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By Mark Abadi
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Share | BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS BEYOND TIME Mark ABADI - www.simplyholisticliving.co.uk ; www.markabadi.com; Spiritual Scientists & Integrated Health Psychologist Keywords: Quantum Vacuum; Zero Point Field; Akashic Field; Horizon Problem; Entanglement; Wave Particle Duality; In-Formation; Paradigm Shift; Unified Science; Energy Medicine, Digital Communication, Collective Consciousness Abstract Since the time of our own evolution form primates, we as a species have been on a continual quest to explore the known and even unknown world and master its mysteries. First there was instinct, then there was memory and emotion and then there was scientific probability. However more recently much of science has lost the reasoning behind its own search – the search for truth. Many continue to search, not for the truth, but to reconfirm their own knowledge & beliefs. Like Galileo who fought against the blind allegiance to authority (the Church) and Einstein who argued against Newtonian laws demonstrating they were limited, we too must not allow our believes to blinker our quest for the unified truth. Quantum science is now demonstrating that the world we live in is not the fixed physical entity we all perceive it to be, but a varied dynamically relative experience where nothing is actually solid unless it is observed. Beneath the surface and informing every aspect of it, is a field of ‘in-formation’ (memory) of everything that went before. This matrix, known by many names over the centuries, (the Zero Point Field, Akashic Field, the A-Field and the Quantum Vacuum) connects not only our consciousness but also all aspects of the physical and non physical universe. Like those leaders before us, we must demonstrate bravery in the face of dogma. We should not blindly accept or only search for evidence to support our own beliefs, but have an aware and attentive open mind to discover the truth, for it shall set us free. All of science is connected and we must continue to explore not only the observable world but also the intrinsic instinctive quantum universe that binds us beneath, within and above. Introduction

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Recently science has been suggested to have lost the purpose behind its search for truth. It has reduced its exploration and forgotten its purpose, not seeing the woods for the trees! We are now facing a paradigm shift, driven by observations that fail to slot into the established dogma. With the release of popular physics into the main stream through the internet and media we see the verge of the renascence in conscious awareness. Resisted by much of the scientific world, change is difficult and one will always resist revelations that suggest everything you have known and taught your entire life at worst incorrect and at best extremely limited. Experimentally observable results openly contradict the standard fundamental rules of science by which we live. Einstein advanced our understanding of relativity, but we must follow his example and not worship at his altar, treating his theories as gospel. We must continue to advance them, even at the cost of their own destruction. He continually referred to an unseen, immeasurable universe where everything is a connected, physical, psychological and spiritual reality. He explains “A Human Being is part of the whole, called by us ‘universe’… He experiences his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness….a sort of prison for us…” (1). He quested and laid the foundations for a unified field theory to unite the sciences and the movement of the galaxies with the movement of the smallest cell This ‘optical delusion’ was known to ancient civilisations such as the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians and Mayans. They designed systems of living that incorporate this knowledge, now science is re-discovering it millennia later. We shall now review some relatively deep quantum concepts which, as you allow yourself to step back from them, actually become simply digestible by their own nature. Life continues to move in cycles, just as the galaxies above and the atoms within, spinning in a continual fractal pattern of regeneration. There are aspects of our world that we miss because they are so subtly informing movement. It was David Bohm (2) who used the term ‘in-formation’ which is suggested to be anything that transfers direction or influence from one place to another. The term ‘in-formation’ encapsulates the understanding of fractal patterns of vibrational coherence enclosed (hidden) within the signal. In other words the actual formation of the signal holds the key to the message it carries, or indeed ‘is’. Modern quantum theory is ushering in a new era of understanding, as Einstein’s revelations moved us beyond Newtonian thinking. Revisiting an ancient understanding dressed in modern garments. A holistic approach is now being explored, an ‘integrated theory of everything’ as Laszlo puts it (3). Nils Bohr spoke of ‘complementarity’ where depending upon how a particle was measured would reveal either its corpuscle (physical) or wave properties, but never both at the same time. To further compound matters Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty explains that various states of a particle can not all be measured at the same time, as well as suggesting absolutely nothing can be said for certain. Wave Particle Duality
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2/23/11 11:31 PM

