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Shopping News
PO Box I, 218 N. Main St., Bolivar, NY 14715 • 585-928-2470 • Fax 585-928-2191 E-mail: [email protected] • Website: www.moneysaveradvertising.com

100% Area Coverage By U.S. Mail To 7,929 Homes & Businesses

Tues., July 16, 2013 Vol. 56, No. 13
General Excellence Award 1st Place 2002 & 2009 3rd Place 2011


PW, PL, Moonroof, Leather Seats, Model DZE-01, Stock #3128




Close's Lumber...Your Home Improvement Headquarters Since 1973.
"Terrain" Brown Oak or Silver Maple 5/4” x 6” x 12’.........................$33.60 5/4” x 6” x 16’.........................$44.80 5/4” x 6” x 20’.........................$56.00 "Reliaboard" Gray or Cedar 5/4” x 6” x 12’. . . . .$27.00 5/4” x 6” x 16’. . . .$36.00 5/4” x 6” x 20’. . . .$45.00

Roofing Shingles
30 Year TAMKO Elite 3 Tab..................$69.88 per sq. TAMKO Heritage Architectural.............$79.88 per sq. Lifetime GAF Timberline.......................$89.88 per sq. 15 lb. & 30 lb. Felt.............................................$16.95 120' Pro Shingle Starter...................................$44.90 10 sq. UDL30 Titanium...................................$139.90 Ice & Water Shield 3'x65'.................................$44.95

is only a phone call away! FREE Delivery within a 20 mile radius of Olean: Phone 716-372-8888; within a 20 mile radius of Roulette: Phone 1-800-924-2027.

6’x8’ Stockade Fencing.


42”x8’ Natural $ French Gothic Fence..... 25.95
Supply limited! 6’x8’ Shadow box $ Pressure Treated........... 54.95
s r r

11 Buckler Rd. & Rte. 6, 625 N. Union St., Roulette, PA Olean, NY (814) 544-7543 716-372-8888 Toll Free: 1-800-924-2027
Hrs: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm; Sat. 8am-1pm; By appointment any time


Genuine Western Red Cedar Split Rail Fencing Line & End Post
$ $

10' Rail


Everyday Low Prices! • web address: www.closeslumber.com


Corner Post



It's A

S upe r S u m me r S el l O f f
All this week at J&B Furniture in Port Allegany!!

Bill Lake Real Estate
Smethport, PA 814-887-5547
Price Reduced!

JULY 16, 2013





Port Allegany, PA 814-642-5000




Best Chair Recliners!


Now As Low As

An Englander Queen Complete Comfort 2-Sided Pillow-top Bed





Liberty Township Port Allegany Boro
1.5 story home with 2 bedrooms, full basement, carport and walking distance to the schools.

Quiet Country Living! 2.63 acres, borders State Game Lands, 2 story home with 4 bedrooms.

5.7 acres, 3 bedroom home with full finished basement with 1.5 heated integral garage. Magnificent view.

Smethport Borough

Save Up To $

Summer Savings...


#7730 $85,000

#7740 $199,900



Queen Sleep Sofas!

Now As Low As



...On Select Floor Coverings, from Area Rugs to Wall-To-Wall, Laminates to Fiber Flooring, NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE!
Interest free financing available.

FAITH CHURCH OF CHARITY (Independent Assembly of God) Grimes District Road Port Allegany, PA Pastor: Rev. June E. Smith Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am Night Service................4:00pm Wednesday...................4:30pm VALLEY WORSHIP CENTER Rte. 446 Farmers Valley Smethport, PA Rev. David Eastman 814-887-5065 Sunday School..............9:30am Morning Worship. . . . . . .10:30am Sunday Evening...........6:00pm Wed. Evening...............6:30pm SARTWELL CREEK UNION CHURCH Port Allegany RD 2 Port Allegany, PA Rev. LaVerne R. Howard, Pastor Worship Hour.....9:30-10:30am Sunday School. .10:30-11:00am Everyone Welcome GETHSEMANE EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH 205 Arnold Ave., Port Allegany, Pa. 16743 814-642-9261 Worship Service. . . . . . . . .11:00am ELDRED UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Eldred, PA Pastor: Ronald Emery Sunday School. . . .9:30-10:30am Worship Service. . . . . . . . .11:00am Thurs. Adult Choir.......7:00pm Kids 4 Christ- (4-6 grade) 2nd Sun...................6pm-8pm Youth Group- (7-12 grade) Every Other Sun.. . . .6-8:00pm

HAMLIN MEMORIAL LIBRARY Monday & Tuesday, noon-5 p.m., 7 p.m.-9 p.m.; Wednesday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Thursday 7 p.m.-9 p.m.; Friday noon - 5 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. tf MT. JEWETT MEMORIAL LIBRARY Monday - Thursday 10 a.m.-noon, 2 p.m.-5 p.m.; 7 p.m.-9 p.m.; Friday 10 a.m.-noon, 2 p.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday 10:00 a.m.2:00 p.m. [email protected] tf

Visit our website for super steals and deals at www.jandbfurniture.net!

J&B Furniture, Inc.
We Accept Cash or
We Accept Cash or
s r r

Visit our website www.jandbfurnitureinc.com 3475 Route 155, One Mile North at Of Port Allegany, PA 814-642-2529 Just 1 mile past the red Open Mon.-Fri.: 10am-6pm; Sat. 10am-2pm light on the right!

Rte. 155
Two Mile Rd.

Two Mile Inn


Emporium Office: 814-486-0313 267 East 4th St., Emporium, PA

MY’S LITTLE GREENHOUSE - OPEN 9AM-5PM. 81 Northland Road, located in Aiken, Pa. Phone 814-465-6014. Large variety of fruit trees & perennials. Blueberry bushes, thornless blackberry bushes and strawberry plants available now. tfc BRUSHHOGGING: PORT ALLEGANY AREA, 4-wheel drive tractor, 10 ft. brush hog - no mud holes - no swamps. Call 814642-5009. 16/28c FOR SALE: Good hay, 1st & 2nd cutting. Nice 2012 Bright straw, mulch. Call 814-366-3673, 814-887-2244. 5/30c

FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH 498 Seaward Ave. Bradford, PA•814-368-7622 Sunday School..............9:45am Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am Evening Service............6:00pm Wed. Prayer Meeting. . .7:00pm NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP WORLD OUTREACH CENTER Cyclone, PA•814-465-3272 Stanton R. Higley, Pastor Sunday Service...........11:00am Monday.........................7:00pm GRACE CHAPEL CHURCH 203 Rte. 446, Farmers Valley, Pa. Phone: 814-887-5567 Pastor: Jerry Stauffer Sun. Morn. Service.....10:30am

Anne Horning, Broker Chuck Cooper, Assoc. Broker

New Help And Hope For Dyslexics
(NAPSA)-If you or someone you care about is among the one in five people affected by dyslexia-a disability that makes reading difficult-there may be good news for you. Those struggling to manage the condition can now find hope in the 1in5 Initiative, a new campaign to drive greater public awareness of dyslexia through online PSAs and an interactive website: Explore1in5.org. Understanding Dyslexia Despite its prevalence, dyslexia is commonly misunderstood and can be difficult to diagnose, causing emotional, social and educational struggles. Here’s what’s known about it: As with many learning disabilities, people are born with dyslexia and it is often shared across generations. It doesn’t go away-you can’t outgrow it or take medication for it. It occurs in people of all races and income levels. Research indicates that the brains of people with dyslexia are organized differently than those without the disorder, causing difficulties processing printed content into meaningful information. At the same time, many people with the disorder are exceptionally bright and creative. They may struggle with processing information in printed form, but they often have exceptional talents and strengths in other areas-a fact borne out by the remarkable number of highly accomplished leaders in business, the arts and other fields who have dyslexia. What To Do About It There’s no cure, but dyslexic individuals can adjust and succeed with the right educational support and accommodations. For instance, experts often recommend audiobooks for students, as they are recognized for their effectiveness in improving comprehension, reducing the stress of studying, and helping children regain their confidence in the classroom. Parents and students can share their stories and help others find answers and resources to manage the condition as quickly and easily as possible through Explore1in5. org. The site is optimized with video and audio content for those who struggle to read print and is filled with input from dyslexics of all ages. Visitors are encouraged to share a video story or upload a blog post about their dyslexia tribulations and triumphs. The idea is that through community awareness efforts and sharing reallife dyslexia stories, common misconceptions will be alleviated and individuals will be encouraged with resources and a sense of hope. The 1in5 Initiative is powered by Learning Ally, a national nonprofit that provides audiobooks and educational solutions to support all people who learn differently. Learn More You can find further facts and advice online at www.Explore1in5.org.

SMETHPORT - E. NORTH ST. Affordable 1.5 story 3 bedroom home with 1st floor bedroom, bath and laundry. Detached 1 stall garage, large lot. $39,900

KEATING SUMMIT - Well maintained 1 bedroom camp or small home, updated kitchen and bath, living room with fireplace, basement, 300x100 lot. $43,000

Notary Service

Linda R. Wright
3691 Rt. 155, Port Allegany, Pa. *Snowmobiles * ATVs

152 MAIN ST., ROULETTEINVESTMENT - 3 units; Duplex BRADFORD - 252 BOLIVAR DR. and 2 car garage with Spacious 5 bedroom, 1.5 bath, apartment above. Consistent fireplace, wood floors, detached updates and rental history. garage on .70 acre lot. $110,000

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MY MOVIE LIST Our local newspaper featured an article this week that listed all of the best 2012 movies in each movie category. I went through the list of movies, circled the ones I knew I would like to see, and watched the trailer clips on those I didn’t know to make a decision. I took my list to our library and asked to be put on the wait list for all the movies. The library only had one of the movies, but they were going to purchase the rest since they were the top movies of 2012. As soon as the new movies come in, I will be in a short line to see them for free! -Ginger


Simple Steps To Save Gas Without Driving Less
(NAPSA)-Just because gas prices go up, that doesn’t mean your driving has to go down. You can’t control the price of gas but you can control how much you use with some simple and inexpensive vehicle maintenance. Save Gas And Cash Consider these simple steps to save gas without driving less: • Keep your car properly tuned to improve gas mileage by an average of 4 percent. • Keep tires properly inflated and improve gas mileage by 3 percent. • Replace dirty or clogged air filters on older vehicles to improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. • Change oil regularly and gain another mile per gallon. • Check the gas cap. Damaged, loose or missing gas caps let the gas just vaporize into the air. • Observe the speed limit. Gas mileage decreases rapidly above 60 mph. • Avoid excessive idling. Idling gets zero miles per gallon. Warming up the vehicle for one or two minutes is sufficient. • Avoid quick starts and stops. Aggressive driving can lower gas mileage by 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent in the city. • Consolidate trips. Several short trips taken from a cold start can use twice as much gas as one longer multipurpose trip. • Don’t haul unneeded items in the trunk. An extra 100 pounds in the trunk reduces fuel economy by up to 2 percent. “Some motorists think they are saving money when they put off needed vehicle maintenance,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “What they don’t realize is that neglecting routine maintenance can end up costing a lot more. Keeping your car running efficiently and modifying your driving behavior is the best way to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and keep more money in your pocket. Fuel consumption is directly related to vehicle care and driver behavior and both can have a significant impact on how much motorists pay at the pump.” The Car Care Council is the source of information for the “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign promoting the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair to consumers.

