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What Type of Learner Are You

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Yes or No. 1. I understand and remember what I’m taught when I see pictures, drawings, colors, and other things that tell me about the lessons. 2. When I read books, I imagine people doing the things that I read. 3. I observe how my teachers move their bodies when they explain the lessons. 4. I learn quickly just by listening to my teachers even with my eyes closed. 5. I am good at explaining what I hear from the lessons. 6. I am very interested in studying foreign languages especially when I listen to foreign songs. 7. I can explain what I have learned by acting it out or by dancing that my teachers say I really move well. 8. I always move my legs, tap my pen on my desk, or just do something with my hands so I can understand the lesson well. 9. I’m good at fixing things at home and in school.

If you answered YES to statements number 1, 2, and 3, you are a VISUAL LEARNER. You learn better when you see pictures, especially moving ones like movies, or when your books have colourful illustrations. Your imagination is very good. You can be the best in class by drawing things about the lessons, by watching films that tell something about the lessons, and by looking for pictures in the Internet that could help you understand the lessons well.

If you said YES to statements number 4, 5, and 6, you are an AUDITORY LEARNER. You’re very good at listening because you remember r emember things just by listening to the sound they make. You learn well when you listen to your teacher’s words even without looking at them. Try listening to foreign songs and you may find out that you are better than others when it comes to learning foreign language. You are also better at memorizing song lyrics and lines in films.

And lastly, if you responded with YES to statements number 7, 8, and 9, you are a

KINESTHETIC LEARNER. You are very good in sports, have great body coordination and excellent moves. You learn by moving parts of or your whole body to understand the lessons. Most kinesthetic learners become the best in school by making dances or movements, by playing sports, and by working with their hands while their hands while going over the lessons in their minds.

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