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Howard Griswold Conference Call—Thursday, June 10, 2010 Partial Howard Griswold Conference calls: 218-844-3388 pin 966771# (6 mutes & un-mutes), Thursday’s at 8 p.m., Eastern Time. ‘6’ Mutes and un-mutes

Conference Call is simulcast on:
www.TheREALPublicRadio.Net Starting in the first hour at 8 p.m.

Note: there is a hydrate water call Monday’s, same time and number and pin #. Howard’s home number: 302-875-2653 (between 9:30, a.m, and 7:00, p.m.)
Mickey’s debt collection call is 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Wednesday night. The number is 712 – 432 – 8773 and the pin number is 947975#.

All correspondence to: Gemini Investment Research Group, POB 398, Delmar, Del. 19940 (do not address mail to ‘Howard Griswold’ since Howard has not taken up residence in that mailbox and since he’s on good terms with his wife he isn’t likely to in the foreseeable future.) "All" Howard's and GEMINI RESEARCH's information through the years, has been gathered, combined and collated into 3 "Home-Study Courses" and "Information packages" listed at www.peoples-rights.com "Mail Order" DONATIONS and/or Toll-Free 1-877-544-4718 (24 Hours F.A.Q. line) Dave DiReamer can be reached at: [email protected] Peoples-rights has a new book available from The Informer: Just Who Really Owns the United States, the International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve, World Bank, Your House, Your Car, Everything—the Myth and the Reality. He’ll take $45 for the book to help with ads, but $40 would be ok which includes shipping ($35 barebones minimum) www.peoples-rights.com c/o 1624 Savannah Road, Lewes, Delaware 19958 ******************** Often you can find a transcript or a partial one for the week’s call at the following website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/peoplelookingforthetruth ******************************************************************* When you aren’t talking please mute your phone!! It would be best if you mute your phone when you first come on, then un-mute it when you want to talk and then re-mute it.

You can use the *6 button on your phone or use the phone’s mute button Speaker phones and cell phones are not desirable as they can chop up the call badly occasionally. If you are recording the call and leave the phone unintended, please mute!!!!! Note, on October 30th someone left the phone un-muted and coupled television audio into the phone making the conference call conversations very difficult. When you are not muted be careful of making noise such as breathing hard into the phone’s microphone or rubbing the mouthpiece or not reducing extraneous noise across the room. Cell phones can pick up wind noise when used outside and also if not in a primary reception zone can couple noise into the call. Excessive echoes and noise will terminate the conference call. Cell phones and speaker phones can cause echoes. Keep the call quiet, don’t make Howard climb out of his mailbox and bop you one. ******************************************************************* Note: the telephone lines are usually quite noisy and therefore it would be prudent to slow your speech down otherwise your words and meaning will be lost. Suggestion to everyone (even Howard): Get a phone with a privacy or mute button. This is much more convenient than star-6 and more rapid to use. It can also be used as a cough button since it can be used rapidly. Try it, you’ll like it. ********************************************************************* Mickey’s new call-in number: 1-712-432-8787, pin: 170555# 8 p.m, EST ****************************************

A recording of each Howard Griswold Thursday conference call is available from Dezert Owl upon request for any sized donation. Go to the following link: www.TheRealPublicRadio.Net/Archives.html .
For donations to desert, send them to Free America Radio Network, 121 Seaparc Circle, Suite B, Kingsland, Georgia 31548. Phone number: 912-882-2142. Cell: 304-629-7169. ************ {01:16:30} [caller] Howard was talking a couple weeks ago about if you have a federal lien on your property there was a long way to do it then there was a short way. That short way was to write a letter to the Secretary of State requesting information whether or not you have any liens on your property and the other was…request a letter to see if there’s any judge… on your name…but the IRS did business with my…name…. Now, I was wondering whether I should have asked them, ‘are there any judgments on that all-cap name…lien. The reason being was after we…gather all this information…county auditor…evidence and

