2014 Lakewood, Ohio State of the City

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l wlsh Lo congraLulaLe you for forgolng your usual laL 1uesday fesuvlues and comlng Lo
hear a governmenL speech

?ou mlghL be aware of Lhe myLhlcal ºLlar's Club," a nauonal organlzauon. Lach year
Lhey hosL a lylng conLesL. 1hls year, Lhe wlnnlng lle was: ºlL was so cold Lhls year LhaL
Lhe polluclans had Lhelr hands ln Lhelr own pockeLs."

l am graLeful for your clvlc lnLeresL by bearlng Lhe elemenLs Lo hear abouL your

Lakewood ls very forLunaLe Lo have very dedlcaLed elecLed leaders Lo serve and gulde
us Lhrough Lhese challenglng umes. !"#$%&'()* *,*)$*' )&,,*-.(*/ -#' )0$12 /$-$*2
)&(#$1 -#' #-3&#-, ,*-'*%/ 0# -4*#'-#)*5

1onlghL, l wlll sklp across Lhe Lop of many blg sub[ecLs. 1here ls a loL more deLall on
each polnL, buL Loo much for laL 1uesday.
1. 8lghL-slzed Lhe clLy Lo meeL 2002 budgeL levels caused by sLaLe revenue loss
• CraLeful our workforce who agreed Lo a wage freeze whlle we worked
Lhrough Lhe pressures and uncerLalnLy.
• As of lasL nlghL, we have reached Lhree-year agreemenLs wlLh our unlons
Lhrough uec. 2016
Añordable, falr, and provlde ßexlblllLy Lo meeL Lhe challenges ahead.
2. lnvesLed ln new Lechnology aL muluple levels-
• 1oday our opporLunlLy ls Lo use whaL we have- no need Lo add more
3. Pouslng lorward
• 1,700 Lo 900 Lo 430 Loday
• ÞrlvaLe lnvesLmenL ln home lmprovemenLs exceed $12 mllllon
• 8epurposed Lwo challenglng and dlsrupuve boardlng houses Lo seL Lhem on
paLh Lo be greaL Lakewood famlly homes
• ÞarLnershlp wlLh Lakewood Allve and ueLrolL Shoreway
4. Also experlenced over $12 mllllon commerclal lnvesLmenLs-
• Welcomed ulscounL urug LasL and WesL, lamlly uollar, Pumble Wlne 8ar,
SLrLaL 8urger, Campbell Þopcorn, SomeLhln's Smokln, and a hosL of oLhers
1he [ob of local governmenL has many, many faceLs. 1hls ls #&$ unlque Lo Lakewood.
LeL's Lake a look aL Lhe range of challenges and opporLunlues faclng me and mayors llke
me across Lhe land: vldeo monLage.


ln a clLy llke Lakewood, as Lhls vldeo shows, Lhlngs come aL you hard and fasL. Maklng lL
all Lhe more lmporLanL LhaL creaLe focus on Lhlngs LhaL keep our clLy movlng forward
ln llghL of Lhls varleLy and complexlLy, We have developed a robusL sLraLeglc plan LhaL
focuses Lhese four Lhemes.

ln our governmenL, lf your work does noL advance aL leasL one of Lhese Lhemes, you
had beuer ask yourself [usL whaL you are dolng
1o become hsca||y sound and susta|nab|e by connnuous|y |mprov|ng:
• 8y llvlng wlLhln our means
• 8y llvlng wlLhln Lhe means of our cluzens
• 1o be eñecuve lnvesLors of hard earned Lax dollars on Lhlngs LhaL mauer ln
facL, we have LargeLed
• Cver 30 processes LhaL wlll lmprove our governance

