07-07-25 Samaan v Zernik (SC087400) Coldwell Banker and Michael Libow's Subpoena Production, Alleged as Fraud s

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In the various records production in the litigation, some dozen of real estate contracts, or fractions thereof were discovered. None was an honest valid and effectual Real estate purchase contract. In the July 25, 2007 production by Michael Libow and Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, a contract appeared in pages 152-163, which is alleged as fraud, and the product of adulteration and forgery by Michael Libow himself. Such record was related to a record produced by Countrywide, but demonstrated intensive image processing: 1) Deskewing2) Background reduction3) Elimination of all authentication evidenced in fax header imprints.4) Replacement of graphic signatures using cut and paste.Mara Escrow counsel referred to this contract as the "clean copy."



Digitally signed by Joseph Zernik DN: cn=Joseph Zernik, [email protected] ink.net, c=US Date: 2007.08.18 12:40:47 -07'00'

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