When observed a particle’s superposed wave function ‘collapses’ into a classically observed ’physical’ particle. It was Thomas Young in 1801 who first reported light’ actually occurred in waves in his famous ‘double slit experiment’ (see diagram A). He allowed coherent light to pass through a filter screen with two slits, finding the pattern on the panel behind revealed an interference pattern only associated with waves. Einstein received the Nobel Prize for his work with streams of light quanta (packets of light) however he was not aware of the revolution that would follow (3). Researchers exploring these quanta’s behaviour found that until actually observed/measured, they do not locate within a specific position in space nor do they occupy a specific state. It was thus found that these ‘ultimate units of physical reality’ (quanta) exist in a strange state of simultaneous ambiguity – occupying all of their potential states, at the same time. If sunlight is replaced in the original Young experiments, with a light source capable of producing just one photon at a time, the results are identical. The interference pattern that builds up confirms that light still behaves much like a wave, even though we send it one particle at a time. Until the particle is detected at any location along this ‘probability’ wave, it effectively exists at every point. Thus, when the particle could be passing through either of the two slits, it will actually pass through both simultaneously interfering with itself creating an interference pattern. A variation of the double-slit experiment is where detectors are placed on each of the two slits, in an attempt to determine which slit the photon passes through. Placing a detector in one or both of the slits will result in the disappearance of the interference pattern and the revelation of a new corpuscular (not wave) pattern. Thus if the particle is detected at one of the two slits, it can no longer pass through both, its location defined, its reality set, its presence must become manifested at one or the other and so no interference pattern appears. Furthermore the interference pattern disappears regardless of whether or not the detection is actually carried out (4). In other words simply by having a detector and the ‘possibility of measurement’ obliterates the interference pattern. This gives whole new meaning to the question “When a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?” “Does it even exist in a physical form?” might be a more appropriate question.


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Everything Really is Relative It starts to emerge that the world as we know it, built up of particles, is dependant upon observation. In addition somehow particles are linked and informed by what is happening around them. Furthermore and commonly quoted is the fact that ‘everything is relative’. This is a term used commonly in daily conversation I believe without full understandin of exactly how true it is. For example both time and physcial size alter depending upon the velocity they are traveling. To expand let us take an exaple of the life of a muon, which is an elementary particle identical to an electron but 200 times heavier and has a well documented life expectancy of around two millionths of a second when at rest. When this muon is accelerated to about 667 million miles per hour (99.5 % speed of light) its life time consistenly increases by a factor of ten. The explanation according to Einstein’s Special Therapy of Realitivity, is that time moves slower the faster you travel and as such at increased speed everything slows, including aging (5). However this is not the answer to increasing your life practically, as everything is realtive, really realative! If for example a person could achive the same speeds then relative to them time would be passing normally, but from our ‘normal’ perspective it would appear they were living for around 700 years (5). In other words if you can achieve 500 jigsaw puzzles in your life time moving at the speeds we do currently then you would also beable to achieve the same 500 puzzles moving at 99% the speed of light, as not only will your aging have slowed but everything about you, including your mental processes. The Horizon Problem Let us expand from the micro and currently un thinkable universe to the macro universe. The Universe, and everything in it, is so precisely isotropically ordered that its construction by chance would be akin to a tornado rushing through a scrap yard and assembling a working airplane! (4) The term Isotropic here refers to the Universe’s microwave background radiation being the ‘same in all directions’. Hence this leads forth to something known as the ‘Horizon problem’. Simply put, the ‘Horizon problem’ can not be explained by tradition physics. It refers to the fact that which ever way we observe from the Earth we find an Isotropic radiation field. According to Big Bang theory this radiation was emitted when the universe was about 400,000 years old. The problem remains that at this point the opposite ends of the universe were 10 million light years apart. By that time light could only have travelled 400,000 light years and so, according to Theory of Relativity (TOR), no physical force or signal could have connected the expanding regions (6). Let me re-iterate, there is a coherence (a uniform nature) that pervades the Universe which could only come about if these parts were ‘In-formed’ (connected) in some manner. The only way this is possible is through some superluminal (faster than light) communication system, which the current TOR doesn’t allow for. It is theorised that in the time before the Big Bang there existed an infinitely dense singularity that contained all the matter that currently occupies the universe. Within this singularity everything was connected and thus entangled. Following the Big Bang when the matter was hurled outwards, it continued to remain entangled and constantly interconnected through some currently unknown subspace system that transcends / negates the TOR. How can we continue Einstein’s quest and bring these observations into a unified Theory of Everything (TOE)? Entanglement Erwin Schrodinger suggested particles that occupy collective states (as in pre-big bang), are intrinsically ‘entangled’ with the superposed wave function of the entire system describing the state of each particle within it. (7) In other words, as with a hologram, each part of the system contains all the information of the whole - a ‘fractal fingerprint’. This understanding is now being used as the basis of many new analysis technologies emerging in the field of quantum health (8). The explanation as to how this occurs was first reported in the famous ‘thought experiment’ by Einstein, Podolski & Rosen (EPR Experiment) in 1935. They explain that the ‘singlet state’ of two particles (or charged ions) separated could be forever measured and correlated and thus identify limitations in the Heisenberg principle. In fact there was a more fundamental suggestion than this. Everything has a spin, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy. Each particle within an atom is spinning in such a way as to cancel each other out and become a neutral balancing force. If these particles are separated then this should no longer be the case and they will move freely without influence from their previous partner. However not only does measuring particle 1 cause (not just reveals but produces) particle 2 to collapse into a complementary state, but importantly this happens vertially instantaneously. Some form of nonlocal superluminal connection links the particles informing each other of their respective spin states, regardless of distance. By measuring the time and distance, Gisin revealed the communication occurred at 20,000 times the speed of light. He concluded that there must be non conventional superluminal communication intrinsic to their existence (9). In 2004 another break through was made in Colorado, America and Australia by Barrett and Riebe, respectfully, using charged atoms (ions). They found when two ions are entangled and separated and a further third ion is brought into contact with one of the separated initial ions then its spin is imprinted upon the ion it touches. When the state of the new combination is measured there is an instantaneous teleportation to the other ion, regardless of distance separating them (10 &18). Suddenly the ‘transporters’ from star trek are no longer science fiction, but become science fact! These two observations, Wave Particle Duality (WPD) and Entanglement, although

