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May 18, 2008
may 8, 2008 The universiTy daily kansan special secTion
How to make graduation parties
memorable and meaningful
pAGE 3
Tips for making your walk
down the hill more enjoyable
pAGE 2
NO jOb? TRy ThIs
Alternatives to getting a job and
entering the real before you’re ready
pAGE 14
2008 was a memorable year for
KU student-athletes
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graduation guide 2 thursday, may 8, 2008
By Jason Baker
[email protected]
The Campanile, the big bell
tower that sits pretty on top of
the hill of Marvin’s Grove, over-
looks all of the KU campus and the
town of Lawrence. But come May
18, this World War II memorial
site that was built in 1951 will be
an essential part of the traditional
commencement ceremony for KU
graduates. There are a few tradi-
tions and superstitions about grad-
uating that involve the Campanile.
The TradiTions of
seTTing up
for The big day:
The commencement ceremony is
always held on the Sunday after
finals week at Memorial Stadium,
and from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., traffic
on Memorial Drive is prohibited.
The ban starts at midnight the
Saturday before.
Walking Through
The Campanile:
The ceremony is held at 2:30 p.m.,
and 30 minutes before the start,
KU graduates assemble and line up
along Memorial Drive. The gradu-
ates walk toward the ceremony in
pairs of two and walk through both
the campanile doors down the path
that leads to Memorial Stadium for
the beginning of Commencement.
While they walk down the hill, it is
traditional for the graduates’ family
and friends to stand on the hill to
take pictures or film them while
they are walking down.
bells Chiming:
It is a tradition on graduation
day that the bells on top of the
Campanile tower play all afternoon
as the students walk through the
supersTiTions of
The Campanile
Walking Through
The Campanile early:
One common superstition that
many KU students are familiar
with about the Campanile is walk-
ing through it before you gradu-
ate. The legend is that it’s bad luck
if a student walks through both
Campanile doors before they are
supposed to graduate, because if
they do, then they will not gradu-
ate on time. Legend also states
that if you happen to go inside the
Campanile, you should go out the
same door as you entered in to.
kissing under
The Campanile:
This is another common superstition
about that Campanile. Legend has it
that if you kiss your significant other
under the Campanile, then that will
be the person you marry. However,
there are two alternatives: one is you
kiss them anytime during the day; the
other is kissing them while the bells
are ringing. Whichever way it goes,
essentially kissing your boyfriend or
girlfriend under the Campanile will
lead you to get hitched. So before
you continue on the tradition, here
are some do’s and don’ts of walking
down the hill.
• Getthereontime:Thatwayyou
won’t be the last person to walk.
• Pair up with someone who you
like: That makes it more fun to
walk down the hill.
• Wear comfy shoes: You’ll have
to walk a lot to get to the ceremony,
and you want to be focused on the
ceremony and not on the blisters
on your feet.
• Walkbeforeyougraduate:Yeah,
it’s a superstition, but it also takes
the fun out of it.
• Take forever to walk down:
Remember, there are several thou-
sand other students that are walk-
ing along with you.
• Be overdressed: It’s hot, espe-
cially with the polyester robes.
Stick with cotton, not synthetic
fabrics, for your other clothes.
By alison CumBow
[email protected]
andy marQueZ
How does it feel to fnally walk
under the Campanile?
It’s not really a big deal to me, it’s
more of a symbolic thing.
What signifcance has it had for
you during your time at KU?
I know a lot of people who have
waited their whole college career
to walk under it, but I never had
that feeling.
Have you walked under it before?
I walked under it my freshman
year. I was with a girl at the time,
and we were talking about the
superstition thing and about
walking under it prematurely. It
was kind of eerie because it was
in the middle of the night and
the tower was making noise be-
cause of the wind. I decided to go
for it, and everything has worked
out for me so far. The girl I was
with didn’t walk under it, and she
is also graduating.
How do you think you will feel
while walking down the hill?
I will feel combination of happy
and sad. I will miss the friends
that I have made here and the
KU spirit, but I will also be happy
to move on in my life and I look
forward to the challenges ahead
of me.
What are you doing after gradu-
I am taking a year of from school,
and then I am applying to medi-
cal school—hopefully KU Med.
JaCkie gruskin
boca raton, fla.
How does it feel to fnally walk
under the Campanile?
It’s exciting to fnally walk
through the Campanile.
What signifcance has it had for
you during your time at KU?
I have heard so many past gradu-
ates talk about how exciting it
was to walk down with all of your
friends and I am really looking
forward to that.
Have you walked under it before?
I have always heard the supersti-
tion that if you walk through the
Campanile before graduation
you would not make it, and I
actually know someone who that
happened to, so I always stuck
to the superstition and kept my
Do you think other people see it as
a big deal?
I defnitely think for some people
they have waited their four years
to walk through it and to others
it makes no diference. I know
many of my friends are all look-
ing forward to fnally go through
it together.
never thought I’d find
myself saying that I would
miss school. However, as
graduation day approaches, all
seniors, including myself, will
prepare to exit the University
and enter the real world and
(hopefully) have jobs lined up.
I remember when I first
moved into Ellsworth Hall
four years ago and didn’t really
know what to expect. Before I
knew it, I had been admitted
into the William Allen White
School of Journalism, joined
The Kansan and watched the
Jayhawks win the Orange Bowl
and the NCAA title. Now I ask
myself “Where did it all go?”
and cringe when my Dad talks
about alumni.
I will miss walking through
one of the most beautiful
campuses in the nation, eating
lunch in The Underground,
working for The University
Daily Kansan and sitting in
the student section at football
and basketball games.
However, what I will miss
most are the people. Since
arriving at the University in
2004, I have met a ton of ter-
rific people. The faculty I was
fortunate enough to learn from
during my four years here
have guided me in the right
direction to have a successful
And of course, my friends.
I have met some of the best
friends I could ever ask for,
and I will miss them, although
I am sure we will remain
friends in the future.
To all seniors, congratula-
tions on graduating. I hope all
of you reflect on your time at
KU as a great time in your life.
I know I will. Best of luck, and
Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
The traditions and superstitions of the Campanile
Photo courtesy of university relations
on May 18, seniors will flter through the Campanile and walk down the hill to Memorial
Stadiumfor commencement. Walking through the Campanile is a tradition for graduates.
editor’s note
The student vOice since 1904
Mindy Ricketts/KANSAN
Senior forward Darnell Jackson yells in celebration as his teammates help hoist the NCAA national championship trophy. Kansas defeated Memphis 75-68 in overtime after junior guard Mario Chalmers sank a three-pointer with 2.1
seconds left in regulation. The Jayhawks made just three of 12 three-pointers in the game but shot nearly 53 percent overall and missed just one free throw in the victory.
S 75
IS 68

The student vOice since 1904
S 75
IS 68
Senior forward Darnell Jackson yells in celebration as his teammates help hoist the NCAA national championship trophy. Kansas defeated Memphis 75-68 in overtime after junior guard Mario Chalmers sank a three-pointer with 2.1
seconds left in regulation. The Jayhawks made just three of 12 three-pointers in the game but shot nearly 53 percent overall and missed just one free throw in the victory.
poster $8
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Remember this moment
graduation guide 3 thursday, may 8, 2008
Lasik Special for Graduates
Bring in your 2008 diploma and receive a
600 discount off of your
Lasik surgery
Special Lasik price of
1400 per Eye
Offer is good through August 31
, 2008
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Expert in Lasik Surgery
A Life Changing Gift
By Katy SaunderS
[email protected]
Graduation parties in col-
lege are a lot different from high
school graduation parties. You are
celebrating something much big-
ger, a bigger accomplishment and
a bigger next step. Most college
graduation parties are much more
personal. For some, it is the first
time family and friends have come
to visit them at the University. For
others, it is just another visit. For
all, it is the last before the alumni
tag is put in place.
Choosing where to celebrate
graduation can be difficult. Many
students choose to play host to their
own parties, inviting friends and
family to come for an open house
or other get-together. Whatever
your style, whether it be a back-
yard barbecue or a classy cocktail
party, throwing a party in your
own home has its advantages. You
won’t have to worry about reserv-
ing a banquet room, and you’ll be
in a memorable location, your col-
lege apartment.
Others choose to put on parties
at a memorable Lawrence busi-
ness. Everyone has that one special
place in Lawrence that holds all
of their best memories. For some,
graduation day will be the last day
in Lawrence to
say good-bye
to those places
they love. With
family and
friends in town
and a reason to
celebrate, there
is no better time
to go to that one
place you love
or the one place
you always
wanted to go but never found the
time or money.
Lawrence has numerous places
to accommodate these families
and friends
that want to
celebrate your
accompl i s h-
ments. HH Bar
and Grill, 4931
W. Sixth St., is
already com-
pletely booked
for May 18, the
day of com-
mencement .
Tim Watters, a
manager at HH, said they were still
taking reservations for Saturday
but that it was filling up quickly.
And for those upcoming seniors,
Watters said it was never too early
to book your party.
Another option is the much
adored Lawrence original, Free State
Brewing Co., 636 Massachusetts
St. Free State is where Cassandra
Walter, El Dorado senior, made
reservations to celebrate with her
family and friends. Walter has
about 10 guests coming to com-
memorate her graduation. They
will celebrate Sunday night at Free
State, and Monday afternoon she
will be having another party at a
local hotel
“Other than that, I plan on going
to a lot of bars,” Walter said.
Whether it’s a backyard bar-
becue or an elegant steak din-
ner, celebrating your graduation
is a must. It is one of life’s greatest
accomplishments, and it shouldn’t
go uncelebrated. If you don’t have
friends or family coming to town,
or you don’t even go to the actual
ceremony, grab your friends and
go have one last beer at The Wheel
and say good-bye to the sweet col-
lege life. Think back on all your
years at KU, especially this last
one, and toast to an even better
There is no better time to go to
that one place you love or the
one place you always wanted to
go but never found the time or
Making graduation parties personal, memorable
By Matt LindBerg
[email protected]
As seniors prepare to make the
transition from college to the
real world, so much is going on.
I know some of us can’t even
believe that graduation day is
knocking on our front door, but
these songs might have what
it takes to really put you in the
mood for graduation.
Number Five: R. Kelly’s “I
Believe I Can Fly”
No one can deny the impor-
tance of this classic Space Jam
ballad, despite the sex tape
scandal. It encourages all of us
to “spread our wings and fy.” If
this song was enough motiva-
tion for Michael Jordan, there
is no reason it can’t be for any
Number Four: 50 Cent’s “I Get
Probably not the most
thought of song for gradua-
tion, but I certainly think so.
The New York rapper boasts
about the money he has and
the money he hopes to earn.
I think all seniors can admit
money is on their mind as
they make the transition into
real world jobs. Not to men-
tion, 50 is on point lyrically
and has put out a great party
Number Three: Eve 6’s “Here’s
To the Night”
You’ll take a stroll down memory
lane thinking of your times at
the University of Kansas listen-
ing to this rock ballad. Whether it
was when you and your friends
went to a fun house party, a
crazy time at a bar or when we
brought home the Orange Bowl
or NCAA Championship. The
rock trio does a good job of cap-
turing the emotions that tend to
run deep during graduation.
Number Two: Green Day’s
“Good Riddance (Time of Your
I probably don’t need to justify
this one. It was a major anthem
during our middle school and
high school graduations, so why
not for college? Hey, if it worked
for Jerry Seinfeld when he
wrapped up his sitcom Seinfeld
in 1998, then it works for us.
Number One: Journey’s “Don’t
Stop Believing”
This song will get any party or
social gathering dancing in no
time and is defnitely a sing-a-
long loved by many. The lyrics
speak for themselves. Trust me
when I say that this is must have
on your graduation playlist.
By iSadora rangeL
[email protected]
The semester is almost over, so
catch up with some of these
graduation movies before its
time to go down the hill.
1. Legally Blonde (2001)
Elle Woods (Reese Withespoon) is
a blonde sorority queen who gets
by her
To get
him to
when she fnds out her skills in
the classroom go beyond her
ability to match diferent pink
outfts. In the end, she graduates
with honors.
2. Say Anything (1989)
It’s graduation day for a Seattle
high school and the last chance
to ask
out the
He fnally invites her to a gradu-
ation party. They are fated to be
together, but Diane is leaving in
16 weeks for college in England.
Things get tough when the IRS
starts investigating her father. But
don’t worry, this is a chick fick
and in the end everything works
3. Mona Lisa Smile (2003)
Katherine Ann Watson (Julia
Roberts) is a liberal art-history
teacher who is invited to teach
at Wellesley College, an all-girls
school. She soon fnds out her
progressive feminist ideas cause
with her
tions of
and be-
graduation. But slowly, Katherine
changes their minds before the
big day.
4. American Pie (1999)
Not much to explain about this
teenage classic. Four friends
a pact:
to lose
night is
ing and
it is their last chance to get laid
before going to college. Who
cares about getting a diploma?
Sex is way more important than
graduating with honors.
5. Van Wilder (2002)
Popular Van Wilder (Ryan Reyn-
olds) loves college life so much
he has
been liv-
ing it for
when his
dad puts
a stop to
his cash
all his
years of
catch up with him. Now it is time
to graduate, and he needs to pay
for it. The solution: using his party-
planning skills for proft. In the
meantime, he tries to score with
hot school reporter, Gwen Pear-
son (Tara Reid), who is in charge of
writing a story about his saga.
6. Billy Madison (1995)
In this movie, Adam Sandler plays
Billy Madison, a rich guy who
lives the
ing the
of his
To prove
his com-
take over daddy’s business, he is
challenged to pass elementary
and high school in the course of
24 weeks (two weeks for each
grade). Meanwhile, he falls in love
with his teacher and is sabotaged
by his father’s greedy protégé,
Eric. He fnally graduates but de-
cides to pass the hotel to one of
his father’s businessmen and go
to college to become a teacher.
7. The Prince and Me (2004)
This modern fairy tale stars Julia
Stiles as Paige, a University of
Wisconsin senior who dreams of
ing a
she falls
in love
who is
the prince of Denmark, incognito.
When she fnds out the truth
about his royal status she has
to make the decision of becom-
ing the future Danish queen or
graduating and going to medical
8. The Graduate (1967)
Benjamin (Dustin Hofman) just
graduated from college and
doesn’t know what to do with his
life. Worried about his future and
undecided whether he should
follow the commercial path of his
rich family or not, he puts himself
in deeper woes when he starts
ing with
the wife
of his
9. With
Harvard undergraduate Mont-
gomery Kessler (Brendan Fraser)
is expecting to graduate with
honors after he turns in his senior
After a
er crash,
he is
left only
with one
of it. To
it even
the copy
ends up in the hands of a squat-
ter called Simon (Joe Pesci). They
make a deal: for every day’s food
Simon will return one page of
Monty’s thesis.

10. Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)
Inspired by ‘80s teen movies, this
one is set mostly at a high-school
graduation party. It shows the
plans diferent characters have
for the
Like in
is the
who just
broke up
with her
boyfriend, the geek who wants to
declare his love for her, the virgin
guy who is desperately trying for
his frst time and the cynical girl
who doesn’t ft into the whole
getting drunk and laid thing.
graduation songs 10 graduation movies
graduation guide 4 thursday, may 8, 2008
College of liberal arts
and sCienCes
*Degrees granted since May 20,
baCHelor of arts
african and african-american
Bethany E. Blackmon
Shaunika Renee Cotton
Raha Ann Macdowell Greenham
Brianne Hanna
american studies
Lindsee A. Acton
Derrick Kenneth Betts
Amelia Kaylyn Cole
Blake Winter Coleman
Casey Elizabeth Cornwell
Jennifer Renee Denny*
Carey L. Krovatin
David Michael Nelson
Ashley Nicole Smith
Elizabeth Paige Stuewe
Joseph Edward Turston*
Ankita Trivedi
Neal A. Bates*
Ashley Janae Bledsoe
Meghan Ellyn Boledovich*
Alisha Denise Colgan
Joshua Steven Coup
Dustin Kirkman Dye*
Jonathan Dale Ewing*
Honey D. Hallock*
Jane Marie Hermsen*
Christopher L. Huf
Rachael Elise Hufman
Geofrey Douglas Knight*
Bethany Ruth Maynard-Moody*
Heather Dawn McDougall
Tegan Sara McHugh
Cory Robert Miller*
Michael Adams Moeller*
Melissa R. Pluss
Tara Larin Price
Caitlin Danielle Schutz*
Rachel M. Seymour
Laura Kristin Smith
Heather Rose Stansbury*
John Mark Sullivan
Gregory Stephen Urban
Katherine Elizabeth Wade*
Samantha Joanne Walls*
Sage Elizabeth Warren
Anne Charlotte Whealdon
Phillip Charles William Ryan
Yusuke Yanai*
Nickolas Albrecht Zacharias
applied behavioral science
Erin Christine Anthony*
Gretchen Mitchelle Cobb*
Amanda Lynn Costner*
Cheris Kallise Daniels*
Claire Louise Fisher
Laura Marie Helweg*
Danielle Lynn Herman*
Nicole Kay Lafond
Jessica Ruth Levin*
Alicia Lopez
Natalie Elizabeth Maciel*
Mariel Elaine Metzenthin
Samira Naji*
Aubrey Janelle Nicholson*
Megan Dawn Robinson
Breanne Marie Russell*
Lamese Ann Sabri*
Celia Ann Seferovich
Megan Nicole Showalter*
Carly Blair Slavin*
Lindsey Snyder*
Alyssa Lauren Stern
Danielle Cara Struber
Megan Nicole Weaver*
Melissa R. Wheeler
Wendy Yung
Kathryn M. Ault
Nicholas Cris Barnthouse
Gregory M. Brunin
Sinem Gurkan*
Nathaniel Joseph Lata
Solomon Lo
Tyler Scott McMillan*
Kris Kushal Mehta
Jonathan Van Nguyen
Megan Nguyen
Naseem Nikaeen*
Rupa Reddy Polam
Evan G. Reed*
Lauren Elizabeth Rowland
Anh Van Vu
Ashley Monique Adams*
Marjan Akhlaghi*
Mona Akhlaghi*
Rachel Claire Ashworth
Kelly Rae Bell
Pearl Ann Bloom
Cosmo Richard Canacari*
Brent Tomas Carpenter*
Jason Matthew Christenson
Simon Andrew Clark
Christen Leah Cuevas*
Stephanie Nicole Dumolt
Abigail E. Faulman
Clark Lueers Grisell
Margarita Humbelina Harper*
Rhiannon O’Tene Harris
Kyle Hesed
Paula Marie Hopkins
Joseph Houston Howerton III
Jessica Rachel Janus
Bret Andrew Johnson
Jessica Marie Juenemann
Jessup Wade Kenyon*
Torie B. Kim
Anne E. Leaser
Julie Anne Martindale
Meghan Marie McGraw*
Nandini S. Mehta
Alan Robert Miner
Linda Chau Nguyen
Teodore M. O’Leary
Rebecca A. Orozco
Nicholas Alan Philipp*
Jill Marie Porter
Aubrey Michelle Ramsey
Ashanti Tahanee Saboor*
Farashta Sediqzad
Kristina H. Semaan
Sara Ashly Snow*
Quynh Anh Ti Tran
Brett A Unruh
Giang Te Ninh Vu*
Kimberly Anne Williams
Laura M. Albers
Patricia Lee Barker
Luke Michael Bolton*
Matthew Harold Brown
Erik J. Broxterman
Cassidy L. Carroll
Bradley Charles Hopkins
Sam Vincent Kaplan
Kristen Kay Lichtenauer
Carlos Medina*
Morgan E. Shirley
Krystina Culanculan Tongson*
Quynh Anh Ti Tran
Brian Wesley Turrel
Danielle Raquel Williams
Classical antiquity
Zachary Leon Fischer
Classical languages
Corbett Clark Bennett
Aaron Daniel Swenson
Kari Anne Wolverton
Communication studies
Lisa Elaine Allen
William Tomas Allen
Jamie Michelle Barber
Orville Wiles Bobo IV*
Jennifer Lauren Brewer
Stacy Lynn Burke
Kristen Elise Bushouse
Jennifer Lanette Carver
Monica Louise Crane
Teresa Elizabeth Cuevas*
Chelsea Marie Delay
Katie Beth Dipasquale
Kelcey Renee Dodd
Kevin Robert Doyle
Luke Edward Doyle*
Heather Diane Elmer
Zachary Lee Erickson
Justine Lorraine Fauci*
Emily Suzanne Flom
Cydney Aaron-Taylor Gaines
Eloy Gallegos
Jason Andrew Garden
Paul Daniel Godfrey
Mallory Lynne Goldstein
Laura Ann Hall
Katie Rose Hargreaves*
Jaci R. Hartman
Stefanie Ann Hayes-Murphy*
Ashley Jane Hornstein
Allison LeAnne Horton*
Kevin Philip Humble
Elaine Christine Ismert
Adam Nicholas Keehbauch
Kori J. Kelly
Ashlee A. Kieler
Anne Catherine Kretsinger
Meredith Kaye Kuzanek*
Meredith Catherine Larsen
Genevieve Linville
Shalan M. Mill
Sarah Aly Mohsen
Brianna M. Moore
Patrick Dean Moore
Kelli Annette Moran
Lisa Marie Morrisey
Colleen Elizabeth O’Donnell
Abby Jo Page
Katherine K. Parran
Jordann E. Parsons
Kathryn Jean Petersen
Joseph Andrew Pinaire
Shelby Nicole Rawlings
Megan Kathryn Renz
Patricia Harper Richards
Dana Monique Roberts
Janell Nichole Runnebaum
Bryan Daniel Runnels
Ashlee Marie Sears
Leah Virginia Seebeck
Matthew Curry Seichepine
Casey Lee Siebels
Devin Sullivan Sinnott*
Matthew J. Smarsh
Kyle Harrison Smith*
Hanna Elizabeth Soltys
Meron Elias Squires*
Ryan James Stanfll
Jessica Renee Stelzer
Ari Michael Temkin*
Ashley Megan Torgler
Elizabeth Lauren Tschudy
Lisette Gemma van de Liefvoort
Natalie Mary Vizcarra
Jenifer L. Walsh
Alison Leslie Ward
Kyle Jordan Weinstein*
Lindsey M. White
Abby Rae Wilson
Elizabeth Ann Wilson
developmental Psychology
Brian Saul Hernandez
East Asian Languages
and Cultures
Brendan David Hubbs
Tifany A. Knearem*
Jeremy K. Knox
John Aaron Marshall
Lindsey Marie Rickwa
Andrew Joseph Rue
Kyle D. Shernuk
Michael A. Sothan
Michael Shane Speak*
Ronald David Andrew Stark
Rebecca Lynn Taylor*
Iefan Dean Tompson
Rick Edward Winfrey*
Anna Elizabeth Aberle
James Robert Allen
Zachary Joseph Armentrout*
Benjamin Rubin Baellow*
David Matthew Barnes
James L. Bass
Daniel Wesson Beckett
Christian Johannes C. Beer
Arik Ben-Shimol
Rohan Anil Bhatia*
Tyra L. Blew
William James Bourgeois*
Matthew Aaron Bryant
Daniel Isaac Burnstine
Joshua J. Cain
Jacob Greer Carpenter
Benson Kipyegon Chesang*
MunLai Chong*
Andrew M. Conner
Justin Tyler Davis
Michael Christopher Dipiero*
Benjamin Lee Doerr*
Sammy Benjamin Dorf
Michael John Dynkowski
Brandon Allen Eicher*
Jef David Erwin*
Ahmed Samir Mansour Farajallah
Cristina Avelina Fernandez
Erin Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Emily Elizabeth Geier
Davis Bryan Gibbs
Corban Harter Goble
David Joseph Graham*
Tyler Charles Hart*
Jong S. Leo Hong*
Wan-Ting Hung*
Stephen Christopher Ilif
Myoung-Gyun Jang
Matthew Christopher Kaemmerer
Jay Marshall Kimmel*
Matthew Tyler Kincaid
Ryan Lewis Gregory King*
Sarah Neal Kruse*
Sheung Lin Lai*
Jeisun Dewaine Lawson*
Paul McKenzie
Christopher Yogesh Mehta
Leah Sue Mero
Michael Adams Moeller*
Brandy Dale Moses
Vincent James Myers
Christian Edward Neilson
Brian Vincent Piasecki
Michael Donnelly Pinnell
Daniel Eduardo Portillo Bertinat*
Kristen L. Regehr*
Brian David Richerson
Luis Andres F. Santacruz Alva-
Ishaan Saxena
Will Schlegel
Selma Christina Self
Joseph Lewis Smith
Jonathan Carlo Sonnino
Stephanie Joy Steele
Alex Jay Swetnam
Christine Nicole Traner
Christopher Howard Turner*
Altaf M. Uddin*
Samantha Blake Werner
Richard Madison Wiley
John Philip Witt
Christopher William Wolfe*
Julia Jeanne Wood
Jonathan David Wright
Rula Camille Andriessen
Ryan Christopher Armstrong
Craig Andrew Aronson
Rachel Claire Ashworth
Emily Grace Baucom*
Alyson Marie Beach*
Samantha Jo Behrens*
Bradley Philip Benenson
Adam Robert Berglund*
