2009.05.26 New York Post PopWrap (New York, NY) Cool Shades)

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New York Post -- PopWrap (New York, NY) -- 5/26/09 Interviewer: Jarett Wieselman Jarett: Hey guys, I'm Jarett, and I'm here with David Cook. You all know from, I don't know, winning American Idol. [David shrugs] Jarett: We talked about his time on the show, the crazy last year of his life, and perhaps his most embarrassing moment in front of thirty-five million people. Check it out. Jarett: What was it like watching the show from the other side, being in the audience? David: A lot less stressful. I, I think um...ya' know, bein' a year kind of removed from the whole thing, and, and, and really just as busy as I've been, um...I'm just excited to not be the newbie anymore, ya' know? David: There was obviously just a ton of press, and everybody has an opinion. And it seemed like a lot of the opinions, you know, favored Adam. Jarett: Mm-hmm David: But...opinions are just like...certain...you know, parts of the human body, and everybody's got one. David: It was really cool this year to, to, to see Kris's reaction. I think just, it's like: I, I completely empathize with where he was at. Like, it's just utter shock. I was just happy for both of 'em, cuz I really didn't see that as a stopping point for either one of 'em. I think it's just...ya' know, it's a hurdle. Jarett: Was the mental deadness that you were talking about going in to the finale, did any of that have to do with actually letting them convince you to put on boxing outfits... [David laughs] Jarett: ...and come back out? [laughs] David: I remember bein' really upset, uh...by that point. No, I didn't really care. I was like: Fine. Just put a robe on me. Just...just tell me where to stand. You know, literally like... [makes "dead to the world" face]. But put me in the, the boxing shorts and like, the no shirt, that would've been, I woulda lost...for sure then, so... [Jarett laughs] David: Thanks, thanks Idol for not makin' me do that.

David: College is really where I just, I, I was really firm on like: I wanna do music. Um...so I was get-- tryin' to find an excuse to not finish college, ya' know? I was like: Let's get the band signed. Let's do somethin'... Jarett: You majored in Graphic Design... David: Graphic Design, yeah Jarett: Is that right? Is that something that you could see yourself sort of working back in to the long-term David Cook sort of plan? David: I love the idea of just bein' able to create. Whether it be music or otherwise. And, the label let me, like, be involved in the art direction of The Record, which was fun, and...and actually um, the, the charity single that we have up on iTunes right now, uh, for the song "Permanent," I, I actually designed the, [makes outline of a square with his hands] the little iTunes cover for that. And... David: I, I got a dog...uh, named Dublin. He's a...black Scottish Terrier, and...if I could pick one person to spend all my free time with, it's, it's Dublin. David: I'm furnishing a house right now, and so...um...I've spent, I've spent way too much time on like...home furnishing websites... [Jarett laughs] David: ...and stuff, which is lame, but...um...really in to couches right now. [laughs] Jarett: As, as we can tell by the... David: Yeah, yeah [motions to couch he's sitting on] [Jarett laughs] David: We've done...just under sixty shows on this tour. And we haven't played the same set yet. Uh...which is, which is fun for me. Ya' know? And, and hopefully for the band too, cuz I think it allows us the chance to uh...to really make that show special...for everybody. David: Early in the tour, we were gettin' all these, everybody's like, you know, for "Billie Jean." So we tri-- I try to do "Billie Jean," and I got to the second verse and like: I don't remember it. Ya' know? And so... David: The time that we had to make The Record, I think...really made The Record. Ya' know? Everything was so...um...frantic. We were tryin' to get everything put together. And I think there's this really cool frantic energy on The Record, which is fun. David: Yeah, there's definitely new things I want to implement on the next record, and, and I wanna try different things, and, and, and really stretch the boundaries,

you know? I think um...you know, the day that I wake up and I don't have any ideas...is probably the day I should find somethin' else to do. David: Nobody knows how long this is gonna last, you know? And, and I...I'll always be a musician, I'll always write songs. But I may not always have this...platform, this opportunity. And so, um...the time to work is...is right now. David: Hey guys, I'm David Cook, and you're reading PopWrap. END OF INTERVIEW

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