2008 Annual Report Financials

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2008 Action Against Hunger Financial Report



Action AgAinst Hunger 2008 Annual Report Financials

Action AgAinst Hunger

The international humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger saves the lives of malnourished children and families, while providing sustainable access to safe water and long-term solutions to hunger. In emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, Action Against Hunger has pursued its vision of a world without hunger for three decades. ACF International’s field staff work in more than 40 countries to carry out innovative, life-saving programs in nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health, and advocacy. Our programs reach some five million people each year, restoring dignity, self-sufficiency, and independence to vulnerable populations around the world.

BoArd of trustees – 2008 RAYMOND DEBBANE, President The Invus Group, LLC JOsEpH G. AuDI InterAudi Bank AlExIs AzRIA Writer CRIsTINA ENRIquEz-BOCOBO Enriquez-Bocobo Constructs pIERRE FAY Luxottica Group BuRTON K. HAIMEs, Chairman Emeritus Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP YvEs-ANDRé IsTEl Rothschild, Inc. KETTY puCCI-sIsTI MAIsONROuGE Ketty Maisonrouge & Company, Inc. DANIEl pY Medical-Instill Technologies THIlO sEMMElBAuER WENDY C. WEIlER Argosy Partners KARA YOuNG

Advisory council – 2008 HENRI BARGuIRDJIAN Graff USA CHRIsTIAN BlANCKAERT Hermès, France OlIvIER CAssEGRAIN Longchamp sABINE CAssEl CHRIs DAvIs Boomerang HealthandAge.com ROBERT DE ROTHsCHIlD Rothschild, Inc. NICOlE DOuIllET Crédit Suisse KAïssA DOuMBè-MOulONGO sCHEJBAl Singer CATHERINE DuMAIT-HARpER lYNN FRAIlEY Event Planner pEGGY KERRY US Mission to the United Nations JAMEs G. NIvEN Sotheby’s xAvIER NOël Paris Gourmet MACIEK sCHEJBAl Kaïssa Management— Makai Productions CARA sEYMOuR Actor RICK sMIlOW The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) AlICE sTOCK Lowenstein Sandler PC RONAlD WAlDMAN School of Public Health, Columbia University NINA s. zAGAT Zagat Survey TIM zAGAT Zagat Survey

Cover photos: ACF-Pakistan, courtesy J. Pomerantz; Plumpy-nut packets used in ACF nutrition programs

3 auditor’s letter 4 statement of financial position 5 statement of activities 6 statement of functional expenses 8 acf international figures 12 donor lists 16 publications & resources 17 action against hunger staff

ACTION AGAINST HUNGER 2008 annual report financials

on the cover Our comprehensive approach to global hunger delivers a range of communitycentered solutions to populations in crisis, like this family’s community in Pakistan.


Action Against Hunger receives top marks from rating agencies like the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator, the American Institute for Philanthropy, and Guidestar.

Photo: Photo: ACF-Lebanon, courtesy S. Vera


auditor’s letter



To the Board of Directors Action Against Hunger – USA New York, New York We have audited the accompanying statements of financial position of Action Against Hunger – USA as of December 31, 2008 and 2007, and the related statements of activities, changes in net assets, functional expenses and cash flows for the years then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of Action Against Hunger – USA’s management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audits. We conducted our audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America, and the standards applicable to financial audits contained in Government Auditing Standards, issued by the Comptroller General of the United States. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. We believe that our audits provide a reasonable basis for our opinion. In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Action Against Hunger – USA as of December 31, 2008 and 2007, and its changes in net assets and its cash flows for the years then ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America. In accordance with Government Auditing Standards, we have also issued our report dated July 24, 2009 on our consideration of Action Against Hunger – USA’s internal control over financial reporting and on our tests of its compliance with certain provisions of laws, regulations, contracts and grant agreements and other matters. The purpose of that report is to describe the scope of our testing of internal control over financial reporting and compliance and the results of that testing, and not to provide an opinion on the internal control over financial reporting or on compliance. That report is an integral part of an audit performed in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and should be considered in assessing the results of our audit.

