$ions which (elieve in reincarnation (elieve that in order to esca!e this Fcycle o# su##erin$ J one must $radually surrender and let $o o# all identity meldin$ into a state o# non,e4istence or non,essence < as i# all su##erin$ emanates #rom e4istin$ as a soverei$n individual entity alto$ether) Thus accordin$ to

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THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I such doctrine the !innacle achievement is to ethereally eva!orate and mer$e into a state o# non,su##erin$) Also with the conce!t o# reincarnation the mortal e4!erience loses a tremendous amount o# value meanin$ and im!ortance) Instead o# (ein$ a uni0ue e4!erience in eternity < a one,time ine##a(ly !recious o!!ortunity < it is rele$ated to a routine o# endurin$ innumera(le rounds o# Fsu##erin$)J Chile on one hand the (elie# in reincarnation may encoura$e em!athy towards the o!!osite se4 and lower li#e #orms :(ecause theoretically each o# us may have (een one in a !revious li#e; it also stron$ly encoura$es the !ersonal disassociation o# (oth $ender and natural inclinations o# one2s $ender roles) The #ruits o# this disassociation has (ecome overwhelmin$ly o(vious in today2s secular world) Gender identity has (ecome selecta(le :throu$h cosmetic se4 chan$e o!erations; and even encoura$ed to (e de(ated on a !ersonal level :F*ay(e God $ot it wron$I may(e I was su!!osed to (e (orn a manJ;) I# there is no !ersistent eternal identity then it #ollows that there is no eternal (ond (etween !arents and children nor (etween hus(ands and wives) Once a loved one has died how misera(le are the survivors who (elieve that they2ll never see em(race or in any way e4!erience the com!any love and #ellowshi! o# their dearest one) %ven i# su!!osedly the loved,one2s s!irit was later (orn into another relative or !erha!s a new !et the nature o# the relationshi! is irrevoca(ly altered < and yet remains wholly tem!orary until death visits either one or the other a$ain) Aow is this in any way !re#era(le to the reality which is the Gos!el o# .esus Christ < where u!on death we will (e reunited with the s!irits o# our deceased loved ones we will eternally retain and stren$then the (ond and relationshi! we had with them and :than+s to Christ2s atonement; we will one day (e resurrected and receive !er#ect !ermanent $lorious (odies that a!!ear and #unction li+e the ones we have now e4ce!t at their !innacle sha!e (eauty and !urityK Chatever the di##erence in actual suicide rates amon$ the various (elievers in reincarnation #or the man or woman who has lived a misera(le li#e :whether as a victim o# horrendous inesca!a(le su##erin$ or #rom ma+in$ !oor choices throu$hout his or her li#e; does not the conce!t o# reincarnation ma+e the thou$ht o# suicide more a!!ealin$K FChy tolerate this li#e any lon$er than I have toK Any li#e is (etter than this)J Com!ared to the Gos!el o# .esus Christ < where one can +now that God will always e4tend second chances throu$h re!entance even i# one2s sins are Fred as scarlet J and where one understands the su!remely uni0ue nature o# this li#e and what a !rivile$e it is to live it no matter how misera(le or a(used one2s circumstances mi$ht (e < it (ecomes nearly im!ossi(le to (e


THE GOSPEL 9S REINC&RN&TION &N( A&R*& swayed into considerin$ esca!in$ one2s trou(les throu$h suicide) The more this is #ully understood (y wholehearted (elievers in Christ the less susce!ti(le they will (e to tem!tations o# suicide)

T e Educ!tion0 Gro2t !nd Progre%% o" t e Soul
T e Go%+el
• %ach individual2s s!irit was educated and trained !rior to comin$ to earth) It understood e4actly what it was $ettin$ into (e#ore (ein$ (orn) Chile the nature o# the trainin$ has not (een #ully revealed it undou(tedly too+ !lace) • Some s!irits were more studious and !rone to e4cel in the !re, e4istence than others) There was a 0uanti#ia(le ran+in$ system #or s!irits) Ai$her,achievin$ s!irits are not !articularly (orn into situations which are considered more #ortunate or !rivile$ed (y secular standards) On the contrary it is reco$ni/ed that those (orn into less, #ortunate or disa(led conditions :such as Down2s syndrome; were e4em!lary s!irits and they elected to ta+e u!on themselves such challen$es) • FChatever !rinci!le o# intelli$ence we attain unto in this li#e it will rise with us in the resurrection) And i# a !erson $ains more +nowled$e and intelli$ence in this li#e throu$h his dili$ence and o(edience than another he will have so much the advanta$e in the world to come)J < .ose!h Smith DLC 956:[email protected],98 • In this li#e Fwe see throu$h a $lass dar+lyJ 7 :i)e) o(scurely eni$matically; yet in the ne4t li#e either S!irit 3aradise or 3rison a vast maNority o# that which seems con#usin$ to us in mortality (ecomes !ainsta+in$ly clear) 1earnin$ not only continues a#ter death it accelerates in !art due to that clarity) • &!on the time o# resurrection: FGYHe shall receive your (odies and your $lory shall (e that $lory (y which your (odies are 0uic+ened Gi)e) invi$orated ca!a(le o# receivin$H)J < DLC @@:[email protected] Reinc!rn!tion Religion% Chile the teachin$s o# various reincarnation,em(racin$ reli$ions may di##er somewhat the #ollowin$ re!resents a $eneral consensus o# most teachin$s: • A!!arently there is no de#initive understandin$ o# what occurred or e4isted (e#ore the F#irst incarnationJ < either as a mortal nor any other #orm o# li#e)


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I • The ori$in and destiny o# the earth itsel# :let alone the ori$in o# mortal li#e on it; is not clear) • %ach soul or essence is o(li$ated to remain within the samsara cycle :a)+)a) Fthe li#e Gcycle whichH is #ull o# attachments and comin$s,and, $oin$s a su(tle state o# su##erin$J>; until it is a(le to a(andon the cycle alto$ether and o(tain Nirvana or a state o# enli$htenment li(eration and #reedom #rom su##erin$) :In some (elie#s the !rocess o# chan$in$ #rom essence to non,essence is considered the +ey to enterin$ Nirvana);E • As each soul or essence $oes throu$h numerous incarnations o# mortality it retains some o# the essence memories understandin$s or a(ilities o# !revious incarnations) 1ivin$ and e4!eriencin$ successional lives !resuma(ly leads to the maturin$ o# the soul or essence which si$ni#ies $rowth) • 3ro$ression or re$ression a#ter each s!ent li#e a!!arently relies u!on the cause,and,e##ect reci!rocal,#orce o# 'arma) One !oorly,e4ecuted li#e can in theory $enerate a maNor 'armic set(ac+ in successive lives)

Etern!l Hu%tice0 :!l!nce or Reco)+en%e "or C oice% *!de In *ort!lit4
T e Go%+el
• *ortality is inherently an un#air e4istence) Chile a tiny !ortion o# inNustices may success#ully (e recti#ied in the mortal realm the vast maNority o# inNustices will (e answered #or a#ter death) • %ach individual will (e held accounta(le #or every decision made in mortality) A#ter death the rewards or !unishments #or those decisions will (e$in to (e meted out) • Throu$h Christ2s atonin$ sacri#ice each o# us has the o!!ortunity to re!ent and (e #or$iven #or our sin#ul and !ain,causin$ choices ma+in$ our souls s!otless) • &!on the #inal .ud$ment Day those who re!ented and strived to honestly o(ey Christ2s commandments throu$hout their li#e will (e u!held (y Christ and awarded the hi$hest +in$dom) Anyone who has a case a$ainst such a !erson will (e ade0uately consoledI their demands #or Nustice will (e satis#ied (y Christ) • Those who did not covenant to o(ey Christ2s 1aw o# *ercy :i)e) did not receive (a!tism; must answer #or and ade0uately su##er #or every minute inNustice they !er!etrated (oth directly and indirectly u!on others)



Reinc!rn!tion Religion%
• 3retty much all reli$ions that (elieve in reincarnation do not (elieve that there is an indis!ensa(le Savior needed to redeem all man+ind) Instead eternal Nustice is $radually a!!lied throu$h the cause and e##ect conce!t o# 'arma) • As individuals live their lives and ma+e choices they accumulate either $ood or (ad +arma) Some o# the conse0uences o# $ood or (ad +arma may (e returned to a !erson in their li#e as in an actuali/ation o# the ada$e Fwhat $oes around comes around)J • 'arma that is not meted out within one2s li#e is a!!lied a#ter one dies throu$h reincarnation) Chatever #orm one2s soul or essence is re(orn into is a !hysical mani#estation o# their accumulated +arma #rom their !revious incarnation) Cith the Gos!el o# .esus Christ we are :and always have (een; on a !ath o# eternal !ro$ression) *ortal li#e on this earth occurs only once) Chile this li#e is #re0uently a time and !lace o# su##erin$ it is also a !lace o# e4!eriencin$ o!!osites < thus it can also (e a !lace o# $reat Noy love maturin$ and develo!ment) It2s a once,in,an,eternity o!!ortunity to e4ercise a license o# sel#,determination < to ma+e one2s own choices and yet (e e4tended the o!!ortunity to esca!e the imminent retri(utions o# conse0uential Nustice #or our !oor choices i# :and only i#; we acce!t and live u! to the covenants and commandments o# the 1aw o# *ercy made !ossi(le (y the atonement o# the Savior .esus Christ) Cith reincarnation $rowth comes throu$h innumera(le successive e4!eriences o# mortality) Aowever (ecause #uture incarnations are determined throu$h the accumulated +arma o# the !revious li#e it is !ossi(le that even a#ter numerous lives o# !ro$ress one e4tremely !oor mortal cycle can cause a tremendous re$ression) In #act the !o!ular (oard $ame Chutes and 1adders :(y $ame manu#acturer *ilton Bradley; ori$inated in India under the name Sna+es and 1adders and the conce!t o# the $ame is (ased s0uarely on the !otential !ro$ression or re$ression o# successive mortal cycles due to +arma)? There is no recourse nor o!!ortunity to o(tain mercy < imminent eternal Nustice is there(y #orever ruthlessly en#orced)

:eginning% !nd Ending%
T e Go%+el
• Almi$hty God (e$ins and ends Ais wor+ in cycles) • Auman mortality on this earth (e$an with Adam and %ve several thousands o# years a$o)


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I • There will (e an end o# mortality on this earth once every s!irit has o(tained a mortal (ody :i)e) is (orn; lived died and received a resurrected $lori#ied (ody) This will !resuma(ly occur sometime near the end o# the !ro!hesied *illennium)

Reinc!rn!tion Religion%
• 'arma and reincarnation is !er!etual and continual !resuma(ly #orever and ever until each s!irit is #inally a(le to leave the cycle) • There was no (e$innin$ o# this earthly +arma-reincarnation cycle and there a!!arently will (e no end :at least none that I could discover #rom the research I2ve conducted into these !hiloso!hies;)

Po%%i3le E<ce+tion% !nd &ltern!te E<+l!n!tion% to Reinc!rn!tion
Aavin$ related all o# this I2m not dismissin$ as irrelevant the !ersonal e4!eriences that numerous !eo!le around the world have related which convince them that reincarnation is a universal cycle) In #act there are !ossi(le e4ce!tions wherein incidences similar to reincarnation actually do occur) Additionally there are alternative e4!lanations in harmony with the Gos!el o# .esus Christ as to what recollections o# F!revious livesJ are)

Guided (ece+tion% or PreBE<i%tence *e)orie%
Numerous individuals have related transcendental e4!eriences throu$h various ways includin$ hy!nosis meditation mystic chants or readin$s as well as remote viewin$ and astral !roNection :i)e) the !ractice o# sendin$ one2s s!irit or consciousness travelin$ outside o# the (ody;) &n#ortunately no such !ractices have ever (een tau$ht or encoura$ed (y .esus Christ) Ae has $iven us the manner in which we are to communicate with Aim and God Almi$hty: namely throu$h hum(le su(missive !rayer and su!!lication) Other than the act o# !rayin$ the 1ord has encoura$ed us to dee!ly !onder a(out Ais teachin$s the words o# the scri!tures and !ro!hets and any matter we hum(ly wish to +now the truth a(out) This is o#ten re#erred to as F!rayin$ in one2s heart)J Ce are encoura$ed to ta+e all such 0uestions and matters to Aim throu$h !rayer) Ais !romise to us is that when Ae #eels the time and condition is ri$ht to do so Ae will reveal the answer to our hearts and souls) Ce are e4!ected to (e !atient and lon$,su##erin$ #or o#ten such answers do not come as 0uic+ly as we wish to receive them) Traditional #orms o# meditation are not s!iritually conductive #or the


THE GOSPEL 9S REINC&RN&TION &N( A&R*& #ollower o# Christ (ecause it involves the !ractice o# Fem!tyin$ one2s mindJ < to #orce the mind to (e com!letely void o# any thou$hts at all) The mind then (ecomes an o!en vessel to receive anythin$ #rom any source which is an o!en door to s!iritual dece!tion #rom 1uci#er2s le$ion o# imitators) No matter how thrillin$ or Fenli$htenin$J these e4!eriences mi$ht (e #or the reci!ient they are not #rom a holy divine source) God !rovides visions mani#estations and divine in#ormation to individuals only at Ais choosin$ < such thin$s do not occur when a !erson wills them to ha!!en nor whenever one wishes to venture on a transcendental Nourney) %4!eriences that are truly #rom God are !ro#oundly sacred and are relatively in#re0uent in one2s li#e) *any individuals #eel #ortunate and ade0uately (lessed merely to have even one !ro#ound s!iritual e4!erience throu$hout a li#etime) God creates) Satan imitates) %n$a$in$ in !a$an,styled meditation hy!nosis mystic incantations or readin$s astral !roNection or similar !ractices constitute venturin$ into realms where the divine is !ro#oundly imitated) In such a state the reci!ient is convinced that they have traveled to other realms worlds and dimensions or that they have recalled F!ast livesJ in tremendous detail to the !oint o# recallin$ dates o# events in the remote !ast and even other lan$ua$es used) *any !eo!le :includin$ many 1DS and Christians; who receive such transcendental e4!eriences #rom these !ractices sim!ly cannot #athom that such ela(orate imitation is !ossi(le (y 1uci#er and his le$ions) Sadly it is !ossi(le < this is truly the e4tent to which the $reat imitator is ca!a(le o# mani!ulatin$ those who use his tools and wander his !aths) The scri!tures warn us sternly o# 1uci#er2s and his le$ions2 a(ility to a!!ear as an$els o# li$ht and there is #ar more that they are ca!a(le o#) :*ore a(out this is covered in 3art 5 o# this (oo+ includin$ com!ellin$ testimony #rom a #ormer leadin$ New A$e $uru who converted to Christianity as to how ela(orate and consistent the dar+ #orces2 imitations are) Also 3art > ta+es a closer loo+ at the how !ractices involvin$ meditation and hy!nosis wor+ to (rin$ a(out the a$enda o# the occult); There is another !ossi(le e4!lanation #or the ela(orate memories recovered #rom F!ast lives)J In =66= a woman named Sarah *enet wrote a (oo+ titled There Is No Death a(out her near death e4!erience :ND%;) By the time her ND% occurred in 98?8 she had endured so many horrendous thin$s in her li#e that she was convinced that there was no God) She had (ecome Naded into resolute atheism) Durin$ her remar+a(le ND% she $ained an understandin$ o# !re,mortality and the a#terli#e) She also witnessed that .esus Christ e4ists and that Ae is the Savior o# the world) Sometime a#ter her ND% she was (a!ti/ed into the 1DS Church and she remains a stron$ #aith#ul mem(er today) At the end o# the (oo+ she has a DLA section where she answers the most common 0uestions !osed to her over the years) Be$ardin$ reincarnation she learned that it is not a true !rinci!le < we


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I have only one li#etime to live on this earth) She $oes on to e4!lain that when we were s!irits in the !re,e4istence we had countless close #riends and loved ones) "or thousands o# years we o(served them intensely as they were (orn lived their lives and eventually !assed away) She #eels that the F!ast livesJ memories which individuals e4!erience are actually a recovery o# the o(servations recorded as a s!irit while watchin$ #riends and loved ones live out their lives < o#ten even seein$ and e4!eriencin$ throu$h their eyes) Should Sarah2s alternate e4!lanation !rove to (e true it is a!!arent how this !henomenon can (e a tool o# the $reat imitator to a!!ear as evidence o# reincarnation)

Su3%eEuent O++ortunitie% "or Still3orn0 *i%c!rried0 &3orted or Ot er In"!nt% - o (ied Pre)!turel4
Another !ossi(le similarity to reincarnation would (e concernin$ the souls which 0uic+ened into in#ant (odies (ut who never had a chance at (irth :whether still(orn miscarried or a(orted;) It is !ossi(le that these souls would (e $iven a Fsecond o!!ortunityJ to li#e on earth) This could even theoretically include the souls o# in#ants who died a si$ni#icant amount o# time (e#ore !ersonal accounta(ility was esta(lished) This !ossi(ility is not only in harmony with the Gos!el o# .esus Christ (ut i# true it could (rin$ $reat relie# to those who $rieve over the loss o# an in#ant child and to those who des!air over the !revalence o# the !ractice o# a(ortion) The #ollowin$ are cases which su$$est that these souls are e4tended a su(se0uent o!!ortunity: • The #ollowin$ was shared (y a #ormer 1DS mem(er who (ecame convinced that reincarnation is a reality: F))) one day a news!a!er ran an article a(out a cou!le who had lost a !air o# twins in an auto accident) A short time later this cou!le $ave (irth to a second set o# twins) As this second set $rew the cou!le noticed that they (e$an to loo+ and act e4actly li+e the #irst) They even had moles in the e4act same location) As they learned to tal+ they even had #lash(ac+s to their lives as the !revious twins and remem(ered their old toys and (e$an to show the same 0uir+s o# character as the #irst set)[email protected] Should this story !rove true as re!orted it demonstrates that the souls which inha(ited the #irst twin in#ants were !ermitted to 0uic+en into the em(ryos o# the second set o# twins in order to #ul#ill their lives as children o# those !articular !arents) It does not e4clusively testi#y to the conclusion that all souls e4!erience reincarnation on this earth over and over a$ain)


THE GOSPEL 9S REINC&RN&TION &N( A&R*& • An ac0uaintance o# mine related a dee!ly !ersonal e4!erience) A #ew months a#ter her seven,year,old son !erished his s!irit mani#ested himsel# to her) Ae was very content and Noyous and he !resented another s!irit to his mother) This youn$ male s!irit a!!eared !ained and uncertain) Aer son e4!lained to her that he wished #or this (oy to Noin their #amily that he ho!ed that he would (e the soul who inha(ited the ne4t (a(y she conceived) The s!irit o# the #orlorn (oy hum(ly as+ed her !ermission to Noin their #amily sayin$ FI am a cast o## one)J She was $iven to understand what this meant < that this (oy was to (e (orn (y another woman (ut that woman chose to have an a(ortion) The em(ryo-#etus which the male s!irit had 0uic+ened into was +illed) Ae was reNected or Fcast o## J (y the mother that he was su!!osed to have (een (orn to) There#ore he needed another chance to (e (orn) *y ac0uaintance related that she e4!ressed her acce!tance o# this youn$ s!irit without reservation) A#ter (irthin$ him she marveled at how similar his a!!earance and character was to the youn$ male s!irit she met) • "rom my own !ersonal li#e: my mother2s !re$nancy #ollowin$ my (irth was nearin$ #ull term) &n#ortunately when the time o# delivery neared a heart(eat could not (e detected) The (a(y $irl was still(orn) Cith my mother2s su(se0uent !re$nancy a healthy (a(y $irl was (orn) A #ew years later my mother was chattin$ with someone a(out (ein$ !re$nant (etween me and my sister) Overhearin$ this my three,year, old sister as+ed my mother what ha!!ened to that child) *y mother e4!lained that it was a little $irl (ut that she died (e#ore (ein$ (orn) Immediately my three year old sister (ecame e4cited and shouted FThat was meO That was meO I wasn2t ready yetO I needed to wait a whileOJ

Po%%i3le Progre%%ion o" Si)+li%tic Org!nic *!tter to *ore Co)+le< Org!nic *!tter on T i% E!rt
Chen one considers all the sim!listic #orms o# li#e that s!rin$ u! (y the trillions day a#ter day on this earth one must !onder that each o# them (ein$ or$anic animate o(Nects must have some miniscule s!irit or livin$ essence within it) Cith God2s !lan encom!assin$ all li#e there must needs (e a !rocess o# !ro$ression #or all such sim!listic s!irit #orms) The 0uestion then (ecomes: what ha!!ens to themK Does eternal resurrection a!!ly to (acteria to mos0uitoes to !lant li#eK Is 0uadrillions o# resurrected insects residin$ on a sin$le !lanet a wor+a(le solutionK Could lower #orms o# li#e (e content in their a state #or eons o# timeK The conce!t o# reincarnation !uts such 0uestions to rest: all li#e #orms either !ro$ress or re$ress into more or less com!le4 li#e when venturin$ u!on their ne4t incarnation)


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I The Gos!el o# .esus Christ however !rovides a #ar more maNestic sco!e: all thin$s !ro$ress and eternally so) Cith the entire universe (e#ore us < or even limited to our vast immediate $ala4y < it is #olly to con#ine one2s reasonin$ to the thou$ht that the $a/illions o# cree!y crawlies which (rie#ly ma+e an a!!earance on earth will (e eternally con#ined to it :let alone a state o# cree!y,crawliness; #orever) It is !ossi(le that on this earth a $nat2s s!irit will (e !ro$ressively re(orn as a #ly then as a (utter#ly then as a (ee) It is !ossi(le that a $u!!y will (e re(orn as a $old#ish then as a clown#ish then as a !oi) Aowever it is e0ually !ossi(le that all o# them live only once then are !rovided another !lace !re!ared #or their eternal !ro$ression < somewhere else in this tremendous vast $ala4y) Chether their !ro$ression actually ha!!ens here on this earth or in countless !ossi(le locations elsewhere doesn2t really matter) Chat matters is +nowin$ that this !ro$ression ha!!ens < that it is !lanned !re!ared and carried out (y God Almi$hty)

*ulti+le E!rt % $ Po%%i3le Su3%eEuent O++ortunitie% To E<+erience *ort!lit4
On this last !oint I must con#ess that it is entirely (ased on my !ersonal su!!osition < only loosely #ounded u!on scri!tural !assa$es or teachin$s (y !ro!hets) In our limited human ca!acity and with the veil o# #or$et#ulness !ersistently shroudin$ our eternal com!rehension there are many thin$s we don2t +now) Aowever the thin$s we do +now include: • That we e4isted as s!irits in a !re,e4istence) • That this earth was #ormed in order #or our s!irits to o(tain a !hysical (ody #or us to e4ercise #ree a$ency and endure a tem!orary mortal e4!erience) • That all humans (orn into this world will eventually die save a #ew e4tremely rare cases) • That the 1ord .esus Christ was resurrected and that all will eventually (e resurrected < s!irit reunitin$ with the restored uncorru!ted (ody sealed to$ether in !er#ection) • That there will (e a .ud$ment Day) Christ < havin$ su##ered and overcome all thin$s as well as (ein$ 0uali#ied to deliver !er#ect #air Nud$ment < will (e our advocate (e#ore the "ather at this time) • That each soul will (e awarded residency within one o# three vast +in$doms re#erred to as the FThree De$rees o# Glory)J "rom lowest to hi$hest these are the Telestial the Terrestrial and the Celestial) There


THE GOSPEL 9S REINC&RN&TION &N( A&R*& is also a !lace o# /ero $lory called Outer Dar+ness reserved #or Satan his demonic #ollowers and those who had a #ull understandin$ o# Christ and God Almi$hty yet (ra/enly reNected them) • That the relative com!arisons (etween these +in$doms o# $lory are li+e unto the sun the moon and the stars in (ri$htness) • That the earth is currently in a Telestial status) Aowever it will (e !uri#ied and !ro$ress #irst into the Terrestrial +in$dom then later into the Celestial +in$dom) Ce do not +now what li#e will (e li+e a#ter .ud$ment Day nor do we +now much a(out what our !owers ca!a(ilities and limits will (e within those +in$doms o# $lory) Aowever we do +now this: with the !ossi(le e4ce!tion o# those con#ined to Outer Dar+ness we !ro$ress eternally) The 0uestion then (ecomes: is it !ossi(le #or those who are assi$ned lower +in$doms to ever achieve a hi$her +in$domK Is it !ossi(le #or say someone in the Telestial +in$dom to eventually advance to the Terrestrial 'in$domK Or the Terrestial to the CelestialK Based u!on the eternal !rinci!les o# the Gos!el o# .esus Christ the answer would a!!ear to (e Fyes)J The 0uestion then e4!ands into: how is such advancement accom!lishedK In see+in$ an answer to this there is somethin$ else we +now: God has created Fworlds without endJ < and there have (een many earths such as this one in this universe) Consider the 1ord2s words in the Boo+ o# *oses in the 3earl o# Great 3rice cha!ter 9 verses 5? to 58:
FThe heavens they are many and they cannot (e num(ered unto manI (ut they are num(ered unto me #or they are mine) And as one earth shall !ass away and the heavens thereo# even so shall another come and there is no end to my wor+s neither to my words) "or (ehold this is my wor+ and my $loryPto (rin$ to !ass the immortality and eternal li#e o# man)J

"or those who did not o(tain the hi$hest +in$dom could it (e !ossi(le that they could have another o!!ortunity at mortality < and there#ore another o!!ortunity to (e awarded the hi$hest +in$domK Could they (e !ermitted to !art with their resurrected (odies then once a$ain enter into mortality to new !arents on a com!letely new earth < thus $ainin$ a !recious new o!!ortunity to overcome a #allen world and o(tain the hi$hest +in$domK I must insist that I the author have no idea whether this is true or not) I# it is true then it is similar to the conce!t o# reincarnation < yet on an in#initely,or$ani/ed multi,$alactic sco!e that stretches out over eons o# time and un#athoma(le de!ths o# creation instead o# a ti$htly,con#ined ha!ha/ard sin$le,earth sco!e :which nearly all other non,Christian reli$ions teach to their #ollowers;)

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THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I One #inal thin$ to !onder: i# one had to wait tens,o#,thousands o# earth years to (e $ranted another o!!ortunity at mortal li#e < with the intent o# choosin$ wisely and hum(ly enou$h to (e #ound worthy to inherit Almi$hty God2s hi$hest +in$dom < how !recious and critical those hand#ul o# mortal years would (e no matter what a$onies one was re0uired to su##er throu$hO Aow !altry and $arish would the wealth and !resti$e o# each mortal world a!!earO On the other hand i# reincarnation were true and all li#e #orms were rele$ated to a sin$le earth < recycled over and over re!eatedly (ureaucratically rele$ated u! or down the or$anic li#e #orm ladder < and one2s theoretically near,uno(taina(le $oal is to #inally esca!e it all throu$h meldin$ into a state o# non,e4istence < how ho!eless and dauntin$ mortal li#e would (eO Aow a!!ealin$ would suicide a!!ear should one2s li#e #eel un(eara(leO Aow !rone the tem!orally,#ortunate ones would (e to $reedily em(race worldly riches and indul$e in all #orms o# carnality yet ma+e an e##ort to a!!ease the F$odsJ a (it here and there < #or they mi$ht end u! destitute or mis#ortunate on the ne4t roll o# the incarnation dice)

Reinc!rn!tion I% Centr!l to t e (og)! o" t e *4%ter4 Sc ool%
The restored Gos!el o# .esus Christ teaches that only throu$h Christ2s atonement can we return to the !resence o# Aeavenly "ather and (ecome as Ae is < immortal and endowed with God,li+e !owers) Individual identity eternal marria$e and #amily (onds are eternally relevant and necessary) Chether (orn $i#ted or handica!!ed destitute or !rivile$ed a(used or em(raced each and every !erson has this e0ual o!!ortunity) %very sin$le !erson need only e4!erience mortality once) In direct con#lict is this: within the hidden $uarded doctrinal core o# each and every mystery school is the (elie# that a (enevolent unseen S!iritual Aierarchy sometimes re#erred to as the F*asters o# the Ancient CisdomJ :i)e) 1uci#er and his underlin$s; are $uidin$ the entire human race to !er#ection < to $odhood < throu$h intellect and sel#,!er#ection via the accumulations o# as many incarnations o# mortality as needed #or each soul to $et there) Ince!tion into such schools theoretically !uts the initiate on the #ast trac+) A$ain I let the authorities s!ea+ #or themselves) In 9858 *anly 3) Aall !u(lished a (oo+ called Beincarnation: The Cycle o# Necessity) The introduction o# the (oo+ alone su##iciently conveys the $eneral #eelin$s and level o# im!ortance that all mystery schools !lace u!on this most a(omina(le


THE GOSPEL 9S REINC&RN&TION &N( A&R*& o# doctrines) The #ollowin$ constitutes the most relevant !arts o# this introduction :italici/ed em!hasis #rom ori$inal other em!hasis added; 8:
FThe !ur!ose o# this !resent writin$ is to encoura$e the study o# the doctrine o# reincarnation as the most reasona(le solution to the mystery o# li#e) There is already considera(le literature on the su(Nect and other (oo+s will (e written in the #uture) But until now the circulation o# these wor+s has (een limited so that the $eneral !u(lic is as yet unin#ormed on this most im!ortant o# all !hiloso!hical teachin$s) FTo me the laws o# reincarnation and +arma are the only solutions to the eternal !ro(lem o# human un#itness) In the words o# a cele(rated orientalist: FMIt is only the +nowled$e o# the constant re(irths o# one and the same individuality throu$hout the li#e cycle))) that can e4!lain to us the mysterious !ro(lem o# Good and %vil and reconcile man to the terri(le and a!!arent inNustice o# li#e) Nothin$ (ut such certainty can 0uiet our revolted sense o# Nustice) "or when one unac0uainted with the no(le doctrine loo+s around him and o(serves the ine0ualities o# (irth and #ortune o# intellect and ca!acitiesI when one sees honor !aid #ools and !ro#li$ates on whom #ortune has hea!ed her #avors (y mere !rivile$e o# (irth while their nearest nei$h(or with all his intellect and no(le virtues < #ar more deservin$ in every way < !erishin$ o# want and #or lac+ o# sym!athyI when one sees all this and has to turn away hel!less to relieve the undeserved su##erin$ one2s ears rin$in$ and heart achin$ with the cries o# !ain around him < that (lessed +nowled$e o# 'arma alone !revents him #rom cursin$ li#e and men as well as their su!!osed creator)M < A)3) Blavats+y96 FBeincarnation is nothin$ more nor less than the law o# evolution a!!lied to the un#oldin$ consciousness o# the individual) All $rowth and develo!ment (ear witness to the im!rovement o# the invisi(le divine #orce which is the cause o# all !hysical $rowth and develo!ment) %verythin$ in the universe is $rowin$ u! throu$h the e4!eriences o# e4istence) Chy should man (e le#t unaware o# his !artici!ation in this eternal $rowthK Chy should he (e (ound round with do$mas o# #ear and dou(tI man, made conceits in the midst o# a God,made worldK FAs may have (een e4!ected o# any widely di##used (elie# reincarnation has (een variously stated accordin$ to the s!irituality and rational !owers o# its inter!reters) It is o(vious that the %s+imo conce!t should (e less !hiloso!hical and detailed than that o# a $reat %ast Indian scholar) In su(stance (oth a$ree (ut each inter!rets this law accordin$ to his own world o# e4!erience) FIt is a law o# the %s+imo who lives a !recarious e4istence that the old and the #ee(le must (e le#t (ehind) It is customary there#ore #or one o# advancin$ years to loo+ a(out him #or an a!!ro!riate #amily into which to (e re(orn) Selectin$ a newly married cou!le he $oes to them and as+s i#


they will !ermit him to (e their #irst child) I# he is a $ood and honora(le !erson they !ro(a(ly will $ive their consent) The a$in$ man will then de!art #rom the cam! and $oin$ some distance will commit suicide (elievin$ that his soul will come into the new #amily he has selected) G%d) note: This vindicates my earlier statements ar$uin$ that the more one (elieves the doctrine o# reincarnation the more li+ely it induces the (eliever towards suicidal tendencies at some !oint in one2s li#e)H FTo our modern and !ractical mind the Druids o# ancient Britain and Gaul $ave even $reater testimony o# their (elie#) In the British *useum are recei!ts and other Druidic le$al remains !rovin$ that it was not uncommon #or these men to (orrow money on their !romise to re!ay in a #uture e4istence) FDr) 1e 3lon$eon #ound evidence o# a (elie# in reincarnation amon$ the *aya and Duiche Indians o# Central America) The (elie# is im!uted also to the Incas and other !eo!les o# the Andes in South America) FNew research ma+es it !ossi(le #or me to include in this edition a survey o# the (elie#s in reincarnation amon$ the American Indians) This is the #irst time that the Amerindian conce!ts have (een included in any (oo+ dealin$ with re(irth) Ce ho!e that at some #uture date it will (e !ossi(le to e4amine the cults o# Central A#rica amon$ which also there are vesti$es o# the doctrine))))J

The doctrine o# reincarnation en#orced (y 'arma is the most a(omina(le o# doctrines (ecause it ne$ates the need #or a Savior intervenin$ in (ehal# o# all man+ind in esta(lishin$ a 1aw o# *ercy which (oth satis#ies and transcends the claims o# eternal Nustice) Beincarnation there#ore is the most (asic o# all anti,Christ doctrines) It is the most !revalent element o# all #alse teachin$s and reli$ions) And it is a(solutely critically indis!ensa(le #or the mystery schools)

Reinc!rn!tion 8%ed to Hu%ti"4 Eliti%)0 O++re%%ion0 C!%te S4%te)%0 !nd Eugenic%
An adherent o# 3latonic !hiloso!hy and !ro!onent o# reincarnation made the #ollowin$ candid o(servation:
F3lato Gas well as 3ytha$oras and 3lotinusH (rid$ed the eternal and tem!oral realm #or the human throu$h the doctrine o# reincarnation)))) In G3lato2sH *yth o# %r the doctrine serves to demonstrate the need #or sel# control wisdom and Nust,action while u!on earth)))) &ltimately the myth as+s the reader to assume res!onsi(ility #or his-her !resent li#e) In an o!en society this doctrine can (e li(eratin$ to the !erson encounterin$ di##icult challen$es) It can also ins!ire the individual toward sel#,


actuali/ation and remove the constraints o# victimi/ation) FThe other direction the doctrine can ta+e is to le$itimi/e o!!ression Nusti#y the use o# ri$id caste systems and !revent an individual #rom ever (ecomin$ anythin$ more than what those in !ower choose to allow) In an o!!ressive society the doctrine o# reincarnation has demonstrated its use#ulness as ! dece+ti5e 2e!+on u%ed 34 t e ruling elite ) In G3lato2sH Be!u(lic the caste system is used #or such !ur!oses) The society is divided into three !rimary classes with their res!ective virtues) The wor+ers L artisans are to !ractice the virtues o# sel#,control :to do as they are told;) The au4iliaries are to #ollow the virtue o# coura$e) The $uardians mystics are an elite minority destined to em(race the virtue o# wisdom)J99

Cith a (it o# !onderin$ or even Nust ta+in$ a $lance at mystic discussion (oards it2s not di##icult to understand how 1uci#er convinces everyday !eo!le to (elieve in reincarnation: • FThe idea o# a Savior o# the world is ridiculous) Beality dictates that human !ro$ression is the !roduct o# hundreds o# cycles o# re(irths on this earth resultin$ in the necessary dolin$ out o# ade0uate rewards and !unishments)J • FYou are s!ecial) You are the collection o# hundreds o# !revious li#etimes) They are all you)J • FAs you can see #rom the 2memories2 and visions I2ve !lanted in your mind durin$ your hy!nosis-meditations you2ve had 0uite a Nourney)J Aowever when one either rises to or is (orn into a !osition o# !ower in#luence or a##luence the doctrine o# reincarnation (ecomes a hundred times more convincin$ and #ar more li+ely to (e !otentially insidious: • FIn one o# your !revious lives you were this im!ortant !erson) In another you were that im!ortant !erson) That is why you are (orn as you are < ri$ht here ri$ht now)J • FThere2s a reason you were (orn with $enius) Your talents are tremendous (ecause you2ve (een collectin$ them and im!rovin$ u!on them #or li#etimes) All those other mediocre !ersons < they2re still wor+s in !ro$ress) But you < you2re a master!iece)J • FYou are the dau$hter-son o# :so,and,so im!ortant !erson; (ecause you earned the ri$ht to (e so #rom your !revious incarnations)J • FYour !arents are initiates and leaders amon$ this mystery school (ecause they are e4tremely advanced souls) They are !ro$ressin$ in their illumination) Chat they (elieve and do is not hy!ocrisy it is destiny) You are destined to continue their $lorious wor+)J


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I • FAll other humans are lesser creatures < they2re (arely one or two li#etimes a(ove common cattle) They have so #ar to $o com!ared to you) You on the other hand you are a master in every way) Ta+e whatever license you wish < this is not 2indul$ence2 this is accumulated award) You2ve earned it)J • F"or an illumined (ein$ such as yoursel# who has advanced as #ar as you have you have the ri$ht to !ronounce and carry out Nud$ments u!on all lesser (ein$s and li#e #orms) Should you commit murder even mass murder understand that you are ma+in$ 'armically,acce!ta(le decisions) Those who die under your hand may curse you as they e4!ire (ut their soul will than+ you #or your #irm (enevolent 2!ush2 towards !ro$ressin$ into their ne4t round o# incarnation) • FYou must e4!un$e whatever natural moral reservations you may #eel and act #or the collective $ood o# humanity) A#ter all you are deliverin$ 'armically,determined !unishments or e4terminations to those who must (e !unished or are hesitant to !ro$ress) It is the di##icult role you were (orn #or < you have (een !ut here #or this !ur!ose) I# you #ail to act you are !uttin$ a wrench in the $ears o# eternal !ro$ress)J • FYou2ve almost made it) You2re almost there) I# you e4ecute your res!onsi(ilities admira(ly this will (e your last li#etime)J These +inds o# 1uci#eric,ori$inated whis!erin$s have (een mani#ested in the words and (elie#s o# (oth nota(le and notorious !rominent !eo!le o# history9= :see endnote95;: • FI +now I am deathless) No dou(t I have died mysel# ten thousand times (e#ore)J PCalt Chitman American !oet and Nournalist • FSo as throu$h a $lass and dar+ly the a$e lon$ stri#e I see Chere I #ou$ht in many $uises many names (ut always me)J PGeor$e S) 3atton American General • Na!oleon o#ten told his $enerals a(out his (elie# in reincarnation and o# his !revious lives) • FI could well ima$ine that I mi$ht have lived in #ormer centuries and there encountered 0uestions I was not yet a(le to answerI that I had (een (orn a$ain (ecause I had not #ul#illed the tas+ $iven to me)J P Carl .un$ Swiss !sychiatrist #ounder o# analytical !sycholo$y • MAs lon$ as you are not aware o# the continual law o# Die and Be A$ain you are merely a va$ue $uest on a dar+ %arth)M P.ohann Col#$an$ von Goethe in#luential German writer !hiloso!her • Aeinrich Aimmler the Beich 1eader o# Aitler2s dreaded SS (elieved he


THE GOSPEL 9S REINC&RN&TION &N( A&R*& was the reincarnation o# a medieval German em!eror) • Fin contrast to reincarnation and +arma all other views seem !etty and narrowJ PBichard Ca$ner German com!oser [email protected],[email protected]@5 • FS!ea+in$ as a Catholic GsoulsH do not !ass #rom (ody to (ody (ut $o to !aradise !ur$atory or hell) But I have reasoned dee!ly and s!ea+in$ as a !hiloso!her since the soul is not #ound without (ody and yet is not (ody it may (e in one (ody or in another and !ass #rom (ody to (ody)J PGiordano Bruno !hiloso!her 9>[email protected],9E66 • M1ive so that thou mayest desire to live a$ain < that is thy duty < #or in any case thou wilt live a$ainOM P"riedrich Niet/sche German !hiloso!her • FI am certain that I have (een here as I am now a thousand times (e#ore and I ho!e to return a thousand times)J PThomas Au4ley /oolo$ist and !hiloso!her [email protected]=>,[email protected]> • FThe conventional heaven with its an$els !er!etually sin$in$ etc nearly drove me mad in my youth and made me an atheist #or ten years) *y o!inion is that we shall (e reincarnated)J PDavid 1loyd Geor$e British 3rime *inister • F"or thirty years I have leaned toward the theory o# Beincarnation) It seems a most reasona(le !hiloso!hy and e4!lains many thin$s)))) Ce are here in li#e #or one !ur!osePto $et e4!erience) Ce are all $ettin$ it and we shall all use it somewhere)M PAenry "ord American industrialist • FAs we live throu$h thousands o# dreams in our !resent li#e so is our !resent li#e only one o# many thousands o# such lives which we enter #rom the other more real li#e and then return a#ter death) Our li#e is (ut one o# the dreams o# that more real li#e and so it is endlessly until the very last one the very real the li#e o# God)J P1eo Tolstoy in#luential Bussian author • FI have (een $rowin$ develo!in$ throu$h incalcula(le myriads o# millenniums) All my !revious selves have their voices echoes !rom!tin$s in me) Oh incalcula(le times a$ain shall I (e (orn)M P.ac+ 1ondon American author 3ro(a(ly the most tellin$ 0uote I2ve come across that summari/es the mindset o# the +arma-reincarnation a!olo$ist who critici/es !ost,a!ostolic :i)e) modern; Christianity2s narrow view o# non,!remortal sin$le (irth,sin$le death e4!erience is #rom Al(ert Schweit/er97:
FBeincarnation contains a most com#ortin$ e4!lanation o# reality (y means


o# which Indian thou$ht surmounts di##iculties which (a##le the thin+ers o# %uro!e)J

It F(a##les the Gtheolo$iansH o# %uro!eJ (ecause nearly every mention o# the conce!t o# the !re,mortal and !ost,mortal realms have (een lost or will#ully removed #rom canoni/ed Bi(lical records :this is covered in a later cha!ter;) Those which remain are va$ue) The Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints is the only church on the earth whose canoni/ed scri!tures contain the #ull doctrine o# eternal !ro$ression throu$h a sin$le mortal e4!erience than+s to the atonin$ sacri#ice o# .esus Christ)

9 The earth currently e4ists in a Telestial +in$dom) The (est o# the (est o# what the
earth has to o##er in its !resent state would (e the e0uivalent o# what those who inherit the Telestial 'in$dom will (e $ranted < which (y com!arison to the rewards o# the two hi$her +in$doms would (e the li$ht o# tiny stars com!ared to the li$ht o# the #ull moon or the li$ht o# the sun) "or an incredi(le theoretical treatise on what !hysically constitutes these +in$doms and where they are li+ely to (e !ositioned within the $ala4y I stron$ly recommend 1ynn *) Ailton2s #ascinatin$ (oo+ FThe 'olo( Theorem)J It is availa(le #or #ree distri(ution in 3D" #orm) I2ve included a co!y o# the 3D" in the su!!ortin$ material) As I intend my (oo+ to (e an eye,o!ener to the hidden thin$s o# dar+ness Dr) Ailton2s (oo+ is an eye,o!ener to the nature o# the $ala4y #rom an eternal !ers!ective as well as how and where these three +in$doms o# $lory #actor into it) I cannot recommend this (oo+ hi$hly enou$h)

= 9 Ne!hi 95:5= 5 Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Beincarnation 7 3aul2s #irst e!istle to the Corinthians < 9 Corinthians 95:9= > Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Samsara E FThe Buddhist no essences doctrine was (ased on the assum!tion that the (elie#
in such 2essences2 includin$ in !articular the (elie# in souls :as the essences o# our (odily and mental e4istences; is the root cause o# our im!risonment in samsara :i)e) our #undamental i$norance and su##erin$; so that its a(andonment would !ut us in nirvana :i)e) enli$hten and li(erate us;)J < Avi Sion 3h)D) :3hiloso!hy; 1o$ical and S!iritual B%"1%CTIONS Boo+ 7 Cha!ter 99 FThe Buddhist No,Soul TheoryJ :em!hasis added;

? FSna+es and 1adders ori$inated in India as !art o# a #amily o# dice (oard $ames
includin$ !achisi :!resent,day 1udo;) It was +nown as mo+sha !Atam or vai+untha!aali or !arama!ada so!aanam :the ladder to salvation;) The $ame made its way to %n$land and was sold as Sna+es and 1adders))) the (asic conce!t was introduced in the &nited States as Chutes and 1adders (y $ame !ioneer *ilton Bradley in 9875)))) GTHhe $ame was !o!ular in ancient India and em!hasi/ed the role o# #ate or +arma) A .ain version Gyan(a/i dates to the 9Eth


century) The $ame was called 1eela and re#lected the Ainduism consciousness surroundin$ everyday li#e) The underlyin$ ideals o# the $ame ins!ired a newer version to (e introduced in Victorian %n$land in [email protected]=)))) The num(er o# ladders was less than the num(er o# sna+es as a reminder that a !ath o# $ood is much more di##icult to tread than a !ath o# sins)J :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Sna+esVandV1adders; Be#er to the N!e$ ima$e #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: 98th Century India Sna+es and 1adders

@ Duoted #rom the (oo+ F%ternal 1ivesJ (y .) .) Dewey Cha!ter 9
:Source < htt!:--www)$reaterthin$s)com-..Dewey-%ternalV1ives-inde4)html;

8 Be#er to the !d# #ile in the su!!ortin$ material section: *anly 3 Aall Beincarnation
The Cycle o# NecessityVIntro

96 FAelena 3etrovna Blavats+y :Au$ust [email protected] < *ay [email protected]; was a theoso!hist writer
and traveler)))) Cell,+nown and controversial durin$ her li#e Blavats+y was in#luential on s!iritualism and related su(cultures: 2The western esoteric tradition has no more im!ortant #i$ure in modern times)2)))) In [email protected]?> Blavats+y to$ether with Colonel A) S) Olcott esta(lished the Theoso!hical Society)))) FOne o# the central !hiloso!hical tenets !romoted (y the Society was the com!le4 doctrine o# The Intelli$ent %volution o# All %4istence)))) Accordin$ to this view Aumanity2s evolution on %arth :and (eyond; is !art o# the overall Cosmic evolution) It is overseen (y a hidden S!iritual Aierarchy the so,called *asters o# the Ancient Cisdom whose u!!er echelons consist o# advanced s!iritual (ein$s) G%d) note: i)e) 1uci#er and his (anished minions des!erate to deceive and de#raud man+ind o# its divine ori$ins and eternal destiny)H FBlavats+y !ortrayed the Theoso!hical Society as (ein$ !art o# one o# many attem!ts throu$hout the millennia (y this hidden Aierarchy to $uide humanity < in concert with the overall Intelli$ent Cosmic %volutionary scheme < towards its ultimate immuta(le evolutionary o(Nective: the attainment o# !er#ection and the conscious willin$ !artici!ation in the evolutionary !rocess) G%d) note: i)e) im!lement the !lan which 1uci#er set #orth in the !re,e4istenceHJ :em!hasis added; :Sources < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Blavats+y and htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Theoso!hicalVSociety;

99 *ar+ Bancro#t *A 3lato2s Cosmolo$y L the *ystical %4!erience :Source <
htt!:--www)ens!ire!ress)com-writin$sVonVconsciousness-!latoVmysticalVe4!erien ce-!latoV mysticalVe4!erience)html;

9= Sources < htt!:--www)reverses!ins)com-#amous0uotes)htmlI
htt!:--www)ushmm)or$-wlc-en-article)!h!K*oduleIdW9666?76?I htt!:--+uria+on66)tri!od)com-reincarnation-+uria+onVreincarnationV!rominent)ht mI

95 %d) note: do not conclude that I am attem!tin$ to cast a shadow on some o#
these !eo!le or their contri(utions merely (ecause they (elieve in reincarnation) *any o# them I admire) I am listin$ them (ecause their words validate that des!ite the #act that some did wonder#ul wor+s in li#e they #ell !rey to


either wholeheartedly (elievin$ or em(racin$ as!ects o# this a(omina(le doctrine)

97 FAl(ert Schweit/er O* :97 .anuary [email protected]?> < 7 Se!tem(er 98E>; was a German and
then "rench theolo$ian or$anist !hiloso!her !hysician and medical missionary)))) Schweit/er a 1utheran challen$ed (oth the secular view o# .esus as de!icted (y historical,critical methodolo$y current at his time in certain academic circles as well as the traditional Christian view) Ae de!icted .esus as one who literally (elieved the end o# the world was comin$ in his own li#etime and (elieved himsel# to (e a world savior) Ae received the 98>= No(el 3eace 3ri/e #or his !hiloso!hy o# MBeverence #or 1i#eM)))) Schweit/er2s !assionate 0uest was to discover a universal ethical !hiloso!hy anchored in a universal reality and ma+e it directly availa(le to all o# humanity)J :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Al(ertVSchweit/er;



FGIHn the (i$ lie there is always a certain #orce o# credi(ilityI (ecause the (road masses o# a nation are always more easily corru!ted in the dee!er strata Gi)e) layersH o# their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarilyI and thus in the !rimitive sim!licity o# their minds they more readily #all victims to the (i$ lie than the small lie since they themselves o#ten tell small lies in little matters (ut would (e ashamed to resort to lar$e,scale #alsehoods) It would never come into their heads to #a(ricate colossal untruths and they would not (elieve that others could have the im!udence to distort the truth so in#amously) F%ven thou$h the #acts which !rove this to (e so may (e (rou$ht clearly to their minds t e4 2ill %till dou3t !nd 2!5er !nd 2ill continue to t in/ t !t t ere )!4 3e %o)e ot er e<+l!n!tion ) "or the $rossly im!udent lie always leaves traces (ehind it even a#ter it has (een nailed down a #act which is +nown to all e4!ert liars in this world and to all who cons!ire to$ether in the art o# lyin$)J
PAdol# Aitler *ein 'am!#9 vol) I ch) Z



El!3or!te (ece+tion Goe% ! Long0 Long -!4
"or the mystery schools dece!tion is 0uite !ossi(ly the most crucial o# tools utili/ed to $ain the honors o# men and the mastery over their #ollowers and the !u(lic) Dece!tion is o#ten used in conNunction with narcotics or !sychotro!ic dru$s to !roduce an overwhelmin$ly convincin$ e4!erience in the initiates and #ollowers o# mystery schools) It is critical to +ee! in mind that in ancient times sorcery re#erred to chemical e4!erimentation and !roduction :es!ecially mind,alterin$ ones; and a sorcerer was someone e4!ert in the creation and a!!lication o# such) In other words what we !ositively la(el as !harmaceuticals today would (e re#erred to as sorcery in times !ast) O# all the e4am!les o# dece!tion and !sycholo$ical mastery in ancient times !erha!s none were more outlandishly success#ul than that o# Aassan,i Sa((ah who #ounded the Order o# the Assassins) Assasseen :#rom which the %n$lish word assassin ori$inates; in Ara(ic si$ni#ies $uardians and is considered to (e the true ori$in o# the term $uardians o# the secrets)
FThe ori$ins o# the Assassins trace (ac+ to Nust (e#ore the "irst Crusade around [email protected])))) *ost sources dealin$ with the orderQs inner wor+in$ were destroyed with the ca!ture o# Alamut the Assassins2 head0uarters) Aowever it is !ossi(le to trace the (e$innin$s o# the cult (ac+ to its #irst Grandmaster Aassan,i Sa((ah) A !assionate (eliever o# the IsmaQili (elie#s Aassan,i Sa((ah was well li+ed throu$hout Cairo Syria and most o# the *iddle %ast (y other IsmaQili which led to a num(er o# !eo!le (ecomin$ his #ollowers) &sin$ his #ame and !o!ularity Sa((ah #ounded the Order o# the Assassins)= Today Isma2ilism is the second lar$est (ranch o# Shia Islam)J5

Another !ortion o# the 98E9 (oo+ A Aistory o# Secret Societies (y Ar+on Daraul :which as mentioned !reviously is a li+ely !seudonym #or Idries Shah; !resents an overview o# the history o# the Order o# the Assassins o# ancient 3ersia) I 0uote sections o# it here that !rimarily concern their #ounder Aassan,i Sa((ah :em!hasis added;)
FTwo men in the year 968= stood on the ram!arts o# a medieval castle P the %a$le2s Nest P !erched hi$h u!on the cra$s o# the 3ersian mountains: the !ersonal re!resentative o# the %m!eror Gwho at that time was *ali+ Shah the SelNu0 SultanH and the veiled #i$ure who claimed to (e the incarnation o# God on earth) Aassan son o# Sa((ah Shei+h o# the *ountains and leader o# the Assassins s!o+e: FYou see that devotee standin$ $uard on yonder turret,to!K CatchOJ Ae made a si$nal) FInstantly the white,ro(ed #i$ure threw u! his hands in salutation and


cast himsel# two thousand #eet into the #oamin$ torrent which surrounded the #ortress) FFI have seventy thousand men P and women P throu$hout Asia each one o# them ready to do my (iddin$) Can your master *ali+ Shah say the sameK And he as+s me to surrender to his soverei$ntyO This is your answer) GoOJ FSuch a scene may (e worthy o# the most e4a$$erated o# horror #ilms) And yet it too+ !lace in historical #act) The only 0ui((le made (y the chronicler o# the time was that Aassan2s devotees num(ered Fonly a(out #orty thousand)J Aow this man GAassan son o#H Sa((ah came (y his uncanny !ower and how his devotees struc+ terror into the hearts o# men #rom the Cas!ian to %$y!t is one o# the most e4traordinary o# all tales o# secret societies) Today the sect o# the Aashishin :dru$$ers; G%d) note: the ori$in o# the %n$lish word hashish which is !otently !rocessed canna(is or mariNuanaH still e4ists in the #orm o# the IsmaQilis :Ishmaelites; whose undis!uted chie# endowed (y them with divine attri(utes is the A$a 'han Gi)e) the hereditary title o# the Imam o# the lar$est (ranch o# the IsmaQili #ollowers o# the Shia #aithH)))) FAs a secret society the or$ani/ation o# the IsmaQilis))) was undou(tedly !ower#ul and seemed li+ely to !roduce a lar$e num(er o# devotees who would (lindly o(ey the orders o# whomever was in control o# the edi#ice) But as with other (odies o# this +ind there were severe limitations #rom the !oint o# view o# e##ectiveness)))) It was le#t to Aassan son o# Sa((ah the Old *an o# the *ountains to !er#ect the system o# the ailin$ secret society and #ound an or$ani/ation which has endured #or nearly another thousand years)))) FCho was AassanK Ae was the son o# a Shia :Ali,worshi!!er; in 'horasam a most (i$oted man who claimed that his ancestors were Ara(s #rom 'u#a) This assum!tion was !ro(a(ly due to the #act that such a linea$e (olstered u! claims to reli$ious im!ortance then as now amon$ *oslems)))) Ae had (een (rou$ht u! in the secret doctrines o# IsmaQilism and reco$ni/ed the !ossi(ilities o# !ower inherent in such a system) Ae +new that in Cairo there was a !ower#ul nucleus o# the society) And))) he already had a !lan where(y he could turn their #ollowers into disci!lined devoted #anatics willin$ to die #or a leader) FChat was this !lanK Ae had decided that it was not enou$h to !romise !aradise #ul#illment eternal Noy to !eo!le) Ae would actually show it to themI show it in the #orm o# an arti#icial !aradise where houris Gi)e) heavenly vir$inal maidens which are !romised to *uslim martyrsH !layed and #ountains $ushed sweet,scented waters where every sensual wish was $ranted amid (eauti#ul #lowers and $ilded !avilions) And this is what he eventually did) FAassan chose a hidden valley #or the site o# his !aradise descri(ed (y *arco 3olo who !assed this way in 9=?9 Gand descri(ed as thusH:


FFIn a (eauti#ul valley enclosed (etween two lo#ty mountains he had #ormed a lu4urious $arden stored with every delicious #ruit and every #ra$rant shru( that could (e !rocured) 3alaces o# various si/es and #orms were erected in di##erent !arts o# the $rounds ornamented with wor+s o# $old with !aintin$s and with #urniture o# rich sil+s) By means o# small conduits contained in these (uildin$s streams o# wine mil+ honey and some o# !ure water were seen to #low in every direction) FFThe inha(itants o# these !laces were ele$ant and (eauti#ul damsels accom!lished in the arts o# sin$in$ !layin$ u!on all sorts o# musical instruments dancin$ and es!ecially those o# dalliance Gi)e) #lirtationH and amorous allurement) Clothed in rich dresses they were seen continually s!ortin$ and amusin$ themselves in the $arden and !avilions their #emale $uardians (ein$ con#ined within doors and never allowed to a!!ear) FFThe o(Nect which the chie# had in view in #ormin$ a $arden o# this #ascinatin$ +ind was this: that *ahomet Gi)e) the !ro!het *ohammadH havin$ !romised to those who should o(ey his will the enNoyments o# 3aradise where every s!ecies o# sensual $rati#ication should (e #ound in the society o# (eauti#ul nym!hs he was desirous o# it (ein$ understood (y his #ollowers that he also was a !ro!het and a com!eer o# *ahomet and had the !ower o# admittin$ to 3aradise such as he should choose to #avor) In order that none without his license should #ind their way into this delicious valley he caused a stron$ and ine4!u$na(le Gi)e) uncon0uera(leH castle to (e erected at the o!enin$ to it throu$h which the entry was (y a secret !assa$e)J FAassan (e$an to attract youn$ men #rom the surroundin$ countryside (etween the a$es o# twelve and twenty: !articularly those whom he mar+ed out as !ossi(le material #or the !roduction o# +illers) %very day he held court a rece!tion at which he s!o+e o# the deli$hts o# 3aradise))) and at certain times he caused drou$hts o# so!ori#ic Gi)e) anestheticH nature to (e administered to ten or a do/en youths and when hal# dead with slee! he had them conveyed to the several !alaces and a!artments o# the $arden) &!on awa+enin$ #rom this state o# lethar$y their senses were struc+ (y all the deli$ht#ul o(Nects and each !erceivin$ himsel# surrounded (y lovely damsels sin$in$ !layin$ and attractin$ his re$ards (y the most #ascinatin$ caresses servin$ him also with delicious viands Gi)e) dishes o# #oodH and e40uisite wines until into4icated with e4cess and enNoyment amidst actual rivers o# mil+ and wine he (elieved himsel# assuredly in 3aradise and #elt an unwillin$ness to relin0uish its deli$hts) FChen #our or #ive days had thus (een !assed they were thrown once more into a state o# somnolency Gi)e) dee! drowsinessH and carried out o# the $arden) &!on (ein$ carried to GAassan2sH !resence and 0uestioned (y him as to where they had (een their answer was Fin 3aradise throu$h


the #avor o# your hi$hnessJI and then (e#ore the whole court who listened to them with ea$er astonishment and curiosity they $ave a circumstantial account o# the scenes to which they had (een witnesses ) The chie# thereu!on addressin$ them said: FCe have the assurance o# our 3ro!het that he who de#ends his 1ord shall inherit 3aradise and i# you show yourselves Gi)e) !roveH to (e devoted to the o(edience o# my orders that ha!!y lot awaits you)J FSuicide was at #irst attem!ted (y some Gthin+in$ that in dyin$ they would return to that illusionary !aradiseHI (ut the survivors were told that only death in the o(edience o# Aassan2s orders could $ive the 'ey to 3aradise ) In the eleventh century it was not only credulous 3ersian !easants who would have (elieved such thin$s were true) %ven amon$ more so!histicated !eo!le the reality o# the $ardens and houris o# !aradise were com!letely acce!ted) True a $ood many Su#is !reached that the $arden was alle$orical P (ut that still le#t more than a #ew !eo!le who (elieved that they could trust the evidence o# their senses)))) FThe ancient Gte4tH Art o# Im!osture (y A(del,Bahman o# Damascus $ives away another tric+ o# Aassan2s) Ae had a dee! narrow !it sun+ into the #loor o# his audience,cham(er) One o# his disci!les stood in this in such a way that his head and nec+ alone were visi(le a(ove the #loor) Around the nec+ was !laced a circular dish in two !ieces which #itted to$ether with a hole in the middle) This $ave the im!ression that there was a severed head on a metal !late standin$ on the #loor) In order to ma+e the scene more !lausi(le :i# that is the word; Aassan had some #resh (lood !oured around the head on the !late) FBecruits were (rou$ht in) FTell them J commanded the chie# Fwhat thou hast seen)J The disci!le descri(ed the deli$hts o# 3aradise) FYou have seen the head o# a man who died whom you all +new) I have reanimated him to s!ea+ with his own ton$ue)J 1ater the Gdisci!le2sH head was treacherously severed in real earnest and stuc+ #or some time somewhere that the #aith#ul would see it) The e##ect o# this conNurin$ tric+ !lus murder increased the enthusiasm #or martyrdom to the re0uired de$ree) FThere are many documented instances o# the rec+lessness o# the #idayeen :devotees; o# the Ismailis one witness (ein$ a Cesterner who was treated a century later to a similar s!ectacle to that which had a!!alled the envoy o# *ali+ Shah) Aenry Count o# Cham!a$ne re!orts that he was travelin$ in 9987 throu$h Ismaili territory) The chie# sent some !ersons to salute him and (e$ that on his return he would sto! at and !arta+e o# the hos!itality o# the castle) The Count acce!ted the invitation) As he returned the Dai,el,'e(ir :Great *issionary; advanced to meet him showed him every mar+ o# honour and let him view his castle and #ortresses) Aavin$ !assed throu$h several they came at len$th to one o# the towers which rose to an e4ceedin$ hei$ht) On each tower stood two sentinels clad in white) 2These 2 said the Chie# !ointin$ to them 2 o(ey me #ar (etter than the su(Nects o# our Christians o(ey their lords I2 and at a $iven si$nal two


o# them #lun$ themselves down and were dashed to !ieces) 2I# you wish 2 said he to the astonished Count 2all my white ones shall do the same)2 The (enevolent Count shran+ #rom the !ro!osal and candidly avowed that no Christian !rince could !resume to loo+ #or such o(edience #rom his su(Nects) Chen he was de!artin$ with many valua(le !resents the Chie# said to him meanin$ly 2By means o# these trusty servants I $et rid o# the enemies o# our society)2J

(ece+tion Co)3ined -it P%4c ologic!l Conditioning En%ure% Per"ect Lo4!lt4
F"lattery: This is the #irst secret o# mass mind control and can (e o(served as the #oundation stone o# virtually every #alse reli$ion !arty cult !hiloso!hy system and trainin$) Aow can modern man #ree himsel# when))) arro$ant hy!no!atsies have (een told (y their masters they are FDemi,$ods J and demi,$ods are never deceived or distractedK They are too smartOJ
< *ichael Allen Ao##man II7 Calculated ostentatious illusions alone were not enou$h to $enerate /ealots o# this level o# #anatic devotion) The Order o# the Assassins com(ined this tactic with the !sycholo$ical conditionin$ :or (rainwashin$; techni0ues o# the mystery school it s!ran$ #rom the Shi2ites :or Shias;) > Aimsel# havin$ (een raised a Shia Aassan well understood the +ind o# conditionin$ which would (e re0uired o# his recruits in order that his dece!tions could $uarantee !er#ect even Noy#ul loyalty) Daraul :or Shah; details Shia conditionin$ as #ollows :em!hasis added;:
FIt must (e remem(ered that the #ollowers o# Islam in the seventh century A)D) s!lit into two divisions: the orthodo4 who re$ard *ohammed as the (rin$er o# divine ins!irationI and the Shias who consider that Ali his successor the "ourth Imam :leader; was more im!ortant) It is with the Shias that we are concerned here) F"rom the (e$innin$ o# the s!lit in the early days o# Islam the Shias relied #or survival u!on secrecy or$ani/ation and initiation) Althou$h the minority !arty in Islam they (elieved that they could overcome the maNority :and eventually the whole world; (y su!erior or$ani/ation and !ower) To this end they started a num(er o# societies which !ractised secret rites in which the !ersonality o# Ali was worshi!!ed and whose ran+ and #ile were trained to stru$$le a(ove all #or the accom!lishment o# world dominion ) FOne o# the most success#ul secret societies which the Shias #ounded was


centred around the A(ode o# 1earnin$ in Cairo which was the trainin$, $round #or #anatics who were conditioned (y the most cunnin$ methods to (elieve in a s!ecial divine mission) In order to do this the ori$inal democratic Islamic ideas had to (e overcome (y s+illed teachers actin$ under the orders o# the Cali!h o# the "atimites who ruled %$y!t at that time) F*em(ers were enrolled on the understandin$ that they were to receive hidden !ower and timeless wisdom which would ena(le them to (ecome as im!ortant in li#e as some o# the teachers) And the Cali!h saw to it that the instructors were no ordinary men) The su!reme Nud$e was one o# themI another was the commander,in,chie# o# the armyI a third the minister o# the Court) There was no lac+ o# a!!licants) In any country where the hi$hest o##icials o# the realm #ormed a (ody o# teachers one would #ind the same thin$) FClasses were divided into study $rou!s some com!osed o# men others o# women collectively termed Assem(lies o# Cisdom) All lessons were care#ully !re!ared written down and su(mitted to the Cali!h #or his seal) At the end o# the lecture all !resent +issed the seal: #or did the Cali!h not claim direct descent #rom *ohammed throu$h his son,in,law Ali and thence #rom Ismail the seventh ImamK Ae was the em(odiment o# divinity #ar more than any Ti(etan lama ever was) FThe university lavishly endowed and !ossessin$ the (est manuscri!ts and scienti#ic instruments availa(le received a $rant o# a 0uarter o# a million $old !ieces annually #rom the Cali!h) Its e4ternal #orm was similar to the !attern o# the ancient Ara( universities not much di##erent #rom O4#ord) But its real !ur!ose was the com!lete trans#ormation o# the mind o# the student) G%d) note: And e4actly how is that di##erent #rom O4#ordKH FStudents had to !ass throu$h nine de$rees o# initiation) In the #irst the teachers threw their !u!ils into a state o# dou(t a(out all conventional ideas reli$ious and !olitical) They used #alse analo$y and every other device o# ar$ument to ma+e the as!irant (elieve that what he had (een tau$ht (y his !revious mentors was !reNudiced and ca!a(le o# (ein$ challen$ed) The e##ect o# this accordin$ to the Ara( historian *a+ri/i was to cause him to lean u!on the !ersonality o# the teachers as the only !ossi(le source o# the !ro!er inter!retation o# #acts ) At the same time the teachers hinted continually that #ormal +nowled$e was merely the cloa+ #or hidden inner and !ower#ul truth whose secret would (e im!arted when the youth was ready to receive it) This 2con#usion techni0ue2 was carried out until the student reached the sta$e where he was !re!ared to swear a vow o# (lind alle$iance to one or other o# his teachers) FThis oath to$ether with certain secret si$ns was administered in due course and the candidate awarded the #irst de$ree o# initiation) The second de$ree too+ the #orm o# initiation into the #act that the Imams :successors o# *ohammed; were the true and only sources o# secret +nowled$e and !ower) Imams ins!ired the teachers) There#ore the student


was to ac+nowled$e every sayin$ and act o# his a!!ointed $uides as (lessed and divinely ins!ired) In the third de$ree the esoteric names o# the Seven Imams were revealed and the secret words (y which they could (e conNured and (y which the !owers inherent in the very re!etition o# their names could (e li(erated and used #or the individual es!ecially in the service o# the sect) FIn the #ourth de$ree the succession o# the Seven *ystical 1aw,$ivers and ma$ical !ersonalities was $iven to the learner) These were characteri/ed as Adam Noah A(raham *oses .esus *ohammed and Ismail) There were seven mystical 2hel!ers2: Seth Shem Ishmael Aaron Simon Ali and *ohammed the son o# Ismail) This last was dead (ut he had a mysterious de!uty who was the 1ord o# the Time: authori/ed to $ive his instructions to the 3eo!le o# Truth as the Ismailis called themselves) This hidden #i$ure $ave the Cali!h the !ower to !retend that he was actin$ under even hi$her instructions) FThe #i#th de$ree named twelve a!ostles under the seven !ro!hets whose names and #unctions and ma$ical !owers were descri(ed) In this de$ree the !ower to in#luence others (y means o# !ersonal concentration was su!!osed to (e tau$ht) One writer claims that this was done merely (y the re!etition #or a !eriod o# three years to train the mind o# the ma$ical word A',SABT,I) FTo o(tain the si4th de$ree involved instruction in the methods o# analytical and destructive ar$ument in which the !ostulant had to !ass a sti## e4amination) The seventh de$ree (rou$ht revelation o# the Great Secret: that all humanity and all creation were one and every sin$le thin$ was !art o# the whole which included the creative and destructive !ower) But as an Ismaili the individual could ma+e use o# the !ower which was ready to (e awa+ened within him and overcome those who +new nothin$ o# the immense !otential o# the rest o# humanity) This !ower came throu$h the aid o# mysterious !ower called the 1ord o# the Time) FTo 0uali#y #or the ei$hth de$ree the as!irant had to (elieve that all reli$ion !hiloso!hy and the li+e were #raudulent ) All that mattered was the individual who could attain #ul#illment only throu$h servitude to the $reatest develo!ed !ower < the Imam) The ninth and last de$ree (rou$ht the revelation o# the secret that there was no such thin$ as (elie#: all that mattered was action) And the only !ossessor o# the reasons #or carryin$ out any action was the chie# o# the sect)J

In creatin$ the Order o# the Assassins Aassan develo!ed his own structure o# e4!ert conditionin$ (ased u!on Shia trainin$) The author discusses how this was accom!lished :em!hasis added;:
FThe Or$ani/ation o# the GAssassinsH Order under Aassan called #or *issionaries "riends who were disci!les and "idavis devotees) The last $rou! had (een added (y Aassan to the IsmaQili ori$inal and these were the trained +illers) "idavis wore white with a $irdle ca! or (oots o# red) In


addition to care#ul coachin$ in where and when to !lace the da$$er in the victim2s (osom they were trained in such thin$s as lan$ua$es the dress and manners o# mon+s merchants and soldiers any o# whom they were ready to im!ersonate in carryin$ out their missions ) FThe chie# Go# the OrderH was +nown as Sayedna :Our 3rince 1eader; and !o!ularly :(ecause o# the mountain stron$hold o# Alamut; as the Shei+h o# the *ountain) Ae is the #i$ure re#erred to in Crusaders2 writin$s as 2Sydney2 or 2Sene4 de *onte2 the #irst word (ein$ a literal translation o# the word 23ir2: 3ersian #or Ancient or Sa$e) There were three Great *issionaries who ruled three territories) A#ter the "riends and "idavis came the 1a/i+s as!irants who were (ein$ trained #or mem(ershi! o# the society (ut were as yet uninitiated) FAassan reduced the ori$inal num(er o# de$rees o# initiation Go# this Order o# the AssassinsH #rom nine to the mystical num(er o# seven) A similar num(er o# re$ulations #ormed the rules o# the Order) This in #act com!rised the wor+in$ !lan o# the s!readin$ o# the "aith) The "irst Bule was that the *issionary must +now human !sycholo$y in such a way as to (e a(le to select suita(le !eo!le #or admission to the cultI and was summed u! in the mnemonic: hCast no seeds u!on roc+sQ) The second rule o# !rocedure was the a!!lication o# #lattery and $ainin$ the con#idence o# the !ros!ective mem(er) FThird came the castin$ o# dou(t into the mind (y su!erior +nowled$e) "ourthly the teacher must a!!ly an oath to the student never to (etray any o# the 2truths2 which were to (e revealed to him) Now he was told as the #i#th sta$e that IsmaQilism was a !ower#ul secret or$ani/ation su!!orted (y some o# the most im!ortant #i$ures o# the time) A#ter this the as!irant was 0uestioned and studied to discover whether he had a(sor(ed the o!inions o# the teacher and attached himsel# su##iciently into a !osition o# de!endence u!on his ideas) At this sta$e he was as+ed to meditate u!on the meanin$ o# the re!orted sayin$ o# the !ro!het that F3aradise lies in the shadow o# swords)J In the #inal de$ree many di##icult !assa$es o# the 'oran were e4!lained in terms o# alle$ory) FAow is it that the rules o# this e4traordinarily success#ul Order are +nown in such detailK It so ha!!ened that when the *on$ols eventually overthrew Alamut (y #orce o# arms their chie# Aala+u :2Destruction2; 'han as+ed his chie# minister to e4amine their li(rary) This most learned man 2"ather o# 'in$s2 .awani later wrote a care#ul (oo+ in which he detailed the or$ani/ation o# the Assassins whose name he attri(uted to the use o# the dru$ Aashish which they were said to use in stu!e#yin$ candidates #or the e!hemeral visit to 2!aradise2) FIt is !ossi(le that recruits were made in another way than (y selectin$ $ulli(le #ully $rown youths) 1e$end has it that Aassan once master o# Alamut used to (uy unwanted children #rom their !arents and train them in im!licit o(edience and with the sole desire to die in his service))))


FThe #anaticism which ins!ired the +illers was shared it seems (y other mem(ers o# their #amilies who had (een thorou$hly trained in the (loody creed: #or the historian 'amal,ed,Din relates FOn this occasion when the mother o# one o# the youths who attem!ted G3rince o# *osulH A+sun+ur2s li#e heard that he had (een slain she !ainted her #ace and donned the $ayest raiment and ornaments reNoicin$ that her son had (een #ound worthy to die the $lorious death o# a martyr in the cause o# the Imam) But when she saw him return alive and unscathed she cut o## her hair and (lac+ened her countenance and would not (e com#orted)JJ

The e4tent to which Aassan utili/ed dece!tion and !sycholo$ical conditionin$ is not only astoundin$ (ut also dee!ly so(erin$) Chen one !onders what Aassan was a(le to accom!lish nearly a thousand years a$o with now,archaic science and technolo$y the rami#ications and im!lications o# what has (een achieva(le to the modern mystery schools < es!ecially when #actorin$ the technolo$y and science that has (een develo!ed and availa(le to the most !ower#ul nations #or over a century < ou$ht to (e dee!ly disconcertin$ and worth the time and e##ort #or every #irm (eliever in Christ to !ersonally !onder) Don2t allow yoursel# to retreat into a #alse sense o# security and ma+e the assum!tion that such monstrous dece!tion and !sycholo$ical conditionin$ is merely a!!lica(le to sects o# Islam) FSure I can totally see those violent #anatic *uslims (ein$ suc+ered li+e that < (ut not me) Not Christians) Not *ormons) Not Americans) No wayOJ
FGThe 1atter,Day SaintsH are a warli+e !eo!le easily distracted #rom our assi$nment o# !re!arin$ #or the comin$ o# the 1ord) Chen enemies rise u! we commit vast resources to the #a(rication o# $ods o# stone and steel P shi!s !lanes missiles #orti#ications P and de!end on them #or !rotection and deliverance) Chen threatened we (ecome anti,enemy instead o# !ro,+in$dom o# GodI we train a man in the art o# war and call him a !atriot thus in the manner o# SatanQs counter#eit o# true !atriotism !ervertin$ the SaviorQs teachin$: F1ove your enemies (less them that curse you do $ood to them that hate you and !ray #or them which des!ite#ully use you and !ersecute youI That ye may (e the children o# your "ather which is in heavenJ :*atthew >:77,7>;) FCe #or$et that i# we are ri$hteous the 1ord will either not su##er our enemies to come u!on us P and this is the s!ecial !romise to the inha(itants o# the land o# the Americas :see = Ne!hi 9:?; P or he will #i$ht our (attles #or us :%4odus 97:97I DLC [email protected]:5? to name only two re#erences o# many;) This he is a(le to do #or as he said at the time o# his (etrayal 2Thin+est thou that I cannot now !ray to my "ather and he shall !resently $ive me more than twelve le$ions o# an$elsK2 :*atthew =E:>5;) Ce can ima$ine what #earsome soldiers they would (e) FChat are we to #ear when the 1ord is with usK Can we not ta+e the 1ord


at his word and e4ercise a !article o# #aith in himK Our assi$nment is a##irmative: to #orsa+e the thin$s o# the world as ends in themselvesI to leave o## idolatry and !ress #orward in #aithI to carry the $os!el to our enemies that they mi$ht no lon$er (e our enemies)J < 3resident o# the 1DS Church S!encer C) 'im(allE

Aingdo)% O5ert ro2n !nd O3t!ined Pri)!ril4 T roug In"iltr!tion
The author then $oes on to summari/e what Aassan and his successors were a(le to achieve in em!loyin$ this terri#yin$ a!!aratus o# #anaticism :em!hasis added;:
FGTHhe entire loyalty o# the IsmaQilis under Gthe OrderH had (een trans#erred #rom the Cali!h Gin %$y!tH to the !ersonality o# the Shei+h o# the *ountain who (ecame the terror o# every !rince in that !art o# Asia the Crusader chie#s included) Des!ite and des!isin$ #ati$ues dan$ers and tortures the Assassins Noy#ully $ave their lives whenever it !leased the $reat master who re0uired them either to !rotect himsel# or to carry out his mandates o# death) The victim havin$ (een !ointed out the #aith#ul clothed in a white tunic with a red sash the colors o# innocence and (lood went on their mission without (ein$ deterred (y distance or dan$er) Aavin$ #ound the !erson they sou$ht they awaited the #avora(le moment #or slayin$ him and their da$$ers seldom missed their aim) FBichard the 1ionheart was at one time accused o# havin$ as+ed the 21ord o# the *ountain2 to have Conrad o# *ont#errat +illedI a !lot which was carried out thus: Two assassins allowed themselves to (e (a!ti/ed and !lacin$ themselves (eside him seemed intent only on !rayin$) But the #avora(le o!!ortunity !resented itsel#I they sta((ed him and one too+ re#u$e in the church) But hearin$ that the !rince had (een carried o## still alive he a$ain #orced himsel# into *ont#errat2s !resence and sta((ed him a second timeI and then e4!ired without a com!laint amidst re#ined tortures) The Order o# the Assassins had !er#ected their method o# securin$ the loyalty o# human (ein$s to an e4tent and on a scale which has seldom (een !aralleled)))) FThe Assassins carried on GinH (attle on two #ronts) They #ou$ht whichever side in the Crusades served their !ur!oses Gi)e) sometimes they #ou$ht alon$side the 'ni$hts Tem!lar sometimes they #ou$ht a$ainst themH) At the same time they continued the stru$$le a$ainst the 3ersians) The son and successor o# Ni/am,ul,*ul+ was laid low (y an Assassin da$$er) The Sultan who had succeeded his #ather *ali+ Shah and $ained !ower over most o# his territories was marchin$ a$ainst them) One mornin$ however he awo+e with an Assassin wea!on stuc+ neatly into the $round near his head) Cithin it was a note warnin$ him to call o## the !ro!osed sie$e o#

[email protected]

Alamut) Ae came to terms with the Assassins !ower#ul ruler thou$h he undou(tedly was) The Assassins eventually had what amounted to a #ree hand in e4chan$e #or a !act (y which they !romised to reduce their military !ower) FAassan lived #or thirty,#our years a#ter his ac0uisition o# Alamut) On only two occasions since then had he even le#t his roomI yet he ruled an invisi(le em!ire as $reat and as #earsome as any man (e#orePor since) Ae seemed to reali/e that death was almost u!on him and calmly (e$an to ma+e !lans #or the !er!etual continuance o# the Order o# the Assassins) G%d) note: It is hi$hly li+ely that this or$ani/ation remains in some #orm o# e4istence today merely havin$ ada!ted and-or mer$ed and melded with other sects o# mystery schools)H FThe ruler o# one the most terri#yin$ or$ani/ations the world has ever +nown was without a lineal successor) Ae had had (oth o# his sons +illed: one #or carryin$ out an unauthori/ed murder the other #or drin+in$ wineI certainly a case o# Fdo as I say not as I doJ) Ae called his two most trusted lieutenants #rom the stron$holds which they maintained on his (ehal#: 'ia Bu/ur$,&mid :'ia o# Great 3romise; and A(u,Ali o# Daswin) 'ia was to inherit the s!iritual and mystical as!ect while A(u,Ali attended to the military and administrative a##airs o# the Order) It is said that Aassan,i Sa((ah died almost immediately a#terwards in 99=7 at ninety years o# a$eI havin$ $iven the world a new word: assassin) FBu/ur$,&mid the second Grand *aster maintained the !ower o# the Assassins on much the same !attern: (uildin$ new #orts $ainin$ #resh converts terrori/in$ those whom he did not want to have +illed and usin$ them to #urther his desi$n o# world con0uest) Sultan SanNar o# 3ersia in s!ite o# several e4!editions a$ainst the Vi!er2s Nest as Alamut was now (ein$ called could do little a(out him) G%d) note: Vi!er2s Nest was the dero$atory term $iven (y the Assassins2 enemies) The Assassins themselves called it the %a$le2s Nest)H Am(assadors on each side were slainI a nota(le reli$ious leader was ca!tured (y the Assassins $iven a moc+ trial and #lun$ into a #urnace) The Grand *aster at this time seldom !ut on the #ield more than two thousand men at a time: (ut it must (e remem(ered that they were +illers actin$ under an iron disci!line and more than a match #or any or$ani/ed army that they mi$ht ever have to #ace) Now the Order (e$an to s!read in Syria where the continued contact with the G'ni$hts Tem!larH Crusaders was esta(lished) FThe warriors o# the Cross Gi)e) Tem!larsH were in #airly e##ective control o# an area e4tendin$ #rom the %$y!tian (order to Armenia in the north) Bahram a 3ersian leader o# the Assassin cult #rom Astra(ad $ained control o# a mi$hty #ortress in Syria in the re$ion +nown as the Valley o# Demons :Cadi,el,.an; and #rom there s!read out #rom one #ort to another) The Grand 3rior Bahram now moved to an even more su(stantial #orti#ied !lace *assyat) Bahram2s successor Ismail the 1ash,Bearer !lanted a trained devotee on the saintly Vi/ier o# Ba$hdad into whose


con#idence he wor+ed his way to such an e4tent that this Assassin now GironicallyH called the 2"ather o# Trust2 was actually made Grand .ud$e o# Ba$hdad) FThe Crusaders had (y now (een a(out thirty years in the Aoly 1and and the Assassins decided that they could use#ully #orm an alliance with them aimed a$ainst Ba$hdad) G%d) note: There is considera(le evidence that durin$ their !acts and treaties with the 'ni$hts Tem!lar that many :i# not most; o# the 'ni$hts Tem!lar were initiated into the Assassins2 *ysteries < and then later esta(lished mystery schools (ac+ in %uro!e)H A secret treaty was there#ore made (etween the Grand *aster and Baldwin II 'in$ o# .erusalem where(y the IsmaQili Grand .ud$e would have o!ened the $ates o# Ba$hdad treacherously to the Crusaders i# the #orti#ied city o# Tyre were handed over to the Assassins #or their !art in the transaction) FAs with most !lans somethin$ went wron$) The Nud$e had ordered an underlin$ to o!en the city2s $ates) This servant had told the military commander o# Damascus who lost no time in +illin$ the man the Vi/ier and si4 thousand !eo!le (elieved to (e secret Assassins within the city) The Damascus $arrison #ell u!on the Crusaders and (eat them (ac+ in a thunderstorm which the Christian warriors attri(uted to divine an$er at their unworthy !act and the Assassins as an attem!t (y the !owers o# Nature to allow the Crusaders into the city under its cover) F*eanwhile the Grand *aster was indul$in$ in an Gonslau$htH o# destruction o# individual rulers who o!!osed his creedI the list is intermina(le (ut this is a #air e4am!le: FThe cele(rated A+sun+ur 3rince o# *osul was a warrior e0ually dreaded (y the Christians and the Assassins) As this 3rince on his return #rom *a2ara *asrin where the *oslem and Christian hosts had !arted without venturin$ to en$a$e entered the *os0ue at *osul to !er#orm his devotions he was attac+ed at the moment when he was a(out to ta+e his usual seat (y ei$ht Assassins dis$uised as dervishes) Three o# them #ell (elow the (lows o# the valiant %mirI (ut ere his !eo!le could come to his aid he had received his death, wound and e4!ired)J FThin$s thus continued #or the #ourteen years and a 0uarter o# the Second Grand *aster2s rule) Chen he died he nominated his son 'ia *ohammed as his successor) &nder *ohammed the +illin$s continued a !art o# the sea,coast o# 3alestine came into Assassin hands and the cult leaders rea##irmed their overt (elie# in orthodo4 Islam ) In +u3lic0 I%)[email protected]% 2ere ordin!r4 *o%le)%6 t e %ecret doctrine o" t e di5inel4 guided le!der 2!% not to 3e di%cu%%ed 2it t e uniniti!ted7 J

