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the human capital that they’re referring to—and federal human capital surveys questions included in each measure. They are considering us to be the human capital. Let’s go back to the definition in the law dictionary. It said that it is accumulation of goods, possessions or assets. Don’t they have us in their files through the birth certificate registration? Aren’t we part of their possessions and don’t they treat us that way today? Aren’t we an asset to them because they have used for an investment? And we are used for the production of profits and wealth for the government. Strangely enough Dave mentioned somebody that was on CNBC as a contributor. I happen to tune that in every once in a while just to check on what the world is doing in the stock market areas and the bond areas and there’s a guy, I think his name is Rick Santori, not the same as the guy running for president on the Republican party which I think is Santorum. This guy is an announcer, a contributor on CNBC News and he happens to be located in the bond exchange functions up in Chicago and they switch up to him every once in while to get a report on the bonds and he made a most astounding comment that I’ve ever heard on television in my life. He said, ‘with the direction in which the entire financial community of the world is going and the troubles that governments are having with their finances it appears that if you are not at the government’s table then you are probably on the menu.’ What he said was, ‘they’re going to eat you up; they’re going to destroy you, eat out your substance, take all the wealth you have, because you are their capital and they can drain you anytime they want… {Besides you ain’t anything but a hound dog, a registered hound dog at that—dog license, I mean papers please—I mean social insecurity number please. (declared an animal at the turn of the century – See Al Adask’s court win on this issue.} And this is not just true in America in case stupid people think that the town they live in is the worst in the world or that America is the only place that has these problems or any other silly things like that. The fact is this is a worldwide problem. It’s going on everywhere. The same system of investment of human capital is functioning in every country because that is the investment that is made by government to educate you to be the producer of their wealth. {There must be a Khazar lurking close by} Anyway, the definition went on to say: ‘often used equally and correctly to mean the total assets of a business—what are the total assets of any one of these governments other than the people over which they have control which are their human capital.’ It is sometimes used to mean capital assets. …what I just said, ‘us.’ The capital may be used to mean capital goods, that is the tool of production. We are the tool of their production—what do you think the IRS is all about, the collection of money from us. The other taxable forms, the taxes on the goods that we purchase from the labor that we put out all goes back to the government. Nothing really wrong with that if they did it moderately and legitimately. It is beyond control today. That’s why the prices are so high. But anyway, ‘it is the money available for investments or invested. What do you think the government has invested in giving you a public education. Why do you think they did that? So that you would be a functional idiot for their benefit {sometimes called a Rockefeller idiot savant}. It’s worked fine too. I know I was a functional idiot for their benefit. I made a lot of money for them. Anyway, ‘also the discounted value of the future income to be received from an investment. I said, ‘I made a lot of money for them.’ The discounted value was the tax that they got out of me for all the functions I had in the business world and they got plenty of it out of me for lots of years and they received that off of their investment of educating me. They didn’t have to re-educate me to fit into a government job. But I did well enough outside of government to give them plenty of return

