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Wisconsin Beer Excise Tax State Legislator Letter

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Dear State Senator or State Representative Name: This letter is to make you aware that an excise tax increase is not in the best interests of the Wisconsin beer industry and consumers in our state. Regrettably, this bill will negatively impact Wisconsin consumers who consume beer products responsibly, as well as millions of residents who count on the jobs and the income this industry provides. Beer excise taxes are regressive, disproportionately inflicted upon lower- and middle-income Americans. The effect on households with the lowest incomes is 11 times greater than those with the highest incomes. Nearly 63 percent of beer in the U.S. is purchased by low- and moderateincome consumers and is taxed by all levels of government at a rate of over 41 cents for every dollar spent. Excise taxes on beer would also have a serious impact on jobs and economic development in Wisconsin. An excise tax would negatively affect the total annual economic impact of the Wisconsin beer industry -- nearly $7.7 billion. And while many sectors of the Wisconsin economy have experienced layoffs, the brewing industry is thriving. There are more than 32,000 beer-related jobs in brewing, distributing and supply and this number does not count the many thousands of jobs employed in our taverns, grocery stores and convenience stores selling beer. And nearly 34,000 more jobs exist in Wisconsin due to the impact of beer and beer sales. At a time when the economy is struggling and jobs are being lost, the beer industry stands out as a positive story of an industry committed to good-paying jobs, most with health benefits. We urge you to oppose any legislation to raise the excise tax. As one of the few sectors that have been relatively resilient in this challenging economic environment, Wisconsin needs the beer industry to be successful. Every day, millions of residents are counting on the jobs and the income this industry provides. And every cent impacts the livelihoods of people in and outside the industry. Sincerely,

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