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Why Get Married

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by: dr_warlock



Why Get Married?
by: dr_warlock

Disclaimer: The information and materials written and provided in this ebook are for informational purposes
only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with
respect to any particular issue or problem.

There are many things in life that we often don't question. Not out of fear, but because the thought never crosses
our minds. Things that have been around in society for thousands of years, or ever since you could remember.
Your parents did it, your peers do it, the media romanticizes it, people talk about it all the time with great
anticipation, you are told about it from k-12 and your four years as an undergrad. It's a constant. It's just what
you do. It just is... Why bother analyzing it? This is normal. This is natural. If it doesn't work out, it's not the
activity that's the problem, it's that you must have gone about it wrong. To bother questioning it would be a
waste of time because there's nothing to answer.
I come to tell you that marriage is one of those things. We've all heard it before. You get good grades in high
school so you can attend a prestigious college. Then you graduate and look for a steady job as an employee at a
company. Next, you find a woman to settle down with, buy a 3 month's salary's worth diamond engagement
ring and propose. After that, you purchase a home in the suburbs signed with both of your names and move in
together. You buy a vehicle for each of you, making sure one of them can fit the kids-to-come easily. Finally,
you purchase a wedding ring, get married, and have children. The cycle repeats.
All the topics covered from the Red Pill can be derived from one simple philosophy, "I come first"-- What's in it
for me? How do I benefit from this particular action? Will I get a return on my investment of time, energy, and
effort? Do I feel like doing this now? Will it bring happiness into my life? Will it improve my circumstances? If
I do this, can I retain my self-respect? Me, me, me, me, me. The goal of this e-book is to have you questioning
the status quo.

Chapter 1: Definition & Historical Context of
I Have a Different Approach to the Issue
This topic has been repeated ad nauseum. However, it needs to be repeated for the new comers. It is the most
important contract a man will ever enter. I think it requires a different perspective though. What is marriage?
What environment did the concept emerge from? Why was it necessary and considered important?
Definition: Marriage is a relationship given official recognized status with defined legal obligations between
spouses, the children that are bared, and the extended families.
Historical Context
Pre-Industrial Revolution, most work was manual labor. Women are not built for it, can't do it or won't do it,
nor do men wish them to participate in such activities because we desire to preserve their delicacy,
youthfulness, charm, innocence and other things that make them feminine which diminish when one is
consistently subjected to stress and hardships. Men did the physical tasks, and then delegated the rest to females
for maximum efficiency. Before welfare programs, women's entitlements, homeless shelters, and women's
ability to enter the workforce, if you didn't produce, you couldn't eat. In other words, women were completely
reliant on men to survive beyond impoverished levels.
The Female Condition
If a girl wanted to have sex but not a child, bad news for her. The only form of birth control was the
consumption of poisonous plants, physical assault, strenuous labor, stomach contact with heated elements, and
infanticide. As you can imagine, a female might be reluctant to do such things; I wouldn't blame her. Combine
this with the maternal bond a woman has with her child, and you get women carrying their pregnancies to term
every time it happens even to their detriment. Not to mention the fact that doctors for most of history, weren't
more than the medicine man.
Other than injury, sickness, and sleep, pregnancy is the most vulnerable state a woman can be in. She is likely
or assuredly to have some the following: constant fatigue, morning sickness, extreme mood swings, extra
hunger to nourish the fetus, and decreased mobility due to the unbalanced distribution of weight in the stomach.
In addition, necessary labor that is normal to non-impregnated individuals, can cause a miscarriage. All in all,
she needs to be cared for by someone else in some capacity. This is why premarital sex and having children out
of wedlock was and is still to some extent, looked down upon by society.
To simplify the problem, let's imagine a family of only a father and a daughter. Look at this situation not from
you, the prospective groom's POV, but from the father's perspective. Your daughter is not capable of being
financially independent unless she prostitutes herself because she can't do the physical labor required to go solo.
Even then, once she gets old, business will die, she'll be weaker than a female already is, and the only person
incentivized to provide for her, you the father, will be dead. To make matters worse, she is incapable of
protecting herself because fingerprint analysis for criminal cases weren't around until 1901. You couldn't call
911 or 999; the emergency call center system wasn't in place until 1937. Crime scene investigation was in its
infancy; DNA testing exist until 1985. And homes were often far apart. A scream can only travel so far.