on their investment. It’s the real or money value of total assets, money or property—can’t leave that one out—money or property used for the production of wealth. Remember what I’ve been telling you about everything that we’ve ever registered with government, they are using it and collateralizing it for investments in the financial world, money and property used for production of wealth. The sum total of the government’s corporate stock, that’s the capital. This has to be spread around. This has to be investigated even further. We need somebody like Andrew Napiotana or Glen Beck or stimulate any one of these reporter people that you might be able to reach and ask them what they know about this. Tell them to find it. All you got to do is Google human capital and a whole bunch of this stuff came up. The next function that we ran into was prosecuting human trafficking as a crime against humanity under the Rome statute. That was just one thing that we came up with… The next thing we came up with the Department of Homeland Security management…….{lost recording in noise}…Fema is either in control of…as to who’s who. Whether FEMA is in control of the US Department of Homeland Security. Homeland Security is also in control of FEMA. But, anyway, that was another thing that came up. And then the last thing was transportation. Security Administration is all under Homeland Security and they are looking for competent capital assets like you and I that can be programmed like a functional idiot to go to work for them and do the functions that they want done despite whatever other things we may have been taught or believed that this country is all about, that changes are coming about and you’re going to accept these changes and prove to us that you have the intelligence to follow through on the directions that we give you because you are here to make profit and wealth for us the government. Yes indeed, in one way or another every one of us are on the menu if we’re not at the government’s table—that reporter was 100% correct and it amazed me that anything like that was allowed to go out on television but he got it out. Every one of these functions like this of putting us in these kinds of positions and destroying our right of privacy, our right of private property and our right of maintaining our own lives and accomplishing things in our own lives for our own benefit is absolutely disgusting. It could be considered to be unconstitutional but more important meant unconstitutional. Most of it probably contradicts a lot of their other laws and it also really fits under the laws we’ve been finding and I think I’ve got four more new cases that we’ve come up with recently. I haven’t had time to read them yet to make sure of the references indicated that these are additional cases along the line that says what I’ve been teaching, that the laws, rules and regulations of government apply to the government and its functions and its people and not to the rest of the private society. Now, when they apply them to the private society that is a dishonest application of the law by these scum bag lawyers that are in charge and lawyer politicians and they should be sued for breach of their fiduciary duty and it is our responsibility as Americans to protect this country and to protect this government from those kinds of scum. For the good name of the government we should be going after these people putting a stop to their evil conduct. We should be protecting the government. The government’s just a corporate function. It doesn’t function without people. [Dave] George Bush said the government’s Constitution is nothing but a God damned piece of paper.

[Howard] Well, you know what I got to say about their pieces of paper that they send us? Their piece of paper is nothing but a God damned piece of paper and it has no relevancy to me. Give me the evidence that shows that that applies to me. They’ll tell you they don’t have to. Oh, Yeah? Well, aren’t you the complaining party? The government is complaining that I did something that I shouldn’t have done or I didn’t do something that I should have done. They’re the complaining party. Under the Rules of Evidence that the burden of proof is upon the complaining party, not upon stupid me. I don’t have to tell them anything or give them anything. I’ve told you before time and time again the best thing you can do is act stupid. You come out the smartest person around. If you act stupid and don’t know what they’re talking about, demand that they come up with the proper documentation under the rules of evidence verified by a sworn under penalty of perjury statement that the document is true and correct by somebody who has real knowledge of whatever the document is about and what it means. They can’t do it. It’s just like the debt collection scam that they’re running. They can’t come up with any of this on a debt collection case. They can’t come up with it on any of these applications of laws to the private individual. Because they can’t come up with, as Ralph Winterowd says, an implementing regulation that explains the purpose of the statute and who it applies to. They never write them. Well, if it doesn’t say who it applies to that leaves sort of broad for them to apply it to all the ignorant masses of society. [Dave] And none of their regulations have been properly promulgated in the Federal Register so none of their regulations are substantive and the only regulations they have are for their agency employees only and it only applies internally to that agency and those employees that work for that agency and nobody else Ralph Winterowd has proven. [Howard] He’s proven that and it just goes to prove that these cases we’ve found that say that government is self-regulating. Its laws, rules and regulations apply to its own people and its own property are absolutely 100% correct. Ralph has helped us prove that. That’s why I say you should listen to Ralph a bit, learn from him about some of this, listen to Rod Class because he’s getting into the same area and every once in a while Luis Ewing comes up with something that is fantastic because as Dave said he comes up with some very interesting research and he does do in-depth research. Now, sometimes he’s on points that won’t mean anything to an individual. But so what, they mean something to somebody else. So just because it doesn’t mean anything to you doesn’t mean that he or anybody else is wrong but it’s interesting how things are starting to come around in the direction that we’ve been leading people and that is look at all of these things that each one of them have found and relate it to the breach of fiduciary duty law suits. It’s slow. I didn’t expect this to take off like a rocket. It’s a lot for people to digest and even for us it was a lot to digest until I finally realized how simple it was. Breach of fiduciary duty is any dishonest act done by these people. And what these other people are teaching like Ralph and Rod about looking up the statutes, looking up the regulations, looking up whether or not they’ve been properly promulgated and registered with the registry of the state or the registry of the United States and showing that they haven’t been, that they do not assign the law to anything but the agency itself and now they’re stretching that regulation and that statute with no authority whatsoever outside of their internal agency to me in my private capacity is a breach of their fiduciary duty. It’s a dishonest act because that statue was never

