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Howard Griswold Conference Call—Thursday, June 3, 2010 Partial Howard Griswold Conference calls: 218-844-3388 pin 966771# (6 mutes & un-mutes), Thursday’s at 8 p.m., Eastern Time. ‘6’ Mutes and un-mutes

Conference Call is simulcast on:
www.TheREALPublicRadio.Net Starting in the first hour at 8 p.m.

Note: there is a hydrate water call Monday’s, same time and number and pin #. Howard’s home number: 302-875-2653 (between 9:30, a.m, and 7:00, p.m.)
Mickey’s debt collection call is 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Wednesday night. The number is 712 – 432 – 8773 and the pin number is 947975#.

All correspondence to: Gemini Investment Research Group, POB 398, Delmar, Del. 19940 (do not address mail to ‘Howard Griswold’ since Howard has not taken up residence in that mailbox and since he’s on good terms with his wife he isn’t likely to in the foreseeable future.) "All" Howard's and GEMINI RESEARCH's information through the years, has been gathered, combined and collated into 3 "Home-Study Courses" and "Information packages" listed at www.peoples-rights.com "Mail Order" DONATIONS and/or Toll-Free 1-877-544-4718 (24 Hours F.A.Q. line) Dave DiReamer can be reached at: [email protected] Peoples-rights has a new book available from The Informer: Just Who Really Owns the United States, the International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve, World Bank, Your House, Your Car, Everything—the Myth and the Reality. He’ll take $45 for the book to help with ads, but $40 would be ok which includes shipping ($35 barebones minimum) www.peoples-rights.com c/o 1624 Savannah Road, Lewes, Delaware 19958 ******************** Often you can find a transcript or a partial one for the week’s call at the following website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/peoplelookingforthetruth ******************************************************************* When you aren’t talking please mute your phone!! It would be best if you mute your phone when you first come on, then un-mute it when you want to talk and then re-mute it.

You can use the *6 button on your phone or use the phone’s mute button Speaker phones and cell phones are not desirable as they can chop up the call badly occasionally. If you are recording the call and leave the phone unintended, please mute!!!!! Note, on October 30th someone left the phone un-muted and coupled television audio into the phone making the conference call conversations very difficult. When you are not muted be careful of making noise such as breathing hard into the phone’s microphone or rubbing the mouthpiece or not reducing extraneous noise across the room. Cell phones can pick up wind noise when used outside and also if not in a primary reception zone can couple noise into the call. Excessive echoes and noise will terminate the conference call. Cell phones and speaker phones can cause echoes. Keep the call quiet, don’t make Howard climb out of his mailbox and bop you one. ******************************************************************* Note: the telephone lines are usually quite noisy and therefore it would be prudent to slow your speech down otherwise your words and meaning will be lost. Suggestion to everyone (even Howard): Get a phone with a privacy or mute button. This is much more convenient than star-6 and more rapid to use. It can also be used as a cough button since it can be used rapidly. Try it, you’ll like it. ********************************************************************* Mickey’s new call-in number: 1-712-432-8787, pin: 170555# 8 p.m, EST ****************************************

A recording of each Howard Griswold Thursday conference call is available from Dezert Owl upon request for any sized donation. Go to the following link: www.TheRealPublicRadio.Net/Archives.html .
For donations to desert, send them to Free America Radio Network, 121 Seaparc Circle, Suite B, Kingsland, Georgia 31548. Phone number: 912-882-2142. Cell: 304-629-7169. ************ [Dave] While we wait for Howard the latest is when you get pulled over if a cop touches you that’s rape. Rape does not have necessarily only to do with sex. Any physical touching is legally under the definition of rape so when you get pulled over if they do any touching or physical touching you can say in a loud voice hopefully if there are people around, ‘I am in fear for my life,’ or you can cry rape by Officer So-and-so or whatever his name is. And another new ploy is that you confront the arresting officer and say, ‘let me understand you correctly, are you imposing your political will on me.’ If they are imposing

their political will on you guess what that’s called—coercion—and there are laws on the books even in their crummy code, there are laws against coercion. It is unlawful for them to coerce you so when you ask the officer, ‘let me understand you correctly, are you attempting to impose your political will on me?’ Then, naturally, they’ll say, ‘oh, no, we’re not trying to force you to do anything.’ Of course they’ll have to deny it but that’s one thing you can claim is that they are trying to impose their political will on you and then you ask, ‘well, let me be sure I understand what you’re saying,’ and I’ll think of the rest of it later. The lightning’s affecting my memory. [desert]Dave, since we got a lot of time, I’ve got a lady on. She’s one of our new radio hosts and she just got a letter in the mail today. Do you have a moment where she can ask you a question regarding how to send that letter back? [Dave] Sure, but I bet you’re lying to me. I bet she did not get a letter to her.