It is mainly for these reasons that daughters were extra weight. You may be willing to support them to the very
end, you may love and cherish them more than anything in the world, but the fact remains, they require a lot of
coddling, extra energy, and protection from the outside world to keep them safe and emotionally stable. If you
can't hold frame or command respect, good luck. When it is time for her to leave the nest, it puts the mind at
ease to delegate the task of provisioning to another self-reliant male that you approve of. Even today, with all of
our comforts and social structures that aid with this issue, father's and brothers should know what I'm talking
about. What brother or father wouldn't prefer their sisters and daughters to marry
The Why
As the head of the household and breadwinner, it is the father's job to ensure that his children leave the nest and
possess the means to survive. How does a father ensure his daughter survives the pre-Industrial Revolution
environment? He makes sure, in order of descending importance, that the richest, strongest, most good looking
male interested in his daughter is legally bounded to support her and the resulting kids for the rest of his life and
leave his estate for his spouse after death. No poor fucks.
Marriage was not practiced out of love, but to provide a stable home environment for a family. Much of that
was making sure daughters were cared for. It's what forged families into big support networks. The idea was
that if you promise to take care of my daughter and create a legacy, you may have her. I will pay for the
wedding, and provide cash if need be until my last breath.
This is a great deal for a woman. But for a male? That depends. Society is not what is was; women's priorities
have changed. Can a marriage be successful? Yes. Can it bring value into your life? Yes. But do you have what
it takes to make this calculated risk? Should you take it?
Though much of the purpose was for daughters, both genders gained and lost from this practice. How did males
acquire enough benefit from marriage to participate? The answer lies in the exclusive, legal rights given to
husbands of Marriage 1.0.

Chapter 2: Male Incentive and Marriage 1.0
So you don't think it ever crossed my mind? You don't believe dr_warlock has ever given the idea of a family
consideration? To have a gorgeous wife submit and accept my patriarchal penetration like she was bred for. To
inseminate Ms. Warlock with wizardry, making her womb plump with my seed. Caring for her during
pregnancy. To father a future pussy-killing monster with the blood of a sorcerer coursing through his veins -Warlock Jr. To lead and provide for my family, mentoring my son in the ways of life, feeling like a man.
Finally in old age, bestowing my legacy upon my heir so that he will conquer the world and expand the
Warlock Empire?
Neeeeeeever. I have never given it thought. Not even once. Okay, I lied. The idea is nice, but the fantasy
immediately disappears post-nutbust. I'll stick with being the cool uncle. For many of you though, the desire for
a family still lingers and there's nothing wrong with that. It's risky in today's legal climate, however, what
personal and material means you enter it with, and what you expect from the union is more important. The Red
Pill is about using your new awareness to improve yourself, and accomplish YOUR goals with the greatest
optimization. If having a family is one of your goals, go get it, but be informed before you do it. I'm only here to
have you reassess your motives based on the new realities of our society, because many men aren't prepared.
Marriage 1.0 era Rights of the Genders
1) Husbands had sole custody of the children born in wedlock
2) Husbands owned all property, including any acquired by the wife and children
3) Divorce was forbidden except for the cases of adultery (lenient with men and mistress), desertion, bigamy,
and impotence
4) Women had custody of children born out of wedlock
5) Women couldn't vote
How Legal Rights Give Men Incentive

Sole Custody: It makes sense. Father's were the breadwinners. In exchange for the lifetime burden of
provisioning, he's granted exclusive rights over the children. If a woman decides to leave, she can't take
them and request child support.
Property: Again, fathers were the breadwinners. Using basic logic, any property purchased by another
family member had to come from the father's labor. Even monetary gifts, such as allowance, are subject
to seizure. This treated women like children; any belongings of a children can be taken. It is the same as
saying what's yours is mine, but you can use it.
Restrictive-Divorce: A woman couldn't leave and request previous-lifestyle-income-percentage based
alimony every month because she's not haaaaaaaaaaapy or decides to branch-swing.
Impotence-Divorce: Marriage was sought to create families in a stable home environment. So if one
partner is infertile, the legal union has little purpose for those who want children other than provisioning
for the wife. If the wife's uterus is broken, the husband could switch out for another one.

Adultery-Divorce: This was taken very seriously. If you were cuckolded, the bitch doesn't get shit.
Here's an essay about the extreme measures and efforts civilians, church leaders, and the government
took to prevent and punish fornication(pre-marital sex) and marital infidelity, History of Fornication and
Adultery Criminal Laws.
No Women's Suffrage: They didn't have the ability to use their ~50% and their legion of beta/mangina
orbiters that were desperate to please and create legal/social pussy passes and revoke agency such as the
following: "Hawaii Has Adopted Yes Means Yes"(My Article), "Violence Against Women Act"
(Encourages the prohibition of polygraphs for rape victims AKA "victim blaming" on Page 2),
"Affirmative Action", "Ontario Health and Physical Curriculum"(The excessive coddling of children,
teaching sex before kids can read and write, and feminist indoctrination on impressionable minds),
Gender Quotas, and many other things. Men knew the fickle nature of women's feelings. They could use
their political power to avoid this.