July 24, 2009

4550 MONTGOMERY AVENUE, SUITE 650 NORTH, BETHESDA, MARYLAND 20814 (301) 951-9090 • FAX (301) 951-3570 • WWW.GRFCPA.COM

2008 annual report financials




statements of financial position as of december 31, 2008 and 2007

Assets 2008 current Assets Cash (Note 2): Headquarters Field offices Total cash Grants receivable Travel advances and other receivables Prepaid expenses Program advances to network (Note 3) Total current assets furniture, eQuiPMent, veHicles And leAseHold iMProveMents, net (note 8) otHer Assets Deposits totAl Assets 19,620 $16,838,888 14,791 $15,773,401 $ 5,644,645 2,266,381 7,911,026 7,526,878 779,580 23,902 296,956 16,538,342 280,926 $ 4,298,910 1,120,657 5,419,567 9,625,446 298,529 36,254 100,197 15,479,993 278,617 2007

liABilities And net Assets current liABilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Provision for unanticipated losses Due to network (Note 3) Total liabilities net Assets Unrestricted: Undesignated Designated (Note 9) Total unrestricted net assets Temporarily restricted (Note 4) Total net assets totAl liABilities And net Assets 3,849,242 1,097,912 4,947,154 10,819,152 15,766,306 $16,838,888 3,267,109 921,912 4,189,021 10,007,403 14,196,424 $15,773,401 $ 589,227 253,064 230,291 1,072,582 $ 388,714 450,000 738,263 1,576,977



statements of activities for the years ended december 31, 2008 and 2007
2008 Unrestricted revenue And suPPort Contributions Grants (Notes 5 and 10): U.S. Government Non-U.S. Government In-kind donations Interest Other Net assets released from donor restrictions (Note 6) Total revenue and support eXPenses Program Services: Democratic Republic of Congo Programs Kenya Programs South Sudan Programs Uganda Programs Pakistan Programs Tajikistan Programs Sri Lanka Programs Mali Programs Swaziland Lebanon Programs Myanmar Liberia Programs Other Country Programs Total program services Supporting Services: Program Support Management and General Fundraising Total supporting services Total expenses Changes in net assets before other items otHer iteMs: Provision for unanticipated losses and exceptional items Exchange gain (loss) cHAnges in net Assets 342,827 7,473 $ 758,133 (282,569) $ 811,749 342,827 (275,096) $ 1,569,882 158,594 3,465 $ 1,218,972 342,535 $ 596,550 158,594 346,000 $ 1,815,522 13,025,805 7,056,912 3,579,019 5,136,119 209,629 45,486 33,016 50,450 46,952 13,617 2,928 29,199,933 1,354,072 1,744,915 743,663 3,842,650 33,042,583 407,833 1,094,318 13,025,805 7,056,912 3,579,019 5,136,119 209,629 45,486 33,016 50,450 46,952 13,617 2,928 29,199,933 1,354,072 1,744,915 743,663 3,842,650 33,042,583 1,502,151 10,304,026 4,225,508 3,744,887 5,273,130 807,644 394,451 48,640 413,767 20,684 25,232,737 970,788 1,757,849 460,358 3,188,995 28,421,732 1,056,913 254,015 10,304,026 4,225,508 3,744,887 5,273,130 807,644 394,451 48,640 413,767 20,684 25,232,737 1,908,714 89,737 222,380 27,831,354 33,450,416 1,179,774 27,667,672 (27,831,354) 1,094,318 1,179,774 27,667,672 1,908,714 89,737 222,380 34,544,734 2,035,623 82,566 83,336 24,502,998 29,478,645 3,588,709 21,142,024 (24,502,998) 254,015 3,588,709 21,142,024 2,035,623 82,566 83,336 29,732,660 $ 3,398,231 $ 78,226 $ 3,476,457 $ 2,774,122 $ 26,280 $ 2,800,402 Temporarily Restricted Total Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted 2007 Total

2008 annual report financials 7.5 lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

970,788 1,757,849 460,358 3,188,995 28,421,732 1,310,928

13 5

statement of functional expenses for the year ended december 31, 2008
Program services
Democratic Republic of South Congo Programs Kenya Programs South Sudan Programs Uganda Programs Pakistan Programs Tajikistan Programs Swaziland Programs

