2011 Mar 10 - Howard Griswold Conference Call

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For donations to desert, send them to Free America Radio Network, 121 Seaparc Circle, Suite B, Kingsland, Georgia 31548. Phone number: 912-882-2142. Cell: 304-629-7169. For reference: Jersey City v. Hague, 115 Atlantic Reporter 2nd, page 8 (A 2nd ) ***************************************************** Start ***************************************************** {01:13:09.685} [Howard] Anyway, the quick summary of things that we’ve covered over the last couple of weeks and months and that is that we’ve come upon numerous cases that state emphatically that government is in a trust position and all personnel in government are trustees and as such they have a fiduciary duty to act with good faith, honesty and the highest level of integrity. I can’t help but to chuckle every time I repeat that…statement. I’ve never seen government act that way. There isn’t anything wrong with the governments that we have. The concept and the purpose behind these governments and the way they were established was quoting several other writers and speakers in the past such as Thomas Jefferson have said that this was the best government that the world has ever put together. In case you don’t know it an awful lot of the purpose and concept of this Constitution that this government uses came from the Iroquois Indians and their own writings and their form of government. It didn’t come from Britain or France or Italy or Russia, any other basically communist oriented type governments. The concept was that the individual was the beneficiary of the existence of government and that the individual was free to accomplish whatever he could accomplish in life without government interference. Now, I don’t know what you think but I think that’s great. Leave me alone and let me accomplish what I can. If I’m a mental retard I will accomplish some little bit. If I’m brilliant I will accomplish a lot but either case or anywhere in between brilliant or a mental retard don’t bother the people. Protect their right of property and protect their liberty and right to accomplish what

they can in life providing, of course, that they don’t injure other people. That was the basic concept of this government and the government was to look out for us as the beneficiaries because they are the trustees. Now, going back to Corpus Juris Secundum, which is an encyclopedia of law, the book on trusts, Section 247, there’s a discussion here about the representation of the cestui trust which means beneficiary, the representation of the beneficiary. Now, didn’t this government claim that it’s a representative government? It fits right in, doesn’t it? They’re supposed to be representing us as the beneficiaries. Now, it lays out what their duties are as trustees. It says, broadly speaking the trustee is the agent or representative of the beneficiary, the cestui que trust who is the owner of all and he owes to the beneficiary the duty which the law imposes on anyone who occupies such a position. So in relation between the trust and the outside world where internal administration of the trust is not involved the trustee represents the cestui que trust beneficiary. It has been held in court cases and they cite a couple of them here, however that a trustee is not a trustee of the right of beneficiaries but is a trustee only of the property. Your rights are yours. They got nothing to do with it. Rights are involved in property and they have a duty to protect your property so that you have the rights in the property. Through this commercial concept of registration of properties they have taken all of our rights and interest away from us in the property. That’s a breach of their trust. But anyway, it goes on to say, and it is not the privilege of the trustee to rely on alleged constitutional rights of the beneficiary. No, he’s not to rely on them. The individual is to rely on them. Anyway, it goes on to say, Generally the trustee must administer the trust—which would be the government—solely in the interest of the beneficiary, the cestui que trust, or else subject himself to the liability for any loss. Any loss, we’ve lost everything to this government. They’re holding everything that we’ve got and they have all the interest and all the rights to everything that we’ve ever acquired. That’s a taking of private property without just compensation for their use, definitely breaching their fiduciary and trust duties. It goes on to say, He owes to the beneficiary of the trust a duty of undivided loyalty and he must not be guided or influenced by personal interest as discussed in Section 248—which is the next section up. –so we’ll hit this area again later—or by the interest of third parties. Boy, if you think about how this government functions. These politicians are supported for their advertisement campaigns to run for office by donations from big money people and big corporations who want to get them in office so that they can influence them to do things for the benefit of the big corporations and the big money people which would be adverse to the average person in America and we’re the beneficiaries, the average people in America. So, this whole system has corrupted the concept of the trust set up by the Constitution. Anyway, it goes on to say: So it is the duty of the trustee not to accept any position or enter into any relation or to do any act inconsistent with the interest of the beneficiary. That is, he must refrain from doing those things that would tend to interfere with the exercise of the wholly disinterest and independent judgment and he cannot be permitted to assume a position inconsistent with or in opposition to the trust since he cannot serve two masters with equal interest or opposing interest—either one. The rule of undivided loyalty is of uncompromising rigidity. Oh yeah? I think it’s the ignorance level of the educated Americans that have allowed these morons to get in office and to get away with the things that they’re doing. See, I told you. There might be some people on there who would take exception to what I say. You don’t like what I say? Go away. I’m just reading what the book says. It’s the government’s own law books.