it needs to be removed or she will be sued for malfeasance of office and putting a fraudulent document on file… [Dave] Maintaining a false and fraudulent official record. The document recorders, recorder of deeds office people, have been told if they cannot prove there is an actual lien but they’re filing notice of lien as if it’s actual that they’re going to sue the recorder for maintaining a false and fraudulent record and make the recorder call the Internal Revenue Service or whatever to make them prove that their notice or claim of lien is backed up by an actual lien or whether it’s a false and fraudulent claim. And if it is then the recorder has to remove the false and fraudulent claim from the county record. [caller] What my thought was whether or not I should go back…UCC and request any judgment on my name but because if there’s already a lien there… [Dave] Well, if Howard said to do that then absolutely. Get that UCC-11, an inquiry. Well, then, go ahead and do that. The best thing would be to have a security agreement indemnity bond financing statement drawn up for you by Howard and have it recorded at the Secretary of State’s office UCC Department so that if there is any claim you can terminate the registration of what ever document that it led up to their presuming that the claim was valid, you can terminate that registration whether it’s the deed to your land being recorded or the MSO for your automobile being recorded or the birth certificate to your child being recorded or whatever, you can terminate the registration with an Affidavit of Commercial Notice based upon the recorded security agreement indemnity bond financing statement that’s already been recorded at the Secretary of State’s office, UCC branch or bureau. Then you’re covered. You have not only a priority claim but you have a perfected priority claim and your perfected priority claim trumps any presumption by the government. 01:20:14.976 [caller] What they did to him was they…as the secured party, the lien is set as the secured party so they kind of beat me… The IRS is the secured party on the UCC with my all-caps name as the debtor and I sent all the paperwork to Howard. I was hoping that he would be on the line tonight for maybe some feedback on that because it’s something that does happen to quite a few people. [Dave] Well, the slave has no rights in the master’s court. So, until you have on file with the Secretary of State’s office, UCC branch, until you have your security agreement indemnity bond financing statement recorded you do not have the standing as a slave, you do not have a standing to go into the master’s court and claim you’re anything. But once you got that security agreement indemnity bond financing statement recorded at the secretary of state’s office, in the UCC division, then you’ve got uncontrovertible proof and documentation that you, the live natural man, who’s name is in all lower case and who does not have any government property ID numbers like the debtor, all capital letter named dummy does, that proves that you have not only a priority claim of interest but you have a perfected priority claim of interest and that trumps the IRS or any other government fiction corporation claims and you have standing because they get told they failed to state claim upon which relief can be granted because in commerce court they can only grant relief to

the creditor or the secured party which you will be once you have a perfected priority claim filed. And until that time you’re a debtor whether you know it or not or realize it or not or like it or not they presume that you’re a slave and in debt to some other creditor and the creditor wins always, consistently, the creditor wins and the debtor constantly gets told they failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted because the court cannot grant relief to the debtors—they can only grant relief to the creditors in a commerce court. And under commercial code that’s what it is. The commercial code is not just something they just dreamed up. That’s the international law of nations that was adopted in this country under the title of the negotiable instruments law and then they codified the negotiable instruments law which is the international law merchant, international law of nations, they codified into at the federal level the Uniform Commerce Code and at the state level it’s the state commercial code. [caller] Do you remember the form Howard had—he mentioned if you’ve already filed a UCC Financing statement and it has been lapsed and to be able to reinstate that for the life of me I’ve been trying to find that form that is sent it. I did file… [Dave] These things are only good for five years and most people have changes during five years of their lifetime. People don’t live in the same house or they certainly don’t own the same car for more than five years. People are born, people die, people get divorced, things change. In five years you’re bound to have some changes anyway. The filing fee is exactly the same whether you’re filing a brand new updated corrected security agreement indemnity bond financing statement or whether you’re just making a correction. If you just make a correction you’re paying the same filing fee but you’re still within the original five year time limit which makes, three months of six months or whenever. Why pay the same filing fee if you’re going to get any time less than five years. You might as well go for a brand new one and get the entire five years with the updated information in the first way and not diddle around. …save you money, go ahead and spend money if you want to. [caller] [Dave] No, I don’t want to spend any money. I’m being facetious.

