2013 Houston Dms Press Release

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Houston Dms Press Release



Media contact: Cara Henry [email protected] +1-403-668-9470 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Professional Petroleum Data Management Association Holds Successful Houston Data Management Conference HOUSTON, TX – March 15, 2013 – The Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association hosted its largest Houston data management conference to date in March of 2013, with over 110 delegates attending the two day event at the Houston Westin Memorial City hotel. The 2013 Houston Data Management Symposium (formerly known as a PPDM User Group Meeting) also added a trade show to this year’s event, which encouraged attendance and sponsorship involvement. This industry-wide event was and will continue to be open to anyone involved with, or interested in learning about E&P data management. The talks at the 2013 Houston Data Management Symposium were very well received and engaged the audience, creating a great deal of dialogue during the Q&A portions. Joseph Seila of Devon Energy spoke on “Data Governance and Business Rules”, which discussed the OKC G&G Data Management Program (OKC DMP) and the three projects it consists of - Governance, Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Quality Management (DQM). Rusty Foreman, Manager of Subsurface Data Management & Governance at BP, shared an informative update entitled “Data Management Strategy for the Long Haul – An Update” and Trudy Curtis, CEO of the PPDM Association discussed the “Evolution of Data Management as a Profession” which brought a terrific overview of the industry’s growing pains, accomplishments as well as sharing some ideas of next steps. Michael Barnes, representing the APSG, gave a quick-paced and highly entertaining talk on “Geodetic Integrity - The Essential for Data Managers and Users” and Paul Haines, Partner - IM and E&P Subject Matter Expert at Noah Consulting, also gave some examples of implementing Work Group results in his talk about “Real World Benefit of PPDM Work Groups”. Presentations for these talks as well as the other conference presentations can be found on the PPDM website at http://ppdm.org/event/view/archived/60 In addition, Jeffrey Bonus, Project Manager at the PPDM Association, gave an update on several of the PPDM Association Work Group initiatives (http://ppdm.org/work-groups). Highlights included the Global Framework Committee’s completion of the “Global Well Identification Framework Report” which was relea sed in January of 2013, the development of the Business Rules application as well as the Well Identification – USA Work Group and their work on revising the D12A API Standard. The PPDM Association wishes to acknowledge titanium event series sponsor, geoLOGIC systems ltd., gold sponsors Petrosys Pty. Ltd. and Neuralog, silver sponsors DrillingInfo, Noah Consulting, the Information Store (iStore), and GeoPhysical Insights, as well as bronze sponsors FracKnowledge for their support and contributions. Each year, the PPDM Association holds annual and quarterly events around the world in all of their major membership comminutes, with the purpose of building community among data mangers in the E&P industry, creating standards and best practices and promoting data management as a desirable career destination. With over 80 corporate members and 112 individual members around the world, the PPDM Association strives to maintain a focus on collaboration and global standards creation. For more information on PPDM Association events please visit us online at http://www.ppdm.org/event/upcoming. ###

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