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PROJECT ON 4PS Of Marketing On Woodland Product


Woodland's origins trace back to 1850 when California gained its statehood and Yolo County was established. Since the town started growing in population and resources, it has not stopped. The area was well irrigated due to the efforts of James Moore, and this drew people out to try their hand at farming. The endeavor was successful as people found the soil in the area very fertile. The city gained a federal post office and the next year the county seat was moved from Washington (present day West Sacramento, California) to Woodland after Washington was flooded. The addition of a railroad line, the close proximity to Sacramento, and the more recent addition of Interstate 5, helped create a thriving city.

Woodland Worldwide Type Subsidiary

Industry Founded Area served Products

Outdoor wear Quebec, Canada (1992) Worldwide

Footwear, clothing and fashion accessory

Owner(s) Website

Aero Group www.woodlandworldwide.com

4ps of Marketing 1. Product 2. Price 3. Promotion 4. Place

On the basis of 4ps of Marketing Woodland Product are classified As 1. Woodland Jacket 2. Woodland Shoes

3. Woodland Bags
Woodland Shoes

Woodland. A name which all of us trust for its quality, durability and style. This blog will focus on How Woodland Became a Famous Brand.

Woodland Jacket

The Brand

Touch the earth. Breathe the wind. Taste the water. Feel the richness of the forest, the emptiness of the desert, the might of the rivers and the majesty of the mountains. As you look around and marvel at the vastness of it all, ask yourself, "Where am I?" And the answer hits you right there and then, "Home." That's when you know you are one of the few through whose very veins the spirit of adventure flows like a

raging torrent. A spirit that is willing to stretch the levels of human endurance; a spirit that desires to reach the furthest frontiers; a spirit that craves to venture into the unknown. It is this spirit of adventure that defines Woodland. Ever since the beginning Woodland has successfully brought together the power of the human will and the rewards of discovery. Woodland has imbibed this very spirit in each and every one of its products. Products which push the boundaries of innovation so that you can push the boundaries of exploration.

Woodland Bags






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