[caller] I think pretty much anybody that is listening should really take to heart as far as getting a UCC financing statement. It secures their… They’ve got something and somebody can’t come along and take it. Bankruptcies, you can put everybody at bay basically with that piece of paper. [Dave] Well, you have to realize according to the government anything that is abandoned, anything that someone does not claim ownership of the ownership passes to the state corporation. In lawyer speak that’s called the doctrine of escheat, the state owns it by default. However, if someone has a competing claim that’s valid that can be verified then their claim trumps the doctrine of escheat. The doctrine of escheat only says abandoned property. Well, if you claim an interest in it then it ain’t abandoned anymore, is it? So, start claiming back. So when you make out your questionnaire blanks for a security agreement

indemnity bond financing statement document for Howard to make up for you if you leave something of value off of it or if you leave somebody of value off of it you’re confirming the enemy’s presumption that you don’t give a shit. You’ve abandoned any interest in those people or abandoned any claim of interest in those people or things of value because you’ve failed to state a claim that you do have interest in your relatives or wives or children or car, motor trailer, your hunting dog, whatever. If you don’t say you do have a interest you’re just abandoning by failing to claim so you have a perfected priority claim of interest which would trump the government’s presumption and including trumping their doctrine of escheat. [caller] [Dave] It’s a security agreement. It’s called a security agreement or security interest, actually. The document itself is the agreement but to secure the interest that you’re recording. The UCC1 is nothing. The UCC-1 is just a cover sheet, it’s a flag, it’s a notice that there is a security interest being recorded within ninety days somewhere, either ninety days before or ninety days after that notice is sent or served or filed. So why serve the notice if you’re not doing to comply within the ninety days to have, in fact, actual the security interest recorded with a properly drawn security agreement indemnity bond financing statement? And follow the Code, follow Howard’s instructions that come with it and record it at the state secretary of state UCC office and when you get your copy back which shows the book and page number where it’s recorded, the date you recorded it, the index number, the document number and all those numbers that they put on, you’re supposed to photocopy the front page only, not the entire document. Howard just needs that front page because it shows him the numbers where it’s been recorded and according to his instructions you’re supposed to send him back a copy of the front page only for him to put it in his files on your security agreement because you will lose it and later on sometime when you want him to draw up for you an affidavit of commercial notice, possibly, to terminate the registration of something or someone or you want to discharge some claim of debt. IRS says you owe them $10,000 why quibble with them, just discharge that $10,000 with an assignment of partial interest to send the Internal Revenue Service partial interest of $10,000 out of the indemnity bond that Howard has drawn up for you where the all-capital letter named dummy owes you the $10,000 because the Internal Revenue is claiming you owe it back on behalf of the corporate fiction all-capital letter name taxpayer that has a taxpayer license number and they’re trying you to pay the debts for the dummy so you’re just going to assign over. Instead of you sending them a bank check which would assign them an interest out of your checking account you’re going to send them this assignment of partial interest which assigns them a collection rights interest out of the indemnity bond. Let them go collect their fictitious claim of fictitious money directly from their fictitious debtor, the allcapital letter dummy that has the government property ID number or taxpayer license number or taxpayer ID number or socialist slave, whatever title you give to that number. It doesn’t apply to live people, that number is only applicable to fictions and since live people are not fictions it only applies to the debtors, corporate fiction that are created by Congress or state legislatures. Let them chase their tails and go collect their fictitious claim of And basically that UCC financing statement…

fictitious money directly from their fictitious claimant, a debtor—leave you out of the loop. You either assign it over to the…. Go chase your tails. Well, you can’t do it until after you get that security agreement drawn up for you by Howard and you can’t do that until after you fill in the blanks on the questionnaire and sent it in to Howard and you don’t have the blanks unless you send and ask for them from The People’s Rights Association. [caller] Howard’s already given me the paperwork on that.

[Dave] Got to fill in the numbers. You have to be able the collateral with specificity and particularity. You have to be able to identify everybody by a number, birth certificate number or a social slave social security number and everything has to be identified by numbers so that it can be identified with particularity and individuality and specificity. Like Howard says, you can’t come in and say all my children. Well, that doesn’t identify diddly squat so you cannot do that. Well, you can but you’d be wasting your money because they won’t pay any attention because there’s no way of identifying with specificity if there’s no numbers. So follow Howard’s instructions and you avoid problems. [caller] Well, you’ve been very helpful there. Ok, well, let’s go on to the next talker there, the next question. [caller] I got a question—just talking about something. The county document recorder lady… [caller] Yes, we’re listening to your questions.

[caller] Ok. I was wondering what kind of a court—we want to investigate the files with the court and see if there was ever a judgment granted because we never got any invitation to come to court but they claim they got it and then filed it with the county recorder. What we want to do is go into the court… [Dave] Do you have a piece of paper from them that says they claim there’s a judgment filed? [caller] No, what we’re doing it going to work. They took…

[Dave] How do you know there is such a thing? How do you know there is if you don’t have a piece of paper from some agency saying there is. How do you know to go down there to ask about something if you don’t know to ask about it? What makes you think there’s something there? [caller] Well, they already took the money out of the bank and we want to sue them and we know they didn’t get a judgment because we never got it. [Dave] Ok, go into the bank and ask them who authorized taking this money out. Get a copy of the paperwork that the bank relied on to take that money out of your account. That’ll tell you who did it.

