2011 May 19 - Howard Griswold Conference Call

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***************************************************** Start ***************************************************** {02:02:32.000} [Howard] …be polite, be very nice to them. It might make you have to swallow your own tongue to do it but this is not the time in the history of the world for you to do anything about these things yet. There will come a time when these cops are going to get slaughtered. The politicians will be slaughtered. The Bible tells an interesting little story that has perplexed me and worried me for years. There is a verse in the Bible that says that the cities will be burned and laid desolate. And I lived in a very nice city. In the forties and fifties and early sixties and Baltimore City was a great place. We never locked the door of our house. My grandfather left the car sitting in a little parking area in the back yard or over in the garage with the keys in the car. Nobody would steal your car. Nobody would break into your house. People were very polite. They were very protective. The neighborhood that I lived in was some Christian people, some Jewish people. I guess it was maybe twelve blocks away, there was a black community and some of those kids went to the same schools that the kids were Jewish and Christian went to and when they went

home, when the kids went home from school and told mommy that somebody’s mother was ill –it didn’t matter if it was a Christian mother or a Jewish mother or a dark skinned family’s mother—they made up a pot of stew or a pot of soup and they sent it over to feed the family while mommy was sick. People were wonderful and they didn’t have animosities of religious differences. They didn’t have animosities of color differences. Now, I’ll grant you the kids were silly. We used to fight with one another. We didn’t fight with one another because you were a Christian or because you were Jewish or because your skin was dark and ours was light. That wasn’t the reason we fought with one another. We just fought because it was fun. That was kids. But the parents looked out for one another. We lived in a wonderful society, in a great city at that time. But that was in the forties and the fifties. Now, I’m old. I remember those days and they were very good days. And in those days this country hadn’t started to totally go into communism. {See: Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina} Now, communism had started being enforced in this country back in the 1860s but it took a long time, a little step at a time to implement it. {Via the Frankish Banker international socialist cabal and their janissaries including the Rottenfellers, Morgans, Warburgs, FDR, Wilsohn, House, Frankfurter, Ford Foundation, etc.} In the 1960s a greater effort was put forth to implement it. Today, you don’t want to live in Baltimore City. It’s a very dangerous place. {Brought to you by your jolly bankers – See No More National Debt by Bill Still}. If you do live there you better lock the doors, you better lock your car up and you better have a gun and you better be ready to protect your property. {See: The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse by Fernando Ferfal Aquirre, written by an Argentinean surviving their collapse—it got downright dangerous there.} It’s entirely different today. But the biggest problem that we have in this country today with terrorism is government. Do you hear me? They are the terrorists. If you want to avoid them the best thing you can do is cooperate with them, be very polite to them, be very nice. Do not make yourself look like a terrorist yet. There will come a time and you mark my damned words, there will come a time in the very near future, the American people are getting disgusted, angry, really, really angry and it is building and building. And there are good people in government. There are good police officers. There are good people in the military. This is not the time to attack those people because you don’t know which ones are good and which ones are evil. There will be a division—what was the old silly little experession—Ching, Ching Chinaman, sitting on a fence trying to make a dollar out of eighty-eight cents. Which side of the fence do you fall on to make a dollar out of eighty-eight cents? These people, and the Bible tells this story, will chose the side of the fence that they’re going to be on. And very decent good people that are in government will come outside of it and be on the people’s side. Very good decent people in this society will stand up against what’s wrong and your neighbor who thinks the stupid ass government is the most wonderful thing in the world will be your enemy. You will be up against the dumbest things. One of the things the Bible says is—I think that you find this in the Book of Mathew and it certainly does lead to what you are seeing going on today that even your brother will become your enemy. Perhaps your father, perhaps father’s children will become his enemy. We will be against each other because somebody will choose one side and somebody will choose the other side. Well, that day is coming. It’s very close in front of us. But right now, you do not want to get involved in any big confrontations with these people. Stay away from it. Be very polite, be very nice to them. Give them whatever information they ask for that you have. Tell them why you don’t