[desert]You’re right, I confirmed that, already as true. Say hi to Dave DeReamer. [Paula] [Dave] [Paula] Hi, Dave. Hi. What state are you from? Maine.

[Dave] I’ll bet that piece of mail that you’re talking about did not come to Maine in all lower case with no numbers, did it? [Paula] Right. Everything was in capital letters.

[Dave] It came to a fictitious federal zone called ME and it came to a fictitious federal zone number 12345 or some other….zone numbers so you committed mail fraud by opening the mail that was obviously intended for you. [Howard] This is Howard. Dave, you’re going to have to take the call. I’m not in any condition tonight to get through a call. I can’t keep my breath and I’m weak as a kitten, a lot of congestion problems. Talk to you all later. [Dave] [Paula] [Dave] Well, I’ll just continue. Hope you feel better. Shall I continue telling you about the story….? So you committed mail fraud and opened an envelope that was not for you?

[Paula] I guess so. And I had forgot that procedure where you should send it back for cause, but let me tell you what’s happening.

[Dave] You don’t…for cause, you just have to send it back because in the law which is part of the initial information package that we offer their own wording right out of their own laws and codes, their definition of acceptance is if you keep or retain anything that is acceptance. So, in order to not retain you have to send it back and because they’re so crooked you have to prove that you sent it back so you have to send it back by either deliver confirmation or one-way certified mail [????]. Do not use the green return receipt postcard because that defeats the purpose because on the back of that postcard is something that is beneficial to somebody and detrimental to somebody else because on the back of that postcard they have to put your name and address in order for the post card to get back to you so you do not want to use the return green receipt postcard when you send certified mail. Do not use the green postcard. Just send it one way, certified mail or delivery confirmation which is cheaper. That way you get proof that it was returned to the sender and you use the wording from the neutral response. [Henry] Dave, you don’t want proof. You use the neutral response and send it back. You don’t want them to know anything about you sending it back because it can be traced —that’s what the neutral response is for. [Dave] It has to be neutral otherwise it’s beneficial to somebody and detrimental to somebody else so it has got to stay neutral so you send whatever it is back. Keep a photocopy of that that you sent it back and you send a courtesy copy of that it was sent back to the sender to the court clerk. Send a courtesy copy to the court clerk that it has been returned to sender otherwise the court clerk will not know that you have not fallen for the acceptance trap. They need to be notified and you cannot rely on the party that sent it to you that gets it returned to them telling the court clerk for you so don’t be foolish and rely on that. Be sure that the court clerk knows by you sending a copy of that it was returned to the sender and send it anonymously to the court clerk. [Paula] Now, you mentioned something earlier, you said, ‘their definition of’—I missed what you said there. [Dave] There are two definitions that are the most important in the initial information package. The initial information package can be obtained by going to the website which is www.peoples-rights.com and print out the mail order page and the first item on the mail order page is the initial information package which is the basics and foundational starter information. You need to understand the basics and foundational fundamentals before anything else. You cannot understand rocket science until after you’ve graduated from kindergarten. [Paula] Just to be clear, you can send it back by delivery confirmation or the other method, certification… [Dave] [Paula] envelope. Certified mail—one way. This is even though I’ve already opened it? I reseal it and put it in a new

[Dave] Yes, there’s nothing illegal about receiving it inadvertently and you have to photocopy it in order to have a record of what it is you returned and send a copy of whatever it is to the court clerk. How are you going to do that if you don’t open the envelope? Yes, you open the envelope. Just photocopy it and then you send everything they sent to you including the envelope back to the sender and you send a photocopy to the court clerk that all that garbage was sent to the presenter. [????] [desert]Put ‘opened by mistake,’ anything like that? [Dave] You can, that’s on the wording on the neutral response wording in the initial information package—that’s part of the wording regardless of whether you get it from us or from Henry or from Howard or anybody else. The point is the definition of a contract is the offer, presuming it’s a valid offer. If you offer the acceptance of the offer at which point in time the contract arises in law by the acceptance. The contract arises in law and the offerer can no longer withdraw the offer. Once it’s accepted both parties are bound by the terms. But the presumption is that all these presentations that they make to us called offers or presentments, the presumption is that they are valid, that they are meeting of the minds and that they are an agreement. That’s the presumption that it’s an agreement set down in black and white on paper and ink and that it’s agreed upon and that’s the fallacy, that’s the fraud. They’re sending us bills and notices to pay and notices to come to court and that’s not an agreement—there are no meeting of the minds. So they’re sending us bogus or invalid offers and we are not recognizing them as bogus or invalid and we’re not doing what we should do which is send their garbage back to them and a courtesy copy to the court clerk that it has been back to the presenter then there is no contract. [Paula] also… [Dave] So even though the—this is going back to the Maine District Court and Did you keep a photocopy?