It is one of the substantive law—it says—and not of evidence and no amount of good faith on the part of the trustee can overcome a breach of the trust resulting from the existence of divided loyalty. Today, the people in government are interested only in government. If you listen to some of what Dave was just reading and these warnings that these people are putting out of what government is doing, it’s doing these things for its own benefit, not for your benefit, not for my benefit. They don’t care about you and I. What they care about is using us to make money to keep them, not only continuing on to do what they do but also to make them money to make them very wealthy off of us. This is definitely breach of the trust by any and every official in government. Backing up here a page there’s a couple of notes. I meant to read one of them. The focal point of a trust is the welfare of the beneficiary and that is the focal point of every consideration of duty and loyalty of a trustee. And that comes from Manchester v. Cleveland Trust Company, 114 NE Rptr, 2d, page 242. The basis of the trust and the trustee is the duty of loyalty, a requirement of trustees as for its basis the principle that a trustee must administer the trust solely in the interest of the beneficiary and must not deal with the trust property for the benefit of himself. And that’s In re Mallon, Mallon’s estate at 22nd Atlantic Rptr., 2d, p. 41. The known means of defense, an absolute and positive duty is imposed on the trustee to defend the life of the trust whenever it is assailed –meaning attacked in some way. If the means of defense are known to him or can with diligence be discovered. Republic National Bank and Trust Company v. Bruce, 105 SW Rptr., 2d, p. 882. Are you getting the drift, I hope, of how important this area of the law is that government being in a trust position has a duty to protect our interest, not to steal our interest, not to force us to turn all our property over to them, then invest it for their own benefit, which is exactly what they’re doing? We have talked many times about the birth certificate and how they monetize it. They turn it into a bond. They deposit the bond in a bank and create an account and they use that money for their own good. It’s really there because of this whole scam of the money system and the using and taking of our property to return to us any loss that they cause us but they’re not letting that be known. That was their setup so that in the future if ever we discover what they were doing they would have an excuse and say, well, we put it there for you to take back. Yeah? Well, why didn’t you tell us? That article that Dave brought up about the imprisonment of people and the confiscation of property is right in line with exactly with what’s been going on in this country for years. It’s amazing that people are just starting to wake up to it. Maybe fire and brimstone has to fall on your stupid head to wake you up. Maybe this is the fire and brimstone at the end days—something is beginning to fall on our heads and wake us up. I’m not the only one putting out information that I’m sure is controversial. No government idiot or lawyer would agree with any of this, I assure you, but it’s right out of their books. We’ve discussed the court cases before that say that government is a trust and government employees and officers are in a trustee position and this is right out of the law of trusts and what a trustee’s duties are of loyalty. The law dictionary defines loyalty as adherence to the law. Yeah, well, what law? What these little moron cops and lawyers want adhered to, today, is the administrative codes that are created for the running of government and they are imposing that upon the private people and not upon government. Government can get away with anything it wants to within limits—extreme limits, by the way. But the population, the private sector of the country that is not part of government, these laws and codes are imposed upon them rather