This is (ut a sam!lin$ o# the accounts o# what was carried out and what was achieved (y this relatively small (ut e4tremely in#luential secret society +now as the Order o# the Assassins) Their num(ers were not $reat yet their dan$erously s+illed initiates were e4!erts at in#iltratin$ (lendin$ and advancin$ themselves throu$hout the Islamic world2s most !ower#ul


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I institutions < and note that they !layed (oth sides o# any con#lict mani!ulatin$ either !arty towards whatever end would (est suit their $oals) Cith this understandin$ o# how such dece!tion and conditionin$ is utili/ed (y the ancient mystery schools I recommend the reader read the entire Boo+ o# Alma in The Boo+ o# *ormon) "or 1DS readers who have read it (e#ore much o# it will ta+e on an entirely new dimension) "or Christian or 1DS readers who have not yet read it you2re in #or an astoundin$ treat) 9 .ames *ur!hy2s translation :em!hasis added; = Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Assassins 5 Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Ismailism 7 Duoted #rom his (oo+ Secret Societies and 3sycholo$ical Car#are !u(lished in

> FShia Islam is the second lar$est denomination o# Islam) Adherents o# Shia Islam
are called Shi2is Shi2ites or Shias)))) 1i+e other schools o# thou$ht in Islam Shia Islam is (ased on the teachin$s o# the Duran and the messa$e o# the Islamic !ro!het *uhammad) In contrast to other schools o# thou$ht the Shia (elieve that only God has the ri$ht to choose a re!resentative to sa#e$uard Islam the Duran and sharia :(ased u!on verses in the Duran which sti!ulate this accordin$ to the Shia;) "or this reason the Shias loo+ to Ali whom they consider divinely a!!ointed as the ri$ht#ul successor to *uhammad and the #irst imam) The Shia (elieve that there are numerous narrations where *uhammad selected Ali as his successor)))) FAlthou$h there were several Shia (ranches throu$h history modern Shia Islam is divided into three main (ranches) The lar$est Shia sect in the early =9st century is the Ithna ashariyya commonly re#erred to in %n$lish as the Twelvers while smaller (ranches include the Ismaili and Saidi)J :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Shi2ah;

E .une 98?E "irst 3residency *essa$e The "alse Gods Ce Corshi! :em!hasis
added; Source worshi!Klan$Wen$ < htt!:--www)lds)or$-ensi$n-98?E-6E-the,#alse,$ods,we,




T e One 8n+!rdon!3le Cri)e In & *!%on I% (i%o3edience
In [email protected]@= a (oo+ was !u(lished (y a Dr) Carren Groves called FIn The CoilsI or The Comin$ Con#lict)J *uch o# the (oo+ consists o# Dr) Groves2s !ersonal recollections and letters that he has written) One s!eci#ic letter that he !rints within the (oo+ has a $reat deal o# si$ni#icance) This letter is re!roduced in its entirety e4actly as it reads in the ori$inal includin$ all em!hasis !arenthesis (rac+ets etc) I re#rain #rom interNectin$ with comments or notes) Commentary #ollows)
BBANDON *ay [email protected] [email protected]<) *y Dear "riend: < I have delayed a re!ly to your note in order that I mi$ht (e a(le to answer (oth your 0uestions #ully and with some de$ree o# certainty) I am $lad to (e a(le to say that I am !ersonally ac0uainted with your ne!hew and that I hi$hly esteem him) I have consulted several in#luential men in our villa$e and we all a$ree in our o!inion o# Bates and his !ros!ects in this !recinct) So I can answer (oth o# your 0uestions to$ether and use the !lural MweM and Mour M instead o# showin$ you mine o!inion alone) Ce (elieve Bates to (e the (est candidate in the #ield as yet and it is !ossi(le that he will have our hearty su!!ort) Ce are not alto$ether satis#ied with any o# our candidatesI (ut we do not e4!ect to #ind one that will suit us in every !articular) Ce may consistently su!!ort a !erson and yet have some o(Nection to him) So in re$ard to Bates) Ce have one serious o(Nection to him (ut whether that will (e in


our way o# su!!ortin$ him de!ends on circumstances) I su!!ose you want a !lain statement o# the whole matter rather than any uncertain and #latterin$ !romises and I will not (e +e!t (ac+ (y #ear o# o##endin$ you or (y a desire #or o##ice or !o!ularity #rom statin$ clearly our o(Nection to Bates and the circumstances in which he may !ro(a(ly e4!ect our su!!ort) Ce do not o(Nect to his a(ilities moral character re!u(licanism relatives or $eneral #itness #or the !lace) Ce a!!reciate him #or all these) Our only o(Nection to him is that (y certain and numerous oaths which he considers (indin$ :we do not however ; he has !led$ed his su!!ort to a mono!oly which is more !ower#ul and dan$erous than those which he !ro#esses to o!!ose and has sworn his alle$iance to a $overnment which claims su!remacy over all other authority whether o# church or state) In a word as we are in#ormed *r) Bates is a "reemason) Now we +now that everyone who enters the lod$e swears Mto su!!ort the constitution o# the Grand 1od$e o# the state and to con#orm to the laws o# any lod$e o# which he shall (e a mem(er and also to o(ey all re$ular si$ns summons or to+ens #rom any *ason or (ody o# *asons)M Now whatever he may (e told (e#ore ta+in$ this oath a#ter he does so he is tau$ht that the authority o# the lod$e is a(solute the covenant is irrevoca(le and its o(li$ations are su!reme) In General Ahiman Be/onI or "reemason2s Guide we read: MThe candidate enterin$ the lod$e is on the !oint o# (indin$ himsel# voluntarily a(solutely and without reservation #orever)M Ce((2s *onitor says: MThe covenant is irrevoca(le) %ven thou$h a *ason may (e sus!ended or e4!elled thou$h he may withdraw #rom the lod$e Nourney into countries where *asons cannot (e #ound or (ecome a su(Nect o# des!otic $overnments that !ersecute or a communicant o# (i$oted churches that denounce *asonry he cannot cast o## or nulli#y his *asonic covenant) No law o# the land can a##ect itI no anathema o# the church can wea+en it) It is irrevoca(le)M A$ain this same *asonic author says: MThe #irst duty o# the reader o# this syno!sis is to o(ey the edicts o# this Grand 1od$e) Bi$ht or wron$ his very e4istence as a *ason han$s u!on o(edience to the !ower immediately set a(ove him) "ailure in this must in#alli(ly (rin$ down e4!ulsion which as a *asonic death ends all) The one un!ardona(le crime in a *ason is contumacy or diso(edience)M


Althou$h it ta+es much s!ace in my letter let me $ive you more testimony with the names o# the witnesses who are all eminent mem(ers o# the order and hi$h in authority and some o# whose wor+s are in nearly every lod$e and necessarily have some e##ect on the mem(ers: MThat this surrender o# #ree will to *asonic authority is a(solute :within the sco!e o# the landmar+s o# the order; and !er!etual may (e in#erred #rom an e4amination o# the em(lem :the Shoe or Sandal; which is used to en#orce this lesson o# resi$nation)M <*orris< Dictionary o# "reemasonry) MDiso(edience is so su(versive o# the $round wor+ o# *asonry in which o(edience is so stron$ly inculcated that the *ason who diso(eys su(Nects himsel# to severe !enalties)M <I(id) MA Grand 1od$e is invested with !ower and authority over all the cra#t within its Nurisdiction) It is the Su!reme Court o# A!!eals in all *asonic cases and to its decrees unlimited o(edience must (e !aid (y every lod$e and every *ason situated within its control) The $overnment o# Grand 1od$es is there#ore com!letely des!otic) Chile a Grand 1od$e e4ists its edicts must (e res!ected and o(eyed without e4amination (y its su(ordinated lod$es)M <*ac+ey <1e4icon o# "reemasonry !a$e [email protected]) M"or ourselves we deny as *asons that any civil $overnment on earth has the ri$ht to divide or curtail *asonic Nurisdiction when once esta(lished) It can only (e done (y com!etent *asonic authority and in accordance with *asonic usa$e)M <Grand 1od$e Be!ort) MA 2due summons2 #rom the lod$e or Grand 1od$e is o(li$atory u!on him and should he re#use o(edience he will (e dis$race#ully e4!elled #rom the society with !u(lic mar+s o# i$nominy that can never (e erased)M <*orris < Dictionary o# "reemasonry !a$e =8) MDiso(edience and want o# res!ect to *asonic su!eriors is an o##ense #or which the trans$ressor su(Nects himsel# to !unishment)M <*ac+ey < *asonic .uris!rudence !a$e >99) MAence we #ind that the *aster2s authority in the lod$e is as des!otic as the sun in the #irmament which was !laced there (y the Creator never to deviate #rom its accustomed course till the declaration is !romul$ated that time shall (e no more)M < Oliver < Si$ns and Sym(ols o# "reemasonry !a$e 97=) MTreason and re(ellion also (ecause they are alto$ether !olitical o##ences cannot (e in0uired into (y a lod$eI and althou$h a *ason may (e convicted o# either o# these acts in the courts o# his country he cannot (e masonically !unishedI and notwithstandin$ his treason or re(ellion his relation to the lod$e to use the lan$ua$e o# the old char$es remains inde#easi(le)M <*ac+ey <*asonic .uris!rudence !a$e >96) MThere is no duty more #orci(ly enNoined in *asonry than that o# warnin$ a


(rother o# dan$er im!endin$ to his !erson or interests) To ne$lect this is a !ositive violation o# o(li$ation and destroys any !erson2s claim to (e entitled a *ason)M <*orris <Dictionary o# "reemasonry !a$e 5=>) MThe !owers and !rivile$es o# the *aster o# a lod$e are (y no means limited in e4tent)M <Chase <Di$est o# *asonic 1aw !a$e [email protected]) MAs a !residin$ o##icer the *aster is !ossessed o# e4traordinary !owers which (elon$ to the !residin$ o##icer o# no other association)M <*ac+ey < *asonic .uris!rudence !a$e 577) MThe system o# *asonic law has little o# the re!u(lican or democratic s!irit a(out it)M <*orris <Ce((2s "reemason2s *onitor revised edition !a$e 98>) M 2Once a *ason always a *ason < once a *ason everywhere a *ason) Aowever inde!endent wither as individuals or as lod$es whether $rand or su(ordinate < and we are each and all truly #ree and uncontrolled (y anythin$ save our ancient laws and constitution < yet no *ason can (e a #orei$ner to another *ason) Ce are all e0ual citi/ens o# one common $overnment havin$ e0ual ri$hts e0ual !rivile$es and e0ual dutiesI and in which $overnment than+ God the maNority does not $overn) "or our order in its very constitution stri+es at the root o# that which is the very (asis o# !o!ular $overnment) It !roclaims and !ractices not that the will o# the masses is wise and $ood and as such to (e o(eyedI not that the maNority shall $overn (ut that the law G i)e) a(ove mentioned ancient lawH shall $overn) Our tenet is not only that no sin$le man (ut that no (ody o# men :however wise or numerous; can chan$e in any de$ree one sin$le landmar+ o# our ancient institution) Our law is strictly or$anicI it cannot (e chan$ed without (ein$ destroyed) You may ta+e a man to !ieces and you may ta+e a watch to !iecesI (ut you cannot alter his or$ans and !ut him to$ether a$ain as you do the time +ee!er) *asonry is the livin$ man and all other #orms o# $overnment mere convenient machines made (y clever mechanics #or re$ulatin$ the a##airs o# state) Not only do we +now no North no South no %ast and no Cest (ut we +now no $overnment save our own) To every $overnment save that o# *asonry and to each and all ali+e we are #orei$nersI and this #orm o# $overnment is neither !onti#ical autocratic monarchial re!u(lican democratic nor des!oticI it is a $overnment !er se and that $overnment is *asonic) Ce have nothin$ to do with #orms o# $overnment #orms o# reli$ion or #orms o# social li#e) Ce are a nation o# men only (ound to each other (y *asonic ties as citi/ens o# the world and that world the world o# *asonryI (rethren to each other all the world over #orei$ners to all the world (eside)2 MThe a(ove is a *asonic address in a nut,shellI it is the com!ressed essence o# *asonic li#e)M <*issouri Grand 1od$e Be!ort #or [email protected]?) Chat a remar+a(le array o# *asonic testimonyO And yet the hal# has not (een told) I mi$ht $o on almost inde#initely showin$ its #oul treasona(le and anti,re!u(lican nature as le$i(ly !ortrayed under these e4tracts #rom standard *asonic !u(lications) The a(ove sentences are com!lete


0uotations and not $ar(led) They are concise and !lain) The lan$ua$e is authoritative) *asonic su!eriors never ar$ue with su(ordinates) They dictate) No wonder a most !rominent mem(er admits the #ollowin$: MThere is no char$e more #re0uently made a$ainst "reemasonry that that o# its tendency to revolution and cons!iracy and to !olitical or$ani/ations which may a##ect the !eace o# society or inter#ere with the ri$hts o# $overnment)M <*ac+ey <*ystic Tie o# "reemasonry !a$e 75) Bemem(er my #riend Dover that I am not s!ea+in$ o# your ne!hew2s !ersonal views o# the su!remacy o# the lod$e nor sayin$ what he would do i# he should #ind that some o# the laws summons or orders o# the lod$e should con#lict with his duties to the $overnment (ut merely showin$ you what the lod$e accordin$ to its standard authors claims and what every *ason has sworn to !er#orm) I# *r) Bates should $o to con$ress and then #ind in some cases that he must violate either his o##icial oath or *asonic O(li$ation I do not say which he would consider (indin$I (ut I do say #or I +now that the lod$e (y its writers its lecturers and its decrees declares that its o(li$ations are su!reme its authority a(ove all civil authority and o(edience to his su!eriors the #irst duty o# every *ason) I# eminent mem(ers +now and tell the truth a(out their own order i# Grand 1od$e re!orts can (e (elieved there can (e no dou(t on this !oint) 3lease read a$ain care#ully what these have said yes dared to !rint and you will see our o(Nection to sendin$ Bates to con$ress or electin$ him or any *ason to any o##ice until he renounces his alle$iance to the lod$e) Do you thin+ that we demand too muchK %very other #orei$ner (e#ore he is allowed even to vote must renounce his alle$iance to the $overnment under which he was (orn and to which !erha!s he has never sworn or ac+nowled$ed o(edience) Ce re0uire o# him and !ro!erly the #ollowin$ o(li$ation: MI do declare an oath that it is (ona #ide my intention to (ecome a citi/en o# the &nited States and to renounce and a(Nure #orever all alle$iance and #idelity to all and every #orei$n !rince !otentate state and soverei$n and !articularly VVVVVVVVV o# whom I am a su(Nect)M Is it then ri$ht #or #ree citi/ens o# this country to vote into any o##ice a !erson who has sworn and still lives under and ac+nowled$es alle$iance to another < a monarchial and a des!otic $overnmentK Aas not the Grand 1od$e o# one state in consistency with the $eneral teachin$ o# *asonry declared that all its mem(ers are #orei$ners to our $overnmentK 1et us then consider them as suchI and our $overnment also should consider them as such and #or(id them to hold o##ice sit on the Nury or even to vote until they ta+e the oath !rescri(ed #or other #orei$ners) Chen I tell you that the M*ost 3uissant Soverei$n Grand Commander o# the &nited States M o# whom every *ason in the country is a sworn su(Nect is an e4,con#ederate $eneral whose re(el hands are dee!ly dyed (y the crimson (lood o# loyal citi/ens and who at one (attle o# the late

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war led a (ri$ade o# Indians a$ainst the (oys in (lue who (y these cruel sava$es were murdered scal!ed and mutilated in a manner too (ar(arous #or descri!tion you will see more #orce in this ar$ument) And why was not the arch traitor the leader o# the re(ellion hun$ when ca!turedK Ae and the !resident o# the &nited States and many con$ressmen and Nud$es were Boyal Arch *asons and had sworn each to the #ollowin$: M"urthermore do I !romise and swear that I will aid and assist a com!anion Boyal Arch *ason when en$a$ed in any di##icultyI and es!ouse his cause so #ar as to e4tricate him #rom the same i# in my !ower whether he (e ri$ht or wron$)M Is it not reasona(le then to su!!ose that these men who had sworn to #ul#ill their duties as civil o##icers chose rather to o(ey *asonic o(li$ations and e4tricate a re(el #rom his di##icultyK This is the only e4!lanation o# this stran$e event which is worthy o# any consideration) And it is made more certain when we remem(er that accordin$ to *ac+ey2s .uris!rudence MTreason and re(ellion also (ecause they are alto$ether !olitical o##enses cannot (e in0uired into (y the lod$e)M These #acts concernin$ the oaths and teachin$s o# the lod$e will e4!lain many other stran$e thin$s in the history o# our country) They will o#ten e4!lain why some im!ro!er !erson is nominated and elected to some o##ice or the ille$al contestant is $iven the seat or a criminal is ac0uitted or !ardoned and !erha!s !romoted) Chy was our !resent re!resentative who you say has not (rains enou$h to (e a !etti#o$$in$ lawyer and who is notoriously dishonest sent to con$ressK Chy was he nominated (y our !artyK In answer to this 0uestion The Cas! whose editor is an anti, mono!olist (ut also inconsistently a *ason says: MBecause as the su!erintendent o# our main railway told a !rominent man (e#ore the convention which nominated him the !resent incum(ent was this com!any2s most availa(le candidate (ecause he was hi$h u! in *asonry)M Thus he admits that the lod$e is used #or the !ur!ose o# securin$ im!ro!er nominations and electin$ to o##ice unworthy men and certainly im!lies that it is used to control them while in o##ice) So you see our o(Nection to any *ason $oin$ to con$ress and our only o(Nection to the nomination o# *r) Bates) The one condition on which we will $ive him our united and hearty su!!ort is that he $oes (e#ore the cler+ o# the &nited States Court and ta+es the oath re0uired o# all #orei$ners insertin$ the word "reemasonry in the (lan+) I have $iven you #reely and honestly a len$thy statement o# this caseI (ut i# there is anythin$ #urther you desire to +now I would (e $lad to answer your in0uires) I should (e $lad to receive a visit #rom you at any time) Carren Groves N)B) Dover 3rinceton) Yours


FREE*&SONRY Beview these conte4tually,uncontested statements one more time: authoritative *asonic

• FGtheH surrender o# Ga mem(er2sH #ree will to *asonic authority is a(solute))) and !er!etual)))J • FGa sworn *asonH cannot cast o## or nulli#y his *asonic covenant) No law o# the land can a##ect itI no anathema o# the church can wea+en it) It is irrevoca(le)J • FThe one un!ardona(le crime in a *ason is contumacy diso(edience)J or

• Fthe *aster2s authority in the lod$e is as des!otic as the sun in the #irmament)))J • FThe $overnment o# Grand 1od$es is there#ore co)+letel4 de%+otic) Chile a Grand 1od$e e4ists its edicts must (e res!ected and o3e4ed 2it out e<!)in!tion (y its su(ordinated lod$es)J • FThe #irst duty o# Gevery *asonH is to o(ey the edicts o# GtheirH Grand 1od$e) Rig t or 2rong his very e4istence as a *ason !ng% u+on o3edience to the !ower immediately set a(ove him)J • F))) our order in its very constitution stri+es at the root o# that which is the very (asis o# !o!ular $overnment)J • Fwe are each and all truly #ree and uncontrolled (y anythin$ save our ancient laws and constitution)))J Gi)e) our choices and actions are accounta(le to no one no $overnment and no law e4ce!t *asonic law and authority)H • FThere is no duty more #orci(ly enNoined in *asonry than that o# warnin$ a (rother o# dan$er im!endin$ to his !erson or interestsJ Gno matter what crimes or atrocities that (rother has committed and will yet commitH • F))) all other #orms o# $overnment mere convenient machines))) 2e /no2 Fi7e7 onor0 recogni?eG no go5ern)ent %!5e our o2n ) To every $overnment save that o# *asonry and to each and all ali+e we are #orei$ners)))) Gwe areH (rethren to each other all the world over G(utH #orei$ners to all the world (eside)J

[email protected]


& Fr!tern!l 9eneer to &ttr!ct !nd :ind t e Lo4!lt4 o" Pro)inent *en
It is critical to understand that an alarmin$ num(er o# the most success#ul and in#luential men in the world today in every conceiva(le institution (oth !u(lic and !rivate reli$ious and secular are "reemasons < and a considera(le num(er o# them are hi$hly ran+ed and /ealously !artici!ate within the or$ani/ation) Accordin$ to records that have (een disclosed no #ewer than 9> American !residents were "reemasons includin$: Geor$e Cashin$ton .ames *onroe Andrew .ac+son .ames 3ol+ .ames Buchanan Andrew .ohnson .ames Gar#ield Cilliam *c'inley Theodore Boosevelt Aoward Ta#t Carren Aardin$ "ran+lin Boosevelt Aarry Truman Gerald "ord and Bill Clinton

Additionally no #ewer than si4 3rime *inisters o# Canada and ten 3rime *inisters o# Australia were "reemasons) These are only the leaders o# these nations) I# one continues to e4!lore the sheer num(er o# "reemasons who have ever held or currently hold (oth elected o##ice and non,elected !ositions within #ederal state and local levels o# the &nited States and other western $overnments the num(ers are sim!ly sta$$erin$) The list almost seems endless < one can !eruse the #our he#ty volumes that ma+e u! the massive 98>? wor+ 96 666 "amous "reemasons and seemin$ly (ecome overwhelmed) :a 3D" o# this =>66i !a$e collection is included in the su!!ortin$ material); 9 And this volume com!rises the names o# only the *asonic (rethren whose worldly achievements have e4celled enou$h to (e worth mentionin$ u! until the date o# !u(lication) Ac+nowled$in$ this reality the 0uestion then (ecomes: I# one is a "reemason does it automatically ma+e him a devil worshi!er or does it automatically indicate in any other way that he is a (ad !ersonK The answer o(viously is a resoundin$ FNo o# course notOJ Does havin$ a !ersonal Swiss or o##shore,island (an+in$ account automatically ma+e one an em(e//lin$ #elonK Aowever !recisely as Dr) Groves elo0uently e4!resses his concerns a(out Bates in his letter the oaths o# *asonry which each man is re0uired to

[email protected]

FREE*&SONRY o(li$e themselves to < oaths that su!ersede all other oaths that the man has ta+en or will ta+e in his li#e < (ind him not only to the will o# the *asonic hierarchy a(ove him (ut also to un0uestionin$ly su!!ort and come to the aid o# any other *ason whether his endeavors are considered ri$ht or wron$ le$al or ille$al (y any other entity $overnment or or$ani/ation outside o# "reemasonry)

Ho%e+ S)it !nd Se5er!l o" t e E!rl4 Le!der% :ec!)e Free)!%on%
This #act undou(tedly is sure to arise once the to!ics o# the #oundational era o# the 1DS Church and *asonry cross !aths) There#ore I will address it here (y 0uotin$ relevant !ortions o# two di##erent wor+s: 3resident Anthony C) Ivins2 9857 (oo+ Belationshi! Between *ormonism and "reemasonry :3resident Ivins was "irst Counselor o# the "irst 3residency under Ae(er .) Grant when he wrote this (oo+ and !assed away (e#ore seein$ it !u(lished; and %) Cecil *cGavin2s 987? (oo+ *ormonism and *asonry) A 3D" scan o# each o# these two (oo+s are !rovided in the su!!ortin$ material #or #urther study and !erusal)= Se$ments #rom %) Cecil *cGavin2s (oo+ *ormonism and *asonry are as #ollow :em!hasis added;) As to the motive o# .ose!h and the early *ormon (rethren to Noin *asonry:
FThere are #ew churches in which the s!irit o# (rotherhood a(ounds as it does in "reemasonry) In their lod$es they tal+ a(out #raternity and (rotherly love as much as it is !reached in most o# the churches o# the land) In daily li#e they carry such teachin$s into !ractice) *any (oo+s have (een written e4tollin$ the #raternity #or its (enevolence) As we read the #ollowin$ 0uotations we shall see at least one reason why .ose!h Smith sou$ht mem(ershi! #or himsel# and (rethren in this #raternity) Dr) Geor$e Oliver has written: F*asonry wor+s daily without noise re$ardin$ all Brethren with love and honourI not as+in$ one which system he #ollows nor another the colour o# his decoration or how many de$rees he has (ut Nud$in$ only #rom his wor+sI not mindin$ what his (usiness may (e or what sect he (elon$s to (ut i# he (e a #aith#ul wor+man whose e4am!le may (e #ollowed) Thus will "reemasonry increase the di##erent systems and #orms will vanish and the true "raternity #orm a chain o# Truth and 1i$ht))))J FDr) Oliver has GalsoH written o# this Mindissolu(le chain o# a##ection M the very thin$ #or which the *ormons were searchin$ in the communities where they #ound so much o!!osition and !ersecution :

[email protected]=

F*asons !ro#ess to (e united in an indissolu(le chain o# sincere a##ection called the #ive !oints o# #ellowshi!I (y which when strictly adhered to they are (ound heart and hand so #irmly that even death itsel# cannot sever the solemn com!act (ecause in another and more $lori#ied state those relations are !erceived and ac+nowled$ed which have characteri/ed the union here on earth) These #ive !oints re#er to certain virtues re0uisite to (e !ractised in this world in order to the enNoyment o# ha!!iness in a #uture state and mar+ distinctly the di##erence (etween virtue and vice))))J FThe *ormon (rethren in Nauvoo aware o# the #raternal s!irit o# this or$ani/ation would (e dee!ly interested in it as a means o# ma+in$ #riends with !rominent !eo!le and thus avoidin$ (itter !ersecution such as they had e4!erienced in New Yor+ Ohio and *issouri) FIt had seemed to .ose!h Smith that every man2s hand was a$ainst him) Ae was a man o# !eace and desired the #riendshi! and $ood will o# everyone) Ae +new that many o# the !rominent o##icials o# the state were *asons and that i# the s!irit o# #raternity were e4tended to the *ormons they would there(y esca!e the !rison dun$eons and other #orms o# !ersecution they had recently e4!erienced in *issouri) F"urthermore many o# the *ormon (rethren had (een admitted to *asonry (e#ore they Noined the Church)))) Amon$ the !rominent *ormons who had (een *asons #or years were the #ollowin$ thou$h the list does not include them all: Ayrum Smith Newel ' Chitney Ae(er C) 'im(all .ohn C) Bennett Geor$e *iller 1ucius N) Scovil %liNah "ordham .ohn Smith Austin Cowles Noah Bo$ers and .ames Adams) FThese men !revailed u!on .ose!h Smith to see+ a dis!ensation #or the (ene#it o# the other (rethren at Nauvoo) Their leader had (ecome a !ower#ul #i$ure in the !olitical and reli$ious li#e o# the time) I# he and his (rethren could attend *asonic conventions and #reely min$le with the !rominent Nurists and lawma+ers o# the state they would surely (e s!ared the !ersecution they had witnessed elsewhere they thou$ht) They considered the *asonic #raternity a necessary means to this desired end)J

Also it is im!ortant to note that in an [email protected] 1DS !u(lication author %(ene/er Bo(inson s!eci#ically !ointed out .ohn C) Bennett as the !rinci!le $eneratin$ #orce #or the Church leaders to (ecome actively involved with *asonry:
FAereto#ore the church had strenuously o!!osed secret societies such as "ree,*asons 'ni$hts o# 3ithias and all that class o# secret societies not considerin$ the 2Order o# %noch2 or 2Danites2 o# that classI (ut a#ter Dr) Bennett came into the church a $reat chan$e o# sentiment seemed to ta+e !lace ))) a *asonic 1od$e was or$ani/ed with Ayrum Smith one o# the "irst 3residents o# the church as master)J5

"or a time Bennett was one o# the most !ower#ul and in#luential #i$ures

[email protected]

FREE*&SONRY in Nauvoo (oth !u(licly and within the Church) Ae even served as the city2s mayor) Aowever a#ter re!eatedly (ein$ cau$ht in illicit and e$re$ious e4tramarital se4ual relationshi!s he was !u(licly e4!osed e4communicated #rom the Church and removed #rom !u(lic o##ice) Soon therea#ter he (ecame one o# the most anta$onistic o# the early e4communicated *ormons !u(lishin$ vicious li(els a(out the Church which $reatly #ueled the #lame o# !u(lic misconce!tion and animosity toward the saints) Ae even vowed to one day drin+ the (lood o# .ose!h Smith)7 Continuin$ #rom %) Cecil *cGavin2s (oo+ *ormonism and *asonry:
F.ose!h Smith and his (rethren sou$ht mem(ershi! in the *asonic lod$e #or the same reason that !eo!le see+ its in#luence and #raternity today) They desired the !resti$e !rotection and !ower such an alliance should have $uaranteed at a time when they were sorely in need o# such #riendshi!)))) FSince the s!irit o# intolerance and !ersecution cannot (e controlled (y the com!ass or +e!t within (ounds (y the s0uareI since the to+ens o# the #ive !oints o# #ellowshi! (ecome merely the sound o# tin+lin$ cym(al when reli$ious hatred cree!s in the advanta$es they sou$ht were certainly not achieved))))J

As to why the *asonic leadershi! (ecame in#uriated and disa##ected with the *ormons durin$ the Nauvoo !eriod *cGavin states:
F*asonry is an ancient institution) Its landmar+s are sacred and must (e !reserved) "rom the distant !ast its leaders have attem!ted to +ee! it inviolate) The sli$htest chan$e in its re$ulations has (een re$arded with sus!icion) FThe *ormons were careless in some res!ects #ailin$ to reali/e the sanctity o# the 2ancient landmar+s2 and #eelin$ #ree to ma+e small innovations without consultin$ the Grand 1od$e) Such a ste! thou$h not intended to tram!le under#oot the honored customs o# the !ast was !er#ectly natural #or them) Their reli$ion was a revolutionary one) They never attem!ted to #ollow the reli$ious !attern o# the world (ein$ #ree to introduce many teachin$s and institutions that were not !racticed in any other church) FThis s!irit o# #reedom and newness o# $rowth with no attem!t to #ollow the theolo$ical !ath o# the !ast may have in#luenced them to deviate #rom the ancient landmar+s o# *asonry)))) FSince the *ormons were com!letely i$nored (y the *asons in nei$h(orin$ towns and (y the Grand 1od$e also they were li+ely to ma+e many errors as they sou$ht to !ut their lod$e in motion) There was a s!irit o# #reedom in all their reli$ious activities never #or a moment #eelin$ (ound (y the traditions o# the !ast (ut always #ree to ma+e revolutionary chan$es in the matter o# reli$ious ritual and !ractice))))

[email protected]

FIt is not sur!risin$ that they made a #ew de!artures #rom the ancient landmar+s and introduced some chan$es in the !rocedure which (rou$ht u!on them the #ull wei$ht o# *asonic dis!leasure))))J

Additionally the (ur$eonin$ num(ers o# *ormons Noinin$ the ran+s o# "reemasonry while simultaneously alterin$ *asonic customs within the Nauvoo 1od$e was tremendously alarmin$ not only #or the *asonic leadershi! in Illinois (ut also "reemasonry as a whole nationwide)
FAt this time there were only two hundred twenty,seven *asons in Illinois outside o# Nauvoo) These were distri(uted amon$ eleven lod$es ma+in$ an avera$e o# twenty,one mem(ers in each lo$e) The lar$est lod$e was in S!rin$#ield with a mem(ershi! o# #orty,three) FCithin #ive months the *ormons initiated two hundred ei$hty,si4 mem(ers in Nauvoo and #orty,#ive in the Bisin$ Sun 1od$e at *ontrose Iowa) FThus there were more *asons in Nauvoo in a #ew wee+s than there were in all other lod$es in Illinois com(ined )J

At a later date .ose!h Smith a!!arently con#ided to his close associates the true nature o# "reemasonry:
FIn the diary o# BenNamin ") .ohnson an intimate #riend and associate o# .ose!h Smith it is recorded that 2 .ose!h told me that Free)!%onr4 2!% t e !+o%t!te endo2)ent as sectarian reli$ion was the a!ostate reli$ion)2 %lder Ae(er C) 'im(all who had (een a *ason #or many years related that a#ter .ose!h Smith (ecame a *ason he e4!lained to his (rethren that *asonry had (een ta+en #rom the !riesthood)J

In re$ards to .ose!h Smith2s martyrdom *cGavin relates the #ollowin$:
FChen Gmem(ers o# the mo( with (lac+,!ainted #acesH surrounded the Nail rushed u! the stairway and +illed Ayrum Smith G.ose!h2s (rotherH .ose!h stood at the o!en window his martyr,cry (ein$ these words 2O 1ord *y GodO2 This was not the (e$innin$ o# a !rayer (ecause .ose!h Smith did not !ray in that manner) This (rave youn$ man who +new that death was near started to re!eat the distress si$nal o# the *asons e4!ectin$ there(y to $ain the !rotection its mem(ers are !led$ed to $ive a (rother in distress)J

There were #our !ersons in the cell at Cartha$e Nail when the mo( attac+ed: .ose!h Smith his (rother Ayrum .ohn Taylor and Cillard Bichards) Other o##icial sources relate the #ollowin$ a(out the martyrdom events and its relation to *asons :em!hasis added;:
FThe account in the o##icial Aistory o# the Church records: F.ose!h seein$ there was no sa#ety in the room and no dou(t thin+in$ that it would save the lives o# his (rethren in the room i# he could $et out

[email protected]>

turned calmly #rom the door dro!!ed his !istol on the #loor and s!ran$ into the window when two (alls !ierced him #rom the door and one entered his ri$ht (reast #rom without and he #ell outward into the hands o# his murderers e4claimin$) MO 1ord my GodOM F.ohn Taylor re!orted: FAyrum was shot #irst and #ell calmly e4claimin$: I am a dead manO .ose!h lea!ed #rom the window and was shot dead in the attem!t e4claimin$: O 1ord my GodO T e4 2ere 3ot % ot !"ter t e4 2ere de!d0 in ! 3rut!l )!nner and (oth received #our (alls) :DC 95>:9; FCillard Bichards2 testimony was that: two (alls !ierced G.ose!hH #rom the door and one entered his ri$ht (reast #rom without and he #ell outward e4claimin$ MOh 1ord my GodOM As his #eet went out o# the window my head went in the (alls whistlin$ all around) Ae #ell on his le#t side a dead man))) FThose who +new .ose!h Smith (elieved that his use o# the !hrase MO 1ord my GodOM was an attem!t to save his li#e and the li#e o# his #riends (y callin$ out to Free)!%on% in t e )o3)))) FAmon$ the (rotherhood o# "reemasons there is the Grand Aailin$ Si$n o# Distress: MOh 1ord my God is there no hel! #or the widow2s sonKM Accordin$ to *asonic code any *ason who hears another *ason utter the Grand Aailin$ Si$n must come to his aid) F*ost adult men in Aancoc+ County Illinois were *asons and t ere 2ere *!%on% in t e )o3 t !t !tt!c/ed t e >!il ) I# .ose!h was attem!tin$ to $ive the Grand Aailin$ Si$n they would have (een o3lig!ted to %to+ t eir !tt!c/ !nd de"end .ose!h Ayrum .ohn Taylor and Cillard Bichards) F.ohn Taylor a *aster *ason G5rd De$reeH himsel# wrote: F)))GTHhese two innocent men G.ose!h and AyrumH were con#ined in Nail #or a su!!osed crime de!rived o# any wea!ons to de#end themselves: had the !led$ed #aith o# the State o# Illinois (y Gov) "ord #or their !rotection and were then shot to death while with u!li#ted hands they $ave such si$ns o# distress as would have commanded the inter!osition and (enevolence o# Sava$es or 3a$ans ) They were (oth *asons in $ood standin$) Ye (rethren o# Mthe mystic tieM G*asonryH what thin+ yeO Chere is our $ood *aster .ose!h and AyrumK Is there a !a$an heathen or sava$e nation on the $lo(e that would not (e moved on this $reat occasion as the trees o# the #orest are moved (y a mi$hty windK .ose!h2s last e4clamation was MO 1ord my GodOM)))J FAccordin$ to Ae(er C) 'im(all: F*asons it is said were even amon$ the mo( that murdered .ose!h

[email protected]

and Ayrum in Cartha$e Nail) .ose!h lea!in$ the #atal window $ave the *asonic si$nal o# distress) The answer was the roar o# his murderers2 mus+ets)JJ>

Des!ite the stron$ sus!icion o# mo( mem(ers (ein$ *asons the Nauvoo saints continued to utili/e the #raternal as!ects o# "reemasonry #or their own desired ends < to the $reat consternation o# the state and national levels o# the or$ani/ation) Continuin$ #rom *cGavin2s (oo+:
F"rom the records o# the GIllinoisH Grand 1od$e and #rom every other relia(le source it seems that reli$ious hatred was the (asis o# all the trou(le in Nauvoo) The *ormons were determined to (rea+ down the resistance o# the G*asonic hierarchyH yet a#ter a #ew years o# de#iance they ac0uiesced and !ut an end to *asonry within the Church)))) F*asonry died hard in Nauvoo yet its death amon$ the *ormons was de#inite and #inal) It was a casualty o# the G*ormonH e4odus Gout o# NauvooH) As the caravans o# the e4iles cre!t across the !rairies and mountains towards the west the su(Nect o# *asonry was a dead issue) As they reclaimed the westland and (uilt their cities no attem!t was ever made to revive an interest in the su(Nect nor did !n4 o" it% ritu!l e5er get into t e Te)+le endo2)ent)J

*cGavin also re!orts that in [email protected][email protected] Grand *aster .)*) Orr o# &tah made the #ollowin$ announcement :em!hasis added;:
FCe say to the !riests o# the 1atter,day Church you cannot enter our lod$e roomsPyou surrender all to an unholy !riesthood) You have hereto#ore sacri#iced the sacred o(li$ations o# our (eloved Order and we (elieve you would do the same a$ain ) Stand asideI 2e 2!nt none o" 4ou) Such a wound as you $ave *asonry in Nauvoo is not easily healed and no 1atter,day Saint is or can (ecome a mem(er o# our Order in this Nurisdiction)J

The #ollowin$ are se$ments ta+en #rom 3resident Anthony C) Ivins2 9857 (oo+ Belationshi! Between *ormonism and "reemasonry :em!hasis added;:
FIn 98=> a (oo+let was !u(lished (y the Grand 1od$e ") L *) o# &tah entitled M*ormonism and *asonry)M The author S) A) Goodwin 3) G) *)))) Galso wrote in 98=?H MAdditional Studies in *ormonism and *asonry)M))) The author states that the !ur!ose o# his !u(licationGsH is to !resent reasons why MThe *asonry o# &tah and the *asonry o# the entire country could not o!en its doors to mem(ers o# the 1atter,day or$ani/ation )))) FIn Nusti#ication o# the attitude assumed Gthe authorH severely critici/es the #undamental doctrines u!on which the *ormon Church rests) He old% u+ to ridicule t e c !r!cter o" Ho%e+ S)it who was the instrument in the hands o# the 1ord in the o!enin$ o# the !resent Gos!el Dis!ensation) Ae o(Nects to the inter!retation o# the scri!ture as contained

[email protected]?

in the standard wor+s o# the Church and declares that it was the !ro!het2s +nowled$e o# *asonry which !rom!ted him to write the Boo+ o# *ormon and or$ani/e the Church) Ae endeavors to !rove that the ordinances administered in *ormon tem!les are co!ied #rom the ceremonies o# *asonry)))) FIt is the !ur!ose o# the writer o# this re!ly Gi)e) the author 3resident IvinsH to discuss the relationshi! o# *ormonism to "reemasonry in a s!irit o# #airness and truth to answer the criticisms o# *r) Goodwin)))) FThe Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,day Saints herea#ter re#erred to as the *ormon Church))) !d5i%e% it% )e)3er% to re"r!in "ro) identi"4ing t e)%el5e% 2it !n4 %ecret0 o!t B3ound %ociet4 ) It (elieves that there e4ist within the Church all the elements which are necessary #or s!iritual social and ethical develo!ment o# its mem(ers) Ce have o(served that a##iliation with secret oath,(ound or$ani/ations tends to draw !eo!le away #rom the !er#ormance o# Church duties ) It i% di""icult to %er5e t2o )!%ter% !nd do >u%tice to 3ot 7 G%d) note: 'ee! in mind that this was written (y the "irst Counselor o# the "irst 3residency under 3resident Ae(er .) Grant) Ais choice o# wordin$ here ou$ht to communicate volumes)H FSince the esta(lishment o# the Church many !ersons have dri#ted away #rom it and (ecome mem(ers o# other or$ani/ations) Ce have not discovered an instance where such chan$e has made a man or woman more honest moral tem!erate and e4em!lary)))) FOne o# the o(Nections raised (y GS) A) GoodwinH the author o# M*ormonism and *asonryM to the admission o# mem(ers o# the *ormon Church to the MmysteriesM o# the *asonic order is the inter!retation o# the Scri!tures (y the Church o# which they are mem(ers and he asserts that the Church !laces the Boo+ o# *ormon (e#ore the Aoly Bi(le) At the same time he asserts that the Bi(le is the (oo+ (y which our lives and conduct are to (e $overned) FAe does not de#ine however what the *asonic inter!retation o# the scri!ture Gi)e) the Bi(leH is) The answer to this o(Nection is !lainly stated in this treatise) I# he will de#initely de#ine the *asonic inter!retation o# the scri!ture we will then !roceed to com!ose di##erences which may a!!ear to (e at variance acce!tin$ the Bi(le as the de#inite authority reco$ni/ed ) I# as a!!ears to (e true #rom the attitude o# GS) A) Goodwin2s (oo+letH M*ormonism and *asonry M a!!licants #or mem(ershi! in the #raternity are !ermitted to !lace their own inter!retation u!on the scri!ture how can he e4!ect *asons or mem(ers o# the *ormon Church to ma+e the Bi(le the (oo+ (y which their lives and conduct are to (e $overned when t ere i% no !gree)ent reg!rding t e inter+ret!tion !nd )e!ning o" it% content%) FThe G1DSH Church does de#initely de#ine the scri!ture Gi)e) the Bi(leH and stands ready to de#end any doctrine acce!ted and tau$ht (y it acce!tin$

[email protected]@

the Bi(le as the authority (y which all di##erences are to (e determined)))) FGS) A) GoodwinH devotes much s!ace to what he terms resem(lances (etween construction o# the tem!les erected (y the Church and the ordinances !er#ormed therein and the tem!les o# "reemasonry and the rites o# the *asonic order) A$ain while he !retends to $ive a truth#ul and detailed account o# the ordinances !er#ormed in the tem!les o# the Church he #ails to indicate the resem(lance to the rites o# *asonry and conse0uently leaves the reader entirely without !roo# o# the resem(lances which he states e4ist)))) FThis treatise is not an a!!eal to the *asonic "raternity to o!en its doors and admit to the Msecrets o# its orderM mem(ers o# the *ormon Church) It maintains the advice which it has always $iven to its mem(ers vi/): that t e4 re"r!in "ro) !""ili!tion 2it !n4 %ecret0 o!t B3ound %ociet4 ) It maintains that to loyally serve the Church and the $overnment under which it e4ists is the #irst duty o# every citi/en and that a##iliation with any secret oath,(ound society is lia(le to lead men and women away #rom these two #irst duties) FThe Church ma+es no attac+ u!on my other Church or a$ainst any or$ani/ation entered into #or a Nust !ur!ose) This is !articularly true re$ardin$ its attitude towards "reemasonry (ut i# it is attac+ed and its inte$rity to God and the holy scri!ture or its loyalty to the idea o# civil $overnment o# our country is 0uestioned it will de#end itsel#) FMThen stood there u! one in the council a 3harisee named Gamaliel a doctor o# the law had in re!utation amon$ all the !eo!le and commanded to !ut the a!ostles #orth a little s!aceI and said unto them FFYe men o# Israel ta+e heed to yourselves what ye intend to do as touchin$ these men)))) FMBe#rain #rom these men and let them aloneI #or i# this counsel or this wor+ (e o# men it will come to nau$htI FMBut i# it (e o# God ye cannot overthrow itI lest ha!ly ye (e #ound even to #i$ht a$ainst God)MJE FOn this 0uotation #rom the (oo+ Gi)e) the Bi(leH which *asons and *ormons and all others who !ro#ess Christian (elie# should ma+e the $uide o# their lives and conduct the Church rests its case)J

"or at least the !ast #ew decades "reemasonry has allowed the admission o# mem(ers o# the Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints into its #raternity) Aowever I dare say that 1DS mem(ers :F*ormonsJ; are loo+ed u!on with a #air amount o# sus!icion (y other *asons < which I can attest to #rom my own :rather najve; !ersonal e4!erience) Be#er to A!!endi4 " #or an auto(io$ra!hical account o# my short involvement in De*olay the or$ani/ational (ranch o# "reemasonry #or youn$ men under the a$e o# =9)

[email protected]

FREE*&SONRY As #or the $reat hulla(aloo which anti,*asons and anti,*ormon Christians ma+e a(out the sym(olo$y on the Nauvoo 1o$an and Salt 1a+e City tem!les which ha!!en to (e shared with "reemasonry < namely the !enta$ram :a #ive,!ointed star within a circle; the handsha+e the all,seein$ eye etc < I have #our words: God creates Satan imitates) Some e4am!les:
FThe Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,day Saints (e$an usin$ (oth u!ri$ht and inverted #ive,!ointed stars in Tem!le architecture datin$ #rom the Nauvoo Illinois Tem!le which was dedicated on 56 A!ril [email protected]) Other tem!les decorated with #ive,!ointed stars in (oth orientations include the Salt 1a+e Tem!le and the 1o$an Tem!le) These sym(ols derived #rom traditional *ornin$ Star !enta$rams that are no lon$er commonly used (y other Christian denominations)? FThe stars Gon the tem!lesH are associated in the (oo+ o# Bevelation !assa$e with a McrownM which is a sym(ol o# royalty) In another section o# the (oo+ o# Bevelation .esus Christ !roclaims Ais descent throu$h the royal linea$e that is within the house o# Israel and then !ronounces one o# Ais titles: MI am the))) o##s!rin$ o# David and the (ri$ht))) mornin$ starM :Bevelation ==:9E;) This is the title that nineteenth century 1atter,day Saints assi$ned to the inverted #ive,!ointed star) One o# these em(lems was !ut into !lace on the east tower o# the 1o$an &tah tem!le in [email protected]@6) An eyewitness to the event re!orted the #ollowin$ which was !rinted in a maNor news!a!er: MCarved u!on the +eystone is a ma$ni#icent star called t e St!r o" t e *orning)M FIn [email protected]> 1DS Church Architect %mil B) "et/er stated that the inverted stars on early 1DS tem!les were not sinister (ut were F sym(olic o# Christ)J Ae said that when the 1DS Church Fuses the !enta$ram or sunstone in an admira(le wholesome and u!li#tin$ conte4t this does not !reclude another or$ani/ationQs usin$ the same sym(ols in an evil conte4t )J FA connection (etween the Minverted !enta$ramM and Satan Mis almost certainly a 98th century invention (y %li!has 1evi M who was a Mde#roc+ed !riest)M Ae did not (e$in !u(lishin$ re#erences to this idea until [email protected]>7 a decade a#ter the death o# the 3ro!het .ose!h Smith)J @

An e4tensive "air1DS article concernin$ this sym(olo$y is included in the su!!ortin$ material #or #urther study)8

Con"eder!te Gener!l: One o" *!%onr4.% *o%t Cele3r!ted Figure%
Becall what Dr) Groves !reviously wrote:
FChen I tell you that the M*ost 3uissant Soverei$n Grand Commander o# the &nited States M o# whom every *ason in the country is a sworn


su(Nect is an e4,con#ederate $eneral )))) And why was not the arch traitor the leader o# the re(ellion hun$ when ca!turedK Ae and t e +re%ident o" t e 8nited St!te% and )!n4 congre%%)en and >udge% were Boyal Arch *asons)J

The $eneral Dr) Groves is re#errin$ to is Al(ert 3i+e < a man thorou$hly revered in the halls o# "reemasonry with countless (usts and several statues author o# one o# *asonry2s most im!ortant te4ts *orals and Do$ma which on !a$e 5=9 states the #ollowin$:
F1&CI"%B the 1i$ht,BearerO Stran$e and mysterious name $iven to the S!irit o# Dar+nessO 1uci#er the Son o# the *ornin$O Is it he who (ears the 1i$ht and with its s!lendors intolera(le (linds #ee(le sensual or sel#ish SoulsK Dou(t it notOJ

A$ain recall the oath :which su!ersedes all #ormer and #uture oaths that the swearer ta+es u!on himsel#; that the then,!resident o# the &nited States numerous con$ressmen and Nud$es throu$hout $overnment had (ound their lives and honor to:
FI !romise and swear that I will aid and assist a com!anion Boyal Arch *ason when en$a$ed in any di##icultyI and es!ouse his cause so #ar as to e4tricate him #rom the same i# in my !ower 2 et er e 3e rig t or 2rong)J

In [email protected]@8 3i+e $ave a s!eech in "rance that was transcri(ed) Aere is a se$ment :em!hasis added;:
FThat which we must say to the crowd is we G*asonic (rothersH worshi! a God (ut it is the God one adores without su!erstition)))) The *asonic reli$ion G%d) note < notice the con#ession that *asonry is actually a reli$ion re!resentin$ itsel# as a #raternityH should (e (y all o# us initiates o# the hi$h de$rees maintained in the !urity o# the 1uci#erian Doctrine) I# 1uci#er were not God would Adonay Ga)+)a) Adonai the .udeo,Christian GodH whose deeds !rove his cruelty !er#idy and hatred o# man (ar(arism and re!ulsion to science would Adonay and his !riests calumniate Gi)e) de#ame (las!hemeH himK))) Yes 1uci#er is God and un#ortunately Adonay is also God) "or the eternal law is that there is no li$ht without shade no (eauty without u$liness no white without (lac+ #or the a(solute can only e4ist as two Gods)))) Thus the doctrine o# Satanism is a heresy G%d) note < FSatanJ and F1uci#erJ are o#ten re#erred to as se!arate entities in the *ystery SchoolsHI and the true and !ure !hiloso!hical reli$ion is the (elie# in 1uci#er the e0ual o# AdonayI (ut 1uci#er God o# 1i$ht and God o# Good is stru$$lin$ #or humanity a$ainst Adonay the God o# Dar+ness and %vil)M

3i+e ma+es it clear in these statements that the esoteric teachin$s o# the mystery schools reco$ni/e that the traditional .udeo,Christian God :.esus Christ; actually does e4ist (ut that they re$ard 1uci#er as Christ2s e0ual) Yet in their inverted !ers!ective Christ2s wor+s F!rove his cruelty !er#idy and


FREE*&SONRY hatred o# man (ar(arism and re!ulsion to science))))J It may a!!ear throu$hout this (oo+ that I un#airly #ocus the (ul+ o# e4!osure towards the *asons) Aowever I do so #or very $ood reason) *asonry is the most !rominent and in#luential o# all the e4oteric shells o# any other mystery school in e4istence :with the sole e4ce!tion !erha!s o# the Catholic church;) The wor+s o# "reemasonry2s most renowned leaders and authors such as Al(ert 3i+e are em(raced cele(rated and studied (y nearly every (ranch o# the modern mystery schools) It can (e stron$ly ar$ued that *asonry is to the mystery schools what swimsuit ma$a/ines are to the decre!it s!ectrum o# !orno$ra!hy < a $lossy (eni$n,veneered $ateway to a !utrid world o# #ilth sorrow and em!tiness) As we move #urther in this (oo+ it will (ecome more readily a!!arent that the *asonic #raternity #unctions as a #ertile recruitin$ $round #or the mystery schools < a $arden o# am(itious and talented men who :#or the most !art; see+ worldly honors and wealth < wherewith FworthyJ candidates can (e selected and initiated into other esoteric :1uci#erian; core or$ani/ations)

9 Source < htt!:--www)!hoeni4masonry)or$-96 666V#amousV#reemasons- <
Volumes 9 throu$h 7) Also re#er to the !d# #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: 96666 "amous "reemasons

= Be#er to the #ollowin$ !d# #iles in the su!!ortin$ material: Belationshi! Between
*ormonism and "reemasonry , Anthony C Ivins and *ormonism and *asonry , % Cecil *cGavin

5 The Beturn Vol) = No) E .une [email protected] ty!ed co!y !a$e 9=E 7 FGBHumors o# adultery
homose4uality unauthori/ed !oly$amy and the !er#ormance o# a(ortions emer$ed Gim!licatin$ BennettH) Chile Bennett was mayor he was cau$ht in !rivate se4ual relations with women in the city) Ae told the women that the !ractice which he termed 2s!iritual wi#ery 2 was sanctioned o# God and .ose!h Smith and that .ose!h Smith did the same) Chen discovered he !rivately con#essed his crimes !roduced an a##idavit that .ose!h Smith had no !art in his adultery and was disci!lined accordin$ly) Althou$h he vowed to chan$e he continued his (ehavior) Chen he was cau$ht a$ain his indiscretions were !u(licly e4!osed and he was removed #rom his church !ositions e4communicated #rom the church and stri!!ed o# !u(lic o##ice) FAe soon (ecame a (itter anta$onist o# .ose!h Smith and the 1atter Day Saint church re!ortedly even vowin$ to drin+ the (lood o# .ose!h Smith .r) In [email protected]= he wrote a scathin$ e4!osT o# .ose!h Smith entitled Aistory o# the Saints accusin$ Smith and his church o# crimes such as treason cons!iracy to commit murder !rostitution and adultery) Throu$h his news!a!er writin$s and (oo+ Bennett a!!eared to encoura$e *issouri2s .une [email protected] attem!t to e4tradite Smith to stand trial #or 2treason)2J


:Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-.ohnVC)VBennett;

> Source <

E Acts >:57,5> [email protected],58 ? Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-3enta$ram :em!hasis added; @ Source <
htt!:--en)#airmormon)or$-*ormonismVandVtem!les-InvertedVStarsVonV1DSVTem!les :em!hasis added;

8 Be#er to 3D" #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: "air1DS article on tem!le stars



T e Initi!tion o" Free)!%onr4.% Hig e%t (egree
In [email protected]@ a man (y the name o# .im Shaw !u(lished an auto(io$ra!hical wor+ called The Deadly Dece!tion a(out his li#e in "reemasonry)9 *r) Shaw a(solutely loved (ein$ an initiate and (uilt a $reat ra!!ort in the *asonic community) Ae was commended #or his dili$ence $reat attitude and un#ailin$ly studious manner) &nli+e many *asons he re$ularly studied the writin$s o# Al(ert 3i+e Al(ert *ac+ey and *anly 3) Aall #or $reater enli$htenment) Ae actively sou$ht hi$her de$rees within the or$ani/ation and even (ecame an initiate in other (ranches o# *asonry such as the Shriners) Thin$s (e$an to chan$e when he started seein$ an eye doctor due to an onset o# cataracts) %ven on his #irst visit the doctor (e$an as+in$ him a(out reli$ion and whether or not he was saved: FAave you ever received the 1ord .esus Christ as your Savior and made Aim the 1ord o# your li#eKJ *r) Shaw re!orts:
FGCHith a reli$ious hautiness GsicH risin$ u! within me I said to him FSir I +now more a(out reli$ion than you do < as a matter o# #act I +now more a(out reli$ion than most !eo!le will ever +nowOJ But he was neither im!ressed nor ta+en a(ac+ (y my !roud declaration) Cithout ta+in$ his eyes #rom mine or chan$in$ his e4!ression he as+ed me FBut what do you +now a(out salvationKJJ

*r) Shaw was o##ended at #irst) Aowever u!on re!eat visits to this doctor a(out his cataracts the doctor would discuss the !lan o# salvation and the need #or a Savior and he would 0uote verses o# scri!ture to him)


FAis s!ea+in$ to me in this way no lon$er o##ended me) The verses o# Scri!ture he 0uoted seemed to $o way down inside o# me) Some o# them seemed to e4!lode down there stirrin$ thin$s I could neither descri(e nor understand) I decided that I would loo+ u! the verses he s!o+e o# and read them #or mysel#)J

As he (e$an to read the Bi(lical scri!tures #or himsel# he relates that FI noticed how sim!le their messa$e was com!ared with the com!le4ity o# the *asonic writin$s)J This (e$an a catalyst o# internal con#lict #or him #or he (e$an to reali/e that there is truly no middle $round to the teachin$s o# .esus and the tenets o# "reemasonry that he had dili$ently studied and learned over the years) One day as he was readin$ in .ohn cha!ter E the Aoly Ghost im!ressed u!on him the truth o# what he was readin$:
FThen my eyes (eheld verse 7? FVerily verily I say unto you he that (elieveth on me hath everlastin$ li#e)J In s!ite o# all the verses and !assa$es o# Scri!ture I had already read and #or reasons !ro(a(ly +nown only to God this verse reached down inside me and $ra((ed my heart) I was sta$$ered with the sim!licity o# what it said and the !ower o# what it did to me) Trum!et #an#ares inside my head could not have more e##ectively loc+ed my attention on that sim!le verse or more clearly shown its im!ortance to me) It was doin$ !ower#ul thin$s (oth in my heart and in my understandin$) FCould it really (e true J I wondered Fthat it could all (e so sim!leK Could this really (e trueKJJ

*r) Shaw had cataract sur$ery done on each eye (y this doctor and (oth o# the o!erations were success#ul) Chile he was recu!eratin$ a#ter the second sur$ery the doctor2s !astor visited him and com#orted him) Ae related that (oth he and the doctor !rayed #or his recovery and that they commonly did so #or all o# the doctor2s !atients) Ae decided #rom that !oint that he would (e$in attendin$ this !astor2s church)
FI had never (e#ore to my +nowled$e had anyone really !ray #or me never and I cho+ed on the si$ni#icance o# it)))) As Gmy wi#eH drove me home I told her that althou$h !eo!le #rom the doctor2s church had visited me and had !rayed #or me not one !erson #rom the 1od$e had (een there to see me) She told me that she had announced to the %astern Star mem(ers that I was havin$ the sur$ery) But not a one o# them had come) The contrast was clear and unmista+a(le)J

Cithin a short time a#ter recoverin$ *r) Shaw2s lon$,sou$ht dream came true < he was selected as a candidate to (ecome a 55 rd De$ree "reemason) All de$rees u! to the 5= nd De$ree can (e o(tained (y anyone who is dili$ent and dedicated enou$h within "reemasonry to see+ them and #inancially ca!a(le enou$h to !ay the #ees re0uired to receive each de$ree) The 55rd De$ree however is an honorary de$ree < initiates cannot su(mit


EIOTERIC SHELLS0 OCC8LT CORES themselves #or consideration to receive it) *asonic leaders select !otential candidates to receive it (ased u!on their outstandin$ merits) Su!!osedly there is no de$ree in "reemasonry hi$her than the 55rd De$ree < at least not any that the $eneral !u(lic or lower,level *asons have (een made aware o# or that has (een documented anywhere within !u(licly, availa(le *asonic writin$s) The #ollowin$ is *r) .im Shaw2s auto(io$ra!hical account o# receivin$ this rare and hi$h honor :em!hasis added;) Ta+e s!ecial note o# his descri!tion o# the Cashin$ton D)C) *asonic Tem!le and what ima$es and sym(olism adorn it throu$hout:
THE HIGHEST *&SONIC (EGREE F%aster was a!!roachin$ and one 0uiet mornin$ I was at home recu!eratin$ #rom the second o!eration when the door(ell ran$) It was a s!ecial delivery letter #rom the Su!reme Council in Cashin$ton GD)C)H noti#yin$ me that I had (een selected #or the 55rd De$ree) FI could hardly (elieve it was trueO This honor is one most *asons never even thin+ o# receivin$) It was too much too #ar out o# reach (eyond limits o# reality) It was unreal to thin+ I had actually (een selected) It was an honor Nust to (e considered #or this ultimate de$ree and I had actually (een selected chosen (y that small and !ower#ul $rou! the Su!reme Council o# the 55rd De$ree)))) FSo I returned my acce!tance immediately and (e$an ma+in$ !lans #or the tri!) FCith !lenty o# time to re#lect I thou$ht a(out my lon$ clim( u! the mountain o# *asonry in search o# li$ht) I thou$ht a(out the odds a$ainst anyone2s ever ma+in$ it to the 55rd De$ree) I reali/ed that in my case the odds have (een even $reater) I had made it (y hard wor+ and dedication alone) Some men have an ed$e on selection (ecause o# their wealth !olitical !ower or !rominence) I had none o# these)))) FI had reached the !innacle < made it all the way to the to!) Some o# the most !rominent and in#luential men in the world would undou(tedly (e there to !artici!ate when I was $iven this ultimate de$ree < #or me < little .immy Shaw who had $one to wor+ at a$e #ive and made it alone since a$e 95) They would (e there to $ive the 55rd De$ree to me) It was really a (it di##icult to ta+e it all in) FIn order to receive the 55rd De$ree it was necessary to $o to Cashin$ton) D)C) The initiation and related #unctions were to last three days) Since Bonnie could !artici!ate in !ractically none o# the thin$s I would (e doin$ each day she decided not to $o alon$) G%d) Note: "reemasonry (ans women #rom !artici!atin$ in most critical or$ani/ational #unctions and events even at the lowest levels)H Ce were (oth e4cited as I made !re!arations to leave) But I was not as e4cited as I e4!ected to (e)


The ed$e was ta+en o## the e4citement (ecause in me it was mi4ed with a considera(le amount o# conviction) Cay down dee! there was a $rowin$ restlessness an increasin$ con#lict !roduced (y the thin$s the doctor had (een sharin$ and (y all the Scri!ture I had (een readin$) 3re!arin$ to receive this Multimate honorM was not as thrillin$ as it mi$ht otherwise have (een) FI #lew into Cashin$ton National Air!ort and too+ a ta4i to the Aouse o# the Tem!le on Northwest 9Eth Street) &!on arrivin$ at the Tem!le I was met (y a rece!tionist who as+ed i# I were there to receive the 55rd De$ree) I was sur!rised to #ind a woman in those sacred *asonic !recincts (ut said that I was and showed her my letter #rom the Su!reme Council) She then told me that in order to receive the de$ree I would (e e4!ected to ma+e a F minimum donationJ o# a very lar$e amount o# money :at least it was a Mvery lar$eM amount #or me;) This too+ me com!letely (y sur!rise #or there had not (een a word a(out any such Fminimum donationJ in the letter sent me (y the Su!reme Council) I didn2t carry that much money with me and had le#t my chec+(oo+ at home (ut was a(le to (orrow the money #rom one o# the other men and $ave it to her) Ce candidates were all unha!!y a(out this un!leasant sur!rise and $rum(led to one another a(out it (ut were not unha!!y enou$h to #orsa+e the de$ree over it) Ce were too close to the Fto! o# the mountainJ to turn (ac+ at that !oint) THE TE*PLE ITSELF FThe Aouse o# the Tem!le is 0uite im!ressive < a (it awesome really) Standin$ lar$e $rey and silent on the east side o# Northwest 9Eth Street (etween MBM and MSM Streets it looms very wide and tall #rom the cur() There is a hu$e e4!anse o# $ranite !avement in #ront o# it includin$ three levels o# narrowin$ ste!s as the entrance is a!!roached) "lan+in$ the entrance are two S!hin4,li+e $ranite lions with women2s heads the nec+ o# one entwined (y a co(ra and decorated with the F an+hJ :the %$y!tian sym(ol o# li#e and deity;) FAdornin$ the nec+ and (reast o# the other is an ima$e o# a woman sym(olic o# #ertility and !rocreation) In the !avement Nust in #ront o# the tall (ron/e doors are two %$y!tian swords with curved ser!entine (lades and (etween the two swords (rass letters set into stone sayin$ MThe Tem!le o# the Su!reme Council o# the Thirty,Third and 1ast De$ree o# the Ancient and Acce!ted Scottish Bite)M FOver the tall (ron/e doors cut into the stone is the statement M"reemasonry Builds Its Tem!les in the Aearts o# *en and Amon$ Nations)M G%d) note: *r) Shaw includes the #ollowin$ #ootnote here: FThis statement is an interestin$ contradiction with the Tem!le it adorns as well as with the thousands o# other such *asonic tem!les (uilt around the Corld at a total cost o# many (illions o# dollars)JH Ai$h a(ove the entrance !artially concealed (y stone columns is an ela(orate ima$e o# the %$y!tian sun $od (ac+ed with radiatin$ sun and #lan+ed (y si4 lar$e


$olden sna+es)
FInside is ele$ance: !olished mar(le e4otic wood $old and statuary) There are o##ices a li(rary dinin$ room +itchen Council Boom MTem!le BoomM and a lar$e meetin$ room) This room is li+e a lu4urious theater rather ele$antly #urnished and decorated) FThe ceilin$ is dar+ (lue with li$hts set into it to $ive the a!!earance o# stars) These li$hts can even (e made to Mtwin+leM li+e stars in the s+y) There is a sta$e well,e0ui!!ed and it is all very nicely done) But the thin$ that is most noticea(le is the way the walls are decorated with ser!ents ) There are all +indsI some very lon$ and lar$e) *any o# the Scottish Bite de$rees include the re!resentation o# ser!ents and I reco$ni/ed them amon$ those decoratin$ the walls) FIt was all most im!ressive and $ave me a stran$e mi4ture o# the sensations o# (ein$ in a tem!le and in a tom( < somethin$ sacred (ut threatenin$) I saw (usts o# outstandin$ men o# the Bite includin$ two o# Al(ert 3i+e who is (uried there in the wall ) G%d) note: This ou$ht to thorou$hly convey the wei$ht and honor *asons !lace u!on *r) 3i+e)H INTER9IE-E( :Y THE S8PRE*E CO8NCIL FThe #irst day was devoted to re$istration (rie#in$s and interviews) Ce were called into one o# the o##ices one at a time and interviewed (y three mem(ers o# the Su!reme Council) FChen my turn came I was ushered into the o##ice and seated) The very #irst 0uestion I was as+ed was MO# what reli$ion are youKM Not lon$ (e#ore this I would have answered with somethin$ li+e MI (elieve the Ancient *ysteries the 2Old Beli$ion 2 and I (elieve in reincarnation)M Aowever without thin+in$ at all a(out how to answer I #ound mysel# sayin$ MI am a Christian)M FThen to my sur!rise and theirs I as+ed them MAre you men (orn a$ainKM The man in char$e 0uic+ly sto!!ed me (y sayin$ MCe2re not here to tal+ a(out that < we are here to as+ you 0uestions)M G%d) note: The term F(orn a$ainJ also re#ers to a +ind o# initiation within other modern mystery schools as will (e discussed in a later cha!ter) These men may have thou$ht *r) Shaw was as+in$ i# they had received this ty!e o# initiation which they are not !ermitted to discuss)H FA#ter they sent me (ac+ out I sat down and thou$ht a(out it) Chen the ne4t man came out I as+ed him FDid they as+ you i# you are a ChristianKJ Ae said FYes they did)J FChat did you tell themKJ I as+ed and he re!lied FI told them 2Aell no and I never intend to (eO2J FThen he said a stran$e thin$ to me MThey said I2m $oin$ hi$her M and he le#t throu$h a di##erent door loo+in$ !leased) G%d) note: As mentioned !reviously there is no !u(licly,disclosed hi$her de$ree in *asonry (eyond the 55rd) Aowever a!!arently due to how he !er#ormed in his interview

[email protected]

this $entleman 0uali#ied #or yet,hi$her Fhonors J as is discussed later) At any rate it is hi$hly si$ni#icant that he was instructed to $o throu$h a se!arate doorway than other candidates)H :ECO*ING & SO9EREIGN GR&N( INSPECTOR GENER&L FThe second day was the day o# the actual initiation held in the theater, li+e meetin$ room) Those o# us who were receivin$ the de$ree were seated and the ceremony was Fe4em!li#iedJ :acted out in #ull costume; (e#ore us in the same way that we had !er#ormed the lesser de$rees o# the Scottish Bite all those years) The !arts in the e4em!li#ication were !layed (y men o# the 55rd De$ree) FThe re!resentative candidate was dressed in (lac+ trousers (are#ooted (areheaded and dra!ed in a lon$ (lac+ ro(e that reminded me o# a very lon$ (lac+ raincoat) Ae had a (lac+ ca(le tow around his nec+ (ut was not hoodwin+ed) Durin$ the initiation he was led around the sta$e conducted (y two men with swords as the de$ree was !er#ormed #or us) FInstructions and si$ns were $iven) &!on the altar were #our Mholy (oo+sM :the Bi(le the 'oran the Boo+ o# the 1aw and the Aindu Scri!tures;) At one !oint the FcandidateJ was told to +iss the (oo+ Fo# your reli$ionJ and re!resentin$ us all he leaned #orward and did so) I remem(ered the "irst De$ree initiation when I was told to +iss the Bi(le and at that moment somethin$ came #ull cycle) It was the #inal such +iss to (e a !art o# my li#e) -INE IN & H8*&N SA8LL FChen it was time #or the #inal o(li$ation we all stood and re!eated the oath with the re!resentative candidate administered (y the Soverei$n Grand Ins!ector General) Ce then swore true alle$iance to the Su!reme Council o# the 55rd De$ree !3o5e !ll ot er !llegi!nce% and swore never to reco$ni/e any other (rother as (ein$ a mem(er o# the Scottish Bite o# "reemasonry unless he also reco$ni/es the Su!reme authority o# Fthis Su!reme CouncilJ) FOne o# the Conductors then handed the FcandidateJ a human s+ull u!side down with wine in it ) F*ay this wine I now drin+ (ecome a deadly !oison to me as the Aemloc+ Nuice drun+ (y Socrates should I ever +nowin$ly or will#ully violate the sameJ :the oath;) Ae then dran+ the wine) A s+eleton :one o# the (rothers dressed li+e one < he loo+ed very convincin$; then ste!!ed out o# the shadows and threw his arms around the Fcandidate)J Then he :and we; continued the sealin$ o# the o(li$ation (y sayin$ MAnd may these cold arms #orever encircle me should I ever +nowin$ly or will#ully violate the same)M FThe Soverei$n Grand Commander closed the meetin$ o# the Su!reme Council Fwith the *ystic Num(er J stri+in$ with his sword #ive three one and then two times) A#ter the closin$ !rayer we all said Famen amen amen J and it was over)


PRO*INENT *EN TOOA P&RT' FThere were some e4tremely !rominent men there that day includin$ a Scandinavian 'in$ two #ormer !residents o# the &nited States an internationally !rominent evan$elist two other internationally !rominent cler$ymen and a very hi$h o##icial o# the #ederal $overnment the one who actually !resented me with the certi#icate o# the 55rd De$ree) FSome made only (rie# a!!earancesI others stayed much lon$er) Aowever they didn2t do much mi4in$ or sociali/in$ with us e4ce!t #or those whom they already +new) %ven thou$h these cele(rities weren2t e4tremely F(rotherly J it was still 0uite an e4!erience #or me Nust to (e associated with them) It was easily the lar$est $atherin$ o# such !rominent and in#luential men o# which I have ever (een a !art) FThe third day there was a (an0uet to cele(rate our (ecomin$ FGrand Ins!ectors General) 55rd De$ree)J The (an0uet was a little anticlimactic at least #or me and I was an4ious to $et it over with so I could return home) It was $ood to (e a 55 rd at last) But it wasn2t as e4citin$ or #ul#illin$ as I had thou$ht it would (e durin$ all those years in the Cra#t) FI $uess this was (ecause o# the !ro#ound chan$es $oin$ on down dee! within me)J

The e4ternal or$ani/ations o# "reemasonry #orm the (enevolent, a!!earin$ outer e4oteric shell o# a dee!ly occult inner esoteric mystery school $rou!) The outer shell which only the !u(lic and lesser,de$reed *asons witness serves not only as a multi,layered cover #or this $rou! (ut also as a #ertile recruitin$ $round to (rin$ talented am(itious worldly, !ower,see+in$ men u! into it) As evidenced (y Brother .im Shaw2s !ersonal account the 55 rd De$ree #unctions as a #inal $ateway (etween the e4oteric shell and the inner esoteric occult $rou!) De!endin$ u!on a candidate2s !er#ormance durin$ the one,on, one interviews it will (e conclusively determined (y those decision,ma+ers within the esoteric core whether or not to admit him) A$ain recall the #ollowin$:
FChen the ne4t man came out I as+ed him FDid they as+ you i# you are a ChristianKJ Ae said FYes they did)J FChat did you tell themKJ I as+ed and he re!lied FI told them 2Aell no and I never intend to (eO2J FThen he said a stran$e thin$ to me MThey said I2m $oin$ hi$her M and he le#t throu$h a di##erent door loo+in$ !leased)J

Those li+e *r) Shaw who are unsus!ectin$ly,reNected #rom advancin$ into the esoteric mystery school core are $iven to thin+ that they truly have reached Fthe to! o# the mountainJ within *asonry) They are duly rewarded #or all their dili$ence and !assion (y receivin$ the hi$hest honors o# the e4oteric shell < and #or this they shall (e worldly,rewarded at minimum in


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I (ein$ revered (y all other lower *asons) In reality thou$h what it really means is that they #ailed to convince the $ate+ee!ers o# the esoteric core or$ani/ation that they 0uali#y :throu$h ruthless am(ition !ride and !otentially,murderous syco!hancy; #or advancement into the hidden arcane 1uci#erian ran+s)

S!crilege !nd *oc/er4 (i%gui%ed !% Sole)nit4 !nd Re5erence
Continuin$ #rom *r) Shaw2s (oo+ The Deadly Dece!tion he $ives an account o# the last *asonic ceremony he !er#ormed an annual ceremony on the Thursday !rior to %aster) This is su!!osed to (e in commemoration o# .esus2 washin$ o# Ais disci!les2 #eet on the Thursday (e#ore (ein$ (etrayed tried and cruci#ied which is theolo$ically re#erred to as *aundy Thursday) 5
*&8N(Y TH8RS(&Y FIn the Scottish Bite the Thursday (e#ore %aster M*aundy Thursday M is an im!ortant day) On this day we always !er#ormed a s!ecial service o# Communion in the local Scottish Bite Tem!le) At this time I was Cise *aster in the Cha!ter o# Bose Croi4 and it was my No( to !reside over the e4em!li#ication :dramati/ation; o# the ceremony) I had done this many times and was +nown #or my +nowled$e o# the service and #or Mdoin$ a $ood No(M o# !uttin$ it on) THE -OR(S H&( *E&NING NOFOn Thursday evenin$ we $athered at our home Tem!le and dressed #or the ceremony) It was always a most solemn occasion and seemed a little awesome even to those o# us who had done it many times) FDressed in lon$ (lac+ hooded ro(es G%d) note: thin+ 'u 'lu4 'lan :'''; (ut in (lac+H we marched in sin$le #ile with only our #aces !artly showin$ and too+ our seats) FThere was somethin$ very tom(,li+e a(out the settin$) The silence was (ro+en only (y the or$an !layin$ mourn#ully in the (ac+$round and there was no li$ht e4ce!t #or the little that came throu$h the windows) A#ter the o!enin$ !rayer :#rom which the name o# .esus Christ was cons!icuously e4cluded; I stood and o!ened the service) FAs I had done so many times (e#ore I said FCe meet this day to commemorate the death o# our 2*ost Cise and 3er#ect *aster 2 not as ins!ired or divine #or this is not #or us to decide (ut as at least the $reatest o# the a!ostles o# man+ind)J FAs I s!o+e these words that I had s!o+en so many times (e#ore I had a stran$e and !ower#ul e4!erience) It was as i# I were standin$ a!art


listenin$ to mysel# as I s!o+e and the words echoed dee! within me shoutin$ their si$ni#icance) They were the same words I had s!o+en so many times (e#ore (ut had meanin$ #or me now) They made me sic+ literally ill and I sto!!ed) FThe reali/ation o# what I had Nust said $rew within me li+e the risin$ o# a crescendo) I had Nust called .esus an Fa!ostle o# man+indJ who was neither ins!ired nor divineO There was a silent !ause that seemed to last a very lon$ time as I stru$$led with a sic+ smotherin$ within) FChen I was #inally a(le I continued with the service and we $athered around a lar$e ta(le across the room in marchin$ order) The ta(le was lon$ sha!ed li+e a cross and covered with a red cloth which was decorated down the center with roses) & :L&CA CO**8NION FOnce we were assem(led at the ta(le I elevated :li#ted hi$h; the !late o# (read too+ a !iece !ut my hand on the shoulder o# the man in #ront o# me $ave him the !late and said FTa+e eat and $ive to the hun$ry)J This continued until all had !arta+en o# the (read) Then I li#ted u! the $o(let o# wine too+ a si! and said FTa+e drin+ and $ive to the thirsty)J A$ain this continued until all had !arta+en o# the wine) FThen I too+ the (read wal+ed over to the #irst row o# s!ectators and served it to the man !reviously chosen #or the honor o# re!resentin$ the rest o# the 1od$e) As I handed it to him I a$ain said FTa+e eat and $ive to the hun$ry)J In li+e manner I served the wine to him sayin$ FTa+e drin+ and $ive to the thirsty J and he sat down) FA#ter this we too+ our !laces at the ta(le sha!ed li+e a cross and sat down) The settin$ was dar+ our lon$ swee!in$ ro(es were solid (lac+ our #aces nearly concealed in the hoods and the mood was one o# heavy $loom) The Christ,less !rayers and the hymns we san$ #it ri$ht in) The one word that would descri(e the entire event would (e F(lac+)J FIt was indeed a Blac+ Communion < a stran$e Blac+ *ass) EITING8ISHING THE C&N(LE FThere was a lar$e *enorah :candlestic+ with seven candle holders; in the center o# the room with seven candles now (urnin$) Standin$ a$ain I said FThis is indeed a sad day #or we have lost our *aster) Ce may never see him a$ain) Ae is deadO *ourn wee! and cry #or he is $one)J FThen I as+ed the o##icers to e4tin$uish the candles in the lar$e *enorah) One (y one they rose wal+ed to the center o# the room e4tin$uished a selected candle and le#t the room) F"inally with only the center candle still (urnin$ I arose wal+ed sadly to the *enorah and e4tin$uished the last candle < the candle re!resentin$ the li#e o# .esus our F*ost Cise and 3er#ect *aster)J Ce had dramati/ed


and commemorated the snu##in$ out o# the li#e o# .esus without once mentionin$ his name and the scene ended with the room in dee! silent dar+ness) I wal+ed out o# the room leavin$ only the dar+ness and the stillness o# death)
FOnce a$ain the sin$le word (est to descri(e it would (e F(lac+)J FAll throu$h the service I was sha+in$ and sic+) I have never #elt so sad) I had stum(led over the words (ut somehow I made it to the com!letion o# the ceremony and went (ac+ to the dressin$ room) I still didn2t +now much a(out !rayin$ (ut #elt that I had (een sustained (y the 1ord throu$h it all)J