TURTLEPOINT EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF NORTH AMERICA Annin Creek Rd. Turtlepoint, PA Pastor: Rev. Anthony Edgell Sunday School..............9:45am Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am Sunday Evening Service.......................6:00pm Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study................6:30pm COUNTRY CHAPEL BAPTIST CHURCH Indian Creek Rd., Eldred Pastor: Bruce Ireland 814-225-2235 Sun. Morn. Worship. . .10:30am Evening Worship..........6:00am Wed: Bible Study/Prayer. .7pm ST. LUKE’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH West Main & Church Street Smethport, PA•814-887-5841 Rev. William S. Crittenden Sun. Morn. Holy Eucharist......................9:30am Thurs. Morn. Healing Service. . . . .10:00am

* Pennsylvania State Inspection * Be Ready For The Heat! $23.32 including tax Air Conditioning * COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE Checks & Service DIAGNOSTICS & REPAIR * PA State Inspections • Computer Diagnostics • Oil Change Service • Tires * • Steering/Suspension Repair • Brakes NEW! * • Engine & Transmission • Exhaust 2&4 Mon.-Fri. Service and Repair Wheel * 8am-5pm Alignment * Machine! * Quality Service at Reasonable Prices Accept all major credit cards 814-642-2007 *
Owned & Operated By Rick Andreano

3492 Rte. 155 N., Port Allegany, PA (Old Two Mile Service Station)

Rick’s Auto

* * * * * * * * * *

MONEYSAVER Shopping Guide & Shopping News P.O. Box I Bolivar, NY 14715
Proofs, cuts, negatives, art work or other copy submitted for publication is considered to be the property of the advertiser. Advertising is accepted with the understanding that all liability for copyright violations is the sole responsibility of the advertiser. The Moneysaver will make every effort to see that advertising is correctly printed. The publisher assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisements, but will gladly reprint, without charge, that part of an advertisement in which an error may occur, provided a claim is made within 5 days of publication. The Moneysaver assumes absolutely NO responsibility whatsoever for any error in ads taken over the phone! Please write your ads so they can be read without questions.
WEST CLARKSVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH 9003 Daggott Hollow West Clarksville, NY Rev. Les Chambers 585-209-8006 Early Service........8:30-9:30am Sunday School. . .9:45-10:30am Morning Worship . . . . . .10:45am Wed. Prayer Service. . . . . . . . .7pm FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH 1108 Rte. 19 South at Yorks Corners Wellsville, NY 14895 Pastor: Vernon Dean 585-268-9826 Church: 585-593-5834 Sunday School............10:00am Classes for all ages Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am Nursery Available Sun. Eve. Service.........6:00pm Wed.: Adult Prayer, Bible Study & Praise.............7:00pm PORTVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH 24 Temple St., 716-933-8164 Robert Cook - Interim Pastor 716-676-3274; 585-307-5428 Sunday Services: Sunday School.........9:45am Worship Hour........11:00am Afternoon Service....1:00pm Wednesday: Youth Night: . . .. . . ............................(Grades 6-12) Adult Bible Study & Prayer. .. . ...........................7pm A Place for Everyone Nursery Care provided at all regular services.


SHINGLEHOUSE CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE CHURCH Pastor James Haddon Sunday School..............9:45am Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am Tues. Alliance Youth . . .7:00pm Wed. Prayer Meeting.. .7:00pm 7/9 Jessie Baldwin, Wellsville Roger Hunt, Wellsville Theresa Moyer, Wellsville 7/10 Carrie Morse, Andover Baby Boy Pizarro, Scio Thedra Pizarro, Scio River Stives, Portville 7/11 Marlene Brauen, Belfast Richard Rees, Fillmore

Hospital Listings

JONES MEMORIAL Admitted 7/5 Hadden Hunt, Wellsville 7/6 Timothy Brundage, Belfast Carrie Morse, Andover Thedra Pizzaro, Scio Jessica Hurrle, Coudersport, 7/7 Timothy Brundage, Belfast a son, 06/28/13, Charles Cole Shirley Morsman, Friendship Rachel Rea & Christopher 7/8 Theresa Moyer, Wellsville Marshall, Shinglehouse, 7/9 Marlene Brauen, Belfast a son, 07/02/13, Charles Cole Connie Dodge, Wellsville Hannah & Jonathon Darrah, Rebecca Brauen, Wellsville Coudersport, a daughter, Irvin Ney Sr., Woodhull 07/03/13, Charles Cole River Stives, Portville Brittany & Trent Filer, 7/10 Marlene Brauen, Belfast Shinglehouse, a daughter, Norman Francis, Rushford 07/05/13, Charles Cole Bruce Harris, Andover Nikki Cooper, Alfred Station, Discharged a son, 07/05/13, 7/5 Molly Reed, Friendship Jones Memorial 7/6 David Davis, Angelica Thedra Pizarro, Scio, a son, Roger Farwell, Wellsville 07/08/13, Jones Memorial Andrew Vossler, Wellsville Rebecca & Danielle Freeman 7/8 Timothy Brundage, Belfast Brauen, Wellsville, a Fay Haskell, Friendship daughter, 07/10/13, Hadden Hunt, Wellsville Jones Memorial Ernest Kosa, Wellsville Michael Tuttle, Friendship Hospital Listings and Births may also be viewed at www.moneysaveradvertising.com


HAINES TRUCK CAPS: Fiberglass & aluminum. Tonneau covers & bedliners. Route 417 and 219, Kill Buck, NY, 716-945-5359. Monday-Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-1 or by appointment. tfcb ——————————————————————————————— BAR AND CHAIN OIL SPECIAL- $33.00 CASE / $8.25 GALLON for low temperature and regular. Canfield’s Outdoor Power Equipment, Inc. 814-697-6233. www.canfieldsoutdoor.com. tfcb ——————————————————————————————— BUYING JUNK CARS AND SCRAP-Highest prices paid in the area. Pick up or delivered. Walt Miles, 814-642-7358; 814-5981844 (cell). tfcb DIABETES SUPPLIES FOR SALE- Talking meters and all equipment. Call 716-378-8220. tffb BROCKWAY GENERAL CONTRACTING- All home improvements. Member of B.B.B.-in good standing. 888-808-1641 or 814225-3188. tfcb ——————————————————————————————— HEAVY DUTY SEAMLESS GUTTERS Only $190 for 30’ gutter installed!! Free downspout with every gutter!! Made onsite, colors available, leaf guards. 20 years experience. Cook’s in Bolivar, N.Y. 716-378-1352. tfcb ——————————————————————————————— VALLEY RECYCLING: BUYING SCRAP copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Top prices! 34 W. Union Street, Allegany, NY. 716-372-9542. tfcb FOR SALE- 20” older style Sylvania TV, works great, $100. 716372-0405. fb FOR SALE- Grain fed beef and pork. Beef: $2.35 lb. Pork: $1.35 lb., hanging weight. Cutting and wrapping extra. Call 814-6976565. 2/9pb FOR SALE- Sears Kenmore chest freezer, 5.1 cu. ft., manual defrost, like new, $80. Phone 814-596-8833. 2/9fb HOUSEHOLD SALE JULY 19 & 20, 9am-5pm both days. 1977 Prentisvale Road, Eldred, Pa. Everything goes, reasonable pricing. 2/9cb READ THE MONEYSAVER ONLINE each week at www.moneysaveradvertising.com 5/2fb FREE: (2) 32” TVs- Not flat screen, both work great. Call 814887-5332, anytime. fb FOR SALE- Remington 3200 o.u. 30 in. barrels full & full, excellent condition. 814-887-5054. pb

WASHER AND DRYER- $175 EA. Freezer- $250. Refrigerator$250. 30” Range- $175. 716-373-1553 or 716-676-3965. pb

Visit Our Web Site At WWW.MONEYSAVERADVERTISING.COM For Complete Obituaries.

FRIENDSHIP, NY- Simon A. Antonioli, Jr., 73, formerly of Friendship and Shinglehouse, PA, passed away on July 3, 2013 at the Highlands Care Center, Laporte, PA, after a short illness. OLEAN - William J. Ralston passed away unexpectedly Friday (July 5, 2013) at Olean General Hospital after a brief illness. OLEAN - George W. Cowles Sr., 81, passed away Saturday (July 6, 2013) at Olean General Hospital after a brief illness. BOLIVAR - Kenneth C. “Ken” Stedman, 101, of 75 Wellsville St. passed away peacefully Tuesday (July 2, 2013), surrounded by familly and friends, at the Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville. CERES, PA - Paul D. "Pete" Slater, 37, of Ceres passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, July 11, 2013 in his home.


JULY 16, 2013


Opening Soon With...

Farm Fresh Produce!
Watch for our newest market location!


Berry season is fast approaching and we need pickers, call for details!
G e e’s

Rte. 6 W, 1.2 miles out of Smethport, PA

Blueberry Hill Farm

- Smethport Borough - Norwich Township - Keating Township

814-887-2416 • Hours 10am-6pm
SMETHPORT CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE Pine and E. Water Streets Smethport, Pa., 16749 814-887-5850 Pastor: Steve Heath Sunday School..............9:45am Sunday Morning Services....................11:00am Sunday Evening Services......................6:00pm Wednesday Bible Study/Prayer.............6:00pm CHRISTIAN GOSPEL CHURCH Coleville, PA Pastor: Rev. Dan LaPage 814-465-9535 Dedicated to the proclamation of truth. You are invited to attend any of the following services. Sunday School: ............9:45am Morning Worship Service......................11:00am Evening Service.........5:00pm

Ambulance Membership Drive
Priority Care Ambulance Service provides emergency ambulance service to the areas of Smethport Borough, Norwich Township and Keating Township. We provide paramedic services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as advanced and basic life support transports to and from medical facilities. An ambulance membership covers any deductible/co-insurance amount not paid by your insurance company (which could save you hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses). Your membership fee will be placed in our Memorial / Membership accounts and used for equipment purchase or replacement. Please complete the form below and send with check or money order (please no cash) PCA Membership Drive with correct payment to:

The Rose Boutique 916 West Main St.,
Smethport, PA 16749
Corner of West Main & Byron St.

Open: Wed. & Sat. 11am-3pm


Unique Handcrafted Gifts and Decor
Private Appointments Available

PO Box 344 Smethport, PA 16749
MEMBERSHIPS ARE AS FOLLOWS: TYPE Senior Single        Senior Household Single                   Family                  Camp / Business
Name: Address: City: Phone: State: Phone: Zip:

ST. JOSEPH’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Arnold Avenue Port Allegany, PA Pastor Joann Piatko 814-558-5876 Sunday Service.............9:00am Sunday School..............9:00am 1st Sunday of each month 2nd Service at...............4:00pm DUKE CENTER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 26 Oil Valley Rd. Duke Center, Pa Rev.: Gary Sheesley Church Phone: 814-966-3922 SUNDAY Sunday School..............8:45am Worship Service...............10am Communion Sunday ................. 1st Sun. of month FREE METHODIST CHURCH 53 Church Street Port Allegany, PA Pastor Daniel Fuller 814-642-2658 Morning Worship........10:45am Evening Worship..........6:30pm Family Night, Wed.......6:30pm BIRCH GROVE MENNONITE CHURCH Two Mile Rd., Port Allegany Sunday School............10:00am Sunday Worship Hour........................11:00am Thursday Night Bible Study...............7:00pm TRINITY EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH Fulton St., Smethport, Pa. 814-887-2563 Worship Service............9:00am

1 YEAR 7/1/13 to 6/30/14 $30.00 $50.00 $50.00 $75.00 $100.00
Type of Membership:

3094 Riverside Drive, Wellsville, NY 14895

(585) 593-6833; Fax (585) 593-7149

s r



Your membership card will be sent to you upon receipt of completed application form.

