1993 New York Auto Show

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1993 New York Auto Show, Autoweek




all be black with tan leather upholstery and a wooden instrument surround. Horsepower is up 25 to 185, thanks to recalibrated turbo boost.

! Production of theCONT Continental is already LINCOLN 'AL 1994 Lincoln

under way, having begun March 31. The car boasts several exterior upgrades, including a new grille, bumper covers, taillights, rocker and bodyside moldings. About the only


BEAT COMES BACK. Hiroyuki Yoshino, Honda Motor Co. executive vp, said the two-seat Honda Beat will go back into production next month. Beat production was halted last year because of slow sales. nt Sales peaked at 4949 u i s for September 1991, but quickly fell to about 500 a month. Shrinking inventories and steady orders prompted the return. NAME GAME* As of early April, the name "Cobra" is no longer the

exclusive property of Ford Motor Co. A federal judge granted Carroll Shelby's request for summary judgment and released the Cobra name into public domain. Shelby owned the name in the early '60s but sold it to Ford in '64. Ford may seek a rehearing on the issue. The judge's ruling said Ford had "abandoned" the name since there were at least two consecutive years when the company didn't use it. The summary judgment cited the period of

1982-84 as an example.

CAFE UP. The Federal Government raised 1995 light truck fuel economy
standards by a tenth, to 20.6 mpg. In 1994, trucks will be required to get 20.5 mpg. Automilkers had expected the '95 standard to be 21.0 mpg.

PRICES RISE. Ford is raising the
'94 Continental's sticker 1.5 percent, or $505. It will start at $33,850 when it debuts May 6 (see "Headliner").

New York, but w worth the wait. T exterior is only slightly changed with a new grille and bumpers. But the interior has new climate control switches, relocat window switches, a new center console and new power seat controls. The old L model will be called the L, and the 3.0-liter six gets a horsepower boost fro 183 to 210. The S model's horsepow also up, from 200 to 230.

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- tbaru finally got rid of the SVX's ~lectronic belts, and now offer. - new interior color, called biscuit. R _.._. v. Otherwise, the SVX retains its all-wheel-drive platform, and the 3.3flat six still makes 230 hp and 224 lb torque. Subaru officials said the sport 2+2 will remain in production until at least 1997. H

Attention Motorsports
lndy Preview lssue May 10, 1993 close date April 22,1993 Detroit Grand Prix Special Ad Section lssue date May 31,1993 close date May 6,1993 lndy 500 Winner lssue June 7,1993 close date May 20,1993

ne disp~ayea a one .., 13327 is completely oldest 911orlei..is ,rototypes and the restored and No.
'b4 ~ 1 1 ,


, -

owned by a collector in Pennsylvania

STANDOFF CONTINUES. Vector board members were denied a temporary restraining order March 26 that would have removed founder and president Gerald Wiegert. A superior coqt judge ruled last week that Wiegert's contract allowed him 90 days' notice before he could be fired, during which he could act to correct the mismanagement alleged by the board. It must provide Wiegert with a specific list of those wrongs and give him a chance to act on them

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