Individually, these laws don't amount to much. But together, they give a husband great power over his family
and household. Remember, love goes down (Men -- > Women -- > Children), respect goes up (Children -- >
Women --> Men). There wasn't the equality-of-the-genders nonsense in society until around the 1960's. The
poisonous thoughts of equality weren't swimming in the minds of women, helping allow her to look up to her
man, the way she desires, in the relationship hierarchy. This legal authority, financial control, previous social
ideology, and prevention of illogical political action helps satisfy the psychological need for his wife and
children to respect him, the hand that feeds them.
There were both pros and cons of Marriage 1.0. The husband had most of the power, but burdened with most of
the responsibilities. The wife had little power, but had guaranteed provisioning. And both spouses had little
wiggle room for escape. This isn't a cheer for Marriage 1.0, its to help contrast the current state of affairs. As
you are aware of, there have been radical changes to the environment, social ideology, medicine, and legal
system since this time period. Next, I'll tell you the first 'event' that caused Marriage 1.0 to evolve into Marriage
2.0, the reason why inter-gender dynamics has shifted so drastically on a global scale, and how it morphed the
workings of marriage.

Chapter 3: The Event That Changed Everything
There were some instances of women's rights in ancient times, but it never acquired much traction. Then in the
1100's, English Common Law took over and invented the concept of, 'coverture', the surrendering of all current
and future property to the husband upon marriage, merging them under one identity represented by the husband
(Source). Once again, husbands had power. As we know, history goes through cycles, and again, women's
increase in freedoms resurfaces. You'll see blips of women's "separate economy" (ability to choose profession)
and relaxed divorced laws in Russia and Europe in the 1700's (Source). However, this time, the natural cycle
intersects with a monumental era, the Industrial Revolution. It was the trigger, pulled in the name of profit, that
starts a chain reaction of legal reform and societal change that has only gained momentum ever since.
Pivot Point
In the 18th century, it wasn't uncommon to have no more than two shirts in your possession. The creation of
fabric was a long and strenuous process (Source). An entrepreneur in Preston, UK, named Richard Arkwright,
witnessed this process for himself when he visited a cotton business. The issues he recognized inspired him to
invent. Using the money he earned from his previous moderately successful waterproof-wig business,
Arkwright financed the creation of a faster, more efficient spinning machine. The first model went operational
in 1768. It could spin 128 threads at a time as opposed to the previous model of the spinning wheel, which
could only spin one at a time. This machine eliminated the use of the hands, and could create stronger threads
than someone could ever do in the past (Source).
In 1769, Richard is now thinking bigger. He wants to expand, but needs an investment. A banker decides to
partner with him in exchange for exclusive access to the threaded product from Arkwright's machines. After
agreeing to join forces, Richard and his partners build a factory powered by a water wheel. Although not the
first one, it was unique in that it's product could be produced without heavy physical labor (<-Important)(Source)(Source).
The Factory
All this machinery needs operators. Now, Arkwright's looking for employees to process his cotton and the work
he was seeking to be done wasn't physically intensive (hint, hint). Guess which part of the population could be
paid less? Guess who Richard preferred to hire? That's right, women and children as young as 6 years old.
Employees worked 13 hours a day from 6am-7pm. Women were paid a salary of ~$5,312/yr, or $1.31/hr in
today's dollars )(Source). Factories were popping up all over the world, exploiting the cheap labor at their
disposal. For the first time in history, women could find work outside of the home outside times of war when
men were temporarily recruited from the labor force in great numbers. This is very important; I'll get back to it.
Labor Reform
After witnessing and experiencing the horrific conditions of cotton mill factories for many years, the
government of the UK took action. In 1802, the Health and Morals of Apprentices Act was born. It was first of
many labor laws to come designed to enhance the working conditions of the employees. This law banned night
work, reduced the allowable work hours to 12hr/day, and forced employers to provide education, decent
clothing, and accommodation to apprentices (children)(Source). The US, just recently settled after Christopher
Columbus' "discovery", was a little behind Europe in industrialization. It took awhile to follow Europe's
footsteps, but eventually, child labor was forbidden almost everywhere (Source). Now that children are gone,
guess who's left to fill in the open slots? That's right, women.