[caller] That we’re going to do and then we’re going to go down to the courthouse and search their files. Can we search in person? Is it legal for us to do that and are they required to let us do that? [Dave] If there’s a case and it’s the Internal Revenue service versus you and there was a judgment awarded then there has to be a court case filed about that case. Yes, you’re telling me you never got any papers filed that you know of served on you. [caller] That’s right.

[Dave] Well then, I’m curious to know how there can be a court judgment. I think you’re being bamboozled and tricked—there is no judgment but they made you think there was or they sent you a notice of lien and because you didn’t object or protest by latches or failure to act on your part it became a lien because you failed to protest or object to their presumption and point out that they were making a mistake under their commercial code Section 1-103 by presuming. But if you don’t object and protest they’re just going to proceed on presumption again. Remember in the law case, The International Shoe Corporation v. the State of Washington the United States Supreme Court came down with the opinion that the way they get their jurisdiction is by presumption. They presume that you, me, Howard Griswold, everybody is enjoying purposeful availment of some benefit, privilege, license, title of nobility like voter, taxpayer, citizen of, resident of, member of, some title of nobility or opportunity offered by government they presume. So that’s how they get their jurisdiction is by presumption. Well, anything they presume, if you say ‘all rights reserved’ Anderson on UCC says the most important right anybody can reserve is the right not to be held to undisclosed or unrevealed contracts or…clauses in a contract. So, once you point out they made a mistake by presuming. That’s a mistake. They presumed you were purposefully availing yourself but because there was no full disclosure you never intended, you never did in the past, you do not now and you never will in the future intend to be held to their presumption so they’re making a mistake and that would destroy their judgment but you have to say so. You have to put it in writing. Demand they prove otherwise. Go down to the court and ask for a copy of it. They may not have a court file at all. It just might be Internal Revenue bluff because you’re dealing with a corporation. Internal Revenue Service is a separate corporation but it’s still being run from behind the scenes by lawyers. [caller] How do you prove there is no judgment?

[Dave] Ask them for the paperwork. Is there is a case filed about it ask them for a copy of the case file. You might have to pay for the pages copied. You have to get your documentation. [caller] What I did, Jim, was I went down to the Superior Court Clerk and requested all judgments in my name. And you’d be surprised how many last names. How many judgments….my name on them.


That’s what we got to do, go down to the court clerk and…

[caller] Get Howard Griswold’s security agreement if you got problems with the Internal Revenue Service. The only way you’re going to get that resolved is the same situation that I’m in right now and that needs to be done. You need to get Howard and have him write you up that security agreement and that’ll pretty much… [Dave] Well, you have to realize that everything that Internal Revenue sends is not sent to you. Whatever state you’re living in, you live in the fully spelled out, all lower case letter state with no numbers. Internal Revenue Service never sends anything to the state fully spelled out in all lower case with no numbers. The Internal Revenue Service and then the other government agency always and can only send mail or documents to the capital letter fictitious federal zones and five-numbered zip zones numbered zones. So by keeping papers and envelopes and documents that are sent to fictitious two-capital-letter federal zones or five or more numbered fictitious federal zones you’re committing mail fraud. You’re keeping mail that was obviously not intended for you… So you got to send all those documents back to the Internal Revenue Service with delivery confirmation with courtesy copy to the clerk that it’s all been sent back. They guy up at Connecticut, I think it was, he and his wife, were getting ready to have their house sold by Internal Revenue Service and they did what Howard teaches. They’ve gathered up all these documents, seven years worth of papers and letters back and forth from Internal Revenue and they had different offices. So all the letters and documents that came from office number one they sent back to office number one, delivery confirmation, and all the papers that came from office number two of the Internal Revenue Service they sent all them back, delivery confirmation, and all the papers and envelopes and documents that came from IRS office number three they sent back to office number three, delivery confirmation, and suddenly the lien disappeared because by sending everything back it was evidence of their intent to not consent, to no longer consent and Internal Revenue collects that income tax based on a philosophy known as voluntary compliance. They presuming you’re volunteering into complying and when you send everything back that’s evidence that you are not any longer continuing to volunteer and when they got all that garbage back in the mail, three separate Internal Revenue Service offices, they had to remove their liens and levies and stop the sale of the house and as far as I know they still have their house so it worked. You got to stop volunteering into their jurisdiction by keeping papers. If they can’t spell your state fully out in all lower case with no numbers then don’t keep the papers. Howard’s taught this for years right in the initial information package. The man mentioned early about how to avoid the acceptance trap, the appearance trap. The very definition of acceptance is intent to retain. That means if you keep anything that’s retaining, that’s acceptance. The only way to not retain is to send something back and have them accept it, proof of not retaining and that’s all in the initial information package. The definition of appearance is if you do anything, if you do anything at all, anything at all that’s beneficial to one party or detrimental to another party you’re making appearance in the case as a party to the case by doing something that’s beneficial to somebody and detrimental to somebody. That’s why Howard’s response letter is called the neutral response. When you send things back you’re supposed to use that wording from the neutral response because if it ain’t neutral it’s beneficial to somebody and detrimental to somebody else you’re falling for the appearance