Antonia Lynn Blair
Anne Rundell Bradley*
Benjamin Todd Broddle
Christopher M. Brower
Dianna Katherine Brown*
Mark Matthew Buckman
Nicole Mary Cauzillo
Elizabeth Diane Chesney
Danielle Amanda Cofyn
Aaron Michael Couch
John Frederick Cross
Lindsay N. Daniels
Richard Gerald Davis III*
Sarah E. Dees*
Michael Eugene Dent
Daniel Edward Diepenbrock*
Joshua Mark Eberline*
Sarah E. Edwards
Erika Siobhan Nichole Ellingson
Whitney Anne Eriksen
Jessie Lonsdale Fetterling
Amelia Ann Foard
Eric Miles Foard
Matthew Royce Foster
Cortney Morgan Fox
Jessica Janelle Funk*
Davis Bryan Gibbs
Carolan Clark Glatstein
Corban Harter Goble
Ryan Allen Goerl*
Brett Dean Grady
Sasha Nicole Graybosch
Raha Ann Macdowell Greenham
Amanda Michelle Hadley
Tracy Ann Hanson
Cameron J. Hawk*
Serina Gabrielle Heikes
Laura Marie Helweg*
Jared Matthew Holloway*
William Raymond Homer
Jerald Michael Hopkins Jr.*
Kristin Lynn Hoppa
Megan Elise Howell
Elijah James Hubbard
Suzanne E. Huegerich*
Perry Harmon Jackman
Corey Michael Jackson
Katherine Suel Jafee
Katherine C. Jahnke*
Leah G. Jordan
Justin David Knudsen*
Hunter Scott Korbelik
John Michael Kuhn
Jameelah Jafaar Lang*
Crystal Denise Lassen*
Michelle Aubrey Lawrence
Andrea Katherine Laws
Stephen D. Lewis
Donald Joseph Longbottom
Dennis Edward Lu*
Natalia Lucia Malesa
Mandy Marling
Peter James Marples
Brittany Jo McCall*
Jonathan Ray McClure*
Katherine Lee Chung McCue*
Jennifer L. McDonald*
Paul McKenzie
Teresa Ann Meagher*
Stephanie Lynn Meehan
Kaylee Ann Miller*
Adam Drew Mitchell
Drew Nicolas Mountain
Meghan M. Murphy
Nikkolas James Nelson*
John Casey O’Donnell
Christopher Aslan Overfelt*
Kathleen C. Pommerenke
Alphilde Amber Rees
Adam Scott Robinson
Polly Claire Rolston*
Kevin James Rongish
Lauren Elizabeth Rowland
Jayashree RoyChowdhury*
Beth A. Ryszewski
Ashley Elizabeth Schulte
Kathryn Anne Seibel
Andrew Lewis Selman
Rehaan K. Shafe
John B. Shaw
Summer Rae Shifett
Marla Jennifer Shuman*
Zachary Stephen Sias
Joseph Stanley Sibinski*
Kathryn Ann Skogsbergh
Benjamin Ryan Smith*
Kevin Joseph Smith*
Dorian Stack Sobel*
Tyler Sova
Timothy W. Staufer*
Adam Joseph Suelter*
Monica Jean Summers
Lara C. Tomas
Sarah E. Tucker
Shanxi Jennifer Upsdell
Jonathan D. Volk
Dillon Michael Wallace
Daniel J. Watson
Anne Charlotte Whealdon
Derek R. Williams*
environmental studies
Anton Robert Bengtson*
Jill Lynn Benson*
Ronnette Marie Chase Alone
Andrea Marie Goodwin
Joel R. Harvester
Chavis A. Lickvar*
Tyler O’Donnell Means*
Carly Marie Timm*
Jessica D. Vaught*
John James Zimmerman
Susan Queen Alig
Abigail C. Boudewyns
Julia Christine Castellucci*
Kristina A. Clement*
Kelly Mikala Cochran
Danielle Amanda Cofyn
John Frederick Cross
Cailinn Summer Drouin*
Danielle Nicole Englert*
Evan Daniel Foster*
James Hardwick Harris
Nasheena Jiwa
Hilary Jane Kelman
Mallory A. Loudenback
Nicholas Elias Alden Garcia Lush
Clare Diann Malnar*
William Richard McCullough
John Cameron McMillan*
Angela Kay McNulty
Carolyn Victoria Mills*
Rebecca Ann Moore
Mary Margaret Ralstin
Stephen Robert Rempala*
Brenton Wesley Sams
Andrew Paul Sheely
Summer Rae Shifett
Valerie Sophia Smith
Andrew Robert Stangl
Kareem Ossama Tawfk
Nichole Marie Valliere
Daniel J. Watson
Rebecca J. Watts
Leigh Ann Alexandra Woolfolk
Nathan John Anderson
Blaine Callan Bartruf
Abigail C. Boudewyns
Nicholas Michael Cera*
Matthew James Grafel*
Scott C. Gustafson*
Chelsea Marie Hartness
Benjamin Wayne Hicks
Devin R. Kellerman
Ryan T. Noll
Damon Andrew Smith
Andrew Michael Hollenbach
Amanda Marie Hunninghake
Nicholas L. Schneider*
germanic languages and
Kevin Cates Butler
Agata Karolina Kaminska
LaRae M. Kelly*
John Everett King III
Joseph Martin Loring
Jessica Anne Mack
Jacob Doyle Scribner*
Laura Joy Serbus
Meghan B. Sullivan
Christopher William Wolfe*
Victor Alfonso Aguilar
Susan Queen Alig
Christopher Neal Armstrong
Rachel L. Barnes
Warren Edward Barnes
Michael Tomas Becker
Brian Michael Benge
Mara Michelle Bertsch
Chelsea Dawn Beshore
Andrew J. Blobaum*
Brandon Michael Bohning*
Matthew James Butler*
Jefrey A. Chapin*
Steven Dale Clodfelter
Danielle Amanda Cofyn
John J. Conner
Mark Timothy Corona*
Aaron Michael Couch
Peter T. Curzon
Sean Patrick Darby
Zachary Stephens Davidson
James Patrick Dipman*
Kelly Irene Drafen
Stacy Hall Dvorak*
Abby Diane Ehling
Paul Scott Fernkopf*
Zachary Rowland Flanders
Daniel Karl Flynn
Sean D. Galloway
Sarah Anne Garvin
Michael Paul Gaus
William Cooper Gilbert
Casey Anne Grady
Allison Elizabeth Green
Ariella Gina Greenberg*
Christopher Wayne Harris
Sarah Elaine Heidrick
Lindsey Nicole Hengeli
Gregory Ernest Hill
Kathryn L. Hill
Kelly T. Jacob
Brian Daniel Katz
Ken E. Kmak
Jeremy K. Knox
Brianne L. Koester
Lacey Rachelle Koester*
Grace Lee*
Matthew Eugene Ligurotis
Eric Wesley Litzenberger*
Yan Rong Liu
Teresa Lo*
Ross Franklin Low
Andrew James MacDonald
Emily Jo Matteson*
Meghan Ann McCollister
Meghan Elizabeth Moore*
Rebecca Ann Moore
Lauren Elizabeth Mullis
Patrick D. Myers*
Kristin M. Overton*
Scott J. Pinkelman
James W. Roberts
Kevin W. Robertson
Andre Raymond Robinson
Kara L. Roelofs*
Michael Abbott Rost*
Damon Andrew Smith
David Gregg Smith
Kevin Joseph Smith*
Kristin Burrell Standley
Chad Hayse Steele
Laura Elizabeth Stephens*
Samuel Brittain Stepp
Charles Robert Stinson*
Jefrey Michael Stocker
Monica Jean Summers
Nicole Catherine Walters
Richard Madison Wiley
Michael Edward Wise*
Phillip Charles William Ryan
Bradley James Wuggazer
Kathryn M. Zickuhr
2008 University of Kansas grads
You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let
me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world. — Tom Brokaw
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graduation guide 5 thursday, may 8, 2008
Nicholas John Zimmerman*
Samantha Jo Zuber
History of Art
Danielle R. Basci
Christopher Paul Cardwell
Nina Frances Dahem*
Tashia Danielle Dare
Laura Mae Gilliland*
Sally Frances Grinsfelder*
Andrea Craig Gruenbaum*
Bailey Elizabeth Harberg
Margaret C. Hester*
Rachel Anne Hineman*
Jerald Michael Hopkins Jr.*
Marc Benjamin Langston
Grace Lee*
Stephen D. Lewis
Andrew Paul Limpic
Shannon Bree Lindgren
Colleen Maria Long
Emily Anne Lykens
Mark Allen Meyers II*
Lauren Elizabeth Moore
Lauren Alexis Murray*
Julie Catherine Olson*
Ryan A. Patton
Rebecca J. Peterie
Sally Ann Redlingshafer
Adam Scott Robinson
Leah Virginia Seebeck
Ashley Marie Smarker
Human Biology
Amber M. Abel
Grecori E. Anderson*
Jaya Arora
Ian Kendrick Bales
Jenna Logan Brewer
Lynnore Frances Pantaleon Burn-
Daniel Chon
Elizabeth D. Cohen
Calley Rae Crisman
Stephen I. Cunningham
Marisa Christine DeGennaro
Erin M. Ekholm
Anita S. Elkins
Abigail E. Faulman
Nkie Epake Forsac
Calvin Wade Gabel
Christopher Michael George
Kathryn Camille Prentice Graves*
Erin Nicole Gunzelman
Marie Asheley Hampton*
Heather Nichole Hansen
Bailor Lee Hardman
Sarah Nawal Hassan*
Nancy Her
Matthew Alan Herrington*
James Curry Huston
Lisa Ti Huynh
Michaela Avery Jacobson
Adria Marie Jerkovich
Nasheena Jiwa
Adam Douglas Keesling
Adam William Krause
Adam Phillip Landavazo
Karin Lynnette Lathrop
Jessica Rose Leiker
Haili Ann Leuthold*
Sara Diane Luckert
Jessica Tuy Vi Luong
Claire Anne Magee*
Andrew Joseph Marquez
Heather Lynn McFann
Megan Lynn Megli*
Sarah Elizabeth Mingle
Courtney Maureen Minter*
Daniel B. Myers
Kathy Kim Nguyen
Yuvraj Singh Nijjar*
Susan Kyonga Noh
Ryan Michael Northup
Emily Katherine O’Sullivan
Meghan Krish Patni
Erin Elizabeth Perkins
Jessica Minh Nga Phan
Megan Elizabeth Plumb
Lindsey Rae Powers
Brooke Ann Raasch
Carla Avery Reid*
Andrew James Rellihan*
Mary Elizabeth Roberts
Julie Rachel Rocklin
Michaela Jean Sakumura
Natalie Jean Santaularia
Jessica Lynn Schmoker*
Katherine Elizabeth Schreiber
Stephanie Nicole Smith
Rebecca Jane Straka*
Anthony Joe Strickland
Kareem Ossama Tawfk
Anh Van Vu
Trinity Glee Ann Wright
Tony James Wu*
Ellen Elizabeth Zust
Human Development
Devin Spector Carter
Courtney Elizabeth Donahue
Bevan Jean Graybill
Krystol Dionne Grifn
Catherine Gean House
Kathryn L. Istas
Jamie Leigh Kahn
Jonathan Ray McClure*
Jef A. Milberger*
Seth Arthur Ribnick
Ryan David Stoops*
Alexander Taylor Zieha
Latin American Studies
Victor Alfonso Aguilar
Kathleen Murphy Andrus
Rachel A. Bock
Joe Landon Harness
Gregory Ernest Hill
Maggie Reid Jones
Brianne L. Koester
Lacey Rachelle Koester*
Andrew Leifer*
Hannah Schell Luetke-Stahlman*
David Warfeld Melgren*
Heidi Beth Nowotny*
Adrianne Monteen Nunez
Scott J. Pinkelman
Kara L. Roelofs*
Luis Andres F. Santacruz Alva-
Marli Ann Smoot*
Zachary Stephens Davidson
Jennifer Hollis Garrison
Kate Elizabeth Giessel
Courtney Ann Hansen*
Matthew James Henderson
Christopher L. Huf
Jana Lee Johnston*
Kate Elizabeth Myrick*
Katherine Diane Porter
Adam Michael Rydell
Easan Selvan*
Iefan Dean Tompson
Tomomi Yaegashi
Literature, Language, and
Juliana Patrice Whisman*
David L. Flannery*
Kelly Elizabeth Logan*
Elizabeth Ann Mead*
Vincent James Myers
Marie A. Peil
Karen E. Smith*
William Frederick Voelker*
Cassie Elizabeth Weatherwax
Andrew Johnathan Williams*
Meghan Katherine Bombardier*
Tina Tuyet Hoang
Aaron Matthew Nilhas*
Amanda Ylene Rogers*
Erica Rachelle Rowe
David Matthew Barnes
Corbett Clark Bennett
Peter L. Bollig
Alan Samuel Brockman
Polina Demina
Andrew S. Flanery
Anna Kathryn Foerster
Christopher Michael Landrum
Meghaan Renee Lurtz
Adam Perry Sherrill
Corbett Clark Bennett
Ardalan Dehdasht
Isaac Philip Rabicof
Navid N. Tehrani
Political Science
Jessica Elizabeth Adkison
Michael A. Aghayan
William Tomas Allen
Mark Tenbrook Anderson
Kimberly Catherine Atchinson
Artur Bagiyants*
Jessica Elizabeth Bailey
Jacob Robert Beaumont
Jessica Lynn Bergman
Abhishek Raj Bhujbal
Gregory Jacob Blackman
Tyra L. Blew
Andrew J. Blobaum*
Brandon Michael Bohning*
Jennifer Kaylynn Bradley
Kathlyn Cason Bumpus*
Giorgi Burduli
Matthew James Butler*
Jesus Antonio Castillo
Dennis Michael Chanay II
James Stuart Chaney
John Collin Chlebak
Nathan Richard Clark*
Adrienne Marie Colcher
Elizabeth A. Copeland
Meghann D. Curry
Timothy John Davis*
Bailey Ann DeReus*
Margery Meredith Docking
Caryn Lea Dyer
Emre Neslihan Erten
Cristina Avelina Fernandez
Paul Scott Fernkopf*
Daniel Jay Finn
Jessica Frances Fleming*
Austin Cunningham Frahler
Jason Andrew Garden
Benjamin Charles Gash Garmisa
Emily Elizabeth Geier
William Cooper Gilbert
Jennifer Carol Gray
David M. Gredell
Allison Elizabeth Green
Krystol Dionne Grifn
Elizabeth Ann Harmon
Haley A. Hatfeld
Austin B. Hayden*
Katharina Maria Hendricks
Edward Alexander Henson
Peter Andrew Hickman*
Sallie Hutchinson Hoefer*
Katherine DeCoursey Holmes
Robert Wesley Ingersol
Elizabeth Anne Jackson
Katherine C. Jahnke*
Dustin Cody Johnson
Matthew Tomas Johnson
Aaron Jacob Keller
Kate N. Kimball
Jay Marshall Kimmel*
Kyle A. Kitson
Alison Marie Kreideweis
Vaughn Wesley Kruger*
Marc Benjamin Langston
Jefrey N. Leibbrandt*
Megan Elizabeth Lewis
Paul McKie Lewis*
Ramsi Paige Lindgren
Yan Rong Liu
Kathryn Marie Loyd
Andrew David Lyle*
Joseph Michael Lyons III
Andrew James MacDonald
Byron Tyler Manco*
Joshua Donato Massoni*
Sarah Diane McCallum*
Mackenzie Anne McClelland
Sean Ryan McIntosh*
Carly Eileen McPeak
Michael Stephen Mitchell
Ryan J. Mize
John Lohrey Moeder*
Derek Matthew Moore
Fatemeh Morshedzadeh
Khalid Issam Nabhan*
Natalie Ann Nelson
Adrianne Monteen Nunez
Tara L. O’Brien
Carin Marie Olson
Julie Elizabeth Parisi
Nicholas Clif Pennebaker
Reilly Elizabeth Pharo
Armon Dale Pollack Jr.
Morgan Suzanne Pritchett
Kelsey Lynn Quillian
Nathan Kenneth Rigney*
Daniel Sumner Roper*
Heidi Lynne Ruhnke
Sean Michael Ryan*
Meaghan Leigh Schaible*
Will Schlegel
Kyle Edward Schmidt
Kyle Henry Sciolaro
Selma Christina Self
David Matthew Shaughnessy*
Robyn Clare Shaver
Ashley Nicole Smith
Austin Andrew Bondurant Smith*
Marci Lynn Stainbrook*
Andrew Robert Stangl
Ian Warren Staples*
Samuel Brittain Stepp
Sara Mae Stonecipher*
Kelli J. Stout
Elizabeth Paige Stuewe
Ali Ahmad Sultani*
Carlyle James Sutton*
Kari Ann Talbott
Patrick Andrew Tef
Gregory J. Trum Jr.
Gretchen Bernice Wieland
Andrew Hartley Winetroub
Elizabeth A. Winter
Steven D. Witherspoon Jr.
Steven John Zawilinski
Annika J. Zeisig*
Amanda Marie Zimmerschied
David Christopher Zyck
Carrie Kaye Abbott
Samantha Jan Algrim
Rawni Ann Anderson
Alison JoAnn Badali
Ji Hoon Bae
Damien Alexander Baranski
Lisa Ann Bartels
Sarah Elizabeth Beals
Kathryn Hardy Beaven
Jenna Michelle Bennett
Jamie Lynn Bergman
Jheri L. Bermudez*
Shannon Marie Beurskens*
Teresa Danielle Bird
Melissa Janae Black
Bethany E. Blackmon
Elizabeth Marie Blomquist*
Bryson Jacob Bower
Mark Dale Brehm*
Brandi Marie Brock
Erin Michelle Brown*
Mary Elizabeth Latenser Brown*
Amy Catherine Brundage
Jennifer Marie Bueltmann
Jennifer Michelle Buller*
Julie Lauren Burton*
Mary Claire Butler
Sung Hoon Byun*
Abbey A. Campbell
Bryonne Lynette Canady
Miranda Marie Clair*
Ashley Michelle Coleman
Adam Marlin Collins*
Jennifer Lynn Comley
Jennifer Elizabeth Cox
Benjamin A. Cropp*
Jelayna Joan Maeve Da Silva
Lindsay N. Daniels
Christina Marie Davalle
Christopher Can Dickinson*
Brianne Camille Diercks
Charles M. Downey
Jessica Lynn Draxler Schroeder
Tomas Arthur Duermeier
Erin R. Dunlap
Kelly A. Dunville
Anne Steichen Duston*
Katherine Bishop Edell
Jamie Marie Engelstad
Alana Linne Enslein*
Emily Suzanne Erikson*
Rachel Michelle Facer
Alexander Richard Fehr
Paige Erin Feinstein*
Kelly Elaine Fisher*
Jessica Frances Fleming*
Melissa Madison Fuller
Jennifer Elizabeth Galland*
Andrew Jacob Garcia
Anissa Ghali*
Remon Linda Ginsburg*
Matthew Grant Goble
Erin Elizabeth Gregory
Jaclyn Rachel Gruskin
Clarence Wayne Hall
Matthew Aaron Hall*
Kristen E. Harmon
Alexander Kenneth Haynes
Jaclyn Lowery Helm*
Brooke Tames Henry*
Misha Emmanuel Hernandez
Annie Elizabeth Hildebrand
Megan Elizabeth Hodges
Jared Matthew Holloway*
Sara Jean Humburg
Amber Marie Humphrey
Annie Len Hundley*
Corey Michael Jackson
Andrea Kristen Jerousek*
Hannah Hallie Johnson
Casey Lee Jones*
Stephanie Jayna Jones
Alyssa Danae Kilmer
Matthew Tyler Kincaid
Kile Arldon King
Josephine Marie Kizer
Tifany A. Knearem*
Kathryn Elizabeth Komsthoef
Rachel J. Kraushaar
Allison Ann Kremer
Kristen Michelle Kuebelbeck
Mya LaShalis Lawrence
Ashley Marie Logan*
Travis Wesley Lower
Jaime McGinnis Lowry*
Meghaan Renee Lurtz*
Jessica Lynn Lyles
Allison Ann Maher*
Gregory Matthew Mallin
Jessica Lane Mantia
Nathan Matthew Markley
Amy L. Mathewson
Matthew Elliott Mawby*
Stephanie Dylan McIlroy
David Tracy McMahan
Joshua Hollister McNeil*
Angela Kay McNulty
Mary C. Melton
Ashley Elaine Menaugh*
Alexander James Merryfeld
Brynne Marie Messner
Andrew Ray Meyers
Rachael Dawn Miles*
Candace Carin Miller
Rachel Ann Miller*
Mark Tomas Monika*
Casey Marie Montgomery
Katheryn Elizabeth Mooney
Anne Michael Mosher
Jerry Nguyen*
Christine Marie Nichols
Angela Marie Nigro
Tifany Marie Norton*
Meghan Elizabeth Oberzan
Anna Elizabeth Ohmes
Calpurnia C. Okwuone*
Jasmine Christine Pasimio*
Kathryn Jean Petersen
Casey Marie Pettit
Minh-Tu Do Pham
Elizabeth Markham Piper
Wesley David Poer*
Kendra Louise Price
Christine Elizabeth Pringle
Brian Tomas Ratzlaf
Kamille Dawn Ratzlaf
Lauren Elizabeth Reckmeyer
Renee Nicole Robinson
Ashley Suzanne Roth
Emily Marie Rush
Ummay Salma Salauddin*
Raul Sanchez*
Michael Patrick Sanders
Robert Paul Sauder
Shannon William Savoie*
Jacob Doyle Scribner*
Robyn Clare Shaver
Denise M. Shields
Jessica Marie Shippee*
Alexis Lexy Mae Sigg*
Carly Blair Slavin*
Jordan Philip Smith*
Stephanie Nicole Smith
Brianna Raye Sosa
Natasha Lauren Starbird*
Trevor Bert Steeves*
Samuel Brittain Stepp
Megan Ashley Stites
John Joseph Stockemer
Dayna Michelle Stoller
Christopher David Strait*
Rebecca Jane Straka*
Brett Joshua Striker
Mariko Ann Surber*
Valerie Kathleen Tarbutton
Laura Elizabeth Tate
Amanda Michelle Tilbury
Jonathan Roy Torres
Jyl Alaine Unruh
Jacob Jefrey Van Oeveren*
Amanda Lea Vibbard*
Caitlin Christiana von Liski
Whitney Lynn Walle*
Kelsey Laine Walsh*
Peris Caroline Wanjiku
Justin Michael Wankovsky
Katherine Dorothy Ward
Wendy Michelle Wayland*
Ashleigh Marie Weston
Ashley Marie Wheeler
Laura Leigh Wilkerson
Kathryn Elizabeth Williamson*
Cody R. Wolcott
Lillian Genevieve Wright
Tony James Wu*
Jonathan David Yaney*
Codie Ann Zickel
Public Administration
Michael J. Appleby
Erik Harrison Collier*
Megan Jane Dodge*
Jason Daniel Lady
John Francisco Martinez
Wade Tomas Sanner
Ashley Wrene Watts*
Religious Studies
Kimberly Catherine Atchinson
Patrick S. Barger
Sarah E. Dees*
Ryan M. Delay*
Christina Noel Mosier
Leslie Ann Tarchala
Rick Edward Winfrey*
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Jefery D. Dutton*
Rebecca Christine Hoye
Anastasia Kolobrodova
Kelly Elizabeth Logan
Michael Anthony Nelson
Anna Tabakh
Kathryn M. Zickuhr
Ellen Elizabeth Zust
Christopher Gerard Adams
Neal A. Bates*
Ryann Kelly Bauer
Bree Ashley Beasley*
Kaylee J. Brown
Lorna Renee Brown*
Stacy Lynn Burke
Ryan Edwin Chancey
Kara Louise Clayton
Jonathan William Cochran
Casey Elizabeth Cornwell
Kaycie Marie D’Orvilliers
Matthew Scott Damlich
Sean Patrick Darby
Nicole Danielle Forbes
Lauren Jane Glaser
Matthew Teodore Green
Ronald Lee Hall
Hillary Jess Hanna
Andrea Nichole Harmon
Corey Michael Jackson
Yong Deok Kwon*
Hannah B. Love
Matthew Luis Morrow-Howell*
Elizabeth Carol Newman
Juan Francisco Ortiz-Cadena*
Jennifer Erin Short
Jennifer Rebecca Taylor
Ankita Trivedi
Nichole Marie Valliere
Jennifer Ruth Westmacott
Serrgio LeDale Wilson
Beau Anthony Winfrey
Jill Irene Womble*
Lindsay Ryanne Zuschek*
Alyson Marie Beach*
Kelsey Nichole Miller Beckman
Chelsea Marie Braden
Jennifer Kaylynn Bradley
Nathan G. Breeden
Elizabeth A. Copeland
Calley Rae Crisman
Megan Elizabeth Davis
Megan Jane Dodge*
Kristin Gail Driskell
Alana Linne Enslein*
Stephanie Anne Ferry
Molly Caroline Girten
Amanda Marie Horner
Ryan Robert Ingle
Courtney Suzanne Johnston
Maggie Reid Jones
Courtney Marie King
Lacey Rachelle Koester*
Anne E. Leaser
Jeanine Michelle Lizotte*
Alicia Lopez
Meghaan Renee Lurtz*
Katherine Jo Marten
Steven Drew McKay*
Carly Eileen McPeak
Tovah R. Mendelsberg*
Taylor Cole Miller
Mark Vincent Moragues*
Riley Lynne Parker
Michael Donnelly Pinnell
Kathleen C. Pommerenke
Kathryn Louise Pope*
Katherine Diane Porter
Melinda Ricketts
Jessica Marie Roberts
Adam Scott Robinson
Kevin James Rongish
Rachel Helen Sconza*
Farashta Sediqzad
Hannah May Selk
Barbara Dianne Smith
Marli Ann Smoot*
Erin Heather Sommer
Steven Robert Sperry*
Kelli J. Stout
Kari Ann Talbott
Valerie Kathleen Tarbutton
David Patrick Wise
Cody R. Wolcott
David Matthew Ziser*
Jaime Rachel Andrews
Lauren Michelle Averbach
Shanee Ben-Arieh
Marcus Daniel Burgardt
Michaela Eve Catlin
Margaret Terese Ebeling
Andrea Lynn Edelblute
Tracy Beth Edenson
Jessica Lauren Ely
Jennica J. Kilwein
Kara L. Knapp
Neely Rae Kvasnicka
Sarah Jean Matthews*
Stephanie Lynn Meehan
April May Merino-Brammell
Alison Danielle Palermo
Erin Marie Pater
Leslee Michele Ransom*
Nicole Marie Richardson
Theatre and Film
Tyler Jack Anderson
Dustin Matthew Banbury
Joel Alexander Bard
Shamus Mckinney Cooley
Brendan Patrick Costello
Charles M. Downey
Malakai Allen Edison
Stephen Alfred Ferrell*
Celebrate Safely:
Walk down the hill skipping...
not stumbling.
St. Louis, Mo.
What was your favorite moment at KU?
“The craziest moment would be having “Ramp Day,” where me
and my friends would jump bikes into Potter Lake of a ramp on
Stop Day.”
Stephen Alfred Ferrell*
Brandon Michael Ford*
Torsten Eugene Nathaniel Fraley
Kate Elizabeth Giessel
Kelsey Renee Fulkerson
Alexander Kenneth Haynes
Christopher Cahill Jones
Colin William Kastrup
Hilary Jane Kelman
Kurtis Stewart Kerby*
Kathryn Anne Klausen
Justin David Knudsen*
Lucinda Arlene Koenig*
Andrea Katherine Laws
David Lawton MacKay Jr.*
Trevan Andrew McGee*
Rudolf Volker Tomas Metzler*
Jake Russell Meyer
Christina Noel Mosier
Ryan T. Noll
Tad Colin Nurski
Kristin M. Overton*
Gabriel David Rebeck
Lauren Leigh Reiter
Ashley Corinne Rieck
Christopher Kale Rieke*
Nathan Robert Riggs
Jane Allen Rozelle*
Blake Raymond Schmidtberger
Shannon Christine Schmitt*
Jessica Louise Simmons
Taylor Adam Sloan*
Lara C. Tomas
Brinton David James Trasher
Matthew Cody Wadsworth
Kai Scheuring Winikka
Women’s Studies
Lindsee A. Acton
Chelsea Dawn Beshore
Stacy Lynn Burke
Ashley M. Depenbusch
Jessica Janelle Funk*
Stephanie Lane Smith
Erin Michelle Williams
African and African-American
Michael B. Baker
Matthew Gibson Herrmann
Darnell Edred Jackson
Yalanda Navada Jackson
Lauren Marilyn Ritchie
Ryan Cedric Rowan
Rodrick LaShaun Stewart
Dylan V. Titus*
American Studies
Karen Lynn Barnwell
Colby Jesse Wylde Bushnell
Sean David Christensen*
Shannon Margaret Dalton
Derek Randal Fine*
Elliot Riggio Funk
Dallien Lee Holtkamp
Richard Aaron Martinez
Jennifer Ann McCarty
Morgan Joseph Minnis*
Michael Adam Murphy
Jennifer Louise O’Neill*
Ashley Nicole Shawgo
Kevin Walker
Scott Douglas Welch
Sarah Delano Wolcott*
Collin Lee Bielser
Mackenzie Glenn Crawford
Caitlin Amanda Curry
Darren M. Eddy*
Molly Rima Hoopes
Alex M. Keyworth
David Stephen Knight
Angela Louise Lindsey-Nunn
Carla Laverne Marrs
Jessica Ann Proctor
Sara Michele Richardson
Lauren Elaine Salvini
Cale John Spare*
Rebecca Rose Werner*
Caroline Anne Williams*
Chance Anthony York
Applied Behavioral Science
Nicole Renea Alvarez*
Rustine L. Bragaw
Stephanie Celia Brown
Traci Ann Buelt
Jamie Lea Bunting*
Rebecca D. Burns
Kristen Dawn Collins
Lisa Marie Davison
Jennifer L. Dilts*
Alison Marie Donahue*
Melany Ann Donovan*
Echo Marie Dunn*
Chelsea Hope Dutton
Devon B. Ezell
Jacqulyn Marie Franke
Kari Elizabeth Gillespie
Chiaki Gonda*
Julian E. Grass*
Ashley Nichole Grimsley*
Lexi Diane Hammond*
Margaret Convy Hennessey*
ShaToya Shanene Hill*
Jodi Renee Hyland
Bonnie Michele Jones
Marisa Dawn Kratzberg*
Jessa Rae Kuhlman
Becky Anne Lawler*
Linghua Li
April Lynn Lindahl*
Alisha Joelle Mathiesen
Katie Rebecca Middendorf
Krista Lynn Miller*
Shelby Cristin Noonan*
Lauren M. Paradise
Kaitlin Elizabeth Pickering
Laura Anne Raab
Robin Rahardja
Robert Alan Rambacher
Alexa Anne Rifel
Brittany L. Saviano
Abigail Marie Schwind*
Catherine Anne Seiwert
Lauren A. Vaughan
Benjamin Joseph Wahl
Chelsea Lynn Washington
Eric J. Washington
Erica Michelle Watts*
David M. Weber
Tracy Eden Weiss*
Brooke A. Whitehill
Gabriella Renee Yates
Classical Antiquity
Alex M. Keyworth
Communication Studies
Meredith Suzanne Allen*
Jared Scott Anderson
John Raleigh Angers*
Fredrick Rameses Arceo
Cody N. Ayers
Virginia Ellen Bauer
Breck David Besserer*
Sophie Anne Blackwell
Brian Keith Brackens
Stuart James Brand
Megan Katherine Britz
Jordan Dixon Brown*
Ashley Nicole Campbell*
Krista Leigh Cardell*
Collin Joel Click
David Curry
Christopher Allen Dabbs
Scott Christopher Dalin*
Brian Marc Danenberg
Patrick Vincent Domann
Kathryn Doris Douglass
Lindsey Brooke Ebel
Felicia Helena Fairley
Carrie Lynn Ferando
Lauren Diane Galle*
Rachel Jane Gerber
Sara Elizabeth Gladbach*
Adam Fowler Glavas*
Nathan Dale Gnife
Sarah Elizabeth Grifn
Brett William Haberly*
Dustin James Hackett
Nicolas Robert Hantge
Devon Ann Harris
Kelli M. Haug
Michael F. Havey
Danielle Renee Hayes*
Daniel Scott Herrera
Nic Allen Hillman*
Mindy Marie Hodson
Rosemary Elizabeth Holdridge*
Preston Dean Hoobler
LeighAnne Christine Huppe*
Andreana Denice Jackson
Barry Daniel Jerwick*
Ashley Nicole Jones
Elizabeth Anne Kelly
Quinton Tomas King*
Travis Robert Kokenes*
Jamie Lauren Krinsky*
Maxx Alyn Krueger
Alex James Lent
Sara Elizabeth Little*
William B. Love
Julie Marie Lozier
Patience Nicole Maples
Jennifer Ann McCarty
Amanda Marie McConnaughy
Christine Lynn McNicholas
Matthew J. Meyer*
Linsey Ann Morningstar*
Timothy James Morrell
Angela Emma Moser*
Taryn Hamilton Myers
Lindsey M. Nashan*
Teal Lee Navarro
Jefrey Scott Nelson
Emily Elizabeth Newcomb*
Emily Marie Newton*
Sean Desmond O’Callaghan
Broc Wilson Penner*
Kimberly Renea Peppmeier
Tanya Denine Perkins*
Deanna Mae Pfumm
Ritchie L. Price Jr.*
Jonathan Tomas Pryor*
Alixandrea Anne Rendek*
Sean Marc Richardson*
Alexa Anne Rifel
Cara Patricia Roberts
Russell Robinson
Matthew Jacob Roudebush
Rachelle L. Saathof
Anne Elizabeth Sadler
Kendra Marie Sanborn*
Lucas C. Short
Jonathan Louis Silverberg
Aaron Robert Simmons
Keesha Lea Steckline
Emily W. Stelzer*
Dustin Michael Steppe
Jeremy Brett Stern*
Sarah A. Sullivan*
Maggie L. Taylor
Cameron Elizabeth Turpin
Ryan Joseph Van Goethen
Mark Bryan Vetter*
Jennifer Nicole Watkins
Tomas James Whitehead Jr.