Same Location Since 1986 • "We are never happy until you are"

Open Mon., Wed.-Fri. 9am-5pm; Tues. 9am-3pm; Sat. 9am-1pm

Any questions please call Priority Care Ambulance, 814-887-1982
HAMLIN MEMORIAL LIBRARY Farmers’ Market and Bazaar. Saturdays 9am to Noon July 20 through September 28 on the library lawn in Smethport. Open for vendors of fresh produce and other products. 814-887-9262. 3/9c LOOKING FOR PERSON to sell old items on computer, must have references. Commission pay. Call 814-558-7702. 2/16p SITTER NEEDED to get my child off bus in Turtlepoint / Port Allegany area. Every other week Monday - Friday; 2 days till 8pm and 3 days till 5pm. Please call 814-558-2048, leave message if no answer. 2/16p S. W. SMITH LIBRARY & BOOKMOBILE 201 East Maple Street, Port Allegany, PA Phone: 814-642-9210 Library Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 11-7; Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 9-4. Saturdays July & August 102. Book drops at Smith’s Hardware, Duke Center Superette, OE Elementary School. Bookmobile Hours: June 4, 2013 - September 4, 2013. Wednesdays- Eldred (Todd’s Car Lot) 9:00-11:30. Duke Center (Old School Parking Lot) 1-5:30. Thursdays- Otto Eldred Elementary School 11:00-2. Eldred (Todd’s Car Lot) 3-7. Fridays- Rixford (by Church) 10-1. Turtlepoint (Carlson’s Store) 1:45-4:45. tf PORT ALLEGANY ALLIANCE CHURCH 414 East Mill Street Pastor: Joseph Beckley 814-642-2622

'04 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4- Tow pkg., a.c., cruise, tilt, p. windows, "Hemi"


Sundays: Adult Electives..........9:30am Youth & Children Sunday School...........9:30am (age 4 to 6th grade) Worship & Praise Service Contemporary..................11am Children’s Church Nursery provided to age 3 for all services. Tues: Divorce Care.......6:30pm Wednesdays: Student Ministries Junior High 7-8..............7pm Senior High 9-12............7pm WRIGHT’S EV. CHURCH Rte. 155 S., Port Allegany, PA Phone: 814-642-9177 Morning Worship........11:00am

EVANGELICAL COVENANT CHURCH 67 Church Street, Port Allegany, PA Pastor: J.T. Madison 814-642-2272 Summer Worship........10:00am Call for schedule of small group/Bible study meetings. FREE METHODIST CHURCH Cyclone, PA•814-966-3846 Tom Vennard, Pastor Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship........11:00am CHESTNUT STREET BAPTIST CHURCH 314 Chestnut Street Port Allegany•814-642-7381 Pastor Dale Post Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship........11:00am Sunday Evening...........7:00pm Wednesday Evening.....7:00pm

'03 Chevy TrailBlazer LT 4x4- 1 owner, 3rd row seat, Excellent Cond., a.c., cruise, tilt, p.windows, rear a.c., Trailer pkg...............$6,495 '00 Audi TT Cpe.- 4 cyl., 5 spd., Fla. title. . .$7,450 '98 BMW 323I Convertible- 6 cyl., 5 speed, factory hardtop, Rare Find........................$7,250 '97 Mercedes E320- 4 dr., Well cared for, loaded, 6 cyl............................Price Reduced!!....... $4,995 '05 Dodge Grand Caravan- Pwr. rear deck & doors, CD, a.c. - fr. & r., Stow 'n Go, 3.8L V6, Clean, 3rd Row Seating............................$4,995
email [email protected] All cars are auto checked. • We service All Vehicles!
We Guarantee PA Inspections! We Offer Professional Detailing!

New York State Inspections Including Trailers & Motorcycles •New York State Repair Shop “We Also Repair Foreign Vehicles”

Dealer for TNT Carports.
Come check out the new catalog!



Treat Yourself!

Super Savings 2 Weeks Only!

Nobody Has Cleaner Affordable Vehicles!

Expires 7/16/13 • Pedicure-$18.00 • Sauna Session-$2.00 • Spa Manicure-$8.00 • A Week of Tanning-$8.00 • Tanning Session-$3.00 • Eyebrow Waxing-$4.00

Specializing in Southern Automotive Distribution

Auto Sales


Several More Not Pictured

814-887-9319 Linda’s Mane Gift Certificates Available. Many gift Attraction packages available!
310 Union St., Smethport, PA (One block from Main St.)
•Hair •Manicure & Pedicure •Tanning •Facials Call Stylists Linda and Lisa Tronetti today for an appointment. YARD SHARE JULY 19 & 20- A little bit of everything, 8am-5pm. McCrea Brook Weslyan Church, Eldred, Pa. p VERY NICE LARGE 2 BEDROOM apartment in Smethport. Private entrance, large deck, newer appliances and carpeting. Prefer adults only, but will consider small family. No pets. No smoking. $495 per mo. First, last, security and lease required. 814-887-9939. 2/16c FOR RENT- 2 bedroom mobile home, HUD approved. Pets with fee. Included: Stove, refrigerator, water, septic and partial trash. $550. Rural Port Allegany. 814-598-6727. c MCKEAN COUNTY LIVESTOCK CLUB MADE TWENTY HERO BAGS The McKean County LiveStock Club made up twenty hero bags for the children that their parent(s) have been deployed. Each bag contained the following: Pencil, eraser, tablet, mini composition book, handmade scrapbook, scrapbook paper, hacky sack ball, glo stick, deck of playing cards, envelopes, worry doll kit, and a ribbon angel. The club handed out two of the hero bags to two children, Victoria and Alyssa Tanner of Port Allegany due to their father, Tony Tanner being deployed. The club is working on another hero bag to be handed out when the parent(s) come home from their deployment or to any that are being deployed at that time. We also found out that another person by the name of Steven A. Ness of Smethport also was deployed so we are in the process of trying to get the family two of the hero bags for the children. f SMETHPORT AREA RESIDENTS: Need food? Need clothing? We want to help! Christian Community Services (under Hamlin Bank on Fulton St.). Open Monday through Wednesday 10-11 a.m. No hours Thursday or Friday. tf HOME DELIVERY. A library service available to anyone who can’t leave home because of illness or injury. Please call the S.W. Smith Memorial Library at 814-642-9210 for more information. At this time, service is limited to Port Allegany Borough and Turtlepoint. tf

'03 DODGE 1500 SLT ONLY QUAD CAB 4X4 5 '01 Chevrolet S-10 $8,995 Spd. LS Ext. Cab 4x4

Hemi With A Power Seat And Power Baby! Windows, Locks, Tilt Wheel, A.C., In. Chrome All The20 Nice Features InWheels. This Very Clean No Disappointments Here, 4x4 Pickup With 4 New Rwl Tires. What Looker! Runs AndA Drives Great.

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JULY 16, 2013

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SECOND HARVEST FOOD DISTRIBUTION Sponsored by the Smethport Ministerium August 13th at St. Elizabeth, Smethport, Pa. Pre-register at 814-366-3186 on August 5th from 6pm-8pm or August 6th from 6pm-8pm. Pickup times will be assigned. www.eriefoodbank.org No early birds. Please bring a box/basket for your food. 3/2f REGULAR BAPTIST CHURCH Valley Rd., Smethport, Church: 814-887-5632 Pastor Jack Gregg 814-887-2826 Sunday School (all ages).....................9:30am Sunday Morning Worship....................10:45am Sunday Eve. Worship. . .6:00pm Wednesday Eve. Bible Study & Prayer.......................6:30pm Monday Evening Teen Program............6:30pm FIRST CHURCH OF GOD “Where Salvation Makes You A Member” 140 Main Street Eldred, PA Rev. James Kazimer Sunday School............10:00am Sunday Morning Worship....................11:00am Sunday Evening Worship......................7:00pm Wednesday Eve. Worship..7pm FREE CHRISTIAN EVANGELICAL CHURCH Pine Street, Smethport, PA Pastor: Bill Simms 814-887-5669 Sun. Morn. Worship. . . . . . . .11am Tues. Evening Bible Study...................6:30pm FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Main & Grace Streets Port Allegany, PA 814-642-2105 Sunday School..............9:45am Sun. Morn. Worship. . .10:45am Communion Sunday (the 1st Sunday of the month) Fellowship Dinner after the Morning Worship Service (last Sunday of the month) Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer.................7:00pm

Vermont Casting Stoves

• Wood • Gas • Coal
348 Card Creek Road Roulette, PA

CORYVILLE CHURCH OF FAITH 1913 Moody Hollow Eldred, PA•814-225-4943 Rev. Kent Hill www.coryvillechurchoffaith.org SUNDAY SERVICES: Sunday School............9:30am Morning Worship......10:45am Sunday Evening.........6:30pm WEDNESDAY: Prayer Meeting..........6:30pm LIGHTHOUSE COMMUNITY FREE METHODIST CHURCH 1300 Prentisvale Road Rte. 346, Duke Center, PA Pastor Beth Rosler 814-966-3998 Sunday Morning Worship....................10:00am SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST CHURCH OF HEBRON 5 miles up Whitney Creek off Rte. 44, Crandall Hill Coudersport, PA Rev. Michael L. Burns Sabbath School Saturday....................9:45am Worship Service Saturday..................11:00am Bible Study Wednesday.................1:00pm Saturday....................2:00pm Women’s Society 1st Tuesday of each month............7:30pm

BRADFORD AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AUGUST 2013 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Aug. 2- 11th Annual Senior Citizens’ Expo 9am-2pm Sport and Fitness Center, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, 300 Campus Dr., Bradford, Pa. Hosted by State Representative Martin Causer. Info. on insurance, nutrition and exercise, fire safety, financial planning, fraud protection, government services, hunting/fishing, personal safety, health screenings, and more. Free lunch will be served. For info., call 814-3624400 or visit RepCauser.com or email [email protected] Aug. 3- 8th Annual Willowcreek Triathlon Team and individual sprint triathlon (300 yard swim, 15 mi. bike, 3 mi. run). Awards, band, food, and more. Proceeds benefit McKean and Warren County Disabled American Veterans. To register online, go to www.willowcreektriathlon.org Aug. 3- 40th Annual Don Raabe Big 30 Charities Classic 7pm Parkway Field, Interstate Parkway, Bradford, Pa. Aug. 4- 20th Annual CARE ‘Fore’ Children Golf Tournament 8:30am Shotgun Start Pine Acres Country Club, Bradford, Pa. Four person scramble. Prizes on Par 3 holes. To field a team, contact Kirk Stauffer, PGA Pro Pine Acres Country Club at 814-362-2005.

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Aug. 7- Affordable Care Act Overview 9-11am Tele Conference Rm., North Central Workforce Investment Board, 651 Montmorenci Rd., Ridgway, Pa. Presented by Steve Brazinski, President of Anderson and Kime Employee Benefits. Steve will provide an overview of the Affordable Care Act including topics such as Measurement and Stability periods, 2012-13 Reform Provisions, 2014 Reform Provisions, fees that will impact employers, etc. Cost: FREE, but seating is limited to 60. In addition, presentation will be videoconferenced to Cameron Co. Courthouse Conference Rm., PA CareerLink Potter Co., PA CareerLink McKean Co., PA CareerLink Jefferson Co., PA CareerLink Clearfield Co., and PA CareerLink Clearfield County at DuBois. RSVP to Pam Streich for all locations at [email protected] f By

150 Years of Service 1863 - 2013

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and Trust Company

Hamlin Bank

Established 1863


www.hamlinbank.com • online banking
The Bank That Takes Care Of Its Customers
Each depositor insured to $100,000





Check Card
Established 1863

s r



•Stove & Chimney Pipe •Boilers •Furnaces •Custom Log Homes •Wood •Log Siding •Liners •Coal •Rough Cut Lumber •Hearth •Pellet Products •$300 Tax Credit •Corn •Fireplaces * Sales * Service * Installation 426 Odin Road, Coudersport, PA 16915 www.odinwoodproducts.com (814) 647-5337 [email protected]


JULY 16, 2013


* Nursery Stock * Garden * Plants * * Home Improvement Items * * Countertops * Flooring * Doors *