intended to apply to me. This really goes against all these little morons we have running around the country called code enforcement officers. What a bunch of little idiots. You didn’t paint your rainspouts, you didn’t cut your grass when you should have. It’s too hot. The paint’s peeling on your windows and the molding and trim. The siding’s falling off of your house. You know what, this entire country is collapsing and they’re worried about a little bit siding falling off of somebody’s house? [Dave] All of those code, title and section numbers are nothing but contract penalty clauses. They’re enforcement of debt collection based on presumption of a contract. They’re contract specific performance code, title and code section numbers which are not valid if the contract is not valid and since they never gave you the full disclosure, they never provided you enough information or knowledge to form an intent to consent or accept therefore you never had the ability or capability to accept or consent so none of those signatures… [Howard] To msake an informed decision, Dave.

[Dave] Right. None of those signatures are authorized signatures. They would have had to give you the full disclosure in order for you to have formed the intent—in order for the signature to have been an authorized signature and since it is not an authorized signature—as that guy won his case he kept saying, ‘that is not my authorized signature, that is not my authorized signature, that is not my authorized signature,’ and the lawyer finally threw up his hands in disgust that he couldn’t get the guy to say anything except ‘that is not my authorized signature’ and the definition of the opposite of an authorized signature is an unauthorized signature and in law the definition of an unauthorized signature is a forgery and you cannot be held. So the guy won his case by just saying, ‘that is not my authorized signature,’ and the lawyer could not force him or trick him or in any way bamboozle him or coerce him into saying anything other than ‘that is not my authorized signature,’ then they had to throw the case out—null process. [Howard] Every bit of this stuff that’s being done to us is a scam. {Uncle Scam in action}. If the scam was done honestly they would put at the bottom of the page, ‘sign here you idiot,’ and let you know you’re being stupid but because this is not an honest run scam but a dishonestly run scam it just says, ‘signature line,’ and they tell you, you got to sign there. They don’t call you an idiot. They don’t let you know that you’re being an idiot for signing these things. We have signed all kinds of things in our life. I know I did. [Dave] And the proof is right in the Declaration of Independence where it says government derives its just power with the consent of the governed. Well, since they never gave you enough information of knowledge upon which to form a consent or intention to consent there is no consent and therefore government does not have the just power that it has been running around enforcing unlawfully. [Howard] And you know that they proved that that is a very viable piece of law. Day after day after day they prove this. ‘You’re being arrested, you’re going to jail, sign this