Personnel: U.S. staff In-house consultants Fringe benefits National field staff Office running costs and services: Insurance Rent and utilities Professional fees Travel Telecommunications Postage and customs fees Finance charges Meeting expenses Human resources Office equipment and supplies Office supplies Depreciation and amortization Equipment rental and maintenance Public awareness expenses: Fundraising expense Public information and membership dues Project logistics: Vehicles Radio Warehouse Electrical systems Freight Security Logistics library Project expenses: Food Nutrition Health Food security Non consumables Watsan Training Other Subcontracts: Subcontracts to network Other totAl 3,023 $13,025,805 43,285 $7,056,912 1,392 $3,579,019 $5,136,119 $209,629 426,751 752,925 170,226 573,098 262,609 975,761 356,281 62,263 294,942 258,756 24,921 775,187 539,027 365,906 127,729 32,130 6,719 86,062 15,840 176,130 104,090 172,000 27,694 14,003 157,157 528,267 74,775 727,587 10,426 435,015 120,169 31,578 16 33 3,766 297 31 66 32 1,867,491 134,228 40,664 109,660 908,060 2,515 4,079 817,537 22,418 15,797 20,734 30,056 6,416 172,475 3,790 77,133 22,765 141,484 564 49 586,978 25,728 597 13,484 50,129 1,837 704 21,672 163 722 500 3,428 136 3,187 299 115 60 5,779 278,745 68,188 299,454 175,109 8,215 103,916 52 : 319,468 124,849 5,459 140,422 73,687 15,321 53,430 48,248 8,886 47,631 16,211 6,721 1,309 254 2,739 31 656 137,886 7,210 8,465 99,597 2,914 45,831 4 169,967 46,661 260,093 70,252 295 93,827 51 106,672 17,627 37,892 74,609 9,313 5,167 669 16,636 233 6,916 6,362 716 422 22 4,034 2,913 4,000 992 4,606 75 1,409 $ 239,925 844,993 951,487 2,950,532 $ 98,693 556,237 473,536 2,021,616 $ 120,500 293,605 460,722 930,288 $ 108,572 373,188 453,437 1,113,979 50,663 29,213 66,119 $ 6,963 5,393 8,572 -

- Feugait, consed min henibh er amet prat adio 33,016 ex et acidunt ip ex er $45,486 aliquamet ad $33,016



supporting services
Lebanon Programs Myanmar Programs Liberia Programs Other Country Programs Total Program Services Program Support Management and General Fundraising Total Supporting Services Total Expenses

$50,000 450 $50,450

$62 50 46,840 $46,952

$13,617 $13,617

$(30) 2,958 $2,928

$574,653 2,118,686 2,373,788 7,091,106 6,439 713,940 142,832 616,882 426,921 26,059 249,258 794 1,409 564,999 262,995 36,672 3,469,340 186,327 134,913 167,442 1,133,272 11,468 4,892 885,585 1,626,109 285,762 2,252,002 916,184 1,952,448 632,170 140,005 146,431 48,150 $29,199,933

$912,931 29,120 218,982 9,904 4,843 2,859 98,570 6,750 645 1,719 14,349 17,910 24,701 781 6,973 902 1,232 901 $1,354,072

$759,993 19,275 173,186 19,323 172,553 90,553 37,597 26,877 11,566 15,742 6,420 17,983 41,382 36,929 45,498 124,689 144,787 562 $1,744,915

$205,439 36,860 46,614 51,184 6,486 20 5,859 22,512 1,630 130 2,462 7,350 357,117

$1,878,363 85,255 438,782 9,904 19,323 177,396 144,596 142,653 33,647 18,070 39,973 22,399 36,023 68,545 36,929 53,629 357,117 131,662

$2,453,016 2,203,941 2,812,570 7,101,010 25,762 891,336 287,428 759,535 460,568 44,129 289,231 23,193 37,432 633,544 299,924 90,301 357,117 131,662 3,470,242 186,327 134,913 167,442 1,134,504 11,468 4,892


902 1,232 144,787 1,463 $3,842,650

2008 annual report financials

885,585 1,626,109 285,762 2,252,002 916,184 1,952,448 632,170 140,005 291,218 49,613 $33,042,583


acf international figures
Acf internAtionAl Named for its founding member, Action contre la Faim (ACF), ACF International was founded in 1979 in Paris. Committed to principled humanitarian action, the network shares its combined human resources, breadth of experience, and technical expertise in its pursuit of a world without hunger. Today, the network consists of five independent organizations headquartered in New York (ACF-USA), Paris (ACF-France), Madrid (ACF-Spain), London (ACF-UK), and Montreal (ACF-Canada).
Thanks to the joint efforts of the five ACF headquarters, ACF International was able to respond in a timely and effective manner to a range of complex emergencies in 2008, including post-election violence in Kenya, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, Typhoon Fengshen in the Philippines, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur.

Acf internAtionAl funding Annual Budgets - four year History
n.b. - does not include ACF Canada, which began operations in 2006





acf-uK acf-uK acf-usa acf-usa

acf-uK acf-spain



acf-spain acf-spain



acf-france acf-france












acf international figures

Acf internAtionAl revenues by source for 2007 & 2008




UN & Government












total revenues



2008 annual report financials


acf international figures

Acf internAtionAl funding government donors - 2007

other governments $10,656,066 11% united Kingdom $7,359,975 7% united states $8,384,237 8% france $2,159,324 2% spain $8,339,479 8%

united nations $16,691,438 17%

echo* $45,810,586 47%

Acf internAtionAl field oPerAtions funding by region - 2007

latin america & caribbean $6,989,413 7% southern africa $2,192,043 2% central africa $32,495,539 32%