Tying It All Together
Let's sum up what was covered so far. History in the 1700's began to repeat itself in regards to increasing
women's freedoms. Next, starting in the 1760's, Europe, with the construction of factories, had many job
positions available that didn't require extreme physical exertion -- men's efforts were best moved elsewhere
(opportunity cost). This means women could be employed in times other than war. Before equal pay, wives and
children could be paid a lot less, incentivizing an exclusively women and children labor force. Children were
eventually retracted from work by decree, allowing women to take their place. What do these things add up to?
Answer: Girls now with money, shrink the power gap between husband and wife, giving the ability to influence
more decisions -- specifically the law.
Chain Reaction
How do you continue to encourage women's participation in the work force under horrible conditions when you
have given them bargaining power in the economy? Answer: You allow them to purchase goods with the
money they've earned.
Influenced by an Arkansas town's Married Women's Property Act of 1839, Mississippi created the "Married
Women's Property Act", that unlike Arkansas, applied to the whole state (Source)(Source). For the first time in
the world since the establishment of English Common Law, a woman could own property outside the condition
that the husband was incapacitated, albeit limited in ability. She couldn't manage or sell property without the
consent of the husband. In these two cases, they were not motivated by employment, but an attempt at father's
preventing the property given to their daughters being taken by the husbands (Source). Though it's motives were
exceptional, it started a chain reaction of feminine uproar across America. Many states soon followed, and an
explosion of legal reform in wives' favor came to be (Source). Russia started the charge in 1753, when they
granted women separate economy (Source). Around 50 years later, Europe started making several subtle
changes until in 1870, the United Kingdom created the Married Woman's Property Act (Source). A chain
reaction , similar to that of the U.S., occurred (Source).
The Inevitable
Women, now with money and property out of reach from their husbands, want a say. Feminist groups were
created, and in 1893, New Zealand women became the first women in the world to vote in a national election
In America, the National Women's Association (NWSA), and the National American Women's Suffrage
Association (NAWSA) made many public speeches to civilians, but without much gain. Then, they switched
tactics. The Congressional Union (CU) was created and aimed their efforts directly at the government. Uncle
Sam put up heavy resistance by arresting protestors over technicalities (Source).
In 1914, female prisoners began to take advantage of the victim-hood card by fasting. The police had to force
feed the girls so they wouldn't die; this got public sympathy. You know what else happened in 1914-1918? You
guessed it, World War I, when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were assassinated. America
went to war. To be more specific, MEN went. Now, much of feminist opposition was sent off to battle and it's
maintenance efforts. Consequently, on August 18, 1920, after many feminist rallies and campaigns across the
country, Tennessee's House of Representatives succumbed to political pressure and "narrowly" approved of the
19th Amendment. Twelve days later, at the last minute, Tennessee changed their minds and tried to reverse their
decision, but it was too late, the U.S. Secretary of State had already upheld the decision and ratified the 19th
Amendment in the U.S. Constitution, the demise of Marriage 1.0 (Source)...

The fact that women's rights increased so dramatically in the early 1800's is by no means a coincidence. Like a
binary explosive, the intersection of the natural cycles of empires and the Industrial Revolution reacted
violently. Women were never granted equality out of the kindness of men's hearts. It was because titans of
industry had to give them a sense of autonomy in order for women to persist working for their slave wages and
increase profit margins and politicians wanted to keep their status. Marriage 1.0 is gone, but what will it evolve
into? How does society change as a result of women's ability to influence politics? What direction do laws take?
Most importantly, what the fuck does this long-ass history lesson have to do with getting married? Don't worry
I'll get to that. In the next chapter, I'll go over how men allowed women to "defy" nature, and its consequences.

Chapter 4: The Sexual Revolution and Marriage
Introduction to Contraceptives
The mother of a future lifelong feminist, Margaret Sanger, died at the age of 40. Sanger believed that the 11
pregnancies and several miscarriages took a toll her body, contributing to her early death. To escape poverty,
Margaret went to school, got married, and became a nurse where she treated many women who underwent
back-alley abortions. Motivated by the memory of her mother, she was determined to free women of unwanted
pregnancies. Her mission and threats of arrest led Sanger to campaign in multiple continents for birth control
and other women's rights. From 1912 to 1929, she started the newspaper column, What Every Girl Should
Know, the magazine article, The Woman Rebel, the first birth control clinic, the magazine, The Birth Control
Review, and the organizations: American Birth Control League (ABCL), Birth Control Clinical Research
Bureau (BCCRB), and the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control (NCFLBC). Slowly but
surely, her media outlets and outcries gained traction. I will get back to this later.

(Source) [Sanger Biography]

Economic Crisis and Natural Disaster
WWI (1914-1918) boomed the U.S. economy. The next decade was known as the Roaring 20's. But on 1929,
the stock market crashed. Then in 1931, lasting until 1939, another disaster struck. What do you get when
farmers over plow, and the most massive drought in U.S. history hits? Answer: The Dust Bowl. All the loose
top soil was swiped off the ground in giant dust clouds covering multiple states. People, MEN, had to sell their
farms, pack their belongings, and head westward in search of work to support their families like millions of
others did in America's largest exodus. The unemployment didn't affect people equally. The companies of big
industry involving heavy lifting (men only), dramatically decreased while maid & nanny services, clerical and
textile jobs (women dominated), were relatively safe. If men did work, they had to accept a big pay decrease.
For the first time ever, the gender roles began to reverse on a visible scale. In many cases, women had to work
alongside their husband to make ends meet. There were times where women had to take the role as the only
breadwinner for their families. Imagine waiting helpless at home with your children asking your wife after her
12hr shift, “honey, did you bring some food for us?” Several men did not take this kindly. As a matter of fact,
1.5 million husbands abandoned their wives during the Great Depression. This was hint of the two-income
household (by necessity), shrinking the power gap hypergamy requires in the now Marriage 2.0. The husband's
perceived value has shrank. Women don't want to be their partner's equals.