Lance Eric Wiedner
Mari Tobin Wieleba*
Kyle Lee Wilkinson
Alecia Nicole Williams
Amanda Ruth Wine*
Katherine Lindsey Wulf
Brian Mark Zimmerman*
Katherine Ryan Zuendel
Developmental Psychology
Katharine Parks Dryden
Allison Brie Mulholland*
Michael C. Sorensen*
Christina Marie Staab*
Stephanie Ann Verbraken
Sean Allan Walker*
Goldie Marie Wilson IV
Jermial M. Ashley
Zachary James Baird
Jefrey Michael Bakarich
Brian Jefrey Baraban
Ryan Israel Baum*
Joseph John Bedalow
Matthew Gabriel Bell
Adam James Beville*
Weston Earl Buck*
Benjamin Scott Buescher
Jonathon Robert Bunn
Lonnie Shane Burnette*
Stephen Kyle Byfeld
Paul Ross Como
Michael Jefrey Coombs
Marc Edward Dierking*
Michele Lee Diesel
Sarah Diane Dillmon
Daniel G. Donovan
Orion Scott Doyle*
Bradley William Feldman
Timothy David Fields
Erin Melissa Flynn*
James Francis Gallivan III*
Ryan Tod Gilchrist
Patrick John Hardin
Stewart Keith Hemmer
Aaron Max Hill
Brandon Dale Hoerl
Candice Marie Hogan*
Grant McGowin Humphries*
Dustin Andrew Johnson
Hassan Travis Johnson
Natalie Lynn Jones
Matthew Winter Jopling
Pervez S. Kanchwala*
John P. Keusenkothen
Kyle Andrew Kilgo*
James John Jay Knight
Joseph Richard Kuebel*
Nicholas David Kurtenbach*
Christopher D. Laing
Jaxon Reuben Lee*
Justin David Lee*
Robert Paul Lindquist II
Jonathan A. Lore*
Daniel Patrick McCormick*
Jacob Patrick McCune*
John Andrew Meier
Joshua John Ogden*
Mathew Franklin Orangkhadivi*
Zachariah Tilen Ostmeyer
William Matthew Petrie*
Gregory Wallace Pierce*
Russell B. Porter*
Rizwie Preena
Elizabeth Green Prewitt
Pramod Chada Reddy*
Cesar Adrian Rodriguez
Austin Craig Schenkel*
Craig Joseph Schmidt*
Tyler Johan Schmidt*
Michael Jefrey Silverstein*
Kevin James Smith*
Adam Chase Spears
Derek Dean Spears
Susan Soukanya Srivisay
Christopher Alan Steinwachs
Erik Graydon Stroder
Dustin Michael Swartz
Jeremy Brandon Swillinger
Jefrey Addison Trower
Elijah C. Tuttle
Elizabeth Ann Wheeler
John Charles Wickey
James Matthew Wimsett
Matthew Christopher Zaroor*
Ryan Joseph Zluticky
Matthew Francis Zotti*
August M. Baker*
Luke Andrew Bettis
Rhett Carlson Buckley
Robert Sean Burch*
Charles Jefrey Close
Nicholas James Dormer*
Ashley Renee Durkee
Paula S. Fulbright*
Suzanne Marie Gustin
Alison Marie Haag*
Nicholas Scott Hilpman*
Daniel James Hoyt*
Quinton Tomas King*
Lindsay Marie Kirkpatrick
Travis C. Laubach*
Edward John Madrigal
Sara Elizabeth McNellis
Alyssa Marie Mercier
Angela Emma Moser*
Deborah D. Ogden*
Christina Lea O’Riley
Erica Nicole Prather*
Philip M. Roberts
Jason Robert Schweitzer
Sara Ann Shupe
Phillip Wesley Sorenson*
John Samuel Turner*
Diana Jean Weaver
Ellen Renee Wegner*
Stacie M. Weninger
Jeremy Michael Winfrey*
Chance Anthony York
Environmental Studies
Javier Antonio Ahumada*
Courtney Nicole Cross*
Gregory R. Dillon
Erin Melissa Flynn*
Clark Lueers Grisell
Alexander William Perry Hall
Rebecca Lynn Kress*
Jefrey Michael Lehman*
Kelly Jean Peters
Christopher H. Proctor*
Christopher S. Rogge*
Gracie N. Shaver*
Justin Ray Smith
James Ryan Stolte
Richard Keith Stuckey
Victoria Ann Walsey
Andrew Alexander Wilson*
Sean Michael Aines*
Nathaniel W. Blum*
Brandon Joseph Botbyl
Christopher Alan Chingren
Oliver Daniel Devlin
Kent Louis Domas*
Jason A. Elmquist
Lacey Lynn Gray
Justin Chase Griest
Sally A. Hill
Jefrey Byrne Kelley*
Ryan M. Mathisen
Rhonda Dee Musick
Austin James Oberzan
Luke David Rogers*
Tomas S. Shmalberg
Justin Ray Smith
Nicholas Michael Atchity
Tomas Cole Atchity
Matthew Craig Berner
Amanda Rose Boyer
Matthew Walter Britton*
Jordan Dixon Brown*
Kevin Daniel Brown
John Tomas Byerley*
Tomas Henry Cox
Leyla Danielle Davis*
Lindsey Patrick Davis
Rebecca Lynn Davis
Scott R. Davis
John Michael Dunlap*
Ashley Renee Durkee
James R. Dwyer Jr.*
Tyson Ray Eisenhauer*
Dain Charles Estes*
Brian Allen Felty
Benjamin James Galati
Nicholas Roman Garcia
Christopher Tomas Garrison*
Robert John Harnden*
Kristen Marie Hewlett*
Tomas Michael Andrew Hill
Amy Janette Holland*
Peter Harris Holmes
Natalie E. Houlik
Michael L. H. Irvine
Scott Christopher Jackson*
John Kenneth Jacobs
Pervez S. Kanchwala*
Jennifer Lynn Keeler
Michael Victor Keller
Charles Howard Koslowksy IV
Benjamin C. Lancaster
Alex James Lent
Amanda Lee Lewis*
John Apolinar Maestas*
Benjamin James Martin
Brandon Royce McAnderson*
Michael McCormack Enriquez
Patrick Charles Millsap
Joseph McLellan Mundy
Ryan A. Naylor
Joshua Cole Oaks*
Michael Reza Olyaei
Dylan Michael Parzyk*
William Matthew Petrie*
Jennifer Beth Porter*
Garrett Michael Matthew Shad-
Brandon William Sieckman
Corey Jo Sielaf
Tyler Norton Skidmore
Glen Lowell Stansberry
Justin Charles Stein
Shelby Diane Swaford
Analisa Swinehart
Megan Daniell Zeller
History of Art
Wesley David Benson*
Jamie Lee DeJong*
Ruth Aidan Korsten*
Kelley Nicole McGrath
Kathryn Leigh Morrison*
Eric Andrew Morriss*
Virginia Lynn Mowery*
Jamie Leigh Osborne
Cynthia Rodriguez
Jonathan Carl Alden Russell
Rusty Alan Templeman Scott*
Katherine Larissa Souder*
Jena Lee Sternberger
Julia Alexandra Symanski
Emily Claire Tompson*
Carly Mahan Torpe*
Megan Marie Wesley*
Amanda Michelle Williams
Melinda Jean Wyatt
Human Biology
Jaden Dean Bailey
Bobby Birhiray*
John Michael Cafrey
Sam Rodger Funk
Holly Renee Gault*
Andrew Craig Harms
Lacey D. Hedges
Megan F. Homolka
Adam Gore Jenkins
Alan P. Martinez
Emily Elizabeth McCurry
Taylor Denise McIntosh
Matthew Gary Milburn*
Josh Phillip Mobley
Laura Bethany Naibert*
Victoria Helen Parry
Heather Dawn Redenius*
Sarah Elizabeth Schroeppel
John Charles Sellers
Eric John Snowden
Jacqueline Ruth Tomas
Terrence John Weiser
Human Development
Amanda Jo Edinger*
Cori Marie Kramer*
Jacqueline Lee Millin
Erica Rochelle Yarbrough*
Literature, Language, and
Rachelle Marie Head
Becki Marie King*
Edward John Madrigal
Michael C. Sorensen*
Personnel Administration
Tanya Denine Perkins*
Aaron Scott Jacobs
Jared Tomas Langford
Luke H. Metzler*
Carrie Kathleen Shoptaw
Political Science
Michael W. Adams*
Andrew Samuel Augustin
Anthony Scott Bargen
Mark Nathaniel Barrath*
Brittani Kay Boyd
Arthur Randolph Bridgens*
Rhett Carlson Buckley
Blair Nicole Buenning
John Tomas Byerley*
Tomas Henry Cox
Rachel Emily Crist*
David Patrick Damm*
Clayton Ellis Dupy
Grant Michael Flynn
Matthew Ryan Fortier
Abby Michelle French*
Kevin Duncan Grant
Janae Suzanne Hartmann
Stewart Keith Hemmer
Robert Wayne Hill*
Aaron Scott Jacobs
Kristofer Johnson
Matthew M. Johnson
Christopher Joel Keefover*
Jefrey Byrne Kelley*
Jacob Aaron Keplar
Mark Wayne Kettle*
Tyler Rand Longpine*
Travis Randal Lowe
Nathan Costantino Midolo
Matthew Allen Monsees*
Ryan A. Naylor
Stephanie Lee O’Dore*
Joshua Cole Oaks*
Joshua Chase Person*
Kelly Jean Peters
Zachary Kent Phelps
Ryan Cedric Rowan
Austin Lee Salinas
Ryan James Schwarzenberger
Andrew Joseph Seitnater
Robert Steven Sherrets
Patricia Jennine Simons
Matthew Nelson Sparks*
Tyler Daniel Stefes*
Hilary Dyann Tilkens
David Daniel Tofemire
Kyle Lawrence Vohland*
Brady Richard Voth
Ashley Odell Wallace
Melissa Lee Ward
David R. Warren II*
Taylor Lee Wiles
James Todd Wilkins
Amelia Grace Yowell-Mayes
Kent Jefrey Bahr
Brian M. Baird
Lindsay Jane Ballard
Brian Jefrey Baraban
Blake Georgepaul Barrett
Tifany Marie Bates
Aaron Michael Bazata*
John Paul Biscanin*
Brett Matthew Broxterman
Travis M. Carter*
Lisa Marie Castle
Elizabeth Mingchu Chou*
Winsome Choy
Michael Dean Cook
Amanda Ashley Cooper*
Caylee Michelle Crane
Mackenzie Glenn Crawford
Leslie Ann Dempsey
Victoria Sue Donnelly
Frances Green Duf
Carolina Del Valle Duin
William Allen Dunmire
Echo Marie Dunn*
Dempsey John Flannigan*
Keith Jefrey Fleck
Michelle Rene Ford*
Karestin Marie Forge
Danielle Jovan Frederick
Hailey A. Fugit
Megan Elizabeth Gilson
Holly Marie Gottschalk
Alissa Marie Grifths
Carol Marie Ham
Andrew Wayne Hauth*
Rachelle Marie Head
James J. Henderson*
Margaret Convy Hennessey*
Daniel Scott Herrera
Erica Jo Hinson
Carrie Ann Hobart
Brandon Dale Hoerl
Marin Elizabeth Hofman
Christina Marie Holgerson*
David Lee Holland*
John Nicholas Holliday*
Jade Elise Holloway
Christopher E. Holmquist
Molly Jo Horan
Jennie Marie Hull*
Jennifer Rebecca Iken
Samantha Vaughn Jackson*
Richard Benjamin Janes*
Katherine Amanda Johnson
Melissa Maria Johnson
Rychel Lee Johnson*
Kelly Erin Jonscher
Matthew James Kaiser
Jordan M. Kallas
Amy Michelle Karnaze*
Seth Adam Kast
Jessica Ellen Keller
Ross Allen Kelling
Jason Michael Klein
Kristine Rose Klempnauer
Kyle Andrew Kraf*
Erin Marie Kulset*
Lindsey Vail Kupper*
Kristin Eve Lambert*
Sara Whitney Larson*
Dyana L. Lawrence*
Amy Renee Le*
Geofrey Jonathan Legler*
Leah Marie Lewis
Denise Renae Magner
Patrick T. Maguire*
Lindsey F. Maras
Ashton David Joseph Martin*
Lisa Lee Martin
Richard Aaron Martinez
Leslie Jordyn Massey*
Alisha Joelle Mathiesen
Joseph Luciano McEvoy*
Lori Elizabeth McGinley
Jessica Lynn Moore*
Shaquina Mosley*
Patrick Ryan Mulloy
Samuel P. Myers
Shelby Cristin Noonan*
Sean Desmond O’Callaghan
Natalie Faye Orrison*
Caroline Jane Elizabeth Paul
Tristan M. Penn
Shawn Matthew Phillips
Brandi Sue Pogue*
David Alan Potter
Meredith Lea Preble*
Robert Alan Rambacher
Stanley W. Redwine Jr.*
Tifany Anne Relph
Samantha Jo Remmers
Jared Arthur Repola
Ryan Lee Reschke*
Andrea Kelcey Ridings*
Savannah Kaye Rose
Scott Justin Rowland*
Tyler Johan Schmidt*
Shelby Ray Scholz
Catherine Anne Seiwert
Mark Andrew Shannon*
Shelby Lee Shurtz
Mathew Scott Sidarous
Justin D. Sigg
Colleen Marie Standefer
Amanda Nichole Steiner*
Emily W. Stelzer*
Amanda Katarina Stolzle*
Alexandra Marie Stutzman*
Brandy Suzanne Taylor
Erica Nicholle Tidmore
Cameron Elizabeth Turpin
Andrew Clayton Walker
Kevin Patrick Waymire
Tamara Denise Whitaker
Lacey Joan White*
Katie Elizabeth Willert
Megan Elise Wingerter*
Megan Daniell Zeller
Public Administration
Kristen Nicole Allen*
Craig Anthony Golom
Matthew James Harper
Rebecca Lynn Kress*
Matthew Edward McGinley
Grady Robert Southard
Dustin Michael Swartz
Weston Luke Turner*
Kari Lynn Wagner
Religious Studies
John Raleigh Angers*
Jordan Louis Goldschmidt
Suzanne Marie Gustin
Matthew Peterson Nyquist*
Jonathan Tomas Pryor*
James Todd Wilkins
Scott William Yingling*
Lyonel Richie Anderson
Charisse Melodie Bacchus*
Kelly Marie Barnes*
Blake Georgepaul Barrett
Mark Alan Boedeker*
Tifany A. Bradley*
Kristin Marie Brau*
Cornelius F. Brown*
Kim E. Cawthon
Anthony William Coker
Christopher Taylor Eirich*
Christopher Niles Enneking*
Kerstin Ingrid Florman*
Erek Stephen Garcia
Jerrod Wesley Gearhart*
Myles Adam Grossblatt
Nathan Evan Hermanson
Jacob Lee Hiersteiner*
Wendy J. Hugeback
Julia Lynne Hurst*
Tisha Prudence Hysten*
Melissa Jean Jackson
Andrew Robert Johnson
Carmel Kaplinger
Jacob Aaron Kennedy*
Garrett J. Kohl
Ryan Neil Kuhn
Leslie Jordyn Massey*
Christine Louise Maxwell
Luke H. Metzler*
Steven Lewis Noble
Jennifer Louise O’Neill*
Kyle P. Ostrom
Meredith Lea Preble*
Matthew Paul Prior*
Savannah Kaye Rose
Jacob Andrew Ross
Shannon Kathleen Rutledge
Barrett Jordan Saunders
Ryan James Schwarzenberger
Jared Michael Schweitzer
Laurel Elizabeth Sheridan*
Brandon William Sieckman
Rachel Hallie Simon*
Patricia Jennine Simons
Glenda Louise Tomas*
Carrie Dawn Wallace
William Christopher Wallace
Derek A. Wiedenmeyer*
Joseph Scott Wilk
Special Major
Algie Atkinson
Hannah Jane Beshore*
Jennifer Lindsay Britt
Alisha Nichole Burkhart*
Danelle Sloan Carter
Tammy Lynn Gonzales
Lauren Jane Gunn
Samantha Vaughn Jackson*
Valerie C. Jackson
Emily Elizabeth Kerr
Natalie Ann Lynn
Kendall Marie McBee
Sara Dyan Nielsen
Megan E. Schottman
Whitney Erin Sizemore
Jennifer Leigh Sullivan*
Theatre and Film
Jordy Altman
Paul Robert Amyot II*
David J. Beals
Jenna M. Bleecker
Brady Ray Blevins
Aubree Anne Bowen
Shawn Russell Bowers
Dale Lee Buchheister
Adam R. Burnett
Andrew James Clemons
Benjamin David Cook
Bret William Copeland
Blake William Crabb*
Jay Edward Cundif III*
Rachel Ellen Dempsey*
Kacie Leigh Dienstbach*
Joseph R. Donnelly
Joshua Jacob Erbman
Rosalie Teresa Foster
Christopher Tyler Frederick
Vaughn Charles Fry
Kurt D. Funke
Aron Harris Gerson
Teodore Nathaniel Hammond
Keegan J. Han*
DeAndrea Beatrice Herron
James Damian Houston*
Brandon Earl Johnson*
Melissa Maria Johnson
Justin Lee Kracht*
Jefery Tyler Laws*
Bethany Marae Leiker
Randall James Lord
Jacob Julius Meyer*
Richard Girard Mulryan
Tristan Joseph Noelle
Bradley Scott Nolde
Andrew Michael Otto*
Andrew David Peterson
Andrea Marie Porter
Benjamin Joel Price*
Catherine Sarah Provost*
Freddy M. Rhoads*
Steven Graham Ringel
Steven Mark Rold*
Daniel Joseph Ryckert*
Margaret Katherine Saricks
Courtney Lynne Schweitzer
Adam Benjamin Siegel*
Bradley R. Sikes
Ryan C. Slater*
James Christopher Smith
Megan Kathleen Smith
Timothy Moses Vickers
graduation guide 6 thursday, may 8, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Mechanical Engineering
What is your favorite memory while being at KU?
“When I played the bells in the Campanille during the national
championship. That was cool.”
Favorite place to hangout on campus?
“The formula lab in Learned Hall. I was always in there.”
Dustin Dylan Walker
Sarah Katelyn Waller
Sarah Grace Waltz
James David Williams
Noah Robert Winter
Graham Tolman Young
Women’s Studies
Kate Christine Steinhibel
Lara Danellie Yourtee*
Kevin Joseph Jaquay*
Luis Carlos Vargas
Jonathan R. Voisey
Atmospheric Science
Samuel Peter Allen III
Jarod Justin Bryant
Tyler L. Buck
Kelly Elizabeth Logan
Matthew Tomas Musgrave
Alexandra Ann Perkins*
Jordan Michael Robertson
Dallas Wayne Smith
David Nathanael Swartz
Frank M. Waugh
Alia Bethany Leigh Bober
Paul Michael Bolliger
Tekalign Assefa Burka
Jessica Kristen Carlyle
Dwight O’Dell Deay
Sarah Lauren Dickinson
Johnie J. Gallagher*
Grant Kayvan Ghahramani
Bryan Richard Hay
Holly Ann Hayworth
Lea M. Martinez
Conor Tomas McCartney
Bryce A. Nordhues
Justin Prescott Norton
Ichie Osaka*
Morgan E. Shirley
Ellen Caroline Stolle
Christopher Touoboun Tsotezo
Kelly Anne Volp
Benjamin Michael Walton
Lam Chee Wang
Rachel Karen Warren*
Michael Wu
Jessica Claire Abel
Lourance Mohamad Albadarin
Ryan Keith Albrecht*
Abera Askabe*
Hiren J. Bhakta*
Fikri Birey
Evan John Boxberger*
Kathryn Elizabeth Carpenter*
William Noe Cook
Katherine Elizabeth Coykendall
Michelle Marie Dawdy*
Ross Adam DeVoe
Jessica Krische Dee
Jia Yin Feng
Samuel Aaron Floetke*
Scott Logan Grimsley
Kelsi Elizabeth Grow
Casey Matthew Guccione*
Cristin Gustafson
Kyle Scott Harken*
Antonio Monteze Hayes*
Jessica Kristine Horsch
Heidi Michele Johnson
Justin Owen Johnson*
John Deacon Jones
Ryan Phillip Kellogg*
Ian Christopher Kietzman*
Rayna Clarise Knappen
Matthew Joseph Kolarik
Rebekah Marie Lang
Matthew Tomas Leming*
Matthew Leon Lies
Nicholas Aaron Lockrow
Christina Ann Lovin
Luke P. Mahoney
Ashley Kay McDaniel
Anne Elizabeth McNeely
Autumn R. McPherson
Leah M. Meier
Molly Sue Melling
Adam Joseph Mellott
Sahar Dawn Milany*
Abigail Marion Mosley
Brian Scott Neely
Jesse Branch Nelson
Jolie An Nickel
Carl Alan Nordhus
Jeremy Michael O’Dell*
Gregory Luther Otterstein
Andrew Nicholas Ouellette*
Elspeth Kathleen Pearce
Sarah A. Rages
Joshua Calvin Ramirez
Nivedita Ravichandran
Elizabeth Margaret Rhoads
Joshua Scott Richards
Jacquelynne Nicole Grant Rooney
Eric Joseph Schmidt
Sarah Catherine B. Schmits
David K. See
Ruth Leann Seeliger
Katie L. Soldan
Kelli Nicole Sparks
Nikki Marie Stewart
Ellen Caroline Stolle
Patrick David Sturdivant
Jared Suppasansathorn
Ryan A. Townley
Elizabeth Legacie Van Erem
Marcus James Walker
Dallas Christopher Walz*
Monique Yvette Waters
Matthew James Watters
Tyler Patrick Watts
Christopher Hermann Westphal
Ian R. Bowen
Christopher S. Conti
Zachariah Nathaniel Fellers*
Kathleen Elizabeth Anne Hogan
Sunhwan Jo
Georgia Marie Leake
Timothy James Quincy*
Gideon D. VanRiette
Kelly Anne Volp
Joshua M. Woods*
Cognitive Psychology
Katrina Z. Cook*
Alexander J. Donoso
Molly Rima Hoopes
Erik Tomas Nelson
Jordan Isaac Sanner*
Kelli Ann Bird
Noah R. Bittner*
Patrick John Byrne*
Benjamin Huntington Merrill
Ifeoluwa Samuel Omoniyi
Steven M. Ramsey*
Alena Igorevna Vorushilova
Environmental Studies
Abby Lorin Botts
Michael A. Dinkel*
Sarah E. Edwards
Brooke E. Evans*
Rebecca M. Foster
Imagene Elleanor Harris
Scott T. Klopfenstein
Nicholas E. Landers
Bridget Kathleen Livers
Jessica Elizabeth Mortinger
Matthew Daniel Petrie
Jefrey D. Russell
Ruth Leann Seeliger
Gianna Ida Short
Ryan Michael Sullivan*
Casey Joseph Blood
Luke Rahjes
Kassandra Kay Shelton
Matthew D. Suddock
William Kyle Wamser*
Philip A. Waring*
Kwan Yee Cheng*
Javier Anibal De Palacios Zam-
Pema Deki
Kyle E. Gorynski
Troy D. Hommertzheim
Neil Kinnebrew*
Richard John Phillips
William James Scriven
James Stewart Tompson
James Charles Walker
Koan E. M. Briggs
Bradley D. Clauser*
Amy Elizabeth Couzens*
George L. Couzens*
Jaret M. Flores
Daniel Patrick Hogan
Sara Elizabeth Holt
David Lee Jones
Kenneth David Lord*
John Andrew Mitts*
Abigail I. Pastore
Vincent John Pigno
David Lee Poppe
Sarah J. Riepe
Eric M. Saylor*
Robert Jack Schabel
Travis M. Short
Sylvia Qi Yang
Jill N. Andrew
Michael J. Applebaum
Edgar Ronald Austria
Ryan Patrick Edmondson
Christopher M. Foltz
Amanda Bryanne Hallenbeck
Holly Ann Hayworth
Peter Elliot Hendricks
Alisha Ann Lagrini
Cory Brian Lutgen
Gabriel Michael Metzler
Shelly Lynn Nemecheck*
Nidhi Patel
Michael Eric Peterson
Patricia Ann Sawtelle
Eman Shaiwani
Skyler Adam Taylor
Ryan Christopher Van Nice
Joshua T. Wewel
Courtney A. Wilson
Molecular Biosciences
Mary Anna Augustyn
Wondwossen Temesgen Beri*
Cintya Lestika Budiardjo*
Cynthia Lyn Costa*
Gary Eugene Dezotell*
Jeyachitra Durairaj*
Evan James Fowle
Melissa Ann Hurt*
Trevor G. Jones
Kristina Lialyte
Abdel Magid S. Abdel Magid
April Melissa Morrison
Tia Nicole Shomber
Christine Jean Smoyer*
Carl L. Hinchey
Daniel Patrick Hogan
David Lee Jones
Raymond Patrick Kenny III*
Dustin Ray League
Charles J. Pye
Luis Carlos Vargas
European Studies
Kelsey Nichole Miller Beckman
Sarah Anne Garvin
Mallory A. Loudenback
Reilly Elizabeth Pharo
International Studies
Jessica Elizabeth Adkison
Michael A. Aghayan
Bree Ashley Beasley*
Jessica Lynn Bergman
Mara Michelle Bertsch
Ashley Janae Bledsoe
Chelsea Marie Braden
Nathan G. Breeden
Matthew Aaron Bryant
Giorgi Burduli
Nathan Richard Clark*
Whitney Page Clarke
Elizabeth A. Copeland
Meghann D. Curry
Kelcey Renee Dodd
Emre Neslihan Erten
Abby Michelle French*
Nathan A. Gill
Katharina Maria Hendricks
Edward Alexander Henson
Elizabeth Anne Jackson
Agata Karolina Kaminska
Jacob Aaron Keplar
Jay Marshall Kimmel*
Kyle A. Kitson
Paul McKie Lewis*
Ramsi Paige Lindgren
Katherine Anita Loeck
Steven Drew McKay*
John Lohrey Moeder*
Fatemeh Morshedzadeh
Khalid Issam Nabhan*
Armon Dale Pollack Jr.