europe $454,294 0% asia $21,122,397 20% middle east $4,492,420 4%

west africa $16,855,072 16%

east africa $19,454,984 19%


* European Community Humanitarian Aid Department


acf international figures

Acf internAtionAl funding government donors - 2008

other governments $24,555,233 20% united nations $24,436,959 20% united Kingdom $3,299,800 3% united states $8,336,266 7% france $6,687,039 6% spain $11,901,142 10%

echo* $40,641,761 34%

Acf internAtionAl field oPerAtions funding by region - 2008

latin america & caribbean $12,018,674 9% southern africa $4,506,754 4% central africa $42,292,911 33%

europe $627,647 0% asia $24,879,120 19% middle east $8,339,085 7%

2008 annual report financials

west africa $14,882,112 12%

east africa $20,566,305 16%

* European Community Humanitarian Aid Department


donor lists

action against hunger thanKs its generous donors for joining with us in our mission to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection, and treatment of acute malnutrition. We have compiled these lists as comprehensively as possible, and thank all the many individuals—including those whose names do not appear below—for helping to make our work possible. Please note listings reflect gifts received between January 1 and December 31, 2008.

MAJor institutionAl donors Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) European Community Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) France - Comité Interministériel de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation (CIAAA) Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) corPorAtions & corPorAte foundAtions corporate donors of $25,000 and more MacHeist LLC WeightWatchers International, Inc. corporate donors of $10,000 up to $24,999 Anonymous Bloomberg L.P. CNN Crédit Suisse Eleven Eleven O’Clock Productions

Gaiam, Inc. IBM Employee Services Center ImportantGifts, Inc. InterAudi Bank Natixis North America Inc. Orrick, Herrington, Sutcliffe Foundation Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP corporate donors of $5,000 up to $9,999 Czarnowski Display Service, Inc. EFG Istanbul Menkul Degerler FactSet Research Systems Inc. Google Matching Gifts Program Horizon Media, Inc. HSBC Philanthropic Programs Integration Marketing & Communications Jacques Torres Chocolates L’Olivier Soirées and Galas, Inc. Microsoft Giving Campaign Rollerblade USA Corporation Schreiber Foods Sterling Stamos Capital Management, L.P. TravelAge West corporate donors of $1,000 up to $4,999 Anonymous Aetna Foundation Alnor Oil Company, Inc. American Express Charitable Fund

American Express Foundation Employee Giving Campaign A-Z Properties BabyMoon Doulas Calyon Cards for Causes, LLC The Carlyle Hotel Cartier CME Group Coolapps CRU Restaurant Daniel Defined Health Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Firstgiving, Inc. The French Culinary Institute Goldman Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program Insight Designs Web Solutions, LLC Integrated Project Management Interior Building Services JustGive.org Lowenstein Sandler PC Madison Bistro Metacafe Newmark Knight Frank Odile De S. Inc. PepsiCo Foundation PJ Wine Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. Song & Co. Spitfire Communications Visual Artists and Galleries Association, Inc. The Wealth Advantage Group

foundAtions & orgAniZAtions foundation & organization donors of $25,000 and more Anonymous Charity Global, Inc. Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund Rona Jaffe Foundation Starr International Foundation foundation & organization donors of $10,000 up to $24,999 Anonymous DUO-CFC International Monetary Fund Summit Foundation foundation & organization donors of $5,000 up to $9,999 Anonymous Eicher Foundation GIGA Foundation The Human Fund I Do Foundation Independent Charities of America Mary and Kathleen Harriman Foundation US Embassy SudanKhartoum Vasicek Foundation foundation & organization donors of $1,000 up to $4,999 The Ark Children’s Center Combined Federal Campaign of the Natural Capital Area The Ettinger Foundation

Global Impact Combined Federal Campaign The Gracie Charitable Foundation Alan C. Greenberg Philanthropic Fund Jewish Communal Fund North Star Foundation Rexford Fund, Inc. The Sam Spiegel Foundation Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Whispering Bells Foundation individuAls & fAMily foundAtions individual donors of $25,000 and more Joseph G. & Claude Audi René-Pierre & Alexis Azria Estate of Merl Brown Raymond Debbane Pierre & Isabelle Faÿ Ketty & François Maisonrouge John & Wendy Neu O’Shea Family Fund Daniel & Pascale Py Eric Reeves Robert de Rothschild Thilo Semmelbauer Shaker Family Charitable Foundation Brian J. Smith Cody J Smith John A. Weldon Kara Young & Peter Georgiopoulos