(Source 1)[Poor Agriculture Practice Contribution]
(Source 2)[Affected States]
(Source 3)[Wife Abandonment Rate]

The Dust Settles
On December 7, 1941, two years after the Dust Bowl-causing drought had ended, the Japanese bombed Pearl
Harbor. America now had the reason it needed to wage war. Again, war uplifted the failing economy. A total of
16.1 million Americans served (Source). This again caused a labor shortage. Not only did some women just
recently switch gender roles on a noticeable scale, or perceived themselves as equals, there was a huge
propaganda campaign to recruit female workers. Posters of strong, independent women plastered everywhere

like this one. Gradually, more women are entering the workforce, acquiring more money for themselves,
making the husband perceived to be less necessary.
The Artificial Shield
Remember Margaret Sanger's campaigns for women's right to birth control? All her efforts finally paid off
when in 1960, the BCP became approved by the FDA (Source). This was critical to the feminine imperative.
For the first time in history, a female could choose when to get pregnant, and who to do it with. Combine this
with the fact that many women can now support themselves, and you get the sexual revolution. Nature's barrier
to promiscuity, the female's inability to provide for herself, and pregnancy, has now been removed. The switch
has been flipped, the engine is started, and the cock carousel begins to spin.
Marriage 2.0 could have been managed, but the existence of betas ruins it for everyone. The sexual market
place has officially opened. This was the demise of Marriage 2.0. Prospective males could now compete against
one another for casual sex inevitably leaving many alpha widows in their wake. In fact, with just two nonmarital partners, the stability of the now marriage 3.0 drops to 53% (Source). The betas, the scrap scavengers,
the desperate – lock hands, and form a safety net should Quarter-back Jack, Douchebag-Steve, and Chad
Thundercock toss her aside, or if she hits the wall. This was the final blow to society. In the past, females could
only go as far as what their uterus' allowed, but now, AF/BB is unleashed.
Women were able to work. Companies hired them because they could be paid less. To keep them workings,
women were allowed to own property. With this new power, they were motivated to take action because they
now had something to defend. When they were able to vote, birth control was fought for and won. The lifting of
nature's barrier to female promiscuity created the sexual market place. Not only do women lose their ability to
pair bond with each sex partner, they create an army of orbiters just waiting to get their turn. I will show just
how dangerous these betas really are.
Recommended Reading
Esther Vilar discusses why women, despite living in the most liberal countries in the world, and being more safe
and pampered than any other time in history, continue to attempt having themselves being viewed as victims in
her book, The Polygamous Sex. It's a fascinating short read you could finish in one sitting. Though very rare, I
managed to find it.
The Polygamous Sex Free PDF Download (41 pages): here

Chapter 5: Weaponizing the Female Vote
Last time on Dragon Ball Z.... The rope was untied, and the cat let out of the bag. The FDA approval of birth
control has created the sexual market place. The highly classified operation AF/BB has been initiated. Betas
compete for casual sex by laying down hand in hand on the jungle floor, ready to catch females who lose their
grip when leaping to the next branch. Society doesn't know it yet, but with women's ability to financially
support themselves and have casual sex without the repercussion of pregnancy, marriage has become a potential
backup plan, not a priority. In this chapter, we will discuss how this beta competition for pussy gives females
the edge that they need.
Lowering the Standard
In 1962, just two years after the FDA approval of the birth control pill, New York removed domestic violence
cases from the jurisdiction of criminal courts and made it an exclusive part of civil court (Source). In law, if
someone wishes to punish someone else who has committed a crime against them, they must first seek criminal
justice from the criminal courts . Only if the result is inadequate, can you seek retribution in a court of equity
(e.g. Civil Court). This law not only removed a big barrier, but also permanently lowered the standard of
evidence required to prosecute. From "beyond a reasonable doubt", to "preponderance of the evidence." You
will see later how all of a sudden, domestic violence turns to hysteria.
No Fault Divorce
In 1969, California became the first state to create No-Fault Divorce. Before, as listed in Chapter 2: Male
Incentive and Marriage 1.0, a person could only divorce in the case such as adultery, desertion, bigamy, and
impotence. Now, no marital misconduct needs to occur, only something such as irreconcilable differences.
Neither spouse is required to acquire permission from the other.
What do you get when you combine operation AF/BB with no fault divorce? Answer: Divorces because she's
not haaaaaaaaaaapy. That alpha over there looks pretty nice, and she can support herself financially, why not
branch swing? Another problem with this law is that the original male obligations of a divorce still apply, like
alimony. However, we'll focus on the aspects of divorce in the next chapter.