Stephanie Layne Quante
Emmy L. Ray
Jessica Marie Roberts
Will Schlegel
Rachel Helen Sconza*
Selma Christina Self
David Matthew Shaughnessy*
Robert Steven Sherrets
Andrew Robert Stangl
Ronald David Andrew Stark
Rebecca Ann Sublett
Carlyle James Sutton*
Kari Ann Talbott
Lisette Gemma van de Liefvoort
Alaide Vilchis-Ibarra
Andrew Hartley Winetroub
Elizabeth A. Winter
David Christopher Zyck
Annika J. Zeisig*
Russian and East European
Michael Anthony Nelson
American Studies
Daniel J. Carey
Hang Ti Tu Le
Dena Khazi Mohammad
Rebecca Jeanne Crosthwait*
Nancy Jo Erickson*
Melinda M. Hickman*
Anne Elizabeth Justice*
Anne Elizabeth Kraemer
Heather L. Meiers*
Laura R. Murphy
Kerry Sue Vanden Heuvel
Wayne Daniel Yang
Applied Behavioral Science
Nicole Monique Rodriguez*
Rachel Lynn White*
Biochemistry and Biophysics
Tatsuo Kasuya*
Anthony Bider-Hall
Stephanie A. Clark
Brad Engelbert
MaryLee Franks
Martin Albert Gallagher Jr.*
Robert Henry Weinstein
Cheryl Lynne Wilson
Clinical Child Psychology
Jade Andromeda Bender*
Michael D. Gomez*
Yelena Ping Wu*
Communication Studies
Burcu Pinar Alakoc*
DuWayne Noel Belles*
C. Leilani Carver*
Joy Kristine Grisafe*
Makiko Imamura*
Leslie Elizabeth Lefebvre
Amy Beth Leyerzapf*
Justin Edward Mackey
Lauren Beth Markward
Angela Callie McFerren
Ryan Michael Milner
Ryan Michael Shepard*
Andrew M. Spain
Kikuko Taguchi
East Asian Languages and
Brenton T. Sullivan*
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Garrett Craig Call*
Micaleila Desotelle
Raul Eduardo Diaz Jr.*
Irene Samantha Khavin
James C. Kriz*
Barbara Maria Parsons
Katherine Anne Roach*
Debosree Samanta Roy
Zaier Aouani
Gabriel Scott Casner
Lili Chen
Lijing Du*
John Michael Foote
Ramu Gopalan*
Han Li
Sung Jin Lim
Lu Liu
Michael Benton Mount*
Serena Wenchee San
Toshiyuki Wakana*
Mingming Zheng
Sarah Jane Arbuthnot*
Brigette Marie Bernagozzi
Linda Hickerson Cozad
Dustin J. Crowley
Emily Katharine Garriott
Jessica Leah Jessee*
Sara Elizabeth Jordan*
Angela Ruth Kordahl
Katy E. Martin
Heather C. McNeill*
Eta Farmacelia Nurulhady
William Christopher Patterson*
Emily Rebecca Robbins*
Sarah E. Sinning
John Stuart Wiehl*
Roxie Renee Wiesner
Erin Ann Williams*
Derek W. Kellogg*
Abderrahmane Chouarfa
Alyssa Lorraine Klein*
Tomas Edward Maranda*
James Dean Rose*
Ana Elida Vasquez*
Victoria Serene Downey*
Geofrey Patrick Folker
Sergio Manuel Carneiro Freire*
Stephan Reinhard Fuchs*
Levi J. Gahman
Hilary Brooke Hungerford*
Trisha Lyn Jackson*
James Howard Kile
Jefrey R. Krecic*
Robert Ryan Lash*
Germanic Languages and
Regine Kroh
Skye Nichole Leedahl*
Anna Yevgenyevna Arkatova
Brady J. DeSanti*
Carston Cree Johannsen*
Shintaro Tokunaga
History of Art
Karley Trae Ast*
Robert Fucci Jr.
Kristin Marie Grossman
Shu-Yun Ho*
Alison Janet Miller
Monique T. Quinton
Paula Lee Rose
Matthew Scanlon*
Maureen Elizabeth Warren
Human Development
Angela Marie Brown*
Maren E. Turner*
Indigenous Nations Studies
Mandy Adine Cisneros
Tamisha Rae Grimes
Stanley Richard Holder Jr.
Helen Marie Krische*
Brandi Lyn Liberty
Joanna Omega Mashunkashey-
Heidi Elizabeth Mehl
Reuben Don Noah Jr.
Olivia Mik-ta Pewamo
Travis H. Prater
Tony Douglas Rogers*
Johna Beth Van Noy*
Jancita Coleen Warrington
Elerina Bert Yazzie
International Studies
Jefrey Dale Blendick*
XinhXan McGuire Bradt*
Carlos Rafael Centeno*
Megan Cross*
Dwight Lyle Goodwin*
Abdirahman Mohamed Gutale
Megan Lynn Holroyd*
Ryan Reeves Jensen*
Nguvitjita Rinaete Kahiha*
Anna Tooele Lambertson*
Meghann Leigh Martin*
Lakisha Chevon Mitchell
Dan Austin Neal
Lori-Lin Shipman*
Spencer Scott Stith
Karen Muthoni Wetugi*
Latin American Studies
Erin M. Adamson*
Shannon Marie Gorres
Callie Lynn Largent
Stacy Elaine Lutsch*
Melissa Renee Velazquez
Sanae Akaba
Saad Mohammed Aldosari*
Daniel J. Kasparek
Yu ju Lee
Kasper Christensen Schirer
Craig W. Turnbull-Sailor*
Jing Wang*
Nicole T. Abaid
Jenny Buontempo
Erin Kathryn Carmody*
Shaun Yi Cheng*
Aslihan Demirkaya*
Xiaosong Hu*
Justin C. Hukle-Van Kirk*
Brandon Humpert*
Amy Lynn Kim*
Daniel McNeill
Lucas Patrick Miller*
Gamze Ozturk
Benjamin Arnold Pera*
Tingting Wang*
Christina Marie Terry
Museum Studies
Amanda Lynn Bailey
Karen Beth Butler-Clary
Jamin Leigh Dreasher
Robert Lee Elder*
Samantha L. Harper
Lauren Kernes
Charlotte Kathleen Matthews
John R. Miller
Abby Rebecca Pierron
Nicholas Layne Rasmussen
Joanie Marie Soukup
Stephanie N. Teasley
Nathan Robert Cox*
Aaron Andrew Dopf
Courtney Lynn Gustafson*
Clifon Guy Phillips*
Shane Anthony Schauf
Clark Alan Sexton
Political Science
Adam David Brown
Kathryn Ann Cochran*
Bryce J. Dietrich
Pedro De Abreu Gomes Dos
Yunkyung Chang Hofman*
Byeonggu Lee
Linsey Ann Moddelmog*
Ian Ostrander*
Matthew Wayne Slaboch
Steven Loren Bistricky
Susanne Maria Bruckmueller*
Sarah L. Bunnell*
Kit Ying Chan*
Un So P. Diener*
Danyale Patrice McCurdy
Kelly A. McNamara*
Yngve Monsson*
Angela J. Nierman*
Aminda Jo O’Hare*
Amanda K. Sesko*
Audra Starling*
Keith Malcolm Young*
Religious Studies
Clinton T. Bland
Kellie S. Harmon*
Sandra E. Moore
Blan Maurice Stout Jr.*
Russian and East European
Njdeh Asisian
Drew P. Burks
Denise Marie Laura Kunze
Kelly Glen MacDonald
Alexander Conrad Melin
Elizabeth A. Pickard
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Olena Chervonik Bearden*
Eva Hruska
Mark Allen Lanfranca
Mavie Jean Busboom
Tifany Lynn Edwards
Brian David Meier
Maria da costa Redondo Estrela
Estev Barbosa
Maria Garcia Puente*
Jacob W. Rapp
Julie A. Ward
Speech-Language Pathology
Jessica Marie Callahan
Debora Jean Christenson
Alexis McKinley Doane
Tracey Marie Dopheide
Rachel Lea Ebenstein
Monique R. Fees*
Emily Diane Foerschler
Megan Elizabeth Halsey
Megan Leigh Higley
Jaimie L. Johnson
Katherine Elizabeth Kelley*
Kiley Jo Miller
April N. Rainbolt
Stephanie Marcia Rauls
Jean Ann Rockett
Shannon Madonna Rogers*
Josephine Row
Richard Nathaniel Rytting*
Mary Teresa Stanley
Kelly Catherine Turner
Kristel Renee Wilson
Kellie Ann Wright
Theatre and Film
Julius Schartz Fackler*
Baerbel Goebel*
Agnes Dwina Herdiasti*
Gina Sandi-Diaz*
Emily Edna Hall
Teodore C. Kritikos
Tomas Alexander Beckley
Mark Fredrick Bradford
Gregory Teodore Clay
Angela Marie Dittrich*
Christopher C. Engel
Leslee Erin Fonseca*
Jaime Christine Gaggero*
McKinlee Marion Frances Gibson
Kelsey Pope Gowin
John Douglas Harrenstein
Meredith F. Hauck
Jefery Lance Hudson
Abigail Lynn Jaskolski
Philip Stephen Jones
Tomas O. Langer
Johnny Francisco Luevano Jr.
Scott Bernard Macke
Jackson Tyler Martin
Jarrod Tomas Panter
Jason Don Phillips*
Katherine L. Pryor
Taras Senyuta*
Christopher James Simecka*
Kiva Magdalene Simmons*
Mark Alan Terry
Shelby Kate Teufel
Maggie Holt Tompson*
Catherine Helen Tkachyk
Lise Ann Ullery*
Sheena Marion Ward*
Linda Marie Williams
Katherine Mary Woerner*
Cassandra Danielle Young*
Wanda Liz Dickenson*
Ranjitha Venkataramani*
Aisha H. Al-Suwaidi*
Michael Wayne Christie*
John W. Counts
Robert Eslick*
John Patrick Lee*
Michael Andrew McGlashan*
Teresa Ruth Rademacker*
Peter Curtis Schillig
Hayet Serradji*
Nathan David Winters*
Majed O. Alotaibi
Joel T. Hess
Priyanka Saxena
Enrico Maria Sessolo*
Ali Afshin Soleimani*
Teresa E. Wilkerson*
Zelin Zhang*
American Studies
Maurice L. Bryan Jr.*
Amber Richelle Cliford*
Evan Samuel Heimlich*
Andrea Pacor*
Cheryl Renee Ragar
Kelly K. Fish-Greenlee
Kristin Vivian Lundberg
Rohina Celeste Rubicz*
Behavioral Psychology
Jennifer Lynne Bruzek*
Elizabeth Catherine Rusinko
Cathleen J. Small*
Constance Tieghi*
Jomella J. Watson-Tompson*
Biochemistry and Biophysics
Kathleen Marie Meneely*
Aileen Yung Alontaga
Elizabeth Diane Cope
Eric Wayne Crick*
Dilusha Sandini Dalpathado*
Stephan F. Deplazes*
Geetha Shyamalie Hewawasam
Md Ehsanul Hoque*
Janet Wambui Irungu*
Maria del Sol Jimenez*
Paula Kay Morehouse*
Kenneth Francis Stensrud
Joshua D. Waetzig
Alan Whitehead*
Kristin Lindsey Woo*
Ying Zhang*
Clinical Child Psychology
Chad D. Jensen
Joanna Omega Mashunkashey-
Michael Melt Steele*
Ngan K. Vuong
Communication Studies
Stephenson John Beck
Ryan S. Bisel
Dana Louise Ferguson
Amber Sue Messersmith
Tomas M. O’Toole*
LaChrystal Dawn Ricke
Developmental and Child
Shelby Evans*
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Elisa Angelica Bonaccorso*
Anna Laura Clarke Carlson*
Harim Cha*
Ping Fu Chen
Juan M. Guayasamin
Liza Marie Holeski*
Erin Jae Questad
John Mark Leonard*
Hiroshi Murao*
Teresa Fernandez Arab*
Emily Nichole Bobo
Kristin Lee Bovaird-Abbo
Lara Hale Hernandez Corkrey*
Emily Donnelli
Ellen Mary Fangman
Angela Lynn Glover
Lisa M. King
Erik Shane McCarthy*
Anjali Nerlekar*
Richard Kerry Noggle*
Joseph Michael Sommers*
Tomas Francis Veale*
Ingrid Horton*
Angela M. Gray
Lucius Felt Hallett IV*
Sarah Leanne Smiley*
Linda Pickett Garinger
Galo Aristides Salcedo
Jon Jay Smith*
Germanic Languages and
John T. Littlejohn
Gillian G. Woods*
Margaret Rush Hawthorne*
Troy Joseph Hinkel
Timothy Jon Miller
David J. Peavler
Donald Scott Stephenson*
History of Art
Noelle Marie Giufrida
Heather Belnap Jensen*
Michelle Yvonne Moseley Chris-
Khalaf Mutlaq Jadou Al-Sham-
Abdullah Ahmad Jaradat*
Yasong Jin*
Xiaobo Liu*
Kenneth A. Parker*
Molecular, Cellular and
Developmental Biology
Jamie Renee Zerbe Cunningham
Prema Sundaram*
graduation guide 7 thursday, may 8, 2008
Electrical Engineering
What is your favorite memory while being at KU?
“Partying during the national championship. I had a bunch of
people over.”
What do you plan on doing after college?
“I will be moving to Kansas City and working in a consulting
frm, living the dream.”
Who is your favorite KU athlete?
“Sasha Kaun, because we have the same major.”
graduation guide 8 thursday, may 8, 2008
Xiangyan Tong*
Roksana Alavi
Keith A. Coleman
Monica Lee Gerrek*
Tamela Ice
Hyun Chul Kim
Tareq Alrefae
Wei Qiu*
Hua Zhao*
Political Science
Peter M. Picucci
Omur Yilmaz*
Carla Jean Berg*
Alisa Anne Miller Beyer*
Elizabeeth U. Delgado-Torres*
Jefrey Alan Dressel
Genevieve Marie Garratt*
Jill Renee Hockemeyer*
Leslie Karwoski*
Jennifer Rose Klemp*
Jaret Devin Land*
David D. Landers*
Yasuko Yamamoto Landrum*
Alicia Nichole MacKay
Danyale Patrice McCurdy
Susan Reneau Rathmell*
April A. Horstman Reser*
Hal Steven Shorey*
Ruth Helen Warner*
Public Administration
David Samuel Tomas Matkin*
Shannon Kreiser Portillo
Kelley Lea Massoni*
Vicente Gomis Izquierdo*
Rocio Paula Zalba
Speech-Language Pathology
Lizbeth H. Finestack*
William M. Gillispie
Theatre and Film
Paul Michael Prece
Fernando Arenas Velez
SchooL oF EnginEEring
*Degrees granted since May 20,
BAchELor oF SciEncE
Aerospace Engineering
James R. Arruda*
Michael Robinson Baker
Matthew Roger Glosser
Erick Bradley Gowen
Austin Peterson Harper
James P. Kountzman
Travis Francis Lechtenberg
Shohhei Maeda*
Stephen R. Mance
Nathaniel Jacob Meier
Benjamin Joseph Parrott
Jared Glen Percy
Austin Joseph Pyle
David Andrew Royer
Erik James Runge
Ryan Ludwig Shafer
Daniel Anthony Simmons
Eric L. Simmons
Benjamin Casey Sweeten
Architectural Engineering
Christine E. Atkins
Diane Michelle Basore*
Craig Robert Brown*
Sheri L. Brune
Stephen Cia*
Travis Oren Connaway
Katelyn Marie DePenning
Pegah Ettehadi*
Andrea M. Fischer
Anwar Garcia
Alexandra Nicole Gibson
Erin Louree Goodman
Brandon T. Harvey
James Paul Horner
Nicholas W. Johnson
Justina L. Jones
Travis Allen Koehring
Katherine Lynne Molstad*
Bryan David Quarles
Silvia Reshmeen*
Diane Susan Reynolds
Christopher Michael Ryan
Matthew Douglas Say*
Katie A. Schweissguth
Donald Matthew Tennyson
Bazigha Tufail
Daniel J. Webb Jr.
Brandon Lee Womack
Amanda Sue Ziegler
chemical Engineering
Jonathan Darryl Ashley
Mary Cruz Cardona Campos
Christina June Conrad
Michael Edward Cunningham
Rebecca J. Deeds
William Donald Eckman
Justin Michael Ellrich
Bryn M. Gardner*
Nelly Catherine Wambui Gatotho
Mehrdad Hosni
Brad Raymond Jurgensmeier
Kaitlyn D. Kelly
Jennifer Marie Lawrence
Sam Lloyd Mitchell
Michael David Olson
Paul Joshua Owino Oruoch
Brook Kaye Rentz
Daniel Jonathan Teimer*
Nicholas Grant Willis
civil Engineering
Rogelio Avalos*
James J. Balough III
Glenn Oliver John Bauer
Alan Kent Bloomquist
Oswaldo Bravo De Los Rios
Patrick R. Bruin
Nicole Dawn Carroll
Justin L. Clay*
Sean P. Conner*
Joshua S. Crain
Shawn Michael Duke
Matthew M. Eckhart*
Jason Scott Gibson
Ryan William Glessner
Ramsey Scott Hagan*
Teddy Haile-Michael Haile-
Brian Patrick Hamilton
Brian Jensen
Scott G. Komarek
LlynnAnn June Laugesen
Nicholaus Patrick Marcotte*
Jedidiah Blaine Mayes*
Aaron Lee Norris*
Joseph Darrell Presswood*
Lawrence A. Raitinger
Raymond Michael Red Corn
Bradley Wayne Riebel*
Teresa M. Rohlfs*
Kathryn Eileen Rohr
Catherine Elizabeth Ross*
Lorena Sanchez*
Shane Aubrey Tompson
Joshua Daniel Torpe
John Kenneth Waller*
Charles J. Woods*
Wei-Fan Yu
computer Engineering
Deebu Kizhakkekara Abi
Madhumitha Aruna Manoharan
Craig Frances Berscheidt
Tristan Michael Bull
Michael Sheldon Cram*
Sergey Alexeyevich Dremin*
Daniel Graham Duda
Robert Brill Elliott II
Jacob M. Foiles
Tomas William Gregor
Robbie Jo Hernandez
Christopher Scott Jefries*
August Max Johnson
James Ryan Johnson
Sergey Kardash*
Mark A. King*
Bradley Robert Lewis
Nicholas A. Mabry*
Praveen Mohandas
Wesley Curtis Muessig
Bhadrik P. Patel
Adam D. Powell
Stephane Richard*
Venkatesh Sridhar
Brett William Werling
computer Science
Samer Adra*
Joel J. Angelone
Monica Lizet Barrientos*
Ramkumar Bommireddipalli
Alma Delia Calderon
Andrew S. Campbell
Ryan Caleb Cantrell
Owen Alexander Carnes
Adam F. Chura
Daniel Eric Coldham*
Evan Nicholas Culver
Justin Michael Donnell
Adam Lynn Doyle*
Susan D. Enneking
Alexander M. Gerling*
Margaret Ann Grattan
Shannon B. Griswold
Luke M. Grover
Jesse Nathaniel Hall
John Jacob Hansen*
Samuel John Hanson
Brett Joseph Harrop
Michael Ray Jantz
Vitaliy Y. Karakuts*
Alexander Kaun
Jason A. Kroge
Joshua Ramosh Noronha*
Paul Paun Pechin
Tyrian Ross Phagan*
Adam Russell Pierson
Jorge Luis Pizarro Zapata
Adam Joseph Riha*
Gorkem Sevinc
Ryan James Slack
John Matthew South
Tsam Kai Tsui
Frederick Reed Vinograd
John C. Wigner
Michael Wu
Matthew Joseph Zeets
Electrical Engineering
Daniel Alam
Daniel Alan Beuthien
Matthew Benjamin Booth
Alexander Davis Brand
Matthew Paul Casper
Julio Cesar Castillo Rodriguez
Nicholas Grant Conquest
Matthew R. Cook
Christopher Lee Coonts*
Woods J. Denny*
Tomas A. Dorsey
Brandt Aaron Elster
Brent M. Everest
Daniel Gomez Garcia Alvestegui
Erkan Gungor
Marc T. Hess
Stephen Andrew Janes
Ryan Eric Kovar
Deepti Krishnan
Ian M. Lacy
Christopher Russell Larson
Harmanjot Singh Mokha
Heather Marie Owen
Andrew Michael Palmer
Paul Kamau Runanu
Tyler William Smith
James Robert Waymire
Michael Wu
Engineering Physics
Alan Jesson Elliot
Sara Elizabeth Holt
Daniel Carl Pierron
Adam Michael Schreiner*
Laura A. Stiles
Mechanical Engineering
Ryan James Bishop
Gretchen Marie Christenson*
Cliford David Clark
Seth Jaren Coleman
Kristin Tylar Danielson
Jericho Lim Datu
Alan Joseph Donovan
Alison Marie Erler*
Nicholas James Estrada
Tomas Lee Fiems Jr.
Michael Alan Ginger Jr.
Brett E. Grifth
Patrick Kirk Hinshaw
Michael J. Hochman
Rebecca E. Huf
Vernon Charles Kehoe
Lisa Katherine Ketchum
Timucin Kip*
Mark Casimir Komosa
John Paul Leach
Michael A. Leto
Tori Michelle Logan
Aurom Mahobian
Michael Chad Makay
Colin Michael Mandrick*
Benjamin William Maples
Damon Eugene Mar*
Patrick M. McCormick
Todd W. McDonald*
Cameron Jackson Miller
John Tomas Miller*
Dan Patrick Neill
Chad Andrew Newbill
Erich H. Ohlde
Mark Robert Osmundsen
Logan Reed Peck
Adam Rankin
Alexander William Raymond*
Marie Loretta Riley*
Kevin Lawrence Riner
Robert N. Roberts*
Jon A. Rogers*
Craig Richard Rooney
Brandin Wayne Sandel
Stephen R. Scott
Kimberly Gail Sedberry
Scott A. Shepherd
Ryan L. Sieve
Kamil Jerzy Slomka*
Allyson L. Stock
Michael Justin Truex
John Warren Weidling
Seth Daniel Weisbrook*
James West
Charles Anthony Whitfeld
Petroleum Engineering
Adam Daniel Pod Schun
MASTEr oF ciViL EnginEEring
Walter Frederick Bleser II*
Ryan Curtis Brotherson
Matthew G. Daly*
Janet Sue Mathews-Flynn
Scott Randal Opie*
Marvin Lee Parks
Kyle David Schomaker*
Matthew John Schouwink*
Teresa Lynn Shock*
MASTEr oF conSTrUcTion
Marilyn Sue Calvin*
Matthew R. Cox*
Aerospace Engineering
Nelson Andrew Brown*
Satish Kumar Chilakala
Kedar Dnyaneshwar Dimble*
William Russell Donovan*
Robert William Long*
Jonathan T. Lusk
Kai B. Siegele*
Bradley Alan Torgler*
Sean Christopher Underwood
Christian Joan Vila*
Architectural Engineering
Bradley S. Petri
Jefrey Richard Tomas*
chemical Engineering
Mark Michael Bailey
Jay C. Schleicher*
civil Engineering
Brett Alan Baker*
Michael G. Briggs
William R. Dietz
Aaron Michael Frits
Joseph H. Frontha
Sean Ryan Hughes
Abhishek Ashok Joshi*
Benjamin Nicolaas Kaan
Collin D. Koranda*
Chunxiao Liu*
Shelby Lynn Miller*
Dimitri James Mitchell
Patrick Joseph Nadvornik
Matthew Charles Pierson
Ismael Ibrahim Saifan
Harihar Shiwakoti*
Joshua Charles Tarbell
Brian J. Vilhauer*
Changzhi Zang*
Yuze Zhang*
computer Engineering
Tamer Samir Moh’d Abuyasin*
Viswanath Chowdary Ganta*
William Victor Kritikos*
Satyasree Muralidharan*
Manjunath Narayana*
Victor Russell Petty IV*
Levi C.T. Pierce
Vinay Bhadra Reddy*
Andrew Gregory Schmidt*
Shilpa Sirikonda*
Ilya E. Tabakh*
Philip J. Weaver*
Frederick James Weidling*
computer Science
Kannan Chandrasekaran*
Adnan Razzaq Chaudhry
Matthew Tomas Cook*
Jyotheermayee Dass
Lance Warren Feagan
Kumar Goundan
Lijun Guo
Kevin Richard Higgins*
Praveen Kumar Lakkaraju*
Shruthi Mohan
Serhiy Leonidovich Morozov*
Divya Sadashiv Naikwadi*
Atchutha Rama Vivek Pakalapati*
Zachary Edward Parr*
Mark Huntington Snyder*
Mark L. Stockmyer*
Hamid Reza Tahmasebi*
Bhargav Babu Teertham*
Jayanth Subramaniam Venkatara-
Electrical Engineering
Peter Adany*
Nazia Ahmed*
Weiping Chang*
Rama Surya Chikkam
William Grifn Dower*
Milagros Rosalba Figueroa
Mahmood Abdul Hameed
Tomas Edward Higgins*
Deepak Jeyaraman
Balachandra Kumaraswamy
Dileep Kumaraswamy*
Kiran Chidambara Marathe
Rabih Mrad
Vinaykumar Muralidharan
Srikanth Pagadarai*
Benjamin Garrett Panzer*
Sunil Reddy Peechu*
Bharatwajan Raman
Prashanth Rengaswamy Chandran
Shane Raymond Santner*
Ramachandran Sathyanarayanan*
Mutharasu Sivakumar
Afzal Sirajuddin Hashmi Syed*
Edward Charles Szczuka*
Udaya Kiran Tadikonda*
Rajesh Tenukuntla
Tiaotiao Xie*
Padmaja Yatham*
Engineering Management
Sourav Biswas
Arthur Li-Hang Chang*
Akram A. Dalaq
Yong Jin Dan*
Eduardo H. Fernandez
Lilekha Suran Fernando
Robert Craig Godsy*
Jay Brian Hash*
John Joseph Heery Jr.
