246 F Gad Order Mobile Purchase

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liul-r.iecl.: i(clclcncc:


ttlNANC[ Dlit,Al(ItvlDN.f

l'ixing oI'ccilirrg ou resitlcn{.ial'tcleJlhone bills arrd providing of,

Ccll Fhonc lircili(y.



Chicf Minister in Coordination convcyed viclc NO.CDC-l t9/C.M/2002 dated 3. il.2003. Governurenr Order





I 6 -f of zoo:


In vietv of the Mobile I'acility extended to J&K fbr i'aster comrnunication,

it is hereby ordered tirat:


cell Phone flacility shall to Govt. autl above

be providecl to

ofrcers of rank

ofHoD secretary


No officer below dre rar* of HoD wi[ be e.titlecl to srD faciliry in cell plrone exccpt Dy. couunissiolrers of a District and ssp's and sourc othcr of{ice's .ivho r'ay bc spccially authorisecl by TAC in co'siclcration of sccurity requireurent. I-{owever., National Roarning facility sbali bo ailowed to all offlccrs cntitlecl to use the ccll ptrunein view of 'i(oarrring lircility ava.ilablc-rvith thc ccll phon0 and bcilg portablc the allottcc ciu, carryit to home aswcll.. The ccll phones will"be iu personel custc'dy of tire olficer a'd should be heated as a resideutial telephone. case of



Payment of instaiiariou shall be lnacle to BSNL by Dernand Draft payable rt JI(B agai'st zur ofi.ial (reside'tial) i.r.pr,"* ."*ectiorr already available. The expencritule shail be debitecl 6 .,rJtrpt ont clrarges,, withir buclget allotruenf. payrnent shall be rnacle to ilsNl uri.i Hr, -szs.


,f[e.;-4g1.teef,ol1h1 Q.glLpliqtjes^witl:ptrrc,hase:Celli.Fhone,,ryllglqliarger jJr' roi*;l i,i o s, al i .o



fhe GAD wiil facilitate required nunrbcr of Cell phoue connectious for

olficers of Civil Sr.:cretar.iat entitlcd io thc ccll phonc lhcility.


Aclminist'ative Departrncnt sherll issue sanction irr favour of I-IOD to rvho'r such clcll lllrorrc's arc t'bc pxrvitlccl rvirh [lrc og,..,rr.,,t ul GAD.

i'sr.n-rurcnt mobile rrunrbcr. shall rernain ln llrc perso'irl custodyakrrrg vii. ' Tlre of thcwith o.lilccr till thc tiure hc is entitled to thc

Iacility or cl,te of tra'sl'cr

our.sicle ihe state or date of .,uperannuatio,i whichever is earlier'. The basic rentals of trre mobile prion",rroir u. plicl bi. the Gover.nmer.rt.


ln ciise of tra'sl-cr oi'trre ailottee fi.orn one ofTice t<l anotlrer <lurirrg tlic course of ycar, the anr'urrt i'currecl in trre previo's <llllcc ::nd

t)'l)c oIccll phone insrlulurcnt issued shall be reflecred in rhe Lpc of thc trlliccr so that.orry tlrc [:ala'ce anlount is p*icl by the'ext DDo


ltl citsc ol'iltc rctilt:tttcttt rrl'llrc o1]icr:r in l.lrr: pnrticr.rlal.ycar thc ccilirrg ill)loltllI ol'tclepltotte billirrq bc lllollorlional Lo tlre tnorrihs ol'scrvicc irr tlrc crurirrg trrat pa.t;- :lar lr'ancial vcar. 'crrdcrcd 'r'ficc



c.usct}rc't . . partial

ulrt'rn issue orr

ccll pho'e it is frulrrer

orcrcrecr trrnr

r.r urodificatio' to Govt. order No:r2r-F of 2002 darcd 8.7.2002 ,dre cciliriiq on teleplro'c bilrs sh,il be carcuratccr on arrnuar rrasis instcad of rrurrthly blsjs rv.c.f 1.4,2003. ,t.hc ccililg oir rcsitlential t'.iorfrr., shall bc rcvisccl arrd total cxpcnditu.e o,r r"rii"rrtiar tcrephoucr-'irr"iur;,rg c"rr hons jlt a liniurcial ycar.sllnll

,cst,iciirt ns undcr,:_


1. 2.