paper.’ ‘What do you mean I’m being arrested and I’m going to jail?’ Why do I have to sign the paper? Because they need my consent to arrest me and put me in jail. [Dave] If they didn’t need your signature they wouldn’t ask for it. They would just arrest you without asking for the signature. [Howard] Right. That’s why they need your consent. Action after action after action needs your consent. They can’t get around that problem but we went to school and in school they taught us how to move our fingers with a pencil in it in certain formation until we learn how to write and then they taught us how to write our name and they never told us how dangerous it was to write that name. So, we just do what we’re told and we write the name that we were taught to do because we don’t have any idea of what we’re doing. Well, the presumption is that being you were taught to read and write in school that you know what you’re doing. {They didn’t teach us any law—that stopped after the Civil War} Now, you have to defeat that presumption. You have to beat the presumption that you did understand what you were doing, that you did have full knowledge of it. That’s not a real easy thing to do. That’s proving a negative. Proving a negative is not easy. But it can be done with an affidavit but you have to admit that you made a mistake in whatever this is that’s going on. Whatever you’re involved in you made a mistake. You had to show clean hands that I didn’t go into this with the intention of profiting from this, of making anything off of the wrong doings that are going on in this activity. I got into this because I was coerced. I was put under duress. I was threatened in some way. ‘If you don’t get a driver’s license you’re going to go to jail.’ ‘That’s a good enough threat so I went and got a driver’s license and unfortunately down at the bottom of the application it didn’t say sign here you idiot because it didn’t inform me enough that I was acting like an idiot and asking them to regulate my life. Maybe I need it regulated. Maybe I am enough of an idiot to need it regulated but they should have to prove that first that I’m an incompetent, that I can’t handle myself and they don’t prove that first.’ They just presume that they can take advantage of you and I, get our consent to do anything because we don’t know any better. [Dave] The presumption is the offer is a meeting of the minds and an agreement and the minute you accept the offer you’ve validated the fraud of the non-full-disclosure. [Howard] Yes you did. Very good point, Dave. You validated the fraud and this is the reason why the courts refuse to reverse a judgment on an appeal to the court based on fraud. They will not reverse a judgment based on fraud. Remember that stuff about irregularity? That’s the only thing that they will reverse the judgment on. If you can show that the way they did it was not in accordance with the statute then it’s considered to be irregular. [Dave] If it’s not within the regulations then it’s irregular… That’s not regulations.

[Howard] But they will not reverse a judgment based on your argument that there was fraud involved, that they didn’t tell me. The fact that they didn’t tell you is not relevant because fraud—the court said this in Maryland—fraud is so commonplace that we will not rule on it.


It’s caveat emptor. You failed to emptor.

[Howard] Yep, you failed to be vigilant. And even in equity, equity requires vigilance. Now, you can show that your vigilance just started because something aroused you but you can’t allow it to be seen in equity that you understood this for any long period of time and didn’t act on it. If you want action taken in an equity court you have to show that you are just discovering the wrong and being vigilant and doing something about it. We can’t sit back on our duff and wait for Joe next door to do it and see how he results with what his efforts are and that’s what I see is going on in this country. Everybody’s waiting to see what somebody else will accomplish doing these things. Look at the damned court cases that we’re sending out about government officials being in a fiduciary position and look at the way the court case lays out the fact that their conduct was dishonest and that was a breach of fiduciary duty and you don’t need to wait for another Joe to do it because it’s already been done. We need to be the next Joe to do it, not wait for some other Joe, especially things like this human capital. We are the business of government’s investment and assets. [Dave] Since when did the farmer ever ask the cows to vote?

[Howard] Good point, Dave. We’re the cows. They trick us into believing we have some kind of authority and control over what government does by letting us vote. If they don’t like the way we vote they just do it they wanted to anyhow. If you’ve never seen that happen pay a little closer attention to what Barack Obama just got done with the healthcare bill. Nobody really wanted that but it’s there anyway. [Dave] Well Rod Class found out. He and Carl Weston and a bunch of other people went to D.C. and talked to John Conyers who was the head of the House Judiciary Committee and Conyers told him, ‘I can’t talk in my office here. You’ll have to see me at home because the legislative assistant—that means the lawyer that runs the office.’ John Conyers couldn’t do anything unless the lawyer authorized or allowed him to do it. Every one of those Senators and Representative they’re nothing but puppets… And the lawyer, the legislative assistant that runs the office behind the scenes runs the office regardless of who gets elected and who’s in the Senate or who’s in the House of Representatives, the BAR lawyer judge extortion monopoly member that controls it all from behind the scenes controls every one of those Senators and Representatives. They’re just puppets. They’re just figureheads to do what they’re told. [Howard] And every agency of government that is a legitimate agency of government and every privately owned corporation that is contracted to do government work such as Rod has uncovered that the Department of Motor Vehicles is a private corporation, the police departments are private corporations, the tag-issuing agency is a private corporation and there are hundreds of other ones including some one of these days he’s going to find that the courts are all private corporations and then he’s going to have a hemorrhage when he finds that out. But every one of these corporate agencies that are private corporations are just in the same identical position as though they were in government and have the same