trap. The whole point of sending stuff back is to not be presumed to be making appearance in the fiction court as a representative for the fiction defendant. And that’s why it’s so important…to understand how to avoid the acceptance trap and how to avoid the appearance trap—send everything back. Stop committing mail fraud by keeping, retaining papers that are sent to fictions. If you keep mail then it’s sent to OZ you are subject to the Wizard of Oz and Howard teaches do not keep it, send it back, neutral response, delivery confirmation or certified one way [???]. Do not use the green return receipt postcard and the reason why to not use the postcard is what goes on the back of the green return receipt postcard? Your name and address, so the…card can come back to you which you don’t want or don’t need. You don’t need to prove they got it. You got to prove you didn’t keep it so you need certified mail one way. You do not need that green return receipt postcard which you’re destroying the whole process and doing something that’s beneficial to somebody by putting your name and address on the back—don’t do it. Howard teaches send it, have proof that you sent it [???]. Send a courtesy copy to the court clerk that it was sent. This guy and his wife, I think in Connecticut or Long Island, they sent everything, seven years worth of documentation and letters back and forth—they sent it all back to the different IRS offices that they’d received them from and it stopped the sale of—the Internal Revenue Service was going to sell their house and they didn’t, they couldn’t. They had to undo all their crookedness because they evidenced their intent to not continue to volunteer —no longer voluntary compliance. They sent all IRS garbage back to the different IRS Offices and it took thirty, sixty days, ninety days maybe to backtrack and undo all their crookedness—remove the liens, remove the levies, remove the sale, notices and all. But they couldn’t sell the house because they had shown their intent to not continue to volunteer into the regulated enterprise called taxpayer. It’s so crooked. It’s so simple when you understand the crookedness of it all—what they call fraud. It all comes down to—it’s been taught in the Bible for years. Jesus tried to teach people. The Bible says, ‘be not a partaker with them in their frauds and fictions and sins, number one. Number two, do not come out from. Pardon me, number one is come out from the fiction whore of Babylon. Number two is not be a continuing on-going partaker with them in their sins and frauds. Number three is do not make new covenants and new agreements for Howard Griswold to have to try to get you out of because of your own stupidity. Keep signing your name asking for benefits and privileges and licenses and titles of nobilities and opportunities because you’re creating contracts. Stop doing it, Howard teaches. But for those who want to keep on signing and asking for benefits and privileges and licenses and titles of nobility like voter of, taxpayer, citizen of, resident and resident agent of, member of, participant of, opportunity offered. Do you enjoy any of those? The Supreme Court says they get their jurisdiction by presumption. You got to destroy that presumption, what they call rebuttable presumption, and terminate all those signatures on applications for benefits and privileges and licenses through the years you’ve been tricked into doing because of the non-fulldisclosure. Full disclosure? There has not been any disclosure, much less… That’s why Anderson says, ‘the most important right you could possibly reserve is the right not to be held to undisclosed, unrevealed contracts or clauses in a contract. But if you don’t say all rights reserved you’re going to continue on presumption that you did intent to be a slave and be a debtor. 01:45:38.474 .

