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Thomas Jefferson-Channeled by psychic Riz Mirza July 3, 2012

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Thomas Jefferson Channeled by Riz Mirza July 4, 2012 My name is Thomas and I have come to speak on FREEDOM. Here on the eve of such a glorious occasion as a day to celebrate freedom, independence from powers that oppress you, from a form of authority that deems itself to be Lord and dictator over your your actions, your your thoughts...indeed your very futures. That royal government, that treacherous hand that reaches across oceans to control your life, your liberty and indeed your pursuit... your manifestation of happiness. What are these powers? Where do they come from? Certainly your mind; the fear, the doubts and insecurities, not knowing where your future lies. You have come to see if one can see the present clearly, but the future is not far behind. With great clarity and vision those of my colleagues, my brethren, who have helped shape certain destinies in this particular nation who were guided by a force that for some is known and for most unknown. For in your history books to be guided by a light or a thought or guides or angels is never mentioned. The declarations that were drawn up, written, indeed were channeled documents. That all men indeed what was meant human beings, not to the exclusion of women or children or other races as commonly interpreted. We knew not what we were writing at that moment. We knew that it was truth. We were unaware where this force of words was coming from exactly. What we knew was that in this zone that we were in the words were true. It mattered not from whenst they came for as the messages ring true and through your very beings the messenger is not important. The man I was known as Thomas is not important for where we are in relation to you, seeing each and every one of you re-inventing yourselves, re-birthing yourselves, realizing yourself what freedom actually is; what independence actually is. Here you call your nation independent. Would it be true for there are monies owed to other nations, there are resources that are borrowed, and traded and relied upon by every nation to be inter-dependent. But this word independence excites, and perhaps enslaves you. For what is truly independent in this entire reality? Can you name a thing? For even the blessed plant is not independent; it needs the soil and the earth, the water, the light. That which it reaches up to in all its glory, in every endeavor to reach towards the light. What can be independent? Why would you desire such a thing? Inter-dependence. Very different than co-dependence. Your relationships have become co-dependent rather than inter-dependent and your sense of independence is only touched upon when one of the partners leaves. Whether it is a successful musical group or a marriage or a business partnership matters not; they are all creative endeavors for you are creating your new reality that which is successful. It is a curious thing…union. To unite the states under one

umbrella of belief, how can every human believe the same thing? Within that umbrella there shall be other beliefs but we begin with a few that we all can agree on. Indeed To live, to have personal liberty, without hurting another, to pursue one's happiness. Indeed the channeled documents, the Declaration of Independence, were far more about the individual then you care to understand or that is cared enough for to be taught in this way. The powers that be, that oppress you, is your ego, your mind, your fear, your selfishness. How shall you free yourself from them? For some of us it was to throw their bloody tea back into the water. And at that moment we knew not where we were going to get other teas from. We knew what was more important was our belief and trust in our own freedom to live with integrity and we were very concerned about certain services and goods and resources that we would no longer have, but to make that separation under the guise of independence. All the while we were very inter-dependent upon the natives of this land and their understanding of the terrain and so forth and also certain workers, slaves as they were. But under the guise of independence we broke those ties and here you are, all of you from other nations. Your roots in other nations, other belief systems, but you have come for whatever reason on your soul's journey to be part of this particular nation and from the Universe's perspective this particular nation is of quite importance in the world. For nowhere else do you have this kind of freedom of thought, and as many of you are very concerned that your liberties are slowly being taken away; that the nefarious and secretive governments within the government are conspiring against you wishing to enslave you. We say this. It was always we the people. Either the country is you or it is not you. Either the country is you or it is them. And so when ones asks what is the state of the country? What is your own state? But you continue to poison your minds with the so-called information, the news that is transmitted. None of it ever felt very good to anyone after consuming it. And so the old leaders and the new leaders have many things in common. Yet it matters not for this nation in all its imperfect facts about it’s founding or creation, never the less the Universe has deemed it so that there must be a place with such a legacy. That many from nations all over need not even know the language that well can succeed here. And so capitalism is looked upon as perhaps a dirty word. We do not see it that way. We need not use the word. We simply must teach you the expression of yourselves. Fully. There is no stopping you here. You can be anything; affect change in any way that you choose. Here where we are now there is no gender or race. You are light and so are Divine Beings. That you are. There is no Creator that has a color or a gender or preference of any kind; it's simply energy and love at its core. And as we come to you this evening your interdependence is far more important than your independence. There is freedom within it. Freedom to understand that you are eternal beings far more than your names, your race, your sexual preferences or your histories. For when

you leave these blessed bodies you shall see that you have been the 'other' which you despise; you have lived as everyone and you shall continue to do so in this realm and other realms, this universe and other universes. And so tomorrow when you see the fire lighting the sky allow it to light within you; allow it to spread its color; allow it to represent creation instead of a battle; allow the vibrations and the booming sounds in the skies to clear any falsity of who is ruling inside of you. Bless you.

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