The Aoly S!irit witnessed unto *r) Shaw the (las!hemous nature o# the ceremony and then it merci#ully remained with him) The Aoly S!irit continued to $rant him stren$th necessary to #ul#ill his duties while simultaneously instillin$ a dee! revulsion to it all as he #ully understood what he was !artici!atin$ in) 3revious to this *r) Shaw was o(livious to how truly sacrile$ious disres!ect#ul and desecratin$ all this is to our 1ord and Savior .esus Christ)
THE FIN&L P&RTING FBac+ in the dressin$ room we hun$ u! our (lac+ hooded ro(es !ut our street clothes (ac+ on and !re!ared to leave) 1ess than two hours had !assed since I arrived) But what had ha!!ened in that !eriod o# time had chan$ed my li#e #orever) FStill sic+ in my heart I chan$ed clothes without a word to anyone) The others as+ed me what was wron$) But I couldn2t re!ly) They reminded me that I had acted as Cise *aster so many times (e#ore that I was +nown #or my smooth !er#ormance o# it and they as+ed what had $one wron$) I was cho+in$ on the aw#ul reality o# what we had said and done the way we had (las!hemed the 1ord and the evil (lac+ moc+ery we had made o# Ais !ure and sel#less death) Cith wee!in$ wellin$ u! within me I could only sha+e my head in silence and wal+ out)))) “IT ISN.T RIGHT” FI started down the wide ste!s in #ront o# the lar$e Scottish Bite Tem!le reali/ation and conviction $rowin$ within me reached the (ottom ste! and sto!!ed) Turnin$ around I loo+ed (ac+ at the hu$e $ranite (uildin$ and slowly studied the words carved in the stone across the to! o# the entrance: FANCI%NT AND ACC%3T%D SCOTTISA BIT% O" "B%%*ASONBY)J FSomethin$ came clearly into #ocus in my understandin$ and I made a decision) This crisis !oint in my li#e one which had re0uired so many years #or me to reach !assed in seconds) The truth was revealed and the choice was made < a choice that would (e the di##erence (etween dar+ness and li$ht death and li#e one that would last #or eternity) F1oo+in$ u! at those words I had wal+ed under so many times words o#


which I had (een so !roud I s!o+e to mysel# out loud) It was as i# I were the only man in the world as I heard mysel# say slowly and deli(erately FIt isn2t ancient it isn2t Scottish it isn2t #ree and it isn2t ri$htOJ FI turned away and wal+ed into the !ar+in$ lot +nowin$ that I would never return)))) Cith every ste! I too+ as the Tem!le receded (ehind me I was more #ree)))) The decision was made the die was cast) "rom that ni$ht onward I would serve the true and livin$ God not the Great Architect o# the &niverse) I would e4alt and learn o# Aim not Osiris 'rishna or Demeter) I would see+ and #ollow .esus not the will,o,the,wis! o# Mhidden wisdom)MJ

:!ni% )ent !nd O%tr!ci?!tion o" For)er Friend%
*r) Shaw wrote letters o# resi$nation to the #our *asonic or$ani/ations he was a mem(er o#) There were a num(er o# attem!ts to coerce him in an intimidatin$ manner to not leave) In #act there is no way #or a *ason to withdraw com!letely #rom (ein$ a mem(er o# the or$ani/ation:
FGTHhe Fdemit J the *asonic #orm o# withdrawin$ #rom the 1od$e Gi)e) (ecomin$ inactiveH is loo+ed u!on (y the 1od$e only as a document which +ee!s you in $ood standin$ #or the day when you will return) They do not loo+ u!on it as anythin$ li+e a #inal resi$nation) "rom the *asonic !oint o# view the only way one can actually sto! (ein$ a *ason is to die :and that (ecause o# the $eneral (elie# in reincarnation and the *asonic conce!t o# Aeaven is not even the end o# it in their eyes;)J

The last *asonic #unction *r) Shaw ever attended was the #uneral o# a *asonic (rother wherein he was to $ive the #inal !rayer at the service) Ae did so and ended the !rayer Fin the name o# .esus Christ our Savior J which $reatly o##ended the other *asons !resent) Therea#ter every other social as!ect o# their lives radically chan$ed as well)
FOn my No( I was almost immediately chan$ed to the ni$ht shi#t) There was no attem!t to conceal the #act that it was (ecause o# my leavin$ the 1od$e) At #irst I was stun$ (y it) But the 1ord 0uic+ly showed me that it was a (lessin$) G%d) note: All this occurred durin$ the 98E62s) Aad this occurred in the [email protected] or later he would have undou(tedly (een laid o## or #ired)H))) FThe chan$e in our social li#e a#ter I resi$ned #rom the 1od$e was immediate and com!lete) Bonnie and I were cut o##) "or all those years we had (een so (usy with social #unctions and most o# it was !leasant) Suddenly we were shunned (y our #riends) It was i# we had le!rosy)))) Now however we were ma+in$ new #riends in the church and in the Bi(le Colle$e classes) The social #unctions that we were (e$innin$ to enNoy with our new #riends were a lot healthier than the ones we had +nown (e#ore)J


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I *r) Shaw concluded his auto(io$ra!hical account with a !ersonal messa$e to the reader:
& PERSON&L -OR( FRO* HI* FAs this true story is closed I would (e $reatly remiss i# I did not ma+e it clear that in my !re,Christian li#e I truly loved "reemasonry) I loved the men with whom I was associated in the 1od$e and the men with whom I wor+ed so hard in the de$rees and (odies o# the Scottish Bite) *ost o# all I was so very sure that I was doin$ what was ri$ht and !leasin$ in the si$ht o# the Great Architect o# the &niverse) Never in all my years o# dedicated service to *asonry did anyone in the 1od$e witness to me a(out the love and savin$ $race o# .esus) The 1od$e attended a church once each year as a $rou!) %ach time the !astor :who was himsel# a *ason; would introduce us to the con$re$ation and then e4alt the Cra#t tellin$ them a(out all our wonder#ul wor+s) Ce usually le#t the church thin+in$ o# how wonder#ul we were and #eelin$ sorry #or all those in the church who were not *asons !artici!atin$ in all our $ood deeds) FA#ter havin$ (een witnessed to (y my o!hthalmolo$ist #or some time I read those sim!le wonder#ul words o# .esus MVerily verily I say unto you he that (elieveth on me hath everlastin$ li#e)M These words so short and so sweet went ri$ht throu$h my heart) I loo+ed in the Bi(le #or more and I #ound (lessed assurance everywhere I loo+ed) .esus the Christ the Son o# God really loved me as a real BrotherO Ae will do the same #or you)J < .im Shaw

Brother .im Shaw2s e4!erience is a !ro#ound !ersonal e4am!le o# how the Aoly S!irit reaches out to everyone as lon$ as they are willin$ in their hearts to !onder the truth that .esus Christ truly is the Son o# God and the Savior o# the world) &nli+e most o# Brother Shaw2s associates in "reemasonry his heart was o!en and willin$ to consider that the com!le4 e4oteric teachin$s < which he had s!ent years e4!lorin$ a(sor(in$ and doin$ mental $ymnastics tryin$ to #ully com!rehend < were not only ho!elessly !arado4ical and desi$ned to entra! (ut utterly devoid o# any truth) The Aoly S!irit used the conversations with his Christian eye doctor as a catalyst to o!en his eyes and heart) Althou$h it a!!ears that (e#ore the end o# their lives Brother .im Shaw and his wi#e Bonnie were not to $ain a testimony o# the #ully,restored Gos!el o# .esus Christ throu$h Ais servant .ose!h Smith nor have the o!!ortunity to (e (a!ti/ed (y one havin$ authority to do so they nonetheless sacri#iced all their years o# hard wor+ their worldly associations and their social li#e to #ollow Christ) They unmista+a(ly #ully em(raced the 1ord .esus Christ with all their hearts and undou(tedly will em(race the #ullness o# Christ2s Gos!el when they learn it in S!irit 3aradise)



9 Co,authored (y Tom *c'enney and !u(lished (y Auntin$ton Aouse Inc) = A letter written and si$ned (y Tom *c'enney the (oo+2s co,author !rovides the
#ollowin$ e4tended in#ormation) A N!e$ scan o# this letter is included in the su!!ortin$ material: Tom *c'enney 1etter) It states the #ollowin$: FYes .im died in A!rilI Bonnie is (ed#ast since an accident in which their car was sa(ota$ed several years a$o) FI had named those men in the manuscri!t (ut the names were removed (e#ore !u(lication) G%d) note: Auntin$ton Aouse re#used to !u(lish unless the names were removed)H They were: 'in$ o# Denmar+ G"ormer &)S) 3resident Aarry S)H Truman :/ealous *ason;I G"ormer &)S) 3resident Dwi$ht D)H %isenhower :non, *ason;I Billy GrahamI Norman Vincent 3eale :/ealous *ason;I Daniel 3ollin$I and I2m sorry to say .) %d$ar Aoover) FI have a #ile on Graham in my o##ice (ut not with me) .im said he was a 55 k *asonI he !u(licly endorsed Order o# Demo Gi)e) Order o# De*olay the *asonic or$ani/ation #or youn$ men under =9H and he is +nown to have attended = Scottish,Bite *aundy Thursday (lac+ communions) I (ecame convinced that he is a *ason when I wrote and as+ed himI all I $ot was an ela(orate non,answer)J

5 *aundy comes #rom *iddle %n$lish

meanin$ to command or mandate re#erencin$ Christ2s words in .ohn 95:57: FA new commandment I $ive unto you That you love one anotherI as I have loved you that you also love one another)J



FThe three main channels throu$h which the !re!aration #or the new a$e is $oin$ on mi$ht (e re$arded as the Church Gi)e) institutions and sects which ado!t New A$e,(ased doctrinesH the *asonic "raternity and the educational #ieldR GIHn all o# these three movements disci!les o# the Great Ones Gi)e) *ystery School initiatesH are to (e #ound and they are steadily $atherin$ momentum and will (e#ore lon$ enter u!on their desi$nated tas+) FT e *!%onic *o5e)ent777 i% t e cu%todi!n o" t e l!2 I it is the home o# the *ysteries and the seat o# initiation)))) It i% ! "!r )ore occult org!ni?!tion t !n c!n 3e re!li?ed and is intended to (e t e tr!ining %c ool "or t e co)ing !d5!nced occulti%t% ) In its ceremonials lies hid the wieldin$ o# the #orces connected with the $rowth and li#e o# the +in$doms o# nature and the un#oldment o# the divine as!ects in man)J < Alice Bailey in#luential occult writer and !ractitioner 9

*4%ter4 Sc ool Root% o" Free)!%onr4 L!id :!re
To the $eneral !u(lic "reemasons em!hatically insist that *asonry is only a #raternity not the least (it reli$ious nor a reli$ion) They stress unceasin$ly that it is wholly secular and inclusive o# every reli$ion +nown to man < that all men who initiate into any de$ree o# *asonry are #ree and


OCC8LT ORIGINS OF FR&TERN&L OR(ERS uninhi(ited to !ractice any reli$ion they choose and still (e *asons in $ood standin$) They also stress that *asonic oaths and rites are in no way a con#lict with any man2s reli$ious (elie#s and there(y he may enter covenants within the #raternity +nowin$ that they are in harmony with whatever reli$ion he chooses to (elieve < des!ite the #act that in their wordin$ such oaths su!ersede all !recedin$ and #uture oaths he too+ or may ta+e u!on himsel#) "reemasons also insist that their order has no veri#ia(le roots other than the #irst Grand 1od$e o# %n$land in 9?9?)
FG"reemasonry2sH history is $enerally se!arated into two time !eriods: (e#ore and a#ter the #ormation o# the Grand 1od$e o# %n$land in 9?9?) Be#ore this time the #acts and ori$ins o# "reemasonry are not a(solutely +nown and are there#ore #re0uently e4!lained (y theories or le$ends) A#ter the #ormation o# the Grand 1od$e o# %n$land the history o# "reemasonry is e4tremely well documented and can (e traced throu$h the creation o# hundreds o# Grand 1od$es that s!read ra!idly worldwide)J =

*ost *asons o# lower de$rees merely un0uestionin$ly acce!t these statements as #act) The truth is however that these te!id assertions are +nown to (e #alse (y those within the esoteric mystery school at the core o# "reemasonry as well as (y many o# those who dee!ly study availa(le *asonic literature and those who achieve the hi$hest de$rees) I ori$inally intended to com!ile three to #ive cha!ters which would have (een dedicated to 0uotin$ a $reat deal o# historical research which connected "reemasonry (ac+ to the Bosicrucians which connect (ac+ to the 'ni$hts Tem!lars which connect (ac+ even #urther to the Boshaniya and the ancient Assassins o# 3ersia :which I covered in an earlier cha!ter;) I intended to 0uote es!ecially #rom historian .ohn .) Bo(inson2s wor+s) Bac+ in the [email protected] *r) Bo(inson set out to research the (ac+$round o# the 3easant2s Bevolt o# [email protected] throu$h re0uestin$ :and (ein$ $ranted; access to *asonic li(rary records) At the time he had no conce!t that "reemasonry was intricately connected to and a leadin$ #orce (ehind the 3easant2s Bevolt and other su(se0uent revolts throu$hout %uro!e) Cith all that he discovered he chan$ed directions in his research and !u(lished such wor+s as Born in Blood: The 1ost Secrets o# "reemasonry I Dun$eon "ire and Sword: The 'ni$hts Tem!lar in the Crusades I and A 3il$rim2s 3ath: "reemasonry and the Beli$ious Bi$ht) Cor+s such as these e4tensively tie "reemasonry to these ancient secret com(inations and history,mani!ulatin$ events and how their im!act on %uro!ean history has sha!ed centuries o# western culture2s develo!ment < even molded our conce!t o# Fthe real worldJ today) "ortunately however I stum(led u!on a lesser,+nown little,circulated transcri!t o# a lecture :meant onl4 #or *asonic ears not to (e disseminated to the !u(lic; $iven (y *anly 3) Aall and #irst !u(lished in 98=8) It is titled

[email protected]


Bosicrucian and *asonic Ori$ins)7 This document in and o# itsel# thorou$hly vindicates *r) Bo(inson2s :and similar historians2; research which has (een hotly contested #or decades (y *asons de#enders o# "reemasonry and other cons!iratorial naysayers)
Chat *r) Aall lays out in this lecture is in direct o!!osition to what *asonic leaders strive to deny :or at minimum muddle; when con#ronted (y non,*asons a(out these matters) They es!ecially de#lect or outri$ht lie a(out these thin$s when 0uestioned a(out these thin$s (y lower,level *asons) It is im!ortant to reco$ni/e that *r) Aall intended the contents o# this lecture to (e received (y hi$her,level *asons in order to encoura$e them to research #urther into the ori$ins o# "reemasonry and other !rominent #raternities throu$hout the world) Chat Aall descri(es alto$ether su(stantiates "reemasonry2s occult ori$ins and connections to the ancient mystery schools) :%m!hasis added;:
F"B%%*ASONBY is a #raternity within a #raternity an outer or$ani/ation conce!ling !n inner 3rot er ood o" t e elect ) Be#ore it is !ossi(le to intelli$ently discuss the ori$in o# the Cra#t it is necessary there#ore to esta(lish the e4istence o# these two se!arate yet interde!endent orders t e one 5i%i3le !nd t e ot er in5i%i3le ) The visi(le society is a s!lendid camaraderie o# M#ree and acce!tedM men enNoined to devote themselves to ethical educational #raternal !atriotic and humanitarian concerns) The invisi(le society is a secret and most au$ust #raternity 2 o%e )e)3er% !re dedic!ted to t e %er5ice o" ! )4%teriou% !rc!nu) !rc!noru) G1atin: secret o# secretsH) Those Brethren who have essayed to write the history o# their Cra#t have not included in their dis0uisitions the story o# that truly secret inner society which is to t e 3od4 Free)!%onic 2 !t t e e!rt i% to t e 3od4 u)!n ) In each $eneration onl4 ! "e2 !re !cce+ted into t e inner %!nctu!r4 o# the Cor+ (ut these are verita(le 3rinces o# the Truth and their sainted names shall (e remem(ered in #uture a$es to$ether with the seers and !ro!hets o# the elder world) Thou$h the $reat initiate,!hiloso!hers o# "reemasonry can (e counted u!on one2s #in$ers yet their !ower is not to (e measured (y the achievements o# ordinary men) They are dwellers u!on the Threshold o# the Innermost *asters o# that secret doctrine which #orms the invisi(le #oundation o# every $reat theolo$ical and rational institution)J

This a remar+a(le and astoundin$ admission) It not only Nusti#ies and vindicates decades o# critics and whistle(lowers o# "reemasonry (ut also lays (are a reality that is (oth hidden #rom and (ra/enly lied a(out to lower *asons) *r) Aall $oes #urther to de#ine these two *asonic entities)
FThe outer history o# the *asonic order is one o# no(le endeavor altruism and s!lendid enter!riseI the inner history one o# %ilent conEue%t !ersecution and heroic martyrdom ) G%d) note: !ersecution and FheroicJ


martyrdom in the eyes o# which (eholderKH The (ody o# *asonry rose #rom the $uilds o# wor+men who wandered the #ace o# medieval %uro!e (ut the s!irit o# *asonry wal+ed with God (e#ore the universe was s!read out or the scroll o# the heavens unrolled) The enthusiasm o# the youn$ *ason is the e##ervescence o# a !ardona(le !ride) 1et him e4tol the merits o# his Cra#t recitin$ its steady $rowth its #raternal s!irit and its worthy underta+in$s) 1et him (oast o# s!lendid (uildin$s and an ever,increasin$ s!here o# in#luence) These are the tan$i(le evidence o# !ower and should ri$htly set a,#lutter the heart o# the A!!rentice who does not #ully com!rehend as yet that $reat stren$th which a(ides in silence or that unuttera(le di$nity to (e sensed only (y those who have (een 22raised22 into the contem!lation o# the Inner *ystery) FAn o(stacle well,ni$h insurmounta(le is to convince the *ason himsel# that the secrets o# his Cra#t are worthy o# his !ro#ound consideration) As St) 3aul so we are told +ic+ed a$ainst the M!ric+sM o# conversion so the ran+ and #ile o# !resent,day *asons strenuously o!!ose any e##ort !ut #orth to inter!ret *asonic sym(ols in the li$ht o# !hiloso!hy) They are seemin$ly o(sessed (y the #ear that #rom their ritualism may (e e4tracted a meanin$ more !ro#ound than is actually contained therein)J

Another #ascinatin$ admission: most Fran+ and #ileJ *asons do not wish to !ro$ress !ast a certain !oint o# +nowled$e < not out o# lac+ o# am(ition (ut out o# #ear o# discoverin$ secrets that may re0uire more o# them than they wish to $ive) They merely s!end their days o(livious and contented tem!orally enriched within the socio,centric lower *asonic ran+s) On the direct inverse o# this a4is lies the com!lacent one,#oot,in, Ba(ylon,the,other,in,Sion 1DS mem(er < content to merely suc+ dro!lets o# the mil+ o# the Gos!el once a wee+ at Church while revelin$ in the seemin$ly innocuous diversions o# modern Ba(ylon < #indin$ onesel# #eelin$ uncom#orta(le evasive or even o##ended whenever !resented Gos!el meat never truly !re!arin$ onesel# to receive it :FI have #ed you with mil+ and not with meat: #or hitherto ye were not a(le to (ear it neither yet now are ye a(le J as 3aul says in 9 Corinthians 5:=; < (liss#ully unconcerned over the e4istence o# hidden treasures o# heavenly +nowled$e and wisdom at one2s dis!osal should one ma+e the e##ort to uncover it) > Continuin$ #rom *r) Aall2s lecture:
F"or years it has (een a mooted 0uestion whether "reemasonry is actually a reli$ious or$ani/ation) M*asonry M writes GAl(ertH 3i+e however in the 1e$enda #or the Nineteenth De$ree M has and always had a reli$ious creed ) It teaches what it deems to (e the truth in res!ect to the nature and attri(utes o# God)M The more studiously,minded *ason re$ards the Cra#t as an a$$re$ation o# thin+ers concerned with the dee!er mysteries o# li#e) The all,too,!rominent youn$er mem(ers o# the "raternity however i# not o!enly s+e!tical are at least indi##erent to these wei$htier issues) The cham!ions o# !hiloso!hic *asonry alas are a wea+ small voice which


$rows wea+er and smaller as time $oes (y) In #act there are actual (locs amon$ the Brethren who would divorce *asonry #rom (oth !hiloso!hy and reli$ion at any and all cost G%d) note: Nust as they vehemently insist today that it2s merely a #raternity and deny that it is in any way reli$iousH) I# however we search the writin$s o# eminent *asons we #ind a unanimity o# view!oint: namely that *asonry is a reli$ious and !hiloso!hic (ody) %very e##ort initiated to elevate *asonic thou$ht to its true !osition has thus invaria(ly em!hasi/ed the meta!hysical and ethical as!ects o# the Cra#t Gi)e) !riestcra#t < F3riestcra#ts are that men !reach and set themselves u! #or a li$ht unto the world that they may $et $ain and !raise o# the worldJ = Ne!hi =E:=8H) But a su!er#icial !erusal o# availa(le documents will demonstrate that the modern *asonic order is not united res!ectin$ the true !ur!ose #or its own e4istence) Nor will this #actor o# dou(t (e dis!elled until the ori$in o# the Cra#t is esta(lished (eyond all 0ui((lin$)R That *asonry is a (ody o# ancient lore is sel#,evident (ut the tan$i(le Mlin+M necessary to convince the recalcitrant Brethren that their order is the direct %ucce%%or o" t e +!g!n *4%terie% has un#ortunately not (een adduced Gi)e) conclusively !rovenH to date)))) FIt is !ossi(le to trace *asonry (ac+ a #ew centuries with com!arative ease (ut then the thread suddenly vanishes #rom si$ht in a ma/e o# secret societies and !olitical enter!rises) Dimly silhouetted in the mists that (ecloud these tan$led issues are such #i$ures as Ca$liostro E Comte de St) Germain? Ga)+)a) The Count o# St) GermainH and St) *artin @ Ga)+)a) 1ouis Claude de Saint,*artinH (ut even the connection (etween these individuals and the Cra#t has never (een clearly de#ined) The writin$s o# early *asonic history is involved in such o(vious ha/ard as to !rovo+e the wides!read conclusion that #urther search is #utile) The avera$e *asonic student is content there#ore to trace his Cra#t (ac+ to the wor+men2s $uilds who chi!!ed and chiseled the cathedrals and !u(lic (uildin$s o# medieval %uro!e) Chile such men as Al(ert 3i+e have reali/ed this attitude to (e ridiculous it is one thin$ to declare it insu##icient and 0uite another to !rove the #allacy to an adamantine mind)))) 3reston Gould *ac+ey Oliver and 3i+e < in #act nearly every $reat historian o# "reemasonry < have all admitted the !ossi(ility o# the modern society (ein$ connected indirectly at least with the ancient *ysteries and their descri!tions o# the modern society are !re#aced (y e4cer!ts #rom ancient writin$s descri!tive o# !rimitive ceremonials) These eminent *asonic scholars have all reco$ni/ed in the le$end o# Airam A(i## 8 an ada!tation o# the Osiris mythI nor do they deny that t e )!>or +!rt o" t e %4)3oli%) o" t e cr!"t i% deri5ed "ro) t e +!g!n in%titution% o" !ntiEuit4 when the $ods were venerated in secret !laces with stran$e #i$ures and a!!ro!riate rituals) Thou$h co$ni/ant o# the e4alted ori$in o# their order these historians < either throu$h #ear or uncertainty < have #ailed however to drive home the one !oint necessary to esta(lish the true !ur!ose o# "reemasonry: They did not reali/e that the *ysteries whose rituals "reemasonry !er!etuates were the custodians o# a secret !hiloso!hy o# li#e o# such transcendent nature that it can only (e entrusted to an individual tested


and !roved (eyond all !eradventure o# human #railty) The secret schools o# Greece and %$y!t were neither #raternal nor !olitical #undamentally nor were their ideals similar to those o# the modern Cra#t) They were essentially !hiloso!hic and reli$ious institutions and all admitted into them were consecrated to the service o# the soverei$n $ood) *odern "reemasons however re$ard their Cra#t !rimarily as neither !hiloso!hic nor reli$ious (ut rather as ethical) Stran$e as it may seem the maNority o!enly ridicule t e 5er4 %u+ern!tur!l +o2er% !nd !gencie% "or 2 ic t eir %4)3ol% %t!nd) FThe secret doctrine that #lows throu$h "reemasonic sym(ols :and to 2 o%e +er+etu!tion t e in5i%i3le *!%onic 3od4 i% con%ecr!ted ; has its source in three ancient and e4alted orders) The #irst is the Dionysiac arti#icers the second the Boman colle$ia and the third the Ara(ian Bosicrucians) The Dionysians were the master (uilders o# the ancient world) Ori$inally #ounded to desi$n and erect the theaters o# Dionysos wherein were enacted the tra$ic dramas o# the rituals this order was re!eatedly elevated (y !o!ular acclaim to $reater di$nity until at last it was entrusted with the !lannin$ and construction o# all !u(lic edi#ices concerned with the commonwealth or the worshi! o# the $ods and heroes) Airam 'in$ o# Tyre was the !atron o# the Dionysians who #lourished in Tyre and Sidon and Airam A(i## :i# we may (elieve the sacred account; was himsel# a Grand *aster o# this most no(le order o# !a$an (uilders ) 'in$ Solomon in his wisdom acce!ted the services o# this #amous cra#tsman and thus at the insti$ation o# Airam 'in$ o# Tyre Airam A(i## thou$h himsel# a mem(er o# a di##erent #aith Nourneyed #rom his own country to desi$n and su!ervise the erection o# the %verlastin$ Aouse to the true God on *ount *oriah) The tools o# the (uilders2 cra#t were #irst em!loyed (y the Dionysians as sym(ols under which to conceal the mysteries o# the soul and the secrets o# human re$eneration ) The Dionysians also #irst li+ened man to a rou$h ashlar Gi)e) a s0uared (uildin$ stone cut more or less true on all #aces adNacent to those o# other stones so as to !ermit very thin mortar NointsH which trued into a #inished (loc+ throu$h the instrument o# reason could (e #itted into the structure o# that livin$ and eternal Tem!le (uilt without the sound o# hammer the voice o# wor+men or any tool o# contention) FThe Boman colle$ia was a (ranch o# the Dionysiacs and to it (elon$ed those initiated artisans who #ashioned the im!ressive monuments whose ruins still lend their immortal $lory to the %ternal City) In his Ten Boo+s on Architecture Vitruvius96 the initiate o# the colle$ia has revealed that which was !ermissi(le concernin$ the secrets o# his holy order) O# the inner mysteries however he could not write #or these were reserved #or such as had donned the leather a!ron o# the cra#t) In his consideration o# the (oo+s now availa(le concernin$ the *ysteries the thou$ht#ul reader should note the #ollowin$ words a!!earin$ in a twel#th,century volume entitled Arte!hil 1i(er Secretus G1atin < Art that li(erates secretsH: MIs not this an art #ull o# secretsK And (elievest thou O #oolO that we !lainly teach this Secret o# Secrets ta+in$ our words accordin$ to their literal


inter!retationKM :See Se!har A2 De(arim); Into the stones they trued the ade!ts o# the colle$ia dee!ly carved their Gnostic sym(ols) "rom earliest times the initiated stonecutters mar+ed their !er#ected wor+s with the secret em(lems o# their cra#ts and de$rees that un(orn $enerations mi$ht reali/e that the master (uilders o# the #irst a$es also la(ored #or the same ends sou$ht (y men today)
FThe *ysteries o# %$y!t and 3ersia that had #ound a haven in the Ara(ian desert reached %uro!e (y way o# the 'ni$hts Tem!lars and the Bosicrucians) The Tem!le o# the Bose Cross at Damascus had !reserved the secret !hiloso!hy o# Sharon2s BoseI the Druses 99 o# 1e(anon still retain the mysticism o# ancient SyriaI and the dervishes 9= as they lean on their carved and crotched stic+s still meditate u!on the secret instruction !er!etuated #rom the days o# the #our Cali!hs Gi)e) a s!iritual leader o# Islam claimin$ succession #rom *uhammadH) "rom the #ar !laces o# Ira+ GIra0H and the hidden retreats o# the Su#i mystics the Ancient Cisdom thus #ound its way into %uro!e) Cas .ac0ues de *olay 95 (urned (y the Aoly In0uisition merely (ecause he wore the red cross o# the Tem!larK Chat were those secrets to which he was true even in deathK Did his com!anion 'ni$hts !erish with him merely (ecause they had amassed a #ortune and e4ercised an unusual de$ree o# tem!oral !owerK To the thou$htless these may constitute am!le $rounds (ut to those who can !ierce the #ilm o# the s!ecious and the su!er#icial they are assuredly insu##icient) It was not the !hysical !ower o# the Tem!lars (ut the +nowled$e which they had (rou$ht with them #rom the %ast that the church #eared) The Tem!lars had discovered !art o# the Great ArcanumI they had (ecome wise in those mysteries which had (een cele(rated in *ecca thousands o# years (e#ore the advent o# *ohammedI they had read a #ew !a$es #rom the dread (oo+ o# the Anthro!os and #or this +nowled$e they were doomed to die) Chat was the (lac+ ma$ic o# which the Tem!lars were accusedK Chat was Ba!homet97 the Goat o# *endes whose mysteries they were declared to have cele(ratedK All these are 0uestions worthy o# the thou$ht#ul consideration o# every studious *ason) FTruth is eternal) The so,called revelations o# Truth that come in di##erent reli$ions are actually (ut a re,em!hasis o# an ever,e4istin$ doctrine) Thus *oses did not ori$inate a new reli$ion #or IsraelI he sim!ly ada!ted the *ysteries o# %$y!t to the needs o# Israel) The ar+ trium!hantly (orne (y the twelve tri(es throu$h the wilderness was co!ied a#ter the Isaac ar+ which may still (e traced in #aint (as,relie# u!on the ruins o# the Tem!le o# 3hilae) %ven the two (roodin$ cheru(im over the mercy seat are visi(le in the %$y!tian carvin$ #urnishin$ indu(ita(le evidence that the secret doctrine o# %$y!t was the !rototy!e o# Israel2s mystery reli$ion)J

A$ain we see the *ystery Schools2 !oint o# view that anythin$ and everythin$ havin$ to do with .udeo,Christianity is merely an o##shoot inter!retation o# the #ar more ancient !a$an reli$ion o# %$y!t and Ba(ylon < with the $reatest !erversion (ein$ #undamental Christianity2s insistence that


OCC8LT ORIGINS OF FR&TERN&L OR(ERS .esus Christ is literally Fthe Cay the Truth and the 1i$htJ :.ohn 97:E;)
FIn his re#ormation o# Indian !hiloso!hy Buddha li+ewise did not reNect the esotericism o# the Brahmins (ut rather ada!ted this esotericism to the needs o# the masses in India) The mystic secrets loc+ed within the holy Vedas were thus disclosed in order that all men irres!ective o# castely distinction mi$ht !arta+e o# wisdom and share in a common herita$e o# $ood) .esus was a Ba((in o# the .ews a teacher o# the Aoly 1aw who discoursed in the syna$o$ue inter!retin$ the Torah accordin$ to the teachin$s o# Ais sect) He 3roug t no ne2 )e%%!ge nor 2ere Hi% re"or)!tion% r!dic!l7 Ae merely tore away the veil #rom the tem!le in order that not only 3harisee and Sadducee (ut also !u(lican and sinner mi$ht to$ether (ehold the $lory o# an a$eless #aith)J

Note how the *ystery Schools cleverly mar$inali/e discredit and un, dei#y the real .esus Christ :as covered in a !revious cha!ter;) Then they usur! Ais name and co,o!t corru!ted !arts o# Ais $os!el < to a!!ear as thou$h it2s merely a semi,!athetic o##shoot o# their ancient esoteric reli$ion)
FIn his cavern on *ount Aira *ohammed !rayed not #or new truths (ut #or old truths to (e restated in their ori$inal !urity and sim!licity in order that men mi$ht understand a$ain that !rimitive reli$ion: God2s clear revelation to the #irst !atriarchs) The *ysteries o# Islam had (een cele(rated in the $reat (lac+ cu(e o# the Caa(a centuries (e#ore the holy !il$rima$e) The 3ro!het was (ut the re#ormer o# a decadent !a$andom the smasher o# idols the !uri#ier o# de#iled *ysteries)))) Neither !ro!het nor savior !reached a doctrine which was his own (ut in lan$ua$e suita(le to his time and race retold that Ancient Cisdom !reserved within the *ysteries since the dawnin$ o# human consciousness ) So 2it t e *!%onic *4%terie% o" tod!4) %ach *ason has at hand those lo#ty !rinci!les o# universal order u!on whose certainties the #aiths o# man+ind have ever (een esta(lished) %ach *ason has at hand those lo#ty !rinci!les o# universal order u!on !re$nant with li#e and ho!e to those millions who wander in the dar+ness o# unenli$htenment)J

*4%ter4 Sc ool Initi!te% *!ni+ul!ted Centurie% o" Ae4 EuroB&)eric!n E5ent%
Continuin$ #rom *anly 3) Aall2s lecture Bosicrucian and *asonic Ori$ins:
F"ather C)B)C) the *aster o# the Bose Cross 9> was initiated into the Great Cor+ at Damcar) 1ater at "e/ #urther in#ormation was $iven him relatin$ to the sorcery o# the Ara(ians ) "rom these wi/ards o# the desert C)B)C) also secured the sacred (oo+ * which is declared to have contained the accumulated +nowled$e o# the world) This volume was translated into 1atin (y C)B)C) #or the edi#ication o# his order (ut only the initiates +now the !resent hidden re!ository o# the Bosicrucian manuscri!ts charters


and mani#estos) "rom the Ara(ians C)B)C) also learned o# the elemental !eo!les and how with their aid it was !ossi(le to $ain admission to the ethereal world where dwelt the $enii and Nature s!irits) C)B)C) thus discovered that the ma$ical creatures o# the Ara(ian Ni$hts %ntertainment actually e4isted thou$h invisi(le to the ordinary mortal) "rom astrolo$ers livin$ in the desert #ar #rom the concourse o# the mar+et,!lace he was #urther instructed concernin$ the mysteries o# the stars the virtues resident in the astral li$ht the rituals o# ma$ic and invocation the !re!aration o# thera!eutic talismans and the (indin$ o# the $enii) C)B)C) (ecame an ade!t in the $atherin$ o# medicinal her(s the transmutation o# metals and the manu#acture o# !recious $ems (y arti#icial means) %ven the secret o# the %li4ir o# 1i#e and the &niversal 3anacea were communicated to him) %nriched thus (eyond the dreams o# Croesus the Aoly *aster returned to %uro!e and there esta(lished a Aouse o# Cisdom which he called Domus Sancti S!iritus) This house he envelo!ed in clouds it is said so that men could not discover it) Chat are these Mclouds M however (ut the rituals and sym(ols under which is concealed the Great Arcanum < that uns!ea+a(le mystery which every true *ason must see+ i# he would (ecome in reality a M3rince o# the Boyal SecretMK
F3aracelsus9E the Swiss Aermes was initiated into the secrets o# alchemy in Constantino!le and there (eheld the consummation o# the ma$num o!us) Ae is conse0uently entitled to (e mentioned amon$ those initiated (y the Ara(ians into the Bosicrucian wor+) Ca$liostro was also initiated (y the Ara(ians and (ecause o# the +nowled$e he had thus secured incurred the dis!leasure o# the Aoly See) "rom the un!ro(ed de!ths o# Ara(ian Bosicrucianism also issued the illustrious Comte de St),Germain over whose *asonic activities to this day han$s the veil o# im!enetra(le mystery) The e4alted (ody o# initiates whom he re!resented as well as the mission he came to accom!lish have (oth (een concealed #rom the mem(ers o# the Cra#t at lar$e and are !++!rent onl4 to t o%e "e2 di%cerning *!%on% 2 o %en%e t e %u+ern!l + ilo%o+ ic de%tin4 o" t eir Fr!ternit4) FThe modern *asonic order can (e traced (ac+ to a !eriod in %uro!ean history #amous #or its intri$ue (oth !olitical and sociolo$ical) Between the years 9E66 and [email protected] mysterious a$ents moved across the #ace o# the Continent) The #orerunner o# modern thou$ht was (e$innin$ to ma+e its a!!earance and all %uro!e was !assin$ throu$h the throes o# internal dissension and reconstruction) Democracy was in its in#ancy yet its !otential !ower was already (ein$ #elt) Thrones were (e$innin$ to totter) The aristocracy o# %uro!e was li+e the old man on Sin(ad2s (ac+: it was (ecomin$ more un(eara(le with every !assin$ day) Althou$h u!on the sur#ace national $overnments were seemin$ly a(le to co!e with the situation there was a de#inite undercurrent o# im!endin$ chan$eI and out o# the masses lon$ !atient under the yo+e o# o!!ression were risin$ u! the cham!ions o# reli$ious !hiloso!hic and !olitical li(erty) These led the #actions o# the dissatis#ied: !eo!le with le$itimate $rievances a$ainst the intolerance o# the church and the o!!ression o# the crown) Out o# this


stru$$le #or e4!ression materiali/ed certain de#inite ideals the same which have now come to (e considered !eculiarly *asonic) FThe divine !rero$atives o# humanity were (ein$ crushed out (y the three $reat !owers o# i$norance su!erstition and #ear < i$norance the +o2er o" t e )o3I #ear the +o2er o" t e de%+otI and su!erstition the +o2er o" t e c urc )J

Becall in the #a(le o# Osiris that it was the three #ishes that ate the $enerative #orce o# Osiris < his !enis or the 1ost Cord o# "reemasonry < which #ishes re!resent the mo( :the $eneral !o!ulace; the des!ot :monarchal rule; and the church :ecclesiastical dominion;) The Great Cor+ o# the *ystery Schools is to coerce overcome and o(tain #ull control o# these three in order to #ully resurrect Osiris i)e) (rin$ a(out a !er#ect 1uci#erian world society)
FBetween the thin+er and !ersonal li(erty loomed the three Mru##iansM or !ersoni#ications o# im!ediment < the torch the crown and the tiara Gi)e) the sym(ols o# mo( des!ot and churchH) Brute #orce +in$ly !ower and ecclesiastical !ersuasion (ecame the a$ents o# a $reat o!!ression the motive o# a dee! unrest the deterrent to all !ro$ress)))) FAnother !rominent #i$ure o# this !eriod was Sir Calter Balei$h who !aid with his li#e #or hi$h treason a$ainst the crown)R Balei$h was a mem(er o# a secret society or (ody o# men who were already movin$ irresisti(ly #orward under the (anner o# democracy and #or that a##iliation he died a #elon2s death) The actual reason #or Balei$h2s death sentence was his re#usal to reveal the identity either o# that $reat !olitical or$ani/ation o# which he was a mem(er or his con#reres Gi)e) #ellow #raternity (rothersH who were #i$htin$ the do$ma o# #aith and the divine ri$ht o# +in$s)))) FOne o# the truly $reat minds o# that secret #raternity < in #act the movin$ s!irit o# the whole enter!rise < was Sir "rancis Bacon whose !ro!hecy o# the comin$ a$e #orms the theme o# his New Atlantis and whose vision o# the re#ormation o# +nowled$e #inds e4!ression in the Novum Or$anum Scientiarum the new or$an o# science or thou$ht) In the en$ravin$ at the (e$innin$ o# the latter volume may (e seen the little shi! o# !ro$ressivism sailin$ out (etween the 3illars o# Galen and Avicenna venturin$ #orth (eyond the ima$inary !illars o# church and state u!on the un+nown sea o# human li(erty) It is si$ni#icant that Bacon was a!!ointed (y the British Crown to !rotect its interests in the new American Colonies (eyond the sea) Ce #ind him writin$ o# this new land dreamin$ o# the day when a new world and a new $overnment o# the !hiloso!hic elect should (e esta(lished there and %c e)ing to con%u))!te t !t end 2 en t e ti)e % ould 3e ri+e ) &!on the title !a$e o# the 9E76 edition o# Bacon2s Advancement o# 1earnin$ is a 1atin motto to the e##ect that he was the third $reat mind since 3lato) Bacon was a mem(er o# the same $rou! to which Sir Calter Balei$h (elon$ed (ut Bacon2s !osition as 1ord Ai$h Chancellor !rotected him #rom Balei$h2s #ate) %very e##ort was made


however to humiliate and discredit him) At last in the si4ty,si4th year o# his li#e havin$ com!leted the wor+ which held him in %n$land Bacon #ei$ned death and !assed over into Germany there to $uide the destinies o# his !hiloso!hic and !olitical #raternity #or nearly twenty,#ive years (e#ore his actual demise) FOther nota(le characters o# the !eriod are *ontai$ne Ben .onson *arlowe and the $reat "ran/ .ose!h o# TransylvaniaPthe latter one o# the most im!ortant as well as active #i$ures in all this drama a man who ceased #i$htin$ Austria to retire into a monastery in Transylvania #rom which to direct the activities o# his secret society) One !olitical u!heaval #ollowed another the $rand clima4 o# this !olitical unrest culminatin$ in the "rench Bevolution which was directly !reci!itated (y the attac+s u!on the !erson o# Alessandro Ca$liostro) The MdivineM Ca$liostro (y #ar the most !ictures0ue character o# the time has the distinction o# (ein$ more mali$ned than any other !erson o# history) Tried (y the In0uisition #or #oundin$ a *asonic lod$e in the city o# Bome Ca$liostro was sentenced to die a sentence later commuted (y the 3o!e to li#e im!risonment in the old castle o# San 1eo) Shortly a#ter his incarceration Ca$liostro disa!!eared and the story was circulated that he had (een stran$led in an attem!t to esca!e #rom !rison) In reality however he was li(erated and returned to his *asters in the %ast)))) FCa$liostro #ounded the %$y!tian Bite o# "reemasonry which received into its mysteries many o# the "rench no(ility and was re$arded #avora(ly (y the most learned minds o# %uro!e) Aavin$ esta(lished the %$y!tian Bite Ca$liostro declared himsel# to (e an a$ent o# the order o# the 'ni$hts Tem!lars and to have received initiation #rom them on the Isle o# *alta ) :See *orals and Do$ma in which Al(ert 3i+e 0uotes %li!has 1evi on Ca$liostro2s a##iliation with the Tem!lars); Called u!on the car!et (y the Su!reme Council o# "rance it was demanded o# Ca$liostro that he !rove (y what authority he had #ounded a *asonic lod$e in 3aris inde!endent o# the Grand Orient) O# such sur!assin$ mentality was Ca$liostro that the Su!reme Council #ound it di##icult to secure an advocate 0uali#ied to discuss with Ca$liostro !hiloso!hic *asonry and the ancient *ysteries he claimed to re!resent) The Court de Ge(elin < the $reatest %$y!tolo$ist o# his day and an authority on ancient !hiloso!hies < was chosen as the outstandin$ scholar) A time was set and the Brethren convened) Attired in an Oriental coat and a !air o# violet,colored (reeches Ca$liostro was hailed (e#ore this council o# his !eers) The Court de Ge(elin as+ed three 0uestions and then sat down admittin$ himsel# dis0uali#ied to interro$ate a man so much his su!erior in every (ranch o# learnin$) Ca$liostro then too+ the #loor revealin$ to the assem(led *asons not only his !ersonal 0uali#ications (ut !ro!hesyin$ the #uture o# "rance) He "oretold t e "!ll o" t e Frenc t rone0 t e Reign o" Terror0 !nd t e "!ll o" t e :!%tille7 At a later time he revealed the dates o# the death o# *arie Antoinette and the 'in$ and also the advent o# Na!oleon ) Aavin$ #inished his address Ca$liostro made a s!ectacular e4it leavin$ the "rench *asonic lod$e in consternation and utterly inca!a(le o# co!in$ with the


!ro#undity o# his reasonin$) Thou$h no lon$er re$arded as a ritual in "reemasonry the %$y!tian Bite is availa(le and all who read it will reco$ni/e its author to have (een no more a charlatan than was 3lato) FThen a!!ears that charmin$ M#irst American $entleman M Dr) BenNamin "ran+lin who to$ether with the *ar0uis de 1a#ayette !layed an im!ortant role in this drama o# em!ires) Chile in "rance Dr) "ran+lin was !rivile$ed to receive de#inite esoteric instruction ) It is noteworthy that "ran+lin was the #irst in America to re!rint Anderson2s Constitutions o# the "ree,*asons which is a most !ri/ed wor+ on the su(Nect thou$h its accuracy is dis!uted) Throu$h all this stormy !eriod these im!ressive #i$ures come and $o !art o# a de#inite or$ani/ation o# !olitical and reli$ious thou$ht < a #unctionin$ (ody o# !hiloso!hers re!resented in S!ain (y no less an individual than Cervantes in "rance (y Ca$liostro and St) Germain in Germany (y Gichtel and Andreae in %n$land (y Bacon *ore and Balei$h and in America (y Cashin$ton and "ran+lin) Coincident with the Baconian a$itation in %n$land the "ama "raternitatis 9? and Con#essio "[email protected] a!!eared in Germany (oth o# these wor+s (ein$ contri(utions to t e e%t!3li% )ent o" ! + ilo%o+ ic go5ern)ent u+on t e e!rt ) One o# the outstandin$ lin+s (etween the Bosicrucian *ysteries o# the *iddle A$es and modern *asonry is %lias Ashmole the historian o# the Order o# the Garter and the #irst %n$lishman to com!ile the alchemical writin$s o# the %n$lish chemists) FThe #ore$oin$ may seem to (e a useless recital o# inanities (ut its !ur!ose is to im!ress u!on the reader2s mind the !hiloso!hical and !olitical situation in %uro!e at the time o# the ince!tion o# the *asonic order) A !hiloso!hic clan as it were which had moved across the #ace o# %uro!e under such names as the MIlluminatiM and the MBosicrucians M had undermined in a su(tle manner the entire structure o# re$al and sacerdotal su!remacy) The #ounders o# "reemasonry were all men who were more or less identi#ied with the !ro$ressive tendencies o# their day) *4%tic%0 + ilo%o+ er%0 !nd !lc e)i%t% 2ere !ll 3ound toget er 2it ! %ecret tie and dedicated to the emanci!ation o# humanity #rom i$norance and o!!ression) G%d) note: don2t all revolutionary movements utili/e such hy!er(olic rhetoric no matter i# their end a$enda is ne#ariousKH In my researches amon$ ancient (oo+s and manuscri!ts I have !ieced to$ether a little story o# !ro(a(ilities which has a direct (earin$ u!on the su(Nect) 1on$ (e#ore the esta(lishment o# "reemasonry as a #raternity a $rou! o# mystics #ounded in %uro!e what was called the MSociety o# &n+nown 3hiloso!hers)M 3rominent amon$ the !ro#ound thin+ers who #ormed the mem(ershi! o# this society were the alchemists who were en$a$ed in transmutin$ the !olitical and reli$ious M(ase metalM o# %uro!e into ethical and s!iritual M$oldM G%d) note: the core o# alchemy is s!iritual: Fturnin$ man into $oldJ < the chemistry as!ects o# it are the e4oteric shell they use to conceal their esoteric teachin$sHI the Da((alists who as investi$ators o# the su!erior orders o# Nature sou$ht to discover a sta(le #oundation #or human $overnmentI and lastly the astrolo$ers who #rom a study o# the !rocession o# the heavenly (odies ho!ed to #ind therein the rational

[email protected]

archety!e #or all mundane !rocedure) Aere and there is to (e #ound a character who contacted this society) By some it is (elieved that (oth *artin 1uther and also that $reat mystic 3hili! *elanchthon were connected with it) T e "ir%t edition o" t e Aing H!)e% :i3le0 2 ic 2!% edited 34 Fr!nci% :!con !nd +re+!red under *!%onic %u+er5i%ion0 3e!r% )ore *!%on.% )!r/% t !n t e C!t edr!l o" Str!%3ourg7#J The same is true res!ectin$ the *!%onic %4)3oli%) "ound in t e "ir%t Engli% edition o" Ho%e+ u%. Hi%tor4 o" t e He2%)J

Chat an astonishin$ #orthri$ht admissionO Directly #rom the !en o# none other than *anly 3) Aall < considered to (e amon$ the 96 $reatest *asonic historian !hiloso!hers that have ever lived) Note that he was not s!eculatin$ a(out Sir "rancis Bacon2s involvement alon$ with other F*asonic su!ervision J in editin$ the 'in$ .ames Bi(le and in insertin$ *asonic sym(olism < he was statin$ it as !lain o(vious #act < even to announce that the editin$ o# the Aoly Scri!ture F(ears more *ason2s mar+s than the Cathedral o# Stras(ur$JO And he admits the same level o# alterations have (een a!!lied to .ose!hus2 Aistory o# the .ews) Consider how this admission vindicates and !roves !recisely what Ne!hi witnessed in vision a!!ro4imately =666 years !rior to it occurrin$: the (ra/en audacity o# the FGreat and A(omina(le ChurchJ in !ervertin$ the records o# the early Christians (e#ore they are to (e Fo##iciallyJ distri(uted amon$ the Gentiles :em!hasis added;=6:
FAnd it came to !ass that I Ne!hi))) (eheld a (oo+ and it was carried #orth amon$ Gthe GentilesH) And the an$el said unto me: 'nowest thou the meanin$ o# the (oo+K And I said unto him: I +now not) FAnd he said: Behold it !roceedeth out o# the mouth o# a .ew) And I Ne!hi (eheld itI and he said unto me: The (oo+ that thou (eholdest is a record o# the .ews which contains the covenants o# the 1ord which he hath made unto the house o# IsraelI and it also containeth many o# the !ro!hecies o# the holy !ro!hets))) where#ore they are o# $reat worth unto the Gentiles) FAnd the an$el o# the 1ord said unto me: Thou hast (eheld that the (oo+ !roceeded #orth #rom the mouth o# a .ewI and when it !roceeded #orth #rom the mouth o# a .ew it contained the #ulness o# the $os!el o# the 1ord o# whom the twelve a!ostles (ear recordI and they (ear record accordin$ to the truth which is in the 1am( o# God) Chere#ore these thin$s $o #orth #rom the .ews in +urit4 unto the Gentiles accordin$ to the truth which is in God) FAnd a#ter they $o #orth (y the hand o# the twelve a!ostles o# the 1am( #rom the .ews unto the Gentiles thou seest the #ormation o# that $reat and a(omina(le church which is most a(omina(le a(ove all other churchesI #or (ehold t e4 !5e t!/en !2!4 "ro) t e go%+el o" t e


L!)3 )!n4 +!rt% 2 ic !re +l!in !nd )o%t +reciou% I and also many covenants o# the 1ord have they ta+en away)
FAnd all this have they done t !t t e4 )ig t +er5ert t e rig t 2!4% o" t e Lord that they mi$ht (lind the eyes and harden the hearts o# the children o# men) Chere#ore thou seest that a#ter the (oo+ hath $one #orth throu$h the hands o# the $reat and a(omina(le church that there are many !lain and !recious thin$s ta+en away #rom the (oo+ which is the (oo+ o# the 1am( o# God) FAnd a#ter these !lain and !recious thin$s were ta+en away it $oeth #orth unto all the nations o# the GentilesI and a#ter it $oeth #orth unto all the nations o# the Gentiles yea even across the many waters which thou hast seen with the Gentiles which have $one #orth out o# ca!tivity Gi)e) the 3il$rimsH thou seestP(ecause o# the many !lain and !recious thin$s which have (een ta+en out o# the (oo+ which were !lain unto the understandin$ o# the children o# men accordin$ to the !lainness which is in the 1am( o# GodP (ecause o# these thin$s which are ta+en away out o# the $os!el o# the 1am( an e4ceedin$ly $reat many do stum(le yea insomuch that S!t!n !t gre!t +o2er o5er t e))))) FGAH#ter the Gentiles do stum(le e4ceedin$ly (ecause o# the most !lain and !recious !arts o# the $os!el o# the 1am( which have (een +e!t (ac+ (y that a(omina(le church which is the mother o# harlots saith the 1am( PI will (e merci#ul unto the Gentiles in that day insomuch that I will (rin$ #orth unto them in mine own !ower much o# my $os!el which shall (e !lain and !recious saith the 1am()J

Truly is it not o(vious that Satan indeed has $reat !ower over those who rely solely u!on the Bi(le as their only source o# holy scri!tureK Chat used to (e !lain and easy to understand has (ecome mani!ulated and corru!ted to the !oint where it (ecomes nearly im!ossi(le to $lean !recise e4act doctrines a(out anythin$ merely in consultin$ the Bi(le) Consider the countless F#ranchisesJ o# Christianity that have s!run$ u! around the world all claimin$ that they !reach the correct inter!retation o# Christ2s $os!el) Con#usion irritation va$ueness and uncertainty is tremendous !ower #or he who wishes to mani!ulate the masses) Continuin$ #rom *r) Aall2s Bosicrucian and *asonic Ori$ins:
F"or some time the Society o# &n+nown 3hiloso!hers moved e4traneous to the church) Amon$ the #athers o# the church however were a $reat num(er o# scholarly and intelli$ent men who were +eenly interested in !hiloso!hy and ethics !rominent amon$ them (ein$ the .esuit "ather Athanasius 'ircher who is reco$ni/ed as one o# the $reat scholars o# his day) :ot ! Ro%icruci!n !nd !l%o ! )e)3er o" t e Societ4 o" 8n/no2n P ilo%o+ er% as revealed (y the cry!to$rams in his writin$s 'ircher was in harmony with this !ro$ram o# !hiloso!hic reconstruction ) Since learnin$ was lar$ely limited to churchmen this (ody o# !hiloso!hers


soon develo!ed an overwhelmin$ !re!onderance o# ecclesiastics in its mem(ershi!) The ori$inal anti,ecclesiastical ideals o# the society were thus s!eedily reduced to an innocuous state and the or$ani/ation $radually converted into an actual au4iliary o# the church) A small !ortion o# the mem(ershi! however ever maintained an aloo#ness #rom the literati o# the #aith #or it re!resented an unorthodo4 classPthe alchemists Bosicrucians Da((alists and ma$icians) This latter $rou! accordin$ly retired #rom the outer (ody o# the society that had thus come to (e +nown as the MOrder o# the Golden and Bose CrossM and whose ade!ts were elevated to the di$nity o# 'ni$hts o# the Golden Stone) &!on the withdrawal o# these initiated ade!ts a !ower#ul clerical (ody remained which !ossessed considera(le o# the ancient lore (ut in many instances lac+ed the M+eysM (y which this sym(olism could (e inter!reted) As this (ody continued to increase in tem!oral !ower its !hiloso!hical !ower $rew corres!ondin$ly less) FThe smaller $rou! o# ade!ts that had withdrawn #rom the order remained inactive a!!arently havin$ retired to what they termed the MAouse o# the Aoly S!irit M where they were envelo!ed (y certain MmistsM im!enetra(le to the eyes o# the !ro#ane) Amon$ these reclusive ade!ts must (e included such well,+nown Bosicrucians as Bo(ert "ludd %u$enius 3hilalethes .ohn Aeydon *ichael *aier and Aenri 'hunrath) These ade!ts in their retirement constituted a loosely or$ani/ed society which thou$h lac+in$ the solidarity o# a de#inite #raternity occasionally initiated a candidate and met annually at a s!eci#ied !lace) It was the Comte de Cha/al an initiate o# this order who MraisedM Dr) Si$ismund Bacstrom while the latter was on the Isle o# *auritius) In due time the ori$inal mem(ers o# the order !assed on a#ter #irst entrustin$ their secrets to care#ully chosen successors) In the meantime a $rou! o# men in %n$land under the leadershi! o# such mystics as Ashmole and "ludd had resolved u!on re!o!ulari/in$ the ancient learnin$ and reclassi#yin$ !hiloso!hy in accordance with :!con.% +l!n "or ! 2orld enc4clo+edi! ) These men had underta+en to reconstruct ancient 3latonic and Gnostic mysticism (ut were una(le to attain their o(Nective #or lac+ o# in#ormation) %lias Ashmole may have (een a mem(er o# the %uro!ean order o# Bosicrucians and as such evidently +new that in various !arts o# %uro!e there were isolated individuals who were in !ossession o# the secret doctrine handed down in un(ro+en line #rom the ancient Gree+s and %$y!tians throu$h Boetius the early Christian Church and the Ara(ians) FThe e##orts o# the %n$lish $rou! to contact such individuals were evidently success#ul) Several initiated Bosicrucians were (rou$ht #rom the mainland to %n$land where they remained #or a considera(le time desi$nin$ the sym(olism o# "reemasonry and incor!oratin$ into the rituals o# the order t e %!)e di5ine +rinci+le% !nd + ilo%o+ 4 t !t !d "or)ed t e inner doctrine o" !ll gre!t %ecret %ocietie% "ro) t e ti)e o" t e Eleu%ini! in Greece) In #act the %leusinian *ysteries themselves continued in Christendom until the si4th century a#ter Christ a#ter which they !assed into the custody o# the Ara(ians as attested (y the !resence


o# *asonic sym(ols and #i$ures u!on early *ohammedan monuments) The ade!ts (rou$ht over #rom the Continent to sit in council with the %n$lish !hiloso!hers were initiates o# the Ara(ian rites and thus throu$h them the *ysteries were ultimately returned to Christendom) &!on com!letion o# the (y,laws o# the new #raternity the initiates retired a$ain into Central %uro!e leavin$ a $rou! o# disci!les to develo! the outer or$ani/ation which was to #unction as a sort o# screen to conceal the activities o# the esoteric order) FSuch in (rie# is the story to (e !ieced to$ether #rom the #ra$mentary (its o# evidence availa(le) The whole structure o# "reemasonry is #ounded u!on the activities o# this secret society o# Central %uro!ean ade!ts I whom the studious *ason will #ind to (e the de#inite Mlin+M (etween the modern Cra#t and the Ancient Cisdom) The outer (ody o# *asonic !hiloso!hy was merely the veil o# this 0a((alistic order whose mem(ers were the custodians o# the true Arcanum) Does this inner and secret (rotherhood o# initiates still e4ist inde!endent o# the "reemasonic orderK E5idence +oint% to t e "!ct t !t it doe% #or these au$ust ade!ts are the actual !reservers o# those secret o!erative !rocesses o# the Gree+s where(y the illumination and com!letion o# the individual is e##ected) They are the verita(le $uardians o# the M1ost CordM < the 'ee!ers o# the inner *ystery < and the *ason who searches #or and discovers them is rewarded (eyond all mortal estimation)))) FO# all o(stacles to surmount in matters o# rationality the most di##icult is that o# !reNudice) %ven the casual o(server must reali/e that the true wealth o# "reemasonry lies in its mysticism) The avera$e *asonic scholar however is #undamentally o!!osed to a mystical inter!retation o# his sym(ols #or he shares the attitude o# the modern mind in its $eneral anti!athy towards transcendentalism) A most si$ni#icant #act however is that those *asons who have won si$nal honors #or their contri(utions to the Cra#t have (een transcendentalists almost without e4ce!tion ) It is 0uite incredi(le moreover that any initiated Brother when !resented with a co!y o# GAl(ert 3i+e2sH *orals and Do$ma u!on the con#erment o# his #ourteenth de$ree can read that volume and yet maintain that his order is not identic!l 2it t e *4%ter4 Sc ool% o" t e "ir%t !ge% ) *uch o# the writin$s o# Al(ert 3i+e are e4tracted #rom the (oo+s o# the "rench ma$ician %li!has 1evi one o# the $reatest transcendentalists o# modern times) 1evi was an occultist a meta!hysician a 3latonic !hiloso!her who (y the rituals o# ma$ic invo+ed even the s!irit o# A!ollonius o# Tyana and yet 3i+e has inserted in his *orals and Do$ma whole !a$es and even cha!ters !ractically ver(atim) To 3i+e the #ollowin$ remar+a(le tri(ute was !aid (y Stirlin$ 'err .r) 55l De!uty #or the Ins!ector,General #or the District o# Colum(ia u!on crownin$ with laurel the (ust o# 3i+e in the Aouse o# the Tem!le: M3i+e was an oracle $reater than that o# Del!hi ) Ae was Truth2s minister and !riest) Ais victories were those o# !eace) 1on$ may his memory live in the hearts o# the Brethren)M A##ectionately termed MAl(ertus *a$nusM (y his admirers 3i+e wrote o# Aermeticism and alchemy and hinted at the *ysteries o# the Tem!le) T roug i% ?e!l


!nd un"l!gging energ40 &)eric!n Free)!%onr4 2!% r!i%ed "ro) co)+!r!ti5e o3%curit4 to 3eco)e t e )o%t +o2er"ul org!ni?!tion in t e l!nd7 G%d) note: as you can see I wasn2t e4a$$eratin$ earlier that 3i+e is so lauded within "reemasonry as to (e vaulted to near,demi$od status)H Thou$h 3i+e a transcendental thin+er was the reci!ient o# every honor that the "reemasonic (odies o# the world could con#er the modern *ason is loath to admit that transcendentalism has any !lace in "reemasonry) This is an attitude #illed with em(arrassment and inconsistency #or whichever way the *ason turns he is con#ronted (y these inesca!a(le issues o# !hiloso!hy and the *ysteries ) Yet withal he dismisses the entire su(Nect as (ein$ more or less a survival o# !rimitive su!erstitions)J

Not One Free)!%on Out o" ! T ou%!nd Could H!5e Sur5i5ed &ncient Initi!tion
Continuin$ #rom *anly 3) Aall2s Bosicrucian and *asonic Ori$ins:
FThe *ason who would discover the 1ost Cord must remem(er however that in the #irst a$es P every neo!hyte was a man o# !ro#ound learnin$ and unim!eacha(le character who #or the sa+e o# wisdom and virtue had #aced death una#raid and had trium!hed over those limitations o# the #lesh which (ind most mortals to the s!here o# mediocrity) In those days the rituals were not !ut on (y de$ree teams who handled candidates as thou$h they were !erisha(le commodities (ut (y !riests dee!ly versed in the lore o# their cults) Not one "reemason out o# a thousand could have survived the initiations o# the !a$an rites #or the tests were $iven in those strenuous days when men were men and death the reward o# #ailure ) G%d note: These assertions are o(serva(le #rom the details o# the %$y!tian occult schools and initiation rites !reviously !resented in earlier cha!ters o# this (oo+)H The neo!hyte o# the Druid *ysteries was set adri#t in a small (oat to (attle with the stormy sea and unless his +nowled$e o# natural law ena(led him to 0uell the storm as did .esus u!on the Sea o# Galilee he returned no more) In the %$y!tian rites o# Sera!is it was re0uired o# the neo!hyte that he cross an un(rid$ed chasm in the tem!le #loor) In other words i# una(le (y ma$ic to sustain himsel# in the air without visi(le su!!ort he #ell headlon$ into a volcanic crevice there to die o# heat and su##ocation) In one !art o# the *ithraic rites the candidate see+in$ admission to the inner sanctuary was re0uired to !ass throu$h a closed door (y demateriali/ation) The !hiloso!her who has authenticated the reality o# ordeals such as these no lon$er entertains the !o!ular error that the !er#ormance o# MmiraclesM is con#ined solely to Bi(lical characters) MDo you still as+ M writes 3i+e Mi# it has its secrets and mysteriesK It is certain that somethin$ in the Ancient Initiations was re$arded as o# immense value (y such Intellects as Aerodotus 3lutarch and Cicero) The *a$icians o# %$y!t were a(le to imitate several o# the miracles wrou$ht (y *osesI


and the Science o# the Aiero!hants o# the mysteries !roduced e##ects that to the Initiated seemed *ysterious and su!ernatural)M FIt (ecomes sel#,evident that he who !assed success#ully throu$h these arduous tests involvin$ (oth natural and also su!ernatural ha/ards was a man a!art in his community) Such an initiate was deemed to (e more than human #or he had achieved where countless ordinary mortals havin$ #ailed had returned no more) 1et us hear the words o# A!uleius when admitted into the Tem!le o# Isis as recorded in The *etamor!hosis or Golden Ass: MThen also the !riest all the !ro#ane (ein$ removed ta+in$ hold o# me (y the hand (rou$ht me to the !enetralia o# the tem!le clothed in a new linen $arment) 3erha!s in0uisitive reader you will very an4iously as+ me what was then said and doneK I would tell you i# it could (e law#ully toldI you should +now it i# it was law#ul #or you to hear it) But (oth ears and the ton$ue are $uilty o# rash curiosity) Nevertheless I will not +ee! you in sus!ense with reli$ious desire nor torment you with lon$, continued an4iety) Aear there#ore (ut (elieve what is true) I a!!roached to the con#ines o# death and havin$ trod on the threshold o# 3roser!ine I returned #rom it (ein$ carried throu$h all the elements) At midni$ht I saw the sun shinin$ with a s!lendid li$htI and I mani#estly drew near to the Gods (eneath and the Gods a(ove and !ro4imately adored them) Behold I have narrated to you thin$s o# which thou$h heard it is nevertheless necessary that you should (e i$norant) I will there#ore only relate that which may (e enunciated to the understandin$ o# the !ro#ane without a crime)M F'in$s and !rinces !aid homa$e to the initiate P the Mnew(ornM man the #avorite o# the $ods) The initiate had actually entered into the !resence o# the divine (ein$s) Ae had MdiedM and (een MraisedM a$ain into the radiant s!here o# everlastin$ li$ht) See+ers a#ter wisdom Nourneyed across $reat continents to hear his words and his sayin$s were treasured with the revelations o# oracles) It was even esteemed an honor to receive #rom such a one an inclination o# the head a +indly smile or a $esture o# a!!ro(ation) Disci!les $ladly !aid with their lives #or the *aster2s word o# !raise and died o# a (ro+en heart at his re(u+e ) On one occasion 3ytha$oras (ecame momentarily irritated (ecause o# the seemin$ stu!idity o# one o# his students) The *aster2s dis!leasure so !reyed u!on the mind o# the humiliated youth that drawin$ a +ni#e #rom the #olds o# his $arment he committed suicide) So $reatly moved was 3ytha$oras (y the incident that never #rom that time on was he +nown to lose !atience with any o# his #ollowers re$ardless o# the !rovocation) FCith a smile o# !aternal indul$ence the venera(le *aster who senses the true di$nity o# the mystic tie should $ravely incline the minds o# the Brethren towards the su(limer issues o# the Cra#t) The o##icer who would serve his lod$e most e##ectively )u%t re!li?e t !t e i% o" !n order !+!rt "ro) ot er )en that e i% t e /ee+er o" !n !2"ul %ecret that the chair u!on which he sits is the seat o# immortals and that i# he would (e a worthy successor to those *aster *asons o# other a$es his


thou$hts must (e measured (y the !ro#undity o# 3ytha$oras and the lucidity o# 3lato) %nthroned in the radiant %ast the Corshi!#ul *aster is the M1i$htM o# his lod$e G%d) note: the Corshi!#ul *aster o# each *asonic lod$e sits on the eastern side o# the lod$e2s tem!leH P the re!resentative o# the $ods one o# that lon$ line o# hiero!hants who throu$h the (lendin$ o# their rational !owers with the reason o# the Ine##a(le have (een acce!ted into the Great School) This hi$h !riest a#ter an ancient order must reali/e that those (e#ore him are not merely a $atherin$ o# !ro!erly tested men (ut the custodians o# an eternal lore the $uardians o# a sacred truth the !er!etuators o# an a$eless wisdom the consecrated servants o# a livin$ God the wardens o# a Su!reme *ystery) FA new day is dawnin$ #or "reemasonry) "rom the insu##iciency o# theolo$y and the ho!elessness o# materialism men are turnin$ to see+ the God o# !hiloso!hy) In this new era wherein the old order o# thin$s is (rea+in$ down and the individual is risin$ trium!hant a(ove the monotony o# the masses there is much wor+ to (e accom!lished) The MTem!le BuilderM is needed as never (e#ore) A $reat reconstruction !eriod is at handI the de(ris o# a #allen culture must (e cleared away I the old #ootin$s must (e #ound a$ain that a new Tem!le si$ni#icant o# a new revelation o# 1aw may (e raised thereon) This is the !eculiar wor+ o# the BuilderI this is the hi$h duty #or which he was called out o# the worldI this is the no3le enter+ri%e #or which he was MraisedM and $iven the tools o# his Cra#t ) By thus doin$ his !art in the reor$ani/ation o# society the wor+man may earn his Mwa$esM as all $ood *asons should) A new li$ht is (rea+in$ in the %ast a more $lorious day is at hand) T e rule o" t e + ilo%o+ ic elect $ t e dre!) o" t e !ge% $ 2ill 4et 3e re!li?ed !nd i% not "!r di%t!nt7 To her loyal sons "reemasonry sends this clarion call: MArise ye the day o# la(or is at handI the Great Cor+ awaits com!letion and the days o# man2s li#e are #ew)M 1i+e the sin$in$ $uildsman o# (y$one days the Cra#t o# the Builders marches victoriously down the (road avenues o# Time) Their son$ is o# la(or and $lorious endeavorI their anthem is o# toil and industryI they reNoice in their no(le destiny #or they are the Builders o# cities the Aewers o# worlds the *aster Cra#tsmen o# the universeOJ

%4actly what are they endeavorin$ to (uildK Chat is their Great Cor+K It is nothin$ short o# a !er#ect ruthlessly F(enevolentJ socialistic world $overnment < ruled (y the Fworthy elite J u!held and maintained (y syco!hant *ystery School initiates and dominated throu$hout (y the !ure 1uci#erian doctrine < the very doctrine that two,thirds o# the host o# heaven reNected that 2e reNected (e#ore (ein$ (orn u!on this earth)

9 Alice Bailey was a !rominent in#luential and authoritative occultist in the early
98662s) She was the co,#ounder o# 1uci#er 3u(lishin$ Com!any :later renamed to 1ucis 3u(lishin$ still in e4istence today; Duote ta+en #rom the (oo+ The %4ternali/ation o# the Aierarchy , Section IV ,


Sta$es in the %4ternali/ation a com!ilation o# Alice Bailey2s earlier revelations !u(lished !osthumously in 98>?) :em!hasis added;
Source < htt!:--www)(i(lioteca!leyades)[email protected])html

= Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-AistoryVo#V"reemasonry 5 The 3easants2 Bevolt Cat Tyler2s Be(ellion or the Great Bisin$ o# [email protected] was one
o# a num(er o# !o!ular revolts in late medieval %uro!e and is a maNor event in the history o# %n$land) Tyler2s Be(ellion was not only the most e4treme and wides!read insurrection in %n$lish history (ut also the (est,documented !o!ular re(ellion to have occurred durin$ medieval times) The names o# some o# its leaders .ohn Ball Cat Tyler and .ac+ Straw are still #amiliar in !o!ular culture althou$h little is +nown o# them) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-3easantsU=?VBevolt;

7 Source: 1ectures on Ancient 3hiloso!hy P An Introduction to the Study and
A!!lication o# Bational 3rocedure: The Aall 3u(lishin$ Com!any 1os An$eles "irst %dition 98=8

> Be#er to DLC @8:[email protected] Colossians =:=,5 E Count Alessandro di Ca$liostro := .une 9?75 < =E Au$ust 9?8>; was the alias o#
the occultist Giuse!!e Balsamo)))) The history o# Ca$liostro is shrouded in rumour !ro!a$anda and mysticism) Some e##ort was e4!ended to ascertain his true identity when he was arrested (ecause o# !ossi(le !artici!ation in the A##air o# the Diamond Nec+lace)))) Ca$liostro himsel# stated durin$ the trial #ollowin$ the A##air o# the Diamond Nec+lace that he had (een (orn o# Christians o# no(le (irth (ut a(andoned as an or!han u!on the island o# *alta) Ae claimed to have traveled as a child to *edina *ecca and Cairo and u!on return to *alta to have (een admitted to the Soverei$n *ilitary Order o# *alta Ga)+)a) The 'ni$hts o# *altaH with whom he studied alchemy the 'a((alah and ma$ic) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Ca$liostro;

? The Count o# St) Germain :(orn 9?9=KI died =? "e(ruary [email protected]; has (een
variously descri(ed as a courtier adventurer charlatan inventor alchemist !ianist violinist and an amateur com!oser) Ae achieved $reat !rominence in %uro!ean hi$h society o# the mid,9?66s and since then various scholars have lin+ed him to mysticism occultism secret societies and various cons!iracy theories)))) The scarcity o# contem!orary (io$ra!hical detail a(out St) Germain :alon$side his own a!!arent sel#,mytholo$isin$; has su!!orted the construction o# many versions o# his ori$ins and ancestry))) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-CountVo#VSt)VGermain;

@ 1ouis Claude de Saint,*artin :.anuary [email protected] 9?75 < 97 Octo(er [email protected]; was a "rench
!hiloso!her GandH))) a !reacher o# mysticism) Ais conversational !owers made him welcome in 3arisian salonsI (ut his /eal led him to %n$land where he made the ac0uaintance o# Cilliam 1aw the %n$lish mystic)))) Admirers o# his wor+s #ormed $rou!s o# "riends o# St *artin which later (ecame +nown as *artinists) They were in#luential on the #ormation o# the Aermetic Order o# the Golden Dawn Go# which


Aleister Crowley was a !rominent mem(er and which in turn ins!ired the core tenets o# contem!orary occult !ractices o# Cicca and ThelemaH) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-1ouisVClaudeVdeVSaint,*artin;

8 Airam A(i## is a character who #i$ures !rominently in an alle$orical !lay that is
!resented durin$ the third de$ree o# Cra#t "reemasonry) In this !lay Airam is !resented as (ein$ the chie# architect o# 'in$ Solomon2s Tem!le who is murdered (y three ru##ians durin$ an unsuccess#ul attem!t to #orce him to divul$e the *aster *asons2 secret !assword) It is e4!lained in the lecture that #ollows this !lay that the story is a lesson in #idelity to one2s word and in the (revity o# li#e) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-AiramVA(i##;

96 *arcus Vitruvius 3ollio :(orn c) @6<?6 BC died a#ter c) 9> BC; was a Boman
writer architect and en$ineer active in the 9st century BC) Ae is (est +nown as the author o# the multi,volume wor+ De Architectura :MOn ArchitectureM;) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-*arcusVVitruviusV3ollio;

99 Druse < a mem(er o# an inde!endent reli$ious sect livin$ chie#ly in Syria
1e(anon and Israel esta(lished in the 99th century as a (ranch o# Isma ʿili Shiʿism and containin$ elements o# Christianity .udaism and Islam and (elievin$ in the transmi$ration o# souls and the ultimate !er#ection o# human+ind) :Source < htt!:--dictionary)re#erence)com-(rowse-Druse;

9= Dervish < a mem(er o# any o# various *uslim ascetic orders as the Su#is some o#
which carry on ecstatic o(servances such as ener$etic dancin$ and whirlin$ or voci#erous chantin$ or shoutin$) :Source < htt!:--dictionary)re#erence)com-(rowse-dervish;

95 A 'ni$hts Tem!lar martyr hi$hly cele(rated in "reemasonry) The *asonic youth
esta(lishment #or (oys under a$e =9 is named a#ter him) F.ac0ues de *olay :c) 9=76-9=>6 < [email protected] *arch 9597; was the =5rd and last Grand *aster o# the 'ni$hts Tem!lar)))) Thou$h little is +nown o# his actual li#e and deeds e4ce!t #or his last years as Grand *aster he is the (est +nown Tem!lar)))) G'in$ 3hili! IV o# "ranceH had him slowly (urned u!on a sca##old on an island in the Biver Seine in 3aris in *arch 9597)J :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-.ac0uesVdeV*olay;

97 GGoat,headedH !a$an deity revived in the 98th century as a #i$ure o# occultism
and Satanism) O#ten mista+en #or Satan)))) GitH a!!eared as a term #or a !a$an idol in trial transcri!ts o# the In0uisition o# the 'ni$hts Tem!lar in the early 97th century) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Ba!homet;

9> 3resumed #ounder o# the Bosicrucian Order or the Society o# the Bose Cross)
FA#ter his Nourney to the %ast and a#ter #ormin$ the #irst Bosicrucian cell G"ather CBC :Christian o# the Bose Cross;H chose to !resent some o# the Bosicrucian conce!ts in the conte4t o# the dominant reli$ion o# his time Christianity))))J :Source < htt!:--www)crcsite)or$-#a0)htm;


NOTES 9E 3aracelsus :(orn 99 Novem(er or 9? Decem(er 9785 < =7 Se!tem(er 9>79; was
a German,Swiss Benaissance !hysician (otanist alchemist astrolo$er and $eneral occultist) M3aracelsusM meanin$ Me0ual to or $reater than CelsusM re#ers to the Boman encyclo!edist Aulus Cornelius Celsus #rom the 9st century +nown #or his tract on medicine) Ae is also credited #or $ivin$ /inc its name callin$ it /incum and is re$arded as the #irst systematic (otanist) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-3aracelsus;

9? GAH Bosicrucian mani#esto !u(lished in 9E97 in 'assel :Germany;))) Gunder the
title o#H Generale Bi#orma dell2 &niverso :The &niversal Be#ormation o# *an+ind;)))) The "ama tells the story o# the M"ather C)B)M :later on C)B)C) the mythical Alchemist Christian Bosen+reu/; and his ill,#ated !il$rima$e to .erusalemI his su(se0uent tutela$e (y the secret sa$es o# the east the wise men o# Damcar in Ara(ia #rom whom he learned the ancient esoteric +nowled$e which included the study o# !hysics mathematics ma$ic and +a((alahI his return throu$h %$y!t and "es and his !resence amon$ the alum(rados in S!ain) It is thou$ht in occultism that Bosen+reu/2s !il$rima$e seems to re#er to transmutation ste!s o# the Great Cor+) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-"amaV"raternitatis;

[email protected] FGTHhe second anonymous mani#esto o# a trio o# Bosicrucian !am!hlets declarin$
the e4istence o# a secret (rotherhood o# alchemists and sa$es who were inter!reted (y the society o# those times to (e !re!arin$ to trans#orm the !olitical and intellectual landsca!e o# %uro!e)))) The Con#essio is a (reviary a(out Mthe true 3hiloso!hyM it com!letes the earlier mani#esto :"ama "raternitatis 9E97; and in some way it comes to Nusti#y it de#endin$ it #rom the voices and accusations already launched to the mysterious Brothers o# the M"raternity o# the Bose CrossM)))) Its author remains anonymous) *any historical #i$ures have (een attri(uted its authorshi! includin$ "rancis Bacon)J :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Con#essioV"raternitatis;

98 Ima$es o# the Cathedral o# Stras(our$ "rance are located in the su!!ortin$
material) Be#er to the #older Cathedral o# Stras(our$

=6 9 Ne!hi 97:=6,=8 57

[email protected]


Re+ort o" t e KLt Con5oc!tion o" t e Ro%e Cro%% Order (#J#K)
Bou$hly #orty years a$o an amateur researcher o# secret societies stum(led u!on an oddly uni0ue #ind in a hum(le little used (oo+ store) It was a reddish,(rown leather (ound (oo+ with no title on the cover < Nust a stran$e arcane sym(ol em(ossed in $old) The sym(ol was intricately detailed: a ro!e circle with a tri!le,layered trian$le in the center) Cithin the inner,most trian$le is a s+ull L (ones a(ove a world with two win$s on either side :also +nown as Fwin$s around the worldJ;) On the le#t o# the outer,most trian$le is an anchor on the ri$ht is a sym(ol o# the ar+ o# the covenant and (elow the trian$les are the letters TBY all u!!ercase) Inside the (oo+ the #irst cou!le o# !a$es have ima$es o# the Great Seal o# the &nited States < one !a$e has the side with the ea$le the ne4t !a$e has the FreverseJ side with the unca!!ed !yramid < e4actly as we have come to +now them on every sin$le American one dollar (ill !rinted since 985>) Below the reverse side has this te4t:

TA% B%V%BS% SID% O" TA% S%A1 < &NC&T See Cha!ters FSoul Science 3rimerJ FA Truly *ystic SealJ and FBody *ind S!irit and SoulJ ==8

& GLI*PSE INTO *YSTERY SCHOOL C8LT8RE The ne4t !a$e that contains te4t $ives the title and !ur!ose o# the (oo+)

F8N(&*ENT&L L&-S A Be!ort o# the [email protected] Convocation o# the Bose Cross Order
Givin$ a resume o# the !roceedin$s o# the Convocation to$ether with most o# the lectures that were delivered durin$ this time o# the Convocation (y the several dele$ates !resent) Also a re!ort o# the wor+ o# Ancient Initiation in the Grove o# Osiris as es!ecially !re!ared #or the occasion)

Then another sym(ol (elow that < that o# a trian$le with a cross in the middle standin$ u!on three ste!s sun rays comin$ out o# the cross,section o# the cross with a$ain the letters TBY (elow the trian$le) Below this: Co!yri$hted 989E) All Bi$hts Beserved) 3u(lished (y TA% 3AI1OSO3AICA1 3&B1ISAING CO) Allentown 3a "or the *em(ers o# the Bose Cross Order It is an o##icial Bosicrucian !u(lication detailin$ the !roceeds o# their A!ril 989E convocation near Dua+erstown 3ennsylvania) Althou$h it was meant to only (e in the sole !ossession o# Bosicrucian initiates at some !oint The New Yor+ 3u(lic 1i(rary o(tained a co!y o# this rare !u(lication) Goo$le Boo+s scanned it in =66?) I2ve included the 3D" scan o# this (oo+ within the su!!ortin$ material)9 The #ollowin$ indented te4t comes directly #rom the (oo+ :italics (old and underline em!hasis addedI all,ca!s in ori$inal;:
IN EIPL&N&TION FIn e4!lanation o# the contents o# this (oo+ it is to (e stated that these articles do not $ive the INN%B wor+ o# the Bose Cross Order (ut sim!ly the outer the !u(lic teachin$s)J

As noted in an earlier cha!ter at no time are the esoteric teachin$s ever !rinted nor !u(lished < such thin$s are tau$ht !erson to !erson) All esoteric matters are cloa+ed in sym(olo$y when !resented in an e4oteric manner) Aowever (ecause this !u(lication was intended solely #or mem(ers o# the Bose Cross Order it contains some startlin$ admissions and assertions) Continuin$:
FThe Illu)in!ti and its Soul Science wor+ may (e called t e c ild o"


t e Ro%e Cro%% Order) Years a$o it was #ound that where there was one !erson who desired to #ollow the wor+ with heart and soul in other words who was willin$ to 1IV% the li#e as tau$ht (y the Order there were an hundred others who desired teachin$s #rom the Order (ut who were not willin$ to dedicate their lives to the Su(lime Cor+)J