LOCATION: 53 CORWIN LANE, BRADFORD, PA 16701 (off Rte. 46) INT’L. BACKHOE, FORD 3600 FARM TRACTOR, POLARIS RANGER SIDE BY SIDE, SUZUKI 4-WHEELER, ‘48 DODGE POWER WAGON, MOTO GUZZI MOTORCYCLE, HUNTING EQUIP., COMPLETE SHOP EQUIP. & MORE... Mr. Titus was a “Jack of All Trades” and we will be offering his personal contents at public auction. Jack had a huge assortment of shop equipment, tools, machinery, hunting related items and more!! SKELETON LISTING: Ford 3600 diesel farm tractor (newly rebuilt engine by dealer, new tires, clutch, starter, seat, etc.) A-1 Condition and ready to work, International model 3414 tractorloader-backhoe, 3 pt. back blade, 3 pt discs, 3 pt. slip scoop, 3 pt. York rake, 3 pt. lift boom, tractor mount cultivator, hand cultivator, tractor grill guard, tractor front tire & rim, double ring tractor chains, misc. mower and hitch parts, 2005 Polaris Ranger 4x4 Side by Side, Suzuki 230 4-wheeler, homemade cart, front tine tiller, Lincoln gasoline welder-generator (150 amps-4500 watts), complete set of cutting torches including tanks and cart, Hendey Machine Company metal lathe, Wells model 6M metal cutting band saw, Craftsman wood planer (minus motor), 2 Horse air compressors, Rockwell table saw, Ryobi 14” chop saw, Ryobi 10” mitre saw, hydraulic shop press, Dayton bench grinder on stand, Craftsman floor model drill press, large anvil, wall mount swing arm trolley-hoist, 1 ton manual chain hoist, metal workbench, fuel tank with diesel fuel on skids, bench vises, cross vise, comalongs, tow chains, belt disc sander, Rolacape measuring wheel, several chain saws, dremel disc belt sander, Ryobi reciprocal saw, Ryobi detail sander, buffer/polisher, Rotozip, chain binders, parts bins, aluminum & wooden extension ladders, several step ladders, wheelbarrow, jack stands, creeper, car ramps, floor & hydraulic jacks, roller stand, gas weed trimmer, electric lawn edger, dremel motoshop, cord reel lights, air hose reel, push lawn mower, walk behind weed eater, air tools, mechanics wrenches and tools, tool chest, tool boxes, electric drills, welding rods, bearing press, hand pump, battery chargers, drill bits, grease guns, pipe wrenches, letter stamp set, and more; Hunting Related: reloading presses, bullet making press, misc. ammo, zippered gun cases, recurve bow, reloading supplies, Stevens model 94 12 gauge shotgun, 2 double barrel wall hanging shotguns, hunting blinds, gun rests, misc. gun stocks and parts, 2 Johnny Stewart game calls, and more; Other: Coleman lanterns, fishing poles, propane catalytic heater, electric motors, axes, forks, shovels, crosscut saw, Gas Boy gas pumps, crank hand seeder, vintage corn planters, scythe, bicycles, golf clubs, lawn tractor seat, fire extinguisher, Coca Cola clock, beer advertising, 2 dorm refrigerators, beer taps, Co2 bottle, vintage tricycle, 16 x 7’ 6” x 7’ truck box storage, 6 x 8 x 8 storage shed, scrap iron and much more!! Also added by private consignor: 1948 Dodge Power Wagon (sells with reserve), vintage Moto Guzzi motorcycle, Roper garden tractor with mower, snowplow, & tiller, Gantry overhead hoist. Bring a chair, a friend and trailer!! For Photos and Information check: www.auctionzip.com, site #12919 Call LLOYD BURKHOUSE AUCTIONS: 814-368-5726 or 814-331-5941 PA.LIC. AU005494 NO BUYERS PREMIUM! Terms of sale: Cash, Check, Credit Cards(3% processing fee for credit cards) Large checks subject to verification fee without bank letter of approval.
FOR SALE- Craftsman acetylene torch with hoses and gauges and portable cylinder cart, like new, $150. Call 814-225-3366. pb FOR SALE- Georgia men’s 8” waterproof steel toe boot #G9382, 400 gram Thinsulate, size 13M, worn twice. Paid $225. Selling for $90. 814-887-2893. fb ——————————————————————————————— ATTENTION HORSE LOVERS! If you are planning to be a spectator at the Potter County Fair Horse Shows, the schedule has changed. Tues., July 30; 10am Youth Horse Show. Thurs., Aug. 1; 9am - Open English and Mini Horse Show. Fri., Aug. 2; 9am - Open Western Horse Show. cb ——————————————————————————————— DOUBLEWIDE PRICE REDUCED 2011 three bedroom, two bath, with warranty, built-in desk, luxury bath. Will deliver and set. Now only $61,900. 570-724-2161. 2/16cb
Reader Advisory: the National Trade Association we belong to has purchased the above classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer “employment” but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it’s illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. 800 numbers may or may not reach Canada.

  Saturday, July 20, 2013; 10:00AM 
NEW HOME IMPROVEMENT ITEMS- KITCHEN & BATH: Including (15) top quality complete new kitchen sets- cherry, oak, hickory, country white, fancy rope kitchen sets in 42”, 36” and 30” heights most with pantrys & lazy susans, some dream sets with glass-top-cabinets; Apartment size kitchen sets; Kitchen & bath: Faucets; Interior jetted tubs; Pedestal sink & toilet combos; Toilets; Sinks; Bathroom vanities with tops; Fancy wood/granite vanity sets; Granite vanity tops; GRANITE KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS: Different varieties with granite corner pieces & some with islands; ALL NEW FLOORING: All types of flooring - pre-finished up to 5 1/4” wide; Va rieties of unfinished hardwood: Oak, hickory, hard maple & engineered HW flooring; Glueless laminate flooring, 12-8mm; MANY INTERIOR & EXTERIOR DOORS; Fancy exterior doors with center glass & dual side lights; Prehung pine; Brand name power tools including: Saws, drills, air compressors; Roof & frame nailers; AMISH FURNITURE: Swing sets; Benches; Gliders; Bird feeders; Adirondack chairs; NURSERY AND LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES: Bushes; Shrubs; Trees; Perennials; Fruit bushes; Flowering trees; Japanese Weeping Maples, Ground cover; Butterfly Bushes. AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This ad is a sampling of what we will be auctioning. 2 auctions selling @ once- plan accordingly. TERMS: Payment in full day of auction in cash, good check, or major credit card with positive ID. 13% buyers premium with 3% discount for cash or good check. All Items Sold “As Is Where Is” with no warranties. REMOVAL: Within 2 hours from end of auction. PREVIEW: 2 hours prior to auction. Visit Our Website For details: www.scottperryco.com. AUCTION TO BE HELD AT Daniel A. Carter Inc. Auction & Event Center 2383 West 5 Mile Rd., Allegany, NY (on Exit 24 ramp - off Int. 86) www.carterauctions.com

BOLIVAR UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 80 Friendship St., Bolivar 585-928-2224 Pastor: Vickie Hedlund Sun. School (adult). . . . . .9:00am Sunday Worship.........11:15am COME, SHARE, REJOICE! Celebrate God’s Grace, Witness For Jesus Christ. BELL RUN UNION CHURCH 904 Taylor Brook Road Pastor Chad Shaffer Shinglehouse•814-697-6972 Sunday School..............9:30am Morning Worship.......10:30am Sun. Eve. Service.........7:00pm Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer Meeting........7:00pm KAHAL ELOHIM YISRAEL 76 S. Main St., Wellsville (congregation of the God of Israel) Wednesdays: Midrash (study). . . . . . . .7:00pm Saturdays: Sabbath Meeting.....10:30am Food Pantry...................5-7pm
Donations of cash or food accepted.

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THERE IS A TON OF INVENTORY TOO MUCH TO LIST. THIS IS 99% NEW INVENTORY OF AN AUTO AND TOOL BUSINESS LIQUIDATION. DON’T MISS THIS ONE. LOTS OF NEW SK AND PERFORMANCE TOOLS & MUCH MORE!! Loads of Performance and SK tools all new pliers, laser levels, staple guns, jumper cables, snips, nut drivers, Allen and torque wrenches, Generac 5000 watt 6250 surge generator on wheels, 5 gal. tank, buffalo tool, 1000 watt generator, 4" jointer on stand, creepers, wiring kits for several autos, wiring for towing units for several makes, wheel wt. tools and weight kits for aluminum and steel rims, x cords, wiring and accessories, oil filter wrenches, brake tools, gear pullers, large spool of mig wire new .030, gasket material, lots of new wiper blades, tubing benders, all kinds of ratchets, all kinds of sockets, all sizes, deep well, impact and loads of new wrenches, even gear drive, metric, inch, air impact wrenches, 1/4", 1/2", 3/8", 3/4", 1" drives and tap and die set, pop rivets, dye grinders, air hammer, trailer balls, verniers, brake control wiring, switches, taillight lenses, end wrenches, sockets 6 and 12 point, screwdrivers, vise grips, spray guns, flashlights, fuses, welding helmets, scotchbrite, tape measures, rolls of emery paper, RTV silicone, fiberglass mat, chrome lug nuts, thousands of assorted valve stems, mirrors, lights, reflectors, PVC valves, fuel filters, several SK tool display rack with tools, masking tape, patches, valve caps and hose clamps. THERE IS A TON OF INVENTORY TOO MUCH TO LIST. THIS IS 99% NEW INVENTORY OF AN AUTO AND TOOL BUSINESS LIQUIDATION. DON’T MISS THIS ONE! Several other auctions coming up. Watch for the ads. For Pictures and Information www.auctionzip.com Auction ID #5891 Will Take You To Wedge Auctions For all your NY or PA real estate needs, call Wedge Realty: 585-928-2930. TERMS are cash, check, MasterCard, Visa (with proper ID). Tax exempt must be on file. AUCTIONEER / APPRAISERS Keith Wedge AU003316E


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JULY 16, 2013

814-225-4969 •Toll Free 1-877-225-6577
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

156 Main Street - Eldred, PA 16731

Mike Davis Owner/Technician

Licensed & Insured [email protected]

Must have PA Inspection License & 3 yrs. experience. 7 Apply at shop
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$3.99 or 3/$10
$ $

Local Strawberries
30/flat 3.99/quart

• Mulches • Decorative Stone

Fresh Local Watermelon

251 Rte. 6 W., Coudersport, PA • 814-274-8862
Tues.-Sat. 7am-8pm; Sun. 7am-7pm


JULY 16, 2013

FINE PRINT! Home Of The... N O
2013 Chevy Impala Sdn. LT 2013 Scion FR-S Coupe 2012 Chevy Impala Sdn. LS 2012 Chrys. Town & Ctry. Van
FWD, 3.6L V6, maroon, 14,689 mi.


2012 Kia Soul Wagon
RWD, 2.0L 4 cyl., white, 4,255 mi.


FWD, 3.6L V6, silver, 31,215 mi.

Touring, FWD, 3.6L V6, blue, 32,220 mi.

FWD, 2.0L 4 cyl., red, 14,330 mi.






2012 Toyota Yaris Sdn.

2012 Chrysler 300

2011 Kia Sorento SUV EX

2011 Kia Sorento SUV LX

2011 Hyundai Sonata Sdn. GLS

FWD, 1.5L 4 cyl., white, 17,423 mi.

RWD, 3.6L V6, silver, 19,755 mi.

AWD, 3.5L V6, black, 31,656 mi.

AWD, 2.4L 4 cyl., black, 37,592 mi.

FWD, 2.4L 4 cyl., blue, 17,844 mi.





13,98 8

2011 Kia Sorento SUV

2010 Toyota Prius Sdn. II

2008 Mazda CX-9 SUV Tour.

2006 Toyota RAV4 SUV Base

2005 Chevy Silverado 1500

FWD, 2.4L 4 cyl., burgandy, 41,816 mi.

FWD, 1.8L 4 cyl., silver, 33,776 mi.

AWD, 3.7L V6, black, 64,157 mi.

4WD, 2.4L 4 cyl., 63,007 mi.

4WD, 5.3L 8 cyl., tan, 69,446 mi.






Kevin Stives Manager

Darren Padgett Jr.

