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holy... 1000 questions. for the record. I started this at: 8.26 The Basics 1.) Your name Jennifer 2.) Nicknames: Jenn, Jenny, Jennabelle, Jennchan. haha. depends on the person. 3.) Do you like these nicknames?: Yep. I hate Jennifer. Brian's pretty much the only person that can get away with calling me Jennifer, period. 4.) Location: Missouri 5.) Age: fifteen 6.) Birthday: look on my profile genius :) 7.) Zodiac sign: Aries 8.) Parents names: Valerie, my dad's name was Tom, my stepdad's name is Tim. (yes, it's weird, you can shutttuppp now. ) 9.) Siblings?: Jesseeee<333 10.) Pets: a dog a cat and horsiesss. 11.) Number of rooms in your house: uh, dude, Ionno. 12.) Religion: I'm technically "catholic", but I hve some issues with some things catholics believe. 13.) If so-practicing?: ish 14.) Male or Female?: Female 15.) Is your family close?: no sir.

What are your favorite 16.) Foods: none 17.) TV shows: old Degrassi, new Degrassi, but not so much, Law and Order SVU, any stuff on fuse, Skins (NOT USA), Doctor Who... you want I should go on? 18.) Movies: Rent, The Uninvited, Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Punk Rock Holocaust 19.) Actors: Dude I for real don't even know, there are so many. Orlando Bloom (only in LotR though!), uh... yeah. Anthony Rapp. 20.) Actresses: Uhshitman. Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Scarlette Johanson, Jessica Alba, Alexis Bledel, Emma Watson, 21.) Books: Harry Potter... anything by Sarah Dessen... Uglies series, Th1rteen R3asons Why, Go Ask Alice, 22.) Artists: Andy Warhol 24.) Video Games like I have time for those. 26.) Outfits: um, if I had money? I'd look like the shit. haha. as it is, mostly band tshirts and jeans and converse and stuff. 27.) Stores:Hot Topic, Delia's, Rockabilla, uh... yep. :) Walmart? 28.) Sports: negative. 29.) Colors: none. 30.) Numbers: 8(: 31.) Websites: TUMBLR. end of story. 32.) Cartoons characters: winnie the pooh(: 33.) TV Channels: fuse. VH1(only on saturday mornings though) uh... that's pretty much it. 34.) Made For TV Movies: haha I've been known to watch them when nothing else is on. 35.) Comedians: no ? Jeff Dunham. that's like... it. 36.) Comediennes: I have never even heard that word in my life. 37.) Hair products: Aussie. (not even kidding, my dresser looks like purple bottles took it over.) 38.) Makeup Products: depends on what it is. I use Estee Lauder eyeshadow and eyeliner, Covergirl mascara, Burts Bees lip stuff, Maybelline concealer and Neutrogena foundation. 39.) Kind of Pens: idc? 40.) Kind of Shows: I really honestly don't watch that much TV. 41.) Pieces of Jewelry: I love dangly earrings and long necklaces (:

42.) Kinds of Soap: I have raspberry Avon body wash that Shi got me ? 43.) Kinds of Shampoo: Aussie. 44.) Game Systems: we have a Wii and that's all I play. 45.) CD s: ALL OF THEM 46.) Snacks: pretzel M&Ms (: 47.) Past times: friends, reading, tumblr, photography 48.) Things to do on the weekend: sameee<33 49.) Magazines: seventeen, elle, teen vogue, vogue, 50.) Animals: horses Clothing 51.) Favorite Brand of Clothing?: none. haha. 52.) Favorite sweatpants: quite possibly the ones I stole from Shi(: 53.) What is your everyday outfit?: band shirt and jeans and converse? a pretty shirt and earrings occasionally. 54.) Do you wear a uniform to school?:nope. 55.) Do you like it?: dont have one. 56.) What is your favorite clothing store?: Hot Topicccc :D 57.) Do you try to dress like other people?: negative ghostrider. 58.) Do you consider yourself to be trendy?: haha not teenager-trendy, no. 59.) What kind of shoes do you wear?: converse, ballet flats. 60.) Do you like funky shoelaces? sure? 61.) Do you wear hats?: that'd be a no. 62.) Do you wear a lot of jewelry?: sometimes (: 63.) If so, what?: class ring, earrings, bracelets, necklaces.. everything occasionally. 64.) Do you wear belts?: nopppe. 65.) Do you wear skirts?: every once in a while 66.) Do you wear revealing clothing?: haha I ould if I had the legs for it -.67.) Do you like the Eskimo look?: uh...?? 68.) Do you wear big pimpin coats?: lolol nooo. 69.) Do you carry a purse or bag?: yes ma'am. 70.) If so, what is it like?: it's black and ... black? School 71.) What are your grades like?: A's and 1 B and 1 C. 72.) Do you wish you could change your performance in school?: yess. 73.) Are you failing anything?: nope(: 74.) Do you take a language?: indeed. 75.) If so which language?: Germannn 76.) Who is your favorite teacher?: Mrs Getz((: 77.) Do you decorate your locker?: the inside has all of my friends' faces and MCR all overrr and a picture Christian drew me haha 78.) Do you decorate your bookbag?: nooope. 79.) If so, with what?: 80.) Do you draw on yourself in school?: not really, haha (: 81.) Do you doodle all over your notebooks? YES OMG YES 82.) Do you take art?: nope! photography though 83.) Do you walk to school or are you driven?: Driven... by a bus... haha 84.) Do you like school?: occasionally, not really, and sometimes? 85.) How big is your school?: medium-small, it has like, what, 800ish kids? 86.) Do a lot of your friends go to your school?: yeah but a lot don'tttt. 87.) Do you wish you could change schools?: sometimes...all the time.. haha 88.) Are you on the Honor/Merit roll?: nopeee. 89.) Do you participate in school plays?: I wish man. 90.) Are you in any clubs/which ones?:Drama. Your Room 91.) What color is your room?:GREY ew. haha.