(Source) [Fault vs. No Fault]

Reaching Out
September 9, 1973, two black prisoners founded the group, Prisoners Against Rape (P.A.R). Inmate on inmate,
guard on inmate, all sorts of rape going on in the prison systems was left unchecked. Out of desperateness, this
growing group was reaching out to other alleged victims in attempt to bring more attention to the issue, and
possibly get sympathy. Guess who they sought as an ally? Answer: Feminists. After all, they've been crying out
about rape and domestic violence for years, shouldn't they be perfect for the cause? Hahahahaha. Poor fucks.
They have no idea who they're dealing with.

(Source) [1973 document about P.A.R]

The Almighty Hamster
Influenced by P.A.R, the movie producer, Margaret Lazarus, released the film, Rape Culture, in 1975,
discussing the prison rape issue . Guess what happened the same year of its release? Answer: Feminists
redefined the term, 'Rape Culture', as the ever present, systematic, patriarchal oppression of women, leaving
P.A.R. in the dust. This was the very first sign that rape hysteria was never about saving people from rape, but
about retaining exclusive victim hood status. This is how they managed to transform betas to manginas and
white knights. Only betas would believe such nonsense. 1975 was the official start of all future feminist laws
and political correctness. Just take a look at this timeline. After 1975, the virus of feminism exploded.
It is no coincidence that this happened AFTER 1974. From the end of WWII in 1946 to 1975, there were too
many real simultaneous or back-to-back issues at hand: Civil Rights Movement (~1940-1970), the Cold War
(1947-1991), Korean War (1950-1955), and the Vietnam War (1955-1975). Not even a beta could be concerned
with women's exaggerated issues. Only after Civil Rights Act of 1964, and two wars, could women's cries be
even considered. Once the dust of war and civil rights settled, betas in the casual sex market could turn their
focus on pleasing women at any cost...
Sex Not Required
English Common Laws that took over in the 1100's stated that husbands had the right to sex from his wife. But
in 1976, just one year after the invention of female rape culture, Nebraska became the first state to repeal the
marital rape exception. By 1993, all 50 states did the same. This isn't a problem of being able to rape, but of the
women's mindset. A women is no longer expected to put out, the main reason men marry in the first place. This
is especially dangerous when in combination with the No Fault Divorce Act of 1969 and the sexual revolution in
1960. She can be miserable, not put out, branch swing, and still take your assets and sometimes alimony.

(Source) [History of Marital Rape Law]

Date Rape Hysteria
In 2000, New York created the Sexual Assault Reform Act (SARA) making GHB ("Date Rape Drug") a
controlled substance. Why didn't the government target female's consumption of alcohol? Answer: Because it's
your job not to rape, not the females job to take precautions. This was the beginning of removing female

(Source) [Sexual Assault Reform Act]

California's Yes Means Yes (2014)
The first time in history that males had to get "affirmative consent" throughout all sexual encounters.
(Source) [The Bill]
Hawaii's Yes Means Yes (2015)
It's spreading.
(Source) [The Law]
(Source 2) [My article posted on Return of Kings, "Hawaii Has Adopted Yes Means Yes"]

Marriage is now considered a fall back plan. Secured by the beta safety nets, females are free to ride the cock
carousel until they fall off. Divorce laws allow them to branch swing whenever they want, and still get paid.
Because women are now more free and pampered than ever, they had to make up a narrative to maintain their
victimhood status. Betas, manginas, and whiteknights took the bait. Law by law, since 1975, the government
and society has removed agency from females. Females can now enter marriage without the expectation of sex.
You in marriage 3.0 now have little to keep a women interested other than perpetual dread game (Read
Briffault's Law). At anytime, your woman can wreak havoc on your life with false allegations because of the
lowered standard of evidence and one by one, your male spaces and every facet of life are being infiltrated with
SJW, politically correct retardation.
This is what happens when betas are allowed to enter the casual sex market. This is what happens when
spineless pussies wife up whores; constantly liking and commenting girls photos that skyrocket's women's ego
and expectations; accept infidelity, cuckolding, and unacceptable behavior; run errands at a female's whim; fight
to save a women who has no relation to them regardless of fault, and desperately wait for a chance to be in a
women's presence. These pathetic excuses of men that tremble at the thought of displeasing women, such fickle
weak creatures, have a vote that counts just as much as yours. Women only do what men allow them to do and
betas allow them to do anything; they weaponized their vote. These are the consequences...