have it if you don’t have it and it’s not on me at the present time. I have it at home. If you want to follow me home I’ll get it for you. They don’t want to follow you so don’t worry about that. Be very polite—be very nice to them. As a matter of fact, one of our wonderful leaders in this patriot community who passed away quite a few years ago, he taught this and he tried to teach this all over the country and I have to agree with what he was trying to teach and that was to be as gentle as a man and as wise as a serpent. {Howard Freeman?} . You are dealing with a serpent, a snake. These people are snakes and they are no better than snakes crawling on the ground that we’re dealing with {from the United Snakes?} but we wiser than they are or at least as wise as they are and be as gentle as a lamb {but not a sheeple}. Give them whatever little they ask for and move on. Do not become involved and don’t get into a confrontation. That whole Sixty Minutes ordeal was over a confrontation that a couple of people got into with the police and turned around and shot and killed a couple of police and it happened that one of the police, his father was also a police and he’s the one that brought all this stuff up on Sixty Minutes and he’s put out tapes all over the country to other police officials telling them that these sovereigns are evil people—they’re terrorists. Right now, it’s not smart for you to let them know what your thinking is. Yeah, keep your thinking, keep your intelligence up, continue to try to learn and realize more but there’s another little silly verse in the Bible that says, as these days progress toward the end of times that the good people, those who are of God’s ilk are not to become involved in the conflict that will go on. Let the evil fight among the evil. And let me tell you something, these people are so stupid, so well-educated to be ignorant that they will fight among themselves. Let it happen. It is not, right now, the time for us to do anything. But there will come a time because another thing that’s written in the Bible that there will become a day when we will go into the caves and hunt out the last of these Canaanites and kill them but let the Canaanites kill the Canaanites. Let the evil—remember, the Canaanites is the seed of evil and that’s who’s running things today, that’s who’s in power and that’s who most of the people that are running religions and governments and the legal profession and the police departments, most of them are Canaanites, but not all. There are good people in there. There are good people in different government offices who realize as somebody commented earlier tonight about going into the post office about this phony new money that’s coming out. That lady at the post office said ‘very good’—in other words, she knew. That’s not an evil person if she knew and she understands and she agrees with what he wanted to do, that’s not an evil person but nine chances out of ten the guy working right beside her thinks she’s wrong. He’s one of the evil people. Let it divide on its own. Don’t force things right now. This is not the right time. There is a time, apparently. Our Creator has a time for all things to be revealed and all things to come to be and these explanations —I guess I would call it—in the bible that this will become a very violent time—cannot be changed by you or I but what we can do is we can be very nice, very polite, very kind to these people, and treat them nicely and don’t make it look like we are their enemy at the present time. Don’t necessarily make an issue out of anything. Now, there are ways we can make an issue. Write their name down. Very politely and nicely ask them for their name. If they won’t give it to you tell them that all government officials are required to give their name when it’s requested. Now, please give me your name. I just want to keep track of this so that I know who it was I talked to just in case there’s any further incident about this. Don’t tell them you’re going to do anything. Don’t threaten them. Don’t make threatening statements like I’m going to sue you. Just be very nice to them. Get their name and then

perhaps we can stir up a lot more controversy by creating some of these law suits that we’re learning how to do under the breach of the trust and the imposition of government internal regulations being imposed upon us. We can do this through the courts and create more controversy and get more Sixty Minutes exposure and let me tell you something. That Sixty Minutes program, as Dave sort of inferred, that was good advertisement. That was a very awakening thing for a lot of the listeners because the system tried to do the best that it could to show that these people who think the government doesn’t have any authority over them are wrong, that the birth certificate—and they brought this up—that the birth certificate does not put you in a position that the government has the power to regulate you. We know it does. But, of course, we’re a very small group of people right now. This knowledge has to get out to a lot more people. And how can we do this? They won’t let us get on television or radio and talk about it {What? You don’t have your Khazarian propaganda card?