3ossi(ly no other mystery school name title or arcane conce!t has (ecome more clichT muddled and (oo$ie,man,i,#ied than that o# the FIlluminatiJ < #or cons!iracy (u##s cons!iracy cynics and even #or authors o# modern !ul! #iction) Best,sellin$ author Dan Brown has es!ecially !ro#ited o## o# his sensationalistic thrillers !er!etuatin$ the inherent e4oteric o(scurity o# the su(Nect and teasin$ the reader with hints and clues < yet !rovidin$ no meanin$#ul insi$ht nor any $enuine in#ormation) Such an order or classi#ication o# initiates truly does e4ist however it re!resents merely one #acet in the e4!ansive realm o# the modern mystery schools) Continuin$:
FThese thousands had to (e ta+en care o# and as a result the Illuminati and its Soul Science wor+ was (orn) FChen in A!ril Go# 989EH the order went #orth to the (rethren that Sacred Convocation was to (e held all dele$ates were re0uested to !re!are articles on Soul Science so that re$ular lecture sessions could (e held) The lectures that #ollow are the result) All these lectures were $iven in o!en session and are to (e considered as Soul Science wor+ thou$h in entire harmony with the teachin$s o# the Bose Cross Order) FThe wor+ o# the Bose Cross Order as $iven to its students c!n ne5er 3e +u3li% ed7 It i% ! %ecret0 %!cred 2or/ 3et2een te!c er !nd %tudent7 It is a Soul Trainin$ an inner Initiation and such wor+ continues until the student has reached Initiation a#ter which he is called u!on to attend a Convocation and at which time the de$ree wor+ is con#erred u!on him (ut the inner wor+ always !recedes the outer wor+ as the outer wor+ is only a (ond (indin$ to$ether the Brotherhood) FThus a word in e4!lanation) *any havin$ heard o# the Great Order and its wor+ and actually +nowin$ nothin$ o# its inner wor+ have i$norantly or with #raudulent intent esta(lished so,called Bose Cross (odies and these (odies +nowin$ nothin$ o# the true wor+ o# the Bose Cross have nothin$ (ut a Bitualistic initiatory rite or de$ree wor+) FCe would re#er all see+ers to authorities on the Bose Cross and on Initiation and they will then #ind that the TB&% Bose Cross is actually a School o# S!irituality with a de$ree ceremonial Initiation as the clima4) FGsi$ned (yH the Aiero!hant o# the OrderJ PREF&CE F%arly in the summer instructions were received #rom the Aierarchies to call the Inner Circle o# the Bose Cross Order into session and thus to #itly


cele(rate the [email protected] year o# the Bose Cross Order in America) FOrders were immediately issued to those who have the !rivile$e o# attendin$ this Convocation and on .une the 9st G989EH the Convocation was called to order and the !reliminary lectures were started) FAt this Convocation all dele$ates were instructed to !re!are and to deliver articles which should have a (earin$ on the conditions o# the !resent day and which should (e the means o# hel!in$ humanity) FAowever (ecause o# the limited amount o# time at the dis!osal o# those who could attend only a #ew were ena(led to !re!are such lectures with the result that there were not as many lectures delivered as mi$ht have (een had the dele$ates had more time at their dis!osal) FBut even so there were #rom two to three lectures each day and most o# these lectures will (e #ound in this !resent volume thou$h many o# the lectures cannot (e $iven in (oo+ #orm as they were only delivered as #rom teacher to those o# the Inner Circle) F"rom the (e$innin$ o# the month until the day o# the thirteenth there were lectures in the Assem(ly Aall which had (een (uilt in 9896 #or the e4!ress !ur!ose o# holdin$ these yearly Convocations (ut on the thirteenth there were no lectures as all o# the day was re0uired #or ma+in$ the !re!arations necessary in order that the Ancient *ysteries mi$ht (e $iven to the dele$ates in a #orm o# Sym(olism consistin$ o# three de$rees) FI can do no (etter than to $ive the article !re!ared (y Grace ') *orey o# Bu##alo N)Y) the Secretary o# the Bose Cross Sacred Colle$e #or the Bu##alo N)Y) !a!ers and which a!!eared in the 2Bu##alo %4!ress2 .uly 9Eth 989E)J &ncient *4%terie% o" Eg4+t Gi5en in !n Initi!tion o" T ree (egree% F&nder the authority o# the Bose Cross Order "ounded in &)eric! in #LML !rominent dele$ates o# the Order were $athered in t he most remar+a(le conclave held durin$ the last >666 years the !u(lication o# whose records now o!ens to the world the connection o# %$y!t in er !ge% o" true religion0 +o2er !nd glor4 with t e *4%tic Se!l o" t e 8nited St!te% whose Aeraldric sym(olism decl!ring t e )ig t4 de%tin4 o" &)eric! has until now only (een +nown to a limited num(er) FAt 2Beverly Aall2 in the (eauti#ul Tohic+on valley a(out #our miles #rom the town o# Dua+ertown men and women o# all ran+s o# li#e and #rom all !arts o# the world ig *!%on% and )e)3er% o" t e E!%tern St!r G%d) note: a division o# "reemasonryH !hysicians teachers authors and mem(ers o# all denominations inclusive o# the Ae(rew all these assem(led at the call o# the Grand *aster o# the Bose Cross Order #or the si4ty,ei$hth


Convocation) FSome years a$o B) Swin(urne Clymer author o# the 3hiloso!hy o# "ire Ancient *ystic Oriental *asonry The BosicruciansI Their Teachin$s *ysteries o# Osiris Soul Science and Immortality and over thirty other wor+s (ou$ht a mountainous tract o# land and on this was (uilt 2Beverly Aall 2 an Assem(ly Aall !ress rooms and li(raries and c e)ic!l l!3or!tor4 which surrounded (y orchards vineyards and rose $ardens set in terraced lawns !resents with its Collie +ennels and !oultry !lants a s!lendid com(ination o# the (eauti#ul and the !ractical) FTo this has (een added the *ystic #or in a secluded and wooded tract o# #i#ty acres o# this land an arti#icial la+e was made #rom a mountain stream ! t rone roo) erected and other im!rovements made which would (e needed #or t e Initi!tion o" Neo+ 4te% in t e Eg4+ti!n *4%terie% ) FThe Convocation was called to order on .une #irst in the Assem(ly Aall (uilt over #ive years a$o #or that !ur!ose and the delivery o# a series o# lectures u!on !ractical as well as *ystical su(Nects (e$an and continued until the close o# the Convocation) The dele$ates and teachers !resented the lectures which were #ollowed (y discussions u!on the su(Nects o# Eugenic% Scienti#ic *otherhood Code o# %thics #or the Schools and home S!iritual Christianity Gi)e) !reviously,covered a!ostate ChristianityH 3ersonal Ay$iene Diet and Aealth Sin Authority and Individuality .aco(2s 1adder Initiation Beincarnation Soul Develo!ment The Second Comin$ o# the Christ G%d) note: as in the New A$e Christ Fthe 2Christ2 in all o# usJH and t e *4%tic Signi"ic!nce o" t e %e!l o" t e 8nited St!te%) FIn the time o# Solomon as in the time o# the %$y!tian 3riesthood no ceremony was ever held unless the circle o# Solomon commonly called the Sacred Seal o# Solomon had (een !reviously !re!ared (ut since the #all o# %$y!t and o# the Tem!le o# Solomon t i% %e!l !% 3een +r!ctic!ll4 un/no2n e4ce!t to a limited num(er o# students o# ancient reli$ions and mysteries) FDurin$ the #irst wee+ in .une in the $rove e%+eci!ll4 +re+!red "or t e dr!)!ti?!tion o" t e &ncient *4%terie% o" O%iri% the Seal o# Solomon o#ten called the *a$ic Circle was es!ecially (uilt and on .une 99 the dedication o# the *a$ic Circle too+ !lace in the !resence o# the deleg!te% o# the Bose Cross Order %o)e o" 2 o) 2ere n!ti5e% o" Ger)!n40 Engl!nd !nd Ru%%i!) G%d) note: #urther con#irmation as to the esta(lished !resence o# the Bosicrucian - Bose Cross Order mystery school in %uro!e and Bussia)H This was in accordance with t e %4%te) !% +r!cticed 34 t e !ncient Prie%t% o" Eg4+t !nd t e S!n edrin o" t e Te)+le o" Solo)on7 FOn the ni$ht o# .une 95th the #irst section o# the class includin$ those o# the Order ta+in$ !art in the Initiation Assem(led in the $rove o# Osiris which was illuminated (y electricity #rom a central !ower house es!ecially !re!ared #or the !ur!ose and the Initiation o# the Ancient *ysteries o#


%$y!t in three De$rees and si4 scenes) FAll students o# the Ancient *ysteries and reli$ions +now that in the Tem!le o# Solomon there were three Courts the outer Court #or the !eo!le (ein$ com!osed o# seven hundred selected teachers and leaders ) These were mem(ers o# t e Fir%t (egree0 Illu)in!ti called also see+ers travelers or soldiers) G%d) note: as you can see #rom their own words the FIlluminatiJ are merely initiates o# the #irst o# three de$rees) They are (y no means the most FeliteJ o# the mystery schools)H The middle Court or mem(ers o# the second De$ree were seventy in num(er and were su!!osed to (e in the Aall o# *editation and acted as mediators (etween the !eo!le and the inner Sanctuary) A(ove all was the Inner Court or circle o" t e Se5en Prie%t% !nd t e *!%ter or Hig Prie%t who were the teachers (etween God and man )edi!tor% 3et2een t e %een !nd 8n%een) Gi)e) the 1uci#erian e0uivalent o# the 1DS General AuthoritiesH FIn the %$y!tian *ysteries the #irst Court was made u! o# the Boyal youth o# %$y!t and such students #rom #orei$n countries as desired to enter the Tem!le and 3riesthood and these durin$ !ro(ation were o#ten +nown as the 2Soldiers o# the 3riesthood 2 as it was their duty while under$oin$ the !reliminary trainin$ and tests to gu!rd t e Prie%t ood !nd it% 2or/ e5en to t e de!t ) FThe second class corres!ondin$ to a Second De$ree were those who had !assed this test and who were in the Aall o# *editation and !uri#ication in !re!aration #or the #irst vows and the dedication o# the (ody mind soul and s!irit to God and the service o# man+ind) FThe third class called The Third De$ree were those who had !assed with credit the tests o# the #irst de$ree the !uri#ication o# the second as well as the various sta$es o# develo!ment re0uired o# all students in the Aalls o# *editation) FIn the Boyal Third De$ree which too+ !lace in the Tem!le the Neo!hyte received the #inal instruction) A#ter this came the #inal test in the (eauti#ul ceremony o# the death o# the old li#e the $ivin$ u! o# the (ody and its tem!tations and the raisin$ o# the slain Osiris or S+iritu!l 3od4 (y his #aith#ul s!ouse Isis t e Soul with the #inal Illumination) FOn the #i#teenth o# .une the #irst section o# the re!resentatives le#t 2Beverly Aall 2 #or their res!ective homes and the second section (e$an to arrive #or the !re!aratory lectures and on the nineteenth o# .une the ceremonies were re!eated so that all mi$ht witness the Initiation and ta+e !art in it so as to (ecome mem(ers) FSo #ar as can (e learned either throu$h travel or history never (e#ore since the #all o# %$y!t and its 3riesthood and the #all o# the Tem!le o# Solomon has there ever (een a $rove a la+e to re!resent the Nile a *a$ic Circle or a Tem!le !re!ared nor is it (elieved that anywhere in the world does there today e4ist such a Circle)


FNearest to this however is StoneB enge o" t e (ruid% o" :rit!in to which their descendants travel each year at a certain time to $reet the Sun and renew their vows) G%d) note: #amed Stonehen$e is actually an outdoor tem!le o# the Druids who were also an ancient mystery school)H FT i% i% t e "ir%t ti)e0 t ere"ore0 in MNNN 4e!r% t !t !n4 Order !% !tte)+ted to 3uild u+ t i% S!cred e)3le) under the stately oa+ so that !eo!le o# modern civili/ation mi$ht witness the (eauties o# the li#e and reli$ion o# the ancient !eo!le whose teachin$s o# individual soul develo!ment made the $lory o# %$y!t the lost dreams o# all Israel the teachin$s o# the *a$i o# 3ersia all that was true in India the s!lendid !hiloso!hy o# Greece the ma$ni#icence o# the early Bomans the (asis o# !re,Christian Ireland2s $reat schools as well as the #amiliar Aoly Grail le$ends o# Briton Celt and Gaul) In this li$ht o# :rot er ood o" )!n !nd F!t er ood o" God was #ounded this $reat Be!u(lic #oretold (y Vir$il u+on 2 o%e %e!l i% %et t e Eg4+ti!n P4r!)id com!leted Gi)e) ca!!edH (y the Chite stone o# S!iritual 3uri#ication as the crown o# the a$es) FThe American Constellation o# thirteen stars set in the #orm o# a dou(le trian$le was #oretold (y *erlin o# 'in$ Arthur2s Court G%d) note: who was an actual !erson and literally a wi/ard o# a mystery schoolH and the 3hiloso!hy o# the Aoly Grail and o# %$y!t2s $lory and Solomon2s Tem!le has (een the Day star Gi)e) the sun :and all that it sym(oli/es to the mystery schools;H o# every $reat American Statesman #rom Cashin$ton to A(raham 1incoln) FA#ter the ceremonies in the $rove there was $iven in the dinin$ room o# 2Beverly Aall2 at midni$ht a 2"east o# the Gods2 at which neither meat nor s!ices #ormed !art o# the menu (ut only #ruits nuts and other !roducts o# sun +issed #oods) G%d) note: recall that in the %$y!tian rites detailed in a !revious cha!ter the initiate was !rescri(ed a s!eci#ic diet a#terward)H FThe conclusion o# the rites was held at sunrise in the $rove with a musical communion service in which Nectar o# roses distilled #rom the thirty thousand roses (loomin$ each .une u!on the lawns at 2Beverly Aall 2 was served as em(lematic o# the wine o# the Soul and #or this service the rose (ushes were !lanted several years a$o ) G%d note: recall that the rose itsel# sym(oli/es secrecy multi!le e4oteric layers which conceal the core esoteric)H FI wish that all the readers o# this (oo+ mi$ht have (een !resent at the !re!aration at the (uildin$ and at the Dedication o# this Ancient *a$ic Circle) Or I wish that I mi$ht (e a(le to $ive a detailed descri!tion o# these su(lime ceremonies in this (oo+) Aowever I cannot do this here thou$h I ho!e that in some #uture wor+ I will (e a(le to do so) Su##icient (e it to say that when the stone made out o# cement (y one o# the Brothers was nearly #inished the Dedication too+ !lace and the em(lems !laced in the stone itsel# (e#ore it was com!leted were:


FThe American Beauty Bose in #ull (loom ) This as a re!resentation or sym(ol o# the Soul that has reached #ull Illumination ) FThe *ystic rin$) This was a solid $old rin$ (elon$in$ to one o# the mem(ers !resent u!on which had (een en$raved the Cross and 3enta$ram) &ll )e)3er% o" t e *!gi 2ill /no2 2 !t t i% %4)3ol %t!nd% "or) G%d) note: a!!arently there2s not even an e4oteric e4!lanation o# this)H The rin$ itsel# as is +nown to the *a$i is a !rotectin$ a$ent a$ainst all evil or mali$nant in#luences when worn durin$ any ceremonial or develo!in$ wor+) FThe True *a$ic *irror) This is an em(lem o# the Soul which when #ully develo!ed will act as a mirror to the universe wherein may (e wisdom and truth) F1astly a com!lete co!y o# the !rivate te4t (oo+ 2Bitualistic Occultism 2 which contains the ceremonies as made use o# (y the *a$i and #our o# these ceremonials were made use o# (y #our o# the *a$i in the dedication o# the *a$ic Circle) FChen all o# this had ta+en !lace the stone was com!leted and then later in the day the characters were en$raved u!on the stone (y the Brother who had com!leted the stone) FO# the midni$ht 2"east to the Gods2 and o# the mornin$ services which too+ !lace in the $rove it is not law#ul #or me to s!ea+ at this time (ut it is my sincere !rayer that all who are enrolled in the Sacred Schools may some day (e !resent with us and witness these su(lime ceremonies es!ecially as they are con#erred in the S!rin$ o# the year) FArran$ements were made (y the dele$ates !resent throu$h voluntary contri(utions to either (uy another lar$e $rove or i# that is #ound im!ractica(le to (uild a much lar$er Aall in the 2Grove o# Osiris2 so that advanced ceremonies may (e held the comin$ S!rin$ at the E8th Convocation o# the Bose Cross Order)J

This constitutes the 3re#ace section o# this (oo+ which was !u(lished in 989E) 3erha!s a#ter readin$ this one can develo! a clearer !icture o# the massive or$ani/ation (ehind all o# this the tremendous amounts o# money and e##ort !ut #orth and the overwhelmin$ dedication to these matters (y the initiated mem(ers and (elievers o# these orders) To the devout Christian-1DS reader who may (e stru$$lin$ with overwhelmin$ #eelin$s o# denial < I cannot rein#orce the reality o# all this !ower#ully enou$h) I# I were to have merely summari/ed this content one mi$ht (e sorely tem!ted to dismiss it all as !aranoid cons!iratorial #antasy or at minimum conclude that it is (lown way out o# conte4t and !ro!ortion) But no I have 0uoted ver(atim #rom their !rivately,distri(uted !u(lication !rinted nearly 966 years a$o only two or three !hysical co!ies o# which are


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I +nown to (e in a non,initiate2s hand or in a !u(lic location) I have also !rovided the Goo$le Boo+s scanned 3D" o# the New Yor+ 3u(lic 1i(rary2s co!y o# it in the su!!lementary material)

T i% < i% < re!l) This is an actual mani#estation o# a (ranch o# the 1uci#erian Church < the hi$hest levels o# which literally control every #acet o# the secular world) It is the inverse o# the Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints) It is the heart and soul o# the !olitical conce!ts o# Socialism and Communism) Those who adhere themselves to it $et !romoted to some o# the most !ower#ul !ositions o# $overnment industry (an+in$ media academia and reli$ious institutions and sects throu$hout the world)
Continuin$ #rom another section o# the (oo+:
INTRO(8CTION TO THE GRE&T SE&L FIt is rather a stran$e and an un+nown thin$ #or one to write an introduction to a sin$le cha!ter a!!earin$ in a (oo+ (ut the conditions are so unusual as to warrant it) F*ore than a year a$o Grace ') *orey the author o# the article 2The Great Seal o# the &nited States and Its *ystic Si$ni#icance 2 !re!ared a s+etch #or a short !rimer o# the Illuminati teachin$s and in this s+etch as will (e shown (y the drawin$s it was (rou$ht out that man is not only a three#old (ein$ (ut that he is actually a #our,#old (ein$ as well) In short that when he has succeeded in reachin$ Soul Illumination e i% t e co)+leted P4r!)id or true Tri!ngle) FI# the student will $ive serious study to the article on the Seal o# the &nited States he will #ind that on the reverse side o# the seal which is as yet uncut G%d note: as o# the time this was !u(lished in 989EH there is to (e #ound the 3yramid (ut with the ca!stone as yet not !laced and thus he will see that the 3hiloso!hy o# the Illuminati is the a(solute and undenia(le 3hiloso!hy u!on which these &nited States are #ounded as is clearly indicated (y our #our,#old !hiloso!hy (y t e dr!2ing% re+re%enting our P ilo%o+ 4 and (y t e dr!2ing% o" t e re5er%e %ide o" t e 8nited St!te% %e!l) FAnd thus it would a!!ear that the &nseen Aierarchies which sha!ed the #oundation o# the $reat Be!u(lic which must some day rule the world are the same Aierarchies which $ave us the Soul Science 3hiloso!hy as tau$ht (y the Illuminati) FAnd now let us loo+ into the #uture not #ar (ut Nust (eyond the line) Ce #ind that %c ol!r% conde)n t e de%ign o" t e re5er%e %ide o" t e 8nited St!te% Se!l that it has never (een cut (ut has remained hidden as thou$h it were somethin$ to (e ashamed o#) FAowever thou$h this a!!ears the truth it is not the truth) T e re!%on 2 4 it !% ne5er 3een cut i% 3ec!u%e t e ti)e i% not 4et !% t e


c!+B%tone !% not 4et 3een %et)
FAnd what is this ca!,stoneK *y reader !re!are #or a shoc+) F- en &tl!nti% ruled t e 2ord0 t !t 2 ic i% no2 &)eric! 2!% connected 2it Eg4+t 34 2 !t i% no2 *e<ico and in *e4ico in the territory o# Yucatan there is a 3yramid in which the "ire 3hiloso!hers worshi!ed God as Divine "ire and 1i#e in li/e )!nner !% did t e Initi!te% o" Eg4+t0 "or t e t2o 2ere t en one) FAmerica is not com!lete and will not (e com!lete cannot (e com!lete until *e<ico i% !g!in +!rt o" &)eric! !% % e 2!% in t e long !go and when *e4ico is once a$ain a !art o# the &nited States t en 2ill t e c!+B%tone !5e 3een %et on t e P4r!)id and the reverse side o# the &nited States seal will (e cut) FThus you will see that the Soul Science 3rimer with its drawin$s is (ut the (e$innin$ o# the article concernin$ the Seal o# the &nited States while the article on 2Body *ind S!irit and Soul2 is the #inale thereo#) F*ay it not (e lon$ until the Aoly 3yramid shall (e com!leted and )!4 it 3e co)+leted 2it out t e % edding o" 3lood7 J 1ovin$ly $iven B) SCINB&BN% C1Y*%B FBeverly Aall J Dua+ertown 3a) .uly Eth 989E)

A$ain Atlantis) FChen Atlantis ruled the world))))J Chether or not there truly was a !lace or +in$dom called Atlantis it is thorou$hly evident that the mystery schools < even at their hi$hest least e4oteric levels < (elieve that there was) It is the name used to re#er to the +in$dom :or !ossi(ly a !reviously,e4istin$ land mass; which dominated the inha(itants o# the earth !rior to the Great "lood o# Noah2s time < a time o# such wides!read a(omination that an entire ri$hteous city and all its inha(itants :the City o# %noch; were removed #rom the earth and !reserved elsewhere < a time o# such un!aralleled wic+edness even throu$hout eternity that would cause the 1ord to announce that Famon$ all the wor+manshi! o# mine hands there has not (een so $reat wic+edness as amon$ G%noch2s and Noah2sH (rethren)J :*oses ?:5E; Aere we have a clear admission directly #rom a !rivate !u(lication o# one o# the most in#luential o# the mystery schools that the North American continent2s destiny is to (ecome *ystery Ba(ylon2s !ro!hetic New Atlantis) It is to (ecome the rulin$ center o# the world) They are strivin$ #or and awaitin$ #or the time when Fthe ca!,stone is to (e set u!on the !yramidJ < the culmination o# their FGreat Cor+ J FGreat 3lan J FSacred Cor+J or FGreat %nter!rise)J

[email protected]

THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I Aere in this !u(lication it is revealed that this event which will usher in the era o# the New Atlantis which will herald the arrival o# the New A$e is the uni#ication o# *e4ico and the &nited States) 3olitically there has (een a $reat deal o# wor+ done over the decades to create a mer$er o# the two nations es!ecially NA"TA :North American "ree Trade A$reement; and recently in =66> there was the S33 :Security and 3ros!erity 3artnershi! o# North America; which was #ounded :wholly without Con$ressional oversi$ht; (y the 3resident o# America :C) Bush; the 3resident o# *e4ico :"o4; and the 3rime *inister o# Canada :*artin;)= This con#essed !ro!hetic a$enda certainly tends to cause one to !onder why #ederal,level (order !rotection (etween the &SA and *e4ico has (een so terri(ly incom!etent and non,committal #or decades) Incom!etent actions activities and #ailures in $overnment es!ecially at the #ederal level are rarely accidental) "ei$nin$ incom!etence covers a multitude o# deli(erate sins) 3rior to 985> the reverse side o# the &S one dollar (ill had no ima$es nor sym(olism on it < Nust a lar$e FON%J in the middle FOne DollarJ !rinted on to! o# it some u!!er and lower ri((on desi$ns statin$ F&nited States o# AmericaJ on to! and FOne DollarJ (elow then surrounded (y #amiliar $reen and white (order art ty!ical o# &S currency) :A N!e$ scan o# the reverse o# one o# these old (ills #rom [email protected] is in the su!!ortin$ material); Be$innin$ with the 985> series the &S reverse side o# the one dollar (ill (e$an to (e !rinted as we are #amiliar with it today: (oth the #ront and reverse sides o# the Great Seal !laced thereon) "or decades we citi/ens o# the &nited States have allowed ourselves to (elieve the varied e4!lanations (y Fe4!ertsJ a(out the numerolo$y and sym(olism o# in the seal < that such re!resents the 95 ori$inal colonies and other sym(ols convey various American virtues) Yet as it is now a!!arent these are e4oteric mystery school sym(ols which actually denote the !ro!hetic destiny o# North America to (e the New Atlantis) The 1ord revealed the #ollowin$ to .ose!h Smith which is recorded in the 969st section o# the Doctrine L Covenants verses ??,@6 :em!hasis added;:
FR the laws and constitution o# the !eo!le which I have su##ered to (e esta(lished ))) should (e maintained #or the ri$hts and !rotection o# all #lesh0 !ccording to >u%t !nd ol4 +rinci+le%6 FThat every man may act in doctrine and !rinci!le !ertainin$ to #uturity accordin$ to the moral a$ency which I have $iven unto him that every man may (e accounta(le #or his own sins in the day o# Nud$ment) FThere#ore it is not ri$ht that any man should (e in (onda$e one to another)


FAnd #or this !ur!ose have I esta(lished the Constitution o# this land 34 t e !nd% o" 2i%e )en 2 o) I r!i%ed u+ unto t i% 5er4 +ur+o%e and redeemed the land (y the sheddin$ o# (lood)J

The mystery schools ca!itali/e tremendously on their assertions that Geor$e Cashin$ton was not only a "reemason (ut also a hi$h,level initiate) Chether it is true or not we +now #rom revealed revelation that Cashin$ton was indeed one o# these wise men whom God raised u! to esta(lish the Constitution o# the &nited States) Becent research !laces the character o# BenNamin "ran+lin :as well as A(raham 1incoln #or that matter; into serious 0uestionI even the mystery school2s own documents demonstrate that "ran+lin was an e4ce!tionally deviously a##a(le and in#luential ade!t) Be$ardless a#ter the divinely,ins!ired 1aw o# the &nited States was esta(lished mystery school initiates were undou(tedly hard at wor+ swayin$ decisions and !lacin$ their sym(olism throu$hout o##icial $overnment em(lems) The Great Seal o# the &nited States is only one e4am!le) An o(Nective study o# the layout and structures o# Cashin$ton D)C) as well as other o##icial $overnment items and locations also reveals !ro#ound mystery school in#iltration and in#luence) A #ew e4am!les: • The !athway layout surroundin$ Ca!itol Aill unmista+a(ly loo+s li+e an owl)5 • The layout o# the streets and !hysical locations o# Cashin$ton D)C) contain a trian$le :!yramid; a #ive,!ointed star :!enta$ram; and a *asonic,styled com!ass and s0uare)7 • On the #ront o# the American one,dollar (ill the F9J in the u!!er,ri$ht corner contains a tiny hidden owl)> • Duite !ossi(ly the most o(vious sym(olo$y is the Cashin$ton monument < a $iant o(elis+ with a re#lectin$ !ool in #ront o# it mirrorin$ it in its entirety)E To the ancient %$y!tians o(elis+s re!resented the !enis or the F$enerative #orce J o# Osiris) To "reemasons they re!resent FThe 1ost Cord o# "reemasonry)J Be#lectin$ !ools sym(oli/e Fas a(ove so (elowJ < or in other words that which e4ists in heaven is re#lected u!on the earth) To the mystery schools the owl sym(oli/es not only wisdom (ut also the a(ility to see and com!rehend that which is in the dar+ :secret esoteric Fthe !air o# eyes (elowJ; (etter than any other creature) Additionally it is an e4!ert and e4ce!tionally silent !redator) It is the !rimary sym(ol used (y the Bohemian Clu() %ach .uly this clu( o# over =666 male mem(ers meet at Bohemian Grove located in the redwood #orest in North Cali#ornia) This $rou! will (e covered more in the ne4t cha!ter)



9 Be#er to the 3D" #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: "undamental 1aws A Be!ort o#
the [email protected] Convocation o# the Bose Cross Order :989E;

= The Security and 3ros!erity 3artnershi! o# North America :S33; was a re$ion,level
dialo$ue with the stated !ur!ose o# !rovidin$ $reater coo!eration on security and economic issues) The 3artnershi! was #ounded in Caco Te4as on *arch =5 =66> (y 3aul *artin 3rime *inister o# Canada Vicente "o4 3resident o# *e4ico and Geor$e C) Bush 3resident o# the &nited States)))) In =66E CNN anchor 1ou Do((s G%d) note: who is an outs!o+en critic o# #ailed &S-*e4ican (order securityH ar$ued that the S33 was !art o# a !lan to mer$e the &nited States Canada and *e4ico into a North American &nion similar to the %uro!ean &nion) Do((s claimed at the time that &S 3resident Bush Gwished toH (y!ass Con$ress and ultimately create a &nion (ased on a Te4as hi$hway corridor) G%d) note: this massive su!erhi$hway connectin$ *e4ico to the &S throu$h Te4as :o#ten re#erred to as the 2NA"TA su!erhi$hway2; has (een under constant develo!ment and e4!ansion)H)))) Since Au$ust =668 it is no lon$er an active initiative o# any o# the ori$inal dialo$ue !artners)))) GAoweverH On "e(ruary 7 =699 Canadian 3rime *inister Ste!hen Aar!er and &S 3resident Barac+ O(ama announced a new security and !ros!erity initiative) In it they !lanned to Mto !ursue a !erimeter a!!roach to securityM Min ways that su!!ort economic com!etitiveness No( creation and !ros!erity)M :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-SecurityVandV3ros!erityV3artnershi!Vo#VNorthVAmeri ca;

5 Be#er to the ima$e #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Ca!itol Aill owl 7 Be#er to the ima$e #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Cash DC sym(olic street layout > Be#er to the ima$e #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Aidden owl on the one dollar

E Be#er to the ima$e #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Cashin$ton *onument



FAnd it came to !ass that the 1amanites did hunt the (and o# ro((ers o# GadiantonI and they did !reach the word o# God amon$ the more wic+ed !art o# them insomuch that this (and o# ro((ers was utterly destroyed #rom amon$ the 1amanites) And it came to !ass on the other hand that t e Ne+ ite% did 3uild t e) u+ !nd %u++ort t e)0 3eginning !t t e )ore 2ic/ed +!rt o" t e) until they had overs!read all the land o# the Ne!hites and had %educed t e )ore +!rt o" t e rig teou% until t e4 !d co)e do2n to 3elie5e in t eir 2or/% and !arta+e o# their s!oils and to Noin with them in their secret murders and com(inations) And thus t e4 did o3t!in t e %ole )!n!ge)ent o" t e go5ern)ent)J < *ormon #rom his a(rid$ment o# the Boo+ o# Aelaman9

FI testi#y that))) GsHecret com(inations lustin$ #or !ower $ain and $lory are #lourishin$)))) GThey areH more hi$hly or$ani/ed more cleverly dis$uised and more !ower#ully !romoted than ever (e#ore)))) A secret com(ination that see+s to overthrow the #reedom o# all lands nations and countries is increasin$ its evil in#luence and control over America and the entire world)J < 3resident o# the Church %/ra Ta#t Benson=



F"or more than a century ideolo$ical e4tremists at either end o# the !olitical s!ectrum have sei/ed u!on well,!u(lici/ed incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attac+ the Boc+e#eller #amily #or the inordinate in#luence they claim we wield over American !olitical and economic institutions) Some even (elieve we are +!rt o" ! %ecret c!3!l 2or/ing !g!in%t t e 3e%t intere%t% o" t e 8nited St!te% characteri/in$ my #amily and me as internationalists and o# con%+iring 2it ot er% !round t e 2orld to 3uild ! )ore integr!ted glo3!l +olitic!l !nd econo)ic %tructure P one world i# you will) I" t !t.% t e c !rge0 I %t!nd guilt40 !nd I !) +roud o" it7J < David Boc+e#eller5 I# this (oo+ is to accom!lish anythin$ it is not to catalo$ the hundreds :i# not thousands; o# secret societies o!eratin$ throu$hout the world today) I am not interested in re!roducin$ an e4haustive list o# such nor e4!oundin$ u!on their histories nor how they (ranch o## o# each other or otherwise relate to one another) Belia(le resources to o(tain more in#ormation and evidence a(out these matters are readily availa(le in !rint and on the Internet with only a (it o# earnest searchin$) *y $oal is that those who read this (oo+ will $ain an unmista+a(le understandin$ :(olstered (y as much veri#ia(le evidence F#rom the horse2s mouthJ as !ossi(le; that: • these societies and the mystery schools at their cores truly e4ist • they2re #ound in every sin$le culture throu$hout earth2s history • in our modern a$e their initiates have in#iltrated and all (ut dominate every $overnment on earth • their initiates and syco!hants are amon$ the richest and-or most in#luential mem(ers o# every se$ment o# society • their initiates heavily in#luence and-or control every maNor cor!oration in the world either throu$h the (oard o# directors or directly in e4ecutive !ositions • the most !ower#ul o# such secret societies2 !rominent #amilies and esta(lished $rou!s not only control the lar$est (an+s (ut also have control over the world2s money su!!ly • initiates do not disclose that they are initiates to anyone (ut other initiates in a !rivate settin$


THE *OST INFL8ENTI&L ORG&NIO&TIONS IN THE -ORL( • at their core the do$ma and a$enda o# these secret societies are 1uci#erian and !ractically identical • the most !ower#ul and ne#arious o# these secret societies not only ma+e (lood oaths to u!hold each other :re0uirin$ the death o# initiated e4!osers and whistle(lowers; (ut some initiations actually involve the murder-sacri#ice o# an innocent human (ein$ as a demonstration o# a(Nect loyalty to the order • and))) that there is nothin$ that Almi$hty God a(hors more than secret societies $rou!s or com(inations
FAnd it came to !ass that they #ormed a secret com(ination even as they o# oldI which com(ination is most a(omina(le and wic+ed a(ove all in the si$ht o# GodI "or t e Lord 2or/et not in %ecret co)3in!tion% neither doth he will that man should shed (lood (ut in all thin$s hath #or(idden it #rom the (e$innin$ o# man)J7

A#ter ta+in$ in all that I e4!ound u!on in this (oo+ the attentive o(Nective reader ou$ht to have su##icient tools to discern and identi#y the !atterns motives tenets and modus o!erandi o# the modern mani#estations o# the mystery schools and their various secret :and not,so,secret e4oteric; societies and $rou!s < as well as the a(ility to identi#y whether or not someone is either an initiate or is a de#ender-su!!orter-sym!athi/in$ shill #or these $rou!s and their a$endas) And I here(y warn all readers that there is a $ood chance that they themselves are unwittin$ly de#endin$ or sym!athi/in$ with initiates or a$ents o# secret com(inations and-or their a$enda) I +now that I certainly was (e#ore I Fwo+e u!)J It is critical that the reader $ain a #undamental understandin$ o# the most relevant o# such $rou!s today < namely the ones that currently wield the most,direct in#luence on the world :es!ecially the &nited States;) There#ore I !rovide a syno!sis o# these #ew and why they are relevant)

T e :ilder3erg Grou+
FI# 9=6 #ilm stars or 9=6 !ro#essional #oot(all !layers $athered secretly each year in a sealed,o## resort !atrolled (y armed $uards Gthe mediaH would (ust Gtheir (uttsH to learn what trans!ired) Chy then no curiosity when 9=6 o# the world2s most distin$uished leaders in #inance and !olitics $ather in that wayKJ < .im Tuc+er veteran Nournalist and Bilder(er$ investi$ator



- !t It I%
FThe Bilder(er$ Grou! Bilder(er$ con#erence or Bilder(er$ Clu( is an annual uno##icial invitation,only con#erence o# a!!ro4imately 9=6 to 976 $uests #rom North America and Cestern %uro!e most o# whom are !eo!le o# in#luence) A(out one,third are #rom $overnment and !olitics and two, thirds #rom #inance industry la(our education and communications ) *eetin$s are closed to the !u(lic)J>

Pertinent In"or)!tion
FR a cli0ue o# the richest economically and !olitically most !ower#ul and in#luential men in the Cestern world who meet secretly to !lan events that later a!!ear Nust to ha!!en)J < The Times o# 1ondon 98?? FIt is di##icult to re,educate !eo!le who have (een (rou$ht u! on nationalism to the idea o# relin0uishin$ !art o# their soverei$nty to a su!ra,national (ody)J < Bilder(er$ Grou! #ounder 3rince Bernhard FCorld events do not occur (y accident: They are made to ha!!en whether it is to do with national issues or commerceI and )o%t o" t e) !re %t!ged !nd )!n!ged 34 t o%e 2 o old t e +ur%e %tring% )))) To say we GareH strivin$ #or a one,world $overnment is e4a$$erated (ut not wholly un#air)J < Denis Aealey #ormer British De#ense *inister :em!hasis added; FCe are $rate#ul to The Cashin$ton 3ost The New Yor+ Times Time ma$a/ine and other $reat !u(lications whose directors have attended our meetin$s and res!ected their !romises o# discretion #or almost #orty years) R It would have (een im!ossi(le #or us to develo! our !lan #or the world i# we had (een su(Nect to the (ri$ht li$hts o# !u(licity durin$ those years) But the world is now much more so!histicated and !re!ared to march towards a world $overnment) The su!ranational soverei$nty o# an intellectual elite and world (an+ers is surely !re#era(le to the national auto,determination !racticed in !ast centuries)J < David Boc+e#eller recorded remar+s at the .une 9889 annual Bilder(er$ Grou! meetin$ in Baden,Baden Germany :em!hasis added;

"rom Daniel %stulin2s (oo+ The True Story o# the Bilder(er$ Grou! :em!hasis added;:
FIn 98>7 the most !ower#ul men in the world met #or the #irst time under the aus!ices o# the Dutch royal crown and the Boc+e#eller #amily at the lu4urious Aotel Bilder(er$ in the small Dutch town o# Ooster(ee+) "or an


entire wee+end they de(ated the #uture o# the world) Chen it was over they decided to meet once every year to e4chan$e ideas and analy/e international a##airs) They named themselves the Bilder(er$ Grou!) FSince then they have $athered yearly in a lu4urious hotel somewhere in the world to try to decide the #uture o# humanity) Amon$ the select mem(ers o# this clu( are Bill Clinton 3aul Col#owit/ Aenry 'issin$er David Boc+e#eller S(i$niew Br/e/ins+i Tony Blair and many other heads o# $overnment (usinessmen !oliticians (an+ers and Nournalists #rom all over the world) Nevertheless in the more than #i#ty years o# their meetin$s the !ress has never (een allowed to attend no statements have ever (een released on the attendeesQ conclusions nor has any a$enda #or a Bilder(er$ meetin$ (een made !u(lic)J

- 4 It I% Rele5!nt
Continuin$ #rom %stulin2s (oo+ :em!hasis added;:
FChat do the worldQs most !ower#ul !eo!le tal+ a(out in these meetin$sK Any modern democratic system !rotects the ri$ht to !rivacy (ut doesnQt the !u(lic have a ri$ht to +now what their !olitical leaders are tal+in$ a(out when they meet the wealthiest (usiness leaders o# their res!ective countriesK Chat $uarantees do citi/ens have that the Bilder(er$ Grou! isnQt merely a center #or in#luence tra##ic+in$ and lo((yin$ i# they arenQt allowed to +now what their re!resentatives tal+ a(out at the Grou!Qs secret $atherin$sK Chy are the Davos Corld %conomic "orums and [email protected] meetin$s discussed in every news!a!er $iven #ront,!a$e covera$e with thousands o# Nournalists in attendance 2 ile no one co5er% :ilder3erg Grou+ )eeting%; FThis (lac+out e4ists des!ite the #act that :or (ecauseK; they are annually attended (y 3residents o# the International *onetary "und the Corld Ban+ and "ederal BeserveI (y chairmen o# 966 o# the most !ower#ul cor!orations in the world such as Daimler Chrysler Coca Cola British 3etroleum :B3; Chase *anhattan Ban+ American %4!ress Goldman Sachs and *icroso#tI (y Vice 3residents o# the &nited States (irector% o" t e CI& !nd t e F:I Secretaries General o# NATO American Senators and mem(ers o# Con$ress %uro!ean 3rime *inisters and leaders o# o!!osition !arties I and (y to! editors and C%Os o# the leadin$ news!a!ers in the world) It is certainly curious that no )!in%tre!) )edi! outlet con%ider% ! g!t ering o" %uc "igure% whose wealth #ar e4ceeds the com(ined wealth o# all &nited States citi/ens to 3e ne2%2ort 4 when a tri! (y any one o# them on their own ma+es headline news on TV) FThis is the conundrum that I have !ondered) "i#teen years a$o it set me on an investi$ative Nourney that has (ecome my li#eQs wor+) Slowly one (y one I have !enetrated the layers o# secrecy surroundin$ the Bilder(er$ Grou! (ut I could not have done this without the hel! o# Fconscientious


o(NectorsJ #rom inside as well as outside the Grou!Qs mem(ershi!)))) FThe e##orts o# Gsome o#H the ori$inal mem(ers Go# Bilder(er$H to (etter our world were (ased on a F#ather,+nows,(estJ autocracy similar to the Boman Catholic ChurchQs !aternalistic #orm o# Christianity) Their intent was no(le at #irst) &n#ortunately it seems that the Bilder(er$ Grou! has $rown (eyond its idealistic (e$innin$s to (ecome a shadow world $overnment which decides in total secrecy at annual meetin$s how their !lans are to (e carried out) They threaten to ta+e away our ri$ht to direct our own destinies) And t i% i% 3eco)ing e!%ier (ecause the develo!ment o# telecommunication technolo$y mer$ed with !ro#ound instant im!act o# the Internet and new methods o# (ehavior en$ineerin$ to mani!ulate individual conduct may convert what at other e!ochs o# history were only evil intentions P into a distur(in$ reality) F%ach new measure viewed on its own may seem only a sli$ht a(erration (ut a whole host o# chan$es as !art o# an on$oin$ continuum constitutes a shi#t towards total enslavement) This is why it is time to loo+ (ehind the scenes) Ce are at a crossroads) And the roads we ta+e #rom here will determine the very #uture o# humanity) Ce have to wa+e u! to the true o(Nectives and actions o# the Bilder(er$ Grou! and its !arallel +in i# we ho!e to retain the #reedoms #ou$ht #or (y our $rand#athers in Corld Car II) It is not u! to God to (rin$ us (ac+ #rom the FNew Dar+ A$eJ !lanned #or us) It is u! to usO Chether we emer$e #rom this century as an electronic $lo(al !olice state or as #ree human (ein$s de!ends on the actions we ta+e now) -e 2ill ne5er "ind t e rig t !n%2er% i" 2e [email protected] /no2 t e dee+ conte<t7J

"or decades it was denied that the Bilder(er$ Grou! even e4isted and those who insisted it was real and as !ower#ul as it is were lam!ooned and (randed as (latherin$ +oo+s) Since the 98862s with dedicated e4!osers such as .im Tuc+er and Daniel %stulin the $rou!2s e4istence can no lon$er (e denied (y cons!iracy naysayers) There#ore attem!ts are made to whitewash the truly ne#arious im!lications that such a concentration o# worldwide !ower#ul and in#luential !ersons !ose) It is $enteelly conveyed as a (eni$n and (enevolent outlet #or the most !ower#ul !eo!le in the world to s!ea+ in !rivate a(out how to reach a consensus in solvin$ the world2s !ro(lems) O# course !ower does not corru!t ri$htK Be#er to A!!endi4 C #or a $eneral list o# +nown attendees o# Bilder(er$ Grou! annual meetin$s) Also re#er to the su!!ortin$ material #or #urther articles and material a(out this $rou!)



S/ull P :one%
FBABBABA CA1T%BS: Are you a ChristianK FG%OBG% A)C) B&SA: G!ausesH I# (y (ein$ a Christian you as+ i# I am 2Born A$ain 2 then yes I am a Christian)J < interview in [email protected]@ while Bush cam!ai$ned to (e 3resident E

- !t It I%
FS+ull and Bones is an under$raduate senior or secret society at Yale &niversity New Aaven Connecticut) It is a traditional !eer society to Scroll and 'ey and Col#2s Aead as the three senior class 2landed societies2 at Yale) FThe society2s alumni or$ani/ation which owns the society2s real !ro!erty and oversees the or$ani/ation is the Bussell Trust Association named #or Cilliam Auntin$ton Bussell who co,#ounded S+ull and Bones with classmate Al!honso Ta#t) The Bussell Trust was #ounded (y Bussell and Daniel Coit Gilman mem(er o# S+ull and Bones and later !resident o# the &niversity o# Cali#ornia #irst !resident o# .ohns Ao!+ins &niversity and the #oundin$ !resident o# the Carne$ie Institution) FThe society is +nown in#ormally as MBonesM and mem(ers are +nown as MBonesmenM)))) F%very year S+ull and Bones selects #i#teen men and G only within the last cou!le decades H women o# the Nunior class to Noin the society) S+ull and Bones traditionally Mta!!edM those that it viewed as cam!us leaders and other nota(le #i$ures #or its mem(ershi!)J?

Pertinent In"or)!tion
In the &nited States alone there are no #ewer than 96= academia, (ased secret societies :many o# which !ose as #raternities; which o!erate on university cam!uses and actively recruit #rom the student (ody) @ Aowever !erha!s none are more !resti$ious nor are their initiates more success#ul than the initiates o# Yale2s S+ull and Bones) Its insi$nia is that o# a s+ull with crossed #emur (ones (elow it :similar to that o# a !irate #la$ which has crossed #emur (ones instead o# crossed swords; and then (elow this #ore(odin$ ima$e is the num(er 5==)8 Three $enerations o# Bush #amily heirs have (een initiates o# S+ull and Bones: 3rescott Bush his son Geor$e A) C) Bush and his son Geor$e C) Bush :the latter two havin$ served as 3resident o# the &nited States;) In =667 (oth the Be!u(lican and Democrat candidates #or 3resident

[email protected]

THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I were initiates o# S+ull and Bones: Geor$e C) Bush and .ohn 'erry) 96 Cith only #i#teen new mem(ers initiated every year what are the chances that (oth !residential candidates would (e initiates o# the same secret societyK The #ollowin$ is com!rised o# se$ments a(out S+ull and Bones #rom Antony C) Sutton2s Introduction to the Order o# S+ull and Bones :em!hasis added;:99
F*ost C"B Gthe Council on "orei$n Belations < discussed later in this cha!terH mem(ers are not involved in a cons!iracy and have no +nowled$e o# any cons!iracy))) Aowever there is a $rou! within the Council on "orei$n Belations which (elon$s to a secret society sworn to secrecy and which more or less controls the C"B GwhoseH meetin$s are used #or their own !ur!oses) FThese mem(ers are in The Order) Their mem(ershi! in The Order can (e !roven) Their meetin$s can (e !roven) Their o(Nectives are !lainly unconstitutional) And this OBD%B has e4isted #or 9>6 years in the &nited States) FThose on the inside +now it as The Order)))) It was also once +nown as the FBrotherhood o# Death)J Those who ma+e li$ht o# it G%d) note: such as com!etin$ secret societiesH))) call it F S+ull L Bones)J))) "or le$al !ur!oses The Order was incor!orated as the Bussell Trust in [email protected]>E)))) FThe American cha!ter o# this GsecretH German order was #ounded in [email protected] at Yale &niversity (y General Cilliam Auntin$ton Bussell and Al!honso Ta#t who in [email protected]?E (ecame Secretary o# Car in the Grant administration) Al!honso Ta#t was the #ather o# Cilliam Aoward Ta#t the only man to (e (oth 3resident and Chie# .ustice o# the &nited States) FThe Order is not Nust another cam!us Gree+ letter #raternal society) Cha!ter 5== is a secret society whose mem(ers are sworn to silence)))) Its mem(ers always deny mem(ershi! :or are su!!osed to deny mem(ershi!;) A(ove all The Order is !ower#ul un(elieva(ly !ower#ul)))) FChat is the si$ni#icance o# the M5==M in Cha!ter 5==K))) GOneH inter!retation is that The Order is descended #rom a Gree/ "r!tern!l %ociet4 d!ting 3!c/ to (e)o%t ene% in ,'' :7C7 ))) Bones records are dated (y addin$ 5== to the current year i)e) records ori$inatin$ in 98>6 are dated Anno Demostheni ==?=)))) FIn the !ast 9>6 years a(out =>66 Yale $raduates have (een initiated into The Order) At any one time a(out >66,E66 are alive and active) Bou$hly a(out one,0uarter o# these ta+e an active role in #urtherin$ the o(Nectives o# The Order) The others either lose interest or chan$e their minds) F%ntry into The Order is accom!anied (y an ela(orate ritual))) The neo!hyte2s name is chan$ed))) li+e a mon+ or 'ni$ht o# *alta or St) .ohn GheH (ecomes 'ni$ht so and so) The old 'ni$hts are then +nown as


3atriarch so and so) The outside world are +nown as Gentiles and vandals))))J

In 98?? Bon Bosen(aum wrote an article in %s0uire ma$a/ine which $ives an account o# his delvin$ into S+ull and Bones records that were o(tained (y the snoo!in$ o# other Yale #raternities :em!hasis added;: 9=
FR I have in my !ossession a set o# annotated #loor !lans o# the interior o# the tom( $ivin$ the location o# the sanctum sanctorum the room called 5==) And toni$ht I received a dossier on Bones ritual secrets that was com!iled #rom the archives o# another Gcom!etin$ YaleH secret society)))) 1et me tell you what Gthe dossierH says a(out the initiation the center o# some o# the most lurid a!ocry!hal rumors a(out Bones) Accordin$ to the dossier the Bones initiation ritual o# 987k G%d) note: read that a$ain < 987th de$reeH went li+e this: FFNew man !laced in co##in < carried into central !art o# the (uildin$) New man chanted over and [email protected] into society) Bemoved #rom co##in and $iven ro(es with sym(ols on it) :sic; A (one with his name on it is tossed into (one hea! at start o# every meetin$) Initiates !lun$ed into mud !ile)JJ

Becall how Geor$e A)C) Bush res!onded to Bar(ara Calters in [email protected]@ when (ein$ as+ed i# he is a Christian: FI# (y (ein$ a Christian you as+ i# I am 2Born A$ain 2 then yes I am a Christian)J Chat true (eliever in the New Testament account o# .esus Christ answers this 0uestion in this mannerK Bush was F(orn a$ainJ as a Bonesman as his #ather and son were) It involves ceremonial rites similar to those discussed in the earlier cha!ters a(out %$y!t namely the initiate (ein$ re0uired to lie within a co##in #or an e4tended !eriod o# time while !ortions o# the rites are !er#ormed around him then eventually he is raised u! out o# the co##in into his new li#e as an initiate < thus he is F(orn a$ain)J Chen any o# the Bush #amily :or any other initiate o# the mystery schools #or that matter; declare that they are F(orn a$ain J they are intentionally misleadin$ listeners to (elieve that they are F(orn a$ainJ in the Christian sense) God creates Satan imitates)

- 4 It I% Rele5!nt
Continuin$ with se$ments #rom Sutton2s Introduction to the Order o# S+ull and Bones :em!hasis added;:
F*ost mem(ers are #rom the %astern sea(oard o# the &nited States) *em(ers are all males Guntil com!aratively recentlyH and almost all Chite An$lo,Sa4on 3rotestants) In $reat !art they descended #rom %n$lish 3uritan #amilies) These #amilies either intermarried with #inancial !ower or invited))) money mo$uls whose sons (ecame mem(ers o# The Order))))


FThe Order has either %et u+ or +enetr!ted Nust a(out every si$ni#icant research !olicy and o!inion,ma+in$ or$ani/ation in the &nited States in addition to the Church Gi)e) most ecclesiastical institutionsH (usiness law $overnment and !olitics)))) The evolution o# American society is not and has not (een #or a century a voluntary develo!ment re#lectin$ individual o!inion))) On the contrary the (road direction has (een created arti#icially and stimulated (y The Order) FIt2s a situation very much as GCarrollH Dui$ley #ound in MThe Grou!M G%d) note: !ro(a(ly re#errin$ to the *ilner Grou! which is (ased at O4#ord &niversity in %n$land which Dui$ley cham!ioned in his (oo+ Tra$edy and Ao!eH: FFIt is !ro(a(le that most mem(ers o# the outer circle 2ere not con%ciou% t !t t e4 2ere 3eing u%ed 34 ! %ecret %ociet4 )JJ

C) Cleon S+ousen a cele(rated 1DS Constitutional and scri!tural scholar and close !ersonal associate o# 1DS Church $eneral authorities such as David O) *c'ay and %/ra Ta#t Benson !u(lished a (oo+ in 98?6 called The Na+ed Ca!italist) This (oo+ is !rimarily a review and commentary on Dui$ley2s Tra$edy and Ao!e) It was an early trail,(la/in$ e##ort to e4!ose how all these seemin$ly,se!arate secret ca(als actually are connected to each other) One year later Gary Allen !u(lished the (oo+ None Dare Call It Cons!iracy which also heavily cited Dui$ley2s Tra$edy and Ao!e and which was recommended in General Con#erence (y then,a!ostle %/ra Ta#t Benson) Continuin$ #rom Sutton2s Introduction to the Order o# S+ull and Bones :em!hasis added;:
FThe Order $ets the (all rollin$ in new or$ani/ationsI GitH !uts in the #irst 3resident or Chairman and the ideas and then when o!erations are rollin$ alon$ o#ten Nust #ades out o# the !icture) FAmon$ universities we can cite Cornell &niversity where Andrew Dic+son Chite :[email protected]>5; was its #irst 3resident and .ohns Ao!+ins &niversity (ased on the German educational system where Daniel Coit Gilman :[email protected]>=; was the #irst 3resident :[email protected]?>,9869;) FAmon$ academic associations Gincludin$H the American Aistorical Association the American %conomic Association the American Chemical Society and the American 3sycholo$ical Association were all started (y mem(ers o# The Order or !ersons close to The Order) FThe #irst 3resident o# the Carne$ie Institution :#rom 986=,6>; was Daniel Coit Gilman (ut other mem(ers o# The Order have (een on Carne$ie (oards since the turn o# the century) Gilman was on the scene #or the #oundin$ o# the 3ea(ody Slater and Bussell Sa$e #oundations) *cGeor$e Bundy :9876; was 3resident o# the "ord "oundation #rom 98EE,?8) FThe #irst Chairman o# the American Society #or the .udicial Settlement o#


International Dis!utes was mem(er Cilliam Aoward Ta#t :[email protected][email protected];) The Society was the #orerunner o# the 1ea$ue to %n#orce the 3eace which develo!ed into t e Le!gue o" N!tion% conce!t and ultimately into t e 8nited N!tion%) In the &nited Nations we #ind #or e4am!le Archi(ald *ac1eish :989>; who was the (rains (ehind the constitution o# the &N%SCO or$ani/ation) FIn 98E6 .ames .eremiah Cadsworth :98=?; set u! the 3eace Besearch Institute) In 98E5 this was mer$ed to (ecome the Institute #or 3olicy Studies alon$ with *arcus Bash+in$ who had (een National Security Council aide to *cGeor$e Bundy :9876; a very active mem(er o# The Order)))) FThe maNor esta(lishment law #irms in New Yor+ are saturated with The Order) 1ord Day and 1ord dominated (y the 1ord #amilyI Sim!son Thacher and Bartlett es!ecially the Thacher #amilyI David 3ol+ CardwellI and De(evoise 3lim!ton the Boc+e#eller #amily law #irm) FThere has (een a si$ni#icant !enetration into communications) Some e4am!les: • Aenry 1uce :98=6; o# Time,1i#e • Cilliam Buc+ley .r) :98>6; o# National Beview • Al#red Cowles :9895; !resident o# Cowles Communications • %mmert Bates :985=; o# 1itton %ducational Systems • Bichard %ly Danielson :986?; o# Atlantic *onthly • Bussell Cheeler Daven!ort :98=5; o# "ortune • .ohn Chi!man "arrar :[email protected]; o# !u(lisher "arrar Straus FThe most !resti$ious award in Nournalism is a Nieman "ellowshi! at Aarvard &niversity) The #irst Director o# the Nieman "und was mem(er Archi(ald *ac1eish :989>;) F3ierre .ay :[email protected]=; (ecame the #irst Chairman o# the "ederal Beserve Ban+ o# New Yor+) F3olitics and $overnment is the area where The Order has made headway with names li+e Ta#t Bush Stimson Cha#ee 1ovett Chitney Bundy and so on) FIn [email protected] MThe An$lo American %sta(lishmentM (y Carroll Dui$ley was !u(lished in New Yor+) Dui$ley descri(es in minute detail the historical o!erations o# the British esta(lishment controlled (y a secret society and o!eration very much as The Order o!erates in the &)S) FThe British secret society +nown as MThe Grou!M))) was #ounded at O4#ord &niversity much as The Order was #ounded at Yale) The Grou!


o!erates in a series o# concentric circles and li+e The Order consists o# old line #amilies allied with !rivate merchant (an+ers +nown in the &)S) as investment (an+ers) FThe Grou!2s o(Nective is recorded in Cecil Bhodes2 will: FFThe e4tension o# British rule throu$hout the world the !er#ectin$ o# a system o# emi$ration #rom the &nited 'in$dom and o# coloni/ation (y British su(Nects o# all lands))) and t e ulti)!te reco5er4 o" t e 8nited St!te% o" &)eric! !% !n integr!l +!rt o" t e :riti% E)+ire)J FBoth The Grou! and The Order are unwillin$ or una(le to (rin$ a(out a $lo(al society (y voluntary means so they o!ted #or coercion) To do this they have cre!ted 2!r% !nd re5olution% they have r!n%!c/ed +u3lic tre!%urie% they have o++re%%ed they have +ill!ged they have lied < even to their own countrymen) FThe activities o# The Order are directed towards chan$in$ our society chan$in$ the world to (rin$ a(out a New Corld Order) This will (e a !lanned order with heavily restricted individual #reedom without Constitutional !rotection without national (oundaries or cultural distinction)))) 3art o# this activity has (een in coo!eration with The Grou! with its !arallel and recorded o(Nectives) FCe +now the elements in society that will have to (e chan$ed in order to (rin$ a(out this New Corld OrderI we can then e4amine The Order2s actions in this conte4t) • %ducation: how the !o!ulation o# the #uture will (ehave • *oney: the means o# holdin$ wealth and e4chan$in$ $oods • 1aw: the authority to en#orce the will o# the state • 3olitics: the direction o# the state • %conomy: the creation o# wealth • Aistory: what !eo!le (elieve ha!!ened in the !ast • 3sycholo$y: the means o# controllin$ how !eo!le thin+ • 3hilanthro!y: so that !eo!le thin+ well o# the controllers • *edicine: the !ower over health li#e and death • Beli$ion: !eo!le2s s!iritual (elie#s the s!ur to action #or many • *edia: what !eo!le +now and learn a(out current events • Continuity: the !ower to a!!oint who #ollows in your #ootste!s))) F*ost o# us (elieve that the State e4ists to serve the individual not vice versa) The Order (elieves the o!!osite)))) The discussion and the #undin$


is always toward more state !ower use o# state !ower and away #rom individual ri$hts)))J

T e :o e)i!n Clu3
BICAABD NIZON: I don2t mind the homose4uality) I understand it) Nevertheless G$osh darnH I don2t thin+ you Gou$ht toH $lori#y it on !u(lic television homose4uality GanyH more than you $lori#y whores) Ce all +now we have wea+nesses) But G$osh darnitH what do you thin+ that does to +idsK You +now what ha!!ened to the Gree+sO Aomose4uality destroyed them) Sure Aristotle was a homo) Ce all +now that) So was Socrates) .OAN D) %AB1ICA*AN: But he never had the in#luence television had) NIZON: You +now what ha!!ened to the BomansK The last si4 Boman em!erors were #a$s)))) 1etQs loo+ letQs letQs loo+ at Northern Cali#ornia you understand itK %AB1ICA*AN: San "rancisco has Nust $one clear over) NIZON: But it isnQt it isnQt Nust in the ratty !art o# townR (ut the u!!er class in San "rancisco is that way) Now :o e)i!n Gro5e0 t !t I !ttend0 "ro) ti)e to ti)e0 Gunintelli$i(leH it i% t e )o%t "!gg4 Fgo% d!rnedG t ing 4ou could e5er i)!gine ) That San "rancisco crowd that $oes in there) ItQs Nust terri(leO I mean I wonQt sha+e hands with any(ody #rom San "rancisco)95 < *ay 95th 98?9 conversation (etween 3resident Bichard Ni4on .ohn D) %hrlichman and A) B) Aaldeman97

FGIHt2s a (unch o# elitists and !ower(ro+ers who conduct secret meetin$s to ta+e over the world and they run around nude) It2s all men no women are allowed) And they run around and))) you can #ind them $oin$ to GtheH (athroom on the side o# trees and so #orth and they have !eo!le come out and ma+e s!eeches to them and all that)))) I2ve (een as+ed to s!ea+ at the Bohemian Grove)))) Some o# my (est $ol# (uddies are mem(ers)))) GIn discussin$ it live on the radio H I2m !ro(a(ly ruinin$ any chance I may have o# (ein$ invited (ac+)J < Bush 1im(au$h [9 Nationally syndicated tal+ radio host in America 9>

- !t It I%
FThe Bohemian Clu( was ori$inally #ormed in A!ril [email protected]?= (y and #or Nournalists who wished to !romote a #raternal connection amon$ men who enNoyed the arts)R The $rou! 0uic+ly rela4ed its rules #or mem(ershi! to !ermit some !eo!le to Noin who had little artistic talent (ut enNoyed the arts and had $reater #inancial resources) %ventually the ori$inal M(ohemianM mem(ers were in the minority and the wealthy and !ower#ul


controlled the clu()))) Be$ular #ull mem(ers are usually wealthy and in#luential men who !ay #ull mem(ershi! #ees and dues and who must o#ten wait 9> years #or an o!enin$ as the clu( limits itsel# to a(out =?66 men) F%very year the clu( hosts a two wee+ lon$ :three wee+ends; cam! at Bohemian Grove ))) a = ?66,acre cam!$round located))) in *onte Bio Cali#ornia)))) The main encam!ment area consists o# 9E6 acres o# old, $rowth redwood trees over 9 666 years old with some trees e4ceedin$ 566 #eet in hei$ht)))) %ach mem(er is associated with a Mcam!M that is one o# [email protected] rustic slee!in$ and leisure 0uarters scattered throu$hout the Bohemian Grove where each mem(er slee!s durin$ the two wee+s :three wee+ends; o# annual summer encam!ment in .uly) T e%e c!)+% !re t e +rinci+!l )e!n% t roug 2 ic ig Ble5el 3u%ine%% !nd +olitic!l cont!ct% !nd "riend% i+% !re "or)ed7J 9E

Pertinent In"or)!tion
FA num(er o# !ast mem(ershi! lists are in !u(lic domain (ut modern clu( mem(ershi! lists are !rivate) Some !rominent #i$ures have (een $iven honorary mem(ershi! such as Bichard Ni4on and Cilliam Bandol!h Aearst) *em(ers have included some &)S) !residents :usually (e#ore they are elected to o##ice; many ca(inet o##icials and C%Os o# lar$e cor!orations includin$ maNor #inancial institutions) *aNor military contractors oil com!anies (an+s :includin$ the "ederal Beserve; utilities and national media have hi$h,ran+in$ o##icials as clu( mem(ers or $uests) *any mem(ers are or have (een on the (oard o# directors o# several o# these cor!orations))))J 9?

In .uly o# =666 cons!iracy investi$ator tour de #orce Ale4 .ones and an associate !osed as $uests o# the Aill(illies cam! on the arrival ni$ht o# Bohemian Grove) They success#ully #ilmed hours o# covert #oota$e within the Grove via hidden camera e0ui!ment) They also #ilmed the entire o!enin$ ni$ht ceremony called the Cremation o# Care < a distur(in$ hi$hly !a$an ritual !er#ormed (e#ore a 76,#oot #au4,stone concrete owl with an altar in #ront o# it) It is an ela(orate and len$thy som(er !roduction !er#ormed (y do/ens o# men dressed in di##erent colored hooded ro(es: red white (lac+ and silver) The event is !er#ormed alon$ one side o# the Bussian Biver in the Bedwood #orest o# Northern Cali#ornia while the audience is seated in hundreds o# #oldin$ chairs on the other side o# the river) The ro(ed #i$ures solemnly march out o# the #orest !aths to the $reat stone owl) Bitualistic music !lays over a state o# the art sound system installed within the trees) Once the ro(ed !riests reach the owl an orchestrated !re,recorded dramatic voice !er#ormance ensues over the s!ea+ers while the ro(ed !riests act out the ceremony)


THE *OST INFL8ENTI&L ORG&NIO&TIONS IN THE -ORL( The owl is the heroic character :voiced (y le$endary TV news anchorman Calter Cron+ite re!eatedly voted (y the American !u(lic as FThe *ost Trusted *an In America)J; who has a ver(al (attle with FDull CareJ < a demonically,voiced entity who taunts the attendees o# the Grove) As the drama un#olds the !riests some o# whom hold li$hted torches in their hands !lace a white,cloth,(ound human e##i$y :re!resentin$ Dull Care; u!on the alter (e#ore the owl) In one tremendous moment this Dull Care is announced to (e (anished #rom the Grove) The !riests set #ire to the human e##i$y on the altar which 0uic+ly en$ul#s in #lames and the hideous wailin$s o# Dull Care screech and echo and #ade) Immediately !yrotechnics #rom all around $o o## includin$ showerin$ s!ar+s that emit #rom do/ens o# small steel crosses em(edded u!on the la+e) At this moment the audience eru!ts in a!!lause) It si$nals the (e$innin$ o# their two wee+ retreat) Therea#ter the audience dis!erses to enNoy the various all,male #estivitiesI or i# they wish to enNoy the com!any o# women they are allowed to leave the !remises #or the ni$ht) Be#er to the su!!ortin$ material [email protected] which contains video #iles o# !ortions o# this Cremation o# Care o!enin$ ceremony as well as a video o# a coincidental on,the,s!ot interview Ale4 .ones had with David Ger$en :a =6, year !residential ca(inet mem(er and adviser under the Ni4on "ord Bea$an and Clinton !residential administrations; where he con#ronted him a(out his Bohemian Clu( mem(ershi! and the Cremation o# Care) Chat starts out as a rehearsed answer 0uic+ly results in a Nittery !ersonally revealin$ o##,the,cu## moment rarely ever witnessed #rom !olished Cashin$ton D)C) insiders) The #ollowin$ is #rom .oml van der BeiNden2s research into the conce!t o# Dull Care:
FDull Care is Ma moc+in$ s!iritM that needs to (e (anished #rom the Grove) This is an ancient tradition $oin$ (ac+ to the Sumerians) The Sumerians used the word Q(arraQ :(e$one; to (anish unwelcome s!irits #rom the land) These traditions were s!read to Ba(ylon Greece and Bome) A#ter the *iddle,A$es !oets and !lay writers occasionally !ic+ed u! on it and incor!orated it in some o# the wor+s they wrote) The term was used 0uite #re0uently since at least the late 9?th century in Britain)))) The #irst re#erence since Aorace that I was a(le to #ind was the [email protected]? !lay 2Be$one Dull Care2 o# G.ohnH 3lay#ord: *usical Com!anion located in %n$land)))) FIt could well (e that the term Dull Care was already in use at the time o# the "rancis Bacon $rou! in the late 9>66s and early 9E66s which consisted o# Sir Cilliam and Bo(ert Cecil .ohn Dee his student %dward de Vere %dmund S!enser Bacon himsel# %li/a(eth I .ames I and several others)))) These !eo!le were :lar$ely; res!onsi(le #or the creation o# Bosicrucianism "reemasonry and %nochian *a$ic)J


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I The e4oteric e4!lanation $iven o# Dull Care is that it re!resents everyday res!onsi(ilities stress and all that is mundane and that these men come to the Grove to (e com!letely li(erated and released o# such #or a raucous two wee+s) Aowever the ritual is stee!ed with dee!ly esoteric mystery school elements and is as ela(orately and solemnly !er#ormed as an any $iven *asonic or other secret society initiation rite) The true meanin$ o# Dull Care < the des!erately unwanted entity desired to (e (anished #rom the Grove < is the conscience the 1i$ht o# Christ within each o# us: the source o# Godly sorrow remorse and $enuine $uilt that leads to re!entance) As Cain reNoiced u!on the slayin$ o# A(el announcin$ that he was #ree the mystery school initiates and their $uests who attend Bohemian Grove :wittin$ly or not; reNoice in (anishin$ Christ #rom their own !rivate section o# the Bedwood "orest) Thereu!on they $enteelly meet and $reet (y day and therea#ter !roceed to enNoy the !rovided raucous entertainment at ni$ht or en$a$e whatever $uilty !leasure they #ancy) Chile many o# these activities are !ro(a(ly com!aratively mild such as (in$e alcohol or narcotics consum!tion :which is re!orted (y multi!le sources; there are detailed eyewitness accounts o# de!ravity and atrocities occurrin$ in remote ca(ins) *erely one e4am!le: #ormer O+lahoma State Senator .ohn DeCam! includes documented testimony in his (oo+ The "ran+lin Cover,u! wherein or!han (oys were helico!tered into Bohemian Grove to (e ra!ed and tortured) One was shot in the head at !oint (lan+ ran$e and the others were #orced to consume some o# his raw #lesh) As #or the 76,#oot owl statue-idol there2s a $reat deal o# s!eculation #loatin$ around whistle(lowin$ $rou!s that it is re!resentative o# the !a$an deity *olech :alternate s!ellin$: *oloch; to which human sacri#ices were !er#ormed (y a variety o# ancient cultures) Chile the Bohemian Grove ritual may include a #au4,human sacri#ice I !ersonally thin+ that others are Num!in$ to conclusions in e0uatin$ the 76, #oot owl idol with *olech) I come to this conclusion (ecause there are too many dissimilarities other than the sacri#ice #actor) Additionally recall that in the ancient %$y!t initiations < the Crata Be!oa < once the "ourth De$ree was con#erred u!on an initiate he was made !art o# an Order whose sym(ol was that o# Isis in the sha!e o# an owl) 3erha!s this $reat owl idol is a re!resentation o# Isis) The (ottom line thou$h is that it doesn2t matter i# the owl re!resents any other F$odJ than what they re#er to it as in the ritual: Fthe Great Owl o# Bohemia)J Chat is relevant are the esoteric meanin$s (ehind owl sym(olo$y in the mystery schools) Owls: • are nocturnal hunters < sym(oli/in$ a secret li#estyle


THE *OST INFL8ENTI&L ORG&NIO&TIONS IN THE -ORL( • can see in the dar+ < sym(oli/in$ wisdom (ecause they can see-com!rehend what other animals can2t :i)e) esoteric mysteries hidden rulin$ class occult culture; • are stealth creatures < sym(oli/in$ the ca!a(ility o# conductin$ a secret li#e without detection • are +een watch#ul #ocused and !atient < sym(oli/in$ these attri(utes in initiates as well as the a(ility to accurately si/e u! unwittin$ tar$ets or #oes to detect the machinations o# enemies to never (e cau$ht o##, $uard and to a!!ear a##a(le serene and im!assive until the !er#ect stri+in$ moment avails itsel# • are stron$ !redatory creatures < sym(oli/in$ the a(ility to outwit and easily con0uer tar$ets or #oes • are at the to! o# the #ood chain < sym(oli/in$ elitism the ri$ht to !rey u!on all lesser (ein$s the ri$ht to have one2s wayI to (e a(ove all other laws save the (lood oaths sworn to the mystery school hierarchy In e##ect these are !recisely the attri(utes which are valued hi$hest (y those who are mem(ers o# the Bohemian Clu( those who attend the Grove and those who see+ to Noin it :even willin$ to (e on a waitin$ list o# u!wards o# #i#teen years to $ain that !rivile$e;) There#ore it only #ollows that their solemn annual #au4,human sacri#ice ritual (e !er#ormed to an idol o# a creature that em(odies all these esoteric traits) Becall also that owl sym(olism $races (oth the $rounds o# the Ca!itol (uildin$ in Cashin$ton D)C) as well as the u!!er ri$ht,hand corner o# the #ront o# the one dollar (ill) 98 1i+ely these two !articular owls have nothin$ to do with the Bohemian Clu( (ut undou(tedly have everythin$ to do with the in#luence o# mystery school initiates that have in#ested our nation2s #ederal $overnment #or nearly two centuries)

- 4 It I% Rele5!nt
Be#lect that #or over 966 years o# its now,976 year history almost nothin$ was !u(licly +nown a(out Bohemian Grove) It was all (ut com!letely un+nown to everyone outside o# the circles o# the elite and their most trusted syco!hants) %ven when attem!ts were #irst made (y some in the 98?62s to e4!ose it little to no real evidence could (e o(tained < merely incredulous word,o#,mouth rumors o# stran$e dealin$s in the redwoods o# Cali#ornia su!!osedly involvin$ closet,homose4ual Be!u(licans and the #ilthy rich where they worshi! a $iant stone owl and (urn to death a human sacri#ice) But now than+s to some truly (rave individuals its e4istence and the reality o# what trans!ires within can no lon$er (e denied) It has (ecome very


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I di##icult to whitewash dismiss or disre$ard as merely a (unch o# drun+ Be!u(licans urinatin$ on redwood trees)
F"or Be!u(licans the clu( is an antecham(er Gi)e) #oyer waitin$ roomH to the Chite Aouse) G%d) note: this is not entirely true) *any Democrats attend the Grove as well) There2s even a !hoto o# .immy Carter a #ormer !resident who is a Democrat in the Bohemian Clu(2s annals) =6H Teddy Boosevelt was a mem(er GasH was Aer(ert Aoover) In his memoirs Aoover wrote that within one hour o# Calvin Coolid$eQs announcement in 98=? that he would not run a$ain FMa hundred men < editors !u(lishers !u(lic o##icials and others #rom all over the country who were at the Grove came to my cam! demandin$ that I announce my candidacy)M FAoover was at the Grove a$ain the #ollowin$ summer as he had (een with some considera(le re$ularity since 9899 when news came that Be!u(licans had chosen him #or their candidate) F& %+eec to t e indu%tri!l !nd "in!nci!l tit!n% clu%tered "or one o" t e [email protected]% "!)ou% l!/e%ide t!l/% could )!/e or 3re!/ ! c!ndid!c47 A#ter a !oor rece!tion Nelson Boc+e#eller a(andoned his (id #or the Be!u(lican nomination in 98E7) Bichard Ni4on li+e Aoover a mem(er o# the Cave *anQs cam! inside the Grove $ot a ra!turous rece!tion in 98E? and !ressed #orward to the nomination and the Chite Aouse) FIt was at the Bohemian Grove that AmericaQs nuclear wea!ons !ro$ram was #irst devised (y !hysicists such as Grove mem(ers %rnest O) 1awrence and %dward Teller < meetin$ with other mem(ers who were then in $overnment all con#ident o# the security o# the redwood clu(house (uilt (y G#amed architectH Bernard *ay(ec+))) in 9867) F%uro!ean leaders travel discreetly to the Grove to address the American elite) German chancellor Aelmut Schmidt :not to (e con#used with Clu( mem(ers Chauncey %) Schmidt or .on %u$ene Schmidt; strolled its !aths with clu( mem(er Aenry 'issin$er as did "rench socialist leader *ichael Bocard) FChere else could such men ho!e to chat !rivately with the head o# IB* a cou!le o# Boc+e#ellers (an+ers $alore a .ustice o# the &S Su!reme Court and Charlton AestonK %ven the !ric+ly 1ee 'uan Yew Gthe #irst 3rime *inister o# the Be!u(lic o# Sin$a!oreH hastened to visit the clu( only to have the morti#ication o# (ein$ mista+en #or a waiter)J =9

:Be#er to A!!endi4 % #or transcri!ts o# calls to !rominent nationally syndicated tal+ show hosts who were 0uestioned a(out Bohemian Grove) Their reactions and res!onses are $reatly revealin$); Aowever !ossi(ly the most relevant :and un#ortunate; as!ect o# the


THE *OST INFL8ENTI&L ORG&NIO&TIONS IN THE -ORL( Bohemian Clu( and their annual event at the Bohemian Grove each summer is that while it is considera(ly cons!icuous today it is #ar #rom uni0ue) There are numerous !ossi(ly hundreds o# elite !rivate retreats #or mystery school initiates :and their syco!hants; throu$hout the world) Bohemian Grove is merely one o# the lar$er ones and #unctions !rimarily as a !rominent event to encoura$e interaction discourse and relationshi! (uildin$ (etween multi!le secret societies and their initiates) It has #inally (een !u(licly e4!osed to the !oint where it is im!ossi(le #or them to deny it any lon$er < there#ore they deny what $oes on there) Cith ever,increasin$ e4!osure o# it they can no lon$er deny what occurs < so they must whitewash its ne#arious as!ects (y (rushin$ them o## as die,hard #rat,(oy silliness at a (eni$n social $atherin$) "or a !rime e4am!le o# what other elite mystery school retreats and social $atherin$s throu$hout the world are li+e loo+ no #urther than Stanley 'u(ric+2s #inal #ilm %yes Cide Shut his #irst since "ull *etal .ac+et in [email protected]? == years earlier) The %yes Cide Shut !roduction was 0uite !ossi(ly the most secretive in Aollywood2s history < security was e4tremely ti$ht and all cast and sta## were under strict anti,disclosure contracts as to anythin$ a(out the #ilm) 3roduction too+ three years) "ilmed in %n$land #or [email protected] consecutive months the British ta(loids went (erser+ tryin$ to $et any in#ormation whatsoever a(out it to little avail) As #ilmin$ wra!!ed and editin$ was underway the only !ress release a(out the #ilm stated: FStanley 'u(ric+2s ne4t #ilm will (e %yes Cide Shut a storyo# Nealousy and se4ual o(session)J On *arch 5rd 'u(ric+ hosted a screenin$ o# the #inal cut #or the stars o# the #ilm and his #amily) "our days later Stanley 'u(ric+ died an a(ru!t sudden death (y heart attac+ in his slee! des!ite that he had no history o# heart disease and his #amily re!orted that he2d (een #eelin$ #ine) No reviewers were allowed early screenin$s < not one !erson was allowed to see the #ilm until it was released on .uly 9E th) Only then did everyone come to understand that a +ey com!onent o# the #ilm2s story surrounds the main character crashin$ an elite occult ceremony attended (y the u(er,rich and !ower#ul which is #ollowed (y uns!ea+a(le whoredoms) Stanley 'u(ric+ was no stran$er to the mystery schools their culture their do$ma and their a$enda) Ais #ilm =669: A S!ace Odyssey is a dee!ly esoteric visual essay o# the 1uci#erian doctrines o# the ori$in !ro$ress and destiny o# man+ind) "rom (e$innin$ to end the #ilm is stee!ed with the mystery school conce!ts o# illuminism) Nearly all o# his #ilms :es!ecially his most cele(rated ones; demonstrate a hi$h level o# such esoteric understandin$ and his #ilms have an uncanny a(ility to reach into the su(conscious o# the viewer) It2s very !ossi(le that 'u(ric+ intended %yes Cide Shut to (e a whistle(lowin$ #ilm disclosin$ the hidden culture rites and a(ominations o#


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I mystery school elites) It is !ossi(le that he was murdered #or doin$ so) I# so it2s only ri$ht to commend him) :There are re!orts o# numerous ways on how covert +illin$s are made to a!!ear as natural heart #ailure #atalities) I will not e4!ound on them (ut should the reader dou(t this !ossi(ility I recommend viewin$ a scene #rom the #ilm *ichael Clayton included in the su!!ortin$ material== in which modern !ro#essional assassins carry out and sta$e such in under three minutes); Aavin$ said that I cannot caution the reader stron$ly enou$h that %yes Cide Shut contains tremendously distur(in$ content includin$ a detailed re, enactment o# a mystery school ritual convincin$ dramati/ation o# mind, controlled adolescent se4 slaves :the reality o# which is covered in a later cha!ter; and multi!le hi$hly !orno$ra!hic scenes)

:r!nc Org!ni?!tion% To :e &2!re O" T e Council on Foreign Rel!tion% (CFR)
- !t It I%
F"ounded in 98=9 and head0uartered at >@ %ast [email protected] Street in New Yor+ City with an additional o##ice in Cashin$ton D)C) the C"B is considered to (e the nation2s Mmost in#luential #orei$n,!olicy thin+ tan+M) It !u(lishes a (i,monthly Nournal "orei$n A##airs)))) FThe Council on "orei$n Belations a sister or$ani/ation to the Boyal Institute o# International A##airs in 1ondon :commonly +nown as Chatham Aouse; was #ormed in 98== as a noncommercial non!olitical or$ani/ation su!!ortin$ American #orei$n relations)))) FToday it has a(out > 666 mem(ers :includin$ #ive,year term mem(ers (etween the a$es o# 56,79; which over its history have included senior servin$ !oliticians more than a do/en Secretaries o# State #ormer national security o##icers (an+ers lawyers !ro#essors #ormer CIA mem(ers and senior media #i$ures))))J

Pertinent In"or)!tion
FBe$innin$ in 9858 and lastin$ #or #ive years the Council achieved much $reater !rominence within the $overnment and the State De!artment when it esta(lished the strictly con#idential Car and 3eace Studies #unded entirely (y the Boc+e#eller "oundation ) The secrecy surroundin$ this $rou! was such that the Council mem(ers who were not involved in its deli(erations 2ere co)+letel4 un!2!re o" t e %tud4 grou+.%