William A. Helm*
Ryan James Jacobson*
Eugene O. Kheyfets*
Jeremy Kissell
Anthony Bill Lee*
Annette Meyerkord
Sabbas Millet
Neeraja Mohan
Mohsin Nadeem*
Christopher Michael Neal*
Taimoor Noor*
Michael James Pessina
Paul David Peterson*
Tomas Kelly Poer*
Sonia Marie Santos
Giridhar Satyanarayana
Sabra I. Schriner*
Terrence Eric Sullivan
Adam Vincent Swearingin
Arya Nath Tulva
Ranga Rao Vadlamudi*
Kevin David Wallace*
Environmental Engineering
Joshua Allan Vincent*
Environmental Science
Sarah Cathryn Lacy
information Technology
Steven Lee Haenchen
Witold Jan Rzepnicki
Robert Tyson Tedinger
Mechanical Engineering
Pradeep Manohar Abraham*
Arturo Clodoaldo Benavente Alva
Raghu Ram Channamallu*
Charles Geofrey Haning
Farhana Lamis
Molly Ann McVey*
Tristan C. Moody
Pushpal Swarnkar
Alexander Jefrey Waller*
DocTor oF PhiLoSoPhY
Aerospace Engineering
Shahriar Keshmiri*
Robert Allan Stuever*
chemical and Petroleum Engi-
Chad A. Johnson
Bhuma Rajagopalan*
civil Engineering
Santiago Antonio Bonetti
Jie Huang*
Yingfeng Li*
computer Science
Eric Lee Akers*
Daniyal Mohammed Alghazzawi*
Aravind Chandramouli*
Pradeep Natarajan*
Richard S. Stansbury*
Christopher M. Taylor
Electrical Engineering
Erik Konrad Anderson*
Soshant Bali*
Timothy R. Newman
Rakesh Rajbanshi*
Mechanical Engineering
Srikanth Allu
Salahi Basaran
Kedar Mukund Deshpande
Rajesh Kumar Maduri
Liliana Ortega
SchooL oF FinE ArTS
*Degrees granted since May 20,
BAchELor oF FinE ArTS
Louis Brahim Anajjar
Luke J. Anderson*
Elizabeth A. Corona*
Rebecca Davis*
Malakai Allen Edison
Jill RaeAnne Ensley
Jennifer Jo Farnsworth
Travis J. Hagen
Julie Christine Holborow*
Rehmatullah Jaghoori
Anna Elizabeth Koehn
Marsha Kathrina Lefer*
Matthew Eric Lewis*
Ilenia Belen Madelaire
Jill Marie Manies
Scott E. Nelson
Tara Kathleen O’Connor
Nicholas Allen Perry
Brent Daniel Porter*
Brett Allen Schieszer*
Jennifer Leigh Singer
Tara Lynnette Skaggs
Kathleen Elizabeth Sweeney*
Elizabeth Boyd Winter
Erin Michelle Grabe
Nour J M Y A M Abdulsalam*
Jane Grace Adams
Erica Nicole Ansley*
Elizabeth Kate Barnert
Audrey Anne Barnhart*
Makenna R. Bartel
Ryan Alexander Berg*
Natalie Virginia Bonebrake*
Alicia Marie Brandt*
Elyse N. Brisko*
Amanda Danielle Brown*
Daryl Justine Bugner*
Amber Lynn Burkemper*
Ashley Dawn Burkemper*
Kimberly Erin Calabrese*
William Jay Carter III*
Jennifer Suegyong Chae*
Meiting Avy Chan
Kristin Elise Chandler*
Catherine Anyie Chao
Pei-Wen Chen*
Chin Shin Cheong*
Wing Kei Cheuk
WaiYee Meagan Cheung
Matthew Spencer Comstock
Mary Kathryn Conklin
Kyle Marc Costanza
Christina Leigh Cummings
Aaron Len Dale
Lauren Nicole Daly*
Nicole Christine Davis*
David Adam DeCoster
Lauren Margaret Deck
Robin Michelle Dillingham*
Erin Cathleen Dimond
Elizabeth Marie Doak
Sarah Lynn Donnelly*
Benjamin Gordon Dory*
Justin Dean Eakes*
Hannah Joy Fiechtner*
Jennifer A. Flohrs
Melissa Renee Fuentez
Courtney Lynn Gage
Kayla L. Gale
Kristie Marie Gardiner*
Allie Lees Golden*
Elizabeth Anne Greco*
Derek James Gregory*
Erin Rebecca Groover*
Jefrey L. Harms
April Phyllis Harrison
Samuel H. Hemphill
Kerri Ann Henderson*
Michael Lucas Hink*
Megan Diane Hollenbeck*
Marianne Lynn Humburg
Austin Lee Ice
Julia Beth Icenogle
Ashley Ann Jetter
Taylor Ann Jewett*
David Edward Justis*
Jessie Gayle Kessler*
Orion Raymond Kinkaid*
Kenneth Douglas Kupfer*
Kevin M. Laferty
Lindsey Leeann Lang*
Bailey Anne Lemak
Jefrey Michael Lewis
Luke Matthew Lisi*
Luanne Elizabeth Marten
Brett Daniel McAfee
Lauren Elizabeth Michniok
Lisa Anne Moore
Christopher Michael Munoz*
Paul J. Myers
Corrin Rebecca Olewnik*
Christopher Jon Ostrander*
Trey Michael Randa*
Colin Wesley Randall
Adam Trent Rasmussen
Ashley Nicole Rinella*
Laura A. Rottinghaus
Stephanie Grebel Sato
Deena Leigh Schaumburg
Nathan Martin Schneider*
Jana L. Silverman*
Lisa Ann Smelser
Christina Ann Steinbrueck
Benjamin Suh
Jordan L. Swingler
Tristan Belle Telander
Torren Rae Tomas*
Alexander W. Treaster
Elizabeth May Twitchell
Douglas Aaron Vander Valk*
Leslie Erin VeuCasovic
Brian Mathew Wells
Erik Cole Winblad*
Lane B. Woods*
Desiree Cherie Young
history of Art
Barbara Diane Atkins
Wen Chuan Eve Bonner
Mary Nicole Buddenbohm*
Christine Lynn Froggatte
Patricia Marie Gaines
Evan Howard Germann
Erin O’Neill Ross
Jennifer Lauren Schwering
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Valerie Sophia Smith
Crystal M. White*
Theatre Design
Leah S. Arlen
Jessica Christine Freeman*
Travis Nguyen Haugh
Rachel Diane Rendina
Melissa Sue Sher
Tyler J. Stock
Rachel Elizabeth Ulrich
Theatre and Voice
Candice E. Bondank*
Nina Andrea Murphy
Megan Leigh Reardon*
French Horn
Casey Ryan Beal*
Laura Marie Goodenkauf
Tricia L. West
Music Composition
Paul David Szpyrka
Casey Stephen Miller
Se Hyun Kim*
Bradley Ernst Petzold
Franklin Kent Queener
Nick J. Weiser
Austin Robert Mayer*
Creston Miles Herron
Megan Elizabeth Adams
Ashley Lauren Benes
Amy E. Cahill
Laura Elizabeth Fleming*
Lauren Anne Henderson
Tyler Marcus Simpson
Music Education
Meredith Lee Allen*
Emily Richele Bogard
Brandon Michael Bowman*
Nathan Edward Dame*
Julie Marie Dreier*
Ross Jerome Fishman
Michael Aaron Gersten*
Alison Renee Koelper*
Brian Matthew Lane
Pamela Jean Morton*
Jennifer Joyce Richard*
Brett Robert Scarborough
Devin Christopher Smith
Justin Charles Smith*
John A. Wickersham
Kody Noel Willnauer
Music Therapy
Rebekah Elizabeth Carroll
Laura Elizabeth Fleming*
Katie Renee Hoesche*
Caylyn Marie Krizan
Kathryn Patricia Lange
Yukiko Nishikawa*
Emily R. Schmid*
Christina Lynn Watson*
Jennifer L. Wilson*
Interaction Design
Ting-Jui Chang
Special Studies
Barbara Alves
Visual Arts Education
Deena M. Amont
Rachael Marie Hufman
Stephanie Ann Sailer
Betsy Jo Timmer
Todd F. Cero-Atl
Karla S. Freiheit
Matthew M. Hutcherson*
Bryan Christopher Park
Benjamin Charles Baer
Lyndsay Rapp Boysen*
Gary Weston Burdette
Lindsey M. Bush*
Eunyoung Cho*
Lindsay Marie Ohse*
Nitai Pons Perez*
Eric Matthew Posner
Emily June Rogers
Matthew Stephen Tompson
Chad Robert Coughlin
Kimberly Lane O’Dell*
Music Terapy
Hong-Yu Chang
Yoon Kyung Choi*
Sheri Lynn Clark*
Miriam G. Hillmer*
Sarah E. Studebaker*
Tonya Nadine Wahl
T. Adam Blackstock
James D. Cockman III*
Steven Kenneth Elisha*
Albert Christian Elser III
Joshua J. Farrier*
Stanford Paul Felix*
Mary Alice Fukushima
Robert Douglas Helvering
James Michael Kirkendoll
Heather Dawn Roberson
Melissa Ann Robinson
Kevin Christopher Vogt*
Vera Vitalievna Volchansky
Beth Robison Wagstrom
Michael B. Walsh
Julius Zilinskas*
Music Education
Mary Louise Cohen*
Soo Ji Kim
Betsey Osgood King*
Marvin E. Latimer Jr.*
Dean S. Musson
*Degrees granted since May 20,
Davies Lanre Aiyewa
Parthenia Elaine Antoine
Denise R. Augustine
Jennifer L. Bachman
Joel Gregory Bakian
Jason E. Barr
Debbie W. Black*
Kristen Melissa Bloom
Alicia Michelle Bobbett
Rihanne Christine Bohannon
Tasha Michelle Braun
Sarah Ann Breitenstein
Jeanine Ann Brizendine*
Mitchell Lee Brown
Courtney Cahill Brozik
Kristin Suzanne Campbell
Darin Lee Carlson*
Travis Lee Castle
Jessica Phuong Chan
Charles Brian Cook
Nancy Ellen Corkins
Emily Louise Cormier
William Duane Deaver
Dianne Denise DeLapp
Jason William Demuth*
Shawna Marie Doane
Barbara Jean Doxon
Kathryn Ann Dozon
Jennifer Beth Easton
Ashley Nicole Edwards
Adam Charles Engel
Ryan Scott Erb
Molly Megan Evans
Julie Anne Farney
Bryan Feagan
Janet Marie Finger
Christopher Michael Fitzmaurice
Megan Lenore Foster
Wendy Puglisi Francis
Katherine Nicole Freund
Mark Alan Froelich
Stephanie Sue Gettler
Tammy M. Gilmore
Laurie Sue Graham
LeAnn Graham*
Hilary Kathleen Compton Grem-
Julie Ann Grindol
Tami Elizabeth Hagan
Michael David Hansford Jr.
Rebecca Lynn Hassler
Robert Omri Hay
Erin Nicole Heidebrecht
Marshall E. Hollis*
Dustin Lee Hothan
Margaret Haley Johnson
Patrick Charles Johnson*
Michelle Ann Juenemann
Janell L. Katzer
Audrey Renee Kennedy
Amber Lynn Kepka
James W. Kleoppel*
Jordan Elizabeth Kline
Mimma Lagomarsino*
Cheng Kin Lao
Jennifer Rachel Lee
Andrew Tomas Leopold
Tifany C. Liesmann
Jefrey David Little
Nanci Rene MacMurray
Yiwah Mark
Donna Matthias
Brett Michael McNeil
Sheila Lynne McNif
Anjana Mehta*
Kevin Andrew Miller*
Christopher L. Mondero
Joselyn Marie Moore
Robinah Nakimera
Bradley J. Newell
Noor Joanne Newman
Melanie Rae Nivens
Rory Elizabeth O’Callaghan
Beth Alison Ohnsat
Megan Diane Jarmer Olson
Nancy Pandolf
Mandi L. Paxson
Lindsay Diane Pelz
Karen Kay Pershall-Wilder
Tamarah Lynn Peters
Kirstin Stevanna Peterson
Matthew R. Peterson
Amber Nicole Pihl
Raymond Purnomo*
Teresa Lea Pursel*
Janelle Anne Receski*
Adam Burke Reel
Evan Michael Riordan
April Jayne Rogers*
Alexandra Karolyn Rozman
Mary Jane Sadler
Ashleigh Leeuwen Salyers
Morgan Leigh Sayler
Shawn Tomas Scarlett*
Kari Ellen Schaefer
Johnathan Frank Schlodder
Holly Lynne Sebree
Jimsheed Shahriar*
Jason Dane Shimanek
Karen E. Shriner
Gregory Joseph Speidel*
Ashley Dawn St. Clair
Jonathan Edward Starr
Barbara Ray Stephen
Kim Austin Swaford*
Joseph Ross Tarwater
Jonathan Parker Taylor
Jessica Yu-En Tiong
Danielle M. Totten
Diane Rose Traiger*
Robert Ray Tubbs
Lindsey Erin Urbatchka
Lane Eric Vance
Jeremy D. VanderVoort
Jessica May Vink
Nicholas Wayne Vogel
Matthew Neal Vogt
Paul Arthur Vossen
Amanda Corinne Walker
Brandon Lee Walker
Jared Wayne Walker
Amber Marie Wanklyn
Lamya Wardak
Steven Brent Weltmer
Gregory E. Wendel
Rebecca Sue Westphal*
Gene M. Whitaker*
Heidi Annette Williams
Jake Alan Windschefel
Alison Leigh Winkelman
Julie Anne Wolfe
Anthony Michael Woltkamp
Lauren Michelle Worley
Shannon Kelly Wyman
Brian G. Yazzie
Jun Zhang
Tamara Lynn Zimmerman
Hospital Pharmacy
Chad Allen Edgar*
Heather Leah Herr
Medicinal Chemistry
Jennifer J. Biery*
Melanie Amber Blevins
Bhaswati Dattachowdhury
Micah James Niphakis*
Angela Marie Peck*
Christopher M. Schneider*
Anurupa Shrestha*
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Brooke S. Barrett
Barlas Buyuktimkin
Natalie A. Ciaccio
Reza Esfandiary
Stephen Daniel Blanco Goldman
Julian M. Kissmann
Prakash Manikwar
Aaron Paul Markham
Rosemary Arwa Ndolo
Maria B. Torson
Alana Jannette Toro-Ramos*
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Robert L. Baker
Kristin Nicole Kaiser
Medicinal Chemistry
Juhienah Khairi Khalaf*
Gang Shen*
Xin Wang*
Marie-Helene Boudrias*
Gregory L. Osterhaus*
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Kelly Elizabeth Desino
Joseph W. Lubach*
Daniel R. Mudra*
Rebecca Anne Nofsinger
Maya S. Salnikova*
Maulik Vasant Trivedi
Kai Zheng*
*Degrees granted since May 20,
Athletic Training
Matthew Blake Bailey
Andilynn Leigh Beadles
Dena Kathryn Bissell
Carrie Amelia Frances Bronn*
Jared L. Burcham
Christopher Alan Carpenter
Danielle Kaye Fickler
Andrew James Hauser
Tifany Ann Jefers
Matthew Jon Lovelady*
Jeremy S. MacVarish
Kathryn Mary Pierce
Pier Renee Riemer
Alicia Marie Ryan
Whitney Nicole Ryan
Elaine Nichole Wolgamott
Community Health
Rachel Rose Appelhanz*
Kimberly Michele Begert*
Carolyn Anne Benson*
Karalyn Elizabeth Boston
Megan Dyan Brooks*
Kristin J. Buehler
Adrian Caro
Jacob John Cox
Danika Joy Erickson*
Tanner William Forster
Kourtney Sue Frederes
Megan Elizabeth Grieb*
Elizabeth Susanne Halsch*
Allison Laura Harrell*
Corinn Leigh Heintzelman*
Elizabeth Ann Hoelting
Chelsea Denise Hudson
Katherine Michele Humphreys
Jessica Beth Lally
Amanda Renee Lasswell
Anne Macy Lehan
Mary Frances Marshall
Mikayla Marie McAtee*
Megan Anna Nelson*
Lacey Ann Novak*
Alison Nicole Pulec
Brooke C. Reves*
Erica Louise Rimsky*
Meghan Doyle Rivers
Jane Whitney Segebrecht
Patrick Charles Stephens*
Erin Shari Striker
Kristin Carmela Tirabassi*
Travis Lee Tobin
Trenton Ames Tytle
Lauren E. Viscek*
Whitney Nicole Wilson*
Elementary Education
Laura Shelby Albert
Matthew Tomas Argubright
Becky Renae Aubrey
Megan Colleen Bailey
Emily Nicole Birk
Elizabeth Ruth Brown
Bridget Elaine Clark
Katlin Marie Cooper
Elizabeth H. Costello
Rachel Mae Creek
Jill Marie Diederich*
Monica Rose Drake
Shannon Marie Elder
Ashley Irene Filberth
Alana Rose Gale
Suni Kristin Haberland
Laura Elizabeth Hammond*
Amanda Jean Hanf
Stephanie M. Hart
Juliane Fitzgerald Hawking*
Vanessa Kristin Hoosier
Lindsey A. Kellenbarger*
Carrie Ann Klipp
Melissa Ann Leeder
Jocelyn B. Lucas
Kristi Alana Mayer
Melissa Yolanda McNair*
Laura Ann McNellis
Meredith Leigh Morehead
Cara Lynn Morgan
Kathryn Connely Noyce*
Daniel Scott O’Neill
Caroline Jane Penzler
Lia Elissa Pogioli*
Eva Saege Pottruck
Erica Lynn Pratt
Jacqueline Louise Putman*
Chase Jacob Reed
Gabriel Lynn Rich*
Suzette Kelee Runyon*
Leah Grace Spare
Tracy Renee Spielbusch
Katherine Lynn Spore
Carly Christine Tomlins
Catherine Yang Tung
Jennifer Lurene Waller*
Jonelle B. Yannotta
Sarah Elizabeth Zimmerman
Foreign Language
Kathrine G. Bogart
Katherine Jo Marten
Sybil Dawn Niccum*
Sarah Jean Starnes
Health and Physical Education
Amy Lynn Berberich
Mallory Margaret Bullen
Austin William Carr
Stephen Michael Durick
Tammy Elizabeth Faries
David O. Hillmon
Ryan Michael Hopper
Jayme Linne Lisher
Michael Hunter Miller
Danielle Jaclyn Orrick
Nicole Marie Washburn
Tyler Allen Williams
Brett Allen Wuthrich
Language Arts
Laura Ann Arther
Kathrine G. Bogart
Hayley Michelle Harbert
Darren Robert Heavey
Morgan Jeune Hill*
Amelia R. Kellam
Courtney Catherine Mense
Christina N. Nelson
Shannon Elizabeth Pappas*
Sara K. Cahill*
Middle-Level Education
Meaghan Ashley Allison
Carli Rose Haber
Chanthone Khounvongsa*
Emily Renee LaFleur
Joanna Marie Roche*
Andrea M. Super
Erica Nichole Woods
Matthew Philip French*
Secondary Level Education
Eric D. Ammerman
Danielle Marie Bergeron
Laura Christine Berry
Maxwell Arthur Chartrand
Whitney Allison Craig
Lynette Danielle Dhone
Alyson Nicole Ecklund
Adam Loren Goldfne
Maria Angelica Gonzalez
Timothy Paul Hofman
Kristen Louise Kearney
Chase Allen Ketchum
Kyle MacKenzie Kost
Jennifer Leigh Neumann
Allison Jane Olaes
Scot A. Pruyn
Joseph Patrick Regan
Jamie A. Shaw
Lindsay Terra Shelton
Angela Lynn Silvers
Stephanie Rochelle Smith
Sommer Taylor
Paige Louise Waldorf
Gregory Kevin Wellnitz
Katherine Lindsey Wiegele
Amanda Lynn Williams
Emily Claire Williams
Matthew S. Ysusi
Social Studies
Albert C. Briggs*
Calogero Dominic Casa*
Jenna Kristen Custer*
Charlotte Jane Dower*
Carley Anne Heitz
Jacob John House
Patricia Marie Hulett
Heather Alison Lee*
Erin Frances McDaneld-Camp-
Molly Ann McDufe
Richard L. Schilling
Cassidy Noelle Stamp
Sport Science
R. Cody Adams
Ryan Matthew Akers
Joseph Scott Amyx*
Myles James Baker*
Jennifer Susan Banks
Adam M. Barmann*
Michael Lee Berry
Kara Nicole Beussink
Tina Marie Borchers
Ashli Nicole Bowman
Alisha Leigh Brand*
Lindsey Marie Brewer*
Ashley Elizabeth Brown
Elisabeth Anne Brown
Joni A. Bruna*
Kayla Marie Buehler*
Vanessa Leigh Buehne
Michelle Lynn Burkholder*
Christopher David Burton*
Amy Renee Buscher
Luke Francis Casey
Caroline Ann Colgrove
Nathaniel Blaine Collins*
Zachary Nicholas Cook
Jayde Rashae Cordes
Karson Lynnelle Craig
Adam Stephan Crohn*
James Patrick Cullinan*
Jason Ross Daley
Mathew Ryan Davis
Blake Stephen Deere
Amanda Dietz
Jennifer Dawnita Donner*
Leanne Marie Downey*
Tomas Alan Eberline*
Aaron Douglas Eckley*
Derek Benton Evans
Darci Jo Eveleigh
Shea D. Fairchild
Ricardo Arturo Febry
Kathryn F. Ferrantelle
James Matthew Findley
Jefrey Michael Foster*
Rodney Lauren Fowler Jr.
Erin Ashley Frantz*
Michael Joseph Garcia*
Andrew James Garner
Lindsey Ly George
Bradley David Girton
Laura Nicole Gjerde*
Kyle Kristopher Glick
Amy Kathleen Goetz*
Jacqueline Gravino*
Shelby Ann Guillen*
Garrett B. Guzman*
Jay Joseph Harig*
Kelly Ann Harris*
Justin Curtis Hathaway*
Nicolas L. Hawley
Mark Allen Heatherman*
Mallory Elise Helton
Chandler Mitchell Hess*
Rachel Nicole Hester
Jenna Lee Hewitt
Taylor Ross High
Jessica Dawn Hildreth*
Andrea Sue Hill
Elizabeth Ann Hoelting
Natalie M. Horn
Kristen Renee Hupe*
Bryon Wayne Hurley*
Andrew Marten Ibarra*
Jarryd J. Israel
Erica Renae Johnson
Racheal Lynn Johnson
Sharon Ann Johnson
Tanya Yael Johnson*
Jay William Kasten*
Megan Nicole Kaufman
Derek James Keller*
Cody Lee Kennedy
Joshua B. Kirk*
Melissa Renee Kirk*
Amanda Ann Knoll
Michael Robert Koenig*
Patrick R. Koester
Kevin Michael Kohr
Laura J. Koster
Kevin A. Kunde
Tung Ti Le
James Douglas Leap*
Charesa Marie Lee
Charles Joseph Leistner III
Blake A. Letourneau
Heather Renee Lichtenauer*
Daniel James Lodes
Cailin Lee Lonergan*
Matthew Gerald Lord
Adrian Rafal Ludwig*
Laura Diane Lund
Henry Madera*
Michael Tomas Magnusson
Caitlin Marie Mahoney
Sarah Jane Manske*
Christopher James Markham*
John A. Marshall*
Brett Richard Marsteller*
Jade Brooke Martens
Stephanie Jeanne Martinat
Frank Frick Masterson III*
Brittany Lynn Maynard
Mandee Kaye McKee
Bryce James McMichael*
Philip Ryan Mears
Michael Patrick Mehring*
Cara Michelle Montgomery*
Christopher S. Moodie*
Melissa D. Moody*
Janelle Jongmi Moore
Cherie Rose Moose
Jacob Benjamin Neu*
Natalie Marie Neuharth
Dominic Norcia
Derek William Nye
Barbara Ann Padour*
graduation guide 9 thursday, may 8, 2008
Your source
for diploma framing and
graduation gifts!
819 Massachusetts • 842-4900 • jaydreaming.com
Don’t forget to frame
your memorabilia!
Portsmouth, Va.
Bachelor of Social work
What has been the best part about being at KU?
“Not having to be somewhere 40 hours a week and being able
to skip class without consequences like a real job would have.
Winning the national championship was pretty good, too.”
What are your plans after you graduate?
“Finding a job and trying to avoid becoming an adult.”
graduation guide 10 thursday, may 8 2008
Nathan Michael Palermo
Kristin Renee Pearson*
Jose Luis Portillo
Elle Loree Pottorf
Daniel Eric Pressly
Elisia Ann Price*
Benjamin Joseph Puetz
Michelle Marie Rasmussen*
Sean Anthony Regehr*
Isaac Oren Rifel*
Martha H. Riggs
Cody Joseph Roberts*
Jennifer E. Roberts
Megan Elizabeth Roberts*
Christopher Robl
Marjorie Rose Rolwes
Derek Ronnebaum
Dana Blair Rubin*
Trey Sabates
Jacob A. Sacks*
Caleb J. Santos-Silva
Steven Kurt Schoon
Andrew David Schumm*
Bethany Lauren Scothorn
Robyn Elizabeth Shelley
Trey Mac Shipley
Sarah Kealey Simpson*
Ashleah Heather Smith*
Sharita LaShon Smith*
Joshua Taddeus Levi Snider*
Miranda R. Soper
Amanda Ann Stebbins*
Margaret Jane Stockton
Amanda Katarina Stolzle*
Brooke N. Stoppel
Andrew C. Struble II
Michael Eric Stuart*
Mark Christopher Super
Brian Paul Tabor
Andrew Crispin Taylor*
Matthew Ryan Tompson*
Elizabeth Anne Timm*
Joshua Glenn Vanzandt
Shanell Kay Wagnon
Kalika Acacia Walker
Jordan D. Weatherly
Scott David Webb*
Kole Michael Weiser
Ryan Dallas White*
Kara Nicole Williams*
Danielle Marie Wittman*
Sampson Bedru Yimer
Tanner Jay Zimmerman*
Unifed Early Childhood
Irma Ester Blair
Jenna Lynne Boden
Stefanie Nicole Carter
Julie Kay Coleman
Kelly Michelle Durkalski
Jaclyn N. Goodrich
Jessica Brooke Hersh
Kimberley Rose Meyen
Ashley M. Quick*
Le M. Tran
Michelle Alverez Walter
Jessica Elyse Wenberg
Janelle C. Wheeler
Sarah Lynn Wolowicz
Karen Anelice Acosta Caballero
Sanae Akaba*
Angela K. Barton
Patrick Ian Bukaty*
Sarah Anne Cole*
Kelly Leigh Collins*
Gabrielle Lynne Dawson*
Yoko Eto
Elizabeth Alexandra Ghali*
Donna Jean Helgeson
Jhe-Ying Huang
Zhongli Jiang*
Sangeetha Lourdes Kelly*
Min Jung Kim
Hsiu-Wen Lin
Widyasari Listyowulan
Jon Charles McDaniel
Julie Anne Michaelson
Trisha Tatum Morillo*
Marina Greene Murao
Nikkolas James Nelson
Shih-Ting Tu*
Kimberly Ann VanNice
Fang-yin Yeh
Darcie L. Callahan*
Andrea Nichole Clark*
Brian P. Cole
Sonia R. Cote*
Samuel Loren Deutch
Kevin L. Fall
Victoria Elena Frehe*
Amanda Kay Gatewood*
Mary Eleanor Givens*
Erin L. Hagemann
Amanda T. Hearst*
Angela Noel Hedrick
Charuta Ravindra Kelkar*
Quoc My Le
Michael Paul Lemon
Michelle Christine Moeder
Lori Jean Morel*
Amanda R. Petrik
Priyanka Sanjay Raut
Jessica Megan Rawlings
Michael David Seely
Eric P. Shult
Hee-Yeoun Son*
Barbara Merle Wells
Laura Marie Allen
Chad Benjamin Askew*
Elizabeth Hays Askren*
Myles R. Bacon*
Angela L. Badger*
John Tyler Baker
Russell Phillip Baldwin Jr.
Greggory Tomas Barnes*
Moatasim Asaad Hussain Barri*
Krista Diane Beckley*
Ree Ann Belhumeur
Sarah Christine Belohlavy*
Ricky Anthony Boedeker
Whitney Leigh Boyd*
Lisa Marie Braun*
Eric Warren Brinkman
Margaret Diane Brown*
Kathy Degan Bryant*
Lindsey Elizabeth Burch
Katherine Elizabeth Burton*
Kathryn Ann-Marie Capps*
Shawn E. Carpenter
Jennifer A. Case*
Chelsea Lynn Cassell*
Mariza Chavez
Kellie Danielle Chesire
Samuel Youn-Myoung Choo
Brooke LeAnn Claypool*
Christi Anna Clayton
Emily Frances Cleary
Stacy Elizabeth Cohen
Erin Elizabeth-Ann Collins
Julia Kay Cordes
Christina Leigh Courtney
Robin S. Crim*
Laurie Ann Diaz*
Pamela Sue Dixson
Brian Joseph Dolezal*
Courtney Leslie Domoney*
Sara Suzanne Doolin*
Matthew John Drake
Melinda Dawn Duell*
Ivette Dunaway*
Ryan David Dunham*
Rebecca Lindsey Durkalski
Gayla Lynn Dykes
Carly Michelle Eastling
Tessa Camile Elder*
Ryan Scott Ellett*
Christina Joy Evenson
Douglas Charles Faltermeier
Jennifer Anne Fimmen*
Michael Banks Floodman
Traci Lynn Flores*
Edward Bruce Fox
Sara Elizabeth Fox*
Jean Leslie Frankel*
Rachel Frances Franks*
Anny Cecilia Fung
Aida Alejandra Garcia
Kristine Deann Gaul*
Stefani Nicole Gerson
Jessica Dawn Gibbons
Jillian Marie Glavinich
Sara Beth Goetz*
Margaret Jane Goodison*
Amanda R. Gosney*
Cynthia Denise Greene
Leslie Diane Grewing
William Eugene Grifth*
Lindsay Marie Groh
Carol Evelyn Habluetzel*
Mark Anthony Haley*
Lindsey Louise Hannah
Lora Whitney Hardesty
Tifany Perez Harkins*
Lori Ann Harmon*
Kevin Laron Harrell*
Crystal Joelle Harris
Stephanie Jane Harris*
David Tate Hastings*
Lacy Nicole Hatfeld
Paola S. Hatton Negron*
Julie E. Hayes
Laura Nichole Hayes
Shane A. Hecox*
Leah Jene Heinauer*
Lisa Ann Heinemann*
Jennifer Leigh Henderson*
Bradley Joseph Henry
Kimerlee Ann Hess
Stephenie Ann Higgs
Matthew Philip Hillmer
Hilary Anne Holland
Mary Elizabeth Holt*
Randall Clark Holt*
Joo Young Hong
Trista Marie Hostin*
Melissa Ann Hughes
Aimee Christine James
Jessica Violet Jandl
Emily Marie Johnson*
Melissa Ann Johnson*
Miranda Leigh Joy*
Sherri Lynne Kane*
Mirta Romelia Kelley*
Polinda Keo*
AeSook Kim
Chin Sun Kim
MiHyoung Kim
Yunseob Kim*
Tricia Nicole King
Amy Louise Klein
Emily Klein
Rebecca Anne Knowles*
Ashley Renee Kockler
Megan Marie Koerperich*
Matthew Russell Koskela*
Heather Marie Krejci*
Kelli Dean Kurle*
Jacob Jefrey Larsen
Jessica Marie Rodriguez Larsen
Jennifer Kellie Laycock*
Kassie M. Liebsch*
Patricia Ann Lieneke
Charlene Jeanette Littlefeld*
Tzu-chi Liu
Karla Ivonne Loya-Suarez*
Elizabeth Mary Ludwig*
Julie Lueger
Katherine Marie Lyddon
Nathaniel Paul Macon*
Jannette Madlock*
Lisa Barrett Mann
Sarah Elizabeth Marlow
Terresa Anne Martinez*
Kristin Linn McAninch*
Amelia Erin McConnell
Joanne Kathleen McDowell*
Ashley Brooke McKinney*
Katherine Conner McMillen*
Jan Marie Meyer*
Kristi Lyn Meyer*
Megan Elizabeth Mincher
Meredith Elaine Misch*
Jefrey Lyle Morgan
Johanna McCoy Morrill*
Mary Jane Mullen
Tracy Ellen Murray*
Kyndra June Myers*
Brooke Louise Nash
Kurt Richard Nichols*
Kristin Marie Niehus*
Alison Ruth Nudelman Gurwin*
Timothy Alan Nussbaum*
David Orozco Ochoa*
Melissa Sue Operle
Nancy Joy Orenstein*
Virginia Kristi Ortiz-Ramos*
Katherine Elaine Owens*
Hillary Anne Palcher*
Jaime Francine Patt*
Rita Rufe Pavicic*
David James Pedersen*
Julie Ann Pellman*
Ben Amel Peters
Sarah Anne Pfeifer*
Betsy Gayle Pipkin*
Karolien Pittoors*
Nicole Marie Price*
Lauren Michelle Priest*
Kati Lynn Purmort*
Karen Susanne Pyron
Megan Elizabeth Randall
Ana Carolina Rankin
Janell Sue Rhodes
Brae Nicole Richards*
Gary D. Richmond II*
Keely Diane Rincon*
Elizabeth Ana Rivera*
Laura C. Roling*
Scott William Rosborough
Jordan Summer Rose*
Jenifer Ann Rovel*
Breanne Farrell Salzman*
Rebecca E. Schaller
Sarah Helen Scheuch
Philip John Schmidt*
Susan Elaine Schuckman*
Hyun Min Seo*
Justin Ryan Shobe*
Aaron C. Siebert*
Kristen Noelle Sigmund*
Erin Viola Slagle
Tara Erin Southwick*
Mary Jo Spreitzer*
Tifany Erin Spriggs
Heather Marie Stajduhar*
Michael Bradley Stambaugh
Dana Leah Steinwart*
Nichole Rene Stenbak
Lori Michelle Stithem
Gina Rose Stokesberry*
Linda Mary Strieby*
Jonathan Robert Stuart*
Elexis Shay Summers
Steven Michael Sweat
Joel Edward Sweeney
Bethany Jane Taylor*
Jennifer Leigh Tompson*
Amanda Lee Torbett*
Matthew Howard Tribble*
Ching-lun Tsai*
Natasha Colleen VanDyke
Tammy Lynn Waddell*
Aimee Jeanette Wallace*
Tammy S. Walls*
Jessica Lavon Ward
Brandon W. White
William M. Whittemore IV
Jennifer Lee Wilk*
Laura Renee Wolowicz*
Loralea Yvonne Wood*
Kalli Lynn Worsing*
Lanecia Maria Wright*
Christopher Dean Wyant*
Lauren Michelle Yager*
Kali Ann Yount
Jennifer Anne Ziskal
Jenifer Arin Zurovsky*
School Psychology
Erin Michele Bennett
Jessica Lyn Carrico*
Karen R. Foss*
Gretchen M. Hoey*
Melanie Kay Parker*
Jennifer M. Raad*
Charity Lynn Zeigler*
Steven Joseph Bellis*
Darren Alan Dennis
Nii Sai Doku*
Arminda Maria McCallum
Terry Ann Murphy
Beryl Ann New*
Randy Eugene Oliver Jr.
