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Mayor’s Special Events for Seniors

October 16, 2013

Dear volunteer coordinator: coordinator: Plans are underway for the 2013 Mayor’s oliday !estival scheduled for "aturday, Dece#ber $, 2013 at the Pri#e Osborn %onvention %enter&  'he %ity of (ac)sonville (ac)sonville has *roduced this event for #ore than than thirty years with a +reat deal of co##unity su**ort&  'his celebration celebration allows thousands of of senior citiens citiens the o**ortunity o**ortunity to be a#on+ friends, savor a delicious tur)ey dinner with all the tri##in+s, and en-oy outstandin+ entertain#ent, a visit fro# "anta %laus and fabulous door *ries& .**ro/i#ately 3,000 seniors seniors will be attendin+ attendin+ this oliday oliday !estival& "o#e have little or no fa#ily in the area and will *robably s*end the holidays alone& alone& 'hey truly loo) forward forward to this event each year to s*end ti#e with others and to celebrate the season&  'o *ull off an event of this #a+nitude, we we need a lar+e contin+ent contin+ent of volunteers& 'his would be a +reat o**ortunity for students to earn co##unity service hours& hours& olunteers will will be needed for the followin+: followin+: e will need assistance with set u*, decoratin+, servin+ and clean u*& "hifts:  a&#&  1 *&#& 1 *&#& *&#&  6 *&#& *&#&

"et u* 4 decorate "ervin "ervin+ + and clean clean u*

100 volunteers needed 250 volun voluntee teers rs needed

Please call #e at 630261or e#ail at: #ferrellco-&net to schedule your volunteers& 'han)s for your assistance& "incerely,

Mary !errell Pro+ra# Mana+er

11$ & Duval "treet, "uite 220 |  (ac)sonvi  (ac)sonville, lle, !7 32202 32202 | Phone: 809&630&261 | !a/: 809&630&018 www&co-&net


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