Chapter 6: Divorce, Assets, Alimony, and Child
Last time on Dragon Ball Z... After the Sexual Revolution in 1960 (FDA approval of birth control), the sexual
market came into existence. However, there's a giant moat between females and the cock carousel. In an effort
to negotiate desire, beta's piled themselves in the giant hole like zombies in World War Z to cushion the fall.
Through positive reinforcement, women slowly felt that they could hump Chad Thundercock, get tossed off the
ride, and land gracefully on the beta Tempur-Pedic. Wanting more leftovers, manginas doubled down their
efforts and aided feminists in all policy. When these two groups joined forces, they became the majority of all
voting processes that have led to the anti-male present day. In this post, I will only show you the facts about
marriage, divorce, and child support. Read it all. See why marriage is a false contract. There's also a shocking
documentary available at the end.
Fault vs. No-Fault vs. Separation-Divorce

Fault: You can deny accusation of fault, but these are the required reasons...
o Adultery
o Pregnancy of the wife at the time of marriage unkown to husband
o Desertion or abandonment (specified length of time depends on state)
o Abuse (physical, emotional or mental cruelty) or Cruel Treatment
o Incarceration (specified length of time depends on state)
o Insanity
o Impotence
o Substance abuse
o Infection with a sexually transmitted disease
o Marriage between people too closely related (in some states grounds for annulment)
No-Fault: Does not require any fault, and you cannot not deny it. "A spouse cannot object to another's
petition for no fault divorce, as that objection itself is viewed by the court as an irreconcilable
Separation: Living apart for legally set amount of time.
Important: Regardless of how the divorce is based or what she did, she is entitled "a fair and equitable"
share or HALF of everything you own possibly alimony.
(Source) [Cases of Fault]
(Source) [Fault vs. No-Fault (Text)]
(Source) [Video of Lawyer: Fault vs. No Fault]

List of 17 States of "True" No-Fault Divorce

California (Exception: "if your spouse is insane or mentally incompetent", needs doctor confirmation)
Florida (Exception: "if your spouse is insane or mentally incompetent", needs doctor confirmation)

District of Columbia (D.C)

In the remaining 33 states, you can choose no-fault grounds if you desire.
(Source) [No-Fault States]
List of Separation-Divorce States

Connecticut (Time Requirement: 18 months)
Hawaii (Time Requirement: 2 years)
Kentucky (Time Requirement: 2 months)
District of Columbia (D.C)

(Source) [Separation-Divorce Exception States]
Divorce Location Requirements
"Most states have a residency requirement, meaning that at least one of the spouses must have been a resident
of that state for a specified length of time--usually six months to one year--in order to file for divorce there.
However, Washington, South Dakota, and Alaska have no required length of time. To file in one of those states,
you merely need to be a resident of that state at the time you are filing."
(Source) [Location Requirements]
Prenuptial Agreements

Definition: an agreement made by a couple before they marry concerning the ownership of their
respective assets should the marriage fail.
1) Must FULLY disclose all assets
2) Must be signed "well in advance"
3) Must be signed in good faith
4) There can be no fraud in the inducement to sign

5) There can be no duress or compulsion to sign
6) Cannot waive rights to child support
7) One party cannot be "taken advantage of"
8) Must be "fair and equitable"

Important: A judge can toss the whole contract aside if they believe any one of these requirements
aren't followed.

(Source) [Prenup Requirements]
(Source) [Prenup Can't Waver Child Support]
Can only supersede a prenup if it is MORE generous than the prenup (Source).
Asset Definition

Marital Property: all income and assets acquired by either spouse during the marriage including, but
not limited to...

"Pension Plans; 401Ks, IRAs and other Retirement Plans; Deferred Compensation; Stock Options; Restricted
Stocks and other equity; Bonuses; Commissions; Country Club memberships; Annuities; Life Insurance
(especially those with cash values); Brokerage accounts – mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc; Bank Accounts –
Checking, Savings, Christmas Club, CDs, etc; Closely-held businesses; Professional Practices and licenses;
Real Estate; Limited Partnerships; Cars, boats, etc; Art, antiques; Tax refunds." "In many states, if your
separately owned property increases in value during the marriage, that increase is also considered marital
property. However some states will differentiate between active and passive appreciation when deciding if an
increase in the value of separate property should be considered marital property."

Community Property: Jointly owned marital property (50/50 ownership)
o Important: These include debts:
 Mortgage
 Car Loans
 Credit Card Debt
 Personal Loans
 Business Loans (some)
o Property acquired by gift, legacy or descent.
o Property acquired in exchange for property acquired before the marriage or in exchange for
property acquired by gift, legacy or descent.
o Property acquired by a spouse after a Judgment of Legal Separation
o Property excluded by valid agreement of the parties.
o Any judgment or property obtained by judgment awarded to a spouse from the other spouse.
o Property acquired before the marriage.

