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Towards Fragrance in Education

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Towards Fragrance Of  Quality in Education

Dheeraj Mehrotra (National Awardee), MS(Ed.Mgmt), MPhil(Ed.)


Defining Quality Education For Schools Quality is the customers' (Parents & Students) Students) perception of the value of  the suppliers' (School’s) work output.

One can not separate the process and the human factor, therefore I believe that Quality, when built into a product, generates emotions and feelings within those who have taken part in it's creation. When we ( Teachers ) have made something that one is proud of, when we the teachers have produced a product ( Quality Student ) that who brings smiles to our  customers ( Parents ) then we assume we have achieved Quality.

Quality solution with a base of PDCA (Deming Cycle) & DMAIC (Six Sigma Approach)

A Belief to disagree: Kudos to Kapil Sibbal’s initiatives to transform the existing education scenario in India with a new and novel approach. . it seems as if a NEW MINISTRY has just been formed in its INFANCY to bring development to the nation at large .

The hype given by the print & mass media is surely activating every student, parent as well well as as educationists educationists nerve in the country. But it is imperative that all the EDUCATIONISTS of the nation need to sit together to decide the framework and come out with the final implementations.

I believe there must be a guild to formulate these decisions with involvement of PRIVATE SCHOOL Owners, Board Representatives, International School Representatives who are involved closely with the educational scenario of the country. The TEACHERS of the nation in particular must be involved in the decision making process.

It would also be a good initiative to get all the NATIONAL TEACHER  AWARDEES to be consulted towards the formulation of the reforms and they must be inculcated into the guild as respondents on a regular basis. Department of both the PRIVATE and the PUBLIC authorities must involve in setting setting up a common common board to follow follow as an INITIAL work order.

INDIA is the only nation in the world with over 40 different education BOARDS present with variance in order of syllabus and way of functioning .

Lately it has been noticed that there is a great surge among educationists to attend fun learning seminars, workshops and conventions which unfortunately only end up into means for get together more than anything else…what is actually required is the practical execution of latest teaching techniques and implementing them further.

Quality for schools is not the INFRASTRUCTURE INFRASTRUCTURE but the love and the th e care a child gets at school by the teachers with a deep sense of QUALITY thought executed by them

Byrnes quote from the book  The Principal's Leadership Counts! Launch a BaldrigeBased Quality School.

“Deciding to enter into a quality process in education is not because good things are not happening but because of a desire to have good things happen regularly, consistently, and predictable at every level of the school system.  Random acts of excellence have little effect on the desired strategic results. “ 

Becky, an american educationist rightly quotes that

“If we truly want success for every student - "Excellence  for All" we must thoughtfully and thoroughly dig deep into our current philosophy, instructional practices and methods. We must use systems thinking to determine the current state  for all students: those who struggle, those who are  progressing as expected and those students who have advanced skills. Many of you practicing quality in your   school have probably made the connection to the plan-do study-act cycle. Join us in future blog entries as we explore the how-to of implementing a systematic and systemic  process for moving your school and your classroom to one of  excellence for all. “ 

But being in India we have to adhere to certain requirements of the Indian national system irrespective of the examination system adopted  by them. Most of the international schools opt for the I B Board or the (International Baccalaureate) or the other examination systems like the IGCSE and GCE examination systems. We need to pack up this fragrance of education and make it more fertile borrowing new concepts to promote excellence with a Difference!

Values for WE the employees: Honesty…. Speak truth without fearing the consequence. Empathy…. Understand the view point of fellow workers with an open mind. Integrity…Do Integrity… Do not indulge in activities which jeopardize the organisation’s interest. Commitment…. Live and demonstrate full involvement in the work assigned. Pursuit of Excellence… A strong desire to excel in everything that one does. Edge… Take tough decisions based on available data and consistent with organisation’s policies and interests. Accountability…. Take the responsibility of ones action and conduct. Organisational Citizenship… Be completely in sync with the organisational changes and initiative from time to time. Motivation… Motivate co-workers & subordinates to achieve business and organisational goals. Celebration… Always celebrate success & do not miss any opportunity to congratulate and appreciate the good work done by co-workers and subordinates. Safety…. Environment friendly and risk free operation and practices.

What is more of demand and emergent requirement is the Effective Communication and Enhancing  Creativity in Our Youth and Educators. Who is going to do this, When and How is a concern for all in  particular….?????? And let us all PONDER over for a solution.


Thanks & Happy Educating…….

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