individual donors of $10,000 up to $24,999 Anonymous Christopher Ahearn & Marla Mayer Merri & Sam Alexander Mohammed Amersi Stanley & Marion Bergman Family Charitable Fund Yervant Demirjian Thierry Despont Blair W. & Cheryl Effron Cristina Enriquez-Bocobo Sabina Fila William T. Hyde III John B. Hynes Kathleen Begala & YvesAndré Istel Sandra & David Kirchhoff Julien Lerique Alison G. Liguori Maurice Meslans & Margaret Holyfield Achim & Colette Moeller Andrew D. & Eleni Panzures Mandakini Puri Joumana Rizk Christopher & Patrice Sobecki Gene Somoza Karim F. Tabet Wendy Weiler & Donald Chappell individual donors of $5,000 up to $9,999 Anonymous Reem Acra Trudy M. & Robert W. Albrecht Philippe & Robin Amouyal Anne & Guillaume Bebear Patrick Briody Tory Burch Olivier Cassegrain Kenneth Cox Claudio Del Vecchio Hester Diamond Jonas & Julie Fajgenbaum

Fribourg Family Foundation Michael A. Gordon Burton K. Haimes David Haskell Martin R. Kaatz Kathy Lafreniere Yves Leperlier Richard Louv Marjorie McGahren Richard & Dorinda Medley Dia C. Metropolis Nancy L. Miller Diane Molleson Masoud Motamedi Gilles Pajot Richard A. Perdue & Thomas Porter David B. Peterson Foundation Arthur C. Reichstetter Ricardo Rodriguez & Marjorie Stone James & Alice Ross Michael Seay Bettina Siegel Robert Siegel Isabel Stainow-Wilcox Robert & Sharon Swindler Matthew Tate Daniel D. Toscano Thomas B. & Danielle Walker individual donors of $1,000 up to $4,999 Anonymous Mary Anne Aden Pierre & Mathilde Albouy Elizabeth A. Alcorn Joy Allen Jean-Pierre & Michèle Altier Crystal Andrus Jerryl L. Antee II Fabrizio & Enrica Arengi-Bentivoglio James Armstrong Edward C. Arredondo M. Kaleem Arshad

Max Azaham & Anna Konopka Joseph & Frances A. Bachman Geoffrey Baldwin Gene & Margaret Bard Joseph Baribeau Khallil Barrage Tony Bartel Laura Baskes & Stuart Litwin Jason Beaird Josh Bernstein Mary O’Neill Berry Santokh Bhullar Evren & Zeynep Bilimer Peter Binkow George X. Boulton Scott & Irene Bouma Bobby Braddock Tomas Brodsky Donald E. Brown Josh Browning Kimberly Bryant Peter Buffington Deborah Burdett Danny & Christine Busch Margaret Barkley Byess Monte & Barbara Campbell Gezim Capani Dominic & Linda Castriota Kenneth & Shirley Ceradsky Robert B. Chavez Sunny Choi Bryan Chu Francis Ciani-Dausch Jochem Clarke John & Jean T. Cleary Lyor Cohen Thomas W. & Kim Cole Jack Corwin Family Foundation Deborah A. & Joseph Cowal Reese Currie Nan Dale & Dan Franklin Massimo d’Amore

Bernard Del Rey & Marguerite Fiore Del Rey Chu-Yuan Deng Kathryn Dickman Kay M. Diederich Michael & Catherine Donovan Nicole Douillet Allen & Vered Drazen Catherine Dumait-Harper Daniel Dunn & Amy Gordon Brian C. & A. Egnatz Howard Eisenberg Edgar El Chaar Alexandre Elias Tyler Ellis Charles Engelke John Evelyn Douglas N. Farrar Barrie & Hank Fila Luisa Finberg Anne Fisher Randall Fisher Daniel C. Fizznoglia Jody Fleischer Christian Flores Margaret Frankston Mary & Fabrizio Freda Lesley M. Friedman Dallin Fuchs Bhargavi Gali Jean-Louis Galliot Harsharan Gambhir John Gavel, Jr. Anne F. Gentry Edmund G. Glass William G. Glass J. Leslie Glick & Judith Mihara Marc & Mariannick Gobé Terence Goggin Jaime Gonzales Margaret Graff Anne M. Grayhack Brian Greenwald Aflalo S. & Cathy Guimaraes

Carl Haefling Maria Halmo Edward Hamlin Susan E. Harper Davis Harty William & Aline Haynes Kari Heber Renee Hecht Michelle Hocking Robert & Irene Hollweg Michelle Holmes Susan E. & Matt Holmes Timothy A. Holmes Kristen Hook Justin X. Howe Samuel A. Hoyland Richard Hurowitz Susan K. Inchauspe Robert & Patty Isen Tyler Jennings Noble Johnson Irving & Alwyn Johnson Family Foundation Hisashi & Kuniko Juba Joseph W. Judd Andrea & Mark Kaplan Sami Karam Timothy Q. Karcher Paul F. Keaveney Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation Don B. Kendall Bryan Kim Sue Klapholz Radford Klotz & Shahnaz Batmanghelidj-Klotz Kristil & Joshua Knox Jennifer Kohler Stefanos Kordas Ronald & Linda Kotin Johnny Kreitman Ananth Krishnamurty & Mary Inagami Donald Kulas Joseph T. Kushner John Lamonica Sam Lang Ali Latifi


