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Wo Policies and Procedures

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Work Order Policies and Procedures

Introduction: • Work orders are the primary method for requesting repairs and other services from the maintenance department. Work orders include requests to perform repair or replacement of damaged or worn building components. They are also used to request the services of Maintenance technicians and employees. Purpose: • Work orders used to ensure needed repairs or services are brought to the attention of the Maintenance Department. They allow for the prioritization and timely performance of the repairs. Processing by the maintenance office allows for assignment of the proper account code and the proper craft to make the repairs. Work orders allow the ability to check scheduling and status of requested work. Funneling of work orders through a designated “contact person” and the use of a Maintenance Log Book at each facility streamlines the flow of work order communication. Work orders also provide valuable history data of maintenance needs. Services Available: • Work orders include requests for a variety of services including emergency calls. These are taken over the phone, but they require a follow-up written work order. Most work orders are requests for repairs of building equipment or components. Requests for assistance setting up special events are submitted as work orders. Requests for relocating equipment or making minor modifications that impact building systems are work orders (some of these requests may be converted to projects if they are beyond the scope of work that in included in the maintenance department budget). Requests for assistance with planning or other special requests can be submitted as work orders and will be addressed on an individual basis to ensure they are routed to the proper person. Contact Personnel: • To submit a request for a work order, contact the designated “contact person” at your facility or call the maintenance office and speak with the receptionist or Maintenance Coordinator. Overview: • Work orders are the primary way of requesting routine work from the Maintenance Department. We process over 12,000 work orders each year and make every attempt to prioritize them around safety and impact on building users.

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