[Paula] I will do that. It’s going back to the Maine District Court and then I send another one to the same address, to the clerk? [Dave] Which party at the court sent it to you?

[Paula] It’s the clerk. This is a strange thing here. This is notice of arraignment but the fine or the lien has already been paid off and this is a theft by unauthorized taking or transfer and they’re charging me with stealing my own property. [Dave] Yeah, everything they do is fraud and theft by deception—everything. Everything the American Communist Lawyers Union which is called the BAR, British Accreditation Registration, the American Communist Lawyers Union, ACLU, BAR, lawyer-judge extortion monopoly, fascist dictators do, everything is theft and fraud by deception. It doesn’t matter what the paper is it’s not a valid offer because it’s not a meeting of the minds and it’s not an agreement so why should you accept it, it’s fraud, so

send it back to the presenter with a courtesy copy to the court clerk that it has been sent back to the presenter and then there is no contract because you did not fall for the acceptance trap. That’s the biggest thing we can teach in the initial information package. If you don’t learn anything else you can benefit from that. [Paula] [Dave] [Paula] The arraignment is set for Monday. Do you know what an arraignment is? Where you plead guilty or innocent—right?

[Dave] It’s a trick to get you to accept a lawyer which would admit that you are mentally incompetent to handle your own affairs yourself and you have to place yourself in the hands of a…officer because you’re mentally incompetent. So if you fall for that… [Paula] It’s a civil matter so they wouldn’t give me a lawyer.

[Dave] Well, what Howard recommends people to do is to say, ‘you have failed to provide me enough information or knowledge upon which to form a responsive reply or answer or enter a plea.’ [Dezert] I’m trying to distinguish that between just having the neutral response. She does that along with that neutral response? [Dave] If she goes into that arraignment against Howard’s advice that’s what Howard says to say when you get to the thing. Why go? It’s not for you anyway. It’s not your invitation. It’s to a fiction and going to a fictitious place. Why should the live natural flesh-and-blood… [Paula] Well, if I do go in I will say that I’m there on special appearance and that I’m not the fiction that they’re claiming. [Dave] Then you might as well take your purse because you’re going to pay or go to jail. If you physically go in you will be arrested or pay the money. If you do not go they will not be able to judge you. [Paula] [Dave] I’ve already paid the money. There is no contract.

[Paula] This is the thing though, the money has already been paid. Someone paid it on behalf of me. [Dave] Well, then why should you go?

[Dezert] Paula, the best thing to do is to send it back. They’re just playing a fraudulent game. It’s an offer. You’re not going to accept it. Just send it back. [Dave] [Paula] behalf. Do have proof, a copy of a cancelled check that proves that it was paid? Yeah, I do. It wasn’t me that paid it. Someone went in and paid it on my

[Dave] Why don’t you call the court clerk and ask them what their fax number is and tell them you’re going to fax them a copy of the check that they cashed that it’s already been paid. [Paula] [Dave] [Paula] Alright. If you want to quibble with them on it—it’s already been paid. I figured if I go in I’m going to bring my video camera too

[Dave] …at the electronic frisk ‘em, will say ‘you got to leave your cameras and guns outside, lady.’ You will not be able to take your video camera in with you so you might as well leave it at home or locked up in the car. [Paula] Yeah, they won’t allow it. Couldn’t I ask them at that point what gives you the right to deny me the… [Dave] Well, yeah, you can ask them and they’ll just ignore it. They’ll ignore you whatever you protest. Why should you go into a hearing that’s not yours? It was not sent to you, it was sent to a fictitious all-capital letter name dummy corporation. Are you a fictitious dummy corporation? Then why should you the live natural flesh-and-blood creation of God go to their theater. Why should you go? It’s not to you. It’s not been sent to your state. Maine is not… [Paula] This arraignment has already been scheduled weeks ago and I called the court and I said, ‘hey, this has been paid.’ [Dave] Verbal doesn’t count. You’re dealing with corporations. The government is a corporation fiction. Everything is fiction. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a government corporation or a private corporation or a public corporation, everything is corporations. All corporations operate by paper, not somebody going in and ‘I said’ or ‘I told’, or ‘I said, I talk’. Talking doesn’t cut it. [Paula] This is what the clerk told me, she said, ‘well, the officer didn’t file the ticket so it’s going to be continued.’ That’s what she told me and so I didn’t sweat it because this has been paid on my behalf. They were charging me with theft of a mobile home that belonged to me because I hadn’t paid the real estate taxes on it.