FIt was divided into #our #unctional to!ic $rou!s: economic and #inancial security and armaments territorial and !olitical) The security and armaments $rou! was headed (y Allen Celsh Dulles who later (ecame a !ivotal #i$ure in the CIA2s !redecessor the OSS) It ultimately !roduced [email protected]= memoranda #or the State De!artment mar+ed classi#ied and circulated amon$ the a!!ro!riate $overnment de!artments) As a historical Nud$ment its overall in#luence on actual $overnment !lannin$ at the time is still said to remain unclear)))) FAn in#luential thin+ tan+ the Council has (een the su(Nect o# de(ates over soverei$nty as well as the su(Nect o# numerous cons!iracy theories) This is !rimarily due to the num(er o# hi$h,ran+in$ $overnment o##icials :alon$ with world (usiness leaders and !rominent media #i$ures; in its mem(ershi! and as documented a(ove the array o# American #orei$n !olicy decisions which its mem(ers have (een involved)J=5

- 4 It I% Rele5!nt
FIn the &S the Council on "orei$n Belations :C"B; is dominant) One o# its 98=9 #ounders %dward *andell Aouse was Coodrow Cilson2s chie# adviser and rumored at the time to (e the nation2s real !ower #rom 9895 < 98=9) On his watch the "ederal Beserve Act !assed in Decem(er 9895 $ivin$ money creation !ower to (an+ers and the 9Eth Amendment was rati#ied in "e(ruary creatin$ the #ederal income ta4 to !rovide a revenue stream to !ay #or $overnment de(t service) F"rom its (e$innin$s C"B was committed to Ma one,world $overnment (ased on a centrali/ed $lo(al #inancin$ system))))M Today C"B has thousands o# in#luential mem(ers :includin$ im!ortant ones in the cor!orate media; (ut +ee!s a low !u(lic !ro#ile es!ecially re$ardin$ its real a$enda) FAistorian Arthur Schlesin$er .r) called it a M "ront org!ni?!tion ("or) t e e!rt o" t e &)eric!n E%t!3li% )ent )M It meets !rivately and onl4 +u3li% e% 2 !t it 2i% e% t e +u3lic to /no2 ) Its mem(ers are only Americans) FTheir !ast and current mem(ers re#lect their !ower: • nearly all !residential Gand vice,!residentialH candidates o# (oth !artiesI • leadin$ senators and con$ressmenI • +ey mem(ers o# the #ourth estate and their (ossesI and • to! o##icials o# the "BI CIA NSA de#ense esta(lishment and other leadin$ $overnment a$encies includin$ state commerce the Nudiciary and treasury)


F"or its !art FCFR !% %er5ed !% ! 5irtu!l e)+lo4)ent !genc4 "or t e "eder!l go5ern)ent under 3ot (e)ocr!t% !nd Re+u3lic!n% )J Choever occu!ies the Chite Aouse C"B2s !ower and a$enda have (een unchan$ed since its 98=9 #oundin$) FIt advocates a $lo(al su!erstate with America and other nations sacri#icin$ their soverei$nty to a central !ower) C"B #ounder 3aul Car(ur$ was a mem(er o# Boosevelt2s F(rain trust)J In 98>6 his son .ames told the Senate "orei$n Belations Committee: M Ce shall have world $overnment whether or not you li+e it < (y con0uest or consent )M))) FC"B !lanned a New Corld Order (e#ore 987= and the F 8N 3eg!n 2it ! grou+ o" CFR )e)3er% called the In#ormal A$enda Grou! )J They dra#ted the ori$inal &N !ro!osal !resented it to "ran+lin Boosevelt who announced it !u(licly the ne4t day) At its 987> #oundin$ C"B mem(ers com!rised over 76 o# the &S dele$ates) FAccordin$ to 3ro#essor G) Cilliam Domho## author o# Cho Bules America the C"B o!erates in Fsmall $rou!s o# a(out twenty,#ive who (rin$ to$ether leaders #rom the si4 cons!irator cate$ories :industrialists #inanciers ideolo$ues military !ro#essional s!ecialists < lawyers medical doctors etc) < and or$ani/ed la(or; #or detailed discussions o# s!eci#ic to!ics in the area o# #orei$n a##airs)J Domho## added: FThe Council on "orei$n Belations while not #inanced (y $overnment wor+s so closely with it that it is di##icult to distin$uish Council action stimulated (y $overnment #rom autonomous actions) :Its; most im!ortant sources o# income are leadin$ cor!orations and maNor #oundations)J The Boc+e#eller Carne$ie and "ord "oundations to name three and they2re directed (y +ey cor!orate o##icials) FMThe National Security Act o# 987? esta(lished the o##ice o# Secretary o# De#ense)M Since then #1 (O( %ecret!rie% have (een C"B mem(ers) FSince 9876 e5er4 Secret!r4 o" St!te e4ce!t .ames Byrnes has (een a C"B mem(er and-or Trilateral Commission :TC; one) F"or the !ast @6 years 5irtu!ll4 e5er4 /e4 8S N!tion!l Securit4 !nd Foreign Polic4 &d5i%or has (een a C"B mem(er) FNe!rl4 !ll to+ gener!l% !nd !d)ir!l% have (een C"B mem(ers) F*any +re%identi!l c!ndid!te% were-are C"B mem(ers includin$ Aer(ert Aoover Adlai Stevenson Dwi$ht %isenhower .ohn 'ennedy Bichard Ni4on Gerald "ord .immy Carter :also a charter TC mem(er; Geor$e AC Bush Bill Clinton .ohn 'erry and .ohn *cCain) FNumerous CI& director% were-are C"B mem(ers includin$ Bichard Aelmes .ames Schlesin$er Cilliam Casey Cilliam Ce(ster Bo(ert Gates .ames Coolsey .ohn Deutsch Geor$e Tenet 3orter Goss *ichael Aayden and 1eon 3anetta G%d) note: and o# course Geor$e AC Bush as


wellH) F*any Tre!%ur4 Secret!rie% were-are C"B mem(ers includin$ Dou$las Dillon Geor$e Schult/ Cilliam Simon .ames Ba+er Nicholas Brady 1loyd Bentsen Bo(ert Bu(in Aenry 3aulson and Tim Geithner) FChen !residents nominate Su!reme Court candidates the C"B2s MS!ecial Grou! Secret TeamM or advisors vet them #or acce!ta(ility) 3residents in #act are told who to a!!oint includin$ desi$nees to the Ai$h Court and most lower ones)J =7

Dan Smoot a #ormer a$ent who was stationed at the "BI Aead0uarters in Cashin$ton D)C) wrote a (oo+ called The Invisi(le Government in 98E=) A 3D" o# this (oo+ is included in the su!!ortin$ material) => It is hi$hly recommended as additional readin$) Ae e##ectively summari/es the du(ious nature o# the mem(ershi! and a$enda o# the C"B as #ollows:
FThe #act however that communists Soviet es!iona$e a$ents and !ro, communists could wor+ incons!icuously #or many years as in#luential mem(ers o# the Council indicates somethin$ very si$ni#icant a(out the Council2s o(Nectives) The ultimate aim o# the Council on "orei$n Belations :however well,intentioned its !rominent and !ower#ul mem(ers may (e; is the same as the ultimate aim o# international communism: to create a one,world socialist system and ma+e the &nited States an o##icial !art o# it)J

T e Tril!ter!l Co))i%%ion (TC)
- !t It I%
FThe Trilateral Commission is a non,$overnmental non,!artisan discussion $rou! #ounded (y David Boc+e#eller in .uly 98?5 to #oster closer coo!eration amon$ the &nited States %uro!e and .a!an)))) F*em(ershi! is divided into num(ers !ro!ortionate to each o# the thin+ tan+2s three re$ional areas) The North American continent is re!resented (y 9=6 mem(ers :=6 Canadian 95 *e4ican and @? &)S) citi/ens;) The %uro!ean $rou! has reached its limit o# 9?6 mem(ers #rom almost every country on the continentI the ceilin$s #or individual countries are =6 #or Germany [email protected] #or "rance Italy and the &nited 'in$dom 9= #or S!ain and 9<E #or the rest) At #irst Asia and Oceania were re!resented only (y .a!an) Aowever in =666 the .a!anese $rou! o# @> mem(ers e4!anded itsel# (ecomin$ the 3aci#ic Asia $rou! com!osed o# 99? mem(ers: ?> .a!anese 99 South 'oreans ? Australian and New Sealand citi/ens and 9> mem(ers #rom the AS%AN nations :Indonesia *alaysia 3hili!!ines Sin$a!ore and Thailand;) The 3aci#ic Asia $rou! also included 8 mem(ers #rom China Aon$ 'on$ and Taiwan) Currently the Trilateral Commission


claims Mmore than 966M 3aci#ic Asian mem(ers) FChile Trilateral Commission (ylaws e4clude !ersons holdin$ !u(lic o##ice #rom mem(ershi! the thin+ tan+ draws its !artici!ants #rom !olitical (usiness and academic worlds) The $rou! is chaired (y three individuals one #rom each o# the re$ions re!resented) The current chairmen are #ormer &)S) Assistant Secretary o# De#ense #or International Security A##airs .ose!h S) Nye .r) and Chie# Cor!orate Adviser "uNi Zero4 Com!any 1td) Yotaro 'o(ayashi)J =E

Pertinent In"or)!tion
FOn the G!oliticalH ri$ht a num(er o# !rominent thin+ers and !oliticians have critici/ed the Trilateral Commission as encroachin$ on national soverei$nty) In his (oo+ Cith No A!olo$ies #ormer conservative Be!u(lican Senator Barry Goldwater lam(asted the discussion $rou! (y su$$estin$ it was Fa s+ill#ul coordinated e##ort to sei/e control and consolidate the #our centers o# !ower: !olitical monetary intellectual and ecclesiastical))) GinH the creation o# a worldwide economic !ower su!erior to the !olitical $overnments o# the nation,states involved )J On the G!oliticalH le#t lin$uist Noam Choms+y ar$ues that a re!ort issued (y the Commission called The Crisis o# Democracy which !ro!oses solutions #or the Fe4cess o# democracyJ in the 98E6s em(odies F the ideolo$y o# the li(eral win$ o# the state ca!italist rulin$ elite J) Choms+y also ar$ues that the $rou! had an undue in#luence in the administration o# .immy Carter) =? FIn alliance with Bilder(er$ers the TC GTrilateral CommissionH also M!lays a vital role in the New Corld Order2s scheme to use wealth concentrated in the hands o# the #ew to e4ert world control)M TC mem(ers share common views and all relate to total unchallen$ea(le $lo(al dominance)))) FAccordin$ to TC2s we( site Meach re$ional $rou! has a chairman and de!uty chairman who all to$ether constitute the leadershi! o# the Committee) The %4ecutive Committee draws to$ether a #urther 5E individuals #rom the wider mem(ershi! M !ro!ortionately re!resentin$ the &S %& and %ast Asia in its early years now enlar$ed to (e (roadly $lo(al) FCommittee mem(ers meet several times annually to discuss and coordinate their wor+) The %4ecutive Committee chooses mem(ers))) at any G$ivenH time around 5>6 Gmem(ersH (elon$ #or a three,year renewa(le !eriod) %veryone is a consummate insider with e4!ertise in (usiness #inance !olitics the military or the media includin$ !ast !residents secretaries o# state international (an+ers thin+ tan+ and #oundation e4ecutives university !residents and selected academics and #ormer senators and con$ressmen amon$ others)J [email protected]

- 4 It I% Rele5!nt
F"ounded in 98?5 and head0uartered in Cashin$ton its !ower#ul &S %&


and %ast Asian mem(ers see+ its o!erative #oundin$ $oal < a MNew International %conomic Order M now sim!ly a MNew Corld OrderM run (y $lo(al elites #rom these three !arts o# the world with lesser mem(ers admitted #rom other countries)))) FAlthou$h its annual re!orts are availa(le #or !urchase its inner wor+in$s current $oals and o!erations are secret < with $ood reason) Its o(Nectives harm the !u(lic Ginterest H so Gtheir o!erationsH mustn2t (e revealed) Trilaterals over Cashin$ton author Antony Sutton wrote: Fthis $rou! o# !rivate citi/ens is !recisely or$ani/ed in a manner that ensures its collective views have si$ni#icant im!act on !u(lic !olicy) FIn her (oo+ Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and %lite 3lannin$ #or Corld *ana$ement Aolly S+lar wrote: F3ower#ul #i$ures in America %uro!e and %ast Asia let Fthe rich)))) sa#e$uard the interests o# Cestern ca!italism in an e4!losive world < !ro(a(ly (y discoura$in$ !rotectionism nationalism or any res!onse that would !it the elites o# one a$ainst the elites o# another J in their common 0uest #or $lo(al dominance) FTrilateralist S(i$niew Br/e/ins+i :TC2s co,#ounder; wrote in his Between Two A$es < America2s Bole in the Technotronic %ra:

F!eo!le $overnments and economies o# all nations must serve the needs o# multinational (an+s and cor!orations ) (T e Con%titution i%) in!deEu!te)))) the old #ramewor+ o# international !olitics with their s!here o# in#luence)))) t e "iction o" %o5ereignt4 )))) is clearly no lon$er com!ati(le with reality)
FTC today is now $lo(al with mem(ers #rom countries as diverse as Ar$entina &+raine Israel .ordan Bra/il Tur+ey China and Bussia) In his Trilaterals Over America Antony Sutton (elieves that TC2s aim is to colla(orate with Bilder(er$ers and C"B in Mesta(lishin$ !u(lic !olicy o(Nectives to (e im!lemented (y $overnments worldwide)M Ae added that MTrilateralists have reNected the &S Constitution and the democratic !olitical !rocess)M In #act TC was esta(lished to counter a Mcrisis in democracyM < too much o# it that had to (e contained) FAn o##icial TC re!ort was #ear#ul a(out Mthe increased !o!ular !artici!ation in and control over esta(lished social !olitical and economic institutions and es!ecially a reaction a$ainst the concentration o# !ower o# Con$ress and o# state and local $overnment)M FTo address this media control was essential to e4ert Mrestraint on what news!a!ers may !u(lish :and TV and radio (roadcast;)M Then accordin$ to Bichard Gardner in the .uly 98?7 issue o# "orei$n A##airs :a C"B !u(lication;: FCFR.% le!der% i+ )u%t )!/e “!n end run !round n!tion!l


%o5ereignt40 eroding it +iece 34 +iece0” until t e 5er4 notion di%!++e!r% "ro) +u3lic di%cour%e7J
FBilder(er$-C"B-Trilateralist success de!ends on #indin$ Fa way to $et us to surrender our li(erties in t e n!)e o" %o)e co))on t re!t or cri%i%) The #oundations educational institutions and research thin+ tan+s su!!orted (y :these or$ani/ations; o(li$e (y #inancin$ so,called 2studies2 which are then used to Nusti#y their every e4cess) The e4cuses vary (ut the tar$et is always individual li(erty) Our li(ertyJ and much more ) FBilder(er$ers Trilateralists and C"B mem(ers want Fan all,encom!assin$ mono!olyJ < over $overnment money industry and !ro!erty that2s F sel#, !er!etuatin$ and eternal)J In Con#essions o# a *ono!olist :986E; "rederic+ C) Aowe e4!lained its wor+in$s in !ractice: FThe rules o# (i$ (usiness: Get a mono!olyI let Society wor+ #or you ) So lon$ as we see all international revolutionaries and all international ca!italists as im!laca(le enemies o# one another then we miss a crucial !oint)))) ! +!rtner% i+ 3et2een intern!tion!l )ono+ol4 c!+it!li%) !nd intern!tion!l re5olution!r4 %oci!li%) i% "or t eir )utu!l 3ene"it)J FIn the Boc+e#eller "ile Gary Allen wrote: FBy the late nineteenth century the inner sanctums o# Call Street understood that the most e##icient way to $ain a mono!oly was to say it was #or the 2!u(lic $ood2 and 2!u(lic interest)2J FDavid Boc+e#eller learned the same thin$ #rom his #ather .ohn D) .r) who learned it #rom his #ather .ohn D) Sr) They hated com!etition and relentlessly strove to eliminate it < #or David on a $lo(al scale throu$h a New Corld Order) FIn the 98?6s and [email protected] Trilateralists and C"B mem(ers colla(orated on the latter2s [email protected] 3roNect M the lar$est ever C"B initiative to steer world events Ftoward a !articular desira(le #uture outcome :involvin$; the utter disinte$ration o# the economy)J Chy so is the 0uestionK FBecause (y the 98>6s and 98E6s worldwide industrial $rowth meant more com!etition) It was also a model to (e #ollowed and Fhad to (e stran$led in the cradleJ or at least $reatly contained) In America as wellG H (e$innin$ in the [email protected]) The result has (een a trans#er o# wealth #rom the !oor to the rich shrin+a$e o# the middle class and !lan #or its eventual demise)J =8



T e Feder!l Re%er5e
FAll the !er!le4ities con#usion and distress in America arise not #rom de#ects in their Constitution or Con#ederation not #rom want o# honor or virtue so much as #rom the downri$ht i$norance o# the nature o# coin credit and circulation)J < .ohn Adams Second 3resident o# the &nited States56 FThe real truth o# the matter is and you and I +now that a #inancial element in the lar$e centers has owned the $overnment o# the &)S) since the days o# Andrew .ac+son) Aistory de!icts Andrew .ac+son as the last truly honora(le and incorru!ti(le American !resident)J < 3resident "ran+lin Delano Boosevelt :"DB;59 FGCHe conclude that the G"ederalH Beserve Ban+s are not #ederal))) (ut are inde!endent !rivately owned and locally controlled cor!orations))) without day to day direction #rom the #ederal $overnment)J < 8th Circuit Court in 1ewis vs) &nited States .une =7 [email protected]= FYesI we may all con$ratulate ourselves that this cruel war is nearin$ its close) It has cost a vast amount o# treasure and (lood) The (est (lood o# the #lower o# American youth has (een #reely o##ered u!on our country2s altar that the Nation mi$ht live) It has (een indeed a tryin$ hour #or the Be!u(licI (ut I see in the #uture a crisis a!!roachin$ that unnerves me and causes me to trem(le #or the sa#ety o# my country) As a result o# the war cor!orations have (een enthroned and an era o# corru!tion in hi$h !laces will #ollow and the money !ower o# the country will endeavor to !rolon$ its rei$n (y wor+in$ u!on the !reNudices o# the !eo!le until wealth is a$$re$ated in a #ew hands and the Be!u(lic is destroyed) I #eel at this moment more an4iety #or the sa#ety o# my country than ever (e#ore even in the midst o# the war)J < Attri(uted to A(raham 1incoln [email protected]>5=

- !t It I%
FThe "ederal Beserve System :also +nown as the "ederal Beserve and in#ormally as the "ed; is the central (an+in$ system o# the &nited States) It was created on Decem(er =5 9895 with the enactment o# the "ederal Beserve Act lar$ely in res!onse to a series o# #inancial !anics !articularly a severe !anic in 986?) Over time the roles and res!onsi(ilities o# the "ederal Beserve System have e4!anded and its structure has evolved)))) FThe "ederal Beserve System2s structure is com!osed o# the !residentially a!!ointed Board o# Governors :or "ederal Beserve Board; the "ederal O!en *ar+et Committee :"O*C; twelve re$ional "ederal Beserve Ban+s

[email protected]

located in maNor cities throu$hout the nation numerous !rivately owned &)S) mem(er (an+s and various advisory councils) The "O*C is the committee res!onsi(le #or settin$ monetary !olicy and consists o# all seven mem(ers o# the Board o# Governors and the twelve re$ional (an+ !residents thou$h only #ive (an+ !residents vote at any $iven time) The "ederal Beserve System has (oth !rivate and !u(lic com!onents and was desi$ned to serve the interests o# (oth the $eneral !u(lic and !rivate (an+ers)))) FAccordin$ to the Board o# Governors the "ederal Beserve is inde!endent within $overnment in that Mits monetary !olicy decisions do not have to (e a!!roved (y the 3resident or anyone else in the e4ecutive or le$islative (ranches o# $overnment)M))) The mem(ers o# the Board o# Governors includin$ its chairman and vice,chairman are chosen (y the 3resident and con#irmed (y the Senate)))) FIn 9?89 the $overnment $ranted the "irst Ban+ o# the &nited States a charter to o!erate as the &)S) central (an+ until [email protected]) The "irst Ban+ o# the &nited States came to an end under 3resident *adison (ecause Con$ress re#used to renew its charter) The Second Ban+ o# the &nited States was esta(lished in [email protected] and lost its authority to (e the central (an+ o# the &)S) twenty years later under 3resident .ac+son when its charter e4!ired) Both (an+s were (ased u!on the Ban+ o# %n$land) &ltimately a third national (an+ +nown as the "ederal Beserve was esta(lished in 9895 and still e4ists to this day)J 55

Pertinent In"or)!tion
There are very $ood reasons as to why these #irst two attem!ts to esta(lish a central (an+ #or the &nited States ultimately #ailed (ut !ossi(ly the num(er one reason they #ailed was (ecause America2s #oundin$ #athers were not (e$uiled) .ames *adison "ather o# the &S Constitution and #ourth !resident o# the &nited States on whose watch the #irst attem!t at a central (an+ #ailed stated the #ollowin$ :em!hasis added;:
FAistory records that the money chan$ers have used every #orm o# a(use intri$ue deceit and violent means !ossi(le to maintain their control over $overnments 34 controlling t e )one4 !nd it% i%%u!nce)J

Thomas .e##erson co,author o# the &S Constitution and third !resident related the #ollowin$ in a letter to .ohn Taylor :em!hasis added;:
FI (elieve that 3!n/ing in%titution% !re )ore d!ngerou% to our li3ertie% t !n %t!nding !r)ie%) Already they have raised u! a monied aristocracy that has set the $overnment at de#iance) The issuin$ !ower Go# moneyH should (e ta+en away #rom the (an+s and restored to the !eo!le Gi)e) via #ull and com!lete con$ressional oversi$htH to whom it !ro!erly



Andrew .ac+son America2s ?th !resident vetoed more (ills than all the !residents that !receded him com(ined) :No !resident (eat his record until Andrew .ohnson the 9? th !resident)57; The second attem!t to esta(lish a central (an+ #ailed on his watch) Ais detractors re#erred to him as F'in$ Andrew)J Ae was not the least (it reserved in e4!ressin$ his o!inions a(out anythin$ es!ecially the #inancial !owers $ranted to Con$ress in the Constitution) The #ollowin$ are a #ew o# his choice e4!ressions a(out (an+in$ matters :em!hasis added;:
• FI am one o# those who do not (elieve that a national de(t is a national (lessin$ (ut rather a curse to a re!u(licI inasmuch as it is calculated to raise around the administration ! )one4ed !ri%tocr!c4 dan$erous to the li(erties o# the country)J • FI# Con$ress has the ri$ht under the Constitution to issue !a!er money it was $iven to (e used (y themselves not to (e dele$ated to individuals or cor!orations)J • FThe (old e##ortGsH the !resent GcentralH (an+ had made to control the $overnmentR are (ut !remonitions o# the #ate that await the American !eo!le should they (e deluded into a !er!etuation o# this institution or the esta(lishment o# another li+e it)J

3erha!s it doesn2t $et any more direct clear,cut and con#rontational than this #ollowin$ declaration o# .ac+son2s which he (oldly !ronounced when evictin$ a dele$ation o# international (an+ers #rom the Oval O##ice :em!hasis added;:
FGentlemen I too have (een a close o(server o# the doin$s o# the Ban+ o# the &nited States) I have had men watchin$ you #or a lon$ time and am convinced that you have used the #unds o# the (an+ to s!eculate in the (readstu##s o# the country) - en 4ou 2on0 4ou di5ided t e +ro"it% !)ong%t 4ou0 !nd 2 en 4ou lo%t0 4ou c !rged it to t e 3!n/ ) You tell me that i# I ta+e the de!osits #rom the (an+ and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand #amilies) That may (e true $entlemen (ut t !t i% 4our %inD Should I let you $o on you will ruin #i#ty thousand #amilies and t !t 2ould 3e )4 %inD You !re ! den o" 5i+er% !nd t ie5e%7 I intend to rout you out and (y the $race o# the %ternal :(rin$in$ his #ist down on the ta(le; I will rout you outOJ 5>

"ortunately Andrew .ac+son 0uite miraculously survived assassination attem!t not lon$ therea#ter on .anuary 56 [email protected]>:
F.ust outside the Ca!itol Buildin$ a house !ainter named Bichard 1awrence aimed two !ercussion !istols at the 3resident (ut (oth mis#ired one while 1awrence stood within 95 #eet :7 m; o# .ac+son and the other at !oint,(lan+ ran$e) 1awrence was a!!rehended a#ter .ac+son (eat him down with a cane) 1awrence was #ound not $uilty (y reason o# insanity



and con#ined to a mental institution until his death in [email protected]) G%d) note: the insanity !lea was conveniently used to discredit lac+eys as well)H Authorities determined that the !ercussion ca!s in 1awrence2s !istols e4!loded creatin$ in each case the sound o# a (last (ut with each (ullet #ailin$ to dischar$e #rom its $un (arrel) Chen later tested (y !olice (oth !istols #ired !er#ectly)J 5E

To the #oundin$ #athers o# the nation the #raud was trans!arent and unconsciona(le < to (e addressed directly and with e4treme !reNudice) They could not (e (am(oo/led (y the sensi(le,soundin$ reasonin$ and attractive !ro!osals o# the !ower#ul (an+in$ #amilies and entities o# their day) Than+s lar$ely to the in#luence o# %dward *andell Aouse 3resident Coodrow Cilson si$ned the "ederal Beserve Act on Decem(er =5 9895)5? This third attem!t to esta(lish a national (an+ succeeded) As warned re!eated in the statements and writin$s o# the #oundin$ #athers it has (een a surre!titious (ane on the nation #or nearly one hundred years)

- 4 It I% Rele5!nt
Since =66? a#ter the series o# outra$eous (ailouts o# international (an+s and maNor American #inancial institutions were !laced u!on the (ac+s o# &)S) Ta4!ayers :in e4cess o# seven trillion dollars; the role and in#luence o# the "ederal Beserve throu$hout the nation2s #inancial history is #inally #acin$ wides!read !u(lic scrutiny) Better 86,odd years late than never) A rare #ew com!aratively !rinci!led !ersons in Cashin$ton today now stron$ly advocate the a(olishment o# the "ederal Beserve and to return the !owers a(dicated to it (ac+ to Con$ress) In doin$ so not only will it (e !ossi(le in insti$ate a system o# com!lete #inancial trans!arency :a+in in #unction to the already e4istent Government Accounta(ility O##ice :&)S) GAO;; (ut also ma+e our Con$ressional leaders #ully accounta(le and res!onsi(le #or any attem!ts (y them to arti#icially tam!er with sound economic !rocesses) This is not merely my own conNecture as the #ollowin$ statements demonstrate:
FThe "ederal Beserve Board and the "ederal Beserve (an+s have (een international (an+ers #rom the (e$innin$ with the &nited States Government as their en#orced (an+er and su!!lier o# currency)))) Some !eo!le thin+ the "ederal Beserve (an+s are &nited States Government institutions) They are not Government institutions) They are !rivate credit mono!olies which !rey u!on the !eo!le o# the &nited States #or the (ene#it o# themselves and their #orei$n customersI #orei$n and domestic s!eculators and swindlersI and rich and !redatory money lenders)))) %very e##ort has (een made (y the "ederal Beserve Board to conce!l it% +o2er (ut the truth is the "ederal Beserve Board has usur!ed the Government o# the &nited States ) It controls everythin$ here and it controls all our #orei$n relations) It ma+es and (rea+s $overnments at will)


No man and no (ody o# men is more entrenched in !ower than the arro$ant credit mono!oly which o!erates the "ederal Beserve Board and the "ederal Beserve (an+s) These evil,doers have ro((ed this country o# more than enou$h money to !ay the national de(t)))) The sac+ o# the &nited States (y the "ederal Beserve Board and the "ederal Beserve (an+s is the $reatest crime in history)))) Chat is needed here is a return to the Constitution o# the &nited States) -e need to !5e ! co)+lete di5orce o" :!n/ !nd St!te) The old stru$$le that was #ou$ht out here in .ac+son2s day must (e #ou$ht over a$ain )))) The "ederal Beserve act should (e re!ealed and the "ederal Beserve (an+s havin$ violated their charters should (e li0uidated immediately) F!it le%% Go5ern)ent o""icer% 2 o !5e 5iol!ted t eir o!t % o" o""ice % ould 3e i)+e!c ed !nd 3roug t to tri!l)J < Be!) 1ouis *c"adden Chairman o# the Aouse Ban+in$ and Currency [email protected] FThe "ederal Beserve Ban+ o# New Yor+ is ea$er to enter into close relationshi! with the Ban+ #or International SettlementsR) The conclusion is im!ossi(le to esca!e that the State and Treasury De!artments are willin$ to !ool the (an+in$ system o# %uro!e and America settin$ u! a world #inancial !ower inde!endent o# and a(ove the Government o# the &nited StatesR) T e 8nited St!te% under +re%ent condition% 2ill 3e tr!n%"or)ed "ro) t e )o%t !cti5e o" )!nu"!cturing n!tion% into ! con%u)ing !nd i)+orting n!tion 2it ! 3!l!nce o" tr!de !g!in%t it)J G%d) note: this last sentence has (een es!ecially !ro!hetic)H < Be!) 1ouis *c"adden a$ain as 0uoted in the New Yor+ Times58 FI# all the (an+ loans were !aid no one could have a (an+ de!osit and there would not (e a dollar o# coin or currency in circulation) This is a sta$$erin$ thou$ht) Ce are com!letely de!endent on the commercial Ban+s) Someone has to (orrow every dollar we have in circulation cash or credit) I" t e :!n/% cre!te !)+le %4nt etic )one4 2e !re +ro%+erou%6 i" not0 2e %t!r5e ) Ce are a(solutely without a !ermanent money system) Chen one $ets a com!lete $ras! o# the !icture the tra$ic a(surdity o# our ho!eless !osition is almost incredi(le (ut there it is) It is the most im!ortant su(Nect intelli$ent !ersons can investi$ate and re#lect u!on) It is so im!ortant that our +re%ent ci5ili?!tion )!4 coll!+%e unle%% it 3eco)e% 2idel4 under%tood !nd t e de"ect% re)edied 5er4 %oon)J < Bo(ert Aem!hill Credit *ana$er o# the "ederal Beserve Ban+ in Atlanta76

In [email protected]= A(raham 1incoln (e$an issuin$ de(t,#ree Green(ac+s instead o# usin$ (an+ers2 (an+notes to #und The North2s o!erations in the Civil Car) The #ollowin$ is an e4cer!t o# an [email protected]> 1ondon Times editorial that was !rom!ted (y this action which illustrates what de(t,#ree nationally,controlled currency means to the international #inanciers :em!hasis added;:


FI# that mischievous #inancial !olicy which had its ori$in in the North American Be!u(lic durin$ the late war in that country should (ecome indurated down to a #i4ture Gi)e) cemented (ecome !ermanent !olicyH then that Government will #urnish its own money without cost) It will !ay o## its de(ts and (e without de(t ) It 2ill 3eco)e +ro%+erou% 3e4ond +recedent in t e i%tor4 o" t e ci5ili?ed go5ern)ent% o" t e 2orld) The (rains and wealth o# all countries will $o to North America) T !t go5ern)ent )u%t 3e de%tro4ed or it 2ill de%tro4 e5er4 )on!rc 4 on t e glo3e7J < 1ord Goschen Aa/ard Circular 0uoted in 1ondon Times [email protected]>

1ater that same year 1incoln was assassinated) C) Cleon S+ousen the Constitutional scholar and historian mentioned earlier in this cha!ter was convinced there was a connection:
FBi$ht a#ter the Civil Car there was considera(le tal+ a(out revivin$ 1incolnQs (rie# e4!eriment with the Constitutional monetary system) Aad not the %uro!ean money,trust intervened it would have no dou(t (ecome an esta(lished institution)J79

This ne4t 0uote well summari/es what nearly 966 years o# consistent !u(lic i$norance and overall a!athy has $ained us:
FThe "oundin$ "athers o# this $reat land had no di##iculty whatsoever understandin$ the a$enda o# (an+ers and they #re0uently re#erred to them and their +ind as 0uote h#riends o# !a!er money) They hated the Ban+ o# %n$land in !articular and #elt that even Gthou$hH were we success#ul in winnin$ our inde!endence #rom %n$land and 'in$ Geor$e we could never truly (e a nation o# #reemen unless we had an honest money system) Throu$h i$norance (ut moreover (ecause o# a!athy a small (ut wealthy cli0ue o# !ower (ro+ers have ro((ed us o# our Bi$hts and 1i(erties and we are (ein$ ra!ed o# our wealth) Ce are !ayin$ the !rice #or the near,comatose levels o# com!lacency (y our !arents and only God +nows what mi$ht (ecome o# our children should we not wor+ dili$ently to sha+e this country #rom its slum(erO *!n4 ! n!tion !% lo%t it% "reedo) !t t e end o" ! gun 3!rrel0 3ut ere in &)eric!0 2e >u%t decided to !nd it o5er 5olunt!ril47 -or%e 4et0 2e +!id "or t e t4r!nn4 !nd u%ur+!tion out o" our o2n +oc/et% 2it “5olunt!r4” t!< contri3ution% !nd t e u%e o" ! de3tBl!den "i!t currenc4DJJ < 3eter 'ershaw author o# the 9887 (oo+let F%conomic SolutionsJ 7=

T e 8nited N!tion%
FOne would thin+ (y listenin$ to all the !ro!a$anda a(out the &nited Nations that they are some sort o# (enevolent !eace#ul or$ani/ation) Never in the history o# the &nited Nations has it stood #or anythin$ (ut


+illin$ and violence) They have never +e!t !eace anywhere on this $lo(e) Their sole #unction is to re!lace the &)S) *ilitary < dissolve all #our (ranches o# our armed #orces) Their alle$iance is only to the &nited Nations Charter which does not reco$ni/e the &)S) Constitution) This (ody is made u! almost e4clusively o# communists and leaders o# the (loodiest re$imes on this $lo(e) Their history and o!eratin$ a$enda is a!!arent to anyone who ta+es the time to sincerely and with an o!en mind research the #acts o# this or$ani/ation se!aratin$ truth #rom myth) Bilder(er$er !artici!ants :another $rou! committed to one,world domination; in 988= called #or 2conditionin$ the !u(lic to acce!t the idea o# a &)N) army that could (y #orce im!ose its will on the internal a##airs o# any nation)J < 3aul Aarvey le$endary nationwide syndicated radio (roadcaster75 FThe &nited Nations is the $reatest #raud in all Aistory) Its !ur!ose is to destroy the &nited States)J < .ohn %) Ban+in 9E,term Be!resentative in &)S) Con$ress and a leadin$ mem(er o# the Aouse &n,American Activities Committee :A&AC;77

- !t It I%
The te4t(oo+ descri!tion o# the &nited Nations and it2s various (ranches and a$encies is as #ollows:
FThe &nited Nations :&N; is an international or$ani/ation whose stated aims are #acilitatin$ coo!eration in international law international security economic develo!ment social !ro$ress human ri$hts and achievement o# world !eace) The &N was #ounded in 987> a#ter Corld Car II to re!lace the 1ea$ue o# Nations to sto! wars (etween countries and to !rovide a !lat#orm #or dialo$ue) It contains multi!le su(sidiary or$ani/ations to carry out its missions) FThere are 985 mem(er states includin$ every internationally reco$nised soverei$n state in the world (ut Vatican City) G%d) note: when China was admitted into the &)N) on Novem(er =7 th 98?9 it too+ over Taiwan B)O)C)2s seat) In other words in order to a!!ease China Taiwan is no lon$er ac+nowled$ed (y the &)N) as soverei$n)H "rom its o##ices around the world the &N and its s!eciali/ed a$encies decide on su(stantive and administrative issues in re$ular meetin$s held throu$hout the year) FThe &nited Nations2 system is (ased on #ive !rinci!al or$ansG:H the General Assem(ly :the main deli(erative assem(ly;I the Security Council :#or decidin$ certain resolutions #or !eace and security;I the %conomic and Social Council :%COSOC; :#or assistin$ in !romotin$ international economic and social coo!eration and develo!ment;I the Secretariat :#or !rovidin$ studies in#ormation and #acilities needed (y the &N;I and the International Court o# .ustice :the !rimary Nudicial or$an;) FOther !rominent &N System a$encies include the Corld Aealth


Or$ani/ation :CAO; the Corld "ood 3ro$ramme :C"3; &nited Nations Children2s "und :&NIC%";))) the International Atomic %ner$y A$ency :IA%A; the "ood and A$riculture Or$ani/ation :"AO; &N%SCO :&nited Nations %ducational Scienti#ic and Cultural Or$ani/ation; the Corld Ban+ and))) the International *onetary "und :I*";) FIt is throu$h these a$encies that the &N !er#orms most o# its humanitarian wor+) %4am!les include mass vaccination !ro$rammes :throu$h the CAO; the avoidance o# #amine and malnutrition :throu$h the wor+ o# the C"3; and the !rotection o# vulnera(le and dis!laced !eo!le :#or e4am!le (y the &NACB;)))) FThe &N2s most !rominent !osition is held (y Ban 'i,moon o# South 'orea Aead0uarters resides in international #urther main o##ices at Geneva Nairo(i Secretary,General which has (een since =66?)))) The &nited Nations territory in New Yor+ City with and Vienna)J 7>

Pertinent In"or)!tion
FGTheH Secretariat GisH the or$an that administers and coordinates the activities o# the &nited Nations) It is headed (y the &N secretary,$eneral) The Secretariat in#luences the wor+ o# the &nited Nations to a de$ree much $reater than indicated in the &N Charter) This in#luence lar$ely results #rom the #act that the SecretariatQs sta## is co)+o%ed o" +er)!nent e<+ert o""ici!l% rather than !olitical a!!ointees o# mem(er nations) The sta## is))) re0uired to ta+e an oath o# loyalty to the &nited Nations and are not !ermitted to receive instructions #rom their home $overnments))))J7E G#rom %ncyclo!edia BritannicaH

All !ermanent sta## and those a!!ointed to chair !ositions in the &nited Nations are re0uired to ta+e the #ollowin$ oath :em!hasis added;:
FI solemnly a##irm to e4ercise in all loyalty discretion and conscience the #unctions entrusted to me as a mem(er o# the international service o# the &nited Nations to dischar$e those #unctions and re$ulate my conduct with the interest o# the &nited Nations only in view and not to %ee/ or !cce+t in%truction% in re%+ect to t e +er"or)!nce o" )4 dutie% "ro) !n4 go5ern)ent or ot er !ut orit4 e<tern!l to t e org!ni?!tion )J 7?

As no(le honora(le and (enevolent as the &nited Nations ma+es itsel# sound it is nothin$ more than an elite,directed su!ranational entity desi$ned #rom its ince!tion to su!ersede the soverei$nty o# all nation states es!ecially the &nited States) The #irst attem!t to esta(lish an entity such as this was The 1ea$ue o# Nations which was !itched a#ter the end o# Corld Car I) It was vi$orously !romoted (y then,3resident Coodrow Cilson)
FCith the end o# the "irst Corld Car &nited States !resident Coodrow


Cilson !resented !lans to esta(lish !ermanent world !eace) Ais $oals included a lea$ue o# nations that would (y discussion and !arliamentary !rocedures solve the con#licts that mi$ht arise amon$ the worldQs countries) Since the #arewell address o# Geor$e Cashin$ton the &nited States had re#rained as much as !ossi(le #rom entan$lements with #orei$n nations es!ecially those in %uro!e) CilsonQs !lans re#lected a de!arture #rom traditional &nited States #orei$n !olicy) Chen the !resident sou$ht to have his treaty rati#ied in the &nited States Senate a !artisan (attle ensued) *any Be!u(lican senators includin$ G&tah2s senior senator in Con$ressH A!ostle Beed Smoot only #avored the lea$ue i" !)end)ent% 2ere !dded to t e c !rter to +re%er5e &)eric!n %o5ereignt4 ) Others vi$orously o!!osed the lea$ue alto$ether)))) FIn s!ite o# the e##orts o# those who su!!orted the Cilson treaty it su##ered a crushin$ de#eat in the &nited States Con$ress) That some Church mem(ers had vi$orously o!!osed the lea$ue while others had #avored it Gincludin$ then,3resident o# the Church Ae(er .) GrantH caused some divisions within the Church)))) FThat no hard #eelin$s were in 3resident GrantQs heart is evidenced (y the #act that he remained a $reat #riend and admirer o# Beed Smoot and that those o# the Brethren who had o!!osed the 1ea$ue o# Nations P Charles C) Ni(ley .) Beu(en Clar+ and David O) *c'ay Gwho later (ecame the 3resident o# the ChurchH P su(se0uently (ecame his counselors in the "irst 3residency o# the Church)J [email protected]

The &nited States Con$ress at that time voted a$ainst Noinin$ the 1ea$ue o# Nations and in #avor o# the "oundin$ "athers2 #orei$n !olicy advice o# re#rainin$ #rom entan$lin$ in the a##airs o# other nations) As Thomas .e##erson sim!ly and succinctly !ut it: FCommerce with all nations alliance with none should (e our motto)J Not lon$ therea#ter in the 98562s the A4is !owers :Germany .a!an Italy; and other nations withdrew #rom the lea$ue) Shortly therea#ter Na/i and .a!anese a$$ression s!ar+ed Corld Car II) A#ter Corld Car II once a$ain the conce!t o# the 1ea$ue o# Nations was resurrected as the &nited Nations even FinheritGin$H a num(er o# a$encies and or$ani/ations #ounded (y the 1ea$ue)J 78 Des!ite its di$ni#ied !osturin$ and sem(lance o# authority it #unctions as an o##icial,a!!earin$ a!!aratus o# +ey !owers within the Bilder(er$ Grou! and the Council on "orei$n Belations) It is a !recursor to world $overnment)
FIn .anuary 9875 Secretary o# State Cordell Aull #ormed a steerin$ committee com!osed o# himsel# 1eo 3asvols+y Isaiah Bowman Sumner Celles Norman Davis and *orton Taylor) &ll o" t e%e )en $ with the e4ce!tion o# Aull $ 2ere in t e CFR) 1ater +nown as the In#ormal A$enda Grou! they dra#ted the ori$inal !ro!osal #or the &nited Nations ) It was Bowman < a #ounder o# the C"B and mem(er o# Colonel G%dward *andellH AouseQs old FIn0uiryJ < who #irst !ut #orward the conce!t) They


called in three attorneys !ll CFR )en who ruled that it was constitutional) Then they discussed it with "DB on .une 9> 9877) The 3resident a!!roved the !lan and announced it to the !u(lic that same day)>6
FThe list o# those in the &)S) dele$ation to the &NQs #oundin$ San "rancisco Con#erence reads li+e a C"B roll call) G"orty,threeH dele$ates were had (een or would later (ecome mem(ers o# the Council Gon "orei$n BelationsH)))) FThe secretary,$eneral o# the con#erence was &)S) State De!artment o##icial Al$er Aiss a mem(er o# the C"B and Gnow,in#amousH secret Soviet a$ent) Other hi$h,level American communists who served as dele$ates included: Noel "ield Aarold Glasser Irvin$ 'a!lan Nathan Gre$ory Silvermaster Victor 3erlo Aenry .ulian Cadley and Aarry De4ter Chite) Some < li+e Aiss 1auchlin Currie and 1awrence Du$$an < shared the odious distinction o# )e)3er% i+ in 3ot t e Council !nd t e Co))uni%t P!rt4))))J >9

- 4 It I% Rele5!nt
FChat the historical record shows and what is essential #or all !eo!le o# $ood will to understand is that the &nited Nations is com!letely a creature o# the Council on "orei$n Belations and was desi$ned (y that or$ani/ation eventually to (ecome an instrument #or an all,!ower#ul world $overnment)J>=

Des!ite the #act that there was a (it o# a division (etween 1DS Church leaders2 o!inions in re$ards to the merits o# the 1ea$ue o# Nations there has (een a(solutely no division (y Church leadershi! in re$ards to the &nited Nations) In #act Church leaders #rom the 98762s to the 98E62s were voci#erous in their criticism o# it) Consider the words o# %/ra Ta#t Benson who was a mem(er o# the Duorum o# the Twelve A!ostles at the time and had already served #or ei$ht years as Secretary o# A$riculture under &)S) 3resident %isenhower :em!hasis added;:>5
FAmon$ the nations o# the world today there are !recious #ew common (onds that could hel! overcome the clash o# cross,!ur!oses that inevita(ly must arise (etween $rou!s with such diver$ent ethnic lin$uistic le$al reli$ious cultural and !olitical environments) To add #uel to the #ire the conce!t woven into all o# the !resent,day !ro!osals #or world $overnment :The &)N) #oremost amon$ these; is one o# unli)ited go5ern)ent!l +o2er to im!ose (y #orce a monolithic set o# values and conduct on all $rou!s and individuals whether they li+e it or not ) F!r "ro) in%uring +e!ce0 %uc condition% c!n onl4 en !nce t e c !nce% o" 2!r ) FIn this connection it is interestin$ to !oint out that the late .) Beu(en Clar+ G9st Counselor o# the "irst 3residency under 3ro!het Seer Bevelator David O) *c'ayH who was recently descri(ed as F!ro(a(ly the $reatest


authority on Gthe ConstitutionH durin$ the !ast #i#ty yearsJ :American O!inion A!ril 98EE !) 995; in 987> < the year the &nited Nations charter was ado!ted < made this !rediction in his devastatin$ and !ro!hetic Fcursory analysisJ o# the &nited Nations Charter: FThere seems no reason to dou(t that such real a!!roval as the Charter has amon$ the !eo!le is (ased u!on the (elie# that i# the Charter is !ut into e##ect wars will end)))) The Charter will not certainly end war) Some will as+ < why notK In the #irst !lace there is no !rovision in the Charter itsel# that contem!lates endin$ war) It is true t e C !rter +ro5ide% "or "orce to 3ring +e!ce0 3ut %uc u%e o" "orce i% it%el" 2!r)))) It is true the Charter is (uilt to !re!are #or war not to !romote !eace)))) The Charter is a war document not a !eace document) FNot only does the Charter Or$ani/ation not !revent #uture wars (ut it ma+es it !ractically certain that we will have #uture wars and !% to %uc 2!r% it t!/e% "ro) u% t e +o2er to decl!re t e)0 to c oo%e t e %ide on 2 ic 2e % !ll "ig t0 to deter)ine 2 !t "orce% !nd )ilit!r4 eEui+)ent 2e % !ll u%e in t e 2!r0 !nd to control !nd co))!nd our %on% 2 o do t e "ig ting ) :&n!u(lished *anuscri!tI 0uoted in 3)3)N)S) !) 7>@;J

By the late 98?62s the leaders o# the 1DS Church (e$an to (ecome #ar more silent as to matters o# !olitics and $overnment < the reasons #or this will (e addressed in a later cha!ter) Aowever undaunted 1DS Constitutional scholars such as C) Cleon S+ousen continued to sound the warnin$ voice a$ainst the increasin$ unconstitutional actions o# the #ederal $overnment and see!in$ erosion o# individual ri$hts and &)S) soverei$nty :em!hasis added;: >7
FThe Con$ress o# the &nited States in the late twentieth century is not the Con$ress envisioned (y the #oundin$ #athers) Nor is it #unctionin$ accordin$ to the !rovisions o# the ori$inal Constitution) FThe Con$ress has (een restructured so that States as States are no lon$er re!resented) It !% 3een +rodded into gi5ing !2!4 )uc o" it% 2!rB)!/ing !nd +e!ceB)!/ing !ut orit4 to t e 8nited N!tion%)))) The Con$ressional authority to !rotect the nation #rom su(version throu$h its investi$atory committees has (een de(ilitated to the !oint o# virtual e4tinction) FIn !lace o# its ori$inal e4clusive authority over #ederal law,ma+in$ war, ma+in$ !eace,ma+in$ and su!ervisin$ many as!ects o# international relations the Con$ress is now saddled with the tas+ o# tryin$ to #i$ure out how to redistri(ute the wealth and !ro!erty o# the !eo!le how to trans#er to Cashin$ton #rom the !rivate sector GandH the States lar$e se$ments o# res!onsi(ility relatin$ to schools housin$ health ener$y environment crime la(or mana$ement #ood !roduction !o!ulation control trans!ortation communications hos!itals medical services dru$s

[email protected]

unem!loyment !rices !roduction and charity,wel#are) FI# the #oundin$ #athers could see it they would !ro(a(ly stand stunned sha+in$ their heads in utter dismay)J

A#ter Geor$e AC Bush was elected !resident in [email protected]@ he e4tended credi(ility to the &nited Nations more than any other !resident (e#ore him) This #ormer am(assador to the &nited Nations :98?9,98?5; #ormer director o# the CIA :98?E,98??; #ormer director o# the Council on "orei$n Belations :98??,98?8; second,$eneration S+ull and Bones initiate was a heavy &nited Nations cheerleader and constant !romoter o# somethin$ he re#erred to as a Fnew world orderJ :to (e discussed in later cha!ters; throu$hout his 7,year term as !resident) A hand#ul o# e4am!les are as #ollows :em!hasis added to each;:
FThis is an historic moment) Ce have in this !ast year made $reat !ro$ress in endin$ the lon$ era o# con#lict and cold war) Ce have (e#ore us the o!!ortunity to #or$e #or ourselves and #or #uture $enerations a ne2 2orld order a world where the rule o# law not the law o# the Nun$le $overns the conduct o# nations) Chen we are success#ul and we will (e we have a real chance at this new world order !n order in 2 ic ! credi3le 8nited N!tion% c!n u%e it% +e!ce/ee+ing role to "ul"ill t e +ro)i%e !nd 5i%ion o" t e 87N7.% "ounder% ) Ce have no ar$ument with the !eo!le o# Ira0) Indeed #or the innocents cau$ht in this con#lict I !ray #or their sa#ety)J < CAB IN TA% G&1": TA% 3B%SID%NT New Yor+ Times .anuary 9? 9889)>>

:A video cli! o# Geor$e AC Bush deliverin$ this s!eech is !rovided in the su!!ortin$ material)>E;
FA new !artnershi! o# nations has (e$un) And we stand today at a uni0ue and e4traordinary moment) The crisis in the 3ersian Gul# as $rave as it is also o##ers a rare o!!ortunity to move toward an historic !eriod o# coo!eration) Out o# these trou(led times our "i"t o3>ecti5e R ! ne2 2orld order R c!n e)erge : a new era #reer #rom the threat o# terror stron$er in the !ursuit o# Nustice and more secure in the 0uest #or !eace) An era in which the nations o# the world east and west north and south can !ros!er and live in harmony)J < S!eech to Noint session o# Con$ress Se!tem(er 99 th 9886>? FGTHoni$ht we lead the world in #acin$ down a threat to decency and humanity) Chat is at sta+e is more than one small country it is a (i$ idea < ! ne2 2orld order where diverse nations are drawn to$ether in common cause to achieve the universal as!irations o# man+ind: !eace and security #reedom and the rule o# law) Such is a world worthy o# our stru$$le and worthy o# our children2s #uture)))) The world can there#ore sei/e this o!!ortunity to #ul#ill t e longB eld +ro)i%e o" ! ne2 2orld order < where (rutality will $o unrewarded and a$$ression will meet


collective resistance)J < State o# the &nion Address .anuary =8th 9889>@ FIn the Gul# we saw the &nited Nations !layin$ the role dreamed o# (y its #ounders with the world2s leadin$ nations orchestratin$ and sanctionin$ collective action a$ainst a$$ression)))) I o+e i%tor4 2ill record t !t t e Gul" Cri%i% 2!% t e cruci3le o" t e ne2 2orld order )J < National Security Strate$y o# the &nited States The Chite Aouse>8 FIt is the sacred !rinci!les enshrined in t e 8nited N!tion% c !rter to 2 ic t e &)eric!n +eo+le 2ill ence"ort +ledge t eir !llegi!nce)J < addressin$ the General Assem(ly o# the &)N) "e(ruary 9 988=)

Yet !erha!s no one has more concisely communicated the overall $oal o# the Bilder(er$ Grou! and the &nited Nations in a more a!ro!os #ashion than Dr) Stran$eloveE6< I mean Dr) Aenry 'issin$er < when he stated the #ollowin$ at the Bilder(er$ meetin$ in %vian "rance *ay =9 988= :em!hasis added;E9:
FToday Americans would (e outra$ed i# &)N) troo!s entered 1os An$eles to restore orderI tomorrow they will (e $rate#ul) T i% i% e%+eci!ll4 true i" t e4 2ere told t ere 2!% !n out%ide t re!t "ro) 3e4ond0 2 et er re!l or +ro)ulg!ted0 t !t t re!tened our 5er4 e<i%tence ) It is then that !ll +eo+le% o" t e 2orld 2ill +le!d 2it 2orld le!der% to deli5er t e) #rom this evil) The one thin$ every man #ears is the un+nown) Chen !resented with this scenario indi5idu!l rig t% 2ill 3e 2illingl4 relinEui% ed #or the $uarantee o# their well (ein$ $ranted to them (y their world $overnment)J

9 Aelaman E:5?,58 The Boo+ o# *ormon :em!hasis added; = Octo(er [email protected]@ General Con#erence tal+ I Testi#y :em!hasis added; 5 "rom David Boc+e#eller2s auto(io$ra!hy *emoirs !u(lished in =66= :em!hasis

7 The Boo+ o# *ormon %ther @:[email protected] 98 :em!hasis added; > Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Bilder(er$VGrou! E Source < htt!:--www)whale)to-c-!hoeni49)html ? Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-S+ullVandV(ones @ Source <

[email protected]


Also re#er to the 3D" #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Colle$iate Secret Societies o# North America

8 Be#er to the ima$e #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: S+ull and Bones Insi$nia 96 Be#er to the video #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: *eet the 3ress Bush and 'erry 99 Source <
interviews htt!:--www)(i(lioteca!leyades)net-socio!olitica-es!Vsocio!olVs+ull(ones96)htm Also re#er to the !d# #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Anthony C Autton , An Introduction to S+ull and Bones Source < htt!:--www)(i(lioteca!leyades)net-socio!olitica-es!Vsocio!olVs+ull(ones95)htm Also re#er to the !d# #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Bon Bosen(aum2s 98?? %s0uire Article a(out S+ull and Bones This !ortion o# the ori$inal audio recordin$ o# this conversation wherein Ni4on mentions Bohemian Grove is in the su!!ortin$ material) Be#er to the video #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Ni4on Ta!e Discusses Aomose4uality at Bohemian Grove "rom the transcri!t o# Ni4on2s secret Oval O##ice recordin$s :em!hasis added;) Be#er to A!!endi4 D < Ni4on Ta!e Transcri!t #or entire te4t) Transcri!t o# a recordin$ o# his show where a caller as+ed him to address Bohemian Grove) Be#er to A!!endi4 % , Transcri!ts o# Calls to National Tal+ Badio Shows #or the entire transcri!t o# this recordin$) Also re#er to the *35 audio #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Bush 1im(au$h , Bohemian Grove Call Sources < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-BohemianVClu(I htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-1istVo#VBohemianVClu(Vmem(ersI htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-BohemianVGrove


95 97 9>


9? I(id) [email protected] Be#er to the video #iles in the su!!ortin$ material:
9; Ale4 .ones Duestions David Ger$en A(out Bohemian Grove Cremation O# Care Bitual =; Bohemian Grove Cremation o# Care Bitual

98 Be#er to the ima$e #iles in the su!!ortin$ material: Ca!itol Aill owl and Aidden
owl on the one dollar (ill

=6 Be#er to the ima$e #iles in the su!!ortin$ material #older: 3hotos #rom the Annals
o# Bohemian Grove

=9 "rom Ale4ander Coc+(urn2s article *eet the Secret Bulers o# the Corld .une 9E
=669 :em!hasis added;

== Be#er to the video #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: *ichael Clayton < 2Aeart Attac+2
Assassination scene

=5 Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-CouncilVonV#orei$nVrelations :em!hasis

=7 Duoted #rom: MThe True Story o# the Bilder(er$ Grou!M and Chat They *ay Be

[email protected]

3lannin$ Now < A Beview o# Daniel %stulin2s (oo+ < (y Ste!hen 1endman :em!hasis added;

=> Be#er to the 3D" #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: The Invisi(le Government (y Dan

=E Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-TrilateralVCommission :em!hasis added; =? I(id) [email protected] Duoted #rom: MThe True Story o# the Bilder(er$ Grou!M and Chat They *ay Be
3lannin$ Now < A Beview o# Daniel %stulin2s (oo+ < (y Ste!hen 1endman :em!hasis added;

=8 I(id) 56 Duoted #rom a letter #rom .ohn Adams to Thomas .e##erson [email protected]? 59 Duoted #rom a letter #rom "DB to %dward *andell Aouse dated Nov) =5 rd 9855 5= Duoted in .ournal o# &nited 1a(or Vol) @ no) =6 !$) = Nov) 98 [email protected]@? 55 Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-"ederalVreserve :em!hasis added; 57 Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-1istVo#V&nitedVStatesV!residentialVvetoes 5> "rom the ori$inal minutes o# the 3hiladel!hia committee o# citi/ens sent to meet
with 3resident .ac+son :"e() [email protected]; in Andrew .ac+son and the Ban+ o# the &nited States :[email protected]; (y Stan V) Aen+els :em!hasis added;

5E Source <
htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-1istVo#V&nitedVStatesV!residentialVassassinationVatte m!tsVandV!lots :em!hasis added;

5? There is a 0uote !ur!ortedly (y Coodrow Cilson that circulates many we(sites critical o# the "ederal Beserve su!!osedly havin$ (een stated or written (y Cilson some time a#ter its creation) It reads as thus: FI am a most unha!!y man) I have unwittin$ly ruined my country) A $reat industrial nation is controlled (y its system o# credit) Our system o# credit is concentrated) The $rowth o# the nation there#ore and all our activities are in the hands o# a #ew men) Ce have come to (e one o# the worst ruled one o# the most com!letely controlled and dominated Governments in the civili/ed world no lon$er a Government (y #ree o!inion no lon$er a Government (y conviction and the vote o# the maNority (ut a Government (y the o!inion and duress o# a small $rou! o# dominant men)J &n#ortunately this 0uote is not le$itimate) It was somehow constructed (y com(inin$ sections o# two se!arate s!eeches that Cilson had $iven durin$ his cam!ai$n in 9899) They were recorded in a (oo+ titled The New "reedom: A Call #or the %manci!ation o# the Generous %ner$ies o# a 3eo!le !u(lished in 9895) The accurate and conte4tual statements (y

[email protected]=


Cilson are as #ollows: • FA $reat industrial nation is controlled (y its system o# credit) Our system o# credit is !rivately concentrated) The $rowth o# the nation there#ore and all our activities are in the hands o# a #ew men who even i# their action (e honest and intended #or the !u(lic interest are necessarily concentrated u!on the $reat underta+in$s in which their own money is involved and who necessarily (y very reason o# their own limitations chill and chec+ and destroy $enuine economic #reedom)J :#rom !a$e [email protected]>; FCe are at the !artin$ o# the ways) Ce have not one or two or three (ut many esta(lished and #ormida(le mono!olies in the &nited States) Ce have not one or two (ut many #ields o# endeavor into which it is di##icult i# not im!ossi(le #or the inde!endent man to enter) Ce have restricted credit we have restricted o!!ortunity we have controlled develo!ment and we have come to (e one o# the worst ruled one o# the most com!letely controlled and dominated $overnments in the civili/ed world P no lon$er a $overnment (y the o!inion and the duress o# small $rou!s o# dominant men)J :#rom !a$e =69;

These statements were delivered (y Cilson two years (e#ore (ecomin$ !resident and (e#ore si$nin$ the "ederal Beserve Act into law) The !ur!orted 0uote FI am a most unha!!y man) I have unwittin$ly ruined my country)J a!!ears to (e !ure #a(rication) Cilson a!!arently never lamented his role in si$nin$ the "ederal Beserve Act) [email protected] Duoted #rom his address to the Aouse on .une 96 985= :em!hasis added;) The
entire s!eech is included in the su!!ortin$ material) Be#er to the !d# #ile: 1ouis T *c"adden2s &)S) Aouse s!eech 96 .une 985=

58 New Yor+ Times .une 9856 :em!hasis added; 76 Critten in 985E :em!hasis added; 79 Source < htt!:--www)we(o#de(t)com-articles-lincolnVo(ama)!h! 7= :em!hasis added; 75 "rom 3aul Aarvey2s Se!tem(er =7th 9885 (roadcast :em!hasis added; 77 Becorded in 987> 7> Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-&nitedVnations :em!hasis added; 7E Source < htt!:--www)(ritannica)com-%Bchec+ed-to!ic->598=5-Secretariat 7? Be#er to the video #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: &N Secretary,General Try$ve 1ie
Swearin$ In

[email protected] Duoted #rom Church Aistory in the "ulness o# Times Institute Student *anual

[email protected]

Cha!ter Thirty,%i$ht , Chan$e and Consistency :em!hasis added;) Source < htt!:--institute)lds)or$-manuals-church,history,institute,student, manual-ch#t,5E,76,[email protected])as!

78 Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-1ea$ueVo#Vnations >6 Duoted #rom The Shadows o# 3ower: The Council on "orei$n Belations and the American Decline (y .ames 3erlo## :A!!leton CI: Cestern Islands [email protected]@; !) ?9) >9 Duoted #rom Glo(al Tyranny Ste! By Ste!: The &nited Nations and the %mer$in$
New Corld Order (y Cilliam ") .as!er 988= :em!hasis added;
Source < htt!:--www)(i(lioteca!leyades)net-socio!olitica-$lo(alVtyranny-$lo(alVtyranny)ht m

>= I(id) >5 "rom Benson2s s!eech &nited States "orei$n 3olicy delivered on .une =9 [email protected] at
the "arm Bureau Ban0uet in 3reston Idaho

>7 Duoted #rom The &nited States Con$ress Then and Now (y C) Cleon S+ousen Novem(er 98?E >> Transcri!t o# the Comments (y Bush on the Air Stri+es A$ainst the Ira0is The
New Yor+ Times .anuary 9? 9889 :NYT transcri!t o# Bush s!eech #rom the Oval o##ice .anuary 9E 9889 :%astern time; < two hours a#ter air stri+es (e$an in Ira0 and 'uwait);
Order &N s!eech

>E Be#er to the video #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Geor$e AC Bush , New Corld >? As 0uoted in %ncyclo!edia o# 1eadershi! :=667; (y Geor$e B) Goethals Geor$ia
.ones Sorenson and .ames *acGre$or Burns !) 9??E and Con#rontation in the Gul#I Transcri!t o# 3resident2s Address to .oint Session o# Con$ress The New Yor+ Times) Se!tem(er 9= 9886) &nion Address 9889

>@ Be#er to the video #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Geor$e AC Bush < State o# the >8 &)S) Government 3rintin$ O##ice 9889 !) v si$ned (y Geor$e AC Bush E6 To understand the $ist o# this re#erence view or research Stanley 'u(ric+2s 98E7
#ilm Dr) Stran$elove: Or Aow I 1earned To Sto! Corryin$ and to 1ove the Bom(

E9 &n(e+nownst to 'issin$er his s!eech was recorded (y a Swiss dele$ate)

[email protected]


FSince many intelli$ent !ersons even in hi$h o##icial !ositions do not a!!ear to have ac0uainted themselves with the real nature and seriousness o# Communism it is !erha!s a!!ro!riate to $ive (rie#ly some really in#ormative and authentic data concernin$ it) FCommunism and Bussia are (y no means synonymous) Bussia merely occu!ies the un#ortunate !osition o# (ein$ CommunismQs #irst victim) Communism is synonymous with world revolution and %ee/% t e de%truction o" !ll n!tion% includin$ a(olition o# !atriotism reli$ion marria$e the #amily !rivate !ro!erty and all !olitical and civil li(erties and the esta(lishment o# a world,wide dictatorshi! o# the so,called !roletariat which is an autocratic sel#,constituted dictatorshi! (y a small $rou! o# sel#,!er!etuatin$ revolutionists) :See Be!ort No) ==86 Aouse o# Be!resentatives ?9st Con$ress Third Session; FSo,called )odern Co))uni%) i% !++!rentl4 t e %!)e 4+ocritic!l !nd de!dl4 2orld con%+ir!c4 to de%tro4 ci5ili?!tion t !t 2!% "ounded 34 t e %ecret order o" t e Illu)in!ti in :!5!ri! on *!4 #0 #SSK and that raised its hoary head in our colonies here at critical !eriods (e#ore the ado!tion o# our "ederal Constitution) :See Corld Bevolution (y Nesta Ce(ster); The world revolution cons!iracy a!!ears to have (een so well or$ani/ed as to (e ever continuin$ and ever on the alert to ta+e advanta$e o# every o!!ortunity !resentin$ itsel# or that the cons!irators could create) It is si$ni#icant in this connection that as early in [email protected] when unsettled conditions and dissatis#action in some 0uarters had arisen in the American Colonies a su(versive anonymous summons was circulated amon$ the Colonial Army to incite dissatis#action and re(ellion) Geor$e Cashin$ton immediately called the Army to$ether and in addressin$ them used this si$ni#icant lan$ua$e: F2*y God what can this writer have in view (y recommendin$ such measures) Can he (e a #riend to the ArmyK Can he (e a #riend o# this countryK Bather is he not an insidious #oeI some emissary !erha!s #rom New Yor+ !lottin$ the ruin o# (oth (y sowin$ seeds o# discord and se!aration (etween the civil and military !owers o# the continentK And what a com!liment does he !ay to our understandin$ when he recommends measures in either alternative im!ractica(le in their nature :!!) @E,@? vol) IV *arshallQs 1i#e o# Cashin$ton;)2J FIt is !lain that Cashin$ton (elieved the then center o# this secret cons!iracy so #ar as this country was concerned to (e located in New Yor+ and #elt it to (e his duty to ma+e such direct allusion)

FChether the center o# such cons!iracy so #ar as this country is concerned has continued to use New Yor+ as its (ase u! to the !resent time it i% 5er4 !++!rent t !t in recent ti)e% Ne2 Yor/ !% eld0 !nd i% no2 olding0 t e center o" t e %t!ge "or co))uni%tic !cti5itie% in t i% countr4 ) In #act most o# the !resent day literature in #avor o# communism a!!ears to emanate #rom New Yor+ the !lace o# !u(lication o# the Daily Cor+er which !a!er descri(ed itsel# as the 2central or$an Communist 3arty &nited States o# America :section o# Communist International;2) FThe reco$nition o# *ay 9 9??E as the #oundin$ date o# this world revolution cons!iracy is not di##icult to understand when it is reali/ed that *ay Day is #re0uently cele(rated even in recent times (y riotin$ and (loodshed on a world,wide scale) FIt was not until [email protected]? or [email protected]@ that the Communist cons!irators who had thereto#ore o!erated in secret came out in the o!en with the *ani#esto o# the Communist 3arty (y 'arl *ar4 and "riedrich %n$els (oldly !roclaimin$ a$ainst !ractically everythin$ u!on which civili/ation is (ased < God reli$ion the #amily individual li(erty and so #orth < the concludin$ !ara$ra!h o# the mani#esto readin$: F2Communists scorn to hide their views and aims) They o!enly declare that their !ur!ose can only (e achieved (y t e "orci3le o5ert ro2 o" t e 2 ole e<t!nt %oci!l order ) 1et the rulin$ classes trem(le at the !ros!ect o# a Communist revolution) 3roletarians have nothin$ to lose (ut their chains) They have a world to win) 3roletarians o# all lands unite)2 J FIn issuin$ this mani#esto the Communist cons!irators evidently (elieved the time had arrived when with the aid o# i$norant victims a world,wide ta+e,over could (e accom!lishedI (ut there were not enou$h i$norant victims then and the e4!ected cou! #ailed) FThe Communist cons!irators thereu!on conceived the !lan #or the #uture o# su!!lementin$ the lon$,esta(lished secret cons!iracy in e4istence since *ay 9 9??E with an unremittin$ !u(lishin$ cam!ai$n #or victims amon$ the i$norant o# all nations) And in an attem!t to hide #rom view the underlyin$ hy!ocritical cons!iracy e4istin$ since *ay 9 9??E it was decided that in such !u(lic cam!ai$n the mani#esto o# [email protected]@ should (e heralded as the #oundin$ date o# communism and A!rl *!r< "!l%el4 +rocl!i)ed !% it% !ut or7JJ 9
Cali#ornia 1e$islature 98>5 Be$ular Session %leventh Be!ort Senate Investi$atin$ Committee On %ducation 3u(lished (y the S%NAT% O" TA% STAT% O" CA1I"OBNIA :em!hasis added;


T e Co))uni%t *!ni"e%to
FThe Communist *ani#esto ori$inally titled *ani#esto o# the Communist 3arty :German: *ani#est der 'ommunistischen 3artei; is a short [email protected]@ !u(lication written (y the German *ar4ist !olitical theorists 'arl *ar4 and "riedrich %n$els) It has since (een reco$ni/ed as one o# the world2s most in#luential !olitical manuscri!ts) Commissioned (y the Communist 1ea$ue it laid out the 1ea$ue2s !ur!oses and !ro$ram) It !resents an analytical a!!roach to the class stru$$le :historical and !resent; and the !ro(lems o# ca!italism rather than a !rediction o# communism2s !otential #uture #orms) The (oo+ contains *ar4 and %n$els2 *ar4ist theories a(out the nature o# society and !olitics that in their own words 2The history o# all hitherto e4istin$ society is the history o# class stru$$les2) It also (rie#ly #eatures their ideas #or how the ca!italist society o# the time would eventually (e re!laced (y socialism and then eventually communism)J =

The 96 3oint Summary o# the social environment $oals o# Communism: 9) A(olition o# !rivate !ro!erty and the a!!lication o# all rent to !u(lic !ur!ose) =) A heavy !ro$ressive or $raduated income ta4 Gi)e) the more money one ma+es the hi$her !ercenta$e o# ta4 on total income one is re0uired to !ayH) 5) A(olition o# all ri$hts o# inheritance) 7) Con#iscation o# the !ro!erty o# all emi$rants and re(els) >) Centrali/ation o# credit in the hands o# the State (y means o# a national (an+ with state ca!ital and an e4clusive mono!oly) E) Centrali/ation o# the means o# communication and trans!ortation in

[email protected]@

THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I the hands o# the State) ?) %4tension o# #actories and instruments o# !roduction owned (y the State the (rin$in$ into cultivation o# waste lands and the im!rovement o# the soil $enerally in accordance with a common !lan) Gi)e) all industry is owned and o!erated (y the StateH @) %0ual o(li$ation o# all to wor+) %sta(lishment o# Industrial armies es!ecially #or a$riculture) 8) Com(ination o# a$riculture with manu#acturin$ industriesI $radual a(olition o# the distinction (etween town and country (y a more e0ua(le distri(ution o# the !o!ulation over the country) 96)"ree education #or all children in $overnment schools) A(olition o# children2s #actory la(or in its !resent #orm) Com(ination o# education with industrial !roduction etc)

*!rion L!2.% Con"ront!tion 2it t e “*el3ourne *!n”
*arion Al(ert 1aw wor+ed in the 1DS Church %ducational system #or many years) Ae wor+ed with BY& 3resident Cil+erson in the 98E62s and ?62s and o#ten wor+ed closely with the "irst 3residency and A!ostles on a variety o# matters) Bac+ in [email protected] he $ave a #ireside in which he detailed an e4tremely uni0ue e4!erience as an 1DS missionary servin$ in *el(ourne Australia (ac+ in 987?) A recordin$ was made o# this #ireside which was transcri(ed into te4t and !osted online at a #ew 1DS,(ased we(sites) Aowever his tal+ meanders a (it mid,to!ic has some unintelli$i(le moments G#rom either a !oor or de$raded recordin$H and !arts o# it do not #low well as a narrative) As interest in his story $rew in =696 Brother *arion 1aw com!osed a ti$hter more direct retellin$) The #ollowin$ is a com!lete re!roduction o# this =696 auto(io$ra!hical account5 :em!hasis added;:
FIn 987? I was a =9,year,old missionary %lder #or The Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,day Saints) *y assi$nment was in *el(ourne Australia) *y com!anion and I were $oin$ door,to,door in a 0uaint little section o# the city) The lanes were narrow and wandered around with no sense o# !lan at all) F*issionaries are not su!!osed to leave their com!anions #or any reason) But here in this com!act area we decided to each ta+e a side o# the lane) O!!ortunities to teach anyone were so rare that we thou$ht it wise to cover as much territory as !ossi(le) I# a #riendly reaction was received (y one o# us the other would cross the street to share in the visit) &sually we could see each other every minute and could almost touch hands across

[email protected]

the lane) So the !lan was wor+in$ well as we dou(led our tractin$ e##iciency) FAt one door a man answered and said yes he would li+e to hear more a(out our (elie#s) I loo+ed #or my com!anion (ut he had disa!!eared) So I tried to stall until the %lder came (ac+) Ae had o(viously $one around one o# the numerous meanderin$s and should rea!!ear at any moment) I e4!lained that my com!anion would (e (ac+ in a minute or two) :*uch later I discovered that around the corner was a Fmil+ (arJ where he had $one #or a mil+ sha+e while he waited #or me) The %lder assumed that since I was ri$ht (ehind him I would soon show u! there); FA#ter a #ew more minutes the man (ecame im!atient and said FI donQt tal+ standin$ in the lane) I# youQre not interested never mind)J FSo I said FO+ay IQll come in)J *y intention was to visit (rie#ly ma+e an a!!ointment and return with my wanderin$ com!anion) FAs I (e$an to e4!lain our !ur!ose he interru!ted F*r) 1aw we have a (etter !lan)J So I as+ed a(out his F(etter !lanJ) FThe *el(ourne man as I call him descri(ed how 3lato an ancient Gree+ !hiloso!her had desi$ned a di##erent +ind o# society) This manQs !lan would #ollow similar lines) There would (e three classes o# !eo!le: the leaders the wor+ers and the teachers) The teachers would (e trained to condition a sinless society :FRas you call sinRJ he said; < there would (e no hate no $reed no Nealousy no envy no lust no malice < no sin) The wor+ers would not (e envious o# the leaders) The leaders would not o!!ress the wor+ers) The teachers would condition each class to willin$ly acce!t their assi$ned role in this F!er#ectJ society) FThe *el(ourne man #urther descri(ed how (reeders would (e chosen (ased on su!erior intelli$ence !hysical !er#ection and lon$evity $enes) Children would (e ta+en #rom their mothers at (irth and !laced in communal nurseries and throu$h various tests their classes would (e determined) They would then receive s!eciali/ed conditionin$ #or that !articular class) All de#ective (a(ies had to (e eliminated) The total num(er o# (irths would need to (e controlled to !revent over!o!ulation and de!letion o# natural resources) By this selective (reedin$ a master race o# $eniuses could (e created) FCor+er,scientists were assi$ned to research li#e e4tension techni0ues until #uture $enerations could Flive #oreverJ) Throu$h s!ace research they would reach out into the universe to develo! !lanets hos!ita(le to human li#e) This !er#ect society then s!reads throu$hout s!ace in a never,endin$ cycle) FI as+ed FAow will you condition themKJ Ae then e4!lained in detail the (asic conditionin$ tools) They included diet dru$s music movies education etc)


FAe descri(ed how diet :the (asic elements o# li#e #ood and water; could (e a maNor desensiti/in$ and conditionin$ instrument) The *el(ourne man said that 34 u%ing !dditi5e% !nd %+eci!l "or)ul!%0 34 c !nging +l!nt% !nd !ni)!l% Fi7e7 c e)ic!l%0 or)one%0 genetic!ll4 engineered %eed (G*O)0 etcG0 t e diet o" t e +eo+le le!5e% t e) %u3)i%%i5e !nd e!%il4 controlled7 FChen that man told me that t e )!teri!l%0 %4%te)% !nd +rocedure% 2ere !lre!d4 in +l!ce in #J1S my #arm,(oy mentality re#used to acce!t it) %s!ecially when he e4!lained dru$ addiction) Ae outlined how drug !ddiction c !nge% +er%on!litie% ma+in$ them so de!endent that they will a$ree to anythin$ to satis#y their needs ) I !rotested that !eo!le will not allow themselves to (e mani!ulated that way) Ae Nust lau$hed and said F*r) 1aw youQre such a child) Cait and see)J FI did not see how music could (e used) The man then descri(ed F melodic dissonanceJ #or me in detail) Ae told o# the conditionin$ e4!eriments o# the Bussian scientist 3avlov in communist Bussia usin$ do$s and metronomes) 3avlov #ound that he could condition a do$ to salivate when a metronome (eat at E6 (eats !er minute) Then he learned that he could condition the same do$ to never !roduce saliva when the metronome (eat at 9=6 (eats !er minute) FIn another e4!eriment with the same do$ 3avlov had (oth metronomes (eatin$ at the same time one at E6 (eats the other at 9=6 (eats !er minute) The conditioned do$ was re0uired to do two totally o!!osite #unctions at the same time) This !roduced nervous shoc+ and the do$ colla!sed unconscious) FNe4t with the same do$ 3avlov had the E6,(eat metronome suddenly Num! to 9=6 (eats !er minute) At the same instant the 9=6,(eat metronome dro!!ed to E6 (eats !er minute) This !roduced a melodic dissonance) Chen the metronomes were switched (ac+ and #orth ra!idly t e dog 3ec!)e %o di%tre%%ed t !t it died ) In communist Bussia t e%e e<+eri)ent% 2ere t en e<tended to u)!n%0 2it %i)il!r re%ult%) F&sin$ variations o# this melodic dissonance a new music #orm was created) *usical scores and lyrics were develo!ed) A team o# musicians called Fthe BeatlesJ was trained in %uro!e and introduced to America on the !o!ular %d Sullivan Talent Show on national television) They were an instant hit and all other #orms o# music (ecame Fold,#ashionedJ) FI could not understand such a !henomenon in 987?) But years later when I #irst heard Froc+ L rollJ everythin$ #lashed (ac+ to 987?I I reali/ed that the Australian did +now that it would (e a !ower#ul tool #or their conditionin$ !lan) FThe *el(ourne man said they had already (e$un “3e !5ior )odi"ic!tion conditioning” in go5ern)ent %c ool% usin$ audio,


visual !ro$rams) Chen they introduce their messa$es !reschool t e re%ult% !re inten%e !nd +er)!nent) (e$innin$ in

FA monster was emer$in$ that I #ound sinister and all,controllin$) I could not (elieve what I was hearin$) But over and over he said FCait and see) You will live to see our !er#ect !lan in #ull o!eration) Chen we control all the conditionin$ !rocesses everythin$ will #all neatly into !lace)J FI !rotested that they were #orcin$ their will and control on !eo!le ta+in$ away #reedom o# choice) Ais answer was FNo they can still choose (ut t e4 2ill !l2!4% c oo%e e<!ctl4 2 !t t e4 !re conditioned to c oo%e)J FFBut thatQs not ri$htOJ FAe lau$hed at my evident sim!licity) FSo I !rotested a$ain FBut God wonQt allow it)J FFChy notK Aow can a Nust God < there is no such (ein$ < +ee! these sinless souls out o# heavenK ThatQs what you (elieve isnQt it *r) 1awKJ FSo he (e$an a di##erent tactic) FCho do you love *r) 1awK You certainly donQt love the Australian !eo!le)J FFOh yes I do thatQs why I came on a mission)J FFSo how many have you savedKJ FThis was a hard mission) "ew and #ar (etween were our welcomes) "ewer were our converts) I admitted $rud$in$ly FNot many)J FFAnd J he said Fall the rest are consi$ned to hell)J FFOh no there are three de$rees o# $lory andRJ FFCe +now all a(out your three de$rees o# $lory) It means that many are called to (e *ormons (ut #ew are chosen to (e $ods) Ce +now all a(out your church) -e control e5er4 c urc in t e 2orld0 e<ce+t 4our%0 !nd 2e 2ill in"iltr!te t !t)J FF*r) 1aw you donQt love any(ody do youKJ FFI love my mother)J FFNo you donQt) &nder your !lan she can either choose to $o to hell or ma+e a mista+e and #all throu$h the crac+s into hell) I# you really loved your mother youQd (e ea$er to $uarantee that she would $o to heaven) Cith our !lan it is $uaranteed) In #act no one will he Gsic should (e F(eJH lostI they will all $o to heaven) O# course we donQt (elieve in heaven or hell anyway) But i# you really love your #ellow man our !lan is the only way to show it)J


FI said FI thin+ IQve heard this !lan (e#ore)J FFChere could you have heard itKJ FFIt must have (een in the Council in Aeaven (e#ore I was (orn)J Ae Nust lau$hed) FI was reelin$ under his attac+ (ut I could not leave) There were no chains on me) But I #elt as i# I was (ound hand and #oot to the chair < as thou$h I was !araly/ed) G%d) note: this is a #orm o# s!iritual attac+ similar to what .ose!h Smith e4!erienced !rior to his "irst Vision) Do not (e sur!rised i# you e4!erience a s!iritual attac+ in connection with readin$ this (oo+O Be ready #or them) 3ray and sin$ hymns until such !asses)H So I as+ed FCho are youK Chat do you call this !lanKJ FFI am one o# three mem(ers o# the central !lannin$ committee o# the communist !arty #or Australia)J FI said FIQve heard o# communism)J But I +new very little a(out it) FThe *el(ourne man told me that the world understood economic and !olitical and military communism) But the !lan he was outlinin$ to me he called Fs!iritual communismJ that would e5ol5e into ! 2orld2ide go5ern)ent) Ae said they were usin$ the current $overnments until they controlled the world) Then those !olitical economic and military leaders would need to (e eliminated (ecause they are violent men) Then the new world order would ta+e over) FI as+ed how they could ma+e the !lan wor+ when there are so many !eo!le who are not !re!ared to acce!t it) Ae said “-e 2ill !5e to !nni il!te !ll 2 o c!nnot 3e conditioned to 3e eit er ! 2or/er or ! te!c er7” FFAow many will you +illKJ FFAundreds o# millions may(e even you and me)J FFBut that is murder)J FFThat is a Christian term that has no meanin$) It is really a !art o# cleansin$) -e need to reduce t e +o+ul!tion to ! )ore )!n!ge!3le %i?e0 anyway) Only the inner cor!s o# the elite leaders +now a(out the !lan) T e +re%ent co))uni%t le!der% [email protected] /no2 it7 S+iritu!l co))uni%) i% not 2ritten or recorded !n42 ere7 It is a secret !lan)J FFThen why did you tell meKJ FAe was a (it !er!le4ed (ut he had an answer) FI donQt +now) But we are loo+in$ #or /ealous youn$ men who will Noin this wor+ to hel! (rin$ a(out this heaven on earth) Thin+ a(out it not one soul will (e lost)J