} With the things that I talk about on these conference calls if I tried to get a radio station to give me a position like Neil Boortz or Rush Limbaugh as a radio commentator once I started talking the way I talk on these conference calls they would throw me off. The radio station or the television station they wouldn’t put up with me saying the things that I say, they wouldn’t let this out. So how’s it going to get out? {you got to talk Marx talk—didn’t you learn anything in our first communist revolution, a.k.a., the Civil War? } The best way for it to get out is things like they did to expose what they’re doing wrong by showing as best they could that these sovereigns, these people who think the government doesn’t have authority over them are wrong and boy, did they expose it. Like Dave said, it doesn’t matter how the advertising comes as long as they advertise it. It is getting out for us. They’re helping us, the stupid fools, but see, as I said a little earlier, lawyers are nothing but imbeciles. An idiot is a little bit higher level than imbecile. They are trained programmed little functional to do these things. The lawyers are trained in law school by law professors who are at best socialists or communist oriented people. The lawyers train the leaders who train and lead the police department people so what do you expect. We are dealing with trained little morons. Now, they’ve been trained to attack you and beat you up. It just happened to a lady in Ohio who wouldn’t cooperate with the police. And this one was on television. The police video camera filmed the cops beating this woman up because she wouldn’t cooperate. It just happened to a 79 year old man in Pennsylvania who wouldn’t cooperate and they pulled him out of the car and beat him and he tried to tell them he was on the way to the hospital because he was having heart problems. {I wonder if the police train in the old folk’s homes.} He was having heart palpitations. They didn’t listen. Well, finally the ambulance did come. Some decent cop called the ambulance. The ambulance drivers really raised hell with the cops, got him to the hospital. The doctor at the hospital threw the cops out of the hospital and told them to leave this place alone and leave now—this man is not in good condition—he needs help—get out of the way. Good does overpower evil eventually. Just don’t cause the problem in the first place if you don’t have to. Be as cooperative with these people as you can and don’t start looking for trouble right now because this is not a good time to go looking for trouble unless you’re ready for it and I don’t really think you’re ready for it. I’m not even sure I’m ready with all the studying I’ve done, that I’m ready for the kind of trouble that they might cause. I would be cooperative. I would go along with them, ask a few question, but I wouldn’t do it forcefully. If they didn’t answer the questions I wouldn’t press the issue. I would make little notes, if nothing else, mental notes, the best that I could remember them

of the different things that transpired and when I finally got away from them I would sit down and write these notes up and then I would look up what I can do to file a complaint against them for what they’ve done in the courts. Now, the courts are corrupt as hell— everybody knows that—we’re not going to get anywhere. The time that we have to do this in is never give us the time to get it all the way to the higher courts where we might get a proper decision out of it. But what it might do if there’s enough cases filed it might create news media attention. As a matter of fact, I’m sure it will create because, boy, I’ll tell you what, the news media, right now, is digging for any kind of a story they can get, pros or cons. So, they will pick up things if we can get them going. This whole scam that was perpetrated by this sheriff whose son was killed—and God bless him, I’m sorry his son was killed. Nobody likes to lose a friend, a family member or anything like that. I feel sorry for him that he lost his son. He does not realize that he taught his son to do wrong things. He does not realize that he was taught to do wrong things and he is making a big issue out of this and trying to put it out as far as he can with as much media as he can get it out with that these people who claim to be sovereign people are actually the terrorists when in fact he’s a terrorist. He’s terrorizing the American people who are supposed to be free in the exercise of their life and their private people. And they interfere with the exercise of our life and our private property in every way imaginable and the court case that Dave just read to you about, about the gun thing allowing the cops to enter your home even if they have to break the door down if they hear noises that sound like you’re destroying evidence. See, that destroys the concept that was set up under the framers of this government that we have a right to privacy in our private homes, in our private papers, in our private properties of all kinds and they’re breaking it down. And you got to realize that judges used to be lawyers. We finally found the case thanks to one of our people that’s part of the group and does the best they can to assist in the research and really did some serious digging to find this but I have talked about this case before. We quoted it in somebody’s appeal brief and in that particular case it was the opening brief of the appeal and the United States attorney was supposed to respond with their response brief and their response was, ‘I don’t know what to say.’ Now, when you make a United States attorney say that he doesn’t know what to say you have kicked them in the teeth rather hard. That appeal brief that was originally put in quoted a case called Chicago Railroad Company v. School District Number One Yuma County School District. That was the name of the case. It was a Colorado Supreme Court case back in 1917 was when it was decided. The whole case started back in 1911. The question was about a school tax being imposed on the property of everybody in the state including Chicago Railroad’s property and they sued saying that that couldn’t be done. In that case the court stated the purpose and definition of government. Now, the reference that I found to it said that the code, statutes, rules and regulations of government apply only to the jural society and then it stated the cite of Chicago Railroad Company v. School District Number One of Yuma County. It’s a very old case – 1917. It’s a state Supreme Court case. It is not easy to find on the internet at all. It was very hard to find it. The person who did it did a tremendous amount of research and digging all over the place until they finally came up with it and actually that’s not exactly what the case said. What the cite I found in the law text book said that it said, but yes it did. It said that exactly that meaning but not in those words. It said that the definition of government is well understood. Well, maybe in 1917 it was. I don’t think it is today. But it said the meaning of the term, government, is so commonly understood that to define the same does not appear to be necessary. Yet the term

as used in some cases that are cited here may be defined as the exercise of authority in the administration of the affairs of a state, community or society; the authoritative direction and restraint exercised over the actions of men in those communities, societies or states. Now, that was the wording that they used in the case. The wording that was in the reference that I found to it said, ‘the codes, statutes, rules and regulations of government apply to the jural society. When you look up jural society in the law dictionary it defines it as government. Well, this fits exactly what I have tried to teach for years about the concept of a republican form of government. The people in their private capacity were separate and distinct from government. They had no right to vote or tell government what they could do and government had no right to regulate the people in their private capacity but had every right to regulate itself internally. And if you really pay attention to the way their laws are written they are specifically for the functions and activity of government and do not apply to your private property. They do not apply to you in your private capacity. When such is done by police officers and lawyers and judges who will affirm it, it is wrong. It is a breach of their public trust. They are being dishonest by applying their rules and regulations that only apply to government to the private sector and their private property. So, these screwballs—they call themselves sovereigns—have no idea what they’re doing. They have messed this whole thing up with their sovereignty crap because they don’t realize that there is a distinction between public government and its internal controls of the public government and its lack of authority to control them in their private capacity and their private property. Now, it’s very simple. Why do we have such a complicated problem in educated America other than the fact that probably that is the problem? We’re educated and we have no knowledge and we have no room left in the brain to think with. By the time we’re done with all the bullshit that they put through your brain in education. Maybe that’s where the whole problem comes from. I’m not trying to tell you that I’m any smarter than you are. What I’m trying to tell you is I quit school in the ninth grade. It have been the best damned thing I could have possibly done. I did go on for some night school studies in high school studies and then I went on for some night school studies in Johns Hopkins College but it was night school. It wasn’t the regular education system. They didn’t program you quite as thoroughly. They didn’t beat it into your head until your head had nothing left in it like school does. So, maybe I was lucky. Maybe I was just a little bit ahead of most people simply because I didn’t get knocked so far behind by education being pound into me. Maybe I was lucky. Maybe I have a little special gift. I don’t know. I’m not going to try to answer this question. I’m not going