2/23/11 11:31 PM


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witnessed time and time again by thousands of different scientists, are not generally incorporated into scientific understanding. Most tradition scientists don’t even consider these quantum facts when looking at their science. So how does it all interact? The Zero Point Field / Quantum Vacuum There is something that exists at the root of consciousness, an interconnected limitless matrix, storing, moving and emitting information as a cosmic field (Laszlo). This field exists throughout the vacuum of space, pervading all matter. To the ancients in the East it was known as the Akashic field, in the modern quantum West it is known as the Zero Point Field (ZPF) or the Quantum Vacuum. The ZPF is named such because it is a background sea of electromagnetic energy both uniform and isotropic, that exists even when all matter ceases to vibrate at zero point temperature. This field exists everywhere throughout the entire universe and is only detectable when a body accelerates through it and creates a distortion. One could actually suggest that it is the closest thing science has to being the ‘one thing everywhere’. Across different cultures, throughout different religions ‘GOD’ is referred to as being the ‘one thing everywhere!’ Everything that has ever happened in manifestation has been recorded by, and even underpinned by, information held within this field. Harold Puthoff showed when a charged particle is subjected to ZPF interaction fluctuates, there is a simultaneous movement in all other charged particles everywhere in the universe. All particles are thus in communication and interconnected. We have already discussed ‘nonlocality’, where particles that once shared a system in space and time remain inexplicably and continuously correlated – entangled. Similarly with the WPD experiment superluminal communication occurs. It has been suggested that it is through the ZFP that information ‘bypasses’ our laws of standard physics. The existence of the ZPF is giving birth to concepts such as information carrying ‘scalar waves’ and ‘torsion fields’. The latter is suggested to possess a specific magnetic vector and are suggested to travel at 109 (or one billion) times the speed of light (11). What other systems of life can receive and even transmit information through the ZPF? It seems that the answer might, well be pretty much everything! Biological Zero Point Field Interaction What about the well reported system of Human Transpersonal Communication? Does the above offer a mechanistic, all be it quantum, explanation for distant healing? Physician Larry Dossey suggests we might name this Era III nonlocal Medicine, after Era I biochemical medicine and Era II psychosomatic medicine (12 & 13). The ZPF actually provides a platform for the communication of anything and indeed everything, within the universe to every other thing simultaneously. What about the astrological influence of stars and planets upon our molecular behaviour? Where does the word ‘lunatic’ arise from? Does it suggest a mechanism for the well researched power of prayer and blessing? Why is it that every culture on the planet ‘bless’ their food and drink? Does this extrapolate to explaining how homeopathy ‘communicates’ its signal? According to many frontier scientists the answer is ‘YES’, but that is merely the very tip of the iceberg. The late Jacques Benveniste based in Paris devised a clever automated experiment where he would send a signal through a copper wire to water. He was imprinting the signal from a particular substance upon that water. Not one atom of the physical substance actually come into contact with the water, only the digital in-formation it ‘emitted’. He found that he could enable the water to behave as if it actually had the substance within it. He managed to entangle the information within the water and it held this information, which enabled it to behave in a way that resembled the physical substance actually being present. He demonstrated that it is the information that is actually as effective at influencing matter as the actual matter itself. His work is being continued around the world (14). In fact, the role of communication (in-formation) in nature can not be underestimated. Harold Puthoff explains what Nikola Tesla and David Bohm believed, that all interactions in nature [including those within the Human body] are dominated by ‘...a fundamental information field at the heart of the universe’ (15) The trillions of reactions that occur within our body require a coherence far too quick, organised and diverse to be explained by random chance. There is an underlying ‘living matrix’ communication system that pervades life, (16 & 17), perhaps even signalling through quantum superluminal communication. As continually demonstrated to be the case, ‘in-formation’ is the key to the ‘lock of change’. We observe this in history as well as the psychological body, the physical body and the spiritual body. Imagine if you will after the Human genome decoding comes the decoding of the fractal digital signal of the psycho-spiritual biological system. It brings images to mind of sick clients, no longer having to wait and be ‘patient’, logging onto an internet portal to be digitally ‘diagnosed’ and have the remedy ‘transmitted’ digitally down the telephone line (or wirelessly) straight to them. Suddenly with this future concept in mind, one becomes aware of just how much financial loss will occur for the current pharmaceutical companies, who have a vested interest in people’s ill health. Imaging, if you will, to what degree they might go to ‘fight’ for the survival of their business and the subsequent suppression of anything that can destroy it! The Paradigm Shift Harold Walach at the Samueli Institute for Information Biology, Northampton University in England, reported recently a double blind clinical control trail of homeopathic remedies. In this trial he found no significant difference between the placebo and the experimental