92.) Is it messy or clean?: clean now. 93.) What are on your bedsheets?: they're blue and polka dotted. I'km getting new ones soon (and painting) 94.) Do you have posters on your wall?:nahh man I lost em all :\ 95.) If so, of what?: they were a bunch of band ones 96.) Do you have a TV in your room?: yesss 97.) A computer?: yep. 98.) A radio?:mhm 99.) An alarm clock?: yess 100.) A stereo?: iwish. 101.) What is under your bed?: nada 102.) Do you have a big closet? HAHAHno. 103.) Do you write on your walls?: lololno. 104.) Do you have any beads hanging up?: nahh. 105.) If so, what design?: .... 106.) Is your ceiling decorated?: nopee. 107.) If so, of what?: 108.) Do you decorate your door?: No. 109.) With what?: .... 110.) What color is your carpet?: whitee Music 111.) What are you favorite bands?: My Chem. All Time Low. 112.) Do you own a lot of CD s?: ehh, not really 113.) How many exactly?: like 20, 30ish. 114.) Do you download music?: alllll the time. 115.) What are your favorite songs?: It changes like, constantly. 116.) Do you listen to the radio?: its on all the time 117.) Do you like loud music?: yup. is there any other way to listen to it? haha 118.) Do you think its obnoxious when people drive down the street with their stereos all the way up blasting the kind of music you loathe?: no. they just think they're cool. but the're not 119.) Do you like rap?: nooo 120.) Do you like country?: very few people haha TV 121.) What TV shows are you glued to?: told you already 122.) Are you a couch potato?: not so much 123.) Do you watch the news?: when it's on 124.) Are you easily influenced by the people on TV? llike... not at all... 125.) Who is your favorite TV star?: what is a TV star? as in a star of a SHOW? Stacey Farber but she's not on Degrassi anymore D: 126.) Do you watch late night TV?: sometimes 127.) Do you have more than 100 channels on your TV?: yeahh 128.) Do you actually care about any of those above 100?: yeah haha pretty much everything good is over 100 for Dish. 129.) Do you watch the Spanish channel just for fun?: no?! 130.) What is your take on commercials?: annoying as fuck and they make me love my TiVo(: 131.) How big is your TV?: which? 132.) Do you use a remote or change it manually?: Remote 133.) When you see something on TV do you run out and buy it as soon as possible?: noway 134.) Do you like dramas?: only if they're somewhat believable. 135.) Do you like comedies?: sure 136.) Comedy Central-good or bad?: medium 137.) Are you obsessive over anyone on TV?: only if MCR comes on somewhere 138.) Do you watch any sports on TV/which ones?: neverr 139.) Do you watch music videos?: yesss omg yes. 140.) Do you like watching I Love the 80 s even if you weren t living in the 80 s?: nahh. Morals/Beliefs

141.) Religion?: about it? 142.) Do you go to church regularly?:yeah 142.) Pro-life?: yup 143.) Pro-choice?: can't you figure out based on that answer up there? 144.) Are you a virgin?: yep(: 145.) Do you believe in God?: yupp 146.) Jesus?: yess 147.) Allah?: it makes me really sad the Livejournal I found this on, the person's answer was "who?" 148.) Buddha?: ditto on that haha 149.) Do you have crosses hanging in your house?: sofuckingmany;; 150.) Do you believe in the true meaning of Christmas ?: yeahh Friends 151.) Who are your best friends? Shianne/Olivia/Briet/Paige/Ali/Brian. 152.) Do you have a lot of friends?: "friends", yes. FRIENDS, no. 153.) Who is your funniest friend?: me and Shi when we act like we're 12 (in between acting like we're 25, righT?) 154.) Craziest?: me haha 155.) Weirdest?: all of themmmm 156.) Prettiest: hrmph, probably Ali. (: 157.) Fanciest?: lolwut? 158.) Sportiest?: none of them really haha 159.) Girliest?: hmmm idk. 160.) Mellowest?: haha I'm friends with a lot of stoners. so. them. 161.) Stupidest?: me. 162.) Smartest?: uhidk. 163.) Thugest?: me ahah 164.) Do you have a lot of acquaintances?: yup 165.) Are you friends with any of your teachers?: Yes(: 166.) Are you friends with any friends parents?: not that much no except I guess sorta kinda Olivia's in a way? idk. 167.) Are you really outgoing only around your friends?: around my REAL friends yeah 168.) Are you comfortable around your friends?: yesss 169.) Are you easily influenced by your friends?: haha not really. 170.) Are you part of a clique?: negative. 171.) Do you make new friends easily?: kinda 172.) Do you have a lot of friends online? OMGYES. 173.) Where did you meet them?: MNI haha :) 174.) Do you have a lot of LJ friends?: nopee 175.) Do you sleep over at friends houses a lot?: nopee 176.) Do you make yourself at home when you go to other friends houses?: at Olivia's. haha. I know where everything is there. EVERYTHING. (and it freaks me out when it changes haha) 177.) Do your friends rub off on you a lot? yesss 178.) Could you live one day without your friends?: no! 179.) Rate your social life on a scale of 1-10: uh... depends does like tumblr count? if not? lie.... negative 42. 180.) How is this survey so far?: why the fuck am I even doing this?! This or That 181.) Book bag/Messenger bag: bookbag 182.) Punk/Emo: "emo" 183.) Rock/Rap: rockk 184.) Jay-Z/Nas: ionno what Nas even is man 185.) Justin/Clay: neither! 186.) Ruben/Clay: who's Ruben :3 187.) Cat/Dog: Dog 188.) PS2/Xbox: PS2 189.) DVDs/VHS: DVD. haha. I'm pretty sure I have friends that don't even remember what a VHS is. 190.) Cds/Tapes: Cds.

191.) Big screen/small screen: Big screen 192.) Movies at home/in the theater: home mostly (: 193.) Popcorn/Candy: candy 194.) Jacket/Coat: Jacket 195.) Real fur/Fake fur: neither..haha 196.) sister/brother: either haha 197.) Home/House: well yeah we won't even go there. 198.) Espanol/Deutsch: GERMAN 199.) Art/Computer: artttttttt 200.) Laptop/Desktop: laptop 201.) Pepsi/Coke: coke 202.) Orange/Apple: orange 203.) Phone/Computer: Computerr 204.) Email/Letters: OMG I LOVE WRITING LETTERS 205.) Big/Small: depends on what ;) 206.) Pizza/Ravioli: PIZZA 207.) Baby/Toddler: idc ! haha 208.) 16/21: 21 man 209.) CSI/24: CSI 210.) Superman/Spiderman: SPIDERMAN(: nahh idc. haha. 211.) Kilborn/Conan: Conan 212.) Letterman/Leno: Leno 213.) SNL/MadTV: SNL 214.) Flinstones/Jetsons: Flinstones(: 215.) Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter: SHIT YOU'RE MAKING ME CHOOSE?! HP I guess haha 216.) Boxers/Briefs: boxers (: 217.) Pants/Skirts: Pants 218.) Skirts/Skorts: for what? what kind of shorts? 219.) Fork/Spoon: spork! 220.) People/InTouch: i don't read either Are you 221.) Gothic?: nahh 222.) a freak?: well duh (: 223.) a computer nerd?: nopeee 224.) a science freak?: No. heh. 225.) a sports fan?: negative, ghostrider. 226.) One of those people that sit in the back of the room during an exam and cough and sniff the whole time?: haha nope 227.) a class clown?: No. 228.) funny?: idk? 229.) serious?: Sometimes. 230.) intellectual?: can be 231.) an LOTR nerd?: ...the previous persons' answer was "what's a LOTR"... kill me NOW. (yes. you could say I am. hah.) 232.) a failure?: allthetimeman 233.) 234.) 235.) 236.) 237.) 238.) 239.) 240.) 241.) 242.) a success?: can be a loser?: you knooo =] popular?: nahhh. lazy?: can be haha outgoing?: At certain times. shy?: At certain times. friendly?: no easily annoyed?: ha yesss so much tolerant of others views?: yeah unless they're super ignorant addicted to crack?: fuck yes.