FI was not ready to $ive u! yet) FYouQll never ta+e over the worldOJ FAe answered F*r) 1aw we now control two,thirds o# all world $overnments !olitically or militarily or economically) Onl4 t e 8nited St!te% o" &)eric! re)!in% !% t e l!%t )!>or urdle to 2orld do)in!tion7J FSo I (oldly declared FYouQll never ta+e over the &nited StatesOJ FBut he said F*r) 1aw let me tell you how it isOJ Ae said they controlled all maNor conditionin$ instruments in America now: the entertainment industry the news media the education system the courts the #inancial system !olitical !arties) - ere t e4 [email protected] !5e "ull control0 t e4 !5e in"iltr!ted !nd !5e e)3edded t eir !gent% into !ll i)+ort!nt deci%ionB)!/ing 3odie%7 Ae said they control every a$ency that a##ects daily livin$ in America) Their a$ents were everywhere doin$ their No(s) FBut since I was a hi$h school $raduate twelve years in an education system I thou$ht that made me an e4!ert in education) Duite trium!hantly I said FYou donQt control the education system)J FA$ain F*r) 1aw let me tell you how it isO any te4t(oo+ in any school at any level $raduate school) You will #ind no mention !lan) But 4ou 2ill "ind our +l!n 3eing 2ritten into e5er4 te<t3oo/7J Chen you $et home e4amine #rom !reschool to university o# .esus Christ or God or Ais t!ug t !t e5er4 le5el7 [email protected]%

FAow ri$ht he was) I have s!ent almost 76 years o# my li#e in education as a teacher and an administrator in !u(lic and !rivate school systems) SatanQs !lan is thereI GodQs !lan is #or(idden (y law) God has even (een declared unconstitutional (y the &nited States Su!reme Court) FI as+ed when would all this ta+e e##ect and his s!iritual !lan (e !ut into o!eration) Ae said FCe have a !ro$ressive a$enda) -e !re +re+!red to t!/e t2o %te+% "or2!rd0 one %te+ 3!c/0 t2o "or2!rd0 one 3!c/0 until it i% ti)e7 T e &)eric!n +eo+le [email protected] e5en /no2 it i% !++ening7 - en it i% "!5or!3le0 t en e5er4t ing 2ill )o5e %2i"tl4 to t e +urging0 or cle!n%ing %t!ge7 Peo+le 2ill 3e %tunned into i))o3ilit47 -e [email protected] 2!nt ! ti)e l!g 3et2een t!/eBo5er !nd "ull o+er!tion o" our %+iritu!l + !%e7J FThen he as+ed FChat do you thin+K Are you ready to Noin our #orcesKJ FI #ell (ac+ to the only sure $round I +new) FI (elieve in God our Aeavenly "ather and in Ais Son .esus Christ) ItQs their !lan that I will #ollow)J FThe *el(ourne man (ecame violently an$ry and shouted FThere are no such (ein$sO They are myths created to enslave the minds o# men) They donQt e4istOJ G%d) note: !ot callin$ the +ettle (lac+)H


FI answered sim!ly FBut I have #elt the !ower o# the Aoly Ghost #ill me with #ire #rom the to! o# my head to the soles o# my #eet and I have heard the voice o# God testi#y to me that .esus Christ is Ais Son) Ais !lan is the truth and that is what I teach)J FAe lun$ed across the room and attac+ed me with his #ists) Suddenly I was #ree) I could move and I ran outside into the lane) I #ound my com!anion wanderin$ around des!erately loo+in$ #or me) Ae didnQt dare leave (ut had +e!t on searchin$ #or me) Ae had to hel! me on and o## the tram) I was so e4hausted that I was una(le to $et out o# (ed #or a cou!le o# days) G%d) note: intense s!iritual attac+s are (oth !hysically and emotionally drainin$ as can (e con#rontin$ di##icult or !ain#ul truths) 3ray #or stren$th durin$ such times)H F%lder *atthew Cowley o# the Duorum o# Twelve A!ostles was 3resident o# all the 3aci#ic missions) Ae visited us o#ten in Australia) In my interview with him shortly a#ter this e4!erience he sensed that somethin$ was distur(in$ me) Ae as+ed i# I would li+e to tell him what was wron$) FSo I outlined the *el(ourne manQs s!iritual communism to him) %lder Cowley told me why the man told me the !lan) Now that I had (een !ermitted to hear SatanQs !lan in detail I could choose which I would #ollow Satan or Christ) G%d) note: a#ter readin$ this (oo+ this line is drawn more narrow #or the reader as well) 3re!are to ma+e a choice i# one hasn2t already)H FTwenty,#ive years a#ter this event I was in %lder %/ra Ta#t BensonQs o##ice and told him the account) Ae said that he had never heard SatanQs !lan in this li#e) But he reco$ni/ed the details that Satan used to !ersuade one, third o# our (rothers and sisters to #ollow him in the !re,e4istence) T e4 2ere 2illing to tr!de t eir !genc4 to c oo%e0 "or [email protected]% gu!r!nteed %!l5!tion7 Now I could choose a$ain which I would #ollow ChristQs !lan o# a$ency or SatanQs !lan o# total control) A#ter si4ty,three years my choice is more #irmly anchored than ever (e#ore) FI have watched s!iritual communism eat its $hastly way into every country and into every $overnment includin$ our own) It is everywhere) All 96 !oints o# 'arl *ar4Qs communist mani#esto have (een 0uietly incor!orated into American li#e) They have (een acce!ted as Fsocial !ro$ressJ) FThe Boo+ o# *ormon tells how secret com(inations destroyed two $reat civili/ations the .aredites and the Ne!hites) The 3ro!het *oroni warns us: FFChere#ore the 1ord commandeth you when ye shall see these thin$s come amon$ you that ye shall awa+e to a sense o# your aw#ul situation (ecause o# this secret com(ination which shall (e amon$ you)J %ther @:=7 FAre we awa+eK %vidences o# the secret com(ination < s!iritual communism < are everywhere) Chat can we do a(out itK Chen the


.aredites and the Ne!hites #ollowed the 3ro!hets they were !rotected) Chen they reNected the 3ro!hets they were destroyed) *y only esca!e #rom the *el(ourne man was my witness o# .esus Christ) FThe 3ro!het Ne!hi warned his !eo!le: FFRnothin$ can save this !eo!le save it (e re!entance and #aith on the 1ord .esus ChristRYea how lon$ will ye su##er yourselves to (e led (y #oolish and (lind $uidesKRJ Aelaman 95:E =8 FThere is a wonder#ul lesson to (e learned #rom the .aredites and the Ne!hites) There is sa#ety in #ollowin$ the 3ro!hets) I encoura$e all o# us to #ollow the tem!oral and s!iritual counsel o# the latter,day 3ro!hets Seers and BevelatorsOJ

&ddition!l Te%ti)on4 !nd Per%on!l E<+erience S !red 34 *!rion L!2
In addition to what is e4!ressed in Brother 1aw2s auto(io$ra!hical retellin$ o# his *el(ourne e4!erience many se$ments o# the ori$inal [email protected] #ireside transcri!t !aint not only a more detailed account (ut also hi$hly !ertinent in#ormation) It also !rovides a $lim!se as to why since the late 98?62s the leaders o# the 1DS Church have lar$ely ta+en a hands,o## a!!roach in re$ards to !olitics or cons!iratorial matters) This !art o# his account (e$ins a#ter he entered the home o# the *el(ourne *an :em!hasis added;:
FI Nust (arely (e$an to e4!lain the $os!el and the man said to me 2*r) 1aw we have a (etter !lan)2 And I said 2Chat is your !lanK2 Then he (e$an to un#old to me this e4!erience that IQm tellin$ you a(out toni$ht) But I was una(le to leave the chair where I sat) It was as thou$h I was !hysically (ound and I #elt as thou$h I was chained) I couldnQt move) I couldn2t (reathe and he (e$an to un#old this e4!erience to me < a very #ore(odin$ #eelin$) I have #elt the !resence o# evil I have had the e4!erience o# castin$ out evil s!irits mysel# #rom a house and I +now what thatQs li+e and t i% 2!% t e )o%t terri"4ing t ing o" )4 li"e GasH the man (e$an to un#old this 2other !lan)2 FAe said 2The nature o# man occurs in 5 !hases) "irst man is an economic animal and there#ore it i% nece%%!r4 "or t e %t!te to control t e econo)4 so that we can have e0uality and it will always (e #air (ecause man will always (e inhuman to man until he can 2learn2 to control that side o# his nature)2 FAnd then he said 2the second !art o# man is that man is a !olitical animal and there#ore it 2ill 3e nece%%!r4 "or u% to e%t!3li% ! dict!tor% i+


/ind o" go5ern)ent what you would call a dictatorial #orm o# $overnment 2 (ut he said 2when we (rin$ into e##ect the third !hase o# our !ro$ram that wonQt (e #ear#ul anyway)2
F2And so the third !art man is a s!iritual animal 2 and he said 2we control some !arts o# the !olitical world some !arts o# economic world)2 He %!id0 .2e control !ll t e c urc e% e<ce+t T e C urc o" He%u% C ri%t o" L!tterBd!4 S!int%7. Ae said 22e !5e t e) in our control 22 and he said that 2 en 2e !5e +olitic!l !nd econo)ic control o" t e 2orld0 2e 2ill t en 3e !3le to e%t!3li% our tot!l %+iritu!l +rogr!))2 FAe said 2we have done research on thousands o# animals and thousands o# men we +now that we can create a !er#ect society (ecause that (y usin$ !sycholo$ical mani!ulation and !sycholo$ical conditionin$ throu$h the use o# dru$s diet and music and "orce where necessary) -e c!n condition t e )ind o" )!n %o t !t )!n 2ill 3e %inle%%7. FAe said 2there would (e no as you de#ine it sin) Ce donQt (elieve in that (ut you would call it sin) There would (e no hate no envy no malice no lust no $reed no Nealousy no viciousness none o# the those thin$s that you would classi#y as sin)2 FNow he said 2i# we were 2the Gods2 *r) 1aw how could God +ee! sinless souls out o# heaven i# there is a heaven :we donQt (elieve in those thin$s; (ut i# there is how could a Nust God +ee! a sinless soul out o# heavenK2 FAe indicated that they would #unction as 3latoQs Be!u(lic #unctioned in his descri!tion o# a re!u(lic that the leaders would not o!!ress the wor+ers the wor+ers would not (e envious o# the leaders and the teachin$ $rou!s would !er!etuate this sinless condition) And he said 2i# we could have started with the #irst thin+in$ man you claim thatQs Adam (ut we donQt (elieve in that myth either i# we could have started with the #irst thin+in$ man he said we would not have lost a sin$le soul)2))) FAe descri(ed the dru$ culture to me somethin$ I Nust couldnQt com!rehend and he descri(ed how it would (e used to condition !eo!le))) and he descri(ed a !rocess that => years later came into (ein$))) so we have literally (ecome a !art o# that dru$ culture G%d) Note: which since the 98862s has evolved into the !rescri!tion dru$ culture #or the middle class) As o# =699 a turnin$ !oint has (een reached where le$al !rescri!tion dru$ deaths not only outnum(er ille$al dru$ deaths they also outnum(er nationwide tra##ic #atalitiesH)))) F2Ce will use diet 2 he said) 2Ce will !ut into #ood thin$s that will ma+e it !ossi(le #or us to condition !eo!le)2 G%d) Note: as mentioned earlier G*O #oods have these thin$s F!ut inJ at the DNA levelH T e 2 ole +ur+o%e o" t e +rogr!) i% to )!/e u% condition!3le so that we are susce!ti(le to whatever they wish to teach us))))


F)))(ut the thin$ that was the most shoc+in$ and I didnQt understand it at the time was music)))) GThe +ey isH the underlyin$ (eat that $oes on and it constantly chan$es it is constantly chan$in$) ThatQs why youQll have several $uitars and several instruments that are the same the instruments are the same they donQt have a trum!et and sa4o!hone and a violin (ecause what they need is the conditionin$ a(ility o# those instruments) They need intense volume they can deliver any messa$e whatsoever whether it is (ac+ward or #orward doesnQt matter whether you can hear the words in the lan$ua$e that GyouH are s!ea+in$ or whether itQs e4actly the o!!osite (ut the (rain will unscram(le Git andH !ic+ it u!) F2And so we +now #or e4am!le that this melodic dissonance can create a conditionin$ e##ect so that you will (elieve whatever it is that you are tau$ht)2 This is the (e$innin$ o# t e "ree lo5e re5olution is the (e$innin$ o# the drug culture the (e$innin$ o# !ntiB!ut orit4 revolution the (e$innin$ o# our deterior!tion o" our re%+ect #or the #la$ the country the !olicemen all t e in%titution% t !t old t e "!3ric o" our %ociet4 toget er7 FAnd so these thin$s he descri(ed to me in $reat detail) It was #ascinatin$) It Nust was sort o# overwhelmin$ to me)))) Ae indicated o# course that they would use #orce where necessary) Ae said to me that 2weQll ta+e the children #rom their !arents early enou$h so that we can condition them 2e eli)in!te !ll )ent!l0 e)otion!l0 !nd + 4%ic!l cri++le% !t 3irt ) They would o# course have to (e terminated)2 FAe said 2we are now researchin$ and doin$ e4!erimentation with science so we can e4tend the li#e s!an so that man can live #orever)2 He %!id0 .t e d!4 2ill co)e 2 en 2e 2ill 3e !3le to re!c into t e +l!net% !nd cre!te ! 2 ole uni5er%e o" t e%e +er"ect0 %inle%% %oul%7.777 J FGAe said H 2I# you love every(ody you would em(race our !lan) Yours is #ailin$) You have admitted it) Aow many !eo!le have you (rou$ht into the li$ht o# the $os!elK2 2Cell not very many 2 GI re!liedH) Ae said 2You are ri$ht) But in our !lan every livin$ soul will (e saved)2 FAnd I said 2Cell thatQs a $reat !lan (ut I everyone is $oin$ to have their #ree a$ency)2 ))) This $uy GwasH a very so!histicated intellectual individual and he said 2I can even !rove it with your own ar$uments)2 Ae said 2Cho do you loveK2 Cell Nust = or 5 months earlier I had $otten a Dear .ohn Gi)e) a (rea+,u! letterH #rom a $irl IQd le#t (ehind so I said 2I love my mother)2 Ae said 2I can !rove you donQt even love your mother)2 Ae said 2Ce +now #or e4am!le 2 he said 2that the *ormons (elieve that strai$ht is the $ate and narrow is the way that leadeth to heaven and #ew there (e that #ind it)2 FAnd I said 2Yes oh yes (ut there is<2 G*el(ourne *an interru!tin$H 2DonQt tell me a(out the 5 de$rees o# $lory we also +now that many are called))) (ut #ew are chosen) IsnQt that *ormon doctrineK *any are called (ut #ew are chosenK2 2Cell yeah)2 Ae said 2So that means that your mother can

[email protected]

choose Aell i# she wants)2 2Cell yeah)2 2Or she mi$ht even #all throu$h the crac+s in the church)2))) Ae said 2So you donQt even love your *other) &nder our !lan itQs $uaranteed that sheQll (e saved)2 FI said 2(ut I canQt #orce her to $o into heaven)2 GAe said H 2Chen she #inds out how (eauti#ul it is i# there is such a !lace and it is as $ood as you say it is sheQll s!end eternity than+in$ you #or ma+in$ sure that she was saved) Cell 2 he said that 2weQre only lovers o# humanity we are the only ones who truly love our #ellow men you donQt youQre !re!ared to let them $o to hell) Ce donQt want any(ody to (e hurt or a(ased or o##ended or wounded or !unished or anythin$) Chy should they (e !unishedK CeQll save 2em all weQll condition their minds 2 Ae said 2we +now we can do it) Chen we ta+e !olitical and economic control o# the world we will institute our s!iritual !art o# our !lan to you)2 FAnd I said 2Cell (oy uhhh I have heard some o# this (e#ore)2 Ae said 2that is not !ossi(le)2 Ae said 2You mi$ht have heard o# the !olitical !art o# the !lan you mi$ht have heard !# the !art o# the economic !art o# the !lan (ut never the s!iritual !art o# the !lan) Ae said 2 the s!iritual !art o# the !lan is not written or recorded onl4 t e !rd core elite !re e<+o%ed to t e %+iritu!l +!rt o" our +l!n )2 And he said 2I2m one o# those in Australia who controls our !lan)2 And I said to him 2Chy did you tell meK2 Ae said 2IQm not sure) I #elt ins!ired to tell you)2))) FCell he as+ed me where I had heard this !lan o# his and I said 2well I must have heard it in the councils o# heaven)2 And he lau$hed at that) Ae said 2we would li+e to (rin$ some o# you youn$ dedicated missionaries into our !ro$ram)2 Ae said that 2the one thin$ we lac+ is dedication and commitment to our s!iritual !art o# our !lan)2 FI said to him 2Chat is your !lanK Chat is itK Chat do you call itK2 Ae said 2IQm a mem(er o# the Central 3lannin$ committee o# the Communist 3arty in Australia) There are 5 o# us who control it)2 And I said 2IQve heard o# communism)2 Ae said 2You have heard o# the !olitical communism and the economic communism 2 he said 2you have never heard o# s!iritual communism)2 FNow IQve heard 3res) GDavid O)H *c'ay tal+ a(out it since) S!iritual Satanism is what he called it) Ae de"ined co))uni%) !% %+iritu!l S!t!ni%)) FI said 2You have to $ive !eo!le their ri$ht to choose)2 And he said 2TheyQll $o to hell i# they choose and you are not savin$ any(ody) Aow many !eo!le are in your churchK2 There was a(out then I thin+ there was less than a million !eo!le) Ae said 2out o# = and n (illionK And the rest o# them are $oin$ to hell) No donQt $ive me any o# that 5 de$rees stu## 2 he said) .I" Ft e4G [email protected] )!/e t e to+0 t e4 [email protected] )!de it7. 777 FGA#ter (earin$ my testimony o# .esus Christ H he (ecame violently an$ry) Ae said 2we donQt (elieve in that myth) ThatQs a myth thatQs a mystery)


They are Nust !ara(les)2 And I said 2NoO I have heard the voice o# the 1ord I have #elt his !ower and I +now that .esus Christ is the Son o# God)2 This man (ecame so violent with me he attac+ed me and only then could I (rea+ loose and run out into the middle o# the street)))) FG*y com!anionH had to hel! me onto the street car and ta+e me home))) that 5 hour e4!erience was a ni$htmare) FI havenQt ta+en the time to recount to you all the thin$s (ecause he did $o throu$h in detail in the method in which they would use diet the dru$s and the music and IQve e4!lained to you Nust a little (it how they would introduce this music and then the dru$s they would introduce it into our diet our #oods G%d) Note: he2s not Nust re#errin$ to the introduction o# illicit dru$s (e$innin$ throu$h the conduit o# hi!!ie culture o# the 98E62s (ut also Fdru$sJ in our #ood and our diet as well)H t e4 2ould do !ll /ind% o" t ing% t !t 2ould condition u% %o 2e t !t 2e 2ould 3e %u%ce+ti3le !nd e!%il4 led) Ce would not #i$ht a$ainst them so that 2e 2ould liter!ll4 e)3r!ce t eir +rinci+le% !nd t e%e doctrine%7””

T e (ile))! O" T e L(S C urc Gener!l &ut oritie%
The second hal# o# Brother 1aw2s #ireside tal+ which stems o## #rom this e4!erience is tremendously insi$ht#ul as well) I2ve included most o# it (ecause he touches u!on several !ersonal e4!eriences he had with the 1DS Church2s General Authorities throu$h the 98E62s and ?62s) These memoirs not only !rovide a stunnin$ $lim!se into how the Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints has stru$$led a$ainst the (ehind,the,scenes machinations o# *ystery Ba(ylon (ut also the in#iltration o# their a$ents and cronies) Additionally he answers a num(er o# (urnin$ 0uestions alon$ the lines o#: • The General Authorities o# the 1DS Church haven2t said a thin$ a(out Socialism nor Communism in decades) Aow is it su!!osed to (e a threat i# Soviet Communism is dead China has (een America2s !re#erred tradin$ !artner #or over a decade and the Communist !arty is all (ut i$nored todayK • I# it2s so im!ortant to Fawa+e to our aw#ul situation J as *oroni !uts it wouldn2t the Brethren (e tal+in$ more a(out it descri(in$ how to do so and e4actly what we ou$ht to 2wa+e u! to2 in their General Con#erence tal+sK • I# we2re su!!osed to (e de#endin$ the Constitution so #ervently today why haven2t the leaders o# the Church o!enly encoura$ed us to do so since the 98?62sK "or e4am!le: Chy are they ta+in$ a !olitically


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I !lacatin$ stance on the immi$ration issue todayK Couldn2t that (e considered contrary to the ConstitutionK • I# there truly is such a massive worldwide cons!iracy why don2t the General Authorities overtly and #orthri$htly identi#y e4!ose and discuss the !er!etratorsK They2re ins!ired o# heaven and surely must +now all a(out it ri$htK There#ore i# any o# this were in any way true they would undou(tedly come ri$ht out durin$ General Con#erence and e4!ose it) They2d ma+e !lain to us the roots o# these cons!iracies wouldn2t theyK 'ee! these 0uestions in mind as you read a(out his interactions with the leaders o# the Church) And +ee! in mind that this was shared (ac+ in [email protected] :em!hasis added;:
FI recounted this G*el(ourne *anH e4!erience to 3res) Benson a num(er o# years a$o and he as+ed me to write it and ta+e it to 3res) *c'ay Gthen, 3resident o# the 1DS ChurchH) Ae said that this is the detail o# the !lan that Satan !resented in the !re,e4istence Gi)e) !re,mortalH world) Ae said that 2IQd never heard it Gs!o+enH (e#ore (ut thatQs it)2 FBi$ht a#ter this e4!erience ha!!ened I met A!ostle *atthew Cowley in Australia) Ae $ot me released early #rom my Australian mission and too+ me with him as a travelin$ com!anion to New Sealand #or nearly = months) I recounted it to him and he said 2YouQre (etter o## the 1ord has $iven you a !ersonal testimony (y the !ower o# the Aoly Ghost that .esus is the Christ and now youQve learned the other side o# the story)2 And I have to tell you that t i% e<+erience 2!% %o "rig tening to )e t !t it too/ )e !3out , d!4% to reco5er "ro) it ) I couldnQt $o tractin$ Gi)e) solicitin$ !eo!le to teach the Gos!el to either door,to,door or in !u(lic areasH #or = or 5 days) I 2!% liter!ll4 2e!/ened "ro) t e e<+erience to t e e<tent t !t I under%t!nd 2 !t t e Pro+ et Ho%e+ 2ent t roug Gi)e) when he was attac+ed (y evil #orces Nust !rior to e4!eriencin$ the "irst VisionH (ecause he wrestled with the !owers o# dar+ness and I understand what it does to you) And understand it is #ri$htenin$ it wea+ens you ))) FG3resident BensonH su$$ested to me that Gmy e4!erienceH has some interestin$ im!lications #or us in our understandin$ o# 2whatever2 that trans!ired in the !re,e4istent world)))) FThe reason that I mentioned Gmy storyH to 3res) Benson is that I had (een $iven an assi$nment when I went to Bri$ham Youn$ &niversity as a s!ecial consultant to 3res) Cil+erson) 3res) *c'ay had instructed 3res) Cil+erson to remove #rom the cam!us those !eo!le who tau$ht #alse doctrine and so %lder Benson had su$$ested that I mi$ht (e called to the assi$nment (ecause I seemed to have a rather orthodo4 a!!roach to the Gos!el and a#ter an interview with 3res) Cil+erson he invited me to come on (oard))))


F*y assi$nments were !rimarily in or$ani/in$ de!artments and selectin$ Gunintelli$i(leH in administrative !ro$rammin$ and #ound !eo!le who didnQt understand the $os!el as tau$ht (y its doctrine) And it was e4tremely di##icult to $et them removed) But (ecause o# the results o# that !articular assi$nment I had o!!ortunities to meet with many o# the (rethren wor+in$ !roNects with *arion G) Bomney and Brother Benson and some o# the others < Bro) GBoyd ')H 3ac+er and so #orth) Out o# these e4!eriences with those (rethren I $ained a tremendous insi$ht into the wor+in$s o# the 'in$dom and the attitude and !ers!ective that the 1ord uses in administerin$ Ais 'in$dom)))) F1et me Nust read to you a 0uote (y .) %d$ar Aoover one o# the most mali$ned men o# all time and !ro(a(ly was eliminated (y those !eo!le he was standin$ as a (ulwar+ a$ainst) Ae said: 2Ce must now #ace the harsh truth that the o(Nectives o# communism are (ein$ steadily advanced (ecause many o# us do not readily reco$ni/e the means used to advance them) No one who truly understands what it really is can (e ta+en in (y it) T e indi5idu!l i% !ndic!++ed 34 co)ing "!ce to "!ce 2it ! con%+ir!c4 %o )on%trou% e c!nnot 3elie5e it e<i%t% ) The American mind sim!ly has not come to a reali/ation that GthisH evil has (een introduced into our midst)2 G%d) Note: Ironically as witnessed (y .im Shaw .) %d$ar Aoover was himsel# at least a 55 rd De$ree "reemason and was undou(tedly +nowled$ea(le concernin$ massive *asonic in#iltration o# America2s $overnment) Aoover mi$ht have (een a Government Fwol# in shee!2s clothin$J and +nown #ar more a(out Communist in#iltration than he let on < or he mi$ht have (een o(livious to the even,hi$her connection (etween *asonry and Communism) %ither way the or$ani/ation he headed the "BI has (een lon$ overta+en (y cons!irators)H F3res) Benson removed !ersonally 9 @66 communist a$ents #rom the a$riculture de!artment alone Gdurin$ the ei$ht years that he served as Secretary o# A$riculture under &)S) 3resident %isenhowerH) The ama/in$ thin$ is that our go5ern)ent i% in"iltr!ted) No wonder 3res) .ose!h "ieldin$ Smith said that all $overnments have (een ta+en over (y Satan) It is now his domain)))) And we have (een told that weQre livin$ in a day when the !ower o# Satan totally dominates all $overnments) Not only communist $overnments (ut our own as well) And .ose!h "ieldin$ told us that t e t ing t !t /ee+% u% in ! %t!te o" "reedo) i% t !t t e Lord %to+% S!t!n "ro) going %o "!r7 He onl4 !llo2% i) to go %o "!r )))) FI was a mem(er o# the !olice commission in Cal$ary and in Canada and much involved in the anti,Communist activities) In #act I was the #irst director o# the "reeman Institute in 3rovo &tah with GC)H Cleon S+ousen) But I le#t that association and that activity (ecause o# Pre%ident FH!rold :7G [email protected]% reEue%t t !t 2e not t2e!/ t e t!il o" t e :e!%t ) Ae told Brother S+ousen Gthat withH his whole !ro$ram t e +ro+ et i% under con%t!nt +re%%ure to +rotect t e c urc !g!in%t our o2n go5ern)ent) Ae said .t e :e!%t i% !li5e !nd t ri5ing0. and he said .-e !re t re!tened con%t!ntl4 2it !nni il!tion o" t e c urc 0 it%


+ro+ertie%0 it% 2!4% o" doing t ing%0 34 our o2n %4%te) o" go5ern)ent7. Ae as+ed Bro) Benson to $ive no more anti,Communist tal+s and you have not heard Gany #romH him since that time)
F3resident *c'ay !leaded with the !riesthood o# God to destroy out o# America the secret com(inations) In a !riesthood session in 98E> that was the whole su(stance o# his !riesthood tal+) Ae $ave the whole !riesthood session and he !leaded with us to eliminate this vile thin$ *oroni in Gthe @thH cha!ter o# %ther told us would come u!on us and i" 2e [email protected] eli)in!te it0 it 2ould engul" u%) FGIt wasH #or this reason (rothers and sisters that the 1ord told Ne!hi in the 97th cha!ter o# Ne!hi (e$innin$ with the 96th verse: MAnd he said unto me: :e old t ere !re %!5e t2o c urc e% onl46 the one is the church o# the 1am( o# God and the other is the church o# the devilI where#ore 2 o%o 3elonget not to t e c urc o" t e L!)3 o" God 3elonget to t !t gre!t c urc which is the mother o# a(ominationsI and she is the whore o# all the earth)M And that i# you are not !art o# the church o# the 1am( o# God you are a !art o# that other or$ani/ation whose #unction and e4istence and (ein$ is to destroy the church o# the 1am( o# God) F-e !5e not 4et co)e under tot!l direct !tt!c/0 3ut 2e 2ill ) Because the $reat and a(omina(le whore o# the earth is (i$$er than the Catholic Church) Brother GBruce B)H *cCon+ie said G2the whore o# the earth2 was the Catholic ChurchH in his #irst volume o# *ormon Doctrine and withdrew it as you +now #rom the ne4t editions o# it) ItQs (i$$er than that) It is a cons!iracy) It is a money cons!iracy) It is (i$$er than Bussian communism) It i% ! 2orld2ide con%+ir!c4 o" )one47 1isten to the tem!le ceremony listen to what Satan says and he says that he will institute a money cons!iracy that will (e #inanced and controlled on the (asis o# G$old and silverH) FAnd so we have an interestin$ assi$nment ahead o# us (ecause we have $one to the !oint now where it i% no longer +o%%i3le "or u% to eli)in!te t e %ecret co)3in!tion% "ro) !round t e 2orld 7 Our !%%ign)ent i% to g!t er t e c urc toget er !% tig tl4 !% 2e c!n0 to +ull it toget er !% %trongl4 !nd !% 5igorou%l4 !% 2e c!n )R FCe need to (e aware that the a$ency o# #orce o# unri$hteous dominion the $reatest a$ency is $overnment) Because go5ern)ent !d)ini%ter% out o" t e end o" t e 3!rrel o" ! gun ) ItQs always that sim!le) &ntil we come to the day where we have a $overnment o# God (ased on the Constitution then we will have the only true #orm o# $overnment u!on the earth) FYou see the thin$ that concerns me 3res) *c'ay made a statement he said 2Ce have no enemies) The Catholics are not our enemies) The 3rotestants are not our enemies) 1a(or is not our enemy or$ani/ed ca!ital is not our enemy)2 Ae said 2-e onl4 !5e one ene)4 !nd t !t i%


%!t!nic co))uni%) !nd t o%e 2 o %u++ort t eir doctrine%)2
F1et me tell you some o# the +inds o# doctrines that we #ace)))) F1et me e4!lain to you what dialectic materialism is) GAH dialectic materialist is one who does not (elieve in God) CeQre so !ro$rammed (y the 1ord Aimsel# to (elieve in God < thatQs our nature) CeQre children o# a divine "ather) It is !ut into us) ItQs a !art o# our $enes almost that there is a God and we (elieve in that God) Now i# you donQt (elieve in God then what do you (elieve inK You must (elieve in a God) So God (ecomes somethin$Pthe $reatest (ein$ you +now) Cell what is thatK ThatQs meO There is no God) I am ne4t) T ere"ore trut 3eco)e% 2 !te5er !d5!nce% )e7 And there#ore i# I have to eliminate GsomeoneH (ecause he is in the way o# my advancement thatQs truth) G%d) note: #or the New A$e reli$ion o# Thelema its creed is FDo what thou wilt shall (e the whole o# the 1awJ < !rominently dis!layed on their home!a$e at thelema)or$) 7 H FNow the American mind the *ormon mind !articularly the 1atter,day Saint mind has di##iculty in dealin$ with somethin$ that cunnin$ and that su(tle that devious) But thatQs the mentality that we #ace) FNow reali/e you can ta+e this one ste! #urther) There#ore it is !er#ectly lo$ical and truth#ul #or me to !ro!ose a law that ta+es Gsomeone2sH !ro!erty away and $ives it to me +ro5ided I do it in t e n!)e o" c !rit4) Bi$htK Because charity is $ood ri$htK IsnQt that what we are tau$ht that the wor+s o# charity that i# there is some(ody !oor or de!ressed or i$norant or hun$ry or cold or whatever then we must (e charita(le) A satanic charity is that we will enact a law that ta+es !ro!erty away #rom some !eo!le and $ives it to other !eo!le and that then (ecomes charity) That is le$al that is morally ri$ht ) -e !5e co)e to 3elie5e Ft i%G in t i% countr40 t !t t !t i% )or!ll4 !cce+t!3le )))) we have em(raced it with all o# our hearts) FOur whole education system is (ased on it) Our wel#are system structure is (ased on it) *illions >6 millions su(sist on it and live under it) And we acce!t it we (elieve it we vote #or it we endorse it we em(race it and itQs an ama/in$ thin$ that we have come to that !oint) FBro) Benson I used to as+ him a(out his) Ae always $ot u! and $ave a tal+ on communism in GGeneralH Con#erence) Ae went around the country teachin$ anti,communism) &nd e re!ll4 got l!)3!%ted0 regul!rl47 :rig !) Young 8ni5er%it4 2!% i% gre!te%t ene)4 ) FAnd I said to him 2Bro) Benson do you always $ive a tal+ on communismK2 Ae said 2Bro) 1aw I would dearly love to $ive a tal+ on love (ut 3res) *c'ay always calls me and says 2Brother Benson we have need #or another one o# your $ood hard hittin$ anti,Communist tal+s)22 And he said 2so I $ive them)2 I do remem(er Pre%7 *cA!4 2!% our l!%t Fo5ertl4G !ntiBCo))uni%t +ro+ et7 -e [email protected] e!rd ! 2 i%+er o" it %ince7 Not ! 2 i%+er )))) 3res) *c'ay had instructed Brother Benson


2have Brother 1aw tell that Gstory o# hisH every chance he $ets to any(ody that will listen)2)))J

L(S C urc Le!der% -ere “Ri++ed to S red%” 34 T o%e :ot In%ide !nd Out%ide o" t e C urc
• FThe Beast is alive and thrivin$)J • FCe Gmust no lon$erH twea+ the tail o# the Beast)J • FThe !ro!het is under constant !ressure to +rotect t e c urc !g!in%t our o2n go5ern)ent)J • F2Ce are threatened constantly with annihilation o# the church its !ro!erties its ways o# doin$ thin$s 34 our o2n %4%te) o" go5ern)ent7J • FG%lder %/ra Ta#t BensonH $ot lam(asted re$ularly G(y (oth e4ternal and internal #orces o# the ChurchH • FBY& G3rovoH was GBrother Benson2sH $reatest enemy)J By the time Aarold B) 1ee was 3resident o# the Church insidious and intense e4ternal #orces :unseen (y the $eneral mem(ershi!; were !ressurin$ the Church leadershi! to sto! s!ea+in$ out a$ainst the !olitical doctrines #orms and tenets o# socialism and communism) %ven more !athetic was that it wasn2t Nust !ush,(ac+ and !ressure #rom e4ternal sources < the 3olitical Science 1aw and other de!artments at BY& 3rovo voci#erously #ou$ht the Church leaders2 e##orts as well) It $ot to the !oint where the leadershi! determined that those who most strenuously undermined their e##orts had to (e removed #rom their !ositions at the university) Brother *arion 1aw is not the only one who has detailed what the Church leaders #aced at this time) C) Cleon S+ousen s!o+e o# it on a num(er o# occasions) The #ollowin$ constitutes !art o# the transcri!t o# one o# Brother S+ousen2s tal+s> :underlined em!hasis inter!reted #rom source other em!hasis added;:
FBac+ around 98E> G%d) note: Nust !rior to the introduction o# American counterculture and dru$ cultureH 3resident *c'ay said F I de#initely want all the saints to (e$in studyin$ what2s ha!!enin$ to our country and what we can do a(out it)J T ere 2!% 5er4 little !ttention +!id to it 7 I have the e4act 0uote hereI it2s rather astonishin$) Not ing !++ened7 FGInH the ne4t year 98EE he had one o# the a!ostles s!ea+ on the to!ic Be Ye Not Commanded In All Thin$s G%d) note: S+ousen then !ara!hrases the meanin$ o# this tal+H F"or he that must (e commanded in all thin$s is


a sloth#ul servant) And i# you will +ee! $overnment restricted to those activities which are !rero$atives Gi)e) authorityH o# individuals you will have !eace and Nustice) The moment that you $ive $overnment the !owers o# the Boman civil law to decide what is $ood #or the masses and then #orce them to live under it < t en t e Con%titution i% de!d 7J And that2s the direction we2ve (een movin$) F3eo!le li+e .) Beu(en Clar+ and David O) *c'ay and %/ra Ta#t Benson and some o# these men who tried to s!ea+ Gout a(out itH in time )4 gener!tion ri++ed t e) to % red% in the 0uiet o# their own homes as they would say M*y I wish Brother Clar+ would stay out o# !olitics) M Bemem(er thatK They wouldn2t attac+ Brother *c'ay < he was too sweet a !erson) Instead they would attac+ those whose teachin$s he recommendedI Gthey wouldH try to destroy GtheH a!!roach indirectly)J

Both internally and e4ternally the leaders o# the Church were !ressured to FNust shut u! alreadyOJ when it came to matters o# !olitics $overnment and the corru!tion see!in$ therein < that any modicum o# s!ea+in$ out in this manner constituted a (reach o# se!aration o# church and state) Therea#ter it was an unstated FruleJ that Church leadershi! !i$eonhole themselves to s!ea+in$ only a(out matters o# s!irituality and morality) Since that time the General Authorities o# the 1DS Church have all (ut sto!!ed warnin$ a(out the very real and ever,!ersistent cree!in$ socialism that has see!ed into American $overnment :throu$h (oth maNor !olitical !arties; and eroded away our Constitutional ri$hts and #reedoms < at least overtly they have sto!!ed warnin$ a(out it) Those with eyes to see ears to hear and hearts o!en to dee!er meanin$s can correctly discern !olitical and $overnmental messa$es (ehind a $ood num(er o# General Con#erence tal+s since the late 98?62s)

Fin!l -!rning% Fro) *!rion L!2 !nd -7 Cleon S/ou%en
Continuin$ #rom other !arts o# the same tal+ (y C) Cleon S+ousen E :underlined em!hasis inter!reted #rom source other em!hasis added;:
FIt2s time #or us to sit down as (rothers and sisters) %s!ecially my $eneration needs to do a lot o# re!entin$ )))) #or the sa+e o# the ne4t $eneration) I# we will do this in time we will have the !rivile$e o# hel!in$ to #ul#ill .ose!h Smith2s $reat !ro!hecy o# what would ha!!en) FChat did he say would ha!!enK G"irst H that these !eo!le Gi)e) mem(ers o# secret societiesH that have these arti#icial su!er#icial !lans will continue to the !oint where the American !eo!le will say in dis$ust F No moreOJ As 3resident *c'ay told several o# us in 98E6 FAistory will catch u! with


them)J Ce must (e !re!ared at that time to (e a(le to ta+e the initiative when it2s o##ered to the saints) Secondly it says that the !eo!le will turn GthatH a nation will turn to this !eo!le Gi)e) the 1DS mem(ersH leanin$ u!on them as a sta## and this !eo!le will (ear the Constitution away #rom the (rin+ o# ruinO FNow I as+ you: are you ready #or this assi$nmentK ))) Ce have a vacuum in our 3riesthood culture that we2ve never #illed) And that GvacuumH is GinH !re!arin$ ourselves #or the day when Gthe nationH turnGsH and leanGsH u!on us as a sta##)J

In conNunction with his e4!erience with the *el(ourne *an Brother 1aw stresses the im!ortance o# not allowin$ ourselves to (e deceived :em!hasis added;:
FCe have a tremendous need that we (e not deceived) You recall the >Eth verse Go# DLC section 7>H it says that in that day when I shall come in my $lory shall the !ara(le (e #ul#illed which I s!a+e concernin$ the 96 vir$ins that they that are wise and have received the truth and have ta+en the Aoly S!irit #or their $uide and have not (een deceived) Ce are so deceived (y the lies and dece!tions that are !racticed u!on us that i# weQre not care#ul we will em(race them) Our minds will (e dar+ened (y those dece!tions o# Satan) F1et me Nust !oint out to you how dan$erous it is) You (rethren and you sisters the 8>th section o# the DLC says: F"or the !re!aration wherewith I desi$n to !re!are mine a!ostles to !rune my vineyard #or the last time that I may (rin$ to !ass my stran$e act that I may !our out my S!irit u!on all #leshPBut (ehold verily I say unto you that there are many who have (een ordained amon$ you whom I have called (ut #ew o# them are chosen) T e4 2 o !re not c o%en !5e %inned ! 5er4 grie5ou% %in0 in t !t t e4 !re 2!l/ing in d!r/ne%% !t noonBd!4 7J FThese do not +now the doctrines o# the +in$dom ) The mysteries o# Godliness are told to us in the tem!les) Ce donQt $o to the tem!les o#ten enou$h to $et our trainin$) The university the trainin$ $round o# the 1ordQs 'in$dom is in the tem!le)))) Ce ou$ht to +now the si$ns o# the times) FI used to (e called u!on to $ive a lot o# tal+s a(out the si$ns o# the times and havin$ your callin$ and election made sure and we donQt even (other with studyin$ the scri!tures enou$h) The 1ord has told us that the #oolish vir$ins will (e in the 'in$dom ri$ht u! until the very end and Ft e4G !re t o%e 2 o !re decei5ed !nd 2 o FdoG t e decei5ing7 JJ

In addressin$ this im!ortant !oint ta+e a moment to re#lect u!on this !art o# 3aul2s second e!istle to Timothy?:


FThis +now also that in the last days !erilous times shall come) "or men shall (e lovers o# their own selves covetous (oasters !roud (las!hemers diso(edient to !arents unthan+#ul unholy Cithout natural a##ection truce(rea+ers #alse accusers incontinent #ierce des!isers o# those that are $ood Traitors heady hi$hminded lovers o# !leasures more than lovers o# GodI Aavin$ a #orm o# $odliness (ut denyin$ the !ower thereo#: #rom such turn away) F"or o# this sort are they which cree! into houses and lead ca!tive silly women laden with sins led away with divers lusts %ver learnin$ and never a(le to come to the +nowled$e o# the truth)))) But evil men and seducers shall wa4 worse and worse decei5ing0 !nd 3eing decei5ed)J

Those who are deceived :and that includes each and every one o# us (e#ore we are #ully awa+ened; !er!etuate the dece!tion and we there(y #acilitate the dece!tion o# others) "rom the smallest !ur!ose#ul untruth s!rin$s !er!etuated error ri!!lin$ down $enerations and a##ectin$ whole nations) Is it any wonder why the 1ord !laces FThou shalt not (ear #alse witnessJ :%4odus =6:9E; so !rominently in the Ten CommandmentsK And how the 1ord so vehemently condemns Fwhosoever loveth and ma+eth a lieJ :Bevelations ==:9>;K And how Ne!hi (oldly declares FCo unto the liar #or he shall (e thrust down to hellJ := Ne!hi 8:57;K Bother 1aw continues:
F1et me re#er you to a cou!le more scri!tures) In the 7Eth section o# the DLC the E ? and @th verses: FAnd a$ain I say unto you concernin$ your con#irmation meetin$s that i# there (e any that are not o# the church that are earnestly see+in$ a#ter the +in$dom ye shall not cast them out) But ye are commanded in all thin$s to as+ o# God who $iveth li(erallyI and that which the S!irit testi#ies unto you even so I would that ye should do in all holiness o# heart wal+in$ u!ri$htly (e#ore me considerin$ the end o# your salvation doin$ all thin$s with !rayer and than+s$ivin$ that ye may not (e seduced (y evil s!irits or doctrines o# devils or the commandments o# menI #or some are o# men and others o# devils) Chere#ore (eware lest ye are deceivedI and that ye may not (e deceived see+ ye earnestly the (est $i#ts always remem(erin$ #or what they are $ivenIJ

Bead that a$ain: Fthat ye may not (e seduced (y evil s!irits or doctrines o# devils or the commandments o# menI #or some are o# men and others o# devils)J Secular Aumanism and all variations o# New A$e reli$ions < these are the doctrines o# devils) They are seductive doctrines (ecause they have an

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THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I a!!earance o# (enevolence and virtue) Yet every sin$le tenet !ractice teachin$ and nuance s!rin$s #rom the source o# evil no matter how much they may try to imitate true morality) :This is covered in more detail in later cha!ters);
FG1Het me !oint you to the 99=th section o# DLC and this is the one that we really need to !ay !articular attention to: F2Verily verily I say unto you dar+ness covereth the earth and $ross dar+ness the minds o# the !eo!le and all #lesh has (ecome corru!t (e#ore my #ace) Behold ven$eance cometh s!eedily u!on the inha(itants o# the earth a day o# wrath a day o# (urnin$ a day o# desolation o# wee!in$ o# mournin$ and o# lamentationI and as a whirlwind it shall come u!on all the #ace o# the earth saith the 1ord) And u!on my house shall it (e$in and #rom my house shall it $o #orth saith the 1ordI2J FT e Lord 2ill 3egin to cle!n%e t e e!rt 0 3eginning in i% o2n ou%e7 8+on t o%e 2 o !re decei5ed who +now not the !lan o# the 1ord who donQt understand the !ower o# the Aoly Ghost who donQt understand what it ta+es to !uri#y us))))J

At one !oint durin$ his tal+ Brother 1aw ta+es a tan$ent to relate a dream that he had)
FI had a dream in which I was standin$ over in the Taylorsville area on the street and I was dressed in my suit and white shirt and everythin$ (ut all around me were !eo!le layin$ in the streets dyin$ and dead !eo!le and as I loo+ed out across the GSalt 1a+eH valley I could see the #lash o# $uns and the smo+e the smo+e and #ires the city was on #ire and it was a war you hear the war $oin$ on and I was Nut GsicH dum(#ounded) 3eo!le were holdin$ out their hands and !leadin$ #or hel! and it was a scene o# intense war#are and as I stood there in the middle o# the street a voice said to me 2You canQt $o) You have to stay and hel! the !eo!le 2 and I wa+ened u! in the middle o# the ni$ht sayin$ to my wi#e 2I can2t $o2 and she said 2You can2t $o whereK2 2I canQt $o u! in the mountains)2))) That scene was so vivid GthatH I recounted it to Pre%7 :en%on and he said .:rot er L!20 4ou !5e %een 2 !t I !5e %een7. Ae said .T i% 5!lle4 2ill F3e "illed 2it G t e %cene o" 2!r"!re !nd 3lood% ed 3e"ore t e Lord co)e%))))J

"inally Brother 1aw concludes his tal+ with a stern warnin$ :em!hasis added;:
F*y (rothers and sisters we have $ot to (ecome a holy !eo!le a Sion !eo!le))) Ce donQt have time to live all the mista+es that are !ossi(le #or us to live out < to $o thou$h all the mista+es to the re!entin$ and all that sort o# thin$) Our time is now)))) Ce need to search the scri!tures to #east u!on them as Ne!hi said) And to ma+e them the most inte$ral !art o# our lives) They will tri$$er us to the ri$ht actions ) They will (rin$ us to action)


Ce need the action (ut it has to (e the ri$ht action #or the ri$ht reason) The scri!tures will do that #or us) They will condition us) In the 9=9st Section o# the DLC it says: 21et virtue $arnish thy thou$hts unceasin$lyI then shall thy con#idence wa4 stron$ in the !resence o# GodI and the doctrine o# the !riesthood shall distil u!on thy soul as the dews #rom heaven)2 Beali/e that these thin$s come #rom conditionin$ our GownH minds) ThatQs why we have these scri!tures) You canQt read these enou$h)))) FSo when the terri(le times o# the earth come u!on us and we have not even (e$un to understand what those are) The si$ns o# the times are #ri$htenin$ and terri(le) In #act weQre told that they will (ecome so terri(le that the Saints will stand still and !lead with the 1ord to let the end come) But t ere !% to 3e ! grou+ o" +eo+le t !t !re %o co))itted0 %o "!it "ul0 !nd %o rig teou% t !t !round t e) c!n g!t er t e 2e!/ one% !nd t e4 c!n 3eco)e %tronger !nd %tronger %o t !t t e /ingdo) o" t e Lord c!n 3e e%t!3li% ed t !t t e Ne2 Heru%!le) c!n e<i%t !nd 3e re!l ) I want to (ear you my testimony that the 1ord has (een tremendously $ood to me) Ae $ave me my wi#e (y revelation he has $uided my li#e many times (y revelation and I have heard the voice o# the 1ord witnessin$ to many thin$s (ut most !recious to me is the #eelin$ the !iercin$ o# my soul with the Aoly Ghost that testi#ied to me when he told me that .esus Christ was his son < #or this accordin$ to the !ro!het .ose!h is the true testimony to +now that .esus is the Son o# God) FAnd I testi#y to you that these thin$s are true t e ene)4 i% !3out u% !nd !ll !round u% it is everywhere it is in our midst) It 2!% !t :Y8 FPro5oG in gre!t inten%it47 There were men there who sent a !etition to Salt 1a+e encoura$in$ 3res) *c'ay to resi$n and (ecome a !ro!het emeritus so that they could $et on with some(ody that wasnQt old and #ee(le and (ro+en down) FThe 1ord runs the 'in$dom) It is Ais +in$dom) Ae decides) FI want you to +now that I love the 1ord with all my heart)))) And I Nust wish I was a (etter man) I wish I could (ecome a holy man and (e as $ood as I !reach) I have the same !ro(lem as 3aul had when he said when I would do $ood evil is !resent with me) The $ood that I would I do not) The evil that I would not that I do) But I encoura$e you Brothers and Sisters to +now that i# you will #east u!on the scri!tures i# you will #ast and !ray that it will $ive you the stren$th to (e men and women < men and women that the 1ord e4!ects us to (e) FI testi#y o# these thin$s in the name o# .esus Christ Amen)J


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I 9 Duoted #rom !a$es 9E8 and 9?6 o# the re!ort) *em(ers o# the Committee:
Senator Nelson S) Dilworth :Chairman; Senator Arthor A) Breed .r) Senator Au$h 3) Donnelly Senator "red Cey(ret Senator .) Aoward Cilliams *rs) *arianne Corr Besearch and Investi$ation

= Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-CommunistV*ani#esto 5 Source < htt!:--www)latterdayconservative)com-articles-the,(rother,law,#ireside7 FThelema is a s!iritual !hiloso!hy :re#erred to (y some as a reli$ion; that was
develo!ed (y the early =6th century British writer and ceremonial ma$ician Aleister Crowley))))J Crowley was re#erred to in the !o!ular !ress o# %n$land as Fthe wic+edest man in the worldJ durin$ the 98E62s) O# the several do/en cele(rities and !rominent #i$ures on the world,#amous al(um cover o# The Beatles2 S$t) 3e!!er2s 1onely Aearts Clu( Band Crowley2s ima$e was !rominently !laced in the u!!er,le#t corner < in the num(er two !osition) Be#er to the ima$e #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: S$t 3e!!ers cover , Aleister Crowley num(er = FThe Thelemic !antheon includes a num(er o# deities #ocusin$ !rimarily on a trinity o# deities ada!ted #rom ancient %$y!tian reli$ion)))) The reli$ion is #ounded u!on the idea that the =6th century mar+ed the (e$innin$ o# the Aeon o# Aorus in which a new ethical code would (e #ollowedI MDo what thou wilt shall (e the whole o# the 1awM) This statement indicates that adherents who are +nown as Thelemites should see+ out and #ollow their own true !ath in li#e +nown as their True Cill rather than their e$oic desires) The !hiloso!hy also em!hasi/es the ritual !ractice o# *a$ic+)J :Sources < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-ThelemaI and htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-1istVo#Vima$esVonVtheVcoverVo#VS$t)V3e!!er U=?sV1onelyVAeartsVClu(VBand;

> Be#er to the *35 audio #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: C Cleon S+ousen , Bi!!ed
Them To Shreds

E I(id) ? = Timothy 5:9,? 95



FThe condition u!on which God hath $iven li(erty to man is eternal vi$ilance)J 9 < .ohn 3hil!ot Curran Irish statesman 9?86= FSome Boo+ o# *ormon !ro!hets +new o# the #inal desolate end o# their nations (ut they still #ou$ht on and they saved some souls includin$ their own (y so doin$) "or a#ter all the !ur!ose o# li#e is to !rove ourselves and the #inal victory will (e #or #reedom) FBut many o# the !ro!hecies re#errin$ to AmericaQs !reservation are conditional) That is i# we do our duty we can (e !reserved and i# not then we shall (e destroyed) This means that a $ood deal o# the res!onsi(ility lies with the !riesthood o# this Church as to what ha!!ens to America and as to how much tra$edy can (e avoided i# we do act now) FAnd now as to the last neutrali/er that the devil uses most e##ectivelyPit is sim!ly this: FDonQt do anythin$ in the #i$ht #or #reedom until the Church sets u! its own s!eci#ic !ro$ram to save the Constitution)J This (rin$s us ri$ht (ac+ to the scri!ture I o!ened with today P, to those sloth#ul servants who will not do anythin$ until they are Fcom!elled in all thin$s)J *ay(e the 1ord will never set u! a s!eci#ic church !ro$ram #or the !ur!ose o# savin$ the Constitution) 3erha!s i# he set one u! at this time it mi$ht s!lit the Church asunder and !erha!s he does not want that to ha!!en yet



#or not all the wheat and tares are #ully ri!e)
FThe 3ro!het .ose!h Smith declared it will (e the elders o# Israel who will ste! #orward to hel! save the Constitution not the Church) And have we elders (een warnedK Yes we have) And have we elders (een $iven the $uide linesK Yes indeed we have) And (esides i# the Church should ever inau$urate a !ro$ram who do you thin+ would (e in the #ore#ront to $et it movin$K It would not (e those who were sittin$ on the sidelines !rior to that time or those who were a!!easin$ the enemy) It would (e those choice s!irits who not waitin$ to (e Fcommanded in all thin$s J used their own #ree will the counsel o# the !ro!hets and the S!irit o# the 1ord as $uidelines and who entered the (attle Fin a $ood causeJ and (rou$ht to !ass much ri$hteousness in #reedomQs cause)))) FBrethren i# we had done our homewor+ and were #aith#ul we could ste! #orward at this time and hel! save this country) The #act that most o# us are un!re!ared to do it is an indictment we will have to (ear) T e longer 2e 2!it0 t e e!5ier t e c !in%0 t e dee+er t e 3lood0 t e )ore t e +er%ecution !nd t e le%% 2e c!n c!rr4 out our GodBgi5en )!nd!te !nd 2orldB2ide )i%%ion7 The war in heaven is ra$in$ on earth today) Are you (ein$ neutrali/ed in the (attleK J < %/ra Ta#t Benson 98E>5 FChurch mem(ers are at !er#ect li(erty to act accordin$ to their own consciences in the matter o# sa#e$uardin$ our way o# li#e) They are o# course encoura$ed to honor the hi$hest standards o# the $os!el and to wor+ to !reserve their own #reedoms) They are #ree to !artici!ate in non,church meetin$s that are held to warn !eo!le o# the threat o# Communism or any other theory or !rinci!le that will de!rive us o# our #ree a$ency or individual li(erties vouchsa#ed (y the Constitution o# the &nited States) FThe Church out o# res!ect #or the ri$hts o# all its mem(ers to have their !olitical views and loyalties must maintain the strictest !ossi(le neutrality) Ce have no intention o# tryin$ to inter#ere with the #ullest and #reest e4ercise o# the !olitical #ranchise o# our mem(ers under and within our Constitution which the 1ord declared he esta(lished F(y the hands o# wise men whom GheH raised u! unto this very !ur!oseJ :DLC 969:@6; and which as to the !rinci!les thereo# the 3ro!het .ose!h Smith dedicatin$ the 'irtland Tem!le !rayed should (e Festa(lished #orever)J :DLC 968:>7); The Church does not yield any o# its devotion to or convictions a(out sa#e$uardin$ the



American !rinci!les and the esta(lishments o# $overnment under #ederal and state constitutions and the civil ri$hts o# men sa#e$uarded (y these)
F))) Ce there#ore commend and encoura$e every !erson and every $rou! who is sincerely see+in$ to %tud4 Con%titution!l +rinci+le% and !2!/en ! %lee+ing !nd !+!t etic +eo+le to t e !l!r)ing condition% that are ra!idly advancin$ a(out us)J < 3resident o# the 1DS Church David O) *c'ay 98EE7

Fore/no2ledge o" t e S!int%. F!ilure in :ot S+iritu!l 9igil!nce !nd Ci5ic (utie%
The !ost,Corld Car II $eneration:s; o# 1atter,Day Saints #rom the 98>62s E62s and ?62s were re!eatedly called u!on to shoulder the duty o# eternal vi$ilance in sa#e$uardin$ !rotectin$ and soundin$ out to the nation re$ardin$ the li(erties and !rinci!les vouchsa#ed in the Constitution) &n#ortunately des!ite the worldly and s!iritual (lessin$s and wealth that a considera(le !ercenta$e o# them o(tained durin$ this !eriod they shir+ed that duty) Nearly all o# them (ecame sloth#ul in heedin$ these warnin$s and admonitions) 'nowin$ that this would occur the 1ord !rovided a !ara(le a(out the matter) This !ara(le was recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants section 969 verses 75 to E=) Verses 75 throu$h >6 re!resent what has trans!ired u! until this day) Those verses read as #ollows:
FAnd now I will show unto you a !ara(le that you may +now my will concernin$ the redem!tion o# Sion) FA certain no(leman had a s!ot o# land very choiceI and he said unto his servants: Go ye unto my vineyard even u!on this very choice !iece o# land and !lant twelve olive,treesI And set watchmen round a(out them and (uild a tower that one may overloo+ the land round a(out to (e a watchman u!on the tower that mine olive,trees may not (e (ro+en down when the enemy shall come to s!oil and ta+e u!on themselves the #ruit o# my vineyard) Now the servants o# the no(leman went and did as their lord commanded them and !lanted the olive,trees and (uilt a hed$e round a(out and set watchmen and (e$an to (uild a tower) FAnd while they were yet layin$ the #oundation thereo# they (e$an to say amon$ themselves: And what need hath my lord o# this towerK And consulted #or a lon$ time sayin$ amon$ themselves: Chat need hath my lord o# this tower seein$ this is a time o# !eaceK *i$ht not this money (e


$iven to the e4chan$ersK "or there is no need o# these thin$s) And while they were at variance one with another they (ecame very sloth#ul and they hear+ened not unto the commandments o# their lord)J

Sym(ols within the !ara(le and their meanin$: • the no(leman < the 1ord .esus Christ • the vineyard < the earth • a very choice s!ot o# land < North America s!eci#ically the &nited States • the no(leman2s servants < leaders and mem(ers o# the Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,Day Saints • to !lant olive trees < to !re!are #or the 'in$dom o# God to come to earth) S!eci#ically: esta(lish tem!les sta+es wards (ranches etc) • to set watchmen round a(out them < callin$s in the Church that watch and !rotect over the $eneral wel#are o# the mem(ers includin$ (isho!rics sta+e !residencies Belie# Society !residencies etc) • to (uild a tower < esta(lish a manner in which to (e a(le to see dan$er a!!roachin$ the Church #rom outside its F(ordersJ :i)e) erosion o# ri$hts o# worshi! etc); as well as detect attem!ts to in#iltrate the Church (y wolves in shee!2s clothin$) The #ollowin$ ta(le com!ares !ara(le elements to real,world instances:
3ara(le Verses 75 to 7E: G3Hlant twelve olive,treesI And set watchmen round a(out them and (uild a tower that one may overloo+ the land round a(out to (e a watchman u!on the tower that mine olive,trees may not (e (ro+en down when the enemy shall come)))) Now the servants o# the no(leman went and did as their lord commanded them and !lanted the olive,trees and (uilt a hed$e round a(out and set watchmen and (e$an to (uild a tower) Verses 7? and [email protected]: GTHhey (e$an to say amon$ themselves: And what need hath my lord o# this towerK And consulted #or a lon$ time sayin$ amon$ themselves: Chat need hath my lord o# this tower seein$ this is a time o# !eaceK Beal Corld "or over a century a#ter the Church2s restoration the saints har+ened to the commandments o# the 1ord in #oundin$ esta(lishin$ and maintainin$ the 'in$dom o# God on earth) %ventually they were as+ed (y !resident David O) *c'ay in .une 98EE Fto study Constitutional !rinci!les and awa+en a slee!in$ and a!athetic !eo!le to the alarmin$ conditions that are ra!idly advancin$ a(out usJ As descri(ed earlier the saints2 attitudes were alon$ the lines o#: FI wish the General Authorities would stay out o# !oliticsO I2m sic+ o# hearin$ a(out needin$ to study the Constitution and $et involved in civic matters) They are ecclesiastical leaders and ou$ht not (reach these to!ics) They ou$ht to !rovide s!iritual and moral leadershi! instead o# (ein$ !oliticians)J


Verses 78 and >6: *i$ht not this money (e $iven to the e4chan$ersK "or there is no need o# these thin$s) And while they were at variance one with another they (ecame very sloth#ul and they hear+ened not unto the commandments o# their lord) The saints2 attitude: FOu$ht not we #ocus our time talents and e##orts in ma$ni#yin$ our Church callin$s and raisin$ our #amilies the (est we canKO This must not (e a commandment (ut merely advice < #or the Church has no o##icial !ro$ram to dischar$e such) I don2t li+e !olitics anyway and I don2t want to $et involved in controversial thin$s)J

This attitude amon$ the saints < that the General Authorities ou$ht not (reach any sem(lance o# !olitical matters < has !ersisted #or decades) Not only has it (een !assed on to at least two additional $enerations it has ta+en hold to the !oint where many saints #elt o##ended that The "irst 3residency would admonish mem(ers to (ecome active in the matter o# Cali#ornia2s 3ro!osition @ des!ite it (ein$ a !olitici/ed morality issue) The current $eneration o# 1atter,Day Saints are now !ayin$ #or !revious $enerations2 sloth#ulness and unwillin$ness to stand u! in matters o# #ederal and civic corru!tion in #ailin$ to de#end the !olitical and $overnmental admonitions o# their leaders and in #ailin$ to (e vi$ilant re$ardin$ the ri$hts and li(erties e4tended in the Constitution) Ce are !ayin$ #or it !rimarily in the vast maNority o# today2s 1DS (ein$ so readily (linded (y the secular social and !olitical !ro!a$anda o# *ystery Ba(ylon < the maNority o# today2s saints havin$ a di##icult time develo!in$ eyes that see ears that hear and hearts that are #erociously #irm in the testimony o# true !rinci!les) The line and division (etween Ba(ylon and Sion is $rowin$ dee!er at e4!onentially #aster rates yet a $reat maNority o# 1DS !eo!le today continually strive to straddle that line) In #act many maintain astonishin$ly (aseless ho!es that a hand#ul o# !u(licly,reco$ni/ed worldly,!rominent 1DS mem(ers will not only maintain a (rid$e over this $a! :i)e) +ee!in$ the 1DS Church acce!ta(le - not detesta(le in the eyes o# the $eneral !u(lic; (ut may also somehow (e a(le to close that $a!) And this des!ite the wic+edness o# the !o!ulace o# the Cestern nations 0uic+ly a!!roachin$ the a(ysmal de!ths !reviously only achieved (y the !eo!le o# the antediluvian era :i)e) Noah2s time;) Very soon the divide will (ecome too $reat) 3ersecution will (ecome intensely #ocused u!on the 1DS !eo!le) &n#ortunately many will end u! surrenderin$ their testimonies and side with Ba(ylon) Ce are seein$ it in relatively small num(ers today) Bi$ht now < ri$ht now < is the time that the wheat and the tares are (ein$ #ully ri!ened) The time #or them to (e divided and harvested is u!on us) The wheat and tares as well as the 96 vir$ins in Christ2s !ara(les re!resent mem(ers o# the 1DS Church and all other honest,in,heart Christians throu$hout the world who continue to (e deceived that the Church


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I is not actually the restored Church o# .esus Christ) The wheat will (e collected and s!ared while the tares will (e (urned alon$ with the rest o# the #ield) The #ive wise vir$ins will (e !reserved into !laces o# sa#ety durin$ the $reat tri(ulationsI the #ive #oolish vir$ins will miss their o!!ortunity to do so and their cries and su!!lications to the 1ord to (e $uided to these !laces will (e i$nored) Ce are not $iven to +now their #ate (ut !erha!s when the actual events trans!ire the 1ord will (e merci#ul in !reservin$ many o# them durin$ their tri(ulations) Ce can only ho!e and !ray so #or undou(tedly many o# our #riends and loved ones will (e amon$ their num(er) The remainder o# the !ara(le will (e ta+en u! in the cha!ter 3ara(le o# the No(leman And the Olive Trees 3art II)

9 The o#t,0uoted ada$e o# F%ternal vi$ilance is the !rice o# li(ertyJ is !ossi(ly
erroneously attri(uted solely to Thomas .e##erson) It does not a!!ear in any o# .e##erson2s +nown writin$s (ut it ha!!ened to (e a rather #re0uent sentiment e4!ressed (y several sources (etween [email protected] to [email protected]>6)

= Duoted #rom his s!eech $iven when elected as 1ord *ayor o# Du(lin 5 Duoted #rom Not Commanded in All Thin$s General Con#erence A!ril 98E>
:em!hasis added;

7 Duoted #rom Statement Concernin$ the 3osition o# the Church on Communism
!u(lished in The Im!rovement %ra .une 98EE !) 7?? :em!hasis added;



In an a$e o# increasin$ hostility towards or$ani/ed reli$ion and increased sca!e$oatin$ in #allacious claims that many o# societies ills ori$inate #rom reli$ious institutions what (etter way to dis$uise the morals ethics codes !hiloso!hies and doctrines o# the mystery schools than to !resent them as e4istin$ wholly outside the #ramewor+ o# reli$ion < that they are universally a!!lied s!iritual truths < that they are a #undamental !art o# man+ind2s meta!hysical natureK In other words: seculari/e them) This is !recisely what has (een done) Over the !ast century mystery school theolo$ies and tenets have (een $radually in#used into Cestern !o!ular culture throu$h secular channels) They now !ermeate the mindset o# the $eneral !u(lic as acce!ted Fnon,o##ensive truths)J Three !articular movements esta(lished to accom!lish this include: Theoso!hy Secular Aumanism and New A$e S!iritualism) These have (een created #unded and !romoted within !o!ular secular culture with the !ur!ose o# dis$uisin$ what is 1uci#erian doctrine at its root) In every instance the reli$iosity o# the tenets have (een made acce!ta(le either throu$h $enerali/ed mystical !retentiously,so!histicated $randiose terminolo$y or throu$h whitewashin$ the s!iritual as!ects o# 1uci#erian values (y claimin$ to use scienti#ic methods o# searchin$ #or the virtues that (est suit the human race) The #ormer method ma+es such do$ma easier to swallow and em(race #or s!iritually,minded !eo!leI the latter method is $eared to a!!eal to academics intellectuals and atheists) Cith either route the end results are already !lotted to arrive at the destination o# mystery

[email protected]

THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I school 1uci#erianism) The #ollowin$ summaries constitute acce!ted in#ormation re$ardin$ each o# these movements: descri!tions and

T eo%o+ 4
FTheoso!hy :Gree+ ori$in translates as Mdivine wisdomM; re#ers to systems o# s!eculative !hiloso!hy concernin$ or investi$ation see+in$ direct +nowled$e o# !resumed mysteries o# (ein$ and nature !articularly concernin$ the nature o# divinity) FTheoso!hy is considered a !art o# the (roader #ield o# esotericism re#errin$ to hidden +nowled$e or wisdom that o##ers the individual enli$htenment and salvation)R The theoso!hist see+s to understand the mysteries o# the universe and the (onds that unite the universe humanity and the divine) The $oal o# theoso!hy is to e4!lore the ori$in o# divinity and humanity and the end o# world li#e and humanity) "rom investi$ation o# those to!ics theoso!hists try to discover a coherent descri!tion o# the !ur!ose and ori$in o# the universe)))) FThe three characteristics o# theoso!hy: 9) Divine-Auman-Nature Trian$le: The ins!ired analysis which circles throu$h these three an$les) The intradivine withinI the ori$in death and !lacement o# the human relatin$ to Divinity and NatureI Nature as alive the e4ternal intellectual and material) All three com!le4 correlations synthesi/e via the intellect and ima$inative !rocesses o# *ind) =) 3rimacy o# the *ythic: The creative Ima$ination an e4ternal world o# sym(ols $ly!hs myths synchronicities and the myriad alon$ with ima$e all as a universal reality #or the inter!lay conNoined (y creative mind) 5) Access to Su!reme Corlds: The awa+enin$ within inherently !ossessin$ the #aculty to directly connect to the Divine world:s;) The e4istence o# a s!ecial human a(ility to create this connection) The a(ility to connect and e4!lore all levels o# realityI co,!enetrate the human with the divineI to (ond to all reality and e4!erience a uni0ue inner awa+enin$)J 9 G%d) note: i)e) mystic,s!ea+ o# the mystery school !hiloso!hy that one can (ecome a $od throu$h one2s intellect $uided (y 1uci#er)H))))

Consider the #lowery am(i$uous lar$ely e4oteric lan$ua$e with which Theoso!hy !ractitioners dis$uise what is in reality the !rocess o#: invitin$ evil s!irits into one2s li#e allowin$ onesel# to (e increasin$ly seduced and deceived (y such s!irits via their mani!ulations o# the mind and conscious and the eventual acce!tance o# such s!irits !ermanently residin$ within and


SEC8L&R SPIRIT8&LITY: NONE (&RE C&LL IT RELIGION $uidin$ them :em!hasis added;:
FAntoine "aivre= success#ully created a ta4onomy a!!roach as a means to com!arin$ various traditions) Ae !roceeded (y ta+in$ the concordance o# neo!latonism Aermeticism 'a(allah astrolo$y alchemy ma$ic etc) and deduced si4 #undamental characteristics o# esoteric s!irituality) Ae discovered that the #irst #our characteristics o# esotericism are always !resent while the latter two are sometimes !resent) Alon$ with these si4 characteristics o# esotericism he identi#ied three characteristics o# theoso!hy) FThe si4 characteristics o# esotericism G%d) note: each o# which ou$ht to (e a red #la$ #or *ormons and Christians should they encounter any teachin$ :reli$ious or secular; that incor!orates one or all o# the #ollowin$H: 9) Corres!ondence: %verythin$ in Nature is a si$n) The si$ns o# Nature can (e read) The microcosm and macrocosm inter!lay) Synchronicity e4ists and can (e #ound as si$ns #rom Nature and may lead to the understandin$ o# the divine) =) Nature is Alive: It is not Nust correlations (etween !ieces o# matter) It is a livin$ entity that will and does sur$e and evolve throu$h its e4!andin$ sel# re!lete with dynamic #lows o# ener$y and li$ht) 5) Ima$ination and mediations: Ima$inations as a !ower that !rovides access to worlds and levels o# reality intermediary (etween the material world and the divine) 7) %4!erience o# Transmutation: The Gnosis and illuminations o# sel# and mind !er#ormin$ a transmutation o# consciousness) The (irth o# an awareness a second new li#e (ecomes (orn) >) 3ractice o# Concordance: 3rimordial Tradition) Studyin$ traditions reli$ions etc) see+in$ the common one Boot #rom which all esoteric +nowled$e $rows) E) Transmission: *aster,Disci!le master,Initiate initiation into the Occult)J 5

:l!5!t%/i!n T eo%o+ 4 !nd t e T eo%o+ ic!l Societ4
FIn [email protected]?> Aelena Blavats+y G%d) note: introduced and 0uoted in !revious cha!tersH Aenry Steel Olcott and Cilliam Duan .ud$e co,#ounded The Theoso!hical Society) :l!5!t%/4 co)3ined E!%tern religiou% tr!dition% 2it -e%tern e%oteric te!c ing% to cre!te ! %4nt e%i% % e c!lled t e Perenni!l Religion ) She develo!ed this in Isis &nveiled :[email protected]??; and The Secret Doctrine :[email protected]@@; G%d) note: which ha!!ened to (e one o# Aitler2s (i$$est in#luencesH her maNor wor+s and e4!osition o# her Theoso!hy)))) FAelena Blavats+y tau$ht that Theoso!hy is neither revelation nor s!eculation) Blavats+y stated that T eo%o+ 4 2!% !n !tte)+t !t ! gr!du!l0 "!it "ul reintroduction o" ! it erto idden %cience c!lled T e Occult %cience in Theoso!hical literature) Accordin$ to Blavats+y Occult science !rovides a descri!tion o# reality not only at a !hysical level


(ut also on a meta!hysical one) Blavats+y said Occult science had (een +re%er5ed !nd +r!cticed t roug out i%tor4 34 c!re"ull4 %elected !nd tr!ined indi5idu!l%) FThe Theoso!hical Society (elieves its !rece!ts and doctrinal #oundation will (e veri#ied when a Theoso!hist #ollows !rescri(ed disci!lines to develo! meta!hysical means o# +nowled$e that transcend the limitations o# the senses G%d) note: i)e) allowin$ demonic !ossession and $uidance to ta+e !lace within their soulH)J 7

Secul!r Hu)!ni%)
FSecular humanism em(races human reason and secular ethics while s!eci#ically reNectin$ reli$ious do$ma su!ernaturalism !seudoscience or su!erstition as the (asis o# morality and decision,ma+in$) FThou$h it !osits that human (ein$s are ca!a(le o# (ein$ ethical and moral without reli$ion or God it neither assumes humans to (e inherently evil or innately $ood nor !resents humans as Ma(ove natureM or su!erior to it) Bather the humanist li#e stance em!hasi/es the uni0ue res!onsi(ility #acin$ humanity and the ethical conse0uences o# human decisions) "undamental to the conce!t o# secular humanism is the stron$ly held view!oint that ideolo$y P (e it reli$ious or !olitical P must (e thorou$hly e4amined (y each individual and not sim!ly acce!ted or reNected on #aith) Alon$ with this an essential !art o# secular humanism is ! continu!ll4 !d!+ting %e!rc "or trut 0 +ri)!ril4 t roug %cience !nd + ilo%o+ 4)))) FAccordin$ to the Council #or Secular Aumanism within the &nited States the term MSecular AumanismM descri(es a world view with the #ollowin$ elements and !rinci!les: • Need to test (elie#s < A conviction that do$mas ideolo$ies and traditions whether reli$ious !olitical or social must (e wei$hed and tested (y each individual and not sim!ly acce!ted (y #aith) • Beason evidence scienti#ic method < A commitment to the use o# critical reason #actual evidence and scienti#ic methods o# in0uiry in see+in$ solutions to human !ro(lems and answers to im!ortant human 0uestions) • "ul#illment $rowth creativity < A !rimary concern with #ul#illment $rowth and creativity #or (oth the individual and human+ind in $eneral) • Search #or truth < A constant search #or o(Nective truth with the understandin$ that new +nowled$e and e4!erience constantly alter our im!er#ect !erce!tion o# it) • This li#e < A concern #or this li#e :as o!!osed to an a#terli#e; and a commitment to ma+in$ it meanin$#ul throu$h (etter understandin$


o# ourselves our history our intellectual and artistic achievements and the outloo+s o# those who di##er #rom us) • %thics < A search #or via(le individual social and !olitical !rinci!les o# ethical conduct Nud$in$ them on their a(ility to enhance human well,(ein$ and individual res!onsi(ility) • Buildin$ a (etter world < A conviction that with reason an o!en e4chan$e o# ideas $ood will and tolerance !ro$ress can (e made in (uildin$ a (etter world #or ourselves and our children) FA Secular Aumanist Declaration was issued in [email protected] (y the Council #or Secular Aumanism2s !redecessor COD%SA) It lays out ten ideals: • "ree in0uiry as o!!osed to censorshi! and im!osition o# (elie#I • se!aration o# church and stateI • the ideal o# #reedom #rom reli$ious control and #rom Nin$oistic $overnment controlI • ethics (ased on critical intelli$ence rather than that deduced #rom reli$ious (elie#I • moral educationI • reli$ious s+e!ticismI • reasonI • a (elie# in science and technolo$y as the (est way o# understandin$ the worldI • evolutionI • and education as the essential method o# (uildin$ humane #ree and democratic societies)))) FAs an or$ani/ed movement Aumanism itsel# is 0uite recent < (orn at the &niversity o# Chica$o in the 98=6s and made !u(lic in 9855 with the !u(lication o# the #irst Aumanist *ani#esto) G%d) note: the #irst and second mani#estos are availa(le in the su!!ortin$ material)>H))) FSecular Aumanism a##irms that with the !resent state +nowled$e do$matic (elie# in an a(solutist moral-ethical 'antian Islamic Christian; is unreasona(le) Aowever it individuals en$a$in$ in rational moral-ethical deli(erations some universal Mo(Nective standardsM)))) o# scienti#ic system :e)$) a##irms that can discover

FAtheists a$nostics deists !antheists and rationalists are those thou$ht to (e su!!orters o# Aumanism althou$h they may not always (e) Aowever these (elie#s are occu!ied with meta!hysical issues addressin$ 0uestions o# e4istence while Aumanism i$nores such meta!hysical matters and has its #ocus on ethics)J E

It all sounds so reasona(le and innocuous doesn2t itK Chy not e4!lore and attem!t to de#ine morality and ethics outside the realm o# s!irituality and reli$ion es!ecially when reli$ions throu$hout the world don2t entirely see eye,to,eye on these thin$sK &n#ortunately well #unded and heavily !romoted movements that deny :or attem!t to minimi/e; the e4istence o# God are never innocuous nor are


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I those !romul$atin$ such movements the least (it o(Nective or un(iased in their $oals) "or all its declarations o# de#inin$ ethics (ased u!on scienti#ic method !ra$matic evidence intellectual reason and such let us not #or$et how easy it is to twist a(use and misinter!ret science reason or any other ever,shi#tin$ human deduction (y those with the money in#luence and cunnin$ to sha!e !u(lic o!inion) This is !recisely what was done with tremendous e##ect in Na/i Germany) It has (een occurrin$ in much more su(tle #ashion in America #or over E6 years) One o# the ori$inal 57 si$natories and co,author o# the #irst Aumanist *ani#esto in 9855 was .ohn Dewey) Ae also ha!!ens to (e heralded as The "ather o# *odern :3u(lic; %ducation)
F.ohn Dewey was an American !hiloso!her !sycholo$ist and educational re#ormer whose ideas have (een in#luential in education and social re#orm) Dewey was an im!ortant early develo!er o# the !hiloso!hy o# !ra$matism and one o# the #ounders o# #unctional !sycholo$y) Ae was a maNor re!resentative o# !ro$ressive education and li(eralism)J ?