. . {01:58:15.808} [caller] Last week when we spoke you were telling me—I had an issue with a state trooper and I told him I wasn’t a sovereign citizen. I told you about how he spit in my face. He got very belligerent and he had my vehicle towed. I told him, ‘you’re towing my private property and… [Dave] Stealing, he’s not towing, he’s stealing your private property and it’s against the law under the Fifth Amendment. Did you say, ‘where’s the money, you’re taking my property, where’s the money, under the law you got to pay me the just compensation.’ Did you tell him that? [caller] No, sir, I didn’t. I told the…

[Dave] You can’t presume that, you can’t assume that. They only know what they’ve been taught. They don’t listen to what you say. They listen to what the people who pay them a pay check tell them, not you, not what you say. [caller] I told him, he was taking my private…

[Dave] He doesn’t have any ears to hear you. He’s a corporation, he’s an agent, the representative of a corporation. They do not have ears. They cannot hear you. You talk and it’s like a voice screaming in the wilderness. It’s nothing but an echo, it’s a vibration in the air. If it isn’t on paper it does not exist for corporations, it’s got to be on paper. So instead of you telling us you told him put it in writing. Serve the documents on him then you got evidence. He said, she said is not any good. [caller] Well, that’s what I was asking you about when we discussed it last week. I believe you stated to me to look up accept and appear and to send it back, the ticket to the officer and to the tow man because I told him he was in conspiracy with him and it was criminal for him to take my private property. You told me… [Dave] We do not and cannot give or sell legal advice. What I told you was or should have told you it’s in the initial information package, the definition of acceptance and the definition of appearance is already in the initial information package. 01:58:15.808 Did you go on-line and get www.peoples-rights.com and print out the mail order page and get that initial information package first and study the definitions and you will know that they’re tricking people into forming contracts and that’s how they’re charging people in court. They never charged anybody with breaking a law. Nobody ever gets charged with breaking a law. They only get charged with breaking a contract penalty clause, code, title and section number, not a law. If there is no contract they cannot charge people with contract penalty clause violations. They cannot bring charges of code, title and section numbers. That’s why Howard teaches do not allow them to create a contract, not by presumption and not by acceptance of any of their documents. And the way to prove non-

acceptance is to send the documents back and a courtesy copy to the court clerk that they’ve been sent back. [caller] And you said to send the tow man just compensation and…whatever he took from me? [Dave] Well, the thing to do with the tow guy would be to send him Howard’s licensing offer. It’s an offer to license government or in this case to license the tow guy to use your private property on condition that he pays you the use fee. What’s your car worth, fifty thousand, eighty thousand? You can say whatever you think. If it’s a used car you don’t have to say it’s only worth $500. Give him an ultimatum, either return your property within 24 hours or by his refusal he will continue to be using your private property that is going to be deemed by you, it’s going to be deemed acceptance of the contract, the licensing offer. And by him continuing to use your private property after that 48 hour time period it will be deemed as his acceptance of the offer and the contract will arise by law. [caller] …he can state his own price as to what the car is worth to him, right?

[Dave] Yep. The owner determines the value, not the government, not the crooked thieves. Once you’ve served him with that licensing offer and they continue to keep your private property, you’re using it, that is the acceptance, now there’s a contract. Now, you can send them a bill. You can do to them the same thing that the Internal Revenue does to people. They send you an assessment. If you don’t fill it in they do it for you and send you a bill for the assessment that they’ve done and then they give you thirty days to pay the bill and if you don’t pay it they send you a notice saying, ‘hey, you didn’t pay the bill that we sent you thirty days ago. You’ve got thirty days to pay this bill a second time or you’ll be in default.’ So after thirty days you still haven’t paid the bill after the notice that you didn’t pay it the first time then they send you another notice, a sixty day notice, that you failed to pay the bill that they sent you sixty days ago and a notice about it thirty days ago and now they’re in default but you give them ten days right to cure the default and you wait thirty more days and send them a final notice of final default that they have failed to cure the default and they are now in final default and enclosed is a bill for the amount—pay the amount within thirty days. And you wait thirty days to send them a second bill, demand for payment. Another thirty days, then you go to court and get under Rule 55, it’s called default judgment. By their default by not paying the bill and by continuing to use your private property and not returning the private property is their acceptance of the contract, therefore they owe you the money. Go to court and get a judgment. [caller] What rule was that again?