John Malachowsky

Justin Reitnaur

Matt Baker

Meme Ransom

Randy Austin

Spencer Gauthrie


WE BUY SINGLEWIDES! And doublewides. Will consider 1976 and newer in livable condition. 570-724-2161. 2/16cb ——————————————————————————————— HOT, JUICY HOT DOGS, BURGERS, FRIES, CHICKEN WINGS, baked potatoes, strawberry shortcake, funnel cakes - Is your mouth watering yet? You can enjoy these treats and more, most of which are served by local organizations at the Potter County Fair from July 28th to August 3rd. cb ——————————————————————————————— FREE KITTENS- Adorable, fluffy black and gray with white “socks and bibs”. Kittens are litter trained and ready for good homes. Delivery may be available. 814-558-4906. fb FOR SALE- 1999 Chevy Tracker 4x4, a.t., 144,000 mi. Good runner, $1,200. 716-570-0714. 2/16pb CHECK OUT WWW.MONEYSAVERADVERTISING.COM Your Moneysaver, Your Community Connection online. 5/2fb SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 419 Trapping Brook Road Wellsville, NY 14895 585-593-1637 620 West Sullivan Street Olean, NY 14760 716-372-0693 101 Front Ave. Salamanca, NY 14779 716-945-2421 Pastor: Bill McNeil Randolph Church Washington St., 14772 Phone 716-358-3681 Pastor: Bill McNeil Saturday Morning Worship & Sabbath School Call: Pastor Bill McNeil for times.............716-372-8133 KOSSUTH COMMUNITY CHAPEL (Mennonite) Bolivar, NY•585-928-1452 Pastor: Marlin Miller Assoc. Pastor: Russell Zimmerman Morning Worship.........9:30am Sunday School............10:45am Bible Study and Prayer 2nd & 4th Wednesday. . .7pm Evening Service, Last Sunday of month.......................7:00pm ALLENTOWN UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Pastor Vickie Hedlund Route 417 Sunday Morn. Worship. .10am Sunday School Classes, for all school-age children. . . .10:00am Nursery care avail. infants-3 During church services...10am A warm welcome is extended to all to come and worship our Risen Lord with us! SHINGLEHOUSE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Lincoln & Church Sts. Pastor: Rebecca Edwards Sunday School..............9:30am Morning Worship.......11:00am Wednesday Bible Study..10am Thurs. Choir Practice. .7:00pm An Access ramp and nursery care provided. MYRTLE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 1127 Route 44 Shinglehouse, PA 814-697-7101 Pastor: Curt MacDonald Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship.......11:00am Monday Evening Healing Service.........6:30pm Wed. Eve. Service........6:30pm ANGLICAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD 29 South St. at Stone St., Cuba, NY Services as announced.

SHINGLEHOUSE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Russell Horning Sunday School..............9:15am Morning Worship.......10:30am Wednesday Service: BYF (ages 9-12).......3:30pm Choir Practice.........6:15pm Bible Study & Pryr Mtg....7:30pm NOTE: Wheelchair, access ramp HOUSE OF PRAYER South Bolivar Road Pastor: Roy Elliot Sunday Service............1:30pm Prayer Meeting Wed.........7pm Everyone Welcome BETHEL LUTHERAN CHURCH (ELCA) 79 Brooklyn Street, Portville Pastor Ivy Gauvin Sunday Worship. . . . . . . . . .9:00am Sunday School............10:30am OBI COMMUNITY CHURCH Pastor: David Cook 585-933-7205 Sunday Services: Sunday School...........9:00am Morning Worship . . .10:30am Evening Service.............6pm Wed. Eve.: Adult Prayer and Bible Study.....................7pm Jr. & Sr. High Youth. .6-8pm Nursery Care provided.


Help Wanted
son Reliable Per rts To Stuff Inse -?


Special pricing on all in-stock

Zero-turn mowers!
Locally Owned-- We Service Our Products On-Site!


:00 a.m. Mondays - 6 urs Average 6 ho e to: r send resum o n o rs e p in Apply Advertising Moneysaver I St., PO Box 218 N. Main 14715 Bolivar, NY

Canfield’s Outdoor Power Equipment, Inc.

Your Help Wanted Ad Here
If you would like an ad on our Help Wanted Bulletin Board, Phone 585-928-2470

Canfield’s Outdoor Power 2932 Kings Run Rd., Ceres, PA 814-697-6233 • Mon.-Fri. 8-5:30; Sat. 8-1 Equipment, Inc.
We Accept

s r









One Local Owner!


Only 29,800 miles!

2012 Ford Focus
4 cyl. a.t., a.c., p.w./l./m., tilt, cruise, am/fm, CD.

2011 Subaru Outback AWD
A.T., a.c., p.w./l./m., tilt, cruise, CD.

2008 Ford Focus
4 cyl., a.t., am/fm, CD.

2009 Hyundai Sonata
JULY 16, 2013 A.T., a.c., p.w./l./m., tilt, cruise, CD, XM Radio.

Stone White
2012 Ford F-150 Super Crew
V8, a.t., a.c., p.s./w./l./m., tilt, cruise, CD, Sync.

Only 8,200 miles!
2012 Ford F-150 S. C. Ecoboost
V6, a.t., a.c., p.w./s./l./m., tilt, cruise, CD & so much more.





1997 Dodge Dakota Ext. 4WD
A.T., a.c., p.w./l./m., tilt, cruise.

2001 GMC Sierra 4WD
V8, a.t., a.c., p.w./l./m., tilt, cruise, CD.

Inferno Red
2008 Dodge Grand Caravan
V6, a.t., a.c., p.w./l./m., tilt, cruise, CD.



2011 Dodge Grand Caravan
V6, a.t., a.c., p.d./h./w./l./m., tilt, cruise, CD.



2006 Dodge Grand Caravan
V6, Rear Stow ‘n Go, p.s./w./l./m., tilt, cruise, DVD.

2006 Dodge Caravan
V6, a.t., a.c., am/fm, CD. Only 62,000 miles.

Only 41,600 miles!
2008 Jeep Patriot 4WD
4 cyl., a.t., a.c., am/fm, CD. One local owner.

As our way of saying THANK YOU we are giving away $27,000 to the communities we serve. Help us decide which 27 charities will receive $1,000! Stop in to vote.
Plus...Stoltz of Coudersport is giving
away a 1998 Cadillac. Stop in to register. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 or older. Must have driver’s license. Winner is responsible for tax and license fees. Drawing to be held after Labor Day. If you don’t see what you’re looking for... check us out at www.stoltzcars.com If you see it at one of our other locations... CALL ARNIE at 814-274-3224 and he will get the vehicle brought to Coudersport for you!


2012 Ford Mustang Conv.
A.t., a.c., p.w./s./l./m., tilt, cruise, CD, Sync.


2012 Ford Escape AWD
4 cyl., a.t., a.c., p.w./l./m., tilt, cruise, CD.


2009 Chevrolet Impala

V6, a.t., a.c., p.s./w./l./m., tilt, cruise, CD. One local owner.




2006 Chevrolet HHR

2007 Toyota F.J. Cruiser
6 spd., a.c., p.w./l./m., tilt, cruise, CD.

4 cyl., a.t., a.c., pwr. grp., sunroof. Only 55,200 miles. Silver.


WANTED: DODGE CARAVAN, not over $1,200. Good condition. 814-225-4276. p ——————————————————————————————— GARAGE SALE - JULY 19TH & 20TH, 9AM TO 5PM Girl’s clothes, youth 8 to adult medium, boy’s clothes youth 6-10, comforter and sheet sets, queen and twin, toys and miscellaneous. Jack’s, 502 W. North St., Smethport, Pa. p ——————————————————————————————— FOR SALE- Standing hay on shares. 814-598-6727. c McKEAN COUNTY CARE FOR CHILDREN. Memorials may be purchased at: Todd Motor Sales, Inc., Main St., Eldred, PA. tf DOLLAR STRETCHER TIPS MORE LIPSTICK I invested in a good lipstick brush for $5 at my local beauty supply store. When my lipstick is too low to apply, I use the brush to get the stuff in the tube out. I get at least another month out of each lipstick.

ALL-DAY SLOW COOKER RECIPES I’ve used a slow cooker for 30 years. On the lowest setting, meals are rarely overcooked after eight to ten hours. I assemble ingredients the night before (so all the peeling and paring is done) and place them in a bowl in the fridge overnight. Because the ingredients are cold, they take an extra hour or two to cook, which gives me the extra time I need.

Under New Ownership!

Lil’ Timmy’s Bargains
New & Used Variety Store
191 Main St., Eldred, PA
s r r

Hours: Sun. 11-8; Closed Mon. & Tues.; Wed. - Sat. 9-9

EAST SMETHPORT UNITED CHRISTIAN CHURCH At Rte. 6 & 46 South Pastor: Rev. Allen Young Associate Pastor: Les Leet 814-887-2255•eschurch.org Sunday School..............9:00am Worship Service..........10:00am Staffed Nursery during Worship service. SWAT Youth Group Sundays.....................5:00pm Kid’s Club (K-6th) Wednesdays.......6:30-7:30pm Sunday Eve. Worship........6pm Wed. Prayer/Bible Study. .7pm

McCRAE BROOK WESLEYAN CHURCH Phone: 814-225-3753 Pastor Bill Nace Sunday School............10:00am Worship Service..........11:00am Wednesday: Family Bible Study & Prayer Service..........7:00pm Youth Ministry.............7:00pm RIXFORD EVANGELICAL CHURCH Pastor: Norman Cox Church: 814-465-3308 SUNDAY: Sun. School.....10am Morning Worship.....11:00am Youth Meeting.........10-11am


As you know, we run many reader ads for government auctions, job positions, earn money at home, cash loans, credit cards, etc. Most of these ads come through state and national ad networks. Most of them are selling directories or listings of where to APPLY FOR what is advertised. This information may be available at less cost elsewhere. While these ads are screened where possible, we have no way of verifying the authenticity of their claims or the value of their product. The buying decision must be yours. If you have problems with any of these advertisers, please let us know and we will attempt to get you a refund. Most of the companies we have checked will refund their fees to unsatisfied customers. Read the ads carefully. Some charge a fee, as noted in the ad, directly to your phone bill when you call them. Once again, we can’t verify claims for every ad. Please consider their offer and make a voluntary and reasonable buying decision. Moneysaver Advertising
MEET SINGLES NOW! No paid operators, just people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages, connect live. Free trial. Call 1-877-737-9447. **OLD GUITARS Wanted!** Gibson, Martin, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone, Guild, Mosrite, Rickenbacker. Prairie State, D’Angelico, Stromberg, and Gibson mandolins/ banjos. 1920’s thru 1980’s. Top cash paid! 1-800-401-0440. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL – Start with rotary and good things happen. Rotary, humanity in motion. Find information or locate your local club at www.rotary.org. Brought to you by your free community paper and PaperChain. TAKE VIAGRA/CIALIS Only $99.00! 100mg and 20mg. 40 pills+ 4 free. #1 male enhancement! Discreet shipping. Call now, 1-800213-6202. WANTED Japanese motorcycle Kawasaki 1967-1980 Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, ZIR, KX1000MKII, A1-250, W1-650, H1-500, H2-750, S1-250, S2-350, S3-400 Suzuki GS400, GT380, GT750, Honda CB750 (1969,1970) Cash. Free pickup. 1-800-772-1142, 1-310-7210726. [email protected] *REDUCE your cable bill!* 4-room all-digital satellite system installed free!!! Programming starting at $19.99/mo. Free HD/DVR upgrade new callers, 1-866-939-8199. DIRECTV, internet, & phone from $69.99/mo + free 3 months: HBO® Starz® SHOWTIME® CINEMAX®+ free Genie 4 room upgrade + NFL Sunday Ticket! Limited offer. Call now, 888-248-5961.