responsibility to act honestly and are executing all these dishonest functions against the people and this is going to lead to a revolution but it’s probably not going to be because of the knowledge of the people. How many people are listening to me? How many people hear what I got to say? There is 350 million people in this country and maybe there’s 100,000 people that somehow or another are getting some of this information that I’m putting out because it’s being distributed by quite a few other people today. It’s going out on quite a few other programs and those programs are in touch with other programs and spreading it. So it’s getting around—maybe 100,000 people. That is a drop in the bucket. That’s not even one pea in a pod, it’s nothing as far as the masses go that understand what we’re finally uncovering and revealing. I still say and I’ve said this years ago that it’s not going to be knowledge and understanding of the wrongs that are being done that is going to lead to the revolution. It is the failure of government to continue to provide the goodies that they have promised people that will lead to the revolution. When they can’t control the price of food, the price of gasoline, the price of heating fuel and people cannot afford to continue having those luxuries of food and gas to put in their cars and heating oil to keep warm in their homes in the winter and air conditioning. Oh, my God, take air conditioning away from this bunch of educated flakes and they would just die. They couldn’t stand the heat. Well, there’s something in the Bible about –I believe it said the hot August days— that’s where a lot of the violence would be in the hot August days. Well, can you associate that with what I just said about taking away all the goodies like being able to afford the electric bill and pay for the air conditioning? That would make for some real hot August days—no relief from the heat. That is the kind of stuff that will prompt the violence. The intelligence, the intellect, that have knowledge of what’s really going on will not have to do anything as far as the violence goes. We can sit back and watch them kill each other and then as the Bible said it would take us seven months to bury all those dead morons that killed each other. And you can almost see it developing in one of the e-mails that Dave was reading tonight. The federal government wants to arrest Americans, put them in jail, just hold them indefinitely and not give them due process and take them to trial and give them any bail or anything like that, just hold them. Some of the states are saying, ‘no, that’s not right and we’re not going to do that.’ Now, you see the conflict developing right inside of government? They’re going to kill each other. Give them time and I hope they put the lawyers on the front line because they’re the scum that caused all this in the first place. And I think as the people wake up and begin to realize that the lawyers are—they’re the ones to really go after. I don’t care if it’s a lawyer-politician, a lawyer in office acting as a lawyer that’s bothering you, whether he’s a prosecutor or a defender because they’re both scum and neither one of them are worth their salt, but also the lawyer judges. This whole system is almost all lawyers today. The governors and the governor’s office is full of lawyers. The legislature is full of lawyers and the whole judicial system is all lawyers. And every agency has its own lawyers, all these private little corporations that are contracted to do work for government and conduct government business have their own lawyers and all the government agencies that are legitimate agencies have their own lawyers. And the lawyers tell the agencies what to do. The voters are the ones that tell the IRS agents that it doesn’t matter what anybody says you can go out there and collect taxes from everybody because everybody owes a tax. That’s not what the law says but that’s what they told these people. The lawyer that controls the police departments tells the police that you can write a traffic ticket out there on the street for anybody’s car that is violating any of the traffic

regulations never giving them any knowledge and understanding that they have no right to interfere with private people and their private property automobile. Their private property automobile is not a motor vehicle as classified by the Department of Motor Vehicles. That department is there to regulate exactly what it says, motor vehicles, vehicles that are used in commerce to motor goods and freight and passengers. That would be busses, trains, planes and tractor trailer trucks and slightly smaller delivery trucks that deliver over interstate lines—they’re in commerce. Anything less than that is not really in commerce and everything that has been registered to appear that’s in commerce is a fraud perpetrated by these lawyers who told these people in the Department of Motor Vehicles to register it that way. These people are dishonest. They are using us as human capital to collect from us their wealth and profiteering. [Dave] And it was a mistake to do it.