243.) addicted to any other drug?: nopee! haha. 244.) a partier?: Nope. 245.) naturally hyperactive?: not so much anymore, 246.) wild?: in what way? 247.) sporty?: nah 248.) smelly?: ew? . 249.) an insomniac?: so much. 250.) a procrastinator?: yeaeeaah 251.) a criminal?: nope 252.) a crackpot?: nope haha 253.) a bookworm?: Yesyesyesyes 254.) hairy?: haha nope 255.) good at playing basketball?: not so muchh 256.) in high school?: yup 257.) in prison?: nope 258.) from mars?: yep! how'd you know? 259.) straight?: maybe ;) 260.) gay?: idk ask Shianne. Random Questions 261.) Do you like frosted flakes?: the're GRRRREEEAATTT lolol,(: 262.) Are you easily mistaken as being someone of the opposite sex?: noway. haha. 263.) Do you like nuns?: they're fine? xD 264.) Is this survey getting on your nerves?: yess 265.) Do you use correct English?: usually 266.) Hablar Espanol?: no haha 267.) Spien Deutsch?: yesss kinda 268.) Speak English?: nope. ofcnot. 269.) Do you know what an aphrodisiac is?: yesss 270.) Do you know what Draculas first name is?: well he was Vladmir before he was Dracula. 271.) Do you like Russian names?: not that much haha 272.) Like Vlad?: haha dude they're so playing you. (the person who filled this out for me makes me sad) 273.) Homer?: oh my, their answer for this was "Simpson?" WHAT THE FUCK DOES NO SCHOOL TEACH LITERATURE? I mean if this question came after one about Peter Griffin I'd get it but it's after a bunch after literature! They're talking about the historian and author Homer! jesus! 274.) Are you a busy body?: nope. 275.) Do you like to glue quarters to the floor and see how many people try and pick them up and proceed to fail?: uh, no? 276.) Do you like to go mini golfing dressed as old men?: again on the no? 277.) Do you like to roller skate?: rollerblade. 278.) Who do you wish was president?: not obama?! 279.) What do you think of Pres. Bush?: he's not in office anymore, hello outdated survey 280.) Do you play Roller Coaster Tycoon?: used to all the time! 281.) Are you insecure?: can be 282.) Are you influenced by ancient Greek culture?: holy fucktard before me put "I <3 Greek mathology" what the actual fuck. 283.) Roman culture?: am I influenced by it? I have a cute pair of gladiator sandals haha but no. But do I like learning about it? fosho(: 284.) What kind of architecture do you like?: victorian era. or modern. .haha. 285.) What style architecture is your house?: very 1800s esque. 286.) Do you like to shop in big cities?: yepp 287.) Do you like to clean your room?: no but I lke it clean 288.) Do you hate when people sit in the back of the room during an exam and cough and sniffle the whole time to break your concentration?: yesss 289.) Do you think that clocks are dumb?: no?? 290.) Does anybody really know what time it is? does anybody really care?

291.) Does anybody really care?: oohh you read my mind haha 292.) Who sings that song?: Chicago(: 293.) Do you like Chicago?: yusss I was named after one of their songs. 294.) Does Nevada have a football team?: dude the previous answer was "idk, I don't live there". nope. Nevada is a mysterious utopian land that mysteriously just doesn't have a football team totes. 295.) What did you get on the last big test you took?: uhhh like an 82 i think 296.) Do you pace in circles when you get nervous?: nope. 297.) Do you play with dolls?: when I was tiny haha 298.) Do you like Star Trek?: yep(: 299.) Whats 2+9+9?: twenty 300.) Do you like filling out these surveys?: not so much but yes. Money 301.) Do you have a job?: nope 302.) What do you do?:n/a 303.) Does your boss like you?: adlgjadklhdjlg 304.) How much do you get paid?: sdfgfdgsdfds 305.) Do you have your own bank account?: si 306.) Do you have a credit card?: nahh 307.) a checkbook?: nope 308.) Are you a big spender?: yess haha 309.) Do you go to the mall a lot?: nope 310.) In an average week, how much money do you spend?: $10? $20? depends 311.) Do you know how much a peso would be worth in the United States today?: i dont knoow :| 312.) How about a Franc?: they don't use francs, they all use Euros now, and the Euro is worth about 1.40 here 313.) Do you really care?: yes! haha 314.) Do you like your job if you have one?: dsfsfdsfsdadhadkghaj 315.) If you don t have one, do you wish you had one?: yessss 316.) Do you wish you had more money?: all the time man 317.) Why?: so I could have more money? haha 318.) Would you rather be filthy rich with no friends or dirt poor with tons of friends and a dog?dirt poor haha 319.) Do you have a cool wallet?: yep 320.) What is the largest amount of money you ever had in your possession at one time?: ionno 321.) What are you wearing?:a black shirt and blue soffe shorts 322.) What are you listening to?: escape the fate 323.) Who are you talking to?: nobody. 324.) What are you doing other than filling out this survey?: Listening to music. 325.) How is your hair?: in braids ;] 326.) Do you have anything on your feet?: bare 327.) Are you cold or warm?: cold dude 328.) Do you have any jewelry on?: I still have my earrings on from earlier. 329.) Do you have any makeup on?: yeah I haven't taken it off yet 330.) Name 4 things laying around your desk: I don't really have a desk 331.) Pick up a book laying near you and type a random sentence from a random page: there are no books within reach and I refuse t oget up? 332.) Open a cabinet near you and describe whats in it: nope. 333.) What time is it?: 9:29 pm 334.) Should you be doing something else now?: yeah haha 335.) Why aren t you doing it?: because of my laziness mostly 336.) Is your room a mess now?: nope (: 337.) Is your mom nagging at you to clean it?: nooo haha 338.) What are any people around you doing?: there's n one around me (insert forever alone face here) 339.) Who are you thinking about right now?: ...none of your bizzness. lol. 340.) Are you doing anything illegal?: not at the moment? Looks