2008 annual report financials

donor lists

Christopher R. & Cathy Lawrence Terry Lee Thomas A. Lee Janet & Peter Ley Phyllis & Barnet Liberman Judith Lidsky Kristin W. Lile Arlene R. & Andrew S. Linder Patricia Lizarraga Deborah B. Lo Cascio Michel & Odile de Schietere Longchampt Aaron Longnion Edward A. Lunt Victoria & Lawrence F. Lunt Marvin & Jane Maas Michael Macintire Aarti Madan William Maier Charles-Henri & Marguerite Mangin George E. Marin Daniel Martinelli Arjuna Martlin John McBride William & Nancy McCachren Richard McCarthy Robert B. McCue II Jennifer McGrath Tyron McNeal Niraj Mehdiratta David Melnik Donald & Shelley Meltzer Jacques P. Merab, MD Eduardo Merille Forrest A. Mertz Timothy Messa Eduardo & Gillian Shepherd Mestre Laurence Michaels Dan R. Miller Eric Miller & Brett Saarela Rima Moawad Evelyn M. Morrow

Moyse Family Foundation Leslie & Scott A. Mulligan-McMichael Richard G. Murphy Thomas & Sally Neff Roy R. and Marie S. Neuberger Foundation Mark Nigro Sarita Nori Kelli Norman Laurel Oger Amelia Ogunlesi Catherine Orentreich François Pagès Chokhalingam Palayamkottai Jonathan D. Peck Wendy & David Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Peterson Richard Poach Bernard & Delphine Poussot Leif E. Powers Radhika Puri Anne-Laure Py Elisabeth Py Frederic & Maria Ragucci Kanti & Susan Rai Lucas Rinehart Stephen A. & Christal Rishton Dominic & Michele T. Rogo Neil Rollins Nancy Romero Steven J. Rosandich Geneviève & Jean Rosanvallon Jeanne A. Ross Joel Ross Lisa Ruiz David Rush Olivier Rustat Jean-Marie & Selima Salaun Susan Sarandon Ann-Marie Sardini Ella Saunders-Crivello Judith Scherer

Jennifer L. Schiff Stephen A. & Mary E. Schlangen Wolfram Schlenker Alison Holtzschue & Douglas Schloss Schultz Family Foundation Tony Schwartz & Deborah Pines Jodi Schwartzberg Marshall Scorcio Elizabeth Scott Randy Seeley, MD Thomas Segrest Judith Selkowitz Richard Sexton Thomas Sheldon Ashma & Jim Shepherd Meredith Shepherd Ralph A. Siciliano Kathleen Sidenblad Jane & Andy Sinauer Rabinder P. Singh Joel E. Smilow Charitable Trust Brian J. Smith Christine Smith Soheil Alex Soleimani Christopher W. Solomon Alix Spiegel Sheila Spradlin Sarah Stamboulie Lloyd D. Stansberry III Ronald & Ivana Starr Béatrice Stern Alice B. Stock, Esq. John Stucki Richmont Sy Brook & Ferebee Taube James M. Taylor Kalpana Telikepali Sebastien Thiebault Richard L. Thiel Brenda Tirey Jeanne Tomcavage Ronald P. Townsend Andrew Triboletti Richard Trobman

Timothy Tucker Jennifer Turner Bryan Tye Thomas Ullrich Robert Vandelinde Peter & Elizabeth Vanderslice Annette B. Vass Henry J. & Margaret M. Vosswinkel Eileen Wallis Loren Wallis Michael J. & Sandra M. Wax Benjamin Weinberger Stephan Wessels Georgiana White Gary Whitlock Ian Worling David Wright Lori Ann Wynter Barbara & Richard Young educAtionAl institutions Arcadia University, PA The Ark Children’s Center, MD Central High School, PA Davis Junior High School, MI Eleanor Roosevelt High School, NY Lawrence Township High School, NJ Liberty High School, CA Libertyville High School Boy’s Cross Country Team, IL Miami Carol City Senior High School, FL National Heritage Academies, MI Nederland Independent School District, TX Nute Middle / High School District, NH Oklahoma University College of Nursing Faculty, OK