constantly and harshly in order to extort money and property away from us, in order to pad the pockets of these trustees who are not supposed to be doing this. Now, we’re starting to get some of this together and get far enough along in the book to understand how to spell out the things that they’ve done wrong and we’ve got the forms for some of these things to put together a complaint. So pieces are starting to come together to do something about this. I just hope that the fluoride in the water hasn’t made the people in America so brain dead that they can’t catch on and do something about something like this. 01:43:14.758 . . . This government control and forcing of chlorinated water is a breach of the public trust because they are not properly looking out for the beneficiary—they’re harming us. They’re not loyal to the trust. The Constitution is the trust. It is a contract in the form of a trust between the government and the people to be there for us as a government and protect us. It’s not doing that. It has failed us terribly. . . . Discussing when there’s more than one beneficiary. Well, in the case of the Constitution related to the American people we’re all beneficiaries and the duties are not to play any favorites—let me put in simple terms—to one of the beneficiaries as opposed to another one of the beneficiaries. Think about what they’re doing. They play a lot of favorites, don’t they? They give government agencies privileges to do things that’ll harm the rest of us. They give certain corporate businesses certain privileges and abilities to do things and orders to do things that end up being harmful to the American people. They’re playing the game entirely against the American beneficiary and reversing our position by dragging us into the court and imposing their losses and costs against us and forcing us to reverse our position from beneficiary to trustee and take over the liability and pay their debts and that’s what every tax bill, traffic ticket, fine or anything like that that they take you to court on is all about. I have been teaching for quite a few years just to go into court and tell them you don’t consent. Well, we were on the right track. Now I think you can explain it even better. You can tell them that you are not going to take over as the trustee and assume their liability—you do not consent. They are the trustee. The liability’s on them, you know it, you’re not accepting it for them. I guarantee you, you will make some irate judges. That was the sections that I wanted to go over tonight because it’s very important that you understand the duty of loyalty to the beneficiaries by government as trustees. And in your own life, in your own experience, you should be able to recognize that they have not been loyal to us. They’ve harmed us in many ways. I’m sure everyone of you can think of some way that you’ve been harmed by what government’s done. If nothing else you’ve been harmed by the disinformation of education. These people up in Wisconsin that work for the Department of Education and a few other departments of government that are accustomed to having this union go in and bargain for them and the governor wants to cut those bargaining rights out and they’re up there fussing and putting on displays of all kinds— creating a ruckus over losing that bargaining right. Well, that sort of stands to reason. These people are teachers, they’re educators. They’re about the dumbest group of people I