Throu$h the !hiloso!hical social and academic hi$h,level !lacement and !romotion o# .ohn Dewey :and men li+e him; the #ederal De!artment o# %ducation was #ormed and national standardi/ed academic testin$ was im!lemented) This resulted in a $radual (ut steady in#iltration o# secular humanist ideals within all levels o# !u(lic school curricula < which in turn determined the standards that state and local !u(lic schools have (een re0uired to ado!t) 3resident %/ra Ta#t Benson had some choice words o# warnin$ a(out this !ervasive in#luence in !u(lic educational institutions in his Octo(er 98?6 General Con#erence address :em!hasis added;:
FAs a watchman on the tower I #eel to warn you that one o# the chie# means o# misleadin$ our youth and destroyin$ the #amily unit is our educational institutions) 3resident .ose!h ") Smith re#erred to #alse educational ideas as one o# the three threatenin$ dan$ers amon$ our Church mem(ers) There is more than one reason why the Church is advisin$ our youth to attend colle$es close to their homes where institutes o# reli$ion are availa(le) It $ives the !arents the o!!ortunity to stay close to their childrenI and i" t e4 !5e 3eco)e !lert !nd in"or)ed !% Pre%ident *cA!4 !d)oni% ed u% l!%t 4e!r0 these +!rent% c!n el+ e<+o%e %o)e o" t e dece+tion% o# men li+e Si$mund "reud Charles Darwin Ho n (e2e4 'arl *ar4 .ohn 'eynes and others) FToday there are much worse thin$s that can ha!!en to a child than not $ettin$ a #ull colle$e education) In #act %o)e o" t e 2or%t t ing% !5e !++ened to our c ildren 2 ile !ttending college% led 34 !d)ini%tr!tor% 2 o 2in/ !t %u35er%ion !nd !)or!lit4 )


FSaid 'arl G) *aeser FI would rather have my child e4!osed to small!o4 ty!hus #ever cholera or other mali$nant and deadly diseases than to the de$radin$ in#luence o# a corru!t teacher) It is in#initely (etter to ta+e chances with an i$norant (ut !ure,minded teacher than with the $reatest !hiloso!her who is im!ure)J FVocational education corres!ondence courses esta(lishment in a #amily (usiness are (ein$ considered #or their children (y an increasin$ num(er o# !arents) FThe tenth !lan+ in 'arl *ar4Qs *ani#esto #or destroyin$ our civili/ation advocated the esta(lishment o# F#ree education #or all in !u(lic schools)J There were several reasons why *ar4 $overnment to run the schools) Dr) A) A) Aod$e !ointed out one when he said: +ind o# children wanted o# them

FIt is ca!a(le o# e4act demonstration that i# every !arty in the State has the ri$ht o# e4cludin$ #rom !u(lic schools whatever he does not (elieve to (e true then he that (elieves most )u%t gi5e 2!4 to him that (elieves least and then he that (elieves least )u%t gi5e 2!4 to him that (elieves a(solutely nothin$ no )!tter in o2 %)!ll ! )inorit4 t e !t ei%t% or !gno%tic% )!4 3e ) It is sel#, evident that on this scheme i# it is consistently and !ersistently carried out in all !arts o# the country t e 8nited St!te% %4%te) o" n!tion!l +o+ul!r educ!tion 2ill 3e t e )o%t e""icient !nd 2ide%+re!d in%tru)ent "or t e +ro+!g!tion o" !t ei%) 2 ic t e 2orld !% e5er %een)J FA#ter the tra$ic !rayer decision was made (y the GSu!remeH Court 3resident David O) *c'ay stated FThe Su!reme Court o# the &nited States severs the connectin$ cord (etween the !u(lic schools o# the &nited States and the source o# divine intelli$ence the Creator himsel#)J :Belie# Society *a$a/ine Decem(er 98E= !) @[email protected]);J

Ne2 &ge S+iritu!li%)
FThe New A$e movement is a Cestern s!iritual movement that develo!ed in the second hal# o# the =6th century) Its central !rece!ts have (een descri(ed as Mdrawin$ on (oth %astern and Cestern s!iritual and meta!hysical traditions and in#usin$ them with in#luences #rom %el"B el+ !nd )oti5!tion!l +%4c olog4 holistic health !ara!sycholo$y consciousness research and 0uantum !hysicsM)@ It aims to create C! %+iritu!lit4 2it out 3order% or con"ining dog)!%C that is inclusive and !luralistic) It holds to Ma holistic worldview M em!hasisin$ that the *ind Body and S!irit are interrelated and that there is a #orm o# *onism and unity throu$hout the universe) It attem!ts to create Ma worldview that includes (oth science and s!iritualityM and em(races a num(er o# #orms o#


mainstream science as well as other #orms o# science that are considered #rin$e)J 8

In other words it endeavors to (rin$ to$ether under one $iant um(rella every sin$le do$ma !hiloso!hy reli$ion scienti#ic conce!t and (elie# system that was ever devised on this earth over the !ast E666 years < all e4ce!t the #ulness o# the Gos!el o# .esus Christ and the Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter, Day Saints) As the &nited Nations was esta(lished as an increasin$ly relevant !recursor to world $overnment the New A$e movement was esta(lished as an increasin$ly relevant !recursor to world reli$ion)
FThe ori$ins o# the movement can (e #ound in the [email protected] and 98th centuries !articularly throu$h the wor+s o# the esotericists %manuel Sweden(or$ "ran/ *esmer Helen! :l!5!t%/4 and Geor$e GurdNie## who laid some o# the (asic !hiloso!hical !rinci!les that would in#luence the movement) It would $ain #urther momentum in the 98E6s ta+in$ in#luence #rom )et!+ 4%ic% %el"B el+ +%4c olog4 and the 5!riou% Indi!n guru% who visited the Cest durin$ that decade) The New A$e movement includes elements o# older s!iritual and reli$ious traditions ran$in$ #rom atheism and monotheism throu$h classical !antheism naturalistic !antheism !andeism and !anentheism to !olytheism com(ined with science and Gaia Gi)e) earth worshi!H !hiloso!hyI !articularly archaeoastronomy astronomy ecolo$y environmentalism the Gaia hy!othesis !sycholo$y and !hysics) FNew A$e !ractices and !hiloso!hies sometimes draw ins!iration #rom maNor world reli$ions: Buddhism Taoism Chinese #ol+ reli$ion Christianity Ainduism Islam .udaism Si+hismI with stron$ in#luences #rom %ast Asian reli$ions Gnosticism Neo!a$anism New Thou$ht S!iritualism Theoso!hy &niversalism and Cestern esotericism) T e ter) Ne2 &ge re"er% to t e co)ing !%trologic!l &ge o" &Eu!riu%7 FThe author Nevill Drury claimed there are M#our +ey !recursors o# the New A$e M who had set the way #or many o# its widely held !rece!ts) The #irst o# these was %manuel Sweden(or$ :[email protected]@<9??=; a Swedish scientist who a#ter a reli$ious e4!erience devoted himsel# to Christian mysticism Gi)e) the a(omina(le !erversion o# Christianity discussed in !revious cha!tersH (elievin$ that he could travel to Aeaven and Aell and commune with an$els demons and s!irits and who !u(lished widely on the su(Nect o# his e4!eriences) FThe second !erson was "ran/ *esmer :9?57<[email protected]>; who had develo!ed a #orm o# healin$ usin$ ma$nets (elievin$ that there was a #orce +nown as Manimal ma$netismM that a##ected humans) FThe third #i$ure was the Bussian Helen! :l!5!t%/4 :[email protected]<[email protected]; one o# the #ounders o# the Theoso!hical Society throu$h which she !ro!a$ated her reli$ious movement o# Theoso!hy which itsel# com(ined a num(er o# elements #rom %astern reli$ions li+e Ainduism and Buddhism with Cestern


elements) FThe #ourth #i$ure was Geor$e GurdNie## :c) [email protected]?=<9878; who #ounded the !hiloso!hy o# Fthe "ourth CayJ throu$h which he conveyed a num(er o# s!iritual teachin$s to his disci!les) FA #i#th individual whom Drury identi#ied as an im!ortant in#luence u!on the New A$e movement was the Indian Swami Vive+ananda :[email protected]<986=; an adherent o# the !hiloso!hy o# Vedanta who #irst (rou$ht Ainduism to the Cest in the late 98th century)))) FSome o# the New A$e movement2s constituent elements a!!eared initially in the 98th,century meta!hysical movements: S!iritualism Theoso!hy and New Thou$ht and also the alternative medicine movements o# chiro!ractics and naturo!athy) These movements have roots in Transcendentalism *esmerism Gi)e) hy!nosisH Sweden(or$ianism and various earlier Cestern esoteric or occult traditions such as the hermetic arts o# astrolo$y ma$ic alchemy and 'a((alah) The term New A$e was used in this conte4t in *adame Blavats+y2s (oo+ The Secret Doctrine !u(lished in [email protected]@@)))) FStonehen$e and other ancient sites are revered (y many who !ractice New A$e s!irituality)))) FIn the early, to mid,9866s American mystic theolo$ian and #ounder o# the Association #or Besearch and %nli$htenment %d$ar Cayce was a seminal in#luence on what later would (e termed the New A$e movementI e 2!% /no2n in +!rticul!r "or t e +r!ctice re"erred to !% c !nneling Gi)e) allowin$ evil lyin$ s!irits < re#erred to as FAscended *astersJ in New A$e Nar$on < to enter one2s (ody then s!ea+ throu$h onesel#H) The !sycholo$ist Carl .un$ was a !ro!onent o# the conce!t o# the A$e o# A0uarius) In a letter to his #riend 3eter Baynes dated 9= Au$ust 9876 .un$ wrote a !assa$e: M))) This year reminds me o# the enormous earth0ua+e in =E B)C) that shoo+ down the $reat tem!le o# 'arna+) It was the !relude to the destruction o# all tem!les (ecause a new time had (e$un) 9876 is the year when we a!!roach the meridian o# the #irst star in A0uarius) It is the !remonitory earth0ua+e o# the New A$e RM))) FThe su(culture that later (ecame +nown as New A$e already e4isted in the early 98?6s (ased on and ado!tin$ ideas ori$inally !resent in the counterculture o# the 98E6s)))) FCides!read usa$e o# the term New A$e (e$an in the mid,98?6s :re#lected in the title o# monthly !eriodical New A$e .ournal; and !ro(a(ly in#luenced several thousand small meta!hysical (oo+, and $i#t,stores that increasin$ly de#ined themselves as MNew A$e (oo+stores)M As a result o# the lar$e,scale activities surroundin$ the Aarmonic Conver$ence in [email protected]? t e &)eric!n )!%%B)edi! "urt er +o+ul!ri%ed t e ter) as a la(el


#or the !ltern!ti5e %+iritu!l %u3culture includin$ !ractices such as meditation channelin$ crystal healin$ astral !roNection Gi)e) travelin$ without movin$ travelin$ in the mindH !sychic e4!erience environmentalism))) G!lusH (elie# in !henomena such as %arth mysteries !ncient !%tron!ut% e<tr!terre%tri!l li"e unidenti"ied "l4ing o3>ect% cro! circles and reinc!rn!tion))))
FSeveral +ey events occurred which raised !u(lic awareness o# the New A$e su(culture: the !roduction o# the musical Aair: The American Tri(al 1ove,Boc+ *usical :98E?; with its o!enin$ son$ MA0uariusM and its memora(le line MThis is the dawnin$ o# the A$e o# A0uariusMI !u(lication o# 1inda Goodman2s (est,sellin$ astrolo$y (oo+s Sun Si$ns :[email protected]; and 1ove Si$ns :[email protected];I the release o# Shirley *ac1aine2s (oo+ Out on a 1im( :[email protected]; later ada!ted into a television mini,series with the same name :[email protected]?;I and the MAarmonic Conver$enceM !lanetary ali$nment on Au$ust 9E and 9? [email protected]?)))) Belevant New A$e wor+s include the writin$s o# .ames Bed#ield %c+hart Tolle Bar(ara *ar4 Au((ard Christo!her Aills *arianne Cilliamson Dee!a+ Cho!ra .ohn Aolland Gary Su+av Cayne Dyer and Bhonda Byrne)J 96

Throu$h usin$ ar$uments rationale and !hiloso!hies !romul$ated in mystic Christianity New A$e !ro!onents see+ to esta(lish common $round and theoretical connections in an e##ort to convince traditional Christian and *ormon adherents that their (elie#s are in harmony with the Gos!el o# .esus Christ) They are not) As one endeavors to loo+ closer the lines o# demarcation (ecome clearer) A#ter havin$ ta+en in everythin$ !reviously covered :and yet to (e covered; in this (oo+ the reader ou$ht to (e a(le to discern the divide (etween this very convincin$ New A$e dece!tion and the Gos!el o# .esus Christ)

Con"e%%ion% o" ! For)er Le!der in t e Ne2 &ge *o5e)ent
Bandall B Baer2s !ersonal e4!erience ou$ht to (e a tremendous wa+e u! call not only to those who de#end New A$e teachin$s and-or en$a$e in its !ractices (ut also a very so(er warnin$ to all (elievers in .esus Christ as to the concentration o# evil and seductive !ower (ein$ #ocused on convincin$ the world that the New A$e *ovement is (enevolent and contains sound relia(le universal truths) Some (ac+$round on *r) Baer:
F%ntranced (y the %astern *ystical Beli$ious conce!ts he saw on the television !ro$ram 'un$ "u as a teena$er he read (oo+s on %astern reli$ion and tau$ht himsel# yo$a and meditation) Ae used mariNuana e4!ectin$ it to e4!and his mind into a state o# Mhi$her consciousness)M In


colle$e he studied Native American culture !antheistic reli$ious views and read (oo+s (y Timothy 1eary Bichard Al(ert :now Bam Dass; and Aldous Au4ley G%d) note: author o# the in#luential 1uci#erian,ideal,world (oo+ Brave New Corld which acutely descri(es the current and #uture state o# humanity #ar more so than Geor$e Orwell2s Nineteen %i$hty,"ourH) Ae (ecame involved with $urus and Transcendental *editation receivin$ his own !ersonal mantra and studied Ainduism Taoism Buddhism and Yo$a) F%ventually he and his wi#e ran a New A$e center in New *e4ico wor+in$ in $rou! channelin$ acu!uncture !ast li#e incarnation !ast li#e re$ression &"O contact sessions $uided ima$ery #or success and !ros!erity G%d) note: the !recise FlawsJ and techni0ues admonished and tau$ht (y modern (est,sellin$ New A$e literature such as The SecretH stress mana$ement and related New A$e to!ics) Hi% %+irit guide% g!5e i) e<+licit in%truction%0 2 ile e 2!% in tr!nce %t!te%0 on 2riting ! 3oo/ on cr4%t!l%0 tr!n%)itting t eir t oug t% !nd in"luence%7 FDurin$ 9> years o# New A$e involvement he saw a wide variety o# !eo!le drawn into the New A$e movement *)D)2s 3h)D)s dentists chiro!ractors teachers and many other hi$hly educated !ro#essional !eo!le)J 99

Chile involved in the New A$e !henomenon Baer wrote two (oo+s: Cindows o# 1i$ht: &sin$ Duart/ Crystals As Tools #or Sel#,Trans#ormation !u(lished in [email protected] and The Crystal Connection: A Guide(oo+ #or 3ersonal and 3lanetary Ascension !u(lished in [email protected]>) Both o# these (oo+s were com!osed !rimarily throu$h channelin$ s!irits that assisted him in what to write) These (oo+s are still availa(le #or !urchase and are yet considered hi$hly valua(le and le$itimate (y New A$e !ractitioners des!ite Baer suddenly and com!letely renouncin$ everythin$ re$ardin$ New A$e s!iritualism and (ecomin$ a #undamental Christian ) In [email protected] an auto(io$ra!hical wor+ (y Baer was !u(lished called Inside the New A$e Ni$htmare which chronicles his li#e s!iritual develo!ment and rise to !rominence in the New A$e movement) In it he details the !ivotal e4!erience that shattered his delusions and sla!!ed him awa+e to a reality o# the Devil his le$ions and their e4traordinary a(ilities to deceive) The #ollowin$ se$ments come #rom *r) Baer2s dee!ly !ersonal and alarmin$ wor+ :em!hasis added;:
FChile in the midst o# !ursuin$ G#urther New A$e visionsH and doin$ Ascension Cham(er sessions an entirely new level o# national e4!osure was o!enin$ u!) National seminar tours that #ollowed on the heels o# my #irst (oo+ Cindows o# 1i$ht met with $ood res!onse (ut now I was on Satan2s #ast,trac+ #or !romotion into the (i$ time durin$ this ne4t se0uence)

[email protected]

FIn late [email protected]> my second (oo+ < The Crystal Connection: A Guide,(oo+ #or 3ersonal and 3lanetary Ascension < was !u(lished and released (y the same mainstream !u(lisher Aar!er and Bow) A(out 766 !a$es in len$th it set the standard in the thrivin$ #ield o# crystals) By this time crystals were hot were (u//in$) One o# the to! three national New A$e ma$a/ines %ast,Cest .ournal reviewed the (oo+ and !ronounced it Mli$ht,years (eyond the rest)M The (oo+ was mar+eted as: MAn essential re#erence The Crystal Connection is a landmar+ achievement in the #ield o# crystal,(ased sacred science)M FCith a #ollow,u! national seminar tour s!ea+in$ to enthusiastic audiences o# many hundreds in each city I rode the crest o# a wave o# crystal !o!ularity) Thou$h there were over a thousand crystal teachers (y now in cities lar$e and small I was widely held to (e one o# the to! three international authorities in the #ield ) One o# the others :who is still active in the #ield; is named *arcel Vo$el 3h)D) who is a retired senior research scientist at IB* claimin$ over E6 !atents in his distin$uished career) At a later date I was on the television !ro$ram =6-=6 in a se$ment on the Mcrystal cra/e)M FBy now I also was o##erin$ a variety o# wee+,lon$ advanced study !ro$rams at my New *e4ico head0uarters) The !rimary course o##ered was called the Advanced Crystal %ner$etics Trainin$ 3ro$ram < a course #or advanced studies in crystal !ower and sacred science)))) FOther wee+,lon$ courses o##ered included: The Sacred Science 3ro$ram Advanced Sacred Science Intensive Vorte4 Visitations and The 'eys o# %noch Seminar) In e##ect my teachin$ and research center (ecame a ty!e o# colle$e o# sorts trainin$ !eo!le to (e$in or #urther develo! !ro#essional careers in the New A$e)))) FYou mi$ht (e sur!rised at some o# the attendees < an astro!hysicist a noted solar scientist scientists in several other disci!lines many chiro!ractors dentists some "ortune >66 (usinessmen some *)D)s many holistic health !ractitioners numerous nurses and 0uite a #ew hi$hly success#ul !ro#essionals o# other varieties includin$ a cou!le o# media cele(rities) FInvitations to national,level New A$e e4!os and retreats were comin$ in) FI had a third (oo+ < >66 !a$es in len$th < in the o##in$) FAt this !oint so many o!!ortunities were o!enin$ u! that I could write my own success tic+et) I had hit the (i$ time and the hori/ons o# my career loo+ed s!ectacular) FYes I was ridin$ hi$h (ut there would (e a !rice to !ay #or all this laterP a !ain#ul !rice indeed) I was a risin$ New A$e star) But the meteoric rise eventually would come to a (urnin$ halt) Satan always e4acts his !ound o# #lesh sooner or later) This I learned well in the later sta$es o# my season


o# New A$e success)))) FThou$h !rimitive com!ared to $rand #uture,science !ro!hecies the Ascension Cham(er Gwhich I had constructed and was conductin$ sessions inH was still #airly ela(orate) Its stated intent was to Muse sacred science to activate New A$e hi$her consciousness)M In essence it claimed to: M&se New A$e science to accelerate s!iritual $rowth so that in a matter o# hours many li#etimes o# evolvement can occur li+e a time,la!se !hoto$ra!hy se0uence) You no lon$er need to trud$e slowly alon$ your s!iritual !ath li+e an o4,cart alon$ a dirt road) This was #or the old a$eP this is the New A$e) Chy not ta+e the hi$h,tech s!iritual #ast,trac+ to instant enli$htenmentKM FThe Ascension Cham(er room was #illed with hundreds o# crystals in $eometric con#i$urations and close to a hundred !yramids han$in$ #rom the ceilin$ and walls) The !ur!ose #or this su!!osedly was to Mcreate a concentrated ener$y #ield o# ultra,hi$h vi(rations)M 1asers ma$nets s!eciali/ed electronic devices com!uters and aromatic a$ents were added in s!eci#ic ways to hel! Mam!li#y enhance and control the ener$y #ield)M "urther an orchestrated multi,media !resentation o# rotatin$ multi, colored desi$ns #ilms o# occult sym(ols mystical New A$e music and swirlin$ colors that #illed the entire room : somewhat similar to a laser show; all were com(ined to induce a trance,state in the reci!ient ) T i% t4+e o" tr!nceBinduction or 4+no%i% dee+l4 !""ected )!n4 o" t e reci+ient%) *any occult,(ased New A$e !ractices also were a!!lied to induce )4%tic!l !nd outBo"B3od4 e<+erience% as well as c !nneling e<+erience%)))) FAlso used in the Ascension Cham(er were su(liminal cassette ta!es and videos) In short su(liminal technolo$y inserts messa$es into the mind o# the individual without the !erson (ein$ aware o# the mind,!ro$rammin$ !rocess) This hi$hly develo!ed modern technolo$y has (een around #or many years) In the !rocess it also has (ecome 0uite so!histicated so much so that it has (lossomed into a real hi$h,tech ha/ard) Chat I see today that I did not understand then is that even thou$h the stated !ur!oses o# most all su(liminal cassette ta!es are a!!arently !ositive and (eni$n :e)$) losin$ wei$ht $ainin$ sel#,con#idence overcomin$ #ears and !ho(ias etc); t e )et od o" Cun?i++ingC t e )ind 2it out t e +er%on 3eing !2!re o" t e +roce%% !% 2ell !% t e )!n4 +otenti!l )i%u%e% o" %uc ! tec nolog4 (on indi5idu!l !nd )!%% %c!le%) old )!n4 %eriou% d!nger% 3e%t !5oided ) FIn short the Ascension Cham(er was ! )oderni?ed "or) o" 2 ite )!gic !nd %orcer4 a!!lied toward a trance,inducin$ hy!noti/in$ !rocedure #or inducin$ mystical e4!eriences out,o#,(ody e4!eriences and Mre!ro$rammin$ the mind with !ositive and evolutionarily advanced thou$hts)M Chile today I do not +now i# all the crystals and !yramids really made a di##erence t e tr!nceBinducing )et od% (Ne2 &ge )u%ic0 %u3li)in!l%0 3r!inBdri5e )!c ine%0 "il)% o" occult %4)3ol%0 !nd


%2irling lig tB% o2%) did indeed +roduce +o2er"ul e<+erience% !nd e""ect% in ! l!rge +ercent!ge o" t e tre!t)ent reci+ient% ))))J

Is not the irony uncannyK *r) Baer was considered one o# the to! three national e4!erts and consultants in Fcrystal !ower J and yet he later hum(ly admitted that he actually had no ide! i# all the crystals and !yramids in the Ascension Cham(er actually made any di##erenceO Are not the words o# a!ostle 3aul incredi(ly a!tKO F"or the wisdom o# this world is #oolishness with God)J9=

Liter!l (e)onic Force% (i%gui%ed in Lig t
Continuin$ #rom *r) Baer2s auto(io$ra!hical wor+ :em!hasis added;:
FI# I had an evenin$ o## #or e4am!le it would (e s!ent alone havin$ trance,meditation and out,o#,(ody e4!eriences and recei5ing /no2ledge "ro) )4 %+irit guide% in the Ascension Cham(er well into the late evenin$ and early mornin$) T e )indB3lo2ing co%)ic +o2er0 t e glittering good "eeling%0 !nd t e !)!?ing re5el!tion% e<+erienced during t e%e ti)e% co)+letel4 c!+ti5!ted )e) Chile holdin$ down the res!onsi(ilities o# my New A$e career this overridin$ desire to travel dee!ly within the heavenly s!irit,world (ecame a virtual o(session)))) FI was 0uite ade!t at inducin$ and e4!andin$ the limits o# mystical and out,o#,(ody e4!eriences < this was one o# the (i$ reasons #or much o# my success) I would mount mysel# u! with all +inds o# New A$e inventions and crystals and then thrust mysel# into trance,induced hi$her states o# consciousness) It 2ould "eel li/e I 2!% 3eing tr!n%+orted 34 2inged !ngel% !nd lo5ing "orce% to !n incredi3le 5!riet4 o" d!??ling e<tr!Bn!tur!l do)!in%) The sensation o# my s!irit (ein$ released #rom %arth(ound (odily restrictions and #reed to roam the unlimited e4!anses o# the cosmos was (reathta+in$) Aere it was the #reedom the li$ht and the truth that I had (een searchin$ #or all my li#e) I had #ound the +eys that o!ened the heavens (e#ore my very eyes) FBut the ultimate seduction had overta+en me: Chat I thou$ht was Mu!M was actually Mdown)M Chat I thou$ht was MheavenM was actually MhellM wra!!ed in Satan2s #inest counter#eit $arments) - !t I t oug t 2ere &%cended *!%ter%0 e<tr!terre%tri!l%0 !nd !ngel% 2ere !ctu!ll4 de)on% in cunning0 glo2ing di%gui%e%)))) FOne ni$ht while in the Ascension Cham(er my s!irit was roamin$ some o# the #arthest reaches o# Mheavenly li$htM that I had ever !erceived) That ni$ht I had an e4!erience that would chan$e my li#e #orever) FDurin$ this e4!erience I was surrounded (y a virtually overwhelmin$ luminosity < it was as i# I was loo+in$ strai$ht into the sun)


FCaves o# (liss radiated throu$h my s!irit) I was totally ca!tivated (y the !ower) FSuddenly another #orce ste!!ed in) It too+ me (y com!lete sur!rise) FIn the twin+lin$ o# an eye it was li+e ! %u+ern!tur!l !nd !d t!/en )e 3e ind t e %cene% o" t e e<+erience t !t I 2!% !5ing ) I was ta+en (ehind the outer coverin$ o# the da//lin$ luminosity and there saw somethin$ that le#t me literally sha+in$ #or a #ull wee+) Chat I saw was the #ace o# devourin$ dar+nessO :e ind t e glittering outer "!c!de o" 3e!ut4 l!4 ! )!%%i5el4 +o2er"ul0 2ildl4 c urning "!ce o" !3%olute !tred !nd un%+e!/!3le !3o)in!tion% < the #ace o# demons #illed with the !ower o# Satan) F"or a moment that seemed li+e an eternity I reali/ed that I was in maNor lea$ue trou(le #or this devourin$ #orce was now closin$ in on me ) FIn a(solute star+ terror I #elt !owerless to sto! what a!!eared to (e inevita(le doom) Aorror #illed me li+e a consumin$ #lame) T en0 )ir!culou%l40 t e %!)e %u+ern!tur!l !nd !% 3e"ore deli5ered )e "ro) t e >!2% o" t i% con%u)ing d!r/ne%% and hours later I #ound mysel# wa+in$ u! the ne4t mornin$ in the Ascension Cham(er) It #elt li+e I had a !eace#ul ni$hts slee! (ut u!on wa+in$ the horror o# the !ast ni$ht2s e4!erience had le#t me terri(ly sha+en) *y mind was racin$ uncontrolla(ly in all directions at what #elt li+e the s!eed o# li$ht) *y (ody was sha+in$ involuntarily sometimes rather violently) This ni$htmare continued without res!ite #or a #ull wee+) I thou$ht that I was $oin$ star+ ravin$ mad) In a month2s time thou$h my $rave situation $radually settled down to some sem(lance o# sanity and normalcy) F- !t I didn.t /no2 !t t e ti)e 2!% t !t it 2!% He%u% 2 o !d inter5ened 34 Hi% gre!ter gr!ce into )4 li"e ) At this !oint thou$h I only +new that some #orce $reater than that o# the devourin$ dar+ness had done two thin$s: 9) it had shown me the real #ace o# the New A$e MheavensM and Man$elsM that I was so dee!ly involved with and =) it had delivered me #rom certain doom) FChat I +new at this time was that I had made some serious errors in my New A$e involvements) I also +new that i# those errors weren2t corrected that I mi$ht #ace the same horri#ic e4!erience a$ain ) And 0uite !ossi(ly the ne4t time I wouldn2t $et away) FAn o!enness to reconsider my New A$e involvements arose in me out o# des!erate need) This o!enness would hel! me over the #ollowin$ months to #ind a Cay a Truth and a 1i#e that I had never +nown (e#ore < .esus Christ) FBut this Nourney was not to (e an easy one) "or Satan does not relin0uish those he has in (onda$e without a stru$$le as I was a(out to #ind out))))


FOver the years my intense interest in GtheH #ield o# New A$e sacred science led me to set u! a lar$e teachin$ and research com!le4 containin$ #ive di##erent ty!es o# Ascension Cham(ers each se!arate cham(er havin$ an ela(orate desi$n #or !er#ormin$ di##erent #unctions #or Mactivatin$ the 1i$ht,(odyM or Mcommunicatin$ with the Great Chite Brotherhood)M FCith dee! re$ret I must re!ort that over a thousand sessions were $iven over a !eriod o# three years) In #act the Ascension Cham(er and its #our other variations !roved e4ce!tionally !o!ular amon$ certain New A$e circles o# Santa "e and it was actually one o# my Mclaims to #ameM on the national scene) FChat I reali/e today that totally was veiled to me while enmeshed in we(s o# delusion is that %uc c !)3er% :this one and others similar to it that are availa(le in the New A$e today; c!n 3e (E*ON.S (ENS o" te)+t!tion0 en%n!re)ent0 delu%ionB2e!5ing0 !nd 3r!in2!% ing) FChile in a trance,state a !erson is hi$hly vulnera(le to demonic intrusions that !er!etrate their dar+ we(,weavin$ ) Behind the moderni/ed New A$e $loss :i3lic!ll4 "or3idden occultB3!%ed +rinci+le% !nd +r!ctice% !re !t t e "ound!tion o" Ne2 &ge + eno)enon li+e Aealin$ Tem!le One and the Ascension Cham(er) FI testi#y in humility and re!entance today) They are harm#ul) They are an a(omination) They are a #ast,risin$ New A$e !henomenon to (e avoided li+e the !la$ue in the years ahead)))) FThe Bi(le states: F3ut on the #ull armor o# God that you may (e a(le to stand #irm a$ainst the schemes o# the devil) For our %truggle i% not !g!in%t "le% !nd 3lood0 3ut !g!in%t t e ruler%0 !g!in%t t e +o2er%0 !g!in%t t e 2orld "orce% o" t i% d!r/ne%%0 !g!in%t t e %+iritu!l "orce% o" 2ic/edne%% in t e e!5enl4 +l!ce% J :%!h) E:99 9=;) And: FSatan dis$uises himsel# as an an$el o# li$ht ) There#ore it is not sur!risin$ i# his servants also dis$uise themselves as servants o# ri$hteousnessI whose end shall (e accordin$ to their deedsJ := Cor) 99:97 9>;) FYes I actually was $ettin$ a $uided tour o# some o# the Ms!iritual #orces o# evil in the heavenly realmsM (y demons mas0ueradin$ as Mservants o# ri$hteousness)M T oug %o)e o" )4 e<+erience% )!4 !5e 3een >u%t i)!gin!r4 "!nt!%40 I !) "ull4 con5inced t !t )o%t o" t e) 2ere 5enture% into %o)e o" S!t!n.% )o%t 3e!uti"ull4 decei5ing %+iritBdo)!in% o" glitter4 3ond!ge )!%Euer!ding !% our He!5enl4 F!t er.% /ingdo) o" e!5en)J

Bandall Baer2s downri$ht !ain#ul admissions o# a career,lon$ dece!tion < even a li#etime o# dece!tion < ou$ht to $ive every sin$le !erson !ause (oth Christian and non,Christian to re#lect on the star+ !ossi(ility that we may (e allowin$ ourselves to (e deceived even in minor ways ) Consider *r) Baer2s tear#ul remorse at havin$ unwittin$ly (een the tool the catalyst in


SEC8L&R SPIRIT8&LITY: NONE (&RE C&LL IT RELIGION deceivin$ others < even in the !romotion o# !ure evil) 'nowin$ his heart to (e in the ri$ht !lace and +nowin$ that he would ma+e the ri$ht choices a#ter comin$ to a +nowled$e o# the truth the 1ord merci#ully intervened and !o!!ed this ela(orate #ascinatin$ (u((le o# dece!tion) Baer2s e4!erience is yet another wa+e u! call #or all o# us to (ecome $ravely serious a(out the reality o# e4tremely ela(orate s!iritual dece!tion) As .ose!h Smith stated in the Doctrine and Covenants: Fwe should waste and wear out our livesJ in e4!osin$ such dece!tions and that they ou$ht to F(e attended to with $reat earnestness < let no man count them as small thin$s)J95 Some additional relevant thou$hts (y Bandall Baer concernin$ his e4!erience :em!hasis added;:
FThe !o!ular Christian (oo+ The Beauti#ul Side o# %vil (y .ohanna *ichaelsen is very a!tly named) Dar+ness can have an outer coverin$ so to s!ea+ o# luminosity that c!n !++e!r to 3e ine<+re%%i3l4 3e!uti"ul ) The !ower o# dar+ness can #eel wonder#ully (eauteous too) Satan and his demonic le$ions are )!%ter"ul counter"eiter% who can ma+e dar+ness a!!ear to (e li$ht untruth a!!ear to (e truth and hate a!!ear to (e love) The luminosity o# dar+ness can (e so (ri$ht that it (eda//les to the !oint o# (lindness and mesmeri/es to the !oint o# (rainwashin$) This is e4actly what ha!!ened to me and what is ha!!enin$ today to all those involved in the New A$e *ovement)))) FTo every outward indication I was a success#ul !ro#essional in some #ield :what a lot o# nei$h(ors thou$ht Gwho did not reali/e my $rowin$ national !rominenceH;) All this was not done as a conscious dece!tion at all ) Bather it was the result o# a li#estyle inherited #rom childhood !lus a stron$ commitment to (rin$in$ a hi$hly !ro#essional a!!roach to my career and to reach as (road an audience as !ossi(le) F*any !eo!le would (e sur!rised at the num(er o# closet New A$ers there are throu$hout every level o# American society #rom the (usiness o##ice to the hos!itals to the la(oratories) By all e4ternal indicators an o(server would #ind it very di##icult to discern that such a !erson is a New A$er) The !oint here (ein$: Ne2 &ger% 2 o 3lend into t e )!in%tre!) cultur!l l!nd%c!+e !re e5er42 ere in our %ociet4 ) I also would li+e to !oint out here in a !arenthetical statement that not all New A$e activities are cults) Some certainly are (ut a solid !ercenta$e o# New A$e or$ani/ations seminars etc) are de#initely not cults) *ost o# these o!erate alon$ the lines o# re$ular (usinesses in terms o# how they o##er their !roducts and services)J

This last !oint is es!ecially im!ortant to !oint out) Chile we ou$ht not to allow ourselves to (e deceived (y New A$e tenets and !hiloso!hies those who do adhere to them with $enuine intent are not our enemies nor ou$ht they to (e loo+ed u!on disa!!rovin$ly in any way)


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I There are many hi$hly le$itimate !ractices that althou$h o#ten in#iltrated with New A$e ideolo$ies are truly hel!#ul #or all man+ind) Some e4am!les would include chiro!ractics many holistic medical !ractices many her(al and natural medicine thera!ies many natural and sim!listic livin$ !ractices $enuine e##orts to discover and utili/e Fclean ener$yJ as well as reduce the amount o# !ollution in this world) An e4am!le o# a!!lyin$ hel!#ul +nowled$e and s+ills without (ein$ ta+en in (y incorrect !hiloso!hies would (e in learnin$ a martial art) 1earnin$ 'un$ "u hel!s one develo! sel#,de#ense s+ills and +ee! onesel# healthy) Aowever considerin$ %astern reli$ious !hiloso!hies as le$itimate and ado!tin$ meditative !ractices traditionally connected to 'un$ "u are areas where one (e$ins to (e ta+en in (y dece!tion) The more !ure and sim!le and correct the more the adversary attem!ts to in#iltrate and co,o!t and corru!t it) God creates Satan imitates) Althou$h we can reNoice that Bandall Baer em(raced .esus Christ and Ais Gos!el his story ends with tra$edy) On *ay > th [email protected] at the youn$ a$e o# 55 he was #ound dead) Since his li#e,chan$in$ e4!erience and com!lete reNection o# New A$eism he (e$an s!ea+in$ out a$ainst it and sharin$ his story o!enly) Ae was last +nown to (e drivin$ (ac+ to his home in Colorado #rom a well,attended s!ea+in$ en$a$ement he had done in New *e4ico) Ais car was #ound o## the side o# a windy road (ut there were no s+id mar+s where he had a!!arently $one o##) Ais (ody was lyin$ ne4t to the car (ut did not have the +inds o# inNuries consistent with the nature o# the accident) Additionally his (rie#case had (een tam!ered with) This and other circumstantial evidence su$$ests that his death was a deli(erate homicide with misleadin$ sta$ed evidence at the scene) 97 Nevertheless he had com!leted the manuscri!t o# his last (oo+ Inside the New A$e Ni$htmare and it was !u(lished !osthumously !er his wishes)

No Gre!ter (i%%e)in!tion Tool T !n t e Ent u%i!%tic (u+e
I# there is any one tool that wor+s in mystery school initiates2 #avor most it is the !erson who is honest,in,heart yet deceived into wholeheartedly em(racin$ a #alsehood) They there(y !romul$ate the dece!tion with !ower#ul conviction unto all those whom they in#luence) A term #or such !ersons su!!osedly coined (y Vladimir 1enin :(ut unsu(stantiated; is Fuse#ul idiots)J &n#ortunately we are all use#ul idiots in one !ro!ensity or another) Our challen$e is to !rayer#ully and o(Nectively discover the areas and manner in


SEC8L&R SPIRIT8&LITY: NONE (&RE C&LL IT RELIGION which we are) One area where New A$eism is innocuously (ein$ crammed down the throats o# the !u(lic throu$h the venue o# use#ul idiots < who !osture themselves as e4!erts as Bandall Baer did < is in the Sel# Ael! - Sel# Im!rovement industry all (ut dominated (y New A$e !hiloso!hy) It is the !rimary arena wherein it is !er#ectly dis$uised as (enevolent secular wisdom com!ati(le with every (elie# system +nown to man) The New Yor+ Times Best,Seller (oo+ list has (een dominated #or decades (y sel# hel! (oo+s written (y hi$h,!ro#ile hi$hly !romoted Fe4!erts)J Nationally syndicated radio and TV tal+ shows re$ularly #eature such Fe4!ertsJ on their shows) In#luential media !ersonalities hi$hly endorse such Fe4!ertsJ and their wor+s) The minds o# men women and children across the nation :i# not the world; have (een inundated with #eel,$ood New A$e tri!e #or nearly two $enerations now) There is a(solutely nothin$ !ositive or (eni$n a(out this) TV host and cele(rity !ersonality O!rah Cin#rey has (een es!ecially success#ul and in#luential in s!readin$ a cascade o# New A$e material into the minds o# the !u(lic) Des!ite that she o#ten re#ers to hersel# as a Christian she has e4!ressed some a!!arently,heart#elt convictions durin$ (roadcasts o# her show revealin$ that she denies Christ2s divinity denies that Christ is the only Cay Truth and 1i#e and that she adheres to the +ind o# mystic Christianity !ut #orth (y New A$ers) 9> 1i+e Bandall Baer it is li+ely that she is not intentionally deceivin$ < truly there are very #ew in this world who are intentionally deceivin$) Nevertheless she is de#initely !layin$ a critical role as use#ul idiot in the dissemination o# New A$e do$ma)

Sel"B&2!rene%% Grou+% Incor+or!te Ne2 &ge P ilo%o+ ie% !nd *4%ter4 Sc ool :r!in2!% ing Pr!ctice%
As !art o# the Sel# Ael! cra/e there has (een a !ower#ul movement to em(race that which is re#erred to as Sel#,Awareness Grou!s or 1ar$e,Grou! Awareness Trainin$ :1GAT;) The #oundations teachin$s and !rocedures o# these $rou!s have their ori$ins rooted in a mi4ture o# Theoso!hy Bosicrucianism %astern Beli$ions :es!ecially Taoism; Aumanism and #irmly in New A$eism) In a nutshell the !edi$ree o# these $rou!s is as #ollows :em!hasis added;:

#) T e Hu)!n Potenti!l *o5e)ent
FThe Auman 3otential *ovement :A3*; arose out o# the milieu o# the


98E6s and #ormed around the conce!t o# cultivatin$ e4traordinary !otential that its advocates (elieved to lie lar$ely unta!!ed in all !eo!le) The movement too+ as its !remise the (elie# that throu$h the develo!ment o# Mhuman !otentialM humans can e4!erience an e4ce!tional 0uality o# li#e #illed with ha!!iness creativity and #ul#illment)))) FThe movement has its conce!tual roots in e4istentialism and humanism) Its emer$ence is lin+ed to humanistic !sycholo$y also +nown as the M5rd #orceM in !sycholo$y :a#ter !sychoanalysis and (ehaviorism and (e#ore the M7th #orceM o# trans!ersonal !sycholo$yPwhich em!hasi/es esoteric !sychic mystical and s!iritual develo!ment;) Some commentators consider the A3* synonymous with humanistic !sycholo$y) The movement is stron$ly in#luenced (y A(raham *aslow2s theory o# sel#,actuali/ation as the su!reme e4!ression o# a human2s li#e)J 9E

') &le<!nder E5erett !nd *ind (4n!)ic%
FAle4ander %verett was a British sel#,im!rovement and !ersonal develo!ment consultant) Ae was the #ounder o# the com!any *ind Dynamics and author o# the motivational (oo+s The Genius Cithin You and Inward Bound) %verett2s coursewor+ and teachin$s had an in#luence on the Auman 3otential *ovement) Thou$h *ind Dynamics only e4isted #or a #ew years it $reatly in#luenced many other #orms o# com!anies and sel#,im!rovement $rou!s +nown as 1ar$e Grou! Awareness Trainin$) A#ter *ind Dynamics #olded due to the death o# its co,owner Cilliam 3enn 3atric+ and due to investi$ations on its !arent com!any Aoliday *a$ic (y the &nited States $overnment on !lleg!tion% o" +4r!)id %c e)e% %verett #ormed another course called Inward Bound which he tau$ht in the &nited States %uro!e and Asia)J 9? F*ind Dynamics and Ale4ander %verett were in"luenced 34 Edg!r C!4ce G%d) note: Cayce is cited earlier in this cha!ter as one o# the #oundin$ in#luences o# the New A$e movementH T eo%o+ 40 !nd Sil5! *ind Control) Curtiss2 De!ression is a Choice cites Silva *ind Control and sel#,tal+ as the (asis #or *ind Dynamics) *ind Dynamics has also (een descri(ed (y several authors on reli$ious te4ts as an o##shoot o# Silva *ind Control) Accordin$ to .ose Silva Ale4ander %verett was a $raduate o# Silva *ind Control) %verett also drew on !rinci!les #rom the &nity Church %$y!tolo$y and Bosicrucianism in develo!in$ *ind Dynamics)J [email protected]

,) *ind (4n!)ic% %+!2ned e%t Tr!ining%0 L!nd)!r/ !nd Li"e%+ring
e%t Tr!ining% !nd L!nd)!r/
FCerner Aans %rhard was #irst +nown #or MThe est Trainin$M :98?9<[email protected]; and MThe "orumM :[email protected]<9889;)))) G"rom 98E> to 98?6H %rhard Ginvesti$atedH a wide ran$e o# reli$ious and thera!eutic movements includin$ Sen Buddhism %ncounter Transactional Analysis %nli$htenment Intensive Su(ud and Scientolo$y) Er !rd re!d L7 Ron Hu33!rd e<ten%i5el4 and Scientolo$y ideas have in#luenced (oth est and The


"orum) %rhard later said MI have a lot o# res!ect #or 1) Bon Au((ard and I consider him to (e a $enius and !erha!s less ac+nowled$ed than he ou$ht to (e)M G%d) note: 1) Bon Au((ard is the #ounder o# Scientolo$y and was a !rodi$y o# Aleister FThe Cic+edest *an In The CorldJ Crowley) 98H))) FIn 98?6 %rhard (ecame involved in *ind Dynamics )))) %rhard su(se0uently tr!ined !% ! *ind (4n!)ic% in%tructor with GAle4anderH %verett and too+ over the San "rancisco *ind Dynamics #ranchise teachin$ classes in San "rancisco and soon also 1os An$eles) FMestM short #or %rhard Seminars Trainin$ also 1atin #or MIt is M o##ered intensive communications and sel#,em!owerment wor+sho!s) Their !ur!ose was Mto trans#orm one2s a(ility to e4!erience livin$ so that the situations one had (een tryin$ to chan$e or had (een !uttin$ u! with clear u! Nust in the !rocess o# li#e itsel#)M 3artici!ants at est wor+sho!s had to !d ere to %trict rule% and were gi5en de%ign!ted 3re!/% "or 3!t roo) 5i%it% !nd one )e!l 3re!/ ) They were not !ermitted to smo+e eat or drin+ durin$ the wor+sho!) Se%%ion% l!%ted "ro) J:NN !) to )idnig t or t e e!rl4 our% o" t e )orning0 2it one )e!l 3re!/) 3artici!ants were #re0uently re#erred to as MestholesMI they had to hand over wristwatches and were not allowed to ta+e notes or to s!ea+ unless called u!on in which case they had to wait #or a micro!hone to (e (rou$ht to them) The second day o# the wor+sho! #eatured the Mdan$er !rocessM) Grou+% o" +!rtici+!nt% 2ere 3roug t onto t e %t!ge !nd con"ronted 34 e%t %t!""0 tr4ing to +ro5o/e ! re!ction I a#terwards !artici!ants were as+ed to Mima$ine that they were a#raid o# everyone else and then that everyone else was a#raid o# them)M This was #ollowed (y lectures on the third and #ourth days coverin$ to!ics such as reality and the nature o# the mind ending 2it t e conclu%ion t !t C2 !t i%0 i% !nd 2 !t !in.t0 !in.t0C and that Ctrue enlig ten)ent i% /no2ing 4ou !re ! )!c ine7C 3artici!ants were told they were !er#ect the way they were and were as+ed to indicate (y a show o# hands i# they Mhad $otten itM)))) est centers o!ened in 1os An$eles As!en Aonolulu and New Yor+ and est was enthusiastically endorsed (y cele(rities such as .ohn Denver and Valerie Aar!er) FIn 9889 %rhard retired #rom (usiness sold his then,e4istin$ intellectual !ro!erty to a $rou! o# his #ormer em!loyees :who #ormed 1andmar+ %ducation; and moved a(road)J =6

F.ohn Aanley Sr) #ounded 1i#es!rin$ in 98?7 a#ter wor+in$ at an or$ani/ation called *ind Dynamics with Cerner %rhard)))) The 1i#es!rin$ trainin$s $enerally involved a three,level !ro$ram startin$ with a MBasicM trainin$ an MAdvancedM (rea+throu$h course and a 5,month M1eadershi! 3ro$ramM which tau$ht the students how to im!lement what they learned #rom the trainin$ into their lives)))) FGAnH inde!endent study #ound that MThe mer$in$ $randiosity and

[email protected]

identit4 con"u%ion that has (een encour!ged !nd t en e<+loited in t e tr!ining in order to control !artici!ants is now used to tie them to 1i#es!rin$ in the #uture (y enrollin$ them in new trainin$s and enlistin$ them as recruitersM) *ore than 766 666 !eo!le worldwide !artici!ated in the 1i#es!rin$ wor+sho!s) FThou$h .ohn Aanley denied that 1i#es!rin$ was a du!licate o# %rhard Seminars Trainin$ GGordonH *elton and G.amesH 1ewis descri(ed t e %i)il!ritie% 3et2een t e t2o !% C%tri/ingC in their 988= wor+ 3ers!ectives on the New A$e) *elton and 1ewis !oint out that (oth Cerner %rhard and .ohn Aanley had !reviously wor+ed at *ind Dynamics) They then went on to cite s!eci#ic e4am!les o# techni0ues utili/ed (y (oth 1i#es!rin$ and %ST statin$ that (oth used M!ut orit!ri!n tr!iner% who en#orce nu)erou% rule%M (oth $rou!s re0uire a!!lause a#ter a mem(er2s MshareM in #ront o# the $rou! (oth dee)+ !%i?ed re!%on0 in "!5or o" C"eeling !nd !ctionC) The authors also !ointed out that gr!du!te% o" 3ot Li"e%+ring !nd e%t 2ere C"iercel4 lo4!lC and recruited heavily #or their res!ective $rou!s reducin$ mar+etin$ e4!enses to virtually /ero)J

1) Li"e%+ring !nd L!nd)!r/ in turn %+!2ned do?en% o" o""% oot%'#:
• *ovement o# S!iritual Inner Awareness :*SIA; == < #ounded (y an a!ostate 1DS mem(er=5 and which touts a num(er o# success#ul hi$h, !ro#ile adherents includin$ Arianna Au##in$ton =7 the in#luential #ounder o# The Au##in$ton 3ost) • Insi$ht Seminars • 1i#e Dynamic • Dimensional *ind A!!roach • 3SI Seminars • New Aori/ons • Direct Centerin$ • 1ivin$ #rom Choice Seminars • The Trainin$ • The Ne4t Ste! • Sterlin$ Institute o# Belationshi! • 3ea+ 3otentials Trainin$ • 3ersonal Dynamics • CorldCor+s • Aarmony Institute


SEC8L&R SPIRIT8&LITY: NONE (&RE C&LL IT RELIGION A num(er o# such $rou!s have (een sued #or their !ractices either (y traumati/ed attendees or #ormer em!loyees) O#ten they will chan$e names and restructure under a di##erent title yet still o##er the e4act same trainin$) &n#ortunately some o# these s!linter New,A$e,(ased Sel#,Awareness $rou!s have (een es!ecially success#ul in &tah since the late [email protected] < a!!ealin$ to and staunchly de#ended (y a si$ni#icant num(er o# mem(ers o# the 1DS Church) On .anuary 97 th 9886 the Deseret News !u(lished an article investi$atin$ these $rou!s which is included in the su!!ortin$ material)=>

Re+e!ted -!rning% 34 C urc Le!der% to Re>ect Sel"B&2!rene%% Grou+%
The leadershi! o# the 1DS Church has issued clear and unmista+a(le warnin$s to avoid such $rou!s no less than #ive times) The #ollowin$ warnin$ was issued #rom the "irst 3residency on *ay 99 th =669) Additionally it was !u(lished in the o##icial 1DS Church ma$a/ine %nsi$n in the Se!tem(er =669 issue :em!hasis added;:
FTo General AuthoritiesI Area Authority SeventiesI sta+e mission and district !residentsI and (isho!s and (ranch !residents to (e read in sacrament meetin$: FIt has come to our attention that some commercial enter!rises !romisin$ hei$htened sel#,esteem im!roved #amily relationshi!s increased s!irituality and the li+e (y !artici!atin$ in their !ro$rams are im!lyin$ Church endorsement) Such claims are untrue and un#ounded) T e C urc !% not endor%ed !n4 %uc enter+ri%e7 Neit er % ould t e C urc @% "!ilure to "or)!ll4 c !llenge !n4 %uc enter+ri%e co)ing to it% !ttention 3e con%trued !% ! t!cit endor%e)ent or %t!)+ o" !++ro5!l7 Ce re!eat the counsel set #orth in the Church Aand(oo+ o# Instructions !a$e 9>?: FChurch mem(ers should not !artici!ate in $rou!s that: 9) Challen$e reli$ious and moral values or advocate unwarranted con#rontation with s!ouse or #amily mem(ers as a means o# reachin$ oneQs !otential) =) Imitate sacred rites or ceremonies) 5) "oster !hysical contact amon$ !artici!ants) 7) *eet late into the evenin$ or in the early,mornin$ hours) >) %ncoura$e o!en con#ession or disclosure o# !ersonal in#ormation normally discussed only in con#idential settin$s) E) Cause a hus(and and wi#e to (e !aired with other !arties) F-e %trongl4 coun%el !g!in%t !""ili!tion 2it !n4 %uc grou+ !nd


2!rn !g!in%t 3elie5ing !n4 cl!i) o" C urc !++ro5!l tacit or otherwise (y any !rivate or$ani/ation o##erin$ Fe4!erientialJ or Fem!owermentJ trainin$)

The latest warnin$ (y Church leaders was issued on Octo(er 95 th =699 and reads as #ollows=E :em!hasis added;:
FTo (e read in sacrament meetin$s: Sel"B&2!rene%% Grou+% FDear Brothers and Sisters: FCe have re+e!tedl4 2!rned o# the ris+s inherent in !artici!atin$ in so, called Msel#,awarenessM $rou!s s!onsored (y commercial enter!rises that !romise hei$htened sel#,esteem im!roved #amily relationshi!s and increased s!irituality) It has come to our attention that some o# these enter!rises continue to e4!ress or im!ly Church endorsement there(y attractin$ mem(ers o# the Church to their !ro$rams) FThe Church has not endorsed any such enter!rise) -e 2!rn t !t t e%e +rogr!)% !re not in !r)on4 2it C urc doctrine or go%+el +rinci+le%7 Church mem(ers should not !artici!ate in $rou!s that: 9) Challen$e reli$ious and moral values) =) Advocate con#rontation with s!ouse or #amily mem(ers as a means o# reachin$ one2s !otential) 5) Imitate sacred rites or ceremonies) 7) "oster !hysical contact amon$ !artici!ants) >) *eet late into the evenin$ or in the early,mornin$ hours) E) %ncoura$e o!en con#ession or disclosure o# !ersonal in#ormation normally discussed only in con#idential settin$s) ?) Cause a hus(and or wi#e to (e !aired with other !artners) FOnce a$ain we counsel mem(ers a$ainst !artici!atin$ in such Msel#, awarenessM activities) FSi$ned (y the "irst 3residency: Thomas S) *onson Aenry B) %yrin$ Dieter ") &chtdor#

Duite !ossi(ly the most in#luential o# these $rou!s in &tah < es!ecially with mem(ers o# the 1DS Church < was Aarmony Institute #ounded (y Aans Ber$er) In =66? Ber$er and his wi#e were sued #or em(e//lin$ oE=6 666 #rom !artici!ants2 #ees) The Salt 1a+e Tri(une re!orted the lawsuit on Se!tem(er >th =66?)=? %4cer!ts o# the re!ort descri(e Ber$er and his (usiness dealin$s as #ollows:


FBer$er has (een in the sel#,awareness (usiness since [email protected]> and his !ro$rams have attracted thousands o# !artici!ants) Aarmony was incor!orated in "e(ruary 988? with Scott Giles as its sole shareholder and Ber$er as $eneral mana$er)))) FInitially Aarmony conducted its own trainin$ sessions and directly em!loyed trainers) By the end o# 988? Ber$er had #ormed 1i$ht Trainin$ to !rovide trainers to Aarmony) Ber$er su(se0uently #ormed Duest Develo!ment to hold !ro!erty in Summit County and Cam(rid$e Associates to contract #or s!ecial trainin$ sessions tailored #or (usiness and !ro#essional em!loyees the lawsuit says) F1ast s!rin$ G=66EH The Church o# .esus Christ o# 1atter,day Saints issued a statement sayin$ the church does not endorse Mcommercial enter!rises !romisin$ hei$htened sel#,esteem im!roved #amily relationshi!s increased s!irituality and the li+e)M Althou$h the statement did not mention Aarmony (y name many o(servers s!eculated it was one tar$et (ecause !3out MN +ercent o" it% +!rtici+!nt% 2ere *or)on%) FA memo circulatin$ amon$ Aarmony $raduates ac+nowled$es that H!r)on4.% Ctr!ining% !5e gone do2n e<tre)e !nd unu%u!l %+iritu!l +!t %C and that trainers have Mta+en ste!s that an$er the !redominant &tah #aith)M FAs a result the memo said the num(er o# Aarmony enrollees has dro!!ed (ecause some $raduates Mcannot (ear to a(andon their #aith #or their trainin$)MJ

This did not deter Aans Ber$er) Shortly therea#ter he esta(lished Im!act Trainin$s which has sur!assed Aarmony in !o!ularity and continues to $ain 1DS adherents who #iercely de#end Ber$er and enthusiastically recruit #amily mem(ers #riends and #ellow ward mem(ers to enroll in his !ro$ram)

Co)+!ri%on o" L(S Le!der%. -!rning% to Sel"B&2!rene%% Grou+ Tr!ining
A !revious attendee o# Im!act Trainin$ < who also has several adult children dee!ly involved in it < related what she witnessed !ersonally in the trainin$ and chan$es she has seen in her own children and com!ared it with the warnin$s o# the "irst 3residency :A11 CA3S em!hasis ori$inal other em!hasis added;[email protected]:
9) Challen$e reli$ious and moral values or advocate unwarranted con#rontation with s!ouse or #amily mem(ers as a means o# reachin$ one2s !otential) FAs a !art o# the 1i#t O## trainin$ trainees are as+ed to write a letter to a


#amily mem(er descri(in$ all o# the ways that their relationshi! has (een dis#unctional :sic; in the !ast) As a M3lus OneM challen$e trainees are told to mail or read the letter to that #amily mem(er) Chile the intent o# the e4ercise is to #oster an im!roved relationshi! the act o# mailin$ or readin$ the letter de#initely Madvocates unwarranted con#rontation as a means o# reachin$ one2s !otential)M FBoth o# my adult children who have attended these seminars have en$a$ed me in what I would easily consider Munwarranted con#rontationM as a direct result in their !artici!ation in the Im!act Trainin$ Seminars) I have had len$thy conversations with (oth o# my +ids re$ardin$ ne$ative memories that resur#aced as a result o# their trainin$ whether real or ima$inary) *y adora(le mid =62s a$e son with whom I have always had a very lovin$ relationshi! accused me o# s!an+in$ him at an early a$e and he claimed he remem(ered the s!an+in$s as !art o# his Im!act Trainin$s) I NE9ER in )4 li"e l!id ! !nd on )4 %on0 3ut no2 e cl!i)% t !t e re)e)3er% )e %+!n/ing i)7 At the recommendation o# the sta## at Im!act and t roug C)edit!tion !nd re"lectionC Gmy dau$hterH Mremem(eredM that her #ather had se4ually a(used her re!eatedly throu$hout her entire li#e (ut she had re!ressed each incident :she claimed that there were hundreds; until her trainin$s allowed her to deal with the MmemoriesM) S e cl!i)ed t !t % e 2!% )ole%ted in L(S te)+le%0 c urc e% !nd ot er e<tre)el4 unli/el4 +l!ce%7 Soon a#ter Gmy dau$hter2sH MmemoriesM (e$an resur#acin$ she started ta+in$ her children to see the TIT5 !ower coach and they started to e4!erience Mre!ressed memoriesM a(out their $rand#ather as well)J

This !articular situation (ecomes e4traordinarily alarmin$) Be!ressed memories is a very real !sycholo$ical !henomenon which occurs :es!ecially in youn$ children; as an emotional de#ense-co!in$ mechanism) Aowever it is also !ossi(le #or an individual to $enerate #alse memories throu$h their own ima$ination es!ecially i# they are in an e4cited or a susce!ti(le state o# mind :such as hy!nosis; and-or are coached into Fremem(erin$J certain thin$s) This su(Nect is covered in detail in the cha!ter *ind Control: 3er#ection In Slavery located in Volume II 3art > o# this wor+) There are some very critical as!ects that accom!any veri#ia(le cases o# re!ressed memories which di##erentiate them #rom ima$ined-!lanted memories) "irst o# all !atients who have le$itimate cases o# re!ressed memories also #re0uently su##er #rom DID :Dissociative Identity Disorder also +now as multi!le !ersonality disorder;) Additionally the childhood trauma is so ti$htly com!artmentali/ed and hidden away (y the (rain that when they recover those re!ressed memories a$ain they e4!erience it vividly with all #ive senses to the !oint o# #lashin$ (ac+ and relivin$ the horror second,(y, second detail,(y,detail) The trauma was so $reat as a child that they Fs!lit o##J a new !ersonality and com!artmentali/e it Nust to deal with it) Another as!ect that is im!ortant in order to $au$e in anyone2s claims o#


SEC8L&R SPIRIT8&LITY: NONE (&RE C&LL IT RELIGION re!ressed memories o# childhood se4ual a(use is that the maNority o# victims will also recover very shoc+in$ e4cruciatin$ memories o# havin$ done li+ewise to their own children) In the words o# one !u(licly,outs!o+en victim: FI thin+ that those o# you that are !arents mi$ht understand the a(solute terror and horror o# wa+in$ u! as I did to reali/e that not only had my !arents done this horri#ic a(use to me (ut that I GhadH also !assed this down to my children))) that I was totally and com!letely unaware o# Gdue to o!eratin$ in an alternate !ersonality at the timeH) I thin+ that anyone that ever says that they2d (een !ro$rammed or ritually a(used and says that they did not a(use their children or !assed this down are really not truly survivors o# this a(use))))J=8 This !articular victim actually was re!eatedly se4ually a(used in Christian churches and in other Fe4tremely unli+ely !lacesJ < which a$ain is covered in the cha!ter *ind Control: 3er#ection In Slavery) To have someone attend Im!act Trainin$ where they e4!erience re$imented mental and emotional mani!ulation to the !oint o# e4haustion and then suddenly remem(er alle$ed re!ressed memories o# se4ual a(use < while simultaneously not su##erin$ #rom DID not remem(erin$ them vividly with all #ive senses to the !oint o# e4!eriencin$ e4cruciatin$ re,enactment and claimin$ to recover several memories at a time or nearly all,at,once :true victims usually unloc+ memories on an e4!erience,(y,e4!erience (asis; and also not (ein$ $uilty o# havin$ F!assed downJ the se4ual a(use to one2s children < smac+s very much o# sel#,$enerated or $uided,throu$h, su$$estion #alse memories) &n#ortunately such #alse cases end u! hurtin$ the credi(ility o# actual documented and veri#ied cases o# victims with re!ressed memories) These matters < as well as the very real dan$ers inherent in meditative !ractices < are covered dee!er in later cha!ters)
=) Imitate sacred rites or ceremonies)

FAs a !art o# the Summit Trainin$ trainees are encoura$ed to wash each others2 #eet as a !art o# a !articular !rocess) T i% i% !n o35iou% i)it!tion o" ! rite or cere)on4 t !t i% %!cred to +eo+le o" )!n4 "!it %7 Im!act Trainin$ has C%!credC Tr!iner in Tr!ining , rite% and in#luences) FChen I went to my children2s $raduation #rom Duest I noticed Newelry #or sale in the lo((y) I saw a s!eci#ic hand sym(ol or si$n on several o# the !ieces o# Newelry) Chen I as+ed the youn$ woman who was sellin$ the Newelry a(out the hand si$n and what it meant she told me that it 2!% ! %ecret that I could only learn i# I too+ the trainin$s ) I later learned the meanin$ o# this secret si$n o# the hand) Those o# you who have $one throu$h an 1DS endowment ceremony may reco$ni/e the similarity in the hand si$n and one that is $iven in the Tem!le)


FAdditionally when I as+ed the em!loyees o# the Im!act Trainin$ "acility s!eci#ic 0uestions re$ardin$ what $oes on the trainin$ seminars they told me that they could not tell me what was (ein$ tau$ht in the seminars (ecause the in#ormation was secret)J

Cith the e4ce!tion o# the Choose The Bi$ht :CTB; shield on rin$s or the Youn$ Comanhood Beco$nition Award !ennant sym(olic Newelry o# any +ind is !ractically non,e4istent with 1DS Church mem(ers < who don2t even wearin$ crosses as most other Christians do) Sym(olic Newelry :es!ecially those containin$ esoteric secret meanin$s which are not allowed to (e shared with others; #lies in the #ace o# 1DS (elie#s (ut is de#initely a+in to mystery school !ractices)
5) "oster !hysical contact amon$ !artici!ants) FHugging !nd ot er + 4%ic!l cont!ct i% encour!ged !nd e<+ected7 FChen I attended my children2s $raduation I was ama/ed at the lac+ o# (oundaries that the !artici!ants had in re$ards to $ivin$ and receivin$ #ull (ody hu$s) A#ter the $raduation was over it %ee)ed !% i" t e entire !uditoriu) 2!% )elting into one 3ig grou+ ug ) *ales hu$$ed males #emales hu$$ed #emales males hu$$ed #emales etc) And some o# the hu$s were not Nust 0uic+ $randmother ty!e hu$s (ut long0 "ull 3od4 ug%) In my o!inion the use o# the $raduation #or a (i$ hu$,#est even amon$ stran$ers was in clear violation o# the warnin$ re$ardin$ M!hysical contact amon$ !articants :sic;)MJ 7) *eet late into the evenin$ or in the early,mornin$ hours) F*ost o# my core trainin$s and nearly all o# my TIT trainin$s ended lon$ a#ter midni$ht) FA 0uic+ visit GtoH the main in#ormational and advertisin$ we(site #or the Im!act Trainin$s Seminars !rovides easy !roo# o# what I consider to (e a violation o# this warnin$) Both Duest and Summit trainin$ wee+s include a startin$ time o# 99:56 am and an endin$ time o# 99:56 !m on a daily (asis) *y dau$hter said that the endin$ time was only a Msu$$estedM endin$ time and that her $rou! stayed until at least midni$ht or 9:66 in the mornin$ on a routine (asis durin$ (oth Duest and Summit) F%ven the $raduation started at 8:56 on a Saturday ni$ht and I had had enou$h (y 99:66 !m and le#t) I have (een told that the $raduation ceremonies and the meet,and,$reet !art a#terward may e4tend as late as midni$ht on a routine (asis)J >) %ncoura$e o!en con#ession or disclosure o# !ersonal in#ormation normally discussed only in con#idential settin$s) FIn the #irst day o# the Duest Trainin$ I 2!% !%/ed to di%clo%e )4


Cdee+e%t !nd d!r/e%t %ecretC to another mem(er o# my trainin$ $rou!)
FI do not wish to violate con#idences that my dau$hter has shared with me (ut she re!orted to me that the trainers sometimes !ush the !artici!ants to wor+ throu$h their !ain and their issues (y +u3licl4 di%clo%ing +er%on!l or +!in"ul in"or)!tion 2it t e grou+ )J

As covered !reviously this +ind o# coercive revealin$ o# one2s dee!est dar+est thou$hts and secrets is a documented as!ect o# the S+ull and Bones initiation rites < and is sus!ected to (e !art o# every other secret society hi$h,level initiation as well) It is utili/ed to #oster e4tremely dee! li#etime (rotherhood (onds with other initiates < who may (e !er#ect stran$ers (e#ore initiation (ut (ecome e4tremely close (lood (rothers a#terward) On the more ne#arious side such !ersonal and con#idential in#ormation also (ecomes (lac+mail #odder #or the other initiates to use a$ainst any mem(er that mi$ht #eel com!elled to (rea+ their oaths) Consider what %/ra Ta#t Benson had to say durin$ the A!ril 98E8 1DS General Con#erence56 concernin$ what he termed FSensitivity Trainin$J :em!hasis added;:
FOne o# the tra$edies o# the 'orean Car was the #act that the enemy was a(le to (rainwash some o# our men) Those methods ig l4 re"ined !nd de5iou%l4 de5elo+ed have (een introduced on a (road scale into our own country (y some (ehavioral scientists throu$h a !ro$ram commonly called sensitivity trainin$) - ile cl!i)ing ot er2i%e0 t e o5er!ll e""ect o" t i% tr!ining !% 3een to 3re!/ do2n +er%on!l %t!nd!rd%0 encour!ge i))or!lit40 reduce re%+ect "or +!rent%0 !nd )!/e 2ell )ind% %ic/7 FAs in 'orea the heart o# the trainin$ involves tryin$ to $et each mem(er o# a $rou! to sel#,critici/e and con#ess as much as !ossi(le to the $rou!) Now any in#ormed holder o# the !riesthood +nows that t i% i% directl4 contr!r4 to t e 2ord o" t e Lord as contained in the Doctrine and Covenants Section 7= verses @@,8=) Only when a !erson has sinned a$ainst many !eo!le is he to ma+e a !u(lic con#ession) FMI# any shall o##end in secret he or she shall (e re(u+ed in secret that he or she may have o!!ortunity to con#ess in secret to him or her whom he or she has o##ended and to God that the church may not s!ea+ re!roach#ully o# him or herM :DLC 7=:8=;) FAs 3resident Bri$ham Youn$ !ut it MRi# you have sinned a$ainst your God or a$ainst your selves con#ess to God and +ee! the matter to yourselves #or I do not want to +now anythin$ a(out itM :Discourses o# Bri$ham Youn$ !) 9>@;) FBut some sensitivity trainin$ doesn2t sto! there) They usually want each !erson to tell the $rou! a(out all o# their innermost #eelin$s their !ersonal


secrets their #ears their re!ressed desires) They have even conducted nudity sessions as a means o# su!!osedly (rea+in$ down their inhi(itions) They want the $rou! to +now each other2s vul$ar thou$hts and lust#ul ideas their hates envies Nealousies) But this #lies in the #ace o# the counsel o# the 3ro!het who has said MAll such evils you must overcome (y su!!ression) That is where your control comes in) Su!!ress that an$erO Su!!ress that Nealousy that envyO They are all inNurious to the s!iritM :3resident David O) *c'ay Gos!el Ideals !) 5>E;)J

Continuin$ #rom the author2s com!arison o# Church leaders2 warnin$s to witnessed discre!ancies at Im!act Trainin$s :em!hasis added;:
E) Cause a hus(and and wi#e to (e !aired with other !artners) FAus(ands and wives were !aired with other !artners at every level o# the core trainin$s o#ten with another mem(er o# the o!osite GsicH se4)J

The author also discusses how Aans Ber$er intentionally misleads his attendees into thin+in$ that Im!act Trainin$s are e4em!t #rom The "irst 3residency2s warnin$s :em!hasis added;:
FSome Graduates o# Im!act Trainin$ claim that Im!act has a letter #rom the "irst 3residency sayin$ that their admonition to avoid $rou!s li+e Im!act was not actually re#errin$ to Im!act (ut to other $rou!s) Some $o as #ar to say that this letter is an endorsement #rom the "irst 3residency re$ardin$ Im!acts methods and trainin$)))) FAowever a#ter o(tainin$ a co!y o# this letter neither e4!lanation #its what is the letter actually says) It reads: FDear Brother Ber$er: FI have (een as+ed to ac+nowled$e your letter o# *arch 99 9886 to the "irst 3residency) FThe ChurchQs Bulletin item on sel#,awareness $rou!s o##ers $eneral in#ormation #or the use o# !riesthood leaders and mem(ers o# their wards and sta+es) No $rou!s were mentioned (y name in the item) It i% t e re%+on%i3ilit4 o" e!c )e)3er to educ!te i)%el" !3out %uc )!tter% %o e c!n )!/e !n in"or)ed >udg)ent 2 et er to !%%oci!te 2it %uc ! grou+0 !nd 2 et er t e [email protected]% +r!ctice% !nd +rocedure% )eet i% %t!nd!rd%7 G%d) note: i)e) < any 1DS mem(er who e4!ects the "irst 3residency to ma+e their choices #or them a#ter havin$ (een $iven su##icient warnin$ on what is not in line with the Gos!el is a sloth#ul servant slow,to,understandin$)H FIn view o# the a(ove it would not (e #easi(le to arran$e #or you to meet with the "irst 3residency a(out your !articular (usiness) FI also have (een as+ed to e4tend (est wishes to you and to advise


you that a co!y o# this res!onse has (een #orwarded to your sta+e !resident #or his in#ormation) FSincerely yours ") *ichael Catson Secretary o# the "irst 3residencyJ

Sel"B&2!rene%% Pr!ctice% !nd Te!c ing% !re &n!t e)! to t e Go%+el
Des!ite these and other im!licit warnin$s #rom Church leaders enter!rises li+e Ber$er2s Im!act Trainin$ and similar !ro$rams continue to (e attended su!!orted de#ended and !romoted (y 1DS Church mem(ers in $ood standin$ < es!ecially within &tah) Online #orums discussin$ these $rou!s invaria(ly have sel#,!ro#essed 1DS mem(ers ar$uin$ in #avor o# Ber$er2s !ro$ram alon$ the lines o#: FThey can2t mean Im!act Trainin$O It2s the (est money I2ve ever s!entO It chan$ed my entire outloo+ on li#eO *y s!irituality was enhanced (y itO I# only I could $et the rest o# my #amily to $o they2d understand how (ene#icial it isOJ The (i$$est !ro(lem with these +inds o# statements is this: i# one2s entire outloo+ on li#e needed chan$e in the #irst !lace shouldn2t one sincerely and hum(ly !onder !recisely what one has !ersistently #ailed to $ras! within the #ullness and richness o# the %verlastin$ Gos!el already availa(le to themKO Chy would a !ro$ram such as this (e as necessary and as (ene#icial as touted i# the leaders o# the Church time and a$ain have stressed that Fthese !ro$rams are < not < in < harmony with Church doctrine or $os!el !rinci!les)J 1oo+in$ critically at the teachin$s o# sel#,awareness $rou!s one can more readily ascertain red #la$s that si$nal their disharmony with the Gos!el) One very #ore(odin$ red #la$ is that these $rou!s incor!orate and encoura$e #urther study o# New A$e doctrines and conce!ts) An e4cellent e4am!le o# this is the !romotion o# what is re#erred to as FThe 1aw o# Attraction)J Sim!ly !ut this FlawJ !ostulates that throu$h the #orce o# one2s own concentrated will one can o(tain whatever ends one desires) Sel#, awareness enter!rises that tar$et 1DS mem(ers !resent this FlawJ as the drivin$ #orce (ehind !rayer or !rovide a similar e4!lanation in an attem!t to tie the two to$ether) In reality thou$h there is no such Flaw)J Ce as human (ein$s on this earth are not endowed with any such ca!acity to create $enerate or Fmove

[email protected]

THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I the universeJ in accordance to our will) There are only two #orces availa(le that allow us to achieve or o(tain anythin$ outside o# our own s!here o# in#luence: the !ower o# God and the !ower o# the devil) I# it is not God2s will #or one2s !rayer to (e answered the way one wants it to (e there is only one other !ower that may decide to $rant one2s wish ) Thus when someone does not utili/e honest hum(le !rayer and su!!lication to Almi$hty God < with the #ull acce!tance that Ais will (e done and not one2s own < it !roduces the same e##ect as callin$ u!on Satan and in#ormin$ him o# whatever covetous desires and unri$hteous am(itions reside in one2s heart) The $reater the intensity with which one e4!resses such desires the more li+ely he will decide to $rant it) Aence Satan2s #raudulent Flaw o# attractionJ conce!t (ecomes all the more acce!ted when the wish is eventually reali/ed) The (i$$est and loudest red #la$ a(out these $rou!s is that their Ftrainin$J methods and techni0ues are #ri$htenin$ly similar to the mind, (endin$ and (rainwashin$ the $ruelin$ initiation rites and the !rocedures o# dee! (ondin$ with other initiates that ta+e !lace in (oth ancient and modern secret societies < li+e the Assassins and S+ull and Bones res!ectively) They create scenarios that stri! attendees down to their most vulnera(le states) Bein$ thus vulnera(le attendees are then !ressured to (ond with a(solute stran$ers on levels that many o# them !ro(a(ly haven2t even esta(lished with their closest #amily mem(ers and #riends) Genuine situations wherein a(solute stran$ers are li+ely to (ond with each other at these !ain#ully vulnera(le !sycholo$ical and emotional levels mi$ht include: soldiers servin$ to$ether in wartime citi/ens altruistically aidin$ each other durin$ catastro!hic natural disasters or other traumatic li#e,threatenin$ scenarios) 3er#ect stran$ers may end u! (ondin$ with each other 0uite naturally and $enuinely durin$ such cases) Aowever !artici!ants in these sel#,awareness trainin$s !lace themselves in contrived and arti#icial traumatic situations < and the (onds that they are !ressured to #orm with other attendees are e0ually as contrived and arti#icial des!ite simultaneously #eelin$ dee!er and closer than (onds they2ve develo!ed with #amily #riends and loved ones over the course o# a li#etime) Additionally 3avlov,style classical conditionin$ is harshly and shoc+in$ly utili/ed in order to $enerate desired chan$es in the trainees) The end e##ect is that the attendee (ecomes instilled with non,internali/ed !ro$rammed reactions to various situational stimuli that one e4!eriences in li#e < mani#estin$ as +nee,Ner+ arti#icial F!ositiveJ res!onses to di##icult circumstances ta+in$ the #orm o# disin$enuous arti#icial emotional stren$th) *eanwhile these teachin$s and !ractices are instilled within the attendees as (ein$ the hi$hest #orms o# stren$th com!assion and unconditional love) On to! o# all this they even swear the attendees :or FinitiatesJK; to secrecy o# all that occurs at the trainin$s)


SEC8L&R SPIRIT8&LITY: NONE (&RE C&LL IT RELIGION Is it any wonder then why leaders o# the 1DS Church strive to dissuade mem(ers #rom su(Nectin$ themselves to such mani!ulation yet do so in a manner that doesn2t intrude u!on the #ree a$ency o# the mem(ers to inter!ret their warnin$sK The 1DS Church leaders are a(solutely correct: all o# this is counter, intuitive and anathema to the Gos!el o# .esus Christ) In contrast the Gos!el is a(out dee!,seeded learnin$ throu$h !atient endurance o# trials hum(ly ta+in$ in the lessons we learn #rom our mista+es throu$hout li#e daily e4ercisin$ o# #aith in carryin$ out !ersonal res!onsi(ilities :whether or not one is rewarded in a worldly manner #or doin$ so; and #ore$oin$ one2s !ersonal desires and am(itions in order to (uild u! the 'in$dom o# God on earth)

9 Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Theoso!hy = FAntoine "aivre :(orn .une > 9857; is a !rominent "rench scholar o# esoterism)
&ntil his retirement he held a chair in the pcole 3rati0ue des Aautes ptudes at the Sor(onne &niversity 3ro#essor o# Germanic Studies at the &niversity o# Aaute,Normandie director o# the Cahiers del AermTtisme and o# Bi(lioth^0ue de l2hermTtisme and is with Couter Aane$raa## and Boland %di$ho##er the editor o# the Nournal Aries) "aivre was the #irst to de#ine Cestern esotericism as a #ield o# interdisci!linary academic study) Ae was a #oundin$ mem(er o# the %uro!ean Society #or the Study o# Cestern %sotericism)J :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-AntoineV"aivre;

5 I(id) 9 :em!hasis added; 7 I(id) 9 :em!hasis added; > Be#er to the 3D" #iles in the su!!ortin$ material: Aumanist *ani#esto I and
Aumanist *ani#esto II

E Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-SecularVhumanism ? Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-.ohnVDewey @ Drury Nevill :=667; The New A$e: Searchin$ #or the S!iritual Sel# 1ondon
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8 Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-NewVA$e :em!hasis added; 96 I(id) 8 :em!hasis added; 99 "rom a summary o# Bandall N) Baer2s (oo+ Inside the New A$e Ni$htmare (y
Senith Aarris *errill Source < htt!:--www)$reaterthin$s)com-Boo+store-S!irituality-ni$htmare)htm

9= 9 Corinthians 5:98 95 Doctrine and Covenants 9=5:95,9>


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I 97 Source < htt!:--www)$reaterthin$s)com-Boo+store-S!irituality-ni$htmare)htm 9> Be#er to the video #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: O!rah denies Christ2s divinity 9E Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-AumanV!otentialVmovement 9? Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Ale4anderV%verett [email protected] Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-*indVDynamics 98 Be#er to the ima$e #iles in the su!!ortin$ material: Crowley and Au((ard Oct >
98E8 The Sunday Times and 1 Bon Au((ard Oct > 98E8 The Sunday Times

=6 Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-CernerV%rhard =9 Source
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== Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-*ovementVo#VS!iritualVInnerVAwareness =5 Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Bo$erVDelanoVAin+ins =7 Source < htt!:--$aw+er)com->6E7856-ariannas,mandatory,cult,meetin$s => Be#er to the 3D" #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Sel# Ael! or 1ost Ao!eVDeseret

=E Source < htt!:--www)ldschurchnews)[email protected]?-"rom,the,"irst,

=? Source


[email protected] Source < htt!:--www)ri!o##re!ort)com-mental,health-im!act,trainin$,a+a-im!act,
trainin$,a+a,im!act,tr,=?(7()htm Be#er to the 3D" #ile in the su!!ortin$ material: Sel# Awareness Grou! Online Bi!o## Be!ort

=8 "rom the transcri!t o# Sue "ord2s !u(lic a!!earance on "e(ruary == nd [email protected] <
recorded (y Chica$o Aealth Television) Be#er to the cha!te in Volume II 3art > *ind Control: 3er#ection In Slavery

56 To the Aum(le "ollowers o# Christ %lder %/ra Ta#t Benson O# the Council o# the
Twelve Con#erence Be!ort A!ril 98E8 !!) 96,9>



FAnd (ehold I am GiddianhiI and I am the $overnor o# this the secret society o# GadiantonI which society and the wor+s thereo# I +now to (e $oodI and they are o# ancient date and they have (een handed down unto us)))) GYHield yourselves u! unto us and unite with us and (ecome ac0uainted with our secret wor+s and (ecome our (rethren that ye may (e li+e unto usPnot our slaves (ut our (rethren and !artners o# all our su(stance) FAnd (ehold I swear unto you i# ye will do this with an oath ye shall not (e destroyedI (ut i# ye will not do this I swear unto you with an oath that on the morrow month I will command that my armies shall come down a$ainst you and they shall not stay their hand and shall s!are not (ut shall slay you and shall let #all the sword u!on you even until ye shall (ecome e4tinct) FGIHt seemeth a !ity unto me most no(le 1achoneus that ye should (e so #oolish and vain as to su!!ose that ye can stand a$ainst so many (rave men who are at my command who do now at this time stand in their arms and do await with $reat an4iety #or the wordP Go down u!on the Ne!hites and destroy them)J < %!istle #rom Giddianhi leader o# the Gadianton ro((ers to 1achoneus Governor o# the Ne!hites
< %!istle #rom Giddianhi leader o# the Gadianton ro((ers to 1achoneus Governor o# the Ne!hites9



Police C ie".% Letter
Be#ore continuin$ recall what Brother 1aw stated:
F1et me tell you some o# the +inds o# doctrines that we #ace)))) A dialectic materialist is one who does not (elieve in God)))) Now i# you donQt (elieve in God then what do you (elieve inK You must (elieve in a God) So God (ecomes somethin$Pthe $reatest (ein$ you +now) Cell what is thatK ThatQs meO There is no God) I am ne4t) There#ore truth (ecomes whatever advances me) And there#ore i# I have to eliminate GsomeoneH (ecause he is in the way o# my advancement thatQs truth) Now the American mind the *ormon mind !articularly the 1atter,day Saint mind has di##iculty in dealin$ with somethin$ that cunnin$ and that su(tle that devious) But thatQs the mentality that we #ace)J

"or over two decades a retired Ari/ona !olice o##icer named .ac+ *c1am( has !u(lished a $overnment watchdo$ newsletter called FAid L A(etJ #or his #ellow law en#orcement and military o##icers) "rom his we(site = here is the !u(lication2s mission statement:
FOur association2s sin$ular $oal is to !revent our (rothers and sisters in uni#orm #rom (ein$ unwittin$ly used to enslave the !eo!le o# #ree nations under the anti,God anti,"reedom :&nited Nations,led; world $overnment system) Ce understand two most im!ortant !oints concernin$ the $lo(alists2 !lan: • They intend to $ain throu$h any availa(le means total dictatorial control over all the !eo!les o# the world) • They cannot reali/e their $oal i# their would,(e en#orcers :we !olice and soldiers; re#use to assist them in their treachery) FOur motto s!ells out this truth: I" 3O1IC% O""IC%BS AND SO1DI%BS CI11 NOT %N"OBC% TYBANNY IT CI11 N%V%B B% %N"OBC%DOJJ