• A challenge for us Loday Lo defend our credlL raung of AA2 by Moody's credlL raung
• lnLeresL raLes on our debL ls very lmporLanL Lo our ñnanclal fuLure
• nauonal penslon concerns have placed focus on all clues
• We musL Lell our very exclung and unlque sLory LhaL seLs us aparL from mosL clues
across Lhe nauon
• ?ou mlghL be aware of our $7.6 mllllon esLaLe wlndfall - Lhese Laxes are on Lhelr
way Lo zero slnce esLaLe Laxes were ellmlnaLed lasL year.
• We plan Lo creaLe a ralny-day fund, whlch wlll allow us Lo seL aslde $1.3 mllllon as
speclal reserves.
• We musL make Lhoughuul caplLal lnvesLmenLs uslng Lhe parameLers seL up by clLy
councll and Lhls admlnlsLrauon
• lL would be prudenL Lo expecL each of Lhese rare dollars Lo leverage oLher dollars
and earn a reLurn Lo Lakewood decades lnLo Lhe fuLure
Cur Lean lnluauve - many small changes for Lhe beuer - has proven Lo be very
• 100° of our employees lnLroduced Lo Lean/Slx Slgma
• 16 successful lean pro[ecLs all over our governmenL lncludlng Puman
Servlces, Þubllc Works, and Þubllc SafeLy
• 8 pro[ecLs have launched or are prepared Lo launch ln 2014
• LoLs more work Lo come- Cur governmenL ls a very complex organlzauon
• 20 dlñerenL servlce plauorms
• 1here lsn'L any Lhlng we do LhaL we LhaL could noL Lo beuer
• CurrenLly, Lhe clLy ls recycllng 30° of lL's Lonnage.
• We have seL a goal of recycllng 40° of our Lonnage by Lhe end of 2013
• 1hls wlll puL Lakewood ln Lhe very upper echelons of recycllng ln Lhe counLry.
• Þhase 2 & 3 of auLomaLed recycllng are seL Lo launch ln Lhls year and nexL
• Lach year we wlll lnvesL ln new llû/packer Lrucks plus 6000 more
recycllng blns

• lmproved our use of soclal medla:
• 1wluer: 2, 811 followers
• lacebook: 4,943 frlends
• ?ou1ube vldeo's
• More Lo come

• Cur Goa|: to be the safest c|ty |n the reg|on
• 8lg challenge, 6*%1 lmporLanL challenge
• uesplLe our budgeL pressures, clLy councll and l have amrmed and
malnLalned full sLrengLh of publlc safeLy forces
• 94 pollce omcers and 88 llre llghLer/LM1's

• Poly Crall slnce SepL. 11, 2001 ls communlcauons lnLer-operablllLy among all publlc
safeLy agencles.
• 1oday, Lakewood ls on Lhe mosL compauble plauorm ln our SLaLe-
• Cur WesLshore nelghbors, Lhe clLy of Cleveland, Chlo SLaLe ÞaLrol,
MeLroÞarks, evenLually all clues wlll be on Lhls plauorm
• Pere you see our sLaLe of Lhe arL dlspaLch cenLer LhaL wenL llve lasL Aprll.
• 1hls plcLure also shows our lncreased publlc survelllance cameras- currenLly, have 17
cameras wlLh 6 addluonal cameras planned ln Lhls year

• ÞroLecung our waLerways ls nauonal challenge
• noL only ls Lhe Clean WaLer AcL of 1972 Lhe law of Lhe land,
• we have an obllgauons sLewards of our envlronmenL, Lo do our parL
• 8lg, complex, expenslve challenge
• We musL redeslgn poruons of our 100 year old, 160 mlle sewer sysLem
• 2014 wlll make several lmporLanL lnvesLmenLs Lo advance our compllance
wlLh Lhe law
• lncludlng ÞlloL sLudy launched lasL week wlLh 270 nelghbors ln 3 blocks souLh
of Pardlng School
Cne our great strengths |s the fact that our c|ty was des|gned for a non-automonve
era -|t was des|gned for wa|k|ng and mass trans|t
• Cur opportun|ty to ro|| back the S0 year focus on automob||es and make safer
ways for b|kes and pedestr|ans
• uecrease auLo speeds Lhrough ueslgn/enforcemenL/educauon
• Woodward Lramc calmlng deslgn lmplemenLauon
• used parked cars- Lo creaLe S curve called ºchlcane"
• vlsual eñecL
• Þhyslcal eñecL
• Lxplorlng new pedesLrlan crosslng Lechnology such as
• manor park and ueLrolL
• Clarence and Madlson
• 1hese lssues are noL new Lo Lakewood. Þollce Chlef 1lmoLhy Malley remlnds
me LhaL Lakewood very ñrsL ordlnance pre-1910 dealL wlLh speedlng horses.
1he law made lL lllegal Lo exceed 8MÞP