Michael Jon Reik*
Mindy Kay Salmans*
Steven Tomas Shelton*
Counseling Psychology
Kristen Noel Bast
Margaret Elizabeth Burns*
Tracy J. Cohn*
Lindsey Anne Hammond*
Robyn A. McKay
Melanie Sue Noble
Amalia Marie Tompson*
Jerri Louise Turner*
Randall Ray Cloud*
John Leo Comerford*
Mark Anthony Crummey*
Sharon Paige Illum*
Donald W. Kellogg*
JoLanna Irena Kord
Susan Anderson Leonard*
Sylvia Lorraine Mendez Martinez*
Terry O. McEwen
Timothy A. Mirtz*
Petunia Marchioness Monchusie
Steven Lloyd Nilhas*
Nancy Nygard Pilon
Jean Marie Redeker
Michael Ray Slagle*
Cheng-Hsiang Wu*
Hui-Chi Yang
Education/Curriculum and
Sulaiman A. Alnujaidi
Marcia Jean Dvorak*
Jason L. Endacott*
Mao-Sheng Hung
Maritza Machado-Williams*
Linda Louise Merillat
Andrew V. Moshirnia
Brenna Colleen O’Brien*
Satha Phongsatha
Tanawan Phongsatha*
Carla Helen Sabus*
Chan K. Tung*
Anita Gale Welch*
Hui Yao
Education/Educational Psychol-
ogy and Research
Saleh Alwan Alshumrani*
Angela Joyce Kinney Murray
Amanda Annetta Wolkowitz
Shu Chin Yen
Education/School Psychology
Michelle Renee Colvin*
Teresa Rene Jamison*
Susan Unruh*
Education/Special Education
Betty Ann Amos
Cynthia Rebecca Chambers*
Virginia Holmes Cook
Anna Christine Friend*
Diana Lynn Greer*
Deokhyo Kim
Gwiok Kim
Youngsun Lee*
Sheila Marie Smith
Kylie Brianne Stewart*
Kai-Chien Tien
Nikki Lea Wolf
Nina Isabel Zuna*
*Degrees granted since May 20,
Christopher Scott Albrecht
Jefrey Carl Anderson*
Benjamin Andrews*
Adam Joseph Argetsinger*
David Michael Arndt
Emily Inge Bailey
Nicholas Rigby Barnes
Catherine Elizabeth Battle*
Amanda Leigh Bearly*
Whitney J. Beaver
Justin Steven Belozer
Dane Michael Berger*
Chad Edward Bergman*
Raymond Allen Berrens
David Shawn Biller*
James Patrick Boland*
Frederick Nicholas Bosilevac III*
Katherine I. Boyd
Mitchell Craf Bradbury
Sandra Kaye Bremerman
Tanya Nicole Brewster
Morgan Rene Brickley*
T’Lane Balue Briggeman
Dane Marshall Broadie*
Ashley Marie Broockerd*
Matthew Paul Buckley
Jessica Alayne Burt
Sarah Elizabeth Callan
Martin H. Chan*
Ryan J. Channell*
Weiyi Chen
Brittany Noel Claassen*
Ashley Kay Clark
Casey Allene Cole
Sarah E. Conklin*
Nicholas Ward Cramer
Keane E. Crowder
Laura B. Crowe
Alex James Dack
Jennifer Jo Decker*
Jenna Leigh Deines*
Michael Scott Dolly*
Kara L. Drzycimski
Ruslan Tarasovich Dunduchenko
Julia Christine Dusch
Wen Fei Easton*
Mindy Ann Edgar*
Lauren Elizabeth Egnatic*
Kimberly L. Elliott*
Matthew Aaron Ellsworth
Daniel Roy Fagan
Tomas Joel Fevold
Anna Marie Finney
Alan T. Fogleman
Lauren Ann Ford
Tomas C. French*
Janice Lynn Fung*
Ryan Nicolas Gegen
Keith Mitchell Gersh
Anna Elizabeth Gillispie
Leslie Anne Gillispie
Darcie Elizabeth Glenn
Curtis Brock Glessner*
John Michael Gordon
Gregory Kirk Green*
Jun Guo
Jennifer Lynn Halastik*
Garrett Tyler Hamm
Karen J. Hammond
Jessica Ashley Harvey
Magen Ranae Hawkinson
Jennifer Ashley Haynes*
Jefrey Tomas Hill
Emily Jolene Hofman*
Michael Andrew Holcomb
Geum Hong•
Ji Hong*
Amanda Marie Houghton*
Melanie J. Hull
Grant McGowin Humphries*
Ashley R. Hutchison*
Israel F. Interiano
Daniel Martin Jensen*
Rama Patrick John
Dustin Tomas Johnson
Nathan Daniel Johnson
John Ryan Jordan*
Daniel Lee Kanatzar
J. Tyler Kemp*
Sara Brooke Kendall*
David Andrew Kitchens
Ying-Fen Ko
Jason Gregory-Blansit Kolich
Michael Kosier Krattli*
Ryan M. Ku*
Kristen Faye Kuhn*
Patrick Leuty Lafoon
Sin Yi Lam
Brian Lang*
Kevin Tomas Leggio*
Kuo-Lin Lien
Leah Jeanne Lindelow
Scott Christopher Linz
Eleanor G. Lloyd*
Melissa N. Luiso
Nicholas Graham Maese
Manuel Johannes Maier
Lance Howard Mall*
Cameron Kirk Manuel*
Katherine Marie Marsh
Kelly Elizabeth Martens*
Leah Jane Massey*
Sandra L. Mayle*
Kevin Patrick McCaferty
Scott Michael McCafrey*
Sean Patrick McDonald
Jason W. McGlynn
Erin Leigh McHenry
Ryan Eugene McNabb*
Joseph William Meier
Joseph Merritt Melton
Benjamin Donald Miller
Chelsea Lynn Miller*
Gregory Michael Miller*
Jeremy Russell Keegan Miller*
Lauren M. Miller
Kevin Lee Milner Jr.
Tomas Scott Mitchell*
John T. Molner
Jason Konrade Moore
Lindsey D. Moore
Joseph Patrick Moran*
Jenna Marie Morris*
Ashley Nichole Moyer*
John Robert Mullen*
Shilpa Nagarajan
Warren John Newcomer*
Dara M. Norwood
Lindsey A. O’Brien
Kevin James O’Connor
James Walter Oberwortmann
Pamela Sue Old*
Jefrey Michael Oligschlaeger
Darin Anthony Olivarez
Courtney Nicole Oliver
Grant Conley Pate
Ankur Kishorkumar Patel
Aaron Greg Payne
Jennifer Ann Pecis
Samantha Nicole Peterson
Christopher Lynn Petitjean
Kyle Alan Pine*
Michelle C. Pitts*
Anne Marie Podany
Matthew David Poe
Ross Anderson Prestia
Joshua Caleb Preut
Ryan Dean Rabe
Bryce W. Rea
Anthony Tomas Ribaudo
Katherine Lynn Roesslein*
Marcus Luis Roque
Bret Ryan*
Dewi Sartika
Timothy Patrick Schaefer
Joshua A. Schepers*
Teresa Anne Schramka
Kelly Ann Schroeder
Diana Lee Schwien
Tomohiro Shimizu
Iva Sime
Anne Kennedy Simmons
Jacqueline Marie Smiley
John Robertson Spangler
Matthew L. Spencer
Ryan W. Staub
Margaret Lytle Stewart
Julie Marie Strick
Christopher Boyd Swain
Tara Beth Sweany*
Patrick W. Sweet*
Kelsey A. Taylor*
Brian Grant Teefey
James Micah Tomas*
John Craig Tonkin*
John Joseph Turek*
Zachary Louis Turner*
Amy Catherine Waage
Max J. Wasserstrom
Aaron R. Weaver*
Michael J. Weber
Kristen K. Wehkamp
Anita Winifred White
Mark D. Whittemore
Kar Woo*
Spencer R. Wynant
Brian M. Zech*
Sarah Ashley Zurovsky
Accounting & Business
Morgan Elizabeth Laible*
Blake Stephen Luecke*
Rachel Katherine Miles
Kwan Ngai*
Matthew Tomas Schippers
Brent David Stuva
Ginger Diane Williams
Laura J. Wurtz*
Business Administration
Maged Khamis Albilbissi*
Jason Matthew Bentley
Jaime Bolton*
Christopher Dvorak*
Edward Stephens Carroll*
Jason Andrew Flohrs
Charles Donnel Gordon
Sarah Elizabeth Hanney*
Matthew High*
Patrick Daniel Huse*
Keyarash Jahanian*
Andrew Praveen James*
Satwinderjit Kaur
Denis Keizuke Kawata Nagaoka*
Bronson Ko*
Kristie Lamb*
David Preston Lawson
Jon Londeen*
Grant R. Long
Michael Joseph Martin*
Jared Matthew Maslak*
Laura McMurray*
Andrew Joseph Neid
Carissa Marie Wesemann Peebles*
Michael J. Restaino
Marie Loretta Riley*
Kimberly Pearl Rosen*
Kelly Ruddell*
Jared Tyler Silsby
David Clayton Stern*
Elizabeth Emma Stopsky
Micah Benjamin Swade*
Michael Ryan Turner*
Cody Taylor Vliet
Brian Votava*
Eric Andrew Wieberg
Andrew James Wing*
Sarah Marie Ables*
Michael David Adkins
Hall A. Alexander*
Eric Alan Anderson
Rasim Aroglu
Adam David Barnhard
FREE transportation provided by UPS to and
from work for the Lenexa Twilight Shift.
Part-Time Package Handlers
• $8.50/hr with increases of 50¢ after
90 days & 50¢ at one year
• Medical/Dental/Vision/Life & 401K
• Weekly paycheck
• Weekends & holidays off
• Paid vacations
UPS Lenexa Facility
Night Shift • 11pm-3:30am
Preload Shift • 3:30am-8:30am
Day Shift • 10:30am-3:30pm
Twilight Shift • 4:30pm-9pm
Apply online at: www.upsjobs.com
For more information, call: 913-541-2727
Transportation provided only on select shift(s).
Earn and Learn
Program guidelines apply. UPS is an equal opportunity employer.
Get up to
$15,000* in
College Education
Come for the job,
stay for the career.
graduation guide 11 thursday, may 8, 2008
Luke M. Bartak*
Ilex C. Baxter
Amanda Leigh Bearly*
Mark Russell Becker
Justin Steven Belozer
Sarah Page Bennie
Matthew Joseph Berberich
Dane Michael Berger*
Tyler Reece Billington*
Jessica K. Bitler
Charles Faust Black*
Emily Rose Blume
Bradley A. Boeshaar
Katherine I. Boyd
Buck Allen Bradley
William Gerald Briggs
Kevin Tompson Brown
Matt C. Brunner
Brandon Lamont Buchanan*
Kevin Vincent Burrell
Sarah L. Byrne
Bria Renee Carrier
Caleb Michael Cauthon
Hon Teng Chan
Andrew Philip Charlton
Christine Susan Christopher*
Jill Christine Christopher
Robert Joseph Clancey*
Tait D. Coates
Juan Coka*
Peter T. Curzon
Michael. Vincent D’Agostino
Megan Elizabeth Davis*
Nathan W. Davis
Ryan Joseph Denon*
Amanda L. Diercks*
Mitchell Allen Evans
Scott Elliot Fagan
Amy Nicole Farrow
Anna Marie Finney
Jason Andrew Flohrs
Todd Alfred Foster
Bradford Steven Framke*
Gregory Kirk Green*
Ashley N. Grosserhode
Yelena Grushanskaya
Bryan Kenneth Haeusser
Joseph E. Hall
Daniel James Hames
Ryan Christopher Hanley*
John Mark Hannah
Christopher L. Harber
Nathan Aaron Hardesty*
Katie Elizabeth Hennier
Abby Layne Hess*
Jefrey Tomas Hill
Christopher Joseph Hoge*
Charlie Ryan House
Grant McGowin Humphries*
Brian Tyler Huntington
Ashley Dawn Inciardi*
Ryan Robert Ingle
Andrew Praveen James*
Alexander Kenneth Johnson
Nathan Daniel Johnson
William Tyler Johnson*
Matthew E. Kadel
Matthew Christopher Keeney
Whitney F. Kelce
Gilbert Jackson Keller II
Rhodes Alan Kelley
Christopher A. Kelliher
Carleton Tyler Kelly
J. Tyler Kemp*
Leslie Anne Kirkpatrick
Jefrey Charles Konrath*
Kristen Faye Kuhn*
Justin Ross Ladden*
Danielle S. Lauber*
Teodore Daniel Leeland*
Kevin Tomas Leggio*
Jason Michael Lewis
Jakub Czeslaw Lichwa
Alexander Michael Lindsey
Luiza Gimenes Loureiro*
Melissa N. Luiso
William Brian Macpherson
Nicholas Graham Maese
Scott Isaac Martin
Jared Matthew Maslak*
Justin Lee McAuley*
John David McCollum*
Janae L. McKee
Jonathan D. Milkovich
Benjamin Donald Miller
Geofrey Michael Miller*
Daniel Emmerson Millsap
Kevin Lee Milner Jr.
Lisa M. Minnis*
Jerrod Michael Mitchell
Marc S. Mixon*
John T. Molner
Chantal Dominique Montrone
Garrett P. Moore*
Jill Cragan Morgenstern*
Chad Tomas Morley
Shilpa Nagarajan
Dejon Raquel Neugebauer*
Heather Mary Nichols
David James Nickloy*
Tara L. O’Brien
Corey A. O’Neal
Ugochukwu Nnabuguwu
Jefrey Michael Oligschlaeger
Michael Nicholas Olson
Rebecca A. Olson
Ifeoluwa Samuel Omoniyi
Matthew Austin Owings*
Kevin Lawrence Padawer
Joshua Ryan Pannella
Aaron Greg Payne
Kyle Daniel Perez*
Chance L. Pierce
Dylan Joseph Psotka*
Ryan Dean Rabe
Robert John Ralston
John Michael Reber
Dustin Brent Redger
William Garrett Richmond*
Mark David Robinson
Stephen Michael Rutledge
Galo Arturo Salcedo*
Christopher J. Saule
Scott Henry Schoenfeld
Devin Karl Schuster*
Garrett Lee Schwede
Brian Stephen Segebrecht*
Matthew Lynn Selzer*
Brian Piller Seymour*
Ali Syed Shakil
Brett W. Sills
Anne Kennedy Simmons
Anish Singh
Kayle Alan Slattery
Kirk Christopher Smith
John Robertson Spangler
Matthew L. Spencer
Brittney Joann Stapel
Nathan Daniel Steward*
Susan Jolene Strickert
Marina Sulastri
Grady Goodvin Sullivan
James Ernest Sumaya
Patrick W. Sweet*
William Michael Talbott*
Laura Christine Ternes
Timothy Joseph Tedinger
Lucas James Tompson
John Craig Tonkin*
Amanda Jean Tuck*
Michael Ryan Turner*
Stefan Wayne Vogler
Dustin Dean Volz*
Brian Votava*
Ryan Jefrey Wagner
Valerie Nicole Wahbeh
Drew Ryan Waldron
Max J. Wasserstrom
Matthew John Weber
Michael J. Weber
Kristen K. Wehkamp
David Patrick Wise
Bilson Ying Zhang
Information Systems
Matthew Joseph Berberich
Jessica Marie Britt
Adrian Tyrone Davis
Michael James Eamigh*
Matthew Richard Fallucca
Mark A. Filipi
Rishabh Gupta*
Brandon Joseph Lutz*
Corey A. O’Neal
Mathew Tomas Owens
Grant Conley Pate
Tara Beth Sweany*
Christopher Allan Swindle
Sin Hwee Tan
John Joseph Turek*
Darrell A. Walker
Brian Scott Wendt
Brooke Ashley Westfall*
Dustin E. Alkire
Tomas Scott Beeler
Scott Alan Bennett
Jason Matthew Bentley
Mariana Elizabeth Boettner
Christopher Wade Brenneman
Brian J. Carmitcheal
John Connor Castellano
Antonio Elyazib Chacon
Aaron Blake Cheney*
James Ross Conley
Courtney Michele Conway
Jessica Elizabeth Cornwell
Tychicus Brett Cowdin
Jefrey W. Daniels
Hannah Leigh Gafney*
Travis Nguyen Haugh
Ashley Renee Hefner
Nelson Robert Henry
Jaci Leigh Hiatt
Ashley M. Hughes
Daniel Lee Kanatzar
Satwinderjit Kaur
Zachary Tomas Keil
William Robert Kemple*
Kyle Garrett Kidwell
Sarah Marie Kierl*
Nicole Lynn Kowalewski
Gregory Edward Laketek*
Matthew Ross Lane
Cristina Marie Lang*
Manuel Johannes Maier
Tyler Joe Maniez
Justin J. Martinek
John Cameron McMillan*
Beth M. Meis
Leslie Anne Miller
Jesse Lee Morrison
Emily Kate Mueller*
Dejon Raquel Neugebauer*
Michael Alan Peterson
Mary Peyton Prospere
Robert H. Read*
Mariah E. Richardson*
Jessica Jin-hee Rieper*
Robert Francis Rossiter III
Sarah Kathleen Ruane
Lillie K. Sanchez
Dewi Sartika
Nicole M. Sather
Kathleen Marie Schaller
Amanda Michelle Schlup*
Nicole Leann Schmidt
Andrew Evan Segraves
Garrett Senestraro
Branden Tracey Shepherd*
Adekunbi Ayinke Sijuwade*
Jennifer Ann Simmons*
Tyler J. Soldan*
Ryan Davis Stewart*
Kelly R. Taylor
Neal Allen Tyson*
Ashley Suzzanne Unruh
Haoqing Wang-Ullmann
John Bogue Allman
Tifany Ann Anderson
Adam Joseph Argetsinger*
Timothy Jon Baker*
Emily Catherine Bannwarth
Amanda B. Baumgart*
Anthony Paul Bernardi*
Benjamin Joseph Blake
Hillary Breanne Bleeker
Bradley A. Boeshaar
Amy E. Borovetz
Kailee A. Bowers
Lori Beth Bowling
William Reed Brauer
Scott Charles Braun*
Joseph Gordon Broom*
Andrew Joseph Brown
Sarah E. Brown
Kevin Vincent Burrell
Michael S. Carlson
John Connor Castellano
Sarah Karigan Clark*
Troy Joseph Cowan
Joshua Stewart Cropper
Gerad William Curry*
Dustin Tomas Curzon
Jennifer Lynne Doerr
Samantha Jane Dokken
Lindsey Elizabeth Eagle
Stephanie Marie Evangelist
Scott William Fancher Jr.*
Stephanie Lynn Ferguson
Kristen Leigh Fitzpatrick
Ragan Danielle Foreman
Richard Maxwell Fursetzer*
Jacqueline Renee Garon
Heather LeAnne Gentry
Sarah E. Goldstein
Andrew Maxwell Greene*
Luke R. Gunter*
Krystin Renee Harris
Ashley Renee Hefner
Kristin Marie Heitz
Ryan Lee Horsley
Kristin L. Howard
Bradley Ross Ingber
Jason Michael Jaworski
Dale Stephen Jones
Denis Keizuke Kawata Nagaoka*
Ashley Elizabeth Kramer*
Allison Christine Lathrop*
Danielle S. Lauber*
Laura Marie Lemon
Whitney Leigh Malancuk
Andrew Ryan Maronek*
Ryan Eugene McNabb*
Todd Ryan Middleton
Jerrod Michael Mitchell
Jill Cragan Morgenstern*
Jesse Lee Morrison
Krystal Brooke Nabity
Jefrey Robert Nachbar*
Lauren Kristine Neufeld
Julie Marie Niggle
Joseph Steven Palcher
Kent A. Pearce
Tomas Kuo Chan Peng
Charles Justin Quattrochi
Lisa Christine Randel
Laurel Alexandra Richter*
Lindsey Heiden Ringham
Kimberly Pearl Rosen*
Kara Elaine Rowden*
Sarah Kathleen Ruane
Nicholas Ryan Saunders
Justin Schifner*
Jonathan David Schmidtlein
Leslie Marie Schmille
Michael Blake Schoenhals*
Meredith Jayne Seibel
Maggie Marie Shehan
Charles Lawrence Sinks
Benjamin Aaron Sokolsky
Jefrey A. Sollo
Julie Marie Strick
Laura E. Sutton
William Michael Talbott*
Patricia Earhart Tindall
Elliott A. Waxman
Alicia Ann Waymaster*
Bryan William Weber
Sarah Ann Wilson
Jennifer Christine Wolford
Jennifer Lynn Wolter
Tyler Bruce Yeakel
Kevin S. Berman
Mark A. Brittain
Keena LaShawndra Burris-Powell*
Weng Hong Chan*
Stephanie K Chenoweth*
Andrew George Coleman*
Julie Christine Damore*
Allison Jean Dietrich*
Christopher Michael Dilley*
Matthew Brian Dupy
Bryce J. Edgar
Carlene R. Ellison
Alexandra Noelle Fitzke
Rachel Leigh Fowler*
Tomas C. French
Kyle J. Gates
Alexandra Gluhovsky
Bradley Robert Harrop
Justin Tracy Keller*
Todd Michael Kitchens
Morgan Elizabeth Laible
Richard Ess Littrell
Ke Liu
Blake Stephen Luecke
John Henry Mahoney
Cameron Kirk Manuel
Kelly Elizabeth Martens
Cara Kristin McPeak*
Jennifer L. Meadows
Heather N. Meyer*
Edwin Tomas Mitchell*
Jennifer Ann Mitchum
Warren John Newcomer
Kwan Ngai
Tammy Nguyen Ngo
Paul Iskandar Nurhadi
Hyung Keun Mark Park*
Tobias J. Paulie*
Olivia Jayne Pfannenstiel*
April Pinon
Michelle C. Pitts
Katherine Lynn Roesslein
Stefany Lynn Samp*
Erin Doretta Schaiberger
Fatima Sediqzad
Jefrey Alan Smith*
Jennifer C. Smith*
Joshua Dryden Smith
McClain Southwell*
Aaron Lynn St. Clair*
Tracy Ann Tankard
Matthew Benjamin Terrill*
Kara Christina Tompson
Richard John Tompson
Austin Lee Walker*
Scott Christopher Weber
James Robert Whitchurch
Daniel James White*
Kyle Austin Wright*
Lauren Marie Williams*
Jared Jonathan Wollen*
Aniket Jaywantrao Adnaik*
Robert Jonathan Agee
Alberto Agostinacchio*
Sarah Alderson
Brian David Almond
John David Arthur
David Charles Attardi*
Renee Danielle Augustine*
Alberto Ballotta*
Rajesh Bangalore*
Steven Baru*
David James Bell
Gregory Todd Benard
Chiara Benetazzo*
Shay Laverne Bernard*
Mark Randall Best
Krishnakumar K. Bhaskarankutty
Kathleen Emily Boncella*
Ryan K. Boomsma*
Luca Bortoletto*
Joseph M. Bristow*
Christopher Tomas Campbell*
Jason Allen Carman*
Mark Allen Caron*
Brian E. Casaletto
Heath Wesley Casey*
Ken Chang
Manish Chowdhury*
Courtney Anne Cleaver*
Ryan Scott Colerick
Matthew C. Cook
Ashley Mariah Crouch
Jesse Patrick Daly
Lori A. Dolinger*
Patrick Tarsitano Drake*
Erin Lea Easum
Regan Paul Ervin*
Alessandro Favretti*
Julie Kristin Fitzpatrick*
James Taylor Ford
Curt Christian Freyhofer
Kathryn E. Frieze
Estaban Donato Garita
Mauro Vachel Giufrida*
Clinton Don Glidewell
Colleen Denise Goldblatt
Bruce Howard Goldstein*
Jody Linn Gosch
Melissa Miller Grzymala-Busse*
Richard Martin Halse
Steven E. Ham
John Hilton Hamilton
Barbara Kathleen Harsch*
Jefery James Havelka*
Michael David Heinley*
Amy Lee Hill
Matthew Duncan Holman
Jonathan Daved Horne
Megan Rose Hoss
Cory J. House*
Andrew Hsu*
Hung-Chieh Huang*
David Kelly Inman
James Kelly Jones*
David Michael Kagie*
Bhaskar Kalla*
Izabela Kazimirska*
Ryan G. Kell
Brian W. Kihm
Bruce Matthew King
Appachu Nanaiah Kodira
Andrew Toong-Choy Kwan*
Carlo Largajolli*
Benny Wayne Late*
Meng-feng Lee*
Stephen Wayne Lewis*
Melonie Lynn Loeb*
Matthew A. Lunde
Katie Aileen Macfee
Matthew James Majerle
Jef Earl Manwarren
Marla Suzanne Mayberry
Luca Mazzier*
Matthew C. McClasky
William Craig McKim*
Raphaelle Mellini*
Nageshkumar Narayanaswamy
Michelle Ann Nelson*
Micholas Gilbert Nitsche*
Alison Elizabeth Norton*
David Alexander Olschki*
Erik Jennings Ostgulen*
Daniel Wade Ott*
Raymond Kent Pallanich*
Jayson Parker*
Rekha Patnaik*
Josh Steven Pauly
Anitra N. Pavka*
Andrea Pederiva*
Ryan J. Peschka
Mark M. Petersen
Tifany Nicole Pierce
Michelle Celine Polich
Darren James Radke*
Shobana Rajasekaran*
Dinesh Ramanathan*
Jason Craig Reeves*
Paul Rindler*
David Lloyd Roddy
Eric Robert Rosenfeld
Adam Michael Ross
Kevin Michael Ross
Nitin Sanghi*
David Joseph Sanguinetti*
Eugene Lvovich Shoykhet
Eric Alexander Shumaker
Stratton Taylor Sigler*
Flavia Concetta Silvestri*
Zexi Jesse Song
Christina Marie Spires
Natalya G. Steinke*
Gregg L. Sterner
Cory James Stricklin
Derek Robert Swords*
William Daniel Taber
Christian Tamantini*
Nicholas Alexander Terhune
Andrea Torcelli*
Shruthisagar Reddy Tupalli
Loyola O. Ukpokodu
James Collin Vaglio
Marcella Vasconcellos
Giulietta Versiglia*
Robert Petargue Viloria
Ricky L. Vittitow Jr.*
Ryan N. Von Bevern
James Edward Vreeland*
Adaryl Lamont Wakefeld
Kai Wang*
Stephanie Rae Whitcher*
William H. White Jr.
Ashley Marie Whitson*
Eric John Wiedemann*
John Patrick Wilson*
Robin Winslett
Cheng-fu Wu
Jennifer L. Bearden
Michael Brunnquell*
Karla Frances-Hassan Goetz
Dane B. Hanson
Ranting Yao
Esma Nur Cinicioglu
Chan Li*
Xin Liang*
Hilla Maaria Rantala
Ying Jenny Zhang*
*Degrees granted since May 20,
News and Information
Lisa Elaine Allen
Scott Joel Anderson*
Whitney Paige Bachamp
Andrew Simpson Baker*
Peyton Rene Baldwin
Katherine Louise Blair*
Rachel A. Bock
Jefrey P. Briscoe
Travis Jennings Brown
Joseph Phillip Caponio*
Samuel Robert Carlson*
Seongbae Cheon
Kelly Mikala Cochran
Julia dos Santos Melim Coelho
Jennifer Renee Denny*
Danae Michelle DeShazer
Jefrey G. Deters
Gary Edward Duda*
Jared Adam Duncan
Laura Christine Evers*
Courtney Wayne Farr*
Jessie Lonsdale Fetterling
Elis Regina Ford*
Matthew Royce Foster
Amelia Marie Freidline
Nathan A. Gill
Matthew Grant Goble
Jefery Kyle Gray
Andrew Lee Gryszowka
Tyler Anthony Harbert*
Sarah Beth Hart
Megan Nicole Hefey*
Courtney Suzanne Johnston
Eric S. Jorgensen*
Marla R. Keown
Ashlee A. Kieler
Samuel Cyrus Knowlton*
Alexandra E. Kohake
Laurel R. Kupka*
Brian D. Lewis-Jones
Matthew Earl Lindberg
Katherine Anita Loeck
William Richard McCullough
Trevan Andrew McGee*
Bradley Duncan Mertel*
Taylor Cole Miller
Gail Ellen Mirostaw*
The KU School of Business
congratulates the Class of 2008!