341.) How much time do you spend on your appearance in the morning?: about 30, 40 minutes 342.) Do you wear makeup regularly?: yeppp 343.) If so, what?: concealer foundation eyeshadow/liner and masara and lip balm 344.) Are your looks important to you?: kind of. haha. 345.) Do you want to change the way you look?: SO MUCH 346.) What would you change?: my weighttt 347.) How do you usually wear your hair?: diferent ways alll the time 348.) Do you dye your hair?: yesss 349.) Do you straighten you hair?: yes sometimes 350.) What color is your hair naturally?: Brown 351.) What is your eye color?: blue green hazel. 352.) Do you wear colored contacts?: nopee 353.) Do you look like your parents?: my daddy yep <3 354.) Is that good or bad? good (: 355.) Do you turn strange colors sometimes?: oh yes I turn hot pink and green and blue and neon orange ll the time 356.) Why?: 357.) Do you have any piercings?: ears 358.) Any tattoos?: not yet 359.) Ever gotten a makeover?: nope 360.) Do you experiment a lot with new looks?: sometimes if i have time Travel 361.) Have you ever been out of the country?: yep 362.) Out of your state?: ofc 363.) Out of your city?: everydayyy haha 364.) Do you go on a vacation every year?: hell no 365.) If so, to where and for how long?: 366.) Have you ever ridden in a plane?: yeah haha 367.) In a boat?: yes sir. 368.) Do you visit relatives that live far away from you at all?: nah 369.) ON average, every week how many miles do you travel?: I don't even know man 370.) Do you drive?: no Cars 371.) Favorite car?: no clue 372.) Color for that car?: somthing nice 373.) Do you have your liscense?: nope 374.) Permit?: not yet haha 375.) Do you like fast cars?: sure Sleep 376.) How long so you sleep each night on average?: 6 is a lot 377.) Is this enough?: sure 378.) Do you dream every night?: nope 379.) Describe a weird dream you had: too long lol 380.) Do you sleep in awkward positions?: idk 381.) Do you sleep in school?: not intentionally 382.) If so, do you wake up with different patterns all over your face from whatever you were laying on?: its happend 383.) What position do you usually wake up in?: I don t know. 389.) Does your alarm clock wake you up?: yep 390.) What kind of alarm clock do you have?: the radio kind? Idk Going Out 391.) How often do you go to parties?: like never haha 392.) Are you a crazy party hopper?: not in the slightest 393.) Do you like wild parties with lots of people?: nahh 394.) Are you a social butterfly?: haha not really 395.) Do you go clubbing?: nope

396.) Ever been drunk?: yes 397.) Ever get kicked out of a party?: No 398.) For what?: ... 399.) Do you throw a lot of parties?:totes. I party all night every night. (note my sarcasm.) 400.) Do you go to the mall a lot?: sometimes 401.) Do you go with a lot of friends?: no 402.) Do you like going to arcades?: no 403.) Is DDR a cool game?: I m bad at them 404.) What about those racing games?: lol everyone kicks my ass but I like them 405.) How many parties have you been to in the last 3 months?: what is classified as a party? 406.) How many formal dances have you been to in the last year or so?: like two 407.) Do you dress up when you go out?: sometimes 408.) Do you go to see a lot of movies on the weekend?: no 409.) Who has the best parties?: meee Dating and Stuff 410.) Are you involved romantically with anyone right now?: no 412.) Do you wish you were with someone right now?: kind of a lot haha 413.) Do you have a secret crush: well it s a secret to HIM haha 414.) Who?: some one 415.) Do they know? Negative 416.) How many people have you dated in the passed year?: None. 417.) Kissed in the past year? 2 418.) Do you know what 143 means?: iloveyou(: 419.) How many people have you said "I love you" to?: in a romantic way? No one. 420.) Did you mean it?: I mean it to my best friends yes. 421.) If you didn t mean in, why did you bother saying it?: ha 422.) Do you say I Love You to your friends all the time?: yess 423.) Where do you go out on dates?: I don't. 424.) Whats the most fun date you ever had?: dinner? Haha 425.) If you break up with someone do you cry your heart out while listening to breakup songs and then in an hour your fine again with a new love-buddy?: no Who Would Win In a Fight? 426.) Britney or Christina: Christina 427.) Justin or JC: who? 428.) Frodo or Sam: shit. They re not supposed to fight. 429.) B2K or Nsync: Nsync 430.) Cartman or Bart Simpson: Bart 431.) Dracula or Frankenstein:Dracula 432.) Triumph or Simon Cowell: Simon 433.) Conan or Jay: idk 434.) Rosie O Donnell or Boy George: idkk 435.) Carmen Electra or Pamela Anderson: I don t know 436.) Tommy Lee or the guy whos married to Carmen Electra right now: who knows 437.) Bill O Reilly or Chris Matthews: O'Reilly Sorry but what the fuck was that section? Inspiration 438.) Who are your heroes?: I guess to a certain excent some musicians. 439.) Why do you look up to them?: because they re inspiring. 440.) Do you wish you could be just like them?: yeah 441.) State the most inspiring quote you know:

³When we first started out I had a really big issue and a lot of my loved ones had a really big issue with the fact that I was totally in pain up there and there was a time when I tried to hurt myself off stage, but I got over that. Like, you should never want to hurt yourself. You should love yourself. Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself and become a new person and I think that that is going