In Aid L A(et2s Volume = Issue 9 !u(lished in the early 98862s .ac+ *c1am( !rinted a letter that was sent to him) By it2s contents it a!!ears to have ori$inally (een a s!eech that was transcri(ed into letter #orm) The author claims to (e a !olice chie# who $oes under the !seudonym FBu!ert Or!heus)J *c1am( has !u(licly vouched #or its authenticity) Chether or not the author is indeed a !olice chie# the terminolo$y used indicates that a hi$hly de$reed "reemason com!osed it) The chosen !seudonym in and o# itsel# reveals much a(out how the author wishes to !resent himsel#: Or!heus5 is a !rominent #i$ure in Gree+ mytholo$y who wielded $reat !ower in charmin$ with music and !oetry) Additionally #rom the time o# the letter2s com!osition until now its undenia(le that e4actly what he lays out has (ecome #ar more !revalent and o(serva(le) This is what was !u(lished in the Aid L A(et newsletter :A11


&N O9ERT -&RNING TO RESISTERS OF THE NE- &GE CA3S are ori$inal em!hasis other em!hasis added;:
FTo the 0uestion o# MDo some Nud$es !rosecutors and !olice o##icers today commit dishonest acts to !ut criminals awayKM I answer an une0uivocal YesO But it is ho!ed that it is not done without Nust cause) True immorality e4ists only when the cause is not Nust) FA#ter more than =6 years o# service to my #ellow Americans I reali/e what reality is) The truth is that today many Nud$es attorneys !olice o##icials and o##icers are devotees o# the reli$ion o# Secular Aumanism :S)A); mysel# included) FSome o# our mem(ers :mainly out o# #ear; will not admit that S)A) is a reli$ion) They are a!!rehensive that 2e )!4 3e tre!ted !% t e %o c!lled CC ri%ti!n%C !5e 3een tre!ted under the doctrine o# Se!aration o# Church and State) Such #ear mi$ht (e well #ounded i# this were 9> to =6 years a$o) Not so today) Beason (ein$ collea$ues o# our #aith are #or the most !art in control o# the a$encies and or$ani/ations such as the AC1& ABA .ustice De!artment etc) that would normally !rotest such cases) Althou$h this may at #irst seem un#air it is not) But allow me to !roceed and I (elieve you will come to #ull understandin$ o# this and many other im!ortant #acts)J

Ae o!enly admits (iased selective treatment a$ainst Christianity and Christians due to a$ents in hi$her !ositions in +ey $overnment and watchdo$ a$encies)
F*y #eelin$s are that it is time we she!herds o!en the eyes o# our #loc+ and #urther sort out those we cannot ta+e with us into the =9st century)J

Bead that a$ain) FCe she!herdsJ must Fsort outJ our F#loc+)J Ae reveals that initiates o# mystery schools consider themselves the she!herds o# the $eneral !u(lic o# humanity collectively whom they see as Fshee!J < or Fshee!le)J They (elieve that it is their res!onsi(ility to sort out the #loc+ < i)e) cull or otherwise eliminate those who will not hear+en to the she!herds as the =9st century rolls #orth)
FAny that would deny that our reli$ion o# S)A) is not a valid reli$ion should do their homewor+) The Su!reme Court decided that it is a reli$ion some years a$o in the Torcaso vs A(in$ton A(in$ton vs Schem!! and in Torcaso vs Cat+ins cases) Accordin$ to the Ai$h Court it is M)))(elie# not creed or cult which a!!ears to (e the essence o# reli$ion)M It #urther e4!lains that M)))(elie# re#ers to some sort o# universal view o# li#e o# the world o# man+ind < a (elie# that is held to (e true a(out man+ind)M In essence the Su!reme Court said that one2s reli$ion can (e M)))any world view with or without re#erence to GOD theistic or non,theistic in natureM) I ho!e this hel!s others to understand our "aith) Aowever this o# course is not the main !oint o# my s!eech) G%d) Note: Aere is where it (ecomes a!!arent that this was not ori$inally com!osed as a letter neither addressed directly to *c1am( (ut a transcri!tion o# this !olice chie#2s


s!eech delivered to others *c1am()H and then this transcri!tion was sent to

*ISBTRE&T*ENT OF H8*&NIST OFFICERS FI wish to address the a(use o# 3olice O##icers who ascri(e +nowin$ly or un+nowin$ly to the moral tenets o# our reli$ion in re$ards to ethics and morals) Nationwide our devotees are endurin$ horri(le discrimination at the hands o# a very hy!ocritical #action o# society the Christians) This discrimination comes as we Aumanists e4ercise our own reli$ious (elie#s and a!!ly our morals Mon the No(M so to s!ea+) Yet other o##icers may a!!ly their own individual (elie# systems :morals and ethics; at will without any condemnation) This is undenia(le discriminationOJ

Note how (ra/enly he twists and conveniently rede#ines the terms Fmorals J Fethics J and Fhy!ocriticalJ < even the term Fdiscrimination)J To him discrimination includes !unishin$ law en#orcement o##icers who Fcommit dishonest acts to !ut criminals awayJ whenever doin$ so is deemed (y Secular Aumanist adherents to (e a FNust cause)J
F"ortunately our reli$ion is the #astest $rowin$ o# any in all o# history and many o# the youn$er $eneration within the criminal Nustice system includin$ !olice o##icers who ascri(e to sound Secular Aumanist !rinci!als are now in mana$ement which is o# (ene#it to all) This does $ive us sway !ower and is a !lus #or our side ) Still there is #ar too much discrimination a$ainst those who would a!!ly a most im!ortant !rinci!le o# our reli$ion < MSituation %thicsM) FThe !rinci!al o# Situation %thics allows the individual to #ocus correctly on only the $oal to (e accom!lished ) *orally s!ea+in$ little i# any consideration need (e $iven to the method or means as nothin$ else su!ersedes its im!ortance) O# course concern is $iven to #indin$ a means o# accom!lishin$ a tas+ or $oal so as to have the least ne$ative im!act on the least amount o# our !eo!le)J

Sim!ly stated this is the !hiloso!hy o# FThe end Nusti#ies the meansJ < he merely su$ar coats it (y insistin$ that there2s an e##ort made Fto have the least ne$ative im!act on the least amount o# our !eo!le)J Our !eo!le < mystery school initiates and those willin$ to o(ey them)
FIn my youth I recall hearin$ the $reat Green Bay 3ac+ers coach Vince 1om(ardi descri(e it this way: MCinnin$ is not everythin$I it is the only thin$)M *uch o# our society lives (y this !rinci!al today) Yes even many o# those who M!ro#ess other #aithsM and occu!y !ul!its throu$hout America) 3ersonally I thin+ the !rinci!le o# Situation %thics is (est descri(ed (y e4aminin$ the le$al de#inition o# ethics and morals $iven (y our no2 co)+!triot%0 t e Co))uni%t%) The Communist de#inition is: M%V%BYTAING is ethical and moral as lon$ as it !romotes Corld Communism)M T i% i% +ure Secul!r Hu)!ni%) ) Ce can learn much incidentally a(out total commitment #rom the Communists) The *ar4ists


have out o# !ra$matic necessity e4!ur$ated a minimum o# 86 million !eo!le in the !ursuit o# man2s no(lest mission < world !eace) Chat intelli$ent !erson could call MimmoralM any means used to accom!lish this all im!ortant $oalK FIn our $reat Aumanist *ani#esto si$ned in 9855 and 98?5 we e4!lain our moral creed which is very much t e %!)e !% t e *!r<i%t creed yet set #orth in much more !alata(le and tact#ul terms) G%d) Note: In other words FCe u!hold the same ruthless (elie#s and codes (ut we su$ar coat the lan$ua$e as to ma+e it easier #or the American !u(lic to swallow)JH Aere is a (rie# summation o# our (elie#s re$ardin$ %thics and Truth: ETHICS FM*oral values derive their source #rom human e4!erience) %thics is autonomous and situational needin$ no theolo$ical or ideolo$ical sanction) %thics stems #rom human need and interest) To deny this distorts the whole (asis o# li#e))) Ce strive #or the $ood li#e here and now)M < Aumanist *ani#esto II 98?5) &8THORITY &N( TR8TH FMCe reNect those #eatures o# traditional reli$ious morality that deny humans a #ull a!!reciation o# their own !otentialities and res!onsi(ilities) Traditional reli$ions o#ten o##er solace to humans (ut as o#ten they inhi(it humans #rom hel!in$ themselves or e4!eriencin$ their #ull !otentialities))) Ce can discover no divine !ur!ose or !rovidence #or the human s!ecies))) Aumans are res!onsi(le #or what we are or will (ecome) No deity will save us: we must save ourselves)M < Aumanist *ani#esto II 98?5) FA#ter =6 !lus years o# conditionin$ our society now lar$ely su(scri(es to this !hiloso!hy) Some o# you who !ractice MselectiveM Christianity are closer to our #aith than to the su!erstitions o# the Bi(le Thum!ers o# old) :In selective Christianity o# course you choose GwhatH to (elieve in and discard the !arts that are not convenient); Don2t you see that in this we are Nust ali+eK Your M#aithM is actually (ased on what is ri$ht under man2s desire) Ce Aumanists are in #act more honest) Ce admit that there is no God < that it is only *an2s desires that are im!ortant) You leaders o# these Mselective ChristiansM !reach that your #aith is (ased on some !arts o# MGod2s 1awM (ut in actuality the maNority is (ased on what #eels $ood or is convenient)J

In the scri!tures this wholesale em(racin$ o# !ersonal Nusti#ication is re#erred to as F(ecomin$ a law unto one2s sel#)J This trait is a necessary characteristic to (e em(raced within the doctrine o# Secular Aumanism (ut to the 1ord it is a(omination) It is the e!itome o# !ride the essence o# vanity and #or the Christian (eliever it is the !athway to a!ostasy) 7
FDuite o(viously America2s $overnment now o!erates under the $uidin$ !rinci!les o# Aumanism) Dece!tion lyin$ cheatin$ stealin$ +illin$ is all moral i# it !romotes the attainment o# our essential $oals) This is true


ri$hteousness) A !rime e4am!le can (e seen in the recent war a$ainst Ira0) G%d) Note: +ee! in mind this re#ers to the #irst Ira0 FGul# CarJ in the early 862s)H Over =>6 666 have lost their lives so #ar and more are dyin$ every day < all #or the attainment o# a hi$her $ood the $oal o# our $reat Aumanist leaders: COB1D 3%AC% throu$h Corld Government) FThis New A$e teachin$ is the reason why #or e4am!le a !olice o##icer :one o# Secular Aumanist !ersuasion; is li+ely to ris+ his very li#e to save a mem(er o# society one moment and the very ne4t moment ta+e the witness stand and lie in order to win an im!ortant case) This is not to (e considered immoral $iven the !articular standard o# ethics u!on which such an o##icer (ases his morality < namely that the end Nusti#ies any means) :In other words a$ain the MAi$her GoodM !rinci!leO; *any !eo!le still do not understand this) They don2t understand that this is why our !residents and their sta##s mem(ers o# Con$ress and hosts o# others with leadershi! roles in America < lawyers Nud$es etc) < lie and cheat ri$ht alon$ side our dedicated humanist 1aw %n#orcers) To re!eat all #or the $reater $ood o# society i)e) the system) FChat the *asses must (e made to understand and never (e allowed to #or$et is that this is #or their own $ood) They should +now (y now that those who are actually in control o# our $overnment :as Col) Oliver North e4!lained; truly +now what is (est #or the !eo!le) They must also +now that under the New Corld Order the .ustice System2s !rimary mission will (e to +rotect t e %4%te) "ro) t e )!%%e% ) It is !recisely in view o# this that we on the inside have (een o(li$ated all alon$ to use the system to su!!ress dissenters as 0uic+ly as !ossi(le < (e#ore any radical Anti, Corld Government Anti,Aumanist $rou! can $ain the u!!er hand) FYou2re aware o# course that the vast maNority o# Americans see+ only !eace and security) They hardly even reali/e that they have virtually )!de go5ern)ent t eir ne2 god to which they turn #or the #ul#illment o# every need) Our New A$e leaders :and we soldiers as their Marms and le$sM; stand ready to $ive the *asses all #or which they !ray) F1et me re!eat: Our No( within the Criminal .ustice system today is to !rotect the 31AN the SYST%* and !unish those that our le!der% decide are enemies o# that System ) O# course now as with our Soviet collea$ues under New A$e Aumanist Situation %thics we are not limited in the methods we may a!!ly to win) Ce can there#ore !roceed with uno(structed haste to ma+e the masses sa#e and !eace#ul) F1et2s loo+ a$ain at our e4am!le o# that !olice o##icer who routinely ris+s his li#e #or others and yet will lie on the witness stand to hel! his $overnment win some case in court) I# some o# you are still sur!rised at this then !erha!s you haven2t understood what I have (een tryin$ to convey) Nor have you understood what your children have learned so well over the last =6 years within the $overnment school system) FIt is that we are livin$ in a new a$e where man has wisely !laced his trust


in $overnment instead o# some su!erstition called the divine or God) It is the old reli$ious morals that have caused all o# our !ro(lems) A new a$e calls #or a new (elie# system a new moral code a new reli$ion) It is e4citin$ to see most all o# the reli$ions o# the world comin$ nicely to$ether united in !re!aration to serve the New Corld Order) Ce must all dedicate ourselves to o(eyin$ our leaders without 0uestion and to the instruction o# succeedin$ $enerations toward our uto!ian $oals o# Corld 3eace)J

There2s a(solutely nothin$ FnewJ a(out any o# this < only the !ac+a$e it2s (ein$ delivered in)
FI would li+e to introduce you to one !resent,day scholar Dr) Sidney Simon who has (een very e##ective and deservin$ o# much credit #or his e##orts in this wor+ o# re,educatin$ humanity) Ae s!ea+s !lainly and his meanin$ is unmista+a(le as when he says: FMCe do not need any more !reachin$ a(out ri$ht and wron$) The old 2thou shalt nots2 sim!ly are not relevant)M Ae $oes on to e4!lain to the child educators he is addressin$ that Mvalues clari#icationM is a method #or teachers to chan$e the values o# children 2without $ettin$ cau$ht2) : Values Clari#ication is another term #or situation %thics ;) FA (oo+ in use (y our educators called Cee! "or Our Children s!ells out Mvalues clari#icationM as !art o# the new morality) FMIt2s O' to lie) It2s O' to steal) It2s O' to have !remarital se4) It2s O' to cheat or to +ill i# these thin$s are !art o# your value system and you have clari#ied these values #or yoursel#) The im!ortant thin$ is not what values you choose (ut that you have chosen them yoursel# #reely and without coercion o# !arents s!ouse !riest #riends ministers or social !ressure o# any +ind)M It is such S)A) !ro!onents in the $overnment schools :the teachers; whom we can than+ #or re,moldin$ the values o# these ne4t $enerations) FChen the $overnment national Child Care (ill is !assed it will (e a $reat day #or Aumanists and !ro!onents o# Corld 3eace) Chat wonders we can achieve once we have the attention o# the nation2s !re,schoolers #or E to 8 hours a dayO 1oo+ what we have already accom!lished with the older a$e $rou!s o# America2s youth) FAs I hinted earlier this new society (ased on the deity o# *an will demand a new +ind o# 1aw %n#orcer) FOne o# our educators said to me some wee+s a$o MAmerica2s reli$ious /ealots o# the !ast would (e shoc+ed at the chan$es the !eo!le have allowed)M She was correct #or a#ter all it was .ames *adison that said MCe have sta+ed the whole #uture o# American civili/ation not u!on the !ower o# $overnment #ar #rom it) Ce have sta+ed the #utureR u!on the ca!acity o# each and all o# us to $overn ourselves to sustain ourselves


accordin$ to the Ten Commandments o# God)MJ

On this note I cannot recommend stron$ly enou$h the (oo+ (y Charlotte Iser(yt The Deli(erate Dum(in$ Down o# America) > She ou$ht to +now < (oth her #ather and $rand#ather were mem(ers o# Yale2s S+ull L Bones covered in a !revious cha!ter)
FAh (ut it is a new day and we are #ast !roceedin$ into the =9st Century) Americans no lon$er wish to assume the res!onsi(ilities o# $overnin$ themselves) Aa!!ily #or them there is a whole new $eneration o# very dedicated leaders and en#orcers in $overnment to see that they are cared #or) ENFORCE*ENT *&NPO-ER F1et me address #or a moment the 0uestion o# 3olice man!ower) As the citi/ens relin0uish out o# #ear more o# their ri$hts more %n#orcers are re0uired to re$ulate and su!ervise the !eo!le2s activities so that they remain sa#e and !eace#ul) Cho would have thou$ht 966 years a$o that the inte$ration o# #ear o# literally everythin$ would have (een the answer to esta(lishin$ the New Corld OrderK Credit #or this innovation $oes to the "ree Thin+ers o# the last $eneration) FNow the older $eneration +nown as M3eace O##icersM MServants o# the 3eo!leM mi$ht not so readily have ado!ted nor #it into this new order o# thin$s) "ortunately this has not !osed too $reat a !ro(lem due to the #act that they are ra!idly (ein$ re!laced throu$h natural attrition i)e) death or retirement) The ne4t ? or @ years will see the last o# them removed) FAt the same time !olice a$encies are o# necessity attem!tin$ more and more to screen out (e#ore hirin$ those !ros!ective o##icers who (elieve in the old reli$ious su!erstitions) This is wise (ecause these /ealots will not do the thin$s that will (e re0uired o# them under the new system ) Those remainin$ !olice o##icers who o!enly !ro#ess a (elie# system stee!ed in old world Beli$ious "undamentalism can (e and are (ein$ !hased out on any num(er o# char$es such as can (e su(stantiated over time or with the hel! o# a little innovation on the !art o# new mana$ement) FSome o# the Mold timeM o##icers com!lain that this ty!e o# No( discrimination is Munconstitutional and immoralM (ut we +now they are wron$) &nder Situation %thics all thin$s are moral as lon$ as they !romote the $oal) There#ore they are not (ein$ removed #or any evil causeI they are incom!ati(le and sim!ly non,#unctional #or the duties that will (e re0uired o# them) S8PER9ISING & HYPOCRITIC&L P8:LIC FI #eel I need to say a$ain that i# a !ro#essional !olice o##icer must lie a$ainst those who violate the 1aw then it is moral) The same is true when $overnment Nud$es and attorneys withhold evidence and witnesses #rom the Nury to win their cases) Chen a !olitician lies to win an o##ice or ma+es deals that !romote the New Order it is moral)


F1et me tell you what is truly immoral) I will use the issuance o# tra##ic violations as only one e4am!le) True immorality is when > out o# 96 M$ood u!standin$ citi/ensM ta+e the witness stand swear an oath to their God and then !roceed to #a(ricate lies to $et out o# their tic+ets) This our %n#orcement O##icers witness daily in court) To them this is not only immoral (ut hi$hly hy!ocritical) FThe %n#orcer2s dishonesty hel!s society as a whole) I# a $overnment a$ent lied #or !ersonal reasons it would (e immoralI i# done #or the (etterment o# man+ind it is not) And that is the most im!ortant lesson I (rin$ you today) It is one thin$ when a leader or a$ent o# $overnment has to lie or otherwise deceives his su(Nects) It is 0uite another when an ordinary individual #rom amon$ the masses M(ites the hand that #eeds himM (y lyin$ to those who are (rin$in$ salvation in this (rave new world) Do we see this im!ortant di##erenceK FThe Old Corld understood that it was the $reatest o# sins to lie to or deceive God) The $enerations o# devotees that wish to enter the New Corld must li+ewise (e (rou$ht to the understandin$ that it is the $reatest o# sins to lie to or deceive their new God Government) Any such disloyalty would surely ham!er the !ro$ress o# those en$a$ed in usherin$ in the $lorious New Corld Order) RESIST&NCE TO THE NE- OR(ER FCe are not concerned with the #ew who may resist this New Order #or out o# !ra$matic necessity their #ate has (een am!ly allowed #or in the *aster 3lan) Chat we are most concerned a(out at !resent is that the o(edient masses (e made to understand that it is detrimental to !ro$ress #or them to su$$est that their Su!ervisors wallow under the !ressure and #utility o# the anti0uated su!erstitions morals and do$ma o# the !ast) There will (e some di##icult chan$es #acin$ the !erson enterin$ this New Society) On these issues however we can assure the !eo!le there will (e no com!romise) FThan+ you #or listenin$) G%d) note: another indication that this was a transcri(ed s!eech ori$inally)H *ay the (lessin$ o# the New Order come swi#tly u!on us) So *ote It Be)J

There2s two +ey !hrases within the letter where the esoterically, !seudonymed !olice chie# author e4!oses himsel# to either (e a hi$h,level *ason or other mystery school initiate: his cons!icuous use o# the !hrase Fmorals and do$ma J the title o# Al(ert 3i+e2s revered *asonic (oo+I as well as the endin$ !hrase FSo *ote It Be J which is used at the closin$ o# many *asonic rituals and is re$ularly used (y other New A$e and neo,!a$an :Thelema Cicca and Adonism; entities)
FMSo mote it (eM is a ritual !hrase used (y "reemasons and more recently Neo!a$ans) It means Mso may it (eM and may (e said at the end o# a !rayer in a similar way to MamenM) The !hrase a!!ears at the end o# the


97th century Aalliwell or Be$ius *anuscri!t the earliest +nown *asonic document) The !hrase has (een ta+en u! (y neo!a$ans and they use it in a similar way in their ceremonies and rituals)J E

The 3olice Chie# is ma+in$ the messa$e !er#ectly clear to everyone < to stalwart Christian traditionalists to other secret society mem(ers to dou(ters sco##ers and cynics as well as to s!ineless waverin$ sel#,see+in$ entities) Ae is sayin$: FThis is the way it is < (oth now and increasin$ly down the road) Chen the New Corld Order is #ully reali/ed this is e4actly what is e4!ected o# you)J

Editor.% Re%+on%e to t e Letter
The #ollowin$ is Aid L A(et editor .ac+ *c1am(2s !ersonal #eelin$s which he !ut in the newsletter #ollowin$ the !olice chie#2s letter-s!eech:
F%DITOB: This article was !resented to Aid and A(et #or !u(lication (y a lon$,time mem(er o# the 3olice !ro#ession) The writer has used a !en name))) (ecause he does not wish to ma+e himsel# +nown at this time))) FIt would (e a rare o##icer readin$ the Chie#2s article who would not (e mentally aroused (y it) Chereas most o# his ideas e4!ressed are at variance to my own views he nonetheless has raised a num(er o# !oints I can a$ree with) FSeveral o# these are: 9) The direction in which 1aw %n#orcement and our Democratic Socialist $overnment is ra!idly headin$ < i)e) toward world $overnment) =) A cleverly deceived and slum(erin$ 3u(lic truly is res!onsi(le #or havin$ traded its li(erties #or security) 5) It is (rilliance :not stu!idity or accident; that allows us to not solve the nation2s crime !ro(lem) 7) There does e4ist an ela(orate !lan :develo!ed (ehind the scenes (y anti,God #orces; that is directin$ our nation2s slide into totalitarianism) >) The true Christian 3olice o##icer who is still in the !ro#ession honestly will not #it in with the !revailin$ mores o# the New Corld Order) Ae a(solutely will not (e a(le to commit the acts a$ainst #ellow countrymen that will (e re0uired o# him) Such o##icers are already (ein$ !ut to the test today) FOne !oint on which I2ll ta+e issue with Chie# Or!heus concerns the


num(er o# honest dedicated morally,sound lawmen still servin$ on the #orce today) Aowever #ar downward the more sinister #orces o# chan$e may have carried us thus #ar I still (elieve that the !ercenta$es o# Mold, schoolM roc+,solid hi$h,!rinci!led o##icers remainin$ is considera(ly hi$her than the Chie# seems to su$$est) I +now (ecause I hear #rom many o# the $ood ones here at Aide and A(et) FThe Chie# is correct that (e#ore the !lan o# the New Corld Order can ta+e e##ect these o##icers will have to $o) Their re!lacements are to (e !ro$rammed anti,God non,thin+ers :AumanisticO; who will do what they are told without any 0uestions or hesitation) *any o##icers have witnessed that even today only the (est #ollowers $et !romoted) There#ore many currently in 3olice *ana$ement are de#enders o# the System and are no lon$er on the side o# the 3eo!le) FThese remainin$ $ood o##icers < who e4actly are theyK Some are now well,in#ormed 3atriots who are wor+in$ with us to educate their #ellow o##icers attem!tin$ to return them to true service o# the 3eo!le) FThen there is that 0uite lar$er $rou! also #iercely !atriotic and dedicated to serve) These latter however :usually throu$h no #ault o# their own; have in varyin$ de$rees (een misled and deceived (y those #rom whom they received their education and trainin$) Chether (y desi$n or de#ault they have (een de!rived o# a correct understandin$ o# their !ro!er role o# service in societyI li+ewise they have (een lar$ely +e!t in the dar+ as to who the real enemy o# our nation is) FThirty,#ive !ercent o# these $ood o##icers are Viet Nam Car Vets) Some are National Guardsmen and Beservists who served in the recent war a$ainst Ira0 G%d) note: once a$ain this is re#errin$ to the early 862s Gul# Car o# the #irst 3resident BushH) They are worth savin$ #or they love America with a ven$eance Nust as does the retired Vet and Co! !uttin$ out this !u(lication) There are a million,!lus (rave dedicated Street Soldiers out there that are su!!osed to (elon$ to MCe the 3eo!leM) F*y No( with the hel! o# many !olice collea$ues and !rivate sector 3atriots is to win them (ac+ to our side) FIt loo+s certain we are $oin$ to need them in the days ahead)J

9 5 Ne!hi 5:5 ?,8 The Boo+ o# *ormon = htt!:--Nac+mclam()community)o##icelive)com-de#ault)as!4 5 Or!heus was a le$endary musician !oet and !ro!het in ancient Gree+ reli$ion
and myth) The maNor stories a(out him are centered on his a(ility to charm all livin$ thin$s and even stones with his music)))) To the Gree+s Or!heus was a #ounder and !ro!het o# the so,called MOr!hicM mysteries)))) Ancient Gree+ sources note Or!heus2s Thracian ori$ins) Archaeolo$ists have inter!reted #inds within



ancient Thrace as evidence o# Or!hic cult) :Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-Or!heus;

7 In Bomans =:95,9> 3aul discusses how un(elievin$ Gentiles #ollow whatever code
they esta(lish #or themselves via !ersonal emotions or limited lo$ic and demonstrate throu$h their (ehavior that law which is written in their hearts < F"or not the hearers o# the law are Nust (e#ore God (ut the doers o# the law shall (e Nusti#ied) "or when the Gentiles which have not the law do (y nature the thin$s contained in the law these havin$ not the law are a law unto themselves: Chich shew the wor+ o# the law written in their hearts their conscience also (earin$ witness and their thou$hts the mean while Gi)e) meanwhileH accusin$ or else e4cusin$ one anotherIJ Also in DLC @@:57,5> the 1ord says while e4!oundin$ u!on those who inherit the Telestial :lowest; +in$dom o# $lory: FAnd a$ain verily I say unto you that which is $overned (y law is also !reserved (y law and !er#ected and sancti#ied (y the same) That which (rea+eth a law and a(ideth not (y law (ut see+eth to (ecome a law unto itsel# and willeth to a(ide in sin and alto$ether a(ideth in sin cannot (e sancti#ied (y law neither (y mercy Nustice nor Nud$ment) There#ore they must remain #ilthy still)J

> FCharlotte Thomson Iser(yt is an American #reelance writer who served as a
Senior 3olicy Advisor in the O##ice o# %ducational Besearch and Im!rovement :O%BI; &)S) De!artment o# %ducation durin$ the #irst term o# &)S) 3resident Bonald Bea$an and sta## em!loyee o# the &S State De!artment :South A#rica Bel$ium South 'orea;) She was (orn circa 9856) Aer #ather and $rand#ather were Yale &niversity $raduates and mem(ers o# the S+ull and Bones secret society) FShe is +nown #or writin$ the (oo+ The Deli(erate Dum(in$ Down o# America) The (oo+ claims that chan$es $radually (rou$ht into the American !u(lic education system attem!t to eliminate the in#luences o# a child2s !arents :reli$ion morals national !atriotism; and mold the child into a mem(er o# the !roletariat in !re!aration #or a socialist,collectivist world o# the #uture) She alle$es that these chan$es ori$inated #rom !lans #ormulated !rimarily (y the Andrew Carne$ie "oundation #or the Advancement o# %ducation Boc+e#eller General %ducation Board and details what she says are the !sycholo$ical methods used to im!lement and e##ect the chan$es) FIn an interview concernin$ secret societies and the elite a$enda she disclosed that in the early [email protected] she had a chance to meet with Norman Dodd who had (een the chie# investi$ator #or the &nited States Aouse Select Committee to Investi$ate Ta4,%4em!t "oundations and Com!ara(le Or$ani/ations commonly +nown as the B) Carroll Beece Committee) In the video she claims that Dodd discussed a 2networ+2 o# individuals includin$ Carne$ie who !lanned to (rin$ a(out world !eace (y means o# ra!id chan$es in society) These chan$e would (e (rou$ht a(out (y involvin$ the !o!ulace in various wars and military con#licts) She #urther claimed that Dodd had discussions with Bowan Gaither the !resident o# the "ord "oundation in which he revealed that directives #rom the 3resident o# the &nited States com!elled #oundations related to the "ord "oundation to direct their #undin$ into (rin$in$ a(out the mer$er o# the &SA with the Soviet &nion)J


:Source < htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-CharlotteVThomsonVIser(yt;

E htt!:--en)wi+i!edia)or$-wi+i-SoVmoteVitV(e



%noch was hi$h and li#ted u! even in the (osom o# the "ather and o# the Son o# *anI and (ehold the !ower o# Satan was u!on all the #ace o# the earth) And he saw an$els descendin$ out o# heavenI and he heard a loud voice sayin$: Co wo (e unto the inha(itants o# the earth) And he (eheld SatanI and he had a $reat chain in his hand and it veiled the whole #ace o# the earth with dar+nessI and he loo+ed u! and lau$hed and his an$els reNoiced)
< *oses9


GBASSAO33%B9: Ao!!er I2ve (een thin+in$)))) Chy $o (ac+ to Ant Island at allK GAo!!er (ecomes #urious) A!!roaches the other $rassho!!ers)H AO33%B: G#ei$nin$ NovialityH Guys stayin$ hereO Gall the $rassho!!ers cheerH AO33%B: Chat was I thin+in$K Goin$ (ac+ to Ant Island) I mean we Nust $ot here and we have more than enou$h #ood) Bi$htK Chy $o (ac+K G!ausesH But there was that ant that stood u! to me) GBASSAO33%B=: Yeah (ut we can #or$et a(out himO GBASSAO33%B5: Yeah it was Nust one ant) GBASSAO33%B7: One antO AO33%B: Yeah you2re ri$ht) It2s Nust one ant) GBASSAO33%B5: Yeah (oss) They2re !unyO AO33%B: G!ulls a $rain out o# a lar$e dis!enserH Say let2s !retend this $rain is a !uny little ant) GThrows $rain at Grassho!!er5H Did that hurtK GBASSAO33%B5: No!e) AO33%B: Cell how a(out this oneK GThrows $rain at Grassho!!er=H GBASSAO33%B=: Are you +iddin$K AO33%B: Cell how a(out t i%; GAo!!er !ulls the sto!!er out o# the dis!enser) It violently em!ties out) A #lood o# $rain crushes Grassho!!ers = 5 and 7 under a lar$e !ile)H AO33%B: Gclim(s u!on the Nust,created lar$e !ile o# $rainH You let one ant stand u! to us then they A11 mi$ht stand u!) T o%e +un4 little !nt% outnu)3er u% #NN to one7 &nd i" t e4 e5er "igure t !t out0 THERE GOES O8R -&Y OF LIFED It.% not !3out "ood G%d) note: )one40 or 2e!lt 0 or +o%%e%%ion%H) It.% !3out /ee+ing t o%e !nt% in line Gi)e) ruling and controlling themH) That2s why we2re $oin$ (ac+O Does any(ody else want to stayK GTerri#ied all the other $rassho!!ers (e$in #la!!in$ their win$s !re!arin$ to leave)H < Dialo$ue #rom the animated #ilm A Bu$2s 1i#e = order another round (ecause we2re

I# there is any !art o# this (oo+ that I ho!e the reader ta+es the time to read in its entirety I !ray that it is this cha!ter) 3lease read it word #or word dee!ly !onder it and !ray a(out it)


FSilent Cea!ons #or Duiet Cars An Introduction 3ro$rammin$ *anual was uncovered 0uite (y accident on .uly ? [email protected] when an em!loyee o# Boein$ Aircra#t Co) !urchased a sur!lus IB* co!ier #or scra! !arts at a sale and discovered inside details o# a !lan hatched in the em(ryonic days o# the MCold CarM which called #or control o# the masses throu$h mani!ulation o# industry !eo!les2 !astimes education and !olitical leanin$s) It called #or a 0uiet revolution !uttin$ (rother a$ainst (rother and divertin$ the !u(lic2s attention #rom what is really $oin$ on)J

This is the !re#ace that was $iven to this remar+a(le To+ Secret document (y those who #irst !u(lished it in (oo+ and !am!hlet #ormats) "urther clari#ication a(out this document is $iven (y the ori$inal !u(lishers as #ollows:
FCe #eel that we are not endan$erin$ the MNational SecurityM (y re!roducin$ this document 0uite the contrary))) we #eel that we are not only within our ri$hts to !u(lish it (ut morally (ound to do so)))) Git is aH trainin$ manual))) G!resented toH selecteeGsH at the C)I)A) Trainin$ Center))) !rinted #or the !ur!ose o# introducin$ the selectee to the cons!iracy) FIt has (een authenticated (y #our di##erent technical writers #or *ilitary Intelli$ence one Nust recently retired who wants very much to have this manual distri(uted throu$hout the world and one who is still em!loyed as an %lectronics %n$ineer (y the "ederal Government and has access to the entire series o# Trainin$ *anuals) One was stationed in Aawaii and held the hi$hest security clearance in the Naval Intelli$ence G%d) note: this is re#errin$ to *r) Cilliam Coo!er who is introduced later in this (oo+H and another who is now teachin$ at a university and has (een wor+in$ with the Central Intelli$ence A$ency #or a num(er o# years))))J

To say that this document is revealin$ would (e a $larin$ understatement) It is ar$ua(le that no other To! Secret document which has ever (een lea+ed :as o# yet; is more im!ortant #or the $eneral !u(lic to read and com!rehend) No others so thorou$hly disclose the mindset a$enda tactics and literal wea!onry that are (ein$ used a$ainst the F!ro#aneJ :i)e) u% the Fshee!leJ;) T ere i% no ot er /no2n docu)ent t !t i% ! gre!ter %)o/ing gun t !n t i%7 The ori$inal document is a!!ro4imately 5E @nJ 4 99J sin$le,s!aced !a$es lon$ and contains many technical drawin$s) It is availa(le in its entirety online com!lete with scans o# the ori$inal technical drawin$s 5) A 3D" o# it is included in the su!!lementary material o# this (oo+) 7 I 0uote e4tensively #rom the most critical !ortions o# it leavin$ out nearly all o# the ima$es o# the technical e0uations and the manual2s ela(orations on them) Occasionally I interNect with my own comments :em!hasis added;:



TOP SECRET Silent -e!+on% "or =uiet -!r%
O+er!tion% Re%e!rc Tec nic!l *!nu!l T*BS-SJNM7#
-elco)e &3o!rd
FThis !u(lication mar+s the =>th anniversary o# the Third Corld Car called the MDuiet CarM (ein$ conducted usin$ su(Nective (iolo$ical war#are #ou$ht with Msilent wea!ons)M FThis (oo+ contains an introductory descri!tion o# this war its strate$ies and its wea!onry) *ay 98?8 [?7,99=6

FIt is !atently im!ossi(le to discuss social en$ineerin$ or the automation o# a society i)e) the en$ineerin$ o# social automation systems :silent wea!ons; on a national or worldwide scale without im!lyin$ e4tensive o(Nectives o# social control and destruction o# human li#e i7e70 %l!5er4 !nd genocide) FThis manual is in itsel# an analo$ declaration o# intent) Such a writin$ must (e secured #rom !u(lic scrutiny) Otherwise it )ig t 3e recogni?ed !% ! tec nic!ll4 "or)!l decl!r!tion o" do)e%tic 2!r ) "urthermore whenever any !erson or $rou! o# !ersons in a !osition o# $reat !ower and without #ull +nowled$e and consent o# the !u(lic uses such +nowled$e and methodolo$ies #or economic con0uest < it must (e understood that a %t!te o" do)e%tic 2!r"!re e<i%t% 3et2een %!id +er%on or grou+ o" +er%on% !nd t e +u3lic) FThe solution o# today2s !ro(lems re0uires an a!!roach which is rut le%%l4 c!ndid with no a$oni/in$ over reli$ious moral or cultural values) FYou have 0uali#ied #or this !roNect (ecause o# your a(ility to loo+ at human society with cold o(Nectivity and yet analy/e and discuss your o(servations and conclusions with others o# similar intellectual ca!acity without the loss o# discretion or humility) Such virtues are e4ercised in your own (est interest) Do not deviate #rom them)

Hi%toric!l Introduction
FSilent wea!on technolo$y has evolved #rom O!erations Besearch :O)B); a

[email protected]

strate$ic and tactical methodolo$y develo!ed under the *ilitary *ana$ement in %n$land durin$ Corld Car II) The ori$inal !ur!ose o# O!erations Besearch was to study the strate$ic and tactical !ro(lems o# air and land de#ense with the o(Nective o# e##ective use o# limited military resources a$ainst #orei$n enemies :i)e) lo$istics;) FIt 2!% %oon recogni?ed 34 t o%e in +o%ition% o" +o2er t !t t e %!)e )et od% )ig t 3e u%e"ul "or tot!ll4 controlling ! %ociet47 But (etter tools were necessary) FSocial en$ineerin$ :the analysis and automation o# a society; re0uires the correlation o# $reat amounts o# constantly chan$in$ economic in#ormation :data; so a hi$h,s!eed com!uteri/ed data,!rocessin$ system was necessary which could race ahead o# the society and !redict when society would arrive #or ca!itulation) FBelay com!uters were too slow (ut the electronic com!uter invented in 987E (y .) 3res!er %c+ert and .ohn C) *auchly #illed the (ill) FThe ne4t (rea+throu$h was the develo!ment o# the sim!le4 method o# linear !ro$rammin$ in 987? (y the mathematician Geor$e B) Dant/i$) FThen in [email protected] the transistor invented (y .) Bardeen C)A) Brattain and C) Shoc+ley !romised $reat e4!ansion o# the com!uter #ield (y reducin$ s!ace and !ower re0uirements) FCith these three inventions under their direction those in !ositions o# !ower stron$ly sus!ected that it was !ossi(le #or them to control the whole world with the !ush o# a (utton) FImmediately the Boc+e#eller "oundation $ot in on the $round #loor (y ma+in$ a #our,year $rant to Aarvard Colle$e #undin$ the Aarvard %conomic Besearch 3roNect #or the study o# the structure o# the American %conomy) One year later in 9878 The &nited States Air "orce Noined in) FIn 98>= the $rant !eriod terminated and a hi$h,level meetin$ o# the %lite was held to determine the ne4t !hase o# social o!erations research) The Aarvard !roNect had (een very #ruit#ul as is (orne out (y the !u(lication o# some o# its results in 98>5 su$$estin$ the #easi(ility o# economic :social; en$ineerin$) :Studies in the Structure o# the American %conomy < co!yri$ht 98>5 (y Cassily 1eontie# International Science 3ress Inc) Chite 3lains New Yor+;) F%n$ineered in the last hal# o# the decade o# the 98762s the new Duiet Car machine stood so to s!ea+ in s!ar+lin$ $old,!lated hardware on the showroom #loor (y 98>7) FCith the creation o# the maser in 98>7 the !romise o# unloc/ing unli)ited %ource% o" "u%ion !to)ic energ4 #rom the heavy hydro$en in sea water and the conse0uent availa(ility o# unlimited social !ower was a !ossi(ility only decades away)J



FG&Hnlimited sources o# #usion)J < "usion devices were not only invented (ut im!lementa(le #or !ractical uses as #ar (ac+ as the 98>62sO The technolo$y which we the F!ro#ane J are allowed access to is anti0uated !altry and !ur!ose#ully,!ollutin$ com!ared to all that which is su!!ressed (y :and enNoyed (y; the F%lite)J
Continuin$ #rom Silent Cea!ons "or Duiet Cars :em!hasis added;:
FThe com(ination was irresisti(le) FThe Duiet Car was 0uietly decl!red 34 t e Intern!tion!l Elite at a meetin$ held in 98>7) G%d) note re#errin$ to the #irst meetin$ held (y The Bilder(er$ Grou! as covered in a !revious cha!ter) This declaration o# war a$ainst the F!ro#aneJ was the !rimary to!ic o# this #irst meetin$)H FAlthou$h the silent wea!ons system was nearly e4!osed 95 years later the evolution o# the new wea!on,system has never su##ered any maNor set(ac+s) FThis volume mar+s the 'Mt !nni5er%!r4 o" t e 3eginning o" t e =uiet -!r) Already this domestic war has had many victories on many #ronts throu$hout the world)

Politic!l Introduction
FIn 98>7 it was well reco$ni/ed (y those in !ositions o# authority that it was only a matter o# time only a #ew decades (e#ore the $eneral !u(lic would (e a(le to $ras! and u!set the cradle o# !ower #or the very elements o# the new silent,wea!on technolo$y were as accessi(le #or a !u(lic uto!ia as they were #or !rovidin$ a !rivate uto!ia) FThe issue o# !rimary concern t !t o" do)in!nce revolved around the su(Nect o# the ener$y sciences)

F%ner$y is reco$ni/ed as the +ey to all activity on earth) Natural science is the study o# the sources and control o# natural ener$y and social science theoretically e4!ressed as economics is the study o# the sources and control o# social ener$y) Both are (oo++ee!in$ systems: mathematics) There#ore mathematics is the !rimary ener$y science) And t e 3oo//ee+er c!n 3e /ing i" t e +u3lic c!n 3e /e+t ignor!nt o" t e )et odolog4 o" t e 3oo//ee+ing) FAll science is merely a means to an end) The means is +nowled$e) The end is control) Beyond this remains only one issue: Cho will (e the (ene#iciaryK


FIn 98>7 this was the issue o# !rimary concern) Althou$h the so,called Mmoral issuesM were raised in view o# the law o# natural selection it 2!% !greed t !t ! n!tion or 2orld o" +eo+le 2 o 2ill not u%e t eir intelligence !re no 3etter t !n !ni)!l% 2 o do not !5e intelligence7 Suc +eo+le !re 3e!%t% o" 3urden !nd %te!/% on t e t!3le 34 c oice !nd con%ent7 G%d) note: stea+s) Not sta+es (ut stea+s)H FConse0uently in the interest o# #uture world order !eace and tran0uility it was decided to +ri5!tel4 2!ge ! Euiet 2!r !g!in%t t e &)eric!n +u3lic with an ultimate o(Nective o# !ermanently shi#tin$ the natural and social ener$y :2e!lt ; o# the undisci!lined and irres!onsi(le many into t e !nd% o" t e %el"Bdi%ci+lined0 re%+on%i3le0 !nd 2ort 4 "e2 7 FIn order to im!lement this o(Nective it was necessary to create secure and a!!ly new wea!ons which as it turned out were a class o# wea!ons so su(tle and so!histicated in their !rinci!le o# o!eration and !u(lic a!!earance as to earn #or themselves the name Msilent wea!ons)M FIn conclusion the o(Nective o# economic research as conducted (y the ma$nates o# ca!ital :(an+in$; and the industries o# commodities :$oods; and services is the esta(lishment o# an economy which is tot!ll4 +redict!3le !nd )!ni+ul!3le) FIn order to achieve a totally !redicta(le economy the low,class elements o# society must (e (rou$ht under total control i)e) must (e house(ro+en trained and assi$ned a yo+e and lon$,term social duties #rom a very early a$e (e#ore they have an o!!ortunity to 0uestion the !ro!riety o# the matter) In order to achieve such con#ormity t e lo2erBcl!%% "!)il4 unit )u%t 3e di%integr!ted (y a !rocess o# incre!%ing +reoccu+!tion o" t e +!rent% and the esta(lishment o# go5ern)entBo+er!ted d!4Bc!re center% #or the occu!ationally or!haned children) FThe 0uality o# education $iven to the lower class )u%t 3e o" t e +oore%t %ort so that the moat o# i$norance isolatin$ the in#erior class #rom the su!erior class is and remains incom!rehensi(le to the in#erior class) Cith such an initial handica! even (ri$ht lower class individuals have little i# any ho!e o# e4tricatin$ themselves #rom their assi$ned lot in li#e) T i% "or) o" %l!5er4 i% e%%enti!l to )!int!in %o)e )e!%ure o" %oci!l order0 +e!ce0 !nd tr!nEuilit4 "or t e ruling u++er cl!%% )

(e%cri+ti5e Introduction o" t e Silent -e!+on
F%verythin$ that is e4!ected #rom an ordinary wea!on is e4!ected #rom a silent wea!on (y its creators (ut only in its own manner o# #unctionin$) FIt shoots situations instead o# (ulletsI !ro!elled (y data !rocessin$ instead o# chemical reaction :e4!losion;I ori$inatin$ #rom (its o# data instead o# $rains o# $un!owderI #rom a com!uter instead o# a $un I o!erated (y a com!uter !ro$rammer instead o# a mar+smanI under t e


order% o" ! 3!n/ing )!gn!te0 in%te!d o" ! )ilit!r4 gener!l)
FIt ma+es no o(vious e4!losive noises causes no o(vious !hysical or mental inNuries and does not o(viously inter#ere with anyone2s daily social li#e) FYet it ma+es an unmista+a(le Mnoise M causes unmista+a(le !hysical and mental dama$e and unmista+a(ly inter#eres with the daily social li#e i)e) un)i%t!/!3le to ! tr!ined o3%er5er one who +nows what to loo+ #or) FThe !u(lic cannot com!rehend this wea!on and there#ore cannot (elieve that they are (ein$ attac+ed and su(dued (y a wea!on) FThe !u(lic mi$ht instinctively #eel that somethin$ is wron$ (ut that is (ecause o# the technical nature o# the silent wea!on they cannot e4!ress their #eelin$ in a rational way or handle the !ro(lem with intelli$ence) There#ore they do not +now how to cry #or hel! and do not +now how to associate with others to de#end themselves a$ainst it) FChen a silent wea!on is a!!lied $radually the !u(lic adNusts-ada!ts to its !resence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the !ressure :!sycholo$ical via economic; (ecomes too $reat and they crac+ u!) G%d) note: the now,clichT alle$ory comes to mind o# the #ro$ in a slow, heatin$ !ot o# water: it constantly adNusts itsel# to the $radual rise in tem!erature) By the time it #eels the need to Num! out its ener$y has (een sa!!ed throu$h heat e4haustion and it $ets (oiled to death)H FThere#ore the silent wea!on is a ty!e o# (iolo$ical war#are) It attac+s the vitality o!tions and mo(ility o# the individuals o# a society (y +nowin$ understandin$ mani!ulatin$ and attac+in$ their sources o# natural and social ener$y and t eir + 4%ic!l0 )ent!l0 !nd e)otion!l %trengt % !nd 2e!/ne%%e%7

T eoretic!l Introduction
FGive me control over a nation2s currency and I care not who ma+es its laws)J < *ayer Amschel Bothschild 9?75 < [email protected]=
FToday2s silent wea!ons technolo$y is an out$rowth o# a sim!le idea discovered succinctly e4!ressed and e##ectively a!!lied (y the 0uoted *r) *ayer Amschel Bothschild) *r) Bothschild discovered the missin$ !assive com!onent o# economic theory +nown as economic inductance) Ae o# course did not thin+ o# his discovery in these =6th,century terms and to (e sure mathematical analysis had to wait #or the Second Industrial Bevolution the rise o# the theory o# mechanics and electronics and #inally the invention o# the electronic com!uter (e#ore it could (e e##ectively a!!lied in the control o# the world economy)



Gener!l Energ4 Conce+t%
FIn the study o# ener$y systems there always a!!ears three elementary conce!ts) These are !otential ener$y +inetic ener$y and ener$y dissi!ation) And corres!ondin$ to these conce!ts there are three ideali/ed essentially !ure + 4%ic!l counter+!rt% called !assive com!onents) 9) In the science o# !hysical mechanics the !henomenon o# !otential ener$y is associated with a !hysical !ro!erty called elasticity or sti##ness and can (e re!resented (y a stretched s!rin$) In electronic science !otential ener$y is stored in a ca!acitor instead o# a s!rin$) This !ro!erty is called ca!acitance instead o# elasticity or sti##ness) =) In the science o# !hysical mechanics the !henomenon o# +inetic ener$y is associated with a !hysical !ro!erty called inertia or mass and can (e re!resented (y a mass or a #lywheel in motion) In electronic science +inetic ener$y is stored in an inductor :in a ma$netic #ield; instead o# a mass) This !ro!erty is called inductance instead o# inertia) 5) In the science o# !hysical mechanics the !henomenon o# ener$y dissi!ation is associated with a !hysical !ro!erty called #riction or resistance and can (e re!resented (y a dash!ot or other device which converts ener$y into heat) In electronic science dissi!ation o# ener$y is !er#ormed (y an element called either a resistor or a conductor the term MresistorM (ein$ the one $enerally used to descri(e a more ideal device :e)$) wire; em!loyed to convey electronic ener$y e##iciently #rom one location to another) The !ro!erty o# a resistance or conductor is measured as either resistance or conductance reci!rocals) FIn economics these three ener$y conce!ts are associated with: 9) %conomic Ca!acitance < Ca!ital :money stoc+-inventory investments in (uildin$s and dura(les etc); =) %conomic Conductance < Goods :!roduction #low coe##icients; 5) %conomic Inductance < Services :the in#luence o# the !o!ulation o# industry on out!ut; FAll o# the mathematical theory develo!ed in the study o# one ener$y system :e)$) mechanics electronics etc); can (e immediately a!!lied in the study o# any other ener$y system :e)$) economics;) Gi)e) < the same mathematical e0uations and theories that a!!ly to electronics are e0ually as #unctional with !redicta(le results when a!!lied to social en$ineerin$ on a macro scale)H



*r7 Rot %c ild.% Energ4 (i%co5er4
FChat *r) Bothschild had discovered was the (asic !rinci!le o# !ower in#luence and control over !eo!le as a!!lied to economics) That !rinci!le is C2 en 4ou !%%u)e t e !++e!r!nce o" +o2er0 +eo+le %oon gi5e it to 4ou7C F*r) Bothschild had discovered that currency or de!osit loan accounts had the re0uired a!!earance o# !ower that could (e used to induce !eo!le :inductance with !eo!le corres!ondin$ to a ma$netic #ield; into surrenderin$ their real wealth Gi)e) their $old and-or other !recious metals and $emsH in e4chan$e #or a !romise o# $reater wealth :instead o# real com!ensation;) They would !ut u! real collateral in e4chan$e #or a loan o# !romissory notes) *r) Bothschild #ound that he could issue more notes than he had (ac+in$ #or so lon$ as he had someone2s stoc+ o# $old as a !ersuader to show his customers) F*r) Bothschild loaned his !romissory notes to individuals and to $overnments) These would create overcon#idence) Then he would ma+e money scarce ti$hten control o# the system and collect t e coll!ter!l G%d) note: i)e) the de(tors2 tan$i(le $oods < houses assets !ro!erty natural resources or the ri$hts thereto etc)H throu$h the o(li$ation o# contracts) The cycle was then re!eated) These !ressures could (e used to i$nite a war) T en e 2ould control t e !5!il!3ilit4 o" currenc4 to deter)ine 2 o 2ould 2in t e 2!r7 T !t go5ern)ent 2 ic !greed to gi5e i) control o" it% econo)ic %4%te) got i% %u++ort7 FCollection o# de(ts was $uaranteed (y economic aid to the enemy o# the de(tor) The !ro#it derived #rom this economic methodolo$y made *r) Bothschild all the more a(le to e4!and his wealth) Ae #ound that the +u3lic greed would allow currency to (e !rinted (y $overnment order (eyond the limits :in"l!tion; o# (ac+in$ in !recious metal or the !roduction o# $oods and services)J

Ta+e a moment to re,read those last two !ara$ra!hs) 1et them sin+ in) 3onder their im!lications) Contem!late whatever +nowled$e you have o# +ey historic world events over the !ast 966 years es!ecially concernin$ the world wars and re$ional wars) Then mer$e the in#ormation o# those last two !ara$ra!hs into your understandin$ o# history) Beco$ni/e the !attern: (uildin$ nations2 economies with !romissory notes le$itimi/ed as currency creatin$ arti#icial overcon#idence and in#latin$ the value then ra!idly de#latin$ them :F!o!!in$ their (u((lesJ; and !ilin$ on the economic !ressures :recessions de!ressions Fausterity measuresJ; e4acer(atin$ the conditions until con#licts eru!t and-or a war is i$nited < then deliverin$ the $reater 0uantity o# ca!ital to the side which a$reed to surrender $reater economic control o# the nation !redicta(ly resultin$ in


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I their victory) It must (e understood that this !attern has (een re!eated #or over =66 years and it is !layin$ out this very day as a dee!ly entrenched world economic crisis < which is so u$ly that no one es!ecially so,called economic e4!erts dare discuss in detail the im!lications o# where it2s headin$) At the time o# writin$ the &S de#icit currently stands at rou$hly 97 trillion dollars) The &S economy will im!lode with tremendous #orce in the near #uture) Continuin$ #rom Silent Cea!ons "or Duiet Cars :em!hasis added;:

&++!rent C!+it!l !% CP!+erC Inductor
FIn this structure credit !resented as a !ure element called M currency M has the a!!earance o# ca!ital (ut is in e##ect ne$ative ca!ital) Aence it !% t e !++e!r!nce o" %er5ice0 3ut i% in "!ct0 inde3tedne%% or de3t) It is there#ore an economic inductance instead o# an economic ca!acitance and i# (alanced in no other way 2ill 3e 3!l!nced 34 t e neg!tion o" +o+ul!tion (2!r0 genocide) ) The total $oods and services re!resent real ca!ital called the $ross national !roduct and currency may (e !rinted u! to this level and still re!resent economic ca!acitanceI (ut currency !rinted (eyond this level is su(tractive re!resents the introduction o# economic inductance and con%titute% note% o" inde3tedne%%) F-!r i% t ere"ore t e 3!l!ncing o" t e %4%te) 34 /illing t e true creditor% :the !u(lic which we have tau$ht to e4chan$e true value #or in#lated currency; !nd "!lling 3!c/ on 2 !te5er i% le"t o" t e re%ource% o" n!ture !nd regener!tion o" t o%e re%ource% ) F*r) Bothschild had discovered that currency $ave him the !ower to rearran$e the economic structure to his own advanta$e to shi#t economic inductance to those economic !ositions which would encour!ge t e gre!te%t econo)ic in%t!3ilit4 !nd o%cill!tion) FThe #inal +ey to economic control had to wait until there was su##icient data and hi$h,s!eed com!utin$ e0ui!ment to +ee! close watch on the economic oscillations created (y !rice shoc+in$ and e4cess !a!er ener$y credits < !a!er inductance-in#lation)

:re!/t roug
FThe aviation #ield !rovided the $reatest evolution in economic en$ineerin$ (y way o# the mathematical theory o# shoc+ testin$) In this !rocess a !roNectile is #ired #rom an air#rame on the $round and the im!ulse o# the recoil is monitored (y vi(ration transducers connected to the air#rame and wired to chart recorders)


FBy studyin$ the echoes or re#lections o# the recoil im!ulse in the air#rame it is !ossi(le to discover critical vi(rations in the structure o# the air#rame which either vi(rations o# the en$ine or aeolian vi(rations o# the win$s or a com(ination o# the two mi$ht rein#orce resultin$ in a resonant sel#, destruction o# the air#rame in #li$ht as an aircra#t) "rom the stand!oint o# en$ineerin$ this means that the stren$ths and wea+nesses o# the structure o# the air#rame in terms o# vi(rational ener$y can (e discovered and mani!ulated)

&++lic!tion in Econo)ic%
FTo use this method o# air#rame shoc+ testin$ in economic en$ineerin$ t e +rice% o" co))oditie% !re % oc/ed0 !nd t e +u3lic con%u)er re!ction i% )onitored) The resultin$ echoes o# the economic shoc+ are inter!reted theoretically (y com!uters and t e +%4c oBecono)ic %tructure o" t e econo)4 i% t u% di%co5ered ) G%d) note: recall the 98?5 Ara( oil em(ar$o :O3%C; crisis) FThe 98?5 Moil !rice shoc+M alon$ with the 98?5<98?7 stoc+ mar+et crash have (een re$arded as the #irst event since the Great De!ression to have a !ersistent economic e##ect)J >H It is (y this !rocess that !artial di##erential and di##erence matrices are discovered that de"ine t e "!)il4 ou%e old !nd )!/e +o%%i3le it% e5!lu!tion !% !n econo)ic indu%tr4 :dissi!ative consumer structure;) FThen the re%+on%e o# the household to "uture % oc/% c!n 3e +redicted !nd )!ni+ul!ted and %ociet4 3eco)e% ! 2ellBregul!ted !ni)!l with its reins under the control o# a so!histicated com!uter, re$ulated social ener$y (oo++ee!in$ system ) F%ventually every individual element o# the structure comes under com!uter control t roug ! /no2ledge o" +er%on!l +re"erence% such +nowled$e $uaranteed (y com!uter association o# consumer !re#erences :universal !roduct code &3CI /e(ra,stri!ed !ricin$ codes on !ac+a$es; with identi#ied consumers : identi#ied via association with the use o# a credit card and later a !ermanent MtattooedM (ody num(er invisi(le under normal am(ient illumination ;)J

Becall that this manual was !rinted in 98?8 when credit cards were in their in#ancy) 56 years later they :and de(it cards; have all (ut eliminated the use o# (oth cash and chec+s) Also consider all the F!re#erred customer cardsJ in e4istence which most $rocery store chains re0uire #or one to receive s!ecial !rices as well as sho!!in$ clu( cards chain mem(ershi! cards etc) "or decades now all this !urchasin$ data has (een #ed into mathematical al$orithms that sort throu$h it all and !rovide an e4tremely accurate sna!shot o# the mindset o# not only the nation as a whole not only s!eci#ic national demo$ra!hics (ut also the !recise $eneral mentality and emotional-reactionary !ulse o# states counties cities su(ur(s districts even local (loc+s and the demo$ra!hic nuances within them) In the late


THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I 98?62s the 0uantity o# data availa(le as well as the !rocessin$ !ower o# the com!uters availa(le :even the secret su!er com!uters; were nothin$ com!ared to the data minin$ and !rocessin$ !ower o# today) 3erha!s in the [email protected] someone readin$ this would !ro(a(ly have (rushed it all o## as the science #iction o# the !aranoid) Aow can it (e conceiva(le in the Freal worldKJ Can one honestly (rush it o## li+ewise today a#ter e4istin$ in our technolo$y saturated worldK Aave you ever considered the +inds o# data(ases that $overnment entities such as the NSA "BI CIA etc) have com!iledK Aave you ever !ondered why Goo$le $ives its !lethora o# incredi(le a!!lications away #or #reeK Continuin$ #rom Silent Cea!ons "or Duiet Cars :em!hasis added;:

F%conomics is only a social e4tension o# a natural ener$y system) It also has its three !assive com!onents) Because o# the distri(ution o# wealth and the lac+ o# communication and lac+ o# data this #ield has (een the last ener$y #ield #or which a +nowled$e o# these three !assive com!onents has (een develo!ed) FSince ener$y is the +ey to all activity on the #ace o# the earth it #ollows that in order to !tt!in ! )ono+ol4 o" energ40 r!2 )!teri!l%0 good%0 !nd %er5ice% !nd to e%t!3li% ! 2orld %4%te) o" %l!5e l!3or0 it i% nece%%!r4 to !5e ! "ir%t %tri/e c!+!3ilit4 in t e "ield o" econo)ic%) In order to maintain our !osition it is necessary that we have a(solute #irst +nowled$e o# the science o# control over all economic #actors and the #irst e4!erience at en$ineerin$ the world economy) FIn order to achieve such soverei$nty we must at least achieve this one end: that t e +u3lic 2ill not )!/e eit er t e logic!l or )!t e)!tic!l connection 3et2een econo)ic% !nd t e ot er energ4 %cience% or le!rn to !++l4 %uc /no2ledge ) FThis is (ecomin$ increasin$ly di##icult to control (ecause more and more (usinesses are ma+in$ demands u!on their com!uter !ro$rammers to create and a!!ly mathematical models #or the mana$ement o# those (usinesses) FIt is only a matter o# time (e#ore the new (reed o# !rivate !ro$rammer-economists will catch on to the #ar reachin$ im!lications o# the wor+ (e$un at Aarvard in [email protected] ) T e %+eed 2it 2 ic t e4 c!n co))unic!te t eir 2!rning to t e +u3lic 2ill l!rgel4 de+end u+on o2 e""ecti5e 2e !5e 3een !t controlling t e )edi!0 %u35erting educ!tion0 !nd /ee+ing t e +u3lic di%tr!cted 2it


)!tter% o" no re!l i)+ort!nce7

T e Econo)ic *odel
F%conomics as a social ener$y science has as a #irst o(Nective the descri!tion o# the com!le4 way in which any $iven unit o# resources is used to satis#y some economic want) :1eontie# *atri4;) This #irst o(Nective when it is e4tended to $et the most !roduct #rom the least or limited resources com!rises that o(Nective o# $eneral military and industrial lo$istics +nown as O!erations Besearch) :See sim!le4 method o# linear !ro$rammin$); FThe Aarvard %conomic Besearch 3roNect :[email protected],; was an e4tension o# Corld Car II O!erations Besearch) Its !ur!ose was to discover the science o# controllin$ an economy: !t "ir%t t e &)eric!n econo)40 !nd t en t e 2orld econo)4) It was #elt that with su##icient mathematical #oundation and data it would (e nearly !% e!%4 to +redict !nd control t e trend o" !n econo)4 !% to +redict !nd control t e tr!>ector4 o" ! +ro>ectile7 Suc !% +ro5en to 3e t e c!%e 7 *oreover t e econo)4 !% 3een tr!n%"or)ed into ! guided )i%%ile on t!rget7 FThe immediate aim o# the Aarvard !roNect was to discover the economic structure what #orces chan$e that structure how the (ehavior o# the structure can (e !redicted and how it can (e mani!ulated) Chat was needed was a well,or$ani/ed +nowled$e o# the mathematical structures and interrelationshi!s o# investment !roduction distri(ution and consum!tion) FTo ma+e a short story o# it all it 2!% di%co5ered t !t !n econo)4 o3e4ed t e %!)e l!2% !% electricit4 and that all o# the mathematical theory and !ractical and com!uter +now,how develo!ed #or the electronic #ield could (e directly a!!lied in the study o# economics) This discovery was not o!enly declared and it% )ore %u3tle i)+lic!tion% 2ere !nd !re /e+t ! clo%el4 gu!rded %ecret #or e4am!le that in an economic model human li#e is measured in dollars and that the electric s!ar+ $enerated when o!enin$ a switch connected to an active inductor is )!t e)!tic!ll4 !n!logou% to t e initi!tion o" 2!r7 FThe $reatest hurdle which theoretical economists #aced was the accurate descri!tion o# the household as an industry) This is a challen$e (ecause consumer !urchases are a matter o# choice which in turn is in#luenced (y income !rice and other economic #actors) FThis hurdle was cleared in an indirect and statistically a!!ro4imate way (y an a!!lication o# shoc+ testin$ to determine the current characteristics called current technical coe##icients o# a household industry F"inally (ecause !ro(lems in theoretical economics can (e translated very easily into !ro(lems o# theoretical electronics and the solution translated

[email protected]

(ac+ a$ain it #ollows that only a (oo+ o# lan$ua$e translation and conce!t de#inition needed to (e written #or economics) The remainder could (e $otten #rom standard wor+s on mathematics and electronics) This ma+es the !u(lication o# (oo+s on advanced economics unnecessary and $reatly sim!li#ies !roNect security)

At this !oint the manual (e$ins de#inin$ the cate$ories and classes o# industries and (e$ins layin$ out theoretical electronic,styled dia$rams o# how these classes o# industry relate and interact with each other on a macro scale) Two e4am!les out o# nearly two do/en dia$rams are demonstrated on the #ollowin$ !a$e:



E<!)+le (i!gr!) #

E<!)+le (i!gr!) '

[email protected]

THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I The manual continues $ivin$ details into the #indin$s and conclusions o# the Aarvard %conomic Besearch 3roNect #or another do/en !a$es layin$ out how various #acets o# the macro,social,economy e0uate !recisely into electronic theory) The #ollowin$ se$ment constitutes many o# these sections2 headin$s and e4am!les o# critical !arts within those sections :em!hasis added;:

Econo)ic Induct!nce
FChen the #low o# economic value :e)$) money; diminishes the human !o!ulation #ield colla!ses in order to +ee! the economic value :money; #lowin$ :e4treme case < war;) This !u(lic inertia is a result o# consumer (uyin$ ha(its e4!ected standard o# livin$ etc) and is $enerally a !henomenon o# sel#,!reservation)

Inducti5e F!ctor% to Con%ider
9) 3o!ulation =) *a$nitude o# the economic activities o# the $overnment 5) The method o# #inancin$ these $overnment activities :See 3eter, 3aul 3rinci!le < in#lation o# the currency); G%d) note: i)e) Fro( 3eter to !ay 3aulJH

• Char$e: coulom(sI dollars :9858;) • "low-Current: am!eres :coulom(s !er second;I dollars o# #low !er year) • *otivatin$ "orce: voltsI dollars :out!ut; demand) • Conductance: am!eres !er voltI dollars o# #low !er year !er dollar demand) • Ca!acitance: coulom(s !er voltI dollars o# !roduction inventory-stoc+ !er dollar demand)

Ti)e Flo2 Rel!tion% i+% !nd Sel"B(e%tructi5e O%cill!tion%
FOther lar$e !ltern!ti5e% to 2!r as economic inductors or economic #lywheels are an o!en,ended %oci!l 2el"!re +rogr!) or an enormous :(ut #ruit#ul; o!en,ended %+!ce +rogr!)) FThe !ro(lem with sta(ili/in$ the economic system is that there is too much demand on account o# :9; too much $reed and :=; too much !o!ulation) FThis creates e4cessive economic inductance which can only (e (alanced with economic ca!acitance :true resources or value < e)$) in $oods or

[email protected]

services;) FThe social wel#are !ro$ram is not ing )ore t !n !n o+enBended credit 3!l!nce %4%te) which cre!te% ! "!l%e c!+it!l indu%tr4 to gi5e non+roducti5e +eo+le ! roo" o5er t eir e!d% !nd "ood in t eir %to)!c %) This can (e use#ul however (ecause t e reci+ient% 3eco)e %t!te +ro+ert4 in return "or t e Cgi"t0C ! %t!nding !r)4 "or t e elite) "or he who !ays the !i!er !ic+s the tune) FT o%e 2 o get oo/ed on t e econo)ic drug0 )u%t go to t e elite "or ! "i<7 In this the method o# introducin$ lar$e amounts o# sta(ili/in$ ca!acitance is (y 3orro2ing on t e "uture CcreditC o" t e 2orld) This is a #ourth law o# motion < onset and consists o# !er#ormin$ an action and leavin$ the system (e#ore the re#lected reaction returns to the !oint o# action < a delayed reaction) FThe means o# survivin$ the reaction is (y chan$in$ the system (e#ore the reaction can return) By this means !oliticians (ecome more !o!ular in their own time !nd t e +u3lic +!4% l!ter) In #act t e )e!%ure o" %uc ! +olitici!n i% t e del!4 ti)e) FThe same thin$ is achieved (y a $overnment (y !rintin$ money (eyond the limit o# the $ross national !roduct an economic !rocess called in#lation) This !uts a lar$e 0uantity o# money into the hands o# the !u(lic and maintains a (alance a$ainst their $reed creates a #alse sel#, con#idence in them and #or awhile stays the wol# #rom the door) FT e4 )u%t e5entu!ll4 re%ort to 2!r to 3!l!nce t e !ccount0 3ec!u%e 2!r ulti)!tel4 i% )erel4 t e !ct o" de%tro4ing t e creditor and the !oliticians are the !u(licly hired hit men that Nusti#y the act to +ee! the res!onsi(ility and (lood o## the !u(lic conscience ) :See section on consent #actors and social,economic structurin$); FI# the !eo!le really cared a(out their #ellow man they would control their a!!etites :$reed !rocreation etc); so that they would not have to o!erate on a credit or wel#are social system which steals #rom the wor+er to satis#y the (um) FSince most o# the $eneral !u(lic will not e4ercise restraint there are only two alternatives to reduce the economic inductance o# the system) 9) 1et the !o!ulace (lud$eon each other to death in war which will only result in a total destruction o# the livin$ earth) =) Ta+e control o# the world (y the use o# economic Msilent wea!onsM in a #orm o# M0uiet war#areM and reduce the economic inductance o# the world to a sa#e level 34 ! +roce%% o" 3ene5olent %l!5er4 !nd genocide) FThe latter o!tion has (een ta+en as the o(viously (etter o!tion) At this !oint it should (e crystal clear to the reader why a(solute secrecy a(out the silent wea!ons is necessary) T e gener!l +u3lic re"u%e% to

[email protected]=

i)+ro5e it% o2n )ent!lit4 !nd it% "!it in it% "ello2 )!n7 It !% 3eco)e ! erd o" +roli"er!ting 3!r3!ri!n%0 !nd0 %o to %+e!/0 ! 3lig t u+on t e "!ce o" t e e!rt 7
FT e4 do not c!re enoug !3out econo)ic %cience to le!rn 2 4 t e4 !5e not 3een !3le to !5oid 2!r de%+ite religiou% )or!lit4 and their reli$ious or sel#,$rati#yin$ re#usal to deal with earthly !ro(lems renders the solution o# the earthly !ro(lem unreacha(le to them) FIt is le#t to those #ew who are truly willin$ to thin+ and survive as the #ittest to survive to solve the !ro(lem #or themselves as the #ew who really care) Ot er2i%e0 e<+o%ure o" t e %ilent 2e!+on 2ould de%tro4 our onl4 o+e o" +re%er5ing t e %eed o" t e "uture true u)!nit47J

In other words this manual reveals what the 2elite2 (elieve: FAll the (lame is to Nustly (e#all the masses the tar$eted victims o# our machinations (ecause they are too i$norant najve and trustin$ o# us :e4actly as we2ve !ro$rammed and mani!ulated them to (e; to use their (rains to actually #i$ure out that: • we have declared a silent war a$ainst them • we are (ra/enly lyin$ to them • !oliticians #rom (oth !arties are well,com!ensated and richly rewarded in im!lementin$ our desired !rovisions and in (uyin$ us time (y de#lectin$ !u(lic outra$e • we lead them li+e cattle into !redicta(le li#estyles and social ruts • and they are enslaved (y de(t and de!endence on $overnment FThey sim!ly can2t wra! their in#erior (rains around the #act that the rutted !ath we have them loc+ed in is leadin$ them all to the slau$hter) All this will ri$htly (e#all them (ecause we are the #ew who really care a(out humanity) True humanity is us < we are the #uture < all else must invaria(ly succum( to us or !erish)J

T i% i% t eir !ttitude to2!rd u% the $eneral !o!ulace) There are hundreds o# thousands o# these !eo!le many o# whom occu!y the most !ower#ul and in#luential !ositions in the world who su(scri(e to this who wor+ towards this who even #ervently dedicate their lives with little worldly reward #or it) They do not di%clo%e to t e +u3lic that they are a !art o# it or that they +now anythin$ a(out it)
T i% i% t e Aingdo) o" Luci"er7 T i% $ i% $ re!l) Continuin$ #rom Silent Cea!ons "or Duiet Cars :em!hasis added;:

[email protected]


Indu%tr4 EEui5!lent Circuit% St!ge% o" Sc e)!tic Si)+li"ic!tion Fin!l :ill o" Good%
FAouseholds may (e re$arded as a !roductive industry with la(or as its out!ut !roduct)J

T e Tec nic!l Coe""icient%
T e Hou%e old Indu%tr4 Hou%e old *odel%
FThe !ro(lem which a theoretical economist #aces is that the consumer !re#erences o# any household is not easily !redicta(le and the technical coe##icients o# any one household tend to (e a nonlinear very com!le4 and varia(le #unction o# income !rices etc) FCom!uter in#ormation derived #rom the u%e o" t e uni5er%!l +roduct code G%d) note: &3C sym(ols a)+)a) the F(ar codesJ on all !roducts that are scanned at su!ermar+etsH in conNunction with creditBc!rd +urc !%e as an individual household identi#ier could chan$e this state o# a##airs (ut the &)3)C) method is not yet availa(le on a national or even a si$ni#icant re$ional scale) G%d note: not in 98?8 it wasn2t) Can you thin+ o# a sin$le !roduct today that does not have a &3C (ar code on itKH To com!ensate #or this data de#iciency an alternate indirect a!!roach o# analysis has (een ado!ted +nown as economic shoc+ testin$) This method widely used in the aircra#t manu#acturin$ industry develo!s an a$$re$ate statistical sort o# data) FA!!lied to economics this means that all o# the households in one re$ion or in the whole nation are %tudied !% ! grou+ or cl!%% rather than individually and the mass (ehavior rather than the individual (ehavior is u%ed to di%co5er u%e"ul e%ti)!te% o# the technical coe##icients $overnin$ the economic structure o# the hy!othetical sin$le,household industry)J

Since 98?8 < with &3C codes B"ID chi!s new DB !i4el,(o4 codes Goo$le a!!s and now throu$h we( data minin$ and the automated scourin$ o# (lo$s and social networ+in$ sites < they are collectin$ and Fcrunchin$J !u(lic (ehavior data in a way that so !recisely !ortrays this household model that they now (oast they can !redict the #uture)

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THERE &RE S&9E T-O CH8RCHES ONLY $ 9OL8*E I In .uly o# =696 Cired ma$a/ine re!orted the #ollowin$ in an article titled Goo$le CIA Invest in h"utureQ o# Ce( *onitorin$ E :em!hasis added;:
FThe investment arms o# the CIA and Goo$le are (oth (ac+in$ a com!any that monitors the we( in real time P and says it uses that in#ormation to !redict the #uture) The com!any is called Becorded "uture and it scours tens o# thousands o# we(sites (lo$s and Twitter accounts to #ind the relationshi!s (etween !eo!le or$ani/ations actions and incidents P (oth !resent and still,to,come)))) FItQs not the very #irst time Goo$le has done (usiness with AmericaQs s!y a$encies)))) This a!!ears to (e the #irst time however that the intelli$ence community and Goo$le have #unded the same startu! at the same time)))) GTHhe investments are (ound to (e #odder #or critics o# Goo$le who already see the search $iant as overly co/y with the &)S) Government)))) G%d) note: Is such criticism un#oundedKH FIn some corners the scrutiny o# the com!anyQs !olitical ties have dovetailed with concerns a(out how Goo$le collects and uses its enor)ou% %tore ou%e o# search data e,mail ma!s and online documents) Goo$le as we all +now /ee+% ! tit!nic !)ount o" in"or)!tion !3out e5er4 !%+ect o" our online li5e% ) Customers lar$ely have trusted the com!any so #ar (ecause o# the 0uality o# their !roducts))))J

Goo$le2s !roducts are #ree and they2re e4ce!tionally hi$h 0uality < Nust li+e the sum!tuous (ait :within which is em(edded the hidden hoo+; that lures (i$ la/y #ish to their ca!ture) In usin$ Goo$le !roducts one is unwittin$ly #eedin$ the advanced modern,day mani!ulation systems that are used (y the FeliteJ to 0uic+ly !ro$ress their $oals o# a(Nect $lo(al enslavement) Chat is descri(ed (y this manual merely re!resents the now, outdated system o# in#ormation,collection and !rocessin$ that was in !lace )ore t !n t ree dec!de% !go) Can any o# us who are outsiders to all o# this even (e$in to #athom what the data collectin$ and analy/in$ systems o# today must (e li+eK Continuin$ #rom Silent Cea!ons #or Duiet Cars :em!hasis added;:

Econo)ic S oc/ Te%ting
FIn recent times the a!!lication o# O!erations Besearch to the study o# the !u(lic economy has (een o(vious #or anyone who understands the !rinci!les o# shoc+ testin$) FIn the shoc+ testin$ o# an aircra#t air#rame the recoil im!ulse o# #irin$ a $un mounted on that air#rame causes shoc+ waves in that structure which tell aviation en$ineers the conditions under which some !arts o# the air!lane or the whole air!lane or its win$s will start to vi(rate or #lutter li+e

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a $uitar strin$ a #lute reed or a tunin$ #or+ and disinte$rate or #all a!art in #li$ht) F%conomic en$ineers achieve the same result in studyin$ the (ehavior o# the economy and the consumer !u(lic (y care#ully selectin$ a sta!le commodity such as (ee# co##ee $asoline or su$ar and then c!u%ing ! %udden c !nge or % oc/ in it% +rice or !5!il!3ilit40 t u% /ic/ing e5er43od4.% 3udget !nd 3u4ing !3it% out o" % !+e ) FThey then o3%er5e t e % oc/ 2!5e% which result (y monitorin$ the chan$es in advertisin$ !rices and sales o# that and other commodities) FThe o(Nective o# such studies is to ac0uire the +now,how to %et t e +u3lic econo)4 into ! +redict!3le %t!te o" )otion or c !nge even a controlled sel#,destructive state o# motion which will convince the !u(lic that certain Me4!ertM !eo!le should ta+e control o# the money system and ree%t!3li% %ecurit4 (r!t er t !n li3ert4 !nd >u%tice) "or !ll ) Chen the su(Nect citi/ens are rendered una(le to control their #inancial a##airs t e40 o" cour%e0 3eco)e tot!ll4 en%l!5ed0 ! %ource o" c e!+ l!3or ) FNot only the !rices o# commodities (ut also the availa(ility o# la(or can (e used as the means o# shoc+ testin$ ) 1a(or stri+es deliver e4cellent test shoc+s to an economy es!ecially in the critical service areas o# truc+in$ :trans!ortation; communication !u(lic utilities :ener$y water $ar(a$e collection; etc) FBy shoc+ testin$ it is #ound that t ere i% ! direct rel!tion% i+ 3et2een t e !5!il!3ilit4 o" )one4 "lo2ing in !n econo)4 !nd t e re!l +%4c ologic!l outloo/ !nd re%+on%e o" )!%%e% o" +eo+le de!endent u!on that availa(ility) F"or e4am!le t ere i% ! )e!%ur!3le Eu!ntit!ti5e rel!tion% i+ 3et2een t e +rice o" g!%oline !nd t e +ro3!3ilit4 t !t ! +er%on 2ould e<+erience ! e!d!c e0 "eel ! need to 2!tc ! 5iolent )o5ie0 %)o/e ! cig!rette0 or go to ! t!5ern "or ! )ug o" 3eer) FIt is most interestin$ that (y o(servin$ and measurin$ the economic models (y which the !u(lic trie% to run "ro) t eir +ro3le)% !nd e%c!+e "ro) re!lit4 and (y a!!lyin$ the mathematical theory o# O!erations Besearch it i% +o%%i3le to +rogr!) co)+uter% to +redict t e )o%t +ro3!3le co)3in!tion o" cre!ted e5ent% (% oc/%) 2 ic 2ill 3ring !3out ! co)+lete control !nd %u3>ug!tion o" t e +u3lic t roug ! %u35er%ion o" t e +u3lic econo)4 :(y sha+in$ the !lum tree;)J

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E<!)+le o" S oc/ Te%ting Introduction to Econo)ic &)+li"ier%
F%conomic am!li#iers are the active com!onents o# economic en$ineerin$) The (asic characteristic o# any am!li#ier :mechanical electrical or economic; is that it receives an in!ut control si$nal and delivers ener$y #rom an inde!endent ener$y source to a s!eci#ied out!ut terminal in a !redicta(le relationshi! to that in!ut control si$nal) FT e %i)+le%t "or) o" !n econo)ic !)+li"ier i% ! de5ice c!lled !d5erti%ing7 FI# a !erson is s!o+en to (y a T)V) advertiser as i# he were a twelve,year, old then due to su$$esti(ility he will with a certain !ro(a(ility res!ond or react to that su$$estion with the uncritical res!onse o# a twelve,year, old and will reach into his economic reservoir and deliver its ener$y to (uy that !roduct on im!ulse when he !asses it in the store) FChatever its #orm mi$ht (e its !ur!ose is to $overn the #low o# ener$y #rom a source to an out!ut sin+ in direct relationshi! to an in!ut control si$nal) "or this reason it is called an active circuit element or com!onent) FR G%Hconomic am!li#iers not only deliver !ower $ain (ut also in e##ect are used to cause chan$es in the economic circuitry)

S ort Li%t o" In+ut%
FGeneral sources o# in#ormation: • • • • tele!hone ta!s !n!l4%i% o" g!r3!ge surveillance 3e !5ior o" c ildren in %c ool

T e Per%on!l P!+er Tr!il
F3ersonal (uyin$ ha(its i)e) !ersonal consumer !re#erences: • chec+in$ accounts • credit,card !urchases • Mta$$edM credit,card !urchases < the credit,card !urchase o# !roducts (earin$ the &)3)C) :&niversal 3roduct Code;

Go5ern)ent %ource% (+lo4%)U: G%d) note: a !loy is a strata$em to
$ain advanta$eH
• -el"!re

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• Social Security • &)S)D)A) sur!lus #ood • dole% • gr!nt% • %u3%idie% U 3rinci!le o# this !loy < t e citi?en 2ill !l)o%t !l2!4% )!/e t e collection o" in"or)!tion e!%4 i" e c!n o+er!te on t e C"ree %!nd2ic +rinci+leC o" Ce!t no20 !nd +!4 l!ter7C

Go5ern)ent %ource% (5i! inti)id!tion):