[Dave] Your court rule 55. If they change the number it will be whatever court rule is titled default judgment. Pretty soon you’re be able to not go to a lawyer controlled court, you’ll be able to go to one of these grand juries and have the grand jury issue a indictment to the tow truck guy and then the government would have to prosecute the tow truck guy under instructions from the grand jury but that’s not set up yet. That’s in the process of getting set up according to the Restore America people and the…county assemblies group.

And like I say, this Pastor Manning up in Harlem, New York has already got his grand jury. They already have an indictment against Obama for false pretenses because he’s a Kenyan, he’s not an American, he’s not qualified. [caller] That’s what I told somebody today.

[Dave] Well, we shall see. As things unfold as time develops, we shall see. The saddest thing is these tea party people that are doing all this protesting and getting all this national attention and they haven’t got a faintest idea what they want to do about it. They’re not offering a solution. All they’re doing is complaining and crying the blues and weeping and wailing and moaning and they’re not saying the most important thing which is if they don’t get honest money they might as well quit—take their tea party helmets and go home. If they’re not going to have honest money there’s no point in having a tea party protest. They don’t know what they’re protesting about—none of them, not Bob Schultz, none of them. If they don’t have honest money it’s all for nothing, a lot of much ado about nothing I think Shakespeare called it. [caller] I have a question. I’m really not an expert in the matter. My grandmother passed in eighty-four. She didn’t leave a written will. She was born in 1896. My mother was born in 1925. She verbally said that they wanted them to have X amount of land up the country. I wanted to know, is there any way—because I was reading… [Dave] Do you have any documentation that she owned the land that you’re talking about her wanting to give to people? Do you have any proof that she owned it in the first place? [caller] Yes, I do, I have that.

[Dave] Ok, then all you need is an affidavit signed by the people that overheard her to say that was her wish and that was going to be her intention was to leave the property to whoever it was she said. You get an affidavit signed by all the witnesses that when she said it. [caller] [Dave] [caller] I’m glad to hear that. Of course, we do not and cannot give legal advice. Of course not.

[Dave] But that just seems to me to be common sense. Your sworn affidavit is going to trump the government’s presumption or claim of interest in. But if nobody claims it under the lawyer’s doctrine of escheat they’re going to escheat you out of it and claim that it falls to the government because nobody claimed it and the heirs never made an affidavit and the heirs never produced a will. She died without a will called intestate. She did not have a will, that’s intestate because she didn’t leave any testimony or a will what she might have done with her property so the lawyers will claim—well, it’s intestate so it’s

been abandoned by the decedent, the lady that died is decedent, and they’re going to claim that can steal it. Pardon me, it falls to the state as abandoned. The only way to prove it’s not abandoned is to claim that you do have an interest in it. And every one of those heirs should get a security agreement indemnity bond financing statement from Howard and list that mother’s property that they have an interest in. Put it in there on their claim of interest on the collateral section, every one of them. If there’s five heirs then all five of them should have it in their own, either a one-fifth interest individual’s one-fifth interest if there’s five of them or they have an undivided equal share as a group. And then, it doesn’t matter if one of them dies. They don’t have to go redo the paperwork because they’d be one fourth instead of one fifth. [caller] There’s only two living now, my mother and my aunt.

[Dave] Well, whoever. If you don’t have proof either by a claim with a security agreement indemnity bond financing statement and a sworn under penalty of perjury affidavit with a signature witnessed by three live people or one state paid witness called a notary public. Well, if you don’t claim you have an interest in it they’re going to presume you don’t and throw you off as a tenant for not paying the taxes. [caller] I’ve been paying the taxes for decades.

[Dave] I wouldn’t let it drag on any more time. You want to start establishing your claim to that land. Time is not working on your side. See, as long as that deed is in the public records Hillary Clinton gave away all the eminent domain rights to China to guarantee their corrupt bankrupt corporation’s debt to China on the national debt and all the land that’s in the corporation is what they’re using as collateral. So the people have to get their land out of the bankrupt corporation… [caller] …property.

[Dave] Well, you need to get your property out of their records, don’t you? And the only way under their code to do it is with a Affidavit of Commercial Notice that terminates the registration and you can’t do that until you got one of those Howard Griswold created security agreement indemnity bond financing statement documents. So, best get started, people, before the United Nations troops come down the streets. [caller] Amen to that.

[Dave] Thank you very much, Hillary Clinton. There’s an airstrip that’s hidden back in the woods and it’s solid… 02:12:20

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