ever think I’ve met in this world is educators. They don’t realize that if the government doesn’t cut its expenses there won’t be a job in the near future for them. There won’t be any government money to pay them at all if government doesn’t narrow down the expenses, to start, as Dave said earlier, balancing the budget, which is a joke, but in their play money their artificial accounting system that they have they have to keep that balanced in order to keep the appearance that there is money and they won’t be able to keep that appearance if they don’t balance this out. So it just shows you just how far that they had gone to harm us, the beneficiaries, by imposing these taxes on us to give their own people all this extra money through bargaining processes to harm us and then put us through their schools that don’t teach us anything worth knowing. At best we learn the ABCs and how to count to ten and a little bit of mathematics, 2 and 2 equals four. Beyond that most people can’t do much of anything when they get out of school. The education has never taught us any of these facts so there’s another breach of the public trust and all those educators and other officials in government up there in Wisconsin could all be sued collectively for breach of their fiduciary duty because of their misrepresentation of their position with government. Somebody ought to bring that up. Somebody ought to go after some of them up there. Using your birth certificate for their own beneficial interest and monetary consideration is a breach of the public trust. Using your land deed to tax you through the registration of it is a breach of the public trust. Using auto registrations on private automobiles that weren’t bought and paid for by the government and given to you is a breach of the public trust. Requiring you to have a driver’s license to operate your own private automobile is a breach of the public trust. Misinforming you through education is a breach of the public trust and I’m sure that that could be probably defeated if you brought that argument by pleading ignorance but I doubt seriously if they would plead ignorance. They would scream and holler that we’re doing the best job we can, we’re doing what we’re taught to do. Well, maybe you should have learned more. You shouldn’t have just accepted what you were taught to do. You had a duty to guide the people in the right direction if you are the so-called educators and you didn’t do it, you’re not doing it. And just to teach a kid today how to beat his fingers on a damned computer is not an education. As a matter of fact that’s more destructive of the mind than the fluorinated water is. There are many ways that we can go after people in government if you have enough initiative to do it for breach of the public trust. The next section is the standard of conduct, good faith, care, and skill. Listen to this and you’ll recognize how incompetent everybody in government is. A trustee is a fiduciary of the highest order who is required meticulously to observe the fiduciary relationship and to perform the obligations of a trustee to the beneficiary. He is held to the highest standard of conduct with respect to administration of the trust and in this respect it has often been stated that a trustee is held to something stricter than the morals of the marketplace and not honesty alone but the punctilio of an honor. The most sensitive is the standard of behavior and many forms of conduct regarded as permissible for those acting at arm’s length are forbidden to those bound by fiduciary ties. So, it is generally required that a trustee act fairly, justly, and honestly in administering the trust. Now, if government is a trust and government creates an education system and government hires people to be teachers and educators then they are part of the trust so they fall into this category don’t they? They must administer the trust and, of course, teach about it to the younguns which they don’t do and they must do this with the utmost good faith and in performance of his

obligation is required to act with the highest fidelity (honesty) and he may not obtain any advantage by the slightest misrepresentation, concealment, threat or adverse pressure. Oh boy, what do you call what they’re doing today? In all his dealings with the trust estate which is the property of ours that they’re holding the trustee must act with candor and frankness and must not only strictly be truthful in all of his representations but must not remain silent concerning any matter which he has knowledge that would throw light on the trust. See, the teachers have a duty to teach us honestly, not stupidly. It didn’t take me long to figure out the main purpose of education was to make us stupid. I figured that out when I was in school. He is required not only to avoid actionable fraud but also circumstances which are improper or suggest the appearance of fraud or the lack of loyalty—right back to what we were talking about earlier, isn’t it—and the withholding of material facts is a breach of his duty and a legal fraud regarding the intent to deceive. Need I go any further? I think we’ve just about covered everything that goes on in this government today. It is nothing wrong with this government, it is the people in government. And by the way, I don’t know how it got on television but this afternoon I got about twenty minutes to sit down and relax a little bit. I’ve been busy as all get out on some business stuff lately because businesses are falling apart and they need my help. But I got about twenty minutes to sit down and I turned on CNBC news and some guy was on there talking about how corrupt the entire government structure is on the common everyday news. The next little article that came out on the news was the state of Tennessee is developing their own money system and preparing to have it ready in the event of the collapse of the Federal Reserve System. I think every state should get on the bandwagon and do exactly that. The concept of the Federal Reserve System operating in paper that represents money is a continuation of a bankruptcy. These notes represent the value of something in the bankruptcy, in order to carry the bankruptcy on. At the present time their bankruptcy is going bankrupt. That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what’s happening. Their bankruptcy is going bankrupt. There is a very short length of time left at the rate these people are going, and by the way this bunch of morons in Washington, D.C. that are talking about cutting the budget by 61 million dollars or even 61 billion dollars if they cut it by that much it’s a drop in the bucket to the over-expenditures that have been going on. It will not put a dent in the excessive debt that they’re running up. If they cut it by two trillion dollars they might be doing something but even 61 billion dollars would be a nothing cut and that’s all they’re doing, that’s all they’re talking about doing and then they’re arguing about it. Probably before it’s all over they’ll settle for something like 32 billion. I don’t know how we can get a group together with enough initiative to do it but a suit should be brought by several people at the same time, probably one person from every state in the country against Congress for the breach of their fiduciary and trust duty of what they’re doing at the present time. If we create a brief based on what’s right in their own law books and the cases that have been cited in the past related to this and use their own documents that they’re putting out like copies of their intended laws or copy of things like that health care law—boy, is that a breach of their duty. I think it was 103 billion dollars of additional expense for government programs slid into that health care bill, another breach of their duty. They’re going to spend money they don’t have and they’re going to pass it on to us— another breach of their duty. Maybe you’re willing to put up with this but I’m not, but I would like to see this handled in the courts. But I can guarantee you there’s a lot of other people out here that are not on these kinds of calls, they’re not interested in learning