JULY 16, 2013

MONEYSAVER READER ADS GET GREAT RESULTS- Fill out the reader ad form in this issue and see for yourself! 5/2fb FOR SALE- Farm tractor wheel weights for rear, $100. 814-6976508. fb BIRD CAGE: 14”x20”x20 1/2” high, perch bars, food and water, dishes, $20. fb FOR SALE- Rototiller, runs good. Asking $125. 814-225-4276. fb

Moneysaver Advertising 218 N. Main St., PO Box I Bolivar, NY 14715 Phone: 585-928-2470 Fax: 585-928-2191 E-mail: [email protected] Web Site: www.moneysaveradvertising.com
s r r

FREE COACHES’ CLINIC Free Coaches’ Clinic by Champion Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Team on July 23rd at 5:00pm. Cole Memorial’s Coudersport Wellness Center. All coaches, school nurses and phys. ed. teachers invited. Dinner will be provided. Register at 814260-5318. fb TWIN TIER CHRISTIAN RIDERS MEETING Local Chapter of Christian Motorcyclists Association- 2nd Saturday of the month, 9am at Fox’s Pizza, Eldred, Pa. Weather permitting, ride to follow. All visitors welcome! tffb MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA NEEDS NEW MEMBERS Must be a Military Officer past or present of any branch of service. For details / application to be a member call CWO Daniel Causer (Retired) at 814-2253681 or at [email protected] or the WWII Museum, Main St., Eldred, PA 16731. 2/4fb

Office Hours: Mon. 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Tues.-Thurs. 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Fri. 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Deadline for Advertising: Thursday at 5:00 p.m. (for following Tuesday publication)

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The only place you can win a football game is on the field. The only place you can lose it is in your heart. -Darrell Royal

Moneysaver Shopping Guide •14707 Allentown, NY •14708 Alma, NY •14715 Bolivar, NY •14721 Ceres, NY •14770 Portville, NY •14774 Richburg, NY •14754 Little Genesee, NY •14786 W. Clarksville, NY •14739 Friendship, NY (R.D.#1) •16748 Shinglehouse, PA Moneysaver Shopping News •16743 Port Allegany •16749 Smethport •16740 Mt. Jewett •16745 Rixford •16724 Crosby •16733 Hazel Hurst •16729 Duke Center •16731 Eldred •16732 Gifford •16744 Rew •16746 Roulette •16750 Turtlepoint •16730 E. Smethport •16726 Cyclone Published Tuesdays by Moneysaver Advertising P.O. Box I, 218 N. Main St. Bolivar, NY 14715 (Tioga Publishing)

Adult and Pediatric ? Audiology h Hu
* Hearing Aid Dispensing and Repair * PA/NY Licensed in Audiology * Latest Technology * Trial Period on All Hearing Aids * Financing Available


Dr. Robert L. Campbell, Audiologist
Office Locations in Coudersport, PA and Wellsville, NY
536 East Second Street, Coudersport Jones Memorial Hospital, Wellsville

Call 814-274-9097 or Toll Free 1-877-274-9097
Serving Our Local Communities for Over 28 Years. GRACE BIBLE INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCH 392 Coon Crossing Road Shinglehouse•814-697-7257 Pastor: Roger N. Hain Asst. Pastor: Thomas Isaacson Sunday School...............9:30am Classes for all ages. Morning worship.........10:45am includes nursery, children’s church and junior church. Evening Service............7:00pm Mon. (Sept.-Apr.). . .JAM Clubs, for children in grades 1-6. Wed. (Sept.-Apr.). Grace Teens, for students in grades 7-12. Wed. Prayer Meeting .. .7:15pm Nursery available for Sunday School, Sunday worship services and Wed. COUDERSPORT ALLIANCE CHURCH 7 Alliance Ave., Coudersport 814-274-8661 (phone) 814-274-8668 (fax) [email protected] Senior Pastor: Rev. Bernie Knefley Sunday School..............8:45am Sunday Worship...............10:00am Sun. Eve. Youth Group.....6:30pm Wed: Children’s Program, Prayer Mtg. & Youth Group. .7 pm MONEYSAVER SUBSCRIPTIONS Know someone who lives outside our circulation area and would like to receive the Moneysaver? Just send name, address and $25 annual subscription fee to: Moneysaver Advertising, 218 North Main Street, Bolivar, NY 14715. Please specify Moneysaver Shopping Guide or Moneysaver Shopping News. tfb BELIEVERS CHAPEL 2522 West Five Mile Rd., Allegany, NY•716-397-8016 Sunday Worship ...................9:00am & 11:00am


JULY 16, 2013

* Service must be done by 8/31/13.

3 BEDROOM TRAILER FOR SALE- Plus 5 acres for $30,000. On Harland Ames Rd., Richburg, NY. 585-610-6642. 4/25pb WANTED: OLD LETTERPRESS PRINTING EQUIPMENT. C&P Job Presses, Vandercook Proof Presses, Wood and Metal type. Let me know what you have. Joe, 814-203-8902. 8/11cb ——————————————————————————————— SEAMLESS GUTTERS Custom colors, leaf guards, heat cables. No more drips. Call Kibble’s in Smethport, PA 800-732-8060. tfcb ——————————————————————————————— FOR SALE- 1977 LINCOLN TOWN CAR, great condition. Also, 1973 Mustang Convertible, good project car. Phone 585-9282337. 2/9cb

172 North Main Street • Bolivar, NY 14715

585-928-2530 • www.sissonstore.com
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Currently Enrolling Students for August 2013 Classes
Your practical nursing skills will earn you competitive salaries and benefits in hospitals, nursing homes, physician’s offices, home care, schools and clinics. • Practical Nursing classes forming for August 21, 2013 • Program locations in Belmont & Olean • The part-time program offered by BOCES allows time for job and/or family responsibilities while going to school • Men, as well as women, are encouraged to enroll in the Practical Nursing program to become a respected and caring professional • Financial aid available; most students qualify • Articulation to RN programs available • Accredited by the NYS Education Department and Veterans Administration An entrance test is required prior to admission. Please visit our website or call 716-376-8268 to request an enrollment packet.

GENERAL SECTION DO YOU HAVE products or services to promote? Reach as many as 4.9 million households and 12 million potential buyers quickly and inexpensively! Only $490 for a 15-word ad. Place your ad online at fcpny.com or call 585-928-2470. HEALTH SECTION TAKE VIAGRA/CIALIS? 40 100mg/20mg pills + 4 free. Only $99! Save $500.00. Call 1-888-796-8878. INSURANCE SECTION SENIOR LIFE INSURANCE. NY final expense program supplement to government death benefit. Immediate, lifetime coverage, fast, easy to qualify. No medical exam! 1-888-809-4996, 1-716-805-8900. www.NYFEP.org LAND FOR SALE SECTION NY SPORTSMAN’S BEST LAND DEALS. 5 acres w/rustic lodge: $29,995. 51 acres, excellent hunting: $59,995. 74.73 acres, minutes from Salmon River $99,900. Preseason sale, many more properties, 5 to 200 acres starting at $12,995. Easy financing. Call 1-800-229-7843 or visit www.landandcamps.com LEGAL SERVICES SECTION DIVORCE $450* No fault or regular divorce. Covers children, property, etc. Only one signature required! *Excludes govt. fees. 1-800-522-6000 ext. 100. Baylor & Associates, Inc. Est. 1977. LOTS, LAND, ACREAGE SECTION BANKRUPT FARM! Court ordered sale! July 27th & 28th! 5 acres - Spring -$16,900. 10 acres - huge view - $29,900. 5 acres - bass pond - $39,900. 24 tracts in all! Waterfall, spring-fed ponds, 30 mile views, gorgeous country setting! Clear title, 100% guaranteed! Cooperstown Lake District, just off NY Thruway! Call 1-888-701-1864 or go to www.NewYorkLandandLakes.com MISCELLANEOUS SECTION CANADA DRUG CENTER is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 75 percent on all your medication needs. Call today 1800-413-1940 for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. REVERSE MORTGAGES -No mortgage payments forever! Seniors 62+! Government insured. No credit/income requirements. Free 28 pg. catalog. 1-888-660-3033, All Island Mortgage. DISH TV RETAILER. Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & high speed internet starting at $14.95/month (where available). Save! Ask about same day installation! Call now! 1-800-826-4464.

Over 90,000 Sq. Ft.
In Stock & Ready for Immediate Delivery

All In-Stock Carpet
priced from $ to

89¢ sq. ft. 2.34 sq. ft.

• Ceramic Tile • Hardwood • Vinyl • Laminate Flooring In Stock - Fiber Floor Vinyls -Unbeatable Prices
611 W. State St., Olean, NY 14760 Locally Owned & Operated Phone: 716-373-5391 Hrs: Mon.-Thurs. 9am-5:30pm; Fri. 9am-8pm; Sat. 10am-3pm

• Contractors Welcome!

Do you see the obvious? Someone called me recently and said that he’d read one of my books, that he’d really enjoyed it, and had started listening to his own life. “What’s going on in your life now that you’re listening to?” I asked him. “Well,” he said, “just the other day I went to a new service station in town. It’s one of those pay-at-the-pumps places. I put my credit card in okay, but I couldn’t make the pump come on. “So I went inside and asked the cashier what to do. She said for me to press the PRESS HERE button. “When I went back to the pump, there it was in huge letters, PRESS HERE. I did, and the pump came on and everything was great... “...except I felt really dumb after missing the sign. But then I said to myself, ‘Hey, Dr. Joey said to listen to life and make a positive life.’ So I did. “And I realized that’s what listening to life is all about. Life teaches us everything we need to know and it’s so obvious, but we miss it. That’s why listening is so important.”

www.caboces.org/ adult-ed/practicalnursing-enrollmentpacket

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Sunday Breakfast Buffet: 8am-1:30pm Salad Bar
Open 'til 2pm
Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, Sausage Gravy, Chipped Beef, Potato Cakes, French Toast Sticks, Peppers and Onions, Cheese Sauce, Pancakes, Syrup, Biscuits, Fruit.
Available Daily!

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JULY 16, 2013

Mick’s Diner
206 N. Main St., Port Allegany, PA

Food Shop
Port Allegany, PA



OPEN: Mon.-Sat. 6am-10pm; Sun. 7am-9pm.

Home of the 1 and 3 pound burgers!!
Take-outs Available
Lunch Specials Monday-Friday

Open 6:00am

We now have an ATM machine
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Serving Fresh Ground Columbian Coffee!!
• Malts, Milkshakes •Homemade Pies •Hard Ice Cream
Fresh Salad Bar With Every Dinner!

Free Delivery 7.00 minimum order

Daily Bread Cafe
Rte. 155, North of Port Allegany, PA 814-642-7112 • Gift Certificates
Closed on Mondays.

Tues.-Sat. 6am-8pm; Sun. 8am-2pm.

Pizza Party Tray $ Dozen Wings

22 99

10 Min. or FREE!


Pizza Party Tray $ 99 24 Slices...................................... 16

Fresh Haddock Fish Fry with Hush Puppies

Fish Fry Friday

2 Doz. wings................................ 20 Large Pizza - Cheese & Pepperoni 1 Doz. wings................................$1599
$ 99

Large Pizza - Cheese & Pepperoni

ABC Restaurant
Rte. 6, Port Allegany, PA
s r r

• 814-642-7973

www.abcmotelroute6.com • Gift Certificates Available! Breakfast Available All Day. Except Friday After 11am.

Since 1937
All Day, Every Day Senior Citizens 10% Off Discount Excludes Specials

Sat., July 20th:

Sun., July 21st:

Every Day-Breakfast Sandwiches
Monday: Philly Cheese Steak ................. Tuesday: Cheese Burger & Fries ......... Wednesday: WINGS..............doz.
$ $


Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Haddock Fish Fry-

(available 7 days a week)

Summer Hours



Mon. - Fri. 7am-8pm; Sat. 8am-8pm; Sun. 8am-2pm.


Mon.-Fri. 11am-9pm; Sat. & Sun. noon-9pm


Ice Cream ~ Soft & Hard
Otto Township Vol. Fire Dept.
118 Sweitzer Drive, Duke Center, PA (across from High School)

Thursday: Chicken Dinner w/Fries & Coleslaw....
Available in Port Allegany ONLY.

6.79 $ Friday: Fish Fry............................................... 8.49

Monday- Goulash Tuesday- Sloppy Joes Wednesday- Pulled Pork Thursday- Italian Night Friday- Fish Fry
We now have Ice, Bread & Milk available.
Dine In or Take Out!
Catering Available
ept We Now Acc & t di re C t Mos ! Debit Cards

Steak Bake & Chicken Barbecue!!!
M! Y U M! YU

Fri., July 26, 2013 - Steak Bake
All for just $12.00

Cady Hollow Campground
Come and enjoy fun & relaxation Camp by the weekend, from April 22 to October 14. day, holiday or
•Activities •Entertainment •Full Hookups •Spacious Sites season! Family Oriented Campground

4:00pm-7:00pm Strip steak, baked potato, tossed salad, roll & dessert!

Sun., July 28, 2013 Chicken Barbecue
All for just $8.00
You don’t want to miss this!!

158 Cady Hollow Rd., Port Allegany, PA
814-642-7674 (camp) If no answer: 814-642-2717

OH BOY! 11:00am till they’re gone! Half chicken, macaroni salad, baked beans, roll & dessert!


