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What is a Music Video

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What is a Music Video?
A music video is at a very basic level the implementation of visuals to be watched
alongside hearing music. Usually the music video will be filmed in a way to
interest and engage its target audience, as well as potentially trying to pull in any
more audiences.
For both the artists/bands and record labels, music videos help to advertise and
sell the music by drawing in an audience through an engrossing music video.
In most mainstream music videos, the videos tend to try and create a unique
image and iconography for the artist/band allowing them to stand out more from
other artists/bands, and thus stand out as a music video. They also use many
representations to construct the world within the music video to further target its
audience and enforce its genre.

Joan Lynch states that there a three main basic video structures:


These different video structures can be extremely different to one and other,
however they all serve a central purpose to represent the music of the video in
some way and target their audience for which the genre of the music is.

From Andrew Goodwin’s theory I can say that he sees music videos as videos
which are very much in touch with linking to the music which is playing and
expressing a relationship between the music and the lyrics with the visuals. To
explain further it means that the multiple micro features used to construct the
music video are very intentionally built up and put together to follow and express
the music which is being played.
He also says that music videos have their own styles, as well as their own
iconography which will be show through the various micro features, such as
cinematography and mise-en-scene.
Intertextually referencing other sources such as other music videos, films or TV is
quite popular in these videos, especially in mainstream music videos because it
can easily draw in more audiences who were already aware of the aspects being

Jon Gow has identified six genres within the performance music videos which
shows how unique and different the various video structures can be, with some
performance music videos not having a performance of the music at all, or
displaying the video production or representing the video as a documentary.

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