[Dave] Well, look, you can quibble all night. Everything they do is theft and fraud and the way Howard teaches is to not go. Howard teaches to dispose of these matters at the post office window. If you want to do otherwise, get off the call. It was nice having spoken with you—have a good evening—goodbye. We don’t give advice, we just tell you what Howard teaches and he teaches what other people have experienced that’s provable by court cases and transcripts and history. [Paula] Ok, so I’ll just send it back and…

[Dave] Then there is no contract. If there is no contract they cannot hear whatever the case may be about. They cannot hear it. The Constitution only grants them authority to adjudicate cases and controversies. The Constitution only grants them authority to adjudicate controversies and titled cases and controversies titled controversies. If there is no contract there is nothing over which there can be a controversy to exist. There has to be something written. Corporations operate by pieces of paper, not telephone calls or voices in the wind. It has to be written and if it isn’t on paper in writing corporations cannot deal with it or operate from it. That’s why Howard teaches do not fall for the appearance trap or the acceptance trap. The best way to avoid all of that and deprive them of a contract is to not accept then there is no contract and when there’s no contract there’s no quibbling about or controversy over a contract that does not exist so stop creating contracts for them to have jurisdiction over you regarding. Just stop falling for that trickery. That’s what Howard teaches. But if you want to go down there and do something otherwise go do it. Don’t ask us, we don’t give advice but when you call next week we’ll just say, we told you so. But as you like, go for it, do it. We’re not telling you not to do it. We’re just telling you what’s going to happen when you do it. You want to go to jail and pay money, go do what you want—have fun. [Paula] I’ll call the courthouse, get their fax numbers, send them the proof of payment, return the envelope and the notice of arraignment once I make photocopies of it. And then this statement you said, ‘you have failed to provide me enough information,’ do I need to send that too? [desert]No, don’t send that. [Dave] No, you say that after they come and get you and arrest you and take you down there in person. [desert]Every question they would ever give you, you could say that, Paula, every question they would give you because they never give you enough information to make a logical decision or a legal determination. [Dave] Or enter a plea.

[desert]Yeah, or enter a plea. [Paula] Just return it?

[desert]By the way, Dave, I just wanted to say, Paula we gave her a program on our network because she’s doing great work up in Maine. She’s a young grandmother and cares about what’s going on today and stumbled onto our network and she’s got her own website, www.dirtydecisions.com . She got taken through the courthouse mill with her contracting company and so they don’t have a company anymore, today, doing contracting because of what the court system did to her. www.dirtydecisions.com and she’s on Tuesday night at 10:15 p.m., Eastern Time, every Tuesday night. So if anybody knows any friends up in Maine it’s just a gathering point, the Voice of Maine, Paula Meschutt… And she’s given the open forum to anybody up there that wants to talk about important issues in Maine. [Dave] And if she wants to have me as a guest on her talk show, e-mail to [email protected] . [desert]Or you can click on his name on our program schedule on Thursday at 8 p.m., Eastern Time, Paula, Dave DeReamer. [Paula] We’ll have him on sometime.

[desert]Dave’s a great guy. [Paula] Thank you for your time. You can move on to the next person.

[caller] Before you get off, when you send that stuff back you send a neutral response with it. [Paula] I going to go look at that initial package.

[Dave] You can, as long as you send a copy of whatever you return to the sender, you send a copy of it to the court clerk so the court clerk will know that it has been returned to sender and not accepted and because you have not accepted it there is no contract for them to enter your name onto their docket. [Paula] I’ll send them two copies…

[Dave] One copy to the presenter. You send the originals back to the presenter and the copies to the court clerk that it was sent back to the presenter, and a copy for yourself. [Paula] Ok, the presenter, I believe, I mean, this came from the courthouse and…

[Dave] Well, fine, then do it doubly. If you can’t afford the 44 cents, fine, save the stamp and run your risks. [Paula] No, I mean, I can afford the 44 cents but…

[Dave] Then why are you asking me questions? Just send two, one to the court clerk and one to the court clerk. You’re returning it to the court clerk and you’re sending the court clerk notice that it’s been returned to the court clerk. If you don’t want to do that, don’t do it. You’ve already asked the question and I answered it three times and you keep asking the same question again. [Ed] Ma’am you do it in two stages, you send back the neutral response then you don’t have to go to court. If you go to court then what Dave tells you to say, that’s what you say. In other words, if they ask you, ‘are you innocent or guilty,’ you tell them that you don’t have enough knowledge or information to make an informed decision. You understand that? [Paula] If you sent the neutral response you don’t need to send this…?