4 Sweitzer Drive, Duke Center, PA
BALD EAGLE NUMBERS SOAR IN PENNSYLVANIA With more than 250 nests counted statewide, population showing big gains. A bald eagle soaring high on the Fourth of July. It’s about as American an image as one could conjure. And for Pennsylvanians this Independence Day, the opportunity to witness such a sight firsthand is greater than at any other time in recent memory. In the 30th anniversary year of efforts to restore bald-eagle populations in the Commonwealth, the bird - a national symbol of strength and freedom - not only is continuing its remarkable comeback, but is taking it to new heights. The Pennsylvania Game Commission this week released its preliminary count of bald eagle nests statewide, and the numbers chart yet another high point in an impressive upward trend. So far this year, 252 eagle nests have been confirmed throughout the state, with nesting eagles present in 56 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. That’s a sharp increase from the previous mid-year report, which the Game Commission typically releases just before the Fourth of July. A year ago, there were 206 confirmed eagle nests in 51 counties. Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe said that as eye-popping as the latest numbers might be, they’re far from surprising. “We’re to the point in Pennsylvania where the bald eagle’s success is something that’s expected,” Roe said. “Year after year, their numbers grow. Year after year, their range grows broader.” “It truly is a remarkable story,” he said. “And remarkably, it’s a true story, and one that continually builds up to a better and better ending.” Just 30 years ago, the bald eagle’s future in Pennsylvania looked bleak. Its population decimated by the effects of water pollution, persecution and compromised nest success caused by organochlorine pesticides such as DDT, only three pairs of nesting eagles remained in the state - all of them located in Crawford County, in northwestern Pennsylvania along the Ohio border. But in 1983, the Game Commission launched what would become a seven-year bald eagle restoration program. The agency, as part of a federal restoration initiative, sent employees to Saskatchewan to obtain eaglets from wild nests. Initially, 12 seven-week-old eaglets were taken from nests in Canadaís Churchill River valley and brought to specially constructed towers at two sites. At these towers - at Haldeman Island on the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, and at Shohola Lake in Pike County - the birds were “hacked,” a process by which the eaglets essentially are raised by humans, but without knowing it, then released gradually into the wild. In all, 88 bald eaglets from Canada were released from the sites as part of the program, which was funded in part by the Richard King Mellon Foundation of Pittsburgh and the federal Endangered Species Fund. This reintroduction jump-started the recovery. By 1998, Pennsylvania was home to 25 pairs of nesting bald eagles. Within the next three years, the number of nesting pairs doubled. Eagles continued to thrive, and in 2005, the Game Commission took the bald eagle off the state’s endangered list and reclassified it as a threatened species. A year later, more than 100 nests were confirmed statewide. And now, the number stands at 252. It’s not likely to stop there, either, said Patti Barber, a biologist with the Game Commissionís Endangered and Nongame Birds section. While the mid-year update on nests provides a good indicator of how bald eagles are doing statewide, Barber said it’s a preliminary number and additional nests typically are confirmed as the year goes on. In 2012, for instance, 206 nests were reported preliminarily, but the year-end total was 237 statewide. It was a showing similar to 2011, when the preliminary total of 203 nests increased to 217 by year’s end. But with a lofty 252 nests at mid-year, how many more could really be out there? “It’s hard to say, but in all likelihood more remain to be counted,” Barber said. “Our tally was 249 just a week or two ago, and three more were reported since that time, so I’d be surprised if the preliminary number doesn’t grow.” Perhaps the easiest way to report a nest is to contact the Game Commission through its public comments email address: mailto: [email protected] , and use the words “Eagle Nest Information” in the subject field. Reports also can be phoned in to a Game Commission Region Office or the Harrisburg headquarters. Barber said discovering a new eagle nest can be exciting, but people need to keep their wits about them, and make sure they’re not doing anything to frighten the birds. Those encountering nests are asked to keep a safe distance. Disturbing eagles is illegal under the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. Some pairs are tolerant of human activity, while others are sensitive. Their reaction often depends on the activity and approach of the individual, the nesting cycle stage, and if the eagles are used to seeing people. “Where there is regular public access and established viewing areas, some pairs can be very tolerant if visitors are predictable and nonthreatening,” Barber said. “But when someone sneaks to the base of a nest tree, most eagles become alarmed.” Barber said there have been cases where people purposely flushed eagles from nests in attempts to get pictures of them in flight. Such behavior not only is illegal, but runs the risk of killing unhatched or recently hatched birds, she said. Adults that are scared from a nest could abandon it, or might not return in time to keep unhatched eggs at the proper incubating temperature. Frightened eaglets also could jump from the safety of the nest, then have no way to return, Barber said. “There are all types of problems associated with getting too close to a nest,” Barber said. “For the sake of eagles, use you binoculars or a spotting scope. They are after all, still on the comeback trail from being an endangered species.” While the bald eagle population grows stronger each year in Pennsylvania, the birds remain classified as a threatened species statewide. Their rebound, however, continues to astonish and provide those who love wildlife with reason to celebrate. Just this year, 41 pairs of eagles - believed to be first-time nesters - nested at new sites. It goes to show you the extent of the bald eagle’s success. In Pennsylvania, and the nation as a whole, this magnificent raptor truly is living up to its iconic image of enduring American strength and freedom. “There’s no better story to tell and retell every Fourth of July,” Roe said.


Food & Gas
23 S. Main St., Eldred, PA.

Patronize your local restaurants...great food, personalized service and many daily specials.


OPEN: Mon.-Sat. 6am-10pm; Sun. 7am-9pm.

Every Tuesday 5¢ OFF Regular Gas

We are not just

Free Delivery

JULY 16, 2013

7.00 Minimum Order
Eldred, Duke Center, Turtlepoint, Rixford

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Cheese & Pepperoni 1 Doz. wings $ 99

Pizza Party Tray
1 doz. wings


Pizza Party Tray 24 Slices


Large Pizza
Cheese & Pepperoni 2 Doz. wings

Every Thursday
6pm to 9pm

2299 5.25

"Fine Food...Fine Drink...Fine Friends"
14091 Wilcox-Clermont Rd., Clermont, PA


Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Philly Cheese Steak

Cheese Burger & Fries

814-778-5822 Call ahead for takeouts.
Open every day at 11:00 a.m., Sunday at Noon

Home of..."Buffalo Balls"

Find us on Facebook at cornerpizzaco.




Thursday: Chicken Dinner with Coleslaw & Fries $

We Accept Credit Cards!!


Sat., July 20th

Sat., July 27th

"DJ Chadillac"

"DJ Scottie"

Friday: Fish Sandwich French Fries $5.75

Wing Night Every Thursday

All Summer! Every Sunday through September 1st

Stop in and show off yours!
Jeeps, convertibles, motorcycles & ATVs...everyone is welcomed!

100 cans (12 oz.) from 1-5pm
Food Special All Day

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GAME COMMISSION EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TO RETIRE Carl G. Roe will have served more than eight years heading agency. The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s executive director has announced his plans to step down next year. Upon his retirement in January, Carl G. Roe will have spent more than eight years heading the agency. In making his announcement, Roe said it has been his pleasure to serve Pennsylvania’s hunters and outdoor enthusiasts while working to benefit the state’s wildlife. “Serving with the Game Commission, particularly in the role of executive director, has been a great honor and privilege,” Roe said. “I take pride and satisfaction in the years I’ve spent here, and our many, many achievements. “I’ll never stop caring about Pennsylvania’s wildlife, but the time is right for me to step into retirement, where I’ll have more time to spend outdoors enjoying it,” he said. Upon his retirement Jan. 17, Roe will leave behind a lengthy list of accomplishments, some of which predate his appointment as executive director. Roe joined the Game Commission in 2001 as the agency’s first-ever long-range strategic planner. The Game Commission’s strategic plan, which charts a course for present and future wildlife management statewide, is a product of his efforts. Among its many objectives, the plan contains one of Roe’s most well-known guiding philosophies - that Pennsylvanians should understand the Game Commission plays an integral role in the encounters people have with wildlife. To that end, Roe developed the “Connect with Wildlife” slogan the commission has used for several years. Roe later was named director of the commission’s Bureau of Administrative Services, where he spearheaded a transition to electronic hunting-license sales. Today, the Pennsylvania Automated License System helps nearly 1 million hunters annually to purchase licenses. The Board of Game Commissioners in December 2005 unanimously selected Roe as executive director. At the agency’s helm, Roe chalked countless achievements. More than 50,000 acres were added to the state game lands system during his tenure. He oversaw the expansion of bear season to four days, including a Saturday opener. He implemented the Mentored Youth Hunting Program. He helped establish wild pheasant recovery areas and doubled to 200,000 the number of pheasants released annually. He helped to enact a permit-only fisher trapping season in select areas of the state. He shifted the focus of the deer management program to take into account things like the herd’s health and habitat - a change that was lauded by independent outside audits. And, of course, bald eagles continued their remarkable comeback, and biggest population gains, during Roe’s tenure. The list goes on and on. All the while, Roe earned a reputation for being an approachable leader. Robert Schlemmer, president of the Board of Game Commissioners, said Roe’s charismatic personality and his willingness to openly answer questions from the state’s sportsmen are among the qualities that will make him hard to replace. “He’s been quite an ambassador for hunters and other Pennsylvanians who enjoy wildlife, and the type of enthusiasm he brings to the job you just don’t find every day,” Schlemmer said. Schlemmer said the board will consider both internal and external candidates in finding the most-qualified person to replace Roe as administrator. He said the decision-making process will be guided by the board’s Policy Manual, and that the commissioners are seeking a comprehensive search and a smooth transition. “The board wishes Director Roe the very best in his retirement,” Schlemmer said. “His service to wildlife, sportsmen, sportswomen and the citizens of the Commonwealth shall remain his legacy for generations to come.” Roe’s work with the Game Commission represents his second career. He served with the U.S. Army from 1970 to 2000, taking part in combat tours in Vietnam and El Salvador and retiring with the rank of colonel. At his retirement, he was as Director of the Americas Studies at the U.S. Army War College’s Department of National Security & Strategy, where he taught strategic planning for national security. Roe is a lifelong scholar, earning a master’s degree in public administration from Penn State University; a master’s degree in management from Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island; a master’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas; and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. A native of Wayne, Montgomery County, Roe grew up hunting and fishing in Pennsylvania, and continued these activities during his young adulthood on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He is a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Woodcock Limited and the National Rifle Association. Roe currently resides in Carlisle with his wife, Ines. They have two daughters: Courtney and Ashley. In the nearly eight years Carl G. Roe has served as the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s executive director, the agency has tallied many accomplishments Roe played an integral role. f

Mold Removal

JULY 16, 2013

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FOR SALE- Christmas sleigh with red velvet seat, 36” long, $100. Call 814-225-3366. ——————————————————————————————— COUNTRY HOME / HUNTING CAMP IN SHINGLEHOUSE, PA for sale. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath on one acre. $49,000. House remodeled in 2012. 716-790-1668 or 814-697-6233. cb — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — fb COMPUTER MONITOR and keyboard, $25. 814-225-3199. fb LARGE GLASS DISPLAY CASE FOR SALE- $75. Call 585-5931712. fb MIG WELDER, $110. (LOW) ENTERTAINMENT center, $50. Wood splitter, $400. 9.9 outboard motor, $425. (2) dressers, $25 ea. Full size bed, $10. Maple drop leaf kitchen table and chairs, $30. 716-933-6284. pb


