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Our experts online Indian Astrologers follow Indian Vedic astrology (Hindu Astrology) system. It is the most accurate and efficient than any other astrological systems in the world. Under this system we need, date, time and place of birth to get your horoscope generated for astrological reading, report, predictions, forecasts, advice and consultations. All the reports are prepared under the guidance of expert astrologers in India.

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:: Leo Zodiac Sign, Leo Astrology, Leo Horoscope
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Leo: This is the fifth sign of Zodiac. They are strongly build, Broad face, Good height and like lion roaring to go. They had energy and stamina to outperform others may be in work place or in sporting arena. They always want to be number 1. Just like Lion is the ruler of Jungle, Leo's also wants to rule where ever they remain. They are fearless, Rocking with little emotions .They are practical in their approach. For them it is result that matters. They are obsessive but at same time passionate also. They are born leaders. They lead the way so that other can follow. They are good sportsperson and can exceptionally perform well which require high physical stamina like football, hockey etc. They are dominating and do not shy to put their ideas. They want that there order should be followed and fulfilled with no resentment. Thus at times they become point of hatred and jealous for others.    Strength points: High energy High stamina High Vitality Very sharp in their approach. Practical Realistic Fastly paced. Result oriented. Committed Passionate Fearless Highly charged




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Stubborn Unemotional Harsh approach to things. Dominating

Indian Astrology History Zodiac Symbols Birth (Natal) Chart Articles Zodiac Sign Lord: Leo sign lord is Sun. Sun represents Masculine energy, High stability, stamina and power and heat that can destroy everything. That is why Leo are born leaders always wants to remain ahead from others. Career Leo can look for:- As Leo are highly dominating and to get there work done they shed their emotions therefore because of this features they are very good in those fields that are very powerful and require leadership skills like politicians , MD of company , Jobs at Marketing or Managerial level that require dominating and strong image. Like Aries they can also become Army personnel, Police officers or they can perform exceptionally well in investigation agencies also that require very sharp approach to find out things. Diseases which Leo are prone to: As Leo are highly charged, that can take toll of their body especially heart as aggressiveness is not good for your heart and for your overall health. Leo should take special care of their heart. They should eat food that is good for their heart. They should also take care of their back and their Bones. They should intake lot of vitamin D combine with Calcium. They should do stretching exercises and Yoga for mental peace. Compatibility Signs: This Sign as discussed is highly dominating always wants to be number one but at same time it is affectionate and passionable and requires that there partner should obey them. This point creates some imbalance in relationship so partner should be which is easily adaptable to them. So Gemini is good compatibility signs as they can adapt to situations with ease. Element: Leo element sign is Fire. Like Aries they are dominating and aggressive. Fire can provide heat and warmth and at same time can put whole jungle into ashes. Modality:- Leo had fixed modality which means it is very difficult to convince them. If they feel that they are right, then it the other person who has to change his/her attitude. Benefic or malefic effects: It all depends upon Birth chart, how well Leo and Sun are placed. If this two are well placed then person will reach new height, person can reach at top level due to his leaderships skills , One can hit his enemies hard as like when lion comes all animals fled away. Malefic effects: If Sun and Leo are badly placed in chart, then person energies can go in negative way. People may hate him. One can become lonely and restless and can go in company of bad people or soon can join bad habits. Caution:- Calm down your aggressiveness.




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