[Ed] No, you have two phases. Number one is that you don’t have to appear in court. That’s if you send the neutral response back. If you do go to court then if they ask you, ‘are you innocent or guilty, what do you plead,’ you tell them you don’t have enough knowledge or information to make an informed decision. That way they can’t arrest you for contempt of court. They have to prove their point to you. They have to prove that you didn’t do it, not you the other way around. You follow? So there’s two stages to this. Number one stage is that you send back a neutral response. But if you decide, if you say, ‘I’m a little bit shaky about that, I want to go down to the courthouse,’ then you go down to the courthouse and when they ask you, ‘how do you plead,’ you tell them that you don’t have enough knowledge or information to make an informed decision. Then they can’t do anything else unless they prove that you’ve committed the offense. You follow that? [Paula] Ok, I’ll read up on it tomorrow. I don’t want to hold you guys up. I think a lot of you are probably two steps farther along than I am on this stuff. [desert]And, Paula, you got the audios to just review and play back. [caller] I would disagree with you about holding us up because this is the basic information and you have to have this to…with this stuff because it’s the whole mind thing of being able to put your mind around the concept that it’s not law, it’s contracts and it’s so different than what we learned and were taught in the dumbed-down school. [Dave] And it’s very simple to understand contracts. There’s three words you have to understand, offer, acceptance and intent or intention because right in the preamble to the Declaration of Independence it says, ‘government obtains its just powers with the consent of the governed.’ Have you ever read that in Declaration, would you remember it? [Paula] Not word for word.

[Dave] Well, stop consenting. Howard teaches stop consenting. If they send you garbage do not commit acceptance by keeping it or retaining it, send it back and because you cannot trust those evil people to tell the court clerk that you sent it back you have to

send it to the court clerk for them and then the court clerk will know that it’s been sent back to whoever the thieving lawyer was that sent it to you in the first place. Then there is no contract because you have not fallen for the acceptance. [Paula] The State of Maine is listed as the plaintiff here.

[Dave] It’s a corporation. There’s an actual Maine. There’s actual geography Maine, that’s the rocks and the earth. Then there’s the fictitious corporation called the State of Maine which is nothing but a piece of paper in a manilla folder in a file cabinet somewhere in Augusta, Maine. That’s where the State of Maine is, it’s in Augusta in a file cabinet. [Paula] The towns are subcorporations because this was…

[Dave] That’s right, nobody’s arguing. They’re all corporate municipal subdivisions. They’re all corporate municipal subdivisions of the big mama corporation which is the United States Corporation—that’s no problem. They’re still fictions. There’s no live natural… [Paula] It was an officer from the Department from the Department of Transportation that came to get me, that summonsed me and said if I didn’t sign the summons he was going to take me to jail. [Dave] If he had the authority to do that he would not need your signature, would he? So you gave him the signature so he did have the authority. [Paula] But I did it under duress and I had told him that I was not going to sign it…

[Dave] Well, why do it if you’re under duress? Tell him if you have the authority to do what you say, go do it. I’m not signing because it’s coercion and duress and you’re violating the law by committing coercion. That’s when you say to the guy, ‘are you attempting to enforce your political will on me, officer?’ ‘Are you attempting to impose and force your political will on me against my will?’ [Paula] ‘Are you attempting to impose your political will on me,’ then what can they possibly say?’ [Dave] Because that is what coercion is, it’s forcing someone else’s political will on you against your will is coercion. But you don’t let him know that you’re trapping him by asking in those words—you use your words which is political will. You don’t use the word, coerce. ‘Are you attempting to force or enforce your political will upon me?’ Then if they fall for the trap and say yes, then they’ve admitted guilt of coercion by admitting it. [Paula] How about asking the judge for his oath of office?

[Dave] Well, we’re trying to teach people to stay out of court and you can’t wait to get in there and quibble and become a party to it, or can you? Howard teaches to dispose of these matters at the post office clerk’s window and not go into court as a party to something that you’re not a party to. They cannot take live people into their club meetings. They can only deal with fictions—like kind. So when a fiction sends a piece of paper to another fiction that has nothing to do with you unless you fall for the trap of keeping, retaining the document that they sent then you’ve committed acceptance by retaining their papers. [Paula] I haven’t done everything… I didn’t sign the paper that came to me today. I signed the summons about a month or a month and a half ago and I put I signed it under duress since I was being threatened. [Dave] Then you invalidated it, you incapacitated the signature, didn’t you? You invalidated the signature by putting the reservation of rights wording on it so it’s a nonsignature—it’s void. That’s why they’re keeping after you with more papers. You snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. [Paula] I understand that concept. If you sign under duress that voids the contract.