2/23/11 11:31 PM


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condition. However upon further investigation of the results he found that the specific symptoms of the placebo condition matches directly the symptoms of the blinded remedy also used in the experiment. He explains the results by suggesting that by simple virtue of belonging to the same experiment, the remedy entangled with the placebo and somehow ‘transmitted’ its therapeutic ‘essence’ to the placebo. If this is continually shown be the case it could explain so many inconsistent results amongst clinical control trails of this nature. It might in actuality be another founding step towards renovating the manner with which we carry out our scientific exploration. This ‘new’ physics demands the need for a unified science and thus a new holistic understanding of the world including ourselves. It seems that in this new unified science we are starting to realise that there are more unseen, undetectable processes, which have an effect upon our experiments that we are taking account of. In fact quantum revelations might well lead to the death of the gold standard double blind clinical control trial, as we know it! There is more to this life than meets the eyes! We are not simply physical ‘bags of chemicals’ interpreting phenomenon psychologically and creating a delusion of existence. There is something more that underpins and holds these frameworks of mind and body in place. It is thus suggested that there is an integrated interconnected matrix continuously recording & in-forming everything, to every aspect of everything else. Such a scientific spiritually & philosophically driven realisation could be that by ‘simply observing a movement, (as in the WPD experiments) alters the actual results and behaviours of the most fundamental building blocks of physical reality. From this the question arises “If we cease to observe ourselves do we cease to be the particle and become the wave and perpetuate eternally to the far reaches of the universe?” This harks back to the ancient scriptures of the Hindu Vedas and the Buddhists. They speak of letting go of the ego, ceasing to observe the separation, letting go of the duality and becoming the one. It seems that science is moving closer to what spiritual teachers have been teaching for millennia. We are now building a bridge across the chasm of one of the largest paradigm shifts since our evolution from primates. For the first time this bridge crosses the boundaries of mind, body and spirit. This construction will bring with it changes in how we understand physical sciences, how we explore psychological reality and how we realize spiritual divinity. Hence we enter a new dawn of self and collective realisations, of mutual regard and consideration, of utilising light and sound for the realisation of the order within the chaos, the fractal hologram that is life. It will not be easy as those ‘dinosaurs’ cling to holds their have over your minds and believes. There will be war before there is peace on the plateau of equal rights and harmonious utopian society. Let us be brave in the face of adversity, breath deep and take a step towards the truth; which might on the way painfully reveal our own ignorance but consequently allow us to progress even further into the vacuum of reality. We will continue in until our consciousness is absorbed in on itself and returns to a place of unity with its own separation! Here we are the eternal consciousness beyond comprehension, without edges and outside of separation and duality. Looking forward to seeing you all there or not seeing you all no where! References 1. Einstein, Albert. The Meaning of Relativity. Princeton University Press, 1988 2. Bohm, David. 1980. Wholeness and the Implicate Order. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul 3. Laszlo, Ervin. 2004. Science and the Akashic Field – An Integral Theory of Everything. Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont 4. Durr, S., Nonn, T. & Rempe, G. 1998. Origin of quantum-mechanical complementarity probed by a ‘which way’ experiment in an atom interferometer. Nature 395 5. Greene, Brian. 2000. The Elegant Universe – Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory. Vintage books, New York. ISBN: 0-375-70811-1 6. Laszlo, Ervin. 2006. Science and the Re-enchantment of the Cosmos – The Rise of the Integral Vision of Reality. Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont 7. Schrodinger, Erwin. 1964. My View of the World. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 8. The Centre for Biofield Sciences. www.biofieldsciences.com 9. Gisin, N., Tittel, W., Brendel, J., Gisin, B., Herzog, T & Zbinden, H. 1998. Experimental demonstration of quantum correlations over more than 10 km. Physics Review. A, 57, 3229-3232 10. Barrett, M.D., et al 2004. Deterministic quantum teleportation of atomic qubits. Nature 429 11. Akimov, A.E. and Shipov, G.I., 1997. Torsion fields and their experimental manifestations. Journal of New Energy 2:2 12. Dossey, Larry., 1992. Era III medicine: the next frontier. ReVision 14:3 13. Dossey, Larry., 1989. Recovering the soul: A Scientific and Spiritual Search. New York: Bantam. 14. Benveniste, J., Aïssa, J., & Guillonnet, D. 1999. A simple and fast method for in vivo demonstration of electromagnetic molecular signaling (EMS) via high dilution or computer recording. FASEB Journal (13:A163(abs)) www.digibio.com) 15. Puthoff, Harold, and Russell Targ. 1976. A perceptual channel for information transfer over kilometer distances: historical perspective and recent research. Proceedings of the IEEE 64. 16. Oschman, J. 2003. Energy Medicine – The Scientific Basis, Churchill Livingstone. 17. Szent-Gyorgyi, A. 1988. Te see what everyone has seen, to think what no one has thought. Biological Bulletin 175, 191-240