Palo Alto High School Henry M. Gunn Key Club, CA Parkway Central High School, MO Parsippany - Troy Hills Board of Education, NJ Pioneer Academy of Science, NJ Princeton Day School, NJ Robert L. Craig School, NJ Sewanee - The University of the South, TN Siena Catholic Academy, NY South Plainfield High School, NJ West Windsor Plainsboro High School South, NJ Whitney High School, CA rAce AgAinst Hunger scHools The Ancona School, IL The Catherine Cook School, IL Near North Motessori School, IL University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, IL donors of in-Kind goods or services Asia de Cuba B.R. Guest Restaurants Bamboo 52 BLT Prime Bottino Bouley Bakery The Brandy Library Brasserie 8 ½ Brasserie Les Halles Café Crème Café Grumpy Café Joul Cercle Rouge Cinnabar Pictures Cipriani Wall Street Craftsteak Danube Daum Inc. USA



Dawat - Haute Cuisine of India Desert Moon Grille Frederick Wildman and Sons Good Restaurant Google, Inc. Gramercy Tavern Carole & Geoffrey Howard Le Grand Dakar The James Beard Foundation Jean-Louis Resturant Kaïssa Management L’Absinthe L’Ecole at the French Culinary Institute L’Olivier Soirées and Galas, Inc. Clara Lofaro Longchamp USA Mad-Mac LLC Mercadito Monsieur Touton Selections Ltd. Nice Matin Novecento Opia Osteria Gelsi Pangea Paris Gourmet Jacques Pépin PhilipMarie PK’s Place Poilane Reed Exhibitions US Office The Ritz Carlton Battery Park Robert de Rothschild Saks Fifth Avenue Serafina Restaurant Serge Sueños T Bar - Steak & Lounge Tela Design Studio Tour De France Restaurant Group

Tribeca Grill Trio Restaurant Triomphe at The Iroquois Hotel Vice Versa Villa Berulia Virginie Sommet volunteers & interns Safeera Alicassim Elise Becart Jessica L. Castaldi Katherine Cheng Howard De La Rosa Grace M. DeLuna Fabian de St. Juery Julian DiIorio Beatriz Fiestas Jarett J. Freedman Melissa Furlong Daniel Greenberg Stephen Houston Pauline L. Howard Dennis Kai David Keniry Se Young Kim Wouter Klock Zoe Lawrence Kelsey McCormack Charlotte Merle Stephanie Musclow Ceylan Olcer Kruti Patel Silvia Tatiana Pujol Harling Ross Joyce Swomley Jessica Tamman Allison Zucker

orgAniZAtionAl efficiency 2008 data

fundraising & communications $743,663 2%

management & administration $3,098,987 10%

programs & services to field $29,199,933 88%

Action AgAinst Hunger consistently receives toP MArKs

from rating agencies like the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator (receiving their highest 4-star rating), the American Institute for Philanthropy (receiving an “A” rating), the Independent Charities of America (as a “Best in America” nonprofit), and Guidestar. As an operational agency that directly oversees the implementation of our own programs, we are committed to a policy of transparency and disclosure by ensuring that key financial information is publicly available and that our programs undergo external evaluation to assess their impact.


2008 annual report financials

Seasons of Hunger: Fighting Cycles of Quiet Starvation Among the World’s Rural Poor
Hunger Watch Report, Action Against Hunger, 2008: London, UK (148 pages)

Water and HIV: Working for Positive Solutions
Hunger Watch Report, Action Against Hunger, 2007: London, UK (102 pages)

La faim dans les villes
Eric Levron, Action Against Hunger, Hermann Editeurs, 2006: Paris, France (158 pages)

The Geopolitics of Hunger: The Geopolitics of Responsibility (2003-04)
Vendôme Impressions, Groupe Landais, 2004: Paris, France (300 pages)

This publication sheds light on the devastating link between predictable cycles of food insecurity and the prevalence of famine and asks why so little is done when cyclical hunger is so routine, predictable, and preventable. The Right to Water: Emergence, Definition, Current Situation, and Stakeholder Positions
Action Against Hunger, Moselle Vieillemard, 2008: Paris, France (120 pages)

Poor water and sanitary conditions complicate the treatment of malnutrition for people living with HIV/AIDS, but Action Against Hunger’s ongoing research and field work offer a range of proven, costeffective solutions. Women & Hunger: Women Play a Central Role in the Fight Against Hunger
Hunger Watch Report, Action Against Hunger, 2006-07: Paris, France (41 pages)

Urban demographics are explosive and set to grow by 100,000 people a day for the next 30 years, promising an upswing in urban hunger, a phenomenon with its own dynamics. This important assessment presents studies of urban hunger in the D.R. Congo, Haiti, Argentina, and Liberia. Regards sur le monde: Les visages de la faim
Action Against Hunger, Editions Acropole, 2005: Paris, France (224 pages)