[Dave] …comes to your door and says, ‘sign this or I’ll take you to jail,’ and say, ‘well, take me to jail and I’ll sue your ass because if you have the authority you claim to have you don’t need my signature and I would already be in jail. So you and your B.S. get off my property. You’re a fiction, you’re an agent for a fiction and this is not in your fiction, ME, fictitious zone, federal territory, and it’s not in your fictitious federal territory 12345 or whatever the federal zip code numbers for your town in Maine is. You don’t live in their fiction regardless whether it’s two capital letters or a bunch of numbers. And you don’t like in the fictitious State of Maine either. Tell them if you want to go to the State of Maine, go to Augusta and arrest whatever is in that piece of paper with the manila folder in the file cabinet in Augusta, Maine with the capital—that’s where the State of is, not where you’re standing in your driveway. That’s the actual Maine, not the fictional State of and not ME. [Paula] One thing that concerns me is that I’ve been listening to how we can become free of this corporation… get to that 4th Amendment citizen… [Dave] Yeah, what concerns you?

[Paula] Not be one of those anymore. But this is something I haven’t done yet, I haven’t done my political will and my birth records. [Dave] Well, nobody else who hasn’t done it yet has done it either. That’s what the…of this call is for people who have not learned, yet, to learn so they can avoid getting taken to court and jailed or fined as if they were the representatives of these fictions with similar names as yours. Live natural people do not have government property ID numbers, aka, socialist slave numbers. Live people are not issued numbers. When you emerged from

your mother’s womb there were no numbers tattooed on your arm or foot. So the government comes and wants to arrest the all-capital letter name dummy corporation that does have a taxpayer license number or taxpayer ID number tattooed, that ain’t you, so why should you react to it? Send those papers back. None of it applied to live natural people. The fiction corporation can only deal with other fictions and the only way they can deal is through paper and the paper they deal with each other through is called contracts. Contracts are the offer, the acceptance of the offer and the consideration of value which binds the parties to the offer to specific performance of the terms. So, Howard teaches do not enter into contracts, do not fall for the acceptance trap, then there is no contract, then there is no way that they can adjudicate because there is no controversy whether it’s called a controversy or a case controversy, there is no controversy because there is no contract over which a dispute exists. So the contract penalty clause code title numbers and contract penalty clause code numbers, section numbers and title numbers, do not attach because there is no contract. All those code, title and section numbers are penalty clauses to a contract. If there’s no contract none of that garbage can attach to live natural people. Corporations can only deal with and recognize other corporations so do not be one and do not access the agent or representative for a fiction. That’s what they’re trying to trick you into. [Paula] For those people who do find themselves in court what if they ask for the judge’s oath? Do you think I would have any success if I went in and I asked for the judge’s oath of office? [Dave] Why bother? You’re not in a constitutional court, you’re in a private corporation meeting. It’s a corporation of the State of Corporation. You’re not going into this court of the people. Did the sheriff convene the court under the common law of the county in Maine? No. It’s convened by a lawyer-judge or BAR ACLU, American Communist Lawyer’s Union, BAR, British Accreditation Registry, lawyer judge extortion monopoly, fascist dictators, private club meeting called court and you voluntarily go down there and offer yourself up to be sheared—no wonder you’re called sheeple. No wonder they call us sheeple. Anyway, when you go in there to stay out of court if you don’t use the post office clerk approach which Howard teaches and they take you down there in person when you get into court you say, ‘you have failed to provide me enough information or knowledge to form a responsive answer or to enter a plea and do not say anything else. Do not give them your name. Do not tell them what the date is. If they ask you what time it is, do not answer. Don’t be like that one guy who they were out in the hallway and he was chewing on a toothpick and the judge—they were talking about the ballgame or something —and then the judge said in a stern voice, ‘take that toothpick out of your mouth,’ and the guy out of courtesy and respect to the judge took the toothpick out of his mouth. So the judge turned to the sheriff or constable and said, ‘arrest that man; take that man into custody,’ because by taking the toothpick out after the judge said to he granted consent, he acceded to the judge’s authority by being polite. There’s your religious training that Howard’s always talking about. They’ve train you to be a good slave and obey just because the clown in the gown said, ‘take the toothpick out.’ Well, the hell with him, just keep on chewing and put another toothpick in—to hell with him. If he doesn’t like it let him quit

talking about those Yankees, just get out of the courthouse and don’t talk, do not say anything. [Paula] If there’s a case that I could get good practice on this is it because I can’t see how they would come after me. That’s my own property. The thing that they were charging me real estate taxes on was never even set up as a home and it was so… [Dave] That’s got nothing to do with it. Where’s the deed to your land? Is it recorded in the county records? [Paula] on. …land, it was a mobile home that they were charging me real estate taxes

[Dave] Was the mobile home floating in the water? Then it’s on land. Whoever owns that land that you’re renting that the mobile home was on, is the deed to that land recorded in the county records? [Paula] [Dave] [Paula] Yes. Is the deed to my own land recorded in the county records? Yes.