KEVIN GUEST HOUSE Located in Buffalo, NY, The Kevin Guest House was established as a memorial to Kevin Garvey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Garvey of Sharon, Pa. Kevin lost his battle to cancer at the age of 13. The Kevin Guest House provides a temporary, safe refuge for patients and their families at a nominal fee, and extends its hospitality to families of patients who are receiving treatment at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo General Hospital, and other area hospitals. For over 35 years the Kevin Guest House has been welcoming guests, and provides an atmosphere of caring which helps families focus on their loved ones without the stress of finding temporary, affordable accomodations near local health care facilities and services. Kevin Guest House, 782 Ellicott St., Buffalo, NY 14203. Phone: 716-882-1818; Fax: 716-882-1291 or e-mail General [email protected] tffb GREATER OLEAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NEWS www.oleanny.com • www.oleaninfo.com July 17- Mt. Irenaeus’ Summer Evenings of RE-CREATION, Mt. Irenaeus, West Clarksville, NY. This year’s theme will be “Unfolding the Good News for Today’s World.” Each evening will start at 5:15 with prayer, followed by quiet time on the land. At 6:30 there will be a dish to pass supper followed by Eucharist at 7:45. All are welcome to come, regardless of where

you are on your spiritual path. No pre-registration is required, just a dish to pass for supper. Mt. Irenaeus is a Franciscan Retreat Community located in West Clarksville, NY in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains. It is open to all peoples regardless of their faith. Directions to the Mountain can be found at http://www.mounti.com July 18- Ribbon Cutting, Good Times of Olean, 800R East State Street, Olean. July 20- Southern Tier Diesel vs. Lyndonville Tigers, Bradner Stadium, Olean, 5pm, Olean’s semi-pro football team. July 20- Basic Machine Quilting, Enchanted Mountain Quilt, West State St., Olean, 10am - 12:30pm. You will need to bring your sewing machine which must have the capability to drop/ lower the feed dogs, and must have the foot that allows freehand sewing. July 21- Exhale Series: Sundays this summer, Pfeiffer Nature Center, Portville, 5:30pm. This free, early evening outdoor series brings to the great meadow in the panoramic location of the Lillibridge Pavilion music, nature and community members who will be sharing perspectives on joyful living. Sunday, July 21st features Pastor Steve Beattie from the United Pentecostal Church of Olean as the speaker and The Walden Family Band and Roy Griffin, fiddler providing old time favorite music. Lawn chairs, sitting blankets and/or picnics are encouraged. PNC is a carry in; carry out facility. Event takes places rain or shine. For more info., contact: [email protected] or text/ call 716-307-0377 or 716-904-2486 for more information. fb



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Boneless Chuck Shoulder Roasts or Steaks.................................lb. $2.98 Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops or Roast...................................lb. $2.48 7-9 lb. Whole Boneless Pork Loin.........Cut to your preference, lb. $1.98 5 lb. avg., half or 9 lb. avg., whole Country Inn Boneless Hams.........lb. $2.08 Sliced 3 lb. avg., quarter portion Shurfine Boneless Hams...............lb. $2.48 USDA Select Delmonico Steaks. . . .lb. $8.98 10 oz. Sugardale All Meat Hot Dogs.........79¢ each or cs/12 $8.95 Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts.................................lb. $2.88 2.52 oz. Oscar Mayer Ready Serve Bacon.........................................2/$5.00 12 oz. Shurfine All Beef Franks...................................lb. $2.79 1 lb. Oscar Mayer All Meat Franks...............Buy-1-Get-1-FREE Crab Delites.................................8 oz. 2/$4.00 Shugardale Pillow Pack Pepperoni.....................................8 oz. 2/$5.00 Simply Mashed Potatoes. . . . .24 oz. 2/$5.00 Shurfine Smoked Polish Sausage........................12 oz. 2/$4.00 Ground Chuck......................10 lb. bag $29.90 Ground Round......................10 lb. bag $34.90 Fully Cooked 1/2, 1 or 2 oz. Meatballs..................................5 lb. bag $15.95 OnCor Fully Cooked Chicken Patties...................2 1/2 lb. bag $6.48 MaidRite quarter pound size 80% Lean Beef Patties. . . . . . .10 lb. box $32.90
HOPE FULL GOSPEL ASSEMBLY RD 2, Box 117 Smethport, PA 16749 Pastor: E.L.Durphy 814-225-4422 Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship........11:00am Youth Service................4:00pm Evening Service............5:00pm Wed. Evening Service. .6:00pm CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH Corner of Routes 59 & 219 Lewis Run, PA Pastor Randall Sherlin Phone: 814-362-9772 Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship........11:00am Evening Service............6:30pm Wed. Bible Study..........6:30pm Activities for teens and junior youth. Nursery provided as needed. DOLLAR STRETCHER TIPS OUR BABYSITTING CLUB We save a lot on babysitting by belonging to a babysitting co-op. We have a group of families, and we exchange points instead of paying. It is a fairly easy system. We have a bookkeeper and a chairperson, which are “paid” in points each month that they hold their position. It really helps to know that I can just call on these people to watch my children and pay them points, which I can earn back by sitting with someone else’s kids at another time. -Judi E. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 12 Church Street Port Allegany, PA 814-642-9250 Worship Service...............11am Church School..............9:45am OVERCOMERS CHURCH OF FAITH Aiken, PA Co-Pastors: Revs. Frank & Daunna Hill • 814-465-7776 Sunday School............10:00am Sunday Morning Worship....................11:00am Sunday Evening Worship......................6:00pm Wednesday Prayer. . . . . . .6:30pm Thursday Bible Study..........................6:30pm (Alan Dillenbeck- Teacher) HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH NALC 303 Pine Street Smethport, PA 16749 814-558-6886 Rev. Thomas Beam Sunday Worship...........9:00am hopelutheransmethport.blog spot.com DOLLAR STRETCHER TIPS CLEANING FIREPLACE GLASS Old newspapers and ashes from the fireplace work beautifully on the glass of fireplace doors or clear woodstove doors. It’s free. There are no fumes. Best of all, you are recycling! -Jann in Maine

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Hormel 97% Lean Boiled Ham. . . . .lb. $2.98 Russer Italian Loaf...........................lb. $2.98 Hatfield Mac & Cheese Loaf.........lb. $2.98 Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. . . . . . .lb. $3.98
Provlone or

PepperJack Cheese.........................lb. $3.58 Lacey Swiss Cheese........................lb. $4.28 Blue Bonnet.........................................1 lb. 88¢ Shurfine Cottage Cheese..........1 lb. $2.19 Shurfine Ice Cream...............48 oz. 3/$8.00 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip. . .30 oz. $2.99
Mayer Bros.

Spring Water....................24 pack, 16 oz. $2.99 Oreo Cookies.................4 var., 14.3 oz. $2.99 Mayfair Fig Cookies.....................2 lb. $2.99
Shurfine Deluxe

PopSecret Microwave Popcorn............9.6 oz. Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut, AppleJacks or Corn Pops Cereals.......................... 12.2-13.5 oz. Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereals........5 var. 14.5-18 oz. Rothbury Farms Croutons..............4 var., 5 oz. Star Kist Chunk Light Tuna in water......5 oz. Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent................................3 var. 50 oz. UTZ Cheese Snacks........Several var. 8 oz. bags Lay’s Potato Chips.....................................9-10 oz. Hunt’s Snack Pack Puddings..................4 pack Dutch Country Wheat and Rye Breads.........................20-24 oz. Cheez-Its Crackers............................9 3/4-14 oz. Shurfine Jumbo or Sugar Ice Cream Cones.............................................12 ct. Frozen California Blend or Stir-Fry Vegetables............................16 oz. bags Shurfine Shredded Mozz., Cheddar or Taco Cheese...................8 oz. bags

JULY 16, 2013

Cheddar & Shells Dinner........12 oz. $1.79 Hanover Shurfine Sweet Relish.............16 oz. $2.19 Baked Beans....................4 var., 28 oz. 2/$3.00 Shurfine Dill Spears..................32 oz. $2.19 Shurfine Black Olives...............6 oz. 2/$3.00 Chiavetta’s BBQ Sauce..............32 oz. $3.29 17.6 lb. Bite Size Meal or 20 lb. Trail Mix Dad’s Dog Food......$8.99 WishBone Salad Dressings......16 oz. $2.88 Gatorade.......................All var., 32 oz. 2/$3.00 Shurfine POP......All var., 12 pack cans 3/$9.00 Ragu Spaghetti Sauce. . . . . .45 oz. jars $2.99 Shurfine Ketchup..........................36 oz. $1.75
10-20 ct. qt. and gal. size Shurfine Storage or Freezer Zip Glide Bags...................3/$5.00
KING’S CUT ‘N CLIP: Men’s haircuts and styles. 322 Main Street, Smethport. Walk-ins daily. Closed Wednesday and Sunday. tfc ——————————————————————————————— STUMPER • 814-642-2669 Stump Removal, reasonable rates, free estimates. Lewis Duell, 12 Ransom Street, Port Allegany, Pa. 23 years experience. tfc ——————————————————————————————— FIREWOOD FOR SALE- Call 814-225-3148. tfc MEAL MENU FOR THE LOCAL MCKEAN COUNTY SENIOR CENTERS Eldred Senior Center, Smethport Senior Center, Port Allegany Senior Center and Mt. Jewett Senior Center Please join your local senior centers for good meals, helpful programs, information, blood pressure and blood sugar screening, weekly music. Meals are provided daily for seniors 60 years of age. Please call a day ahead to order your lunch. Weekly Lunch Menu For Local Senior Centers Mon., July 22- Beef Tips Stroganoff over Noodles, Broccoli/ Cauliflower Salad, Peaches Tues., July 23- Stuffed Pepper with Tomato Sauce, Whipped Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Blueberry Round Wed., July 24- Chicken/Gravy/Vegetable Mixture over Biscuit, Applesauce, Strawberries and Oranges Thurs., July 25- Vegetable Beef Soup, Turkey Sandwich with Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Tropical Fruit Salad with Coconut Garnish Fri., July 26- Sloppy Joe, Rice-Barley Medley, Cold Pea Salad, Pineapple Tidbits Please remember you will need to order a day ahead before 12:30 pm. *Special Holiday meal needs to be ordered one week in advance. f

40’s Fresh n Soft

Fabric Softener Sheets..........................$1.29
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS If you want to drink that’s your business. If you want stop we can help. Call AA answering service in your area 814-885-6302 or 716-372-4800 to talk to someone who cares to find a meeting in your area. to at or tf

For Sale

Reconditioned Washers & Dryers

30 day warranty




Appliance Repair Service

Gustin's Auto & Truck Service
27 Fishing Creek Ext. Roulette, PA 16746

including washers, dryers, stoves, etc. •All makes & models •Reasonable rates •All work guaranteed








Specializing in tri-axle trucks:
(clutches, brakes, lights, suspension springs, and etc...) • Inspections (cars, trucks, campers, tri-axles, trailers) • Hoses Lights Brakes Oil Changes Clutches • Tune Ups (spark plugs, wires) Army Pvt. PATRICK T. LACHER has graduated from basic combat training at Fort Jackson, Columbia, S.C. During the nine weeks of training, the soldier studied the Army mission, history, tradition and core values, physical fitness, and received instruction and practice in basic combat skills, military weapons, chemical warfare and bayonet training, drill and ceremony, marching, rifle marksmanship, armed and unarmed combat, map reading, field tactics, military courtesy, military justice system, basic first aid, foot marches, and field training exercises. Lacher is the son of Alan and Judith Lacher of Main Street, Roulette. He is a 2009 graduate of Port Allegany High School. f Business phone: (814) 544-7752
Specials on Monroe parts!

Marlin Appleby
Port Allegany, Pa. (814) 642-2231
DOLLAR STRETCHER TIPS AFFORDABLE PLAY AND CRAFT MATS It’s nearing the end of summer, so it’s a great time to stock up on clearance vinyl tablecloths with light cotton backing. They come in a variety of sizes and even more patterns. I usually stock up on these to use as play mats. They are great carpet savers when little ones are doing crafts. I’ve even washed these tablecloths on gentle cycle with no problem. I like being able to fold them up and shake them outside, and they store very easily. I’ve not only used these for kids, but also while doing any messy activity like hair cutting, dog grooming, crafting, etc. They are quick to fold and easy to shake out or even toss if they get too messy. -Mary S.

Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00-5:00; Saturday's (by appointment only)

BANKRUPT FARM! Court ordered sale! July 27th & 28th! 5 acres - Spring $16,900. 10 acres - huge view - $29,900. 5 acres - bass pond - $39,900. 24 tracts in all! Waterfall, spring-fed ponds, 30 mile views gorgeous country settings! Clear title, 100% guaranteed! Cooperstown Lake District, just off NY Thruway! Call (888) 738-6994 or go to NewYorkLandandLakes.com


JULY 16, 2013


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