2/23/11 11:31 PM


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18. Riebe, M., et al, 2004. Deterministic quantum teleportation with atoms. Nature 429 Infinite Consciousness
Raise your Consciousness with meditation. Evolve Your Mind!

2/23/11 11:31 PM

Author's Bio
Mark Abadi is a Quantum Psychologist and international teacher, working with health and wellbeing from a multi disciplinary perspective. He blends and expands psychological study with physiological biology and quantum mechanics to better understand the dynamics of the Human Holistic System. His mission is to expand scientific medical awareness of the mechanisms behind informational (energy) medicine and help facilitate a new global integrated medicine transformation. An international speaker, Mark has hosted many conferences and continues to link the frontier edge runners together, pushing forward boundaries of psychological, physiological & spiritual understanding. He provides entertaining and humorous existential dynamic workshops, seminars and lectures to stimulate natural curiosity and wonder. Working with organisations and individuals he continues to deliver holistic intervention programs, which bridge the gap between science and spirituality by supervising research, therapy and education seminars. As a therapists, Mark acts as a facilitator for an unfolding space of deep realisations and healing within all levels of your being. Often the provision of the space and reflection of one’s patterns, is enough for your system to rebalance itself. Mark has recently opened his online spiritual coaching work via skype, working with clients to facilitate shifts in their consciousness, through synergistic mentoring and coaching. Most recently he has delivered keynote presentations to such groups as: Association of Chartered Energy Psychologist (ACEP) – USA Alternative and Complementary Health Research Network (ACHRN) – UK Association of Chartered Physiotherapists working with Energy Medicine (ACPEM) – UK The College of Psychic Studies (CPS) & The Inner Potential Centre – London, UK World Academy of BioMedical Technology (WABT) International Medical University of Natural Education (IMUNE) The Institute for Strategic Research (ISR) – Budapest The International UN Conference on Global Conflicts & Terrorism - Pune, India Scientific Validation & International Technical Evaluation Systems (SVTEAMS II); International Society for Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine ISSSEEM – USA Quantum Touch - USA; The International BodyTalk Association –USA In addition he has hosted several international conferences including: Unified Theories Conference (UTC) – Budapest 2008 Quantum Health Scandinavia (QHS) – Denmark 2008 See – www.Syntonium.com or Email: [email protected] Ads by Google Consciousness God in Science God Particle Wave Energy

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