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Zircon Cleaners

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Classroom cleaners 2015



Zircon Cleaners
Monday Group
Missy Chavez
Angelica Loquellano
Philipp Eggli
Johara Rara
Dale Perez
Zyxa Ayco

Tuesday Group
Shammah Aimee Galon
Venus Ariane Saligumba
King Emmanuele Pinar
Jasper Aranas
Charlotte Galab

Wednesday Group
Mary C Nazareno
Matheo Norman Requina
Jeff Divinagracia
Kcy Cabagnot
Iara Rombo

Thursday Group
Jamie Huan
Ian Mandin
MJ Matutes
Rene Tampos
Clyde Requierme
Francisco Uy Ben Dee

Friday Group
Shanayah Fritz Sanchez
Alyssa Vita Alonso
John Vincent Lagura
Neil Junn Lanticse
Lawrie Grace Lim

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