The Geopolitics of Responsibility takes a hard look at the actors who contribute to the persistence of global hunger—the roles played by armed groups, government institutions, the international community, and more. The Geopolitics of Hunger: Hunger and Power (2001-02)
Action Against Hunger, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2002: Boulder, CO, USA (354 pages)

The concept of the “Right to Water” has emerged over the past few years, emphasizing a human-centered approach to meeting basic needs among vulnerable populations. The Justice of Eating: The Struggle for Food and Dignity in Recent Humanitarian Crises
Hunger Watch Report, Action Against Hunger, Pluto Press, 2007-08: London, UK (102 pages)

As the principal providers for families around the world, women are key partners in the struggle to end hunger. Agencies must incorporate such realities into the very design of their humanitarian programs. Misère urbaine: la faim cachée
Action Against Hunger, Editions Au diable vauvert, 2006: Paris, France (127 pages)

A group of notable Agence VU photographers give artful testimony to the contexts in which ACF works, documenting the daily struggles for life and dignity that confront so many communities around the world. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Populations at Risk
Action Against Hunger, Hermann Editeurs des Sciences et des Arts, 2005: Paris, France (801 pages)

Combining the concrete experience of ACF’s field staff with solid academic research, this pageturning study and indictment of the status quo is sure to capture the imagination of any activist or student of world affairs. Assessment and Treatment of Malnutrition in Emergency Situations
Claudine Prudhon, Action Against Hunger, Imprimerie Compedit Beauregard, 2002: Paris, France (317 pages)

An assessment of hunger in several African case studies, this book weaves personal testimonies

Five Agence VU photographers visited ACF’s programs to give photographic voice to the phenomenon of urban hunger,

An instructional manual for both emergency and development settings, this authoritative book

Intended for those with significant

Action AgAinst Hunger PuBlicAtions
ACF International publishes a number of works for a variety of audiences each year. A sizeable catalogue of more specialized resources—context analyses, regional assessments, community surveys, and special field reports—can also be found online at www.actionagainsthunger.org/resources/publications

into a a powerful indictment of the institutions, structures, and processes that account for the persistence of hunger today.

creating a startling companion piece to ACF’s study on urban hunger, La faim dans les villes.

condenses ACF’s three decades of expertise in extending water and sanitation improvements to populations in need.

medical training, this manual combines ACF’s proven field expertise with the latest scientific insights to create an indispensable guide for the treatment and prevention of malnutrition.




NAN DAlE Executive Director
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finAnce dePArtMent

oPerAtions dePArtMent

pATRICK MOuTON Financial Director JAMEs sTOTz Financial Comptroller luIs MANuEl GARCÍA Field Financial Comptroller MAuRO CABRERA Field Financial Manager MICHAEl GuMBlEY Field Financial Manager NElGER RIOs Staff Accountant AsMERET GHEBREYEsus Missions Accountant FODAY KANGBAI IT Officer
HuMAn resources dePArtMent

DAvID BlANC Director of Operations MARIE-sOpHIE sIMON Senior Nutrition Advisor DAvID DOlEDEC Nutrition Advisor DEvRIG vEllY Senior Food Security & Livelihoods Advisor sIlKE pIETzsCH Food Security & Livelihoods Advisor NICHOlAs RADIN WASH Advisor YOuCEF HAMMACHE Desk Officer/Mission Manager & Senior Technical Advisor KARINE MIlHORGNE Desk Officer/Mission Manager NADIA GRIFFIN Mission Management Logistician lAuRENT MIRRIONE Regional Logistics Advisor

GEOFFREY M. GlICK Director of External Relations JAMEs pHElAN Senior Officer, Communications & Advocacy KAREN DuMONET Senior Events & Donor Relations Officer sHARON HAMETz Senior Grant Writer BARBARA McKINNON External Relations Officer susANNAH MAsuR Communications Officer JOsEpH MClAuGHlIN Online Marketing & Development Coordinator JAMEs R. DAHlMAN Database & Donor Stewardship Manager AlEx RuTHRAuFF External Relations Associate ElAINE RYAN Campaign Manager Fellow MElINDA lEE Student Outreach Fellow AMEDEO D’AMORE Social Media & Online Marketing Assistant

pHIlIppE ROsEN Human Resources Director sARAH CRAWFORD Human Resources Officer JACKIE MAClEOD Human Resources Officer MAxINE ClAYTON Director, Regional Training Center RACHAEl BlAIR Office Manager/ Human Resources Assistant NEllI zAlTsMAN Human Resources Assistant

2008 annual report financials 2008 annual report financials

Action Against Hunger staff as of September 1, 2009


247 West 37th Street, 10th Floor New York, NY 10018 Tel: +1 212.967.7800 Fax: +1 212.967.5480 [email protected] www.actionagainsthunger.org

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