I-Jon'ble Minister l;irrarrcial Colhtirrs/ .Prpl. Sccretar.iss

3. l-toD 4 All others

84000.00pcr year

& Secrctarics .

54000.00 ,:.,



The revised rates srrail be effective


fro'r r,4.2003 i'

of lr4inisters, pri'cipal secretaries onJuu"u, and from 01.09.2003 f]ol'blc rl ciise of SccretaLics, I{ODs ancl all others. respect

sd/(Viiny llnkaya) .

Principal Secrctary to Govt., Copy to tho:

N O:,l\/57(2003) Lol)y to Lllc:

I All /:

I?irranoc Departnrcnt.

-- \ ?.{,



12. 200:j.

l;inancial Cornnrissioners.

Principal Seireraries ro Govt. Conrmissiorrcr/SccrcLarics te Covt. nll Divisional Conrmissioncr Srirragar/Jamrnu. Accounrarrr Gcncral s.irruguiiJoil^,i""'-' P.csident Comruissioner, d+rittrvi ttai HoaO New Delhi. Advocarc Gc,eral, J&I(High 7. LSecrctary ro Chicf Justicg.lpq liief, Co-tu.i3rina*llr,r,,r.

J ? 1 : i


e.. Iiegistrar ccucra j&K Hisr, l

0' All llcad


of Dcparr.rcrrsltvtarmging psus/Autononio,-,s


' ---- -'uer '\ucuttvc or of )tate state Bodics. .. Mirrister/public scrvi-cc cor*missioncr Legisrativc II i::iti?d.:llill'J'3jXcf


All Distnct I)cvcloprncnt Cornmissioncrs. -r. ur rcctor/I)y. Dircctor Accounts & Trcasu ricl; Sgr/Janrnr u. 14. llirccror./Dy. Dirccror f;und Org. a;,;;;e./j;,,,fi 1 5. D i lt;uor/D1,. l) i rccror. Aucl ir ani 1,,.p.;ii;;. i,iui,i.. D.ptt. i

l |/\ (t CAO Flooct ControJ a,,O f fya"f nri,;..,,- S'lj, .l?. Dirccror Inforurariou lAtf< Sirlrrelr/Jr,;;;i;. ", I ll. Norrlrcrn zonal.Ac"oun'tarr;; i;;*g

'ri.cipal .Accounrancy lrauung School Sriuagar.Ins(itute Jam'ru. 1f . flircllal r.(,. .1\n I-rrrarrcial Advisors &

CAO,s ?l^ Lll'l'r'casury' Offlccrs/Dis tt. llrcasi rics Ofliccrs. li,ta.rrir3cr Govr. Irr:ss fol: i:: t-lJ,j:l,,l.t i,, ii",,. Gazr:rrc -i 1,ut,ti.aiio,, ;.1'..t."ourrts 0 illccr E.rani.cr' Locaf u-ryJ iu,f i 'i.-l r Cc,l l.

2'l llt't' li'':crctaq' iini:ilors

to N{inistcr/ starc nri.isicrsi .'--v'|v' rri,, Y) i rroin,r,rr, lbr '

J)-r.r. $c.crcrary to Clrjr.rf Sr-icr.r:rarJ,. i)r). t;,,f, li i, :y Sccti oi l:rl O lCcr.S

tt .'.

-' ;

(1 J





irrI to.r'c Hon,ble

ri rll-lrcc l)r_.ptt. r

n' Labour cou,''ri*oro,i


ncccssarv nction irr rcrbrc'cc ro


/y'.oclcs, inancc



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