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Why I Love Titanic

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Why I Love Titanic



Because it highlights human s fundamental emotions. Because it gets it priorities right. Because it helps in curing a soul lost in the jungle of sub-goals and derivative methods and approaches to life. Because it acknowledges the idiosyncrasy of our human design. Because it makes us more virtuous. Not all among us are great. Whether we all can be one is a different issue and will leave it out for now. The thing is that there were many characters in Titanic who showed greatness in their own way. It showcased what is best and brightest among humans. Even its villains weren t that bad. Love, courage, sacrifice, ambition, adventure, tenderness, appreciation of beauty, beauty, pride, sense of responsibility, respect, smartness-all was there in this movie. As we see it, we have a reality check: how feeble and puny we humans are in the vast scheme of things. We are humbled both in scale and power. We come out with a better appreciation of the universe s vastness and mystery. Humans have achieved greatness in the first place because the priority of the greats among us was such that they loved and chose adventure over risk . It chose right in glorifying simple Jack and drawing contrast with the superficiality of apparently high class people. Rose could recognize him despite his background. It got its priority or values right. Ambition is shown in the scale of its production: giant engines, enormous propellers, the glamorous backdrop and the ship itself. Smarts is shown by Jack when he tackles Rose away from suicide, when he fends off low lives in the dinner table, when he strategically finds the right place when the ship is going down. Musicians kept playing longer than they had to, the holy man let others hang on to him, architect stayed in his chamber and captain held the ship s wheel before they met their physical end. Such behavior can arise only out of people who are genuinely passionate about what they do, have a deep sense of responsibility and who are at the same time not divorced from the fact of where they fit in to the scheme of humanity. The way it takes us back, when everything is over, to the ship and the scene where everyone is clapping and Jack receives Rose upstairs, the old couple, the mother with her child, the way it lingers over the old pictures of Rose at the end of the movie provokes us to see our entire life and take stock of everything that has transpired and can transpire. It showed how both large scale pride it wont sink and small scale pride i can smell ice can be misplaced. Rose shows her respect and care for the architect in a subtle way before leaving him for the very last time. It again showed how t he characters had a greater ability to stay in touch with reality, when a lesser mortal could have blamed him for all that happened. Courage is shown when Rose braves the ice cold water to save her Jack, when she musters the strength to blow the whistle. It shows that when its a pure fit, it doesn t take a lifetime to have the deepest of loves and how sacrifice goe s hand in hand with love and courage. It shows that when someone finds his or her one, how it can have an energizing effect.

People think emotions peripheral to humans experience are deeper than central emotions. But what they don t understand is that the peripherals are derived from the central ones and subservient to it. Emotional bite is lost as we move into emergent forms and further away from fundamental ones. James Cameron in London premier said, When you have a good story it holds up. Other failings are forgiven in response to the interviewer stating that his decades old movie look better than those made last year. This certainly gives us insight in to his mind and his baby Titanic. When heart is in the right place everything else follows. Many critics have previously complained that it didn t explore complex human emotions. What they don t understand is that someone who has factored in all the complexity and nuances seem to wander around fundamental entities. This breadth of great minds is mistaken by the narrow minds as pandering to baser urges. Stuff like Titanic is not born of naivety but wise-ness. It is not that the grea t minds can t see what the more parochial minds see, they see much more. They see that the world is infested with similarities and how it is interconnected. They see how everything is in the midst of a dense web of causality and how easy it is to get lost in the labyrinth and become disoriented, purposeless and experience meaninglessness. They make sub-goals work for goals and not the other way round. They know that it is the fundamental emotions for whom all this human show is running. Titanic holds the power to salvage people and bring them back to home. The home called no frills humanity . Now i know why Titanic sank. It couldn t have handled the embarrassment of not being able to match up to its namesake movie s ridiculously titanic standards. I will take take 4 Swiss army mints with me, take a long shower before leaving, drink the largest cappuccino available and catch the mid night show to enhance my experience of Titanic 3D. My preparations are of course less elaborate than some who are thinking of bringing ice and water to give his fellow movie goers a 4D experience. So, i see Titanic saying to Avatar in the ultimate face-off: You will wander the underworld blind, deaf, and dumb, and all the box offices will know: This is Avatar. The fool who thought he killed Titanic. Hope we all get to experience 195 minutes of human-ness and return as more human.

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