Cur goal: Lakewood has Lhe llvellesL local economy ln Lhe reglon
• lmproves our quallLy of llfe by maklng more local opuons Lo shop and play
• lL creaLes a capaclLy Lo lnvesL ln our fuLure

• $2.4 mllllon resurfaclng Lhe enure sLreeL - no local funds
• new Lramc slgnallzauon
• Madlson Þark SkaLehouse lmprovemenLs
• 8lrdLown sLreeLscape and houslng pro[ecLs
• $230,000 sLorefronL lmprovemenL funds

• 1hls year we wlll ñnlsh Lhe Cllûon 8lvd 1ranslL lmprovemenLs
• $30,000 of local funds leverages over $600,000 ln federal
LransporLauon funds
• ArchlLecLurally deslgned sLauons complemenL our hlsLorlc
archlLecLure along Cllûon 8lvd.
• up Lo Lhe mlnuLe communlcauon of bus arrlval umes
• uedlcaLed LranslL corrldor ln rush hour
• Survelllance cameras and hoL llne Lo 81A Þollce

• We sull have slgnlñcanL redevelopmenL opporLunlues:
• lormer SplLzer car dealershlp oñers prlme redevelopmenL
opporLunlues near downLown
• 1he clLy wlll be explorlng opporLunlues Lo [umpsLarL developmenL aL
Lhe 8ockporL slLe (former lalrchlld ChevroleL slLe)

Coal: Þrovlde a quallLy of llfe and houslng sLock LhaL ls Lhe envy of Lhe reglon.
1. Cur nous|ng Iorward |n|nanve began |n 2011
• We made greaL sLrldes wlLh our 1 & 2 famlly houses
• 1hls year, we wlll 8egln Lo focus Mulu-famlly houslng ( 4 + unlLs)
• We wlll Conunue Lo ConnecL our resldenLs Lo resources Lo help
lmprove Lhelr house- and Lhus our nelghborhoods
2. 8ut we are overdue |n ce|ebranng our century homes-
• We wlll launch a CenLury Pome ceruñcauon, wlLh a plaque, Lo be
placed on Lhe fronL of every cenLury home.
• 8y 2020- 30° of Cur homes wlll proudly bear Lhls plaque

We have a once a century opportun|ty to redeve|op a|most 3 acres for
res|denna| use
• 1hls plcLure show a concepL- noL Lhe acLual plan, whlch ls a mulu-mllllon-
dollar Lownhouse/slngle ßoor llvlng opuon
• We have worked collaborauvely wlLh Lhe school board Lo oñer Lhese new
houslng deslgns ln Lakewood
1. 1here are Lremendous changes occurrlng ln healLhcare Loday and
even more so ln Lhe fuLure
2. Lvery day we read and hear abouL Lhe dramauc shlû from acuvlLy
based care and cosLs Lo ouLcome based care and cosLs
3. 1echnology ls rapldly changlng Lhe landscape of noL only how care ls
dellvered, buL also where lL wlll be dellvered
4. Lakewood PosplLal 1rusLees are preparlng for Lhese changes
3. 1he LrusLees are belng proacuve - noL reacuve - by looklng ahead
13 years when Lhe currenL lease explres wlLh Lhe Cleveland Cllnlc
6. l am conñdenL LhaL Lakewood cluzens wlll be well served by a
modern, susLalnable healLhcare sysLem LhaL wlll serve our needs
now and decades from now
• A very blg parL of lmproved healLh and lower healLh care cosLs ls lncreased
acuve and healLhy llvlng
• We plan Lo make /0.#07)-#$ park enhancemenL and lnvesLmenLs Lo
add opporLunlues Lo keep movlng
• We need Lo Lhlnk long Lerm Lo explore how acuve and healLhy llvlng
should be lncorporaLed lnLo our plans and llfesLyles
• clLy councll and l look forward Lo worklng wlLh our School
8oard and cluzens Lhrough a soon Lo be formed Lask force on
Lhls sub[ecL
• A greaL opporLunlLy ls Lo lmprove our heralded WalkablllLy-
• we need Lo be able Lo walk 363 days of Lhe year -snow or no snow
• We need Safe slde walks-
• year 2 of 10 program Lo lmprove our 180 mlles of sldewalks
• $300,000 budgeL Lo creaLe a revolvlng fund Lo allow for
annual progress
• We need Lo revlLallze and lmprove our 1ree Canopy- Lrees lmprove our healLh and
quallLy ls many ways.
• Cur very hardworklng Lree Lask force has creaLed focus on a range of eñorLs
LhaL wlll help us lmprove our Lree canopy from lLs currenL 29° coverage of
our clLy Lo a sLreLch goal of 40° coverage
As a mayor, l Loo frequenLly ñnd LhaL some of our nelghbors ñnd Lhemselves ln dlmculL
clrcumsLances LhaL requlre exLra help.
• our Puman Servlces programs and lnluauves are deslgned Lo serve Lhese speclal
• l vlew Lhese eñorLs as vlLal Lo addresslng Lhe fundamenLal concepL of human dlgnlLy
Cur local roles:
1o be an Assessor of our local need- no one wlll undersLand Lakewood
resldenLs beuer Lhan Lakewood
1o be an AdvocaLe of our needs Lo oLhers who can besL serve and help
us serve
Convener and lead collaboraLor Lo harmonlze and leverage and
ellmlnaLe overlapplng servlces and ñll gaps among Lhe muluLude of
servlce provlders