anything. They probably haven’t got the brain power to learn much of anything. They’ve been drinking too much chlorinated water which deteriorates the brain power. They’re not competent to step forward and do something in the courts and those people are going to become violent. When gasoline reaches about $5 or a little bit over $5 a gallon you’re going to see gas stations being burned, cops being killed for interfering with them burning gas stations, all kinds of upheaval. You think what little foolishness went on up there in Wisconsin was something interesting, just hang around, don’t die, this is going to get really interesting and quite soon. I don’t know if anybody was paying any attention but two days ago the stock market was up 183 points. Yesterday it was up 1.29 points. Today it was down 228 points. These kinds of erratic changes are very dangerous. They indicate imbalance—unnatural waivers in the flow of economics. [Dave] Tomorrow’s Friday, they’re going to close the government, Howard, they’ve run out of money. They’re going to close the damned thing down, I hope. [Howard] Well, that would be the best thing to happen to the American people. Of course, probably a good percentage of them wouldn’t think so because I’m not going to get my government privileges. I told you, the purpose of this government was to make it available to every beneficiary to accomplish whatever he could accomplish without interference in his life, without taking anything from him. Not giving to us, not putting us on welfare, not putting us in a welfare state like they’ve done. That is not the purpose behind this government. That was a scam of breach of their public trust to create these kinds of scams. Oh well, I’m sure most people are so accustomed to plucking from the public trough that when it’s not available they’re the people that are going to be the most violent. I’ve feared that for years. When I was in my twenties and I figured out social security I realized then that I’m one of the war babies. I don’t know what idiot is writing about war babies or the baby boomers, as they call it, that’s saying that they run all the way up into the fifties because that wasn’t the baby boomers. The baby boomers were from 1941, the beginning of WWII to 1947, shortly after the end of the war and most of the soldiers came home and their wives got pregnant and 9 months went by into 1947, the last of the boomers were born. After that, the birth of children, the rate of it, slowed down considerably from that time during the war. As the men were leaving the wives got pregnant. . . . {02:11:40} [Howard] There’s more to be learned. I’m still in Section 247, duties of trustees. Section 248 is additional. It’s more stuff on duties of trustees. It begins with: In general, a trustee must act for the beneficiary and not for himself in antagonistic interest to the beneficiary he is prohibited from using the advantages of his position to gain any benefit for himself. What does this government and all of its people do? Like I said, it’s not the government that’s wrong, it’s the people that are in it. And at the expense of the beneficiary to gain an advantage through his position and a benefit for himself at the expense of the beneficiary and from placing himself in a position where his self interest will or may conflict with the duties as a trustee. That’s the beginning of Section 248. Now, that goes on

for pages, quite a few pages—still going on. Here’s 249—it starts at page 247, interestingly enough, and it runs to page 272. That’s all discussions and I haven’t gotten into that yet. I’ve been concentrating on all these cases and cites and statements in these cites related to Section 247, the one we’ve been reading for the last couple of weeks. A month and a half we’ve been working on that one section alone. Now, I’m going to move into Section 248 and I just started the introduction to it for you. It should get to be very interesting in next week’s discussion. I haven’t even read this part so I’ll be digging into this, reading it and marking certain things to talk to you about.

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