[Howard] Well, actually every bit of this follows the Bible and the predictions of what will happen in these last days and if you read the Book of Daniel it tells you approximately when the last days will be and it identifies these days, the end of the 6th millennium, the beginning of the 7th millennium. The word, millennium, in Latin meant a thousand years. We just passed 6000 years since Adam and Eve, 4000 years before Jesus Christ and 2000 years after Jesus Christ. And those stories of religion—two and four make six doesn’t it? It did when I went to school. I don’t know about today’s schooling, but anyway, we’re right at the end of the 6th millennium and turned over 12 years now into the 7th millennium and the end is not going to go boom. The beginning didn’t go boom and the end isn’t going to go boom. Now, it does say in the Bible that it will sneak up on most people like a thief in the night because they’re not paying any attention. But, actually, it’s been a very slow progressive unwinding of things and it’s unwinding because of all the evils that we are finally unwinding and recognizing the truth about and that will bring it to an end. It will be the end of all these world governments and their world money systems of paper money. The paper money is supporting all these governments, holding them together and as it collapses due to excessive debt and paper money that can’t be paid because they can’t get enough paper money out of the people anymore. It will cause the financial collapse of the money system which will shut down the governments. They won’t be there much longer. This is the end that it’s talking about but some of the violence that will lead to the end of that will be because of their failure to address and provide the goodies, the promises that they’ve made to take care of their people, to provide all the goodies that we want, our food and our gasoline and nice cars and production of this, that and the other thing, stores that are functioning. I don’t know if you’re aware of it but nearly 50% of the business in this country has shut down in the last four years—nearly 50% has already shut down. It doesn’t look like it. The shopping centers still have stores in them but the manufacturing companies, the distribution companies, the trucking companies they’re all shutting down. This is behind the scenes. This is things you don’t see. There are a lot less trucking companies and a lot less trucks on the road from the trucking companies that used to be big today because they’re not distributing as much goods because the people are not buying them. The gross national product is way down from what it’s supposed to be, what it used to be but it’s making progress. It’s up 3% from the 3000% loss that it has taken—real progress. But you listen to the news media and these lawyers that put all this stuff together