[Dave] Then you don’t own it. By allowing the county to have that deed recorded it’s now the county’s trust estate property. It is no longer yours, you’re just a tenant. And the way to terminate that is—in other words, to take back your land because they failed to take your private property without just compensation—you can either get the licensing offer and send them an offer to license them to use your private property on condition that they pay you the annual fee, the just compensation per year, or you can do as Howard’s process which is to get the security agreement indemnity bond financing statement document drawn up and file it in your county in the State of Maine Secretary of State’s office at the state’s UCC department then you’ll have what they call standing which means a legal position. Once you have the standing you have a claim, not only a perfected claim but you have a perfected priority claim of interest in your mobile home and if it’s your land that it’s on you have the land. Whatever property you list as your collateral you will have an unchangeable interest because you’ve claimed it according to the Code. The State never does it according to the Code. They only do it according to their title numbers and section numbers not Article 9 the way the law and their own Code says. They never record it at the state Secretary of State’s office in the UCC department but that’s where yours is going to be recorded if you follow the instructions that Howard provides then you will have the standing of being a secured party and a unchangeable holder-in-due-course and a secured party and a creditor instead of, as they presume, you have abandoned all claim of interest in your property because you gave it away by letting them have the deed which they recorded in their public records, not where the law says it’s supposed to have been recorded because that would expose their fraud too much so they don’t want to expose their fraud. They record it, like your automobile. When you bought a brand new car and paid cash for the

brand new car they did not give you the manufacturer’s statement of origin which is the evidence of ownership. They stole it from you. The dealership stole the MSO or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin and they gave it to the State of Maine Corporation’s Department of Motor Vehicles and the State of Maine Corporation Department of Motor Vehicles issued a certification that they hold the original title and they gave you a certificate to the effect that the Department of Motor Vehicles has and certified that they have a certificate of title but they let you use the state’s property that you just gave them on condition that you agree to obey their rules and regulations called the Motor Vehicle Code and pay the annual fee and get a driver’s license and pay the insurance and be a good little slave. If you want to get your property back from that status you have to have that security agreement indemnity bond on record then you have the standing to terminate the registration based on that document Howard creates. Based on it being recorded you can terminate the registration that they stole your property using, you can terminate that registration with an Affidavit of Commercial Notice based on the recorded security interest or you can just pay that year’s twenty dollars or whatever they claim the fine or penalty is with an assignment of partial interest out of the indemnity bond and just pay those claims that they try to lay on you that the all-capital letter name dummy, the licensee, owes them or they claim that the all-capital letter name owes them so instead of you assigning them an interest out of your checking account with a bank check you’re going to send them an assignment of your collection rights, assignment of partial interest, out of the indemnity bond or the all-capital letter name dummy owes you back, indemnifies you. And you’re saying, ‘well, here, I assign you my collection rights. Go chase your tail, go collect your fictitious claims of fictitious money directly from your fictitious debtor. Don’t leave me, the live natural man or woman in your case, out of the loop. Don’t bother me with it—go collect it. …assign you your collection rights but you don’t have the standing to do that until after your security agreement indemnity bond financing statement is recorded with the State of Maine Secretary of State’s office in the UCC Department, division or bureau or office. [Paula] Indemnity bond financial statement?

[Dave] Just go to www.peoples-rights.com and print out the mail order page and look for the information package that says the 48-page data package regarding the security agreement indemnity bond financing statement with questionnaire blanks. I think it’s a donation of ten bucks, whatever the photocopy costs in postage for us to get that in a package back to you which explains why it works, the law upon which it’s based, how it works, and testimonials from people who has proof that it works. And then you fill in those blanks and send it in to Howard and he’ll create the document. [Paula] down. All, this information, these are complicated terms and I’m impressed…right

[Dave] What’s complicated about going to www.peoples-rights.com and printing out the mail order page?

