08 - Internet Business Optimization

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Internet Business Optimization
“How Small Changes Makes Great
Internet Business Optimization
1. Virtual Smart Agent
2. Tell-A-Friend
3. Using Videos
4. JV Contests
5. Limited Offers
6. Affiliate Centralization
7. Adding More Follow-Ups

01. Virtual Smart Agent
• Idea behind VSA is to save the sale!

• By adding the VSA script to your sales page, an
exit pop-up will appear when the user attempts
to leave your site

• Virtual agent will appear on the pop up chat box
to negotiate real-time to save the sale for you

• Saves at least 5-25% of your sales
01. Virtual Smart Agent (Con’t)
02. Tell-a-Friend Email Follow Up
• One simple follow up email can boost your email
sign ups by 10-30%!

• Tell-A-Friend is viral… with an incentive

• Add the follow up email to ask your subscriber to
tell-a-friend through their affiliate link

• If a sale is successful, your subscriber gets paid!

03. Using Videos
• Videos increases conversions by at least 30%

• Should be used in the following
– Pre Launch
– Sales Letter
– Opt-Ins
– One Time Offers
– Downsell
– JV Invite
04. JV Contests
• Great incentive to fight hard to be on leadership

• Builds credibility for JV Partner

• JV Prizes

• Update JV Contest Results Every 24 hours
– Acknowledge every JV partner
– Motivate them
05. Limited Offers
• Degree of Urgency

• Forces them to act right now!

• Limited Time
– 72 Hours, 7 Days, 10 Days, etc

• Limited Copies
– X copies to be sold
– X copies for $X price
06. Affiliate Centralization
• One stop central for affiliates to gather
information on new launches and existing
products to promote

• One affiliate link for any products to promote

• Sales and Tracking done from one single place
07. Adding More Follow Ups
• Usually takes the 7
E-mail for prospects to be
turned into a customer

• They are already in the sales funnel
– Take advantage of it

• Store 14 follow up emails or more. The more
the better
• Optimization  Small Tweaks results in Huge

• Productivity  Maximum results with less

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