to try to tell you that I’m anything special. I’m just going to try to tell you that for some reason I have maybe an incompetent but slight ability to recognize some of these things. I don’t think that my ability is so competent that I completely and totally understand at all. But I can recognize a little bit of it and it just seems so simple to me that government has the authority from its constitutions to regulate itself. As a matter of fact, in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, Congress shall have the authority to make all laws and rules necessary to regulate the government of the United States. I’m not sure if I’m quoting that 100% accurately but it’s very similar to what they said. Congress has the power to make all kinds of laws regulating government—not regulating me—not telling me whether or not I can carry a gun—not telling me whether or not I can have a job or I have to have an ID number called socialist insecurity in order to get a job. None of these things were within the authority of government but I learned something from this case, Chicago Railroad v. School District Number One of Yuma

County. The State of Colorado back in –what was the original? The last act was 1911 but let’s see if I can find the reference, the original act here that was brought up and what year they did this in. I’m not seeing it, off hand. Previous to this 1911 amendment that was in question as to the taxation that was being imposed—oh, 1877. An act in 1877 in Colorado to create a free public school system. Now, think about this a little bit—use your brain. This applies to the police department. This applies to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This applies to the Department of Housing and what do they call it, Housing and administration of housing or something like that where they come around and tell you, you got to paint your rainspouts. It applies to every one of these little functions of government that are not actually governmental in nature. They have created businesses and this case was all about whether or not the property owners, the tax that was imposed upon the private property owners in that county, Yuma County in Colorado, was a constitutional tax. The court said, no, it wasn’t because it was not a tax organized under the authority of the Constitution. It was a tax that was organized outside of the Constitution for the purpose of supporting and maintaining public schools. What it said was, this was a private corporate business. What did George Carlin, what did he tell you? Didn’t he tell you that this is actually not being run by your politicians? It is being run by commercial big business. What do you think the school system is? What do you think the Department of Motor Vehicles is? What do you think the police department is? What do you think the FBI is? These are commercial separate independent businesses created by government for government activities to be done but as an independent business, not really government. So they’re not really under constitutional limitations and authorities because they’re not government—they’re private businesses. And that’s what this case just explained to me that they can do. Now, I really don’t agree with this at all because if the Constitution didn’t give government the authority to do it then I don’t think the government had the authority to do it in any way, shape or form—they couldn’t be party to it. I set up this business and created a scam where everybody that lived in the county had to pay a fee so that we could run a school system and teach all of the wonderful little children and give them an education and wouldn’t this be a wonderful thing but everybody in the county has to pay for this even if you don’t have any children. Now wait a minute, is that right? Can we impose a debt, a liability, upon you who have no children to pay the cost of other people’s children? I don’t think so. But they’ve done it and this is how they’re gotten away with it by stating that it is not unconstitutional because it is not within the constitutional authorities to create taxes for the running of government so it has nothing to do with the Constitution so it’s not unconstitutional so they can go ahead and get away with these things. But you know what, none of these—even way back when some of these old country lawyers really were pretty decent lawyers, not like these scum bag little imbeciles that are graduated from law school today with communist background ideas. But those good old fashioned country lawyers even they didn’t realize that this was a taking of private property without just compensation by imposing these taxes on a private individual’s property who was not receiving the benefit. Now, I won’t disagree with government or the whole concept of business that if in some way or another you come to me and you ask me for a benefit to be given to you. It doesn’t matter if the benefit is, I sell storm windows and you want new storm windows put in your house. That’s an old fashioned thing. It’s almost gone. Now, we have double-glass and triple-glass windows—you don’t have storm windows anymore— real junk replacing something that used to be good—good old fashioned storm windows.