(Source) [Marital Property Definition]

(Source) [Debts Included]
(Source) [Exceptions to Marital Property]
Asset Division Standards

Marital Property: "Fair and equitable" to both spouses.
o Warning: "For a court to hear and consider evidence regarding a spouse’s bad behavior during
the marriage, the economic consequences of the behavior must be significant and relevant to the
court's ability to craft a judgment that reaches a fair result." (Source)
Community Property: All value is split 50/50

The Nine Community Property States of 2014

New Mexico

Alimony (Spousal Support)

Requirements for Receiving: "At one time, there was a third requirement; that of fault." (Source)
Historical Purpose (Marriage 1.0): "to punish the husband for leaving his wife without a good cause."
Today's Reason: "Spousal support laws throughout the United States seek to prevent a divorced spouse
from suffering from a decrease in his or her [previous] standard of living". This includes excess
spending (e.g. vacations and shopping). (Source)
Is a company car considered when determining a spousal support award?: "Yes. Courts have held
that the use of a company car is considered income for the purposes of calculating spousal support. It is
viewed in this fashion because the court feels as though if one should opt not to have the company car
there would be an increase in salary. " (Source)
Must Give Money; Property Settlement Equivalents Don't Count: "Recent cases have held that just
because a dependent spouse can live comfortably off an equitable distribution award (a property
settlement) is no reason to deny spousal support. The size of the property settlement should not
determine the right to spousal support." (Source)

Unemployment or jail is sometimes not an excuse for not being able to pay alimony. (Source) Source 2.
Paternity Testing

France: Has outlawed private paternity testing because they want to "Preserve the peace of French
families". It can result in a year of prison, and 15,000 euro fine (Source) .
Germany: Private paternity tests are illegal if BOTH parents don't consent and can result in a fine of
5000 euros because, they are for "protecting the rights of patients' and preventing 'abuse of sensitive
personal data'" (Source)

United States: A man can conduct a private paternity test, but the evidence is not admissible in court.
All paternity tests must go through the approved labs of the American Association of Blood Banks
(AABB) FROM A COURT (Source) . A man is only entitled to a paternity test if intends to claim rights
towards the child.
o Presumed Father: If you are married, listed as the father on the birth certificate, co-sign a
parenthood declaration form or if the child is born within 300 days after the ended marriage
o Time limit: Depending on the state you have 1-4 years to disprove paternity. Guess what? Since
a male has to get permission from the court and use the AABB approved labs, it can take longer
than the legal allotted time for you to rebut before you get the results back (Source).
o Warning: A paternity test results do not determine a case, it is only used as
RECOMMENDATION for child support hearings.

Child Support

Bradley Amendment (1986): It doesn't matter if you lost your job, it does not matter if you were
statutory raped by an older woman, it does not matter if you were a prisoner of war who's wife had a
child with another man, it does not matter if you were in a coma, and it does not matter if DNA proves 3
children from 3 different fathers aren't yours, once you are assigned child support by court order, it can
NEVER EVER be reduced. Not by a judge, not by bankruptcy court, not even if a mother remarries.
Only a mother can forgive debts owed. If you cannot pay, assets may be seized, or you may go to prison.
You will be charged more child support while behind bars and be asked pay again. If you can't pay upon
your release, you can be sent back to prison (Source).
o Alternatives for Enforcing Child Support: Including but not limited to, garnishing your wages,
take your tax returns, and seize your property and more... (Source)
Types of Legal Formulas that Determine Amount
o Incomes Shares Model: Based on percentage of both legal parents income.
o Percentage of Income Model: Based on the legal, non-custodial parent's income (You)
o Melson Formula: Income Share Model + Standard of Living (based on how child could live if
both parents were together
o Warning: The judge does not have to have to follow any state formulas. (Source) [Formulas]
Important: Mother doesn't have to prove it's being used on the child
CS Reform Effects on Society
o United States (Graph): Look at this graph, notice how in ~1960-1965, the single mother
households of the United States sky rocketed. Guess what happened in that time period?
 FDA Approval of Birth Control (1960)
 Social Security Act Amendment (1965): Allowed Welfare Services access to your
address and employment information for child support.
 Social Security Act Amendment (1967): Made every state create a child support unit
o Australia (Graph): Look at this graph. Notice how in 1986, the number of single parent
households also sky rocketed. Guess what happened then? A law similar to the Bradley
Amendment (1986) was implemented.

(Source) [US Reforms and Dates]
Women's obligations have been reduced to how she feels, promiscuity barriers and agency have been removed,
they can support themselves, and you're still held accountable for the contract of Marriage 1. Why Get Married?
Recommended Documentary/Movie about Family Courts -- Divorce Corp (2014) FREE: here or here

The End

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