to be a lot of what the next record is about, not to plug it or anything. Like, it's going to talk about dying and coming back to become what you totally want to become. We are all becoming what we want to become.´
442.) Do your parents inspire you?: they inspire me to never get married. 443.) Do any of your friends inspire you?: yeahh More Random Questions 444.) Are nutri-grain bars good or bad?: ew 445.) Do you eat a lot of donuts?:nopee. 446.) What kind?: plain, glazed. 447.) Do you like chocolate?: yeahh 448.) Has your uncle ever gone to jail for unpaid parking tickets?: haha nope. 449.) Do you see dancing giraffes and living gnomes in your sleep?: only sometimes 450.) Do you like headphones that go in your ears or stay out?: eitherr 452.) Have you ever broken your mini blinds with a hanger?: nopee 453.) Have you ever gotten into a violent fit of rage and tried to murder someone?: haha nope 454.) How is this survey so far?: long 455.) Do you like the movie Fantasia ?: suree What s Your Take On 456.) Life: meh 457.) The world: it s here 458.) President Bush: is gone 459.) Ahhhhnold: xD 460.) Gary Coleman running for governor: this is old 461.) Howard Stern: meh 462.) The war in Iraq: 463.) the economy: sucks 464.) jay-z retiring: dont care 465.) school: SUMMER. 466.) going to college: good idea lol 467.) marriage: no 468.) football: Yes 469.) baseball: Yes 470.) people cutting themselves for pleasure: its not for pleasure idiots Do You 471.) Pick your nose?: nopeee 472.) Untie your shoe laces everytime you take your shoes off?: nope 473.) Fart a lot?: ew 474.) Burp a lot?: ew? 475.) Do stupid things in public?: storyofmylife(: 476.) Terrorize innocent people on golf courses?: no? 477.) Have random hallucinations?: all the time dude 478.) Wear shirts with quotes on them no 479.) Wear patches and/or pins on your clothing?: nopee 480.) Wear leg warmers?: haha nope 481.) Sing in the shower?: nopee 482.) Play any card game?: not really 483.) Sleep with a teddy bear?: noope. 484.) Take your pet for a walk?: sometimes 485.) Have a snake?: nothanks 486.) Have webbed feet?: haha no 487.) Wear colorful socks?: occasionally 488.) Have a life?: i try =] haha yes i do 489.) Drink coffee?: all the time 490.) Drink tea?: ditto Internet

491.) What are your screen names?: depends lately I use Jennifer.killjoy 492.) Emails?: [email protected] 493.) Do you have a website?: methanesky.tumblr.com 494.) Do you have a live journal or dead journal?: nope 495.) Do you ever get off the computer?: yess 496.) What are your favorite websites?: tumblr 497.) What are your favorite online stores?: hot topic, the MCR store (: 498.) Do you buy a lot of stuff online?: nope 499.) If so, what?: nothinggg 500.) Whats the last thing you bought online?: my mom bought me a CD haha 501.) Do you have a lot of online friends?: totally (: 502.) Have you ever met any of them in person?: not yet. This summer hopefully though and Brian for sure next summer <3 503.) Whos the best person to talk to online?: friendss 504.) Do you ever catch yourself using computer language outloud? I don t even use it on the computer haha 505.) Do you use AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN ?: msn 506.) Whats your desktop background?: MCR 507.) Whats your AIM icon?: don t use aim 508.) How many hours do you spend online in a week on average?: idk, less recently. Like 30 minutes a day normally 509.) Do you have a webcam or a mic?: nope 510.) If your computer shut down for a week, would you die?: noah Presents 511.) Whats the best present you've ever received?: it s a secret (: 512.) Whats the worst present you've ever received?: no idea 513.) Do you think its better to give than to receive?: yep 514.) Do you feel guilty when people get you a great present, but you didn t get them one?: yeah 515.) Do you make up a lie to cover it up?: haha no More Favorites 516.) Favorite radio station: 99.7 517.) Favorite day of the week: Saturday. Or diamonds. (: 518.) Favorite fruit: Strawberries 519.) Favorite vegetable: salad 520.) Favorite lunch meat: turkey 521.) Favorite candy bar idc 522.) Favorite nail polish: black 523.) Favorite chair: my daddy s old blue one 524.) Favorite early morning show: vh1 top 40 525.) Favorite morning talk show host: no one 526.) Favorite writing paper: what the fuck kind of question is that? 527.) Favorite section of the newspaper: local stuff 528.) Favorite sibling (if you have any): oly have 1 529.) Favorite distant relative; my uncle 530.) Favorite dessert: eclairs 531.) Favorite weather: just nice outisde 532.) Favorite season: Fall 533.) Favorite shoe brand: converse 534.) Favorite lunch: I don t eat lunch 535.) Favorite breakfast: yogurt and granola 536.) Favorite author: Sarah Dessen, Jay Asher, 537.) Favorite place to see concerts: anywhere 538.) Favorite band to see live: MCR 539.) Favorite survey you've ever gotten: Not this one haha More This or That

540.) Nike/Adidas: nike 541.) Alone/With friends: friends 542.) Work/Have off: off 543.) Pomegranate/Perssimon: Pomegranate 544.) Raspberry/Blueberry: raspberry 545.) Cheech and Chong/Abbot and Costello: Ionno 546.) Acid/Shrooms: both. All the time. Lol. 547.) Who/The Who: The Who 548.) Older/Newer: olderr 549.) Regular pretzel/Pretzel log: Regular pretzel 550.) Have sex/Make love: haha Have you ever 551.) Used a swear word the wrong way and made it sound completely stupid?: Yup, when I was little haha 552.) Skipped school?: class but not school 553.) Done drugs?: nope 554.) Been drunk?: haha. Once. 555.) Been so drunk you couldn t remember your own name?: nopee 556.) Had to look after someone who was on drugs?: No 557.) Gone insane?: not yet haha (: 558.) Been in the hospital over night?: all the time man 559.) Been in a car accident?: nope 560.) A bike accident?: No. 561.) Broken a bone?: nope. Go me! (: 562.) Sprained a wrist or an ankle?: yeah both 563.) Been online for more than 8 hours at one shot?: psh yeah haha 564.) Loved somebody so much it made you cry?: yeaahh 565.) Watched TV for more than 11 hours straight?: No. wow. 566.) More than 12 hours?: No. 567.) How about 5 hours?: when I m sick haha 568.) Slipped in public and had everyone laugh at you?: haha yeahhh (: 569.) Passed out from hunger?: yeah.. lots.. 570.) Been to a LAN party?: girls aren t inviteeeed silly Other Stuff 571.) Do you like going to basketball games?: not really 572.) How about swim meets?: noope 573.) Tennis matches?: nahh 574.) Do you like Family Feud?: nope 575.) The ones with Richard?:?? 576.) How about Match Game?: nope 577.) Do you watch Game Show network regularly?: nope 578.) Do you believe in dream catchers?: nahh but I love the concept 579.) Do transvestites appeal to you?: no? I have no problem with them but no, they dpn t. 580.) Have you ever been to New York City?: i wish!! 581.) Do you wish you could live somewhere else?: very much so yes. 582.) Do you dress in different ways to look like other people?: haha nope 583.) Yes or No: Christina Aguilera has talent: meh 584.) Do you like TiVo?: yes 585.) Do you have a TiVo?: yup 586.) VCR s or DVD players?: both 587.) Are you an animal rights activist?: No, but it's a good cause. 588.) A vegan?: No. I wish though 589.) Vegetarian?: No. ditto abouve 590.) What do you want to be when you grow up?: psychologist Do you know