[Paula] Nothing. This whole process sounds a little bit like there’s a lot to it but I had heard something about that before… [Dave] What it’s called is it’s exposing the fraud. It’s called exposing the thieves for being thieves and pirates and murderers and bandits that they are and withdrawing from their on-going frauds. Be not a continuing partaker with them in their frauds and sins. [Paula] Let’s say a person buys a used vehicle or motor vehicle or automobile…

[Dave] Well, if you call your car a vehicle you just lost your case. If you say your automobile is a vehicle you’ve just lost your case because you don’t understand the true legal definition of vehicle. Well, the legal definition of vehicle… If you’re motoring passengers for hire it damn well is a motor vehicle. If you’re motoring for hire passengers or third-party goods like UPS or Fed Ex you are using your private property charging money on the public ways and you damn well better have it insured and inspected and licensed. If you’re charging money it is a vehicle and you are a driver—whether you know that or not is another matter. [Paula] Let’s say I buy an automobile for personal use and I pay for it, I don’t have a lien on it or anything, is there a way to get… [Dave] Yes, you demand the four proofs of ownership. When you pay them the cash you say, ‘here’s the cash, I want the four proofs of ownership. I want the ignition keys, I want the Bill of Sale, I want the paid receipt from you that I’ve paid the money that’s called for on this Bill of Sale, completed the terms and I want the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin and if the dealer says, ‘oh, no, we can’t give you that, we have to send that into the state,’ well say, ‘ok, fine, I’ll take my money and go down the street to another dealer. If you’re not going to give me those four evidences of proof, then good bye.’ [Paula] What if you buy it privately, not through a dealer?

[Dave] You’re going to buy a brand new car privately not going through the General Motors Corporation? [Paula] [Dave] Ford? [Paula] No, you buy a used vehicle. You going to buy it privately not through a dealer, you were going to buy a No, I’m just saying what if you buy a thousand dollar automobile…

[Dave] You just said used. Used is too late. The previously owner’s already been screwed. His manufacturer’s statement of origin has already been turned over when he bought the car new from the dealership. Do you understand the extortion scam here? When these guys go to be a dealer for automobiles they say, ‘sign this dealership agreement and we will give you a license from the State authorizing you to be a car sales dealer. And in

the agreement it says, ‘thou shalt turn over all Manufacturer’s Certificates of Origin to the state motor vehicle department or we will terminate you license to be a dealer. That’s called coercion. It’s called extortion too, but they can’t get their dealer license unless they agree to steal your private property from you and not give you the just compensation. [Paula] …from a private party. You go…

[Dave] Well, that’s when you get to use the licensing offers. You send that offer for government to use your private property on condition that they pay you and then if they do not give you your private property back, like your deed or your manufacturer’s statement of origin back, if they go ahead and use the vehicle, pardon me, use the private property automobile by sending you a ticket or they want to have it insured they’ve activated the contract by their use forcing you or attempting to force you to make the payment or obey their rules and regulations after they’ve been served that licensing offer they’ve committed acceptance of the contract—now, they owe you the money. But you can’t do that until after the contract exists and the only way to establish that contract is you have to serve the licensing offer certified mail on the party. [Paula] [caller] Has this worked for someone on the call? Wondering… Yes.

[Dave] It’s the law. I’m sure there are people. I can guarantee you that Howard’s security agreement indemnity bond financing statement works because I had a massive stroke back in 2002 and they sent me humongous hospital bills, $42, $43,000 and needless to say I did not have that kind of cash sitting around in petty cash so I discharged all of those hospital bills and doctor bills and therapy bills—all those bills discharged with an assignment of interest out of the indemnity bond based on the recorded security agreement, indemnity bond financing statement drawn up for me by the Gemini Investment, Howard’s research group. So I can personally give you that endorsement or testimonial because I’m sure there are a lot of other people that Howard knows of that I’m not aware of. [Paula] Well, we’ve got a few medical bills of our own. Maybe I’ll shoot you an email and you can give me more information about that. [Dave] I’ve terminated the registration of my land with an Affidavit of Commercial Notice based upon the recorded security agreement indemnity bond financing statement and they no longer send me a tax bill for those years since then. They stopped because the contract’s been terminated since the registration was terminated so that works. I don’t what more you want. [caller] Very impressive.

[Dave] All Howard does is study the law and teach people what other people have done that has been successful and explains it and why it’s successful and that’s why we have these information packages with all the documents packaged together so everybody

else does not have to reinvent the wheel that Howard has already invented because he’s been doing this research for twenty-five or twenty-eight years and I’ve been doing research, myself, since 1972 and this is 2010 so I’ve been at it thirty-nine years or thirtyeight years of research and a lot of that has been collating and coordinating the information including Howard’s research and teaching into the three home study courses and the information packages and that’s how we have the ability to present those all day long seminars using the video equipment. It’s all listed. Everything is available, the seminars, the information packages, everything’s available in the initial information package that’s listed on the mail order page. [caller] David, when you terminated the registration of your land you just sent the security agreement after… Do you register it with the Secretary of State’s office? [Dave] No. I followed Gemini Investment’s instructions. The instructions say, ‘after the security agreement is recorded you serve the Affidavit of Commercial Notice on the county land recording office. 00:58:35.605

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