for the news media to report and their accountants that are controlled by the lawyers that tell these things they changed the figures around based on what happened in 2008 and how far down it went and now we’ve made a 3% progress. So we’re really making progress. We’re doing great. And they’re lying like hell to you. Eventually it will be seen through by all the people and those days are not going to be very pleasant or happy days. But in the meanwhile we could bring about havoc and probably get a little bit of money to pad your pocket and buy some of the things that you need for your survival if you just go after them for breach of their fiduciary duty and that story about the gun rights advocates him and his suing and they’re winning money and it’s financing their kitty to go sue them some more. Why aren’t we smart enough to do this? Why don’t we get some money out of these scum, take back what they’ve been taking from us and then use it to sue a few more of them? It’ll finance us. It’ll finance you to put away some stock so that you can survive after this whole mess does collapse because you’re going to need survival stuff. The information about survival stuff is poor to say the last but at least it’s there, there’s something. If you’re not capable of putting it together with your own shovel and pitchfork and little fence around your area of property that you have to do your own thing and buy some seed and get some chickens and a goat or something—two goats. It takes two to tango so you need two goats to make milk or goat’s meat. At least you’d have food. That’s the easiest way. It’s easier to raise a goat and breed a goat then it is to take care of cattle or pigs or any other large animals. Most people never ate goat’s meat, by the way. It’s pretty darned good, very tasty. It’s not a big fat animal so it’s not part of their commerce but it could be your survival. Chickens too, you can raise chickens. Now, if you live in the city you might have trouble with that. If grandma still has a house out in the country go out to grandma’s and set up some chickens and go tend them every day, stop by and see grandma and tend your chickens. Eventually you’re going to have to go out in the country and live with grandma again and grandma and you will all have at least eggs and chicken meat. Going to be some strange times. Anyhow, the strangest time we’re living in right now. And these evil that I’ve just exposed to you of considering us to be their assets of their corporation that produces their production and their wealth that we are human capital and this has to be exposed. That’s why I suggested that you get on Facebook and bring this up to Judge Andrew Napolitano and bring this up to Glean Beck and bring it up to any other reporter or I’d go after my politicians and ask them, ‘what is this all about, can you explain this to me?’ Act stupid. I don’t understand what this means. What’s all this stuff about human capital? Are they referring to me? Act stupid, see what he says. I’ll bet you, you don’t get a very long conversation with him and I’ll bet you he leaves shaking and trembling realizing you found out. I wanted to bring this up tonight because this really fits into a category of dishonesty and corruption in government. This should be addressed. This should bring about some lawsuits for breach of fiduciary duty against somebody, your local congressman, anybody, your local state legislators, your Department of Vital Statistics people. Go sue them. They got your birth certificate and they stole it to make you human capital. Go after their lawyer, include him. Don’t just sue the department. Don’t just sue the head of the department but find out who the head of the department’s lawyer is before you start the suit and bring him into it too. But he’s the scum that caused it. Had an interesting case in court and I think I mentioned this last week. Micky Paoletta, the one that works on the debt collection stuff so much, was telling me about what happened.

And he’s been teaching people for a long time that when you go into a court session before you get started, ‘your honor, judge, can I ask you a question,’ and usually will be very nice and he’ll say, ‘yes, go ahead.’ Your question is, this court does follow the rules of civil procedure for the state of blank out of their rules book—correct? ‘Oh yes,’ the judge will say, ‘certainly we use the rules of civil procedure.’ ‘One more question,’ judge. ‘This court does then apply the rules of evidence from the state of blank’rules?’ ‘Why certainly’, the judge will say. Well, you can always use that against them because when you bring up the evidence that they don’t have and show that the baloney papers that they’re putting in the court are not done in accordance with the rules of evidence. The judge has got himself in a catch 22. He’s got to follow the rules because you just led him into it and you just show him the rule and the rule says it has to be verified. If it’s not verified evidence then it’s not submittable to the court so they have to throw the papers out and can’t accept them. So this was working real good but Mickey came up with one more thing based on all of our studies that we’ve been working on for years about the Uniform Commercial Code and he threw that in there as a third question. He said, ‘this court does conduct all of its business and its rules are all formulated in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code, is that correct?’ And the judge didn’t answer him. The judge looked over at the debt collection lawyer and said, ‘what do you have to say about that?’ And the debt collection lawyer said, ‘I need an attorney,’ and walked out of the courtroom—no more case. Interesting. That little bit of a statement—it does use—he didn’t say, ‘do you, you polite nice religious people.’ That’s not what he did. He wasn’t polite at all. He didn’t act religious. He went in there and said, ‘the court does do this—right?’ Caught the judge in a trap. Caught the lawyer in a trap. Can’t get out of it that way. You don’t go in there and ask the court, ‘do you use?’ You say, ‘you do apply the rules of civil procedure. You do apply the rules of evidence. You do apply the Uniform Commercial Code as the governing rules of decisions in your court— right? Well, he can’t say wrong. If he does he’s in trouble and he knows it so he doesn’t want to answer. He’ll throw it on the lawyer. Anyway, we’re making progress with all of this stuff. Tiny little bits of things like that have become so important to understand when you go into court.

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