But anyway, if you want storm windows and I’m in the business of making and selling and installing storm windows that is a benefit. And if you come to me and you ask me to please provide those storm windows on your house, first of all, you have given up your right of privacy because you made a contract for me to come into your home and replace those windows but only to the limited extent of coming into your home and replacing the windows. You didn’t give up your right of privacy to keep a gun stored in the cabinet somewhere and I have no right to call the authorities and tell them, ‘hey, I was in this guy’s house and I say fifty guns in a gun case and I think that’s too many and you ought to investigate this,’ and the cops come and bother you about it. See, these are the kinds of things that go on that are wrong. You do have a duty to me for putting those windows in to pay me a tax, a fee, a revenue, or whatever you want to call the term that means payment for the benefit of the product that I gave you. That is supposed to be enforceable in the courts. That is a contract between you and I for a benefit that you received from me that I offered to give and you accepted it. That’s what constitutes a contract. The courts are there to resolve these contracts. If you don’t pay me for the windows then I have a right to go to court. The court has a duty to enforce that contract by its words and force you to pay. Government has abused that concept. It has created these corporate businesses like school and imposed these taxes like the Department of Motor Vehicles and imposed these taxes and rules and fines and numerous other things like that, that I’m not going to go into them all and they are using the courts to enforce the contract because you and I were stupid enough to go sign up and get a motor vehicle registration, to go get a birth certificate registration—that’s another one, Department of Vital Statistics and the registration of births. Now, getting back before that question interrupted me and got me into all this dissertation Dave had wrapped up something about the birth certificate of what’s his name, that imbecile, that idiot that’s missing from the village. [caller] Obama

[Howard] Obama—thank you. Go on the internet—difference between birth certificate and certificate of live birth—just Google that. You’ll come up with the same printout or it’ll show up on your screen if you don’t have a printer and read this. It’s all about birth certificates and interestingly enough there’s a little thing called adoptive birth certificate. Now, listen closely. Adoption procedures seal the original birth certificate and issue a certification of birth that list the adoptive parents’ names and the adoptive child’s name. It does not list other information such as the doctor’s name or the hospital’s name. Now, there’s a little blurp, a little picture and beside that picture there are some words, a blurp, it says, ‘what is a certificate of live birth in Hawaii?’ Doesn’t Barack Obama claim that this is a Hawaiian certificate of birth, a certificate of live birth that he put out? Even Donald Trump has missed this. This certificate of live birth that he has shown to prove that he was born in Hawaii which is a state of the United States does not constitute a real birth certificate. As a matter of fact, a certificate of live birth is considered to be a souvenir birth certificate. Many people think that the birth certificate issued by the hospital with the baby’s footprint on them is an official birth certificate but it is not. It is strictly a souvenir that cannot be used to prove age or citizenship. You know how it proves citizenship? You have to file it with the government in order to prove that you are a citizen of the government meaning that you are a member of the government. And if you’re a member of

the government then you do, in fact, come under all of the rules and regulations of government. What a scam these scum have pulled on us. And we’ve let them get away with it because our grandparents and great grandparents and our parents and us as parents and our poor children have no concept of how any of this stuff works including this little idiot sheriff in Arkansas who is so angry because his kid was killed because his kid stood up against somebody who said, ‘you don’t have an authority over me.’ I’m sorry about his kid —I said that before—but I’m going to tell you something, the population is getting angry and they do not understand these things. The people that are enforcing these things do not understand these things and if ever it’s going to be exposed it’s going to have to be exposed by people like you and I bringing lawsuits against such things as the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Vital Statistics, even the Department of Education because they can impose a tax on government property, on corporate property that has been authorized to operate as a corporation by government, for instance, but not on private property. And nobody’s bringing the suit in the proper manner because lawyers are imbeciles. They are taught in law school that everything is all right. They are not taught things like this court case. That is why the United States attorney in that case where we used this cite as part of the brief in support of the appeal came back and said, ‘I don’t know what to say.’ He didn’t know what to say—just proved that he was the imbecile that we know that lawyers are. He didn’t know anything about the way this government was originally constructed. {Just recently Senator Mark Kirk told Ben Bernacke that the government under Andrew Jackson had eliminated the national debt. It totally floored Ben who changed the subject quickly: Sen Kirk: …parts of history without any federal debt. Bernacke: Securities to back them up. Sen. Kirk: Although I would say we had a currency for many parts of our history without any federal debt. Bernacke: When was that? Kirk: Under the Jackson Administration. Bernacke: So this was before the Civil War. This was during the period where individual banks issued currency—we didn’t have a national currency. Kirk: I just might say that it’s possible for a country to have a currency without a trillion dollar debt. Bernacke: Yes. } {no Frankish Khazarian bankers in government—no banker currency loans –no debt} Now, this case is old. It is prior to 1938 but the truth is the only thing that has changed is the corruption by lawyers of the intent and purpose of the laws in this country. The laws themselves have not changed. It aggravates me that I am so stupid that it took me so long to learn these things, that my education left me in such a state that I didn’t even half way understand what I was reading because the education didn’t teach me the meaning of words. This angers the hell out of me about myself. I don’t know what it does to you but I hope I’m disturbing you and making you think a little bit and maybe you’ll get a little angry with yourself and put in a little bit better effort and try to find more of this stuff and put it together because I can’t do all this by myself. This is so vast and so involved that putting it together in such a fashion that it will make a sensible court case is just a massive job because none of this is what any damned lawyer will ever help you to bring—none of this is going to be put together in such a sensible way that the lawyers on the other side or the judges will be able to defeat it unless it is followed right down the track of how it was intended to be and what really is. And we need help. My little pea brain is just not big

enough to do all of this myself. I need some help. If it wasn’t for the help of a few like the person out here in our group that found this Chicago Railroad v. School District Number One of Yuma County—I found the reference to it but I could not dig that case up. It was very hard to find—they hide this kind of stuff. Now, in this case they make a reference to another case that we’ve already spent some time trying to find and haven’t been able to locate and that is People v. Pierce, 41 NY Supplement, page 858. Haven’t been able to locate that case. We cannot pull it up and get the words out of it—can’t read it. Another reference it makes is to for Words and Phrases, page 31-38. Now, isn’t this ridiculously stupid? At a flea market, one day, I found a box full of Words and Phrases books. Now, Words and Phrases is it’s sort of like a dictionary, sort of like an encyclopedia. It’s not Blacks Law Dictionary and it’s not Corpus Juris Secundum. It’s somewhere in between. It states the intent and purpose and meaning of certain words, gives certain references, but it doesn’t go as involved and in detail as like Corpus Juris Secundum does but it’s much more specific than a law dictionary is. And it’s a series of books and I don’t know how many books—probably a hundred or more books in it. I happened to find book number 16 through book number 22 of the set of books called Words and Phrases and I picked them up for something like $4 at the flea market but I’ve only got 16 through 22. I don’t have book number 4. I don’t know how—this is old stuff. This is the kind of stuff that these imbecile lawyers of the day with these socialist educations are trying to hide and trying to get off of the shelves of libraries and keep off of the internet because they don’t want people to learn these things. But in Book 4 of Words and Phrases at page 3138 apparently there is an explanation of government that explains exactly what we’ve been talking about. And government cannot impose their internal rules and regulations upon the private society and yet they’re doing it and getting away with it simply because we’re stupid. Education made us that way and it took me all these years—sixty-eight years of age. Been doing this since I was 37 years old—getting tired too. Been digging and studying and trying to find the answer—trying to find what we could do to stop some of these wrongs that I could recognize that were going on. And, finally, we’re getting close but we haven’t got it all and some of this stuff is well hidden. Now, back in the eighties and even into the nineties Words and Phrases was on the shelf in the law libraries—it’s not there now. The American Jurisprudence Pleadings and Practice forms books were on the shelves. They’re not there now. They pulled all this stuff out of there purposely because they don’t want us to find it. They want us to believe what this poor stupid sheriff or whatever he is in Arkansas is trying to tell the people that the government has complete authority over you and you better do what we tell you and you better not kill any of our police officers anymore. Well, unfortunately some police officers are being killed all over the place and the reason is because the people don’t have respect for the police because the people realize that the police are not doing the right thing. The police should wake up and realize that something is wrong or the people wouldn’t do this. The police were respected by the people. The people were willing to help the police in any way they could. What has happened over the years? Why have the people lost respect for the police? Why don’t the police ask themselves that question? And don’t ask some stupid lawyer because he’s going to lie to you. The police have to do a little bit of looking on their own and please do because there’s a lot of good people out there that are police officers that I don’t want to see them getting killed but it’s happening and it’s happening all too often. And some of them are probably good people and some of them are evil people. Some of them deserve to be killed. But a

