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How Donegal and Ireland Are Presently Communicated As a Brand Websites When people look for information on somewhere now they generally search the internet. I’m going to look at how Ireland & Donegal display itself on the web taking both positives and negatives.



This is a website for the gathering festival taking place in Kilarney in 2013, The content seems to be very traditional with the main showreel showing musicians playing in a pub with pints of Guinness and various other traditional photos of Ceilis etc. This is the type of content that a visitor could perhaps already have of Ireland so I think it’s important to stray stray away this and to find something more unique to Ireland and Donegal specifically. Although the content is cliched I like how the Webpage is layed out. It is very simple to navigate through through and the rich colour scheme works beautifully with the site.

This is the Donegal Diaspora page on the Donegal County Development Development Board’s website. Again the content is traditional with 2 musicians and this can be quite stereotypical for people who do not know that much about Irish culture already. The website layout is alright but is slightly plain and doesn’t really capture the eye.


The gathering website is especially aimed irish people abroad who want to get in contact with family Ireland and vice versa. The website isn’t stereotypical with the usual content like the previous two and takes a more innovative innovative approach. The page is nicely layed out with a big video in the center explaining what the site’s purpose is. I think this site proves that Ireland can be demonstrated in other ways rather than the cl iche appproach and can work very well.



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