3D Animation

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An Introduction to 3d Animation Services People often think of 3D Animation Powrpoint Templates as a simple term but there is a lot more to it. It is difficult to define the scope of 3D Animation in 1 or 2 sentences. If taken in a nutshell, the creation of digital moving images and pictures with the help of a computer in such a way that they are three dimensional is what we know as 3D Animation. In layman terms, a 3d animation is an illusion that considers all the three dimensions, length breadth and height. When one looks at any 3D Animation, the image appears to be simulated. This simulation is in such a way that an illusion of motion is created. This means that eyes think that there is actually some movement taking place whereas in reality there is no movement. This illusion occurs due to overlapping of consecutive images in high speed. The above is the basic description of the principle of animation and it applies to both 2d as well as 3d animation. In a traditional 2d animation, the images were drawn by hand. This needed hundreds of man hour of hard work. Today, everything is done on computers using comprehensive software which results in sharper and better images and color visibility. 3D Animation is done in three steps. 1. The modeling phase which is the phase in which the 3D objects are created in line with a particular scene. 2. The layout & animation phase, which will determine the behavior of objects within the scene & 3. The rendering phase which gives the final output of all the designed computer graphics. The output is at times passed through some sub phases to make it better but by and large, it is the combination of the above three steps that is visible on the screen. Visit For More Information:Powerpoint Templates PPT Search Engines Medical Powerpoint Templates

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