Take the next step to jump-start your career.
All MBA degrees are not created equal. In today’s marketplace,
employers demand more from graduates than ever before. The
KU MBA program is designed to exceed employers needs, and
provide the experience you need to jump-start a successful career.
For information on our full-time and evening MBA programs,
visit www.business.ku.edu.
Cell Biology
What is your favorite memory while being at KU?
“Microburst day was the best day; they canceled school and we
got to walk around and look at all the trees and damage.”
What are your plans after you graduate?
“I am looking forward to medical school, because that’s going
to be cool. I look forward to being a real adult, but at the same
time, it’s kind of scary to be out there in the real world.”
James Timothy Mitchum*
Meghan M. Murphy
Jaime Paige Netzer*
Tor Reabe Nystrom
Justin D. O’Neal
Stephen Andrew Peteritas
Alex Charles Pouppirt
Stephanie Layne Quante
Jessica Leanne Reber
Melinda Ricketts
Travis L. Robinett
Erick Ryan Schmidt*
Dylan Loyall Schoonover*
Susan Catharine Schwarz
Andrew B. Sherwood*
Shawn M. Shroyer
Darla Marie Slipke
Barbara Dianne Smith
Benjamin Ryan Smith*
Erin Heather Sommer
Gina LouAnn Marie Souders
Destaney K. Sperry
Samuel Tomas Stratton
Kaitlyn Jennifer Syring
Azita Marie Tafreshi
Ashley Claire Tompson*
Jyl Alaine Unruh
Shanxi Jennifer Upsdell
Margaret Ann VanBuskirk*
Barton Dirk Vandever*
Alaide Vilchis Ibarra
Kimberly Loc Wallace
Alexander Chase Wiebel
Gretchen Bernice Wieland
Steven John Zawilinski
Strategic Communications
Katherine Louise Abrahamson
Sarah Allen*
Taylor Elizabeth Allison
Jonathan Michael Anderson
John Lawrence Arango
Sarah Elizabeth Beals
Bryce Alan Beasley
Kati J. Beller*
Gregory Jacob Blackman
Ashley Corinne Bolton*
Caitlin Elizabeth Brown
Tanner Lane Burns
Jason Douglas Carter
Robert Galvan Carter
Katie Anne Cevera
Allison Kennedy Chalfant
Alissa Marie Christensen*
Adam C. Clark*
Kelly Sue Clark
Whitney Page Clarke
Alex Evan Cohen
Tyler Wayne Cook
Janaina Melo Correa*
Justine Elizabeth Cotter
Elizabeth Finholm Cray
Blake E. Cripps
Patrick Walker Crough*
Kathryn R. Dahlmann
Kerri Lynn Davidson
Timothy John Davis*
Bailey Ann DeReus*
Rachel Lynn DeShazo
Annemarie Claire DesLauriers*
Megan Nicole Doggett
Matthew Alan Doubrava
Tyler Philip Doyle
Nicholas Lynn Drake
Stacy Hall Dvorak*
Whitney Anne Eriksen
Jessica Lyne Fankhauser*
Madison E. Ford
Dana Clare Foremsky
Emily Terese Franzenburg
Allison A. Friend
Rebecca L. Fritzel*
Hillary Jane Frost
Sara N. Glass*
Mallory Lynne Goldstein
Christopher D. Gorney
Grisell Granados Cruz*
Erin Elizabeth Gregory
Brittani Terese Hall
Amanda Leigh Hallier
Allyson Elizabeth Hamacher
Joni A. Hammer
Mallory Ann Hammersmith
Matthew Joseph Havens
Kelly Lauren Heavey
Erica Jill Heiden
Lauren Elizabeth Henson*
Megan Elizabeth Herre
Lisa Beth Hicks
Danielle Rachel Hillenbrand
Rachel Anne Hineman*
Sarah Leann Hogan
Jaime A. Hornbaker
Allison LeAnne Horton*
Whitney Ann Howell
Elijah James Hubbard
Ryan Russell Hultgren
Kelly T. Jacob
Carlie Ann Jacobsen
John Tornton Jenkins*
Kristin Carol Jernstrom
Brittani Lane Johnson
Hannah Hallie Johnson
Matthew Tomas Johnson
Reka Stubendek Justis
Whitney Elizabeth Kane
Meagan Elizabeth Karch
Jeremy A. Katz*
Matthew Jacob Katz
Lindsay Marie Kirkpatrick
Mathew Alan Kocourek
Amber Lee Kollman
Rachel J. Kraushaar
Christina Marie Kuhn
Laurel R. Kupka*
Meredith Kaye Kuzanek*
Jonathan Colbert Lane
Carrie Lynn Larkins
Meredith Catherine Larsen
Caroline Elizabeth Legler
Sarah Beth Leonard*
Steven Randall Levy
Megan Elizabeth Lewis
Lauren Elizabeth Licata
Kevin D. Lofus
Jaime McGinnis Lowry*
Rachel Elizabeth Lynch
Adam Christopher MacDonald
Nathan Matthew Markley
Bryan Creed Marriott
Brittany Jo McCall*
Mackenzie Anne McClelland
Sean Michael McClenning
Mandi Marie McCoy
Cody Eden McCullough
Jolie Marie McKay
Teresa Ann Meagher*
Ashley Elaine Menaugh*
Tovah R. Mendelsberg*
Vincent Michael Meserko
Kelly Collins Mesi
Allison Ness Milhon
Carolyn Victoria Mills*
Sarah Aly Mohsen
Meghan Michele Monarez*
Ashleigh L. Montgomery
Lynsay M. Montour
Lauren Elizabeth Moore
Jarrod S. Morgenstern
Patricia Ann Morrisey
Kelli Lynn Munsterman
Allison H. Newell
Mary Katherine Noulles
Scott David Oswalt
William Kelly Palmer
Julie Elizabeth Parisi
Curtis Charles Parker*
Riley Lynne Parker
Minh-Tu Do Pham
Katherine Elizabeth Curry Pitt
Zachary Martin Plost
Wesley David Poer*
Betsy Dee Proftt
Stephanie Frances Puddy*
Margaret Elizabeth Pugh
Kelsey Lynn Quillian
Lauren Rabinowitz
Emmy L. Ray*
Lauren Leigh Reiter
Emily Ann Rembert
Eric Steven Rholes*
Jennifer Mary Ries
Heather Marie Rifel
Holly Nicole Robbins
Emily Marie Rush
Jacqueline Leah Schafer
Brett Christana Schlaegel
Jennifer Ann Schmidt
Elizabeth Jordan Schroll
Lauren Marie Schulz
Stacy Nicole Schwind
Rachel Flori Seliger
Priyadarshani Selvan
Graham Barclay Shafer
Jennifer Erin Short
Clara Latrice Simmons
Timothy Joseph Simon
Rachel Yvonne Smith
Tifany Michelle Smith*
Hanna Elizabeth Soltys
Christina Maureen Spalding*
Bethany Anne Stanbrough
Emily I. Stawarz
Jessica Renee Stelzer
Lindsey Drew Stephenson
Rebecca Ann Sublett
Meghan B. Sullivan
Aaron Elliott Swaggerty
Scott Allen Swartz*
Anna Tabakh
Patrick Andrew Tef
Ashley Claire Tompson*
Sara Boyce Turnbull
Vanessa Lea VanEtten*
Marcela Velazquez*
Alejandro Villamar
Rebecca M. Vrabac
Dillon Michael Wallace
Kelsey Laine Walsh*
Cassandra Larain Walter
Caitlin Jane Warhurst*
Stacy Lynn Watson
Rebecca J. Watts
Elizabeth Ann Weisman*
Lauren Marissa Wells*
Sarah Ashley Weston
Bethanie Marie White
Hannah Lee Widell
John Philip Witt
Andrea M. Zarate*
Amanda Marie Zimmerschied
Teresa Lynne Clark*
Kristi Lee Covington-Baker*
Vincent L. Edwards*
Joseph Erba
Jodi Ann Holopirek*
Elizabeth R. Horsley*
Rikki Endsley Kite
Nathan C. Martin*
Anton Albert Menning*
Krista Lynne Roberts
Amelia H. Roudebush
Roberta Irene Salzman
Elizabeth Mary Trotta*
School of Architecture and Urban
*Degrees granted since May 20,
Nour J M Y A M Abdulsalam*
Eleanor L. Burke
Hugo Arnulfo Cabrera
Timothy Paul Ivy
Sean-Michael Tone Kelly
Larabeth Ann Tompson
Heather Leigh Whitten
April Oshanda Young
Michelle Susann Baker*
David Andre Charles*
Sarah N. Fitzgerald
Ryan ChenYue Ho
James Andrew Ice
Reid Aaron Mason
Nicholas Michael Morrissey*
Timothy Glenn Ostrander
Farzad Shahlari*
Asha Michele Wilbanks*
Nicholas Colin Adams*
Zachary Joseph Arndt
Brian David Ashworth II
Walter Parker Baker
Nicholas John Balsman
Megan Lynn Barnes
Ryan Craig Beebe
Sarah Terese Boedeker
Michael Patrick Brown
Anne Kathryn Bruce
Kristen Shane Buck
Jessica Katherine Buechler
Sarah Lynn Bueltmann
Kyle Andrew Bunselmeyer
Kimberly J. Bunting
Mark Patrick Cahill
Christopher R. Clark
Douglas Eric Claxton
Carole Marie Cline
Zachary Andrew Cole
Ann Michelle Compton
Justin Ross Cratty
Brian Jefrey Crawford
Lindsey Marie Dahl
Katie Marie Danner
Corey Jonathan Davis
Walker G. Douglas
Lindsey Ann Evans
Amanda Jeanne Faires
Juliana Marie Felkner
Amy Jean Francy*
Matthew Allyn Friesleben*
David Jefrey Gibbs
John Travis Gillham
Brandi Nikia Hamilton
Daniel Leonard Harding
Keturah Ann Harding
Erik Austin Heironimus
Abigail Marie Henson
Beau Philip Hewins
Marshall Scott Hilton
Andrew A. Hoef
Landon Christopher Hook
Christina J. Hoxie
Boyd Leigh Johnson
Lauren Colleen Keefer
Courtney Marie King
Jennifer Kenne Kivett
Jeremy David Krug
Kuong Hou Lai
Rey Christopher Espera Lastimosa
Brett Christopher Lawrence
Hui-Hsiang Rachel Lin*
William Cary Lockwood
Kai Sun Luk
Kristen Michelle Mack
Angela Christine Mai
Simon Mance
Brady Andrew Mark*
Matthew Charles McCammon
Emily G. Moisan
Leo Francis Mulvehill
Elizabeth Marie Noelke
Devin Matthew Norton
Timothy John Overstreet
Lindsey Nicole Piant
Kaleb Alan Quirin
Andrew J. Rider
Katie Leigh Rietz
Corey S. Russo
Paul Joseph Sanders
Leonardo D. Silva
Annie Pietrina Labruzzo Smith
Eric James Snow
John A. Tarr V
Jessie Leigh Violand
Ryan P. Walters*
Adam Craig Whitener*
Chadd Richard Woodall
Daniel J. Carey
Matthew William Coates
Belinda Doreen Crum-Cano
Efon Mandong Epanty
Blaine M. Folsom*
Phillip Dale Hood
Christina J. Hoxie
Margaret Catherine Michaelis*
Justin Anton Montgomery
Stephanie Amber Mott
Daniel Paul Nelson
Moses Nkhoma
Susan Elizabeth Paxson
Sadie A. Robb
Jonathan Peter Studtmann
Andrew J. Weisberg
Tomas Michael Worker-Brad-
*Degrees granted since May 20,
Clinical Laboratory Science
Ayesha Ahmed
Joseph Patrick Cassidy
Dana Elizabeth Dodson
Brian David Easley
Shiri Julienne Fru
Elicia L. Ginn
Cathryn Ho
Danielle Nicole King
Sherri Lee Magner
Timothy W. Meier
Denise Anne Mitchell
Johnny Duc Nguyen
Lynn K. Sander
Nicole Dionne Tomas
Kultida Varaphan
Penny V. Vongnarath
Annette Louise Edmisten
Erica Grace Kimmel*
Ashley Elizabeth Muir*
David Wayne Oman*
Health Information Management
Richelle Dawn Beckman
Whitney Susan Brosh
Rachel L. Feldman
Sarah Lynn Fortier
Abby D. Hansen
Amanda Elizabeth Jones
Gregory Emrich Jost
Erin Beth Koehler
Christine Ann Lee
Cyndi Mai
Patricia Marie Montez
Angela Renee Overman
Camie L. Quilt
Kelsi Ann Remmert
Tammy Rachelle Richardson Jr.
Emma Sunhee Rieper
Kirsten Leigh Roberts
Kellie Michelle Schmidt
Linda Kathryn Simon
Candice Nansamba Singleton
Samuel Garrett Sweeten
Emmanuel O. Uloko Jr.
Occupational Studies
Logan Paul Blackburn
Catherine Rose Bohn
Kali C. Coykendall
Amy Elizabeth Dall
Sara Elaine DeLine
Rachel Ann Feldkamp
Jenelle Marie Flippin
Alexander R. Gordon
Jodi Elizabeth Heins
Monica Marie Joshi
Kasie Danielle Knoll
Marissa Nicole Koppy
Ann Elizabeth Kottmeyer
Kirsten Linnea Larsen
Emily Ann Laub
Jennifer Suzanne Little
Erin Cathleen Martin
Kelli Lynn Martin
Megan D. Matthews
Kristen Nicole McKee
Amber Dawn Mendoza
Anastasia Rose Nuss
Lauren Michelle O’Malley
Amanda Frances Poell
Elizabeth Nicole Smith
Mallory Erin Smith
Fiorella Rossina Tazza*
Deandra Kay Wahl
Cortney Ann White
Jenny L. Wilson
Kristina Nicole Wittenborn
Respiratory Care
Hessah Ghazi Alotaiby*
Emily C. Anderson
Kendra Nicole Arbogast
Stephanie Marie Boren
Carime Lynn Favreau
Carl Ray Hinkson
Sarah Jane Howe
Marie Carmen Hyde
Helen Alaine Diane Kinzel
Hui Lin Lam
Bei Pan
Krystal LeeAnna Parker
Casey Ryan Parr
Dennis Partee Jr.
Christopher William Perry
Angela Denise Rowan*
Danielle Shira Rubin
Logan Marie Taylor
Steven Harold Volkmer
Darren Lee Weltman
Dawn Marie O’Brien*
Anna Marie Davidson
Keturah Mary Katherine Dunlap
Kelsey Lane Ediger
Allison Mary Greene
Wesli Dianne Grifth
Monica Bernadette Holderbach
Rachell Sue Huber
Rachael Ann Hudson
Shawna Leianne Loomis
Diana R. Martin
Charla Ann Nichols
Jessica S. Noble
Holly Christine Pantelleria
Kathryn Ann Parks
Trista Laine Persinger
Fabiola Pinto Reis-Henrie
Ashley Nicole Robins
Erin Louise Rothwell
Janae Nicole Stockwell
Kendra Lindsey Surritte
Fiorella Rossina Tazza
Lydia Marie Tomson
Maranda Kelly Tryon
Chanda Louise Tyler
Jenny Hsiao Chuang Wang
Jessica Ann Westerman
Misty Renee Wilson
Andy Jim Wu
dietetics and Nutrition
Heather Lynn Austin
Stephanie A. Connolly
Ashlee Victoria Cooper
Bhavana Sindhu Gottipati
Tina Marie Guerrero*
Hannah Marie Huguenin
Elizabeth Helen Kerling
Crystal Kotschwar
Rebecca Lee McConville
Shannon S. Meyer
Morgan Linn Nalder
Angela Maria Poundstone*
Lucinda Marie Powell*
Kara Megan Rohleder
Jessica Cain Todd
Donna J. Werner
Molecular Biotechnology
Kevin Jay Grantham
Nurse Anesthesia
Jennifer M. Anson
Gynae Suzanne Bantz
Ross Andrew Beavers
Jason Alan Bolyard
Cornell Yolanda Brown
Joseph Lee Brown
Jan Lauren Coons
Patrick Glenn Donnelly
Michelle Marie Duggan
Christian H. Felt
Nancy Anne Logsdon Fiscus
Tanya Griselle Jenkins
Jacquelyn Michele Kroenke
Jennifer Ann Larrick
Jessica Ann Larson
Kristi Ann-Marie Lindahl
Amanda Noelle Meinhardt
Craig L. Morris
Vinh Ti Tu Nguyen
Jill R. Swanson
Angela Christen Taylor
Bradley Joseph Young
Amanda Elizabeth von Schriltz
Occupational Therapy
Natalie Bennett Brown
Jessica Saiter Clark
William Louis Matthew III
Ashley Paige Jordan Peterson*
Rehabilitation Sciences
Rajprasad Loganathan*
Catherine Frances Hart Siengsu-
Eric Dennis Vidoni
Therapeutic Science
Kathleen Tyler Davis*
Jeannine Renee Goetz
Heidi Lee Andrew
Megan Lynn Barlett
Megan Marie Bechtold
Jill Dyan Billinger
Samantha Michelle Britton
Mark Andrew Callanan
Mary Ann Calys
Gabriel Allen Clements
Madonna Renee Cooper*
Justin Jonathan Gray
Rachel L. Halpin
Ashley Jean Herrman
Polly Katherine Holcomb
Katie Maria Holtzman
Richard Charles Kidwell
Jennifer Nicole Koch
Mark W. Kohls
Abigail Marie Kroll
Abigail Talbott Leising
John Raymond Leslie
Dorian Faye Logan
Mark David Luttrell
Haley Jo Kaup Mann*
Jennifer Nicole McCullough
Christy Jo Moormann
Caitlin Anne Mulligan
Anne Clare Neuer
Traci Kay Peterson
Elizabeth Jean Phelps
Jodi L. Soules
Lorena May Spratt
Kimberly Ann Squire
Matthew Kent Stensrud
Elizabeth Susan Suso
Danielle Renee Tripp
Megan Elizabeth Weatherly
Rebecca Johanna Wehmueller
Joseph Allen Whitesell
*Degrees granted since May 20,
Sarah Katherine Ablan
Adesiji Joseph-Michael Oloyede
Amita Motilal Aghera
Rebecca J. Bare
Janet Sue Barelli
Abby Marie Betzen
Suzanne Elizabeth Billam
Jody M. Blevins
Virginia Darlene Boos*
Mary Melinda Boren
Laiecha Tamika Bowles
Lauren Nicole Bowles
Jessica Ann Brack
Lori L. Bradish
Erica Michelle Brand
Anna Beth Breitenbach
Heather Marie Bryant
Janelle Lynn Buskirk
Nicole Yvonne Irene Charette
Tam Tanh Chieu
Christopher Travis Coddington
Linda Kaye Coon*
Mindy L. Cooper
Veronica Lee Cooper
Serina F. Cox
Elizabeth Marie Cusimano
Simona Mihaela Demeter
Kelly Marie Derganc
Kaitlyn M. Dresser
Andrea Nicole Dryden
Erica Michelle Dufe
Ashley Lynn Edwards
Elizabeth Ellen Erickson
Kelsi Ann Fielder
Sandra Ann Flowers
Susan Lynn Friesen
Alyson Joy Frink
Emily Joy Fuhs
Elizabeth Ann Gafney
Serkalem Sisay Getahun
Molly Caroline Girten
Andrea Marie Glatz
Christa Ann Gonser
Breah Roxanne Gould
Denise Michelle Gray
Charis Lynn Grosdidier
Kimberly Annette Grosdidier
Jennifer Rose Gross
Lauren Kelsey Haddow
Robert Carl Hafner
Lindsey Marie Hall
Megan Leigh Handley
Maryam Hashemiesfahani
Jaimie Marie Heldstab
Angela Michelle Heriford
Jessica Dewey Hickey
Kala Ilene Hillery
Nicole Elizabeth Hofmann
Alyssa Beth Holste
Sandi Jo Hudson
Erika Rose Humbargar
Laurisa Anne Hunter
Kristi Lynn Hurley
Melanie Sue Huston
Lisa Ti Huynh
Christine Meryl Jones
Erin Elizabeth Kern
Maegan Lynne Kinkelaar
Megan Marie Kirby
Cara Dee Knipp
Lindsey M. Koebel
Amy Christine LaBounty
Stefanie Nicole Lawrence
Bethany Lane Lee
Kathleen R. Lewis
Alison Michelle Lindsay
Louisa Marcine Lipke
Kecia Renae Lipp
Laurel Kathleen Loustau
Michelle Renee Love
Andrea Nicole Macy
Lauren Danielle Mall
Jenna Asha Malini Marchant
Mindy M. Marker
Christina Elizabeth Mayer
Lauren Elizabeth McCord
Brooke Ann McIntosh
Allison Ruth Megli
Lacy Ann Merryfeld
Kailey Ann Mesler
Sharon Rose Milberger
Erica Ann Mildfelt
Jody Lynn Mitchell
Chelsea Elizabeth Montgomery
Lori Ann Murphy
Monica Davis Nemechek
Kathryn Lenore Newman
Tao Tu Ti Nguyen
Dana Michelle Noyes
Rebecca Lynn Marie Oades
Kimberly Lynn O’Connell
Julie Ann Olcott
Lameck Sakwa Opande
Stephanie Dawn Oxandale
Sarah Kathryn Palermo
Abbey Cecelia Perkins
Hannah Kathleen Petrak
Kristen Lynn Phillips
Kara Anna Pick
Stephanie Rose Prevedello
Eileen Mary Quillin
Michelle Lynn Rassatt
Hayley Anne Redden
Leighanne Rhodes
Kyleigh Marie Rice
Leann Noel Richardson
Shawna Rochelle Ricks
Kaci Ann Rietzke
Brenda Sue Salazar
Talia Kaelin San Roman
Czarina Mae Sanchez
Jennifer Nicole Schemm
Jamie M. Schmitz
Megan Lyn Schmitz
Caitlin Renee Schulte
Jessica Marie Scirica
Ashley Michelle Seibert
Rebecca Jordan Shepard
Jamie Lyn Shoaf*
Jennifer Michelle Siler
Denise Lynnette Sloan
Lauren Denae Smith
Virginia Marie Smith
Bryn Rhea Spellmeier
Elizabeth Anne Spence
Jay Barry Spiegel
Kirstin Lee Stallings
Christena Frances Sternshein
Angela Kay Stewart
Kelly Lynn Summers
Kesa J. Swadley
Azita Marie Tafreshi
Kelsey Lynn Taylor
Lacey Elizabeth Tompson
Jenna Marie Timken
Rachel Lea Trible
Meredith Leigh Uthof
Alina Vaysfigel
Julie L. Vendel
Kristen Michelle Vogrin
Melanie Lynn Vogts
Casey Leigh Watson
Meghan R. Weiser
Christine A. Whetter
Carly Rose Wirick
Melissa Ann Yoh
Eileen M. Amari-Vaught*
Jennifer Dawn Anderson*
Jessica Anne Anderson
Nancy Lynn Arends*
Julie Hagnauer Baker*
Cheryl Ann Bleier*
Carlene Marie Breen
Kimberly McGee Buckley*
Brooke Suzanne Clark*
Kimberly Ann Davidson
Jean Ann Edmonds*
Mindy Elizabeth Eldridge*
Jada D. England*
Jefrey L. Eye
Diane Dorothy Gonzalez*
Kristina Lea Henry
Melanie Denise Hijaz*
Erica D. Hill*
Bridgett Michelle Hout*
Courtney Collette Jefery*
Anucia Joseph*
Millicent Elaine Ables Kee*
Karl Lance Kroen*
Kelly Elizabeth Krueger-Seaman
Kathleen Marie Kump*
Brenda LuElla Lamping*
Laura Christine Langmack
Laura Elaine Lillich*
Susan Diane McGeeney
Julia Lea Medeiros*
Lindsey Dawn Montello
Nicole Hope Morrow
Loretta Jean Nordby*
Chika E. Okafor*
Beth Anne Orrick*
Laurel Espinosa Reynolds*
Kimberly A. Richardson*
My May Rieper
Elaine Michelle Rolfs*
Sarah S. Sachs*
Terese Sellers*
Heather Nicole Sleichter*
Allison Christine Smith
Anne Elizabeth Smith*
Sonia Lee Taijeron
Millie A. Tringale-Murray*
Erin Michelle Ulery*
Emmanuel Olushola Uloko*
Veronica Memuna Uloko*
Ginger A. Vaughn*
Kirstin Anne Williams*
Shanike Moore Williams
Jennifer Grace Duncan*
Peggy A. Miller*
*Degrees granted since May 20,
Matthew Scott Achenbach
Dustin August Allen
Kristin Elizabeth Antalick
Leanne Michelle Arnold
Asa Wayne Bailey*
Kalli Jordan Bennett
Jamie Lynn Bergman
Brandon Alexander Blackwell
graduation guide 12 thursday, may 8, 2008
Northfeld, Ill.
Who is your favorite KU athlete?
“I have a lot of respect for Darnell Jackson. He’s a great athlete
and a very friendly, humble giant.”
What is your favorite place to hangout on campus?
“The back row of Budig, it’s where I get my bext sleep.”
What are your plans after graduation?