591.) Who won the Super Bowl last year yep 592.) Two years ago?: nope 593.) Who hosted Family Feud after Richard?: idk 594.) The author of "Frankenstein"?: shoooot. I m reading Frankenstien right now. I could literally give you her bio and not her name haha. Mary something? 595.) Who the Canadian Prime Minister is?: idk 596.) The Queen of England?: Elizabeth II 597.) Prime Minister of Britain?: Tony Blair 598.) Espanol?: nahh 599.) Deutsch?: not like I should 600.) Japanese?: No. 601.) Français?: No. 602.) Chinese?: No. 603.) Portuguese?: No. 604.) (If you don t, do you wish you knew any of these languages?): it d be super cool 606.) The capital of the US?: Washington DC 607.) All of the Canadian provinces?: Not ll of themmm 608.) The two most commonly used languages in the world?: English and, ionno. 609.) How to fly a kite?: Yes~ 610.) How to surf?: Not anymore 611.) Skateboard?: Not yet Ahem Ryan this is your job 612.) How about rollerblade?: Yepp (: 613.) What year the Korean war started?: I m not one hundred percent sure . . . Emotions 614.) What is the one thing in the world that makes you teary eyed?: people 615.) Happy eyed?: lol that s not even a legit idiom 616.) What song always makes you sad?: uh not really many of them lately. Except My Immortal. 617.) Happy?: omg, so many haha (: I ve been listening to Mine and Sparks Fly a LOT lately. Wonder why. (: 618.) Which person always makes you really happy?: Shi. Olivia. Briet. Paige. Ali. Brian. Ryan. (: 619.) Really depressed?: him 620.) Are you a really emotional person?: haha not anymore 621.) Are you a naturally depressed person?: Not anymore 622.) A naturally happy person?: depends 623.) How long does it take you to overcome a bad emotion?: that s so general. Depends why the bad emtion is there 624.) What do you do?: idkkk 625.) What song do you think was written about your life?: idkk The Last Person To 626.) Who was the last person to hug you?: Ryan 627.) Talk to you?: stepdad 628.) IM you?: Tari 629.) Touch you physically?: Jesse 630.) Touch you emotionally?: none of your business (: 631.) Hurt you?: my stepdad 632.) Make you feel gooooood?: 633.) Scold you?: stepdad but I don t even listen haha 634.) Praise you?: RYAN haha, I m lovable 635.) Say "Hello" to you?: mom haha wow Weaknesses 636.) Are you secure with yourself?: not enough at all 637.) What do other people think of you?: uh, I m too loud, I m too quiet, depends on the person, I m too hyper, I m never hyper I just am not good at pleasing people and idgaf. (: 638.) What kind of person do you see yourself as?: me (: 639.) What is your one maaaaajjoooorrrr weakness?: meh 640.) Do you consider yourself to be a strong person?: yes.

641.) A weak person?: not really no 642.) Are you stressed out?: a lot but I don t let it bug me too much 643.) If someone insults you, can you just brush it off or move on?: pisses me off but w/e 644.) Do you hold grudges against others that insult you?: depends on how they do 645.) If you are sitting in class and you say something really dumb or do something really stupid and everyone starts laughing at you, can you brush it off easily?: I feel like an idiot for a while MORE Random Stuff 671.) Name all the Teletubbies in order right now no thinking: tinky winky, dipsee, la-la, po 672.) Do you like to blurt out random sayings in a conversation for no reason?: sure haha 673.) Do you talk Simmish?: nopeee 674.) Oday ouyay peaksay igpay atinlay?: yessir. 675.) Isn't pig latin the best?: nopee 676.) Do you have a distinct smell?: yepp. Haaha. 677.) Do you know anyone who has a distinct smell that you wish you could bottle and make a perfume or something?: Not that I know of? 678.) Have you ever read Gone With the Wind?: yeah 679.) Did you ever have a crazy eighth grade teacher?: haha. I was homeschooled in 8ith. So yes. 680.) Are you in an asylum?: nope 681.) College?: what about it ? 682.) What is your favorite scent?: vanilla (: 683.) Do you eat chocolate?: Yes! 684.) Where is your favorite restaurant?: haha idk. Ihop. Olive garden. 685.) What is the best feeling in the world?: 686.) What is the worst feeling in the world?: idkk 687.) Do like Spongebob?: nope 688.) Do you think he s gay?: haha iddkkk 689.) How about Squidward? annoying 690.) Do you like to make up stupid excuses in school like "I was too busy getting raped by a bull to do my homework"?: nope just say i didn't do it 691.) Do you do your homework every night?: No. ): 692.) Do you usually get a lot?: yeahh 693.) "OOOOOO poor baby": ...what? 694.) Have you ever been French kissed by a dog?: Lol no. 695.) Have you ever fed a dog or cat out of your mouth?: no 696.) Ever eaten a doggie biscuit?: No. 697.) Don t you wish they would make them for humans too?: no 698.) Where is your second home?: um kerris 699.) Are dollar stores cool?: sure 700.) How many phone numbers do you have memorized that you don t need to look up?: none 701.) Do you wish your teeth would get whiter?: Yes. 702.) Can you do the limbo?: almost wonn 703.) Do you make New Year s Resolutions?: nope Which Friend 704.) Has the best taste in music?: Sarah 705.) Has the coolest name?: um idkk noneee 706.) Has the best taste in movies?: Sam 707.) Has the nicest hair?: Olivia 708.) Has the fittest body?: mee haha =] 709.) Do you hang out with most?: It varies 710.) Has the coolest parents?: kerri or sam or katie 711.) Lives closest to you?: aww katie!! um now Samm 712.) Lives the farthest from you?: Sarah 713.) Can you relate to most?: all of them at times 714.) Is the best for advice on anything?: i dont ask for advice, i usually give