As you can see, Lhls ls a very, very blg year Lo lnvesL ln our vlslon

LeL's noL forgeL Lhe very exclung Þhase 3 School lnvesLmenL LhaL wlll brlng $100 mllllon
of school consLrucuon over Lhe nexL several years. 1hls wlll begln wlLh demolluon Lhls
ClLy Pall wlll do whaL ever lL Lakes Lo supporL our 8oard of Lducauon Lo ensure
successful ouLcomes of Lhls masslve pro[ecL. We wlll all work hard Lo mlnlmlze Lhe
lmpacL Lhese pro[ecLs wlll have on our nelghborhoods.

• Madlson Ave 8esurfaclng 2.3 mllllon (lederal, SLaLe, and counLy $$$
• Madlson park resLrooms- $400,000 (lederal Cu8C)
• Madlson SLorefronL- $230,000 (lederal Cu8C)
• Madlson 1ramc slgnals $2 mllllon (80° federal LransporLauon, 20° local)
• klds cove play ground updaLe $130,000 (local caplLal $)
• kaufman park walklng paLh $100,000 (local caplLal $)
• 81A 8us 1ranslL $30,000 local- $600,000 federal LransporLauon$)
• Mcklnley uemolluon $600,000 (local shared wlLh school board and land bank- hope
Lo recoup from developmenL
• Lakewood park lakefronL $1.3 mllllon (local caplLal $)

• Lakewood has 3 mlles of coasLllne, buL less Lhan 3,000 feeL of publlcly accesslble
waLerfronL aL Lakewood Þark
• Whlle our lakefronL ls llmlLed, lL ls unlque Lo our reglon. We have a plan Lo make our
park even more of a gem Lhan lL ls Loday

• 1oday, we sLand aL Lhe Lop of our coasLllne and look Lhrough a cyclone fence as lf Lo
say ºsLay away"
l am very exclLed Lo share how we can celebraLe and connecL Lo Cu8 greaL lake ln ways
we never lmaglned
l lnvlLe you Lo [oln me on !une 21
of nexL year on our new Solsuce sLeps on Lhe
norLhwesL corner
Llnk Lo Lhe Lakewood Þark vldeo. ConsLrucuon Lo sLarL ln fall of 2014.

Cur plans are ambluous and energeuc. 1hey wlll advance sound governance, vlbranL
nelghborhoods, safeLy and securlLy, and economlc vlLallLy.

lL wlll be a blg challenge Lo geL all of Lhls done - buL we are up for Lhe Lask.

l welcome an opporLunlLy Lo address any quesuons you may have.


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