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related to health––in short, a teacher––I realized how hard it is to gain the attention of students. First and foremost, you have to speak in a modulated voice. In our case, even though the mic is available. we have to speak loudly enough for them to hear because we conducted class in the grand stand. Next, you have to maintain eye contact with your audience. Don’t focus on one side. Extend your attention to the others. I, myself, am guilty of this. Sometimes, we were too focused on our health teaching that we ignored the students sitting at the side or at the uppermost bleacher. Also, by asking the students questions, you will know if they understand you or not. We discussed about the major community problems. The students were interested and active although there were some who preferred listening, others opted not to listen at all. However, that didn’t stop us to conduct classes. With all the interference surrounding us, the health teaching was a success. Everyone enjoyed it including us.

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Our duty at NOHS  was an important  experience to us  student nurse.  There, we not only  develop our skills  in nursing care but  also develop our  skills in  communication in  health education. 

promotion of health. As student nurses, we’ve been exposed in the community, conducting one to mothers and other concerned individuals. So it will only be chicken when we, student nurses, conduct health education on a level-up version. Faced with different faces–––hundreds of them to be exact–––we, Group 7, braced ourselves for our lecture to the 2nd year students of Negros Occidental High School. That moment, we were both nurses and teachers at the same time. With trembling limbs and soft voices, we fought it so as not to be embarassed in front of the high schoolers. In the first place, why should we when in fact we are the one teaching them? Hence we are equipped with knowledge beforehand. Looking through the faces of the students, it is perceivable that some may listen to what we were talking about, some simply ignore us and go on with what don’t bore them (either texting or talking to July 2010 GAZETTE their seatmate). I am a student myself but now that I

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