715.) Can you make you laugh the easiest?: sarah or kerri Word Association! 716.) blow: pop 717.) lollipop: yum 718.) obnoxious: shutup 719.) cold: winter 720.) hot: summer 721.) smell: fabreeze 722.) car: old van 723.) rain: Forks Washington/Twilight 724.) wet: rain 725.) steamy: shower 726.) bite: bugs 727.) beer: budlight 728.) rock: rocks.. 729.) hard: Liqour 730.) soft: Fluff OK Here s the dirty part 731.) Have you ever played a game that required the removal of clothing?: No. 732.) What s your favorite place to be kissed?: ha 733.) Are you a tease?: No. 734.) Spit or swallow: haha More "Do you" 735.) Twirl your hair?: No. 736.) Hate yourself?: nope 737.) Want to kill yourself?: No. 738.) Dream of death and blood and gore?: No. 739.) Go into frequent fits of depression and/or rage?: No 740.) Touch your face a lot?: um not much 741.) Watch MTV?: sometimes 742.) Have any lesbian/gay/bi friends?: no 743.) Consider yourself tolerant of other people s differences?: yeah sometimes 744.) Wish you could fly?: yeah 745.) Wish you could be invisible?: yes 746.) Read minds?: yes 747.) Watch wrestling?: No. 748.) Like filling out love surveys?: no 749.) Work out?: sportss 750.) Play any sports?: soccerbasketballtrack More Have You Ever 751.) Gotten a DUI?: No. 752.) A speeding ticket?: No. 753.) Been in a fist fight?: no 754.) Participated in a backyard wrestling match?: No. 755.) Considered a life as a criminal?: No. 756.) Held a gun?: Yes. 757.) Considered prostituting yourself for money?: No. 758.) Been used?: No 759.) Been rejected?: Yes. 760.) Experimented with homosexuality?: No. 761.) Threw up on a roller coaster?: No. 762.) Laughed so hard you peed your pants?: almostt ahaha 763.) Slept more than 13 hours straight?: yes

764.) Tackled the mailman?: No. 765.) Laugh so hard you cried?: everyday 766.) Been on the phone for more than 5 hours straight?: No. 767.) Done crack?: No. 768.) Done cocaine?: No. 769.) Passed out during school?: no 770.) Had unprotected sex?: No. More Random Questions!!!!!!!!!! 771.) Do you know what boricua/moricua/morena mean?: No. 772.) What language is spoke in Brazil?: Portuguese? 773.) Can you name all 32 football teams in the NFL?: i could name alot 774.) How about every baseball team in MLB?: noway 775.) Do you like hot dogs?: Yes. 776.) Are baseball games fun?: Yes~ 777.) Is 7 a lucky number?: Depends? 778.) Do you believe in Ouiji boards?: Kind of sort of. 779.) Have you ever played a guitar?: Yes. 780.) Do you have dreams about becoming famous?: yes 781.) Do you like U2?: sure 782.) Has anyone ever asked you about U2 and you responded "I LOVE U2!" and the other person got really confused?: Haha no 783.) Do you own a CD by the Beatles?: kind of 784.) Do you straighten your hair?: yes 785.) Do you wear sweat pants?: yes 786.) Do you wear black lipstick?: nope 787.) What kind of headphones do you have?: Earbuds 788.) Do you use your portable CD player a lot?: Switched out for an iPod. 789.) How often do you need to buy a new CD player?: Like never 790.) What is the CD in your CD player right now?: mix cd 791.) How often do you change your underwear?: Every day. 792.) Are you addicted to popping pimples?: haha nope 793.) Do you ever slip and accidentally say "pimping popples" instead of "popping pimples"?: No. 794.) Do you have a walk in closet?: No. 795.) Did you ever get stuck in a closet while listening to "Harder to breathe" or whatever by Maroon 5?: What 796.) Do you pray daily?: Nope 797.) If you die right now what will happen to you?: lol i dunno 798.) Are you paranoid?: nopee 799.) Do you go to thrift stores to shop?: They're fun~ 800.) Have you ever seen a used pair of underwear for sale?: Ahaha no Which One Are You? 801.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: nonee 802.) Power Ranger: pink one 803.) Rugrat: tommy 804.) Powerpuff Girl: none 805.) Villain: none Do You Own 806.) A cell phone?: Yes. 807.) A CPR certification card?: yes 808.) A Member s Only jacket?: No. 809.) A book over 900 pages long?: Yes 810.) A porno?: No 811.) A gun?: yes 812.) A pair of toe socks?: yes 813.) A portable DVD player?: yees

814.) A Michael Bolton CD?: No. 815.) A car?: yes 816.) A trucker hat?: yes 817.) A pair of cut-off shorts?: yes 818.) A wife beater?: Dyes 819.) A butcher knife?: No. 820.) A pocket knife?: no 821.) A Rolex?: No. 822.) A bike?: Yes. 823.) A thong?: No. 824.) A bikini?: yes 825.) A speedo (guys)?: N/A 826.) Anything from Tijuana?: No. 827.) A drum set?: No. 828.) An electric guitar?: bo 829.) A signed photo of anyone famous?: Yes 830.) Any of the "Rocky" movies?: No. more Random Questions .No they will not stop 831.) Do you have fleas?: No. 832.) Quote Aladdin in any way: PRINCE ALI, FABULOUS HE, ALI ABABWAAAAA 833.) Did you ever play backyard baseball in real life?: yes 834.) How big is your backyard?: large. with a pool and a sauna 835.) Do you like hairy backs?: what? noo 836.) Hairy chests?: no 837.) Are you attracted to older men/women?: eh 838.) Do you wish you had more hair?: no 839.) What does Prilosec treat?: I'm not sure? 841.) Are you on any medication?:no 842.) Do you have asthma?: No. 843.) Do you have an inhaler?: No. 844.) Do you use your inhaler more than 5 times a week?: N/A 845.) Do you think you need to take medication for this disorder?: no 846.) When was the last time you got a haircut?: few months ago 847.) What is your hair length?: med 848.) Do you know how to change a tire?: No. 849.) Do you know how to change oil in a car?: No. 850.) Did a ring ever turn your finger purple/blue/green?: yess 851.) Have you ever taken a bus ride to another state?: yes 852.) Have you ever taken a bus to the mall?: no 853.) Do you like the show Recess?: yes 854.) What s your take on the show Judge Judy?: She frightens me at times 855.) When did WW2 start?: Shit hit the fan with the invasion of Poland. 856.) When did it end?: Somewhere around Germany's surrender, I believe. 857.) What is your nationality?: American 858.) Where did your family come from?: idkk poland 859.) Have you ever been to Hell?: no lol 860.) Do you believe there is a Satan?: yes 861.) Do you believe in angels?: yes 862.) Do people always tell you that you look stoned?: no 863.) What percentage of the time are you actually NOT stoned?: 100 864.) Do you like to say random words during conversations like "naked" to get people s reactions?: yes. 865.) Do you own any NKOTB merchandise?: Uh 866.) Have you ever gotten the urge to bang any member from Menudo?: No. 867.) Aren t those Menudo kids soooooooooooooo sexy?: who

868.) 869.) 870.) 871.) 872.) 873.) 874.) 875.) 876.) 877.) 878.) 879.) 880.) 881.) 882.) 883.) 884.) 885.) 886.) 887.) 888.) 889.) 890.) 891.) 892.) 893.) 894.) 895.) 896.) 897.) 898.) 899.) 900.) 901.) 902.) 903.) 904.) 905.) 906.) 907.) 908.) 909.) 910.) 911.) 912.) 913.) 914.) 915.) 916.) 917.) 918.) 919.) 920.) 921.)