“I’m going to enjoy the summer at Wrigley Field and play golf
until I start working in the fall. “
Sarah Laurel Brokenleg
Wanda L. Bross
Phoebe M. Brow
Kate Kristine Capps
Erin Jean Cox
Angela Hope Delgado
Natalie Colleen Durda
Monique Rachelle Edwards
Abigail Reese Estes
Leaht Rebecca Traube Feldman
Michael Brandon Fletcher
Susila Christine Gabbert
Cynthia Grace Grenke
Lindsay Durand Grifth
Anna Linnea Gude
Rebecca D. Hamlin
Becky Jo Harbert*
Cindy R. Heilman
Carrie Michelle Held
Amanda Raeann Hernandez
Katie Lynn Highberger
Katie Anne Hof
Rebecca Joanna Holmes
Sasha Mae Horn
Katie Gene Howells
Bria Ayvonne Humphrey*
Melissa Lynn Imm
Kelsey Marie Ingold
Kathryn Marion Jayne
Molly Beth Jensen
Amy Lynn Johnson
Brian Kevin Jones
Kimberly Dee Keith
Maggie Anne Kelly
Lorna Jeanette Kerr
Abigail Ambler Krieger
Angela Joy Land
To Fu Lau
Pamela Jean Lawrence
Miriam Sandina Lee
Sarah Gail Lovitt
Molly Marie Manger
Rebecca Lynn Marks
Amy L. Mathewson
Katelyn Rose Nudelman-Gurwin
Lisa Ann Osborne
Lisa Elaine Parr
Michelle LeAnn Powell
Lindsey Ann Proctor
Allison Donna Ramsey*
April Marie Rand
Natalie Lynn Rand
Nicole Marie Reno
Krystal Kay Rhodes
Tammy Renee Rita
Jessica Nicole Rojas
Nicholas Daniel Schau
Sara Beth Schlagel
Shelly Renae Schloer
Kathryn Olivia Self
Kathryn Leigh Shapiro
Jessica L. Sylvester
Stefanie M. Tracy
Bridget Angelic Vasquez
Kristin Renee Vernon
Rachele Lee Vierthaler
Angela Renee Walsh
Melanie Robyn Warady
Jennifer Ann White
Catherine R. Wilcox
Jebel Brooke Wilson
Antwan De’andre Winkfeld
Danielle S. Wright
Elizabeth Bradford Yingling
Lacy Lea Albrecht
LaTicia Renee Allen
Tanya Kay Aman
Michael Hippolite Amaonye
Jared Lee Barton
Danielle Crystal Bega-Silva
Wilmar Jane Bergmann
Mandra Lyn Bertholdi
Michelle Hope Bettis
Meghan Mccallum Black
Mary Beth Russo Blackwell
Danielle Brittany Bowen
Hope Elise Boyd
Carri Rae Bozworth
Daniel Lee Brown
Vanja Petroman Buckley
Lisa Dawn Cannady
Andrea Rachel Chadwick
Vandy Kao Chang
Karen W. Clond*
Joseph Bertie Coburn
Rachel Marie Combs
Jessica Ruth Courser
Pamela Claire Crandall
Lisa Katherine DeGraf
Andrea Dencklau
Elizabeth Ann Diddle
Sara Mayse Donnelly
Anne Elizabeth Drake
Janet Lynne Droge
Nichole Kay Duck
Brian Steven Dyer
Linda Sue Elrod
Merrill Louise Evans
Amanda Rose Faulk
Celeste Susanne Fenwick
Deborah Vivian Fitch
Kristin Ann Foshe
Leslie Kaye Fuller
Lisa Ann Fulton
Julie Cox Gabbard
Teresa M. Gabrielson
Pamela L. Garvin
Vicki Ann Gerstner*
Darleen Yvonne Glaspie
Daniel Alan Goldstein
Jessica Dee Grauer
Amber Rae Grice
Larissa Dawn Haggard
Sur Ah Hahn
David M. Hall
Kathryn Bryce Hamilton
Elizabeth Anne Hawkins
Dawn Margaret Healy
Amy Louise Hill
Nicole Rae Hines
Melissa Nicole Hodge
Jennifer M. Holtaway
Catherine Elaine Horn
Patrice Maureen Hutton
Jacqueline Elizabeth Jackson
Susan Rebecca Jones
Casandra Joyce Kelly
Amber Elizabeth King
Alana McCaslin Kramer
Kristina M. Kucirek
Kimberly Vel Lapo
Lydia Louise Leon
Lindsay Christian Lewis-Beers
Elizabeth Nicole Linderer
Julia L. Lloyd
Eric E. Lowery
Holly Joelle Mady
Sean Christopher Martin
Sarah Lynn McLeod
Emily Rebecca McNeill
Jennifer Lynne Meier
Elizabeth Ann Melton
Kate Zandra Miles
Chadrick Earl Miller
Henrietta Angelic Mitchell
Morgan Brooks Moore
Dewey Michael Morris
Benjamin Michael Mustain
Sara June Myers
Erin E. Obermeier
Habtamu Kelecha Oda
Krista Ann Odafer
Amber Dawn Osburn
Teresa Marie Osenbaugh
Christa Lena Phillips
Susan Irene Pinne
Sarah Michelle Post
Erin Elizabeth Potanas
Paula Sue Pyle
Sarah Rachael Raske
Robert Dale Reed
Winston A. Reeves II
Rachel Epp Reimer
Valeska Ann Leuthen Reynolds
Cynthia L. Riddell
Melody J. Riefer
Colleen Kay Riley
Jaclyn Marie Ripperger
Matilda Laura Rosenberg*
Benjamin Travis Ryden
Michelle Lynn Scharnhorst
Kathryn Irene Schieber
Rhoda Lee Schwindt
Nicole Angeleen Service
Kyle Christopher Smith
Andrea M. Snower
Jennifer Solas
Abigail Stark
Tara Michelle Staudenmyer
Holly Marie Stidham
Linda Floyd Stiles*
Lindsey Ann Sutton
Madelaine Ann Tack
Ashley Marie Talley
Lindsay Ann Tanner
Courtney Leigh Trear
Mary A. Tudor
Rachel Karleen Vaughn
Julia Vering-Young
Dianne Kaye Vidmar*
Melanie Kay Villmow
Jake Darren Walsh
Amber Marie Weaver
Elizabeth Ann Weinmann
Julie Maureen Wilber-Parks
Christopher Williams
Shannon Mariah Williams
Janet Kay Wisdom
Shannon Michele Wittman
Heather Blair Wood
Aundrea Dnay Wooten
Social Work
Jeong Woong Cheon
Eunjeong Ko
*Degrees granted since May 20,
Brett Michael Ackerman*
Rae Lynn Anderson
Lukas Dale Andrud*
Angela Lee Angotti
Francis J. Baalmann*
Brian Preston Baltzell
Joseph Edward Bant
Daniel Antonio Belhumeur*
Tadd Coles Blair
Colin Christopher Borin
Dustin Allen Knight Bradley
Michael Anthony Breen*
Lisa Megan Brown*
Tomas Eugene Brownback*
Laura Jean Burke
Jennifer Lauren Calvert
Emma Jillian Carter*
Sean T. Carver
Brian E. Casaletto
Megan Leah Chapman
Katie J. Cheney
Krista Aubree Christensen*
Tae S. Chung
Bernard Joseph Craig
Adam Stefen Davis
Catherine M. Decena
Brandon William Deines
Kendall Nicolay Dix
Nancy A. Dodik*
Elizabeth JoAnn Dorsey
Lauren Elizabeth Dorweiler
Devon Melissa Doyle
Christopher Ryan Dugan*
Mohammad Ebrahim Efekhari
Justin David Elkouri
Alexandra Renee English
Christopher Ayres Fasel
John Michael Foote
Catherine Anne Foulston
Matthew Dean Franzenburg
Emily Christine Friedman
Anatoly Gakenberg
Ellen Suzanne Ganz
Andrew Michael Garcia
Alexander L. Gard
Jef Garrett
Adam Joseph Gasper
Julia Michelle Gilmore Gaughan
Charles Herbert Glauberman
Blythe Rachel Glemming*
Abigail Elizabeth Noelle Grant-
Kimberly Rae Gray*
Owen Andrew Grieb*
Jonathan E. Grossman
Nicholas Joseph Hale*
Adam Michael Hall
Amy Elizabeth Hall
Anne Barker Hall
Grant Michael Hash
Serena Asayo Hawkins
Cole A. Hawver*
Mark Christopher Heling
Heiko Heppner
Jaime Nicholas Hiatt
Tyler Clayton Hibler
Shannon Leigh Hilton*
Matthew Lorn Hoppock
Roger D. Hudlin
Benjamin Nicholas Hutnick
David Roy Jackson*
Rebecca Eliza James
Andrew Michael Johnson
Robert Charles Johnson
Ryan G. Kell
Samia Fathima Khan
Dennis Leon Kuhnel
Damian Michael Lair
Zachary A. Lerner
Chia-Yi Li*
Miao Lin
John William Benjamin Littrell
QingLan Long*
Maren Kate Ludwig
Sarah E. Lynn
Jessica Rene Madrid
Jeremy Gordon Mai*
Tomas Peter Maltese
Christy Lynn Marlett
Stuart Bradford Martens
Karen Lee McCoy
Brendan L. McPherson*
John Nolan McWilliams
Mark A. Menefee
Matthew Dylan Mentzer
Matthew Brett Metcalf*
Sean Michael Miller*
Cara May Milligan
Joshua Lopes Monteiro
Jessica Crystal Morgan
Phillip Michael Murphy II
Kristen Leigh Nazar
Andrea E. Nelson
Erik Henry Nelson
Mark A. Newcomer
Kathryn Joy O’Hara
Kevin James Oakleaf
Joshua Deon Osborn
Wakil Oyeleru Oyedemi
David Mathew Pankros
Tisha Sharon Crosland Panter
Holly Melissa Perkins
Sarah Hamilton Phillips
Christel Lorell Poague
Lindsay Dawn Poe*
Jessica Leigh Pownell*
Nicole Marie Proulx
Grant Alan Randall
Scott Alan Reed
Aimee Nicole Richardson
Earl R. Richardson
Megan Sterling Salyers*
Marcos Luis San Martin
Cheryl Renee Scharosch
Ashley Kristine Schellpeper
Andrew Charles Schendel
Christopher Ross Scott
Robert Carlyle Scott
Kevin Andrew Selzer
Amy Lynn Martin Shafer*
Ambereen Khalid Shafe
Michael Tomas Shelton
Sara A. Siesco*
Michael Brandon Siess*
David Paul Siever
Devin Scott Sikes
Mark Andrew Simpson
Luke Sinclair
Stephanie L. Sowers
Sara Kathryne Stieben
Irene Sulaiman*
Tobin Weston Sykes
Jonathon Adam Szumny
Jessie Ann Tompson*
John F. Tompson*
Carol Jane Toland
Nicholas Anthony Tomera*
Nathan Walker Urbauer
Robert Petargue Viloria
Brad Alexander Vining
Tu Ti Xuan Vo
Justin Michael Waggoner
Ryan William Walkiewicz*
Cody Scott Dwight Wamsley
David Lee Warner
Matthew John Westering
William H. White Jr.
Cheri Beth Whiteside
Jefrey Joseph Williams*
Britton Gregory Wilson
Brian Alan Wolf
Seth Michael Wood
Gilbert Ye
Daniel Andrew Yasuaki Yoza
Sara Zafar
Benjamin F. Zimmerman IV
Elizabeth D. Tedrow
*Degrees granted since May 20,
Cell Biology and Anatomy
Claude Shelton IV*
Courtney Marissa Ash
James Eldon Bloom
Cory Michael Boyle*
Kevin L. Briggs
Jennifer Elayne Daugherty
Sherry Annette Davis
Troy Dean DeDecker*
Sumalatha Reddy Gaddam*
Dayra Brittania Garay-Haley
Daniel Scott Grant
Amy Michelle Hochman
Michael Wayne Meng*
Austin William Ray
Shelly Diane Weibert
Kudakwashe Chimanya*
Paul Christopher Cowan*
Sonya R. Cox
Kelsie Anne Cropp
Ann M. Davis
Cristi Lynn DeSimone
Craig Allan Dietz*
William Tomas Donigan*
Emily Jo Duethman
Eric A. Elsinghorst
Heather Shannon Flick
David C. Harmon
Jamie Kathleen Jarvis
Li Jia
Jamie Elizabeth Katz
Scott Michael Koertner
Gaurav Kumar*
Nga Tuy Ti Le
Samantha Schirmer Machen*
Dawn Marie McGlasson
Arrie Yolanda Morris
Amanda Gail Myers
Michael Austin Oller II
Stacy Lynn Picek
Sandra Elaine Pickert
Mallikarjun Gollapally Reddy*
Alex J. Reed
Jill Marie Roser*
Paula Marie Rowden
Vicki Jean Selzer
Mukta Sharma*
Michele “Sheli” Rene Sturgeon
Nasreen Javid Talib
Aisha Jeanne Tate*
Neva Sedorcek Tiessen
Tammy Tenae Tolliver
Donald Grey Vasquez*
Timothy Paul Welch
Amy Marie Wood
David Alan Wyatt*
Claire Spencer Zeigler
Clinical Research
Benjamin Bradley Cronk
Benjamin Richard Alsop
Chad Philip Ammar
Andy L. Anderson
Azin Azma
Samvel G. Aznaurov
Todd A. Barrett
Ryan S. Beard
Tania Beatriz Beltran Papsdorf
Revathi Chikkappaiah Belur
Lyle Matthew Berry
Richard Allan Boyd
Joseph Pohl Bradley
Sarah Evelyn Bradshaw
Eric C. Bradstreet
Samantha Lynn Brandon
Kimberly Ann Brey
Josiah Brinkley
Kellis Eric Bulleigh
Ryan Daniel Burkart
Francisco Javier Chacon
Bonnie Elizabeth Charles
Jason Anthony Cheng
Linden Reid Collins
Casey J. Cordts
Tamer Adel Dabous
Hon G. Dang
Allen Francis Davied
Oluwatobi Dawodu
Travis Eugene DeVader
Hollace Marie Disser
John Edward Eaton
Randy John Eilert
Brian MacNeille Everist
Annie Kathleen Fast
Gerhard Aron Fast
R. Ryan Field
Emily Frances Fitch
Alhambra Frarey
Milind Satish Gadgil
Toni Monique Garvin
Lisa Marie Geheb
Charles Francis Kingston Glenn
Melanie Doerfinger Glenn
Jefrey Lynn Gum
Benjamin Stuart Hall
Brian John Hall
Kari Elizabeth Hamlin
Daniel R. Hansen
Joseph H. Hawkins
Casey Patrick Hertzenberg
Lindsay Lane Hertzig
Joshua Joseph Hillen
Brian Lawrence Hollenbeck
Steven Matthew Hollenbeck
Jordan Decker Holmes
Susan M. Hull
Alfred Marc Calo Iloreta Jr.
Efemwonkiekie Williams Iyamu
Blair Izard
Natalie Margaret Jayaram
Kate S. Jennings
Andrea Danielle Jewell
Christina Daniel Jones
Sharath Kharidi
Nicole Marie Kibbee
Ross Michael Kimball
David A. Klima
Kelli Elizabeth Krase
Laura Annette Kwasniak
Patrick Xavier Landazuri
Victor Nguyen Le
Matthew Scott Leiszler
Marisa Speer Leonardelli
Danika Kristine Little
Abby Jo Loch
Beth Lawson Loney
Venessa Yadira Lopez
Janae Lynn Maher
Leonel Martinez
Jason Lee Maxfeld
David Ryan Mayans
Laura Christine Mayans
Stanley William McClurg
Andi McCown
Curtis Michael McGeeney
Mark Daryl McDaniel
Aaron Dru Meggison
Ernesto Chris Mendoza Jr.
John M. Moley
Jay Alan Montgomery
Katherine J. Moore
Clayborn John Morris
Ronnie Khairallah Moussa
Christine Michelle Murray
Martin Musumbi
Phuong Hien Nguyen
Tuan N. Nguyen
Lindsay Kristine Nicholson
Lori Davis Noorollah
Christopher Paul O’Boynick
Kelly Anne O’Brien
Sara Schwind Oberhelman
Linet Odhiambo Ochweri
Michael Austin Oller II
Jill K. Onesti
Marcie Lynn Orlowski
Teresa Ann Orth
Kelly Lynn Overman
Henry Park
Warner Peng
Carrie Lynn Pohl
Cordell Lee Privat
Gregory John Ramirez
Sunitha Gadahad Rao
Tomas R. Resch
Amanda Rochelle Rice
Ashley Suzanne Robbins
Candice Elizabeth Rose
Felipe Rosso
Jacob Ruthstrom
Jonathon Kyle Salava
Jared Steven Schreiner
Kyle Spencer Schulz
Randall L. Schumacher
Anna Olivia Schwieger
Cassie Leah Scripter
Bradley John Seaman
Amy Louise Seery
Anirban Sensarma
Zachary K. Shafer
Seth Holderman Sheldon
Casey L. Smith
Melinda Kling Smith
Kevan Christopher Stanton
Andrea Jennings Strathman
Chee-Chee Hwei Stucky
Jason Duke Swink
Mitra Rose Tabidian
Maryam Tahmasbisohi
Blair A. Tedinger
Adam Ross Todd
Ky-Dieu Ti Tran
Darcy Lea Troyer
Lara Nicole Ulm
Marie Elise Unruh
Jessica Marie Veeh
Seth Alan Vernon
Jesse Wayne Vierthaler*
Bryan George Louis Vopat
Nga Ti Vu
Sara Leanne Ward*
Lindsey Ann Westberg
Andrew J. White
Onalisa Dianne Winblad
Kristin Gai Ming Wong
Timothy Sung Lin Wong
Andrea Joan Zimmer
Aaron Michael Zook
Cell Biology and Anatomy
Neal Isaac Alcalay
Melinda G. Arnett*
Shuyi Chen*
Megan Sarah Johnson
Marcia Lynn Bellon
Christina Marie Hester
Molecular and Integrative
Jennifer Kim Ho Chen*
Ines Eisner-Janowicz*
Gregory Andrew Onyszchuk*
Adrianne Elizabeth Hontz
Adnan O. Abu-Yousif*
David B. Buckley*
Peizhen Song
Jyotsna Adma, M.B.B.S.
Umraan S. Ahmad, M.D.
Omar Salah Aljitawi, M.B.B.S.
Rebecca Lynn Allard, M.D.
John Robert Alley Jr., M.D.
Adam Sammy Alli, M.D.
Kathani A. Amin, M.D.
Tisha D. Anyanike, M.D.
Kevin S. Art, M.D.
Afshin Sean Ashrafan, M.D.
Patricia Anne Auty, M.D.
Pooja Baijal, M.B.B.S.
Joshua Baker, M.D.
Marcus A. Barber, M.D.
Robert Andrews Bass, M.D.
Paul Stephan Bassett, M.D.
Ramegowda Belakere, M.D.
Franck A. Belibi, M.D.
Martin Jefrey Bell, M.D.
Jennifer Lynn Flaherty Berends,
Kevin L. Bernd, M.D.
Tarun Bhargava, M.D.
Jennifer L. Bickel, M.D.
Jody J. Bieker, M.D.
Mazda Biria, M.D.
Stephanie Elizabeth Blanken,
Brandi Leah Boller, D.O.
Aaron Ashley Booth, M.D.
Jennifer Gray Brannon, M.D.
Nicholas M. Brewer, M.D.
Sean Joseph Brimacombe, M.D.
Paul Brune, M.D.
Luke Buchmann, M.D.
Vance R. Burns, M.D.
Mark Dwight Carlson, M.D.
Vishal Arne Chandra, D.O.
Joan M.T. Collison, M.D.
Elizabeth D. Cox, M.D.
Kara Dawn Cox, M.D.
Alejandro S. Curiel, M.D.
Bradley Christopher Daily, M.D.
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Emmalyn Cruz DeClaro, M.D.
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Lydia Jemison Dennis, D.O.
Joseph R. DiCostanzo Jr., M.D.
Jennifer Suzanne Dioszeghy, M.D.,
Dinah Villarino Dosdos, M.D.
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Allen Joseph Eckhof, M.D.
Mohamad Ahmad EL-Kurdi,
Robert S. Evangelidis, M.D.
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Darren Michael Farley, M.D.
Ryan Stuart Ferrell, M.D.
Carl W. Fieser Jr., M.D.
Brian A. Fletcher, M.D.
Michael Scott Floyd, M.D.
Jessica E.A. Foster, M.D.
M´aire Elizabeth Fowler, D.O.
Todd M. Freund, M.D.
Eric Luther Fry, M.D.
Scott Jacob Fudemberg, M.D.
Nivedita Ganguly, M.D.
Srilatha K. Gannavaram, M.B.B.S.
James D. Gerdes, D.O.
Edward A. Gize, M.D.
Cayle Luane Goertzen, M.D.
Travis J. Goodnight, M.D.
Jefrey David Gorcos, M.D.
Matthew N. Green, M.D.
Atul Gupta, M.B.B.S.
Tùng Mai Hà, D.O.
Ziad M. Haddad, M.D.
Soheila Hamidpour, M.D.
Neil A. Hamill, M.D.
Kassem Assaad Hammoud, M.D.
Janel Rae Harting, M.D.
Lisa Rene Hays, M.D.
Susan Diane Ott Heasley, D.O.
Melissa Jo Henke, M.D.
Amy Elizabeth Hogan, M.D.
Gretchen Jabara Homan, M.D.
James Allen Homan, M.D.
Stephen R. Huang, M.D.
Douglas Merrill Hutchinson, M.D.
Shana L. Jarmer, M.D.
Chad Duane Johanning, M.D.
Martinique Cherise Johnson,
Mohammad Humayun Kabir,
Charles Ray Keener, M.D.
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Stephanie Nicole Kuhlmann, D.O.
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Michael Lewis Laccheo, M.D.
Lindsay Marie Landers, D.O.
Nicholas J. Larsen, D.O.
Vance Ryan Lassey, M.D.
Mary Cheng Wei Le, M.D.
Steven M. Lemons, M.D.
Janka Lincoln, M.D.
Deede Yuan-Yi Liu, M.D.
Ryan W. Livermore, M.D.
Becky Nicholas Lowry, M.D.
Bassam N. Maalouf, M.D.
Barry Eugene Mangus, M.D.
Samrah Mansoor, M.D.
Christopher Mark Manus, M.D.
Fatimah Manzoor, M.B.B.S.
Soujanya Marapura, M.B.B.S.
George B. Martinez Jr., M.D.
Sharron Marie Mason, M.D.
Michael Wolfe Matchette, M.D.
Michael Logan McCartney, M.D.
Bradford Scott McCrary, M.D.,
Matthew D. McLaughlin, D.O.
James A. McReynolds, M.D.
Alexis Harper Meredith, M.D.
Matthew Gus Meschke, D.O.
Jefrey Charles Meyer, D.O.
Gary S. Miller, M.D.
Kirk A. Miller, D.O.
Sabina Yvonne Miranda, D.O.
Melissa Pulfer Mitchell, M.D.,
Brian Francis Moloney, M.B.B.Ch.
Jeremy A. Moore, M.D.
Derek Lee Morgan, M.D.
Najib I. Murr, M.D.
Haritha Narla, M.B.B.S.
Muhammad M. Nashatizadeh,
David G. Naylor, M.D.
Amanda L. Neblett, M.D.
Stacey Anna Nicholson, M.D.
Alan A. Nisbet, M.D.
Ruby E. Obaldo, M.D.
Anne Porter O’Dea, M.D.
Sylvia L. Orozco-Do, M.D.
Jamie H. Woo Page, M.D.
Seth Joel Page, M.D.
Poornima Upadhyaya Pandella-
palli, M.B.B.S.
Rex A. Parker III, M.D.
Joseph Michael Parra, M.D.
Dipika Joitabhai Patel, M.D.
Jiten Dahyabhai Patel, M.B.B.S.
Maria Carolina Perez, M.D.
Valéria Perruci, M.D.
Amy M. Pichof, M.D.
Innessa Tsykunova Porter, M.D.,
Amitha Gadahad Rao, M.D.
Vinod Kumar Raxwal, M.D.
Jefrey D. Raymond, M.D.
Brian R. Ringhofer, M.D.
Linda LaMoyne Colle
Gerrond Robbins, M.D.
Rebecca Rojas, M.D.
Ian M. Rosbrugh, M.D.
Aaron Lee Rowland, D.O.
Bratcher L. Runyan, M.D.
Michelle Lee Sagan, M.D.
Sarah S. Samimi, M.D.
Stephen Degnan Sandoval, M.D.
Spencer J. Sands, M.D.
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Dawood Sayed, M.D.
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Matthew Ryan Sharpe, M.D.
Kristi Kim Shaumeyer, M.D.
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Fatima Siddiqua, M.B.B.S.
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James Lawrence Southwell Jr.,
Leslie Ann Spikes, M.D.
Jefrey M. Statland, M.D.
Gillian Sylvia Stephens, M.D.
Mark Edward Stewart, D.O.
Jessica A. Stone, M.D.
Nathan A. Strandmark, D.O.
Jason Robert Stubbs, M.D.
Ryan Sullivan, M.D.
Jayashree Sundararajan, M.B.B.S.
Kazi Ehteshamuddin Syed,
Martha V. Taboada, M.D.
Jyotsna Talapaneni, M.B.B.S.
Satya Visalakshi Tata, M.D.
Harold Ian Taylor, M.D.
Tyler H. Ternes, M.D.
Donald A. Tornton, M.D.
Daren W. Tompkins, M.D.
Amir Torshizi, M.D.
Kathryn Clare Twenter, D.O.
John Vadaparampil, M.D.
Nathan I. Valentine, M.D.
William Joseph Vinyard, M.D.
Damandeep S. Walia, M.B.B.S.
Melissa Ann Warner, M.D.
Emily Kathleen Webb, M.D.
Taralyn Shae Weiser, M.D.
Dustin Otto Wiemers, M.D.
Mark A. Wiley, M.D.
Scott G. Willson, M.D.
Stacy Rene McCarty Wilson, M.D.
Barbara R. Winkleman, D.O.
Teresa Sue Wright, M.D.
Michael Ting Fai Yim, M.D.
Gholamreza Zinati, M.D.
graduation guide 13 thursday, may 8, 2008
Washington, Kan.
Human Biology
What is your favorite memory you have while at KU?
“All those summer nights hanging out and fshing with my
friends at Lone Star Lake.”
What do you plan to do once you graduate?
“This fall I’ll be attending KU Medical Center to be a rural Kansas
primary-care physician.”
Where do you hope to be in 10 years?
“I’ll hopefully be back in my hometown of Washington, Kan.,
practicing medicine.”
graduation guide 14 thursday, may 8, 2008
Celebrate your 4, 5, or 6 years of college
You will always
be welcome home
at The Hawk
THE HAWK ...only at
WWW.JAYHAWKCAFE.COM 1340 Ohio 843-9273
By Michael holtz
[email protected]
So you’ve walked under the
Campanile, been handed your diplo-
ma and are wondering what now?
You have your degree and are ready
to conquer the world. But before you
run off to graduate school or your first
career, here are some ideas to consider
when trying to decide how to spend
your first summer as a KU graduate.
across EuropE
Let’s be honest, everyone talks
about buying a plane ticket, packing
a bag and heading to Europe on a
wing and a prayer. But how many
actually go through with their plan?
Don’t make it wishful thinking; make
it a reality. Gather up your close buds,
make a tentative plan (as detailed or
non-detailed as you wish), and make
your way across the pond. Sure, it may
be a bit expensive, a bit daring, and
maybe even a bit risky, but when will
you ever again have the opportunity
to have this experience of a lifetime?
Cities to visit include Amsterdam,
Paris, Berlin and London (if you don’t
mind the extra flight or making your
way through the infamous Chunnel).
Make sure to pack your passport,
good walking shoes and maps. This is
your chance to put those four semes-
ters of a foreign language to use.
summEr music
So maybe you aren’t enough of
a daredevil, don’t have the funds or
were one the few who took Hostel a
bit too seriously to make your way
across Europe. That’s OK; there are
still plenty of things to do here in
the States. For this next option, all
you’ll need is a few hundred dollars,
a spare weekend, and a dying love
for music. This summer is being
predicted to be one of the best for
summer music festivals. Make
your way to Manchester, Tenn., for
Bonnaroo — the closest thing to
the original Woodstock you’ll find.
Artists include Pearl Jam, Metellica
and Kanye West at arguably the big-
gest hippie-fest of the summer. Or
maybe you’d rather head to Chicago
to see Radiohead, Rage Against the
Machine and in case you missed
him in Tennessee, Kanye will be
performing his encore in Grant Park
next to the beautiful Lake Michigan.
You could even keep it local and
attend Wakarusa here in Lawrence
to see The Flaming Lips, Ben Folds
and Cake (sorry, no Kanye).
Join thE pEacE corp
Here’s your chance to have the
experience of a lifetime as well as
give back to the world. Although a bit
more time consuming than the previ-
ous two options, it goes without say-
ing that you are bound to appreciate
life so much more and feel great about
yourself once you join Peace Corp (or
any similar organization for that mat-
ter). Make your way to all corners of
the earth on your mission of bettering
humanity. Joining the Peace Corp
takes commitment, courage and a
sound heart. Yet in doing so the expe-
rience you’ll inevitably gain is price-
less. Not to mention you’ll have some
pretty sweet stories to share with your
family and friends once you return. If
you’d rather do something a bit more
gratifying and productive than travel-
ing across Europe or listening to days
of music then joining the Peace Corp
may be worth considering. I’m sure it
looks good on resumes as well.
So if you’re not ready to jump back
into school or go career hunting just
yet, consider any of the three options
above. It may be cliché to say, but you
only live once. You’ll have plenty of
time left to spend conquering the
world, why not live a little first? Make
the most of your time after gradua-
tion. Who knows, maybe you’ll even
learn something about yourself in
doing so. Congratulations, seniors.
By Jason Baker
[email protected]
For four years, this group of stu-
dents had to deal with more than
just going to class, doing home-
work and taking tests.
They had to deal with training
for and participating in competi-
tions with rival schools in the Big
12 conference and other schools
across the country.
This groups of students are
KU athletes and for 4 years, they
excelled in and out of the class-
This year many of the KU ath-
letes traveled and competed in
many different yet memorable
places. The track and field team
competed in New York City during
their indoor season. The basketball
teams had a lot of success, with the
women making it to the WNIT
and the men’s team winning the
national championship, the first in
the last 20 years.
Even the KU football team had
one of the best seasons to date.
Going 11-1 and heading down to
Miami, Florida and winning the
Orange Bowl was one of the most
memorable moments for the team
and for KU fans everywhere.
“It was the perfect way to go
out on top,” said Jeff Foster, Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, senior. Foster was
a wide receiver for the Orange
Bowl champs and said that was one
of the most memorable moments
during his career.
Foster said there were a lot of
memorable experiences off the
field, too.
“Whether it was traveling for
away games, working out as a team
or just goofing around in the locker
room, I will remember those things
forever,” he said.
Foster said that he wouldn’t
trade anything for those things and
that the people he met had made
an impact on his life.
“I have made lifelong friend-
ships with coaches, administration,
trainers, academic support and, of
course, my fellow student-athletes,”
he said. After graduation, Foster
said, he plans on going to osteo-
pathic medical school to specialize
in physical medicine to become a
team doctor.
Although the track and field
season doesn’t end when school
does, Matt Baysinger has already
accomplished a lot during his time
at the University.
Baysinger, from Stillwell, is a
middle distance runner who dur-
ing his freshman year won the
Texas Relays and set the school’s
indoor record in the distance med-
ley relay his sophomore year.
But Baysinger said that outside
of track, meeting his fiancée, Emily,
was his best experience. Baysinger
said his time at KU had been a
positive one.
“I was not sure if this was the
place for me before I got here,” he
said. “But now I could not imagine
being anywhere else.”
After graduation, Baysinger
plans on getting married this July
and then looking for a job work-
ing at an athletics department, he
even said maybe at KU’s athletics
The athletes at KU have big
dreams, whether it’s going pro in
the sport the play now or going
into the real world and finding
their dream job.
And come May 18, they will
start that journey as they graduate
from the University of Kansas.
What graduation means to KU athletes
Take some time of before starting a career
Jon Goering/KANSAN
JefFoster celebrates with teammates after winning the Orange Bowl on Jan. 3, 2007. Foster said he had made lifelong friendships in his time at the University of Kansas. After graduation, Foster hopes to attend medical school to become a team
Jon Goering/KANSAN
Summer music festivals are a way to let loose and relax after a stressful four years (or more) of college. The Wakarusa Music &Camping Festival
will be held this year fromJune 5-8 at Clinton Lake.
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» altErnativEs

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