3D Animation

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3D animation Topic 1 a. Chapman and Chapman (2001): Animation - creation of moving pictures, one frame at a time b. Coorough and Shuman (2006) moving or changing graphic image c. Wikipedia optical illusion of motion created by the consecutive display of images of static elements d. 24-30 frames per second for full-motion video or 12-15 frames per second for web, e. Computer-based animation refers to animation developed using electronic and computerised technology.

Cell Animation
Early animations started appearing before 1910- simple drawings photographed one at a time Celluloid made - animation processes quicker and more manageable. Or cell, is a clear sheet material on which images are drawn by animators.

opaque- solid or not clear

two transparent cells with different character + an opaque background photographed together to form composite image

Traditional cell animation involved using drawings or pictures that are arranged in succession, frame by frame. Cell animation is 2D. Only width and height and NO Depth

Stop Motion Animation
a static object will be made to appear as moving

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