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Unit 1

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Unit – 1
Maximum word limit for [2] MARKS question is 50 words, [3] MARKS question 100
words and [7] MARKS question 400 words.

[2] Write statement of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle..
[2] What are the properties of wave function for matter waves.
[2] What is wave packet?
[2] Why visible light source is not used in Compton scattering experiment.
[2] Define group velocity and phase velocity
[2] Derive the operator for momentum.
[3] The momentum of an electron is 5×10-27 kg/s and is measured to an accuracy of 0.003%.
Calculate uncertainty in determining the position of the electron.
[3] An X-ray photon of wavelength 0.4 A0 is scattered through an angle of 450 by a loosely
bound electron. Calculate the wavelength of scattered photon.
[3] Calculate the energy difference between the ground and first excited state for proton if the
length of potential well is 10-8 cm.
[7] Derive Schrodinger’s time independent and time dependent wave equation for matter
[7] Obtain energy level and wave function expression for a particle trapped in infinitely Deep
Square well potential.
[7] Define group velocity and phase velocity. Prove that vp× vg = c2.
[7] State and explain the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Illustrate it with the help of an
[7] What is Compton Effect? Derive the Compton shift expression, discuss the various
possibilities of X- ray scattering.
[7] Derive the Compton shift expression. a photon of wavelength 0.1A o is scattered by an
electron calculate the maximum KE of the recoil electron.

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