bunch of them that are being killed do not deserve to be killed and they wouldn’t be if they only understood what the law was all about. And all I want is to protect the lives of good people whether they’re good people in government or good people out here in society I want to protect the lives and property of good people from this evil element that is trying to impose themselves upon our private lives and our private property and invoke socialism. {Read Under the Sign of the Scorpion and one will lost all interest in socialism (a logacracy—rule by monstrous lies). You too can live in a country where you keep one eye pealed for something to eat and the other eye pealed for gangs of crooks. Read Fernando Ferfal Aquirre, an Argentinean author who lived through it. } Now, government is, in fact, a form of socialism and we have to realize that. It is a commune. It is called a governmental community, a political community. Look up some of the definitions. Look up the definition of citizen. It says, a citizen is a member of the political community—a commune. That’s communism—in short—it is a form of communism, a socialist activity—that is what government is. Fine. As long as they keep their little society among themselves, do their own little things in their own little commune that they intend to do and want to do for themselves and don’t impose it upon the rest of us but this is just as damned bad today as religions are. I respect your religion. I don’t give a damn what religion you have chosen—that is your business. But whatever you do, do not try to force it down my throat. Do you understand me? I don’t want to hear your crap. You keep your religion but don’t force it on me. Well, socialism is almost the same thing as a form of religion. Freedom is almost the same thing as a form of religion. It is a thought pattern, a belief, a system of rules that a person chooses to follow just like religions are. Don’t force your socialism of government upon me in my private capacity—that’s my only objection. My only argument with these people is that their rules and regulations that regulates their way life doesn’t suit the rules and regulations that I, myself, set for myself. Mine are probably quite a bit stricter than theirs are. I am sure that my rules and regulations are quite a bit stricter than they are because I don’t permit any form of thievery, of lying, of extortion. They live on thievery, extortion and lying. Quite a difference, isn’t it? I like honesty. The American people are getting angry and getting disgusted and the Biblical prediction that this will all end in very serious violence and bloodshed is right in front of us and it will be the blood of the evil. But, of course, some of the good people are going to shed some blood too {not if they use their scalar weapons} because in any battle there’s always casualties on both side. The thing is that there are more good people than there evil people and when the good finally have a belly full and they won’t take any more of this these evil will be done away with. And I think when that starts to happen the good that are in there will come out of the evil side and take the good side against the rest of the evil ones. It’s going to be strange how this all unfolds. The person that you least expect to actually be on your side will be there and the person two or three doors down the street that you think is a good old Joe you’re going to find out that he’s on the government’s side and he’s against you. You watch what happens. This will be very interesting times. We’ve got a copy of that case (Chicago Railroad Company v. School District Number One Yuma County School District) if anybody wants a copy of it or a copy of the brief that we’ve put together that quotes and cites the intention of this case that was used in Donovan v. United States, we’d be happy to make you a copy and send it to you. Just write to Gemini Investments, PO Box 398, Delmar, Delaware 19940. Don’t write any silly

statements about the zip code. It’s a fiction—you’re dealing with a fiction called Gemini Investments. Please do not address it to me. I do not live in the Post Office box. And the only thing I ask for these things is send a couple of dollars for the printing and mailing costs to keep us from going broke trying to provide it all for people. That’s all I ask. We don’t sell this stuff. We don’t try to make money off of it. The information is available. We will gladly duplicate it and sent it out to you. All I ask is you cover the mailing and the printing costs. A dollar to two or three, that’s fine. I don’t want fifty or a hundred bucks for some bunch of bullshit like some of these people sell. {03:04:33.131}

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