Do you constantly use away messages even if you are gone for 3 days at one shot?: yes. Do you collect anything?: nope Have you ever made a bong from an exhaust pipe?: noope Do you have pothead neighbors?: nope Which is your favorite toe?: Uh, big toe? Favorite finger?: Ring finger. How many wisdom teeth do you have?: i donno? Do you have a Kidz Bop CD?: haha used to Do you like to watch the Kidz Bop commercials just because they re so sad and stupid?:ya Have you ever made out with someone of the same sex?: No. If you answered yes to 877, WHY????????!!!: ha Do you grind a lot?: No. Do you like to grate cheese?: no... Can you sing the Oscar Meyer jingle?: yes Are you related to someone famous through only 3 degrees of seperation?: maybe? How about 5 degrees of seperation?: maybe OK be honest hows the survey so far?: im getting annoyed Do you usually like to answer all the questions on surveys?: Yes. What time is it?: 3;27 Do you use the word uber a lot?: noo. Do you pretend like you know other languages when you really don t?: no Can you take a crap in other people s houses without feeling awkward?: No Have you ever overflowed a toilet in public?: Thank god, no. What did you do?: N/A Have you ever heard an old lady say "Fire trUCK"?: noo Do you swear like a sailor?: nopee Do you think it s sassy when people of the opposite sex swear every once in a while when they usually don t?: sureee Can you sit on the toilet and take a poo?: what? haha What term do you like to use for poo the most: Shit, dump, crap What does PMS stand for?: Premenstrual syndrome. Do you like to inhale potpourri?:no Can you say the alphabet backwards without stopping?: No. How far can you count on your fingers?: to 10 Are outhouses or porta potties ok for you?: No ew. What is the funniest portapotty company name you have ever seen?:no idea How many people are on your AIM buddy list?: like 200 Do you like the Godfather movies?: to longg How about Good Fellas?: no Watch the Sopranos?: no Does the mobster life appeal to you?: no Do you know anyone in the mob?: No. Have you ever woken up to find a horse head laying in your bed?: no If you could rename your town to be anything you want, what would you name it?: i wouldnt Osama Bin Laden: dead or alive?: dead i hope Do you wear a lot of bright colors?: sure? Do you watch day time soaps?: No. Do you watch Cartoon Network?: no Do you use a calculator?: Yes. What kind is it?: One of those TI-83 graphing deals. Do you like pizza to be delivered to you?: Yes. Did you ever have to do a science project?: Lots of times. Don't they suck?: yess Did you ever have to help a family member with a science project?: yeahh Do you help out at the Special Olympics?: No.

922.) Do you know anyone with mental disabilities?: Yes. 923.) Are you a racist?: try not to bee 924.) When you go to restaurants do you eat a lot or try and minimize you intake?: just eat 925.) Do you diet?: No. 926.) Do you have trouble sticking to promises?: not really Hygeine 927.) How often do you shower?: Every day 928.) Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom?: Yes. 929.) How often do you wash your face?: almost everyday 930.) When you bleed do you use a band aid?: nopee 931.) Do you wash your cuts out with soap and water?: nopee 932.) Do you wash your hair every day?: usually 933.) Do you blow your nose a lot?: Like never, lol. 934.) Do you cough a lot?: not usually 935.) If so, do you cover your mouth or let the germs fly?: Cover my mouth. 936.) Do you wear deoderant regularly?: Every day. Issues 937.) Do you have any type of mental disability?: nope. 938.) Do you have OCD?: Over certain things, yes. 939.) Do you have ADHD?: No. 940.) Are you on any medication for any mental disorder?: no 941.) Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?: no 942.) Do you get sick really often and for long periods of time?: no 943.) Have you ever had the chicken pox?: Yes. 944.) The monkey pox?: noooo haha 945.) The mumps?: No. 946.) The measles?: No. 947.) Did you ever have a hole in your heart?: No. The Last Set of Random Questions 948.) Have you ever been on TV?: yup 949.) Have you ever been on the radio?: yup 950.) In the newspaper?: yup 951.) Have you ever been quoted by anyone at all?: A few times by my friends. 952.) Do you watch Saved By The Bell?: yupp 953.) Did you cry when Mr. Rogers died?: no but i was sad 954.) Did you ever see the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: nope. 955.) Do you think Frank Zilinski is a moron?: who? 956.) Throw me some Polish names:idk 957.) What size shoe do you have?: 7 1/2 958.) How many pairs of shoes do you have?: a good amount 959.) How big is your wardrobe?: good size 960.) How much do you weigh?: 108 961.) How tall are you?: five five 962.) Do you have cankles?: haha yess =[ 963.) Do you have fat wrists?: Mine are like, skinny. 964.) Fat thighs?: muscle 965.) Do you shave your toes?: yes 966.) Do you shave your legs?: Yes. 967.) How often?: Not often enough, lol. 968.) How about those armpits?: Yes. 969.) Are you a germaphobe?: No. 970.) How many legs does an octopus have?: 8 971.) How many legs do you have?: 2 972.) Do you have braces?: yes

973.) Are you getting sick of these questions?: yessss 974.) Do you snort when you laugh?: no 975.) Do you snore?: No 976.) Do you have your own room?: Yes. 977.) Do you have an overactive bladder?: No. 978.) How about an overactive pooper?: nopee 979.) Have you ever had an out of body experience?: nope 980.) Do you know who Tim Burton is and/or do you like him?: no. 981.) How about Tim Curry?: no 982.) Are you ticklish?: Yes. 983.) Do you have a gay uncle?: No. 984.) A lesbian aunt?: No. 985.) Do you like salad?: not really 986.) Have you ever been to a Farmers Market?: yes 987.) Ever been to a pig auction?: no 988.) Are you artsy?: nope 989.) Do you like to eat pie?: not really 990.) Do you like to say "no pun intended" for no reason?: ..no haha 991.) Whats your favorite pie flavor?: pudding pie 992.) Do you like ice cream cake?: Yes. 993.) Is the glass half empty or half full?: Half full. 994.) Who was the Lone Ranger's, nephew's, horse?: idk 995.) Do you like cheese?: um suree 996.) Do you know Eric Shaun?: No. 997.) Do you think that last question was really lame?: yes 998.) Did you think this whole survey was really lame?: yes 999.) Was it a waste of your time?: yes 1000.) Do you waste a lot of time doing stupid pointless things when you should be doing more important things?: story of my LIFE DONEEEE =] took me like an hour

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